King of Kotha (2023) Movie Script

During the British rule,
Kotha used to be a wasteland
Hardened criminals who were put to death
without a trial were buried here
Later, people came from Kerala
and Tamil Nadu and settled here
Now, this is a small town
On one side, the wealthy lifestyle
of rich traders
And on the other, the bleak streets
where darkness thrived
Kotha was home to two different worlds
As if intoxicated
by the smell of blood in its soil...
a new clan of criminals emerged in Kotha
Even the smartest cops who came here
went back defeated
Eventually, the townspeople
came to a conclusion
This is the fate of Kotha
That's when destiny sent this man to Kotha
-Are you tired?
We are almost there
Kotha is just beyond that bridge
Look out... a boy!
Hey... what are you doing?
I haven't had anything
to eat for two days, sir
Give him
Don't you start whining again
You just had your milk
You stay in the car
I'll get a parcel
Pack five of those
Just a minute, sir
A boy asked me for some money
saying he was hungry
But I think it was a ruse
That must be Sonu
To buy ganja
-Who is he?
-He is from Kochi
He has been around for the last five years
I heard this town is notorious
Is that true?
You are a cop, sir
How do you know?
Kalikkutty has seen
a lot of cops in her life
I'm Shahul Hassan
New Circle Inspector of town
Is it a punishment transfer, sir?
I came to mete out a few punishments
Is that okay?
Here you go, sir
Who is Kannan Bhai?
I don't know
I'll get that
-Hello, sir
Sir, I'm Tara and this is Sister Reena
We need to talk to you in private
Come in
-This is my wife
-Take a seat
-Come, sister
Yes, tell me
Sir, I run a bookstore in town
I also volunteer at Kripa
Rehabilitation Centre twice a week
This place is around 10 km from town
I'm in charge of the centre, sir
Sir, please take a look at this
Kotha's young generation
is digging its own grave
Young men who are the only hope
of their families
Drugs have impaired their judgment
It has ruined their lives
This cartel is run by one man
Kannan Bhai
I've been hearing it
ever since I got transferred here
His name!
Sir, we have pinned our hopes on you
You have cracked down on crime
at every station limit you served
Please find a solution, sir
Leave it to me, Sister
It's my duty...
not a favour
I heard he is hot-tempered
So keep your jokes to yourself
Okay, sir
Good morning, sir
Good morning
-Tony, right?
Sir, I'm Janardhanan, ASI
Take a seat
-You are from around here, Tony?
-Yes, sir
And you are a good football player?
I play football, that's all, sir
No, Tony sir is a terrific player
He was the top scorer
in the last federation cup
What is that?
You asked me to call...
the troublemakers in town
and get their signatures
Oh yes, let me see
Most of the signatures are pathetic
Suitcase Leslie!
-Why is he called so?
-He is a contract killer
He is out on bail now
One suitcase is plenty for a man to rest
That's his philosophy
He is a nice guy otherwise, sir
Peelan, Erilan, Rock, Mymu
Obbball, Roly-Poly...
Seven of them haven't signed, why?
That's Kannan and his K Kannan Bhai asked us to go
to his casino with the register
Are you serious?
Even our superiors go there to meet Kannan
I don't care
I bet he hasn't met a real policeman
-Sir, we...
What are you muttering?
Sir, you replaced Bijoy sir here
Do you know why Bijoy sir left?
I heard he went on leave
to pursue higher studies
Do you want to know the truth, sir?
Is Bijoy sir home?
Sorry, I didn't get you
You are the only person in Kotha
who doesn't know me
Come on, guys
The royal game
What do you want, rascal?
Oh no!
-Leave me
-Stop it!
-Come on, sister
-Oh no, please!
-What are you doing?
-Let me go
-Leave me
-Stay still
Sir, do you know how much
two kilos of cocaine cost?
-Sit down, son
-Come on, sit
-Please don't hurt my son
-Shall we play a game?
-Let me go
Leave me
Your turn
-Your turn!
Don't you want to live
when daddy is gone?
Do as he says, son
Good move!
You aren't moved by fear
-Let me go
-I'll get my load from the police station
Here's one lakh rupees
I don't want your damn money
So you don't want my money?
Let me go
Sister knows how difficulty it is
to look after a family
Three weeks
Your wound will heal in three weeks
-Hey you!
I'm a government servant
I'm the government here
Please bhai, it wasn't me
Let me go, bhai
I swear it wasn't me
So they are truly dangerous
Then let's go and meet them
-Wait here
-Yes, sir
-Let's go in
I found my true love
Rithu Ravi
Her nickname is Ponnu
-She said yes to me
I've warned you many times
It's not my job to settle
your girlfriend issues
-But this is different
-Jino... -Bhai
The CI is here to see you
Let him in
Hello, Shahul sir, come
Tony, sit
So this is the notorious K Just rumours, sir
These boys faint at the sight of blood
Oh the signatures, bring it
Do you deal in drugs, Kannan?
Call him Kannan Bhai, sir
Don't teach me, rascal
-Sir! -You! -No!
Sir is here to take the roll
That's right
Kotha no longer needs two roles
It needs only one of us
Tony, learn something from him
You call yourself a policeman!
You need fire in your belly
Latest piece
It will suit you well
What happened to your eye?
Give to the guy who called earlier
Leave that girl alone
She is Raju's sister
Raju who?
She has just a father
A poor tailor!
Jino, just listen to what I say
But I love her... I really love her
How can you...
What are you looking at?
So shall we go to the station, Kannan?
We will get your signature...
have some tea and come back
These glasses are expensive
Try it on, sir
We will deliver more items to your house
-To hell with it!
-Hey! -Sir!
-Get up -Sir, no -Please, sir
Your wife is pregnant, right?
You have been married for 10 years
After six miscarriages
you made it this time
Her scan report from last week
The baby is perfectly healthy
So far
-Stop it, Kannan
-Rock, get him
-It's a girl, sir
You don't know that yet
But they told me
Girls are the best, sir
What if boys grow up to be like us?
You will be helpless
Let him go, Rock
-So shall we sign?
Help sir with the glasses, Peelan
I'll be your child's godfather, sir
Suits him, right?
Welcome to Kotha, sir!
I've been looking everywhere for you
I gave a you clear picture of Kannan
But you went straight to his lair
I'm used to this, sir
Don't lose sleep over things
that are out of your control
I'll shoot him dead
Come on, let's go kill him
We have our limits, sir
But for those like Kannan, sky is the limit
That's how our system works
Just two?
And you?
Let's have a cup of tea, sir
On top of alcohol?
Kalikkutty's tea can be had anytime
That's Kannan's mother
Kannan's wife doesn't get along with her
They would always fight
Finally, Kannan threw her out of the house
I don't see you these days, Tony
I've been around, Kalikkutty
Two tea
How do you like the place, sir?
It's okay
Hunter Hawks Kombara
You have changed a lot
-How are you?
-I don't see you around
I'm in Madras now
Physical education teacher at a school
They were my old football opponents
Hunter Hawks Kombara
He was their forward
Those were the days!
Your team had a forward named Raju
He was such a great player!
-Where is he now?
-No idea
He never came back
Must have died at someone's hands somewhere
What did you say?
If I find you here
I'll spank you with a hot spatula
Get lost!
How dare he talk about Raju?
What does he think of himself?
Who is Raju?
I heard Kannan talking about him earlier
Did you notice Kannan's left eye, sir?
But he didn't reply
when I asked him about it
What will he say?
That he got punched in the eye?
Haven't you finished loading yet?
Celebrating your success?
I heard you crushed the CI
That was a petty case
This one...
This is for old memories
If I were to remember and forget
imagine how much I would drink
That's it, I'm done
I can kill myself for your smile
I don't want you to die for me
I want you to live for me
Open the gates
Mr Romeo is back
I want you to talk to him
He has a new girlfriend
Who Rithu? He already told me
I asked him to call you
Manju, she is Raju's sister
You know that, don't you?
So what?
Raju was the king of Kotha
He practically controlled
the town's law and order
People here hate Kannan
But it was different with Raju
He was the people's hero
A straightforward guy
He never did anything behind one's back
Was Kannan Raju's rival?
Raju's only rival was
Ranjith Bhai from Gandhigram
What about Kannan?
Raju and Kannan were childhood friends
They were always together
That's Winners
The club I used to play for
Raju was the club's founder
It used to be a Sevens football club
Raju, Kannan, Rafi...
Manoj, Nishant, Shajan...
and me
What did you want to be
when you grew up, sir?
My father was in the police
He was a winner of the President's Medal
So I wanted to be a policeman
Raju had a childhood dream
He wanted to be a notorious rowdy
like his father
That's Raju's father
But he is just a tailor!
He went by the name Kotha Ravi
The terror of the town
Long ago
Raju idolised his father
He was aggressive from a young age
His mother Malathi tried her best...
but she couldn't control Raju
Eventually, Malathi aunty
stopped talking to him
And Raju's reign over Kotha began
That's when he met Kalikkutty and Kannan
Raju used to call Kalikkutty 'ma'
When did Raju leave Kotha?
What's the story behind it?
Around 10 years ago
During the 1986 World Cup
Maradona's World Cup
Is this your flower shop, dog?
His fate is sealed
Get out!
You aren't enough for all of us
Get lost!
You are finished!
Who was that crazy bitch?
That's Tara
Her brother was a dope
-He killed himself
-No wonder she is reckless
-There's one more reason
She is Raju's girl
Raju banned ganja in Kotha for her
I was clean after the ban
That's when you came along
God will take revenge on you, man
Before God has His revenge, Raju will
I'm related to Ranjith Bhai of Gandhigram
You aren't in Gandhigram
This is Kotha
Here when I say it's day, it's day
When I say it's night, it's night
This is about Gandhigram's honour
He should be taught a lesson
or he will make our life hell
I let him off because he is a young man
This is enough!
I want revenge
His people shouldn't have a body to mourn
Everybody should watch his dead body
Call for you
Here, bhai
I'll need a tetanus shot, if I touch this
Do you want to kill me?
-Hello -I heard you are putting on
quite a show, Ranjith
You said you will kill me or something?
That's my cousin in the coffin outside
-My grandfather's second daughter's son
-Stop your bloody English!
you happen to be Ravi's son
I've great respect for that man
-Or else I would have...
-What will you do?
You... we will talk later
Tell me
Should I come there?
Gandhigram is a hellhole
And Ranjith is its devil
Come here, if you dare
Move, everyone
Who was that, bhai?
I'll cut his body into pieces
and throw that...
the... the... those...
those pieces into the sea
Of course, bhai
Bhai, we are ready
-What for?
-Isn't Raju coming?
He will wet his pants
Here I am, Ranjith
Do what you can
Bhai, he is...
Hurry up
Your people are watching
Hey you
Shut up!
Can't you see him talking?
As if she is mourning a saint!
I killed him
Those who want revenge, come forward
Now you can cry
Hey, didn't you hear what he said?
can your woman mourn like this?
I happen to be Ravi's son, right?
I closed that book...
a long time ago
If you don't mind...
leave it
I'll also leave it
If you work hard...
you will get first class
That's Raju for you
The first lesson you learn
to stay alive is...
Do not provoke Raju
Raju controlled Kotha's law and order
He would settle people's problems for free
But take a large fee from the rich
If he loves you, he is God
And if he hates you, that's it
He will take you to hell
He will show no mercy
Money would pile up
but he never saved a penny
Raju's theory was that
life is a celebration
Kothas Godfather is he
Challenge him and you'll see
Shut up and come along
Swear we won't get along
Gang of goons are we
Poor excuses we fancy
Demon Ravans unruly gang
Oh yeah!
Drunken monsters big bang
Come yea!
Ten-headed kings bravery
Oh yeah!
Town of Kothas gallantry
Oh yeah!
Bows to none, such audacity
Hes King Fury!
Cases aplenty, verdicts bold
Hot-blooded slayers, legends told
No guns in hand, just mighty fists
No compromises, like a curse exists
Cold-blooded rebels are we
Daggers we thrust ruthlessly
No thought to spare
No room for despair
Such is our plight!
Come not before us
When madness grips us
The heartbeats
Will go obsolete
Whose friggin fate?
Savage? Or sage?
Or deaths wild roar?
Wiggle my hands at you
And ashes I turn you into
Try picking me up
Admirers never give up
Melt the pot of fury,
I will unduly
Turning pale, O baddie
Seeing a pretty lassie?
Set in your ways,
You will lose to my ways
Castle of cards you built long ago
Falls to bits under my nose, as I blow
Life bubbles abruptly
Forms shaking incredibly
It quickly spreads, put simply
Winters chill? Or youth's vigour?
Dream? Or lasting ember?
Finally, I melt in your ebb and flow
Forget me not, rebels
Take me up in arms
In the grip of lust,
You constantly arrest
A naughty nugget is she!
No complaints, even
When madness grips us
Wanna go as one
On this ride to heaven?
Hell of a trouble is she!
Cold-blooded rebels, are we
Let those lights be
Flashing constantly
In our eyes fervently
Such is our plight!
Come not before us
When madness grips us
The heartbeats
Will go obsolete
Whose friggin fate?
Cold-blooded rebels are we
Daggers we thrust ruthlessly
No thought to spare
No room for despair
Such is our plight!
Come not before us
When madness grips us
The heartbeats
Will go obsolete
Whose friggin fate?
Raju had a weakness for women
Until he fell in love with Tara
After that, he distanced himself
from such affairs
In Raju's words, his love for Tara is...
Ever seen a bloody sword...
sparkle when it's rinsed in water?
That's how I feel when I think about you
I don't think any lover has
ever said such beautiful words
It's like modern poetry
Eat whatever you want
We have a match tomorrow
We must win the cup
We will win the cup, Raju
No doubt about it
Candlelight dinner is for lovers
Then why are they here?
At a feast, all are equals
Even if it's held in candlelight
Alright, whatever you say
Didn't you tell your father about us?
Yes, he is okay with it
It doesn't seem like that
Okay... Goodnight
Are we late?
It's too hot inside
I just got out to feel the wind
Don't get blown away
Winners Kotha takes the lead
And the field is on fire
-Oh shucks!
-Foul! Raju is down
-Nishant -Block him
-Pass the ball
-Raju! -Nishant, pass
-To the right
-Come forward -No!
-Fall back
What is this?
Oh no... Kannan
-Give him the ball
-Pass it, man!
-To the right wing
Kannan, get to Raju
Back, back, back, back
-Forward, forward
Up, up, up...
Raju, behind you
Come to the side
-Up, up, up...
-Come on, kick
Winners, come on!
-Pass the ball
-Raju -Cover him
-Shoot! -Pass to Raju
-Over here
Shajan is free, Raju
-Shoot! -Support him
-Don't let pass
Over here, Raju
-Pass the ball
-Move in, guys!
-Come on, come on, come on
-Kannan, draw it in
-Go back
-Give it to him
-Manoj -Come on
-Raju is free, Kannan
-Give it through -Kannan! -Move in
Pass the ball to Raju
-Pass to Raju
-Come on -Raju
-Oh no!
-Where did the ball vanish?
Kannan, I told you to pass to Raju
-What a shame!
-Raju is here
Come back
Why didn't you pass?
-I'm right here
As the game draws to an end...
Winners Kotha and Hunters Hawk Kombara
have scored three goals each
The crowd is eager to know
who will take the cup home
Did you tell at home you were coming?
Come here
The score board is stuck at 3-3
Will it go into 'penamulti'?
It's not 'penamulti'
-It's called a penalty
This man!
I want to see my brother win the cup
Raju loved his sister
But Malathi aunty never
allowed her to see Raju
What happened, Raju? Come on
Leave it, man, come
With just 10 minutes to go
Hunter Hawks Kombara makes an advance
-Pass to Raju
-Raju! -Over here
-Hey -Move in, come on
Support him from behind
To Kannan
Watch out, Raju!
-Careful, Raju
-Move in
-Kannan -To the left
-Raju -Give to the left
-Raju, here
-Kannan, long pass
-Kannan, dodge -Go in -Raju
-Pass to left
-To your left, come on
-Raju, over here
-Raju, come on
-Raju, this way
-Support Raju
-Shoot, Raju!
-Come on, Raju
-Raju, behind you
-Watch out, Raju
-Be careful!
-Come on! -Shoot!
And it's a goal for Raju!
Raju's winning goal for Winners Kotha
He may be our enemy
but he is a wonderful player
Winners Kotha!
Come on, Raju
We won, man!
We won!
We won!
Who is this civilised man?
When we were in college...
you wanted to go to London
for further studies
But you are still in this dump
I even got my visa
That's when my brother...
Drug overdose, right?
I can't leave my father behind
Why don't you come with me to Bombay?
Bring your father as well
Expand your horizon
Are you proposing to me?
Listen, I just want to rescue you
Is that all men know?
To protect and punish?
Don't you know how to love?
I'll leave next week
If you want to come, I'll book the ticket
I'm not coming
What did you see in that criminal?
-I mean, what...
-It's my choice
Oh no!
He hates journalists, please go
You know I've met Dawood, he is...
This isn't your Bombay, this is Kotha
Just go!
Business seems dull
See there's one
Who's that sissy?
Come in
Tony needs a book
-Which one was it?
-Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie
It's out of stock
New stock will come next month
That will do
So you guys talk
I'll be outside
Wait in the car, I'll be back soon
Any plans for Sunday?
Shall we go out?
Some shopping, then a movie...
What the hell is he doing?
Reading books for free?
Get lost, you...
-Raju, please
-Are you done with your life?
Go... Go away
Pick it up
Raju, please... customer
Pick up the book, dog
Do you want to punch me?
Shall I pack you a real punch?
Leave, mister
Did I scare you?
I was just testing his nerve
What if he didn't take the book?
I will call him a man
But he wouldn't live to hear it
Actually I was going somewhere
Suddenly, I felt like seeing you
So we turned the car
So you weren't here for Tony's book?
Why not?
This is a shop
I just got carried away...
For Raju, that love was like...
a guiding light for a person
who was lost in the darkness
A kind of liberation!
Hey Raju
Why don't we expand this set-up?
What's wrong with this?
We make so much money
But our savings is zero
Don't think about tomorrow
Tomorrow kills our peace of mind
-Am I right, Rafi?
Listen, man
I hear ganja trade is doing well
-You know how Ranjith made his money
-So what?
Should we give it up for Tara's sake?
We should
Kotha can't have anything
that she doesn't like
Some day, you will fall in love
Then you will know
Get lost!
Look how he smiles!
Here comes our 'All India Permit'
Hide the bottles, quick!
What are you doing here?
Go away
You forgot? Today is my birthday
I want to cut a cake
and sing Happy Birthday
What will I do now?
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Ponnu
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Move your hand
Dear Ponnu
Happy Birthday to you
Laugh, guys
You saw that?
Just a minute
Look, Ponnu
I'll be there
Who was that?
Some trouble in the market
I'll check it out
I'll go with you
No, take her home after she has watched it
Hey, you come with me
Don't go out
Ponnu, don't run
I was watching cartoon
-Come here
-I'll drop her home, Malathi aunty
Ponnu, I said come down
Come here
-Come here
-Don't hit me, mama
-Aunty! -Why can't you listen to me?
-No, mama
-Don't hit her, Malathi aunty
-Why did you come here?
-I told you not to go out alone
-Over there
-Malathi aunty -Stop it, Malathi
-Her dear brother!
Stop it, Malathi aunty
Why is she hitting that child?
It's her birthday
-Stop it, Malathi
-Don't hit me, mama
-It hurts badly
-Don't hit her, Malathi aunty
-I told you...
-Raju will be mad if he finds out
-Stop it -I told you not to hang
out with these rowdies
-Hey you!
-Let go
-You called us rowdies?
Let go, I said
-Oh no!
-Ravi, no!
-Stop it, Ravi
-Ravi, leave him alone!
-How dare you touch her?
-Don't hit him, papa
-Ravi, stop it!
-Papa, no -Ravi uncle, stop it
-Ravi uncle, please
-Come here, my child -Papa
-Ravi, please stop it
-Stop -Oh God!
-Malathi -Ravi, please listen to me
-No, it's okay
-They are just boys
-Okay fine, I got it
-Stop it!
-Oh God! -Oh no!
-Get him -Stop -Oh no!
What did you do, Ravi?
Where's he?
The woman won't talk to me
Hey you!
Kotha Ravi
Come out
Come out, I said
What the hell are you doing?
You stabbed my...
Oh no, Ravi
No, stop it!
Ravi, let him go
Leave him
What a strong grip!
Do you want to join us?
You can be my manager
Get out, rascal
Finally, she talked to me
No kind words for her son!
But at least she talked
The woman talked
You shouldn't have stabbed Kannan
Kotha Ravi!
Raju would raise hell
if anyone even touched Kannan
Even if it's his own father!
Have some food
Here comes your friend
come in, son
Who in the world fights with that man?
He started it
I didn't do anything
It's only a minor cut
What if the cut was deep?
-He would be dead by now
He can't be killed easily, ma
You know what?
He is my liver
My Liverpool!
You are really high
Can I get you something to eat?
No thanks, ma
-I'm full
-That's great!
The patient is still waiting for his food
I'll give him
I heard you kicked him
Kotha Ravi!
He deserved it
Well done
Here you go, mother
Bye, man
Are you leaving?
Take rest until the wound heels
Don't go out
No, it was you
Look who's coming
You got away...
Isn't that Billa?
The firecracker expert!
-Oh no, firecrackers
-Oh gosh -Raju, duck!
It's from Ranjith Bhai
He asked you to go there
Let's go
Bhai is inside
Welcome Raju
Where's he?
journalist from Bombay?
-Who the hell are you?
Be quiet
People call me Ranjith Bhai
From Gandhigram
Look mister, I don't care who you are
And I'm not scared, not even a bit
I'm from Bombay and
I've seen a lot of dons like you
So why don't you shut up...
mind your own business and walk off
Terrific English, man
I can't talk to you anymore
Hey, chop him and throw him into the sea
Oh no!
Tara, run
Don't just stay there, run away
He run away
Ran away
It should be in past tense
I was in love with a woman once
A Canadian tourist named Kate
I learned English for her
And what happened?
She left
And I was left with my poor English
We can have a woman's body
But not her love
I didn't have the guts to say no to you
I didn't intend to cheat you
Kill me if you want to
She is the reason why we fought
To hell with your anti-drug campaign
Take a drag
Come on
See how it feels
That's it
Come on
Do it
Come on
Kill him!
Finish me, if you can!
This is one of the best days of my life
I didn't do it on purpose
Don't feel sad...
Get out, you...
Do you know how many girls
are waiting to go out with me?
Who do you think you are?
I'm sad
Yes, I'm
For the good times I missed because of you
The man who didn't lose to an army
lost to a girl
(faint muttering)
Who's that?
Is that you, Rafi?
Buy me a full bottle
We knew that with Raju down
enemies would take revenge
So we fled for our own safety
Why are you crying over some silly girl?
You would have had my respect
if you had finished her that day
This is such a shame!
Let her go away
Let her go to Bombay
-What are you...
-To hell with her!
If you go on like this, we will be done
We will lose Kotha
She broke my heart
Get me a full bottle
Two kilos of blue (ganja)
A test dose for Kotha
Are you afraid of Raju
finding out about this?
I can't afford to be afraid
Do you know why I don't confront Raju?
He doesn't want anything from life
Such men must be feared
They have to be tackled wisely
You have a lot to learn, Kannan
My school is different from Raju's
We are worlds apart
Manju, here
Bhai, this is me
Is he finished?
We need an atom bomb to finish him
Oh no!
Plan failed. Scoot, Bhai!
Kannan, I've to go out on an urgent matter
Where were you?
Have you come to your senses?
You must have run out of booze
Where were you?
To meet a friend
What's in that box?
Did your friend give it to you?
None of your business
I fought with my father for you
Is this how you pay me back?
Get him out of here
His best friend's betrayal shattered him
Raju stopped going to the club
Realising that her son
was ruining his life...
Malathi aunty came to see him
You will die, if you drink like this
You will rot to death
You must leave this town
Go away, woman!
You must go and never come back
Not even when I'm dead
Enough of your drama
Now go away
Do you love your sister?
She is our only hope
A brother like you is a disgrace to her
You have a point
A valid point!
You should have come straight to the point
I'll go away
I'll go
He had lost his friends
and the girl he loved
He was all alone
His mother's words
must have been the breaking point
It was the World Cup Finals
Raju didn't wait to see
his favourite Maradona lifting the cup
He left
Tara lives alone now
Kannan killed her father
A revenge for working against him
Tara still lives in Kotha
to see Kannan's end
Kannan built this haunt for junkies
He only wants to provoke Tara
Sir, that's Jino
Kannan's brother-in-law
He is a bloody rascal
They are all criminals
Tomorrow, they will rule Kotha
Raju's sister is his girlfriend, right?
She probably doesn't know who he really is
Where is Raju?
I did a secret enquiry
when I joined the force
I got a lead that he is in UP
But I didn't pursue it
I tell everyone I don't know where he is
Shall we bring Raju back to Kotha?
Where do your loyalties lie?
To Raju...
or Kannan?
To my job, sir
I worked hard to get here
Let's play a game
Pick a thorn with a thorn
-Sir, Tony here
The Lucknow police have sent a fax
with complete information on Raju
-What's his status?
-Notorious assassin, now retired
Retired? Why?
No mention of that, sir
What's our next move, sir?
-Send a telegram to Raju tomorrow
-I'll tell you what to write
-Okay, sir
My sister saw your photo
She thinks you are beautiful
Do you want some juice?
Oh no, Tony!
So you like ice-cream too?
Shall I order one for you, sir?
No, it melts
-Anything for energy?
Your usual drag... ganja
I don't smoke ganja
He is a prodigy in smoking ganja
And he says he doesn't smoke
These guys wear underwear
to hide ganja, sir
Get up
Get up!
Take your hands off... leave me
What is this?
-Take him -Jino
-Come on -Rithu, it's a trap
-Go on -Come
Let me go
Do you know how many girls he has...
You should be careful who you love, Ponnu
Do you understand what I'm saying, Rithu?
You may not have a good life
with a drug addict
I didn't know anything about it
He is a criminal
He will go to any lengths to win you back
Stay here
-What do you want?
-I want to talk to Rithu
-I've nothing to tell you
Rithu, please I beg you...
Oh no!
We are in love, old man
Hey Rithu
-So you turned her against me
-Get lost, lad!
-You! -Hey, no!
Come here
If he bothers my child again
he will see who Ravi really is
-Come here
-I'll finish his entire family
-Got it? -Rithu! -Come on
You just walked out of jail
Rithu, I love you
I love you from the bottom of my heart
-We will see that later
Get your bike
Come on
Come out
Come out
-Are you happy now?
You ruined my love
You talked her out of it
She's avoiding me now
-It's because of what you did
Tear down the place!
Uncle, do you have Rotomac pens?
Sorry, we are out of it
Come, I want to talk to you
Talk to yourself
Rithu, look at me
Can you ever find a handsome guy like me?
Did I do anything wrong by smoking ganja?
You did nothing wrong
But I want to study
I want to make my mother proud
So I've no plans to fall in love
Hey Rithu
-Rithu, please
-Just leave me alone
Of course, I will
Oh no! Petrol!
What are you doing?
Move it, man!
People waited for the king's return
They believed that only the king
could save their land...
from the demon that devoured their children
Over there...
-Take her home
-Come, dear
Get in
Finally, it happened
The king returned
Who are you?
I used to live here
They call me Raju
Raju, hand him over to me
He deserves no mercy, sir
He tried to set fire to a girl
I can't...
I can't live without her
If you can't live without her...
then it's you who should die
Raju please!
It's a brutal murder
His jugular vein had ruptured
Only a skilled assassin can do this
Prepare to move his body to the freezer
Guruji Babu is in Lucknow
Call him and ask him
to get Raju's full history
How did you end up in UP?
Everyone runs off to Bombay
I thought UP was a nice change
What about our team?
How is everybody?
Shajan died of TB
Manoj went to Coimbatore as a hitman
He was killed in a counter attack
I heard Nishant got married
and settled in Gudalur
And Rafi...
He never left
He believed you would come back...
and everything would be back to normal
He used to talk about it whenever we met
Once he got into a fight in a pub
It ended on a fishing boat in the deep sea
He is an accused in 25 murder cases
He is the main guy in Kannan's gang
-How is the interrogation going, Tony?
It wasn't him, sir
He came to visit his family
Any witness?
No, sir
Strange place!
People have free rein here
Alright, you can go
One more thing
Don't leave town without informing us
You are still a suspect
Why didn't you tell him about Tara?
What's the point, sir?
She cheated on him
A real man will carry his love to the grave
Lord knows what's going to happen here
Kannan won't just sit and watch
Who is that?
It's Raju
Raju is here
Can I come in?
Come in, son, this is your home
Maybe I should go
Go on, son
Don't cry
I'm scared
-They will kill me
His men
Nothing will happen to you
You are a big girl now
Isn't your birthday next month?
You still remember
We will celebrate with a cake
You take rest
Don't think about it
I'll be here
Your mother wrote this letter for you
On her deathbed
I'm ailing, son
I don't know where you are
or what you are doing
Wherever you are...
I hope you are happy
Kannan Bhai!
Get me another drink
Get out
This is for you
You may not have heard of
the brands that I drink now
What do you do in UP?
Chairperson of population control board
Chairperson of population control board!
Can you see with that eye?
Blurred vision
Sometimes it tears up
When are you going back?
Are you in a hurry to send me off?
This isn't the Kotha you left behind
Don't you think so?
Kotha is like a dog...
that has seen its master after many years
First, it barks at you
Then it wags its tail and follows you
Finally, it lies at your feet
Jino was my brother-in-law
Now you have come to the point
It's Babu
Shall we finish him off here, bhai?
He is an old friend
Babu, did you find out?
Stay away from him
Tell me more
They know him as Raju Madrassi here
His name strikes terror in people's hearts
He killed a rowdy named
Kareem Sheikh using just a blade
From what I heard
he can kill a man with a pen or a needle
Sumangali shot aimed at the forehead
Heart surgery where a knife
is thrust into the heart valve
These are some of his contributions, bhai
-That's enough, hang up
-Wait, bhai
One more thing
Dev Gujjar was the main rival
of Raju's gang
He is in jail now
But he has vowed to finish Raju
when he gets out
If we tie up with Gujjar...
he will take care of Raju Madarassi
Think about it, bhai
What did he say, bhai?
He left Kotha as an apprentice
and returned a veteran
Raju Madrassi!
So where did we stop?
Yes, about Jino
I'll be honest with you
That boy was an annoying rascal
If you hadn't killed him,
I would have done it myself
Which one is Erilan?
I'm off, see you later
You won't go without having a drink
I want to play a game
at our ground one day
Won't you come?
Sure, I will
Come in, madam
Did you join the force
to offer condolences?
You let Raju go
What can we do, madam?
No one saw him committing the crime
That was a street
It happened in broad daylight
Kotha has many unsolved cases
due to lack of witnesses
We are trying our best...
to find a strong witness
who will testify against Raju
Let's wait
Close that file
I'll do it my way
What can you do, madam?
Even Kannan Bhai is afraid to do something
Your brother's body is still in the freezer
Aren't you cremating him?
Only after Raju's deal is done
Why did you go away?
Your snacks are getting burnt
Is this your cat, ma?
Thanks to these pets,
old people like us are still alive
We love them and they love us back
I met Kannan
Don't say his name
He threw me out of the house for a whore
Not you, son
Come with me, ma
Why are you devils here?
We are sending him off to his Maker
This is our tribute to Jino Bhai
They came to send him off
Kids should learn some history first
Get him!
They camp near Tara's house
Smoking ganja and God knows what else!
What are you doing there?
Come, let's go to bed
Did you send Jino's friends after Raju?
I took them to the hospital
They are in bad shape
Why did you do that?
Do you remember that lodge, Kannan?
The place where I won you
That look in your eyes!
It was a man's gaze
It held a promise...
that you would kill a thousand men for me
It was so potent!
Not a thousand men...
I can kill a million for you
Don't you touch me
My Jino's killer is walking free in Kotha
-What did you do?
-And what about Jino?
He tried to kill Raju's sister
We never cared for right and wrong
Raju is dear to me
He is my childhood friend
You are afraid of him, aren't you?
How long were you in the ICU
last time he beat you up?
let's not go into that
Kannan Bhai, my foot!
If my brother Ranjith was here...
Raju would be dead by now
By fair means or foul
You are stressed out, come with me
Find someone else to sleep with you
Until I hear that Raju is dead...
you won't touch me
This is Manju's word
They may attack you again, Raju
K Team is waiting for Kannan's nod
You must attack them
before they make a move
I don't get you
If you finish Kannan and K Team...
I'll make sure there's no case
You killed Jino but you are still out
Just like that
The clever fox that pits rams against
each other only to draw their blood
Bombay police had pulled it off
This is an offer
I decline
there are a few people
who are close to my heart
Kannan is the first among them
So you had better drop your plan, sir
Is that a threat?
I'm not Kannan
I'm used to doing, not talking
Thank you for the telegram
Aren't you playing?
You wanted to have a match
Come on
Pass the ball
Come on
Pass to me
I still miss those days
No worries
Just fun!
You are living the life
that you always wanted
I made a lot of mistakes
As my mother says, I'll end up in hell
She is a poor woman
You should take her with you
But she is stubborn
She won't come with me
Will your wife agree?
She doesn't let me near her
She is mad at me
She has taken a vow
That she won't sleep with me
until you are dead
-What did you tell her?
-I told her to go to hell
Nobody is more important than you
Jino was her brother
She ought to be upset
She is one of a kind
That's why I love her so much
I'm afraid she might
hire someone to kill you
You must have a weapon on you
I gave up weapons more than a year ago
I don't get that old thrill
I felt a change will be good
I bought an apple orchard
Decided to do farming
for the rest of my life
Apple orchard!
Apple Raju
One kilo apple
You got the wrong end
I'll leave now
You are drunk
Shall I get you home?
She has kicked me out of the room
If she sees us together...
she will throw me out of the house
It's okay, man
Goodnight, my friend
I'll leave Kotha in a few days
You tell her that
I can't live without her
Remember what you told me
That only when I fall in love
I'll know how it feels
You were right
Close the door and go to bed
He has no weapons
Doesn't matter if he has, bhai
May I clear the dishes, sir?
Can I have this, sir?
You can have the bottle also
Can I place long-distance calls?
Please call the reception, sir
It's a privilege, Raju Bhai
I know you can finish Raju
he will take one of you down with him
I can't bear that loss
we will build an empire together
Like Pablo Escobar
It's Leslie
Read it
Work done
Ask him where the body is
We will talk later
Over here
Bring it here
Hey sissy
You put a price of just 10 lakh on my head
My blood money was one crore
Back in UP
Ranjith Bhai was classier than you
You know that old Kannan
But you don't know Kannan Bhai
I would love to see
Come, if you dare
Stay here, bhai, leave him to us
Come on
Watch out for him
That knife has orphaned many families
You may not have seen this item
It's called a heart surgery
No, bhai!
Don't go there, bhai
-Stop it, bhai
-Don't go there, bhai
Get into the car, bhai
-You! -Bhai, no
-Let's go, bhai
Get going, Peelan
Get in, come on
Kannan Bhai has packed up and ran off
You don't know Kannan very well
He has many hideouts in Kotha
that no one can find out
He hasn't gone anywhere
He is watching everything
from somewhere nearby
The birthday is tomorrow, not next year
Hurry up
Raju got this for you
Your mother used to curse me
That you turned out like this because of me
I'm responsible for what I'm
Do you have any future plans?
I've bought an orchard
I think I'll stay there
You should get married
Start a family
Tara hasn't married yet
Did you know?
When your mother was dying
Tara used to visit her everyday
She is a nice girl
Take her with you when you go
Tomorrow is Ponnu's birthday
I came to invite you
Call for Raju
Stop this
Who do you love the most in this world?
Here are the options
A. Father
B. Sister
C. Tara
After thinking a lot
my boys and I found the answer
Come and see if it's correct
Be quick
Ravi had gone to town for something
He was attacked from behind
Get him down
Get him down
Ask them to get my father down, Tony
Do it!
You must find the hideout of
Kannan and his K And inform Raju
Then it's over
Only you can do this
I don't want to
Revenge has blinded you
You think like a criminal
Morally, you are far below Raju and Kannan
No, my child
I'll bring him to you
But don't show him any mercy
I asked her to bring you here
She refused at first
So I told her only one of us
will be alive tomorrow
That didn't work either
Finally, I told her I would kill her cat
That's when she gave in
That stupid cat!
The woman loves her cat more than us
Why didn't you kill me when I passed out?
Why this drama?
Just wait a little longer
Someone wants to talk to you
This was my Erilan's knife
Is this how you stab?
You were with me for so many years
But didn't learn a thing
Tell him whatever you wanted to say
Don't miss the punchlines
This will be your last chance
Do you know who I am?
I knew you even before you met Ranjith
When, as a young girl,
you walked the streets in Kochi
-I knew your mother as well
I also know that the boy
this fool believed to be your brother...
was actually your son
A gift from her stepfather...
when she was just 13
I feel sorry you
you didn't choose this life
Don't dig into the past
of the woman you love
It's not becoming of a man
Shut up, rascal!
What is this, sir?
Are you preparing for war?
I'm here to take Raju
Can you do that?
Why not?
Tony, go
-Hey you!
I fear myself more than you
Don't move!
Tony, go
Your superiors wag
their tail at me like dogs
I know but I'm not one of them
Sir, Raju isn't here
He must be dead
I heard Kannan Bhai stabbed him brutally
Raju isn't such an easy target
Then where is he?
The police couldn't find him
Kannan Bhai and K team
searched the entire area
It's been three weeks now
He must have gone into hiding
and died there itself
That's what I think
It's our bad luck
We have no escape from Kannan Bhai
Be quiet
Kannan Bhai is here
-Move! -Where is he?
-Move it!
Your guardian angel?
Those who celebrated
Erilan's death will now suffer
I'll make sure they do
Sir, the UP police have sent a fax
Raju hasn't reached there
Anyway, he can't go too far...
with that stab wound
Are you happy, sir?
I'm planning to resign, Tony
What's up?
Hey Oddball
Don't hurt her, man
It's her livelihood
Get lost!
Are you sure Raju is dead?
But I'm hopeful
His rotten body is somewhere out there
What the hell do you want now?
I think you still don't trust me
Or you wouldn't have lied to me about Jino
I'll be lost without you
I want to see my Jino
Will Oddball come today, bhai?
He was so restless
Let him take his time
Those came in yesterday
Knives and swords
are a thing of the past, Mymu Bhai
We have more, I'll get them
That isn't what bothers me
We haven't found Raju's body yet
What if he comes back?
If he comes back, I'll sort him out
I'll hang him like I hanged his father
-Name of deceased?
-Jino -Jino?
How do you fire this?
You need to unlock it
Wait, I'll show you
Come on!
-Hey! -Mymu -Mymu
Hey Mymu
-Hey -Mymu -Mymu
What did you do?
-Not me... -Tell me, you
-It was Raju
I saw him, he was there
-Get him
You go this way
If you find him, finish him
Tell him to come out
Like a man!
Face to face
Whatever you did to him...
does that suit a man?
It's him, bhai
He will see you tonight
Man to man!
Are you afraid to die, Peelan?
No, bhai
He has to kill me to get you
I made a deal with Peelan
An offer he couldn't refuse
I was certain about one thing
I won't let you die easily
Will Oddball come today, bhai?
I want you to know how much it hurts
when someone you trust...
betrays you
Kotha isn't all that he wants
He wants Manju also
Am I right, Peelan?
I knew he was a traitor
when you killed them all...
but left him behind
So I secretly formed a new K team
This is my treat for you
Your last supper!
Invite anyone you like
Except death
Finish him!
You were no match for Raju
Then how will you defeat Raju Madrassi?
Don't kill me
I'll leave Kotha
With Manju
Kill him, bhai
Raju, remember our old days?
I won't kill you
I'll let someone else have that chance
I've been waiting for this day all my life
I'm Ranjith's son
You killed my father
I want revenge
don't let this kid do it
You do it
That day you asked me...
who I loved the most in this world
You gave me three options
But your name wasn't among them
You were there for me...
when I was alone
It's you I love the most in this world
Kotha doesn't need a new heir
I know that I'll never sleep peacefully
for the sins I've committed
But I'm content with this new life
I hope it goes on with love and laughter
Raju Madrassi?
As long as I live,
my revenge will live on
Finish me, if you can