King of the Game (2014) Movie Script

("Play No Games" by VICIOUS)
- Next time, park
this piece of shit
so no one can see me
getting out of it.
- Yeah.
- What the fuck
you just say to me?
- I ain't say nothing.
I'll park where no one sees.
- You not big enough.
Stay your little ass out here
so you don't get hurt.
- How long are you going to be?
- What?
Don't you fucking
worry about that.
This grown folks business.
Stupid fucker...
(rap music)
- Mmmm-mm! Hello, sweetie.
The fuck you looking at?
(dramatic sting)
Point that motherfucker at me,
and i'll shoot your ass.
- Better get some respect.
- Girl.
- What's up?
- You should see
this son of a bitch.
- Oh, I got this motherfucker.
I got this motherfucker.
- [Red Dress] So
you're VIP, right?
- [Man in suit] Yes, indeed.
- Oh, I got this motherfucker.
I've got you.
I will blow your dick off.
- That's going to take
a whole lot of work.
- What the hell?
Who the fuck's there?
- Do you know why they
call me pussy ... too wet?
- Why?
- Oh my God, that's
a $10,000 suit.
- You fucking clumsy bitch!
I ought to kill
your fucking ass.
You know who you're
fucking with?
Clumsy ass fucking hoe.
You ain't even worth it.
You know what?
I got something better
than the grave for your ass.
I'm going to send your
dumb ass in Mississippi.
Fuck i'm going to do,
clumsy ass fucking slut.
(door slams)
("Hula Hoop" by Judy Boy)
- You still here?
Get this fucking piece of shit
ready so we can roll
the fuck up out of here.
(silenced gunshot)
- The car?
I don't ... feel so good.
Tell my ... tell my Uncle ...
- Oh God, you got
the kid killed.
- He's just a kid.
("Power and Money" by CETO)
- If you wanted to help,
that's all you had to say.
- How much you paying?
("Walk It Out" by Unk)
You know baby, it's
been two months
since you promised
me that hot tub.
It's been a month since we
ate out at The Five Star.
It's been a week
since you fucked me!
Son of a bitch.
You know baby, it doesn't
matter how many times
you wash this piece of shit.
That still doesn't
turn it into a new car.
I'll be inside waiting on you!
(dramatic music)
- You got something else for me?
- Information.
You want last check?
Stop by club.
Better you don't.
("Dat Scotland" by Chris T)
("Cruzin Down the
Street" by CHEROKEE)
- [Protestor] Sin sin sin!
The 24/7 for sin is
the work of the Devil!
The Devil, my brother!
You will rot in Hell!
Hell, brother!
God, please, please
God, love him.
Give him the strength
and the love ...
- Watch what the fuck you doing.
- I'm getting a perfect
(message) about you.
It's easy to see your future.
You don't have one!
- Hell does not
need scum like you.
You have a second
chance, brother.
- [Protestor Girl]
Save him, brother.
- Try this.
- I got nine chance
... right here.
- 24 hours is all
you have, Mister!
- Sin is the work of the Devil!
God will release you from Hell!
("Already" by Heavy
Weight Tha Pusha)
- You wanted to see me?
- We putting something
out on the street.
Five birdies, baby.
But we got to get
it to the customers.
- Don't start, man.
- That's what I like about you.
You're all business.
In and out.
I love that!
That's how all of us should be.
(phone rings)
Drugs, money, sex 24/7.
No, Goddamnit!
Don't call me here again.
(dramatic music)
- Is time to go ... go.
If you quitter ... quit.
If you want out? Get out.
Pull trigger.
Go home.
Quit fucking around.
- You my best runner.
What the fuck is
wrong with you, man?
So your last job
didn't go perfect.
- He's just a kid--
- So a punk kid gets
his noggin shot off.
Business is business.
Casualty of war.
He should've stayed at home.
- That's the fucking problem.
It's just a job,
nothing matters in here.
- Survival of the fittest.
He'd've got us killed.
How long would he
have lasted anyway?
- I want my money.
- One more.
- No more jobs, just the cash.
- We got a name for stupid
pussy motherfuckers like you.
That's pussy.
- You want out, but in is in.
And you. Are. In.
I need a package delivered.
It's a money maker, and money--
- Not all money is good money.
- This scar right here,
you know what it
takes to get that.
We. Are. Blood.
- Too much blood!
- Come with me.
- This shit is fake.
- Send in the cash.
- All here.
- How can I pay my best man ...
if some fucking whore
slut holds out on me?
- You got it all wrong!
- I am strong, but
stronger with you.
This is as close as
I come to begging.
(distant screaming)
-This is the same shit,
and I don't need it.
I quit.
- That's close as I come.
(dramatic music)
- Is dirty business.
Quit fucking around.
Go away!
("Hit Me on the
Chirp" by Gutta B)
- [Reporter] Tonight,
on Tri State News One,
police have not yet
identified the young man
murdered at a strip
club in Baton Rouge.
Who is he?
And sex slaves in Mississippi.
Single women are
disappearing from back roads
in the magnolia state.
We'll have all this and mo--
- At least tell me
you got the money.
- Aw, Jesus.
- Is this all there is?
Baby! I got way many
more bills than this.
I got to get my hair done.
- I can get some
money coming in,
but I can't work though.
- How are we supposed to live?
You tell me.
- Just leave it.
- I need things!
I need them.
It's not for me! I
don't want the money.
You know, we got company coming.
- What?
- We got a little
badass on the way.
I wanted to wait until the
time was right to tell you.
Because you my man and all.
You know what we're
going to call him?
- I like that.
I like that.
Is it okay?
Can you do it with
a baby on the way?
- That won't be a problem.
("Let's Ride" by King Ryce)
(hooting and hollering)
- Just five birdies, right?
- 8 P.M. Tiger Truck Stop,
just outside Mississippi.
The girls will meet you there.
- The usual?
- Big load, extra pure.
You know the numbers.
You in?
- Yeah, and i'm done.
- Yeah.
(assault rifle fire)
- Find noise.
- Got it.
(suspenseful music)
(glass shatters)
(assault rifle fire)
(suspenseful music)
(action music)
- [Stripper] Help!
- [Stripper] Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
(dramatic sting)
- Is easy.
Pull trigger.
Gun works fine.
- Clean. No ID.
- Professional murder.
Same as last time.
The boss has many "friends."
Get this piece of shit clean.
Quit fucking around.
- We still on schedule?
- The folks that you're meeting,
they're all business.
They've never let me down.
Now they'll know it's you.
(phone rings)
- Christ on a fucking
crumpet, what the fuck!
(phone rings)
- Will somebody get that?
- Jesus Christ, is he
fucking deaf or some shit?
- Will somebody
fucking get that?!
- Oh, uh uh, I am
so fucking ticked.
- Drugs, money, sex 24/7.
- Hey, how's it hanging, sexy?
- It's about time
you fuckers called.
- When is the car coming?
- He's here now.
- I didn't ask you if he was
at your fucking club,
you pencil dick retard,
I asked you when the
fuck my whip was coming!
- When i'm fucking
ready to send it.
- Ready my fucking ass.
You genetic mistake of a fucking
unwashed fucking dildo!
You seem to forget that
i'm prone to fucking rages,
so unless you want
a fucking pint
of warm fucking
ale shoved up your
festering fucking black
fucking stretched out anus,
then I suggest you send that
motherfucker down the road!
If you need to put
it another way,
"I's ready now."
- Do as we agree.
Keep the ride as a tip.
- Well then my tip better have
big 26's on that motherfucker.
Blinged out with
a fucking pantry
full of fucking Irish charms.
Fucking part of your
complete breakfast
you bitch!
Or I will fucking
drive down there
and I will fuck you
hard with my shillelagh.
That's all i'm saying.
- Just make sure the package
stays in Mississippi.
We straight?
I said ... are. We. Straight?
- Yeah, we cool.
We straight, we good.
- The baddest mofos in the hood.
- Shhh!
- You and your fuck toys
tire of this arrangement?
- Send the package
to the truck stop,
we'll do the rest.
How will we know him?
- He's going to have
the lucky dollar.
- (laughs) We
won't let you down.
I am your new lucky fucking
four leaf clover, darling.
("Get In There" by Lil Shane)
(phone rings)
- [Voicemail] You
know what to do.
- I know I ain't said
this in a long time.
But I think that maybe
we going to make it.
(doorbell rings)
- [Delivery Guy] Pizza sex.
- [Becky] Hey,
what you watching?
(tires screech)
What a great gun!
- Where the fuck
did you come from?
- Why?
Is there someplace you
want me to be from?
Hey, where are we going?
- Where i'm going is
nowhere for little girls.
- I'm not little,
i'm barely legal.
Well it doesn't matter
where we're going.
You're my boss.
- "We" are going nowhere.
Get lost.
- I've never been left in the
middle of nowhere before.
This is awesome!
(car revs)
Do you like them?
Want to touch them?
- Sit your little ass down.
- Are you a queer or something?
Because that's cool.
- I got a grown
ass wife at home,
and she's smoking hot.
- That's at home.
I'm smoking hot now.
- You're just going to have to
cool your little ass off, ma.
- You sure act
strange for a pimp.
How much am I supposed
to charge anyway?
- I ain't your pimp, and you
ain't worth nothing to me.
- How am I supposed
to learn this?
- I tell you like
this, little chick,
there go your first lesson.
I got married to put all
my money in one spot.
Too many women and your money
spread too thin.
I saw thousands of tricks
throw they money away
night after night
after night on broads like you.
- I like fucking.
I really really like it.
That's why i'm different.
- Talk about something else.
- Okay.
Do you like fucking?
- Change the subject.
- Okay, to what?
What do you like?
- I like my wife.
She's my biggest investment.
- Here's my biggest investment.
This fucker's indestructible.
It's bulletproof!
("Whatcha Sippin
On" by Pimp Black)
- What you say, Ted?
- Those boobies are
real, they feel good?
- Wooo!
(dramatic sting)
- Stay in the car.
- What the fuck is that?
- I can't wait to hit that.
Then i'm going to fuck it.
- Hmm ... so how tight
is that young twat?
Don't tell me you
ain't hit that.
Do you know why they
call me too wet?
(whistling, hooting)
I said, motherfucker!
Do you know why they
call me pussy too wet?
- Why?
- Because I got an
(outtie,) bitch!
- Don't fuck with me.
You know i'm here on business.
- You either fuck
or you get fucked!
When you're ready for this
too wet pussy ... holler.
- Is that our boy over there?
- I can't wait to hit that.
You can fuck what's left.
(dramatic music)
- All I want is them dollars.
- Got your bills right here!
Black Talon, bitch!
- Oh ho ho ho!
- How about I blow off
them titties, bitch!
- I missed ya.
You love sick?
- Just sick of you.
- You want to die too, huh,
you pasty faced panty waste!
- I had you in my
sights for awhile.
You're going to want
to take this up close.
My hand.
I'm sick if you, you big cunt!
- Fuck!
- Plenty for you too.
- Hey, do me!
Is this guy paying?
I'll be whoever
he wants me to be.
- You like picking
on defenseless women?
- Defenseless ...
you better stay away
from those bitches.
They'll fucking kill your ass!
(dramatic music)
- I've been waiting for a
real man in these parts.
Them are some big fucking
wheels you're pushing.
- A Benz.
- You got the lucky dollar?
Hmm? You bring me something?
- I've got something for you.
If the money right.
I'm here on business.
- His dick is for his wife!
I know ... he's my pimp!
- Where my ride at?
- Yeah, where's our ride?
- At the club.
- Mississippi wasn't
a part of my deal.
- Well you know what,
you can walk home if you'd like.
But riding with (so
wet) is so much easier.
Come on.
- Hey, she ain't part of this.
- Got a hard on for someone
after all, don't you?
- Hey, you have fun.
He likes to watch porn
and play with his gun.
- Get in.
(car revs)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey man, a girl could
make a living here.
- You said my ride
would be here.
- Yeah, I did.
- That piece of shit?
You already know the
boss don't fuck around.
- We're just taking what's ours.
- Ow! Hey, i'm not
ready to go yet!
Hit him in the head.
How the fuck you like that, huh?
Does that feel fucking good?
- Bastard!
- Lights out, motherfucker!
- I love zapping the
big motherfuckers!
- This is how things work!
- We want real men around here!
- Bitch!
- Help me bury this fucker.
- Fucking wait a minute,
this calls for
something special.
Alright, my daddy
always used to say,
"If you can't have
it, piss on it!"
What the fuck are you
motherfuckers waiting for?
Get peeing!
Aw yeah.
Oh, you just had that
on deck, didn't ya?
Ooooh, yeah, that's
nice, isn't it?
That's nice and
fucking warm, isn't it?
I bet you love that shit.
(police sirens)
I love that shit.
- Oh shit, it's a cop!
- Oh what the fuck!
Christ on a fucking crumpet.
Pull it together.
(suspenseful music)
- What's going on?
- Just had to pee.
- Folks got to be careful.
It's a dangerous place.
- Peeing.
- Awful lot of crazies out here.
Alright, you folks
have a good night.
- Oh my God!
You have to love
them dumb bastards.
- I almost wet myself.
- Let's finish up, get
back and start fucking.
- Fuck!
Fuck, what the fuck?!
You two motherfuckers
let him go?!
You two motherfuckers
let him fucking go?!
Do you fucking have
any fucking idea,
in your fucking minds what he's
going to fucking do
to the two of you?
You two motherfuckers
let him fucking go!?
What is inside those
motherfucking domes of yours?
Nothing, fucking nothing,
there's a fucking Superdome,
there's a fucking Astrodome,
those are the fucking nothing
in the fucking fucking
nothing in them domes!
Jesus Christ!
Fuck! Fuck, he was right here!
Do you have any
motherfucking idea
what that fucker in Baton Rouge
is going to do to
the two of you?
Huh? Do you have
any fucking clue
in those-- you know ...
first of all, alright, okay,
let me just fucking fill
you fucking in, okay?
He's going to take a fucking can
of fucking whipped cream
and shove it up your dumb
fucking ass, alright?
Then fucking spray that shit up
into your fucking
colon until you fucking
splooge out fucking sundaes!
Then he's going to put that
shit on the fucking menu.
Do you think i'm
fucking kidding? Hmm?
Huh? Do you think
i'm fucking kidding?!
Because i'm not!
Have you ever been fucking
raped by a fucking baboon?
Have you ever fucking,
to the zoo fucking
accidentally fucking
had your ass reamed
by a fucking baboon?!
Yes? No? Maybe fucking so?
That's what's about
to fucking go down.
Jesus Christ,
we're fucking dead!
We're fucking dead!
You're fucking dead,
you're fucking dead,
we're all fucking dead!
Get fucking down.
Did you not fucking hear me?
Get the fuck down.
Jesus Christ.
Fucking dumb fuck!
If you don't
fucking just go like
12 fucking million fucking paces
away from me right now,
i'm going to take you
fucking down myself!
Fuck you!
You two let me fucking down.
Fucking assassinate me.
Fucking assassinate me,
you fucking assholes.
Put me up on that fucking hill
that fucking Abraham
Lincoln was shot from
and just fucking
do me fucking in
because that's what
you fucking did,
thanks a fucking lot.
- You think she wants
us to bring the shovels?
(crickets chirping)
(dramatic music)
- What the fuck?
- What's up?
- If you going to
kill me, kill me!
- This ain't no bean
bag here now, hot shot.
You like beating up on
smaller guys, don't you?
Well who's the big man now, huh?
But hey big man, if you are
working for the strippers,
then what the hell are
you doing out here, huh?
- Those bitches
tried to kill me!
- I knew it!
Wee-haw, yeah!
- You fucking jacked, man.
- You are from the
city now, aren't you?
- Something like that.
- Didn't your mama
teach you nothing
about bad people?
- Like you?
Man, you broke some ribs.
- (laughs) I only
used half a charge.
- You knew they'd
try to kill me?
- What are you, a
stupid motherfucker?
I told you at the
fucking truck stop
that those bitches
would try to kill you.
Either you were working for them
in which case they'd
kill you later,
or you were just a patsy
in which case they'd
kill you sooner.
Anything for a thrill.
- Who the fuck are you?
- I'm just some guy.
Some guy whose life
was fucking ruined
by those whores!
Destroyed for their
amusement, for the fun of it!
Who am I?
I'm nobody.
I need your help.
- (laughing) I don't have enough
bread to help you, man.
- Bread? You can't buy
your way out of this.
- What do you want?
- I watch them bitches.
They took your woman, you know?
- My wife?
- The new meat.
- Took her where?
- Nasty little place.
Local yokels only.
"The Cumme Buquet."
Or some such shit.
- Ain't my wife, ain't my woman.
- Ain't your problem.
You almost died tonight
looking the other way.
You got to keep your
eyes on the road ahead.
- She's jut a whore.
She wanted it.
- You didn't give it to her.
- I'm here on business.
- You ain't some dumbass.
You're the real deal.
Those bitches got you down?
Then only God will let you up.
If God is on your side,
you can't let him down.
Now you want to
do the right thing
thinking other people want
to do the right thing.
The right thing for
killer bitches is to kill.
They are whores and
they are thieves.
They are contract killers.
That kid who wants
it and makes it
in a regular city joint with
a fine pimp like yourself,
ain't cut out to work
at The Cumme Buquet.
Your rules don't apply
here in the real world.
I can't save your
ass every time.
- I got away.
- Because I called
the cop on them.
I need your help.
- You want to rescue the girl?
- I'm going for my sister.
I need your help!
You need to rescue
that little girl before
they stretch out her
little bushy cunt
like a wad of taffy!
You owe me.
You're going there to help me.
You are going to do right
and save that poor
misguided girl.
(suspenseful music)
Here are the meeting rooms.
- How big is this place?
- Used to be a hunting lodge.
The new meat is kept
here, in the back wing.
Don't know which door.
It depends on what they
thought they'd be good at.
Blowing, sucking, anal, bondage.
- Oh really?
- Japanese basket,
fox in the hen house,
M80, black cat--
- Move on, man.
- You get in, we will
search out our objectives,
you get the girl and get out.
- What about your sister?
- I'll take care of that.
- Okay. I get the girl
and we meet outside.
- If we make it.
- I think that we --
- Shh! What was that?
- I didn't--
- Quiet.
(whisper) They are everywhere.
What do you know about slavery?
White slavery.
They sell girls
into sexual bondage.
They turned my
sister into a whore!
Chained her to a
fucking bed, man.
I tried to forgive
them ... I did.
I want them to think
about God and Jesus
for once in their lives.
(rap music)
- Hey everybody!
Welcome to the
fucking Cumme Buquet!
Mississippi's only full
service auction/sex club.
Our girls are
available three ways:
for the hour, for the night,
or just for fucking sale.
If you see something you like
and you just have
to fucking have it,
make me an offer and i'll
see what I can do, alright?
Without further ado,
enjoy yourselves
at The Cumme Buquet,
where if you don't
cum buckets, we will resuck it!
("Get Nasty" by E Master C)
- That one, does the
carpet match the drapes?
- Oh yeah, well she's
completely shaved,
but if you let it grow, yeah.
- How is she at domestic duties?
- Oh, well things like vacuuming
and doing the floors and shit?
- Yeah.
- You know what
baby, her Hoover's
right there, isn't it?
She sucks cock like crazy.
- How much?
- Ladies, ladies.
- You all looking for a date?
You all came to the right place.
- What's up?
- Legit.
- Alright, alright,
one for the night.
Three hundred.
Alright, Cinnamon
darling, you're going to
go with (Cheese Eater)
for $300, alright?
- Come on, are you
fucking serious?
- Wait wait, what?
- Are you fucking serious,
you're trying to send me off
with this fucking pervert.
You know what?
I'm just a little tired of
you bossing me and shit.
- Okay, you what?
You're going to go with him,
and you're going to go
with him at half price.
Alright? That's 150 for you.
- No, i'm about the money,
and he ain't even
worth the little
crumbs that you're trying
to pass me off for, okay?
- You know what,
i'm actually ...
i'm tired of talking about this.
- Yeah really, i'm tired
of talking about it too
and if you don't get
the fuck out of my face
i'm going to lock
your damn jaw up.
- Are we straight?
- Back the fuck off, or
i'll show your ass in this--
- Are we straight?
- No we fucking not!
- Yes we are.
Are we straight?!
(cheering and gunshots)
Have a good time.
- What your sister look like?
Is she one of the
whores on stage?
- What?!
- If I see her, i'll
scoop her up for you.
- My sister's not some stripper.
She was murdered right here!
Don't you ever speak
of her again.
- Alright alright
alright alright, good.
Next up to the stage,
I have a very special
fucking treat for you.
Straight from Baton
fucking Rouge,
hand delivered,
barely fucking legal,
her twat fucking tastes
like fucking baby food
it's so fucking young, right?
You ever have fucking
sweet baby food?
That's what this
little fucking bitch's
twat fucking tastes like.
You ever seen fucking
titties that stand
up to the fucking ceiling?
That's what her little
fucking titties do, alright?
Fuck yeah!
She's fucking --
wait, did I mention
she's barely fucking legal?!
Please, fucking put yours hands
over your fucking dicks,
and give a warm Cumme
Buquet welcome to--
- You whore need
to hear from God!
And Jesus!
(assault rifle fire)
Revolution motherfuckers!
What, those little
fucking (mumble)!
Die, motherfucker!
Welcome to the revolution!
Fucking die, fucker!
(gunshots, screaming)
- I'm looking for the girl.
Where's the girl?
- Man, I don't know,
but bring her back.
Got room for two more.
(screaming and gunshots)
- [Becky] This is awesome!
I've never seen
anything like this.
It's so big!
Feels awesome.
It's my pimp! Come
join the party!
- What's with the
fucking gun, man?!
Look, i'm just a hired
help just like you.
- Second Chance Ministry,
give me the key!
The fuck is this?
I'm going to give
you a second chance.
The car keys.
Get out of here, jackass!
Come on, bring
your little ass on!
Come on!
Hurry up!
(suspenseful music)
- Come on, it's almost over.
Yeah! Everybody knows!
We some bad bitches!
- We some bad bitches, baby!
(assault rifle fire)
- Woo! Everybody knows
we some bad bitches!
- Bad bitches.
(assault rifle fire)
- Everybody knows
we some bad bitches!
- Some bad bitches,
- What? What?!
- You killed my sister,
you son of a bitch!
- No, no no no no, I
killed your sister.
You know what? If
I think back to it,
I think we can all still taste
her sweet little poontang.
Her sweet little
Asian hairy twat.
You know what's really funny
is that Big Lovin' ate
out her twat, right?
Then not an hour later,
he was hungry again!
You know what, I think I have
a fortune cookie for you!
I think I have a
fortune cookie for you!
Lets us see what it say!
It says that what i'm about to
fucking do to you will more than
fucking make up
for the shit you've
been putting us through!
- The dope is fake!
The money is gone!
- Oh hell no!
Do you have any fucking idea
how dead you fucking are? Huh!?
That's the boss's money,
that's all the
fucking boss's money.
Do you have any
idea what he's going
to fucking do to you two?!
- Those are some bad bitches!
- My whip!
- That's the guy you
were supposed to kill!
- I'm going to kill
that little bitch.
- And that young twat
who was with him.
- You can try.
- No. No, you fucking idiot!
No, no, no, noooooo!
- Fucking fuck!
My lovely Cumme Buquet!
That road is a one way
ride to fucking Hell!
- Hurry up, get out!
- Where are we?
- Get out, they coming!
- I don't want to go anywhere!
- This will work.
- I'm sick.
I think i'm going to throw up.
- Fuck!
Save that shit for Jiggle City.
(action music)
- Where the fuck do
you think you're going?
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
- Fuck!
You fucked up letting them go!
- I didn't fucking let
the motherfucker go!
Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!
- Who the fuck is this guy?!
- We got to kill that
son of a bitch dead
before he talks to you know who!
- How the fuck are
we going to kill him?
- Hit him where he lives!
- Fuck!
Yeah, we're going to
go hit those fuckers.
We're going to hit all
those motherfuckers,
but we got to get in and out
without them fucking
seeing a thing.
- We ain't got a chance in hell.
- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- I'm going to put
this back on the van.
- We're fucking saved.
We're fucking saved!
- (mumbling)
Shit, thank you so fucking much!
Fucking, come here!
Thank you! Thank you!
I'll never fucking
start (mumbling)
ass crack again, you fuck!
Oh shit!
- They didn't want me.
- You better off.
- You know why they
tried to kill you?
- What the fuck
you know about it?
- You don't give
people what they want.
- Bullshit.
- It's so simple.
We have a real basic
system; so basic.
Drugs, money, sex 24/7.
- What do you want?
- I want sex.
We're talking right now
and we should be fucking.
- Really?
- I want to be the girl
that all the guys wanted.
- That's no life.
- It's my life,
it's what I want.
Anyone I set my sights
on gives it to me,
or gets out of the way.
- You got it all figured out.
- Just my part.
Sex, sex, sex, makes
the world go round.
Makes babies, keeps
the population up.
Seems like a natural thing.
But you don't want
to be part of it.
You got to rub
people's faces in it,
but you rocking the boat.
Making people look
at themselves.
Think about it.
- I just want my wife.
- So you rescued me?
You a badass, you don't
give a shit about anyone.
Okay, but you quit playing.
Quit taking care of business.
But you don't go away.
These stupid fuckers
got feelings.
You can't just go trashing
everything they work for
because you think
you better now.
You're in the life,
but you're holding out,
and it's fucking rude!
I heard you got a kid killed.
- Something like that.
- He got what he wanted,
don't you get that?
- That kid got his
brains blowed out.
Still talking to me in the time
it took for him to fall down.
Then I thought, "Why not me?"
- Yeah, why not?
I'm going to ask
you one more time
to help a girl out.
(dramatic music)
I was going to be
big in Mississippi.
- Finally.
(phone rings)
Come on baby, pick up.
(phone rings)
- Drugs, money, sex 24/7.
Drugs, money, sex 24/7!
- Who the fuck is that?
- We got a problem.
- You've got to be
fucking kidding me!
(dramatic music)
- So I guess we
walking then, huh.
("Spin Doctor" by
Dominique Guiot)
- Hey!
Son of a bitch!
- It's going to get messy.
(suspenseful music)
- Motherfucker
should have done the
job him-fucking-self.
- The boss doesn't like
to get his hands dirty.
- Yeah, well he's
giving us another
chance to do it right
this time, alright?
We don't have to mess it up.
Fucking douchebag.
- We should do his ass
for selling us fake dope.
- Listen, we do the job right,
double the cash,
double the dope.
Check over there.
Check over there!
I'm going to go upstairs.
When he comes to check on his
darling fucking wife ...
- I know.
Anything that moves, shoot it.
I can fuck it later.
- They ain't hurt you, baby.
Baby, we're going to make it.
The fuck!
- You thinking about this pussy?
Huh, bitch?
I got this motherfucker!
I got this motherfucker!
I got this motherfucker!
I got you!
I'll blow your dick
off, motherfucker.
- Come upstairs!
We got your fucking
wife up here!
(glass shatters)
- Oh sweetie, this is
so much better than sex.
This is the business
end of things!
- You ain't nothing but talk.
- Oh?
Please kill me.
Please kill me.
- [Dimitri] Killing
is easy, pull trigger.
- Please, please kill me.
(mental gunfire)
Please kill me.
Please kill me.
- Did you find your wife?
- I'll find her.
- What if she doesn't
want to be found?
- It's not up to her anymore.
We got a reason
to stay together.
- You put a lot of
faith in people.
- I got faith in family.
- My only family's my Uncle.
- How do we get there?
- This is my Uncle's house.
He just bought it.
You're going to need this
for the baby and you.
Thanks for everything.
You're the best.
- I never told you I
had a baby on the way.
- All that stuff I said,
it's nothing personal.
It's just, I work for the
king of the strippers.
You know that, right?
- King of the strippers?
- You don't know?
It's just money.
Money's the king.
Hey Uncle, I brought
you a package!
(suspenseful music)
- Next time you won't be
so lucky, fuckface!
- I trusted you like a brother!
- You ain't family!
Ain't nothing but family in
my fucking organization!
I trust you with my nephew
and look what happened!
- The fuck you mean your nephew?
- The fucking kid!
That was my fucking nephew,
and you got his
brains blowed off,
and i'm going to blow
your fucking brains off!
- Just a "casualty
of war," right?
- That's right, motherfucker!
We're at war now!
I'm about to shoot you my
motherfucking self!
- Baby, watch out!
- Baby, you hurt?
- I'm okay now, baby.
- Here baby, shoot
that motherfucker.
- Thank God for you, baby.
- (AK-47 fire)
- Did you bring the key?
- In the duffel bag.
- Didn't I tell you?
All money ain't good money.
You want your
fucking money? Huh?
You want your fucking money?!
Your business is your business.
I quit, motherfucker.
- What did you do?
I should put one in your ass!
- I'm done with that pimp.
Put one in his ass.
- Pimp? Your pimp!?
You better get to
stepping, bitch!
That's my husband!
- You set me up.
- You set you up.
I'm out of here.
- You should have just
fucked that little bitch!
- I'm taking
penitentiary chances.
Risking my life for our baby,
and you out here giving it up?
- What happened to
the thug in you?
You changed!
You know the type of men I like!
I had a good thing going!
There's nothing
you can't fuck up!
At least tell me
you got the money.
You isn't so stupid.
What the fuck am I
supposed to do with this?
- Suck it, bitch.
- You don't have the money.
I don't have the money.
I don't have a fucking whip.
I don't have a life!
I had a good thing going.
See this?
Look at it!
You will pay attention
to me now, motherfucker!
You will look at it,
or I will shoot your sorry ass.
You may not care about
yours one damn bit,
but I paid for this
motherfucker right here.
And i'll be goddamned
if i'm going to let
that expensive ass
education go to waste!
Nothing is going
to hold me back.
I ain't never had no
chains on me, baby.
I sure as hell ain't
going to let you
or nothing else stand in my way.
- You're not even pregnant.
- Don't you walk away from me.
Get your sorry
fucking ass back here!
Get back here!
(dramatic music)
("King of the Strippers"
by E Master C)
- Strong and black.
Way you like it.
- Thank you, Dimitri.
You know, you were
right about everything.
- I told you smart
girl would get cash.
- You win the bet.
(phone rings)
Excuse me for a moment.
Sex, sex, sex, 24/7.