King Of The Hill (1993) Movie Script

"Six years ago,
on the morning of May 20, 1927,
I was fast asleep
when my bedside phone began to ring.
I looked at my alarm clock.
It was almost five.
I knew there was only one person
in the whole worid
who would call at such an hour.
And when I picked up the phone,
I knew I was right.
'Hello,' I said. There was
quite a bit of noise on the line.
'Aaron, Charles Lindbergh here.
I'm calling from
Roosevelt Field on Long Island.
We're doing engine tests.'
'That's OK', I said.
'What can I do for you? '
'Well', he said,
'remember that flight
across the Atlantic? '
I told him I remembered.
He'd been telling me
and made me swear to keep it a secret.
'Here's the situation', Slim said.
'The fact is I'll be shoving off
in a few hours, around ten to eight.
I wanted to ask you about food.'
'Food? ' I said.
'Yes', he replied. 'I anticipate
the flight to take about 34 hours,
and I wanted your opinion
on what kind of food to bring.'
'Well', I said, 'you can't
go wrong with a cheese sandwich.
And don't forget the mustard.'
He laughed.
'I knew I could count on you.
I'll cable you from Paris.'
'Good luck', I told him,
and hung up the phone.
Like everyone else, I listened
to the radio for news about his flight.
I wasn't worried about his safety.
I knew he had
a special lifeboat behind his seat,
in case of emergency.
But when the Spirit of St Louis landed
in Paris, 331/2 hours after take-off,
I yelled so loud the windows shook.
Two days later, I received a telegram.
It said, 'Sorry to disturb your sleep,
but it was good to hear your voice.
Take it from your good friend, Chaz,
the cheese I chewed was choice."'
The end.
Thank you, Aaron.
That was... very inventive.
My mother was the maid of honour
at Lindbergh's wedding.
Our last report for the day
will be read by Billy Thompson.
The American hero he's chosen
is John D Rockefeller.
"I chose John D Rockefeller
as my American hero
because, although he's one
of the richest men in the worid,
he has never forgotten
his humble beginnings.
That's why he
gives generously to charity,
and hands out dimes
to the poor unfortunates
he encounters on the streets."
- Hello, Aaron.
- Hi, Mr Sandoz.
Everyday it's something.
No wonder you got caught.
Taking a kid's dessert.
I told you a thousand times,
take food from fat kids,
and you never take a kid's dessert.
A kid leaves his lunch untouched
and just eat the dessert.
- I know.
- Did you get sent to Mr Stillwater?
- Yeah.
- You didn't tell him where we live?
No. He had his hands clamped on
to the back of my neck like a vulture.
- I couldn't talk.
- Good.
- Hey, look. Big Butt Burns.
- Hurry up! Get out of the street.
Pow, pow, pow!
Hey, hey, hey! Hold it there,
you, come on! Let's go!
Move it along!
Hey, lady, get out of the street.
Come on, buddy. Come on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- When are you gonna teach me marbles?
- I keep telling ya.
All the important stuff can't be taught.
You just have to learn.
- Who knows important stuff?
- Dad.
Lester. Who taught him? Nobody.
- But I want to be as good as you.
- Look...
Pick two.
Not that one.
Not that one.
Definitely not that one.
Well, which ones can I have?
- Start practicing.
- But you get the good ones.
Want me to take 'em?
- No.
- Stop complaining. Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Took your father up a while ago.
He's reading some letter.
Was it from a company?
He's expecting a letter from a watch
company. There's big money in watches.
Now how would I know who it was from?
Was it typed or written by hand?
- By hand.
- It's probably nothing then.
Hey, stop!
You're stepping
on a black one.
- Shh. Listen.
- What?
- Come on.
- I just want my paints.
The watercolours and a few brushes.
- Gotta do what Mr Desot tells me.
- But...
How am I supposed
to earn money to pay my rent
- if I can't use my supplies.
- That's a puzzle, all right.
So, what would your price be to let me
have five seconds in that room?
A lot more than you got.
Mom, he just...
- Did somebody die?
- Nobody died.
Well, what is it then?
Your mother and I have made a decision.
- You made the decision.
- You agreed to this!
I agreed we didn't have a choice.
That's not the same thing.
Tell them, Eric.
Sullivan will be going away for a while.
Uncle Nathan said he'd keep him
till we get back on our feet.
That way, we save
at least a dollar a week.
I could make a dollar in a week, Dad.
You can make that much? He's finishing
eighth grade, he's the breadwinner.
- Eric.
- He's too young!
You could send me.
We're sending him,
and that's final!
What was the big idea of bursting in
like the hotel was on fire?
That's no way to enter a room, sir!
We saw Sandoz
get locked out of his room.
On the third floor?
You said it could never happen
on the third floor.
I carry a lot of influence
with Desot. Don't you worry.
How do you think I got a room
with a double exposure?
Triple, if you count the transom.
He knows Sid Goodman is going
to give me the Hamilton Watch line.
He knows I've got this WPA job coming.
When that happens,
I call up my pal Donald Miller.
And we move to the Carleton Court
Apartments, where we belong.
Can I take Skippy?
"Can I take...?" No,
you can't take Skippy on the bus. No!
- He's going on a bus?
- Yeah.
Why aren't you driving him?
How can I drive him when repossessors
are waiting to take my car away?
Where would I get the money
to pay for the gas?
I can't afford
to get your mother's tooth fixed. OK?
He's perfectly safe on the bus,
he's a big boy! Aren't you?
You see?
Hold on.
- Where you going?
- I have to leave a note for Lester.
Is there a law
against knocking on his door?
- It disturbs his mother.
- Is she sick?
- I've never seen her.
- Of course she's sick.
She's got back trouble
from bending over to pick up messages.
Come on.
Irritated nasal membranes... you more room to breathe...
Be a good boy.
Sullivan, see you soon, big boy. Huh?
Come on, Sull.
I don't wanna go!
Don't worry, OK?
I'm gonna earn money and get you back.
- How?
- Well, I'm not sure yet.
But I know Lester'll have some ideas.
Don't worry about Skippy.
I'll take good care of him.
See ya.
All right, try me again.
True or false: Walter Emmins
had to go to the hospital because
he played with his belly button
so much it got infected.
- They had to operate.
- False.
It's true. He's gonna be
out of school for three weeks.
All right, one more.
True or false:
Today, after school,
I snuck into Sportsman's Park
through the bleachers,
and passed by the railing
and saw Pepper Martin going to third.
He saw me,
and threw me a piece of Wrigley's gum.
- True.
- False.
Well, the trouble with this game
is I have to accept your word
for what's true or false.
- That's true.
- Hmm.
Good night.
You said you were gonna play,
you're gonna play.
- You ain't leavin' until you do.
- Not fair.
Put your marbles
on the ground, or else.
- I ain't got time to argue with you!
- You OK, Billy?
Scram, small fry.
This sissy said he'd shoot
for ten marbles. He's welshing.
- But their marbles are inferior.
- So's your old man.
I'll tell you what.
We'll shoot partners, us against you.
I'll put up five and Billy
will put up five against your ten.
- Sure.
- You bet.
All right, one, two, three, drop.
We'll let you go first.
Go ahead and shoot first, Billy.
Damn! How could you miss that?
Excuse me.
Well, gentlemen, the game is over.
You were lucky.
- Sore losers.
- Yeah.
I never played marbles
before I came to Dewey.
No kidding.
Wanna come over
for a soda or something?
Oh, look, Billy. There's
that salesman I was telling you about.
- Oh, yes.
- I don't understand.
Who would buy a candle
you can't even light?
I was gonna change
into some playclothes.
- If you don't mind.
- Sure.
- This is signed by Pepper Martin?
- Yes. My father got it for me.
I never really used it, but maybe
it will be worth money someday.
Your father must be really nice.
Listen, Aaron,
how are you about birds?
I'm in favour of 'em.
I have a canary at home.
You have a canary? Me too!
How many birds did you say you have?
Well, you know, right now, just the one.
But he'll take a grape from my lips,
and fly to my finger
right when I put it out.
- That's nifty.
- Yeah. Why do you have so many?
I breed them. It's my hobby.
I sell them to Mr Farley
at the shop on Develavere.
You sell them? How much do you get?
- Three dollars a bird.
- Gosh!
Why don't you go into business?
I'll arrange it with Mr Farley.
- Yeah, but I only have Skippy.
- I'll give you a female.
Females aren't worth anything
because they don't sing.
Really? That's all I need?
Well, you need a breeding cage
like this one, but any big cage will do.
Then you need a few odds and ends.
Here, this is put out by the
Mr Finchbird Company. Tells everything.
Here's a pretty sexy-looking dish.
Are you sure you can't stay for dinner?
No, ma'am.
My mother's hosting a mah-jong
tournament, and wanted me to be there.
Hosting a tournament in your house?
Well... You see, we're living in a hotel
until our house is finished being built.
- The tournament is in the ballroom.
- What kind of house?
Just a regular house like this one.
And what does your father do, Aaron?
He flies airplanes.
- Wow!
- My, that's interesting.
So that's how
you know Charles Lindbergh.
what kind of flying does he do?
Well, it's sort of for the government.
And I'm not supposed to discuss it.
- Can't you tell us anything?
- You heard what Aaron said.
It's supposed to be secret.
I'm sure he prefer we didn't
breathe a word of it to anyone.
Isn't that right?
Yes, ma'am.
I know you took it, I seen ya.
Now hand it over!
- I don't have no apples!
- I know you took it!
Give it here! Give it here!
Give it here!
- You ain't got no apple, huh?
- No!
Let me tell you something.
This is my street, my corner.
I know everything.
I catch you kiping apples one more time,
and I'll run your chicken ass in!
Now get out of here! Beat it!
Come on!
- What you got in there?
- A canary.
- Thought you had a canary.
- Yeah, I do. A male one.
This is a female.
I'm gonna breed canaries.
There's big money in canaries.
But I don't know
where you get all that vitality.
- Hi.
- Hi, Ella.
- What have you got?
- A canary.
I thought you already had a canary.
I do, but this one's a female.
I'm gonna breed canaries.
We had a canary once.
Canaries are kinda nervous.
Don't you think?
I think I'd rather have a cat.
I'd name her Stephanie.
- What are you gonna name your bird?
- I have to... put her in her cage.
OK. See you later?
Yeah, OK. Sure.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- What have you got there?
- Billy Thompson gave me a canary.
- Aaron, we already have a canary.
- I know we have a canary.
This is a female.
Mr Farley at the pet store said he'd
give three dollars apiece for babies.
- Oh, my goodness. Are you sure?
- Yep.
And Billy said the average female
lays about four eggs,
so that's $12.
We can bring Sullivan home.
That would be wonderful.
- Where's Dad?
- Out selling candles.
Nobody's gonna buy those.
Why can't he sell something useful?
He's doing the best he can.
- Lester was here?
- I suppose so.
It was slipped under the door.
Hey, must you wear
that filthy thing on your head?
Mom, it's a hat.
You wear it on your head.
What the hell are you doing?
You know anything about golf, eh?
Not really.
Sullivan got sent away
to live with my uncle.
Least you got a brother to get sent.
Doesn't it cost
a lot of money to play?
You're not gonna play, brain.
You're gonna caddy.
I'm in good with the caddy master.
First couple of times,
you gotta split your fee.
It's still 50 cents to get you started.
- I could use 50 cents.
- Yep. You and all of Missouri.
You know any of the clubs?
- I know the putter.
- Stupendous. All right, easy.
You got your woods,
driver, brassie, spoon, cleek.
You got irons: 1-iron, mid-iron,
mid-mashie, mashie-iron,
spade mashie, mashie-niblick,
pitching niblick, regular.
Give him whatever he asks for.
I'll make sure you go on a foursome.
You won't have trouble.
- I gotta go.
- Where you going?
I gotta go put these back
before Ben finds out.
How'd you get 'em out of the storeroom?
Aaron, can I speak to you
outside for a minute?
Aaron, it's been brought to my attention
that the address we have for you
in our records is no longer current.
Yes, that's because we moved.
...when you move,
you need to let the school know.
We might need to get in touch
with your parents.
If you've moved out of the district,
you might be going to the wrong school.
It is possible that you should
be going to Clark instead of Dewey.
I know, but we're still
in the same district, I'm sure.
Well, can you tell me
where you're living now?
Yeah. The Carleton Court apartments,
But if you're gonna send something
there, address it to Donald Miller.
- Donald Miller?
- Yeah.
My father works for the government,
and sometimes mail gets stolen.
We think it might be spies,
but we're not sure.
So if you put Donald Miller's name
on it, whoever's taking mail lets it go
because they won't know
it's really for my father.
I see.
- Donald Miller?
- Yeah.
It sounds complicated,
but it's the only way to make sure
that my father'll get it.
I understand.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Flora Fina.
The bohunk sniping butts again.
That's why you're a runt,
you're sniping butts.
It's not a butt. It's a cigar band.
You're a thief,
like that Yid, what's-his-name.
- Lester.
- Last name!
- Silverstone!
- Silverstone.
So where's your old man?
Did he take a steamer back to Krautland?
No, he's still here.
I ain't seen him driving around.
Snatch his car?
Where's he keeping it? In a back lot?
He's gotta be hiding it somewhere.
I don't know, I guess so.
You guess so?
Come here.
You better watch yourself.
Black square.
Yeah, you.
Come here.
You want a job?
Go give this to 3-1-0.
That's 310, you hear?
What do I get?
You get on my good side.
- Oh, Aaron.
- Hey, Mr Mungo.
I see Brother Ben
has drafted you into service.
Yes, sir.
- You like this cane?
- Yeah, it's really superb.
Made from the leg bone of a rhinoceros.
- Cost me $100.
- A hundred dollars?
Years ago.
When people like me were using currency
to light their cigars.
Speaking of which,
how's your cigar band collection coming?
Pretty good.
- I'll keep an eye out for you.
- Thanks.
- Goodbye, Aaron.
- Goodbye.
Here he is.
- What's wrong?
- Well, your mother has...
The specialist said that I have to
go back to the sanatorium for a while.
But he was very optimistic.
He said that I might only
have to stay there a month or two.
I'm just worried about... being here all alone.
- What're you talking about?
He won't be alone.
I'll be here with him.
I'm just worried about
who's going to take care of you.
He knows how to take care of himself.
You wanted to wait, we did.
We're supposed to be there by six,
and you know how far it is.
You can...
You can come and visit me every Sunday.
Not the first two, but after that.
They won't let him inside.
You know how strict they are.
- Where are you going?
- To say goodbye to her.
- You just did!
- That wasn't a real one.
You know how emotional your mother gets.
You don't want to make a big scene.
OK. Big boy.
Lucky bastard.
Damn, slice!
Oh, here we go.
Say, clean this ball off
for me, will you, sonny?
Hey! What's taking so long over there?
- Excuse me a second, please?
- Sonny!
Throw me the goddamn ball!
Didn't you put the ball in the paddle?
No, I put it in there.
What's this kid trying to do to me?
You'd think he's handling niblicks.
No wonder I'm high ball.
You've lost my three dollar crow-fly.
Now I'll probably miss the damn putt.
Don't worry about it.
- How was I supposed to know...?
- Don't worry about it.
Go home. I'll take care of this.
There's other ways to make money.
A transcribed
moment of perfect ease.
Lunched with Bill today.
He wants us to come out Thursday.
I don't wanna go.
We have to go on a streetcar.
Yes, Your Ladyship.
Seems there was a Depression.
That isn't fair.
It's that long walk up that hill.
- Hello?
- Who is it?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was wondering
if I could see your baby canaries.
- They haven't hatched yet.
- Oh.
Can I come see them when they do hatch?
I... Well...
Would you like to have a hot dog?
Would you like to listen to some music?
I love this song.
Would you like to dance?
I dance better on a full stomach.
Come on, it's half over already.
- You haven't done this before.
- No.
- That was my foot.
- Oh...
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
Ella. Ella? Mrs McShane!
Mrs McShane!
Aaron, raise her head.
She'll be all right.
I'm sorry.
- I didn't mean it, I swear...
- Aaron, it is not your fault.
Ella hasn't had one in a long time.
- Was it awful?
- Ella?
I think we should
let Aaron be on his way.
I just want to know
if I did anything bad.
You were sick,
and now you're better.
It doesn't happen very often.
Just when we run out of medicine.
Well, I have to go back to my room.
- Will you come visit me again?
- Sure.
That new soap for the band
presents a transcribed minute message,
- the tip.
- Just a minute.
- Put this bar of soap in the bath.
- Yes, sir.
- The hotel furnishes soap.
- I'm not taking any chances.
I carry Krilby soap. Here's a tip.
- Oh, thank you, sir.
- And here's another tip.
Just try bathing with Krilby,
and you'll never go back to sissy soaps.
There's a man
who has discovered better bathing...
Aaron? How do you spell...
- P-R-O
P- R-I-E-T-O-R.
L- O-R.
- What is that?
- A-ha!
The application form for the Hamilton
Watch Company with a recommendation
from Mr Sid Goodman.
It's more concrete
than the canary business.
It's only a formality. I've got
the job practically in my pocket.
What about the WPA job?
What happens if you get both?
Having two job offers
will be the least of our problems.
How do you make this soup?
This is good.
- It's saltier this time.
- It's tasty.
- Yeah. Pretty good.
- It's good.
- You were telling the truth.
- Of course.
For all I know,
you promise things to lots of people.
For all you know, that's true.
I usually operate on a cash-only basis.
I'm making an exception.
I understand.
- You got a name?
- Thomirus.
Mr Thomirus.
- What kind of name is that?
- Greek.
Aaron, I...
I wanted you to know I put your address
into the records the way you told me.
OK. Thanks.
Hey. Hey! Come here!
Come here, you little bohunk.
You don't know
what kind of trouble you're in.
You told me your old man
parked his car in a parking lot.
What is that over there?
What do you call that?
What do you call that?
We're gonna tow...
- That can't be my father's.
- I'm a liar?
Let me tell you something.
That's your father's.
I'm gonna give him a ticket
the size of Texas...
It can't be. He parks it in the alley
behind the Davidson house.
A- ha!
Stupid, stupid!
Lester, look.
That rat Burns
told them where the Ford is.
- Where?
- The Davidson house.
- I don't have the keys.
- Come on.
- It doesn't have gas!
- Come on!
All right.
What, you gonna push? Get in.
Hit the brake. Hit the brakes!
Hit the brakes.
Aaron, hit the brakes.
Hit the brakes, hit the brakes!
Scared ya.
Look what I found.
- Dad.
- Aaron.
- You're not gonna...
- I have to show you something.
- This way.
- Patrolman Burns...
Have a look. Here.
Watch it.
I told you they were the best.
Aren't they beautiful?
It's a king's ransom.
Look at this. Here.
Signed by the president
of the Hamilton Watch company,
stating I'm a representative
for lowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.
What about Missouri?
I didn't get the territory I asked for.
But, you know,
beggars can't be choosers.
You're leaving right now?
Oh, don't you worry.
I've got it all arranged.
You see, most of the watches
are just display models.
They don't have works inside.
I took two that had works,
and I gave one to Manny at the Woodbine,
so that by the end of the day,
you walk in
and they give you a big dinner.
It won't be roast beef,
something healthy like liverwurst.
The other one I gave to Desot,
and he gave us $17 credit on our bill.
As long as we pay a little something,
they won't bother us.
And here is 25 cents for spending money.
There you go. Here.
You're gonna miss graduation.
Aaron, you know...
Of course I wanna be there.
Seeing you getting your diploma.
But I have no choice.
I have to be in Davenport
first thing Monday morning.
You can see Sullivan!
Hey, I wanna give him some marbles.
No. No, I won't.
Keokuk isn't on my route.
They have me spread out
all over the map.
- You know when you're gonna be back?
- I just can't tell.
But I'll be back as soon as I can
because I'll be very worried.
Is there anyplace I can write to you?
What happens if I need to get in touch
with you for something?
I guess there isn't.
I'll be moving from town to town.
It's bad luck your mother
is sick just now.
I should put this off,
but you know how jobs are.
They're not gonna let you leave.
Desot said I could take a few things,
as long as I let them inspect it.
After all, I paid them $17.
Hey, walk me over to the car.
The car!
Lucky for me, you boys saved the car.
Otherwise, I wouldn't
have been able to go.
Well, I'd drive you back,
but I can't let the repossessors see me.
Listen to me, Aaron.
You're going to be OK.
You're a smart boy.
You're very smart.
I tell you how smart you are.
When you were less than a year old,
your mother was in a sanatorium.
You would cry every night. The first few
times I picked you up, you stopped.
I realised you wanted attention.
So the next time you cried,
I got a glass of cold water
and stood over the crib
and said, "This is
a glass of cold water. Stop crying,
or you'll be sorry." You kept crying.
I poured the water, you stopped crying.
From then on,
when you cried, all I had to do
was to show you the glass of water
and you stopped crying.
That's a smart baby for you. Eh?
You be a mensch.
And then to be fooled by a wooden horse.
A wooden horse.
Oh, Aaron. Hello. Thank you.
Come in. Come in.
Lydia, this is Aaron.
- Aaron, Lydia.
- Hello.
Lydia works for the hotel.
Don't you, Lydia?
Well, what is it that you do?
She's in the
customer service department.
It's difficult work.
But it pays well.
And there's always an opening
for someone with a certain...
...type of ambition.
- Smartass.
- Thank you.
Oh, no.
I did it as a favour, actually.
I love it.
Outclassed by a street urchin.
A lesson for us all.
Excuse me,
can you tell me where Manny is?
- You wanna talk to Manny?
- Yeah.
Mr Navarro, there's somebody here
who wants to speak with Manny.
Are you Manny?
I'm the owner.
What do you want with Manny?
Well, my father sort of had
an arrangement with Manny.
Yeah? Huh.
It turns out a lot of people
had an arrangement with Manny.
Manny never asked me
about no arrangements.
- So I just fired the son of a bitch.
- But... father gave him a watch.
An expensive watch.
I didn't notice no watch, kid.
He said he was gonna give me a meal.
Look, I just told you,
the bastard stole from me, I fired him,
- end of story.
- What can I get with a quarter?
You could buy a plate lunch.
I need something that'll last.
Yeah? How about 20 dinner rolls?
That should last you.
- Hi, Mrs McShane.
- Hello, Aaron.
Hi, I was wondering if maybe Ella
wanted to see my baby canaries
before I bring them to the pet store.
I'm sure she would, Aaron,
but she really can't.
She's had another attack, I'm afraid.
Aaron, I think we're gonna be leaving
soon to stay with my sister in Illinois.
Her husband's a doctor,
and I think it'll be better for Ella.
Well, Mr Yano?
They're very nice birds, aren't they?
Yes, Mr Farley.
Very nice. Very healthy.
- All females.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, yes, very sure.
- I'll be darned.
A whole litter like that.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That's a tough break.
I don't understand. What happened?
You've got five females.
Females don't sing,
so there's no market for them. Sorry.
They're not worth anything?
I can't bring them back.
The most I could do is give you
Look, I'm really sorry it can't be more.
That's the first time
I've known that to happen.
It's fine, go in.
She'll love it. Go on, it's all right.
Then each of you will be called by name,
and given your diploma.
You'll then return to your assigned seat
and wait till all have been called.
You've been a wonderful class.
Enjoy your summer.
- Hi.
- I was just wondering
if you were going
to the reception at Billy's.
Yeah. I'm planning on it.
Afterwards, my parents were going
to take me out for dinner.
They said I could bring someone.
I thought you'd like to
go and eat with us.
Yeah! That sounds fine.
I'll see you at Billy's.
We can leave from there.
Yes. I mean, good.
- OK. Bye.
- Bye.
Mail for 309?
- Yeah, who's there?
- It's me, Aaron.
Hey, I told you my mom's sick.
You can't keep knocking.
- What is that?
- It's all I have to wear to graduation.
The pants don't button, the shirt's...
I'll get you something.
When's the ceremony?
- Noon tomorrow.
- Oh, shit.
Why didn't you tell me?
I could've got something.
I didn't know until just now.
All right, well, I got an idea.
Might be a little risky.
- You up for it? Good.
- All right.
Come on.
Sure we should be doing this?
The hotel
stole this stuff from people.
- What about Ben?
- Ben's a trained dog.
My mom used to tell me,
"You could teach a dog to walk
on its hind legs, it's still a dog."
Somebody's got you tied up.
It's a picture Mr Sandoz did of me.
Not bad.
What is it?
It's payday.
I think I got something.
- Hey, Les.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
And I really mean don't mention it.
What do you think?
Looks wonderful.
I wish I was going to your graduation.
Well, I... You'll be better off
with your aunt, right?
I guess so.
But what are you
gonna do here all alone?
I don't know, I'll be OK.
Oh, Aaron, knowing you is the only
good thing that happened to me here.
Congratulations, all of you.
I now take pleasure in presenting the
Admiral George Dewey Achievement Award
to that member of the graduating class
who possesses that combination
of scholastic ability and good character
that best exemplifies
what we seek in our young people
going forth to a higher education.
Please come forward, Aaron Kurlander.
It's you, Aaron. You won. Go on up.
Each winner of the Admiral
George Dewey Award for Achievement
could be described as hardworking,
creative and honest.
And Aaron Kurlander is no exception.
He serves as both an example
and an inspiration to us all.
Thank you, Aaron.
- Well, how do you like it?
- What?
- The car, how do you like the car?
- It's colossal.
- Stupendous. Whose is it?
- What do you mean? It's mine.
- How'd you get it?
- Well, you know.
What are you doing after this party
at Billy What's-His-Name's?
- Dinner with Christina Sebastian.
- Wow! A real date, huh?
- You got all your moves polished up?
- Lester.
- She's not that kind of girl.
- Oh, OK.
- Hey, Aaron, can I see your medal?
- Yeah, sure.
Oh... Thanks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was just wondering
if you'd like to dance.
- Have you ever danced before?
- Once, but it didn't go too well.
Well, it's very simple, don't worry.
Congratulations on your award.
Oh, yeah, thank you.
Who was that boy that dropped you off?
Oh, that was Lester.
He kind of takes care of me sometimes.
I see.
Will your parents
be joining us for dinner?
No. That's impossible.
- Were they at graduation?
- No, they weren't.
Are they away?
- Sort of.
- Where?
I can't really say.
You don't know where they are?
Don't they tell you?
Well, they're not able to... exactly.
But they could just call, couldn't they?
- Or write to you if they...
- They're missing.
They're missing?
- What do you mean?
- Well,
my parents are archaeologists,
and they were on an expedition
and nobody's heard from them in a while,
so I guess they're missing.
I'm sorry. I hope they're OK.
- Are people looking for them?
- Yeah. There's a search party.
I'm not that worried.
They've been lost lots of times.
I need to sit down for a moment,
if you don't mind.
What's the matter?
Aaron just told me his parents
are missing on an expedition.
My grades were just as good.
Everyone knew they'd give
the award to the teacher's pet.
And all the giris feel sorry for him
'cause he's a charity case.
What a phoney.
And did you see that outfit?
I haven't seen clothes that funny
since the circus was here.
They don't even look like they're his.
My brother says there's
a poor kid like him every year.
They always gets special treatment.
Did you hear about
Aaron's parents?
They're lost on an expedition.
Say, Aaron.
Walter Emmins said Betty Haskins
said that your parents were captured
by natives on a tiger hunt.
I thought your father was a pilot
flying for the government.
Excuse me.
I have to use your bathroom.
- Aaron!
- Aaron!
- Congratulations!
- Excuse me.
- Did you graduate?
- Yeah.
- Got something for you.
- Really?
Someday, I'll teach you how to pop.
But my father said
he paid a $17 credit on our bill.
That's true.
But that leaves an unpaid balance
of $172.
The watch held the bank off
for a week or so,
- but now they're gonna take action.
- Three days, Mr Desot.
My father's in Kansas.
I don't know where.
I understand, but there's
nothing I can do about it.
I spent 25 years in this hotel,
started off as a clerk.
Now the bank gives the orders.
But you could call them
and tell them my father has a job
but he's travelling, right?
They simply don't care
what I have to say about this.
I don't have any power. They wanna
get rid of everyone on the third floor,
and just rent rooms to the dancehall
giris. That's where the money is.
All they care about is the money.
I'd suggest you contact your nearest
relative and see if they can't help.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Mom?
Is Mrs Kurlander up there?
- Hi.
- I can't believe it's you.
I'm so glad to see you.
I miss you.
So? How are you?
Have you heard anything from Dad?
He sent me a postcard from Oklahoma.
He said the car broke down.
- Why, is everything all right?
- Yeah.
You know, everything's fine.
I was just wondering where he was.
When do you think you'll be coming home?
The doctor said the spot is closing
sooner than he expected.
When are they gonna let you out?
I don't know exactly.
But soon.
Hey, Mr Sandoz!
Mr Sandoz!
It's me, Aaron!
I think it's a misconception
that he's totally in love with himself.
After all, he did have a girlfriend.
Named Echo.
- Echo.
- Echo.
- Who is it?
- It's me, Aaron.
- Oh, Aaron.
- Hi.
- I was wondering...
- Come in, come in.
You remember Lydia, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Put something on!
I have something on.
He doesn't mind, do you?
See, he likes it.
- What?
- Woodbine.
Oh, come on in.
Over here.
Where's the corn?
- I'm sorry, we're out of corn today.
- Jesus Christ.
Cash or credit?
I'll sign for it.
Perhaps you could spare
one or two bites for young Aaron.
Oh, no. Really, I couldn't.
When Aaron here works for his meal
the way I did, he can have some.
- That wouldn't be feasible.
- With you, who knows?
The reason I came is... I wondered
if you'd buy my cigar band collection.
- Your cigar band collection?
- Yeah, you seemed interested.
I see, but why the sudden desire
to sell off this possession.
Well, I'm kind of low on money, so...
Join the club.
- They're trying to lock me out.
- Who?
- The bank that runs the hotel.
- I thought Mr Desot ran the hotel.
Well, Mr Desot told me
that if I didn't pay some money,
- the bank was gonna lock me out.
- I'll tell you what.
Come around tomorrow afternoon,
and we'll have a word with Mr Desot.
- Really? You mean it?
- I mean it, Aaron.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
We'll see you tomorrow, then.
- Bye.
- Bye.
"Dear Nathan,
something important has come up
that I must tell you about.
It seems the children
in Sullivan's class were exposed
to a new disease
called kidney box fever.
The symptoms don't show up for months.
The disease can be cured
quite easily with a blood transfusion
from a relative, especially a brother.
Therefore, I think it's best
if you send Sullivan home right away,
while there's still hope.
Best regards, Eric."
Lester? Mrs...?
You going out?
Yeah. For a minute.
Move, move. Get the door.
Hey! Lester!
- Come on, get in there!
- I got him, just like I said.
The little Yid. And you!
You watch yourself 'cause we're
cleaning up the dirt around here.
I got something I gotta give him.
- I said get in there!
- Why can't I give it back to him?
- I oughta give it back.
- Go ahead. Make it snappy.
Here's your knife.
Thanks a lot.
- Get in!
- Come on. Let's go.
Come back and pick up them tools
and we'll call it even.
I know you're in there.
It's not fair!
It hasn't been three days yet.
So what's a day or two to a deadbeat.
- I'm gonna tell Mr Desot.
- How you gonna do that?
Homing pigeon?
- Mr Mungo's gonna talk to him.
- Mr Mungo?
He can't even get the Woodbine
to bring him food no more.
I'd say he's almost
as bad off as you are.
You're gonna have to
come out of there eventually.
Me, I'll just be out there in my chair,
eating three meals a day, till you do.
Unless you wanna surrender right now.
I'll be seeing you.
Hello? Mr Mungo?
This is KMLX, voice of...
Thank you.
Sure is a pretty one. Will you
forget what he did in that race?
He's ready to go again,
at the first pick...
How's it going in there?
Hello, Billy. Hello, Aaron.
How are you? I'm fine.
What did you have for lunch today?
- I had filet of sole.
- Oh.
What did you have?
I had a dinner roll.
And some water.
Yeah, ham.
Son of a...
Son of a bitch!
Uncle Nathan sent me
when he got Dad's letter.
- He killed himself?
- Mm-hmm.
Right across the hall.
And the McShanes moved to Illinois.
Mr Sandoz is living in a Hooverville.
So you're the only person left?
Pretty much.
- I have to tell you something.
- What?
put your hand out a little.
Try it.
You kept your hand on the ground.
You gotta get your knuckles down.
You gotta twist your arm.
That was fast.
Shh. Shh.
Why do...? Why do...?
- Dad!
- Sullivan, what are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- Uncle Nathan...
It's a long story.
Oh, never mind. Tell me later.
Oh, it's so good to see you both.
I knew you could take care
of yourselves.
You know why I came home?
Because I got the WPA job.
- I'm a clerk, first-class.
- Great!
You know what's great? It's the salary.
Sixty-five dollars a month.
- Sixty-five dollars!
- Yeah!
Didn't I tell you not to worry?
Let's not sit around.
Let's go get your mother,
and see Donald
at the Carleton Apartments.
- How about that?
- What about all our stuff?
We buy new stuff.
After all, $65 a month.
I'm not leaving my stuff here for Ben.
But I've got it all arranged.
Mom is waiting,
Donald Miller is waiting.
We could move
into the new apartment right away.
Aaron, the only way you could
take your things is if I pay the bill.
And I'm not going to pay the bill, OK?
Why is this so important to you?
It just is.
- We'll meet you at the Carleton Court.
- We?
You're coming with me.
I'm staying with Aaron.
...l'm going.
You'll never get your things past Ben.
What are we gonna do?
Back up! I'm gonna drop it.
I'll get the suitcases,
you take the other stuff.
Who're you looking for there, slick?
None of your business.
Dressed awful warm, ain't ya?
A friend of mine once said
that you could teach a dog
to walk on its hind legs,
but it's still a dog.
What did I tell ya?
Gimme that apple! Gimme that apple!
I'll put your ass into jail.
Gimme that apple!
- Hey, Big Butt!
- Yeah?
Better watch your step,
you big bohunk.
You don't know what kind of trouble
you're in, you little...
You! Get out of here!
You little bastard!
Get out of here!
You son of a bitch!
I can let you boys stay in here
until your parents show up.
Then I'll give the keys to your father.
Oh, thanks.
- What are these?
- Paints.
- We're gonna deliver them to Mr Sandoz.
- Oh, I get it.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear you!
- Aaron? Sullivan?
- Hello!
They're here!
- Hello!
- Mom!
- You've grown a bit.
- I think you're taller.
there's a lot of stuff in here.
Don't you wanna say hello
to your mother?