King of the Underworld (1939) Movie Script

The bullet is close to the heart. The pericardium must be affected.
You have no choice.
Why not?
If you do not die from bleeding, He will die of the operation.
If I do not operate, it will die.
And it is the responsibility of who shot him.
- That is not my view. . - Ms. Carroll is going to help?
Of course.
If Niles wants to, I am with him.
Good luck to you both. I say bring the patient.
We will have to make a retention from the 4th to the 5th rib.
But we can do.
Of course!
Do not I have the right to kiss my husband?
Are you wonderful, Dr. Nelson.
Thank you, Dr. Nelson!
We will prepare.
Just a moment.
For you, Joe.
He's in surgery.
Stay there and call as they finished.
They have begun to operate.
Joe, do you think it's my fault?
I do not know
There is a snitch, if croaks ...
No, do not do that!
Joe, you would not.
- You could not! - Sit down, Slats!
If you leave it, Will you let me go?
Of course let you go.
Do you have steady hands?
As the Rock of Gibraltar!
Good luck.
Look! Here it is!
A superb job, Dr. Nelson.
Magnificent, Niles!
It would have been impossible without you.
Yes go ahead!
As I say, Joe, Is sucked!
I think Butch will come out of it!
How do you know?
All have given the hand. He's done a good job!
I saw everything from above. The cops were down.
Find the name and address that doctor again.
What's the verdict?
You can get out of this.
It's great! It's great!
Well, that news. Can I get out now?
Get out.
So thanks!
You're a good guy, Joe!
Why did you do that?
Napoleon said that a good general
You must know when to just displayed, severe ...
or half and half ...
Is Dr. Nelson?
I do not get it!
What is meant by?
It has hands of gold and lives in this hole!
What a mess. It should be in the city, where there pasta!
Who are you?
A friend. It's not important.
It seems that the hospital is not who pays you.
Indeed. What do you want from me?
Nothing. It is done. He saved one of my guys.
I am grateful when I do a favor.
500 dollars?
Yes, more if desired.
Let it be!
We'll see soon.
What are those races?
It is a game for fools!
Where have you been?
The baby Ms. Jones He had swallowed a key.
Did you get it?
Yes, Mr. Jones pocket.
What are you doing?
I invite you to dinner. I have a surprise for you.
- Have you paid the butcher? - No no. Cold.
What have you done with the $ 26?
- I'll tell you ... - I know!
Have you replayed to the races! Anyway, Niles!
A doctor playing the pools! It is a folly!
Do not get nervous.
At least you could pay a bill.
According. I will pay all our bills.
Have a look at. 500 dollars! Authentic!
The've earned playing!
I bet my $ 26 two outsiders. And they have won!
- I do not like that. - This money will be very useful.
First let's move. This site is not for us.
We have hands of gold and live is this hole!
We should be in the city, where there pasta.
What were you saying?
Okay, but on one condition.
You have to stop playing the pools.
Of course, it is a game for fools!
Good evening, Dr. Nelson!
You can pick it up for tonight.
Indeed Tom,
Green Flame play in the fourth, Jamaica and tomorrow.
Goodnight Sweetheart. I thought you'd be lying.
Do you want a drink?
No thanks.
Sorry, I could not back to the office.
- Have there been more patient? - If many.
Nothing happens.
We need to talk. Come here and sit down.
Do not you want a drink?
Niles, when we moved here,
we must work hard To get a clientele.
Is not that what you're doing.
You almost never in the office, the
Patients expect and They get nervous.
Either you are in the hospital.
I have things more important to do!
How to play the pools?
You had to leave! You have no need to bet!
We have our patients!
All would be well, if you You are concentrating at work.
I'm focused!
Not at all!
How do I tell you?
Do not even know what to think.
Here's something suspicious. Whatever it is, leave it!
Wait a minute.
Not to be nersioso. Everything will be fine.
Now you tell me.
This time, you must swear that you are to dedicate to work.
I promise you.
I will answer.
Yes, it is Dr. Nelson.
Is for you.
One of my boys He had a problem.
You can come now?
What do you mean "I can not"?
I want you to take care it tonight.
Do not! It is impossible!
If you can not come here, we will take you home.
What do you say?
According. I'll be right.
What direction?
I will be in 20 minutes.
Sorry dear.
I'll explain everything when I get back.
How did you get that, Chic?
He was playing with his revolver, he escaped and left one stone.
What a fool, huh, Doc?
What is that?
A tetanus.
And the bullet?
Still inside.
What's the matter, Doc?
Do not move.
Not so fast, honey.
What does he want?
You will tell me. Who was that man?
My husband.
- What are you doing here? - I'm waiting, why?
You are welcome. Wait like a good girl
and I forbid you to touch the klaxon.
I do not get it.
We will make a raid.
Go ahead, guys.
It is my last job, Joe.
Okay, Doc.
If that's what you want ... It's your last job.
Turn off the light!
- Calm! - Let him go!
District Attorney
I know nothing!
Of course not!
Look over there, Doctor.
Joe Gurney has eluded us this night, but can not be far.
- Where is? - I do not know.
I've never been with Joe Gurney.
They have a hideout in the city, and you will tell us where!
But how, if I know nothing!
The warning we are!
I told the truth. Just ask my husband.
The truth!
As if you did not know her husband worked for Joe!
He has been healing bandits for months!
Most of its money comes this practice illegal!
No, I knew nothing. Do come to my husband!
Just ask! He confirmed I've been told.
Afraid I can not.
Has died.
Well, Doctor.
You can not accuse. It has nothing against it.
Furthermore, I think. It should let it go.
Leave? When people complain our crime and inefficiency?
It's out of place!
But it will not condemn it.
I do not care who is sentenced.
People always take part in these things.
They want to show, and they will.
It will be processed!
The doctor viudad It is judged today
The prosecutor has ruled Carole Nelson defense
The jury is in against the sentence!
The tax will not resort
The College of Physicians has taken a decision
Dr. Nelson is three months to prove his innocence
could lose its license
Carole, what are you doing?
I'm looking for an apartment cheaper. I have no more money.
And then?
I have to start from scratch.
After the advertising you've had?
You are very optimistic. Patients go come only to see you.
what other thing can I do?
Leave. Looking for a job in another area.
Forget you're a doctor.
And leave my 9 years of study?
You have not had any luck, but you can not do anything.
They are "the vagaries of life" as my father said.
The medical college will to withdraw the license!
What do they want?
What they present to Joe Gurney and to swear that they're innocent?
I do not know.
Speaking of Joe Gurney ... I have to be clairvoyant!
Listen to this: "Two suspects caught."
"Two criminals captured in Wayne Center
They could belong to Gurney band. "
Let me see it.
Sit down and have tea.
Aunt Josephine, have an idea.
That's fine, but take the tea.
Would you like to go to Wayne Center?
Wayne Center? Why?
The station. With information, please.
You are crazy? You're not going to mingle again with these criminals?
I can not drop everything. I tempt fate.
- What are you going to do? - I do not know. You have to yudarme.
I do not!
I do not want to get involved with bandits.
Did you just heard, Carole? I will not go.
I will not go to Wayne Center.
We are already here.
Tita, leaves the door open to come patients.
Carole, you are completely crazy.
I have to settle somewhere. Why not Wayne Center?
Hopefully Joe Gurney appears this way.
You're putting your head in the lion's mouth!
It's what I have to do.
What do you call that woman?
Nelson. Dr. Carole Nelson.
You can go to see your badge.
We spent when it was hanging.
Are you going to have competition?
That's what you think?
I know your medical talent
and she is much prettier than you.
Here comes.
I'll talk a while.
Are you my new colleague?
- And you are? - Dr. Sanders.
Have you talked to the sheriff with on these two vagrants?
- Y? - What is your opinion?
That's my thing.
- Do you have your license? - Of course I have one.
I beg your pardon.
Just a moment. I want to talk.
About what?
You are more or less friendly, right?
- With the people I want, yes. - I see ... it is reciprocal.
One thing ignored.
I am the man who does everything here:
health counselor, of Education...
He should have put in contact me before you come.
I do not see why.
This is a very small town.
And the people made very small.
Well, we'll see.
The man who does everything? Rather the man to beat!
Wayne Center, New York.
suspected members the famous band Gurney
the two men arrested will be processed tomorrow
accused of assault and several robberies ...
Joe Gurney, Public Enemy still on the run.
is thought to have seen Michigan ...
Cops have said the noose tightens ...
Hopefully not tighten too!
Guys, then we would be farther west.
Not bad. They are wrong by four states.
What a sense of humor!
Although you would joke were not the boss.
I hope not bother Much to our sheriff.
Should we not prepare one little surprise?
Come on, faster!
- What is this? - We've been shot!
Stop the car!
What a coincidence!
Joe, look.
It seems that this kind leads a pipe in his pocket.
Do not know what to expect.
Cambiad the wheel. We will deal with that jerk.
Good Morning. Is tire?
How do you know it?
It has exploded. What bad luck!
May I help you?
Are you mocking me?
- What did you say? - Give me the gun!
Catch him!
There must be a mistake.
Where is the pipe?
Do you are doing wrong? You do not understand English?
- Boss, this guy has an accent ... - Shut your mouth!
Chief, was not it.
This nail punctured the tire.
I soltadlo.
I'm sorry friend, but Napoleon said
that in times of war, a general You should know to decide very quickly.
I thought you had us shot.
Okay, you can go '.
Boss, this guy is sick.
Rather, it seems that he is starving.
Take his backpack.
I have had to scare him. Give him a drink. That will revive.
Come on, I utter it. Carefully.
Sentadlo here.
Did I scare you?
No, it's just ...
I'm a little weak, that is all.
I'm better now, thank you.
I am at war against the world.
I can not take any chances.
Napoleon said ...
I see.
He also said that a general should keep cool head
to analyze properly situations.
If he had kept a cool head, he would have realized his mistake.
Napoleon made mistakes, right?
If many.
That's. You see?
Come on, make amends prick.
Tell me, look know well that Napoleon.
I wrote a book about it, on the reasons for his downfall.
Follow. Do you mean that You know why it failed?
What is the story?
I bet it's a con.
Is: "Eddie, English!"
Thinks and talks like him.
Shut! Can not you see You have class?
Tell me, what do you do?
Write books, but I fear of not being able to live it.
OK boss.
According. Let him go up.
Between us.
About the book you have written.
Did you know why Napoleon lost and why it collapsed?
I think so.
And you could have advise?
I do not know. But I think I could have.
I can leave you somewhere.
Why take risks with this guy?
Do not you see that has class; He is a genius.
Come, go up before me.
Come on, put this behind.
You seem to have education.
What are you doing on the road?
Try to get to New York.
- Are you peeling? - That's.
What do you do when you are hungry?
Sometimes I can not do anything.
So do not eat?
You may have written about Napoleon, but he has not taught you anything.
He was a guy who always He had what he wanted.
He never went hungry.
I? I do the same. I always get what I want.
Yes, but that will not last long.
Napoleon tried, but failed.
And that led to Waterloo.
Yes, I've read.
Chief, are you in Iowa?
It is in Europe, cretin!
Have they changed?
Shut up, okay?
You have to perdornarlo.
I know his face. I've seen it in the newspaper.
No, you have not seen anything.
Stay here. I want to make an offer.
You two stay here. If they curious, Shutter!
The rest, come!
Why come here?
Joe goes to visit his two children.
No need to worry. You want well.
But who is?
- Do not you recognize him? - Do not.
Is Joe Gurney!
I'm telling you! It is around the ban.
I make a bet!
Raise both hands, sheriff!
They're attacking jail!
We'll get our guns.
Care. They'll shoot us.
Watch as run those stupid!
Not a movement!
Come on guys.
We have one, Doc.
But you have left flee others.
How? At least we are alive!
He is arrested. Stand up!
I can not. My shoulder.
Pity not the head!
Wait a moment!
This man needs medical care.
It's hurt. I put it in a cell and can cure it.
This out of the question!
I will not help a criminal.
I'll take care of it.
Voucher! You are accustomed cure criminals!
You yourself should form part of this coup!
Do not you know say but you nonsense?
Come on. Let's take it.
It is very kind of do this.
Lower, it would have been serious.
I suppose.
In two weeks It will be like new.
Thanks, I would like to return the favor.
I owe nothing.
But could you help me ...
Where I can find Joe Gurney?
To have no idea.
Thought I wanted to help.
You are from his band, You must know where he's hiding.
I'm not your band.
I had not seen it before today.
But if he was in one of their cars.
As I have known who he was, I fled.
I have had this as a souvenir.
So who are you?
My name is Bill Stevens. I write books.
- It is true? - Yes.
My editor will tell if you have not forgotten me!
What a story!
Why do you want to know?
How can you be interested Gurney, that murderer?
Forget all this.
No Please. Maybe I can help.
I do not know much about him ...
Is rare. It is almost in the same situation as me.
What is meant by?
It's a long story ...
My name is Carole Nelson ...
And here I am now, Wayne Center.
But Gurney He is a dangerous man.
I would not hesitate to kill her.
You are not running a big risk?
Sometimes you have to try to chance.
I wish I could help.
Thank you anyway.
I have to go.
Gurney said it could be useful.
I do not know how...
Have not you done yet?
Yes, I do better.
In fact, it will surprise a lot, He is a writer.
He will explain everything.
- Goodbye, Mr. Stevens. - Goodbye, Doctor.
- Let me pass and see it tomorrow. - Thanks again.
Write books, huh?
Mr. Stevens does not know where is Joe Gurney!
So there's nothing to do.
Give up and get out of here. There is nothing to wait.
Back to talk tomorrow morning.
"The night gives advice" as my father said.
You go to bed?
A little later.
Good evening.
How are you, doctor?
What do you want, Joe?
Joe, eh? I like it a lot!
I have a little job for you.
Come on. I follow.
Are you alone here?
No, I am with my aunt. He's gone to bed.
My kids have told me that they He has been visiting the prison.
Have you been told why?
Yes. I see it has become bad.
- What can I do for you? - Look at this.
Have you been given a bullet?
No, it's my rheumatism.
Come over here and sit down.
It seems that their business They do not go very well.
Do not worry.
I also began from below.
Why you are shaking? Are you afraid of me?
No, I'm not afraid of you.
I must be a little nervous.
No reason. Relax.
I have a weakness for you from the cops were charged to her husband.
- Do not talk about it, Joe! - Of course. Forget that.
What is done, is done.
Come on.
- It's going to hurt. - I'm not picky.
Let's see, is it me or am not picky?
It is not delicate.
In general, the retarded They do not fear pain.
Have you heard, Slick? I am retarded.
What is that?
I do not know. It must be a Medical trick, eh Doc?
Are you sympathetic.
I'll send customers.
Are you going to be here a lot?
Where will you stay?
Why do you want to know?
In case I needed it.
Then I come to get her.
It is done. Finished.
Be careful with the dressing.
Thank you. How much do I owe you?
Is nothing. Leave it!
What do you "let"?
I only accepted alms once, in the slammer.
No, doctor, I always pay what I should.
Please. A 100 bill.
Do not repeat ...
Generally, I do not like women,
but I think that we can understand each other well.
Goodbye, Doctor.
Goodbye, Joe.
Not bad! I'll tell the boys that has treated me delayed.
Chief, should be since a long time.
A $ 100 bill!
He had not seen one for a long time.
Also looks authentic.
We'll see...
$ 49
more than 5 tickets for $ 10 make 99
100 makes more dollar.
And here's your ticket.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
Thank you. Have a nice day!
100 dolars!
Thanks Bert. It is very friendly.
Thank you, sheriff.
Can I see Mr. Stevens?
Sorry, you are no longer here.
He has told the truth, and I have released.
Do you know where he went?
A hitchhiking, I imagine.
Did you leave a message for me?
So I do not know where it is!
And do not know where is Joe Gurney.
Where are you getting at?
I wanted to bring it up to date.
I do not take the eye doctor.
I received this morning a letter very interesting.
Explains all about his situation with the advice of the College.
I still have two weeks to prove my innocence.
Until then, I keep my license.
We do not want anything from you here, this is a respectable town!
It should be in a cell!
It is you who should be in a cell,
in the cell of an asylum!
Mr. Stevens, is wonderful talk to you,
finally find someone so nice in Wayne Center.
As they say in Italian: "Molto Simpatica".
Here's Carole.
I thought you were I would have gone.
Without telling goodbye?
Carole, will hitchhike!
Is it okay like that?
No well.
Is not it a little ridiculous with that wound?
Aunt Josephine's right. You should rest and eat well.
It's just what I said!
Why it is not a time with us?
You are very kind.
Not a good idea, Carole?
Of course.
It's just what I said!
This is not the Ritz but will eat well.
I'm sure. But I have to do pay.
You could do some odd jobs, Carole right?
I'll find work. The garden...
I am a good gardener.
Perfect. Stay.
Sit and drink all the tea.
Please, Mr. Stevens.
You're very kind. Call me Bill.
Gladly, Bill.
Look. Let's take it.
Why the boss is interested?
Joe says he's a genius.
You may want to use it.
I go to the portal. Low and you put inside.
Wait a minute.
What do we do?
The boss does not want it more than him.
At dusk, we get him genius, when alone.
Here's your package, boss.
Take away the bandage.
I'm glad to see you.
- So you know who I am? - Yes.
- Did you surprised? - The word is very little.
- You've never seen anything like it? - Never.
Obviously. What about things around the city?
All quiet since they left.
And imagine! The shook a little. Sit down.
What do you think of my stash? Is not it cute?
A real cute, a bit messy ...
The boys are not very careful. I have to teach.
How's the butcher?
It means...
You know who I mean.
Have not you've infatuated for her?
There is no shame. I like it too.
Is smart. Much more the stupid of her husband.
What I can do for you, Joe?
You I'll explain.
I and my men we have put a little on edge.
I've been thinking about the book you wrote about Napoleon.
He and I are alike while ...
you could do a job for me.
What kind of job?
All great men have someone to write your self ...
- Autobiography? - If that is.
Yes, but you write his own autobiography.
I have many things to think about to write. You could hcerlo ...
It would be his black.
No, we must write the truth.
What are you thinking?
You do not like the idea?
It's an opportunity for you!
Yes, Joe, I know.
I would be happy to be your type.
Really? Whatever it is, you are.
Listen, I've thought it and because I have a title.
"The life and loves of Joe Gurney." How about?
Why not call it,
"Joe Gurney, the Napoleon of crime"?
It's great! What kind!
What do you think, guys
"Joe Gurney, the Napoleon of crime"?
It's very good.
We'll start tomorrow. Need a typewriter?
Yes, I could.
Eddie, go to the city to search a typewriter for me ...
- How do you say, pal? - My scribe.
Where can I find at these hours?
Shops are closed.
As you open one!
Drink a glass.
My elderly mother is in bed, it's cold.
My elderly father was ill, I went out to steal coal ...
The guard has caught me and I He has given a memorable lesson.
I was in the floor to the top of
strokes, head full of bumps.
That day I swore that no longer I would spend something.
Does it hurt your arm?
Is this heridita? Where it was?
He had determined than ever more would beat him.
If that is.
My old father was left abuse, but not me.
He was sick of it and house.
I went with all the money he had hidden.
He did not like banks.
But I love them.
What would I do without them?
Have they been helpful?
I owe them a lot.
Then I wanted become someone.
That will be the theme of the book.
Please know that I succeeded by myself.
And it was worth it succeed, Joe?
What do you mean?
Men like you end up all in the same way.
Feet first front, as you say.
Listen, I speak and you do you write. I do not want to think about ...
You've decentralized.
Where it was?
Very early, I had not much filly.
A cop grabbed me and me He sent to a correctional.
It was a terrible shokc.
I can imagine it.
But I do not criticize that establishment.
I learned a lot there.
To the beat Detroit Theatre. A boy had explained everything.
I did not know you had been.
Of course it was me.
You killed the director?
- Mind you, dirty traitor? - Calm, Mugsy.
Of course it was me. Pissed me off.
And you write as I tell you.
Pissed me off.
Help! Fire! Police!
Do you believe really ready?
He is very intelligent take advantage of my dream, right?
It does not support having heat In the feet.
Do you have enough to start?
Yes, I think so.
Voucher. You can go to work in the other room.
I do not want to mingle in your business, but ...
will write what frame you in 48 states.
I know. The book does not come out as I am in this world.
But such, the author?
If I speak once get out of here?
He will not speak.
When you have finished the book will stop writing and speaking.
They rarely gone in the night without saying anything.
- I do not get it. - Me neither.
Discussed? Of what?
Why fight Young?
I fought 40 years ago. Since then I'm still single.
What if something had happened? You may have problems.
You can not do anything. You do Stepping out best to bed.
You have your own problems. You come?
I'm not sleepy.
I'm tired of worry so much!
Do not stay out long time. You're going to cool.
That was the last battle the young corporal.
Not long after
he embarked on the "Belleroptin" and the ship sailed.
Napoleon knew
he would stay on the island forever.
No, asshole. Santa Elena!
I've always wanted to know, Why he was like?
I do not know.
To grab his gun.
Shut your mouth!
Boss? You do not eat?
I do not feel well since this morning.
I'll go up and stay up. My head hurts a little.
It is not a great thinker, He is a man of action.
Eddie? Come here. Go to do some shopping for me.
Do you remember us?
Of course. They work Joe Gurney.
Exactly. Joe wants to see.
Do we follow or we We took her by force?
I follow.
I'll get my things.
All right, Doctor. Suba.
Does not it bother coming here?
Of course not. But why I have a band?
Sorry about the blindfold. I'm pretty cranky.
- Understands? - I do understand.
Give the lady a chair! Sit.
What happen?
I do not feel very well, Doc.
The head is spinning by moments, and I doldrums.
Do not be afraid. I tell the truth.
Let's see.
It has not healed well. It is infected.
Would not you say $ 100?
Yes, but was cured.
It's not my fault, He had to have disinfected!
Do not be angry!
Joe, I have a question
on the stroke of Detroit ...
What are you doing here?
He and I work together.
I tell him about my book and he remade.
I was worried about you.
Joe did not let me say goodbye.
Sit down, friend. Continue later. In fact...
Keep silence!
Did you hear that? Go fresh!
It's the first time I pass something!
I suppose I should be proud.
Say, have you ever told Once is a hottie?
I'm not kidding.
I'm not one to be by crazy aunts.
It takes at home, like dogs or cats.
It is a stubborn.
Yes, I am different.
Yes. We could entedernos if you were more relaxed.
I thought coming at his arm.
Yes, but nothing wrong with saying this.
Soon I will return to the city
and in the city, I am the king.
The king must have a queen, right?
As Napoleon and Josephine.
I will bandage his arm. Then You will have to take a break.
According. You're the doctor.
Is what the book, Joe?
It's the story of my life.
It must be exciting.
A successful future book.
I hope so. This is my swan song.
Cant Swan? Why?
To tell how dangerous theme.
Yes, it is dynamite.
Look at my eyes too. They are burning me.
Do not touch those! It will infect them.
I see nothing.
Now I look.
It is done.
Carefully doctor. It hurts me.
Do not touch those!
Do not you understand that you can infect?
It's bad?
It depends on the microbe.
I will make an examination.
And then?
I will analyze and tell you.
Why not now?
All my instruments It is in the office.
The microscope, the sheets And everything else.
I'll tell you tomorrow in the morning.
Does the left back to the city?
- Why not? - And if you call the police?
It will not call anyone.
He knows that if he betrays me, his friend he'll put a bullet.
It's okay. Take her home.
Come on, man, wake up.
We are going to work in my autobiography.
According. I'll get my notes.
Do not shoot!
Aunt Josephine!
I'm so glad to see you! I was so worried. Where were you?
Wait a minute. Be quiet!
It's almost midnight. Where you come from?
Who is that?
Two gangsters Joe Gurney band.
I come from home. Bill had.
Bill? Why?
- What are you going to do? - Tell the sheriff and return there.
Bill is in danger and and I can corral Gurney.
Go see who it is.
I do not! Go you!
Dr. Nelson. The sheriff and other People coming here.
All right. I have to tell you something.
I see that I do not understand! They come to arrest her.
It is a serious problem.
The $ 100 bill comes a bank that struck Gurney
and say you have dealings with him!
But I have spoken I have not heard!
Carole, you must get out of here!
Hurry up! They are coming!
- Can I borrow your car? - Clear. It's out.
What are you going to do?
I have a plan.
If it works, I'll capture Gurney and his entire band.
It is a solution of Belladrina sulfate.
Two drops enough to blur vision.
Four drops provovan temporary blindness.
Listen, I'll explain Gurney where you are.
They will have to follow my instructions.
Explain that the sheriff You have to give me up ...
Until midnight.
Wait a moment. Where do you like doing?
- I'll see Joe. - Okay, let's go!
It has become one.
It's very weird. Take a look outside.
I've caught the way here.
Why come back?
It was necessary to return tonight. His eyes have a serious infection.
I have examined the sample and I found a estreptoscopsia!
- What did you say? - I do not know.
He said that the head He has the fucking eye.
What is that?
If you do not heal will be blind in six hours.
What was that again!
Had told Joe.
It must have been rubbing their eyes after having touched the wound.
And this goes for all of you.
It is very contagious. Can you are all infected.
Is incredible!
I'm hiding for years, and that fucked microbe has to find me!
Do you have something to heal?
Of course.
It is a solution of Belladrina sulfate.
Clearly it has a name drug.
A drop in each eye will kill the microbe.
Take your head back.
Wait a moment!
What if it was a trick?
He does not trust me?
I do not know. There's something smelly.
As you wish, Joe.
If you do not react quickly you lose sight.
If you refuse care,
at least one opportunity for their children.
They appreciate your view.
Try first with him.
He has played much all my stuff
and you would not hurt her boyfriend.
Come on. I cure it.
Come on.
Keep your eyes tightly closed.
How you feeling, man?
Very good.
- Open your eyes. - It's early yet.
I do not feel anything.
Call the other guys.
Sit down.
What about you, Joe?
I'll be the last.
Yes I understand correctly,
Does your niece has returned to see Gurney to liberate that Stevens?
Yes. It is also the only way to prove his innocence.
Yes, but how did you know we were coming to arrest her?
I guess it, female intuition ...
You said not to attack the home before midnight!
I'm sure it's a trap, Mr. Ames.
Shut up!
Was shown the way?
Yes. Are you going to try?
It is not the game ...
I beg you. He is innocent.
It has a mad desire to prove to everyone.
If he fails, his life will be ruined. I beg you.
Well, what is the way?
Cross the bridge, turn to then to the left,
carry straight ...
Keep your eyes closed to act well!
When can reopen them?
And I will tell.
After the bridge turn immediately to the left!
I hope it works.
I also.
Tilt your head back.
Keep your eyes tightly closed!
- Doctor, can we open? - Not yet.
I was the first. I'm tired!
Do not want to ruin everything!
It is much more effective ... After a few minutes,
there will not be any microbe.
If the doctor says I have closed, do it!
There is a problem!
I see nothing!
Joe, I see all black!
My eyes, I see nothing!
Shut your mouth! Shut up!
Is that how this works, Doctor?
Where is it, doctor?
Shut up and stop all moved away!
Doctor ...
I know you are here.
If you try to flee, I'll shoot you!
I did not know it was you ...
I can not see anything!
Only came to tell police ...
Police? Where?
Come on, turn on the lights.
Exit, Gurney! Surrender! The house is surrounded!
We will carry us some!
What finally shoot, Joe? We see nothing!
Joe! Where are you?
Where are you?
What are we going to do now?
Wait, guys.
Let the weapons and leave with your hands up!
Okay, but do not shoot!
Do not shoot!
What happens?
We have done a good job. Let's get them!
Wait here.
Come on.
Fast above.
- Dr. Nelson! - Be wary of Gurney.
Drop the gun, Gurney!
Mr. Ames, here's Joe Gurney.
Good job, sheriff.
Where is my writer?
Here I am, Joe.
You have to finish the book without me.
The end was written for some time.
Yes, I see.
do me a favor,
do not say that I overstayed aunt.
Hi dear. How are you?
All right.
you've thought a lot today. We closed the joint!
The eminent doctor and famous author come tonight.
And you, young man, you go to bed. It's too late.
Mom, just a minute, please.
I've never seen anything like it! He likes the medical books.
It will be a good doctor!
Of course!
Quick to bed, honey.
Come on!
The Napoleon of crime
A very good doctor!
Good night mom. Good night dad.