King Uncle (1993) Movie Script

How much is it?
I'm sorry, AniI.
I got a bit Iate.
How are you?
- How do I Iook?
- Very nice!
You're the one who's very nice.
Like aIways, onIy you have
come to receive me even today.
My famiIy members aren't here.
Do not be disheartened. You know
how busy your brother is.
And then, where does he have
the time for aII this?
Time is strange! A person who
has time, has abundance of it.
And a person who is short of it,
has absoIuteIy no time at aII!
My brother has no time at aII and
my sister has abundance of it.
But there's no question
of her coming here.
She manages to come out of the
house with difficuIty. She is...
Forget it!... I don't
spot your car anywhere.
This can never be.
Even if the car owner...
... doesn't come to receive me,
he'II sureIy send the car.
There it comes!
How were your finaI exams?
Very nice. I may even secure
a first cIass, first.
This means, you wiII soon
become a top cIass engineer!
Maybe. But I certainIy
won't be thriIIed about it.
Because my studies wiII be over.
And then, I'II have to
stay here, with big brother.
In a house which
has very high waIIs.
Whose foundation is Iaid
on principIes, not Iove.
Where everyone has to Iive under
the shadow of brother's ruIes!
I don't Iike to say so...
... but I prefer to stay at
the hosteI, far away from home.
- Far away from me too?
- No, Kavita.
Sister and you are the onIy ones
from whom I have received Iove.
Both of you are my onIy support.
There comes your house.
- How's your aunt and uncIe?
- Fine.
When do I see you next?
Very soon. I may come
this evening itseIf.
Sister, how are you?
I'm fine. But why have you
entered the house so steaIthiIy?
For fear of brother. He may feeI
offended, hearing my footsteps.
I've bareIy entered home,
and I'II be admonished.
Brother is not at home.
What difference does it make?
After aII, he is in town.
He wiII somehow
get to hear of it!
FooI, brother is out of town.
He has Ieft just today, and
wiII return onIy after 3 days.
Who screamed? What happened?
Sir, you!
- Good-day, sir.
- Good-day.
Did you make
that frightfuI sound?
Yes, UncIe Karim.
This is how I had done it.
This is the sound of freedom.
Sister, you, me
and aII of us are free,...
... not for just a day or two
but for 3 days!
And we'II host a party
to ceIebrate this freedom!
What are you saying, AniI!
... A party?
It wiII be unprecedented
in the history of this house!
Look at the waIIs here,
the chairs,...
... the doors and the windows.
Sister, they too must be tired of
adhering to brother's principIes.
Even they wiII feeI a
IittIe happy, aIong with us.
UncIe Karim,
rush to the kitchen...
... and prepare dinner
for 100... no, 150 peopIe.
In the meantime, I'II phone
aII my friends and invite them.
Hey, hurry up!
There's going to be such a big
party at home for the first time.
I wonder if we have
so many spoons here!
One, two, three, four....
How often have I toId you
that my name is not Ramdu?
It's a short form you use!
Before a man can caII
out your Iong name,...
... he'II finish buying
the entire bazaar!
FooI! You keep Iearning magic aII
the time! Who's going to work!
I can get work done at the snap
of my fingers! What do you want?
- Indeed!... where is my knife?!
- Knife?
Here's your knife!
ShouId I sIice my neck with this
knife?! Where's the chicken?
- Chicken?
- Yes!
Here it is!
- In this?
- Yes.
Where is it?!
I'II show you, UncIe Karim...
Here is the chicken!
A chicken, in this!
Yes, at 8 O'cIock tonight.
- How many caIIs have you made?
- Around 1 00-1 25.
- You invite the other guests.
- Me!
- How can I phone anybody?
- Come on, sister!
Invite whomever you want to. Come
on! Your guests too shouId come!
UncIe Karim!
Good Lord! The big boss is here!
Phone UncIe Karim immediateIy!
UncIe Karim, the
big boss is here.
- The big boss is here!
- The big boss!
The big boss is here! Run!
What's happening here?!
Brother,... AniI is here... To
ceIebrate... we had... a party...
Whose party?! Which party?!
Brother, I... I... I...
Stop stammering
and answer expIicitIy!
I hosted the party.
- You?
- Yes.
With whose permission?!
Has there ever been a
party in this house?!
You know very weII
that I hate parties!
Listen to me carefuIIy!
If you support the chiIdren
again, I'II throw you out!
What are you standing
here for?! CIean the pIace!
Throw away aII the fiIth!
Did you see the outcome
of having a party?
Am I not his brother?!
Don't I have any right here?
Can't I even have a party?!
Aren't there parties heId
in other peopIe's homes?
PIease don't compare
brother with others.
You know that he
is not Iike the others.
That is the tragedy!
Anyone eIse in his pIace,...
... wouId have embraced me,
seeing me after so Iong!
He wouId have asked, when had
I arrived and how I was!
How did I fare in the exams!
But... but... but there
was no such thing here.
Stop it, AniI! Stop it!
Sunita! Marry her?...
But... but she is very strange.
And you know
my taste very weII.
She doesn't Iook Iike
a girI but a poor cow!
TeII me just
one good thing about her.
Good thing?... Sit.
The greatest thing about her is
that she's Ashok BansaI's sister.
And the whoIe city knows
what his greatest asset is.
We don't earn the money he
pays as income-tax annuaIIy,...
... even in 1 0 years!
Your brother is right, Pradeep.
One cannot jump and reach
the pinnacIe of success.
One attains it, step by step.
And that girI isn't just a step
but your Iadder to success!
Just tread on the first step, and
you'II reach the end on your own!
We have come here onIy
on a hoIiday for a few days.
We'II return to London.
But before we Ieave,
we want to see you settIed.
I think it's quite a good deaI.
I feeI it's not a bad idea!
It's very good!
The wife wiII remain at home.
Who can stop you if you want to
have another woman sometimes!
Done! I accept!
That's more Iike it!
Whether the time is
auspicious or not, I shaII...
...speak to Ashok BansaI tomorrow
itseIf about your proposaI.
- Yes, brother?
- Where is Sunita?
Brother, she... she...
Isn't there a cIock in your room?
Didn't you hear this cIock chime!
Don't you know it's 9 O'cIock?
It's 'Raksha Bandhan' today.
I was preparing for it.
You shouId have prepared
for the festivaI beforehand!
Did you remember now that you
had to buy a 'rakhi'...
... and pour oiI in the Iamp!
Sir, I've prepared the bank
papers that you had asked for.
But, sir... the 'rakhi'...
Do not Iay more importance
on reIationships than business!
And henceforth, just taIk
about your work!
- What's this!
- A 'rakhi'.
Even I can see that! I'm taIking
about your haIf sIeeve shirt!
This is an office,
not your house! Go and change it!
Fenni, give me the names
of the industriaIists...
... who wiII be
attending the meeting today!
Didn't you hear me?!
Sir, my mother... I mean,
my mother was unweII, sir.
So I had to become a doctor.
I mean, I had to take her to the
hospitaI to see a doctor, sir.
Ho... hospitaI! Even you shouId
have stayed in the office then!
Why did you come
to the hospitaI?!
I mean, why did you
come to office?!
I pay you more than the other
companies because I want work!
These 8 hours beIong to me!
Go now! Get me the Iist...
... of the industriaIists
attending today's meeting.
Here's your kerchief!
I've managed to keep
aside 2 minutes for you.
I have to attend a meeting.
Say whatever you have to, soon.
I wiII try my best to take
as IittIe time as possibIe.
EIse, it takes 2 hours
to just begin such matters.
Hurry up, Jayram!
It's the jet age! Speak fast!
Mr.Ashok, there's a
good famiIy which wants...
Go on! I'm Iistening.
You know
Pradeep MaIIik, don't you?
The renowned industriaIist.
He is a very competent boy.
Even you have a
younger sister, and he...
I see! You have come here
with a marriage proposaI.
Yes. If they get married,...
AII right. I'II think about it
and get back to you. Okay?
Get me married!
Get me married!
Excuse me, Kavita...
which incantation is this?
It is not an incantation
but a sincere prayer.
A reIigious rituaI
wiII be heId today.
It's said that any wish you
seek now, gets fuIfiIIed.
Suppose God does not
heed your prayer, then?
I'II have a nasty fight with Him!
I'II even stop taIking to Him!
And suppose even that
doesn't affect Him, then?
I wiII abduct you then!
And where wiII you keep me?!
- In my eyes.
- ReaIIy?
Let me see how the house
I wiII reside in, Iooks Iike.
Go ahead.
How's it?
BeautifuI! Very IoveIy!
I feeI I haven't seen such a
pIace anywhere in this worId.
And I shaII even caII
this pIace 'Kavita'.
Hey, Kavita!
And I wiII have a permanent
board outside the house.
Aunt?... Aunt!
Kavita,... is aII the work done?
Yes, it's done. And
we've found a house too!
- What!
- He means, this abode is ready.
- Yes, it is ready.
- Is it okay?
Yes. But the priest has asked for
some more articIes. Go, get them.
Yes, we'II get it! We'II need
some articIes too for the house!
Keep this beII...
Kavita, Iet's go.
Have you taken aII the
papers for the meeting?
WiII the industriaIist,
Pradeep MaIIik, be present too?
Our motive in doing
business shouId be,...
... to use
the best of techniques.
So that we can return the
money invested by others...
... in our ventures,
with the interest.
OnIy then wiII the money doubIe,
and come of use in our ventures.
But some of our friends...
What's your opinion?
- UncIe Karim.
- Yes, sir?
Shut the door.
- Sir!
- Brother!
I had gone to attend a reIigious
ceremony. So I got Iate.
Who was that girI?!
- GirI?
- Yes!
The one whom you riding with,
on an ordinary cycIe!
Why are you siIent? Don't you
have the guts to speak the truth!
Do you have the guts
to hear the truth?
I have aIways done everything
because of my guts!
PeopIe who Iack guts
cannot rise from rags to riches!
What do you want to teII me?
She is an orphan.
Her name is Kavita.
She stays with her maternaI
aunt and uncIe in the coIony.
We've known each other
since very Iong, and...
I want to marry her.
You have known the
ordinary girI since years.
But my experience teIIs me that
she Ioves my weaIth, not you!
No, brother! She isn't
that way. She Ioves me.
Love! What do you
know about Iove?!
Love doesn't exist in this worId!
Nobody Ioves another!
It's just deceit! Love is
meaningIess and has no vaIue!
Indeed! You deem Iove, feeIings
and reIationships as deceit!
Because the good things in Iife
do not adhere to your ruIes!
Do you know what you're saying?!
Very weII!
You teII me,
has he ever Ioved us?
Has he ever been considerate
about our feeIings?
AII he is concerned
about is his weaIth!
Yes, I do Iove weaIth! Because
I know the worId very weII!
Even the death anniversaries
of the rich are ceIebrated.
But not even the birthdays
of the poor are ceIebrated!
I know! But no rich man couId
take his weaIth with him!
That's why a shroud
has no pockets!
It's very easy to condemn weaIth
but very difficuIt to earn it!
You are in this position today
because of that weaIth!
The comforts, excIusive cars,
expensive attires, a posh home...
You roII in this Iap of Iuxury
because of that weaIth!
Even the dogs of an affIuent man
have these comforts!
I have reaIised today
how much you vaIue me.
But I am the eIder here.
I know very weII what my
responsibiIities towards you are.
I wiII certainIy not Iet you
get married to that girI.
I wiII marry onIy her!
Therefore, I'm Ieaving this jaiI!
JaiI! This paIatiaI mansion
appears a jaiI to you!
Even if the chains are made
of goId, a man cannot Iove it!
Fine! The decision
Iies in your hand!
The doors of your misfortune
are open behind you!
No, brother!
Wait! PIease don't
Ieave us, AniI!
PIease stop him!
Don't Iet him go!
He is obsessed with Iove now!
When hunger and thirst wreck him
in a few days, he wiII return!
He wiII never return, brother!
Mr.Ashok, if you darIing sister
becomes my brother's wife,...
... it wiII be our good fortune.
She wiII Iive Iike a queen.
She wiII roII in happiness.
I know that.
I have a
smaII request to make.
We have to
return to London.
So, pIease find the earIiest
auspicious date for the wedding.
Even I want the wedding to take
pIace as soon as possibIe.
Because youngsters often
tend to go astray in this age.
The wedding wiII be heId soon.
Make the needed preparations.
Heartiest congratuIations!
Come on, my dear.
How can I go there? Do you
think I don't want to go home?
But brother didn't even send
a messenger to invite me.
Perhaps he doesn't want me to
ever step into that house again.
He has severed
aII ties with me.
Your brother has severed ties
with you, not your sister.
So why are you punishing her?
AniI, her eyes must be on
the door, waiting for you.
Go. At Ieast, bid her goodbye.
BIess you.
- Take care of her.
- Okay.
Come on.
The house appears
so empty today.
What?... It's not empty.
There are the waIIs,
the chandeIiers, the sofas!
Then, why does the house
appear empty to you?!
Sir, the Ranigadh meeting
has been arranged for.
We wiII Ieave for
Ranigadh right today.
What's happening!
Nothing. My friends asked me
how you waIk. I demonstrated.
Rude boy!
When I waIk,...
do you feeI Iike Iaughing?
CertainIy not.
Why shouId I feeI that way?
- Do I waIk Iike a cameI?
- I don't know, sir.
CertainIy not!
- Then why did they Iaugh?
- Who, sir?
The rude chiIdren whom I met
in the morning near the hoteI!
GentIemen, I was saying that
Bonson & Bonson Company...
... is opening a factory here
for automobiIe casting.
It'II be the biggest factory in
the country and the worId's best.
- What did you say?
- Me?... Nothing, sir.
The machines made in our factory
wiII benefit farmers in...
- What's it?
- Nothing, sir.
GentIemen, I was saying, when the
cameI went behind the baboon...
... the baboon began waIking
Iike the cameI.
And the cameI Iaughed at it.
Sir, I found out... The
chiIdren are from the orphanage.
Pratap, you!
I'm sorry, darIing. But you
hide Iiquor in pIaces...
... where a rich man
hides his bIack money!
OId habits die hard, huh?
I don't Iike to waIk
even a step for aIcohoI.
I'm at peace if I can
get to drink at any pIace.
But why have you brought
your rotten face here?
Wow, Shanti!
In the dark, this face Iooks
no Iess than a hero to you.
But in the Iight of the day,
it appears rotten?
AII right! How's your
car steaIing business?
First cIass! I had come to
seII one of those cars here.
But what's happening!
You've started cIeaning your face
too, aIong with the orphanage!
If you cIeanse aII the make-up,
the kids wiII not recognise you!
I'm sorry, darIing.
I meant, you wiII Iook
Iike a goddess then.
That's how I want to Iook!
JournaIists come every year
to see if it's aII fine here.
I have to pretend to be
a pious Iady before them!
That's why the government sends
reguIar funds to run this pIace.
And you spend
that money on aIcohoI!
Sister! The journaIists are here.
I'II be there! Go away!
ChiIdren, you don't face
any probIems here, do you?
ChiIdren, answer
madam's question.
Madam, she is...
You be quiet!
- Priya, you answer.
- Okay.
Madam, she is very nice. She
Iooks after us Iike a mother.
ChiIdren, do you
get to eat properIy?
Hey! Isn't he the renowned
industriaIist Ashok BansaI?
- Yes, he indeed is.
- Come on soon!
- Hey! Who is he?
- Don't you know?!
He is one of
India's richest men.
He doesn't know the amount
of weaIth he possesses!
Then he must be a very nice man!
Sir, you in an orphanage?
You are known to be very
crueI and stone-hearted.
Then, what are you doing
amidst chiIdren?
I'm here because I...
He Ioves these chiIdren
very dearIy.
ChiIdren are his weakness,
so he visits orphanages.
To meet smaII chiIdren.
PIease come... sit down.
Sir, I'II be back soon.
Can these orphaned chiIdren
be your guests for some days?
Why not?
Kids reside in his heart. Staying
in his house is no big deaI then.
Why had you Iaughed,
seeing me?!
Look! He even knows
how to make chiIdren Iaugh!
Indeed! He can make them Iaugh,
at the snap of his fingers.
ChiIdren begin to Iaugh
just Iooking at him.
Quiet, chiIdren.
These affIuent men have
donated to our orphanage.
How much wouId
you want to donate?
Donation, sir! What you often
give... Here's the cheque book.
Don't add another zero.
She was smeIIing of aIcohoI.
She spends aII the money
on aIcohoI. Understand?
I'II fix you Iater!
OnIy Rs.50!
I received onIy Rs.50 today
instead of 50,000 because of you!
What did you teII him? That I
spend aII the money on booze!
You think
you're too smart, huh!
You'II pay for this!
You've been taIking too much! Go
to the room! I won't spare you!
Stop her! Don't Iet her go!
Fine! You wiII have to return
when you feeI hungry!
I'II see you then!
If I return,
I'II be beaten some more.
Not to mention, remaining
hungry and thirsty as weII!
Why don't I escape
to the city with them?
The big boss is here.
- Has the boss returned?
- Sir?
The boss has returned.
Begin work!
You won't improve!
Everyone's working, and you are
busy doing the sIeight of hand!
Damn! Not the sIeight of hand,
UncIe Karim! It's magic!
- To heII with your...
- CarefuI.
Karimbhai, this is
a fruit basket.
- You're a great magician, right?
- Yes!
Remove a chiId
from that basket.
A chiId!
Yes! You remove eggs and
chickens! Now bring a chiId!
A chiId?... Look!
'Let a chiId
arise from the basket!'
'Let a chiId arise from
the basket!'... Abracadabra!
A magicaI boy!
- What happened?
- A magicaI boy!
The magician, Ramdu, removed
a basket from a fruit boy!
No! I mean, he removed a
boy from a fruit basket!
What's happening?
Why this noise?!
A boy arose from a fruit basket!
The fruits became a boy!
- A magicaI boy!
- Yes!
MagicaI! What nonsense
are you....!
BIoody!... What's this
chiId doing here!
UncIe Karim, I have
become a magician!
I turned fruits into a boy!
Hey, don't touch him or
this magicaI boy wiII vanish!
How did you reach here?!
- You brought me here!
- Sir?
Me? Did I bring you here?!
Of course.
You'd said that...
... any orphan couId come to your
house and stay for some days.
Sir, there's a caII
for you from the Times.
Sir, is it true that you went to
meet the orphans in Ranigadh?
- There's a caII from the media.
- Yes, I did go!
-A reporter wants to taIk to you.
-Yes, I did go there!
The editor wants to taIk to you.
I did go!
This is your fauIt. If you hadn't
Iied, he wouIdn't have come here!
And the press wouIdn't phone me!
We'II have to Iive this Iie for
some days or we wiII be maIigned.
Let me stay for just 2 days.
He stinks!... go and
give him a bath!
Scrub him with soap
and bathe him!
Do not remove my cIothes!
You're so smaII, and yet feeI
shy of us! Remove your cIothes!
- No, I won't!
- Remove them!
Good Lord!
Sir!... Sir!!
A girI!... A girI!!
A girI?... Has he brought
a girI aIong too?!
No, sir. That chiId is
a girI. He saw it.
And so did I...
She has Iong tresses!
- What!
- Yes, sir. It's a girI!
We reaIised that,
after going to the bathroom.
That doesn't matter!
Give her a bath!
Sir, what are you saying?
How can we bathe a girI?
Above aII, he... I mean,
she is not even undressing.
Who wiII give her a bath
if you don't?
OnIy a girI
can do that, sir.
A girI!... BIoody!... where wiII
I get a girI from now?!
Right away!
You took so Iong? Sir has
been waiting since very Iong!
Why has he caIIed me?
What wrong have I done?
- Sir can answer that.
- That too, in his bedroom.
In his bedroom?!
Yes. Sir teIIs everything
onIy in the bedroom.
Don't cry. I'II give you a tip.
Do exactIy what he asks you to.
Sir! Did you caII me?
- Undress!
- Yes, sir!
Not you!
What are you doing!
Don't undress me! Go to the
bathroom and undress that girI!
- GirI?
- Yes!
Stop staring, and go!
Yes, sir.
- What's your name?
- Munna.
What's this?
I don't know. It's been
around my neck since chiIdhood.
Hey, Iook!
Touch wood! She Iooks
Iike a reaI tiny angeI!
My name is Munna. And you?
I'm UncIe Karim.
You may caII me uncIe.
My name is Pikdhani.
I'm John.
I'm ChuniIaI.
I have a very Iong name. But you
may affectionateIy caII me Ramdu.
What's the matter? Why are
they running Iike this?
It's sir's Iunch time.
- Was it from home?
- Oh no! It was sir's phone.
- Sir's?
- Yes.
Look, even he has a
simiIar phone kept near him.
UncIe, why do you sit so far?
- Because I aIways sit here!
- I see.
But why do you eat
onIy soup and toast?
Because I aIways eat onIy this!
You mean, you've had so many
dishes cooked onIy for me?!
No! Because this is
what's aIways cooked here!
So much food, and onIy
one man to eat them!
Such a paIatiaI home,
and onIy one man Iiving in it!
I have now Iearnt who you are.
What? Who am I?!
I've read about you in my story
books. You are a king, right?
She means, you're Iike a king.
No. King UncIe is
actuaIIy a king!
Neither am I a king
nor am I your uncIe!
One minute... May I ask
one Iast question?
Is everybody here deaf?
Then why do you shout so much?
Take her away, and throw her back
into the orphanage after 2 days!
Is this how you
treat your guests?!
There are 2 girIs here, and yet
you sit! Stand and speak!
I'II Ieave after 2 days but you
wiII take me out in these 2 days.
Me?... Never!
Fine. I'II teII the
journaIists everything then.
That, King UncIe is very nice.
He Ioves me a Iot.
He personaIIy fed me,
and took me to nice pIaces.
Even parents won't do what
King UncIe did, for an orphan.
But it's a Iie!
However, it is true that you Iet
me stay here for 2 days, right?
I hadn't seen this worId even in
dreams but you showed it to me.
That's why I'II find happiness
even in this Iie.
But, Munna, it's bad to Iie.
Is it right to Iie
for just a IittIe happiness?
It is right for us.
We orphans find even IittIe
happiness with great difficuIty.
Sorrows are
a part of our Iives.
UncIe Karim, bring the car!
Moustached man!
Hey, why did you
beckon my moustache?
To give you some good news.
My mother has agreed
to get us married.
But, moustached darIing,
my mom has a IittIe condition.
TeII me. I can even cross these
hiIIs to get married to you!
- There's no need to do that.
- Then?
You wiII onIy have to
shave off your moustache.
My moustache! The symboI
of me being a man!
You mean, sacrifice this!... No!
TeII your mom that I can cut off
anything eIse that she wants.
But I shaII certainIy not
shave off my moustache!
What! You won't?!
I won't!
- You won't shave?!
- I won't shave!
- You won't shave!
- No, I wiII not shave!
I won't!
Not even for me?
I said, I wiII not shave!
... I wiII not!!
- Wake up, King UncIe!
- I wiII not shave!
She's taIking nonsense! She's
asking him to snip his moustache!
Hey, Iook how good
Munna appears!
- Indeed!
- And so happy too.
Hey! Are aII of you
working properIy or not?
ChiIdren, what are you doing
instead of working?!
Nothing... just nothing.
What are you hiding?...
Show it to me.
- It's nothing.
- BIoody swine!
WiII you show it to me
or shouId I fIay your hide?!
Renowned businessman Ashok
BansaI's journey to Ranigadh.
The opinion of an orphan, Munna,
staying in his house.
I see! So, that bitch has now
reached the rich man's house!
And is Iiving in a
Iap of Iuxury with him!
With a man who had
given me onIy Rs.50!
I'II teach you such a Iesson that
you won't pity an orphan again!
This is Shanti speaking, the
matron of Ranigadh's orphanage.
I'm sorry but I didn't expect
a man Iike you to do...
... something so despicabIe...
and IowIy!
What nonsense!
ReaIIy? Haven't you kidnapped
Munna from my orphanage?
Perhaps you are not aware,
Mr.Ashok BansaI,...
... that kidnapping a chiId from
an orphanage is a grave offence.
Are you nuts?! You are casting
a faIse accusation on me!
Prove that in court now,
Mr.Ashok BansaI!
Yes, King UncIe?
Did I kidnap you
and bring you here?!
No. I have
come here wiIIingIy.
WiII you be abIe to say so,
before your matron?
Of course, I wiII!
We'II Ieave right away.
But where, sir?
To Ranigadh! Where eIse!
You have to sing a song
beginning with 'ka' not 'ja'!
I have onIy interchanged the
order of the words in the song.
How does it matter? The
impIication remains the same!
Why has the car
suddenIy stopped?
I'II see, sir.
- What's wrong!
- I think the dynamo has faiIed.
I'II have to remove it
and take to the viIIage gone by.
It can be fixed onIy in a garage.
What! How wiII
we reach Ranigadh?!
We'II take a Iift.
GentIeman, get down.
We have to go straight.
But I want to go to Ranigadh!
WeII, that's the way
to go to Ranigadh.
WiII I waIk
20 kiIometres, you fooI?!
Quiet! Drop us tiII there!
Hey, you moustached man!
Lower your voice!
I'm not your sIave that
I'II reach you tiII Ranigadh!
Impertinent man! Do you
know whom you're taIking to!
I can buy off
your truck right away!
Hey! You wiII buy off
my truck, huh?!
Keep your arrogance to yourseIf!
You're taIking too much!
I wiII sIap you!
You wiII sIap me?... Go ahead!...
Come on, sIap me!
SIap me!
Goodness me!...
Where's the handIe?
- There's a rod.
- Give it to me.
Do not worry, King UncIe.
Both of us are with you.
I'II fix you now!
A spanner.
- And that too, a metaI one!
- MetaI!
- Where's he?
- Over there.
You hit my boss!
If you have the guts,
face me!
Hey, Iook!
What's this!
Get up, King UncIe! Get up!!
He's here!
W..w..what's this?
The remedy for your pain.
- With a brick!
- Yes!
Cure a stone with a brick!
In our orphanage, the remedy
for aII pains is a hot brick.
Hot brick!
It's not very hot.
Where is the smoke
being emitted from?!
Yes, smoke is being emitted!
Then assume that the
pain too has been cured.
PIease hurry!
Here it is, madam.
Do you have a fork and knife? My
boss is used to eating with them.
What! Be gratefuI that you got a
pIace to stay, at this Iate hour!
Or you'd have frozen to death!
... Fork and knife, indeed!
King UncIe, wear your socks,
your feet wiII remain warm.
Did you get
some food or not?
Yes. There's 'bajra roti',
garIic chutney and...
WiII I eat this food?!
Just eat once and see.
I'II starve
but never eat this!
Your wish! I'm famished.
Aunt, Iet's eat.
This is great!
And the onion too is so sweet!
Just Iike you...
And this green chiIIy...
Eat it in winter,
and you feeI very warm!
After a heavy meaI,
I feeI very sIeepy.
Let's go to sIeep.
You are a girI,
so you sIeep on this cot.
I'II sIeep on the ground,
... and... oh yes!
Here is King UncIe's mattress!
Is this a mattress? And that too,
on the ground? I wiII not sIeep!
King UncIe! You are
as stubborn as a chiId!
You won't eat! You won't sIeep!
You won't do this...!
Do what you pIease!
Aunt, at Ieast
Iet us go to sIeep.
- What's aII this?!
- Nothing.
I just kissed you good morning,
and woke you.
How did I reach here?!
I don't know, sir.
I'II bring it right away... Aunt,
in the meantime, have a bath.
Thank you?... For what?
For sIeeping with me on the fIoor
and draping your coat over me.
Munna, pIease pass the mug.
There's soap on my face.
My eyes are burning, Munna!
Give it soon!... PIease!
You're eating 'daI' and rice!
And that too, you're gobbIing!
You were being so fussy
about food Iast night.
What's happened to you
suddenIy this morning?
Aunt, do you know what's brought
about the sudden change in him?
Munna, he... he...
I'II teII you!
- What happened?
- Everything possibIe!
I had to sit
with goats in a truck!
I had to stay hungry!
I had to sIeep on
a bare fIoor at night!
And you are responsibIe
for aII this! You are!!
I've never had to face
so many adversities together!
I'II be at peace when I hand you
over to your matron... Come on!
Hey, Munna!
Munna is here!
My chiId! Where did
you Ieave me and go?
I was so worried, my dear!
Nothing seemed good. I didn't
feeI Iike eating or drinking!
My chiId!
My dear, I have sued him
for kidnapping you from here.
If I don't teach him a Iesson,
then I'II be damned!
- Sister.
- Yes, my chiId?
He did not take me away.
I was the one who went with him.
- What are you saying!
- Yes. I had run away from here.
To stay with King UncIe
for some days.
Why are you siIent now?
WiII you sue me in court?!
Don't you feeI ashamed accusing a
person without knowing the truth?
In fact, I've had to go through
a Iot because of your chiId!
I have broken
my ruIes and principIes!
So, on the contrary,
I shouId be suing you for it!
Let's go, Fenni!
BIoody wretched girI!
An icon of truth, are you?!
CouIdn't you
Iie a IittIe for me?!
The other day, because of you,
I faced a Ioss in thousands.
And today, it was in miIIions!
I'II show you today
what actuaI beating means!
Wretched girI!
I won't spare you today!
- Sir, food is ready.
- AII right.
The food is getting coId, sir.
I'm not hungry. You eat.
Like you, even I
am not hungry today.
Nothing seems nice today.
Munna's absence is being feIt.
I'm missing Munna... Right, sir?
Neither am I feeIing anyone's
absence nor am I missing anybody.
Your anger and restIessness
cIearIy shows that...
... you have even begun
to Iove her.
Love! What nonsense!
Love does not exist!
Nobody Ioves another!
It's a deceitfuI word!
It's meaningIess
and has no vaIue!
There's no pIace for
this word in my Iife!
That's why I hate it!
I abhor Iove!... I Ioathe it!
Father!... Father!!
One, two, three, four!
At ease!
- Father, come home!
- What's the matter, Ashok?
Mother is Ieaving home!
What's this!
Where are you going?
Far away from this Iife
of poverty and heIpIessness!
Where I won't have to
aIways curb my desires!
I am beginning to feeI stifIed
in this dirty shanty of yours!
Where onIy seasons change,
not one's Iuck!
I want to spend the rest of my
Iife the way I want to & freeIy!
I see!
So you want to break our marriage
and go to that rich man?
Yes! Because he has the weaIth!
And with it, he can fuIfiI
every desire of mine,...
... of which, I have aIways
onIy been dreaming about.
I want to Iead a Iuxurious Iife.
Your measIy saIary wiII never
be abIe to afford me that!
There's something
caIIed Iuck, KamIa.
Even circumstances
hoId some importance.
If my Iuck has not improved,
then is it my fauIt?!
Your Iuck wiII remain the same
aII your Iife!
You wiII never rise
beyond a square meaI!
You are a mother.
Why are you punishing my innocent
chiIdren for my misfortune?
Just think, what wiII happen to
the poor kids after you're gone?
They wiII manage on their own!
Do motherIess chiIdren die?!
You cannot use them
as fetters to enchain me!
Mother, pIease don't Ieave us!
Leave me!
Father, pIease stop her!
Mother, pIease don't Ieave us!
I'II finish studying
and then mint money!
Mother, pIease don't Ieave us!
That was it! From that day,
I became obsessed about money.
I spent my chiIdhood
working very hard.
I made myseIf a
money minting machine.
I struck rich... very rich.
I then began searching
for mother.
To show her
my weaIth and fame.
To teII her that the one whom
she'd dumped as iron fetters...
... had turned to goId now!
But unfortunateIy,...
she was no more.
She was dead.
They say that a mother
is an icon of Iove.
And that a mother's affection
epitomises Iove.
It's said that a wife bestows
aII her Iove onIy on her husband.
And his house
is a tempIe for her.
It's a Iie! It's incorrect!
When a wife can reject her God
and break her tempIe,...
When a mother can forgo her Iove
and abandon her chiIdren,...
...then Iove becomes meaningIess!
What importance does it hoId?
That's why I have permanentIy
erased Iove from my Iife!
Madam, I have brought the car.
AII right...
sir, the car is here.
Why have you stopped the car?
Sir, Iook ahead.
This is an empty kerchief. TeII
me, what do you want from it?
A white egg of a bIack buII.
UncIe Karim, what shouId
I present you with?
What wiII you present me with!
You caII yourseIf a magician!
When a chiId emerged from
the basket, you fainted!
MagicaI kid, you said!
... Get down!
She was indeed a magicaI kid!
She was here for two days,
gave Iove apIenty and then Ieft.
Indeed! We reaIIy
do miss Munna a Iot.
Chant an incantation
and beckon her back.
Don't worry. If you faint,
we'II hoId you from behind.
UncIe Karim, even
I miss Munna but...
Have you forgotten
your magicaI incantation?
'Let a chiId arise from
the basket!... Abracadabra!'
Hey! Get up!
I am not a magicaI kid!
I am Munna!... Get up!
I have returned.
- Let me see.
- I'm reaIIy back. Look!
King UncIe has brought
me back... Look there.
Sir,... she's back?
Yes, UncIe Karim. I have brought
her back. She wiII stay with us!
UncIe Karim, is this
a reaIity or magic?
It's magic - the speII of Iove!
TeII me!
Wretched chiIdren!
TeII me, where is Munna?!
Or I'II thrash you
bIack and bIue!
We swear, we do not know!
Then where has that
wretched girI gone?!
Has she gone to
Ashok BansaI's house?
How can she go there? He
personaIIy threw her away here.
Sir has not yet come downstairs.
Is the cIock working or not?
It's 1 0 minutes past 9.
No, UncIe Karim. My watch
shows the same time.
My watch is never wrong.
It's 9.1 0 in my watch too.
Then why hasn't sir
come down as yet?
Get up. It's 1 0 O'cIock!
- It's 1 0 O'cIock!
- Yes. Look there.
It's showing the wrong time!
What's wrong!
Did the phone have to ring now?
King UncIe! How were
things at office?
Everything eIse is fine, but
Fenni fainted on seeing me.
What do I do now?
I wake you everyday with a good
morning kiss. Do the same to her.
How do I give it?
What were you doing?!
I wasn't doing anything,
you were, sir.
I was!
- Did you hear?
- Yes, sir, I did.
Was it chiming
in your heart or mine?
Sir, it was the cIock chiming.
This is Ashok.
- How are you?
- Fine.
PIease caII Sunita.
She is not at home.
She has gone to DeIhi to attend
my uncIe's daughter's wedding.
Fine. When she returns,
teII her that I had phoned.
Sure. Bye, Brother Ashok.
She's staring.
You stare! I'II cIaw your eyes
apart!... get Iost from here!
If you detested her so much,
why did you marry her?
To reach the pinnacIe of success.
I thought she
wouId be the Iadder,...
... on which, each step
wouId take me to the top.
That her brother wouId
make me a miIIionaire too.
But no such Iuck! EIse, who wouId
have married that rotten face?!
What are you Iooking at?
Whose picture is it?
My younger brother's.
AniI? Where is he?
I don't know a thing, Munna.
Where he is... how he is...
what he is doing.
Amazing! You don't know where
and how your younger brother is!
What kind of a brother are you?
A very mean brother.
I fought with him and threw him
out of the house but now I...
I have advertised in the papers,
asking him to return.
Sir, are you actuaIIy
caIIing your brother back?
WiII you forgive him, sir?
I fear that he
may not forgive me.
What are you saying, sir!
Yes. The other day, you had said
that the house Iooks very empty.
And I had scoIded you saying that
there are waIIs and tabIes here!
I was wrong.
The truth is that peopIe make
a home, not inanimate objects!
I don't know whether he wiII
return to make this pIace a home.
I have been
very unjust to him.
Enough, sir. A tear of repentance
washes away a hundred sins.
I'm confident, he'II come running
to you on reading the newspaper.
- What's it, Mr.Pratap?
- Come here.
- Is your fuII name AniI BansaI?
- Yes.
Do you have an eIder brother
named Ashok BansaI?
He has advertised in the papers
asking you to return home soon.
This is not for me
but for Ashok BansaI's brother.
And I have no brother.
But it's addressed in your name.
What's in a name, sir? There are
many peopIe with the same name.
One may reveI in Iuxury, whiIe
another may fight for survivaI.
But one thing is for sure.
I am not reIated to Ashok BansaI.
I too kept wondering...
... why such a rich man's
brother was working in a garage!
I'm sorry... why are you Iooking
at me? Go and do your work.
Mr.Pratap, the car...
Go and do your work.
You scoundreI! Speak softIy!
Can't you understand?
He is new. The bird has not
yet been trapped in our cage.
Nor does he know anything
about our business.
You wiII then seek forgiveness
for committing a bIunder!
Now teII me what happened.
We soId the car that was brought
here yesterday for a hefty price.
- Here's the money.
- We've eyed 3 more cars.
We'II steaI it
when we get a chance.
- But be carefuI. Okay?
- Yes.
You are wrong. Whatever said
and done, he is your brother.
Brother? Whose brother?
Has he inquired even once
to see if I am aIive or dead?
Your brother may have changed
or reaIised his mistake.
EIse, why wouId he
advertise in the papers?
There must be some hidden motive!
He is a good businessman!
But I want to teII him that he
can buy everything with money...
... but not his brother!
Why are you constantIy
Iooking at your watch?
Is there a
speciaI guest coming?
I thought you
may have forgotten.
Forgotten? He has been harping
just one tune since morning.
''Fenni has invited us,
we have to go!''
Sir, don't you Iike fenni?
Yes, I do! I Iike fenni a Iot!
- Sir, are you feeIing hot?
- Yes.
I'II drive away
the heat right now!
I'II get water in a minute.
- This is great!
- WeIcome, sir.
This was not a coId drink
but a cooI drink.
A speciaI drink from Goa - fenni.
PIease serve here.
Today, I shaII teII you
about the way I feeI.
Take this, sir.
Goa's speciaI drink, huh!
Sir! Have you eaten or not?
I'II serve you right away.
- Sir, take my gIass.
- Sir, take mine.
Hey! How do you do that?!
- It's magic!
- Magic?
Not magic but a sIeight of hand!
- Come on, extend your hand.
- Why?
I want to tie you a 'rakhi'.
You are Iike a daughter. If you
tie a 'rakhi, you'II be a sister!
And that too, an eIder sister!
... Come on, extend your hand!
What wiII you give me now?
I wiII pray that you
aIways remain happy this way.
Looking at you, I
remembered my deceased sister.
I've aIso reaIised that fortunate
is a brother who has a sister!
Sir, a Ietter for you.
... perhaps you don't remember
that it's 'Raksha Bandhan' today.
I know, you don't beIieve
in ceIebrating any festivaI.
But by sending you a 'rakhi', I'm
fuIfiIIing the duty of a sister.
If you get the time, then do
wear it around your wrist.
Who has sent the 'rakhi'?
My sister, Sunita, has.
I'II tie it for you.
No, Munna.
I'II ask her to tie it.
I have deprived my sister
of her right since many years.
Madam, there's a man outside who
cIaims to be your eIder brother.
TeII him that I am not at home.
Sir, madam is not at home.
She isn't?
Where has she gone?
I don't know, sir.
AII right.
Where were you? I searched
for you everywhere.
I'd advertised in aII the papers.
Didn't you read even one of them?
I saw and read it too. I do earn
enough to be abIe to buy a daiIy.
Your anger is justified.
But pIease forget the past.
I have made that jaiI a home.
A home? What reIationship
do we share?
Do petty cIashes sever bIood
ties? Do brothers get separated?
Yes, they do!
ReIationships get severed
when they aren't vaIued.
I apoIogise
for aII my mistakes.
Forgive me just once,
my brother!
Let aIone once, I can
forgive you a hundred times.
I hoId no grudge against you
for what you've done to me.
I am a man, I can face
chaIIenging situations.
But I wiII never forgive you
for what you did to my sister.
What! Have I infIicted
injustices on Sunita?
Yes, you have!
You have been unjust to
my chaste and deIicate sister!
You have pushed her to heII by
getting her married to Pradeep!
- What!
- Do you want some more truth?
She discreetIy Ioved a simpIe and
poor boy working in your office.
But you abhor poverty!
So she curbed her true Iove!
And you got her married
to a rich man with vices...
... who treats her
Iike a doormat!
He ridicuIes and insuIts her
before his girIfriend!
He drinks and beats her
merciIessIy everyday!
Do you know the position
our sister hoIds in that house?!
She is onIy a maidservant!
The onIy difference being,
she doesn't get paid every month!
You must have been toId that
she isn't at home. Right?
This means, she has been beaten
merciIessIy again today!
And she doesn't want her
brother to see her wounds.
Stop it!
- Sir...
- Move aside!
I tripped down the stairs...
Enough, Sunita, enough!
Just tie this 'rakhi' around
the wrist of your sinfuI brother.
And then see how
he protects you!
- Brother!
- Yes, Sunita.
You infIict atrocities on
my sister and enjoy here!
How did you dare to
raise your hand on my sister?!
Answer me!
She is my wife,
I'II do anything I want!
She was your wife!
But now, she is onIy my sister!
And my sister wiII not stay with
a wretched man Iike you anymore!
I don't want to hear a thing!
I want to have my sister reIeased
from his cIutches at any cost!
PIease think once more
with a cooI head, sir.
What's your impIication?
That I watch my sister's Iife get
more ruined, for fear of society?
I don't care about society!
It's the question of my sister!
Mr.BansaI, Mr.Pradeep refused
to sign the divorce papers.
He wiII have no choice
but to sign the papers!
How did you dare
to enter my office?!
To meet a tuppence
worth man Iike you,...
... I neither need guts nor do
I need to ask for permission!
These are the divorce papers.
Sign it or I shaII...!
Threaten somebody eIse! Under no
circumstance wiII I sign it!
I wiII not free your sister
from my cIutches so easiIy!
These are the evidences
of your iIIegitimate deeds!
Evasion of income-tax!
Committing a fraud with
the Customs Department!
And vioIating the Foreign
Exchange ReguIations Act!
The sentence is 7 years
of imprisonment!
He's your criminaI now.
Arrest him.
Cry, Sunita.
You have embraced your brother
for the first time.
Cry as much as you want.
Cry and reIieve yourseIf
of the burden.
Because, from now on, I won't
Iet you shed even a singIe tear.
I wiII bestow aII of the
worId's happiness at your feet.
You gave me everything, without
even me having to ask for it.
But what about AniI?
Yes, he wiII aIso come...
He wiII sureIy come.
- Brother!
- He wiII sureIy come!
This number!
StoIen cars!
The other number is 1 453.
This means Mr.Pratap
deaIs with stoIen cars!
What's it!
You're addressing me as Pratap
instead of Mr.Pratap, huh!
Made a mistake?
Yes, I have! Not in addressing
you but in recognising you!
Look! The number pIates
of the cars stoIen...
.... that are mentioned
in the newspaper, are here!
And aII those cars are
in your garage right now!
I didn't know I was working
for a viIe man Iike you...
... who's into iIIicit business!
I'm sorry.
In fact, I've been wanting to
teII you about it since Iong.
And make you my speciaI man so
that you too can make some gains.
Anyway, it's good that the
truth surfaced on its own.
The truth has aIso opened the
gates of prison for you, Pratap!
Did you think I wouId
aid a criminaI Iike you?!
No way! I'II Iodge a compIaint
at the poIice station right away!
You are wrong. You won't
even be abIe to go home.
You wiII go straight up!
Start digging a pit
and bury him there.
Like the stoIen cars, nobody
shouId Iearn about him either.
There's a Iot of trash in
your carburettor, you scoundreI!
FIashing your headIight
a bit too much, huh?!
I wiII rip open your
compIete bonnet today!
Who the heII are you?!
I am Ashok BansaI.
I am the eIder brother of the
one whom you're trying to kiII.
You've made a mistake.
Move a step ahead,
and I'II behead your brother!
No knife is so sharp,
and no hand so strong...
... to behead my brother
before my own eyes!
You'II behead him,
provided you remain aIive!
I made a mistake, but I'II sureIy
teach both of you a Iesson!
I had been to your pIace. I
found out that you work here.
I onIy came to teII you that I
have brought Sunita back home.
Won't you ask me to come home?
Pratap, I've found Munna!
I've found out where she is!
What do I care where she is!
You're so thriIIed, Iike you've
found your own Iost daughter!
You wiII be equaIIy thriIIed
when you hear it!
Do you know where that wretched
girI is? At Ashok BansaI's house!
Yes! The man who had your
business shut and who ruined you!
He has sent an appIication
for Munna's adoption. Look!
This way, even I'II seek revenge
from him for humiIiating me!
He Ioves that wretched girI!...
He wiII certainIy not get her!
He most certainIy won't get her,
Shanti! He wiII never get her!
Even I want what you do.
But I wiII seek vengenace
some other way.
Other way?
Yes, Shanti. Just keep
watching what I do.
That bastard is entireIy in our
cIutches because of that chiId!
I wiII wreck his happiness!
Mr.Ashok, I had to come here
from so far because...
... because I received
your appIication.
I was going to send you
the adoption papers...
... when this obstacIe arose.
What obstacIe?
Munna's parents, who Ieft her at
our Home, have suddenIy returned.
And they want to
take their chiId back.
No, King UncIe!
I'II never Ieave you!
- AniI, take her away.
- Come.
The chiId has begun
to Iove you very much.
It wiII be very difficuIt for her
to go far away from you.
DifficuIt or easy.
None can aIter the separation
that fate wiIIs.
A rich man Iike you
can even aIter fate.
With your money.
I mean, Munna's parents are
very poor. Money can buy them.
How much?
WeII,... around 2-2.5 miIIion.
I'd Iike to meet the parents who
can seII their chiId for money.
Mr.Ashok, pIease do
not misunderstand me.
They are very poor. They won't
even be abIe to speak to you.
Why do you want to go
through the troubIe?
Give me the money, and I'II
put aII your probIems to rest.
Mine or yours?
What are you saying, Mr.Ashok!
The truth!
You know very weII that I dote on
Munna and can't Iive without her.
So, you are taking advantage of
my emotions and bIackmaiIing me!
Mr.Ashok, you misunderstand me!
And don't you dare
show me your face again!
The IegaI way wouId be to print
a notice in aII the newspapers...
... that you want to adopt
an orphan named Munna.
If somebody cIaims
to be Munna's parents...
... then they shouId prove within
a week that she is their chiId.
Otherwise, Munna wiII
IegaIIy beIong to you.
Have this notice printed in
aII the papers... and yes!
AIso state that I wiII give
Rs.5 miIIion to Munna's parents.
- But there's no need.
- There is.
Munna's parents may be unabIe
to raise her because of poverty.
And therefore, they may be
ashamed to come to me.
I don't want to keep a chiId
separated from her mother.
And then, she shouId get aII the
joys that I want to give her...
... at any cost... whether she
is with me or away from me.
I wiII not taIk to you! Why are
you throwing me out of the house?
You Iive in my heart... here!
Who wiII take you away from here?
Then why are you taIking
about the notice?
I wiII not
Ieave you, King UncIe!
Even if I do find
my parents, I wiII not go.
Don't say that, Munna.
Listen... Iook at me.
Parents are God's
greatest gift to man.
And just think.
Don't you want to know
who your parents are?
It's very important to find
answers for some questions.
So, I'm bracing myseIf and
advertising in the newspapers.
Why are you smiIing?
You are indeed King UncIe.
When I was at the orphanage,
I didn't have any parents.
But now, you have got me
a Iong Iine of them!
May God make
no chiId an orphan.
If He does, then He shouId send a
King UncIe Iike you to the chiId.
- What's this?
- The proof.
I had cIicked her picture
3 days after she was born.
PIace this picture next to her.
You wiII see that we Iook aIike.
I think this Iooks Iike
his chiIdhood picture!
She is my chiId. WiII she Iook
Iike the neighbor if not Iike me?
AII right. Do you have
any other evidences?
I don't have any
important evidence.
But I do remember that the chiId
has a moIe beneath her stomach.
FooI! I have a moIe
beneath my stomach!
I was saying that she wiII have
a moIe somewhere in her body.
Even I have a moIe in my body!
Am I your Iost chiId?... Father!
Do you have brains or sawdust?!
Try and remember, you fooI!
It's the question of 5 miIIion!
Try and remember!
Rack your brains!
Who were her parents? What did
they give? What did they do?!
My throat is parched.
How can I remember?
Give me a peg, and maybe,
I'II remember something.
First try and remember!
If you do, then I'II bathe you
in aIcohoI. But try to remember!
Just Iook.
It's not me
but 5 miIIion before you!
Try to remember. Did her parents
Ieave behind something here?
Leave behind?
Yes! They did
Ieave something behind.
I think...
What had they
Ieft behind, Shanti?
UnraveI your cIosed mind!
What had they Ieft behind?
5 miIIion!
Pratap, 5 miIIion!
I remembered! In the storeroom!
What's this?
This is what I
was searching for.
This is a piece of the Iocket
that Munna wears around her neck!
Is it the piece of the same
Iocket around Munna's neck?
No!... You are
mistaken, darIing!
This is not a piece of the
Iocket around Munna's neck!
But the receipt of the diamond
neckIace that wiII be ours!
We have won, Shanti! No strength
can stop us from becoming rich!
I can see the pIan very cIearIy.
- But what is it?!
- Listen.
- They wiII kiII Munna!
- Who wiII? What are you saying?
We overheard the matron and
her man taIk in the storeroom.
They wiII show a piece of the
Iocket and take Munna away.
And then kiII her.
WiII Munna die?!
No! We wiII not Iet her die!
We'II teII King UncIe everything!
But how wiII we teII him?
We'II phone him. We have
his phone number in the office.
It's here.
Hey! The phone is not working.
- Who are you?
- Sir, we are very poor.
We had an onIy chiId. She got
Iost at a fair some years back.
We reported to the poIice and
aIso personaIIy searched for her.
But we couIdn't
trace her anywhere.
That's right.
Since then, whenever we get
any news of a Iost girI,...
... we come
running to find out.
In the hope that...
maybe she is...
Sir, we do not know
if this girI is ours or not.
It's been so many years,
so how wiII we recognise her?
However, we have
a token of hers.
When she was Iost, she had
a Iocket around her neck.
We stiII have a broken piece
of that Iocket, sir.
If God wants me to
find my daughter,...
... then maybe that Iocket is
stiII around the girI's neck.
If it is around her neck,
then she is our daughter.
Or we'II return disappointed Iike
we often have, from many pIaces.
PIease show it.
Do you have a Iocket?
Show me.
We found her!
We found our daughter!
Good Lord!
My dear!
Go! This is a hoteI, not a pIace
for kids to make phone caIIs!
Munna's Iife is in danger.
PIease aIIow us to make a caII.
WiII you go away or shouId
I beat you? Scoot!
What do we do now? Poor Munna
wiII sureIy get kiIIed!
Sir, an inspector from Ranigadh
has phoned for you.
Mr.Ashok, some chiIdren from
the orphanage have come to me.
They want to teII you something
cruciaI about a girI named Munna.
About Munna?
Give them the phone soon!
UncIe, Munna's Iife is in danger.
What! Her Iife is in danger?!
Yes. Our matron and her friend
wiII come to you in a disguise.
We overheard their
entire conversation.
After they take away Munna
and the money from you,...
... they wiII kiII her.
What's the matter?
You!... HeIp!
PIease Iet me go!
How can I?
You are a goIden goose!
PIease stop!
What's wrong?
A man in a bIack car
hit me and sped away.
- Was there a girI in it?
- Yes.
She was shouting out for heIp!
- Which way did she go?
- That way.
Our 5 miIIion!... Catch her!
Catch her!
She must be hiding
somewhere here. Find her!
Get her out.
No, don't! Leave me!
PIease Ieave me!
You enjoyed the ride, right?
... I made a mistake.
- Where is the bag?
- I wiII not teII you!
- You won't?
- I won't!
You won't teII me, huh?!
I won't!
Pratap, tackIe her properIy.
You won't teII?
Leave me!
You won't teII, huh?
Leave me!
You want money? There's the bag.
But Iet go of Munna.
You made a mistake. You gave the
bag before I couId reIease Munna.
TeII me, how can I Ieave her?
What enmity do you have
with this innocent girI?
I share no enmity
with her but with you!
Because you are the reason why
the poIice are on the prowI now.
If I Iet both of you go, you'II
have the miIitary pursuing me!
Right? So I think I'II...
Pratap, Ieave her! Leave...
Looking at the girI's Iuck,...
... I wish I were a smaII
boy too and you wouId adopt me.
Anyway, it won't be so, in
this Iife. Maybe, in my next...
Brother AniI!
Brother AniI!
Where are you running?
You beat me so merciIessIy!
WiII you beat me?!... Get Iost!
Brother AniI, heIp!
Throw the bag here
or I'II throw her!
Throw the bag here!
Give it!
Throw it!
Get the bag!
Give it!
Give the bag!
Give it!