Kingdom (2019) Movie Script

255 BC
Western State of China "Qin"
Isn't that General Wang Qi?
That's one of the Six Great Generals of Qin?
He's a brilliant general.
Leading such a huge army, he's a general even among generals.
A world of turmoil since the ancient days,
this was the Spring and Autumn Warring States period.
The vast mainland China was divided into seven states.
The kings of each state sent their generals into wars with enemy states.
Such bloodbath battles have been fought repeatedly over 500 years.
Then, in the western state of Qin,
the meeting of two young boys
was about to greatly change that history.
From tomorrow, you will start work at sunrise.
Take care of him.
I'm Piao.
I am Xin.
No! How many times do you want me to say it!?!
Ouch, ouch, ouch.
I spent so much money to buy you!
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.
- Get down to work!
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.
Teach him!
Geez! I was cheated by that slave merchant...
Damn it!
I'm gonna escape from this place real soon!
That's not possible, right?
Even if a slave grows up, he remains a slave.
A slave's child is also a slave.
Once you become a slave, you'll always be one.
But there's a way out.
The sword.
This is...
a sword?
Why did you hit me out of nowhere? -
From now on, let's fight it out 10,000 times.
10,000 times?
And how many times is that?
Many times! Let's go!
If we fight 10,000 times, can I get out of here?
More than that.
You can become a Great General under the heavens!
Creat General under the heavens??
If we seriously fight it out 10,000 times,
we can surely become Great Generals. .
I will also become a Great General under the heavens!
Let's get out of this place together!
You and your ox strength!
Oh! A bird!
Yeah right! Like I'd fall for that!
Wait. Who is that?
Your acting sucks too!
This was our 1253rd match, and now I have
334 wins, 332 defeats and 587 draws!
It's been a year since we were 2 wins apart!
It got you?
What's your problem, old man!
It's all your fault!
A Stop it, stop it, stop it.
He's from a pretty high-status family!
Where did you boys learn your swordfight?
We didn't learn it from anyone!
Sorry to intrude.
Wait! Hey, old man!
Why not?
What's with those kids?
This meeting could be what's needed
to tear apart those dark clouds.
I beg your pardon.
It's the old man from just now.
He's back. Please excuse me.
Thank you for the hard work.
Piao-kun! Don't you worry about this.
That man is called Chang Wen Jun-sama.
He's one of the ministers who serves the king.
Chang Wen Jun-sama will pay for your freedom.
I see!
Old man has recognized our skills, huh!
Alright! Let's hear him out!
Xin, you go work inside the shed!
Come, Piao-kun. Come now, Piao-kun.
Starting tomorrow, you'll be working in the royal palace.
You'll head there right now. Go prepare.
I'll work in the royal palace?
For a war orphan like you,
a great chance like this will never come again.
Then, please take Xin too.
Xin is as strong as I am. He'll surely be useful.
I'm taking only one person, and it's you, Piao.
Piao-kun, just accept his proposal.
It's an honor to work in the royal palace.
Please allow me to think about it for a day.
You were listening just now, right?
We've been training so hard all this while
so that we can climb upwards.
So that we can become...
Great Generals under the heavens.
I can't be the only one taking a shortcut--
Idiot! Don't go rejecting it 'cause of me--
I'm not going to say that, Xin.
I'm going.
Go on.
We are both heading to the same place!
I'll overtake you real soon!
We'll continue this fight another day.
Don't slack on your training.
Just you wait, Piao!
Xin, this is just a short parting.
Just you wait, Piao.
I'll become real strong!
I'll become so strong I'll get myself out of this place!
Damn it!
Wait for me, Piao.
I'll catch up with you!
I'm home, Xin.
Hey! Hey!
Hang in there!
Open your eyes! Come on! Open your eyes!
What's going on, Xin? Are there thieves?
Chief! Get a doctor!
What's all that blood?
I don't need a doctor.
I'm glad I can hear you for the last time.
Last time?
Don't joke with me!
At the royal palace, the king's brother has started a rebellion.
They will follow my blood trail...
and will be here very soon.
When that happens...
Tell them some stranger broke into your shed and died...
Leave my body as it is...
I'm not letting them touch you!
I'm not letting any of them leave here alive!
I'm happy to hear that vigor.
I have a favor to ask of you.
Go there.
A map?
It's near Heibei village.
I came here to give this to you.
Go there right now!
What's this?
What's going on?
I don't get it at all!!
I'm entrusting this to you!
I got it...
I got it already, so don't die!!!
Didn't you say we are both going to become
Great Generals under the heavens?!
The both of us becoming Great Generals together...
We will.
We are equal in strength and heart.
We are one in body and soul.
If you take flight into the world...
I'll be there with you too.
Take me...
Take me with you across the world.
I'll kill them...
I'll kill them all...
I'm entrusting this to you!
Is he there?
Get Inside.
This guy is a fake.
Don't be a disgrace to your 200-year-old assassins clan.
Zuo Ci-sama.
The villagers want to know what's going on.
General, may I know what happened here--
Kill every person in this village.
Anyone who saw us, all of them.
Yes, my lord.
We're burning the village.
Yes, sir.
His sword is missing.
I see.
He does have a fine sword.
You did well this time.
Out of my way!
If you hand over that sword nicely, we will let you through.
He's strong.
You guys, go!
I don't have the time to deal with you guys!!!
The Ying Zheng we found was a double.
Zuo Ci has annihilated the village where the double fled to.
We are tracing his whereabouts.
Cheng Jiao-sama.
Very soon, your older brother and king of Qin
Ying Zheng's head will be sent here.
King of Qin?
The king is right here.
What I want isn't the head of my older brother
or the head of the king of Qin.
It's the head of the criminal Ying Zheng.
Without getting revenge for you, I came all the way here.
Tell me what is going on.
How come?
You're alive...
Are you Xin?
Looks like there isn't time to explain.
I'll have your life.
King of Qin, Ying Zheng.
King of Qin?
A Zhuxiong assassin, huh,
So that kid was a double. Even I was fooled.
He was quite the skillful kid, huh.
Hey, wait a minute, you guys...
What is going on?
What do you mean by "double"?
"King of Qin"?
At the royal palace, the king's brother has started a rebellion.
Hey King, just give up.
No one has ever lived after being targeted by my blade.
This Zhuxiong clan shall take the head of the king of Qin.
I get it now...
I get it now!!!
You are the king of Qin.
The king of this state.
Piao looked like you.
That's why he was taken to the royal palace as a double.
He was mistaken as the king and killed for it.
Piao died in your place.
You bastard!!
What is it, boy?
I'll let you Kill the King.
But I'll take his head.
I'll kill him.
I'll fuckin' kill him!
But before that, it's you.
You're the one who killed Piao.
So I'm gonna rip your fuckin' guts out!
You have the same ability as that double.
Be a good boy and sleep there.
Oh, you can still move.
Don't think of anything.
Focus on trying to avenge Piao.
Shut up.
You have no right to speak his name!!
You did that to Piao...
Piao will...
never be brought back to life!!!
You brat!!
My king.
If ever I were to fall,
please seek out Xin.
He will definitely...
fly higher than anyone else!
Revenge for Piao...
I have a family.
I have four children.
If I die, they'll become orphans.
Then they'll be slaves for life.
Please! Let me off!
Your children have nothing to do with your crimes.
What are you going to do next?
Are you going to kill me?
If that's your intention,
I'm not going to sit still and let you.
To protect me, many people have lost their lives.
Piao is also one of them.
This is bad.
That ils...
my village.
We're surrounded here.
So the army is already on my brother's side?
The comrades of that guy who killed Piao?
Damn it!
Guess I've to take them all out!
Let's go.
Are you going to fight them?
Of course!
Follow me closely!
Follow you?
Whether or not I'll kill you,
I'll decide after finishing them all off!
So don't you run away.
Over there! A shack is on fire!
What will you do?
I have no choice. I'll go with you.
Let's go!
Oh. You're from just now...
I know a way through. Follow me.
A way through?
Wait. You can't trust this fella. Just now, because of him...
Why are you helping us?
You are a king, right?
Which means you are rich.
So it's money you want?
Got a problem with that?
That makes it easier to trust you.
You don't even know his face or name,
how can you trust him?
I'm He Liao Diao.
A kid.
Now you know my name and face.
What will you do? There's no time.
Alright. He Liao, guide us.
Call me Diao.
Hey, King.
I heard the rumor of your younger brother's rebellion.
Is a king who's all ready to flee like that
really able to pay me the money?
In the first place, what kind of older brother
lets his younger brother rebel against him?
Which way?
The left... one.
Why are you freaking out?
I'm not freaking out.
I wasn't able to prevent the rebellion...
because I didn't have the power to, simple as that.
Chang Wen Jun figured he couldn't prevent the rebellion,
so he set this plan in motion.
Chang Wen Jun? The old man who took Piao away?
In the midst of that, he met a young boy who looked just like me.
A double was put in place just in case,
but thanks of that, I'm still alive now.
Wait a minute.
Just in case?
Thanks to that "just in case"?
Don't fuck with me!
What the hell did you think Piao's life was?!!
We promised each other that we will become
Great Generals under the heavens!
He was supposed to pile up achievements,
stay in a huge mansion,
and eat really delicious food!!
I'm fighting a war here.
To win it, I'll do anything and make use of anyone!
Even more so if it's servants like you guys.
But... he understood.
A double?
You need not worry. Our escape plan is flawless.
Don't lie to him, Chang Wen Jun.
You're called Piao, right?
Listen carefully. There is no guarantee here.
The enemy's blade could reach you.
If that happens,
you will be mistaken for me and killed.
You can't even speak now?
I didn't even dare dream that I would been
trusted with such an important task.
You might die, you know.
My friend and I have a great ambition that's
totally out of proportion with our status.
To carve our names in history as Great Generals under the heavens.
From the beginning, I was prepared to stake everything.
Piao took on the job knowing full well of the dangers.
All in order to obtain something that you slaves
would never be able to obtain otherwise!
But he lost.
That's all.
Let those tears be the last mourning for Piao.
The path ahead is yours to walk.
Right now, there are two paths in front of you.
Will you return to being a slave,
or help a weak king and take an arduous path?
We are equal in strength and mind.
If you take flight into the world...
I'll be there with you too.
Take me...
Take me with you across the world.
Let's go.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm just going to make use of\you.
I don't think of you as my retainer too.
You're nothing more than a sword to me.
If you break, I'll throw you out.
Bring it on, you bastard.
Then, what are we doing next?
Right now, the only person we can rely on is Chang Wen Jun.
We have a meet up point in the West.
That guy, huh.
Then let's hurry on!
So, you will pay me after that, right?
The Zhuxiong assassin is killed?
Don't worry.
The criminal Ying Zheng is being pursued by the army
led by Zuo Ci, and the Bessa assassin Muta.
His head will be taken soon.
The Zhuxiong was defeated,
yet you aren't even apologizing?
Yes, my lord.
I'm terribly sorry.
You keep saying his head will be here...
I'm sick of hearing that, Si Shi.
If this gees on, I'll have you pay for it with your head too.
Please calm down.
Damn it!
Chang Wen Jun helped Ying Zheng escape and even prepared a body double.
Bring me his head as well, Jie Shi!
Yes, my lord.
There's no need to worry.
General Wang Qi.
Oh, look who's here.
He's the last of the Six Great Generals of Qin.
Didn't they say he lost interest in wars
and has retired from the scenes already?
It's been a long time, General Wang Qi.
So, what do you want?
It's not nice of you to ask me that.
I even brought with me something that you guys want.
Yes, my lord.
This is Chang Wen Jun's head.
Ceneral Wang Qi killed Chang Wen Jun?
As one would expect of you.
His face is deformed, we don't even know if it's him or not.
Si Shi.
Are you doubting me?
I'm not doubting you. However...
It's my job to have a firm grasp of the situation.
Whoever fights me usually ends up with such a crumpled face.
If you think I'm lying,
shall we test it out on someone over there?
So, what is it you desire?
A world trembling with excitement!
What crap is this guy saying?
This time, can I have Chang Wen Jun's land?
Enough of your nonsense!
Cheng Jiao-sama.
You have my thanks.
Is that really alright?
General Wang Qi is an ambiguous person.
That's fine.
It won't hurt having him on our side.
Hey, King, how much further do we have to go?
We are already within the mountain people's territory.
This is bad.
I heard that the mountain people eat people.
My ancestors were also wiped out by the mountain people here.
You're also from the mountains, huh.
No wonder you're dressed like that!
400 years ago, the state of Qin was once
in alliance with the mountain people.
With such guys?
By virtue of Duke Mu, the king of Qin then.
It's freaking hot!
Why don't you take that off?
This is my battle suit!
That's not even armor.
You are also dressed like that!
How lame!
What is that? Mountain people?
No, an assassin.
Be careful. Those are poison darts.
Yin Zheng!
I'll have your life!
You are so small. If you aren't using darts, I'd be able
to take you down easily, you country bumpkin!
Using poison is cowardly, you bastard!
He's quick.
Ying Zheng...
What's with this guy?
If you lose here,
it'll never be enough however many lives you have.
I know!
Just die already~
Don't step back!
Was I frightened out just now?
Damn it!!
Yin Zheng!
Like I'll let you!
He won!
You are awake?
Where is this place?
A king's summer residence in the past.
The past?
400 years ago,
this place was built so that Qin and the
mountain people could interact.
It's in good shape for its age though.
How did I get here?
Have you ever heard of a king who carried a servant on his back?
You carried me?! Ouch...
Don't move.
Ten has neutralized the poison but the wound hasn't healed.
Thank you, Ten.
You're asleep?! Ouch.
Say something.
If you don't, it'd seem like I'm looking at Piao.
Piao used to talk a lot about you.
When he did, he looked the happiest I've seen him.
I understood just by listening to him.
That you both had a bond even stronger than real brothers.
And your little brother rebelled against you,
even though you are real brothers huh.
What a horrible pair of brothers.
- You're a wake?!
What a horrible pair of brothers.
Zheng, what kind of person is your younger brother?
My brother Cheng Jiao and I have different mothers.
My mother was a dancer,
but Cheng Jiao's mother is from the royal family.
Since young, Cheng Jiao doesn't approve of me as I'm half commoner.
What's that got to do with it?
If you're the successor to the throne, then you are the king.
Although a king, I'm just a king in name.
My father was king for only three years before he died,
and I succeeded the throne at the age of 13.
But I was after all only a child.
I have no political power.
Then, who has?
The one with the power is Chancellor L Buwei,
who worked his way up from a merchant.
While L Buwei was away on a visit to a neighboring state,
Cheng Jiao started the rebellion.
Cheng Jiao has the backing of another chancellor called Jie Shi.
So that... L Buwei person... is on your side, right?
The only person I can trust now is Chang Wen Jun.
This is where I'm supposed to meet up with Chang Wen Jun.
Hey, Xin--
The enemy?
Damn it... I'll take them all on at once.
This Is bad, Xin.
How did you get that blow dart??
Picked it up.
Zheng, get back!
You are late.
We got caught up in a battle with some pursuers.
They're on our side.
Hey, old man.
Piao died.
This happened after I said I've everything planned out perfectly.
Your foolish retainer here takes full responsibility for this.
If you wish, I'll kill myself right now.
More important than anything else...
I'm glad you are alive and safe.
You too.
Chang Wen Jun is dead,
so Ying Zheng is as good as dead.
Now is the best chance to have a complete hold of the state.
Our only enemy is L Buwei.
So? All preparations are in place, right?
Please, see it with your own eyes.
This is an army of 80,000 formed to bring down L Buwei.
Now this is more like it.
Dun! come forward.
Yes, my lord!
Stand up.
Everyone, look at this man.
This man came from a family of low social status.
He was abandoned by his parents due to poverty,
but he's skilled with the sword and brush.
Here in Xianyang, he has risen to the position of serving me.
He now owns a mansion,
and even sends allowance to the parents who abandoned him.
Right, Dun?
I don't deserve such...
I can't stand it...
People like that.
No matter what clothes you wear, the inside remains the same.
Wasn't Ying Zheng's mother an indecent dancer?
The rightful king and descendant of the royal blood...
Is me.
All of you soldiers are also descendants of the chosen ones!
Ohhh this tastes so good!
I feel alive now!
Did you cook this?
Anyway, who are you?
I'm from the mountains. My name is He Liao Diao.
You can call me Diao.
One more, please.
Me too.
Well then.
Shall we hear about it now?
While I was hiding in Heibei village, what happened in Xianyang?
My lord.
That night when Cheng Jiao finally raised the rebellion,
all of us used the secret passage to escape from Xianyang Palace.
Together with Piao, who took your place.
Piao was there too??
Just when we thought we have succeeded...
an unthinkable enemy started pursuing us.
An unthinkable enemy?
Wang Qi.
Wang Qi, who has been quiet on the political front for years,
suddenly appeared in front of us.
"It's over."
"This is as far as we can go."
Just when I had such thoughts...
Piao who was in hiding all that time...
suddenly showed himself.
Piao did?
Piao-dono took the lead,
and to us who were already in despair,
he raised his voice as a king.
Don't give up!
We need to regroup!
We're going to make it through!
To be honest, I couldn't believe it.
I heard that he was only a servant boy.
But, that was unmistakably a general.
With Piao-dono's single cry,
the fire that was gone in our hearts were once again lit up.
Piao-dono acted as a decoy,
and took off into the darkness on his own.
Why was he alone?
He did it to save us.
He said Ying Zheng-sama needed us.
The last I saw...
was Piao-dono successfully breaking away
from the pursuit of the Wang Qi army.
You are amazing indeed!
Oi, Zheng! You've already met up with Chang Wen Jun.
Let's hurry go get back your city!
You, step back!
You! How can you say that to the king?
It's okay!
I forgive this guy's rudeness.
It's not that easy.
Men! Bring me the map!
The Cheng Jiao army controls Xianyang now.
We're no match for them.
We can only rely on L Buwei-dono
who's currently visiting the state of Wei.
When he returns from his visit, we will meet up--
L Buwei will not move.
L Buwei should be waiting for our king to be killed,
and for Cheng Jiao to become the king.
When that time comes,
L Buwei would declare Cheng Jiao's immorality,
and use it as excuse to enter Xianyang.
He will try to become the king once again.
Hey, wait a minute!
Isn't L Buwei on Zheng's side?
For the past 500 years, everyone on this land
has been eyeing the throne.
Right now, we should wait and observe the movements of
Right Chancellor L Buwei and Left Chancellor Jie...
then decide what we should do next.
No. If we wait, our state will fall apart.
For the sake of the people of Qin,
I have to return to the capital as soon as possible.
But right now...
there isn't a single army who can help us.
Then, let's just forget everything and live here peacefully!
You, just be quiet.
What is it?
Not you. You.
You are one of the mountain people?
This guy's dressing is funny, right?
There is!
There is just one!
A huge army that's not on the sides of either
Right Chancellor L Buwei or Left Chancellor Jie!
I've been thinking about it ever since I came here.
Chances might be low,
but we can only try going to meet...
the Mountain King.
My king, please be careful.
My lord, isn't this dangerous?
We were on good terms with the mountain people
but that was 400 years ago.
After that, it was us Qin who cut ties with them
for our own selfish reasons.
I heard that there was even a brutal massacre.
Isn't this a bad idea?
We don't have any other choice.
But what if the mountain people attack us?
Don't worry!
If they do, I'll beat them all to a pulp!
It's the real mountain people!
Our king! Protect our king!
Yes, my lord! My king!
Don't move.
What do you want, you punk!
Hey, stop It!
Hey, Diao, what did he say?
"Whenever flatland people enter our territory,"
"we will dig out their eyes and push them off the cliff."
What? Then do something, Diao!
What did you say?
I said frankly that the king of the state of Qin
wants to see the Mountain King.
My king!
Don't move!
If they wanted, they'd have killed us already!
Let me go!
He said he'll let the Mountain King decide what to do with us.
Damn it! We were too careless.
First thing we have to do is enter the Mountain King's base.
Even if negotiations do not go well,
they don't seem civilized and are more like savages,
so when that happens...
When that happens, I'll go on a rampage!
Watch it! Be careful! Xin!
What is it?
You must be kidding!!!
I'm the 31st king of Qin, Ying Zheng.
I'm the Mountain King, Yang Duanhe.
What do you need from me?
I'm here to ask for your help.
You're missing the point, King of Qin.
We brought you here to be tried.
400 years ago when the king of Qin then,
Duke Mu, formed an alliance with us,
our ancestors and the flatland people lived together in peace.
They believed it was the advent of a new world.
However, after Duke Mu's death,
because of your betrayal, the dream shared
across ethnic groups were shattered.
We mountain people were brutally killed by the Qin people,
and forced back into the mountains again.
To appease their spirits, we must sever your head as offering.
I am aware of what happened.
We are the ones at fault.
As king of Qin, I sincerely apologize for our past foolishness.
Ethnic group, culture, religion...
Though different ideas have been exchanged,
do you think blood hasn't been spilled at all?
Do you think the disparity and contempt built up over
the years have disappeared from people's hearts?
It's obvious when you look back at history that
getting rid of those is no mean feat.
This isn't something that can be resolved
by simply cutting off my head.
Seems like the young king doesn't have
an understanding of people's pain.
The pain of losing a comrade.
Let's teach you that by first cutting off the heads of those fellas.
Hey, wait a second!
Hey Zheng! I'm going on a rampage, alright?!
If I wait any longer, my head will be gone!
There's no need for that.
I am well aware of that pain.
Mountain King.
If a king draws his sword in grudge or hatred,
the country will perish in a spiral of resentment.
A king should draw his sword to open up a path for people to live.
We are divided as Qin and Mountain people,
that's why strife is created.
It's the same for China.
We are all people of the flatlands yet we've been
Killing each other for the past 500 years.
What are you trying to say?
Very simple.
If we get rid of all state borders, there will be no more wars.
Getting rid of state borders?
My king,
If that happens, the seven states will be
in disorder and more strife will occur.
You... can't be thinking...
Wait a minute, you guys!
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm talking about my goal.
Isn't your goal to reclaim the throne!
from your younger brother?
That's why you came here to ask for help, right?!
Reclaiming the throne is only the first step on my path.
Your path?
Yang Duanhe.
Would you walk alongside me?
On an arduous path that nobody has walked before.
But a light should be waiting for us at the other end.
Don't be taken in.
This Is bad.
You guys will be cursed.
You're an interesting kid.
Now then, what will you do next?
I'm not going to do anything.
Old man in that general mask!
I have absolutely no idea what the crap
you were going on about since just now.
But to sum it up, this guy here is in trouble now.
So just help him, alright!
What a weak argument...
We're finished...
Oh, and also, if you help this guy here,
you'll get paid with a huge reward, you know!
Like heaps of treasure or super delicious food!
Shut up, you monkey!
We won't forget the regrets of our ancestors.
The regrets of our ancestors!
Shut up!!!
Regrets, regrets...
The biggest regret is that their dream ended as a dream!
If you were really thinking for the ones who have died,
Then you should try turning their dreams into reality!!!
Coming from you, that was well said.
Yang Duanhe.
I am powerless now.
the path I pursue is not empty nonsense.
Revive the alliance from 400 years back
between Qin and the mountain people.
Lend me your strength.
I think you understand too.
that summer residence wouldn't be in such
a good condition even after 400 years.
King of Qin,
I have a question for you.
We are savages.
While retaking the throne, the royal palace will
become a sea of blood. Do you not mind?
That was how my throne was taken away
from me, so why would I hesitate?
A woman?
Yang Duanhe hereby forms an unprecedented
firm alliance with the king of Qin, Ying Zheng.
Gather soldiers from the neighbouring mountains.
Prepare for battle!
Zheng, it went well huh!
So, what are we going to do from now?
I have a plan.
This is the center of Xianyang Palace.
We're going up against an army of 80,000.
How many do we have?
We have 30 soldiers.
We can assemble 3,000 mountain people.
3,030 versus 80,000!
In other words??
Which is more?
What is that?
This is bad.
This is bad!
Reporting. Calvary approaching Ancheng Gate.
It's an army of about 3,000.
First, we will become mountain people.
Reporting. The army approaching
Ancheng Gate are the mountain people.
Mountain people?
Eh~ I'm going to wear this?
I don't want to wear something so weird!
Look who's talking.
Diao can just wear this!
Silly! This is my battle suit!
Reporting. A message from the Mountain King.
"We'd like to revive eur alliance with you."
The Mountain King wants to form an alliance?
If we can make them think we're allies
and get them to open the gates,
we can get pass the city walls unscathed.
I see!
Even if we can enter the city this way,
there is an army of 80,000 between us and the royal palace.
That's the crucial point.
Will they really open the gates?
They will definitely open.
Cheng Jiao's army is 80,000 compared to L Buwei's 200,000.
They are in fact panicking even with 80,000.
They are desperate for reinforcements.
We might have 3,000 now, but behind us
are hundreds of thousands of mountain warriors.
They will definitely take the bait.
To receive reinforcements just before the battle with L Buwei?
But why do they suddenly want to revive
the alliance from 400 years ago?
They opened it.
I'm the Mountain King, Yang Duanhe.
Yang Duanhe-dono, please enter.
The state of Qin welcomes you with open arms.
We did It!
From this point onwards, only the king and 50 people may enter.
50 people?
How can 50 people fight 80,000?
The army is stationed away from the royal palace.
Before the army rushes over, we'll defeat Cheng Jiao.
40 elites from the mountain people, and 10 from our side.
Yes, my lord!
Diao, you wait here.
I'm going too.
You wait here.
I'm following you and racking up some achievements too!
Then I'll be rich!
Do as you please.
Are you saying we should make use of those monkeys?
That's right.
If we get the mountain people on our side,
it's the same as obtaining hundreds of thousands of warriors.
This is all for the sake of bringing down L Buwei.
Isn't it entertaining to watch the great battle
between the L Buwei army and those monkeys?
Yang Duanhe and 50 mountain people
have reached the Zhugui Gate.
From here onwards, it's the inner palace.
Surrender your weapons how.
Everyone, lay down your arms!
We once formed an alliance with the state of Qin.
But it was the state of Qin who broke that alliance.
We trusted you but you betrayed us.
Before our alliance is revived, we'll hold on to our weapons.
Otherwise, I ask that you all also lay down your arms!
Before the alliance is revived, you may hold on to your weapons.
Is this a good idea?
Bring me Wei Xing.
Even if we're faced with their blades, what can 50 people do?
Yang Duanhe.
I thank you for fighting alongside me.
Let's enjoy this to the fullest.
There is a secret passage in the castle used by the kings.
We also used this underground corridor in our escape then.
This passage leads straight to the inner palace from the
Zhugui Gate.
This would be where our battle begins.
Only one person is suited to make the first strike of this battle.
And that is the king of Qin, Ying Zheng.
You bastard!
Close the door! Move on in!
Close the door!
What's wrong?
What's going on?
As planned, we will split into two from here.
The separate unit of ten soldiers will take this
secret passage to the main enemy base.
The rest of us will act as baits and fight them from the front.
Yes, my lord.
Xin, let's go.
They would never expect the king to be bait, huh.
Perfect strategy, isn't it?
Xin! This battle depends on you guys.
I'm counting on you!
Leave it to me, old man!
See you later.
Diao! Let's go.
Bajiou! Tajifu!
Yin Zheng!
Have you enjoyed your brief moment of glory?
Chang Wen Jun...
That Wang Qi... so that head is a fake after all.
Get me Ying Zheng's head!
Wei Xing!
Eliminate them all.
It can't be.
They knew?
Indeed, you guys came this way.
Seems like something menials would come up with.
General Zuo Ci.
In the past.
Ying Zheng isn't here, huh.
I'm leaving it to you guys.
Here they come!
Let's pull back once and regroup.
No. Stay as we are.
Yang Duanhe.
We're gonna die, Yang Duanhe-dono.
We'll be wiped out.
We will not yield to the likes of a crossbow bolt!
We will follow the mountain people.
My king!
Stupid monkeys.
All troops! Fire on my mark!
They were alive?!
What are they doing?
Frontline! Fire at once!
Send more soldiers over now!
Chancellor, please pull back to the throne room.
Are you saying I should pull back without taking Ying Zheng's head?
I'm the one who has to answer to Cheng Jiao-dono.
I got a hit.
Once we get pass this, we'll reach the courtyard.
So he's here himself to deliver his own head?
What an idiot!
This is the end.
This state will soon be mine.
What's this thing?
The executioner Rankai.
Hurry, Xin!
You can't fight this. Run away!
Ying Zheng appearing here on his own...
Is on the contrary to our advantage.
If we can make Ying Zheng's death public,
Cheng Jiao-sama can openly inherit the throne.
When that happens, we will have access to
hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
And if we can exterminate L Buwei once and for all,
power will finally return to us, the noble families.
This is the end for you, villains!
So you are Cheng Jiao?
The punishment for lowborns like you for daring
to speak to royalty like me... is death.
The punishment for breathing the same air as me... is death.
Whatever you're saying, I don't give a damn.
But I'm very clear of one thing.
The king of this state is Zheng!
Not you.
Squash these insects...
Zuo Ci.
The guy from just now.
Bi, you said he's a general, huh?
Yeah. Zuo Ci used to be a world-renowned general.
General? Is that what you want to become?
If he can lead an army, why is he here?
He was a skilled general but got banished
due to excessive mass killings.
Now he's a hired assassin.
So he's just a piece of shit!
Hey, you piece of shit!
Which part of you is a general?
Should a brat like you be asking this?
You don't even knew what a battlefield is.
Let me show you what's reality.
This is as far as you go.
No way...
Prepare yourself!
My sword won't be defeated by the likes of you.
Don't lose your will to fight!
Victory is before our very eyes!
The separate unit will surely slay the two leaders!
All we need to do is endure!!
Even if your sword breaks!
Even if you lose an arm or every drop of blood, you must endure!!
So long as you endure, victory will be ours!!!
My king!!!
Idiot! Bi!!
What's wrong? Aren't you going to become a general?
Don't go dreaming, you brat.
Dreams are trash.
I've seen so many dreamers like you.
You can't find dreams on the battlefield.
It's those people who talk about dreams
who die the most worthless deaths.
You're wrong.
You're wrong.
Stand up, Xin!
You're going to become a Great General under the heavens!
Once a slave, you're always a slave.
The only way out is with the sword.
I'll become a Great General under the heavens.
Everything ends here.
You're wrong!
What's wrong with having a dream?!!
Because you have a dream...
you can stand up.
Because you have a dream...
you can move forward.
Because you have a dream...
you can become strong.
Because you have a dream...
You bastard...
Cheng Jiao-sama.
My king, why did you come out alone?
Si Shi, Jie is dead.
What did you say?
Hey, where are you going?
Anyone who flees will be put to death!
Do something!
Trying to run away?
You bastard!
I am Chancellor Jie of the Great Qin!
Told you, right? This is my battle suit.
Let's hurry.
Zheng Is waiting for us.
Sorry we kept you waiting.
Was getting impatient.
Ying Zheng, you bastard.
Someone, kill him! Kill this guy!
From the start, this is a quarrel between us brothers.
Let's put an end to it.
How can a half commoner like you be my brother?!
Blood... blood...
The king's... The king's blood!!!
What of your blood?
So many peoeple have died, spilling blood. Do you even get it?
How dare you do this to me...
Do you think you can get away with this--
Cheng Jiao.
You should have a taste of what pain feels like.
With victory decided, there's no value in killing you.
As it stands now, we'd be executed for treason.
If we don't kill off Ying Zheng and his comrades,
only death awaits us!!
Don't you agree with me?!!
Wang Qi!
General Wang Qi!
Let's take Ying Zheng's head together!
Creat General under the heavens!
Wait, Wang Qi. What have you come for?
I'm not in the mood to play with you now, Chang Wen Jun.
I came all the way here just to ask
the young king over there some questions.
General Wang Qi.
There's something I want to ask you.
Why would a renowned Great General like you
get involved in this civil war?
Because it's silly.
Do you hear me, King?
A war isn't something to be fought within the state.
It should be fought within China.
Then, Ying Zheng-dono.
I have something to ask you as well.
It's about your dream.
What do you intend to do by retaking your throne?
What kind of king are you aiming to become?
Please consider your answer carefully.
No matter whom they may be from,
this glaive will not forgive irreverent words.
Of course.
What I'm aiming for is China.
As a first step in that path,
I've Joined forces with the Mountain King
who carries the same dream.
Which means?
I'm aiming to be...
the one and only king of China!
For China to become one?
Do you think there's even a single other state
that would accept such an idea?
If they don't, I will use force to achieve it.
As one would in a warring states world.
You would go down in history as a tyrant though.
Doesn't matter.
Though this sounds like the exact opposite of
a path that allows people to live.
If this warfare has already lasted 500 years,
it might continue for another 500 years.
I draw my sword so that those who'd have died
in the next 500 years of war may now live.
Will become the first king to unify China.
The war has ended!
Wei Xing army, surrender now!
Don't fuck with me!
Bring me Wang Qi's head!
So this is Wang Qi, huh.
Who would...
Who would go along with your nonsense?!
I will go along with it.
Chang Wen Jun.
I feel I've started to understand why
you got so foolishly heated on your own.
All forces!
Yes, my lord.
My name is...
Remember that.
I will one day...
become a Great General under the heavens!
This might be the start of yet another exciting new age.
Youngster Xin.
Let's meet in a real battlefield next time.
There is no need for further bloodshed!
If you surrender, your life will be spared.
Oi! Did you all hear him?!
Just throw down your weapons and surrender!
This war...
has ended in our victory!!!
We are both heading to the same place!
Just you wait, Piao!
Hongo Kanata
Even though such a huge civil war was fought this time,
looks like the people weren't harmed.
The Wang Qi army had the battle area completely surrounded,
and that protected the people.
he offered a fake head of mine to Cheng Jiao.
Thanks to him taking over my land,
the lives of my family and people were saved.
Wang Qi-dono did that?
All of it were...
pieces on his chessboard.
Hey King, do you remember your promise?
You did well to get this far.
You've finally gotten it back huh.
My path has just started.
I'm heading onto the battlefield.
I'll pile up achievements one by one and work my way up.
To become a Great General under the heavens?
I'll definitely climb up there,
and make you the only king in China.
Don't be conceited.
Let's do it, Zheng.
What nobody else could do,
the unification of China.