Kings (2017) Movie Script

[serene music playing]
[woman humming]
[serene music playing]
You're trying to steal
my orange juice.
No, I'm not.
- You...
- I'm trying to pay for it.
You're trying to steal
my orange juice.
[shopkeeper crying loudly]
[police on radio] Robbery and shooting
at South Figueroa. Robbery suspect down.
[Du] I didn't do this.
[cop] Put that gun down. Now!
- [cop] Now!
- [gun put down]
That girl was there a minute
and she was gone the next.
But I didn't fire the gun.
- [cop] What did you do then?
- I... I...
I shook the gun.
She says she shook the gun?
I'm gonna put her in hell.
[cop] You need to move away
from here.
[opera playing]
[Obie] Don't fuck with me!
[gun shots fired]
[Obie screaming]
Down on the floor. Get down!
- [baby crying]
- Move over. Shush!
[baby crying]
- Jessie, get down.
- All of you gone crazy?
- Get down!
- [gun shots fired]
[baby crying]
[man] Knock that shit off.
[man on TV] The security
camera caught the dispute.
Store owner Soon Ja Du thought
15 year old Latasha Harlins
was going to steal
some orange juice.
Du produced a handgun and shot
Harlins in the back of the head.
A jury convicted Du
of voluntary manslaughter.
Her pre-sentence report recommended
the maximum, 16 years.
But Judge Joyce Karlin
imposed probation,
a $500 fine. No jail time.
She got away with murder.
How could you have peace
when this is going on?
Wake up, Los Angeles! Wake up!
City of the angels
Spread your wings for me
I've been other places
Looking for my dream
Eastern cities
Move too fast
Southern ones too slow
I can't go back to my past
And I need someplace
To grow
City of the angels
Clear your cloudy skies
For me
I heard you got some places
That I ought to see
Heard you got a Disneyland
Not too far away
[kids cheering]
When it rains I understand
the skies are clear all day
Find a place for me
In your spaces please
It's where I want to be
[man on TV] of LAPD
officers beating a suspect.
[woman on TV] Everytime
society comes up with...
[man] We saw Latasha's soul
leave her body on a tape.
What kind of shit is that?
[man 2] Rodney King, our society wouldn't
accept a dog being beaten like that.
[man on TV] George Holiday lived across
the street, he had his video camera...
[man on TV, indistinct]
[man] We can't absorb this.
[people clamoring]
[man] ...of LA get together,
get out...
[people complaining]
[ominous music playing]
[people clamoring]
[alarm beeping]
[woman on TV] Opening arguments
began today in Southern California
in a case that shocked the Los
Angeles police department
is centered around
a dramatic videotape.
[man on TV] The trial of the four officers
made us relive the traumatic event...
...claiming they could get
a fair trial...
- Hey.
- [Millie] Hey, love bug.
Up early this morning.
- You are... You're my cake.
- Down.
[kid] Down the cake.
[Millie] Good. Good. Good.
Okay, there you go.
Good morning. Everybody.
Rise and shine.
Hello. Good morning,
sweetheart. Wake up.
Good morning. Time for school.
- Up. Up. Up.
- [kids moaning lazily]
[kids mumbling]
Good morning.
Good morning, darling.
Oh, look at you.
Good morning.
- Mama.
- Good.
Hi, little mama, good morning.
Give it to me. Give it to me.
Give it to me.
My bird.
[laughing] Come on.
Get up. Come on.
Rise and shine.
Need you to get
the kids ready. Okay?
Got to go deliver some cakes.
[women arguing]
[Nicole] Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Breaking my hand. Lawsuit.
- Listen. If you have to be...
[both arguing]
[woman] Listen to me.
If you hadn't been
suspended already,
this would give me good enough
reason to expel you for good.
- Okay. Yeah.
- You willfully defied
- the legal authority of our school personnel.
- Yeah. I got it.
Did you see that asshole
right there
- grab me by the throat...
- [school lady] Calm down
[Nicole] Calm down?
What do you want me to do?
I can sell avocados, bananas
and pineapples.
- Excuse me students, move aside.
- Off the corner of 3rd and Broadway.
- You need to calm down.
- No, fuck it.
Skin's wrong. I accept you.
Please. I want you to call the counselor.
She can help you, Nicole.
[cop car siren]
Here comes the LAPD.
Boom, boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom!
Hey, you looking for some
kicking on ass?
[crowd cheering]
You need to watch your mouth,
Nicole, and lower the volume.
You are disrupting
the entire school.
We saw what they did
to that Rodney King.
You saw his face
after he got beat?
- Go home.
- It wasn't very pretty, Miss Baum.
- No, it wasn't. Go home.
- Wasn't very pretty.
- Go, call the counselor. Go home.
- Rodney King. Rodney King.
- Rodney King.
- [crowd chanting along]
- [all] Rodney King!
- Students, you need to stop!
Rodney King! Rodney King!
- [all] Rodney King.
- [Nicole] Shush!
[Baum] All right, students.
Go back to your class.
Yeah, what happened to Rodney
King was very well done.
[Nicole] Good day.
[Baum] Go back
to your classes now.
[man on TV] In Los Angeles, another
well-know crime is in the news tonight.
Alleged assault.
The four Los Angeles
police officers who appeared
in that video tape of the Rodney
King beatings went on file today.
[woman on TV] The case against Sgt. Casey Koon
and Officers Lawrence Powell, Timothy Wind,
and Theodore Briseno all accused of
assault with deadly weapon charges
might never have made it to
court had not an image of...
[kids chattering]
- [kid] You all right, Jess?
- Yes.
Leave me alone.
- Will you open it?
- No.
Close the door.
[kids shouting]
- [Jessie] No!
- We're hungry.
[kids] We're hungry!
We're hungry!
[kids] Breakfast! Breakfast!
Breakfast! Breakfast! Breakfast!
[kids screaming]
Are you gonna cook us
breakfast or not?
I'm hungry.
Come here. Come here.
Here you go.
[kid] Popcorn. Popcorn. Popcorn!
[phone ringing]
[man on TV] ...was shot
and killed by...
[phone ringing]
- Okay. Hello.
- CSC. Is Millie there?
No. Millie's not there
right now. What is it?
Jordan's mother was released from
prison and a judge found her
to be able to take care
of a child.
I didn't hear what you said.
What did you just say?
The judge found she could care for the child
and she would like to be reunited immediately.
- [kids] Fire! Fire!
- Okay.
Fire! Fire!
Okay. Everybody outside now.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
[kid] Is it a game?
[Jessie] Come on, let's go.
[kid] Tiger, Tiger, you got her?
[Jessie] Hey, be careful.
It's okay.
No breakfast.
[Jessie] We're good.
It's over.
Isn't that gonna explode?
- No. Come on. Inside.
- [kids sigh in disappointment]
- [Jessie] Peaches, come down. Time to go.
- Kids, I'm home.
- [kid] Hey, Millie.
- You guys ready for school?
[kids] Yeah. Yes.
You got a call
from Child Care Services.
It's about Jordan.
Come on, guys. Hurry up.
Get ready. Get ready.
[Jessie] Come on, your bags.
Are you ready?
You got your jacket?
Where's your jacket?
I don't know where my jacket is.
- [kid] It's over there...
- [Jessie] Right here.
[melancholic music playing]
Come here. Come here, baby.
Come here.
[melancholic music playing]
[Millie crying]
Stop crying in front of Jordan.
[Millie crying and mumbling]
I can't help it.
I raised him when he was
a little boy. My baby!
[Jessie] I know.
Love you.
God. Enough of this shit.
- Warren, what the hell are you doing out here?
- Hey, what are you doing?
Get in the car right now!
- [cop] Lady! Stop!
- Not fuckin' playing with you.
Supposed to be out here, in the
streets and shit.
I didn't hit you too hard,
did I, baby?
- No.
- Okay.
You're Danticia's son, right?
Don't tell me now
to feed him.
He's a full grown.
Wait, how old are you?
How old do you think Peaches is?
Peaches is missing a tooth.
- She's five?
- Five? She's six.
So you're Shawnte.
Tiger, Ruben and Peaches.
We have a little brother
and a little sister.
A brother upstairs, Carter,
he's two and then,
our teeny little cute sister
is Sherridane
and she's about two.
Jessie's our big brother.
What I mean, now we have...
You agreed that you are not
gonna take any more kids.
No. But his mother is in jail
and the house is sealed up and I'm gonna
call Social services in the morning.
We can't leave that boy
out there like that.
[opera music playing]
Fool! What are you doing?
- Everybody can see you.
- Who?
- My children.
- Where are they?
- In here.
- Oh.
Put that shit away.
[man on radio] Good morning.
[woman on radio] ...New year.
Here's what's coming up.
Where is my purse?
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Where's her skirt?
- She lost her skirt.
- Girl, you showing your panties. What's the matter with you?
[kids making fun of the girl]
What's the matter with her?
Would you all stop laughing?
Her daughter was just shot.
William, give me my coat
right there.
Thank you.
Watch you, whore. Outta here.
[Shawnte] Oh, no. No!
What did you call her?
- You called her a whore?
- No, no. Stop it.
Who is she? Don't touch me.
Don't fuck with her!
- Come on, man. Drop it!
- Get off me!
Any kid can lay down
on the street,
but you pick him
and bring him home.
This one is... This one is crazy.
- Go away from me.
- [shouting]
Leave him alone.
Leave him alone.
- Get in the car.
- Everytime, this happens.
He locks himself in there.
Now we can't get anything
out of him.
Kenny. Hey, Kenny, Kenny.
Kenny. Kenny.
I need beer, Kenny.
I'll kill the first cocksucker
who comes near me.
You see what happens?
- You little prick.
- Come on, he's just a boy.
- Oh go eat shit and die. He's not a boy.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
- Now, come on, nutjob. Say what you gotta say.
- You want me to say it? Really say it?
- Yeah.
[Millie] Yeah.
You let your kids run wild. I
should call Social Services on you.
How about that?
- I got a rifle too.
- Oh, pull the fucking trigger Kenny.
Get in the car. Now!
Come on. Let's go.
[Jessie] Let's go.
Oh. That's nice.
Real fucking nice.
Call your mama. If you want to,
I don't give a shit.
White guy in the neighborhood!
[kids] Bye, loser!
[opera music playing]
[upbeat music playing in car]
Hey, Millie, how you doing?
[man on radio] The LAPD officer
who delivered the most baton
blows to Rodney King,
using the video tape
and police audio transmission,
prosecutors claim Powell was
laughing after the beating...
[man 2 on radio] ...and asked
us questions about Latasha.
They refused to show us the picture of
her on the floor bleeding to death.
Come on! Let's go!
[man on TV] He puts his foot down
and he's thrown off balance.
Mr. Briseno is thrown
off balance.
Mr. White says this is a stomp,
an unnecessary stomp.
He used his left foot,
his weak foot,
not like Mr. Wind,
he used his weak foot.
He's right-footed. How...
is Officer Briseno
to stop this beating?
How's he supposed to do that?
He's supposed to do that by
his foot instead of his hand.
He's gotta keep his head
out of the strike zone.
Describe the action or the verb
in a sentence.
Okay, now, what's a verb?
A verb is the action
in a sentence.
If he's trying to harm Mr. King,
would he use his weak foot?
If he's trying
to harm Mr. King?
Would he do that if his purpose
was to apply unnecessary force?
That's all.
[cop siren wailing]
[cop] Go back to your house.
Get back inside! Inside!
Hey! Out of here!
Turn that lawyer off!
We got one white boy in the
neighborhood and he's losing his mind.
Did he go? Did he kick him like
a professional football player?
[cop] Get back
in the house, Sir.
Not like Mr. Wind,
he used his weak foot...
- What are you doing?
- The cops say anything not to go to jail.
I promise you they're going to jail.
It's all on tape.
- What's the matter, are you afraid of him?
- Of course he's a fraid of him.
Mean motherfucker!
[people shouting outside]
[man] Get back in the house!
Back it up!
Yeah, I can make noise!
[kids] Push! Push!
Hold on! Here!
Oh, my God!
He threw and destroyed it!
You see that?
That's a barricade!
Stop it or it's your ass.
[Obie screaming]
No! No! No!
[TV running]
Hey, Jess.
- What?
- Give me a minute.
Hey, you. What are you doing
there? What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- You're not stealing that stuff, are you?
Nobody would steal this.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Stop! You come back here.
Oh, never. Not in this life or in any life.
This is a workplace in hell.
You bring back whatever
you stole from there.
- I didn't steal anything from you.
- So we got a Soon Jan Do here?
Soon Ja what?
You touch a hair on that girl, I swear
to god you're not going home tonight.
Yeah. I'm with them.
Okay? Don't come after me.
They're angry.
[speaking in foreign language]
[speaking in foreign language]
- [Nicole] Thank you.
- [man] So you with us?
- Yeah, I am.
- I'm Matt.
- I'm Nicole.
- Care for a drink?
Now we aren't gonna put
anything in these?
So I better have some more.
No, babe, you calm down now.
This is just whiskey.
Hey, but they're not putting
anything in it these days.
Whiskey makes me crazy.
Oh there's nothing wrong with
whiskey's making you crazy.
Yeah, what's with all the bags?
This is everything I own.
What the hell doing here
with everything you own?
I was hoping to get killed but
that hadn't happened yet, so...
So you don't have a place
to stay?
I got a friend of a friend.
Said he'd let me stay in his
broom closet but I don't know.
- You're beautiful.
- Yeah.
- She's a real pretty girl, man.
- Man, she's marvelous.
I mean, come on. Look at you.
Look at those lips.
Look at me.
Did you like that?
- She's like a kid, man.
- No, she's a little woman.
Come on, man. Knock this off.
Come on, man. Back off.
She's enjoying it.
Right? Well, you know
you'll drive any man crazy.
How about this?
Wanna take a ride?
What do you say?
You can stay at my place.
Come here.
Let me tell you something.
I'm gonna take you home.
And you gonna show me
that round ass,
those brand new breasts.
And I'm gonna fuck you.
And you're gonna love it.
And you're gonna wrap
your legs around me.
I'm gonna fuck you over
and over and over again.
You want that, right?
- Don't even doubt.
- Let's go somewhere.
- Come on, man.
- You need a bath.
You're a real big ugly shit,
you know?
- What the hell's wrong with you?
- You bitch!
Oh, so now I'm bitch.
A minute ago,
- you're heading for sex, you fucking pig.
- Motherfucker!
[both indistinct shouting]
[Jessie] You shut up, okay?
[Nicole] Oh, pervert! Come here!
Come here! I'll beat
the shit out of you.
Are you out of your mind?
You can't even grab
a little girl.
- [Nicole] Fuck you!
- Hey.
No guts, huh? No balls?
- I bet you're not having a dick.
- Nigger, is she crazy?
[both indistinct shouting]
Who the fuck you are talking to?
- You lucky. Fuck you, bitch!
- Get the hell out of it here.
[man] I'll see you.
I'll see you.
Get out of here!
[cop] You know why
I pulled you over, sir?
Where did all my friends go?
The guys with the whiskey.
- Come on. Let's go.
- It's the third time I got pulled over tonight.
I don't even have a light out.
What's the matter?
Sir, your license, please?
I got trailed on a freeway.
I pulled over.
You guys already wrote me up and some
squad stops me down on Normandy.
I'm not drunk.
What are you doing?
You gotta stop it. You
wanna get yourself killed?
I need a place to stay
and I'm tired, okay?
Close the door,
it's cold out there.
Fine. Suit yourself. Move over.
What I like is a little respect
for an officer of the law.
Hey, hey, whoa, easy now.
You sure you wanna sit
in their car? Come on.
- Let's get out of here.
- No, it's not safe for me out there.
- You're driving me nuts.
- Then you get out of here.
I'm gonna stay right here.
And I'm gonna wait to get clubbed,
that's what we're here for, right?
Easy, stay right there. What the
hell is going on back here?
- [man] Where you going?
- Am I not allowed in jail?
Prison, juvenile home,
whatever you got.
I'm giving myself up,
I stole in the store.
We decide who goes
to the station.
[man honking]
Hey! Goddamn it! Hey!
Both of you shut up!
Everybody shut up right now!
God, I hate this fucking job.
- Please, I shop-lifted.
- I don't give a shit.
There are laws against that.
I need to be taken away.
I need to be taken away.
- [man] You cracked me.
- [cop] Stay back. Sir?
[man] What if my windshield wipers
does not function properly?
Sir. Get back in there!
Goddamn it. Get the fuck out
of my car.
- [Nicole] Please, please, no.
- [cop] Why don't you understand?
Get out. You too, fuck face.
Come on!
Listen to me. Listen.
Both of you get out of here now.
Do you understand me?
Go home. Do not come back.
Is that clear?
Hey, buddy. Hey, whoa, whoa,
what the hell!
What? Get out of your car!
[gentle music playing]
[upbeat music playing
in the house]
Where you been, lover boy?
Out fucking?
See, I know you was out fucking. I
got a way to knowing this shit.
I never had whiskey before.
- That's what she drink?
- Just shut up!
Jesus Christ! The goddess
is showing.
Man, get out of here.
She looks good. I wanna keep
looking at her.
She's knocked out.
Had too much alcohol.
[gentle piano playing]
How the hell did I get here?
You don't remember?
The last thing I remember,
I was standing in the street,
looking at the moon.
It was a big moon. I'd never
seen a bigger moon.
And I remember you.
[gentle piano playing]
Where's Millie?
She's out delivering cakes
or cutting somebody's hair,
or swinging a mop somewhere.
We're still starving.
Look. Look at this. These kids
are always ready for food.
Man, forget that. Now, we
have a problem.
Millie's too stupid to steal
and we gotta do something.
We're gonna go to the supermarket and
we're gonna take everything we want.
So when you are in the supermarket,
if they catch you stealing,
they can only approach you
when you're out the mall.
- Okay.
- Kids, this is Nicole.
Okay, all right, you all,
listen to me.
This stroller is a perfect tool
for shoplifting.
Okay. The apartment is empty
as long as William's mom's gone.
You can come
and go as you please.
But you're gonna have to use
the side window.
The front door's still shut.
Come, I'll drop you.
- You all right?
- [Nicole grunting]
[gentle piano playing]
You can spit on the floor here.
Oh, God. What is this?
[kid shouting]
[kids indistinct chatter]
[kid mumbling]
[kids indistinct chatter]
[kid] Wait, wait, wait.
Hold this.
Keep the cheese.
[kid] It's too big.
Stay in line. Get in line.
Stay right here.
[kids] Run!
Can anybody give
some barnacles?
We're out of it?
- [all chattering and laughing]
- [soulful music playing]
[Jessie] You want chips
and taco?
[Nicole shouting in excitement]
[Jessie] Thank you.
Mmm! God I love chicken.
And I love eating.
You want a milk shake?
[man on TV] The case that won't
go away due to an argument...
- Here's you ten.
- ...a surveillance camera captured the...
Kids, come here. Santa's home!
[kids shouting]
[kids shouting in excitement]
Did you steal this?
- No!
- Oh, my God.
It's from Santa.
[kids shrieking]
Some son of a bitch sneaked
in here and stole the toilet.
How did they do that?
It doesn't have a lock on it
and it's just two screws.
[cartoon running on TV]
[all laughing]
The world may never know.
[woman on TV] In Los Angeles,
to recall a judge
because of a controversial decision
in the killing of a teenager.
Judge Joyce Karlin still argues
that Du is no criminal.
I know a criminal
when I see one.
I know a person who presents a danger
to the community when I see one.
- [kids laughing and chattering]
- [soulful music playing]
Hey! Wait one goddamn minute.
Where'd you get that?
Get your own toilet!
- Hey, William.
- Hey, come on.
- [Nicole] I got it.
- You got it?
- [Nicole] Okay.
- Yeah.
The guy was just walking around.
[man on TV] And then at 3:52,
watch what you see,
at 3:52, you see Mr. King
still moving,
far higher than
a push-off position.
Coming around,
his head comes around.
You see Tim Wind appeared
to start a swing
and as Mr. King's head is coming
into that area of swing...
He's saying that Rodney King
hit a baton with his face?
May I see it?
I'll call you on that.
Think he's something now.
He got a gun.
Dude, you think
he hot shit now.
- Nice baby. I love this.
- Hey, hey.
Give me the gun.
And you and Nicole,
just drop it.
[ominous music playing]
Why don't we gun down
Soon Ja Du?
[Nicole] Why does everybody in
town want that Soon Du's ass?
You new to Los Angeles?
Soon Ja Du,
killed that girl Latasha for going to the
liquor store to get herself some orange juice.
Do you wanna take
some orange juice?
Man, what the fuck!
Latasha died right there.
Man, I swear to God, one day, you're
gonna put a bullet in my heart,
- and while I'll be laying down dying...
- Cheer up, won't happen again.
Now, we four against
killer Soon Ja Du.
I was thinking about shooting
her. What do you think, man?
Best thing we do
in any situation.
- Let's do what you wanna do.
- I wanna shoot her.
Why not?
I don't know.
You let me know when you know.
What kind of shit
you all are on?
You don't kill people.
- You don't even talk about it.
- Why not?
Soon Ja Du blew that girl's
brains out.
Right now, she's lazing around
feeding ducks at parks.
Wait, that woman
didn't go to jail?
No, she didn't.
- No shit?
- No shit.
The judge said jail
would harm her.
We do something, we go
straight to jail.
Hell, they try to put us
under the jail.
- So you in?
- No, she's not.
- Killing in against the law.
- Anything interesting is.
- Be serious.
- I am.
Latasha's life had
a meaning.
If you kill someone,
that'll be the worst fuck up.
Yeah, take it easy. We shouldn't
blow anybody's brains out.
- Listen to her.
- But I could blow her shop up for you.
You just give me a bottle, some gas,
a tampon and boom. No more shop.
- No.
- Will you give me a place to stay?
You don't say shit like that.
Have you lost
your goddamn mind?
- Will do when nobody's in.
- No!
Or I could still break those men
in half for you.
[kids chattering]
I can't leave it.
[cop car siren wailing]
What's that?
You just wait.
- What's the plan?
- To stay the fuck alive.
We're putting
all their tires down.
The plan is to break
everything you can.
My masterplan was to live
at least till the year 2000.
I gotta reshape it.
Fuck that guy.
That's a very nice thing to tell
Nicole but she hasn't fucked me yet.
Come on. Get in there.
- What's this?
- Let's do with your cell phone.
- Shit, man, give me that. You good?
- Yeah.
Grab that knife.
- I want us out of here.
- Let me do this.
Let me do this!
- Fine.
- William.
Run! Run! Run!
[gun shots firing]
They're gonna shoot us.
[gun shots firing]
[ominous music playing]
- Take him to the hospital?
- He got shot.
He got shot?
Yes, he did. He got hit.
William's in there
praying for death.
- He got hit.
- Shut the fuck up.
Look, man, William
got grazed by a bullet.
I didn't get him out of earshot.
How you doing?
- Not well.
- Show me.
- Does it hurt?
- Just a little bit.
Now rock your toes
back and forth.
- Better now?
- Just regular.
Bleeding a little.
- You good?
- Come on.
Stop it.
It's gonna hurt.
It was the stupidest plan.
Wasn't even a plan?
Raid a police station?
Man, it's eye for an eye. You
push me, I'mma push you back.
It's death. I'm bleeding to death.
[Williams chuckling]
- Look, Nicole
- Stop it, you're still a baby.
Shit, man. It hurts.
Fuck, this hurts bad.
We should probably get you
to a hospital.
I don't need no damn hospital.
All right. Die here.
See if we'll give a shit.
[dark music playing]
[woman on TV] The jury is still out on the
case against four Los Angeles police men
charged in the beating
of motorist Rodney King.
It's the sixth day...
[man on TV] Not only for the
defendants is the suspense unpleasant,
this case unsettled Los Angeles from
its very beginning 13 months ago,
and with the odds for it
quiddles over a hung jury
increasing with every day
of deliberation,
a growing number of ministers
in minority neighborhoods
are urging
their congregation...
[ominous music playing]
- [kids shouting]
- Quiet.
- It's time to come in.
- We're playing.
- [kids shouting]
- [TV news running]
...only to be told
"no verdict."
[man on TV] A lot. We're just
hoping for a good result.
[window banged]
Boys, your dinner
is getting cold.
Can you please come in here
and help me set the table?
We're almost done.
[kids shrieking]
Lady! Hey! Lady!
I'm trying to work. If you
can't get them to shut up,
we're gonna have
an all-out brawl.
Look. You don't start nothing.
There won't be nothing.
Thank you.
[knock at door]
No, no.
- [knock at door]
- Let me handle it.
[knock getting louder]
Hmm. Thought you all wanted
to play.
We're finished.
But I called you in,
three times.
But you all said
you wanted to play.
- Well, now you all can play till the sun comes up.
- No, wait.
[kids] No, wait. Millie, no!
- [kids] Let us in!
- It's just gonna be for a minute.
Teach their little butts
a lesson.
[kids begging]
They're hiding.
[woman on TV] Again, the issue
of racism has been introduced.
The prosecutor asked Powell about a
message he had sent to another officer
just before King incident on his
patrol car's computer terminal,
referring to his previous call which
involved a group of African Americans,
Powell typed, "It was right
out of Gorillas in the Mist."
The prosecutor also hammered away at the
meaning behind another computer message
sent by Powell
after King was in custody.
Powell communicating again
with the same officer typed,
"Oops, I haven't beaten anyone
this bad in a long time."
All right. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
This is not that bad.
I mean...
You know, it's not the end
of the world.
When someone shut the door
on you, see if you don't cry.
Sure. Okay. Let's have a look
what's on the television.
Let's see what's on here.
Hmm. Right.
Who's hungry?
Anybody hungry?
What we got? We got
beets, we got carrots
and we got...
The prosecutor pushed...
- Shit!
- Let me guess.
Okay. You won't like that.
We don't need that.
Let's get some cartoons here
or something.
Who wants pizza?
- Yeah, I wrote all of this.
- I already like this one.
There was...
- Purple.
- What?
- Purple.
- Purple?
Say it loud
I'm black, I'm proud
Say it loud
I'm black, I'm proud
Say it loud
I'm black, I'm proud
[Obie] Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!
But all the work I did was
For the other man
And now we demands a chance
To do things for ourselves
[Obie] Give it all.
Say it loud
I'm black, I'm proud
[kids shouting in distance]
[kids and Obie singing]
[kids and Obie singing]
I'm sorry to bother you but...
My kids are here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
I was looking all over for you.
Why did you leave the backyard?
Told you, never leave
the backyard.
We're sorry, Mommy.
What? You're gonna call
Social Services on me?
- [Millie] Hi, baby.
- Hi.
[Millie] Whisper something
sweet in my ears.
- [Obie] Tell me you love it.
- I love it.
- I love it.
- [both laughing]
- Come back to me, baby.
- Millie.
[alarm beeping]
- [Obie] This is a dream.
- What?
What the hell?
- This is just a dream.
- This is not a dream.
- May be.
- You are mine.
- This is just a dream.
- You're mine.
- This is just a dream.
- You...
[alarm beeping]
[switching the alarm off]
Can I have some milk, please?
[Obie] Tell me you love it.
Oh. [laughing]
[phone ringing]
Hey, Angela.
- What?
- Momma.
What do you mean Jessie and
William ain't in school today?
When did you see them?
[cars honking]
[man on radio] News radio.
Good afternoon. It's 73 degrees here in
Hollywood on a hazy Wednesday, April 29,
here are the headlines
at 4:05.
If you just heard on K...
On CBS news.
The four cops charged in the Rodney King
incident found not guilty on all counts but one.
Mistrial declared on that
single charge.
[people clamoring]
Back up!
[people shouting]
- Millie
- Mary, I need a favor.
What the hell!
- [man] What the hell's going on?
- What the hell is he doing?
Haven't you heard?
They've acquitted the four cops
who kicked the shit
out of Rodney King.
What did you
just say, Mary?
The verdict just came in. They found
the four cops that beat Rodney King
not guilty on all charges.
- Well that's not possible.
- Did you hear?
There's some heavy shit
going down on the Havens.
There are boys fighting the police and
neighborhood boys are running there.
Oh, God.
[cop siren wailing]
[car slowing down]
[dogs barking]
[gun shots fired]
- Get out of here.
- What?
There's a cop running around
with a gun.
What do you mean there's a cop
with a gun? Where?
They are after some kids.
- Just don't go over there. They're shooting everywhere.
- Oh, Jessie.
What's happening?
Did we miss the fun?
No, no, back inside, boys.
Come on.
Shawnte, I'll leave you in charge.
I don't want you outside.
I don't even want you
in the backyard, okay?
Just sta inside, I'll be back.
- [cop] You're under arrest.
- Let me talk to you.
[people arguing]
I gotta get William and Jessie.
- My girls, my boys.
- Kids, kids, kids.
My boys! They're taking my boys.
We didn't do nothing.
We didn't do nothing now.
[cops] Take them down.
Watch your head.
[people and cops arguing]
[Millie] Why are you
doing this, Officer?
You gonna kill me?
[Millie] Officer, he said
he didn't do it.
I'm the wrong man.
I didn't do nothing.
[Millie] You don't have
to hurt him.
[people clamoring]
All right.
- [gun shots firing]
- [ominous music playing]
Something is going on.
[heavy commotion]
[Millie] He didn't do nothing.
He didn't do nothing.
This is wrong. This is wrong.
...innocent people.
No! No! No!
[Nicole and William moaning]
[melancholic music playing]
I didn't do nothing. I want
to take care of my boys.
I wanna take care
of my boys.
[cop] Up! Up! Up!
[Millie] This is not right.
No! No! No!
No! No! No!
- No! No! No!
- Get her in the car. Get her in.
[tense music playing]
[people shouting]
We ain't afraid.
We got guns just like you.
Let us out!
They want justice? I'm going
to show them some justice!
Rodney King verdict
just came in.
All four cops are not guilty.
We're taking it to the streets.
Get dressed. Let's go.
[ominous music playing]
- [people shouting]
- [Nicole] Don't go.
Rodney King, Latasha,
this is for you.
Let us out!
[pounding on the car]
Let me out!
[people] Let them go!
Let them go!
Let them go!
Let them go!
...Demoines and West
between a mile stretch of cars
west of the high road freeway
rock throwing and looting and
ramming vehicles, you name it.
[tires screeching]
Rodney King, justice for you!
[Nicole] Hey, stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
[people shouting]
[people] Get out of the car.
- [pounding on the car]
- [siren wailing]
Stop! Stop!
There's a man on the car!
Hold there. There's someone.
You're dragging a man
on the back of a car.
[Millie] Oh! Oh, God!
Oh, lord Jesus!
Let him go. What does he have
to do with this?
[Nicole] Please, William,
don't hurt him.
Please, please, please, please!
- [William] Oh, God.
- [Nicole] Oh, God, Jessie.
- William.
- [Nicole] What have you done?
What did...
What did you do?
Stop... Please...
William... What did you...
Hey, William. William.
Somebody, help! Help!
He's hurting too much.
- [William] Fuck!
- We have to drop him.
[Nicole] Just put him down.
Nicole, press him.
Press the wound.
Press here, right?
It's gonna be all right.
We're gonna get you home.
[cop on radio] Disregard that call.
I want everybody out of here.
We're leaving the area
to regroup.
Spotting a gray vehicle
with a female locked inside.
57th unit en route, identified.
77th unit on road, identified.
What are you doing?
[cop on radio]
I want everybody out now.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Stop. Stop.
[cop] What are you doing?
Now put that out.
- Screw you!
- Put that out!
Put that out!
I'm gonna burn this shit down!
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna stop the car.
I'm gonna stop.
- Get the fuck out of the car
- Get out of the car.
- Get out of the car!
- Out!
Go! Go!
Get out! Move! Go!
Oh, God!
Oh, God, in hell.
[ominous music playing]
Hey, stop, stop!
28th and Griffith, all right?
All right. We're waiting.
Thank you.
Hey, stop. Stop!
My God in heaven.
Ruben, Tiger, come downstairs
to the TV.
[kids] What?
[Shawnte] Just come here.
[woman on TV] Look at this.
[Shawnte] What? Why are there
so many people?
Look what they are doing.
[kid] They look so happy.
[Shawnte] Of course,
they're happy.
We didn't get your shoes
but we got all kinds of stuff.
[all laughing]
What has life done to you?
Help me.
Get in.
[Millie] Jesus.
He's gonna lose all his blood.
[Jessie] Fuck!
The ambulance crews are requiring police
escorts to the area. We'll wait...
How long is it gonna take?
There's victims
all over the place.
- We know.
- My friend is dying.
Do you understand? He's just a
boy and he's dying out here.
Please. You have to help us.
I don't know what to tell you. I'm not
getting anything from the police right now.
[ominous music playing]
[police announcement]
I finished my home work.
But if you want me
to put the Barbies away...
Baby, where is
everybody else?
[Jessie] Get the door.
Get the door.
- [menacing music playing]
- [explosions]
Where should we take him?
Where the fuck are we?
Where are the street signs? They took
away all the fucking street signs.
Can't see anything.
[William coughing]
Careful, Nicole.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[Jessie] Get out of here!
[man] Stop there!
[man] Stop!
[Nicole] Help us!
It's the police station.
Back it up.
Come on.
Okay. I know. I know. I'm gonna make
you all something to eat right now.
[kids crying]
You are really hungry.
I'll make some food.
Okay. Just one sec.
What's he looking for?
I don't know, maybe, he's trying to
find something to break these cuffs.
Okay, I'm coming, babies.
Just give me one... one second.
[Millie screaming]
[Millie screaming]
God damn it! God damn it!
You motherfucker!
Hey, hey! It's dead.
It's dead. Millie. Millie.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- My boys.
I thought you were the sane one.
Hey, come here. Come on.
Come on.
- Come on. Come here.
- I gotta find my boys.
Now sit. Sit down. Sit down.
- My babies.
- Sit down. It's okay.
Here, here, here.
[kids crying]
If that's what you are saying,
let me tell you,
you're fucking crazy.
Now keep really still.
'Cause I've never done
this before.
- Oh, God. Jesus.
- On three, right?
Oh! Ha ha! First time!
- I need a beer.
- Thank you.
I gotta find my boys.
All right.
I gotta find my car keys.
I gotta find my boys.
Where are my keys?
[door shuts]
And as God is my judge, I promise you.
This will be the end for you,
of the bacon double cheese burger,
the flamed grill chicken burger,
the big fish, the bacon king,
the whopper, the bacon king
and the cheese whopper.
Now it's your circus.
But if you burn down this Burger King, we
will never ever rebuild another restaurant
in your neighborhood again. So, you could
say goodbye to our chicken nuggets,
buffalo ranch, honey mustard
and barbecue dipping sauce.
To the hand-spun strawberry
shake, the vanilla soft serve,
the choco chip cookies.
You will have to consider
being done with a hot
caramel Sunday,
the strawberry and chocolate
Sunday forever.
Free food!
Where's the fucking hospital?
[melancholic music playing]
[Nicole] Hey, excuse me.
How do you get to the hospital?
Get back on Hoover.
South on Hoover.
- [Nicole] Where is Hoover?
- Take a left.
[Jessie] Please, open
your eyes. William!
[Nicole] William.
[melancholic music playing]
- I can't feel his heart?
- What?
- I can't...
- What?
I can't feel his heart.
Drive. Drive somewhere.
[melancholic music playing]
- [kids cheering]
- [melancholic music playing]
- [kids cheering]
- [melancholic music playing]
[man on TV] ...two motorists that wandered
into this area both driving front,
ripped out
of their automobiles,
beaten unconscious,
then their pockets picked,
when they stood up to try to...
When they, covered in blood,
tried to get out of the area, they
were beaten back to the ground.
No LAPD officers
were stationed. They were...
LAPD has been ordered
out of this area.
Also the liquor store, Tom's liquor
store here at Normandie and Florence,
was fully gutted. People going
inside with empty hands
and coming out with...
[tires screeching]
[man on TV] It was almost
as if the owner of the shop...
[car honking]
[car honking]
- Did they come back yet?
- No.
They're nowhere.
I looked
all over the goddamn city.
They're here. They're here!
They're here!
You have seen anything
like this in America?
[kids shouting]
Look at my shoes.
- And how long do you think this will go on?
- Till jury changes its mind.
There you have it.
Elena, live from Los Angeles.
Jesus, Millie.
Are you okay, Momma?
[on TV] Yeah, I'm going to sell
these and make some money.
Peaches, can you get your mommy
a glass of water?
[Millie] Oh, my God.
[gun shot fired]
Stop! Stop! Stop!
- There! Right there!
- Where? Where?
Oh, God. They're really gonna
get it. They gonna get it.
- Boys. Boys.
- Hey.
- Get over here right now.
- This is for you, Millie.
Ruben, get over here.
[Millie] You know better,
breaking into somebody's shop.
What is wrong with you?
Get over here! Ruben!
You are stealing things
from others' store?
- Really? Of all the things you can steal...
- Hold it there, goddamn it!
Hold it right there. Turn around,
put your hands behind your head.
- No, no, we came down here.
- No, these are our boys.
[Millie] Because I saw
them doing it.
Now listen to me.
I'm telling you to do something.
- I'm giving you an order.
- [Millie and Obie mumbling]
What is that?
What? You are out pillaging
before you rob the bank?
- Okay. Okay.
- Now I asked you to shut up.
I asked you nice to shut
the fuck up.
Okay? And now
you are under arrest.
[cop] Right here.
We got an officer
needs assistance call.
- [cop 2] We're moving.
- [cop 1] No. No!
Not... No. Shit!
I'm not gonna let you get away with this.
You understand me?
You are exactly what I'd been fighting
my whole life, my whole fucking life.
All right? And let me
tell you something.
I got a job.
I got a badge.
I got a uniform.
And I'm gonna put you in jail.
All right? I don't care.
No, I'm gonna put you in hell.
And you're not gonna get out.
[kid] Wait, wait. Wait a second.
[Millie] No, no, no.
Get back in the car.
[Shawnte] When are we
going home?
Well, obviously not right now.
Now get back in the car.
[Shawnte] And what are you
gonna do about it?
[Millie] Okay, look here, Tiger.
You wanna talk about
your birthday?
- No.
- Okay.
- Okay. What about Christmas?
- This is better than Christmas.
Do what you wanna do
right now.
But when I get out
of these things,
I'm gonna come over there and I'm gonna
bite your toes off. Get in the car.
- Get in the car!
- [kids] Go. Go.
[kids] Get in the car.
Windows! Windows!
- I can't believe it.
- Do you smoke?
I can't be stuck here.
No, no, I don't smoke.
[Millie] Let me see I can...
Hey, hey, stop, stop.
- Stop it. Oh, God.
- Fuck you!
- Oh, God.
- Fuck you!
[Nicole crying]
Come on.
- Okay.
- Okay, let me turn it.
- Yeah.
- All right.
[both grunting]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Well, was that you?
I thought it was me.
I thought I'd just peed myself.
It's okay. It's okay.
[Jessie] It's only a scratch.
He's just bleeding a little.
He'll be all right.
Hey. Please.
Please come back.
William, please come back.
I'm gonna need your pants.
- What?
- Strip, baby.
You can keep your panties on
but I'm gonna need your pants.
- [Obie] One more time.
- All right. Here you go.
[Millie] Okay.
- Coming down, coming down.
- Okay.
[Millie] Oh, God.
He looking at me? Shit.
[Obie] I got it.
- [Millie] Yes! Okay.
- Yes!
- [Millie] Slowly.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Yes!
- Yes!
[soulful music playing]
[man on radio] ...anticipated
curfew put into effect
until tomorrow night.
[soulful music playing]
There you go.
[Obie panting and gasping]
[Obie grunting] Oh, God.
- [Obie] Hold on.
- You're doing good.
- [Millie] Good.
- Yeah.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
[man on radio] Additionally, we've
made available some 2000...
national guardsmen,
they are gonna standby...
[Millie] Come over. Come over.
[Millie] Stop, stop, stop!
[Obie] No!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
[Shawnte] We're fine.
We're okay.
[lamp post creaking]
[Obie grunting]
Oh. Oh, God. Oh.
- [Millie] You okay?
- Yeah. It hurt real.
That hurt everywhere.
[Millie] We did it.
Don't move.
Stay right there.
[Millie] Okay...
[soulful music playing]
Any lamp post
that gives you any trouble,
I'm gonna knock him out.
[cartoon running on TV]
Hi, Jessie.
Hi, Peaches.
How are you?
You know what?
Shawnte and the boys
were on television
and I got to play
with my Barbies all night.
Are you all right?
[Jessie crying]
Where's Millie?
She's out
looking for all of you.
[melancholic music playing]
The school on Normandie
and 75th,
it's called City of Angels,
Nornandie Middle School.
And I go there just to try
new work.
And then the teacher there give me more
assignments and then I come back home
and do those assignments.
[soulful music playing]
["Ooh Child" playing]
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things looking brighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things looking brighter
Someday we'll get it together
And we'll get it all done
Someday when
The world is much brighter
Someday we'll walk in
The rays of a beautiful sun
Someday when
The world is much lighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things looking brighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things will look brighter
Someday we'll get it together
And we'll get it all done
Someday when
The world is much brighter
Someday, we'll walk
Together in the beautiful sun
Someday when
The world is much lighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things looking brighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things will look brighter
Someday we'll get it together
And we'll get it all done
Someday when
The world is much brighter
Someday, we'll walk
Together in the beautiful sun
Someday when
The world is much lighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things will get brighter
Ooh child
Things are gonna get easier
Ooh child
Things will get brighter
And brighter now
Brighter now