Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016) Movie Script

For centuries the sacred magic
of the divine crystal
blessed our world
and its people.
But in time the promise of its
power brought war to our lands.
Lucis, a peaceful kingdom
of great magic
kept safe by the power
of the crystal.
And Niflheim, a military
empire of vast machinery
made strong by
the might of its magitek.
Long has war
raged between the two.
As the years passed, Niflheim
marched on nearby nations
driven by its unsurpassed technology.
To defend itself,
Lucis raised a magical wall
the strength of which comes
from the crystal itself.
Insomnia alone,
the crown city and last bastion
of Lucian defense
remained beyond Niflheim
reach for many years.
Amid the escalating war
Prince Noctis of Lucis
had come to Tenebrae
to seek healing
for a grievous injury.
He made the long journey together
with his father, King Regis.
Mother, brother, and I,
the royalty of Tenebrae
had all welcomed their visit.
It was then
that the fires came,
everywhere and all at once.
In a mere instant, the whole
of Tenebrae was ablaze.
General Glauca.
The Niflheim attack
was an attempt
on the lives of the visiting
Lucian royalty.
Help us!
King Regis!
From that day until this day,
Tenebrae has been gripped
in the iron fist of Niflheim,
sworn enemy of Lucis.
King Regis assembles
a force of mighty warriors
to combat the imperial menace.
Dubbed the kingsglaive,
they fight relentlessly
against Niflheim,
empowered by the magic
of their sovereign.
All units,
move to secure the wall.
If they break through,
we're done.
What's the hold-up,
Almost there.
- I need help.
- East wall's going down.
Pelna, can you get to me?
Lucis isn't
paying us refugees enough...
For this.
How is this fair?
- Nyx, I owe you one.
- You and everyone else.
We need support on the east flank.
Nyx, where are you?
I'm on my way.
Pelna, fall back
and regroup with the others.
Go easy on the magic, hero.
You got people
waiting for you back home.
I'm worth the wait.
Watch your back, Libertus.
We got more incoming.
We ain't gonna last much longer.
All glaives, fall back.
Repeat, all glaives fall back!
Release the daemon.
We can't take down that daemon.
I'm ordering a full retreat.
Get back here alive.
That's an order.
For hearth and home.
All units, fall back
to the extraction point.
Support is inbound.
We have to get out of here.
We have orders!
Oh, that idiot.
We gotta move.
You gotta be kidding me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know I ain't got
the stomach for this crap.
Would you rather walk?
Come on.
Just like Galahd Canyon back home.
Luche, report.
The imperial forces
look to be withdrawing, sir.
Guess I owe
you another one.
I'll put it on your tab.
You just try and get some rest,
all right?
You disobeyed
a direct order to retreat.
For hearth and home,
right, sir?
As long as I got
strength in my body,
I obey that order.
Don't fool yourself,
Nyx Ulric.
Whatever strength you have
is on loan from the king.
You are nothing without him.
Await details of your reassignment.
Yes, your majesty.
Despite their victory
all but assured.
A sudden
and inexplicable retreat.
We are at risk nonetheless,
your majesty.
We cannot know
when they will strike again.
Your majesty,
word from the west gate.
A man claiming to be an envoy of
the empire requests an audience.
The envoy from Niflheim awaits
without, your majesty.
Hello there.
Good day to you...
And you.
Well met, my dear Lucians.
Has Niflheim grown so bold
that they send the chancellor
himself as envoy?
And under no guard, at that?
It is an honor to be recognized
by the great King Regis.
Yet, permit me
to stand on ceremony
and introduce myself
Ardyn Izunia,
chancellor of Niflheim
at your humble service.
And I come to you on this
most auspicious of days
to offer terms of peace.
As you no doubt surmised,
that recent maneuver of ours
was no strategic retreat.
Call it...
A gesture of imperial goodwill.
Like you, we wish nothing more
than to bring a swift end
to this senseless war.
Is that so?
It is, indeed.
And we require but
a singular compliance.
Save your grand Insomnia here.
Lucis must forfeit all
territories to Niflheim rule.
The Jewel in the crown
of the Lucian kingdom.
How foolish of me
to forget.
There is just
one more trivial thing.
It concerns your son.
The fetching
Prince Noctis of Lucis
and the fair Princess Lunafreya
of Tenebrae...
They are to be wed.
You seem vexed,
your highness.
I assure you,
the Princess still holds you
in the highest regard
as she has done
all these 12 long years.
Don't know
if anyone's told you,
but we don't take kindly
to insubordination around here.
Do yourself a favor,
take a look around.
This is what a hundred years
of peace looks like.
It's a lasting peace made by
the wall and the wall alone.
See, we don't need
any of you immigrants
jumping around,
playing war hero.
Hey! Rough day
on the gate, huh, glaive?
You jerk. It's your fault
he got stuck there.
Not a very nice
welcome for a big hero.
Not a very nice outfit
for one, either.
I think it brings out my eyes.
What'd you put in this?
Tastes like a chocobo turd.
Hey, shut your trap!
This ain't Galahd. That's the
way folks around here like it.
Oh, well. I'm glad
to see you're willing
to sell out our heritage
for a few extra Gil.
Hey, Libertus. You thank Nyx
for saving your life yet?
Oh, come on, Crowe.
Nyx and I are too close for that.
He helps me, I help him.
That's the way it's always been.
Looks like you got little help
from something else, huh?
I need all I can get.
For hearth!
- And home.
- And home.
So, Nyx the gatekeeper.
How's the new post treating you?
Oh, it's amazing.
You guys would love it.
The gate watch are real sweethearts.
Yeah, right.
We all know they hate us
outsiders more than anything.
So bored they
got nothing better to do.
Boredom's not so bad.
Means there's peace, at least.
I'd fight a hundred more wars
for Galahdans to know boredom.
Fight all you want.
Just don't go dying yet.
I still owe you.
A lot.
Where would the glaive be
without its hero?
Can you not talk like this
while we're drinking, please?
Besides, we just sent the Niffs
running with their tails
between their legs, right?
They weren't running from us.
No, they were toying with us.
Stop being such a buzzkill, Luche.
We all know what happened.
Did you know they sent an envoy
to the citadel after that?
What for?
To offer their surrender?
- More like demand ours.
- What?
My ass!
Think about it.
The empire's got Lucis
on its last legs.
It's the perfect time
to make demands.
We are losing this war,
your majesty.
Lucis cannot rely
on the kingsglaive alone.
Accepting the truce may be
our best course of action.
You speak of matters
beyond the new wall.
We have no need of a truce here,
so long as it stands.
And if our position worsens,
we still have the old wall.
Yes, but this truce will end
the fighting altogether.
If only we could compromise...
Compromise is unwise.
We know nothing
of Niflheim's true intentions.
Do not fool yourselves.
The walls are far from impenetrable.
The paths left to us are few.
The new wall draws its power
from the throne.
I am able to sustain it
for some years yet,
if the kingdom requires it.
But the chancellor spoke
one truth, if only one.
We are old, and the old wall...
I cannot command the old wall
with a weakened hand,
nor do I have the strength
to muster an offensive
to turn the tide on this war.
Then let the choice be made,
your majesty.
What are we to protect?
Help, mother!
How come you never
lose your lunch like that?
Just doesn't add up.
Here's this ancient art,
secret of the royal family
and all that.
Come here, guys,
you gotta see this.
Things were hectic
in the capital today
as the Lucian government
announced full acceptance
of what some are criticizing
as the unilateral peace terms
proposed by chancellor Izunia of Niflheim.
The signing of the truce will see
governing power over all Lucian territories
transferred to the empire,
with the sole exception of Insomnia.
In return, Niflheim
guarantees the continued safety
of Insomnia and its citizenry,
as well as a cessation
to all hostilities
bringing a decisive end
to this long and bitter war.
All that fighting we did.
All for nothing.
Assemble in the briefing room.
The king has spoken,
and you have heard.
All lands beyond the wall
are to be relinquished
to the empire.
no regions be spared?
But your home's out there too!
It is.
Why would the king do this?
Because it'll end this damn war.
- Crowe.
- Sir!
Prepare to deploy.
You're being sent to infiltrate Tenebrae.
Tenebrae, sir?
Mission details are classified.
Report to my office for briefing
in 30 minutes.
And, Nyx...
You're off the west gate.
You've been reassigned
to the castle guard.
That is all.
So this is what you were
talking about, Luche?
You heard
the captain.
This wasn't
our decision to make.
Not ours to make?
Those are our homes
out there! Our people!
And you're just gonna go along
with this and abandon them?
If we don't go along with them
the empire will unleash
all hell on Insomnia.
We'll unleash it
right back at them!
Easy, easy.
He's not the enemy.
Don't you get it?
We're nothing to them.
Rats, snuck in
from beyond the wall.
Sure, they had a use for us
when they realized
we could work their magic.
So they handpicked us out from
all the other rats out there
and just let us nibble away
at his royal majesty's precious power.
But as soon as
this war's all over,
it's back to the sewers
for all of us.
That means you too, hero.
You missing home so much,
why don't you
and Nyx head on back?
I'm sure Niflheim will
welcome you with open arms.
You've got a home out there too.
Or did you forget?
Damn it!
I'm not gonna
let it end like this.
It is said sentiment amongst the
people is favorable, your majesty.
Most all will
welcome this peace.
If you yourself have not
heard their voices,
how can you claim
to know their hearts?
What of the mission to Tenebrae,
your majesty?
Is such clandestine action wise?
If discovered, it will only
serve to provoke the empire.
The empire remains our enemy
until the treaty is signed.
So long as
we are at war,
his majesty intends to remain
one step ahead of them.
Of course.
A hairpin? I didn't think you
were into that kind of thing.
It's not for me.
It's a gift for the Princess.
But keep that quiet.
Nobody's supposed to know.
Well, that's me.
Watch your back
out there.
I know you're sick of hearing
it, but you're like a little--
Little sister to you.
Yeah, I am sick of hearing it.
Just make sure you come back
in one piece, all right?
Says the guy in two pieces.
Lady Lunafreya, I have
left the rear gate open.
Thank you.
Must you go?
Then go quickly.
I do not recall
granting you permission
to leave your quarters,
You are not to leave this room
again until the journey to Lucis.
It is for your own good.
My own good?
What is truly going on here?
What cause does the empire have
to see me wed to Noctis?
They have offered a peace,
and your marriage
is the olive branch.
You expect me to believe that?
What you believe
does not concern me.
What does concern me
is you sneaking off
to go and tell our mother's killer
about some plot you've dreamt up.
You are wrong
to hate King Regis.
Niflheim killed mother,
not him.
They murdered her
and made you their lapdog.
It's done.
An air of jubilation
has swept the city
in anticipation
of the coming armistice.
With only three days remaining
until the peace
is officially signed into effect,
throngs of citizens have taken
to the streets to show...
Lucis needs your strength,
young warriors.
We don't need
any of you immigrants.
Whatever strength you have
is on loan from the king.
You are nothing without him.
Woman: Nyx, help mother.
Selena, get down.
--And the waves of imperial
diplomats entering the city.
The Princess?
Are you certain?
Yes, your majesty.
She was amongst the last
of the imperial contingent
to enter the city.
Get in.
I'm reporting to my post now
though, sir.
New orders.
Come on.
We've got a Princess to pick up.
Nice ride, sir.
It belongs to the prince.
We've taken him
outside the city.
Doesn't he have
a wedding to plan, sir?
Cut the "sir" crap.
The king has
a plan of his own.
Prince Noctis and Princess Lunafreya
are to meet far from Insomnia.
What's she doing here then?
Complicating things.
We sent Crowe
to find the Princess
and escort her out of Tenebrae.
We're still trying to
figure out what went wrong.
So I know what
you think about this war,
but what do you think
about this peace?
You happy giving up
your home?
It's the king's decision.
I owe him for taking me in.
I was lucky. There are people
in Galahd who weren't.
And they need me.
So you're going back?
What good will you be
without the king's magic?
Yeah, always wanting
to save somebody.
I get it. Believe me.
But it doesn't win wars.
It's not just wanting.
It's not just me.
Libertus is the one
you need to worry about.
He'll go back
if things get worse.
The worst
is yet to come.
Do you have any idea
who you're stopping?
Open this gate now, and maybe
you'll have a job tomorrow.
- King's orders.
- Are you sure you want to risk
a diplomatic issue now,
of all times?
I am the personal escort
of lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret,
Princess of the former Tenebrae and--
and our kingdom's beloved bride-to-be.
Welcome to sovereign jurisdiction, ambassador.
We'll take care
of things from here.
- Forgive me, captain Drautos.
- See her highness to the castle.
I had no idea that you--
I wasn't made aware of any--
- Excuse me. Thank you.
- No, you-- I must--
I must-- no, I have to clear it
with my superiors first.
Your highness.
Her royal highness,
Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae.
It has been a long time,
your majesty.
Far too long.
Prince Noctis isn't here,
is he?
No, my dear.
He is not.
I am too old to fight this war.
I have no choice
but to receive the empire
and accept their treaty.
Even so...
I had hoped to hold the wedding
elsewhere, somewhere safe.
I sent one of my glaive
to see you there, but--
it is not too late.
I can ready an escort.
Please, go to my son.
Wherever I go,
the empire will follow.
It would only place
the prince in greater danger.
It is my duty to protect the prince
and see his destiny fulfilled.
These 12 years
have not changed that.
And what of your destiny?
My duty is my destiny,
your majesty.
I'm prepared to accept
whatever may come to pass.
So, what do you think?
All these lands
will be imperial soon.
Reckon things will get better when
them Niffs start calling the shots?
Not one damn bit.
Don't matter
who's calling the shots.
As long as they're calling them
from behind the wall,
ain't nothing gonna
change around here.
Get over here.
All right.
That's a hand!
I trust the reunion
was a happy one?
Has she been a hostage
of Niflheim all this time?
She's a symbol of the peace.
That's all I'm told.
Doesn't sound like it.
Sounds like she's here for
something bigger than that.
Your orders
are to protect her.
Not to look, not to listen,
not to think.
Yes, report.
Get the hell out of my way.
That's my friend you
got in there, damn it.
Sir, you can't go in until
the examination has ended.
What examination?
What the hell's going on?
Hey, take it easy, big guy.
These bastards rushed Crowe in
there the moment she got back.
And now they won't
let me in to see her.
Crowe's personal effects.
Do with them as you see fit.
So, what kind of mission
did you really send her on?
No glaive winds up dead
on a standard escort.
I'll see the armistice does not
interfere with a full investigation.
She was a good soldier.
Her death will not go unanswered.
What a life, huh?
She was brought up an orphan.
Run out of her village.
I still remember
the first time I saw her.
Scrawny little thing,
all covered in dirt.
Not a friend in the world.
But those eyes...
There was something
about those eyes.
She deserved better.
And I would've done anything
to give it to--
Libertus, wait.
Crowe died a glaive.
You can still honor her
by fighting as one.
You're dumber than me
sometimes, you know that?
Don't you get it?
Lucis killed Crowe.
Go back to the castle!
Tell the king there's
no peace to be had
from throwing the weak
to the wolves.
I'll fight my own fight
from here on out.
See you around, hero.
A hairpin?
I didn't think you were
into that kind of thing.
- It's not for me.
- It's a gift for the Princess.
A most grand reception,
King Regis.
You honor all of Niflheim.
Oh, the honor is ours,
Emperor Aldercapt.
You have ventured far to
grace us with your presence.
It was the very least
I could do.
Tomorrow will be an historic
day for both our nations.
And your Insomnia
is truly a marvel.
My own cities pale in comparison.
I pray we are able to take
away much from this visit.
I'm afraid we were never
properly introduced yesterday.
I'm afraid it's going
to have to wait, your highness.
I'm on guard duty.
Then surely there's no
safer place for me to be.
May I ask your name?
Uh, Nyx.
Nyx Ulric.
There is something else
I wish to ask you, Nyx Ulric.
King Regis said he sent one
of your order to come find me.
I should like to offer
my thanks in person.
Where might I find
this brave soldier?
Oh, I did not--
- I am so sorry.
- Don't be.
She was carrying this.
It was meant for you.
For me?
Keep it.
She would've wanted you
to have it.
I will carry it
with me always.
Thank you.
Do you have any idea
what this peace means?
It means our homes are gone.
All of them.
Heard I could find
some treaty haters here.
I come to the right place?
You certainly have.
Everyone say hello to a man
who spends his days
in the loyal service
of our good king.
Those days are over.
I'm done listening
to that bastard's lies.
He may sit on a throne,
but he ain't no king,
least not of mine.
Well, then.
Welcome to the resistance, brother.
I hope you're here to talk.
What do you wanna know?
Please, wherever Noctis is,
keep him safe.
That's all I ask.
To what god do you pray?
You, the slave of fate
and destiny.
Abandon your prayers.
The gods do not listen.
General Glauca.
Why are you here?
You are far too clever to have
ever believed in this peace.
Pity you couldn't see
your beloved Noctis.
You have another purpose.
- I'm not here for Niflheim.
- No.
You are here for me.
I do not understand.
Come tomorrow, you will.
Niflheim contingent
has left the hotel.
Less than three hours
until the ceremony.
Bolster the citadel guard.
Nyx, is the Princess with you?
I'm on duty at the citadel.
Well, the Niffs just left
for the ceremony.
And she wasn't with them.
A homing beacon?
I'll send the coordinates now.
Can you pinpoint
a location for me?
Sure, but it sounds like
a wild-goose chase.
Guess you got some
free time on your hands, huh?
Guess I do, for better or worse.
Those coordinates are about
20 miles south of Insomnia.
Outside the wall.
What the hell was Crowe doing
all the way out there?
No, no.
They sent her to--
I need another favor, Pelna.
Pull those coordinates
up on the radar
- and let me know what you find.
- On it.
You're thinking this is
all a big deal now, huh?
Yeah, too big to ignore.
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, wait a minute.
- Stop right there!
- Hey!
Listen up.
This is not the gate watch.
This is the heart of our city,
the home of our king.
The ceremony must not be disturbed.
Neutralize any threat
quickly and quietly.
Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Glaive to command.
Are you there, captain? Urgent.
Damn it, Drautos.
Jackpot, Nyx.
There's a whole fleet of airships
sitting at that spot.
- Niflheim.
- Yup, and from the looks of it
I'd say they're headed to war.
- Where's the captain?
- Should be at the citadel.
There's no answer on his frequency.
I don't know, must have his hands
full with the escort detail.
Pelna, one last favor.
I need you to prep
the glaive for action.
What are you talking about?
You wanna deploy
without the captain's order?
Trust me.
Just get it done.
what am I supposed to tell--?
Stand down, glaive.
The ceremony is in
less than two hours.
We must make ready.
Very well.
Your majesty.
A man of the kingsglaive
is here, sire.
He demands an audience.
- Your majesty, please.
- Halt.
Give the order
to deploy the glaive.
A Niflheim fleet
makes ready for war
20 miles to the south.
An imperial fleet.
And they have the Princess.
Clarus, post guards
outside the treaty room.
It will be seen as a lack
of faith in the peace.
Which we all harbor.
See it done.
We may well have to take
emperor Aldercapt into custody.
Detain him?
That would go beyond
a new declaration of war.
We are still at war, Clarus.
And you, Nyx Ulric.
How soon can the kingsglaive deploy?
On your word, at once.
Go, then.
Save Luna.
What if this is a diversion?
Not likely.
Tenebrae's Princess is onboard.
We've got two jobs.
Save her.
And stop those Niff ships
from flying on Insomnia.
We go in teams.
Standard infiltrate and extract.
Nyx, you command.
We'll follow.
The glaive stands together,
captain or no.
For hearth.
And home!
We are less
than 20 minutes away
from the signing of this
historic treaty.
I received word
of the king's order to deploy.
I'll see to matters
in the city.
You have your mission,
and it won't be easy.
The objective is two-fold.
Secure the hostage,
and stay the enemy advance.
Just be careful.
One glaive already died
for this Princess.
Niflheim won't
give her up easily.
Team two.
Oh, man.
Hurry up, Nyx!
Over here.
Preparing to head below deck.
Do not engage the enemy
until instructed.
The ceremony is underway.
Let's wait and see
how Niflheim plays this.
The kingsglaive have
infiltrated the ships.
So everything's going
according to plan.
Ulric reporting.
Six Niflheim airships confirmed
inbound for Insomnia.
Nyx, this doesn't feel
like a war fleet.
I think I might've found her.
I got a guarded door here.
Two Niff MTs.
What's the plan?
Hold position.
Arrived at destination.
High possibility of target
in the vicinity.
Proceed to secure.
It's going to mean a fight.
Keep it quiet
and keep it confined.
Pelna, you're clear to engage.
But keep it quiet.
I'm on my way.
Forgive my delay.
A bit of unforeseen trouble.
Nothing too vexing,
I hope.
A simple theft,
nothing more.
A daring thief,
to steal from the king.
Perhaps magical walls
and castle gates
do not keep all things safe.
But no matter.
That which was taken
will soon be returned.
You are a paragon
of kingly composure.
But I must ask,
how can you be so sure?
Because this thing
is no mere trinket.
It possesses a will
all its own.
Enough to break
any thief's grasp.
That sounds
a very fine prize indeed.
Not now, damn it.
For me?
Aw, you shouldn't have.
Target confirmed.
She's unharmed.
The glaives have recovered
the Princess, your majesty.
Have you found your thief?
We have.
And what was stolen
remains intact.
Joyous news.
I am relieved to hear it.
Tell me,
how heavy a sentence
does the crime of theft
carry in your empire?
Among the heaviest.
Although there is one exception.
Things are about to get ugly
over here.
Pelna, get out of there.
It's a trap.
What is that?
A curious old law
I still permit in the outlands.
A thief who escapes his captor
can no longer be held
to account for his crime.
A warning to the victim.
Never show weakness, lest you
forgo the hand of justice.
Oh, no, good king.
Far from it.
The treaty is now on the table.
The countdown begins
to this historical moment.
It is a warning
to the hand of justice itself
never to loose its grip.
Unit one,
secure the perimeter.
Unit two,
stand your ground!
One Tenebrae Princess,
safe and--
Come on.
The crystal.
They're after the crystal.
There's something
going on below deck.
The ship's not going
to make it to Insom--
What's going on?
Insomnia is under attack.
Who brought you here?
- General Glauca.
- You were bait.
Us coming here was
all part of their plan.
Target secured.
Request permission to withdraw.
Get to--
The crystal will not serve you.
Nor you...
Once I take it
from this accursed city.
It's not the crystal
I'm here for.
The wall.
It's gone.
Fall back.
It's a trap.
What the hell is going on?
What's got into you?
Come, we must escape
while we can.
No, Clarus.
I fear escape
is no longer an option.
General Glauca.
Can you make it up?
Can you stand?
What are you doing?
You gotta be kidding me.
They teach piloting
back at the royal academy?
Give me that.
It's been a long time since I
fought at your side, old friend.
but this time
it is not your fight.
If you wish to leave, go now.
And abandon my king?
I think not.
our magic is bound to you.
If you fall, Lucis falls.
Then let us once
more into the fray,
old friend.
You must take me back
to King Regis.
Are you out of your mind?
Insomnia's a war zone.
I have a duty.
I cannot neglect it.
- Yeah, I heard all that before.
- Then you know we must hurry.
Hurry to do what?
Get yourself killed?
I do not fear death.
Oh. Enough with all this
brave Princess act!
Just pray this thing
will make the trip.
Well, I daresay everything has
proceeded according to plan.
So it has.
We have broken
the wall.
All that remains
is to break the city.
Shall we take our leave,
The sun will soon set.
We need not be here to witness
the terrors of the night.
The crystal.
You're going too fast.
We have to land.
Yeah, you're gonna have
to give me a minute on that.
There is no time.
I will go on my own.
You got wings underneath that dress?
You can't use magic.
Not all miracles
are made by magic.
I do not fear death.
What I fear is doing nothing
and losing everything.
Oh, come on.
You can thank magic for
that miracle, your highness.
The reckoning is at hand.
Dawn of a new age.
You have the crystal.
What more would
you take from me?
The ring of the Lucii.
I lost my mother, my country,
my birthright.
Niflheim was the only
life left to me.
But all of that
was for this.
The ring belongs
to me now.
Hear me, Lucian kings of old,
for I am Ravus Nox Fleuret
and none is more worthy
of your power than I.
Why do you refuse me?
Look out!
Quickly, through here.
This leads to a hidden passageway.
Follow it.
Once you are away, make for Altissia.
Noctis awaits you there.
Your majesty.
- You knew this was coming--
- Yes.
But it was the only way
to draw their wrath from Noctis.
Is that the way of our king?
Sacrifice Lucian sons to save his own?
To save the world.
See Luna safely to Altissia.
This is not an order
from a king to his glaive.
This is a plea
from one man to another.
Please, Nyx Ulric,
keep her safe.
For the future of all.
The future?
Take this.
It is time it passed
to another's keeping.
No, please.
- Get back!
- Please. Don't leave us.
I know your mother
would wish the same as me.
That you and Noctis
live happily.
All those years captive
because I failed you.
Not again.
Locked doors will seal
your fate no longer.
King Regis...
Our hope goes with you now, Nyx Ulric.
Behold the king of Lucis,
who hoarded tranquility
within his precious walls.
Where is your tranquility now, king?
Here is your peace,
by steel's swift descent.
We must get away from here.
It is what your king wanted.
Lady Lunafreya has escaped
with the ring.
Find her at once.
She is not to leave the city.
Ulric to command.
Come in, captain.
Footage of the perpetrators was captured
by a nearby surveillance camera.
Here are images
of the six suspects.
One has been identified as
Galahdian refugee, Libertus Ostium,
a former member
of the Lucian kingsglaive.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
I got you, I got you.
You're all right.
You're okay.
It's fine.
We're free.
We're free now.
We're free?
What do you mean, "we're free"?
The empire.
They promised.
This district is ours.
All the refugees.
It's our new home.
The empire?
You went in with Niflheim?
Take this.
Meet up with the others.
You're the hero
of our revolution, brother.
Damn it!
This guy just doesn't
know when he's beat.
- Can you drive?
- I can try.
I'll be right back!
No warping for you this time,
Give me the wheel.
You are without your magic.
You noticed that, huh?
It must have died with the king.
You're making a mess
of my city, glaive.
I thought I told you
not to go playing hero.
Leave the ship to me.
Looks like you got
a royal fare to see to.
Move it.
Maybe not all miracles
are made by magic.
Oh, great.
What the hell did you do
to piss these things off?
It's not me they're after.
It's the ring.
What's so special
about this ring?
Don't tell me
the future's riding on it.
He who wears the ring
communes with the Lucii
and commands great power.
- What kind of power?
- A forbidden one.
Sealed within the ring, long ago.
The old wall.
I thought that was
just a bedtime story.
I can assure you it is not.
But the Lucii Grant their power
only to those they deem worthy.
So that guy who tried
it on back there,
I guess he wasn't deemed worthy.
That was my brother.
These 12 years have changed Ravus.
He is bound by the past,
and lost in his lust for power.
How the hell did they find us?
Your hairpin. They're tracking it.
Give it to me.
I had a little sister once.
She was killed
when the empire came.
I couldn't save her.
I was as helpless
then as I am now.
I couldn't show her
the future she wanted.
True power is not something that
is found by those who seek it.
It is something that comes
to those who deserve it.
Your sister wanted you
to see a future as well.
Anyone would wish the same
for family they love.
You don't pull any punches,
do you?
I'm over here!
Do you hear me?
Repeat, this is Drautos.
Can you hear me?
Your timing's impeccable,
If the Lucii are real,
they sure don't seem to mind
their city getting torn apart.
You're to rendezvous and regroup.
That might not be so easy,
My wings have been clipped,
in case you didn't know.
Are you all right?
I'm not dead, if that's
what you mean, sir.
Head for section D
as soon as you can.
I'll have an evacuation team ready.
Don't suppose you could
meet me at the gate.
I'd kind of like to
get the hell out of this city.
Imperials hold all exits.
There's no way through.
I'll meet you at section D.
Cut all radio contact until then.
And make sure you get there.
It's a date, sir.
Ain't no turning back now.
Status report.
Ulric killed some good men.
- What about the ring?
- Man 2: We don't have it yet.
This is Glauca.
King Regis is dead.
The ring is on
its way to section D.
We must recover the ring
to realize our goal.
If Ulric or the Princess
get in the way, take them out.
Reclaim our hearth and home.
"Hearth and home?"
Libertus, come in.
Where are you?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
On the way back to base now.
We need you to head to
the junction in section D.
We're gonna join up
with another unit
and make a clean sweep
of the place.
We're one step away
from realizing this revolution.
Let's not let Pruvia's
death be in vain.
We'll be waiting for you, hero.
Don't move until I say
it's safe, all right?
I won't.
Ulric, reporting!
I have the Princess.
She's alive and well.
- No!
- Get out of here!
You've got some fight in you,
Nyx, I'll give you that.
I can't believe
you're still moving
with that hollow-point in you.
All Crowe could do was scream,
when one tore her insides apart.
Why'd you do it?
Because the kingsglaive is nothing.
An old man's battle fodder
sent to die in Insomnia's war
while our homes
are bound and shackled.
Niflheim took your home.
Took all our homes!
Nothing will ever change that.
You never were too smart.
You could've had a
new future with the empire.
There's nowhere to run,
The ring.
Give it to me.
So many dead
over so simple a thing.
But why?
For what?
Untold power, beyond
the control of someone like you.
It's over.
The daemons are unleashed.
Lucis is fallen.
Surrender the ring.
Plan on giving those kings
a piece of your mind, Princess?
You got a destiny to take
care of here, remember?
Besides, didn't anyone tell you?
I'm the hero around here.
Show yourselves, kings of Lucis.
You call upon the wards
of this world's future, mortal.
And if you come
lusting for our power,
you must first stand
in our judgment.
How long will you do nothing
whilst Insomnia burns?
Old or new,
or whatever it is.
Summon your wall.
You do not command us.
Yours is not even royal blood.
It does not fall to us
to guard your city.
Man is a fool creature,
clinging to his past
and cowering from his future.
Wasting his strength on bygone days.
And what future
are you wards of?
So shortsighted.
And cursed never
to rise above it.
Wait. I have seen what this
brave soul is prepared to do.
He, too, seeks
to safeguard the future.
Your majesty.
Very well, young king.
We will weigh your warrior's worth.
But our boon
does not come cheap.
The cost is a life.
His or hers.
To hell with your power.
I'm not here for it.
I only came to tell you,
you are no kings, heh.
Your worth has been weighed
and found wanting.
Now burn.
You're going to lose
your precious ring.
But it's not too late
to save it.
You mean to barter
for your life?
No, no.
My life is nothing.
Giving a future
to those who want to see it...
Is everything.
You do not fear, even
if that future is doomed.
If that sentiment is not false,
perhaps you are worthy.
We will Grant you our light.
But know it will set
when the sun rises.
And the price for it
will be your life.
You guys drive a hard bargain.
Where do I sign?
I could get used to this.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
You saved me.
Now I owe you.
- For a change.
- Hm.
I'm gonna need
another favor.
Meet Lunafreya Nox Fleuret,
our prince's beloved bride-to-be.
She has the future
of the world in her hands.
Keep her safe,
get her out of Insomnia.
Oh, I almost forgot.
You'll need this.
Give Prince Noctis my regards.
Libertus will take care
of you from here.
Have a safe journey,
your highness.
- What will come of you?
- What the hell are you doing?
Following the kings' orders.
I will see the ring to Noctis.
The future will be safe.
I swear it.
Planning on punching your way
out of the city? Keep it.
- Now we're even.
- No.
We'll settle up once
you're back in Galahd.
Me and everyone else
will be waiting for you.
I'm counting on you...
Buckle up, Princess.
My life is in your hands.
So, the power
of the Lucii returns.
No matter.
You are out of time.
For you,
I'll make some.
What can you hope to do?
One man against an empire.
Against the daemons.
How will you save Insomnia
with no wall to protect you?
You've got it all wrong.
I'm not fighting to save Insomnia.
So this is the might
of the old wall.
Truly marvelous.
Why'd you do it?
It isn't who we fight
for that matters, only what.
We fight for our homes.
That is where our allegiance lies.
That's not something
you see every day.
Oh, such a pitiable waste.
All those beautiful city streets,
all laid to unsightly ruin.
I will return to Niflheim.
So soon?
The crystal is ours.
Finish this,
and see the daemons
disposed of.
As you command.
Such a pitiable waste.
How could you serve the empire?
After everything they did!
I do not fault them
for taking what was given.
I fault the man who gave it.
The man who cowered
behind his wall
and abandoned us to save
his throne and his son.
Give me the ring, and our
homes will be free again.
The empire has promised it.
I don't see much of a future
on the other side
of that promise.
Don't be a fool.
Save your friends.
Give your dead sister peace.
What do you fight for
if not that?
Hang on.
This could get bumpy.
Here, take the wheel.
Floor it!
- Libertus!
- Just keep your foot on the gas.
You're all right?
I'll be waiting for you, hero.
What of your kings' power now?
They've given you a burden
you cannot hope to bear.
I told you before.
Just wanting doesn't win wars.
For the honor of my home,
I fought and killed
under a king I loathed.
And still he betrayed me.
He betrayed us all.
We fought for the same thing.
All of us.
But you've looked
too long on the past.
You're blind to the future.
Unlike you,
I learn from history.
But you're a slave
to the past.
A man's past is his pride.
My pride is shaping the future.
Looks like
I'm gonna owe him big.
We're almost there.
King Regis did what he did
for the future.
Because of him,
there's still hope for our homes.
Not the worst way to go.
Rule well, young king.
We should move.
It ain't safe here either.
Don't worry about Nyx.
He can take care of himself.
Come on.
We must part ways here.
I can hardly travel in secrecy
alongside so great a hero.
And I, too, have
a promise to keep to Nyx.
I pray you two see
each other again soon.
Me too.
Thank you, Libertus.
Hey, queen!
You and the king are
always welcome in Galahd!
Me and Nyx will be
waiting for you!
Subtitle edited by - Aorion -
It's been some while.
Do you remember the last time
you saw lady Lunafreya?
12 years ago.
That would make you 8?
You were kids.
Hope she hasn't
gotten her hopes up.
Why not?
Calm yourself.
Try and keep it together
when you meet her.
She'll expect to see
a fine young prince.
Tell me something I don't know.
We don't have time
for all that.
But this is your wedding
we're talking about, Noc.
Knew that too.
You really gotta calm down.
What do you mean, "uh-oh"?
I think I know.