Kireedam (1989) Movie Script

Kireedam (The crown)
Sub Inspector Sethu.
Here's ur 'little rascal', Dad.
What happened, sir ?
Why do u laugh in ur sleep, early in the morning
Is it morning already ?
- Dont u hear the church bells?
Seeing unnecessary dreams In ur old age, are u ?
- Oh, stop it.
They say that daydreams materialize, dont they?
So its exactly as i thought. Why dont u say ur prayers or something before u go to sleep?
Oh, u're acting crazy early in the morning.
"It is impossible to imagine the size of an atom. The size of the nucleus is even smaller."
Mom ! Dad is back.
"It is impossible to imagine the size of an atom, the size of the nucleus is even smaller, an atom..."
Hey, are u really reading to learn, or simply to show off?
It's for both ! I can learn as well as showoff to everyone else !
Do u think he will make a good lawyer? He has a reply for everything.
Dad, u're a typical policeman. U criticize anything I do
If I read silently, u ask why I'm dreaming. If I read aloud, that's also criticized
Read however u want.
But when ur results come, it better be 1st class. Else I'll beat the skin off ur leg.
Doesn't she have any work other than kitchen work ? She has exams next month.
What can I do? If I ask her to read, she goes out with that pot and launches into her chores.
So its easy for u, Mom. If there's work to be done in the kitchen, just ask sister to study,
Then u can rest, mom
- Get lost.
Let's get a house next to a well with water in the summer, else i'll suffer drawing water in a next few months.
Lets see. We are'nt gettng one cheap enough for my wallet. The owner wants to increase rent of this house even.
After Sethu's interview and personality test are over, we'll be fine. Then u need only demand what house u want.
Oh God. May everything go well
It will. Today morning, i saw a dream.
I shall retire along with my pension only after saluting him as my superior.
Sethu, bro.
Hey, let me sleep.
- Dad is coming in
So what should I do ? Stand upside down ?
That might help. Or else u're going to get scolded.
For "not exercising, putting on weight, being careless.." etc
Be my alibi. Tell him I started exercise early in the morning
Do not speak when u perform Sheershasana.
Dont speak during exercise. Its bad for u
She was asking me to stop atleast now. I started at 5 am. What would she know about exercise.
True. But u dont need to do 2 hours.
Oh no. Already u're complaining that I'm overweight. I wont accept failure, I'll break these flabs down.
Excuse me?
I need to reduce these flabs, slim down...
-U need daily exercise of atleast half an hour for that.
And stop ur hogging. Who're u trying to fool ?
Have u been exercising regularly after ur physical test ?
- Dad, I exercise daily, isnt it ?
U're going to get a smacking from me. I overheard u earlier.
Along with interview there's a personality test. To pass it, u need to be stout.
I know that. I'd slept late yesterday, preparing for the written test. It's not easy, I need to read many books to get general knowledge.
Yea that is needed. But u need some physical fitness too !
Tomorrow onwards, even if the sky falls on my head, I wont stop exercising.
And food?
- Here I come.
Are u joining for coffee? Dad and bro are waiting.
- Here I come.
Are u joining for coffee? Dad and bro are waiting.
Stop it
Eww, what is on ur face?
- Its called a moustache
Stop it
Look here. What have u drawn on ur face ?
- Mustache, maybe.
Maybe it's him
I don't even have the freedom to draw a mustache in this house?
I've never used the cane on my kids. But u're pushing it.b it out
I don't even have the freedom to draw a mustache in this house?
I've never used the cane on my kids. But u're pushing it.b it out
He will surely get it from u.
2 idlis? Mom what're u thinking? No wonder I put on weight.
Well, u usually eat 10-15.
Well if u compel me to eat a lot like this..
-Shut up.
Mom, do know what a personality test is ?
Oh, not at all.
Ask here, u will know. But I'm allowed 2 idlis, am I not, Dad ?
Yes, u can have 2 in the morning. A banana and a glass of milk also.
- Add 2 eggs, 4 plantains.
Will u shut up ?
- There's no freedom to joke around here ?
He'll surely get it from me this time.
- Eat
It's past 9.30 already. Are u coming ?
- Coming.
Krishna, come here. Who's picture is this ?
Why're u so impatient, Krishna ? Let her eat something first.
Krishna, come here. Who's picture is this ?
- This is an ad for a tonic.
This is how a man should look. Check out his biceps. Does this tonic make u like this?
Why, u want to try a bottle of it, Mom ?
- Not me. Why not a bottle for our Sethu ?
Talking about Sethu, are we? Achu uncle already scolds him for being overweight.
Mom wants Sethu to turn into this. Do u plan to turn him into a wrestler ?
He plans to become a cop, doesnt he ? He needs a fit body to beat those criminals up.
U've never seen Granddad, have u ?
He was built like this dude right here. Ur dad is nowhere like him though.
All those genes went directly to Sethu.
Will u come with me, or listen to her stories ?
- Grandma, its late. We'll continue when I'm back from school, ok?
Speak of the devil and here he comes.
- Grandma's made grand plans to get u fit.
Mocking me?
- What do school teachers know of body building ?
Now u're mocking us, eh ?
- No uncle, I was mocking her actually.
Yea right, as if cops knew better.
U only know how to teach alphabets to the kids. Would u get that teacher job without a 20k bribe?
Well, I passed the TTC too.
- As if the TTC was like the IAS. Buzz off.
Heard ur well is dry. Are u short of water ?
- Yea, not a single bucket of water.
Why do u people stay at a rented place, when u can stay here.
This is ur Mom's home. I told ur Dad umpteen times to stay here.
Hmm, Achu has his self-respect.
- This is more like self-disrespect. Let's go.
Granny, lets move into our plans.
- U should build muscles like that dude in the newspaper.
Aunt, ur steamcake is always delicious.
- Stop flattering me and finish ur breakfast.
Ur granddad's menu in the morning: 2 steamcakes.Then 2 long bananas.
An egg,few glasses of milk. Men should eat like that.
- Oh my. How did he digest all this?
Yea, that's what martial artists can do. They can swallow stone and digest it like water.
They can take on 10 men, all alone. Once, there was a fight at Kavushery festival.
Some 10-30 fellows, against granddad alone.
A few punches here and there, the whole lot of them fell like a falling tree.
U've got his looks and traits, dont forget.
Check this out granny, I am strong enough handle two or three people easily.
Hey, these are not enough. U must learn martial arts.
Why dont u eat, Granny.
- No, u eat.
Please eat granny.
- No no, u have it dear.
Dad is coming.
So what?
- Here, shall I pour u more curry ?
What're u doing, kid ? U said u were hungry ?
Stopped eating because u saw me? Found it hard to reduce ur diet, eh?
Granny has been compelling me even though I refused.
- U asked me for food didnt u? What a liar.
Eat as u want. Dont starve urself down.
- Forgive me, Dad. I'll control myself now onwards.
Oh, did u take it seriously? Rascal. Dont give promises u cant make, u will get snubbed later on.
Oh, is that ur problem? I thought it was something worse.
It's trivial, but worrying me. Feel like I made a fool of my dad.
His laugh at the end makes me even weaker.
U're very sensitive. Even Dad was'nt that serious about this.
- If he scolded me, I would'nt have minded.
What tricks are u 2 planning?
- Sethu got another marriage proposal.
And he's strongly considering it. What say, teacher ?
Then go ahead, Keshu. U'll end up having to marry her.
- Why, do u think I wont?
Yea right, I know u. Last time when I got a proposal, do u know how crazy he went, Keshu ?
We did'nt shoo them away as we didnt want to disrespect them. But he could'nt bear it.
She would've tried to show herself off. Girls use any opportunity to groom themselves.
Why are you saying like this. you know I wouldn't even think of such a thing.
Hey.. Let me go please...
I wont interfere in ur fight, have fun. See u 2 tomorrow.
Come, sit here.
- No, I cant be seen in public like this. Lets go home.
As if we'd do anything at home. I'd barely be able to see u well. People with knives all around. Non-stop advice from ur dad,
granddad-history from granny, and finally ur Mom to finish it off.
- Come if u want?!
Alright. Atleast we can talk till we reach.
Sethu bro,people are waiting at library. U forgot there's a meeting today ?
- Carry on, I'll join later.
They asked u to come immediately. I'll drop her.
- What a nuisance. Today is full of spoilers like this.
Go fast.
- Get lost.
Sunaina: "Rama, u need not beg forgiveness.That is the wife's duty."
Rama's eyes swell up in tears.
- Why did Lord Rama's eye's swell up?
Because dust went into his eyes.
- Get lost !
Mom, u are'nt listening to what I'm reading. Rama came to Janaka's house. He's pretty desperate, u see.
I know that. I'm asking why Lord is crying when he sees Janaka's queen.
Cos when he walked in, they took some digs at him. Remember what I said ? The type that jealous aunts say.
I see. Poor fellow.
Yes, poor fellow. Rama's... Mom, why did u stop massaging ?
My hands are aching.What comfort do u get out of this ?
Its very comfy if u stroke my hair, dont u know. And I heard it fights baldness.
Do u want me to grow bald like Krishna uncle?
U and ur antics. Ok read on.
Rama's eyes swell up. "Mom, if u speak so, who would console me ?"
"I have come to lie in ur loving laps."
"Bless me with ur palms, I will get courage to face bitterness in life"
Oh lord !
Mom, have u started crying?
- Read on.
Janaka: "Sunaina, u see only ur grievances, not Rama's. He's innocent..."
What is this, a drama ?
- Ramayana, the screenplay.
Why dont u read it urself and let him free.
- When Sethu reads it, I can visualize it.
Dad, we need to buy a TV.
I dont have cash for that. When u earns, buy one for Mom.
I've promised Mom that. A TV in the kitchen. She can watch in between all the cooking.
- Shut up.
Look who's here. U're going to command me one day. Salutes in advance.
- Please dont taunt, sir.
Why do u think I'm taunting? Wont u make it ? By the way, why did u come?
Dad ?
- Dad and SI went to catch a criminal. Anything important ?
Nothing. Today is salary day, I need to give him a grocery list.
Get out, u.
- Please spare me.
Please dont hit me,sir.
Get in.
Why're u standing baffled ? Watch and learn.
Mom asked to bring 2 chickens for dinner.
Settle accounts at the grocery.
U can keep this.
- No need. Expenses will be higher this month due to the kid's exams and all.
U need'nt worry. I am the patriarch, I'll take care. Keep this.
- Shall I also buy the 'stuff'?
What stuff?
- I'll buy it myself.
Kids !
We were talking about whisky. We usually drink on weekends.
- Does he drink?
Not for him, it's for me and bro-in-law. Kids just have fish curry for dinner
I was saying, it's not wise to refuse good jobs when the application call comes.
U mean it is foolish.? So u mean to say, im a fool.
So be it. But he's my son. He'll get the job i plan for him.
I said what I had to.
Dont get high like last time and fall down somewhere
yea right, ur dad even used to buy me arrack. Pour me some now.
Pour me some more
- No, this is enough
one more shot please
- this is enough
give her some more
Pour me some more, what're u afraid of ?
some more
- no this is enough
oh, the chicken is old
Another thing. Why should we postpone Sethu's and Devi's marriage? Let's just do it.
Why not do it ? Well, we cant.
why're u going back on ur word, Achu ?
We've no reason to. - Why not? He's not a man or what?
Why do u keep them waiting? Devi has a job, thats enough for both of them to live.
Live on a wife's income? Not agreable to my family
Are u uncomfortable about him visiting here occasionally?
We've no reason to. - Why not? He's not a man or what?
U always lose control of ur tongue once he's drunk.
he's my son. he wont act indecently
yea right, i know ur true nature. shall i expose it ?
Achu, Krishna, come here !
stop there, both of u
what happened?
- he was stealing
what ?
- Well, one thing..
is that all ?
Well if u dont hand it over to him soon, he will grab it one day.
didnt u sleep till now, dad ?
- what're u reading ?
General knowledge
what are u thinking, Dad ?
Nothing. I got a letter from Ambika. Seems Ramanan decided to discontinue his job.
How can he live without a job?
- Dont know. She just came to know he resigned.
He says jobs are tough, so he'll start a business.
- Does he have cash for it ?
Who knows? Since division of inheritance isn't done, he'll stay here. How long, though?
I married my daughter to him cos his family's good. Why did this happen to her?
Sad dont worry, Ramanan might've other plans
Your dad!
Tell sister to serve me more food.
-Aren't u ashamed ?
Why should i be? This is my house, i'm eating bread that my brother earned.
-What brother earned is for his wife and children.
Do u feel so? I dont. If u're hungry, better eat quickly. if u wait for everyone to finish eating, u wont get anything
I shall starve then.Else, take me back to my own house.However tough it is, my Dad will take care of me.
Your dad!
Does ur dad know how to live? His colleagues earn a lot, but he barely has cash to loan me once in a while?
What'd he give me for marrying u? 10 sovereigns, that's all. Why'd i even marry u?
Well u've sold out all that as well.
U went to see ur friend?
-Yes, i'd to meet keshu. Give me lime juice with salt. U have ice ?
No. So u're following in ur fathers footsteps?
-Yea, why ?
Keshavan told me u joined the police
-Not that simple. I've to get selected.
hey, u'll surely get through. if ur mind is well, everything works out.
Sethu, i've been searching for u. I've been wanting to come for a month, but never found time.
I'll be returning only after some days.
Should i pay ?
- No need. Please note that.
Shall i make one more?
- Yes, one more... No need.
I've to tell u something personally, Sethu. I met Dad at the junction on the way
After all I'm ur bro-in-law ? Shouldn't he show me that much respect, or atleast courtesy?
Maybe Dad was in duty
-What 'looty' ? Here, i tell u..
i'm not the type who barges into places uninvited. i've self respect.
i'd planned to take the next bus back. but decided not to for ur sake. Ramanan is full of love !
Oh,I know that.
- Atleast u're on my side. everyone else has forsaken me.
why'd u leave ur job ?
-i can work with sincerity, but not as a slave. if superiors try to rule me, i cant bow down to them. They pay me only 1200 rs.
would that suffice to even smoke cigarettes? i need a job that pays ten thousand a month.
Dint u try to clear ur tenth grade exams which u failed?
-Nope, why ?
if there are openings for Collectors, Chief secretaries, u should try for them.
Krishna, bro ! i have good news.
- What is it ?
Were'nt u criticizing me and calling me stupid? well, here's the interview letter for Sethu.
Oh,that's what you meant ?
-why, arent u happy about it ?
Achu, i came to know this before u. Devi knew it before noon. We're done celebrating, too.
I see!
Devi made excellent palpayasam. If there's any remaining, ask Bharathi to serve u.
So only I was uninformed. Is the rascal here ?
how long have u been praying? lets go
U never let me pray if i'm with u. U're always in a hurry.
-What do u pray so much about?
Whatever i wish.
-what did u pray for? i heard u murmuring a lot.
Was chanting mantras.
-U shouldnt be chanting whatever u think.
So tell me what u requested.
-Interview should be smooth, selection should be done quickly..
Then ?
-Then, he should take me with him as soon as possible without problems.
Oh, i agree. As soon as training's over, next day we shall marry. And after 9 months, 10 days, little Sethu will be born
We dont need a kid so fast
We shudnt postpone it much. Following year, a small Devi, then small Sethu...and within 100 years, we'll have our own Kaurava army
I have 300 rs, is that enough?
-More than enough for 2 days.
I hope u've taken care of everything?
-Dont worry about that, Dad.
i came 4th in physical test, dint i. This time, i'll atleast come 2nd, if not 1st
Number 2 also means the toilet.
-Get lost.Cant u stay at home? Y did u tag along?
Came to send sethu off. I'm his only bro-in-law.
U dont need to come Dad, i'll go myself
-Keep this if u need it. Dont waste time, now leave.
How dare u use my car as if u own it?
U cant park here sir, see the 'no parking' sign ?
So what? if i've to visit this shop, where else do i park?
Why'd u shove the constable ?
-He used my car's horn without my permission.
Move ur car away.
-i need to visit this shop.
i say, move ur car u rascal.
-what if i dont intend to ?
Move away.
-Raju, leave him. It's embarassing.
Sir, this is the MLA's son, Raju.
So what, does he make his own rules. Tell him to visit the station, i'll give his car to him then.
U went overboard.
Sir,he pushed away the police constable. just cos he's MLA's son, isnt he subject to rules?
U'll screw up my career. I've barely 6 months left, dont get me suspended before that
Sir, dont be afraid.
-He brought down a ministry in a single day.What do u think will happen to this station?
Hello. Yes Sir, Sub Inspector speaking. It was a mistake, I'm innocent.
Head constable no. 2624, Achuthan Nair. Sir,please dont create problems.He's a naive fellow.
He received good-service medal twice. Yes Sir,I'll tell him. Thank u.
U're safe.Quickly take the car over to that guy's house, and apologize.
Me ?
-Who else? Dont waste time, make it fast.
Over my dead body. I've worn this uniform for 25 years. I respect it.
If I've to resign because of this incident, I will. I can manage with my gardening, Sir.
Ur Dad made a very stupid mistake. What's the big deal in apologizing to that guy ?
My Dad will not bow down before everyone.
-Great. Let him suffer now.
There's no suffering in this. At max, he'll lose his job, that's all.My kids know how to live without extravagance.
Krishna, I dont get why u say this.
-I only ask u not to be stubborn.
That MLA rogue screwed it up. We got a message in the morning..
I would've made it a case.
Shall I talk to them? Let's try to solve it like that?
-I already told him, bro.
Not needed. U want me to apologize? That'll be over my dead body.
Past 9 pm.My stomach creates gas problems when i starve.I'm used to having dinner at 8 no matter what.
Serve them food. Where's Lata?
-Inside.The kids are worried after hearing this.
Why dont u say anything? Dont take it seriously.I'm worried only cos u look perplexed.
That MLA rogue screwed it up. We got a message in the morning..
He has not ordered me to be beheaded, has he ? Either transfer or suspension.
Its a transfer.
-Dont care which world I go to.Atleast I can work.I'm not particular about working here.
Ramapuram, u know nothing of that place! There's no station with more criminals and cases.
Goodmorning, Sir.
U can relieve me now, cant u?
-Order states u've to join within 24 hours.
Why 24 hours? New place isn't America, is it?
There's a way out.Apply medical leave with yesterday's date.
Within a week,I can sort it somehow.I can make someone recommend for u, or meet MLA personally.
Hand me the relieving order, Sir. I'll join in 6 hours.
Ramapuram, u know nothing of that place! There's no station with more criminals and cases.
My 1st posting as ASI was there, and I'd a tough time then.Better not go there.
Are'nt the policemen there like us? If I die there, so be it. I can proudly die in my uniform.
Who asked u to act smart?I'm alive,I can pick up the phone,ok?
-Hello.Anyone dead? Ok, who's speaking?
If he cant state his name, then why'd he bother calling?
-What is it?
A market fight.What can police do about? What must be fought, must be fought out.
Which group? Keerikadan Jose or ..
-Who cares? If any of them die, it's a relief.
Whoever dies, take them to the hospital before 5 pm. I dont want to guard corpses at night.
Yea right. I know that during guard duty u end up sleeping at home.
-What do u want ?
Punishment, eh. Yes. Isn't SI in town?
Why do u need SI to join? The ASI will do.
-I simply asked.
SI is in the hospital.
-What happened?
Someone beat him up in the night. He was alone on motorcycle.
Dont be scared.If u play safe there wont be problems.
Have u heard of Keerikadan Jose ?
I see. Will introduce u later then.Give the joining report and sign in.
Hameed, pass me the register.
They dont allow us to stick Jose's photo.He comes himself to tear it out.He was punished for a few murder cases.But family is rich and famous.
Drink up, please.
I've been here for last 10 years. I've not faced any problems.
I've to guard corpses once in while, which is just my duty.
-It's late, I shall leave ?
Najeeb ? Pass the key to the southside house.
Let me be frank. I started making money only after coming here.
Need more than just my pension, eh ? What say? Do u make any 'extra income' too ?
Are u a student ?
-No point. It's like filling up a leaky pot.
He has no time to even eat or sleep. He's on duty 24 hours, fooling around at market.
Time to leave.
Take a few mats.
-No thanks.
Its a new place.Najeeb will stay with u if u want.
Looks like he didnt like us.
-Does'nt matter. We only need the rent.
Sir, I'm Achuthan Nair.
-Came yesterday eh. ASI told me.Come in.
No Sir, thanks. I went to the hospital.
- I was discharged in morning. Was a small injury.
Didnt u realize who it was ?
-Well it was a fast attack at night.They ran as soon as I fell.
Perhaps they did it to scare me. Dont be scared, Achuthan.
-I came to apply for 2 day's leave. Found a house, and need to bring my family.
What's up, Dad.
-Dad's got a transfer.
So fast ?
-Tell u later.How was ur interview ?
Good.I think I've impressed the board.
- Lord, what a relief.
Mom, are'nt u happy on seeing a policeman-to-be ?
-U're my son.I'll always be happy.
Mom and me are worried about fast change.But we must go. Ramanan and Ramesh will go today with luggage.We'll leave tomorrow.
Ramapuram isn't far away. I can visit u anytime.I promise I'll come every week.
I couldn't sleep yesterday night.Could'nt console myself.
-Why're u acting like a kid?
Grandmom is here.. wipe ur tears. Quick.
Will u come once in a while to see me ?
Ofcourse. After sometime,we'll take u there, right?
I will come. I want to see one more thing before I die - your kid
Take care of ur health. Eat to ur hearts content. Find some martial arts guru to learn from.
Where's he? Are we not planing to leave today ?
-He has started his rushing up. Come
Bharathi, visit there once in a while.
-Ofcourse, goes without saying.
Ammu why're u depressed? Achu'll be there for maximum 4 years.Then u'll return back.
Usually happens when we shift homes. They'll be alright after 2 days. Let's leave.
I take my leave.
Watching them depressed, one would think we're leaving the country.
Krishna bro, please change address at post office
Better not delay, leave soon.
Ok. See you all then.
Why are u fanning urself outside?
Its so hot.
-Indeed, cos its humid today.
Come let's sit inside.
Do sit.
Did ur family like the house ?
-Please ask them urself. This is Hamid
i've heard about u.
-The one standing at back is my third child.
He's the eldest son, and he's second son. There's another girl elder to him.
What's ur name ?
-Sethu.I was going exploring this place.
Just as we start speaking, the power is off.
Dude. The new tenants at ur house are awesome. I spotted 2 chicks.U were hiding this info were'nt u?
Hey Suresh..
-Dont dare think u can enjoy all by urself.Theres a nice one in a skirt.
When I stared, she stared back at me. And the elder 1 is sweet too. Are there more ?
Yea, there are.
Really? Anyway, I'm booking the young one. What size is the other one?
This size, are u interested ?
-What size ?
Same height and weight as me, aged in between those 2 girls. Try hitting on me, will u ?
He's just blabbering. Loser, this is their bro, Sethu. Dont take it seriously Sethu, it happens to him all the time.
He's Suresh, son of ASI Gopalakrishnan.
Sorry, very sorry.
U people deserve this. When Hassan was cut to pieces on the streets,none agreed to seeing it.
Did u shopkeepers ever face problems when Hassan bro was around?
U're right, Hydros. For 10-20 bucks a day, Hassan was better. No torture, like Jose does now. Who'll stop Jose now?
I can do it if I want. He isnt meant to live long. If i dont cut him to pieces one day, u may change my surname.
This Jose, is he that great ?
-'Is he'? One day i'll show him to u. His hands and legs are iron.
U should see him eat. He drinks blood of a goat in the morning and runs all the way home, 3 kms.
Then eats monkeys, porcupines etc on the way. Wont even spare the cats.
But anyway, he's close to Dad. He helped Dad get transferred to Trivandrum. He's close to politicians
They send him to do their killing.
Oh, its scary listening to this.
Well, we're used to this. He's trouble only if he loses temper. There was a fellow called Jacob, in Mumbai.
He attacked Jose once, then escaped. Next we know of him, he's dead. Jose must've finished him.
Thats true. There was this other...
-I've had enough. My head aches hearing this
Hey ! U beggar. Making money buy cheating people. Son of a .
I helped u and now u abandoned me.. Waging ur tail to Jose and his sidekicks.
Old man, is something stuck in ur mouth? Wont u lend a 100 bucks ?
You know me right, I'm Hydros? If i dont cut out ur hand, change my Dad's name from Usman to something else.
Pujapura central jail is for goons like us.
-Hey Hydros, u made me miscalculate.
Get lost, man. Such a bugger. That knife, I'm going to throw it away.
Hang on,kid. This guy's just showing off.
Urmees, if Jose's men are around, ask them to come here.
Trying to scare me using Keerikadan Jose's name? Bad try.
Within a few days, this Hydros will stab that Jose to his death.
Ur tongue is out of control, it will get u killed soon.
Son, what do u want ?
Half sack of rice.
-Please give him half a sack.
Who are u ?
-Newcomer here. Son of new head constable Achuthan nair. Name's Sethu.
Oh, a policeman. Give me 10 bucks.
-Dont give him.
U stay out, man. We shall meet again.
And u, watch out.
Hey oldie, I'll kick u around like a football one day, just wait.
He's just kidding. Please get the rice
How can u live here peacefully ? Why are'nt policemen doing anything about it?
Policemen get bribed plenty, he will tell u.
-Yea, they get bribes. But that's not the only reason.
We policemen and our families want to live peacefully too, dont we?
Mom, they play around with knives this huge. Very dangerous for us.
Cop or soldier, u can still be stabbed. Now I think i should find another job.
-Come on Sethu, we're men, arent we ?
The one year training in the police force will help u get over it. Then u can stand up even elephants, eh Hamid ?
-Well, the trained cops posted here are still unable to stop the animals here.
Sister, every man values his life.
U know Hydros, who scares people with a knife? There was a guy Hassan, who was his boss.
He used to extort the market. A real boar.
He was killed by Jose. Cut into 10 pieces and thrown away, right in mid-day.
Was there no case against him ?
-Yes, but it din't work out. None dared give statements against Jose.
People want to stay live. If anyone thought of it, he'd be dragged out and killed.
One guy who was willing to do so was beaten so badly, that guy died in 5-6 months.
-Oh Lord !
Jose started from there. He's accused in 8-10 cases, but convicted for only 3.
If someone even dares point a finger at him, he's dead for sure.
He has contacts in Central ministry. So what can we helpless policemen do ?
I wish we got out of here.
-I need to see this guy.
Why ?
-Er.. nothing..Simply
Move away. Is this a festival for u?
-Dont hit me.
Will u extort from our area ?
-Achuthan, let them fight it out.
What are u saying ? Leave him alone. Go away.
Leave me. Let go of my shirt.
If i dont ?
-If u dont..
Achuthan Nair. Move him away from there.
Get into the vehicle. U too. Hamid ?
Son ! Sethu ! Dont !
Sethu, son
Son, leave it
Achuthan Nair, let them be. Let him go.
Leave me...
Leave me alone, Sir. Son, spare him.
Keerikadan is dead.!!!! Keerikadan Jose has been murdered.!!! he's dead.!!!
If he grows restless, give him more anaesthetic.
Did he pass urine yet ?
-No he dint.
Oh its ok, its not compound injury
Doctor, how's the situation ?
-Parameswaran only has bone fracture, but Jose is very serious.
Its a head injury. We cant conclude before 24 hours. He insists on being taken to private hospital. But there are no better treatments for a head injury.
He's a criminal, is it ?
Notorious. Everyone wishes his death, even me.
I see, but we doctors cant wish so right?
People in his locality are celebrating his death already.
"Keerikadan Jose is dead and gone"
"Long live Sethumadhavan"
What madness are u doing?
-Tell that to ur Dad.
That's what I just did.
-I'm going crazy. Are u joining these goons or what?
Just for the fun, we...
-Fun? Don't get urself killed. Know what's really fun? That Jose is'nt dead.
Once he's back, he'll butcher u all.
-If he does return, we wont submit to him anymore.
Mr. Gopal, Sethu's our friend. Jose shivers in fear of that name.
Really? So where's ur hero? Until the fight was over, neither he or his Dad knew who was fighting.
But he fled as soon as he realized that. I wonder if he'll ever return.
I wasn't home when Ramanan came for me. Devi has been crying.
-Wonder if he went to my house. No one would find him there.
Hey... No chance for that.
Shall we find a lawyer ?
-what's the point ? All is lost.
Achu, u're worse than Ammu. U should be the courageous one here.
How can I console them ? If he dies, my son will be convicted in murder.
I'd wished to see him in police uniform.
These days, if u're rich u can confine it to a petty case.
Jose himself killed so many, but was punished for few. Thats all.
Police jeep?
Sethu has'nt come. I'll surrender him to u as soon as he does.
-Well, let's talk.
I dont recognize u.
-I'm Sethu's uncle, Krishnan Nair.
My son is naive, Sir. He wouldn't hurt even an ant.
Protect him.
Go inside. Son or not, he's a criminal. She's talking out of ignorance.
It's not ignorant for a mom to ask protection for her son.
I'm but a policeman, Sir.
-So? We're not just that.
I know ur son did it by mistake. I'll do all I can to help, ok? Go in peace, I need to talk.
Please go away. you too
Didnt u recognize me ?
-Yes. Now leave.
Don't hide over there, just leave.
I've done several favors for many people. Claimed that I saw what I din't, and vice versa.
All that was for others.Sometimes, we should help ourselves too.
FIR does'nt mention Sethu at all. Another rowdy with a grudge against Jose is accused. I took the statements in that way, too.
There's no need for that, sir, I wont stand by it.
-No need. No one is asking you to stand by it.
Don't bother searching for Sethu. I know where he is. He came first to me, after the incident.
I want to see him.
-He'll come after situation is under control.
Jose's statement is the key. If he cant give a statement before dying, we're lucky.
Tell me, who hit u.
-I dont know.
Eh ?
-I dont know.
Can u recognize his face ?
Sir, Jose hasn't fully regained consciousness. He'd surely remember.
-Shut up.I'm taking HIS statement, not urs.
I'm fully conscious, but don't remember. Anything.
Jose bro, what are u saying ?
I want to finish him myself. Wont allow him to escape into the safety of prison.
The market was a fun and happening place when Jose was around. Now it's boring.
-Who's this Sethu ?
Dont u know? The new policeman Achuthan Nair's son.
Look, here he is.
Are u returning home?
We're ur supporters, Sethu bro.
I sell rice, not gold. Dont mock me Menon. Sure...
Hey, boss.
Please come here. Don't ignore me like this. Urmees, get a chair.
No need.
-Have a cool drink. Urmees, make a nice lime juice.Salt or sugar ?
Told u I dont want it.
-Fine, then. If u have need of cash for the case, please ask.
I was being heavily tortured by Jose when u stepped in...
Sethu-bro. Do u know how long I've been waiting ? Now no one will create problems here.
All shivering in their bones. Lets go. U lead ahead.
Think he's the angry type. Gives a tiger's stares.
Any brave pigs out there, show urselves now. Where are Keerikadan's sidekicks ?
Keerikadan is a mere nothing in front of us.
-Listen man. I shall go alone.
Be careful, they're out to kill u.
-Let them kill me if they want to.
Guts. What a courageous fellow
Please Mom, eat something.
-I'm not hungry. Where the hell is my son now ?
That sir said he knew. Nothing will happen to him. If u don't eat, u will fall ill, Mom.
I want to see my son, then I can die in peace.
He will come. Sir said there is no case in his name.
Mom, Sethu bro is here...!
Sethu, son, how could u do this? U dont hurt people even with words.
When he hits Dad on the streets, should I stand still? If Dad's dead body was all that's left,wont u ask me, Mom ?
and will u forgive that sister? wouldn't u ask me why I stood still?
Whatever happened, who're u to take law into ur own hands?
I did my job, my duty. I might die in the line of duty.
-I did the duty of a son. I'm ready to suffer punishment for it.
U didnt think of ur future, son.
I did. Thought of everything. But..
Hey. Lets go home. Not safe to stay here any more.
-We should help them in dangerous times.
True, but u wont be left with a head. But then, there's no point going home either.
Here comes one, I warned u. Wonder if he's out to murder us ?
Who're u ? What do u want ?
-Sethu's friend. U're his sis and bro ?
Sethu's not here, gone to his native place.
-Tell him Hydros came. U coming, bro? Lets hang out together for sometime.
No, he's not coming.
-No, I'm not coming.
Dont worry, sis. I'm just asking for friendships sake. We are all 1, aren't we. Coming, bro ?
When he calls with this much of love, how can I refuse? May I leave?
Here, get on.
Want to grab a drink ?
-Have no cash.
Cash ? Sethu's bro-in-law and friend need none to get drunk. These folks can't continue business after that. Come on. I'll park the cycle.
Got hurt ?
Bro-in-law. Some losers around here say Sethu bro is a coward.
The guy who said that is a coward himself.
We're brave by heritage. My granddad's granddad was Kingsguard of the Kochi Maharaja.
Let that be. Sethu's graddad: a whole village feared him. Let that also be. I alone can beat up Jose and his men to pulp.
They say he's out for his head when he returns.
-Who? Which brat ? He cant hurt a hair on Sethu.
Let Jose get out of hospital and bring his army. A whole load of bodies will fall dead here.
How many ?
-2 loads.
We should control ourselves. Impatience leads us to such things. U were always impatient.
Only u'd tell me that.
-Atleast now will u listen to me ?
Devi, I din't come to be advised, but to be consoled. I'm tired of advice. Do I look like a goon to u?
No not like that.
-Devi, I'm not a primary schoolchild. Dont talk like a teacher, understand my worries.
I'm not satisfied for having beaten a goon. I dont have the guts for it either. It just happened.
I'm sad for that. And a bit scared. If Jose or Parameshwaran really want to thrash me, I stand no chance.
One day they'll come for my life.
-Sethu, dont return to that cursed land.
There's no use not returning. Fate will befall me wherever I am. Here or there.
When does selection list come after interview?
-Who knows? Maybe 2-3 months. That's my only hope.
Sethu? I never got to speak to u. This girl's always sad. It's natural for guys to get into brawls, right?
I'd be so depressed if he was like u.
Did u thrash him up properly ?
Good u didnt kill. GrandDad was like that. He'd leave a guy clinging onto life. We've no right to take life that God created.
Granny, keep quiet will u ? U and ur husband.
-What's ur problem ?
So how'd it happen? Tell in detail.
Get lost granny. U want to enjoy this? How evil. Sethu, come here.
She's scared. At her age, I was like that too. Then I began enjoying seeing blood clotted, like a hibiscus flower.
I am afraid of that. I feel dizzy seeing blood.
-Sethu will u come here ?
I'll tell the story later sometime, Granny.
As far as I heard, they stop at nothing. Be careful.
Sometimes I think I should stand up to all of them.
I feel weak when I see Mom and Dad, though.
Lets not create new problems. Stay away from them as much as possible
We have more to lose
-Cya later.
It's from granny, might be food. U want ?
please take care
Whats wrong with ur Mom, are we short on food?
-That's not the point. Mom's food is special.
What'd Devi say ?
-She acted the teacher.
Did she give u some canings?
-What's this ?
Dad's old knife? How'd it get here?
-Granny must've gifted grandson, isnt it ?
She said she left a gift.
-Gift it seems.
Ur Mom's truly crazy, look at her gift.
See, things are settling down now. If something goes wrong, I'll kill u myself.
Why blame him ? What'd he do?
-I had to mention. Don't go fooling around like before.
And dont go alone. Go with Ramanan or Hamid's son, etc.
Got it?
-No, just a letter from a friend.
PSC red tape, it'll take time.
-Where to now ?
-Not tired of sitting alone at home ?
Well, yes. But what else can I do ?
Jose's guys are out there. Not making a move cos they're scared. If they get an opportunity they will act.
He can't live in fear like this forever. Are u scared, Sethu ?
-No, not fear. But scared of creating a problem again.
Hey, we're with u aren't we. Be courageous. U can show some attitude around here now.
U don't know ur own value. Know how many people in town claim to be 'ur men' ?
-My men ?
An elephant does now know it's own size. U..
-We'll show u what ur social image is now. Have u had alcohol shots?
No just a little bit beer once.
-Then let's have beer. Let's go to bar, have some beer.
I never go to bars. Just drink secretly by myself.
-Why, is it wrong to go to a bar ?
No, just that I never go.
-Don't worry, it's a jolly place.
-Then just accompany us.
I wont drink, I can accompany u if u want.
-Thats enough.
Get on.
-Come in.
Do u know him ?
-No, dont recognize. Who's he ?
Sorry I didnt recognize. We've never met. Order whatever u want, Sir, please sit.
Raja, seat him at a convenient place
Please sit.Order whatever u want. Hydros and ur bro-in-law visit here often.
Drink up, man.
No I dont want. Drink up fast, then let's leave.
Hey dont be in a hurry man. I tell u, we'd sacrifice our lives for u, Sethu.
Even if Keerikkadan Jose comes we'd be with u, what say?
Ofcourse. If Jose comes, I'll slit his throat and feed him to dogs.
-Who's laughing? Mocking us ?
Hey Najeeb, u'd do nothing to Jose. Stop bluffing while drinking, just go home.
Hey Najeeb.
-Let's show this guy who's boss. He's mocking us.
What do u say Sethu ?
-Najeeb, its me Nasser.
No dog should repeat this. Keerikadan is nothing in front of Sethu.
-Najeeb, stop blabbering when u're drunk.
Sethu bro, I was kidding. Why does he have to interfere in this ?
Hey, stop it. Dont create problems.
-It's not me.
Its not me, I've done nothing.
-U underestimate us.
We're Sethu's friends..
What happened ?
-The new rowdy, Sethu. Seems he's gotten drunk.
Call the police then.
Achuthan Nair
Ur son decided to mess things up, with rest of town as well?
-What happened ?
Ur son created a fight at a pub.My son Najeeb and Gopalan's son tried to stop him, and got hit. What's Sethu thinking?
That cant happen.
-What can I say. Ask bar owners if u want.Its local gossip now.
What do I do to him ?
What can I say? U've many children,but I have only 1. Please let him survive. It's my request.
Dad, my results will be out tomorrow.
-Where's the rogue, ur bro ?
He's inside.
What Dad ?
-U're messed up, and now u go messing up other people?
What happened here ?
-Ask ur son.
What happened son ?
-Dont know, Mom.
U dont know ? U liar. Ur son got drunk and fought at the pub. Hameed's son also got hit cos of him.
Is this true ?
-No Mom, I didnt make the fight, or even drink.
Really ? Hameed just told me, that guy got hit cos of him. U'll make enemies all over town now.
Is it true ?
Have'nt u gone to the bar ?
-Yes I have.
See, why would he go there if not to drink ?
-U wont believe me, if I told u I went for no reason.
Profile of 'Sethu' is different in this town. And now, even u're all beginning to see me differently.
Why're u hanging around ?
-Went to check my Bro's results.
Did he pass his exms ?
Heard u're creating problems in town? Protecting u that day was a mistake. Trying to become another Jose ?
Sir, that hurts. What're u accusing me of ?
-U created problems at the bar the other day, didnt u?
That wasn't me.
-Dont lie. I hear everything. U also go around picking fights?
Me ?
-U make ur sidekicks do it. That's bad enough.Is Hydros ur bodyguard?
-Since the day u landed, he's been around u. U extort through him and ur bro-in-law?
Since the time u landed, he is around u. U extort through him and ur bro-in-law?
No Sir, this is atrocious.
-Dont act in front of me. I've seen this before.
I helped u once cos I thought u were innocent and I respected ur Dad.
If u make trouble, I'll break ur bones. Can't tolerate another Jose being born here, ok ?
Dont give me the stare, alright?
Need some cash, Ramakrishna.
-I have'nt done any business yet.
When will u do business ? Whenever I ask, u haven't done business. If I lose temper, I'll break this place down.
Cool down Hydros, he'll pay up.
-Must Sethu himself come to ask u? That's why he sent his bro-in-law.
Hand over 50 bucks if u want to continue with business.
-Pay up. Dont piss off Hydros. We need it for Sethu.
How dare u extort in my name.
-Hydros just took it as a loan.
U're the ones spoiling my name.
Son-of-a-bitch, I almost died for u. And u hit me ?
Nobody need pay for my sake. I'm not an extortionist, and I dont need that money.
We cant bear this. We're of honourable lineage. We never had goons in our family. Send ur daughter to me when u want. If u dont, still fine.
Ramanan, stay calm. Let us ask.
-Here is where he hit me. It still aches.
Why'd he hit u ?
-Cos I stopped him from extorting.I tried to move him away. Why should I bear this ?
Ramanan, leave if u want. U can reach before night.
-I'll return in a week.
Not necessary.
-No, I shall..
No need.
-Mom shall I leave ?
Sure, leave.
-I'll return after 2 weeks.
Wonder what he's lying about.
-There's some truth to it. His clothes were soiled when he came.
My son wont hurt anyone.
-There comes ur son.
Who've u killed now ?
Haven't killed, but I beat up Hydros. He was extorting in my name.
Yea right. Why would he do that? Who gave u authority to correct it? Improve urself first.
Why'd u hit Ramanan ?
-I didnt. But if he does this nonsense, I will.
What stupidity this is, Sethu. Atleast wait till we reach our graves.
Stop. This is not a house for rogues. I've other children. I need to look after them.
Will u live honourably or as a rowdy? Clarify if u want to enter.
Son, what's this? What're u thinking ?
Mom, life is spinning out of control. Anything I do turns into a mistake. Dont know what I'll transform into.
Look at ur clothes.
-I'm tired of washing them. They were all soiled.
What's ur plan. Aren't u going home ?
I should. Dad will lose his sleep trying to search for me. And will want to apologise to me.
I want to return home before that. I can't see Dad lose. I'd rather be a loser here.
There's a numbness growing in me. Rather, a kind of newfound courage.
How else could I beat up Hydros?
Aren't u seeing Devi?
-No. She thinks I'm a schoolchild who'll listen to advice.
Prayer time
Did u see Sethu, Dad ?
Heard he's around, but then why didnt he visit here ?
Did he get into some fight?
-Mom, shut up and pray.
Krishnan uncle.
What happened Ramanan ?
I escaped with my life. Honourable people cannot live there.
I could've stayed here and I know u'd be happy to have me.
Still I went there cos I considered that house my own. No more..
Tell me what happened, Ramanan.
I would've been part of a murder today.
Sethu almost killed a rowdy today. When I tried to stop him, he beat me too.
And then ?
-What has happened to him?
The argument was on extortion. A week ago, he quarrelled at a bar. He wont survive at this rate.
Listen, I wont allow a goon to marry my daughter.
-Dont jump to conclusions without knowing the truth.
I know him, I wont believe this.
Is that him ?
-I don't see anyone.
Didnt u sleep ?
Yea, just woke up now.
If u feel tensed, I'll search.
-No need. Its late, where can u search ?
I'll search somewhere. After all,I agreed to u.
If I talk, it will turn into a quarrel. Son and Mom can talk in peace.
When did u come ?
Sometime ago
U should've woken us up. Come, have dinner.
-No. not hungry.
Parameshwaran is in town. U better stay away from home.
Until u know what he's upto, better go into hiding.
I'll bring u food.
-No need.
It's not a problem, I wont let anyone know.
There's a problem. U dont need to destroy urself for Sethu.
Thanks for letting me know. Now leave.
Grandma's gift. Think I need it now.
-Please throw it away.
I wont hurt anyone on purpose. It's for self defense. Dont scare parents by telling them this.
Whoever asks for me, tell I'm not at home these days.
Dont worry.
We're safe. Police selection list has come, Sethu's ranked second.
God, finally my son can escape this hell.
And this, for u. Interview call from University College.
Look at him, he's happy !
Where's he now ? I need to tell him.
Beware. I, Parameshwaran, shall cut out ur limbs within 24 hours, or die trying.
I want to live.
Brought u here so u wont die in solitude.
Achuthan, dont worry. When we found him, he simply surrendered and came. We never hurt him. He'll become one of us soon, eh ?
Bones in Parameshwaran's both hands had to be removed.
Relieving in a way. He can't hurt anyone.
Achuthan Nair. What're u doing ? Come here, I say. Stop this stupidity.
What madness is this ? If he dies in our custody, I'll be held responsible.
U may kill him, sir. I dont want him anymore.
Did u see my son ?
- Yes. Tomorrow he'll be presented in court. We need to bail him out.
Will they punish him ?
- Achu.
When did u come ?
- At dusk. Thought I'd leave after u came. I need to talk to u.
Bharathi and her relatives are compelling me to marry off Devi soon.
I was thinking, too. Once married, he'd become more responsible.
He's selected now, and will be posted soon.
-I meant something else.
We know a guy through Bharathi's relatives. Shivashanker from Dubai, based in Koratty. His proposal is being considered.
I didnt want to agree. But after these incidents..
U're right Krishna bro. Better not wait for Sethu. He's lost to us. U may give ur word
Achu, please dont resent me.
Hey, never..If my daughter Latha was in the same situation as Devi, I would've done the same.
I wouldnt even have given it a second thought. May Devi be in peace.
She isn't agreeing. She says she wont let go even if Sethu tells her.
When he comes out on bail, shall we ask Sethu to speak to her?
When they fought as kids, u'd to ask him to discipline the other kids. Like that, Is this necessary, Krishna ?
I couldnt bear it, that's why I..
-I know dad.
U may leave, Dad. Tell Mom not to worry.
Devi's marriage is coming up. Krishnan uncle had come.
They think u may create problems when it happens. I promised that won't happen.
It's a school, there are teachers around. Don't cry.
I came out on bail today.
Dont cry, I wont allow it.
Take me away, this moment.I'll come with u.
- We shall live together.
It wont happen. I'm not ready. I'm losing everything. I have to lose u too, else u'll become an obligation for me.
Obligation ?
- Yea. Lot of business to be done.I cant think of u in between that.
Moreoever, u're no longer in my heart.
I wont tell u what to do. Marry someone if u want. Else...
-I can suicide, right ?
Do not remember me anymore.
Dont be scared. I didn't come to quarrel or threaten. I said a final goodbye. Console her.
all of you will be fine..always.
Hameed ?
There's a document requiring police verification.
-Whose ?
Sethu Madhavan. For SI selection.
-That will become a problem.
Thats what I'm thinking too. Need'nt have registered that case. It was a criminal case, what could do?
Sir, please dont make me handle it. Please ask someone else to handle it.
How can u say that? I've to reply to this. Is Achuthan Nair there ?
Yes. I'll call him.
A police verification document regarding Sethumadhavan. What do I do ?
Do as u please, Sir.
What's the point of that? It affects ur son's career.
Let me try to close the case in some way. This will stay untouched till then.
-Ok Sir.
He hasn't been able to work, sir. Was hospitalised for 2 months, and 1 month here. We have 2 kids, I'm their only guardian.
Yea, thats what I'm saying. Till now u've were a goon. Now what can u do ? U cant even eat with that hand.
I'll set up a cycle shop for u. Arrange for a boy to clean up and move the stuff around. U'll get enough to support ur family.
U wont gain anything by winning the case or punishing Sethu. What say ? Can u do as I said?
I wil return.
Dont u recognize me, sir ?
-I do.
Then why dont u acknowledge.
-Reply to him.
U thought Jose would die, didnt u ? Just got out now.
Remember this: if u hurt Jose, he grows stronger. After 3 months in the hospital, I GAINED 10 kilos.
I'm not done. I'll cut down that rascal who cut his hand, and whom u support. His hands will be payback for him.
Body will be sent to his cop dad. Head to ur quarters. Then try to indict me in court, if u've any guts.
Dont worry. After verification, u're safe. Then u have khakhi strength, and the support of the force.
Dont waste time thinking. Leave this place soon. Save ur life first
Who else among u celebrated Sethu with fireworks?
All those pure souls who lighted candles for Jose to die, remember this..
I will find u. Wherever that pig is hiding, I wont spare him.
What happened to u?
-Jose returned.
He's taking revenge. Man by man, hit by hit.
-Does anyone at home know about ur whereabouts ?
I told Ramesh. Need to escape off to somewhere.
Came here to meet u. What if I cant see u again.
-What nonsense. Where are u going?
Dont know. I need some cash.
If u dont have, fine.
-Why dont u stay here tonight?
No one will find u here quickly. Tomorrow we'll get some money.
Who're u people ? Leave me.
Where is ur son ?
-I dont know.
If u dont tell me, I wont spare any of your lives. If I dont get him, I'll bury each one of u.
I will come again.
Did u get the cash ?
Yes. I came to know some news from Krishnan uncle.
Jose and gang attacked ur house yesterday. Dad wasn't home. Ramesh and ur mom are in hostpital.
Whats the use of worrying ? Better not go there.
No Keshu, I must to go. If they dont get me, they'll destroy my family.
For me, they would.. No, I will go.
Sethu, let's think about this.
-There's nothing to think about. I need to go.
Keep this money.
-I dont need the cash anymore.
Here we separate.
If I die, you must go and see my dad..and tell him...
I never loved anyone as much as him. I'm sorry for shattering all his dreams.
I dont have strength to hit back at them. What they want is my life. I'll repay it to them.
I'll come with u Sethu. I'm with u. If u want to hit back, I'll stick with u.
U've done enough for me, thanks. Ur son is crying, do take care of him.
Oh no, bro ! Go away, dont stay here. They'll kill u if they find u.
What're u doing ? Such a big girl, crying ? People are watching.
They beat u a lot dint they.
Never mind. No one will hurt u again.
-Has his anger died down ?
It will.
Study well. Dont fool around like her.
Dont become a lawyer. Become a sub-inspector. Fulfill Dad's wishes, alright ?
What do I tell u ? Get married to a house where they'll shower love on u.
Foolish girl.
Where's Mom ?
-In S2.
Dont cry, Mom.
- Why did u come here ? Escape, quick, to some other land.
I only want to know that u're alive.
-I'm leaving now. Came to say goodbye.
Go quickly.
Jose bro, Sethu Madhavan has come.
-Where is that pig.
Move away, move away.
Don't laugh.
I've come, prepared for death.
But not without a fight.
Who else wants my life now ? Which among u has the guts for it.
I want to kill. Until I'm satisfied.
Move away
Move away, u.
-Dont come closer.
If u come, I dont give a damn about who u're before I..
Sethu, drop the knife.
-Go away.
Dont come near me.
Drop the knife..
I say drop it..
-Don't come any closer.
Son.. Please drop tha knife..
It is your dad telling.. drop the knife..
What is this?
- Police verification report of Sethumadhavan.
He is not eligible. He is a...
..a notorious criminal.