Kirik Party (2016) Movie Script

I once recited a story that's full of sweet
memories of college...
carved on classroom benches and the
walls of the corridor...
we are still not satiated
so many fond memories that I need to find
new places to etch them...
Dude...who is he?
(Superstar Upendra is mouthing hit
dialogues from his film)
Dude...the movie is over...
So what if are done with this film? We have
another Upendra's film.
Dude...we have a class to attend
Hey,..shut up!
Two previous classes have already been
mass bunked by us
We are now facing an attendance shortage
due to the lack of proxy
The marks scored by us during exams are
missing on our report cards
But I'm sure we will clear a couple of
papers during the revals
Two previous classes have already been
mass bunked by us
We are now facing an attendance shortage
due to the lack of proxy
The marks scored by us during exams are
missing on our report cards
But I'm sure we will clear a couple of
papers during the revals
It will be useful in the future
Crowd cheers for Sanvi
I once recited a story that's full of sweet
memories of college...
carved on classroom benches and the
walls of the corridor...
your's is the only name that is written in the
pages of all
our life stories...
Aren't quarrels a pan of friendship?
Compromise and understand that in unity
lies strength
One or two strikes are essential in the
name oi social cause
Seems like our time in college will not
so let us buy a site on the campus
Oh s%&t the power went 0TH!
Oh s%&t the power went 0TH!
Yeah, I can see that...
How the hell can you see in the dark???
Manager...where the hell are you???
Switch on the generator
Manager...where the hell are you???
Manager please take them away!!
He couldn't figure out who it was!
Dude, I'm leaving. Come along if you want
Where to?
Mark it, lm sure it won't appear in the
question paper!
How about we all wear a tie to the talents
Oho... so sad
That's 0k, I'll help her.
Dude, move aside...
I'll help too!
It's ok.
Here, take your book.
Here, take it.
It's a little heavy... here's another book.
Ohh... have we picked all the books?
Dude I gave her three books!
This guy pretended to pick books long after
we were done!
Who the hell was looking at the books??
Do you need any help?
Yeah...l thought as much...
ls it a long climb up?
Yes, we need to get to the third floor
Ok, then do me a favour...
please open this book for me...
I love will be a good timepass
So what books have you read?
I am a voracious reader, but I can't recall
the names in an instant
Oh yeah, but the other day, I read an
article written by you
Ok...which one?
The one you wrote on sex workers
So did you read it because of me, or did
the topic interest you?
That's a valid point. Will ponder over it and
let you know.
I had never had a bird's eye view of the
college before.
By the way, what are you doing here?
I teach Kannada to the non Kannadigas
So do you speak Kannada fluently?
Hello! I studied in a residential school...
so, even though I may not speak fluent
I can read and write it perfectly.
Good to know that.
You must have a full house then?
Shall I keep these books here?
Oh...what a massive crowd!
I can't even see the faces of the ones
sitting in the last bench!
It must be tough to control so many of
I've heard a lot about you.
Being in the first year, you're already trying
to cozy up to the seniors.
Then you help her by carrying her books to
the third floor.
I know, you're trying to impress a senior.
L've been speaking to you for such a long
time and
you don't even have the courtesy to stand
up in front of a senior!!
Sir, please sit down...
Sir, there's no chair in sight...
Oh my god!
At 8 pm, it's scorching hot! Where are my
Manja, be quiet!
(Swears in his mother tongue)
minute please...
The reason we've all gathered here today
to take revenge.
A senior has barged into our room and
beaten up one of us...
Look at the way he's been thrashed...
He's been thrashed like a dog!
Just because we are juniors, they're
harassing us.
This has got to stop now.
Who is this mad cap??
Hey dude!
Juniors are...
Here take this...
Take it. Such important matters need to be
conveyed from a prominent platform.
What do they take us juniors for?
Poor fellow.
The way he's been beaten up...his teeth
His teeth are rattling
Look at how badly he's been thrashed
He's been thrashed like a dog!
It we tolerate this behavior without protest,
we will go down in our college history as
If we put up a united fight now,
we will be known as legends among our
juniors in the future!
Long after we have passed out of this
ourjuniors must recite tales of our bravery.
All of you once more take a look at that
poor innocent boy...
look at how badly he's been thrashed...
He's been thrashed like a dog!
Ok fan boys...shut up!
Is everyone with me on this?
Boss, it was your idea to wear a tie.
But seems like the whole college is
wearing it today!
What's your problem?
(Curses in his mother tongue)
Come on boys...
Pick up a bat and come fast...
Are you the six students who've been
Sir, we are not wastrels...
we are just bored of doing nothing
We do not intend on escaping to the
nearest bar
But we seem to find no other way
If you throw us last benchers out of
Let me go, I have a class to take
We have no problem, it is their reputation
that will be at stake
Dad it's me Manja.
I needed 10 thousand rupees urgently.
Why son?
I have to buy a lethe machine
What? A lethe machine??
Yes dad, I want to get the question paper
leaked and later sell them.
All I need to invest is ten thousand rupees.
It's a profitable business.
Very good my son. I'll send the money right
He agreed that easily?
What's your dad's profession?
Balcony seats for 200 rupees only...
We have 30,000 rupees
We have 50,000 rupees
How did you manage to collect all this
What can I do...?
The price of revaluation fees, tuition fees,
electricity bill and canteen bill have all shot
What about the water supply bill?
It's still being printed.
Dude. ..look for cheap cars
80 thousand rupees?!!!
We are still short of another 30 thousand
Blessed with divine information while in the
all that is left for me is to execute the
I will once again rebuild the Rama
Dude...but there's no water!
But why do you need water to build a
I will once again rebuild the Rama
My gang of workers is ready...
We have so much more work to do and
many more miles to go...
But where's the time do all of it...for time
itself is running short
The burden on our shoulders is a lot...
may be we could share it
Such a beautiful car.
Why are you selling it for such a cheap
Is there a problem with it?
Absolutely no problem!
It came here for repairs.
I called the owner after repairing it
and told him him to pay 80 thousand
rupees and take it.
To which he said, Dude, get lost.
I can get a new car for that amount.You
can keep this one!.
What did he say sir?
He said, Dude, get lost.
I can get a new car for that amount. You
can keep this one!
But I have my doubts that this bundle
contains only 50 thousand rupees.
And we have our doubts if this car is really
in a working condition...
All this is ok.
But don't betray me when you have to pay
the balance of thirty thousand rupees, ok?
I heard six students have been suspended
from your college.
Are you the same guys?
Sir, we are not wastrels...
we are just bored of doing nothing
We do not intend on escaping to the
nearest bar
But we seem to find no other way
If you throw us last benchers out of
we have no problem
It is your reputation that will be at stake
Dude...let's give her a drop today.
Who will be the lucky boys to drop her?
The two of us.
The key is with me.
The three of us.
Did you gather all these students?
The last two rows of students were
arranged by me.
Why are you here? Don't you already know
I do. I came here to supervise the others.
How are you?
We are fine!
Dude...ask her!
I'll ask her...wait.
And when you have to reply, you say I'm
karna bought a new car...
Yes...l've bought a new's just been
two days.
karna has bought a new car.
He can drop me home any time.
Any time Sanvi. After all it's just a drop.
Dude, what she means is... leave the
Are you guys coming with me?
Sanvi, my friends will feel abandoned...
Take all of them with you
ll I take all of them, the class will be empty.
Just send the first two rows.
Come on guys...
The deed is done. We have finally told her
that we've bought a car.
Not we. She thinks you bought a car.
You really don't want a drink?
Who said so? I gave it to you to pour soda
into it.
Ask him
Wait...l'll ask
Dude...pour me some soda
I'm doing it
Not that...ask him about the car
Dude...tell me about the car
Yes, the car! Manja, go check if the car is
parked right.
Dude...come sit down...why are you still
Did you ask him?
Did you ask him?
karna, San 'vs Wee years skier than us.
Do you think it will work out?
You fool! In three years time, won't I be of
the same age?
I too will be of the same age in three years.
Damn! We are out of booze's me Ghouse.
Oh hello sir! How are you?
Why so many missed calls since morning?
Yeah exactly...if you don't answer a call,
it becomes a missed call.
What about the balance payment?
Manja, go check if the car is parked right. what was I saying...
You were talking about the balance
It's ready. I will give it as soon as you
Oh you're ready with the money?
And on your way here, pick up six beers
and short eats.
Aye dude...where's the money for all that?
You've kept aside some money for petrol,
Then where's the money for petrol?
Our's is a diesel car, dude! Why do we
need petrol?
Who's going to pay for the short eats?
We'll pay you for everything. You just get
Dude, the car is parked right.
Dude, I made some calculations.
I've poured the periect measure, right?
I'm not referring to the drink.
You were talking about something else a
while ago...
Oh that? Manja, go check it the car is
parked right?
Why me every time?
Yeah...just to check if the car is parked
Now I remember!
In three year's time, won't Sanvi too be
three years older?
Yes, that's right.
It's just three years after all. We'll manage
some how.
Look at the way they are queuing up for
free cake!
Absolutely shameless!
These guys follow us everywhere...
Where are you going dude?
I'll go get a piece of cake
Dude! Make it two pieces.
Look at him! He's running after Saanvi
You had asked me to drop you home
When do you want me to drop you?
Remember we spoke about it during
Kannada class...
I don't need it.
Oh, you don't need it? She doesn't need it
dude. off!
Sorry...but I'm getting late
Why are you leaving early today?
I have to go home and to the church after
But why are you off to church?
What do you mean why?
Oh sorry...just a moment...
you please continue...
Guys, I don't think it's going to work out.
Saanvi is a Christian.
She's a Christian??
I heard you're ofi to the church!
Come, let's chat along the way...
Come let me drop you. I have my car
That's ok. I don't want to trouble you.
Oh, it's no trouble at all
It's been a while since I went to church,
My father is a priest in the church
What does your dad do?
Oh...Just a moment...l'll be back
Dude...we've all had a discussion and are
perfectly fine with a Christian girl
Her dad's a cop
A cop??
A cop? Then he must definitely know my
Ok, I'll catch you guys later.
Saanvi, you're dad is rocking on television!
He's thrashed some fellow who sells black
tickets at a theatre.
One moment...which theatre was it?
Just a moment...l'll be back...
Dude...we've had another round of
we're okay with having a cop for a father-
Dude...l don't think it's going to workout...
Both our dads don't match in their
professional ethics
Ok, I'm leaving
Yes, I too felt that none of this will work out.
Ok you guys carry on. I have some
personal work to attend to.
Dude, we too will join you!
It's personal guys...
Dude, we too will join you!
Okay come
What is he looking for?
This side?
Looks like he is trying to fool us...
What are you gaping at?
The principal's car has broken down.
Come let's help.
Ok...come on guys..
What are you doing? Can't you even push
a car properly?
Guys...join in...
Go on... push...
Sir, my friends will push the car.
You keep trying to start the car.
I'll go and fetch the mechanic in a jifiy.
Please do a good job with the pushing
Stop kicking me and push the car! you have the car keys?
I missed my bus because of you
Why worry? I'll drop you.
Is it broken down?
Come, let's go
Dude, please do a good job with the
Haha...we've put him in a spot now!
Saanvi, there are no buses for the next halt
Besides, it look like it might rain.
I have my car. If you wish, I can drop you.
No compulsion.
Isn't this Karna's car?
No way! It's my car.
Also his
Also his
Ohh you too are here?
Theirs, too.
Let's go.
I was just waiting for you guys to come
Yeah...sure...we know you!
Loki, change the gear.
Saanvi, here's an umbrella, looks like it is
going to rain.
Dude switch to the third gear.
And once you hit 60 kmph, switch to the
(Quotes a poem...)
Didn't you write this?
It's fantastic.
Dude, please recite the next line
Continues with the poem...
This is the best line
Dude...there's a hump ahead
Why are you silent?
He's extremely shy
You are extremely beautiful!
Here take this.
What is this for?
You're off to the church isn't it? Take this as
an offering.
Ohh, the coconut fell down!
Don't worry. There's no problem. Give me
two minutes.
Il fix it right away.
Saanvi, I'll step out. I need some fresh air.
Please come...
Hold this!
Dude...where were you? We looked
everywhere for you.
I was reading in the library
What were you reading?
Traitors...the title of the book!
Talking of books, what about my balance
What's the connection between balance
payment and books?
Is there one between you and the library?
Damn! I'm getting late.
There are no buses for the next half hour.
Besides, it looks like it might rain. I have
my scooter.
If you wish, I can drop you. No compulsion.
Sly fellow!
May I ride the scooter?
He is such a lucky guy!
Whose face did I see when I woke up this
Is it the goddess of beauty or luck who is
sitting in front of me?
The black and white dream that I saw last
has turned
colouriul today...
I am now in the mood to pen poems in your
In your dreams...
She comes close to you...
Cuddles you...
I can't handle her tickles
Once more...
In your dreams...
She comes close to you...
Cuddles you...
I can't handle her tickles
ls this your house?
What are you searching for?
Which is your room?
The one with the balcony
So you keep coming to the balcony often??
Hey, what do you want?
Looking for Saanvi Joseph.
Same family, give it to me.
Sir please sign here.
Over here?
I 'm trying to chart a new territory in love...
But I tend to lose track sometimes...
The art of conveying emotions through
Wait and find out for yourself the true
essence of love
The enduring bond...
the captivating intimacy...
The desire to be around you has now
grown stronger...
The moments that I spend with you have
surpassed even my expectations...
In your dreams...
She comes close to you...
Cuddles you...
I can't handle her tickles
Hi Saanvi, how come you called at this
You're unable to sleep?
Even lm unable to do so
We are unable to contain our envy!!
Hi Sanvi
karna, I need your help and it's urgent?
Can you come home?
There's no time to explain. Tell me can you
make it or not?
It's what I wanted anyway. I'll be there in
half an hour.
Where are we going?
Sonu, we'll be there in ten minutes.
Karna, make it quick.
Whose face did I see when I woke up this
Is it the goddess of beauty or luck who is
sitting in front of me?
The black and white dream that I saw last
has turned
colouriul today...
I am now in the mood to pen poems in your
In your dreams...
She comes close to you...
Cuddles you...
I can't handle her tickles
Once more...
In your dreams...
She comes close to you...
Cuddles you...
I can't handle her tickles
I can't handle her tickles
Karna, what are doing?
Saanvi, where are we going?
Remember the article I wrote on a sex
We are going to see her.
Oh, her? This is her house.
I heard the wails and guessed this must be
Sonu, don't worry. Let's go to the hospital.
Karna, let's go to a hospital. Quick!
Don't yell. I'm getting tensed.
We have a woman in labour.
Not her. She's in the car.
Sir, we need a signature...
from the father of the child.
That's not me!
Even a guardian can sign
What happened? ls she okay?
Do you want to see the baby?
No that's ok.
Come on...
Thank you!
Don't thank me. Thank him.
The baby is extremely cute
lithe baby is alive today,
Saanvi is the reason for it.
If not for her, I'd have aborted it long time
I was frightened to even think of how she'd
be treated by society.
Saanvi gave me courage.
In my line of work, there's no lack of people
who display love
But nobody sticks around.
I don't know if this child is a fruit of love or
but I'm going to raise her with all my love
What are you thinking about?
I was thinking about the baby
We will do our best. The rest is upto God.
Once upon a time, even Sonu was a little
Was it pan of God's plan to make her a sex
Why are you assuming that the baby won't
have a bright future?
Pain or gain, maybe it's for her own good
I've seen the Karna who gets into fights
with seniors and gets suspended from
Today, I see a new side of you.
I'm not saying that the Karna in college is
But you're trying hard to hide the softer
side of you.
Ok, it's a serious subject. I'll think about it.
I'm unable to find answers.
Oh god, so many messages! I'm just not
able to spend time with my friends.
Ok, I'm ofi for a shower
Dude, that underwear is mine
Ok take!
Did you give it a thought?
I'm still thinking
Where is he?
And the phone?
I thought about it.
It there's another side to me, there must be
one to you as well.
Why not the both of us get together and
explore that side of you?
Ok then.
I'm game to find that other side of me. You
do the same.
Why have you poured me a drink? I've quit
L'll see you guys later.
Dude, where's the car?
Ok then, let's go out.
At this hour? No way!
There is a way? Jump off the balcony.
I meant I can't come out.
Where are the car keys?
Not that, not that!
It's in the wash basin
You better get your pockets stitched
I won't take no for an answer. I'm already
outside your house.
Are you crazy? Why did you come here at
this hour?
Hello...why? Didn't I come when you called
Now I'm asking you to come out with me
and you better do so.
Karna, try and understand! It's well past
midnight and I can't come out now.
If you don't come out now,
I'm going to blare the horn and wake up
the whole neighbourhood.
No!!!! Don't do that Karna. Please don't
make noise.
All right, for your sake I give up the idea of
You come down now.
Please concentrate on the road
The road is in bad shape...l don't want to
look at it.
Don't you have the sense to honk at an
The horn is not working
Are you joking?
Do you know what my dad will do if he gets
to know of this...?
What? ls he going to repair it for me?
So where are we going now?
To eat some corn
Karna, have you ever come here before?
Why will I come to an unknown place?
Actually, on a highway...
Thought I fell down? I went to pluck some
karna, I'm getting scared...
we have trespassed somebody's
field...what if we get caught?
I got another one
Karna, tell me about your family...
My family comrprises me, my father and
grandfather. Just the three of us.
And your mother?
I don't remember her at all
What does your dad do?
He's a don.
Long ago, he would take to the streets with
his tights.
Now he's old. So he plays chess at home.
Let alone my father, you should hear my
grandpa's tales...
you'll be shocked.
Is he such a terror?
March 28. 1946.
Maybe past 5 in the evening.
He went to a street cart to eat pakodas.
And while he was eating the pakodas,
he asked for extra chutney.
The vendor refused
My grandpa wouldn't take no for an
The vendor said he was out of chutney.
My grandpa volunteered to help him with
the grinding for the chutney,
but instead went on to beat him to a pulp
In the midst of all this,
a British officer came to break up the fight.
He yelled at them to stop which my
grandpa mistook for a cuss word.
That's it.
He shifted focus to the officer and thrashed
him like a dog.
The villagers who witnessed this scene
labelled my grandpa a freedom lighter.
Happy that he'd receive pension, my
grandpa complied with the label.
Here eat the corn.
Good story.
Is that an elephant?
No way!
True. How can an elephant come here?
It sounds like it is an elephant.
Ok, I think it is an elephant.
Saanvi, why are you scared?
Elephants are harmless.
Don't won't harm us.
What a silly girl you are! Getting scared of
an elephant, that toot!
Saanvi, can you accompany me till there?
Two teas please...
and a cigarette for me
Oh, how of foolish of me...l've quit
smoking! Cancel that cigarette.
You haven't told me anything about your
We don't have an exciting history like your
My father is strict, but that's okay. He's a
cop after all!
You should bribe him and get your way.
Is he extremely strict?
Not really...he's a nice guy.
A little short tempered and says things he
doesn't mean when he's angry.
And that hurts sometimes.
How do you deal with hurt?
I go to church
And when you're happy?
I go to church
Come let's go there
At this hour?
Sam, doth worry.
I'll be your safety net. Come here... jump!
Let's go')?
karna, let's climb the church tower?
Okay, let's climb!
Hey! What are you doing?
Haven't we come here to ring the bell?
Are you crazy? The whole neighbourhood
will be up.
It's 5am.
See they're already praying aloud,
so why don't we ring the bell too?
As we mature, so do our thoughts, isn't it?
You start thinking that you're mature and
beyond childish behaviour.
We try to hide all our childish desires.
All those tun things we did tonight, has
made me feel like a child again.
Okay so shall I ring the bell?
As they sway gently on a swing,
Krishna and Radhe are lost in their
As Krishna whispers sweet nothings into
her ears,
Shyness overwhelms Radhe
As he entwines the edge of her sari with
his finger,
while caressing her lustrous hair,
Igniting her senses,
he raises her coy face towards him
As they sway gently on a swing,
Gently placing his ears to her heart
And wrapping her in a warm embrace,
As he lovingly runs his fingers on her lips
to catch the unspoken words
She answers with a soft sigh
As she begins to bare her soul to him
The universe witnessed this union
Her lips began to quiver...
having experienced a sweet moment
As Krishna and Radhe swayed gently on a
Saanvi, you forgot my shin
I won't give it back.
If we try, I'm sure we can fit in dude.
Will it just be the two of us?
Ladies Hostel! Their farewell party is on..
If the ladies get to know we're here, they'll
celebrate our arrival!
Dude! I'll go ahead and check if the coast
is clear.
If it is, I'll come and fetch you guys.
Who is this handsome young man...
who has stealthily made his way here at
the right hour?
Jumping over the fence, spreading smiles,
he has been drawn here like a butterfly is
to a garden
I lost my way and wound up here
This Tom cat slipped up and landed in our
Where has my gang of boys disappeared?
Where the hell are they having left me
Once you've come and been held captive
do you think you can escape easily?
We are really sorry.
We will not be swayed by your false praise
We can pay a fine if you want
Enough with your fake stories
Somebody please help and bring me
please offer some help..
How can we send away a guest so rare
without honouring him?
We will see him ofi with special honours
Isn't this a little extreme?
Do you want to see a different a facet of
You're a group of bluffmasters. Why do you
take unnecessary pride in it?
Beware we know how to deal with guys like
Don't exceed your limits...
You stay silent and mind your own
You think you own this place?
Please don't worry, we think nothing of that
Don't cross your limits and act oversman
We make our own course just like the wind
Your spirits are high with all the booze
you've had
It's high time you leave now
We have troubled you enough for tonight
We shall see you in college tomorrow...
Dude, you gave us away!
(Senior abusing karna with the choicest
Guys, shut up!
Hello! Don't you have any respect for your
Not only are you hitting on a girl from our
but you also beat up a boy from our class,
I'll finish you off in the first year itself!
What are you staring at?
You think you're a hero?
You're all in the final year.
Once you pass out, don't you dare step in
to the campus for the next three years.
Why? Because I will still be in this college
karna, what happened?
Tell us...
Saanvi, what are you writing? ls it about
Neetu! Come here, take this diary!
Neetu, please give it back!
Don t give it to her, give it here!
Will it just be the two of us?
Are you writing about karna?
(Breaks into popular Kannada film song)
(Breaks into popular Kannada film song)
So what if he's a junior?
Sachin Tendulkar is 6 years junior to his
Let's all raise a toast and celebrate
Saanvi's new found love.
No way, I don't want a drink.
It's a big deal that I've got permission to
stay in the hostel.
Oh shut up. 2 months is all we have left of
college life.
Who knows where each of us will be after
Saanvi, please don't give us excuses.
We're all drinking today and that's final.
I've never had a drink before..
As ii we drink everyday! This is our first
time too.
Okay fine...
may be the second or third time.
Another peg and she'll spill out all her
Okay enough, I'll pour the drink myself.
Okay that's it. I'm not saying anything
What happened?
Even I don't know
They are not letting anyone go that side
(Tension prevails)
Apparently she got drunk and fell off the
third floor.
How did you get to know?
Tanu called me
Look Karna's there..
karna, what happened'?
(A funeral ceremony is in progress)
Karna's alone, come lets go to him.
That's Saanvi's father.
I'm sorry
The reputation of your college has been
tarnished because of my daughter.
For god's sake! Can you please stop
watching that video on repeat?!
For the misfortune of being her parent,
I've fulfilled my obligations and completed
her last rites.
Don't ever speak of her again.
Sir, look at this clip.
Oh this girl! I've seen her roaming the
streets at night with some boy.
Oh this girl! I've seen her roaming the
streets at night with some boy.
O tongue that is spinning malicious lies
I'm now consumed by the anger to split
you into two
Serves her right for drinking...
Dude, I've seen this video. Do you have
more videos of her?
When I see people shaming you, my blood
boils with anger
O tongue that is spinning malicious lies
I'm now consumed by the anger to split
you into two
karna, open the door!
When I see people shaming you, my blood
boils with anger
Guys, look at the notice board, our Julie
miss is on it!
An obituary for a person who fell off the
building after getting high on alcohol!
Come guys!
She'd come whenever I called her.
So she's had a drink with you, too?
Ask me what I haven't done with her?
A lie stays hidden, like the embers within
the ashes
Like a desire that stays, just like the smoke
after tire
A man who has no grip over his tongue is
heartless, too
I'll ensure your shadow is not spared from
the hands of death
The circus that ensues among the ugly
minds who fall prey to empty lies
It's time to separate truth from the lies
For you burn with jealousy when goodness
Even at the hour of death, you will not let
go of your malicious ways
Do not spare such evil souls, take them
away from here O lord
And while you make excuses, you have no
reason to live
O tongue that is spinning malicious lies
I'm now consumed by the anger to split
you into two
When I see people shaming you, my blood
boils with anger
The ones who burn with jealousy will turn
into ashes themselves
The ones boiling with rage, will themselves
The sins are not the ones committed, but
So when you have done wrong, be
prepared to face the wrong
Beware, just look behind, it's coming after
You will be entangled in the web of your
own sins
You have to give an account for every dirty
game you've played
So come, face your reality...
I am here to destroy the fortress of
So come, gear up for a fight
Here's a warning to all the students who've
come to our college from other institutions.
Listen carefully
You've come here to panicipate in our
stick to participating and watching the
And take home a prize if you win.
But it I hear of anyone teasing our female
the programme will keep getting
The cultural programme will now continue.
What were you guys performing?
Don't you have any sense?
She's crying
I can see...that!
If somebody comes...
stop your peHormanceL...
If you face any problem, don't you have the
sense to come and inform us about it?
What are we seniors around for?
What are you staring at? Console her.
Please be consoled!
OK enough
I was to myself.
He was the one who came and troubled
You duffer, say it Kannada.
Don't you know the language??
I didn't speak to you, shut up!
He was extremely rude...
All I asked him was, "why don't you speak
in Kannada?"
You arrived on the scene by then.
please ensure that it doesn't repeat again
continue with your performance
(Performance to Raghavendra Rajkumafls
hit song)
Don't bother trying to catch Karna's
He hasn't looked at a girl in 3 years.
That's 0k... I'll adjust
He hasn't shaved in ages!
I don't care! I love it
He's extremely short tempered
That's ok. He'll change once we get
Married? What do you even know about
I know his entire history
How can anyone not know?
Everybody knows how he had become
after Saanvfs death.
It was us who helped him get over the
And now he's acting smart with us!
It was these boys who showed karna
Because they were Computer Science
students and Karna was in Mechanical
Didn't Karna involve these boys when he
conducted that fest last year?
Yes, he involved us. But karna and his
boys pocketed all the profits.
All lies!
People never speak the truth
karna can never be wrong.
If he can do no wrong, then why did karna
keep the car?
Didn't we all pitch in with money to buy it?
But he's cleared all their dues
My foot! He hasn't cleared anything! He
still has two pending papers.
According to the rules, he isn't eligible to
contest elections.
That is the reason why Karna got the
elections canceled.
They let him contest the elections because
of the ruckus he created.
It was because of Karna that even the fest
was held much before elections.
Elections can be held at any time. But
karna is bound to win it.
Anybody can win if they resort to
That is what Karna has been doing all
these years.
Do you remember what happened last
He got us beaten up because we
supported the students from ou r branch.
He didn't even care that we were his
He didn't care that they were his friends.
You should have been there!
You should have been there.
Were you there?
Those who witnessed the fight, told me
No matter what anybody says, we
shouldn't spare Karna this time.
Let it all be done face to face...this time
both of us are standing for elections.
And no matter what, we have to win this
What's up Sankoch!
Who are you voting for this time?
Dude, both karna and you are good friends
of mine
So I've decided to not vote this time.
Are the designs okay?
Please excuse me...
What's up've used a bench as
your party symbol!
Tell them to print this.
It's not just a bench...
We belong to the last bench party
We don't need anyone's permission for we
are the rulers here
Set the stage for us and keep the whistles
We are set to make our entry
Let's begin campaigning
yes, there are just two weeks left for
When compared to us, there are more
students in Computer Science
Moreover, they have lS's support, so let's
not risk it
so you've come to tell me to withdraw from
the elections?
Oh, was a class going on here?
That's ok! He was my classmate at one
Come Surru, let's go out.
They want to campaign for the elections.
Dude, I'm a lecturer now!
Oops, sorry.
Ok guys, listen up...
Dude, look at Karna's party's the
last bench!
Shows the standards of the Mechanical
But we are Computer Science boys
our symbol should be of corporate
What about an apple?
They'll think we've copied a brand
Dude, what about a pineapple?
What a brilliant idea!
Colouriul personalities are now set to
become leaders in white
Speeches are on the tip our tongues
Pandals have been rented
As we sit inside smoking,
we await the fruits of our labour
So who are we voting for?
The last bench party!
Please vote for us
We are not liers, we live by our word
Get set to rejoice for victory will be ours.
Worry not, we might be in the ruling seat,
but the rules will be yours
It's so cold...warm yourselves...
Move! karna, where are you going??
Ok, Loki is definitely winning this election.
He's been gone for three days now.
Not even answering his phone.
God alone knows where he is!
As though he's done this for the first time!
This is what he does always.
There have been times when he's come
back after four weeks.
But this time, ii he doesn't come back
before elections, what do we do?
karna, where were you'?
Do you know how tensed we were?
How could you go away at such a crucial
It will be humiliating ii we lose this election.
Dude, don't take this election lightly. The
situation is quite serious.
Do you know what Loki and his gang were
up to in your absence?
They've spread rumours that the candidate
is missing
even though elections are around the
Candidates going missing during elections
is common
Sporting sunglasses and wearing his
Let's be on our way and do the victory lap
Without any distinction of grade or rank,
come vote for us
We are going to win anyway, so ready the
All of you sing it once again
We belong to the last bench party
We don't need anyone's permission for we
are the rulers here
Set the stage for us
and keep the whistles coming for we are
set to make our entry
We've made our presence felt already
Our attitude stands tall
Silence please.
The Last Bench party has won the election
this time.
Karna will be taking oath as the president
at 10 am tomorrow.
Greetings to all the students
and the dignitaries present on today's
Who's that...please maintain silence!
I'll come to you, too.
The reason such a massive crowd has
gathered here is because
a golden moment is set to be witnessed by
you all.
It's 9.45 am! Where the hell is karna?
I request the party workers to not lose
He's on his way...friends,
Dear voters,
our beloved youth icon
messiah of the poor
champion of the environment
Where is karna?
He'll be here any moment...
What's up guys?
Off to play cricket?
Why? You want to join us?
Play well.
From the time of the Mahabharata, Karna
has always been back-stabbed.
On second thoughts, let's play the match.
The swashbuckling batsman has arrived at
the pitch.
And he faces the first ball.
Excellent shot
He opens his innings with four runs.
Wide run
Scores a biggie.
It's a six and the score card reads 10.
It's 11!
There was a wide.
Total now stands at 11
Powerplay is on. All fielders are within 15
A perfect setting for a thrilling game.
Beautiful shot. Ball is racing towards the
boundary and so is the captain.
Failed attempt at stumping.
The wicket keeper himself is stumped!
Total score...37, 38, 42
Defensive play by the opponents...
Dismal performance by the skipper.
Excellent dive that has stopped the fielder
in his tracks.
The ball has raced towards the boundary,
the score stands at 46
What happened?
And its a tailed attempt at a spin...
The ball has crosed the boundary
And the batsman reaches his 50
The crowd cheers him on
Four more runs while the opponent is run
The batsman nears his century,
the presure is now on the fielders
Lack of concentration
leaves the batsman retired hurt just short
of scoring a century
Guys run!
Give me a matchbox
Give me a matchbox
Look here, we've arrived at his room.
Please don't keep blabbering.
The situation is very serious. Please be
You've lost.
I came here to enquire Karna's health.
I forgot I had to leave ever since we began
playing cards.
Please give this fruit to Karna, okay?
Please stay Ghouse. What will you do
going home? Sit down.
How many times do I have to warn you to
not steal glucose from the next room?
That patient is low on glucose!
Let's play another round of cards?
This card looks promising
This is a hospital.
So you have cast the joker card itself?
Is number 3 the joker card?
He will definitely change
I've made this carrot upma specially for
you. Please eat.
Please give it to me.
Effect of the glucose!
I'll make biryani for you tomorrow.
You know how to cook m; am'?
Of course! And also kebab, brain fry,
khaima balls...
Bhagya loves the khaima balls made by
me. Isn't it Bhagya?
Oh yes!
And from tomorrow onwards, she will bring
you varied dishes...
I don't think that's needed.
He will be discharged by the time she
brings biryani.
I'm sure!
father has come!
Father has come!
Please convey my regards to him.
Dude not my father...yours!
Yes and the principal has also come along
with him.
Huh, father has come!
Yes, his father has come.
I meant has my father also come?
I told you! Not your father...but his!
But you said the principal has also come?
your father is here...
Can I ask his father for the balance
Sir, look at how they've beat up each other!
We don't need such students in our
I've been observing him from the first year.
Should have given him a TC and sent him
away long time ago.
Please take him with you sir.
We don't need such students in our
Even if I said no, you didn't heed to my
and left home to come here.
Since his college is at quite a distance from
the hostel,
I bought him a Bullet last year.
I thought let him study and not waste time
in commuting.
But what did he do?
Our family is renowned...
my father was a freedon fighter!
But this fellow is good for nothing! I'll take
him with me.
We have a petrol bunk, let him till fuel
How will he fill fuel? He's hurt his hand!
I didn't mean it...please don't take such
hasty decisions.
Please advice him, he'll set right his ways.
I don't think one dose is enough!
You won't be able to understand this sir...
Please don't worry...he's not bad in
studies...always taking 60!
60 was in the old days, now it is 90
Upma is fabulous!
Upma! We had upma even at our home
Same taste!
Hey, what are you doing here?
Your father?
There was a lot of leftover upma at home.
I didn't want to waste it, so came to
distribute it to the patients here.
Come Bhagya.
Let's go to the next ward. ...patients will be
Please bless me uncle.
Such a cultured girl.
After all, she is my daughter!
I didn't want her to be a spoilt brat at home,
so sent her to live in the hostel.
I don't like what you're up to.
A decision has to be made today.
Will you mend your ways ,
or do you want to keep bashing up
everyone and become a rowdy?
I'll mend my ways.
Promise me.
As a student representative of this college,
I karna, would like to...
Promise me...
That I will not take advantage of the
powers vested in me...
I will sincerely live up to the responsibilities
given to me...
That I will not take advantage of the
powers vested in me...
I will sincerely live up to the responsibilities
given to me...
I hereby solemnly pledge to do all of the
The match resumes in the home ground of
the opponent
Its the final delivery
A mighty pull shot
That's a six, The score now stands at
Within half an hour of taking his oath,
Karna has thrashed a student from another
Please rusticate him from our college
and take him down from the president's
Such students spoil the reputation oi the
What proof do you have that we have
thrashed someone?
And what proof do you have to prove your
We do.
It's waiting outside. One minute. I'll call
This is the boy who karna thrashed.
Really?Did we thrash you?
I don't know anything sir.
But karna is a good man.
He's lying sir! karna has threatened and
brought him here!
Don't be frightened of anybody.
Did Karna beat you up? Be bold and tell
I know sir, but I also don't know
anything.All I know is that Karna is a good
It that's the case, why are you wearing a
Sir, I had come to your college for a fest.
But then a girl...
Sir, I don't know anything about her.
Looks like she's also a good girl...
Karna, promise me that you haven't beat
him up...
Sir, what's the big deal...of course, I
Father, no!
Sir, don't trust these Mechanical boys!
Excuse me, we are tar better than you
Computer Science boys!
What better? After engineering, you guys
don't even get a decent job!
Ok boys, please let's not tight about which
branch is better.
Sir, this is not a tight. It's a healthy
We Mechanical boys get jobs in the I sector Mr Lokesh Kumar.
Now let's see if you can do the same!
Who even wants your job? All you do is
saw with a haxo blade!
So you'd rather sell tickets in black then?
Look, that's a personal matter!
What the hell is going on here?
I don't know sir. They're all good boys.
I wasn't talking to you.
Boys, please don't fight...
It's not a tight sir, it's a healthy argument.
Why should we fight with Mechanical boys.
We have our standards.
What is the big deal about typing away on
a keyboard?
Sir, didn't we tell you that this is not a fight?
It we don't get a job, we'll at least set up a
Unlike you guys, we won't put up a board
Get your PAN cards done here and run a
cyber centre!
Even if we run a cyber centre, we will be
relaxing in an A/C room
With a couple of spanners , you can't turn
your future around.
You might be able to tighten a few loose
screws in your head.
Even if we hold spanners, we'll do a good
job with it.
Unlike you IT boys who will have to work
long hours in an MNC,
curse your managers and drown your
sorrows over a drink at a pub.
We belong to the Royal Mechanical club!
Are you a Mechanical student
No, Electrical.
Then why are you supporting them?
Because we supply electricity to their
We share a connection, so you mind your
own business.
Guys, please take her from here
Ok, later later...
Come come...where's Bhagya? better know your can never raise it
Of course we can! We'll even climb a
building if we have to!
We will construct that building...
ah...l'm from Civil Engineering...
thought I'll contribute something to the
Even a mason can do that job!
Please come...
Hasn't Bhagya come today?
Go bring her...
it's been ages since I saw her
it's been ages since I saw her
You are the reason behind my beautiful
You have made your way into my heart
Without my knowing, it seems like I'm
ready to become one with you
There I go, as my shyness takes over and I
stand rooted to the spot
karna is not nice...he's very short
The sun hides behind the clouds
And when he comes out, he's capable of
melting me
Isn't he the one who paints the rainbow?
The whole college fears him...
Even if the moon seems luminous
People choose to look at the dark spots
So how will they appreciate the divine
The words that I wish to say to you, remain
within me yet...
Just like the flower that awaits the arrival of
the sun to bloom
I want you close to me
Without worrying about tomorrow
I want you close to me
For there are so many things to be said...
I will flow into your heart like the cascading
It'd be befitting if you engulf me in your
ocean of love
Follow the queue.
What are you doing here? Get lost
Can you please make this remote gas
leakage detector project for me?
Ok sir.
50% advance, Keep it there.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking.
I'm looking at the menu.
You are looking at it the wrong way. Turn it
We too would have stood in the queue
I'm sure! But you guys are VIPs...
So I asked my boy to make you'll sit here
What's the special treatment for VIPs?
Look there. The guys in the queue have to
pay a 50% advance.
And VIPs?
VIPs have to pay 100% advance.
Because they are tough to catch hold of.
Let this be ready tomorrow
There's 40 thousand in this.
Don't worry at all. For this amount, you'll
get a fabulous project.
Ok, let's go
O dear heart of mine...
You probably want to add more color to
my life...
Shy as a peacock, I'm now going crazy
with your love
I'm now forgetting my own self...
I now smile to myself without a care in the
There I go, as my shyness takes over and I
stand rooted to the spot
The sun hides behind the clouds
And when he comes out, he's capable of
melting me
Isn't he the one who paints the rainbow?
Even if the moon seems luminous, people
choose to look at the dark spots within
So how will they appreciate the divine
Just like the flower that awaits the arrival of
the sun to bloom
I want you close to me
Without worrying about tomorrow
I want you close to me
For there are so many things to be said...
I want you close to me,
without worrying about tomorrow
I want you close to me, for there are so
many things to be said...
I will flow into your heart like the cascading
It'd be befitting if you engulf me in your
ocean of love
You will learn a lesson when you flunk your
Sorry sir, my car broke down.
Your car broke down?
My car wasn't moving.
It wasn't moving?!
No sir..the car would start...but it wouldn't
Sir, I was able to switch gears, but the car
wouldn't move.
Nothing of that sort...the hand break was
once I released it, the car moved
Why are you leaving those blank spaces?
Only if I leave the paper blank, will I be
able to fill it in the night!
Please take out Mahesh's blue book first.
L 9on1!
I'm glad I'll pass...
3 eggs are out
Let it all come out...
4 eggs are out
Where the hell are these boys?
They went to go get the answer sheets and
still no sign of them
Don't worry, they'll come.
karna, where are you off to?
I'll go to Loki's room for 5 minutes
Dude, sit here. Don't go.
20 eggs are out
Enough, enough...
Sir, is it enough!!
not to you. I said enough to the drink he
was pouring
22 eggs are out
Why the hell are you standing idle?
1 egg is out, 2 eggs are out, 3 eggs are
out, 4 are out, 5...
Dude, you're a rooster! Since when did
roosters start laying eggs?
You do one thing.
You make omelettes.
Ok sir.
But how will a rooster make omelettes
Whoever makes an omelette, this is the
way you should do it.
Ok sir!
Poor fellow, he's working so hard to make
an omelelte. Why are you idle?
Chop onions.
Ok sir
Ok,Karna is off again
Karna, where are you going?
Dude, I'll go to Loki's room for a bit
Dude, why?
Dude...come..please sit...don't
Sir, do you want a single or double
Not 36...34 eggs
Sir, it is 36 eggs...l have the right count
Dude, I took 2 out of them to make
Dude, what are you making?
Sir, I'm making omelettes
But the sizzling sound is missing
Sir, I'm chopping onions
But your eyes aren't watering at all!
Sir it's hot, please be carefull.
What happend?
Dude, you stepped on the eggs!
Oh God, how do we make omelettes now?
1 egg came out, 2 eggs came out, 3 eggs
are out, 4...
I'm sure I'll get 25 marks!
Bloody hell, can't even walk straight after
some pegs...
Dude...look there!
(Peon is humming a popular Kannada
I think the peon has seen us coming out of
the staff room
I'm sure he hasn't seen's dark
Of course he has!
Had he seen us, he'd have definitely said
I'm sure he's seen us
Why worry about it?
Let's do one thing.
Let's ask the peon himself if he has seen
us coming out of the staff room.
Yes, yes.
I think it's a waste of time...
if he had seen us, he'd have definitely said
Come lets go
The peon and I joined the college together
eight years ago...
we've been friends for eight years...
had he seen us, he'd have definitely said
Dude, he'd headed to the principal's
Ok, we are in for trouble..he's seen us for
I'm sure he'd have said Hi if he had...
Dude, where has he disappeared?
I can't see him
Girl, wait here until I signal you to come. I'll
go check on the scene
(Singing a romantic number calls out to his
(She responds with another romantic line)
Stay quiet! Tnis is the principal's house.
Let's creep in quietly and kidnap him.
Dude, is this your signal?
Not this dude! I'll tell you.
Dude, get down...l'll tell him.
Keep your right leg there. Yeah, now left...
Dude, how did you get in here?
You get down dude
Sir, dont trust what the peon says...
Don't scream boys!
I didn't say a word...
What happened darling?
I heard some noise outside
Wait, let me go check
Press the door bell.
As soon as he comes, let's beat him up
This is not college for the peon to arrive as
soon as you ring the bell.
This is the principal's house!
You beat him up even before I could say
Dude, is this your signal??
Not this! I told you I'll let everyone know
when I do!
Who's that?
It's me the cat!
Dude, here's my signal!
Is that so? Ok
Slowly be carefull
Dude, look here!
Dude, come here
Dude, listen to me!
Come fast!
The peon...
Don't even mention his name...he is a
We should never drink again guys...
Boys, would you like to drink some tender
Ok, chuck it.
this is bound to become a huge issue.
We've kidnapped the college peon!
What the hell do we do?
Open the boot!
What if he suffocates in there and dies?
I won't open it. I'm not involved in this
issue. I only drove the car.
What the hell have we done? This is not a
small matter.
We've kidnapped our college peon guys!
This is what I've been trying to tell you'll
since last night...
We've kidnapped our college
principal, not our peon Narayana!
Where's the principal?
I clearly saw that it was him last night...
when we closed the boot, it was the
principal who was inside
Guess he must have gone for his morning
walk on waking up
Ravi please tell us what really happened!
I swear to god it was the principal..l
remember clearly
Ok, we were all drunk last night. Let's sit
down and think calmly
We began drinking at 7o clock last night
At 80 clock, we went to the staff room to
keep our answer sheets back
Then we got a doubt that the peon had
caught us in the act
Then we followed him to the principal's
Mistaking him to the be the peon, we beat
up our principal
With this?
Guys, let's go back to the principal's house,
open the boot of his car and escape
Some passer by will help him.
Dude, there's a CCTV in his house!
I'm sure we'll be caught!
We've kidnapped the college principal
you think getting hold oi the CCTV footage
is a big deal?
God knows where he's gone?
He's never gone anywhere without
informing me.
Where do I search for him?
I've never felt this helpless...
Oh god, where has he gone?
The camera is here, where's the footage?
Even the CCTV isn't working!
I've told him so many times to get it
But he never listens to me
karna! My dad has been missing since
Oh really?? Ok!
Where are you guys going?
We searched everywhere...he's not to be
Oh god, where has he gone??
He's even left his phone at home.
Mom, please stop crying. He'll come back.
Madam, have you searched for him on the
We've already looked there.
Except for papads that are drying there,
there's nothing else.
What if he's gone out for a walk?
He's not in the park. I've already searched
Did you check with relatives?
All of them are useless..not one is
answering their phone.
What ii he's visiting some friends?
We've asked...he isn't there
Dude, you think he's in the boot of the car?
In the boot?
Did you search the boot of his car?
Oh god, what are you doing here? Are you
Sir, wake up!
Please be c areful
How did you come here?
Some people had sneaked into the house
last night.
When I heard the commotion, I came out to
That's when they hit my head and put me
here in the boot.
Rascals, I won't spare them,
I'll ensure they face the music.
How did you know that the principal is in
the boot of the car?
So this is the mega project you promised
What is it?
So we are supposed to ride this and
become milk vendors?
This is no ordinary vehicle...
it is multi purpose!
In what way?
It can ride on both land and water.
Look here, in case of a flood,
you can weld this frame and fit it here
And this tube can be coupled to that hook
there and tilled with air...
thisn will help you stay afloat
So it cost you 40 thousand for this
No way! This cost only 5 thousand.
And the balance amount?
I used the remaining 35 thousand to settle
an old balance.
Ghouse, no matter how much I repair it, it
is networking.
Bro, Ravi...hi!
What are you doing here?
I was just hanging around...
No she wasn't just hanging around here.
It was her idea to clear the balance of 35
Look, she even gave me a smiley.
Here, eat some sweets.
I'm so happy that, my balance amount got
Oh god, I have to go. ll I get late, they
won't let me into the hostel.
Karna, can you please drop me to the
Go Karna, drop her. Poor girl!
Ok, come on guys, let's drop her on the
Why trouble the poor boys? They're yet to
finish eating sweets.
karna, that's right. We want to eat some
more. You go drop her.
Sit down boys
Take a right here
The college is on the left isn't it?
It's already 10 o lock. No way they will let
me in to the hostel at this hour!
Come, I'll drop you home.
If my dad gets to know I haven't gone back
to the hostel, he'll kill me!
OK, what do you want to do'?
Let's go on a long drive?
Are you crazy?
I've been observing for the past two hours!
Me, too!
Where are we going now?
Stop the car!
Where are you going Arya?
To enquire about an address
Wait karna!
Were you asleep?
Don't worry, I'm not a cop.
How do I get to Kanyakumari from here?
Where to?
We have a lifetime to get serious!
Arya! Where are you going?
You'll know once we get to the other side.
Hey, what are you doing?
Keep quiet and follow me.
Arya, the rope hasn't been untied yet!
Then how will we find our way back if we
untie it?
We could've eaten this in the car itself!
And you could've said the same thing in
the car, too.
Do you know why people go for candlelight
When there's a power cut?
Because the eyes become all the more
attractive in the dark...
Who's that over there?
Ramanna, it's me Arya.
VVhO Arya?
The same one who came here last week.
You even enquired about my health.
I asked you what the hell are you doing
here at this time?
Are you crazy? What do you want?
I wanted to know the route to Kanyakumari
Kanyakumari? Come here, I'll show you!
I won't come!
karna row faster!
You wont come? I'll teach you a lesson!
Arya, the boat is goin backwords!
Do you know how to swim?
Yes. I do
I'm very hungry. What about you?
No. I ate some fish on my way.
I am hungry actually.
But I don't have any money
But you're not a then?
You got to know that?
Wait...don't run away
karna, move!
Give back my money! Wait...don't go
I've been observing for the past year...
I've never seen you laugh so whole
By the way, why is your friend Ravi after
my friend Bhagya?
For the same reason that you're after me...
Aha! So you observe these subtle details!
Whom is this parcel for?
Uncle, I promise to return your 50 bucks!
Wait, stop the car!
Why? What happened?
Please go and press the door bell of that
Am I crazy to go and press the door bell of
a stranger's house?
Din't I buy you breakfast? Now go get us
some coffee
Come in.
Arya had informed that you'd be coming.
Come in
Would you like to have some coffee or tea?
That's ok aunty. I've had my breakfast.
You must be in the final year now, isn't it?
Yes uncle
The karna I had in mind to the one I'm
seeing right now are poles apart.
Saanvi has written a lot about you.
That photograph was clicked when Saanvi
was 4 years old.
I've been more of a control freak with her
than a loving father.
When she passed away,
more than the sadness of losing a
it was the humiliation oi the manner in
which she died that weighed on my mind.
I tried shutting out all her memories.
We even vacated the house in which she
was born and raised.
Even though I tried every method to satisfy
my ego, my mind wasn't at peace.
When I faced the turmoil of whether my
ego is bigger than the loss of Saanvi,
her diary answered my questions...
Had Saanvi been there today, she'd have
been 25.
We've tried recreating all her memories in
this room.
No I won't give this back to you.
Most pages in her book have been
dedicated to you.
She was trying to explore another side to
Mummy this toy is broken...
You will not change in this lifetime! is this
the only way for survival?
There are so many ways to lead a dignified
You have no dignity left, but at least think
of the future of your child.
If you keep entertaining men...
Sister, I forgot to give the chocolate I got
for your little one!
I can't come in because I'm wearing my
Please don't miss my wedding...the
address is in the invitation card.
Please sit, brother
Here, take this...
Even though it's been four years since I
gave up my old ways,
my neighbours still view me with suspicion.
Please don't feel bad about what you just
said. It's okay...
You weren't aware that I have started my
life anew
one minute...let me get you some coffee...
I earn about 6 thousand rupees from doing
household work...
I'm managing with that money...
Uncle, please open this wrapper...
Baby, don't disturb uncle.
I'm somehow managing to hold on with
these earnings...
but I have to admit her to school next year
What's your name?
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a
Where were you all this while?
I asked you how many cigarettes do you
smoke in a day?
I searched around for weren't
there...l came away...
Dude, I asked you how many cigarettes do
you smoke in a day?? Tell me correctly.
Two packs
Two packs??
20 cigarettes.
Even if it costs you 200 bucks a day, it will
total upto 6000 bucks a month!
karna, I have to tell you something.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
How did it land in your answer sheet?
Sir, both Mahesh and I have written the
same answers.
Yet, you've given him 24 and 14 to me.
Both of you were sitting in different classes
to write the exam.
How did both of you end up wiring the
same answers?
That, too word to word!
Look, whichever word he has scratched
out, you've scratched out the same.
Thought it'd look natural...
Your head!!
Have you read the article that sir has
written in the college magazine?
No! I haven't! In fact, that's the only one I'm
yet to read.
I told you...we've been friends for eight
Look at how he came at the right time and
saved us!
He's amazing!
What's up Sankoch? Ready with your
farewell speech?
Please include us in your speech, too.
Don't forget that we were all thick friends at
one point.
So wasn't it you guys who locked up the
prinicpal in the car?
Did you tell him? Idiot!
Loki and gang have been rusticated.
They will not get admission in any college
after this.
As a friend, let me tell you one thing.
Go and accept your mistake. Don't spoil
their life.
So our lives won't be spoilt is it?
So you mean to say that it's ok for us to be
in trouble?
How many times have they got us into
trouble earlier! Let them face it now.
I didn't mean it that way. Please try to
undenstand what I'm trying to say...
Shut up!
Go and accept your mistake Karna.
By staying mum, you're committing a
bigger mistake.
Because of you, your friends' lives will also
be spoilt.
Which friends? None of those guys are my
These guys are my real buddies.
Come lets go.
Beat him up...
Him and Sankock are both in it together...
Where's karna?
He was around here...
I think he's gone back to the hostel
ls it time for me to set sail on a paper boat?
Has an unseen tear sat ensconced as a
pearl in my eye?
Can my heavy heart be unburdened?
Is it possible to seek familiar shores?
Will the path ahead look upon me kindly?
And surpass my imagination?
And also show me some love?
It's 5 am as I'm writing this...
one one side, the sun's rays are dipping
and dusk is setting in...
on the other side, the night brings a
content smile on my face which refuses to
Only a few people can manage to bring a
smile on other people's faces...
I'm glad I met one of them...Karna...
No matter how mischievous he may seem,
there's an innocence in his eyes...
While I set out to explore another side to
Karna ended up showing me a whole new
dimension to my personality
As we mature, so do our thoughts...
You start thinking that you're mature and
can't afford to act childish anymore...
We try to hide all our childish desires...
Tonight, having been with him, I feel like a
child again...
On my shoulder hangs a bag of my
A bridge made of a thousand unspoken
words lies ahead of me
The rains threaten to wipe away my
I long to return to a life of innocence in your
My heart is filled with generosity
And I hope to now find my way home
Unopened doors lie ahead
New roads lies ahead
Unspoken silence lie ahead
2.45 lakes? That's a good amount!
We should not have taken our share back
from karna,
when he was going through tough times.
We still haven't heard from him...will tell
you when we get to know...
Where have you disappeared?
The buyer is pestering me to take the
payment and give him the car...
Ok take the money and give him the car.
I'll hand over the documents once I'm
What should I do with the money?
Open an FD
An FD? In whose name?
Madam, we need your signature here
Sign here.
Mom, when will you send me to school?
Guys, his phone is ringing!
Where are you?
When did you come back?
I'm in the hostel
Alex: You're in the hostel? What are you
doing there?
L'm writing a letter. Will call you later.
Listen dude, we're all at the auditorium
Give this letter to Arya
Karna, where were you all these days?
Did it take you this long to shave ofi your
Ok come, everyone's waiting in the
What's that letter?
Why the hell have they put the names of
these boys?
They've all been given an early farewell by
the principal, dude!
Four years!
Sir, I've been here for eight years!
I've been here for six years sir!
You all must be wondering how those four
years have passed by
But the fact is that
I know how each one of you have spent
the last four years here.
You all are set to become engineers
and contribute your knowledge to the
Just for today, I will spare you all and will
not talk too much.
Four years!
We've spent the last tour years wondering,
when we will we complete our course and
get out of this college.
But today, the day has finally come.
And we want this college life to extend for
a few more days..
I'm sure all of you are of the same thought
I once recited a story that's full of sweet
memories of college...
carved on classroom benches and the
walls of the corridor...
we are still not satiated
so many fond memories that I need to find
new places to etch them...
Let's quickly rewind the memories of the
last four years...
Two previous classes have already been
mass bunked by us
We are now facing an attendance shortage
due to the lack of proxy
The marks scored by us during exams are
missing on our report cards
But I'm sure we will clear a couple of
papers during the revals
The innumerable joys
all these years have brought
may they stay with us eternally
We were with you during the good times.
Now when you're off to face the music
for the bad deeds, you want to do it alone?
We've been seeing you for the past four
Don't we know what you'll be upto?
I've not included your names in this. It's
only mine.
All you have to do is add five more names.
Thats it!
Why did you guys bring your luggage?
We are all extremely positive about being
sent home!
Then what about mine?
We've got that, too!
Give me that bag. I'll fetch an auto and
load our luggage into it.
You guys carry on with your talks.
Come, lets go
What's that?
Sir, apology letter
Sir, it'd be better it you could read the letter
You must've written that you were the guys
who sneaked into my home and put me in
the car boot, isn't it?
You guys are in this college for the last four
years only.
I've been seeing students for the last 25
I've seen better students than you
and also the ones who're worse than you.
I've seen them all become responsible
adults alter gelling a job.
This is not a jail to punish you. It's a
Sir, but I heard Loki and his gang have
been rusticated...
None of them have been rusticated. They
must be in the auditorium.
I once recited a story that's full of sweet
memories of college...
carved on classroom benches and the
walls of the corridor...
we are still not satiated
so many fond memories that I need to find
new places to etch them...
Aren't quarrels a pan of friendship?
Compromise and understand that in unity
lies strength
One or two strikes are essential in the
name oi social cause
Seems like our time in college will not
so let us buy a site on the campus
Were you the one locked up my dad in the
Ermm...that day...
You're humble enough to accept your
you're such a good person!
Now go give this letter to the principal!
To the principal? Why?
You've addressed it to the principal,
so go give it to him. lt won't be nice if I give
it to him.
It's addressed to the principal? Give it
Dude, it this this your apology letter,
Then what letter did you give to the