Kirot (2009) Movie Script

I told you
girls to smile.
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
[door opens and closes]
Galia, they're
going to kill us.
They'll kill us,
I know it. I don't
want to die.
Don't show them
you're scared.
They'll kill us
I don't want to die.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Wait. Wait!
Where is it?.
Where is it?.
It's mine!
It's mine!
Quiet! Quiet!
No. No.
Give it to me!
It's mine!
Give it to me!
It's mine!
What do you
think you're doing?
Is this the thanks
I get for all l
do for you?.
Do you want
to end up
like Nina?.
They buried her
in Rishon Beach, three
meters under the ground.
They plan to do
the same to you.
Are you not
listening to me?.
Wash your damned face,
change your clothes,
and go back
to the nest.
There's no time.
Everything hurts.
Galia, you're not
listening to me.
I'm not going
back there.
They'll burn
your body,
and sweep the ashes away
till nothing's left.
Let me go.
Listen, bitch.
Who the hell are
you to tell me what
you want or don't want?.
Who the hell are you?.
You dirty whore!
You abandoned
your child! You make
a living thanks to me!
You bitch!
You're still alive
because I say so!
You want
to leave?.
Want me
to help you?.
So help me, too.
Nothing in life
is free.
Give it to me.
Here, it's yours
from now on.
Now you get out
of the car,
go there,
put a bullet in
the guard's head,
and two in that fat
guy. Is that clear?.
You want to leave
the nest, right?. This
is the quick way out.
You want me
to call the guys
and tell them to go
to Dobrinensky 37,
apartment 6?.
Is it apartment 6?.
Third floor,
apartment 6.
Is that what you want?.
It's not a problem.
Look what
they sent me.
Look what they
sent me...just now.
All this technology,
it's unbelievable.
Someone on the other
side of the world
takes a picture,
and it's here
in a second.
Calm down.
Calm down!
Save your strength.
Relax. They
won't kill her.
Are you crazy?.
We're not animals.
It's a shame.
She's so beautiful.
They'll turn her into
what you've become.
What a shame.
She'll go down
the same road as you.
She'll pay for
what you've done,
if you don't do this.
Is that what
you want?.
Is it?.
Is it?.
I want my passport.
And my money.
Oh, thank God.
That's what
I wanted to hear.
You're a smart girl.
That's why I like you.
You grasp things
so quickly!
Passport and money!
Shut up!
I'm not deaf!
You'll get it. Do
what I asked you to.
Go ahead,
before they leave.
[people shouting]
You like it?
Go shopping,
find yourself
some decent clothes.
And fix this place up.
We'll talk later.
Is this all?. Where's
the rest of the money
and my passport?.
I'll be here at 8:.00.
(little girl)
Who is this?
Hello? Hello?
Who is this?
It's me. Galia.
How are you?.
What do you want?
T o talk.
Let me talk
to her, please.
I'm coming home.
What for?
I want to see her.
Don't come back.
I told her
you are dead.
(little girl)
Daddy, what are we
having for lunch?
Lena, be quiet.
I'm on the phone.
Please. Let me
speak with her.
[phone off the hook]
[man and woman arguing]
[glass smashes]
[arguing continues]
[man arguing]
[slap, woman cries]
You're my
best worker.
This is my last job.
And if l
say it's not?.
But you promised.
I thought we'd
celebrate properly,
with Humus and Vodka.
But you have
no patience.
T ake it.
In two weeks.
It's not first class,
but it's a window seat.
Where's the rest
of the money?.
Do your job now. Come back
in two days to get your
money and passport.
I'm sick of
your sour face.
I won't miss
yours, either.
Aerosvit 238.
T el Aviv-Kiev.
[man and woman arguing]
[muffled pop music]
[banging, man shouting]
M usic very loud.
T urn off music, please.
T urn off music now
or I call police.
Get inside already!
Stop following me!
Leave me alone!
I don't need
your help.
It's 19.90 NlS.
It's 85 NlS.
I owe you
bottle of water.
Also tissue.
I don't have tissue,
but I have toilet
paper, extra soft.
It's closest I found.
You cooking something?.
It's good,
these noodles.
I like this, too.
Just that you have
to know how to, um,
toss it, how to
jump it, you know.
And make
the sauce good.
I follow instructions.
Yes, but with this kind,
instructions no good.
Here instructions
in Russian.
He's gonna
be back soon.
If I'm not home,
he gets angry, you know.
If he knows I'm here--
So go.
This you paint?.
Looks like Eilat.
It's a city
in the South.
Nice place.
My husband, he--
He's not always
like this, you know.
Sometimes he gets--
You know.
Yes, I know.
Sometimes he don't
like your food,
sometimes he has
a bad day at work,
sometimes too much money
to pay for bills, sometimes
weather no good.
Yes, I know.
So, we okay?.
It's not your fault.
Are you long
time in lsrael?.
Really?. You
speak Hebrew?.
A little.
What's up?.
Goddamn it.
Go fuck yourself.
[telephone rings]
I'm probably
disturbing you.
You're busy
with this cooking
and everything, so.
I should go.
You can take.
What?. No, forget it.
No. I can't. I have--
It's not nice,
you don't know me.
No, take it.
[telephone rings]
That one is
better. This one
is nothing special.
This one, yes.
This is on mivtza.
You know, on sale?.
You take one,
you get one free.
You know?.
This one,
the one you take,
no mivtza. Okay?.
If you already
eat this shit, at
least don't pay extra.
Much better
with mivtza. Come.
Where did you
take this from?.
You never, never
take milk from
first row. Never.
Always from
the back.
See?. Much better date.
Two years you're here,
and you don't know this?.
Come, I'll put you
in express line.
Excuse me,
pardon me.
What's going on?.
Nothing's going on,
everything is okay.
I work here, people. Relax,
breathe. Everything's okay.
Put 54 NlS on my tab.
Okay, sweetie?.
No problem.
Wait here one minute.
I finish here, you'll
walk me home.
This is what I owe.
It's my treat.
Forget it.
All this?.
I need to pay.
Tell me.
You like?.
I'm not sure
about color, but
very comfortable.
I like this.
You didn't tell
me your name.
I know a Galia.
There was a Galia
with me in the army.
Nice girl, very
pretty. I hate her.
Like the song.
# Eleanor #
# You're as pretty
As an angel #
You know Zohar?.
What is Zohar?.
The best singer
in the world.
You didn't hear
of the songbird?.
You didn't
hear of the king?.
The king is
not Elvis?.
Here, king is Zohar.
The flower in my garden,
Alone I shall walk.
You don't know
these songs?.
Sis, two years
in lsrael,
and you don't hear
a little classic
lsraeli music?.
You've got
a lot to learn.
When someone tells you
something you don't like,
when you feel someone
tries to make you look
like an idiot,
you just give them
that look and you say,
Hey, I'm no sucker.
Like this they
know you're not
some stupid airhead.
You understand
me, Ahoti?.
Hey, I'm no sucker.
See that guy over
there? The tall one
with the curly hair?
Step out of the car,
go to the side-entrance,
you'll find our man.
He'll let you
in quietly.
Go inside,
and look for
them in the crowd.
Go over to the Barbie
in the red dress,
and put a bullet
in her forehead.
That's what
Roni wants.
That'll teach
the bastard
killing his
bitch. Go ahead.
Take it.
Find someone else.
I won't do it.
Don't start
this again.
Do what has to be done.
This is the last job.
You'll get your passport
and papers, and then
you're free to go.
Go ahead.
[imitates sound
of aircraft engines]
[electronic music]
Wanna dance?.
Wanna dance with me?.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Please, don't kill me.
[man and woman arguing]
Make sure it
doesn't happen again.
Am I being clear?.
Goodbye, Mishka.
We'll talk.
I see you don't want
to part with me.
You did a lousy job.
Barbie is
still breathing.
I did my part.
I'm flying back home.
I don't owe you
people anything else.
Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
You have a job
to finish.
Clean cut,
with no loose ends.
That's what you owe us.
I want my passport
and my money. I want--
I want, I want.
Why are you acting
like a baby?.
I told you a
thousand times, Roni
and Michael are locals.
They're not like
me. They have a
different mindset.
Why can't you
understand that?.
They don't trust you.
Be a good girl, do what
they ask and prove you're
trustworthy. That's all.
Barbie is in
lchilov Hospital.
Go there and waste her.
[man and woman arguing]
Your things are here.
Just a second.
You want,
I bring tea to put--
You put a tea
bag on eye.
It's good.
Yes, I know.
It doesn't
work for me.
A ticket costs
around 20 NlS. Want
to fill one out with me?.
The sports lottery.
Sixteen million
this week.
Be'er Sheva or Petach
Tikva? What do you say?
I say Be'er Sheva
wins, easy.
Be'er Sheva had a very
good season, you know?
Now you.
You know how?.
You want I tell you
the list of games?.
I don't know teams.
It's better you
don't know. It's
all luck, anyway.
This is why
I come here.
It's quiet.
You can concentrate.
Maybe get some
help from above.
It works, the above?.
Once, I got seven
correct. I won
twenty NlS.
But the best place
it works for me,
not that I ever won
there anything, but,
just that I can
feel a connection,
something real,
it's in the Mikveh.
The Mikveh.
It's where all
the religious
women go to shower.
It's like this big,
religious swimming pool.
And every time
I come out of
there, I feel
Iike a million dollars.
Like I have this force.
He never hits me
when I come from there.
Makes you feel clean.
Very special.
And under water
you can talk to God.
You wouldn't
believe it.
And what will
you do with money?.
I don't know.
I'll run away.
Start somewhere new.
Like you.
Move to a new
place. Not easy.
A lot of problems.
You know
what I have.
Once, he loved me.
He took care of me,
he treated me nice.
He made me feel
like a woman.
Today, I'm living
with a monster.
But your family,
they help you, no?.
They say
it's my fault.
That I should try
to be nice, that l
should try to understand.
I understand.
I understand l
have to get away.
Somewhere, anywhere.
Away from his fist.
Can't let my
baby suffer here.
Did you tell him?.
He doesn't
deserve to know.
This time I have
to do something.
Otherwise, either
he'll kill me,
or I'll kill him.
And you?. You must
do something with
your hair.
What?. I like my hair.
Looks different,
your drawing.
Looks like Eilat.
I was there
a couple of times.
I was there
when I got married.
It's a beautiful place.
You wanna go there?.
Just the two of us.
There's an express
bus every hour.
We can go.
I can't.
I have work.
I'm just, uh,
I'm just talking
bullshit, you know?.
What do I have
in Eilat?. Did l
lose there something?.
[knocking at the door]
Wait, maybe--
Get in the bathroom.
What are you doing?.
My hair.
[door opens]
Eleanor, uh,
please meet,
this is Mishka.
Mishka is, uh--
Uncle. Uncle
for Galochka.
Eleanor. Nice
to meet you.
Neighbor of Galochka.
Eleanor is
doing my hair.
It's very nice.
Looks like a horse
I had in Ukraine.
You mean,
your mother?.
You're making
new friends?.
She's not a friend,
just a neighbor.
What are you
two talking about?.
She doesn't know
a thing, relax.
Sunflower seeds.
Good seeds.
Have some, please.
I taught her some
sentences. I guess
she likes the language.
Thank you.
Do you like?.
She's hot, huh?.
Uh-huh. Yes.
Like Miki Haimovich.
Well, uh,
you probably want
to talk and everything,
and I have
things to do, so.
Talk to me later?.
Is this what you do
instead of work?.
I'm sick of
looking like shit!
Are you out of your
mind?. I told you to
finish the job!
I finished it!
I want my money
and my passport!
Go to lchilov Hospital
and finish Barbie.
Do it yourself.
I won't kill women!
Get out of here!
You have
48 hours left.
After that,
you're on your own.
Get out of here!
A girlfriend
of mine from work,
she brought a picture
from the ultrasound.
It's amazing.
I'm happy you
come with me.
It's in lchilov
Hospital, yes?.
Yes. I told you
already three times.
It's in lchilov.
I go look
for bathroom.
You can see
the heart.
You can tell
already, huh?
I have a stomach.
Next month I'll look
like a sweet potato.
You'll look like
a sweet potato, yes.
But you will
feel like elephant.
Go fuck yourself!
You'd better not
draw me like this.
Let me see.
Let me see.
I want you
to take me to this
place you told me.
This place where
a woman feels clean.
What, the Mikveh?.
They will
never let you in.
It's only for women
who are married, and,
me, I'm pregnant,
and I have all these
scars on me.
They will
never let me in.
Take me there.
I want to feel clean
like normal woman.
In a month you
will be very heavy.
If you say elephant
one more time, I swear--
I had like this big.
A lot of back pain.
I didn't know.
Yes, to carry a baby
a lot of back pain.
I didn't know
you have a child.
Yes, really.
Why not?.
Nothing. It's
just I didn't know.
Your daughter,
she's in Russia?
And you came here
to work, to make
money for her?
You're a good mother.
I would do
the same, you know.
Don't touch it,
leave it alone.
Why you have this?.
It's not your problem.
Don't bullshit me,
tell me the truth.
Put it back.
Teach me how to
use it. I'm serious.
This is not for pregnant
women! Give it to me,
it's dangerous.
This thing is heavy.
You didn't answer me.
Why do you have this?.
With this rain and
thunder, nobody
heard anything.
You owe me a
TV. 21-inch plus
remote control.
You owe me
an answer, Galia.
Don't ask questions that
answers you don't
want to know.
If you don't want
to tell me, fine.
At least teach me.
I want to know
how to use it.
It's not for
woman with baby.
He's going to
come back soon,
and if you teach me
to be strong like you,
maybe he will stop.
It's a waste of time.
It does not help.
Wait, Galia. Teach me.
I want to know.
A woman with baby
needs to know how
to protect herself.
Two, three, four.
[clap of thunder]
Okay, to hit
target is not most
important thing.
First you need
to learn not
to be afraid.
Hold gun strong.
Two, three, four.
[clap of thunder]
No fear, no fear.
Point straight, okay?.
Strong, hold the
gun strong. Hazak!
But I'm holding strong.
No, you hold gun
like little girl.
Hold gun like woman.
Don't let gun hold
you. You hold gun.
Two, three, four.
[clap of thunder]
Now, teach me
how to aim.
Who are you
talking to?
Send my regards
to your sister.
He sends
regards, sis.
Where's my drink?
I n a sec.
You said that
an hour ago.
Are you ready?
Y es.
Did you count
like I told you?.
My last period
was one week ago.
Y es, because they're
like--The women over
there are so fussy.
Bring me some of
the ice cream you bought.
Can we go already?.
Are you bringing it?
The gorilla just
woke up. I have to go.
May you bring
your mother much
joy, you hear?.
And many grandchildren.
Thank you.
God bless you,
pious woman. Good
that you came here.
How are you?.
Thank God.
I just--
My head hit the wall.
Show me.
I don't think I can
go in like this.
It's not so bad.
I'm accompanying
a friend.
Are you married?.
She's engaged.
I didn't see a ring,
but okay. A bride to
be. Congratulations.
When is the wedding?.
In two days.
Did you count
seven clean days?.
Yes, we counted.
What's your
name, bride?.
Galia Rasimova.
Bring out a cake,
we have another bride.
Maybe it is
not a good idea.
Give me your
hand. Sure it is.
It's not for me,
this thing.
Don't worry,
it's nothing.
Just like going naked
into a swimming pool.
Didn't you
ever do this?.
Not when God
was looking at me.
I'm not going in.
Are you crazy?.
They're waiting for you.
Everybody has
to be clean.
That's for
good people.
But you are
good people.
He will see me, and he
will know immediately
how dirty I am.
Stop talking
bullshit, Galia.
I did many things
that are not good.
In Ukraine.
Also here.
But worst
thing I do, l--
I left me daughter
and my husband.
My daughter,
when she was
one year old,
I just got
up and left.
What's her name?
She's five now.
Why did you leave her?.
She didn't
come out right.
These things
happen, Galia.
It's not your fault.
It just happens.
The doctor said
she has not enough
oxygen in her brain.
She will not be
normal like everyone.
It's all
because of me.
No, it's not.
It's my fault.
No, it's not.
I know, I feel it.
And I left her.
I'm a monster.
Galia. Hey.
I can feel you
love your daughter.
I can feel you
love her very much.
Call them.
I'm ready.
Galia, darling,
put your arms
beside your body.
Spread your
legs a bit.
Stretch your
fingers out.
Darling, spread
your arms apart, touch
no part of your body,
immerse yourself
three times, and
you come out purified.
"Blessed are You,
O Lord, King of
the universe,
who has sanctified us
with His commandments
and commanded us
regarding the immersion. "
How's it going?.
Go home.
Who is that?.
People from work.
Go home.
Go, I said.
Mishka asked to give you
your passport and money.
Come here and take it.
Get out and show me.
You didn't come home.
You said there's
bus every hour.
Let's go.
What, like this?.
In the middle of the day?.
Come on. Come.
If I go,
I can't come back.
Can't come
back after a week,
crawling like an idiot,
because then he--
I will take
care of you.
With your gun?.
I told him.
Told him about the baby,
and he promised that
he will change.
A baby needs
a father.
I want to give
him another chance.
T o do what?.
He promised.
To do what?. Huh?.
Look at this.
Your face, your wounds.
This you can fix.
A baby you can't.
He promised.
They always promise.
It's hot there,
very hot.
I think all
this hot weather
and all the sun
is not good for
the baby, you know?.
I also don't know
the hospital there.
I don't know if
it's any good or not.
Forget about
him, okay?.
Away from him
you're safe.
He'll find me.
I can feel it.
He'll find me
and he'll finish
me, I know it.
I can't do this.
It won't stop.
He'll never change.
You're making a mistake.
You must confront this,
you must not be afraid.
You have to run away.
No. I don't want to.
You want to run?.
You can go. I stay.
You go back now, you put
you and your baby in danger.
I know what
I'm doing, Galia.
You come with me.
No, let go of me!
You're not my mother.
I'm going home.
You come with me.
I help you!
You're not helping me,
you're hurting me!
I do what is
good for you!
Who do you think
you are? All you
do is run away.
You run away from
your country, from your
family, from your child.
I don't need
to run away, okay?.
I can take
care of myself.
I want my money
and I want my passport.
I want my
money and l--
"My money and
my passport."
Getting cocky, huh?.
I want what is
mine, and I go.
What is yours, huh?.
What is yours?.
Nothing is yours.
I own you.
My money and
my passport.
Who do you think
you are, bitch?.
I own your pussy.
I own your soul.
Everything about
you, I own.
Now, you be
good little girl.
You do good work
for three months,
we talk.
get the fuck out.
I only want
what is mine.
You're a waste
of money.
My money.
Now, take
your tits
and get the fuck out.
My money and
my passport.
Get 100,000
and the passport.
A hundred and fifty.
I'm no sucker.
Put on floor,
close door.
Relax, guys.
Everything is okay.
Drop the guns.
Zachi, don't even
think about it.
Nobody shoot.
Open the door!
Drop the guns!.
Put down your guns.
Come on!
Hi. This is for Kiev?.
Boarding is
in one hour.
We will announce the moment
the gate is open for boarding.
Have a nice flight.
Thank you.
Hi. Shalom.
It's Galia.
How are you?.
I wanted to apologize.
It was wrong of me
to make you leave.
It's your decision.
I just wanted
to say goodbye
before I leave.
Thanks for everything,
Eleanor. Goodbye.
You were right.
He hurt me.
Get me out of here.
Please, get me
out of here.
I think I killed him.
Would you like
to play with him?.
He needs somebody
nice to play with.
Somebody nice
who'd care for him.
His name is Poogi.
Poogi the Penguin.
He wants you
to hug him tight.
How are you?.
Are you hurt?.
I'm okay.
Where is he?.
Is he dead?.
No, just unconscious.
Get your bag. Take
only what you need.
I'll go get bandages.
No, Galia,
I'm not staying
here alone with him.
Don't worry.
I'll be right back.
Don't let
anyone bother me.
What do I do
with you?. Huh?.
What do I do with you?.
You know,
a lot of money
I put on you.
A lot of money.
A lot of dingi.
T o take you from
Mishka the son of
a bitch, you know?.
Good one.
Who do you
think you are?.
Huh? You whore?
Huh, whore?
You bitch!
Nobody stick a
gun to Roni's face!
Hey, hey.
Nobody stick a gun
on Roni's face,
okay?. Huh?.
It's a shame
to waste you.
Bro, what's
going on there?
Yo, Roni!
Did you kill
her or what?
Roni! Everything
okay in there?.
You bitch!
You fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch!
Your boss is dead.
You're out of work.
Get out of here.
Get out of here!
[cell phone rings]
Where is she?.
Follow her.
I'm on my way.
Don't worry,
leave her to me.
I've had enough of her.
I'm finishing her today,
I'm burying her in
the ground today.
You work for me now.
Two tickets
to Eilat, please.
Here you go.
Good night.
Nothing. Just
keep walking.
Eleanor, you must
get off the bus.
I'm not leaving you.
These people, they
won't let me go.
I'm not
leaving you, Galia.
If we go,
we go together.
[girl screams]
[man whistles]
[gun clicks]