Kiru (1962) Movie Script

DAIEl presents
I'm taking your life for
the good of the clan.
From a novel by
SHIBATA Renzaburo
Script: SHINDO Kaneto
Photography: HONDA Shozo
Film set: NAITO Akira
Music: SAITO Ichiro
BANRI Masayo
NARITA Junichiro
TANBA Matasaburo
AMACHI Shigeru
Directed by MISUMI Kenji
Are you the one sent by lida clan?
Yes, I'm taking the child to
Takakura of the Komoro clan.
We were expecting you. Follow us.
It was during year 3 of Tenpo era
Did you get the baby?
Yes, my Lord.
This baby is very amiable.
He had a tragic birth.
Give him a lot of love.
I'll raise him as my son.
It was a near thing for him.
About twenty years later...
Father, what are you doing?
I'm preparing my ink.
- Why are you laughing?
- I'm not laughing.
You certainly are.
Are you laughing at my poems?
No, I admire them.
If you're flattering me
it means you want to ask me something.
He wants to make a trip.
A trip?
I want to leave.
A little bit everywhere.
You're only thinking about yourself.
Are you upset?
Not at all.
Where do you want to go?
I don't know.
It's not an answer.
My Lord will refuse.
A little bit everywhere...
A little bit everywhere?
Well, let him do it.
He was born under a bad star.
Be indulgent with him.
Let him go for three years.
Father, I'm cold. Let's close the door.
No, leave it open.
It's the only luxury
allowed to lower rank samurais.
Drinking sake while watching the snow...
There's nothing more beautiful!
For you maybe. But I'm cold!
You are a samourai's daughter.
Learn to endure.
Where can he be right now?
Shingo only thinks about himself.
He only does as he pleases.
Shingo and you never knew your mother.
I want your happiness.
My happiness, what is it?
Finding you a good husband.
I don't want to be married.
- Why not?
- That's how it is.
My dear brother, where are you?
Three years later...
- Brother!
- I'm back.
What did you do?
I observed, a little bit everywhere.
What did you observe?
Plains, mountains...
Plains and mountains...
I envy you.
You did well.
Plains, birds, flowers and dragonflies?
Nature is so beautiful!
Dragonflies, there are some here in Komoro.
It's not the same.
You didn't bring me back
anything from your journey.
I'll think about it next time.
What? Do you plan to leave again?
I'd like to.
Next time I'll go with you.
- I'll leave you for tonight.
- Good night.
Do you know the sword expert Shoji Kahei
from Mito clan?
Yes. Is he the weapon master
practicing Shindo style?
Mito forced upon him an expiatory journey
because he was frequenting dives.
Our clan invited him.
What for?
What a question!
For a tournament of course.
He will test our best fencers.
Don't talk to him about swords.
He's not interested.
You're right.
But if we loose against Shoji,
What's gonna happen?
Our clan will be disgraced.
And our Highness will also
unofficially attend the tournament.
Our Highness will be present.
It's the chance of your life.
You must defeat Shoji Kahei.
But he's highly skilled.
Idiot! Have faith in yourself.
Be brave and determined.
You'd better win.
Our neighbour Ikebe is fidgeting impatiently.
He's sure his son will win.
Gijuro is a skilled fencer.
He's gonna win, that's certain.
He's weird.
He's watching us from behind the hedge.
You're the one he's looking at.
Did you talk to Takakura?
About what?
- You know it.
- Your request? Not yet.
Forget it.
Your victory will open some doors.
You will marry a woman of higher rank.
But it's the girl next-door that I love.
Takakura and me are lesser rank vassals.
You must have more ambition.
If you win you might be able to marry
a 1 st rank vassal's daughter.
But I love Yoshio!
We'll talk about it after the tournament.
Tell Shingo to come.
That's an order.
My Highness...
We'll see.
Next! Takakura Shingo!
End of the duel!
You were holding your sword like a lute.
During my journey,
I met a strolling musician.
He inspired me.
Let's call it "the lute thrust".
It's formidable.
The tip of the sword
is aiming at the opponent throat.
Show it again.
I'm sorry, but...
In the way of the sword,
it's a dirty thrust.
Dirty... I see.
You will show it to me again another day.
Your son made a good use of
his three years journey.
You won! I'm so proud of you!
I knew he would win since the beginning.
I was suspecting your journey
to be initiatory.
You little cunning monkey!
- Father, should I throw her in the garden?
- Yes, it will teach her to know better.
Go on!
Throw me far away!
Shingo is an orphan.
I'm your neighbour.
One day I heard a baby crying.
But Takakura's wife wasn't pregnant.
I was puzzled.
And a little bit later,
Takakura announced us Shingo's birth.
I didn't say anything.
It was better like that.
There was nothing wrong with it.
But everything changed.
Sine the tournament, Shingo has
become His Highness favorite.
This child born of adultery,
with shady origins...
It will go to his head!
He may bring bad luck to our clan.
This is slander!
I'm your father.
Don't pay attention to what Ikebe is saying.
I believe you, but...
In fact, he asked me
to marry Yoshio to his son.
I refused.
So he's taking revenge by
spreading rumours about us.
What a despicable man!
Don't listen to him.
I am your father.
You are my son.
This is slandering!
Do you have proof of what you're saying?
You're going to regret your words.
Ikebe, I want an answer.
If need be, I'm ready to duel you.
Some inconsiderate words can be lethal.
Lethal as a sword blow.
Words are dangerous.
I warned you.
Father, what's going on?
- I'm screwed.
- What are you talking about?
It's your fault.
You lost the tournament!
Father, what happened?
I've been summoned to the castle.
His Highness berated me.
He took Takakura's side!
I'm disgraced.
My career is over.
But I will take revenge!
- Gijuro, follow me!
- Where?
We're gonna give Takakura a lesson!
But what?
The hell with Komoro clan!
Is your father here?
- Young master!
- What?
Come quickly!
Father, hang on!
I couldn't die before telling you
a secret of the utmost importance.
Listen to me.
You're not my real son.
Within lida clan,
there was the daughter
of Yamaguchi Danjiro.
Her name was Fujiko.
She's your mother.
In his Edo residence,
Lord lida had a concubine,
He was deeply in love with her.
But his 1 st vassal, Yasutomi Kazue,
was afraid she might politically
influence the lord.
For the good of the clan,
Yasutomi ordered Fujiko,
your mother,
who was Wakayama's maid,
to murder her.
My act wasn't guided by madness!
It was decided to send Fujiko
back to her country
to judge and execute her.
But lord lida's wife looked for a way
to save Fujiko.
She asked vassal Yasutomi's advice.
Yasutomi suggested an idea she accepted.
At this time, the vassal Tada Soji,
dispatched by the Nagaoka clan,
was staying at his house
and was Yasutomi's last hope.
He told him his secret.
It was his only chance.
I'm expecting you
to attack Fujiko's palanquin.
You will kidnap Fujiko.
You will ger het pregnant.
Yasutomi hoped that
lord lida would eventually
come back on his decision.
And feel pity for Fujiko
if he learned she had given birth to a baby.
Everything happened as Yasutomi wanted.
Fujiko and Tada, who lived hidden,
finally got a child after a year.
They were happy.
Their happiness only lasted for a year.
But for your mother,
this year was enough
to give a
life worth of love.
it didn't cool lord lida's anger down.
Wakayama was a bad woman.
But lord lida loved her madly.
His hatred towards Fujiko
was as strong as...
his love for his concubine Wakayama.
Poor Fujiko
was sentenced to death.
But no vassal was willing
to execute their lord's verdict.
Tada Soji
finally volunteered.
was happy to die
by the hand of her lover.
Then Yasutomi confided you to
our Lord safekeeping.
And our Lord asked me
to raise you as my own son.
Let Shingo go.
Don't chase him.
Sad is his destiny.
I left this world.
You must be miserable.
- No.
- Why?
I'm with her.
With your mother.
We're living together.
Fujiko, Shingo is here.
Shingo came to see us.
I killed your mother.
I brought her body here
to bury her.
I never had another wife.
People think I'm sad.
But they're wrong.
When I close my eyes,
I can feel Fujiko's sweet warmth.
This beautiful woman
always watch over me.
She's alive.
I'm living with her.
We're living together.
One day I'll join her in her grave.
This day, I'll really be able to live.
Just thinking about it
warms me up.
So you're happy.
I am.
My son, where do you intend to go?
Where will I go?
Farewell, father!
Please forgive us for such
an unexpected visit.
We need you.
Open the door.
What's the matter?
Tadokoro Mondo from Kofu clan.
Our father was condemned.
But we have the proof
he was innnocent.
We ran away
after having killed the magistrate
who deceived our father.
The clan is on our tail
to smother the matter.
I'll try a diversion
for at least my sister to survive.
I'm asking you to hide her.
Please forgive this rash request.
I'll do it.
I'll never forget you.
My sister.
Thank you!
Tadokoro Mondo, get out!
I'm here. I'm not hiding!
- Get out!
- As you wish.
- Where is your sister?
- Not here.
You're lying.
- Are you going to kill a woman?
- Shut up!
She stabbed the magistrate.
Don't move. It's too late.
My brother!
I promised to protect you.
Let go of me! My brother...
Do you want to die?
My brother! They're gonna kill him!
What are you doing?
Mondo, run!
You must live!
Mondo, go away!
Kill her!
Shame on you!
Chiba's training room
Your thrust is unstoppable.
I give up.
Put your talent
to a clan's service.
I can recommend you to one.
What do you think?
I left this world.
I don't want to serve anyone anymore.
No, you're still well alive.
Your sword is alive.
You must live with your art.
It went astray.
I know.
Why did you pick my dojo?
To find someone stronger than me.
Someone who would kill me,
me and my sword.
I could have killed you.
But without parrying your thrust.
Yes, you would have died.
You can regain uprightness.
I'd like to...
The Shogun's councellor Matsudaira
is looking for a reliable man.
Go see him.
I'm Matsudaira.
Takakura Shingo.
Master Chiba recommanded you.
Do you want to serve me?
Thank you.
Are you married?
You're living alone?
I don't want a wife.
You must start a home and family
now that you have a master.
I will never marry.
By loyalty to someone?
Yes. To three women, even.
They're all dead.
There's my mother.
There's my sister.
And there's...
Year 1 of Bunkyo era
Activist patriots of Mito clan
are attacking the British consulate
At this moment,
a great confusion
is prevailing within Mito clan.
Since the death of their suzerain Nariaki,
the struggle for power
between extremists and moderates
developped in a way
that's worrying the Shogun.
Even if Mito is a clan
from the Shogun's family,
he can't support such schemes.
He sent me to Mito as a mediator.
Within the hour!
I'm throwing myself into the lion's jaws.
I may not come back out of this alive.
Sir Matsudaira,
we have to take your life!
Don't worry.
Wait for me there.
What an incredible coolness!
How long have you been at my service?
It's been three years.
Time goes by so fast!
Three years already?
Each day, it's a pleasure to serve you.
Those words go right to the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
We hire people
and pay them for their service.
What a sad relationship!
I had a son of your age.
If he was still alive...
Me too, I had a father of your age.
If he was still alive...
I didn't know.
Mito is a quiet place.
Appearances can be deceiving.
The bottom of those lakes
is stirred by violent swirls.
We've been appointed to this
charming house,
but even our slightest moves
are being watched by hundreds of eyes.
It's a very quiet prison.
I can bear such a pleasant prison
without problem.
Tomorrow we're expected at Mito's castle.
It's time for me to act.
For a start,
I'll speak to consul Okitsu Shinzaemon.
Your laissez-faire policy towards the extremists
shows that you're supporting
their movement against the Shogun.
You didn't even arrest the rebels
who attacked the British consulate.
If you don't take any
emergency action in this unrest,
I'll have to refer to the Shogun personally.
Takakura Shingo.
How we meet again!
Shoji Kahei!
You defeated me at the tournament.
I want my revenge.
I accept another duel.
- One versus one?
- Of course.
Or versus all of you?
Did you leave the Komoro clan
to become a Shogun's guard dog?
I'm protecting Matsudaira
against Mito's infamous rebels.
You talk too much!
To the river!
And your famous thrust?
No need to use it against you.
- I want it.
- No.
I'll parry it.
I'll defeat you fairly.
Come closer!
Today I'm going to meet
an important man from Mito clan.
Takeda Shui, the 1 st counsellor.
Our affair might be settled
by tonight with him.
My mission will be accomplished
and we'll go back to Edo
tomorrow morning.
I'm pleased to hear
everything went alright.
It wouldn't have been possible without you.
Thank you.
What are your plans
once we'll be back to Edo?
Do you want to remain at my service?
I see what you mean.
I'll be at your service
for as long as you wish.
Settle in Edo
and find yourself a wife.
I'm used to live alone.
What would you think of marrying my daughter?
Don't you want to?
I understand.
It's not the right time.
We'll talk about it more quietly
once we're back.
A nightingale...
It's a good day.
Today is the anniversary
of Lord Nariaki's death.
The ritual requires that our guests
gather in front of his altar.
It's the anniversary of his death?
The ritual takes place in the room
where our suzerain died.
Ok. Lead the way.
The next wing is sacred.
Please give us your weapons.
You too, please.
I'll wait in the antechamber.
But the ritual requires it.
Here's the antechamber.
Follow me.
Take your time.
I got the order to kill you.
It was a trap.
- That's you all over!
- Tadokoro!
You didn't protect my sister.
But you ran away.
You betrayed me.
You are the traitor.
You're gonna die.
Come closer!
I cannot be forgiven.
BANRI Masayo
NARITA Junichiro
AMACHI Shigeru
TANBA Matasaburo
You won! I'm so proud of you!
I was suspecting your journey
to be initiatory.
You little cunning monkey!
- Father, should I throw her in the garden?
- Yes, it will teach her to know better.
Throw me far away!
Script: SHiNDO Kaneto
A film by MISUMI Kenji
- My brother!
- Do you want to die?
Mondo, run!
Kill her!
Shame on you!
Show me your famous thrust.
No need.
I'll parry your dirty thrust.
I'll defeat you fairly.