Kismat (2024) Movie Script

You are looting money in the name of colleges,
It seems.
Everyone is gossiping outside.
People say so many things outside but the
things happening inside are pretty different.
No matter what you say, it's really
hard to get you the seat, Janardan.
Will I get a seat if I send you 20 crore, sir?
They say that it's hard for you to win.
I will spend another 20 on that.
You can't buy everything with
money Janardhan.
Those were the words said by
incapable people, sir.
Money is the only thing that is valuable in
this world and gives value to a human.
Fine, then.
Start your election campaign.
I will take the money once your seat is confirmed.
There's a 20 lakhs difference in the
fees reimbursement money, sir.
I thought of informing you. But I forgot.
No. You did not.
You thought that I wouldn't know as I have 30 colleges.
No, sir.
Now, 20 lakhs is not a big deal to me.
But you tried to fool me.
That's the matter.
Even though the guy who cheated is ours,
we need to cut him immediately.
Otherwise, he will grow up and become like me.
Okay? Let's go.
It's just three months, right? I'll pay for it,
don't annoy me.
I can't really do everything here.
Okay, my boss is here. I'll call you later. Hang up.
What should I do with him?
Beat him up and leave.
Excuse me, sir.
Hi, Pavan.
Why are you here?
I got info in the office that the IT dept is
going to raid your house in a few days.
Okay. I'll meet the officer personally.
I've dealt with many people.
Loknath is not such a person, sir.
He is very sincere and a senior officer.
Any person will go to the prison if he targets.
Earning money is hard but keeping the
money and safe is much harder
Hey, Suri!
Take that bag and go to Mr. Lakshminarayana.
Hey, take that bag and go to your parents house.
Stay there until I tell you.
-Okay, boss.
Lokanath, from the income tax department.
Please be seated.
You carry on.
When it's a raid, people usually get nervous.
But you are...
People who don't do wrong will be calm.
You are not calm because you made no mistake.
You are confident that you can escape.
You may think whatever you want.
Janardan, an educationalist,
is in the race to become an M. L. A.
You are someone who didn't pass your
seventh standard and you are an educationalist?
If people who own industries are industrialists,
Im someone who owns many educational
institutions so am I not an educationalist?
Educational institutions?
I heard that the education is less
and certificate distribution is more there.
All those are not facts, sir.
If they are not facts or if it's corruption,
we will take care of it.
You idiot!
We are corrupted people.
Sir says that our money is earned from corruption.
If he has our coffee he will become unholy.
Don't give anything to him or his staff
even if it is water.
Go now.
Everything is clear.
Don't think that you have escaped, Janardan.
I will not leave you.
Thank you.
Suri. There are ten crores in that bag.
Do you know?
Is it, boss?
Why do I care about the money in that?
I only know to do what you tell me.
No matter how much it costs, this time I'll make
sure that youll get the corporators seat.
Last time you said the same and you
gave it to your second wife's brother.
This time, it's yours for sure.
Thanks, boss
By the way, did Raju contact you?
Didn't he come here already?
He is not answering my phone, either.
He also has ten crores.
Don't tell me that he has escaped.
No, he will never do that.
Tell me.
Raju is escaping and not responding
when we are calling him.
I feel something suspicious.
Don't leave him.
I am coming.
Hey! Catch him!
Come on
Hey, wait!
Come on.
Tell me where the money is.
If the Boss gets to know...
Who the hell is that boss?
You worked for him for 10 years.
What did he give you?
Go and wash his butt.
You... ! Why don't you listen to me?
Hey, Raju!
Raju! Raju!
Where the hell did you keep the money?
Boss will kill us if he knows that he's dead.
Make sure that no one will find his corpse.
Find out where his room is.
We need to find out where the money is.
Okay, sir.
Lakshmi! A 100 rupees note was supposed to
be in my purse, did you take it?
Tell him that I took it, mom.
You should tell me if you took it.
They'll study engineering, but they have no sense.
Subjects will be taught in engineering, not sense.
They are very good with their words.
But they don't know how to get a job.
After he completed engineering he
worked for a month.
When he said that he'll stop working saying he'll get a better
one. We tried to convince him not to resign.
Did your son listen to us?
Also it's been 2 years.
He doesn't have any job.
He'll get it in a couple of months.
Please be quiet.
Why do you scold him early in the morning?
I know that my mouth hurts to scold him,
so I stopped talking to him.
Doesn't he know about himself?
Why do you scold him?
That's what I want.
I want him to know about himself.
Why can't he study for the interview
he has on the day after tomorrow?
He'll go now and keep roaming around
with Abhi until night.
I don't know when he will develop.
Hey! Is this a newspaper headline
to tell you as soon as you ask?
This is creative work.
I need to think and I need to make it be
beautiful and should tell you after that.
You are saying the same thing
and kept drinking so many beers.
Hey! I got it, note it down.
When you are walking, I'll walk together.
If you reject me I'll stab myself to death.
How is it?
Is this a love letter or a suicide note?
Hang up!
These idiots will not have any taste.
It weighs around 1.5 kgs.
Instead of roaming on the roads, why don't
you come and sit in the shop for a while?
Dad! You want me to sit in this waste
shop after studying engineering?
This waste has given you the house in which
you live and the engineering degree you have.
Wow! You are talking in rhyming.
You attended an interview the other day.
What about the result?
They said they'll inform us through phone.
That you are useless?
I understand now where I got my creativity from.
All thanks to you, dad.
There's a person in you.
You didn't care about him.
But me...
I'm sharpening him.
I will do that.
You will.
I'll wait for another year.
If you get no job, I will give you
the responsibility of this shop.
Hey! Look at him. He's younger than you.
He's earning 10000 per month.
You are doing nothing.
Why don't you sit in the shop, sir?
Your dad will feel happy.
Bloody ironman.
If I sit here to make my dad happy,
you'll be the one to cry later.
If I sit here because he said so,
he'll ask me to do some work and not be idle.
And if I start to work, he'll fire you as you are useless.
What will you do then?
Is it?
Then please don't.
Please. I beg you.
Do you really understand the sacrifice
I'm making now?
Thanks. Thank you so much!
No way.
You are not recognising my sacrifice.
I will sit in this shop.
Please dont do that at all.
Please. I got married recently.
- Okay.
Go and go and give me a 500 from
the cash counter.
If the boss gets to know, he will hit me.
Fine! It's just 500, right?
I'll get them for you.
This engineering will not get us jobs
and will not make us do the thing we want.
Did Kiran come back from Hyderabad?
You know everything, Saravva.
We sold the land for the elder girl's marriage.
We sold our house for the second girl.
We don't know how we will make
our youngest one get married.
And the elder one doesn't know
anything but to drink.
And he's not getting any job.
Did we attract any bad energy?
Or is God not looking at us?
Try to look for the reason, Saravva.
Oh God! Did the boy attract bad
energy from people?
If not, is he possessed by Pochamma in the village?
If not Pochamma is he possessed by
Muthyalamma in the village?
If not that, someone must've thrown a stone.
You should say if someone threw a stone.
It's not getting up.
- Shall we give a hen then?
A hen?
They'll give you a hen, it seems. Get up.
It won't get up for a hen, it seems.
Then we'll give a goat.
They'll give you a goat, will you get up?
Get up. Get up. It got up.
The bad energy on your son is all gone now.
He's going to have a good time now.
He'll earn crores.
Thank god.
I'll call your dad and tell him.
You oldie!
You have said the same since my childhood.
The 500 I paid you, I took it from someone.
Where should I get the goat from?
If I don't get a job this year, I will teach you a lesson.
You'll get it for sure, son.
You'll get it for sure. Go home now.
If I don't get one, I'll take away all your money.
That oldie is using us very well.
Why do you talk like that?
She knows how to cast spells.
It's not true.
Even though I am doing whatever work I get in Hyderabad,
I'm unable to make ends meet for the instalments.
And you are spending on her.
No, Saravva is always right.
You will also get your lucky time.
Fine, you go home. I'll go
and meet my friends.
These tier three colleges are unable to give
any knowledge except the paper called degree.
People who studied in such tier
three colleges are unable to
stand in the competitive world and
are remaining as unemployed youth.
There won't be any students in that college.
But they will get the fees reimbursement money.
To people who want just a degree certificate
Are you watching videos after appointing us to work?
She is Tejaswini, it seems.
She is talking about us who did btech.
Guys are you buying the alcohol or preparing it?
We just drink a bottle and he wants thumbs-up,
you want sprite and I want soda.
Kiran wants mixture, you want kurkure
and I want murmure.
Kings for you and lights for me.
Noone should see us,
we need to visit all the shops
and you are sitting here like
a king and questioning us?
You said well.
Come on, pour it.
What's the news in the village, Abhi?
Did you go to America?
You just went to Hyderabad.
You go overboard by asking me
the news in the village.
That's okay. What's the matter with Sathi?
He said that he will put up the posters in the place
where we regularly keep and I said that I'll hit him.
What's with these posters?
Everyone in the village should recognise us.
We need to put up posters until they recognise us.
How will you smoke this?
Like this.
If it's like this, you will soon lose your lungs.
Then you will know.
Just because we'll poop tomorrow will we stop eating today?
This is the same. Tell him, Karthik.
I'm not having any peace at home, guys.
But I'm not getting the job.
I'll look for another year and if I don't
get it I'll go into movie production.
There's a huge demand for b tech
writers, it seems.
Writing is not something you copy in the exam.
That's a creative job.
You write from the slips.
The quotation I wrote on the poster the
other day, do you know how viral it was?
It won't come.
But if it comes, it won't leave you.
That's not the viral you think, Kiran.
It's another viral.
Hey! Who is Shahrukh Khan?
-He's a hero.
Who is Sampoornesh babu?
-He's a hero.
Did you see?
Any hero is a hero and any viral thing is a viral thing.
Is it?
Sathi is here.
What guys? Are you drinking?
No, we are drawing rangoli.
Come and fill colours in it.
Hey, Kiran lately your guys
are messing with me.
Tell them that I'll cut(it).
-You'll cut?
No, Karthik.
Do it now, come on. Cut it.
At least I'll save the saloon's money.
Will you cut these? or them, too?
Come on.
-Don't provoke me.
Hey, if you have guts...
What if I have?
If you have guts
What do you want me to do if I have guts?
Touch my feet.
Hey rascal!
Shut up!
Hey, who is fighting over there?
Hey, the police are here.
I'll teach you guys a lesson later.
Get on the bike fast.
I'll never leave these idiots.
Get on the bike.
You dare to sit in the middle after coming from Hyderabad?
Move. I'll sit in the middle.
Okay, come.
Hey, stop the bike!
Did you get hit?
He hit me harder.
Is that why you asked me to sit at the back?
You asked me what's the news in the village right?
This is trending.
How's the poster grandma?
By the way, Abhi, all your mates are getting jobs,
why aren't you getting one?
All your mates are dying.
Why aren't you dying?
Hey, Abhi!
I gave you 2 thousand.
Why didn't you put a big picture of mine?
You'll attract bad energy if a big picture was on it.
So I did not.
I gave you a thousand rupees.
Why can't you make me look fair skinned?
Fair skin?
If you become fair the people will get scared. So, no.
What, guys?
How much did you gather?
Five thousand.
How much did it cost for the poster printing?
Thousand rupees.
You kept the remaining 4 thousand with you.
You don't want to?
You don't want to party for Dasara?
Head curry, bone curry, chicken,
mutton, six beers and a full bottle.
You don't want all of that?
Tell me if you don't want to, I'll tell them.
Don't go overboard.
I'll send them away.
Brother, let's meet later.
You put up a poster in the place I usually keep.
You could have put my picture as well.
My guys told me not to print girls' pictures.
You I'll teach you.
I'll look for the right time and I'll teach you guys.
I'll tell you a number, note it down.
Who's number?
Priest's number.
Call and ask him he'll tell you the
right time you may come.
Hey, Ravi!
Take your hand off.
"In the realm of the unknown, this vehicle roams. "
"Home's distant shore, in uncertainty it looms. "
"Three bulls lead, a perpetual sprint it thrives. "
"Lost on the highway, forever it drives. "
"Chandu, fetch a drink, let spirits flow free. "
"With coins in abundance, let's drunk and carefree be. "
"A never-ending feast, no halt in sight. "
"Life's pace, no salary in its endless flight. "
'You are responsible for your own belongings. '
"Eat, drink, and sleep, as days pass on by. "
"Even the clock follows, never asking why. "
"Coming and going, they're used to this ride. "
"The untiring road, their constant guide. "
"No grand plan, just energy ablaze. "
"Let this day pass, and joy in its rays. "
"Jokers in cards, they laugh and engage. "
"Amidst fights and fun, they turn life's page. "
"A world of friends, where laughter is spun. "
"They're close-knit, these merry fools, as one. "
"Fate favors them, 'fun' would surely concede. "
Bumblebees on marigolds, nectar they heed. "
"In dandelions, they seek sparks to unchain. "
"Sarees and selfies, a vibrant, colorful domain. "
"Become a rainbow, in life's vivid theme. "
The years in the calendar are
changing and the festivals are passing.
But our lives are still the same.
Our time will come.
Our time will also come.
It's been a long time since that song was released.
Who the hell is that?
We are coming.
Oh no.
These kids never listen to us.
I told them to fire the crackers in some other place.
Someone has fired a rocket, it seems.
It went on to the poster instead of the sky.
The poster was burnt.
What will you do now, Karthik?
Will you call Priest?
Shall I give the number?
How is my answer?
Their faces went pale.
You dare to hit me?
Hey! Hey! You.
Hey, hey! Catch him.
I will
Will no one celebrate the festival if
you don't put up a poster and wish them?
Or will someone stop drinking?
There was a transformer beside it.
If it was burnt
You are grownups.
Why do you behave like kids?
What did you study?
Engineering, sir.
-Engineering, sir.
You are proudly saying as though you are an IAS officer.
There are two engineers in every house.
You studied engineering, don't you have any sense?
What did you study?
I also studied engineering, sir.
Come here.
Write down the spelling of engineering.
You didn't say write in English sir.
Did you ever go to college?
No, sir.
I joined because they told me that
I would get fees reimbursement money.
The government is paying you to study.
But you are doing this.
The government should introduce the
rule that day they'll only pay you if you pass.
Only then you'll get some sense.
Greetings, Mr. SI.
Why are you here, Mr. counselor?
These kids are from our area. They are good.
Yesterday was a festival, right?
So they drank a little and made a huge scene.
Please leave them this time, sir.
Please, sir.
Hey! Get that paper.
A parent is not only responsible for educating his child.
They should raise the kids in a good way as well.
If they can't do that they have to
sign in random places like this.
Go now.
Thank you, sir.
Until now I didn't want to talk to him.
But now, I don't even want to look at his face.
What can we do?
We stay in the same house.
I used to scold him saying that he is inefficient.
After going to the police station for him, what I realised is,
I'm the one who is inefficient.
It's not him.
Why do you want to go to Hyderabad?
You are the only son. You can happily enjoy your life.
Did I come back from a war?
To praise and respect me?
The thing that happened in your
house has happened in mine, too.
If I stay here, me and my father might argue!
So that's why I'll come to Hyderabad.
Fine, I will vacate my hostel.
Let us all three stay in a private room.
I'll call my friend to look for a room.
What do you say?
Let's go to Hyderabad.
I will take care of everything.
-Sir! He called us.
It looks like we'll get the seat, it seems.
We are paying him 20.
Why wouldn't we get it?
It will come for sure.
But there's a high chance that our
opposition will win.
We need to work harder.
Not only working hard, we need to spend, too.
We should give 5000 per vote at least
and should win.
And we should come to power.
Otherwise, Lokanath will not leave us.
If we have to win this election,
we need to have 40.
I have 20, I will arrange another 10
even if it is hard to arrange it in cash.
Take care of the remaining 10.
If he knows that we only have 10,
he'll not even give his 10.
Find out where Raju is urgently.
-Okay, sir.
Hey, Raju!
Where did you keep the money?
It's a semi furnished room.
The guy who lived earlier is not paying
the rent for the past 5 months.
And he went missing for 2 months.
So I broke open the doors and kept
all his things in the store room.
Use them if you need.
But pay the rent at the right time.
What's our next step?
We need to attack all the offices, Arjuna.
We have been doing that for a long time, Krishna.
We'll start now with new weapons.
I wonder who it is, he stuffed this with books.
It's tough.
It's enough if we get beans.
-Until we get them, don't spoil it.
Fine, what about food?
Let's go out and eat.
How much is this bag?
Will you give it to me for 100?
I will.
I will give you an empty bag. Take it.
There's one in you.
What? Who is he?
You can't understand me.
-Take a bag, Abhi.
How much money did you bring from home?
If we go to Koti now, I will buy 2 bags for 200.
Take it lightly.
Hail Janardhan!
Guys, isn't he our college's chairman Janardhan?
He's that same idiot.
He says that he has no money to pay
for the college's facilities and faculties.
He's spending a lot on politics.
Everybody is the same.
First, earn a lot.
And to save that, enter politics and earn again.
That's all.
Hi, Youngman.
- Hello, ma'am.
How do you do?
With my right hand.
You idiot! Get out.
Good morning, sir.
Bye, sir.
I came to the HR room.
How did that happen?
That's what I can't believe.
At times miracles like these happen
in the lives of people like us.
It's okay.
Enjoy it.
Mr. Karthik.
They are calling me. I'll talk later.
Okay, go.
Are you okay?
Like someone squeezed my heart
Like I stopped breathing
All my insides are shaking, ma'am.
During the interview, we feel nervous.
Have some water. Okay?
No, ma'am.
I completed 100+ interviews.
I doubt that all this is because of you. Yes.
I'm ready, ma'am.
What is python?
Ma'am. You wouldn't believe this.
This is one out of the three to four questions I know.
I forgot it after I saw you.
You may go.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Please continue.
What is P. E. P 8?
P. E. P pep
It's coming, ma'am. It's coming.
From where?
From Vizag? From Warangal?
- From inside.
Give me a minute, ma'am.
Take one year. I'm so tired.
I need coffee very badly.
Do you want me to stay or leave?
Do as you wish.
Will angels appear in front of unlucky people?
Abhi, a miracle is going to happen.
Like you said, the coffee here is very bad, ma'am.
What do you want?
I want your friendship, ma'am.
Since childhood, I never had a girlfriend.
You completed B Tech, but you don't have a girlfriend?
For real, ma'am.
I liked a girl in the school.
She always used to go after Rajesh asking him for notes
and asking him to help in maths and social studies.
Who's Rajesh?
He is the school's topper.
You girls don't want these good guys.
You only want toppers.
Where is Rajesh now?
We both are not in touch, ma'am.
The first and last benches are like India and Pakistan.
Why do you ask about him anyway?
He's already married.
And he's not very handsome either.
He'll be short and dark skinned.
Please shut up.
Okay. Answer my question.
Why should I be friends with you?
I'm not asking you to be, ma'am.
The destiny says that.
Is it?
I swear.
Basically in these kinds of companies,
I'll not even clear the first round.
But I came to you
So something is there.
I mean friendship.
My father used to say one thing all the time.
What's that?
If I have to tell you everything he has said, it takes a day.
Will you come for a date, ma'am?
It's funny.
What's your name, ma'am?
Are you from Bollywood, ma'am?
Yes. I'm from Mumbai.
Yes. Tanya, Teena, Naina, Sameera.
You and your names are so good, ma'am.
What's your number, ma'am?
I'll tell you.
Hey, hi!
She's Sang
How do you how?
I'll know it, ma'am.
Sangeetha, Saritha, Rama, Uma,
Santhi, Anusha, Manasa.
Half of the names in our state are like this.
But what do you eat to be fair
skinned like this, ma'am?
Like youll get tanned if we touch you.
Oh, sorry, ma'am. Did I dirty you?
Enough. Enough. Enough.
-Hey! Stop it.
Will you start to flirt if they are a little fair skinned?
Please stop it, ma'am.
How do we know how to fart?
You guys who live in the city will do it well.
What's wrong?
Please tell me, ma'am.
I'm feeling embarrassed if you are laughing. I'm leaving.
Hey, Karthik!
You don't want my number?
I feel like all the festivals came at once.
My heart fluttered when you gave your cell number.
I feel like I went to heaven on a bullock cart.
With your touch, I felt giddy.
I feel that my minds blocked in mindspace.
I feel like Im giving salaries by starting a good company.
I feel like flying into space with wings.
Lets not have any distance between us.
Come to me.
Ill even go to the Chanchalguda jail, girl!
Even if I was sentenced to life, I will escape
and come by the time dawn breaks.
I'll be the strongest signal to your phone, girl!
I'll give you unlimited happiness.
I'll even go to the Chanchalguda jail, girl.
Even if I was sentenced to life, I will escape
and come by the time dawn breaks.
I feel like I'm listening to a live band through broadband
when I'm listening to your words in digital.
I feel like millions of people are following me
when you are walking behind me like this.
Sunlight or moonlight, I take them all lightly.
My life is running in your dreams.
You are making me forward like a satellite.
Please let me live by showing the greenlight.
Hey, Chanchalguda! Hey, Chanchalguda!
Ill even go to the Chanchalguda jail, girl!
Even if I was sentenced to life, I will escape
and come by the time dawn breaks.
I'll be the strongest signal to your phone, girl!
I'll give you unlimited happiness.
Look at this.
What do you say about this?
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Let's go.
Sir, I don't have enough change, I'll give you later.
Please give me a cigarette.
I have change for 2000 INR.
Actually we forgot the purse in the room.
My shop will be open until 10 pm.
We buy things from you daily. You
won't trust us for 10 rs after all?
I won't trust and I won't sell cigarettes
without money.
I already said that he has one in him.
I'll give the money.
Give them what they want.
He'll not pay his debt properly and he's
asking me to give them.
I didn't ask for one cigarette.
I asked for a pack.
You are energetic.
We know.
Thanks. We'll pay you back later.
It's fine. Are you new to this area?
Where is your room?
My guys will also drink with you starting tomorrow.
You guys enjoy it.
Why are you so interested in politics?
It's nothing, brother.
There are only two places in which
there is more money in our country.
One is a bank and the other is a politician's house.
One fine day, I should either become
an M. L. A. or a Corporator.
All the best, brother.
By the way, you didn't tell us why you are
interested in politics.
What's wrong with him?
After eating the biryani,
why does he ask if it is chicken or mutton?
Take it lightly, he is drunk from beer.
You guys got 2 beers for a person after all
and you are bragging that I got drunk from them?
Stop it, Abhi.
Brother, if you know anyone from the
software industry, please recommend us.
Our circle is all in the hardware, brother.
Wow! The knife is super.
Is it original?
You'll know it if you cut with it.
Cut yourself and show me.
Shut up.
Please take him for granted, brother.
Please tell us if you know someone.
I will.
By the way why can't you guys come to our
rally instead of sitting idle.
By evening we will pay 2000 inr per
person, give a beer and a pack of biryani.
It can be your pocket money.
Why should we come to rallies after
studying engineering?
B Tech.
Hey, Venkat!
What did you study?
B. Ed, sir.
B Tech.
When is the next rally?
Let's vote for the sun's symbol.
Hail Janardhan!
You said it's 2000.
-500 is my commission.
When you said pocket money
I thought it's for us. It's for you?
Why? You don't want them?
Fine, let's go, Abhi.
Let's vote for the sun's symbol.
Hey, Karthik! Come on.
Greetings, sir.
Why did you come, Suri?
Mallesh went to run some errands.
-Okay. Hey, Pintu! Bring the bag.
How are you, Pintu?
-Super Bro.
Bye, sir.
What's this bag?
- Boss's black money is with him.
We get money for the rallies from here.
This college will not have any facilities
required for an engineering college.
A famous educationist who wants to enter
politics owns many such colleges.
Boss, this lady is indirectly talking about us.
After she gave all the information,
what's indirect here?
Give her a warning.
What are you doing?
We just finished breakfast.
Did you eat?
I did.
What is father doing?
He's not even talking to me.
Are you both enemies?
Won't he talk if you talk first?
Wait, I'm giving the phone to him.
Hey, no!
What do you want me to talk about?
Are you going to the office?
What's your salary?
Come home if you get a holiday.
Do you want me to say that?
Did you eat? Did you sleep?
You already talked to him right.
It's enough.
That is all.
Hey, shall we go?
I'm not even paying interest from
the past three months.
The debtors are coming home
and making a scene, it seems.
If I don't get this job, I'll commit suicide.
Stop it!
Don't talk like a stupid.
We already made it to the final round.
One of us will definitely get it.
Hi, guys!
Everyone has scored equally in the final round.
But our company wants only two people.
They are Ajay and Suresh.
You both go and meet the HR department.
Thank you.
Thank you, all.
The engineering colleges are thousands in number,
the jobs are not even in hundreds.
That's why we need to study in good colleges.
For our ranks that are long as mobile numbers
we'll get a seat in only in a tier three college.
That's correct, Kiran.
But if there are no such colleges, we could
have at least studied for a degree or diploma.
Every guy is joining engineering
because there are free seats.
And they'll face the same problems as us.
You are absolutely right, brother.
I'm also from a tier three college.
After trying a lot for the job I came back door.
I'm Anand, by the way.
There are already no jobs and
what are these HRs doing?
They are filling in the back doors.
That's why I paid 4 lakhs to my friend
and I got a package of 6 lakhs.
Tell me if you are interested.
This is my card.
You are three people, right?
So let's settle it for 10 lakhs.
As soon as we keep this money in his
hands he will give us an offer letter.
Call me if you are interested.
Oh my god. 10 lakhs.
-10 lakhs?
Does he think that it is real money?
A father is drinking castor oil as he is poor
and his son came and asked him for elixir, it seems.
That's how your words sound.
Kiran, please don't put on a face like
someone has passed away please.
Karthik, why don't you get him
a job by taking Tanya's help?
No, Karthik.
She'll think low of you that you loved her for the job.
Don't ever do that, let's take
care of our own problems.
You always annoy me like this.
I'll ask my father to pay this month's interest.
Did you eat? Did you sleep?
That is all.
You already talked to him right.
If I don't get this job, I'll commit suicide.
People who studied in tier three colleges
like you will face a hard time to get a job.
Hey Kiran, we are going to get jobs soon.
How will they come?
Will you create the jobs?
Back door.
He did not ask 10 thousand, he asked 10 lakhs.
Why do you sound like they are under your butt?
How will you pay him?
By stealing the money Suri brings from the gold shop.
Don't be afraid.
Since that is black money no one will complain.
Suri has so many enemies so he
will definitely not doubt us.
His brain is totally damaged.
He is literally spewing nonsense.
10 lakhs, it seems and he'll steal that, it seems.
-I'm ready, Karthik.
Are you crazy, Kiran?
Would anyone steal money if they
don't have a job?
It's not because we didn't get a job.
I decided that I wouldn't get a job and I want to do it.
You don't face the problems we face.
So it will be like that for you.
You may stay away from this if you want.
Even if I want to, that thing won't let me be.
What is that?
We are all bonded by it right?
Whether we passed or failed we did it all together.
Let's do this, too.
What's next?
Perfect planning
It's a jammer.
It blurs the CCTV footage.
Is it?
Don't doubt this.
It is my project in my engineering.
I'm 100 percent sure.
You said that there is no risk
and no one would complain.
Then why are you telling us so many measures?
Officially there is no problem, Abhi.
But there is a chance for Suri's guys to come after us.
Oh, there is no risk but there is danger.
You guys are great.
Don't be tense.
I'll tell you guys how to escape from those people.
Why did Lokanath target us?
He'll raid again, it seems.
I already told you that he is strict and
also you have insulted him.
He won't leave you.
Please be careful.
Bye, sir.
Sir, then what should we do about
the ten we have in the house?
This time let's not use any of our
vehicles or our guys.
Let's book an old car from the travels
and let's put the money
bag in it and let's not tell the driver
about what's in the bag.
Tell the local police not to stop
that car and make him drive
around the city the whole day
and take it from him at night and send him away.
Do you get that?
Close the door harder.
Hello, brother.
What's in the bag?
-There are 10 crores, do you want it?
Do I look like a fool to believe that?
Anyway, whatever.
No police will stop me right?
-No, they won't.
Hey, isn't he getting tired?
Man! I can't really run.
Even I can't.
Let's go back.
Let's go. Oh my god.
If I drop them, at least I'll get money to drink at night.
Wait, I'm stopping the car.
Brother, we'll just get down here.
Okay, get in.
Close the door a little harder.
You all look so weary, where are you coming from?
We are coming back after a robbery.
Please stop it, sir.
Why is everyone kidding with me today?
It's really funny.
What will we gain if we crack jokes with you,
first look in front and drive.
Okay, sir.
If the money is lost in my shop, Suri scolds me.
I will take care of them.
You guys go and take another ten.
We won't tell him, sir.
Hey, Chintu!
Please stop here.
Okay, okay.
Let's get down here, guys.
Please give me the money fast, sir.
The police are taking pictures.
Please wait.
Why did we get down here, Karthik?
Let's book a cab from here.
You literally peed in your pants
to do this right?
Yes, Abhi.
Hey, what is this?
I only bought our bag.
I thought it was our bag as it was beside us.
Oh, as though there are cores in this they locked it.
Leave about that and open our bag.
I'm coming to that.
Hail Janardhan!
There should be a minimum of 20 lakhs.
20 is harder.
But there will be at least 10.
Wow, looking at 10 lakhs I feel giddy.
If we ever see one crore we might
die of a heart attack I guess.
You don't have that chance if there is
one crore I will murder you both.
Shut up, guys.
Hey, Kiran.
Call that back door guy and
tell him that the money is ready.
Hey, Abhi.
Cut this bag into pieces and throw it out.
If Suri or his guys see this bag
they'll recognise it.
That's correct.
Hello, sir.
This is car driver Ramesh speaking.
Tell me.
Sir, it's nothing but the bag you have kept in my car...
Is it a really important one?
It's not very important.
As the police were tracing my phone
I kept it in the bag and I'm moving it around.
Why do you ask?
Thank god.
I'm a little relaxed now, sir.
Someone stole that bag.
Hey! Did you steal the money
and are you acting?
Tell me where you are now!
Oh my god! It's Suri.
Something bad has happened.
I need to turn off the phone
and escape from here.
Damn! He hung up the call.
Call him, call him again.
The number you have dialled is switched off.
We need to catch him at any cost by the time
the boss comes from Delhi. Let's go.
The Left can become the right and the
right can become the left.
Life can also be turned.
Even the mud you touch
can also become malabars gold.
You could win a jackpot
Your track could be changed.
The wonders youve never seen, can happen in a day.
Destiny! If it is good, it will lay you a red carpet.
Destiny! It will ask you whos more superior than you?
Destiny! It will make you sell your car and house otherwise.
Destiny! It will make you travel in a rickshaw.
The notes under your butt.
Hey! All those are newly printed.
Fully! Theyll keep dancing, if your luck is good.
Hey! You dont have to climb up the steps.
Hey! You dont have to undergo struggles.
Hey! Still you develop if destiny favours you.
Destiny! It will show you beautifully in the mirror.
Destiny! It will make people lineup around you.
Destiny! If it says no, the picture will completely change.
Destiny! And your position will be lost.
Is it?
Yes, they didn't ask for dowry and they said to hold the
wedding in a grand manner by offering gold to the girl.
It will cost 2 lakhs for the marriage.
Your younger cousin says that he'll give but he's
asking eight thousand rupees as an installment.
What do you say?
Shall we take it?
Take it, mom.
Even I got a job.
My salary is 30,000 INR per month.
Let's pay back the interest and
the whole amount within a year.
Did you see, son?
What Saravva has said became true.
I came here to ask if we'll have good
days or not, just talk to her once.
Okay, give it to her.
Will you believe me now?
As soon as you get paid,
you should buy me a saree.
I just got the job.
But like you said I did not find any crores.
They'll come.
If you have patience everything will come.
I don't want any such, oldie.
Make sure that I get paid every month properly.
I'll buy you a saree.
Your son looks angry on the
outside but he really likes me.
Okay, Saravva. I'll take leave.
Okay, bye.
I'll be a little free if my sister gets married.
If I work hard for just 2 years,
all my debts will get cleared.
After so many days I feel relieved now.
It will change.
Our destiny will also change.
Please stop saying lines from TV shows.
The additional DSP said that they are trying to
catch the people who have collected more than
10 crore rupees from around 570
students and have absconded.
See this.
They targeted unemployed engineering
students for this and have opened a fake office.
Additional DSP said that around 570 students
have been cheated by them and more than
10 crore has been collected from them and they
absconded and that they are trying to catch them.
Just now I said that our fate will change
and now it's another twist.
What the... You oldie!
Why did this happen?
We even became thieves for this job.
Hey, oldie!
Before I come to Mancherial again you better die.
Otherwise I'll kill you.
Guys, well never get these jobs.
I'll go to Mancherial and take care of my dad's shop.
It's ten lakhs, guys!
Money money money, what is this money?
Sir, Ramesh
Please listen to me!
Last time Raju came along with
you who stole 10 crore.
And now I gave you 10 to keep safe.
You stole the money and you are being
around me so that I don't doubt you, right?
Listen carefully.
In ten days my 20 crores should
come back to me.
Otherwise no one will ever find your corpse.
Bloody scoundrel.
And I should teach him a lesson.
We have been working for him for the past 15 years.
Why is he doubting us, bro?
Why is he our boss after he doubted us?
I thought he would make me a
corporator if I worked for him honestly.
I didn't expect that he would throw
me out by grabbing my neck.
He showed his power.
Now Suri will show his power.
If we have to show that, that money
should come to us.
And I should become a corporator.
I need help, CI.
Tell me what it is, sir.
The election code is now implemented
and the money is illegal.
We can't investigate this officially.
I will do one thing.
I will send an SI to you.
He will do your work unofficially.
Who is he?
The quantity is good right, maam?
The quantity is not important, sir.
The count is important.
How long will you see it?
Tell me the matter.
Im saying the same again, Vivek.
Theres no problem.
This sperm count is low.
Thats why shes unable to conceive.
Why is the count lowering?
I guess you have work pressure.
Do one thing.
Resign from your job as a police officer.
Idiot. Are you really a doctor?
If someone comes to you to get treated for stomach
ache will you prescribe medicines or tell them to stop eating?
-Once go and meet Janardan Sir.
It's nothing. He has some personal work, it seems.
Do it for him.
Okay, sir.
I guess the CI has already told you everything.
He only told me to meet you
Fine, I'll come directly to the point.
I lost some money.
How much is that, sir?
20 lakhs is a huge amount, Sankarayya.
Yes, sir.
Do I look like I'll call CI for lakhs?
Its not lakhs, its crores. 20 crores.
Your CI told me about your intelligence.
If you get me back that amount I'll give you one crore.
You and your CI can share the
amount yourselves.
There's a huge difference between
one crore and 20 crores, sir.
That's correct though.
If you have crores of rupees in your hand, people like you
will die of heart attack because you can't maintain them.
Finally, I'll give you 3 crores.
I want your house's CCTV footage
and the details of your close contacts.
Hey. Give him those.
Okay, I have a meeting to attend.
Let's meet later.
Bye, sir.
He earned well, Sankarayya.
Yes, sir.
If they stole crores they must be professionals.
It's hard to catch them.
How will we get 20 crores if we don't work hard?
It's just 3, right?
We also need to find out if we can handle that amount.
I got it, sir.
Let's go.
I wonder who has that money, Sankarayya.
Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands,
one lakh, ten lakhs, crores, ten crores!
Ten crores?
Ten crores.
Let's share 3 crores each.
Then 1 crore will be left.
So let's share 3 crore 33 lakhs each.
One lakh will be left.
So let's split it like this: 3 crores 30 lakhs 33 thousand...
Shut up, Abhi.
Let's think about what to do
with this money later.
First we need a big bag to pack this money.
I have a bag.
Search everywhere...
Kiran, go and bring two gunny bags.
As soon as you came to the station,
the crime rate has decreased, sir.
This is not the crime rate.
It's my count rate.
You and your wife go to Goddess
Nukalamma's temple and make merits, sir.
Sir, try homeopathy, you'll definitely get the result.
Once listen to me and...
Hey, stop!
Take care of your own tasks first.
Just because of the decrease in the
count why are you all discussing so much.
I thought only you knew this.
How did everyone get to know about this?
Did you tell anyone?
-Sir, please don't doubt me.
Like you told me, did you tell anyone?
Expecting advice as he is an elder
I told to the writer.
After you told the matter,
did you tell anything else?
Well, I told him that this is a secret
and asked him not to tell anyone about this.
That's the matter.
Sir, you can share any huge secret to anyone.
It's completely okay.
But don't ever tell them that that's a
secret and ask them not to tell that to anyone.
If you say that, you are done.
Mouth-spread is faster than social media.
Hi, where is Tanya?
Listen to us carefully and don't tell anyone.
We found 20 crores.
We kept them in this bag.
We came here to ask you to keep this bag for a few days.
Even I have 10 crores of black money.
I will hide these along with them.
It was a joke.
It was a joke.
It's nothing.
We had to vacate the room on an urgent basis.
We have our things.
Until we found a new room...
It's okay.
Keep it in that room.
Karthik, where is Abhi?
He went to keep the remaining luggage
in our friend's room and it's really near.
Oh, okay.
I'm going out for a week.
There wouldn't be any reception there.
Message me if you can't reach me on the phone.
Shall we go?
Sir, when we were searching with the
car's RC and photo we found him in Jubilee hills, sir.
What are you doing in the bus station?
I'm going to my in-laws house, sir.
So our guys brought him to the right place, sir.
What did you do with the money bag?
I swear on my mother, sir.
I don't really know that there's money in that bag.
If I knew that, why would I accept
passengers for just 300 rupees.
Am I right?
Where did you take them and where did you drop them?
They got in at Gandhi nagar
and got down at Yousufguda check post.
Sir, so I think they are definitely Yousufguda's guys.
They got down there to make us think that.
They are definitely not from that area.
What was the time when they got down?
It's about 4:30 pm, sir.
They have another bag, too.
They must have taken this bag as
well when they got down.
I was in a hurry to leave that place
as the traffic police were clicking pictures.
Enquire about all the cab services which were
booked in that area from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Find out where three guys with
two bags got down from which car.
Okay, sir.
Hey, until then take his car keys from him.
Sir, please...
Get lost.
Hey Suri!
You damaged my life.
Sir, greetings.
I'm Praveen.
Raju, who works for you, is my friend.
His phone has been turned off for the past three months.
And I couldn't meet him.
Did you send him on any task somewhere?
It's been many days since he worked with us, right?
Are you in touch with him?
No, sir.
By the way, how do you know him?
Before he started to work for you
he used to stay with me in my room.
Five months ago when I was
leaving for Mumbai for work he
asked me not to vacate the room
and I left it with him with the furniture also.
Oh! Raju has a room here as well.
He has.
Let's go there.
Hey, break open the doors.
Tell me the truth.
Did Raju tell you anything about the money?
I don't know about which money you are talking about.
All this furniture is mine.
The owner refused to give me the furniture
unless I pay the remaining three months of rent.
I came to you with the hope
that I might find Raju.
So the money Raju hid was
stolen by Karthik and his batch.
What, Suri?
I heard that you are very close with them.
Did you tell them to steal the
ten crores in the car?
Sir, that means they don't have 10 but they have 20.
What's the secret Shekara?
Tell that to us, too.
Our station staff are very much
interested in these secrets.
I'm no way related to that robbery,
sir I just drank alcohol with them a couple of times.
I only got to know that they stole
money after you told me.
They took some money from me.
That's why they are on the run.
I called them a couple of times so
I went to the room as I couldn't reach them.
And your guys brought us.
That's okay.
Give those guys photos to the constable.
Don't go out of the city without my permission.
Why are you binding me over, sir?
Did anyone file a complaint against me?
Leave me.
No one would ever complain about that money.
Because all that is black money.
You have no right to stop me, sir.
Hey, Suri!
If you talk logic in the police station you'll be in the lock-up.
Go and give those photos and
make your name written.
I'm Praveen, sir.
Are you new to this job?
I never saw you.
I'm no way related to them, sir.
My friend Raju went missing for the past three months
so I came to ask them if they know.
And your people got me here.
Who is Raju?
He's the same Raju who stole the first 10 crores.
He's missing from the past 3 months.
So the 20 crores are with the guys, right?
Isn't this you both were discussing earlier?
I know nothing, sir.
Forget about leaving the city,
you should come daily and sign.
You should inform me as soon as
you get to know about them.
Three guys have stolen 20 crores, sir?
Election code is running now.
Police picketing is happening everywhere.
It's hard for them to cross the city by road.
They'll not even go to the airport
as the luggage will be scanned.
We need to catch them before the elections.
Otherwise along with them the cash will also fly.
Greetings, sir.
You are talking about some cash.
Do you want my help?
Do you think this is a police station or some lodge?
You are here every alternate day.
Flies should gather around the jaggery
and thieves should visit the police station.
That's nature's rule.
If you talk poetically, you'll pee in your pants, idiot.
Sorry, sir.
Sir I forgot to ask you, I told you to try the medicines
under the Sanathnagars bridge. Did you try?
Please, sir.
Come here.
Will that medicine really work?
I swear sir.
Many people used that medicine
Okay, shall we see?
Go and have some biryani.
Thank you, sir.
I thought Janardhan was the only headache.
Why is this SI targeting us now?
Send those idiots photos to all of us.
Okay, sir.
Message everyone that Suri will give
five lakhs to the person who will catch them.
Before the SI catches them we
need to get a hold of them.
It's hard for you to believe it but it's true.
Did they give you any bag to keep it safe?
No, sir. They gave me nothing.
If you don't tell the truth, it means
you are also involved in the crime.
It's true, sir. They gave me nothing.
These belong to them, right?
Then why did you say that they gave you nothing?
Sir, you are talking about money, right?
I said that they didn't give me any such thing.
Both of you are not understanding
what kind of situation this is.
Two big gangs are searching for that money.
If they catch you, your life will be risked.
If you give me that money I'll make
sure that there is no case
filed on you and I'll also make sure
you get some money as reward.
But I really don't know where they are, sir.
If not today they'll definitely come into
touch with you tomorrow.
He is your boyfriend, right?
At that time, tell him my proposal.
Take care.
Hey, Karthik!
Where the hell are you?
We need a double bedroom.
How many days will you stay?
- One. - Two.
2000 for one day.
3000 for two days.
Two days for sure.
Give the bag, sir. I'll carry it.
It's okay.
We can carry it ourselves.
Come along.
Carry mine.
You look like a stingy one, sir.
Why did you give me 5 rupees when
you have so much money in your bag?
How do you know that there is money in the bag?
That means...
We got 50k for paying the fees.
Take this 10 INR.
How does he know that there's money in this bag?
He was just suspicious.
And you gave him clarity.
I thought the gunny bag was filled with money.
Why did you put an empty
gunny bag in Tanya's room?
If someone suspects us, they
will inquire and go to Tanya first.
If they know that we're the type to hide
books and utensils, they'll start to doubt us less.
Why are you both like this?
Why do you say that you'll carry your bag yourself?
Don't be hypervigilant.
Yes, Abhi.
We need to be careful.
He said not to be and you are asking me to be careful.
What shall I do actually?
I'm not asking you to not be careful.
I don't want you to be 'hyper'vigilant.
Hats off to your carefulness theories.
First, shall we call our family?
It's been 2 days since we turned our phones off.
My family must be worrying.
No need. I called my sister to inform
before we turned them off.
I told her that we are on a tour
and there wouldn't be any signals.
She'll take care.
- You did the right thing.
My mother will go straight to your house.
I'm thinking of texting Tanya completely about us.
Is that necessary?
I don't want to hide anything from her.
Your girl is with me now.
If you don't call me and give those 20 crores back...
Whose girl is she and who should sacrifice?
I won't.
Will you lose crores for a girl?
If you have money,
so many girls will come to you.
Otherwise existing ones will leave you.
All this is useless to me.
Give me my share.
And you can do anything later.
Why do you both look at me like owls?
Your dialogue doesn't suit your
character nor you, Abhi.
What can I do now?
Let's give the money and get Tanya back. Let's go.
Thanks, Abhi.
A friend...
- Enough!
You made us lose 20 crores.
That's enough.
This jeep looks like it belongs to our area's Suri.
What is he doing here?
You ate the boss' food, drank his beers and carried his flags.
Now you dared to steal money from us.
You guys are great!
But the thing you don't know is,
Janardhan cuts finger for 100k after all.
For you guys, he will directly cut...
We don't know that this money
belongs to Janardhan, Suri.
And another thing, we didn't steal this money.
We found them and we kept them with us.
Is it?
So I found her.
Shall I keep her with me?
By the way, is she really worth 20 crores?
I'm coming.
Hey! Who the hell left this on my way?
Oh! Are you all here?
You planned very well, Suri.
You made me take the money in my
car and made them steal it.
And you made me get arrested
and now you all are sharing the money?
You are smart!
-Leave now before I burst out.
Hey! I'll not go.
You all will go to prison.
My car will come out.
I'll call the SI right now.
Oh, Suri! You killed me.
Wait, I will get the police here.
Get lost, you drunkard.
Hey! Why do you raise your voice?
Why do you raise your voice?
Suri! Don't fight.
We got the money.
Leave Tanya.
Take the money and leave before our mood changes.
What will you do otherwise?
Leave it, Suri. Please.
If you move an inch until we leave...
Start the vehicle.
If you move an inch until we leave...
Start the vehicle.
Tanya! Come on. Let's go.
- Yes. Go and fresh up.
Yesterday you said it's your exam fees
and now you got a chick. What's the matter, sir?
If you say chick and all...
I'll... Get lost!
Give me the bottle.
I swear.
If it was me, I wouldn't have
sacrificed that huge amount for you.
Shall I give you a small gift?
Why do you smile at everything?
You won't react?
Our Mancherial people won't react so easily.
If they react, they will never stop in the middle.
I didn't ask you to stop in the middle.
Sir. Mr. Janardhan has called.
Please go on, sir.
Not me, you should say, SI.
Did you find anything about the money?
I got to know that the money is with three guys.
Our Suri knows them well.
Is it?
Then catch them soon!
If I don't have the money,
it's hard for me to win the election.
If there was no election, I would've....
Sir. I will take care.
He thinks that I would give him the money if I find it.
Are we really not giving him, sir?
Super, sir.
Hey! We can't really trust that police officer.
Keep an eye on him, too.
You can look at your phone later,
please give me the change.
Your tongue has spots.
The things you said are becoming true.
Then, what did you think?
My words will never go wrong.
I found crores just like you said.
I became a crorepati.
Stop it, son.
I say many things to fill my stomach.
Why do you tease me?
Oh! I'm really telling the truth.
You really are great.
I think you are possessed.
When you come next time,
I'll take-off the evil energy from you.
Enough. You can't understand me.
I'll call you again.
Hang up now.
Karthik. I need money urgently at home.
I'll take 200k.
We might face a problem if we use this money now.
Let's wait for sometime.
Hey, Kiran. We should leave this place.
I feel something is fishy.
What's wrong?
I'll tell you later.
Leave it all and listen to me.
You dare to attack me after having my beers?
Do you think Im a jerk?
Hey, Karthik!
Doctor, please treat him.
Why don't you understand?
I'll face problems if I treat him
without informing the police.
Please leave. Please doctor.
I beg you. Please.
He's losing too much blood.
I can't, please leave.
Tolerate the pain for a while.
I'm talking to him.
Where did you get these?
Don't look at me like that.
A need will make a man do anything.
I'm sorry.
His business looks much more profitable
than that of a doctor who did M. D.
This secret should not be heard by a second ear.
And this medicine shouldn't be seen by a third eye.
After that...
You'll see it.
Go now.
Come on.
Come here.
Show me.
He said not to show the medicine to the third eye, sir.
Yes, sir.
I'll give you pills, sir.
Sir will give you treatment.
Please leave me, sir. I beg you.
Is this all in one?
What are these?
Constipation pills, sir.
So many people in the city have this problem, sir.
If they eat this pill daily, everything will come out, sir.
Half of their life will be light.
My grandpa told this to my dad and my dad told me.
Whatever the problem is, this is the only pill, sir.
This is our business secret, sir.
If we see your stall again...
I'll make you eat those pills.
Then you'll surely die right in the washroom.
Move now.
Bye, sir.
Thank god. I didn't have them.
If we had had them, then we
would've come to size zero.
Where's he?
I, Basthi Surya...
As a corporator...
I, Suri...
As an M. L. A....
As a Chief Minister...
Don't move, Suri.
Close the door, Sankarayya.
You died unnecessarily.
Take this and get treated.
What's this, sir?
Give me one crore at least, sir.
Do you know that I can say
Sankarayya also died in the encounter?
Fine, sir.
I'll tell them to clean this up and go to the hospital.
Where are you?
When we came to arrest the suspect Surya in
Mr. Janardhan's driver's missing case, he opened fire, sir.
Our constable was wounded.
And Suri was dead in the encounter, sir.
Okay, I'll send in the team.
Come and report to me.
Okay, sir. I am coming.
I know all the nefarious things that Janardhan has done
while pretending to be an educationalist on the outside.
No one has the courage to go against him in the city.
That's why I'm going to contest as
an M. L. A in the elections, too.
I am going to see his end.
Okay? Bye.
Janardhan has way too many enemies.
You are right.
I thought that my problems would go away with money.
But I got to know now that I'll earn them.
Let's not care about the money.
I feel a lot relaxed now.
This is Khairathabad's SI speaking.
Shit. Sir.
Tell me.
You dare to attack the police and steal the money?
What do you mean by that?
Suri has taken it.
He took them and he died in an encounter later.
I know that you are acting by
keeping all the money with you.
No, sir.
- If you don't bring the money in 2 days,
I will file all the pending cases in the station on you.
After that, you and your families
will visit the court forever.
Be careful.
What's this new problem again?
The SI has targeted you.
Who took the money actually?
That could be anyone.
Who hates him.
You were the one who said that he has so many enemies.
That's correct, brother.
I don't even know how many enemies I have.
Greetings, sir.
What's up, Abhi?
How's your scrap shop running?
Well, your parents live in Mumbai, right?
Yes, sir.
Hey, Kiran.
How is your leg?
I know all of you well..
You dared to steal my money after
studying in my college?
That means, do you want to win against your teacher?
We didn't steal that money, sir.
They came to us unexpectedly.
And they are not with us, either.
I don't think you guys will lie even after seeing me.
It's not important for me to know
who has the money right now.
You should've given it to the
police as soon as you found them.
But you didn't.
So it was missed because of you.
And it should come back to me because of you.
If it doesn't come back
Suri, who's dead now, must've already
told you what kind of a person I am.
I'll not even care about the elections.
Be careful.
How could we possibly know
about who has the money right now?
You did well, Shamshu.
Now that police officer will chase those guys
thinking that they stole from him.
And Janardhan will be tense.
There's no person who can stop us now.
Hey! We have a party at home tomorrow.
Take this money and tell Chacha to keep them safe.
Go now.
I think they're having a huge party inside.
The day we got tempted for the backdoor offer,
that very day our lives got doomed.
How long will you take to pee?
They say that drinking beer increases glamour.
But I have to pee every hour.
What do you want me to do?
How do you know that this guy has the money?
I'll tell you later.
First, jump the wall.
Karthik, let's go to the party from
the left and no one will catch us.
Let's enter from the right side.
Hey! There's no need to go from the right. Listen to me
Let's go from the left, no one will catch us.
How do you know that?
Have you come here already?
Okay, tell me what happens if you go on to the sun?
We'll burn into ashes.
How do you know that? Did you go there?
That's G. K. General knowledge.
This is K. F Knowledge. Let's go.
Hey! Who are you guys?
Hail Amzad Khan! Hail Amzad Khan!
Ramnagar's youth president and he is the Vice President.
Vice President.
Brother invited us to the party.
Oh, the party is on the other way. It's not here.
You don't gain anything except your body?
I'll be in the gym all day.
Oh, nice. Thanks.
Why are you thanking me?
Well if we say, we'll be done.
Come on.
Come to me once. Come to me once.
What happened?
Who's that?
Tell me where the money is.
No matter if you give me a furious look I won't be scared.
Because you are tied up.
Come on, tell me.
Hey. damn it.
Wait, I will teach him a lesson.
Hey! Where did you get these?
It's his.
Will you stab him?
I'll threaten him and he will get scared.
I will threaten him that if he doesn't answer us I will stab
him for real and he will say the truth out of fear.
Let's try.
You can't do this.
I'll talk to him. You go and relax.
Where is the money?
Tell me!
Shut up!
I did not stab you, I just threatened you.
If you don't say the truth now I will stab you for real.
I'm sorry, Amzad.
Hey, why did you stab me for real?
Hey, stop it!
Why are you making a huge scene for this?
What would have happened to
you if it was a bit above?
Think about it,
what would have happened to you?
Leave, Abhi.
Tell him, Karthik.
It's done.
Look Amzad, if I press it like a mango like
this you'll lose your life just like the blood.
Tell me where the money is.
We both can get settled
I will.
I will tell you.
Did he tell you?
I'll call you as soon as I find the money.
You come to me.
Be careful.
I won't leave you, I won't.
Why would he leave us?
People say that some people's
brains are on their knees.
I think he is such a person.
As he got stabbed there his brain was damaged.
I won't leave you.
Hey, you'll fall down.
Oh no! Why didn't you listen to me when I said no?
Look at you now. Stay like this only.
Let's go.
Hey, call Kiran.
Call and tell him to come.
Hes calling.
If you don't come here with the money,
the knife is in my hands now.
And your girl is in the chair.
You dare to stab me?
The knife was a little confused, Amzad.
Please take it lightly.
Hey! Before I change my mind,
leave that trolley here and leave.
I will give this money to the M. L. A. or to the SI.
Otherwise we'll face a problem.
Please, sir. Please, sir.
Why can't you understand me?
How long will it take for you to come here after I told you?
There was a traffic jam, sir.
We can do nothing.
Hey, give me that suitcase.
Come on, give me.
Hey, how did he come here?
Hey, why is everyone coming here
like theyre attending some wedding?
Hey, come fast.
Untie me quickly.
Take it.
Wow, the rod is solid.
It weighs up to 3 to 4 kgs.
Why do you bring up your iron-shop things here?
With the money earned from that
shop we have had beers many times.
Did you forget that?
You hardly gave us a beer party 3 or 4 times.
3 to 4 times?
-Yes, three to four times.
Do you atleast have some shame?
You always brag that you gave us an alcohol party.
How many times did you hardly buy alcohol?
You drink 4 beers in one sitting?
But what? Are you asking me to refund
your money now?
Why are you both arguing over a petty thing?
A petty one?
This is a petty discussion?
I sacrificed crores for you and I sacrificed beers for him.
Why don't you both recognise my sacrifices?
Give me the suitcase.
Hey, Tanya.
Why can't you be at one place?
You could have followed us.
Suri once, Amzad once, and this guy.
Every time we get the money you make us lose that.
Why do you always do this?
Hey, quite!
Hey, give me the suitcase.
Just go.
Hey, Karthik.
Please don't leave that girl's hand.
If someone puts a knife around her
neck we have nothing to give to them.
I'm sorry.
Your apology is very expensive, Tanya.
Hey, shut up!
-Let's go.
Leave it.
Leave it.
Hey, Karthik!
Leave it.
Leave it.
I think these guys will not leave that today.
Hey, you moron.
Do you have any sense?
Do you think that is a toy gun to shoot like that?
I need to give an explanation to every
bullet you have used to the government.
I'm very sorry, sir.
Please take your gun back.
Brother Amzad.
Take your gun.
Mr. Janardhan I hope your money is with you.
I think everyone's things are with them only?
Kiran, come on.
Abhi, let's go.
Where are you going?
This guy cut my fingers.
And you guys made me limp.
At any cost, I'm not leaving without the suitcase.
Give me the money.
Why should he give you?
Sir, I gave your 20 crores back to you
now, so please give me 3 crores.
Where will you go?
You planned to steal everything and chased them.
You got my money back?
I'm not giving a penny to anyone.
You can do whatever you want.
Janardhan, wait!
Let's go.
Sir... Sir.
-Hey, Janardhan!
Hey, wait!
Who is this new character?
He's not a new character.
He's an old and important one.
He entered way before us.
He's Lokanath, he's an income tax officer.
Did you call him?
Vivek, what are you doing here?
Well, sir, I came here as I got information
that there's a fight happening here.
That money is not mine.
I found it near these kiddos.
Amzad Khan gave us that money to hide.
Actually, I made three guy's
attack SI and stole that money.
Well, sir. In Janardhan's driver Raju's missing case
when I went to arrest Suri after I suspected him,
Suri died in the encounter that happened
there and our constable was also injured.
When we were taking back the recovered money
to the police station, Amzad attacked us, sir.
Since we found them near Suri I think that
money belongs to Janardhan, sir.
Yes, sir.
That money belongs to Janardhan.
I'm doomed.
I already told you the other day, Janardhan.
That I'll not leave you.
Be ready to go to the prison
Bring everyone here to the station and take the statement.
Okay, sir.
You don't really sacrifice things like me.
You're all selfish, you're bloody selfish.
We were all fighting and he went away.
You guys destroyed me.
IT officer Mr. Lokanath said that the money
found belongs to the educationalist, Janardhan.
With this the high command
cancelled the MLA seat they allotted to him.
When two cats were fighting over a piece of
bread, a monkey came and took it away, it seems.
I'm sorry, Sankarayya.
We are not at fault, sir.
It's the power of money.
At least you have 10 lakhs.
If you want I'll give you 50 percent, sir.
No need.
Keep them with you.
At least I'll not have any guilt.
Do you really have any sense?
You'll steal money because you don't have a job?
What do you mean by stealing, sir?
We found that money.
Is it?I'm talking about the money
from the gold loan shop.
You should not underestimate the police.
Don't you have any shame to commit
a crime when you studied engineering?
Please stop it, sir.
Everyone says that we have no shame
even though we studied engineering.
The colleges are in thousands.
And the students are in lakhs.
But the jobs are not even in the hundreds.
What do you want us to do, sir?
My parents who don't know this,
just like one, two and three,
they are making us study tenth
and inter later and then engineering, sir.
Also people who studied in good
colleges are not getting jobs, sir.
And please think about us who
studied in tier three colleges.
You have nothing to say?
It's the same thing, sir.
It is as it is.
The situation of engineering is like that outside.
You said it nice like Chiranjeevi in the movie Tagore.
Is everyone stealing money like you
did who don't have any jobs?
You can give as many excuses.
But if you have to succeed you
need to have focus and patience.
What about you, Amzad?
You dare to attack me?
What do you want me to do, sir?
As I was angry on Janardhan I made
the driver Raju steal those 10 crores
but you tried to steal that money.
That's why I attacked you, sir.
That's it.
I was taking that money to hand it over to the government.
What's with that look?
First go and throw him in the cell.
Sir. Sir. Sir.
Send them away.
Leave now.
Don't come to the police station again.
Your career will be spoiled.
Thank you, sir.
Do you know why I'm leaving you guys?
Because you're happy that
you're going to become a father.
We are innocent, sir.
Is it?
Then why, sir?
Even I studied in a tier three college.
Move now.
You finally survived.
Thank you, sir.
Do not waste water. '
Theres no water inside to waste.
Your fate has changed, Mr. Janardan.
You look completely different.
I worked hard.
I sold palm wine.
I cut wood and stitched clothes.
I did hardwork.
I had high thinking.
I established colleges.
And finally I became a fool in
the hands of college students.
If our bad luck rings the bell, we can do nothing.
Hey! But the film is yet to be finished.
After completing my sentence,
Ill get released in future
Our destiny is really great.
It gives us luck and also misfortune.
See if you got any calls.
We have to start searching tomorrow.
We are not searching for jobs.
In Tanya's presence I'm going to open a
consultancy which offers jobs for people like us.
How are you going to do that?
Do we have money in any other bag?
It's in this cover.
It's one crore.
Where did you get this?
One crore?
How do you think that the M. L. A. and the
Lokanath came to that place at the right time?
Just because I'm voicing out about his college he sent his
men and made them destroy all my studios equipment.
If he becomes the M. L. A. we can't stop him.
If we help Lokanath who has
targeted him he will go to prison for sure.
After the enquiry the government also takes a
serious action against these tier three colleges.
Amzad Khan is saying that he is going to contest as an M. L. A.
So he definitely stole that money.
If we find that, most importantly you
guys will come out of this problem.
And one more thing here is, if we inform the government
about black money they'll give us an amount as a reward.
Before I came to you guys with the money, I informed
Janardhan that the money is with Amzad who is in the godown.
I am so sure that he will definitely
come there and take the money from us.
So I made Tejaswi call Lokanath.
Like I expected he was caught red-handed.
You are so smart, Karthik.
Then why aren't you landing a job?
A smart person should get into a business.
He shouldn't do a job.
Let us start our consultancy.
Last time you said backdoor.
We lost 10 lakhs.
Now you say consultancy.
What if this one crore is lost?