Kismath (2016) Movie Script

Hello, it's Mohan.
Anyways, the accused has
confessed to the crime.
Who would have any qualms now?
I know that a few in the station
are whispering behind my back.
I will deal with it.
Mohan sir, someone has been
following us for some time.
Don't they have any other work!
They are just itching to find out
what we are going to do with her.
Didn't you had enough, already!
Always fiddling with the phone!
Being such a pain in the
neck in the middle of the night.
No wonder this happened to you.
You filthy'...
Did you tell what to say there?
Yes sir. Just tell them
exactly as I told you.
You get that!
Where are you? I have
told you everything right.
I'll tell you when you reach here.
Buddy relax. She will be here any
minute Why are you so restless?
Have you thought it over?
You know how your family I; right?
Your father and your brother
are not going to take it lightly.
If you can't stand by me, just leave!
It's not that.
Did you tell your mother?
Yes She was the one who opened
the door and gave me the Bike's key.
She is helpless My father and
brother decide everything.
She cried a lot as usual and said
that things will happen as per my destiny.
What happened to your lips?
Get inside the auto. I will tell you.
In'an, tell me what happened?
Just get in.
Make it fast.
'Saino' start the vehicle.
We'll take the 'Ambalakulam' road.
Thing are messed up.
My father and brother had me
locked up in my room for the past 3 days.
For goodness sake! I am 23!
I have decided.
You know the situation
at my house, right?
I will be in trouble if my
brother finds out.
I also have problems
at home, don't I?
Sainu knows someone
in the police station.
His name is Madhu, right?
Madhu sir will help us with
everything at the station.
Then our families will not
be able to do anything.
Do you understand?
Yes, exactly?
I haven't even told my mother.
Did you tell your mother?
We are not eloping
and getting married, are we?
Did you think this decision through?
'Sainu' stop the vehicle.
What happened?
Get down Just get down.
You don't trust me, right?
\Mll you just stop fighting?
I have to make a school trip.
In'an, call me if you need anything.
Hello, Ponnani police station.
Sir is not here yet.
VWII call back later.
Is Madhu sir here?
He is on leave.
Why are they here?
They want to meet Madhu sir.
Madhu sir is on leave.
He might have told the
Sub Inspector; go meet him.
Let's meet the SI.
Hey! Where to?
To meet the Sub Inspector:
Are the others waiting up to
watch a movie or what?! Go sit there!
Hello. Ponnani police station.
Yes sir! I will get it done right away.
We have already sent a
team to clear the traffic. Ok sir.
Five cases were
registered yesterday.
TWO were SLIO I "I" 'lOtLl C3868.
One drunk driving and
another case over a brawl.
Today a strike has been called by the
students union at the Ponani MAS school.
We've sent a team there.
AR team has been sent to ponnani
municipality office where the-
- opposition party is staging protest.
All the instructions are clear.
Good morning sir. Over.
It's been so long
I will just check and come.
You are calling me now?
I told you to call me last night.
What time is it?
Why? You have to be at office
on time, huh?! Go sit there!
Tell me No no. Don't
come now. Come tomorrow.
We have to keep reminding
them that we are here.
Sir. ls my father here?
I called you last night and
you are showing up now!
He is a very busy man.
My job is not to sort
the problems you create.
But I am here for
drinking, not womanizing.
What is it!
He is here to bail out Appu Nair.
Come in.
Don't release me alone,
you should let them go too.
Their families will come and bail
them out. l have better things to do.
You do whatever you want.
Hey, come here.
(We are 'N airs' [caste reference)
aren't we. Can't you just drink at home?
For that I need a home.
I've written everything I had in his name.
Excuse me sir, signature?
Buzz off! I don't want to
see you again.
It's not because of him, but because we are
Nairs (caste reference) that they let us go.
Come, get on the bike.
Get lost! Take him instead.
Now, I'll have to down afew shots
to get over this prickling itch.
Good heavens! Spare us.
Do you want water?
N o.
Sub Inspector will come now.
I don't understand what he is saying.
But what really happend was that
his bike rammed into another two-
- wheeler rode by two boys
at the junction.
Was it his fault?
Take him outside.
Take him outside!
Come here.
Go sit there.
Jubaid and me were on the bike"
I have called 'KT' he comes.
Where is jubaid?
What happened?
Jubaid and me were going via 'Chemraf
road when the Bengali's bike hit us.
Sub Inspector has not come yet.
I will call you.
Sir, when will the SI come?
He will be here soon.
Nair Sir.
Come here.
What happened?
Two boys well-acquainted to me.
Where on their bike
when a Bengali...
Hey, come here and explain
what happened in detail.
Go and sit there.
Sir, we had the indicator on as
we pulled over to get some stuff.
Where did this happen?
Chemrat Junction
I said go and sit there.
You tell me.
The indicator was on.
But he overtook from the left.
Shafeeq had even
signalled with his hand.
It's his fault.
It's his fault.
SI is here.
Whose bike is this?
It's mine sir.
Is it yours?
Is there a parking board here!
Then, why is it parked here!
Sorry Sir.
Move it from here.
What happening here!
Didn't you see the vehicle parked there?
I had already told him.
Who went to the court?
That's the SI.
Everything will be fine, right?
He is inside.
Can we go in?
Go wait there.
Is this a chair for a Sub inspector!
I am a new joinee.
Didn't you get any other job!
When are going to fix the chair?
Sir, I can't reach him on phone.
Are you a policeman?
Then go pick him up and come.
Where are you from?
Heard you get good
game mean there?
Are you in any other list?
No sir.
This is the easiest government
job to get, right?
Nothing like that Sir.
So, you guys have
decided to pin down 'Mohan'?
Spare him.
The poor guy's job is at stake.
The association took the call.
Let the erred get punished.
Oh, come on! I know who tipped
him off to the Special Branch.
The association has decided
to take a zero-tolerance-
- approach towards
criminals in the force.
We'll enforce the decision
If you can't take action, leave it sir.
Then do whatever you want.
Nair! Nair!
Send in the boy who
came with Mohan.
Mohan has night duty
I don't care! Ask him to
come right now.
What happened?
Sir, you haven't signed it yet.
Help him with it.
I've seen you somewhere.
Where is your house?
In the city.
Is it near 'Jumaith' mosque?
Aah! Aren't you
Plaza Kaleel's brother?
Why are you here?
We are here on
behalf of our college.
Can I help?
No, it's fine. We have the
principal's letter.
Let me know if you need any help.
Association has taken a decision.
Association union is
needed, agreed!
But, using it to settle past scores..
Oh great! You sit here and prattle!
I've got other work to do.
If you can't do it let me know
I will take it up directly with the SI.
Oh! In the rush, I totally
forgot about KT.
Wham is injection?
SI Sir?
Hey, KT, haven't you left?
No, there is a small problem.
You pull down the wall for now.
I'll handle the rest.
My boys were hit by the bike by that Bengali
whom Vishal picked up in the morning.
Sir, please settle it fast.
Vi shal!
What happened to KT's matter?
He is an Assam native, sir.
Neither we, nor he understands
a word of what we say.
Don't you know Hindi?
Kerala police don't know Hindi, sir!
That I'll show you now!
Hey you, come here!
What is your name?
Tell me your name.
What do you do?
Cement work.
Bakery or cement?
Cement sir.
Where are you from?
Are you a terrorist?
Oh God! Is he aterrorist?
Let me ask.
Show me your license!
Give me your license.
I don't have.
Why did you drive
without a license?
Do I look like a fool to you?
Show me your id.
I don't have it.
Who gave you the permission
to ride a bike?
Who gave you the bike?
My owner.
Give the owner's contact number.
I'll give, sir.
Did you understand now that
Kerala Police can also speak Hindi?!
Yes sir.
Get the number from him.
Give me the number.
Good job sir.
Worse has happened in
this station before.
Mm! Repairing a fan'?
No, not that.
We had also
headed the association.
But we've never
personally harassed anyone.
There is nothing personal here.
He used to make the boy snitch
the engines of seized vehicles-
- parked on the station premises.
He's being doing this
for a while now.
He got away with it just because
the lad was was servile.
Many more cases
are also being probed.
You guys prove it first.
You guys shame and blame each other. But
the department's image is tranished.
It's been a long time, isn't it?
Sir, can we go in now?
Go sit there.
Sir we've been waiting for a long time.
People who came after us also went in.
There is time I'll call you.
Wham do you mean you have time?
I said will call you!
What's with the clamor there?
Yes sir.
Who is it?
A very busy man has
come to see you.
Shall I send him in?
Yeah, send him in.
Ok sir.
Come here.
What is it?
I've brought a complaint.
Take it out!
So you have decided
to live together?
What is your name?
I rfan.
And yours?
How old are you?
And you?
So you are five years older than him.
Don't feel bad if I am blunt.
Till when will this hook up last?!
Sir, I love her and we've
decided to live together'.
The problem is that my
family is dead against it.
Please help us.
What do you do?
So you have eloped with her
without even having a job!
Sir, I have this bike".
Do you steal them?
No sir.
I customise bikes brought from
Chennai and Coimbatore.
I run the business
along with a friend.
So you are the one who makes
these 'noisy' bikes, right?
I've been looking for you!
I'll deal with you later.
Are you working?
I am doing research.
I am also a Scheduled Caste
(SC) promoter at the Block.
Are you from SC community?
And you a Muslim, right?
So, it's going to be an
inter-caste marriage.
You will get special financial
aid from the government.
So that's will be a source
ofincome, right?
What is it?
The repair guy is here
to fix the chair.
Send him in.
Do I need to send someone
in person to summon you!
Been trying to track you
for a week now.
Sir, I had gone to the
village to see my family.
Lame excuses!
What's the problem?
Fix the chair!
Get up.
Who me?
Let me do the repairing.
You sit down.
Have you guys been on any trip?
Tour? Trip?
You should travel a lot.
You can see what you haven't seen
and do stuff that you haven't tried before.
That's how you roll!
Which sub-caste in SC are you?
Don't you have a caste?
We didn't think about the
caste before falling in love.
Oh! So want to wipe out caste now!
Anitha's religion is the
issue for my family.
Sir, you got to help us, please.
This is not going to work out.
When the honeymoon phase fades away,
you are going to go your separate ways.
Take your time and contemplate.
Now, go!
Seema, take them inside.
Just go!
There's something fishy here.
Where is the SI?
Are you going to fix it any time soon!
Em working on it.
I am going to repair it.
Sir, what's the deal those two?
Love! Intense love!
Boy is a Muslim and the
girl is Scheduled Caste.
Do you know who that boy is?
He's our Kaleel's brother:
Which Kaleel?
Plaza Kaleel.
It's almost done.
His dad is the secretary
of 'Valiya Palli' [Mosque].
There will be cranky oddballs
like him in every family.
Sir. Please handle it accordingly.
He is from a reputed family.
Your help will be duely appreciated.
The entire place is dotted with mobile
tower; but he is always off the grid.
Is the egg roll ready?
Yes, right away.
Bring a milk tea first.
Oh sorry, I forgot. \Mll bring it now.
Text me Plaza Kaleel's
number on the double.
I've been trying to call
you for sometime now.
What happened?
The owner of Sumangal's
bike is here.
Who is Sumangal?
That Bengali boy.
You ask Vishal and
KT to come inside.
How many times should I call you?
After 12.30 pmAfl
near Chamra Vattom.
I'll give you the cash
when em there.
Sit down.
Who owns this bike?
He does.
Come here
I can charge you
and lock you away.
How can you give your bike to
someone without a license!
I never gave him the bike.
He took it from my house.
I got aware of this only
when my wife called me.
Sir, he's lying through his teeth.
His wife gave me the bike
to buy cement.
Sir, he's lying through his teeth.
He says your wife gave
him the bike to get cement.
My wife! Sir, why would
I buy cement-
- when I have bags of it
stacked up at my place.
Sir, he's lying through his teeth.
There is a case on him for bike thief.
I haven't stolen any bike.
Let's not drag the issue
like this forever:
You do one thing" Give Rs 2000 to
my boys and settle this once and for all.
Is that fine?
Yes, that sounds reasonable.
It's just a matter of 2000 bucks.
Just pay the money and
be done with it.
Sir, forget 2000, I don't even
have 10 bucks with me.
VWII you settle it if I give the money?
I've 600.
This is only 600.
I don't have anymore with me.
Rs 2000.
Do one thing. Ring your friend; arrange
the money and get the hell out of here.
Hello! (Assamese)
Take that phone and speak
No! 2,000. Bring Rs 2,000 urgently
I'll go get it.
His friend said he'll bring it.
So KT, it's settled for now.
His friend will bring the money.
He'll bring the money, right!
He is a con artist.
He's lying!
Are you happy now?
Don't let him go until his friends
come and pay the whole amount.
Sir, he's lying
I haven't stolen anything.
Get out of here!
They are hustling me.
Trying to mess with
Kerala Police, eh!
What is it?
What is happening here?
I am scared.
Don't worry.
Police are like this.
'Ne just stick to our
discussion, thats it.
Hey, enough of your chit
chat, SI is calling you.
Wham have you decided?
We have decided to live together'.
For that we need your help.
We need police protection.
We are not here to stand guard
to your stupidity! Understand!
Give me your number..
I rfan.
I will talk to your parents.
Sir, please don't call them.
We came to you because
of the problems at home.
Who decide that? You or me?!
You or me?!
Sir, an unidentified body has
washed ashore the bank of the river.
If he calls home...
If its an unidentified body push
it back into the waters.
It'll flow with the current into
the next police station limits.
You don't have to call me for
anything and everything!
I have already told you what
police can do in this matter.
If you still need police protection,
you'll need an order from the High Court.
We can't give protection to every tom,
dick and harry who walks in here.
Who all are there at your house?
Call them.
Sir, please don't call them.
Dial the number.
Do it!!!
Ponnani Police station.
SI here.
Your daughter is here.
There is a small problem.
Come immediately.
Father's name?
Hey mother. Hold a second.
I'm in the police station.
Is SI here?
I got some work here.
I cannot bring fish for lunch.
You just buy
something else and cook.
Ok mother.
Go meet the Cl.
Come fast.
What's the work?
Shall I go get the money?
Sir, what do you want to know?
Sir, why did you ask me to come?
I want to know
few things from Shihab.
Sir, about what.
Did you remove the engine from the
bike parked on the station premises?
I swear on God! I didn't do
it of my own volition.
Mohan sir said the vehicle
was bought in the auction,
He asked me to remove the
engine and bring it to his quarters.
An sir and Rasheed sir had
seen me carrying (he engine,
Is it?
But Mohan told me that he never
gave you any such instruction.
Is there a problem?
I swear on my mother,
I did not do it willingly.
Is it?
Sir, If you want you can
ask Mohan sir.
I am telling the truth.
He knows everything.
Oh mother!
What is it?
This is your version.
But, is it what really happened?
Yes.. truth.
Is it?
Sir, it was not me.
Cl has asked to bring
him to his chamber:
Don't spill any beans there.
Just confess to the crime.
'Ne won't level any grave charges
against you and you can go soot-free.
Isn't it enough for you?
I can't do that sir.
I will tell the truth.
Take him to Cl's office.
Sir, why are you doing this to me?
Can you please wait outside.
Shihab, take a seam.
It's ok sir, I'll stand here.
Just sit. This is not the first
time you are coming here.
Don't get tensed. Sit down.
I called you just to
clarify about certain things.
Do you want water?
Go on, drink.
Now tell me
I swear on God and
my mother. Please save me.
I just did what Mohan sir told me.
Shihab, things are not
going in that direction anymore.
You have always been
helping the police.
So, we will take care of the rest.
You won't be put through
any trouble. What say?
You just agree to it and we'll take
care of the problems, if any.
Till date, I've done everything you
have said. But this is atheft case.
Please don't force me.
I won't agree to it.
So now, things
are getting complicated.
Take him to the station for now.
Sir, it's a profane act.
Please don't force me to do this.
I won't do it.
Hey, the boy dropped your name.
So? Wham happened?
What about him?
Sir, you made me do all this and
now you are trying to set me up!
Get lost, you dirty son of a, 6""'&$, 6""'!
I will make sure you
don't leave the station.
I swear on my mother,
God will not forgive you!
God will not forgive you for this.
Yes sir.
Sir, a case of unnatural death
has been reported at'Kadavanad'.
Hasn't it left our station limits?
There is an unnatural death
reported at 'Kadavanad'.
Go right away and
conduct an inquest.
Now, don't shout at her.
That's our Man, right'?
Why did you do this?
This is going to kick up a big storm.
Have you realise
what you have done?
You old hag! Why did you come?
Don't you have
any other work to do?
Chandra, this is a police station
not your house So behave!
I will decide what to do.
Get out of here!
The are men here to take
decisions on these matters.
You only sent your daughter to study
in town, right? Hope you are happy now!
Research my foot!
Get out of here! Go now.
Such ignominy!
You filthy, 6 "" '$!
Be done and dusted with
your flimsy love today!
Our caste is no a place to
trample on for Muslims like you
when the all mean and fish you've
devoured gets up your nerve!
You get me!
Brother, stop!
I've come here at my own will.
Wham is this Sreekanth?
Take him away.
Is this a local market place or what!
Sreekanth, I've been telling you
many a times to take him away.
I know what to do.
Leave me alone Sreekanth.
Hello mother.
You go ahead and have lunch.
No, I will have from here.
Don't leave him alone.
Brother, you just be firm with her.
Devu, get four more food packets
for Shihab, that Bengali boy outside
and the two others inside.
Sir, I don't want any food.
No. You can't sit there on
an empty stomach. Have it.
No sir, I am not hungry.
Just let me go home.
VWII let you go when the SI comes.
Now you have lunch.
Son you have this.
Have it now.
Have lunch.
I don't want food.
My phone's battery is dead.
Do you have a charger?
Yes. It's there.
Sir is on duty.
You both are real dump to have
come directly to the station first.
Don't you have any friends?
Why can't you just go
some place and-
- register your marriage and
stay away for a few days?
The court will rule in your
favour and let you live together.
If you want, the court will even
direct the police to give you protection.
Ok. Now, have your food.
It's lame. Are you not
eating anything?
Go on, have something.
You eat. I'll just come.
Where are you going?
Sir, can I have a cigarette?
What actually is the problem?
I have been noticing you
both for some time now.
No, I've given the blouses to go
with new sarees for stitching.
I haven't got it yet.
I got the churidar materials here.
Don't send me any of those
Can you get me a good watch?
This is the bike. How is it?
In'an, won't it cost a fortune?
This is an altered bullet.
The same bullet that uncle
has I modified it.
You remember my friend in Mumbai!
Shukkor? Yes. l got it through him.
There's a lot more.
Mother, hop on We'll go to
mosque and come back.
You and your whimsies!
Please, just climb on. Let's
take a spin to the mosque.
I am not coming.
Come on!
Don't mind her I can't take her
along Just get on the bike mother.
Come on let's go!
Hold onto me tight.
Oh God!!!
You are the one who is spoiling him.
He went to pursue engineering and
is now doing engine work at home.
You are not working anyways.
Then can't you at least
come to mosque regularly?
'Asalam-alaikum' brother:
'Vila alaykumu s-sal am'.
How are you?
I am fine, thank you.
Then please step aside.
Get out of the way!
Wham the hell have you done!
Auto rickshaw is here.
Please get a wheelchair.
Please hold her head.
Open the door.
Where's the doctor?
Where is Girija?
Over there.
It's ok. There is no pain.
Why did you go out alone?
Brother will create a
scene if he finds out.
I have paid the bill.
Shall I leave?
So, it's you. You blind or what!
Don't blame him.
I was careless.
He was the one who brought me
here and took care of everything.
Can't you be more careful?
But how can you!
You are busy loafing around!
You are such a pain in the neck!
What is your name?
I rfan.
Where do you live?
Near the mosque.
We need to talk.
About what?
It's a costly affair.
For now, give Rs 10,000.
We can settle the rest later.
That I'll settle with them directly.
What happened?
He is acting smart.
He says he'll speak
with them directly.
Oh I see.
After causing all this trouble, how
dare you throw this attitude, scumbag!
If you try move an inch
from here without settling this
I'll kill you, dog!
Do you understand!
Listen, you do whatever you want!
Sreekanth, keep an eye on him.
Don't make a fuss,
we'll get him later.
Attention, team managers!
No club will be allowed to take
part in the tournament-
- without paying the ground fee.
Are you leaving?
Yeah, I am going home
See you tomorrow.
You don't worry.
Please turn down the volume.
VWII you just shut up mother!
You go meet them tomorrow.
There is nothing to worry now.
Pressure level is normal.
You are very healthy Fit as afiddle!
You can go home tomorrow.
I am sure the wounds
don't hurt anymore!
Sister, please continue
the same medication.
Alright then.
It's been too much trouble for you.
Mother, here is your coffee.
VWII you drink coffee?
N o.
When did you come?
Few minutes back.
Mother told me everything.
Chandrettan is a troublemaker.
He's a loose canon.
Please don't take affront.
No sweat! I forgot about
it then and there.
Son, please don't
have any hard feelings.
Mother, uncle hasn't reached yet.
He might be busy.
I am sure he will be here soon.
There is rice porridge
here and coffee in the flask.
The medicines are here too.
It's pretty late, where did uncle go!
There he comes.
How are you feeling now?
Where were you all this while?
I had gone to 'Vazheyenkulam'
for trade and-
- dropped Ramani back to
home before heading here.
Uncle I'll leave now.
See you mother.
I should also go now,
it's already late.
Ok then I'll come another day.
Hey stop.
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
You missed the bus?
I can drop you.
No, it's fine.
It's ok. I am going that way.
Hey isn't that our Chandran's sister?
Do you know where you have come?
What are you to her?
I am asking you?
Speak up!
Bug off!
Who's he?
He's the one who
knocked down Anitha's mother.
Anitha, you forgot the packet.
See you.
Didn't you hear us?
Don't test our patience.
Step aside!
You won't go far with this attitude.
We'll get hold of you another day!
Inspector is here.
Everything is going to be alright.
In'an, are you regretting
what you've done?
We shouldn't have come here?
Didn't I warn you many a times?
I couldn't think of
anything else then.
I am not going to give up on you!
Sir, this is Kaleel. He's a close chum.
Who is Kaleel?
He is that boy's brother:
Which boy?
The one who came with that girl?
Is he the one who owns that
shopping complex, Plaza?
Is it?
Please take a seat.
So what's happening?
Sir, the girl and her family
are not that reputable.
Is it?
It's very common
among these vamps.
Poor girls go behind
rich guys and entrap them.
Who is he?
He is my friend.
I have scared and rattled them up.
Now it's up to you.
That will do.
Sir, please help us?
Of course, I will do the needed.
Take them to the boy.
Where is the balance amount?
KT come here.
This is Rs 1,800. They say
they have only this much.
Whatever! I'll just take it.
I will tell my boys.
You can ask them to leave.
Ok now leave.
Can't you stop these
third-rate activities!
Leave it sir.
I've spoken with
Cl and settled things.
Now it's up to you.
I alone can't do anything
They are going all-out to nail you.
Go talk to the SI.
What is KT's deal today?
Oh, that's a muddled up case.
Man, you come with us now.
We won't let you live according
to your whims and fancies.
What is your problem?
I'll live my life as I wish.
How can you fool around
with these lowly tramps!
You don't have
anything to lose, right!
No, I have nothing to lose.
Khaleel, mind your tongue.
Dear, you don't worry.
Falling in love and eloping are
normal in a man's life..
But this is like".
You couldn't find anyone better!
I just want her.
What will you do?
You better leave him alone.
I'll find you another
guy to quench your lust!
Get lost!
Go offer that guy
to your paramour!
Get out of here.
You Pig!
Please, just calm down.
You don't worry.
I know my family better.
VWII boy create a problem?
If he doesn't confess,
things will get complicated.
You don't worry about that.
Charge the case first and
get the boy's statement.
And whatever happens, we have to
present him before court today itself.
Good for you that the lad was naive.
You would have been
screwed big time othenlvise.
No point in you making
all this hue and cry.
You need to handle it diplomatically.
We need to get our boy out
of this mess unscathed, don't we!
Then do whatever you want.
KT, we should settle this before
things go out of hand.
If things go like this it
might get out of hand.
Khaleel is loosing his
temper unnecessarily.
Come here, I need to
tell you something.
Shall I order tea, Khaleel?
Two teas please.
How did they even manage this
with all you people around?
Brother, what's up!
Sir, please! I just need
two more weeks.
I don't care. You need to
submit the project in a week.
Are you studying here?
No, I've come to meet Basheer sir.
I had to submit a project.
I am doing a project on
mosques in Ponnani.
My house is very close to it.
Why don't we do it together?
Can you help me for a week?
I am free this week.
What are you doing
with that low caste girl?
Such disgrace!
Till now, you have only caused
financial loss to the family.
Now, are you trying
to spoil its image, too?
What does he care!
All he does is eat and
squat the family wealth!
Khaleel, that's enough
lrfan, is there any truth
in what is Khaleel saying?
Wham is your relation with her?
No uncle.
I am helping her finish a project
that was halted because of me.
You didn't get help from many
families because of who you are.
But because you are
Plaza khaleel's brother:
Then, listen up Plaza Khaleel. I
love her and will marry only her!
I will kill you rascal.
Please, stop it!
For my power and position
to be intact-
- I have to practice what
I preach to the community!
Don't give him a drop of water.
Are you satisfied now!
When ln'an first told me,
I thought he was just playing around.
But, spending time with him
over the next one week-
- I realised that he was different.
And so, I decided to go
with him without even-
- thinking about religion or caste.
But now, I feel like the ground
beneath us is slipping away.
Don't worry.
Can I suggest something
ln'an, you go home with
your family for now -
- and we will shift Anitha to
a safer place.
And we will try top get favourable
order from the court.
I just want to go home.
Just let me go.
I can't confess to a
crime which I didn't do!
And if you force a
confession out of me,
I'll tell the truth in front
of the magistrate.
Shut up!
I'll speak up!
Shihab, you are going to see a
different side of the police now!
Get out.
Get out.
Get out of here!
You seem to not understand
verbal cues!
\Mll you convert her to your religion?
You couldn't find any
other girl or what!
Don't waste any time.
Make him sign the statements and
present him before the court.
Call me if you need anything.
I am Syed Bava ThangaLYou might
have got a call from Sahib's office.
Please sit.
Please sit.
In'an, look at you.
Why did you even do this?
Forget about me, you could have
at least thought about mother!
Who is she?
Is that her! Yuck!
Didn't you get anyone else!
Irfan, come here. Let me
tell you something.
Why can't you talk here?
Of all the girls, you liked her?
Yes I like only her.
If that's the case, you could have
just gone for Sayyid's aunty's daughter'.
Why don't you marry her!
In'an, please listen to me.
The other girl is much
better than this one
ln'an please listen to me.
What do you want to say?
First brother; now you!
Don't shout.
I'll shout. Why did you even
come here. Just leave!
Irn'an, listen to me.
I cannot listen to you anymore.
The time allotted to you is over.
Now, it's left to them.
They both have
come to an agreement.
Sir, you'll have to
the rest accordingly.
I already told you that I've
done whatever I can. My job is done.
Now its up to all of you.
I'm his sister, Selena.
Why do you look so pale?
Don't you eat or what!
It's true that he's
my brother: But he's crazy.
First a long time he was obsessed
music albums the bikes..
And now it's you.
For God's sake, get out of it
while you still can. He's fickle.
I know! I am sister.
But, you don't worry.
You still have time.
You don't worry about anything else
lrfan, please ponder over
what I just said.
You please sit down.
What is your name?
You should ask him and try
understand what I've told him, 0k?
Cheer up, son.
Selena, come let's go.
Don't tell him about what
I just said to you, he's crazy.
Are you going to the mosque now?
Anitha, you need to
act your age now.
The boy doesn't love you.
They just need more
people in their religion, -
- especially they want lower
castes from our religion.
For that, they are even
getting foreign funds.
Did you understand
what Ganesh said?
You come with us.
We have arrived at a decision.
What decision?
We have found an
apt suitor for you.
So you have found someone else?
I've also seen many, but they
wanted something else from me!
Irfan is only guy I found different.
I will not allow you to live your
life as per you wish.
Not while I am alive!
Do you understand!
I will not leave ln'an.
I'll only live with him.
All these years, you
took decisions for me.
It's time for me to decide now.
I will not allow all
this nonsense here.
Get out!
I know your intention...
Ganesh, take him out!
Chandra come.
From now, you are dead to me!
Do you understand?
Leave me!
Go on! Serve her sweets
for what she has done!!
Chandra, Come, we'll son it out.
Why did he lock the door?
What are they up to in there?
What are we going to do now?
Nothing. I came to
tell her something.
You both need to loosen up a bit.
He will marry you for sure.
People are trying to talk sense
into his father. He'll agree.
Do you really think
he's going to agree?
Can you just keep quiet.
Look at you.
'kNhat do you have for yourself?
Do you have the nerve to stand
up to your brother and father?
So, first you keep a level head.
Look at me.
There is a slim chance that you
might have to convert to Islam.
It's ok right?
I have told your father
everything on our way here.
He understands.
Now, you please come with us.
In'an, please listen to us
I will give it to him.
Here, its mother. She wants
to say something.
In'an, my baby! Please
listen to your uncle.
Don't be afraid.
Father has agreed to everything.
Are you listening?
Yes mother.
They have talked things out.
Everything will be alright.
Please come home.
You give that to me.
What will Anitha do?
KT will tell her everything.
Now, it's not safe to
move her to another place.
Her family might cause
trouble there, too.
Why don't we take her
to a rescue home?
She'll be under police vigil there.
But, Anitha should insist that she
would only go to a rescue home.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
We can settle everything on Monday.
You have to take the final call.
First you please let her
go and then I will come.
Don't you trust me?
It's not than.
I don't trust policemen.
Don't worry. You go tell her.
You go with them.
Mother has promised.
Isn't it best that you go
to the rescue home?
You'd be safe there
ln'an, can we ever live together?
Of course we can.
I'm there for you.
Look at me.
Even if they resist, I'll come for you.
Abu might have told you everything.
Your mother is crying
her heart out, for you.
Selena and me are leaving.
You come with Khaleel.
We'll talk the rest
once we reach home.
I shouldn't go right?
Everything is going to be fine.
You should go.
You should go.
I will come back for you.
So, he went with his family.
What is your plan now?
Call Chandran and ask
him to take her home.
No sir.
I don't want to go home.
Where else would you go?
I will go to the rescue home.
We will decide where
you go, not you.
You are not going to
any rescue home.
Call Chandan right now
and ask him to take her home.
Sit there.
Hello ln'an! Things are not panning
out the way we expected.
They are planning to send me home.
Don't go home.
Don't listen to them
I'll come right away.
Don't panic.
We are in the car.
Brother turn the car.
They are planning to take her home.
I have told them.
She should be heading home now.
That is not what we decided.
Decisions keep changing.
Are we supposed to
dance to your tunes.
Shut up and stay quiet!
Stop the car.
No, I won't stop the car.
Ali, take his phone.
Give me back my phone.
Go to hell!
Sir, that's not going to happen.
Chandran has made clear that they
have nothing to do with her, anymore.
Now, she's going to be a headache
for us Take her to the rescue home.
Mother has gone to Abu's house.
Because I felt so!
To get out of here,
you need her, right?
You won't step outside
of this house again.
So, you where
making a fool out of me?
What did you think that we
were gonna marry her to you!
In'an, your father is a reputed person
in society. Please don't ruin it.
This relationship is
not meant for you.
She is of a different
religion and different caste.
Besides, she's elder to you.
Please forget about it.
Is it her fault that she
was born into that religion?
And is it my virtue that
I am born into this religion?
Khadija was 15 year older than
Mohammed Nabi when they got married.
I cannot forget her.
I won't create any
trouble or spoil your name.
I promise.
We will go some place far.
You are going no where!
Didn't you hear what father said.
I am going to get her out of there.
Come here!
W Anitha come with you'?
I think she'll. I have never
stopped her from doing anything.
The day he comes to get her,
I'll marry her off to him.
Look at you dear.
Haven't I told you a million
times not to get smitten by love?
Look at me.
I am going to be single
and happy till I die.
Anitha, you go with your aunt.
Don't be sad,
everything will be alright.
No aunty, my brother
will come there too.
I just don't care two hoots.
He doesn't have the
guts to come in front of me.
Come with me.
Now, shed your long face and go.
You go with her.
Anitha, you forgot your phone.
I am leaving.
What's happening there?
You give that inside.
Get the ambulance ready,
Postmortem is over.
What is your son's name?
I rfan.
Who found the body first?
Take your time
I guess you are happy now!
Stop the vehicle.
What happened?
Man is standing there.
Did you see ln'an?
He hasn't come
here since two days.
I saw his bike there.
What happened?