Kismet Love Paisa Dilli (2012) Movie Script

It is said that there
comes a day in everyone's life..
..which changes his life forever.
People have their day I had my night.
The night of 2nd October.
The night of the
birth anniversary of Gandhi.
I didn't know that
fate, love, money and Delhi..
..will take me to task on this
one night and change my life forever.
I still wonder what if I
had not caught the last metro.
Yes friend Situ where are you?
Oh no friend! I didn't get any girl.
Everything was just fruitless.
Not anyone's. What sort of?
I said it was just
fruitless. Fruitless. You dirty mind.
Bring yourself out from dirty thoughts.
Hey listen, please come
back and pick me up from metro.
Aren't you my brother? You..
Oh my!
Okay listen, listen
brother, there's a change in plan.
A gorgeous girl is
standing right in front.
Now I want to take the metro.
Listen, Mohan's house is empty right?
Okay, okay, bye.
Hello there.
Commuters please pay attention.
This is the last metro of 11:40 from..
Sachivalay to Badarpur border.
It is empty.
Its night, that's why.
Go if you wish.
Where are you looking at babe?
Don't look there here is your dream man.
Look here. Oh no!
Excuse me.
Sorry, but are you going to Mulchand?
No, but you want I will go there.
Do you want to go to Mulchand?
Thank you so much.
I have a small work.
Yes, yes say.
There is Rajiv Chowk station. - Yes.
You'll find my husband
there in front of this bogie.
Husband? - Yes.
Wearing black pant
and white shirt. - Okay.
Please give him this letter.
I would've gone there
myself but I have some urgent work.
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter.
I'll do your work. Just for you.
Excuse me, what did you say
your name is? - Anamika. - Okay.
And yes, one more thing don't read it.
It's open.
Don't worry Ms. Anamika.
She came in hands your but
you couldn't enjoy her, Lucky.
What's there in this letter?
If I don't do what I have been
told not to do then what's the fun?
The one who has this letter in
his hands is responsible for my death.
I can never forgive him for my death.
What has happened? -
Something has happened.
Let's go and see. - Yes, come.
What has happened?
What has happened?
Let's see.
Looks like an accident.
Poor woman!
She had just come inside the train.
Move aside police has come.
The one who has this letter in
his hands is responsible for my death.
The one who has this letter in
his hands is responsible for my death.
Hey you enemy of Delhi.
What's this?
This is metro station and
not your house or a dustbin.
Sorry brother.
How does your sorry help?
You'll pee and spit
wherever you like, right?
You litter anywhere you like.
I won't allow this
to happen in this country.
This is my promise.
- Sorry, give it to me.
Now pick it up.
There is a saying that
when you run out of luck then..
..even a man seated on top
of a camel gets bitten by a dog.
But I had never imagined that..
..the dog of fate
will bite me in this manner.
Why are you playing
with this piece of paper?
No, I was not playing with it.
It was lying down so..
What's there in this love letter?
It's not mine, sir.
I don't know.
People litter anywhere.
Come on give me I'll
throw it in the dustbin.
Hey Liar! No sir.
Sir, he is lying.
This must be the
letter that the woman gave him.
I had seen it, sir.
Why are you leading me to trouble?
It's nonsense, sir.
Which woman?
I don't know any woman, sir.
I, I am a virgin.
He is a virgin.
My name is Bhusan Dhondiyal.
I can even find out a
melting needle inside fire.
Come on put your hand inside his mouth.
Okay sir. Just a minute, sir.
Read what's written
in the letter. - Okay.
Sir, he is the murderer. - No, sir.
Hey all of you come here.
Come here. Yadav, Kasana,
all of you come. Come quickly.
I have done nothing
and now I'm in trouble.
Do something Lucky, do something.
Run, Lucky, run.
Yes, run.
Yes, run, run Lucky.
Sir. Sir.
Sir, he is running away.
Sir. - Hey wait! Catch him!
Situ as right.
Every dog has his day.
He dies the death of a dog.
In five minutes my
life was completely changed.
I still feel that I
shouldn't have caught the last metro.
Everything was fine just an hour back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this
night is an exceptional night..
..for all of us who believe
that the gays have the same rights.. live in this
country as the straights.
And to support this noble
cause Rohit Pichwadia has launched..
..his bold and
courageous line Engaged 377.
This is my fashion line.. celebrate the
Article 377 of the Indian law..
..which gives gays their rights.
But before you ask me anything
let me tell you I'm not gay, okay.
Zoom it a bit. Zoom it a bit.
Oh great!
It looks like a great ass.
I'll make an MMS and send to everyone.
We'll tell the straight that it's
Rakhi's and we'll tell the gays it's Imran's.
You talk dirty things so nicely, friend.
You useless fellows, your
Popli father is calling you.
He wants to make xxxwith you both.
Do you know why people call me Popli?
Because your surname is Popli.
Because our brother can
get into anyone and destroy him.
Who is this fellow with you?
Sir, sir myself Lokesh, Lokesh Duggal.
Did anyone ask you?
Sir you had told me to
appoint a guy to help me out.
Sir he is the one
who is going to help me.
Okay go, take his help
and arrange liquor for us.
But sir, there are
arrangements of alcohol outside.
Absolutely sir. -
It's flowing like water sir.
Stupid fellow I have given
bribe of one lakh to get this deal.
Go and serve them pee.
If I do not get liquor here..
..then I'll declare
everywhere how you were raped.
Brother, this is good poetry.
Go quickly, make arrangements.
Ladies and gentlemen
fasten your seatbelts because now.. is time for the
performance of the evening.
A name in the DJ world whose
rhythm makes thousands of hearts dance.
Guys are you ready
to thump your feet? - Yes!
Come on my friend.
So get set for the most
intoxicating performance of..
..the evening by DJ Dorri.
It's show time.
Look Popli I've helped you.
Look, don't make it too strong.
Come on. It's here.
Get it here, fast.
Keep here.
It's a bit strong.
He has made it personally for you.
It's great!
Brother, it's very tasty.
Go get one more. - Okay. - More? - Yes.
Let me try. Sir. Let's do it, sir.
Hey wait, give it to
the Arabic man over there.
Shoot it, shoot it.
Dubai, I love it.
Drink my pee, pee.
Look, look.
The white will also drink the local one.
Oh no! The minister.
Is he from the bottle department?
I don't know the department he is from.
Seems he doesn't like it. - Oh no!
Your drink.
Look at that my friend.
Take a close up, close up.
She is the model from Kingfisher.
She is also drinking yours.
Sorry. Sorry.
Doesn't matter, you are welcome.
It's okay.
Brother, she has
intentionally pushed you.
She is giving you hints.
What are you saying? Really?
She is wonderful.
Just think of it. Why did she push you?
She could have pushed him or me or him.
But she has come and picked you.
And the one who smiles
will definitely give kiss.
Take this.
You'll look like a
gentleman. Come on, go.
Yes madam, excuse me, drink.
Madam, not this, this one.
I'm sorry I don't drink. - Oh!
This is mine.
Come on go.
You do it really well.
Excuse me.
You don't drink.
That's very good of you.
Oh no! I'll die.
You okay, nah sir?
Thanks huh.
I go to gym.
Thank you so much,
sir. Thank you so much.
Oh my god!
Sir, I'll be back.
Are you all right Rohit? - I'm fine.
Hello there.
Myself Lokesh, Lokesh Duggal.
Friends call me Lucky.
His ass is so cute, nah?
Better than any model here.
I remember boys by
their ass and not their faces.
You ass-eater.
You dog.. - Bow wow!
I'm event manager here. - Okay.
Let's go. - Come.
Oh no!
Don't worry Guggu. I'm there.
Tinku close the
window, I'll put on the ac.
I'll do it.
Hello sir.
Hello sir.
Sir, many of your
scams are being revealed?
What do you have to say about it?
What will be the plan of
your party under such circumstances?
Look, with time
you'll get to know everything.
Swami Shivanand has started
fasting against you regarding corruption.
What do you have to say on this?
Look, I do not want
to say anything on it.
Sir, sir.. -
Please, I'm in an emergency.
Please, please.
Hey Mandy, come quickly.
Mr. Pichwadia has asked
for a drink for the minister.
For the minister.
The people of the press..
What a surprise!
Rohit Pichwadia. - Yes!
Lavina, bouquet.
Please join the party Mr. Acharya.
We are having a blast here.
Today is the launch of
my fashion line Engaged 377.
Please. - Rohit, I'm in a hurry.
I've some urgent work. -
I need to go, please. - Oh!
But you have to take one
drink for this old designer.
Hey come on, come on.
Oh no!
What are you doing?
Quietly, quietly.
Do it, do it.
Only for us.
Please sir only for us. Please.
He is drinking, he is drinking.
The minister is drinking.
Now he won't get
involved in any corruption.
We have done urine treatment on him.
Okay bye, bye. - Bye sir. - Bye sir.
The party has just begun Lavina.
Where are you going?
Sir, I'll have to
catch the last metro at 11:40.
Anyways the show is over now.
And if I miss the
train then I'll get stuck.
Okay fine.
Wait for ten more minutes.
Okay sir, thank you.
Thank you. - Bye.
The last metro at 11:40.
Brother, this is a
very good opportunity.
Catch her at metro and hug
her at Mohan's place in Munirka.
Mohan's room in Munirka is empty.
The keys are there.
Blanket and everything else is there.
Run the metro on the bed. Non -stop.
Hi handsome!
My eyes have
recognized the super model in you.
Hey do you want to come
to our Chattepur farmhouse..
..for a party
tonight? - No, no sir it's fine.
No, sir I'll call you.
Call without fail. Okay? - Sure, sure.
What are you doing?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you okay? -
Does anyone do such things?
Can't you see? Are you blind?
Hey stop! Stop!
Catch him!
Come, come. Don't you
want to catch the metro?
Yes, come, come.
Who is going to serve
drinks to your fathers inside?
Your Popli delayed us.
Wear your helmet and hurry up.
I have to catch the last metro.
The girl shouldn't go away.
Has she gone there?
Many things happen at such big parties.
Maybe some rich brat
has taken her in a suite.
Your sister-in-law is not like this.
Dirty mind.
Brother, this is Delhi, this is Delhi.
When rich dirty
people come out at night..
..then the beautiful girls vanish.
What's going on?
Is this hurting
him or is he enjoying it?
You are enjoying it
now, right Mr. Pandit?
Yes, I'm enjoying it.
Keep doing it.
I'm asking you the last
time Devraj Pandit what will.. take for talking about the tape?
I'll deal him with a heavy hand.
You'll trap me? - Yes.
You'll trap me?
Sir, sir, you please come here.
Sir, please sir.
Sir, come here.
Sir, come here, see this, please.
Who is this fellow?
Who is he?
I don't know.
I haven't seen him before.
He'll be from his NGO.
Adarsh, Bharat Yuva
Dal ask this scoundrel?
To whom have you sent him with the tape?
The opposition or the media?
Who is this guy?
He is the father of all of you.
You all keep playing the
question game with me here.
There he must have reached the
place where he is supposed to go.
Congratulations Mr. Acharya.
Tomorrow morning
will be your nuptial night.
To whom has he gone to give the tape?
To which party does he belong to?
We've the desire to become a martyr.
I've to see how strong your arms are.
I've to see how strong your
arms are. - Shut up else I'll shoot.
What have you done
Sisodiya? He shouldn't have died.
He was our way to the tape.
I didn't try to;, I just
moved it and it triggered off.
Querishi don't stand here.
Put him in a box
and throw him in Yamuna.
Come on, quickly.
Rawat, show me the entire thing.
Querishi take him to that room.
There is an axe there.
And listen; cut him into
pieces eight inches long. - Okay.
Sir, he is working as
the cameraman's assistant.
Rewind it.
Listen, take his snap and send
it to check posts, railway stations..
..and bus depots.
ACP have you gone crazy?
Will you send his photo to the
entire police department and declare..
..what the boy has with him.
Appoint your close people in this job.
Your close people.
Understood? - Yes sir.
Sir, sir I am
tensed about only one thing.
If he gets caught but
doesn't say anything till morning..
..then your nuptial
night will surely take place.
Get some ideas.
Use your brains.
Try to do something to
justify your salary. - Yes sir.
If I'm punished tomorrow
then you'll be hunted down.
Sir, sir.
Go and find out about the boy.
Go! Go! - Yes, yes sir.
Oh no!
These potholes!
The illicit children of the ministers.
What problem do you
have with these potholes?
Houses are being
made with these potholes.
From the contractor to JE to AE
to the corporators and finally the CM.
And honesty is not the trend now.
Dishonesty is hot, super hit.
If I had these things
in my hands then I would've..
..taught these
corrupt officials a good lesson.
I don't know how people get easily sold.
Look, every person has a
price for his prestige. Everyone.
You and I will also have some price.
I don't have one.
Really? - Yes.
Assume.. - Yes. -..that
you meet a rich Arabic Seikh.
He tells you, "Will
you spend the night with me?
I'll give you as much
money you want. As much.""
Tell me how much
will you ask for? Tell me.
Come on.
I'm an untouched man.
My prestige is not to be sold.
The person fixing the
price should be genuine otherwise..
..people open their shops in any way.
Just quote the price of your shop.
I'm a small needy person.
I'll give it for 10 lakhs.
It'll get me a car and everything else.
You tell, just think of it. Think.
Tell anything.
Anything? - Yes.
You are taking so much time.
Don't feel shy.
What's the price?
68 rupees. - What?
Oh no! Has it increased again?
Look, it's written over there.
Are you giving gold through these pipes?
Here take it.
10 crores. - What?
I've decided.
Price for one night will be 10 crores.
Wow my friend. You are
roaming around with a helicopter.
Brother, brother, look,
sister-in-law in the taxi.
Oh yes, let's go, let's go.
Let Cupid bless me today
and I'll turn Mohan's house..
..into Mohan-jodaro.
Be victorious.
But do you have
protection? - No, my friend.
Doesn't matter I'll use polythene.
Take it. Enjoy! - Oh!
Just check the expiry date.
Situ, you are my true brother.
Tonight will be in your name.
Yes ma'am.
One ticket for Lajpat
Nagar please. - Sure ma'am.
Like any other guy my
weakness was also girls.
But fate had planned
something different that night.
Hello there.
Look mister, you are
following me from the hotel.
Stop chasing me
and get going from here..
..before I do anything to you.
Your bag.
What happened? Why are you laughing?
No, why did you have to do all this?
What did I do?
We've seen in films that the
girl lashes out at the guy first..
..and then slips and
falls in order to bring him close.
What nonsense is this?
Okay, doesn't matter.
But Delhi is not a safe
place for beautiful girls at night.
Come on I'll drop you. - What nonsense!
Madam, listen to me.
Excuse me sir.
Sir that guy is disturbing me a lot.
And that's why..
..I got trapped because of
that loser, frustrated, gay girl.
In that bogie of the last
metro at 11:40 God had sent..
..the love letter of my death
through the gorgeous girl in sari..
..because He knew that I would
take it if the girl gives it to me.
Hey stop! Stop! Hey!
You cannot escape.
Come on. - Yes sir.
Where did the scoundrel escape?
You go there. -
Yes sir. - You come here.
I'm talking to you.
Hey you Phantom!
Get down the bus is going to the depot.
You are going to
stop at Lajpatnagar depot.
I'll get down there, uncle.
I'll take it to your house.
Are you my relative?
Get down. - Oh!
Look, I'll take out the rod. - Oh no!
I'll hit you. Get down!
Auto! Stop! Stop!
Brother, Lajpatnagar.
Take extra money.
Oh no!
Sir! - Yes Dhondiyal.
Sir, there is a problem.
The boy has escaped from the station.
Dhondoiyal if you cannot get
that guy then you'll commit suicide.. my hands. - Sir, I..
And listen; find out the
girl he was chasing. - Okay sir.
Inform your mobile vans.
If you are unable to catch them
Dhondiyal I'll cut all your three legs.
Three legs?
Oh no!
Sir, veg cheese grilled sandwich.
Delivery boy, Good Luck bakery.
Do you have a watch with you?
What? Yes, yes.
Keep it inside.
Keep it inside the box.
When you don't know how to
see time why have you worn it?
You are an hour late.
We won't eat it now.
Guddu! - Yes master.
Close the shutter.
"Happy birthday to you!""
"Happy birthday to you!""
"Happy birthday to dear, dear..""
Mr. Captain.- " Mr. Captain""
"Happy birthday to you!""
Happy birthday to you Mr. Captain.
Happy birthday.
Sweeten brother's mouth.
Master if you are done
then I will close the shop.
Mr. Choudhury he thinks that
we had come here to eat sweets.
Look, we have come from
so far let us loot the shop.
No sir, I'll be ruined. I'll be ruined.
I'm not looting you but just the shop.
Allow us to loot it.
No, no, I've small kids, I'll be ruined.
He is not going to agree so easily.
Mr. Captain.
Tell me one thing.
The government has
been looting you for so long.
Have you said anything? No.
No problem.
Milk has become
expensive, sugar has become expensive.
They are looting you on daily basis.
Have you said anything?
No problem.
And today four good guys
have come to celebrate my birthday..
..then you have problem.
When he does it you
call it tax and when we do it.. call it robbery.
I have problem!
Wow Mr. Captain!
You've solved the problem.
He seems to be insulting us.
Increase your score.
What's my score? - 91.
At least a century
is needed on a birthday.
Will you break your ears?
No sir. Forgive me. - Yes! - But..
Hey you scoundrel!
May your mother die, father die.
You scoundrel!
I'm near Monalisa Dhaba.
I'm in problem.
Come soon. Please.
You take lot of tension. Chill.
It's a police matter.
Brother Tarun is SHO of
the CP police station. - Really?
Even if you had committed
murder your brother would've saved you.
What are you saying? - Do one thing.
Don't get caught by the
police tonight and don't go home.
But father?
I'll call your father and tell
him that you are with me. - Okay, fine.
Go to Mohan's place at Munirka.
Go there and chill.
Pick up a girl from the road.
Why? What happened? - Nothing.
You are the perfect
medicine for tension. - Hello, hello.
Situ, hello.
Have you died?
Oh no the battery!
Sir, we had decided
on 7000 for each item.
Now you are talking of 5000.
How does this lipstick look on me?
Why are you asking me?
Ask the person who is going to eat it.
They are not the ones from G.B road.
They are of
A-grade quality. Pretty pack.
Give onions. - Okay sir.
Go and give them onions and salad.
Yes sir, 7000.
Look. - What? There
Hrithik Roshan. - Where? - Oh my!
Will I get auto here?
You get parathas here and not auto.
Oh my! She is such a gorgeous girl!
Is there an auto or taxi stand nearby?
I don't know.
Do one thing.
Go and check this girl.
Find out from where she is coming.
Excuse me! Hello!
Why are you not stopping?
I've recognized you Mr. hello there.
Look, I'm not chasing you now.
You've come after me now.
You are sticking on me now.
Hope you haven't
brought those goons with you.
Actually the man is following me.
Hello, Pramod speaking.
He got scared. Scoundrel!
Thank you. - Welcome.
Shall I say something to you?
You shouldn't move
around alone at night.
Perhaps you don't
know that a man roaming.. night in Delhi is a hunter.
Really? - Yes.
Then who are you?
I'm the protector.
I've set out on a
mission to change Delhi.
I'm Lavina. - Okay.
My name Lokesh, Lokesh Duggal.
Friends call me Lucky.
Hello! - Hello!
By the way it's good
both of us have L initials.
Lokesh, Lavina.
Today's day is very bad for me.
I missed the metro and
am not getting an auto too.
I'm also feeling cold.
You are feeling cold?
Then what?
You are wearing such
a thick a jacket not me.
You are right.
It is quite warm.
Let's do one thing.
Let's go to the inn over
there for a cup of hot tea.
It'll make you feel warm and
you'll also get an auto somewhere near.
Shall we go? - Okay.
Let's go.
Where do you stay?
Elisa Girls' Hostel. - Oh no!
Lajpatnagar? - Yeah.
There is the
Ganodara medical Store, right?
Come right from there,
the third house, pink color.
That is my house.
Opposite to Uttam Batora's shop.
The momo seller is
also there, he is my friend.
Many girls from your college come there.
To eat momos.
Then you too must be
a frequent visitor there.
To eat momos.
No, no. I don't go.
You too Ms. Lavina.
He becomes momos and
gets into their mouths.
He needs to be pulled out.
Ms. Lavina.
This is my first
experience of missing the last metro.
Yours? - Mine too.
I've a show here after 4
days. - Really? - Thank you.
And I'll have to take
the last metro from here.
If you miss that one then
call this freelance protector.
Of course.
What shall I bring for you sir?
Bring two hot piping tea
and two special Monalisa parathas.
Add extra onions to them.
What is this?
Nothing just rose water.
My eyes hurt a bit. For them.
Where are you from?
Dehradun is a wonderful place.
I've heard two things are famous there.
One is Mall Road and
the second is the Bell House.
If the item is on road then
what will happen in the Bell house?
Everything will happen on road.
Oh my!
Lavina, sit here.
Now we cannot see her legs.
This guy has covered it up.
Don't worry, get my x-ray glasses.
Take it.
Here, hot tea.
Oh my!
Someone is going to
die at my hands today.
What can you see brother? Tell me.
Don't disturb an
English movie is going on.
Shut up you cheap morons!
I wish to get inside
the blanket of your English.
Lavina, ignore
them. They are cheap people.
We won't argue with them.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Is our mouth very dirty?
We also use an English brush.
Chotu, keep the change.
Let's follow the item.
There is no use
arguing with such cheap people.
Hey you boy, give the tape.
Which tape, brother? Which tape?
Hey! Don't act smart.
Quietly take out the tape.
What are you doing? - Take out the tape.
Leave him! Leave him!
What are you doing
brother? Leave my jacket. Which tape?
What do you want?
Is there anyone? Please help!
Bring four more parathas.
Someone please help!
Let's go to help the girl.
They are molesting the girl.
Let it be. You couldn't save yourself.
What can you do for her?
He is not going to
listen in this way. - Leave!
Check him. Check. - Police!
Oh no! Close the door.
Give the tape. - Police!
Run! Run! - Police!
We'll see him later. - But..
Come on I'll tell you. - But,
police.. - Come on I'll tell you.
Hey auto, auto, auto.
Stop! Stop! Stop! -
Auto! - Stop! - Auto. Auto. Auto.
Bloody hell! - Oh no!
What's going on Lokesh?
Who were those people?
Which tape were they talking about?
I don't know those crazy people.
But you were with me today.
So they were spared.
I just had to make one
call and Delhi would've changed.
But I've seen their faces.
They don't know that I work for NSVP.
National Students Vidya
Parishad and the President..
..treats me like his brother.
Not India's President but the party's.
India's President
will also respect me one day.
I won't come with you
unless you tell me the truth.
I swear on you, I'm
telling you the truth.
Then why did you run from the police?
Oh no! I'll tell you. Come on.
So, this is my strange story.
It means when this
happens then this is the outcome.
It means that when this
happens then this become like this.
What nonsense are you speaking Lokesh?
So you didn't know
the girl with the letter?
Not at all.
I don't know from
where she came to dig my grave.
The last metro was fateful for me.
She just cut me off.
Now that you are telling the
truth tell the truth about the tape too.
I feel that there is a
double role related to that tape.
The Ram and Shyam type.
Shyam commits all the crimes
and it's Ram who suffers for them.
You are damn funny Lokesh.
Ram-Shyam. Sins.
You are really great Lucky.
You will impregnate her with your words.
Let's go. Oh no!
Oh no! Even these are empty.
I don't feel we'll get any auto today.
It seems difficult to reach
home in this condition, isn't it?
Oh god!
My heels are killing me.
My legs are hurting a lot.
I've a friend called Mohan.
His house in Munirka.
Let's go and take rest in his house.
We'll get a metro in the morning, right?
He is marriage
material and I'm a protector too.
I hate such decent girls.
Mr. Captain.
What happened, Mr. Captain?
This is the respect that I get, right?
This is the respect
that I have in your eyes.
You'll steal a penny
on your Captain's birthday.
It's my 33rd birthday. 33rd.
I had committed more
thefts on my 9th birthday.
I did not give this
vehicle on rent today thinking that..
..I'll celebrate by
birthday with grandeur and loot Delhi.
You all are happy with petty thefts.
You are happy sealing sweets.
Shall I celebrate my
birthday with 10 rupee notes?
Mr. Captain.
Your birth is a gift for us.
For me for Bhati
brother for Mr. Choudhury.
Today is Captain's birth anniversary.
Mr. Captain tomorrow's
newspaper will carry the news of..
..your birthday celebrations
and not that of Mahatma Gandhi.
Come on Mr. Captain.
Everything is left for you.
The entire night is left.
Delhi is full of
bounties. Sit inside the car.
Keep quiet and go. - Yes.
Go! - Yeah.
I'll manage something.
Guggu, go.
What's there in this box?
Sir, nothing.
He slapped me very hard, uncle.
Even damaged my ear drums.
He also ate all the pizzas.
Uncle, uncle.
Uncle, stop!
Uncle, spare my Guggu.
I've made the mistake.
Punish me.
I'm punishing you, my nephew.
First you destroyed the cake,
then the sandwich and now the pizza.
I'll definitely recover them.
I'll sell the tape now.
If you incur further losses
I'll break this bike and sold it off.
You'll come back to your cycle status.
Don't talk; don't
talk about status, uncle.
I've saved every hard
earned penny to buy my Guggu.
My Guggu is my pride, uncle.
Please spare my Guggu, uncle.
If you wish you can sell my kidney.
I'll sell your kidney too.
Let the time come.
If you mess up the Chattarpur
delivery then I'll sell your kidney too.
Move aside.
I lost my ears and you your voice.
We are facing one
trouble after another today.
I don't know which area is this.
The mobile battery is also dead.
You at least have your mobile.
My one lost its
life in the road side inn.
I don't know where we got trapped.
You know I am dying to go to the loo.
Why do you girls feel the
urge to go to bathroom so often?
And that too at such a strange time.
Shut up!
Hi He-man!
Hello Lavina! - Hi!
Has this lovely couple come
out for a night walk at this time?
No sir.
Actually we were
going to Lajpatnagar and..
..we got no auto so..
Oh! If you both
want I can drop you there.
But there is a small stop before that.
Is it fine with you?
Hello there. - Hi!
Shall I sit here?
It's fine.
You've sat on the gent's seat.
Rohit where will we go first?
We are going to Bamby's party.
Hi Rohit! - Hi Christy!
Hey Hi!
Ladies and gentlemen here
comes a legendary man-eater of Delhi.
Rohit Pichwadia.
What a wonderful party.
All hail Bamby! - Yeah!
All hail Bamby!
Oh no!
And now let me tell you the
reason of the celebration tonight.
Bamby's respected father.. him respected, a most
corrupt and inspirational politician..
..our ex-agriculture minister
on whom the opposition leveled..
..true charges of corruption
and a case was filed against him.
And finally today he
has been given clean chit.
He must have bribed
god knows how many people.. get that clean chit.
And I believe that one day
Bamby will be as spoilt and.. powerful like his father.
And now Bamby will
talk to the public now.
Thank you public.
Well, I'll try my best to
fulfill all your expectations.
But now, I am more
spoilt than my father.
There are two types
of people in this world.
One who is corrupt and
second those who want to be corrupt..
..and I'm the second type of man.
So, rejoice all you people
because the ultimate solution to..
..every bloody thing in
this country is corruption.
Hail corruption!
Hail corruption!
Sir, can I help you?
Sir, pizza. Delivery boy.
Hey our friend here
has got us pizzas here.
Pizza. - Pizza.
Oh it's hot!
Enjoy the party buddy.
Sir, bill.
Drink, sir.
Sir, drink. - Yes.
He doesn't drink. - Okay.
Soft drink. - Thank you.
You are welcome.
I'll just go to
the ladies' room. - Okay.
Why do the girls
use the bathroom so often?
Oh you are the one who
caught Rohit like a ball.
Aren't you?
Oh then we owe you a good time. - Yes.
Would you like to catch me if I fall?
I'll die.
What's your name miss? - Marcha.
Oh my god!
Room inside a room.
Come, come.
Oh no! One more room.
Hello there.
You are handsome. - Thank you.
You've got nice eyes.
Oh I'll die for you.
You like me? - Yes.
No, you like me.
No, you like me.
No, you like me.
No, you like me.
I like you all.
I am all of you like, yes babies.
Excuse me.
We are friends with Rohit.
Have you seen Lokesh?
He is lost swimming.
He is diving deep in the ocean of love.
Love. Love. 69.
He is mine. - He's mine.
Shut up you nbitch he is mine.
He is mine. - He's mine.
No fine. - No, he's mine.
I'm loving all you together.
Okay, okay, okay.
Inky, pinky ponky.
Pinky's ponky.
Inky pinky ponky.
Inky pinky ponky.
Oh no!
Sir, sir, Rohit sir.. - I'm
sorry baby, please don't mind.
I'll be next, huh?
Who is this old bull huh?
Hey, hey, leave my things.
Sorry darling. You'll be fine.
Sir, sir give my money.
Don't make us laugh any
more. Have mercy on us Jackie Chan.
Oh my god how cute he is like a dog.
I hope I could make him my pet.
Hey guys, look at the
cotton coming out of his ears man.
Jackie Chan, can you
hear what we are saying?
Hello! Ding dong, ding dong.
Hey cartoon, you want money?
Okay, tell your name first. - Nunna.
It might be yours but mine is strong.
You want money Nunna? - Yes.
Here is your money.
Come on.
Come on. - Oh!
This time I won't raise it up.
Come on jump. Nunna.
Come on. - Come on Nunna.
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna! - Come on jump!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna! - Oh!
Come on Jackie Chan jump.
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Nunna! Nunna! Nunna!
Look, there is a
price of every man's prestige.
I too have a price
and you too might have one.
They are assaulting me
without paying any price.
Oh god he is mad!
He is a monster.
He bit off my ears and also Ria's.
You must have him.
Come on Rocco, come on.
Rohit, come quickly, come fast darling.
I'll be back baby.
If you are done shall we leave?
Is there a key? - Yes there is.
Come sit.
Hail Goddess.
Let's go!
My Guggu!
Lokesh hurry up, the mad
man is still running after us.
Did all the mad men of
Delhi have to run after us tonight?
Great Mr. Captain. Great.
What's the matter Mr. Captain?
You are not driving carefully.
Both of them have been spared alive.
Are you fine?
I've not taken down the
number else I would've destroyed them.
It's hurting.
But what will we do now?
It's a crazy night.
I've just been saved from getting raped.
Give my jacket.
No, I'm feeling cold.
Oh no!
I left my waist coat
over there in all this chaos.
Go and get it.
Remember that every man
roaming in Delhi at night.. a hunter.
Girls are hunted not guys.
I fail to understand
the strange likes of the rich.
Lokesh, shall I tell something. - Yes.
You are a good guy.
But I fail to understand
how you got trapped in this mess.
The police, tape,
politics, what's all this?
That's nothing.
You got hurt.
I was just making up to impress you.
Atma Ram College, M.A
Political Science, first year student.
I am an ordinary man. Check me for free.
Not a worker of
NSVP or anything like that.
But I do want to become one
to rip off these corrupt people.
But to become one you need to bribe.
11,000 rupees party fund.
If I got trapped in anything
it is because of that last metro.
For the sari clad
woman whom I don't even know.
You are telling the truth, right?
I swear on the goddess.
Look, one day we'll have
this big a garden in our bungalow.
I'll remove that pitch
and make a swimming pool.
There will be beer
instead of water in the pool.
All the friends will
take joyful dips in it.
And no tube lights.
I want to put up flood
lights like this in the garden.
Yes, and they'll remain
switched off like these ones.
Why? Why? Why?
Why will they be switched off?
I'll insert sensors
that work on snap of fingers.
Just snap your fingers
and the lights will be on.
Oh no!
I should've asked something else.
Hands up!
Hands up!
Go get him! - Come,
come. - Stop else I'll shoot.
Come on Lavina. - Catch the scoundrel.
Stop! Stop! - Listen Lokesh, listen.
Catch him.
Hey you! Stop!
Hands up!
Sir, sir I'm telling the truth sir.
I don't even know that woman sir.
Why and how did she die..
To hell with the girl.
Come on give the tape.
Which tape?
I swear on your mother.
Hey you girl, where is the tape?
Sir, she doesn't know anything.
She is innocent.
Sir, the tape is in this jacket.
Look for the tape, the tape.
The tape isn't there.
It's in the right pocket.
Give my jacket.
I'm feeling cold.
Yes sir, I got it.
The tape.
Why are you
staring at the innocent girl?
So the ground under
the lover's feet has slipped.
We were following you.
Your beloved had called
us by giving a missed call.
Now you understand why
every friend is important.
Now, come on pay this girl for her job.
It's one lakh, my dear.
Come on hold it.
Come on take out the
wire or will you make us hear..
..what you do at home too.
Dear, this story had started
when you were in the fashion show party.
Hello there.
It is said that if you want to
drag the donkey to the river banks..
..then hang a carrot before it.
So, we looked for your carrot first.
And then we found you.
Sir, we got that guy.
He is in the taxi stand close by.
We could not take
the risk of arresting you.
What if you turn out
to be a rebel like Pandit..
..and hand over the tape
further or don't say anything..
..then it would be over for us.
We sent the bait to lure you.
Brother, is there any
auto or taxi stand nearby?
We just had to show
the carrot to the donkey.
And finally he is a donkey.
We had thought of making
you unconscious and searching you.
We had given your
beloved a weapon for it.
What's this?
Nothing just rose water.
My eyes hurt, it's for them.
It looks less.
Where have you used them?
Excuse me.
I had put it in his coke in the party.
Lover boy has lost his senses.
Now the most important question.
Whom do you work for?
Who has conspired against the minister?
And if you don't
tell us we won't kill you..
..but will jail you for only 14 years.
And will kill you every day.
With ease.
Sir, what have I done sir?
We'll tell you.
Ms. Aarti.
Ms. Anamka.
Not Anamika but Aarti.
Arti Utaru.
ASI Arti Utaru.
Sir, shall I undress him?
Yes, please.
It happened a long time back.
You and I were having an affair.
You promised to marry me.
I became the mother of your child.
Then you went back on
your promise to marry me.
You mentally tortured me so
badly that I committed suicide.
At the moment my dead
body is in Safdarjung hospital.
I have five witnesses to prove it.
If necessary I can bring five more.
Congratulations for
14 years of imprisonment.
But, but Ana.. Ms. Aarti,
..I'm meeting you
for the first time today.
So what? How does it matter to us?
Sir, he has been undressed.
Shall I leave now?
Yes, leave.
The rest of you go back to duty.
Sir, shall I go now?
Sir, keep this money.
I don't want it.
Madam, only two
things keeps a person quiet.
Bribe and bullets.
Which one do you prefer?
Hello! Yes sir.
Querishi, talk to him.
Yes sir, the minister
was asking if you have..
..found that boy or that tape?
Yes. Querishi we've got the tape.
We are in the stadium
and the tape is in my pocket.
Great sir! Talk to the minister. - Yes.
Yes sir.
Have you got it, Sisodiya?
Yes sir we've got the tape.
Thank you sir.
No sir. We didn't come to know that.
He is not telling anything
Yes sir, that'll be fine.
Hey, stop the girl.
No sir. - Madam..
Come. - There is nothing like that.
Come. Come. - Okay sir.
It'll get done, sir.
Yes. Jai Hind!
Dhondiyal take back
the money from the girl.
Shoot both of them.
- Okay sir. - But sir..
Come on madam. -
Sir, sir wrong have I done?
Come on madam. - What have I done sir?
Look you get what you do.
You betrayer, now you too will die.
Sir, kill her first. Sir.
Shall I waste her by killing her?
I'll kill her slowly.
In the dark area over there.
You'll die first.
I'll feel ashamed in front of you.
Please, please sir. - Come on.
Please, please, please sir.
Sir. - Get ready.
Sir. Sir.
The name of Lord Ram
is truth. - No, no, sir.
Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up!
Hands up!
Come on, now give the tape.
The tape is not with me.
Sir has taken the tape with him.
Scoundrel, you've just been slapped now.
If you try to act smart you'll be shot.
I'm not lying.
The tape has been taken away by sir.
Ask him.
I don't know. - Hey you..
Now you are finished Dhondiyal.
Even God can't spare you now.
You broke my Guggu.
Hey, who are you?
Lokesh, stop.
Lokesh! Lokesh! Listen!
Lokesh! Lokesh, I'm hurt.
Lokesh, can't you hear?
Lokesh I'm calling you.
Look, listen to me carefully.
You escaped from
there. It is you good luck.
If you follow me now
I'll kill you right here.
You girls should never be trusted.
You saved you and helped
you escape from the stadium?
Tell me.
You were standing like a statue there.
I am the one who
helped you escape from there.
Else you would've
been shot by that inspector.
So you are trying to
show how helpful you are?
Showing how helpful you are?
You are the one who led to that bullet..
..that too without any reason.
One I helped you
thinking you to be a girl.
I was with you the
whole night and you trapped me.
Why are you
talking to me in this manner?
Talk to me respectfully.
You were not
helping me by walking with me.
Mohan's room is close by.
Let's go there and relax.
You were just
looking for an opportunity.
I know very well
what your intentions were.
Intentions? Huh?
You sold me for one lakh and
you are talking of my intentions?
You cheap.
What do you think yourself to be?
Leave me!
Leave me!
Let me go.
Leave me.
Why are you shouting now?
My intentions are not good, right?
Now I even have an opportunity.
Leave me.
Leave me.
I was trying to impress you.
Yes, I was looking for an opportunity.
But I had started liking you.
I had started believing you.
You talk of intentions, huh?
Sorry friend.
Forget what's happened.
Shut up! Lokesh.
I don't want to talk to you.
What do you think? I've trapped you?
I've been trapped because of you.
Neither had you come
following me to the station nor..
..would that mean inspector caught me.
I felt that I was
helping him nab a criminal.
I had not asked to pay me one lakh.
He left me with no option
and told that he'll jail me.
I felt so bad when I came to
know that you are being trapped.
That's why I helped
you escape from there.
But the way you treated me..
Lavina, I am sorry.
Lavina, I'm sorry.
Today I'm missing
your sister-in-law a lot.
Then call her from her
maiden house, Mr. Choudhury.
Then you'll keep
up the name of the Jats.
I remember a poem in her name.
Tell it, tell it.
Listen to it.
I miss you badly day and night.
Wow! Wow!
I miss you badly day and night.
It keeps me awake all night.
Great brother. It's very emotional.
I want to call you right now.
But the girl from the
customer care says that..
..I have a low balance.
Wow! Wow!
It's great!
Why are you not opening?
Hey, have you gone crazy?
No brother.
I'll open this machine else
I'm not the son of one father.
Oh no!
You are going on the wrong direction.
The road is on this side.
It's fine.
How does it matter to me?
My birthday has been spoilt.
Don't say so Mr. Captain.
Why won't I say so?
Madam, do you wish to get hunted?
Excuse me.
Leave me. - Don't shout.
Lokesh! - Hey!
Lokesh! Lokesh! - Hey stop!
Hey stop!
Stop! Stop brother.
Stop! Stop brother.
Brother, please stop
brother, it's an emergency brother.
Thank you brother.
That car. They've picked up my friend.
Please brother. Quickly.
Hey brother. Hey! Hey!
Carefully brother. Hey! Hey!
I wish to save a life
and not give mine, brother.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear..
Mr. Captain.
..dear Mr. Captain.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Mr.
Captain, happy birthday.
I've sung for you. Now
let me go, let me go, please.
Mr. Captain heroine madam wants to go.
Won't you give her a return gift?
Feed sweets to madam. - Okay.
She is going to become a mother.
Happy mother's day.
Happy mother's day.
Eat it madam, eat it. - I won't eat it.
Brother, that car.
Brother, this is the car.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop here.
Where are you going Lucky?
Where are you going brother?
We are supposed to save her life.
You need to give
life to save one, sometimes.
Hey they went that
way, they went that way.
Stop! What are you doing?
Lavina. Lavina.
Hey you, stop!
Oh no!
Who are you?
Oh no!
Brother, forgive me brother.
I had to steal your bike in need.
I was stuck in a problem.
Forgive me.
This is the first time
someone has said sorry to me.
But it's too late now, my friend.
What? - Look in front.
Hey, hey, you crazy fellow we'll die.
Both the brothers will die together.
We'll die together.
Are you alive?
Oh no!
"Life should not
become death, be careful dear.""
"Life should not
become death, be careful dear.""
"Chains and buttons are being opened.""
"Chains and buttons are being opened.""
"The body is in danger.""
"The body is in danger.""
"Now take off your dress
quickly, beloved."" - Wow! Wow!
Don't worry madam.
Have faith in us in this matter.
Mr. Captain, the cake is ready.
Cut it.
Why have you tied
this cloth on her mouth?
She is too stubborn Mr. Captain.
How will I kiss
her in English style now?
Kiss her in Indian style here and there.
You've slapped her so hard.
She has completely switched off.
Run from here. - Go! Go!
Oh no!
Just a couple of minutes Mr. Captain.
Don't start. Rape break.
Why were you looking inside?
Sorry uncle. Sorry.
Sorry uncle sorry.
You are stopping us
from entertaining ourselves.
Is it already midnight for you?
Hey don't talk of midnight.
No one can do anything
to us we do it to others.
Look at the sardar.
He is denying it and saying it himself.
Hey! - Hey! - Hey!
Who is it?
Father he was talking about
midnight and he is not even leaving me.
Leave the boy or you'll be slapped.
Hey! Shall we catch you then? Huh?
Why? He is a strong man.
His one slap and you'll be dead.
Mr. Captain!
Mr. Captain, the scoundrels have..
This fat one.
Hey you!
This scoundrel!
Aloo paratha.
Makki ki Roti. Sarson da Saag.
Lassi. Cooler. Maggi.
Rope bed. Clarified butter. Butter.
Santa Singh. Banta Singh.
Whoever utters this
phrase shall be fulfilled.
Eternal is the holy timeless God.
Take flowers.
Clarified butter. Mother's milk.
It's over.
There's been a robbery.
They've disrespected me.
It's on me. They've disrespected me.
It's on me.
Please forgive us.
We are just joking.
Oh no!
I'm done.
I'm done. They disrespected..
Now say whose midnight is it?
Leave us.
Why are you disrespecting us?
Father, they've agreed.
Yes, so let's allow them to go. - Okay.
Just a minute brother.
Where is Lavina?
Sardar, they've
kidnapped Lavina, my friend.
Where is she?
She is in the car.
Take her.
You too go.
Oh shit!
What have these scoundrels done?
Sprinkle water on her face. - Yes.
Lavina, are you okay?
You okay?
You okay?
Come. Come.
Thank you, sardar.
Can I get a shawl for the girl?
I'll kill you. - Enough!
You bloody dogs.
Enough! Enough!
Leave us to do the
work of thrashing them.
Brother, take them to
your sister-in-law. - Okay.
Come, come. Come.
Wait brothers.
I've a better idea of
dealing with them than thrashing them.
Idea. What idea?
We were badly insulted today.
I'm worrying about him.
He has gone into coma.
Mr. Captain.
Mr. Captain.
Mr. Captain.
Brother, I desperately
feel like spitting on their face.
Why do you want to
spit? Pee on their face.
How does it matter to me?
Come on uncle.
Come on look in front.
Don't look back.
It's a surprise.
Is it feeling hot or not?
It's perfect. Keep going.
His mileage is good.
This should be done to
anyone who molests women.
It shouldn't have ended.
Great! Keep going, keep going.
This is pee of revenge.
It won't finish so soon.
Father, I want to go to latrine.
Thank god he didn't do it.
Peeing makes no sense.
And especially on his birthday.
I say that next time we'll
celebrate Mr. Captain's birthday at home.
Mr. Captain, shall we
stop somewhere and take bath?
I'll take bath with that boy's blood.
Turn the car Choudhury.
Turn the car. Turn!
We have no value after marriage.
We are your slaves, girls.
Well said brother.
Just let it be.
You don't even take me
for movies. Yes. - She is right.
I showed you a film yesterday, Dabanng.
Then? - Really? On Star Gold at home.
Forget it.
They need just two things.
Alcohol and chicken. - Yes.
Everything ends there.
Oh! You look so beautiful.
Isn't it? - Yes, true.
But why are you so sad?
Your hero has saved you.
Yes Manjeet was telling us.
He came running for
5 kilometers to save you.
The boy has been
clean bowled in your love.
I really adore it.
No, no, there is
nothing like that between us.
If there is nothing
like that then it'll happen.
Come on wear this.
It'll shine bright.
You know how to
convince others. - Let it be.
Look, this is what is going to
happen in future with you. - Yes.
Wow! Great! The
party has become interesting.
Parminder's dress
looks good on you, Lokesh.
Thank you. - It has fit you well.
The boy is handsome.
Where is Lavina?
Sister-in-law, where is Lavina?
Look, here is Lavina.
Sit down friend, sit down.
Lavina come here.
Listen to what these guys are telling.
They must be talking nonsense.
Okay? - Yes sir.
Rawat, turn on the tape.
Yes sir.
You both always
leave your work incomplete.
Go and catch the girl and the boy.
Sir, what shall we do about the
people from Adarsh Bharat Yuva Dal?
They are patriots
we'll sacrifice their lives.
Come on, come on, start it Rawat.
Start it.
Forward it. The sting
operation must be ahead.
Stop it!
My grandma used to say
that drinking it is useful.
Move aside.
Sir, I feel that you've digested it.
Kill that boy.
Take the tape and cut him into pieces.
Sisodiya, if he remains
alive you won't be spared.
Understood? Go!
Shall I go with him, sir?
All of you go but listen to cut
off his penis before chopping him.
Now go. Go!
Did you connect to that boy's number?
No, it's switched off.
Be careful.
Leave me.
Sir. Sir.
Meet us outside the
station in ten minutes.
We need to catch that guy again.
What? - He gave us the wrong tape.
He is a tough nut.
You girls don't value the guys. - Yes.
Talk of something
which we should value. - Yes.
Really? - There is nothing they can do.
Come on girls
we've seen them let's move.
They can do nothing. Let's get up.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Put on the speaker. Speaker.
Where are you?
Why have you called?
Because you are helping
that boy instead of helping..
..the country and the government.
We know that the boy is with you.
Is he with you or not?
You've got your tape, right?
Now what do you want from him?
Hey you, don't act
too smart the two of you.
The boy had brought his
doom by giving the wrong tape.
Hey, what do you mean by wrong tape?
Have I opened up a library?
I had only one tape with me.
Hey you hero finally you spoke
up, you are trying to act too smart.
We've seen with our own
eyes that Pandit had put..
..the tape inside your
jacket's pocket in the hotel's lobby.
And you've handed us this tape?
You wanted to make
the minister drink urine.
He has asked to break your neck.
Sir, he disconnected the phone.
Have you traced the call?
Yes sir. They are on Gurudwara road.
Come on.
Which tape are they talking about now?
Who is this Pandit who
kept the tape in my waist coat?
I cannot understand.
Hey stop!
Hey what are you
doing? - I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Does anyone do such things?
Oh no!
What happened?
My waistcoat.
If the tape is there
it'll be in my waist coat.
In that farm house.
But how shall we go there at this hour?
No, my son, don't walk to that place.
It's not safe. The girl is with you.
Parminder! Bring the car keys, my son.
They all are dead drunk.
Come on Lokesh.
Come. - Come, come.
This was the room.
It'll be somewhere here.
I've got it. - What's this?
Oh no! Adarsh Bharat Yuva Dal.
But we must first see
what's there in this tape.
Yes, let's go.
Come, come. Here is one.
What's there in this bloody tape?
Look, it's very simple.
In order to stop our government
from dissolving we need six members.
Two from you and four from you.
But Mr. Acharya,
everyone's asking money in advance.
Look, we are taking more
time to bring the 400 crores..
..then we took to earn it.
Look, you know that it takes
long to bring money from Swiss bank.
Mr. Pandit, am I
right? - Yes, absolutely.
Look, you'll get 15
crores each by tomorrow evening.
It's Gandhi's birth
anniversary on 2nd October and..
..there'll be bundles
of currency in your homes.
Oh shit!
Yes, my friends from the
media I have two work with you.
One the Swamiji from
Adarsh Bharat has started..
..fasting against us.
He is trying to prove
himself as a big patriot.
Mr. Pandit. - Yes. - Come here.
Keep the bag there and you come here.
Meet him.
He is Devraj Pandit.
He is the right hand of the
Swami but he is joined to our body.
Secondly,unfortunately lot
of my scams is being revealed.
Show less of them. Try to
divert the attention of the public.
Mr. Acharya, what can we do?
Your party members are accused
even in the scam of Jansayog report.
We need to show them.
You need big news then tell me.
We'll arrange a blast in
Jantar Mantar. 10-15 people will die.
It'll be sufficient
news for one week. Show it.
What do you say Mr.
Pandit? - Yes, absolutely.
Oh my!
15 crores will reach
your home by tomorrow evening.
Sisodiya. - Yes sir.
Oh my god!
Holy shit man!
Move from in front of me.
Give me that tape. - Tape, tape.
Come on Lavina, let's go.
That's some amazing stuff man.
I want the tape.
Okay, okay.
Lavina, come, come.
What happened?
Sit down all of you.
Why are you standing?
Because Katta is standing.
And he has decided to take you to task.
Do we smell?
No, not at all.
Smell, smell us you scoundrel.
Do we smell or not?
It smells, it smells very bad.
You'll smell more than us.
A mixture of all of us. - Cocktail.
Undress yourself. - What?
Undress yourself. - Open.
Hey you!
I never undressed myself so
many times as I did in this one night.
Remove your hands.
A buffalo in your shorts.
Doesn't it strike?
It isn't a buffalo.
It is a bull.
Bull. Turn, turn, let's see its tail.
He is a free bull.
Today we'll tie a
string to the bull's tail.
What do you say Mr. Captain?
Drop your underpants.
No one will move from here.
Everyone should
watch him being disgraced.
Please forgive me Mr. Captain.
I'm your younger brother.
I got swayed in the
company of the sardars. - Shut up!
Drop your underpants.
Drop your gun.
What's happening here?
Is a shooting going on?
Come on, get going from here.
Phantom have you
plugged your ears? Drop your gun.
What if I don't drop it?
Then I'll shoot your head
and make a lampshade out of it.
You'll keep emitting light.
Century brother! Century!
Mr. Captain!
You scoundrel, rascal, your mother's..
What? What were you
saying, sir's mother's?
Huh? Speak up.
What were you saying, sir's
mother's? - Blessings, blessings sir.
If you have any problems then tell me.
Sir, sir, he just moved.
When a Jat dies know that.. are done.
When a Jat dies know that..
When a Jat dies know that.. are done.
Come on baby. - That tape, damn it!
Please baby, come on.
What is this baby? Come.
Sleep baby. - Come.
Okay baby. I'm coming, huh.
Yes hero, where is your madam?
Madam! Oh madam!
Bring your sexy self here.
Come, come.
Before we carry out the
funeral of your lover we..
..thought of thanking
you for calling us here.
Mr. Captain, I got swayed
in the company of the sardars.
Drop your underpants.
I saw that the Jats had..
Hello Delhi Police control room.
Who is towards Chattrapur?
Who is towards Chattrapur?
Some Lavina and Lokesh
Duggal's life is in danger.
Is there any unit nearby?
Come in 216, come in 216.
I'm in Chattrapur, I'm going there.
Bhusan Dhondiyal is my name.
I take out melting needle from fire.
What do you say sir?
Take u-turn.
The public is in
trouble and I won't come?
How is that possible?
I had called 100 to
save you from the Jats.
I didn't know that
these rascals will come.
Even our mothers didn't
know that we'll be scoundrels.
You've worn a nice pair of underpants.
Thank you sir.
Come on take it out.
Sir please sir, even you too.
This is against law. My underpants.
Take out the tape, you scoundrel.
Sir, tape is not with me.
If you say this again then..
Sir, sir, sir, the
tape is with them sir.
What? He is lying, sir. - Yes.
He is lying, sir. He is clearly lying.
Do I appear to be
in the position to lie?
The tape was hidden in my
clothes and they snatched away my clothes.
Undress yourselves. - Sir. - Undress!
Undress! - Okay sir.
There is nothing in it.
Come on get down.
Sir, what are you doing? - Sir..
I'll search everything inside. - Okay.
Sir, I don't know why they..
Oh no!
Come on, tell where the tape is?
Else the next bullet
will be aimed at her head.
Sir, please sir, I'll give you the tape.
Please leave her.
Just look at the
love this guy has for her.
I can become a girl to get your love.
Look, I've left her.
Now take it out.
You are a rascal.
Strange, the work that the
bullet couldn't do was done by this girl.
Come on, give the tape.
Not there, here.
Have you come for a
wedding party that you want tape?
What? Hey you boy give the tape here.
Hey, does the tape
belong to your father? Say.
Then is it your father's?
Come on your game is over.
Hey you boy give the tape to sir.
How come you all have come here to die?
I have called them. - Quereshi.
Not to die but to kill.
I can find out even the
melting needle inside fire.
What do you say sir?
Take u-turn.
You betrayer.
Your sins had multiplied.
The time to stop it had come.
I'll destroy all of you
if you don't drop the gun.
What's going on?
Dhondiyal. - Sir.
Who has the power now?
I'm your wife's lover and
my name is Sarfarosh Choudhury.
This is not a caste war.
What do you want?
Give that boy and this
inspector to us. That's all.
We don't want anything else.
Look, you can take the
boy after we are done with him.
But the one whom you
are abusing is our sir.
We cannot give him to you.
Then even Lord
Hanuman can't save your sir.
Lokesh, wait there.
Let's go. Let's go.
Lokesh! Lokesh, listen to me.
Lokesh, where are you all going?
Come on.
Run! Come on, come on.
Hold on. Yes, let's go, let's go.
Lokesh, you boy.
Listent o me.
Dad, I need to get that tape.
I'm locked in here.
The other key is kept on
the window sill in bathroom.
Listen, Manohar Acharya is
the same guy who had labeled..
..true charges of
corruption against your father.
We won't get a better chance to
overturn the government than this one.
Therefore listen to me carefully.
Come on, come on, fast.
Lokesh! Listen, listen to me.
Hey listen.
Hey, where are you going?
Lokesh, stop.
Lokesh, what are you doing?
Just a minute.
Hey Lokesh!
Open the door.
Lokesh, what are you doing?
Lokesh! - Oh no! - Listen.
Stop! Hey!
Listen! Lokesh listen o me.
Open the door.
Look I won't do anything.
Stop, listen to me.
Lokesh! Lokesh, stop.
Lokesh, open the door.
Listen to me. - Lokesh!
Open the door.
Lokesh! Listen! - Listen to me.
Lokesh, Lokesh, what are you doing?
Open the door, give me the tape.
No Lokesh, don't give
the tape to this scoundrel.
All the policemen are
puppets in the hands of the minister.
This tape must reach the common man.
He is right Lokesh.
The public should know how
corrupt Manohar Acharya is. - Okay.
What will happen if they come to know?
Someone else who is
corrupt will come in Acharya's place.
Just think for yourself Lokesh.
How much would you've
earned for working in one night?
500? 800?
Today I'm ready to give
you 50 lakhs for this tape.
Now tell what you have to say.
If you work for 17 years
except on Sundays then you'll.. able to earn 50 lakhs.
Lokesh, give this tape to the
people of Adarsh Bharat Yuva Dal.
Yes, yes. - Okay.
Lokesh, what are
you doing? Don't be crazy.
You won't get such an
opportunity in life again.
Nothing will change
if you give this tape.
But 50 lakhs can
change your entire life.
Shut up! Every man
is not saleable like you.
Look brother, every man
has a price for his prestige.
I have one and so do you.
I don't have one.
Come on give it to me. - Okay, listen.
If you feel that 50 lakhs is
a small amount then take 1 crore.
What do you say? - The
person should quote the right price.
Else everyone's shop
opens up in some way or the other.
Okay not 1 crore but 2, 2 crores.
Cash, right now. Hand to hand.
Tell, tell your price.
This is the opportunity.
Okay, okay listen.
5 crores.
5 crores.
10 crores.
What? - I've decided brother.
The price of my one night is 10 crores.
Okay final, 10 crores.
Lokesh, don't be foolish.
Give me the tape.
I want 15 crores.
I'll give you brother.
I'll give; I'll
give, right now, in hand.
What are you saying Lokesh?
Have you lost it?
Lavina, 15 crores.
What can't I do with it?
My entire life will change.
Forget your anchoring
we can open an even company.
Look you.. - Lokesh,
listen to me carefully.
You are selling off
the rights of a common man.. greed of money.
Watching this tape and
knowing the truth of the minister is..
..the right of the common man.
Which common man?
Which common man are you talking about?
One who sells his
vote for a bottle of liquor.
Or the one who never comes to vote.
Nothing is going to
improve in this country this way.
Nothing better can
happen in this country.
And even if I let go this
opportunity to earn 15 crores for..
..that common man then
how can you guarantee that..
..they won't vote Manohar
Acharya again for two bottles of liquor?
Do you take
guarantee for the common man?
No, right?
Look you've stopped talking.
Great my friend!
Such an impressive lecture.
This logic has washed off all my sins.
Take this.
The key to your good fortune.
There is an ambassador car down there.
There are 5 suitcases in the dickey.
One is yours.
Count it and be
satisfied and then give me the tape.
Come on, go.
If you open this then
our journey together ends here.
Yes, keep roaming about.
Look at Mr. Mehta's son.
He earns 35,000 per month.
He has bought a
flat. And look at yourself.
Brother, Mercedes.
One day your brother
will buy a car like this one.
I had never pressurized
my brains in my entire life..
..the way I had done on that night.
I was neither swimming nor drowning.
I didn't know if I was in
water or engulfed in tsunami.
The common man has
his right on this tape.
I didn't know what god
can do to a man in one night.
He can do anything.
Come on. - Yes, anything.
In today's breaking news a
tape given by an unknown person has..
..created a stir
in the political circle.
With the help of the sting
operation done by Sri Sri Shivanand Swami..
..C.B.I has arrested Chief
Minister Manohar Acharya for..
..possession of black money
and for buying legislative members..
..and media with the money.
Corruption! Shame!
Shame! Corruption! Shame! Shame!
Corruption! Shame! Shame!
Corruption! Shame! Shame!
Corruption! Shame! Shame!
Corruption! Shame! Shame! -
Sir, what about the 75 crores..
..that is with the police?
Sir, the countrymen want an answer.
I would like to tell my
countrymen that I'm clean.
This is a fake tape. I'm being framed.
Someone has just thrown a
slipper at Mr. Manohar Acharya.
You can see that the
police is arresting that man.
After this stunning disclosure
the public and the opposition parties..
..have got enraged.
Rallies are being taken out
against Mr. Manohar Acharya in..
..different parts of the country.
You can see here that a
garland of slippers is being..
..put around the
puppet of Manohar Acharya.
Two prominent politicians
of Bhartiya Janadesh Party..
..and Swadesh party has
been suspended for taking bribe.
DCP Ramcharan
Sisodiya has also been suspended.
The CEO of News Media
Sailesh Roy and TV Live's President..
..Sohail Biswas who
were shown in the video..
..are also being questioned by the CBI.
You can see that it's
raining slippers behind me.
The public is enraged and
they are throwing slippers. Oh no!
Who threw this slipper?
We are from the media.
And now we would like to
tell you about the person..
..for whom all this became possible.
Adarsh Bharat Yuva
Dal's secretary Ashok Gandhi..
..says that this young man is
just 23 years old and is a student..
..of Delhi University.
He was offered a bribe of
15 crores not to give the tape.
But he valued his
honesty more than money.
And he understood his
responsibility towards his country.
This man handed over five
suitcases containing 15 crores each..
..that is 75 crores to the government.
The man has refused
to disclose his name and..
..he calls himself a common man.
NTV 247 salutes this unknown
hero on behalf of the entire country.
What a wonderful person! -
Yes man! He is the right guy!
Who does this nowadays?
I'm dying to know who he is.
I would love to meet
him. - Bye, see you, bye.
Commuters please pay attention.
This is 11:40's last
metro from kendriya sachivalay..
Legislature to Badarpur border.
Hello there!
What has happened to
you? - This? Just like this.
It's a long story. I'll tell you.
Tell something about yourself.
I've been travelling in this
last metro for the past four nights..
..just for you.
You told me that you
are doing one more show here.
That's the reason.
Today's show was at Gandhi Auditorium.
Thank you Bapu.
Seems Gandhiji will help us to unite.
That night was
Gandhi's birth anniversary and.. it is
Gandhi Auditorium, isn't it?
How are you Lavina?
I'm happy but a bit confused.
About what happened
that night? - That night.. tube light was
switched on after some time.
But it was finally switched on.
How come that happened?
You were defused till I was with you.
Just after you left the
electrician of my fortune entered.
It doesn't matter to me if
you keep the suitcase or not.
Give me the tape or
I'll shoot you right here.
Hey, leave him.
Shut up, you scoundrel.
Look, listen to me. - Shut your mouth.
It won't take me two seconds
to shoot a saleable dog like you.
Hey! - Hey!
You feel bad, right?
You are a dog.
Saleable dog belonging to Sisodiya.
You understand the term dog right?
Dog is loyal but to
the master who feeds him.
When a dog loses control he
doesn't leave his mother or sister.
There is no
difference between you and a dog.
Because you've set a
rate for your mother land.
You can also sell your mother. - Hey!
Quereshi, what are you doing?
Have you become crazy?
Look, you are a Muslim..
..and they belong to the
Hindu party Adarsh Bharat Dal.
They'll just throw you
out when their work gets done.
Try to understand.
Patriots are of the same
religion, you betrayer. Patriotism.
Come on give the tape else
your dead body will be lying here.
I'll give 15 crores to you too.
What do you say?
Give the tape. -
Lokesh, he won't do anything.
Don't give him the tape.
I'll get the tape over your dead body.
Quereshi, now..
Give me the tape, damn it.
I'm not an idiot like him.
I'll not count till three. I'll
take the tape over your dead body.
Give me the tape, damn it!
Give me the tape.
It is my tape.
Come on give it to me, damn it.
Come on, bye.
I could've pulled the
trigger after two seconds.
But I want to give
you one more chance, Lucky.
If you sell yourself today you
won't be able to buy back yourself.. your entire life.
The decision is in your hands.
Do you want to become a dog or a man?
Hail India!
Good that he died.
He was boring me.
Come to your senses, my king.
All this keep on
happening. Give me the tape..
..go home and count the money.
I'm so proud of you Lokesh.
But why didn't you
disclose your name in the interview?
You would've become a hero
if you had disclosed your name.
That's because I did nothing heroic.
I just did what I felt was right.
And I don't want useless
credit for not doing anything wrong.
But you are a hero, my hero.
Oh no!
If you had kissed me like this
the other night then I would've..
..forgotten 75 crores just like this.
Just a second, just a second.
Did you call us madam?
There is no one naughtier than us.
Mr. Captain, we've got this fellow.
Tell us what shall we do?
Let him go.
He has made a place
for himself in my heart.. letting go of 75 crores.
We are useless chaps.
We even steal bananas and then eat them.
Kiss her I am not watching.
Kiss her else we'll kiss her.
No, no.
The next station is
Lajpatnagar. - I'll kiss her at home.
My stop has come. Bye.
I had almost died there.
I don't want such
surprises in life. - Really?
Then what sort of surprise do you want?
It's mine.
Really? - Yes!
How did you by such an expensive car?
I helped the government
nab 75 crores of black money.
The government awarded me with 10%.
I bought this car and a flat too.
Really? - Yes.
You are a rock star.
Rock star protector.
Who says that honesty is not in fashion?
It's the in thing. Its hit, super hit.