Kisna: The Warrior Poet (2005) Movie Script

The waters... The land...
And the sky...
...Are proof to the history
Of mankind.
People... countries... Time...
Everything changes...
Nothing survives forever...
But true love.
In the name of true love is...
Whenever the populous 10 billion
Of india celebrate republic day...
...There's always something
This year the government and
The media have their attention...
...On a special guest
Lady katherine williams.
"Ironically, she's refusing to talk
To both - government and press."
She's even avoiding a
"A former minister
Of the british government..." today the
state guest of india...
...Because of her interest in
Rural development and education.
For this she has with her a charity
fund of 500 million pounds.
"All the chief ministers around the
country have invited her."
But she declined till she meets
The prime minister or president.
"To welcome her, present are
Ministers and known people of delhi."
"All praised her at length but
she just said one word..."
- Namaste.
Well said.
"Lets' watch to whom will her
charity fund go to, if at all."
She has refused the ministry's
Invitations to tour india.
"I'm the secretary to
Minister of tourism."
"Please explain, our government's
In an awkward situation."
"But if madam doesn't wish to tour,
You can't force her."
"It's essential for madam to
Get to know our country."
"You want madam to see
India in the truest sense?"
"We've already invited
Her to sightsee india."
"If you really want her to
see india..."
"...Then take her to devprayag"
"Devprayag, a holy place in
Uttaranchal where two rivers..."
...Bhagirath and alaknanda merge...
"...To form the holiest river ganges,
Above rishikesh and haridwar."
Now what's your decision?
Thank you.
How rude is that?!
"Either she doesn't know india or
Doesn't want to know india..."
It's all a charade!
"I know india very well..."
"More than you, the real india."
It's not a charade.
"India has a thousand stories..."
"But I've just one story to share..."
"Now even I can't hold
Myself back"
Do you see that bungalow...
...Now a hotel I guess... was my home...
My birthplace.
Lady katherine says...
Do you see that bungalow there,
It was my home
In 1930, I was born here.
In india.
"Before 1947, during british rule..."
My father and grandfather
Also lived in india.
"My father peter beckett was
The deputy commissioner..."
"...Of pauri garhwal.
But the villagers hated him."
"Kathy baby, my sweetheart,
This is for you."
Where's kisna?
Where he usually is...!
What's it?
- Here's a gift for you.
What's it?
I don't like such jokes.
Go away, let me work!
Now what?
Just like an officer.
Salute the officer.
Salute officer!
"Do you think I'm an idiot?
It's a girls' hat, not for boys!"
"Sing a song that touches my heart"
My grandpa's calling you
for the prayer ceremony!
Can't come, I'm on duty!
"Luxmi, come with us."
- Yes my dear...
Kisna chases me away
Whenever kathy's around.
He's my student.
He'd never do that.
He does! Kathy braids
Her hair as if to copy me!
Just immerse yourself into the
World of music and dance...
And pray to lord krishna.
He'll be yours.
Kisna doesn't care about me.
Just close your eyes.
Now turn southwards...
...Now open your eyes.
Isn't that kisna!
This is your english lesson book.
Learn it by monday."
I've completed this homework too.
"May I enter the piano room
To look at the piano."
Of course... why not...
I don't want any useless indian
In that room!
"Every religion teaches the
Path of love and peace."
"Says our holy book, the gita."
"If one doesn't follow
This path?"
It becomes our duty to fight.
Even if he's your own master?
Be it your master or brother...
fight for justice is righteousness.
Got that kisna?
Half knowledge is dangerous!
"My sister shanta's moulding
Her children into scholars..."
"...Whereas to fight the british
We need warriors!"
"We've you, bhairo,
Leader of warriors!"
"Shankar's following your
"Yes, my shankar's not a slave
Like kisna and you."
"Time and again the two of you fight
Over the same issue."
Beckett's routed the canal water
To the wretched prince raghuraj.
I'll skin him alive one day...
Even if he's your master!
"Who'll stop you from your
Temperament of bloodshed!
"Since beckett's banned all
Your illegal trade..."
"...You're faking to be a radical
Leader of the poor villagers!"
"This is the katau canal of
Pauri garhwal, which belongs to me."
I've paid your government huge
Taxes and helped in your business.
I need you to guard my canal from
Misuse by bhairo and his miscreants.
"Listen to the melody
And follow me."
Mother didn't have the courage
To go against father's decision.
"I was packed off to london the
very same day."
"But my childhood was attached to
scents of this village."
"In england, my aunt margaret
Put me in a public school."
"But I never forgot devprayag,
Kisna and his flute."
Time went by...
"In 1947, the british government
started talks of independence..."
...With gandhi and nehru.
On my mother's insistence,
My father called me back to india.
On reaching india, my happiness
Knew no bounds.
Nothing had changed, neither
The villages or the mountains...
...Nor the rivers or the people!
Felt like childhood days again.
We are a family now...
My sweetheart!
- Recognize me?
How can I ever forget you?
This flower reminded me of you!
Kisna... How's he?!
He's fine...
What does he do?
He's finished studies, works
With his brother...
...And teaches the children too.
Did kisna miss me?
Yes... but...
What happened?
Since you'd left, everything
Has changed...
...from people to government
To politics!
A rage of hatred has taken over.
Especially against your father.
All over india, people are
Resuming to peace, except here.
And kisna?
Even flowers get affected in
A sandstorm.
And luxmi?
She's still devoted to
Lord krishna.
"My god is in me"
"Do I need to go to a temple
In search of god?"
"This existence is god..."
"I find you everywhere"
"Within me is the destroyer,
Preserver, creator..."
"...And lord krishna!"
"My god is in me!"
"Beckett's daughter,
Katherine is back!"
"Apparently she's beautiful.
- Want to marry her?"
"Crazy? Who'd want to marry
A white girl?!"
Kisna... Where are you going?
I'll be right back my brother.
Recognize me?
Yes... You are
Ms. Katherine beckett.
Daughter of our master
Mr. Peter beckett.
My father has been unfair.
Your father told me everything.
Does this politics affect
Our friendship?
Guess, whose flute is this?
It's mine... when your father...
sent me away from india,
You and all my friends.
"How did you learn our guru's
Tune of aham brahmasmi?
Just the way you learnt my
Mother's piano notes.
I've written a song to that tune.
You speak fluent hindi too.
- Absolutely.
Truly beautiful...
Remember this?
Jaggery... you loved it as a child.
Give me this flute...
It's mine.
- Now this flute belongs to me.
Fine, keep it.
"Do you remember...
That's devprayag there!"
"Kisna, what's the song you've
"Want to hear it?
- Certainly!"
"We're here, this moment together"
"Don't know what tomorrow holds"
"We may, may not come together"
"We may, may not see forever"
"Nothing survives forever...
But love"
"A love that will always echo...
On this land and the sky above"
I understand you are
Against my child...
He spent an entire day with
That british girl.
Travelled up to devprayag!
Like they're meant for each other.
You are misjudging him.
I've a solution.
Will you marry kisna?
Mother, is it true that
My marriage...
Yes, we've fixed it with luxmi.
But I don't want to marry now.
I've to work lots for the school.
Ask your elder brother to
Break our family promise!
No, we've to keep our promise
To our guru...
You've to respect the word
Of elders.
Engagement's day after
Marriage's next month.
Lets' go for training...
Uncle bhairo's waiting for us.
"My dear, I've bought this
Horse for you."
We'll go horse riding
Every evening...
"for me, why?"
Because I love you.
But you're like my uncle!
Like an uncle, not really one.
I'm crazy about you.
I want to marry you.
Kisna's getting engaged
...With luxmi.
- With luxmi?
It was such a surprise...
Our guru offered luxmi's
Hand in marriage for kisna.
There couldn't be a better match!
"Lets' get this girl ready on
Her special day."
"Lets' adorn this charming
Girl with jewellery."
"I've been waiting for this
Day all my life..."
"...To be with you, my love."
"As fresh as a flower..."
"This girl is soon to be a bride"
"Her lips look a lovely red"
"My girl's looking exquisite..."
"Like morning sunrays
Through clouds so blue"
"The moment your bridegroom
Will look at you..."
"He'll fall in love with you"
"The most awaited day is here"
"The day when your charming bride
To be is entering our lives"
"I welcome my love..."
"With love"
"I'm crazy about him..."
"I've been counting days
for this day..."
"Joyful be the would-be
Bride and bridegroom."
"My mother was annoyed by
My behaviour."
"I told her that kisna is
My best friend."
"She told me that he's
Luxmi's fiance now..."
"This friendship won't
Be appreciated by anyone..."
...Especially by luxmi.
"My mother explained that
The hatred against the british..."
"...Will remain till we
Don't leave their country."
Make eye contact.
Defend! Yes, now strike back.
Come on...
can we continue tomorrow?
- No excuses!
Can I practice with gaurang?
I dare not raise
My sword upon you.
Damn the poet...
Grow as a warrior now!
"Villagers are dying drinking
Water from the dirty lake."
Five died last week.
We need a revolutionary like
Bhagat singh in our village...
...To take care of that
Ruthless beckett!
I may not be bhagat singh but
I am shankar singh!
"These are five dead bodies."
"Three men, a child and
An old lady."
All died drinking water
from that dirty lake...
...That's given to us as alms!
So, what do I do?
Now, we'll take care of everything.
The people who die because of
That water will be...
...cremated right here on
Your office grounds.
The five villagers died because
You poisoned them...
...But you've made the rebels
Believe it as beckett's doing.
What do you want?
50 Acres of land on my name.
Revolution is not my aim.
It's just my business.
Make beckett understand.
Beckett's gathering evidence
To imprison you.
"A radio announcement was made
On 4th june 1947."
"Lord mountbatten declared
British government's decision..."
"...To give freedom to india
On 15th august 1947."
"The british officers have
To give up their post..."
"...Before 14th august
And return to england."
"Discussions took place on the
Partition of india and pakistan."
"Gandhi appealed to all indians
To observe a prayer for peace."
"May there be peace in space,
Land, waters and the universe..."
"Let peace prevail in the world
And negativities destroyed."
I hope no one is aware of our plan.
Got hold of kisna?
- Searched all over...
"Attacked phunkara despite
Being a younger brother."
"Find kisna and confine him.
I'll join you in some time."
"The commissioner's house
Was on fire! All charred."
You have the answer to the
Question in your eyes.
You're reading the gita
since childhood.
To protect an innocent girl is
Not only revering god...
...But also the foremost duty
Of a man.
My brother?
Be it your brother
Or mine, their act is unjust!
A fight against injustice
Is righteousness.
And this girl deserves justice.
You have my blessings.
Take this girl to a british
cantonment or delhi.
It's my order.
"Mother, where are you?
- Coming..."
Luxmi, I saw them flee together.
He got engaged to you
Under the pressure of his family.
He's eloped with her!
Mother, he didn't even ask you
Before he chose this perilous path.
I don't know what's
Right or wrong...
...But I know that just
One son will survive!
No my son...!
Choose to pray for whomever you
Want to...
This act of kisna will
Ruin all of us.
"Hey nandu, sing your song!"
"Sing a song that touches
My heart."
"Lets' decide whose songs
Are better."
"I'll sing such songs that
You'll have to agree."
"That my songs are better than
Any song can be."
Kisna, the men hunting for you
Inquired about you to me...
I knew you'd be
Here any moment.
We should stay with you for a
couple of days and then move ahead.
No way...!
My orthodox parent-in-laws,
My wife won't welcome you.
They'll throw me out of
Their house.
I've a way out...
We'll stay at your house
And you won't be thrown out.
How's that?
Mother, my husband is
Bringing guests again...
...Now it's his childhood friend
And his wife.
Here they are!
Guests are like gods!
She's so beautiful and fair...
Just like a british!
She is british.
My respects to you.
Touch her feet.
No problem.
She's british, thus ignorant.
Please forgive her...
she'll learn.
She'll learn.
It's a love marriage.
She's the daughter of a british
Officer and he's an indian officer.
As soon as they got the
chance, they got married.
Her father disowned her and
Returned to england.
But she's adapting to hindu ways.
Isn't it?
And her name is gangotri!
How long will they stay here?
Two days...
"come, receive blessings from
Her father."
My respects to you.
Touch his feet.
- Give the trunk to me!
Bless you with a happy
Married life!
May god soon bless you
With a son!
Traditional blessings...
They seem tired, show them
Your room.
I'm giving my all... clothes,
Linen, jewellery, my room!
We're used to sleeping
On the terrace! Isn't it?
I thought you're fast asleep.
Mother sent some milk for you.
Haven't you explained to her
Our customs.
Why don't you explain to her?
Newly weds drink milk...
So that they produce a
Healthy child!
With a glass of milk?
Yes... It does!
Make her understand!
Where are you?
That's so absurd!
It's not absurd, it's our
Don't bother...
Lets' drink the milk!
- What?!
We'll drink it together.
Good night... just go to sleep!
Don't mull over all this.
But I want to drink!
- Why?
I feel like it and not
To produce a child...
The superintendent can't trace
Katherine but jennifer is found.
Not jennifer, I want katherine.
She's my dream girl.
Find her in 24 hours!
But you've promised to
Make me your princess!
Come, I'll fulfill your dream.
Find katherine or you
Won't remain alive.
What's that?
That's a hindu family immersing
The ashes of a late relative...
...ln the ganges.
His soul will attain salvation.
- And...
And he'll achieve his unfulfilled
Wishes in his next birth.
You've any wish?
Told you that white girl spell
Bound him since childhood.
Eloped with her having made
Enemies out of his own family.
Your love has a flaw.
- What flaw?
Your love has no faith.
True love implies faith, patience
And sacrifice. Not jealousy.
Yes, I'm jealous and will remain so.
Jealousy is a part of love.
You always take kisna's side.
Sometimes I feel you're not
My grandpa.
Always consider me in the wrong!
"Hail the supreme mother,
My respects to her."
Swear kisna hasn't come.
I would've explained to him,
He's totally in the wrong!
Alright, look out for him.
Let him know, he has offended
His brother, uncle and family.
Has rebelled, the rascal!
He has put all our lives in danger.
That too for a white girl!
Let our informer know if he
comes here. We'll get to know.
Pray to god that I don't ever
confront my brother.
I can fight with anything in life
Except my brother.
It'll be alright. Stay another day.
Let them move ahead.
Anyway today's gangadashmi and
Also a celebration for lord krishna.
My dear poet, did you write a
song for lord krishna celebration?
I've written a song to the tune
That you were just humming.
Just as I thought! Hey rukmani,
We've a new song.
What's this song about?
"On lord krishna and
His beloved radha."
Who are they?
In india, all lovers are seen
As lord krishna and radha.
Do we get to join in this
It's not safe anywhere except
By the river bank of shivpuri.
But I'll show you the
celebration from here.
"Kisna the lord is all in one
And one in all"
"He's vibrant, a poet, a warrior..."
"He's a lover, a musician..."
"so clever and kind..."
"A king... a commoner..."
"A philosopher..."
"He charms one and all..."
"That's kisna for you..."
"she's deeply in love..."
"she's sleepless in love"
"she's unaware of the world"
"They say she's head over heels
In love"
"On meeting kisna, she forgets
Every other bond in life..."
"she just chants his name
All the time."
"Lives every moment
Of her life for kisna..."
"That's radha for you..."
"she's beautiful in all ways...
By heart, face and mind"
Her love for kisna is
Deeper than the ocean...
"That's radha for you..."
"Bhairo's men have left
Haridwar and reached faizabad."
"They're hunting for both
Of you there."
"Lets' catch the 7 a.m. Train
To delhi."
You take the bus...
We'll reach by horse cart.
Just as I thought!
Are you alright now?
Leaving today...?
Here is a sari and shawl
for you.
What did you like most
In rishikesh?
The ganges...
And... you!
Why me?
"Your love... Your sacrifice.
- What sacrifice?"
Gave me your bedroom and clothes,
Made my stay so memorable.
No big deal...!
It is a big deal. We don't
Do so much...
...That too for a stranger.
"Well, that's india for you...!"
That's why I love india so much
And am sad about leaving it.
I know why you're leaving.
- How...?
My husband nandu can't lie
And I knew it...
That kisna and you aren't married.
Kisna's ensuring that you
Reach home safely...
I stayed quiet because
They're on the right path.
Isn't it?
I liked it that you love
Our hindu ways.
But now I feel sad...
feels like my own sister
Is leaving me.
It's time to leave,
Not to cry.
My life is no life without you...
My life is no life without you...
can I get two tickets for delhi?
- Yes.
What have you done?
If you had informed me earlier
I would have found a way out.
"A huge war like the mahabharata
Will begin between the brothers."
"Your ruthless brother bhairo's
sworn to get them killed!"
"Even luxmi has left in search
Of kisna with vasu."
She's crazy...
Absolutely crazy!
"Tell me something..."
"I discover something new
In you... Every time"
"Either you blush or you tease..."
"Why so different all the time..."
"Why are you so crazy...
crazy girl?"
"Whenever I meet you
My heart misses a beat"
"Why do you play
Hide and seek with me?"
"I feel shy in your presence..."
"so tell me..."
"Why are you so crazy...
crazy boy?"
"When you look out for me..."
"The strands of hair fly
Across your face..."
"When I look into your eyes
I feel special within..."
"Your eyes tease and invite
At the same time..."
"These eyes are bound to make
You feel restless..."
"Every time I think of you...
My heart swells with love"
"Please come back, my love!"
Is it true that kisna and katherine
stayed at your house?
Obviously! Kisna's a childhood
friend of my husband...
But... They...
I'll explain! They enjoyed their stay.
We gave them a separate room.
"They stayed as a married
couple, together."
"Yes, just like lord krishna
And his beloved radha."
Kathy looked just like radha.
And they took a sacred dip in
The ganges, right there.
Where have they gone now?
- Just day before...
Oh, I'm not supposed to
Tell anyone..."
I told you because your
Grandpa is kisna's guru.
Perhaps you don't know...
I'm kisna's to-be-wife.
see, I have chalked out
the route to "Delhi"
But isn't she safe with her mother?
But I worry about
Prince raghuraj's intentions.
On this spot is a guest house
Of a prince...
You stay here...
I may get back to you.
It's just a betrayal.
It's not... I just want to
Marry katherine...
...Want to protect her.
She's your friends' daughter!
Relationships do change.
Don't you trust me?
I don't trust any indian now...
But my mother was british.
My father had married twice.
You're neither british nor indian.
You're a street dog!"
You look angry, but...
Who's there?
My respects to your highness!
I'm kisna.
How did you get here?
I'm their servant's son.
My mother sent me to protect
I like your intentions and thoughts.
Welcome, loyal son of servant!"
Thanks my lord! Can I sit here?
Sit on my head...
I can't commit such a blunder.
A chair will do...
Thank you, I'm very hungry!
Eat as much as you want.
How do you intend taking my
fiance away from me!
My mother says the rich have
Money, strength, army, servants.
But the poor fight the corrupt
Rich with just one asset.
What's that?
A determination.
And you're determined to fight me?
Like this... Lets' go ma'am!
Come on, run!
What happened your highness?
Catch them, you idiot!
Should I call a doctor?
Fire...! Looks like your
Aim has gone bad!
Get out from here!
You've the fate of a loser!
You're pointing a gun to
The saving grace of your destiny?!
That too in this state!
Who did this to you?"
Who are you?
Have you heard of
The cuckoo of india...
"...The famous courtesan
Of lucknow, naima begum."
She's the prince's...
Queen of dreams!
I'm her favourite aide.
My name's jumman masum kishti.
Here's a letter for the prince
from naima begum.
What letter?
Idiot! I'll explain!
"Naima begum is performing tonight
At the palace of nawab shaukat."
A celebration to woo
The beauty naima begum.
Here's the letter for him.
The prince isn't keeping well.
Just mention naima begum
And he'll feel better in no time.
But you are...?
Visit any colourful lane of lucknow
And mention my name, jumman.
They'll kiss your hand!
Is that so?
- But wear your pants...
A few rogues still hang
Here's the letter for the prince.
Okay, I'll deliver this message...
...straight to him.
"It's upto him if he wants
To come!"
Kisna has moved towards faizabad.
I'll skin him alive!
On our way to delhi,
Jumman uncle...!
Don't sweet talk me. Get down!
I did see you getting into my vehicle...
...Escaping from the prince.
I thought I'll sort it out later.
I appreciate... these two
Homeless women... And I...
...Only you can save their lives.
You're famous for your good deeds.
I've been a rascal all my life...
Where did you hear of my good deeds?
He's charming you!
- Yes, I know!
We charm the gods too
In times of crisis, right?
Charming... Tell me your tale.
If your tale is genuine,
Then I'll help you...
...Or else I'll leave you
On the way to faizabad.
Got it... Your story has
Truth and pain as well.
Please explain to them that
They do exactly as I say.
Firstly, I'll take them to the
servant quarters near the palace."
Then whatever allah wishes.
Make them understand!
We understood jumman.
Eh, you didn't tell me that they
speak hindi too.
I hope I didn't blabber!
Thank god, I didn't swear.
There's a celebration tonight
At the nawab's palace.
I can give you shelter
But there's a problem.
The nawab hates the british and
The rogue raghuraj may arrive!
Only one person can save us...
Naima begum!
No worries, I'll take you safely
To delhi tomorrow morning.
Make sure that the guest-room is
Properly embellished, ruksana.
Jumman... Where have you been?
I have been wondering...
This is saira, elder wife of
Nawab akhtar of azamgadh...
This is their daughter nazima
And their son-in-law aslam.
Guests of naima begum are
very important to us.
Make sure that they're taken care of.
Excuse me.
- No problem!
Please introduce us to naima begum!
Wait, I've to check
Her disposition first!
Meanwhile, be at ease.
Why do I hear a falter in
Your voice today?
I'm aware of every
Nuance of your voice.
Very true!
You want to give them shelter
Under my name? Isn't it?
You've nothing to hide,
Instead you should be proud of it.
Actually, they're in deep trouble.
Ali told me the entire story...
I'd like to meet them.
As you wish.
There were a few guests here.
- I don't know.
It's indeed a star studded
The star has arrived!
Naima begum has been asking
for you.
Here I am... Just for her.
Your eye...?
Don't care for anything...
If naima's there...!
You are...?
She's my new wife husna.
You're fortunate nawab sahib.
- Please come in.
Where have they gone?
They're sitting in the women section.
And he...?
He too... At a special place.
What a mess! Oh god... save me!
Problem naima begum!
They've been seated
In separate sections.
The problem is that
Prince raghuraj is here too!
Only the envious make a celebration
You take care of the lovers...
I'll look after the envious.
"Strange is thou veil..."
"Neither you hide, nor you appear..."
"O my love... This veil
Will not let you see this beauty"
"No veil can hide...
...The sparks of beauty..."
"strange is our tale of love..."
"silence spoke all those words"
"I adore thou passion"
"Thank you"
"I'd like to know your intention"
"Just wish to chant your name!"
"You seem like a stranger to me."
"So far... Yet so close to me...
May you be my destiny"
"You seem like a stranger to me."
"I'm not fortunate to have you...
...Yet you seem to be my destiny"
Your highness...
Win the heart of a woman with
Love, not with a gun!
It's a personal matter, stay out
Of it!
What if I don't?
Interesting! My admirer now
Wants my life?
Kill me, but save yourself first.
Thank you kisna!
He's under my custody and you're free.
My prayers to allah for your safety.
"Please leave. Jumman's waiting
Thank you.
There's a limit to
Everything in life.
Don't look at life through
One eye... your highness.
None will dare to stop
Naima's buggy.
Here's some food and water for the
Journey. Lets' leave.
India is a poor country.
But we indians have a big heart!
We survive because of love and
Doesn't matter if we go hungry...!
Hey, why are you crying?
I'll miss you...
My childhood friend.
Don't worry, kisna will take care.
Don't stop, keep moving!
We'll search for your mother
In the morning...
Don't worry, I'll survive.
Don't speak, just sleep.
They're hidden somewhere
In these jungles.
Feels like I'm experiencing
My own death.
Please don't misunderstand.
Do you think I can't perceive?
I dedicated my entire life
To you..."
...And you've betrayed me!
I've not betrayed you.
This is my duty!"
Holding a white girl in your
Arms is your duty!
That's enough!
You're my wife-to-be...
...I expect you to stand by me
Through every ordeal.
I've to ensure that katherine
Reaches delhi safely.
I'm willing to fight
Every battle. It's my duty...
...And my mother's command!
How dare she?!
Pushed you to a perilous
Path without asking me!
I'll turn a widow tomorrow,
Not she!
Saving one girl & making
Another a widow. Is that fair?
I ask you & your mother!
You've lost your mind
In anger.
Assume whatever you want...
...But right now I'm going to
stand by katherine.
Stand by her, die for each other!
We've nothing between us now.
I don't belong to you
Nor you belong to me!
But I leave both of you
With a curse in my heart!!
Luxmi's right...
Please go back to her.
It's my choice!
Don't try to explain to me
What's right or wrong!
Both of you're right.
I'm wrong!"
My decision's to stand by you,
come what may.
Whether I live or die...
This is my decision.
Atleast listen to me.
A bloodstained sword in kisna's
Hands, tables have turned!
You know very well why!
She's the enemy's daughter!
But she isn't the enemy.
She's british!
She's a girl.
Will you kill your own
family for her?
I'll commit a sin.
Hand her over!
That'll be a greater sin!
Think that you're
Arjuna of mahabharata...
...Who fought his brothers?
No, I'm just kisna.
The son of shanta and sriram,
shankar's brother and your nephew.
And you will fight us?
No, but I will protect katherine.
Skin them alive!
Look, I'm going to skin this
White girl alive.
I couldn't help it... he was
Going to kill the girl...
Well done! Now you're
Lord krishna in the truest sense.
Killed your uncle,
Now it's my turn.
Come, kill me with
The same sword.
No, I'm younger to you.
I beg of you..."
Please don't put me through
This ordeal of a dilemma.
You've to decide.
Your brother or that white girl!
Now I'm going to kill her...
...And you will kill me.
And none will interfere!
All of you stay wherever
You are!"
And watch how a younger brother
Kills his elder brother.
No... Please... don't do this!
For mothers' sake... Please!
Leave me!
No... I won't...!
That's enough!
Don't compel me!
Our mother ordered me to protect
This girl whom you intend to kill.
Mother has also commanded me
To fight for justice...
...Even with my own brother!
My death is most likely...
...But you've to stay alive...
...for our mother.
"She'll lose both her sons.
That's unfair on her!"
"Let me go! I beg of you!
For the sake of our mother..."
...Or else it'll be disastrous!
Please don't fight because of me.
India is my birthplace and
I'd rather die here.
Shankar, please kill me!
Heard that?
I won't hesitate even
To slay you now...
I swear upon our mother!
Do you love katherine?
Tell me, do you love her?
Yes, now I do! I love katherine!
Katherine belongs to me!"
I'm taking her away...
Amidst through all here."
I want kisna dead!
"Seasons change...
Time passes by..."
"As days turn into nights...
Moments become memories..."
"Nothing survives forever...
But love."
I'd ordered him to fight
This battle...
...And to protect
That helpless girl.
I'm disappointed with you.
Jealousy has made you crazy!"
Yes, I'm crazy!
Actually, kisna and that
British girl were...
shut up...!
You've no right to say a
Word against my kisna!
Is there a hospital en route
To delhi.
There's a hospital one mile away
But it's in a bloody and gory state.
"Partition! Hindus and muslims
Are killing each other."
Even you should turn back.
"A curfew's declared till 4 o' clock
In paligunj, ghaziabad."
People can resume to normal lives
Between 4 p.m. And 6 p.m.
Mahatma gandhi's appealed
To all hindus and muslims...
"...To stop massacre on the
Issue of partition."
"Stop the vehicle or else
We'll fire!"
Are you a hindu or muslim?
Who's this girl?
I'm kisna.
I'm taking my master's
Daughter to delhi.
Can't you see there's a curfew?
Want to die?
Come on, get out!
999, One less than 1000.
Feels like I've seen this
Jeep before."
"This jeep belongs to
Prince raghuraj!"
What's your name?
Burn him alive.
Stop! Riots are on and
You're travelling...
Who's in this car?
Prince raghuraj!
Your highness, why are you
Here in this mess?
Riots are on between
Hindus and muslims!"
Allah! Such mayhem!
Please reverse your car!"
Your jeep 999 was just here.
"Yes, one less than 1000."
That is...
There was a boy and a white girl!
A boy?
What was his name?
Where have they gone?
- They've just turned towards paligunj.
I want that white girl...
find her.
Stay right here!
Who are you?
Hindu or muslim?
Strip your clothes off!
He's my husband...
He's christian...
His name is john thomas!
How do we believe you?
Now tell me if he's hindu or
He's my husband!
Why do you fight?
It's your country now!
It's your concern.
Let us go, please!
Leave, why are you here?!
Stop here, look, it's that same
British girl, take her along.
But we need to take you only.
Please listen to me.
Hail our motherland!
Please treat her like a lady.
She's my fiance.
I belong only to kisna!
How dare you slap me?!
You are kisna's beloved, eh?
Prior to that, you'll have to be mine.
Are you kisna?
- Yes.
We're from the british india office.
We're very proud of your victory.
Please sign on this paper.
Katherine and jennifer beckett
Believe your life's in danger.
She's reached safely with
someone called jumman.
Thank god...
On their request you've permission
To go to england.
You've to sign on these papers.
And leave for england as a
family member tonight.
Who did all this?
Katherine beckett.
May I meet katherine?
I got the message to travel to
England with you.
This means that we stay with
Each other forever. Isn't it?
We've happened to love
Each other deeply in this journey.
And now this is an inner truth
Of our life.
We're soul mates and will remain
That way forever.
But the real truth of life is that my
fiance luxmi is waiting for me.
And I've to return to her.
I'm committed to her.
I don't understand.
To reach you here was my duty.
Now I've to fulfill my commitment.
I have to go back to luxmi and
Accept this reality of life.
Sometimes even by letting go
Love reaches greater heights...
In separation too we attain a
Greatness in love.
Love does not only mean
Being together.
Parting is also love.
Don't cry.
Sometimes in life we believe
A comma to be a full stop.
A full stop is only at the
End of life.
Our love hasn't ended, it's begun
With this parting.
Take care of yourself.
I've to stay in my
New born country.
You've to go back to your country.
Lets' depart with pride...
When you smile you look
very beautiful...
Just smile once...
That was my kisna...!
And our kisna too.
Yes, yours too...
I'm kisna's youngest son
Karan singh.
Kisna's no more. He passed away
five years ago.
He fulfilled all his duties
And departed.
And luxmi?
My mother luxmi's still with us.
We're two brothers and a sister.
Would you like to meet her?
Recognize me...?
Your son told me...
It's very nice of you to have
come here...
Perhaps I'm still alive because
I had to meet you.
In 1947, after kisna left you in
Delhi, he came back to marry me.
He fulfilled all my dreams.
We raised a family together.
He kept me happy.
But I got a husband and
Not his love.
He loved you... Katherine.
And I got to know he loved
You immensely...
...When he expressed his
Last wish before his death.
...That his ashes be immersed only
At shivpuri's banks of the ganges...
...The place where the two of you
Took a sacred dip...
...And your souls had felt
A divine unity for the first time.
He'd told me about it one day.
We fulfilled his last wish.
We immersed his ashes there...
He merged in the ganges
Of your love forever.
Remember this flute given
By you...?
Kisna would play the same
Tune in solitude...
He would hum a song seated at the
Banks of devprayag.
I felt jealous then...
But now I'm proud of him.
The love of two souls is far greater
Than any kind of love...
...That's what kisna believed.
Having loved and lost, and still
Loving till the end of time... the greatest love...
It's true love.
That was our kisna...!
He loved you so much and
I misunderstood...
Lady katherine williams declared
To open a school here...
...ln the name of
The great person kisna.
This world famous lady said that
The real india lies in villages.
Having heard her story we believe it
More strongly...
...That lord krishna comes
As a kisna time and again...
...And makes us realize the
True value of india.
We discovered a secret part to lady
Katherine's story.
Even now she loves him
The way he did.
She too had got written
In her will that on her demise...
...Her ashes be brought to india...
...And be immersed in the ganges
At the banks of shivpuri.
Our love hasn't ended, it's begun
With this parting.