Kiss and Kill (2017) Movie Script

What a way to end the week.
I swear to God, if I had
to spend one more day
pushing stuff around my desk
pretending to look busy,
I would've actually had to break
down and do some real work.
Come on.
Pushing stuff around
is really work.
I wish Harris
would let me have a job.
It's against his high
standards for trophy wives.
Lucky you.
I wish I could land a guy that just
wanted a pampered trophy wife.
I'd be perfect.
Maybe, but you'd
also get bored...
really bored.
There's no one to talk to
in that big house.
Nothing to do but look
pretty for no one.
Come on, Katy,
you're married,
you have a husband,
he's good looking and rich.
I never see him.
Harris didn't get rich
by hanging around the house.
Harris Fletcher,
king of Fletcher Chemicals.
To Katy... queen of chemicals.
I just wish he would pin
me down to the mattress
a little more, you know?
We haven't had sex
in over a month.
You're kidding me?
It's like I don't even exist.
But do you think he's getting
it from somewhere else?
I hope not.
But I kinda wish I was.
When does King Harris
get back from his little trip?
Tomorrow, noon.
So we have all night.
And you without
your wedding ring.
Come on, it's too expensive
to wear out on the town.
What's this.
It's from that gentleman
at the end of the bar.
You have an admirer.
We should just ignore him.
Are you kidding me?
Slide your pretty
little butt down there
- and introduce yourself.
- What?
No, I... I shouldn't.
What would I say?
How about a thank you.
Thank you for the drink.
- I'm Katy.
- I'm Mark.
Sorry about being so forward,
but I couldn't take the chance
of you two leaving
without giving me an opportunity
to introduce myself first.
I don't normally
accept drinks from strangers.
But we're not strangers anymore.
That's right.
So, Mark, - why me?
I don't know.
Your obviously elegance,
your sophisticated demeanor,
and you're beautiful.
Flattery comes easily
in situations like this.
I just stopped in
on my way home.
All my Friday plans
got cancelled.
That's too bad.
I just came here
to unwind a little.
Wanna get out of here?
Just like that?
I... I shouldn't.
Wait here.
How's it going?
He wants me to go home with him.
And you
without your wedding ring.
Okay, you better
call me tomorrow.
You got it.
Let's go.
Here you go.
House specialty.
Thank you.
I gotta tell you,
I don't normally do this.
You coulda said no.
I could have, and I
should have but...
I didn't want to.
- Surprised?
- Maybe.
It's my favorite vice.
It's dark, fragrant,
and it never disappoints.
Are you talking
about the brandy?
We'll see.
You move pretty fast.
When I see something
I really want,
I don't hold back.
I give everything.
I guess I look at life
the same way.
I kind of admire that kind
of passion in a person.
I like that kind of heat.
I just keep asking myself,
what am I doing here?
You can leave if you want.
And go back to what?
A big empty house?
A big empty bed?
Tonight, I decided...
will be my night,
that I would call the shots.
Tonight's gonna be all about me.
You strike me as
rather sad and lonely.
I'd like to change that
if I could.
So what then, Katy,
would you like to do tonight?
You know, it's funny.
No one's ever
asked me that before.
I think...
that I would like
to make love to you
until every last bit of energy
has been drained
from our bodies.
I love a challenge.
Don't hold back, okay?
Give me everything.
I already told you.
When I see something
I really want.
Katy, you home?
Hello, darling.
Did you just get home?
Yeah, yeah, but I'm in a hurry.
I'm sorry if I woke you.
I didn't know that you were
sleeping in today.
No, it's okay.
I was up late watching TV.
What was it this time?
What were you watching on TV?
Something old.
"Love Story," I think.
I'm already half undressed
if you wanna...?
I wish. I wish but
I have a lot to do.
- How 'bout just a quickie?
- Look, I'm sorry.
I, just came home
to grab a few things.
I have another plane to catch.
You what? You have
a plane to catch?
You... You just walked
through the front door.
I know, I know, but I'm sorry,
but things
on this Wednesday deal
are really starting to heat up
and I can't let them
cool down or I'm sunk.
So you're leaving again?
Right now?
Just as soon as I grab
some papers that I need.
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Don't you want me anymore?
Of course I do.
I just can't stop everything
right now to have sex.
I'm not asking you
to stop everything.
You know what I mean.
when I get back
and things slow down,
I'll take you to Vegas.
I promise.
But I have to run.
Be safe.
What's wrong with me?
Who wouldn't want... this?
Just a minute!
I'm coming.
Good morning, Mrs. Fletcher,
is Harris home?
No, you just missed him.
I thought I could
catch him before he left.
No, he was in a hurry.
In fact, he couldn't
wait to leave.
I'm sorry.
- Mrs. Fletcher...
- Call me Katy.
Mrs. makes me sound so old.
All right, Katy,
and you're anything but old.
In fact, I think you're
absolutely beautiful.
Thank you. Is that for Harris?
It was,
but I guess I'm too late.
You can give it to me
if you want.
I'll make sure that he gets it.
Sure, Katy,
if you really want to.
In fact, I think you
should have a peek inside.
It couldn't hurt.
Why are you being
so mysterious, Jan?
No mystery.
I think it's about to
become crystal clear.
- My God.
- My thoughts exactly.
I couldn't imagine
what Harris would say
if he were to see them.
You can't. You wouldn't.
I could and I am.
You see, I work for Harris
and the Fletcher Company.
My loyalties lie with him.
I like this one.
You're good in bed, Katy,
or so I've heard.
What the hell is this about?
This is about money,
Katy, your money.
I can't believe this.
You're actually blackmailing me?
I don't like the word
blackmail, Katy.
I prefer to think of this as a
marital insurance policy...
one that insures
your cooperation.
What do you want?
I think $6,000
would be a bargain
to keep your marriage
with Harris in good standing.
Pretty sure you have
a prenup that would kick in
if word of your little affair
were to ever get out.
I can't get that kind of money
- without Harris knowing.
- Sure you can.
I'm sure you have some jewelry
around here that you could sell.
Actually, you can
sell it to this guy.
After, say that it was stolen,
your insurance might even
give you money for it,
and we'll be all squared away.
Do we understand each other?
I said, "Do we
understand each other?"
It'll take me a while but...
I understand.
What're you doing?
Think of this as a down payment
to insure your secrecy
and hold me over
until we meet again.
- You mean...?
- Well, let's face it,
I can only tell so much
from these photos.
I wanna see you
up close and personal.
How can you say no?
I can't.
Good, then you
might as well enjoy it.
I'm known to be pretty
good in bed myself.
So how'd it go?
I don't think we have
anything to worry about.
She'll do exactly
what I tell her to.
You sure?
She's done everything
I've asked so far.
And more.
I think she'll follow through.
- She has a lot to lose.
- Good,
but we have to be
very careful with her.
We don't want to push too hard.
We can't afford
to let this one get away.
Don't worry, she's hooked.
Just be careful.
Pity. She was worth a bundle.
I... I didn't think
she would take this way out.
Do you think they could
tie anything to us?
You mean, tie anything
to you, don't you?
No, I don't think so.
- How can you be so sure?
- Easy.
I made sure your
pretty little face
didn't appear
in any of the photos.
No one will ever know
who that other girl was...
except you and me, of course.
This takes everything
to a whole new level.
Not at all.
She was unstable, unpredictable.
- It's not our fault.
- Sure,
but she was a major client
of Fletcher's Chemicals.
I mean,
what if she told someone?
What if she left a note?
I just don't think
it's smart that we continue
targeting people through my job.
Don't be silly. It's perfect.
Besides, the paper didn't
mention anything about a note.
I think she just decided
to hide her shame permanently.
Now it's over.
Time to move on.
did you enjoy watching me
make love to her?
Watching her go down on me?
Not as much as you seemed to.
It's just business, Jan.
Try to remember that.
And that's all it is,
just business.
Yeah? Then,
why are you getting so hard
just talking about it?
'Cause I know know
how wicked you really are.
It wasn't just business for you.
You really wanted her.
- You really took her.
- Yeah.
Just like I'm gonna take you...
right now.
Hello? Is this Adam?
I need to see you.
I have something
I'd like to sell.
You're Adam?
I am.
- Are you Katy?
- Yes.
- I,
- Hey, don't be scared, Katy.
I won't bite you.
I'm here to help... if I can.
I'm not so sure about that.
Look, honey,
I'm here, I'm available,
and I have cash...
and I don't ask
too many questions.
Now let me see what you've got.
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Very nice.
Somebody must love you a lot.
Don't bet on it.
Okay, let's just say,
somebody paid dearly
to have you,
and now you're in
some kind of a spot.
Is that one?
Do you tell fortunes, too?
You wanna sell it or not?
I want to sell it.
I can give you $5,000.
But it's worth ten.
No, to me it isn't.
5,000 is the best I can do.
I really need 6,000.
No can do. Five.
Take it or leave it.
Okay, fine, I'll take it.
Come in the back.
I'll get you your money.
There you go. $5,000.
You have a lot more
money in that bag.
Yeah, but I'm not crazy enough
to spend more money
if I really don't have to.
I really need 6,000.
I feel for you,
Katy, I really do,
but I'm a business man.
- Take off your top.
- What?
I said, "Take off your top."
If I like what I see
and you want
to treat me real nice,
- I'll spot you $1,000.
- You can't be serious?
I'm not a prostitute.
Of course you are not.
Now, come on, Katy, I
don't have all day.
Even nicer
than your diamond necklace.
Now... we'll see how
nice you can be.
I got your message.
You work fast.
So do you.
Does my husband know what
kind of game you're playing?
No, of course not.
He's never around long enough
to suspect anyone of anything,
but you probably know that
better than me.
I suspect
I'm not the first person
- you've done this to.
- Let's not talk shop, Katy.
Do you want to count it?
No, I trust you.
Then can I please have
the pictures?
Not so fast.
You know, I've been
thinking about all of this,
- thinking about it a lot.
- You rotten bitch.
Maybe, but I'm a rotten
bitch with $6,000,
- and I want more.
- I can't believe you.
Do you have any idea what I
had to do to get that money?
Get off your high horse,
You did it once
and you can do it again
to save all of this.
- I know I would.
- What do you want now?
Another little jewelry exchange,
except this time
we can cut out the middleman
and you can just hand it
directly to me.
I could kill you.
I'm sure you hate me
just enough,
but I don't think
you really want to do that.
You see, I'm not in this alone.
Now go.
Fine. Wait here.
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That was quick.
Haha. Now that is a
nice piece of jewelry.
If it were mine,
I would never part with it.
Some things you just
can't put a price on.
I like your thinking, Katy.
Are you happy now?
Yes, very.
- For now.
- Then get out.
I'll be in touch.
Ciao Bella.
- Hey, Mark.
- Well, what's the good word?
I got six grand.
- It's all hundreds.
- That's all right.
We can break it up later.
Did you do
what I told you to do?
Sure, but she wasn't
too happy about it.
She even threatened me.
Who cares?
What's she gonna do now?
she's gonna find another
piece of jewelry
and give it to Adam
for another transaction,
but it's gonna take a few days.
All right.
I guess all we can do is wait.
Yeah. I need to show my face
around the office
a little bit more.
These long lunches,
people are starting
to get suspicious.
Yeah, well, okay.
See you tonight.
With bells on.
Mr. Fletcher.
I thought you were gonna be out
of town for a few more days.
Yeah, so did I, but
everything feel apart
just as quickly
as it had come together.
So it really
was no reason for me
to stay in New York
a moment longer.
- Have you been home?
- No, I,
wanted to come by here
for a while
before dealing with that.
Do you have any messages for me?
I do.
I messages are...
take me right here on the desk.
You naughty girl.
So anything interesting happen
while I was away?
No, you know,
same old same old.
That's too bad.
I was hoping that you
found something new
to spark your interest.
Have you ever done something
that you really regret
and you can't take it back?
Of course.
I mean, after years
of doing business,
I'm sure
that I have done something
that I probably shouldn't have.
How do you deal with it?
How do you live with that?
I am blessed
with a very short memory
and sometimes
a very small conscience.
I just forget
about it and move on.
Must be nice.
Something wrong?
Nothing to worry you about.
Just something I saw
in an old movie.
I left my cell phone
in the living room.
Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Katy, it's mark.
Remember me?
You asshole,
of course I remember you.
Listen, it's not what you think.
We need to meet. It's important.
Can you do that?
My husband is meeting some friends
for drinks in about an hour.
He'll be gone for the evening.
Don't tell anyone about this,
not anyone.
Why, are you cheating
on your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
Trust me.
I'll explain.
Meet me at SeaCliff Lounge
nine o'clock.
Fine, nine o'clock.
Anything important?
No, just another
useless sales call.
Listen, if you're done,
I can clear up the plates.
I know you have to
get ready to go out.
Thanks, doll.
You're the best.
- Please sit down.
- Save it,
you blackmailing son of a bitch.
Katy, you got it all wrong.
I'm being blackmailed, too,
it's not just you.
What're you saying?
I could lose everything.
This girl Jan,
she works for your husband.
She targets people
from his contacts
and then sets them up.
How did she get
those pictures of us?
She must've been shadowing you
and you didn't know it.
I just a lucky extra piece
of the puzzle.
Look at this.
Her last victim is dead,
and I don't think
it's a suicide.
- You think Jan killed her?
- I think that's the final fate
when she's done draining you.
No witnesses.
God, but what... what can we do?
We gotta kill her.
Killer her?
You can't be serious.
It's the only way either of us
will only be free,
and she deserves it.
She murdered that woman,
you know she did,
and she'll kill you, too,
and it'll look
just like a suicide.
This is crazy. I can't do this.
It's our only hope.
Don't you hate her just enough?
I do.
I need an alibi.
So I'll tell you where she is
and I'll give you my gun.
I'll be waiting in the bar here
with plenty of witnesses.
If it ever comes out,
I'll say my gun was stolen.
You go there
and do what you have to do.
Don't leave the gun behind.
We could destroy it later.
Grab the CDs
with the photo files
and get out as fast as you can
and don't touch anything else.
Think you can do it?
I don't know... but I'll try.
Just remember if you don't,
you'll never be rid of her.
She'll ruin everything
you have in life,
your marriage, your home,
your reputation...
and then she'll kill you.
Put this in your purse.
And good luck.
I'll meet you back here.
- Harris?
- Katy.
Katy, Katy, no, no, no!
Can I get you anything?
Vodka martini.
Fuck, what have I done?
Thank you.
Hope you're not planning
to drive yourself home.
No, I'm not. I... When
did you get here?
I guess I got here
around the same time as you.
Did you see Mark?
Mark? Who is that?
He's that guy
from the other night.
Right, the guy you went
home with the other night.
Handsome. Was he any good?
I don't... I don't want
to talk about it.
You're the one
that brought it up.
I just asked if you saw him.
Whoa, Katy, calm down.
Are you in some kind of trouble?
I honestly don't know
if I'm in trouble
or the trouble's finally over.
I'm meeting some friends
next door,
just give me a ring
if you need a ride home.
I won't.
Sorry to bother you, Mrs.
but is Harris still at home?
He was due here in the office
for a 10:00 a.m. meeting,
and there's been no sign of him.
I'm sorry, I just woke up.
- I don't know where he is.
- All right, thank you.
If you see him, would you
please ask him to call in?
Of course.
Just look at you. What a sight.
Almost noon and you're still
only half-dressed.
What happened to you?
Well, I couldn't sit around
in that bar all night, could I?
You had some luck, I take it?
Excellent, Katy,
now our problems are over.
Are they?
Just as soon as you
give me the photos.
We need to destroy these.
We will. When the time's right.
Katy, what you've done for me.
Jan was just not a very
trustworthy partner.
I found out she was holding back
a very expensive bracelet,
yours I believe,
and the ungrateful bitch
was cheating on me
outside of business.
So then it wasn't
just business anymore.
I killed Harris.
I know and that's a shame.
I was planning on blackmailing
him, too, eventually.
He just couldn't
keep it in his pants.
I seriously wonder what Jan did
for him that you couldn't.
Any guesses?
You rotten bastard.
Of course.
And now this has become a
one-man show thanks to you.
But you're rich now,
or you will be.
All we need to make sure is that we're
not linked to a messy double murder.
Well, well, my favorite drink.
Did you know that?
You told me
a couple of nights ago.
So I did.
- Is is too early?
- Under the circumstances?
- No.
- You make a good point.
You know my husband
was the king of chemicals,
It really was no trouble at all,
the poison, that is.
I put it in the brandy.
I knew you couldn't resist.
You're such a pig.
You what?
It's very fast acting.
Or so I'm told.
I'd say you'd
have about 15 minutes
to get to the hospital,
if you hurry, that is.
- Why?
- Do you think I'm stupid?
You give me your gun
to shoot my husband
and you set yourself up
with a perfect alibi
with no alibi for me.
I knew you'd double cross me.
You bitch.
I'll kill you.
It wouldn't bother me at all
to shoot an intruder
in my own home...
especially an intruder that just
killed my husband and his lover.
But, officer,
he must've been
in a jealous rage.
I'd say that you'd have
about 14 minutes now
to get to that hospital, but
you're not moving fast enough.
Hurry, Mark, hurry.
And I lied
about the hospital.
Sgt. Randall
of the metro division
has issued a statement today
concerning the death
of an intruder
in the upscale
Riverside section of town.
The deceased man is suspected
of being involved
in the double murder
that occurred earlier that day
in which the nude bodies
of a man and woman
were found dead by gunshot
wounds in bed together.
Jealously is considered
the motive
although authorities say all
the details are not yet clear.
I think $6,000
would be a bargain.
Your obvious elegance,
your sophisticated demeanor,
and you're beautiful.
When I get back
and things slow down,
I'll take you to Vegas.
Look, honey, I'm here, I'm
available, and I have cash.
Come on, Katy,
you're married, you have a husband,
he's good looking and rich.