Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987) Movie Script

Show'em your underwear if you've got any.
Show'em some more.
And it's clean kinda.
Well she tries.
So you want fashion,
I'm talkin' real glam.
Ooh fabulous! Fabulous!
There she is. Get down.
Beauty. Beauty.
Hollywood is fabulous.
oh that's fabulous
fashion ooh we've got the dress you've
been waiting for yes the best that I
made it's inexpensive
oh it's cheap and wearing that fabulous
creation is Laura
you thought took the trash out last
night you're wrong it's right here on us
today from all you trend yes your mama's
off the rack moving up in the woods
what not bad not bad at all
nice huh very nice and reals I'm not
mistaken oh yeah I'm not gonna nice girl
like you afford such reality I can't oh
yeah well let's not beat around the bush
you didn't buy it couldn't have he
didn't steal it no have the brains and
Christmas well Prague Christmas yet so
where'd you get it the old-fashioned way
women admirer fuck me that's it girl my
admirers the term can be applied so
broadly heading face their own drink hey
see what I mean by get it
Laura Laura Laura what must people think
hearing such a thing I'm only happy your
father isn't around anymore to hear it
he'd blame me of course he always did
whenever you did anything wrong
well my mum so you are there it was just
on my way out the door
I won't keep you only wanted to let you
know about this ad I saw in showbiz
they're looking for a vivacious 25 year
old good looks don't you think one a
patrician the family is more than enough
yes I know the face of a future yeah me
and fifty thousand other fools you mean
it's a good opportunity for you using
perfect Merman but ok ok ok I know one
more thing
shoot it's my birthday on Sunday oh
that's right not that my getting older
is something I enjoyed gloating about I
only wanted to say that your lonely old
mother would greatly appreciate it if
you could possibly get your ass out here
what a mouth I wish you're happy so
you'll come yeah good I'll call you and
Sunday to remind you yeah I think I'll
be able to remember I'll call you anyway
bye dear you've made your mother to the
house I'll be there and please change
that message bye darling
William hi
I always couldn't recognize you very
alluring indeed I'm going up oh shut a
minute have you been fine thank you I
still have you broke upstairs okay fine
if you're free tomorrow night
maybe we can have dinner left then shall
we say Ron six sixes grapes good see you
then what was that a rabbit
there's no rabbits right here must have
been a possum look I know a rabbit when
I see it
must have been a rabbit from someone who
lives around here you hid it
don't worry about it
yeah it's gonna be big
be on the radio soon
strange night huh I'm Nelson blitz jr.
and you are incredible
can I buy you a drink yeah thanks
what's your name Juliet so Julie Julia
what do you do for a living Julie please
listen program will never jail immature
I decide with a commercial scale you
know Honda it's a good job
like it get to get really interesting
how about yourself
I'm rich
where's the line coming right up yeah
that's a dagger of one Victor del Torrio
something like that I don't know it's in
my files I was 171700s it's old it was
a wedding present to his wife I bought
it for my wife she didn't like it it's
Sotheby's from the estate of William
Randolph Hearst care to take a stab at
how much I paid for it
I don't know and not that much how much
make a nice present
twenty-two can i 220 mm I guess not
cheers to us
oh this little piece here I just picked
up 19th century French James Missy James
Prader rot or something like that yeah
it's in the file so I got it all there I
think it's called oh yeah I love my
sister del amor know what that means
yeah the birth of love yeah yeah
supposedly I was reading in the catalog
this is the guy's daughter this is a
pratas Dadar can you believe that he's
he's sculpting her while she danced
around here in the nude that's French
yeah really sick I called her Nancy
she's a beauty really a hot little
number huh
sure is yeah I want you to die someplace
I'm sorry it's okay
um down make you another such klutz
that's not that nothing that don't worry
about it meline today
that was with a twist right uh-huh okay
take long
cheers again cheeks
that's indeed the number - Laura -
Olinsky ta sh o l en s ki
thank you
you're right mr. nice Julia
ah what's up what are you doing here
trouble trouble for what it's a long
story so what else is new
hey big your cat
yeah have you seen Johnny lately
no looking for thought you might know
where he is I lost touch with all those
guys on the way back home where's home
Baltimore Baltimore I'm from Santa Rosa
Chuck Chuck that's right yeah no I think
you've come to the wrong person you've
been in Baltimore too long since the
last time I saw Johnny he was too drunk
to walk
anything else is that the night he gonna
fight with the German I think so the guy
from the pink cats
yeah yeah I remember that pretty funny
he was acting like an asshole and so
finally I realized he just was an
asshole what are the cops want you for
buggers robberies
music stores I guess that's one way to
break into the music business
oh yeah they keep trying it's going
pretty good though
what are your plans if I don't know
get a bank-owned hook up with Johnny get
a bang going get some tapes well I'm
kind of tired okay I'm gonna go to sleep
good night
do you mind if I stay whose name you
thank you very much I have a good
excuse me excuse me look a guy named
Johnny Johnny yeah you tall brunette a
little underweight yep she doesn't work
here anymore
since when look I said he doesn't work
here anymore
okay I thought I was interesting
would you like to hear it all right
Mario is younger than I the weather is
humidity and the salty spray that
splashes up at us bring the cold in
contact with his lips
I tell him take care take care keep your
lips tightly closed don't you see the
keen shaping claws that score your skin
with smarting wounds masterful each time
I hear the words of La Tomo I'm reminded
of my own sad attempts to write poetry I
didn't know you wrote poetry my lesser
virtues shouldn't say that sure it's not
where's this girl Lara Lara Lara my wife
named her after Lara and tip over the
heroine and Doctor Zhivago
that pretentious yarn which was very
much in vogue in Italy when we were
living there
she looks very much like me yes I don't
believe she knows as a matter of fact
she's very much like you
what's up hello remember me
watch them it's a pretty real play stuff
like hey you know Japanese Jerris it's
Jerry's doing it you got Chinese number
listen man I won't put a new band
together no Johnny just some kick ass
drummer how about yourself into it what
do you think Hey oh yeah you're sweet
hey you know one hey take care of
yourself huh oh he's just a magician no
he's in a band
yeah something like that
huh Johnny I'm sleeping why are you
calling here this how are you fucking no
call back
I have a present for you
do you like it Wayne it's beautiful
I really thank you so much Wayne I've
enjoyed your company and it is getting
late though and I did promise something
I made them I really must go if it date
no no it's just an old friend of mine
back in town he's gotten himself in
trouble and I promised I'd help him so I
told him don't tell me you're jealous an
old man like me jealous
why should I be jealous you should have
a boyfriend you're right I should but I
anyway you never mentioned any of your
young men friends before attractive lady
like you should have a boyfriend don't
you remember I meant to ask you about
pretty good huh no it's very nice 17th
century Italian I believe must be wise a
pretty penny where'd you get it it's a
present for my mum how is she
there are well she's very well I enjoyed
so much the last time together the three
of us must get together and we will she
likes you too do you really think
something like this is an appropriate
gift for your mother I know what you
mean I think she'll like it though I
think it's chic be careful I have to
rush boy am i have a wonderful dinner
and wonderful thank you
bye dad
like it's somebody that looks exactly
like you there's almost other earth you
know it does the same thing that you do
I mean if you think about it's possible
you know because there could be another
Sun somewhere there could be like
another planet somewhere that has the
same atmosphere and everything I mean
it's just like it's really possible I've
thought about it a lot since I was
little but anyway that's what they came
up for the explanation because Superman
is anything like he used to be
I mean I'd leap tall early sorry I'm
late so boy not much aren't you going to
introduce me to your friend yeah all
good Chirk cherokee hello did you hear
from Johnny no look I used to work at
this place our industries don't buy that
I'm calling everyone just change their
names there are parallel universe maybe
they went to the Hamptons Tina but he
could never fly I mean he could leap
tall buildings in a single bound and he
could like that faster than a speeding
bullet in you know all of a sudden he'd
the flying and it just wasn't right it
didn't you know they had to come up with
all this like explanations and
everything about its origin it just dude
like Josh do you want to stay at my
why don't you say so no don't be so
proud SID no if you don't want me to
stay there it's tough to deal to me you
know y'all got to hook up a band with
John you know Johnny
johnny is a loser
I'll make a deal with you you get
yourself a job and you can stay at my
place just think about it don't think
about it don't strain yourself where are
you going
I'm sorry I I saw you coming home so I
thought perhaps with Mack oh no no no
come on
okay just for a second it's just a deer
you forgot something
face cadet do you want sit down
who's your friend not here I don't know
did you buy no no not exactly
it's an old family piece do you want to
hear some music I haven't planned on
this thing really it's it's alright well
good night my dear
good night
on it
watch out Johnny there's somebody to see
you Johnny there's some guy here to see
hey Ben all right uh one beer
yeah cool well you wanna go get some
that please yeah good old Syd and you
still playing I still playing yeah yeah
I'm still playing not that guitar though
you know what I'm saying why don't you
do some money
what do you mean I give you money
yesterday I gave you a 50 you gave me a
tell me I gave you a 20 I know what I
gave you I gave you a 50 I gave you a 50
Rebecca what'd you do with the rest of
the money go get your own beer well I
don't feel like it all right so we don't
want have any beer that's all I was fine
with me see that he doesn't want any
are you back in town now yeah I want to
hook up a new bed
you just said a new van yeah uh no well
you think Rebecca you want to start a
new band huh
wouldn't that be great
maybe Lizzy could be the lead singer
right huh listen hey come on hey we need
a microphone okay great what did pick my
clothes off good
oh why don't we want to be a drummer
yeah yeah yeah you could be the kick ass
drummer you could be your kick ass
drummer huh well there's your big
audition for Syd what I'm just kidding
just just plain
by letting my favorite part
I love it
Lord says low
excuse me can I speak to the manager
that's why I don't remember I don't
remember exactly why they I they were
living someplace in London and I don't
know why they left but anyway when she
they kicked her out of the school
because you know remember this at all
and he kicked her out of school
yeah I can't man where I know yeah she's
going to some fancy school bitch since
she couldn't speak any English and she
couldn't speak any French there was some
kind of a problem it's in line now a lot
of Islam
yeah right yeah what about the little
metal ions are different
oh very fresh can I get a go to plans
yeah I could be you man and the oven
Jesus all I'm again but I'd like that
royal please keeping onto the side
slightly browned and vegetable of the
day is peas and carrots
excuse me I've broken my perfume listen
to me do not call me Laura I'm Andrea
don't even think about it don't know me
sounds exciting you want to tell me what
this all about it was that guy you're
with anyway an admirer I'll explain it
to you later okay
don't blow it okay I'm Draya can't wait
my name is sue I'll be your waitress
this evening
I'm ready are you ready what a lovely
I have a girlfriend named Andrea how
about some wine really
yes what are you recommended a white
well we have a lovely house wine it's
dried delicate not too bitter yes I will
try a carafe of that I think you'll
really like that and I'll start with the
lobster bisque oh very good choice now
if you need anything else don't hesitate
thank you awfully friendly
don't you hate shaving waitress just
seems all right so really from England
four years in Switzerland High School on
to Harvard
usual route what do you think of the
show some good work definitely it
reminded me a little bit of a dark
morandi exhibition I'd seen in Milano
several years ago Ronde I say let's
Miranti then dig on actually
good pick up the phone it's Laura pick
up the phone pick up the phone damn it
that's enough
let it go
at the dissenter
most people don't know how much money is
cabby sky but crooks know what happened
to am/pm that was a good club I used to
take these chicks home at 5 at 6:00
maybe I shouldn't tell you I'm on this
club and ain't got no name
there's no sign nothing
have you ever been there
you gotta have some fun tonight am i
I don't know you but there are people
who want to rip you off I carry a lot of
money sometimes they try to rip me off I
don't say nothing
hello William
know what to say finds me something
Heraclitus once wrote Athos as diamond
which means the person's character is
diamond in other words your way of life
is your guardian angel is this a sermon
by no means I just mean to say that
there is a reason for everything that
happens to us for instance you said
these things started to happen right
about the time of your friend appeared
and it's got nothing to do with this how
well do you know this Sid can you trust
him you've known him for years you'd
never do anything like that to me one
thing you must learn Laura you can never
trust anyone
fucking bitch
you shouldn't remove the storms until
after the game is over
now what they're saying is nature on the
other hand is just as content - I can do
this though exactly
nature on the other hand is just as
content to destroy us to create what is
known as nature's and more correctly be
known as chaos which is just a more
comfortable word for it you're getting
too good a rabbit Spinoza you know is
that come here
can I hold him with one you know
probably you would have care - you could
stay the night you bit me I think I'd
rather get going I'm fine now
as you wish it's bit shaken up before
but uh sure it was nothing anyway ah my
imagination it's cute ah
you bit me again I want you to know you
can always come to me whenever you like
thanks you look lovely
good night Laura Laura Laura
he's staring at me for
you finished it let's go see is that too
bad you know what you got quite a
collection of shit
hey hey Bridget what name you can use
you went to my closets you scared me for
a second well you should know that I
don't fuck anybody somebody picks me up
dropping Mickey I take what I like
pretty good yeah if they drink uh beats
being a dishwasher you really did get a
job yeah
dishwasher now huh that's so sweet
you're not as bad as I thought you were
is that way about the champagne yeah
hello it's your mother
hi mum
you're doing a sleep Soleil or do you
want a new figure forgot what it's my
birthday I knew you would today
co-come of course I'll come what time do
you want me to be there for you I even
got you a little present
somebody's at the door
one of my many admirers no doubt happy
what was that
that was my mother
it's her birthday there and she wants me
to come you want to come yeah she won't
bite you not into mom's sounds they're
gonna go to work itself sure what's this
my present you think she'll like do you
like it Sydney Maya
what happened I don't really know myself
I'm just relaying a message she asked me
to call you meet her at the parking lot
of the Convention Center as soon as
possible I hope she's all right
she'd be waiting for you
right never mind I won't be needing you
I'm gonna be taking a trip drink drive
no way wait I can't get in trust me I
find another book for you
cut the prayer and from the air with the
eye shears hope its fingers off the
death you still owe me I carry it out
I love you Laura
I know it sounds ludicrous I know you
must be surprised even embarrassed
please don't be I'm tired of hiding my
feelings for you what are you thinking
about my dear my love frightened you
I understand it's frightened me it's
frightened me ever since I realized my
little girl and turned into a woman ever
since I realized I was in love he killed
her she couldn't understand
she said all kinds of ugly things if she
said I was insane she said she was
calling the police
stay away don't make me William please