Kiss of Death (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
[siren blaring in distance]
[man] Mm.
Hi, Senator.
You've kept me waiting.
[man] Sorry.
What gets you in the mood?
I'm always in the mood.
Turn around.
-What? -No.
No foreplay either?
-I booked you for the night. -[woman] Mm.
Well, there's much to enjoy.
[dramatic music continues]
-[suspenseful music playing] -[both grunting]
[man groans]
[dramatic music playing]
[rock music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[dramatic music playing]
What happened to your arm?
What? Oh, that was just from working out with Lady.
How'd it go tonight?
It went great.
You know, I got a lot of photographs
I know the magazine will like.
That's funny 'cause you left your camera here.
Party was over three hours ago.
Yeah, well, I went out with Lady afterwards.
And I have a lot of cameras, Jamieson. I'm a photographer.
[dramatic music continues]
-Where are you going? -[Jamieson] Couch.
[dramatic music continues]
[clock ticking]
[suspenseful music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[woman] Marriage counseling can be tough.
It's where you get really honest with one another.
That's the problem, Mary.
She can't get honest.
Lately, all she does is lie.
[scoffs] Lie.
There he goes with the word lie.
All I do is work,
he's the one always accusing me of cheating with other men.
Jamieson, what reasons do you have
that suggest Mykah is cheating?
She's out all hours of the night.
She lies about who she's with or where she goes.
Let's reframe that
in the "I feel" statements.
I feel she's out all hours of the night.
I feel she lies about where she goes.
I feel she lies about who she's with.
And I feel he's not understanding...
because I tell him all the time
I work parties that run late.
And he blows a gasket
if I don't tell him exactly what he wants to hear.
You see right there? And that's the problem.
She thinks she's making it easier
but she's just making it worse,
and I tell her that.
-She won't stop. -Because you won't stop.
Okay, you two.
New assignment. This might help.
I want you two to get to know each other all over again.
Share intimate details with one another.
There's a pamphlet that will help guide you.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mykah sighs]
Developing story on Senator Thomas Knox's
apparent suicide, here's Alison Saunders with more.
[Alison] About a dozen... [voice fades]
Anything helpful in there?
Mm, bunch of "What would you do?"
you know, "Have you ever?" Stuff like that.
Oh, okay.
I mean, it'll be nice getting to know you better, right?
Although, I feel like we know each other, don't you?
Not lately.
Truthfully, I don't really know what's been going on in your head.
[Alison] Thomas Knox was a prominent attorney in Miami
who recently put his bid in for the senate race.
Although he was acquitted of molestation charges
less than 24 hours ago,
he was found dead in an apparent suicide by hanging.
Authorities have been on the scene
since early this morning.
You got somewhere to be?
Yeah, I, uh, have an interview.
An interview? For what?
Coaching men's basketball down at the university.
Maybe they'll want an NBA player on their staff.
I didn't know you were considering taking a job.
[Jamieson] I wasn't, but I figured
I should probably bring in an income for myself
in case something was to happen between us.
Things haven't been good between us for a while now, Mykah.
Happen to us like what?
Like some time apart.
-[Mykah] Fuck! -Watch out, watch out.
Stop. Move, move, move.
You're gonna cut yourself. Stop, stop.
[sighs] Jamieson,
I'm gonna try to be home more often. I swear.
Baby, what happened last night won't happen again.
Stop. Stop with these broken promises, okay?
They're not gonna fix anything.
But I'm not cheating on you, Jamieson.
And what about Malia if you take this job?
What about her? Hmm?
I've been a stay-at-home father this entire time, okay?
She's 16, about to go to college.
I have to protect myself.
I don't know, Mykah. It's like...
It's like we don't work anymore.
And I feel like we're just losing our reason
to even stay together.
It just don't...
Malia, sweetie.
Do you want something to eat?
Hmm, nah.
-Daddy? -[Jamieson] Yes?
Can I go on a date Friday night?
-Sure. -No.
Absolutely not.
I told you you're not dating
until after you graduate next year.
And that boy Marcus, he's too fast for you.
[scoffs] You know, you're practically married at my age.
Okay, listen.
College, then career,
and then we talk marriage for you.
Dad, can we go?
Let's get out of here.
We'll talk.
Come on, sweetie. Let's go.
[man on TV indistinct]
[upbeat music playing]
[door closes]
I know you're a fighter
Face it like a warrior
Ain't gonna let me touch you, huh?
I know you're a fighter
Face it like a warrior
What's got you all riled up today?
Why were you at the house the other day?
You know I was trying to use you as an alibi, right?
I just wanna visit my family.
You know, Jamieson is a spoiled husband.
He gets to stay home
while you risk your life
trying to make this world a better place.
You act like I'm some kind of super hero or somethin'.
I know you're a fighter
We both know what I am.
All right. That's it.
That's how you tell me I'm getting too old for this.
Oh, shit.
Set 'em up...
That's payment on Knox.
It should pay for Malia's college
and afford you some time at home with Jamieson.
It's all the stuff you've been talking about.
That's your next job.
Lady, but I think Knox was my last one.
-You can't be serious. -I am.
Listen, I'm on the verge of losing my husband.
and I can't keep risking my marriage.
It's not worth it.
You did a righteous kill on Knox.
He was a low down dirty son of a bitch who liked to hurt kids.
The wife was fed up and put a quarter on his head.
Now, this new mark is just as bad.
It's at least worth a look.
I can't, Lady.
Jamieson and Malia are everything to me.
Are you forgetting why we do this?
These women have nowhere else to turn
by the time they get to us.
Women who are abused with no one to save 'em,
they end up dead like your mother.
You know I understand that more than you know.
You just need a break.
Take one after this job.
It's not about that.
I gotta stop somewhere and-and this was it.
Knox was the last one.
Look, I gotta go.
All right.
Will you think about it?
Yeah. I'll try to take no for an answer,
but change your mind...
Look, I'll invite you over for dinner soon, okay?
All right.
[upbeat music playing]
[camera shutter clicking]
Hands up drop it down, pick it up
Follow me I can show you how to live it up
How to find a nigga make you wanna give it up?
How I do it make 'em wanna take a video?
Yeah, you make me
Wanna get comfortable, yeah
My home girl...
It came out so great. You look beautiful.
Come this way.
So I will be sending you a link,
so you can select out your favorites.
So listen. You did incredible today.
-I'm so proud of you. -Thank you.
You did so great.
All right. I'll see you around.
Hi. Can I help you?
I, um...
I want you to kill my husband.
[scoffs] Excuse me?
I think I have the right office, Mykah Jones?
Where are you getting your information from?
I have a friend that you helped.
That's 250,000.
You get the other half when he's dead.
I doubled the amount for your trouble.
Who's your friend?
Lillian Knox, the late senator's wife.
What is this? You're some kind of police?
'Cause I don't just kill people.
No. I'm not with the police.
I'm terrified of my husband.
I have no way out.
I was told that you help women like me.
Take the jacket off.
[soft chuckle] Excuse me?
You heard me. Take your jacket off
and the hat too.
-Let's go. -Whatever you say.
I'm not wearing a wire
if that's what you're looking for.
All right. Put your jacket on.
Who are you?
I'm Chauntell LaRue.
You're married to Dyson?
Do you have any idea, not what, but who you're married to?
Everyone knows who Dyson LaRue is.
That's why I'm here.
You know how to kill powerful men like him without a trace.
No. No, no, no.
I don't know what you've heard, but...
I don't just kill people.
Only men that the abused can't run from, right?
Well, I can't run from a man like him.
He's a monster.
I... I won't do it.
It's too risky, and I can't take that chance.
What's this?
[Chauntell] I'm so sorry to have to do this, but...
I really can't take no for an answer.
Where did you get these?
Nanny camera Lillian planted
to catch Thomas with his prostitutes.
Lillian's a close friend.
We'll be discreet.
You won't share these.
If you don't take this job,
we'll take our chances with the police.
Once Knox's people find out what you did,
don't you think they'll come after your whole family?
You're playing a very dangerous game.
I wouldn't play if I wasn't desperate.
I want the originals, and I want all the copies.
And I want that goddamn nanny camera too.
Yes. Yes, of course.
After the job is done.
And I'm still willing to pay you the $500,000.
I'll be in touch.
Twenty-four hours is all I can offer you.
It's my life on the line.
[suspenseful music playing]
where you at?
[Lady] Give me a sec.
I'm in the kitchen,
and I got you a little somethin'.
That's your favorite...
'cause I know what you like.
So listen, I gotta talk to you about somethin'.
I'm in some shit, and I need your help.
I'm caught on camera.
What are you talking about?
Chauntell LaRue.
She stopped by my studio, and it wasn't about photography.
Here's what she got on me.
Damn. [scoffs]
Yeah. Them niggas crazy.
That family makes folks disappear faster than you.
She offered me 500K to kill her husband.
Well, they already got the deets on your family so,
you gotta do this one.
And you're more than capable of doing LaRue.
No. I want out.
I want out this game.
Dyson is never alone.
Anytime you see him, you see one of his thugs.
And that businessman stuff, it's a front.
Yeah. I kinda figured that.
That means I gotta work him. That means I'll have to get intimate.
-And I don't wanna take that time away from Jamieson. -[Lady] No, no, no.
Go to Dyson, tell him you wanna take pictures for a magazine.
And you use a real magazine.
They'll never suspect you.
[sighs] I don't know, Lady. I gotta think about it.
Well, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.
Better off if you do.
Become his lover,
give him that last kiss of death,
then it's lights out.
All right. You're right.
Kiss of death?
Kiss of death.
Got this.
[upbeat music playing]
[singing in Spanish]
[Mykah] Okay, okay. No, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
Maybe you're just getting old. [chuckles]
Think fast.
-What was that? -I told you to anticipate the moves of others.
You know this. I taught you this.
[chuckles] Okay.
That was good.
I'm feeling hot.
It's very hot.
Have you been watching your surroundings
the way I taught you?
Seen anything out of the ordinary?
Like you and Dad?
-Okay. -Sorry.
Are you two getting a divorce?
A divorce?
Where did you get that from?
I hear you guys fighting all the time.
Okay, Malia. Listen, couples have disagreements all the time.
It doesn't mean they're getting a divorce.
If you say so.
Baby, listen.
You know I'll always be there for you, right?
You know that, don't you?
I know.
And Dad's always there for me too.
Can you guys just be there for each other?
But we are, sweetie.
Right. But...
I don't know. Dad is just so upset.
And with you always being gone, he just feels like--
And you need to stop
eavesdropping on your father and I.
Okay. So what, I've been eavesdropping?
It's because I care.
Yeah. Okay. [chuckles]
You care. Okay.
Baby, we're always gonna be a family.
Now and forever you're stuck with me. [chuckles]
We're stuck with each other, I promise you that.
Can we get ice cream now?
Ice cream. Yeah-- No, I don't think so.
We gotta finish this workout.
-What? -Let's go.
-No excuses. -But I'm tired.
No excuses.
[suspenseful music playing]
Find anything?
-No. -Yeah. And you won't...
because I'm not cheating on you, Jamieson.
Mykah, I wanna believe you so bad,
but I just don't.
All right. So then believe me
because there's nothing going on.
How am I supposed to believe you?
You're out all hours of the night.
And I'm sorry about the late nights,
but this Limelight Magazine, it calls for the party scenes.
Okay, cool. Listen, I can understand that,
but it's the lies, Mykah.
The lies are something I can't get down with.
I shouldn't have lied to you,
but I was just trying to keep the tension down.
I thought telling you I was with Lady would make you feel better.
How about you just shoot it to me straight, okay?
Risk a fight, or a tension, or not liking what I say,
but just keep it real with me.
I will. I will, okay?
I promise from now on.
I love you.
I love you too.
Now, can I have my camera?
I have a shoot today.
[soft chuckle]
What are you doing here?
It's been 24 hours.
I need your decision.
I'm desperate. I can't keep living like this.
Do you really think you're gonna waltz in here
and no one knows where you are?
My guard sneaks off to see his girlfriend.
I'm free for a moment, but only a moment.
Will you take the job?
It's gonna cost you one mil, not 500,000.
Plus, I want the nanny camera and all copies of the photos,
and any information that you and Knox have collected on me.
One million?
Do you want him gone or not?
Consider it done.
I'll get you the other 750 when the job is done.
And thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank me when this is done.
Now you should get out of here and never come back, ever.
And I will contact you when it's time to meet.
Okay. Okay. I understand.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Jamieson] You're looking nice.
Where are you sneaking off to tonight, ma'am?
-I'm not sneaking off anywhere. -Hmm.
[Mykah] I'm headed to Dyson LaRue's lounge.
I have a fight party I have to shoot.
Dyson LaRue? How'd you get mixed up with a guy like Dyson LaRue?
He's a new client.
What do you know about him anyways?
A lot.
Him and his family are these crooks
posing as good businessmen.
You know those are real-life gangsters?
-[laughs] -No, you're not goin'. It's not funny.
Okay, Jamieson, I can handle myself.
Look, I gotta go but...
I won't be home late, okay?
All right. Look, I'll go with you, all right?
No. I don't need my insecure husband
tagging along on business.
Insecure husband?
I just told you I'm working.
All right. Prove it.
Look, I'll go get dressed, be a minute or two.
I'll be there in case anything goes down.
No, you're not going with me.
-What? -Stop being insecure.
Stop acting like you're hidin' something.
I'm not hiding anything! I'm working!
You're not working all hours of the night!
I'm not stupid.
Yo, you're not going with me.
-End of story. -Fine.
Go ahead, Mykah. Have a blast.
And don't call me when stuff goes down, all right?
-Yeah. Well, I'll be fine. -I'm sure you will.
-[Mykah] Whatever. -Have fun.
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Whoo!
[man grunts]
[Dyson] Kip, what the hell are you doin'?
Why you bring this in my spot?
He tried to jack my shipment.
You mean my shipment, my kilos?
-Right. -Right.
So what you bring him in here for?
It was loud tonight, so I figured I...
You figured?
You don't think. I think.
Dyson, listen, he almost ready to talk.
Somebody told him about the shipment.
Ain't you ready to talk?
I don't have time for this shit.
So I'm handling it.
You're not handling it the way I like it.
You've made a mess in here.
What you want me to do with him, cut him loose?
Hell no. He tried to steal a whole truck from me.
Take him somewhere else.
Get the information out of him.
You kill him and them.
[upbeat music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
I will find you
I will find you
I will find you
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for
You gonna sit there with a frown all night?
You could have stayed at home for that.
You wanted me here. I'm here.
I wanted you to at least pretend to enjoy yourself.
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for...
I am enjoying myself.
You wanna dance?
You don't never wanna do nothing.
So let's not let the night go to waste
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for at this moment
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for
And I will find you
I will find you
I will find you
I will find you
I will find you
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for
What are you waiting for?
I'm gonna go to the restroom.
Tell me what you're waiting for
What are you waiting for?
Tell me what you're waiting for at this moment
-[Mykah] Ooh. -My bad.
It's all right. [chuckles]
It's fine.
Um, I'm gonna use the ladies' room.
I'll show you where.
Um, I can find my way. Don't worry.
I'm not gonna run off with these.
I will find you
Malia. [clears throat] What are you doing up?
I couldn't sleep.
I was worried about you.
Listen, sweetheart,
relationships can be difficult, okay?
But you don't have to worry about anything.
But I heard you and Mom fighting again.
I don't know, I... I just don't want you guys to get a divorce.
Your mother and I, we're going through a tough time, okay?
But we're working through it.
You just gotta trust me that I won't let anything
happen to you or this family.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, sweetie.
[upbeat music playing]
Thank God, you're here.
You're getting cozy with Dyson pretty quick.
I need to get comfortable with him in order to do my job.
What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.
[Chauntell] I'm sorry. I got nervous.
It's all right.
Just stay calm, and please don't talk to me.
Of course not.
Are you killing him tonight?
Are you crazy?
Keep your voice down.
[stall door closes]
[Chauntell retching]
Are you okay?
You're pregnant, aren't you?
[toilet flushing]
Does Dyson know?
It'll be done but not soon.
I need to get closer to him than just a dance.
And for the record, just... just stay out of the way.
Or you'll get us both killed.
I'm a prisoner, by the way.
Not jealous.
[upbeat music playing]
-Hey. -Hey.
-You all right? -I'm fine.
But my shoes not so much.
So what's your name?
I'm Mykah.
I'm Dyson LaRue, sweetheart.
I know who you are.
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.
Who you here with?
I'm by myself.
Well, I'm also here with Limelight Magazine
and I was thinking, I would really love
to shoot a photo spread for this amazing lounge.
-Yeah? -Yes.
I can get some really great shots in here.
You got a business card?
Of course.
All right.
We'll have to set up some time to show you around
so you can get some photos.
I would really love that.
[upbeat music playing]
[whispering indistinct
I'll be in touch.
Sorry again about the shoes.
[footsteps approaching]
It's 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. You're still sleeping.
I can't believe I was asleep so late.
Yeah. That's what happens when you're out all night.
I told you I was working.
Everything was good?
Everything was fine.
-Nothing went down? -No.
Everything was very nice and very professional.
-Hmm, professional. -Mm-hm.
You know gangsters know how to put on a show, right?
-Yeah. -Yeah. You need to be careful.
So, do we have the house to ourselves?
You know, I was thinking about last night.
I'm sorry I accused you.
I don't know what happened or what got into me.
I just... thoughts get in my head and...
Okay, baby. Listen, listen, listen.
I didn't mean for it to come off the way it sounded, okay?
I know I'm asking a lot of trust from you,
but you need to believe me, all right?
I'm not cheating on you, and everything is fine.
You have to know that I love you.
[dramatic music playing]
Mm-mm. Mm...
Mykah, I can't. I can't.
Oh, come on. Just...
My flight leaves at 9:45
You can meet me outside
The airport in the Porsche
Baby, I've been waiting all night
All day, I hope you got
A reservation set an appetite
'Cause I'm about to be
The dessert you're about to eat
As soon as we leave I need a hotel room
And I hope you brought... [song fades out]
[Dyson] Sorry about your shoes.
Hope these will suffice as a suitable replacement.
Call me, and I'll apologize direct.
This is gorgeous.
[dramatic music playing]
[Jamieson] The fuck is she doing?
Where are you going?
[car engine revving]
[dramatic music playing]
-[Mykah] Hey, you. -[Dyson] Wow.
You look amazing.
-How you been? -Good.
It's good to see you.
[dramatic music continues]
So... [sighs] we're alone?
Just you and me. Oh, and James,
but he'll be leaving soon.
I was warned not to get too close to you.
For real?
So how does your husband feel about you being here
against the advice of others?
You checking on me?
I did my research.
So where does Jamieson think you are right now?
And since I'm trying to seal the deal
on using your upscale lounge for Limelight Magazine,
it's not untrue.
Oh, I think you'll seal the deal.
I'm looking forward to see you work.
Dig in.
-You cooked this? -[Dyson] Yeah.
The flavor is in the marinade.
It's my special mix.
Oh, really? You don't say.
Well, if that's the case,
I'm impressed.
Well, so am I.
Finished college as a mother,
got your own business.
You did it all as an orphan.
You weren't kidding about doing your research on me.
I had to ask the streets about you
before we could break bread.
Sorry about your parents.
Must be tough knowing that the killer is still on the loose.
[tense music playing]
That's the last time I'm telling you!
[indistinct shouting]
That was a murder-suicide.
The killer is dead.
You can't go to dinner with a woman
without knowing her life story?
[Dyson scoffs] Apparently not, Mykah Jones.
[Mykah chuckles]
And it was a double homicide.
I'm sure of it.
So where's your wife?
Does she know your whereabouts?
She won't be busting in here and hemming you up,
if that's what you're worried about.
Not at all, but you sure about that?
I know where she at.
Yeah, I bet.
But I do have a little hideaway
where you and I can spend some time if interested.
Unless you think
Jamieson is keeping tabs on you.
No. My husband wouldn't do that to me,
which is why I...
can do whatever...
I want.
Hmm. Okay. I like the sound of that.
Hmm. I'm sure. [laughs]
[Dyson] How did you like the dinner?
-Oh, it was so good. Yeah. -Hmm?
-I'm glad you like it. -Mm-hm.
-You should cook more often. -Oh, we'll see.
-Oh, I haven't seen anything? -Yeah.
That kind of night, huh?
-That kind of night. -[chuckles]
[sensual music playing]
You have such great taste.
Thank you.
We got a problem.
Looks like I'm gonna have to cut dinner short.
Kip, take her home.
All right. Bet. I'll pull a van around for her.
[Dyson] All right.
Hit me up tomorrow.
[crickets chirping]
A kidnapper van?
I'm not getting in this.
Ain't got no choice.
Are you serious?
Get in the van.
-Seatbelt. Safety first, right? -[car engine revving]
[dramatic music playing]
You shouldn't be too into Dyson. He's married.
Plus, his wife look way better than you.
[soft chuckle] That's how you feel?
Okay. Should I tell him you've been looking at his wife?
Nah. You keep that to yourself.
You know, that's real bad for business.
Chill out, man. I'm one of her bodyguards.
I do my job and that's it.
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
Stop. You could pull over right here.
We already know where you live.
Just stop and let me get out.
you don't want your husband to see you,
'cause he don't know where you've been all day.
Do it now.
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] Hey, girl.
Where do you think you're going?
Come on.
[intense music playing]
[grunting, groaning]
[grunting, groaning]
[Mykah] Piece of shit.
Oh, my God. Jamieson.
Jamie... [sighs]
I'm done with you.
I'm done with you.
-I want a divorce. -[Mykah] A divorce?
What are you talking...?
[door slams]
-Leave her alone. -I just wanna talk to her.
-[Jamieson] No. -She seems upset.
I'll talk to her
-when you're gone. -Gone?
It's not just my insecure imagination anymore, Mykah.
I know what I saw.
I know who you really are now.
Saw? What are you-- Jamieson.
Oh, my-- I can explain everything to you.
-You're a liar! -I'm not lying to you--
You're a liar and a cheater,
and I don't wanna hear shit you ever have
to say ever again.
I have said it a thousand times, Jamieson.
-I am not cheating on you. -Mm-mm. Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
You wanna be free? Well, go. You got your freedom.
I don't wanna be free from you, Jamieson.
-You know that I love you. -Love me?
Love me? Love me? I saw you kissing another man.
-That's not what you think. -Oh, I know what I saw.
Go. Just go!
-Where am I supposed to go? -I don't know, Mykah.
Wherever it is you go when you're out late at night,
but it ain't here.
But you're making a mistake.
[dramatic music playing]
[Lady] It's gonna be all right.
He'll come around.
No, Lady.
I thought he knew the truth, the whole truth,
and I can't have Jamieson find out.
Well, Jamieson doesn't know anything,
but you need to be concerned about what Dyson knows.
So you gotta finish this job.
Then we'll cover our tracks, and you'll be out.
I almost had him...
but it's really hard to get him alone.
Lure him with sex.
That'll get him alone.
Yeah. I know.
You can use the breakup with Jamieson
to get closer to Dyson.
Go shack up.
Get in and get out the first night.
And don't pull yourself together.
Let him see you're vulnerable.
Then he'll let down his guard.
Oh, his guard's already up.
He confronted me with my whole life story.
He had it all, except about my parents.
And he thinks there's still a killer on the loose.
Well, he got that all wrong.
-[Mykah] Yeah. -When do you see him again?
I'm supposed to see him today at the lounge.
Don't leave his side until he's dead.
-Okay? -Yeah.
[car lock beeps]
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, Mom.
Thanks for meeting with me.
Your hair looks beautiful.
Where is your father?
He's at practice.
Honestly, I just think he needs some time.
I don't have time, Malia.
And that's why I have to speak to your father, okay,
because he misunderstood everything.
What you did was a pretty big deal, Mom.
How could you?
It's complicated, baby, okay?
It's bigger than that. You guys don't understand.
Okay. Well, Dad doesn't want you here, okay?
You cheated on him and lied to the both of us.
I'm not cheating on your father, Malia.
All right?
You need to understand that, and him too.
That's why I have to speak to him,
because I'm gonna fix this.
I promise you.
Don't you trust me?
Trust you?
Dad is the only one I trust.
I have to go.
[Mykah sobs] Dyson.
Mykah, you're early.
What's wrong?
My husband put me out,
and I don't-- I don't know where to go.
He's leaving me, and my daughter, and just...
Calm down.
It's gonna be all right.
Go to the ladies' room and wash your face.
All right.
[suspenseful music playing]
Dyson, what are you doing?
-What now? -You missed church.
I'm not for that Church shit you on.
I thought we agreed to keep up appearances for each other.
You don't like me, and I can't stand you.
We both like money, so you show up
when I tell you to and I'll do me.
[Chauntell] Oh, I can't believe I married somebody like you.
What you wanna do about our marriage, Chauntell?
[Chauntell scoffs] What can I do?
You can have a divorce.
[Chauntell] Like you'd really let me go.
I can let you go... with nothing.
Nothing? [scoffs]
I helped start this lounge.
I helped make your public image.
-Shit, I made-- -You made what?
You made me?
Nah, you ain't make me. I made you.
You've been so arrogant since I took you out the hood
and put you in a mansion, gave you my last name,
a name that you're trying to destroy with your lies.
-What lies? -You think I don't know
you've been telling people I put hands on you?
I ain't never touched you.
[Chauntell laughs]
And who do you think people will believe,
the poor beaten wife
or the crazy wife-beating gangster?
[Dyson] Why are you playing with me like this?
Because I know you ain't gonna do shit to me.
You takin' me for granted,
and you talkin' real reckless right now.
You know, you're right, Dyson.
About what?
I don't like you.
What was that about?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Where are you planning to stay?
A hotel, I guess.
Nah. You're staying with me.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Look, we don't have to do nothing
that you don't wanna do.
We can just keep each other company
so we're not so miserable right now.
But I do have to get my stuff.
All right.
I'll text you the address.
Come by after 8:00.
I will.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[Chauntell giggling] -What's up? [mutters] ...right now.
[camera shutter clicking]
[upbeat music playing]
-Dyson. -Can I help you?
Yeah, I think me and you got a problem.
Jamieson, right?
Stop messing with my wife, man.
You don't know anything about your wife.
I'm just gettin' to know her better myself.
Yeah, well, I know she was happily married
before she started messing around
with somebody like you.
Maybe she'll be happy again.
[suspenseful music playing]
Watch out! You stop messing with my wife, man! Stay away!
It's okay, Big Ed.
Jamieson made a huge mistake coming in here.
Don't come near my wife again.
I won't say it again.
[Lady] That was crazy to go to Dyson.
What were you thinking?
That man will kill you in a heartbeat.
I get it, okay? It was stupid.
I just can't stand seeing her with a man like that.
She's struggling over you too.
You know I got those divorce papers.
I haven't even brought myself to sign them yet.
Yet? See, that's the problem with you two.
-[Jamieson] What? -Y'all won't go all in
a hundred percent with each other.
Get rid of the papers. You don't need a divorce.
Get rid of the papers?
Are you crazy? Lady, she's cheating on me.
How do you know? I mean, she said she's not.
-I saw her with another man. -No. No, she's not.
He's just a work thing.
-No. -She's sorry.
She wouldn't hurt you for anything in the world.
No. I'd be crazy to take her back, right?
No, you'd be crazy not to.
[peeler snapping]
So what do we do? Go back to counseling?
Yeah. That's not a bad idea.
No, it's too soon. I'm...
I'm torn, okay? I...
Maybe I just need some time.
Yeah. Well, love will do that to a person.
Now, it's gonna be all right.
I got you.
[doorbell rings]
She's here.
Be cool.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mykah] Hey.
-Nice home. -Hey. How you doin'?
All right. Just make yourself at home.
-I'll be right back. -Okay.
Give me the piece.
Handle your business.
[suspenseful music playing]
Game over.
[Mykah] Is it?
Look, I don't even wanna kill you.
Well, that gun pointed at me tells me otherwise.
Who hired you?
[phone vibrates]
-[Chauntell] Hey, baby. -What's up?
[Chauntell] Is she there?
He'll be handling that right now.
They hired you to kill me?
Chauntell hired me.
But your boy, Kip,
he's probably in on it too.
[Chauntell] You gotta do him if she doesn't.
Yeah. After he take her out, I'mma 86 that nigga.
-[Chauntell] Get it done. -All right.
I knew she was a scheming bitch,
but I didn't think she'd take it this far.
Yeah, she has it out for you.
She showed up blackmailing me into working for her.
What I didn't know is that she lied to me,
and I don't kill innocent people.
I'm not innocent.
Well, you're not a wife-beater either.
I'm not that either.
Look, she told me she's pregnant.
Chauntell can't have kids.
She got her tubes tied a long time ago.
She doesn't wanna be a mom.
I guess she is a scheming bitch.
My wife played me.
Kip played me.
And you came here to kill me.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take you out?
Because I'm the only thing telling you the truth.
Chauntell knows who I am.
And so long as her and Kip are alive,
they'll always be a threat to both of us.
Look, we need to work together and eliminate all threats.
Then you can leave me and my family alone.
So what do you have in mind?
Kip, we keep him close.
That way, we see him coming.
All right. We'll work together.
How do you know about me anyways?
After Kip saw you fuck up those two guys near your house...
[grunting, groaning]
...I went digging.
I found out that your father, Michael Allen,
was a hitman back in the day.
And the woman that you run around with,
Lady, was his biggest hitter
before he and your mom were killed.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mykah] My father,
he killed my mother and himself.
No. That's not what happened.
I have proof that he was murdered.
[Dyson] Someone lied to you and covered it up.
It's time we watched our backs and tie up loose ends.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Mykah] I'll help you clean house.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Mykah] I know who Kip and Chauntell
bring over to their side.
We gotta talk. It's about Chauntell.
But once you take care of them,
you honor your word and we're done.
[Mykah] For me, this is all about getting my family back.
[car door closes]
Nothing else matters.
[Kip] What's up, Dyson? Wanted to see me?
Yeah. Let's talk.
All right.
[suspenseful music playing]
Wake your punk ass up.
Dyson, man. What the fuck, man?
So which do you like more,
working for me or fucking my wife?
[grunts, coughs]
Listen, man, I can explain, man.
Answer the question!
[Kip] Working for you, man. Damn.
How long have you been doing this shit behind my back?
Dyson, it's not what you think, man.
So why are you fucking my wife?
Dyson, no, I'm not.
I swear.
[suspenseful music continues]
[grunts, coughing]
Dyson, it's not what you think, man.
Then how is it then?
Dyson, don't kill me.
I'm in love.
In love?
Disrespectful motherfucker.
[Dyson] What do you think about those people over there?
They were so rude.
-[Mykah laughs] -[Dyson] Scary, you know?
Y'all look cute together.
Jamieson? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I just finished having a meeting with Dyson.
Remember, I'm working on his photo spread?
Yeah. I ain't got time for this shit. Let's go.
Get your hand off my wife, dawg.
-And if I don't? -[grunts]
-Jamieson! -[Dyson] Motherfucker!
-Put your fucking hands on me? Really? -[Mykah] Dyson!
-You're dead! -Do it.
-You talk a lot. -Get away from him.
-This shit is getting old! -Get away from him.
Don't you ever get your fucking hands on me!
-Dyson! -Really?
-Yeah, nigga. -Get away from him.
[Dyson] You don't even know who you're fucking with!
Don't make me say it again!
[man] Dyson, man, put it away. Let's go.
Let's get out of here. Let's go. Get in the car.
He got you playing with guns now?
That's what you wanna leave for?
Jamieson, I'm just doing my job
-and I'm protecting you. -[Dyson] Let's go.
I've been trying to fight for you, but enough is enough.
-Get in the car. -[Jamieson] Remember that!
You wanna live that life? Go ahead.
-[Dyson] Let's go. -So be it.
What was that about?
What the fuck did you expect?
The nigga sucker punched me.
And by the way, this shit ain't over with yet.
You stay away from my husband. You hear me?
You want me to forget that your punk-ass husband
put hands on me?
Then you get rid of my wife
so it don't come back on me.
Why don't you just divorce her
and cut ties with her?
And forget that they tried to kill me? Nah.
I don't kill women.
You were gonna kill me for them.
Chauntell came in with her little trapped story,
but I'm the one that's trapped.
You think she not gonna come after you,
after you ruined her little plans?
You get rid of her and we're done,
all right?
There's no other way.
Damn it! Fuck!
Get the fuck outta here, Big Ed.
[car engine starts]
[Mykah] Lady, what are you doing here?
-Why is Dyson still alive? -I'll fill you in later.
Listen, I'm trying to save my family right now.
Uh, no. You fill me in now.
Chauntell lied.
Dyson never put a hand on her.
And she's cheating on him.
He wants me to kill her.
She is still the client.
Didn't you hear anything I just said?
Hey, I don't care, Mykah. She paid her deposit
and she'll pay the rest when he's dead.
You know, he gave me proof about my parents.
Michael never killed my mother.
-Proof? -Yeah.
Uh, that's impossible.
You can't believe what Dyson tells you
and you can't kill the client.
Dyson is making things up to get in your head.
Listen, it's real. I've seen it.
I'mma find out who killed my parents, kill them,
and then this is over.
And I want you to help me find them.
So now Michael counts as a parent?
I mean, he was a monster.
[indistinct screaming]
He was my monster to kill.
Nobody else's.
I'll see what I can find out.
Look, can I get in my car now?
Yeah. Go ahead.
[dramatic music playing]
[phone rings]
-Hey, Dyson. What's up? -[Dyson over phone] Kip is dead,
so consider what I'm gonna tell you my goodbye present.
Your so-called auntie, Lady, she ain't even your blood.
So watch your back.
Thanks for the ride. Bye.
[Lady] You're supposed to be watching your surroundings.
Auntie, you scared me.
You know, it's been a long time since we hung out.
I thought maybe we can get some ice cream and then hit the gym.
Uh, yeah. Totally.
-Okay. -Can I drive though?
Yeah, sure.
You know that move you taught me really helped me take mom down.
[Lady] Oh, you're getting good, huh?
You just keep up your good grades.
Titi, you know I'm good with my grades.
Now, can you please just convince Mom
-to let me go on that date? -Oh, absolutely not.
You know, I need to make a phone call.
Before you say a word,
I have Malia.
We got some shit we gotta work out, Mykah.
Where is she? I wanna speak to her right now.
No, you're getting too close to the truth.
Don't worry about Malia. She's safe for now.
I'll meet you in the gym in an hour.
I wanna speak to her right now.
Soon enough, kiddo.
Why don't we go to the gym?
Got some new moves to teach you.
-Okay. -Okay?
Let me just text my dad first.
Yeah. You do that.
All right. We're all good.
Thank you.
So you're teaching me some new moves?
[Lady] Yes, ma'am.
Gonna keep you fresh and ready.
[Malia] So remind me again,
why do I need to be, um, tied up?
Well, it's just training.
You have to know how to get out of a sticky situation.
I trained your mother.
Now it's your turn.
Getting out of ties was her specialty.
Now, see if you can get out of this while I run an errand.
What? [chuckles]
Titi, you can't just leave me here.
When your mother was young,
I trained her to get out of all situations,
not just fighting. It's your turn now.
Okay. Fine. How long do I have?
I'll give you 30 minutes,
but it would only hold your mom for maybe five.
[scoffs] I can beat that.
Okay. We'll see.
Whoa. Whoa. Wait.
I need to be blindfolded too?
Uh, yeah. For the full effect.
-What? -All right.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
Where are you going?
It'll only take me two minutes anyway.
[rock music playing]
Check the inventory.
I want everything stocked.
-Make sure security is on... -[gunshot]
[Dyson] Oh, shit!
Dyson LaRue, right?
-Who the fuck are you? -Gun on the table.
In my cl-- you gonna take this in my club?
Yes, the fuck I am.
Hurry up.
You don't know who you fucking with.
Put them on.
What the fuck I'm supposed to do with this?
Put them on!
You don't know who you fucking with, lady.
Bring your ass on. Come here.
Who is that?
-A friend of your mother's. -What's going on?
[Lady] What's going on is it's time we put
all our cards on the table, little one.
It's time everyone knew the truth.
-put your gun down. -Mom?
-Baby. -Drop the motherfucking gun.
-Drop the fucking gun. -Mom.
[Lady] Take the gun out your waist and your sidearm
and the knife in your boot.
Hurry the fuck up.
[knife clatters
-[Jamieson] Malia? -[Malia] Dad.
-[Jamieson] Malia. -[Malia] Dad.
Malia, are you okay?
Do as I say, and you won't get hurt.
Hey, what-- what's going on here?
Get over there. Hurry up.
Jamieson, it's okay.
What the fuck is going on here?
You can forget about getting out of this shit alive, old lady.
Oh, the mouth on this one.
He's still the mark.
Chauntell is dirty.
[Lady] Chauntell owes us a payday.
You, Chauntell,
and Mykah can all hang it up.
I'm not the one to be fucked with like this.
A cover-up isn't meant to be uncovered,
you nosey little bitch.
The truth is out. This is pointless.
Yeah. It is pointless.
Wanna do this shit to me?
I'm Dyson fucking LaRue, huh?
What you wanna do, huh?
You're fucking crazy.
-[Malia] Dad? -Stay calm. Stay calm.
Lady, what do you want from us?
A happy family, my family.
I want me, you, and Mykah to work things out.
No. Family doesn't do this.
Okay? Just let us go.
Not until I'm sure Mykah has a change of mind.
-[scoffs] -Change of mind about what?
Malia, your mommy kills bad men.
She's a hitwoman.
Now, she wants to kill me.
That-that's not true.
She's not cheating, Jamieson.
She's killing evil men who hold
their wife hostages in violent marriages.
You're turning my family against me?
No, no, listen... putting 'em down.
I did what I had to do.
Your father wanted out of the game.
He was gonna terminate me to go be a family man.
We were supposed to be partners in this,
but he chose you and your mother instead.
I wasn't having that.
We already came too far in this.
So he betrayed me for a fam.
So I took that family away from him.
A family man?
You told me he was an abusive monster.
No, no. I had to.
It helped shaped you into who you are.
You took away my family, destroyed my childhood,
and I trusted you.
No, no. I gave you purpose.
I took you in and changed you, Mykah.
I made you strong,
into a survivor like me.
Hey, look how many people you helped.
Lady, look, what do we have to do to get out of this?
Take your wife back so you could be a family again.
No, no. I can't accept any of this.
I don't know either one of you right now.
Jamieson, you know me.
[suspenseful music playing]
Dad, Dad!
[grunting, groaning]
-[gunshot] -Dad!
[grunting, groaning]
[suspenseful music continues]
[dramatic music playing]
[Malia] No. Dad. Dad.
-[Jamieson groans] -[Malia] Dad.
-Jamieson. -Dad, are you okay?
[Mykah] Let me see. Let me see.
We have to get him to a hospital.
No, baby. We can't go to a hospital.
It's all right. The bullet went through.
Just help me get Daddy up, okay?
-Dad. -[Jamieson groans]
I'm gonna take care...
I'm gonna take care of all of this, I swear.
[Jamieson groaning]
[gun cocks]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Chauntell] Mykah. Mykah.
Mykah, please.
It's over, Chauntell.
Everyone's dead.
If I ever see you again,
I promise you on my family,
this last bullet will be for you.
Well, it seems you two have made progress
over the last few months.
Yeah, we have. [chuckles]
Mykah, what have you learned about Jamieson?
I've learned he's willing to protect this family.
Jamieson, what have you learned about Mykah?
I've learned that she's someone that I can truly trust.
Good work.
What happened to your shoulder?
-Um... -Um, basketball practice.
[both chuckle]
Yeah. Yeah.
-I love you. -I love you too.
[dramatic music playing]