Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (1948) Movie Script

Time gentlemen. Drink up.
Drink up, please. Time.
Come on there, Harry boy. It's time.
That's the trouble with
this world today.
Everyone is in such a blooming hurry.
Goodnight, George.
- Goodnight. See you.
It's time, mate.
You'll have to drink up.
Now come on now.
You heard me. We're closing.
You want to get rough-like,
do you? Come on.
You've been and gone and done it.
He's dead.
You killed him.
Stop him!
What did he do?
He killed the governor.
That's what he did.
Hey, what's going on here?
Did he pass you? A big fellah running?
No. Nobody passed me.
- He must have gone this way then.
Who is it? What do you want?
We're looking for a man, missus.
He might be in one of these houses.
He's not in this house.
I keep this house respectable, I do.
And no thanks to the Police, neither.
You won't get hurt if you
keep quiet. Understand?
You just try anything and I'll ..
Don't make a move and
keep your mouth shut.
Do you live alone?
There's no sense in standing there. You
might as well make yourself comfortable.
I'm staying for a while.
You'd better get used to the idea.
There is nothing to be scared of.
Then why are you scared?
Where do you think you're going?
Nowhere at the moment, but in
about an hour I've a job to go to.
What makes you think I'll let you go?
If you don't they'll send
someone down to see if I'm ill.
Who is "they"?
- The Institution. - The What?
The Mary Wilson Institute.
I work in a clinic there.
I watched you while you were sleeping.
You talked.
What did I say?
Nothing incriminating.
How about some coffee?
There is tea here if you want it.
The milk is outside the front door.
We'll drink it without.
I don't like it without.
I'll fetch it.
I have to go.
How come you didn't tell the Cops?
What time you get back?
About seven.
And I don't expect to find you
here when I do get back.
What if I am?
I hardly think you will be.
I'll stick around until it gets dark.
Did you rob or kill someone?
That's what they think.
I was in a bar, drinking alone.
A fight started .. somebody
got slugged and I ducked out.
I'm new around here, you see.
And they chased me.
You sure that's all?
- Sure that's all.
Just a minute.
You're a good kid.
Good morning, dear.
- Good morning, Mrs Gale.
Up early this morning, aren't you?
I saw you going for the milk.
We expect rather a busy day.
Oh you needn't bother to do
my room. I've done it already.
Thank you, dear.
Not a peep out of you, you understand?
Will it hurt?
- A little.
Will this make my ear better?
- Very soon. You'll see.
Now .. take a deep breath.
There .. that's all it is.
I didn't cry.
- I didn't think you would.
Next Monday, same time.
- Thank you so much, Miss.
I'm sure your ear will
be better, Donald, so ..
Have a nice weekend, but no rough
play now. Not until next week.
Have a nice weekend yourself.
Thank you. Goodbye, Donald.
- Goodbye.
Oh it's you.
- Yeah.
What do you want?
Nothing. I just wanted to say hello.
Then, hello.
Let's get this straightened
out. I don't run a hotel.
I'm not looking for one.
- What are you looking for?
Nothing. I'm not looking for nothing.
Do I have to call the Police?
What for? I only want to talk to you.
- But I don't like your talking to me.
I don't like you walking
along with me, either.
If I do call a Policeman, he may like to
know you forced your way in my room.
And also the part you
played in that brawl.
I told you what happened.
- A man was killed.
If you really want to know why I ducked
out, I'll tell you. I jumped ship.
I wasn't going to wait around for any
Cops to pick me up. That's on the level.
I just stopped by to say
hello. And give you this.
Thanks. I thought ..
You thought I'd lifted it, huh?
I don't go stealing stuff from
people that do me favours.
I just slipped it into
my pocket by mistake.
Well, I'm sorry.
But, do you mind if I say goodbye now.
Must you follow me?
Maybe I've got nothing better to do.
Oh, cut it out will you. Do you have to
be sore all the time? I won't hurt you.
Please leave me alone.
I don't know who you are.
What's the difference who I am?
I just want to talk to you.
My name is Bill. Bill Saunders.
That doesn't tell me very much.
- Alright, what do you want to know?
I was born in Canada, raised in Detroit.
- Why don't you go back?
Go back?
To what?
Something. Someone.
There's nobody. Nothing.
You're pretty lonely yourself.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
What's the matter?
Haven't you seen a zoo before?
I've been in one all my life.
I don't like to be reminded
of it. That's all.
You're shaking.
I can't stand to see anything caged up.
Have you never been behind barbed wire?
Have you?
Almost two years in a Nazi prison camp.
Being shoved around by those ..
You think those monkeys are something?
You want to see men in cages.
Do you want some .. peanuts?
Your name is Jane?
I saw the book.
Who is the Officer?
- The guy in the photo.
That's Lloyd. He was killed.
Tough luck.
Did you get over it?
Do you get over things?
Do you ever go to the races?
Horse racing?
- Uhuh. - No, I don't.
You ought to try it. You ought
to try everything once.
Will you go with me this Saturday?
I won't bother you until then if you do.
You are very strange.
Do you think we're late?
I guess we missed the first race but no
matter, it's the second race that counts.
Don't think I've come down here from
London with the object of making money.
I ask you .. do I look
as if I needed money?
I come down here with
the sole and only purpose.
Of assisting you to return home.
Lighter in heart, but heavier in pocket.
Each and every one of these
envelopes, ladies and gentlemen.
Contains the winner of the second race.
Five shillings is the regular price
of the ordinary Doubting Thomas.
But to you, ladies and gentlemen.
I will pass on this red-hot information.
For just one paltry shilling.
One shilling, sir.
One, sir. One, sir.
One, sir.
One, sir?
How many, lady?
Just a bob. Twelve miserable coppers.
Beat it. Save it for the suckers.
- No, please.
Here you are. Thank you very much.
- Thank you, lady.
2nd race .. "Sudden Cloud".
Sudden Cloud. Sudden Cloud is ..
Thirty-five to one.
Isn't that a good horse?
- Sure, if all the others drop dead.
I know what's going to win the 2nd race.
- You do?
"Dairy Maid". It's a cinch.
How can you be so sure?
- I got it straight from the jockey.
It's in the bag for Dairy Maid.
Anyway, I'm going to put a bet on Sudden
Cloud as it's such a wonderful name.
What will I get if it wins?
- If it wins ..
You get 35 times what you put up.
- Oh, but that's too simple.
We'd better place our bets, then.
Here, put this on it.
You must be mad. A whole pound?
And I wouldn't take it from you.
I wouldn't think of putting on more than
a shilling. I'm a working girl, you see.
I would like to put a shilling
on Sudden Cloud, please.
35 to one lady.
He talked so fast I couldn't tell what
he said. But I suppose it's alright.
Will it start soon?
So which one is Sudden Cloud?
- Number six. Right there.
I can't see.
- She's six lengths behind.
I can't see a thing.
Come on, Sudden Cloud.
- Where is she now?
I don't know. Which is it?
- The jockey in blue.
Come on, Sudden Cloud.
It's all over.
- Who won?
I don't know.
Look up there. The number board.
She won!
I knew she would. That little man
knew what he was talking about.
Oh, and your Dairy Maid .. I'm sorry.
Give me your tickets.
I'll collect for you.
Uhuh. That's half the fun.
Okay, go ahead. I'll wait here.
Hello, chum .. fancy meeting you.
Afraid you've got the wrong guy.
Now you've hurt my feelings.
Because I remember you.
It does me good to see you walk about
as large as life and twice as handsome.
And free .. free as air.
It's alright. The girl won't
be back for a minute.
She's nice looking,
ain't she? Quite a lady.
I told you I don't know you.
- Now take it easy.
I'm not a Copper and this ain't a touch.
So you've nothing to
worry about either way.
Get away from me.
Alright, alright, alright.
And if you should ever need
a friend, there is always Harry.
The day a pal of mine is in trouble,
that's the day I rise and shine.
Remember that .. a friend
in need is a friend indeed.
Robbie Burns.
Goodbye, chum.
Two more. Altogether, that's
42 shillings to the good.
A fine afternoon's work.
- All that money! It's wicked.
What do you want to do? Give it back?
Take you to tea and miss
the crowds on the train.
Oh I didn't ask you. How did you do?
- I didn't.
You come to the races often?
- Often enough. But never with a girl.
Oh, a likely story.
Never with a girl as lucky as you.
I haven't had a day like this for ..
For a long time.
It's been fun.
- Good.
No, really. I mean it.
Hmm. I'm completely done
over, but it was worth it.
You got a family?
- Nah. - Nobody?
Well, at least we're alike that way.
You're educated. Anybody can see that.
- Oh, can they?
I never got past the sixth grade.
What goes with you?
Oh, with me?
Well, I was a proper little girl.
Seen but not heard. Never
caused anybody any trouble.
Didn't help very much, did it?
They kicked your teeth in anyway.
The RAF guy, I mean.
But I wasn't the only one.
What kind of a job have
you got at that place?
I'm sort of .. assistant to everybody.
Like it?
- Hmm. Love it. I feel useful.
It is not a bad feeling.
It isn't a smoker.
- Oh.
But go ahead.
You and me is always bumping into each
other. Ha .. must be in our horoscopes.
A good sign, eh?
Your young lady friend seems a bit
keen on you. Anyone can see that.
But then of course,
you're the sort they all go for.
Flappers and ladies.
I said "lady".
Confidentially, I saw you
counting your money just now.
It wasn't much of a count, was it.
No. It wasn't.
You know, I took a shine to
you the first time I seen you.
That night in the pub.
- Shut up.
Can you imagine ..?
I can't even remember
the name of it now.
There is a certain
proposition I've heard of.
A proposition?
Oh, just a little business venture
of mine. I could do with a partner.
A young man. Strong, courageous.
Handy with his fists.
There's fifty quid in it.
Nothing doing.
- Reformed, eh?
Stop blocking the corridor, please.
Look here.
If you want to impress the young lady.
Don't forget that sort
of thing takes money.
No objection if I sit here?
Mind if I put up my feet?
- No. Not at all.
Oh that's better. I've
been on my feet all day.
I mustn't grumble though.
I've had a very good day.
I'm in artificial fuel. Thermal-Cake.
It looks like coal, burns like coal.
Lasts longer. Smells better.
Ever tried it, Miss?
No, I don't believe I have.
In case you should ever want any, here.
Are you together?
- Yeah.
I don't know what I'd do without
the devil's picture-books.
Travelling about like this.
A fellow has got to
keep his mind occupied.
Like card tricks?
You, Miss?
Not particularly.
Here's one I bet you never saw.
Take a card. Any card.
Now look at it. Don't show it to me.
Now put it back. Remember what it was.
Got it?
Two of diamonds. What?
That's very good.
Have you seen this one?
King, Queen, Jack of spades.
Which one is the Queen?
Oh .. that's good, Bill.
Sleight of hand. Deceives the
eye and all that you know.
Take another card.
No, no, no. There is your Queen.
Not bad.
I've a natural eye. Probably
from doing tricks myself.
I still think I can fool you.
I doubt it. I doubt it.
Want to try?
Don't care if I do. But I'm
warning you, though.
Cover that.
I don't mind if I do.
That one.
Say, you are quick.
That's me, alright.
I bet I can still fool you.
Try again, double.
Not for me.
I said try again. Double.
I said no. Clear, isn't it?
Come on. Pick a card.
What do you think I am?
I wasn't born in the world to be cheated
by an incompetent card-sharp.
You'd better play!
And you'd better take some more
lessons, my fine feathered friend.
Bill, don't!
Help .. help!
Take your hands off me!
You shouldn't have pulled the cord. We'd
have been right if you'd kept your head.
Come on.
- I'm not going with you.
What's the matter?
Him? He was no good. Did you
see the way he looked at you?
I don't ever want to see you again.
Listen, will you.
I didn't do it for the
sake of it. I had to.
One of me, one of him.
He had a nice time of ..
- I was out of my mind to go with you.
Have a nice time?
Yes, I thought I was
wrong about you, but ..
Now I see you as you really are.
You are everything bad.
I never did you any harm.
Didn't you?
Will you please let me go.
- Listen to me.
There is nobody else I want to be with.
Nobody else I want to talk to.
What's wrong with that?
I'll tell you what's wrong.
You're wrong. You are a coward.
There was one of him and one of you.
He was an older man. I suppose if you'd
hit a child, you'd say the same thing.
What's the matter with you? Why can't
you be decent like everybody else?
You're nothing but a
cheap, vicious bully.
Jane .. Jane!
Come on now. Let's
leave this young lady be.
William Earle Saunders.
You have been found guilty
on two serious counts.
The first, robbery with
violence against one ..
Thomas Widgery.
The second, a savage and
unprovoked attack ..
Against an Officer of the law in
the execution of his duties.
Have you anything to
say in your defence?
I then sentence you,
William Earle Saunders.
To six months hard labour on each count.
Sentences to run concurrently.
Although these appear
to be first offences.
In view of the brutal
nature of the assaults.
I have no alternative.
But to direct that you receive eighteen
strokes of the cat-of-nine-tails.
This table taken?
Help yourself.
Waiting for someone, mate?
Care to run a few?
Just for sport, mate.
Just a wee bit more English,
as they say .. eh, Chum?
You sure get around, don't you.
How are you feeling after
your little vacation, eh?
- I'm happy to hear that.
Truly I am.
You know, you've been popping in and out
of my thoughts like a blooming rabbit.
Here, George. Come over here.
How about a little game
of snooker on me, eh?
Here, set them up,
my little cock-sparrow.
How you fixed?
Got anything in view?
A nice, pleasing situation?
Fixing to blow soon. Get out of town.
Naturally, you have all my sympathies.
A man that's gone through what you have.
But you should need a bit of the
old readies to move around on.
How you placed that way?
I'll get by.
Of course you will. Of course you will.
Why, you're a man who would
get by wherever you are.
But if you should need a little ..
Extra spondulix.
Just to tide you over,
sort of get you on your feet.
I don't need a thing.
Here, now that ain't
exactly true you know.
We all need a bit more than we've got.
But you mustn't let your temper
get the better of your judgment.
That's been many a good man's downfall.
Look before you .. hit.
That's what I always say.
Come on, come on.
What's on your mind? Spill it.
Ah you see, now you're being reasonable.
Get yourself a cup.
You know, it seems to me ..
That there are too many people walking
about these days who can afford to ride.
Given the opportunity.
I don't get you.
- Here, just a minute.
Have you ever stopped to
think about petrol coupons?
There is a tidy little sum in it,
if you know how to handle them.
Yeah. And there's a tidy little stretch
in the pen if you get caught.
Well of course, if you've got
something better in view.
Like a job in an office or
behind the bars in a bank.
Something nice and cosy.
You know what I've got.
Suppose it is a deal.
Oh .. I've been waiting a long
time to hear you say that.
Patience and luck. That's my motto.
That's got me where I am.
You and me could have a
rare partnership together.
Now let's get this straight.
All I want is a one shot deal
for a bankroll and then I blow.
You can find me at
number 7 Markwell Place.
That's a lucky number, that is.
Hello, Bill.
I tried to find what day
you were coming out.
You did?
Yes, but it seems you have to
be a relative or something.
I thought you had forgotten about me.
I thought a lot about you.
I thought how wrong it was that you ..
You ever got mixed
up with a guy like me.
I guess we didn't make
much sense together.
It is very close this evening.
It seems fine to me.
I guess any place would.
Six months in there is ..
It's like a whole life.
Good evening.
Good evening, Mrs Gale.
- No thank you.
What have you been doing?
I had dinner with a girlfriend
and we went to the pictures.
Every night?
- No.
The building is almost finished.
Yes, it's been a long time.
What are you going to do?
Get some money together.
Beat it.
Beat it, where?
- Oh, I don't know.
Canada maybe. Some place.
Make a new start.
They need a lorry
driver at the Institute.
I could talk to Dr Travis
in the morning.
You can drive, can't you?
Yeah .. but why?
You would be out in the open
most of the time on your own.
Wouldn't you like that sort of a job?
I don't know why you want to do this.
What are you going to them about me?
About where I've been.
The truth, and that you
are a friend of mine.
It's been nice seeing you, Bill.
It sounds a little rough.
You'd better lean it up a bit.
Yeah, it needs ..
What do you know about it?
I drove an ambulance for four
years in the Fire Service.
You should have seen me. Trousers,
battle jacket, great heavy boots.
And my language.
How you blowing, chum?
What are you doing here?
- Keeping you pretty busy, ain't they.
I see you're working overtime.
Who told you?
- It's up on the board there.
Leaving for Evesham at 8 o'clock.
A tidy little run, eh?
- Listen, I'm busy.
All manner of things,
you're tucking away in there.
A marvellous assortment.
Penicillin and sulphur
drugs and who knows what.
Here .. it's as plain as
the nose on your face.
Here is your one-shot deal right here.
And Harry knows how to handle it.
You do, huh?
Of course, we couldn't pull it off
over here. But on the continent ..?
You know what it's like over there.
Human misery.
And do you know what goes
with misery? Suffering.
And what goes with suffering?
A fortune.
You're nuts. You'd never
get it out of the country.
I'd get it through the gates
of heaven if I had to.
I've got a connection.
The Skipper of the Pelicano.
Just arrived off Gravesend.
He'd take it.
And you, too.
I'm doing alright where I am.
Do you know, I can't
understand you, chum.
You seem to have forgotten something.
Remember what's hanging over your head.
You took a long time
getting around to that.
And don't forget I wasn't the only one
in the Anchor & Dolphin that night.
You'd better see things my way.
Why, with this under your belt,
you'll be sitting pretty.
Out of the country. Your pockets lined.
And cocking a snook at the world.
No Harry to remind you of a thing that
happened once in the heat of the moment.
Now take it easy, chum.
Old Harry may not have the muscle on him
but he has what it takes just the same.
What would happen if I
phoned the Coppers?
They'd hang you, wouldn't they.
Hang you.
But of course if you want to stick to
your job we can arrange that, too.
We'll make you look
a picture of innocence.
Stop the truck.
Beat you up proper scientific,
and no-one would be any the wiser.
And you can trust me to see
that you get your money.
I don't want any money.
Alright .. I'll let you pull this off.
That will square us. You'll be paid off.
But if you ever bother
me again, I'll kill you.
You know, you're
cheapening yourself, chum.
Of course, if that's how you want it.
- That's the way I want it.
The last thing you're ever
going to want from me.
You'll be taking the
Blackwall Tunnel, won't you?
I'll be waiting outside
the entrance at 8:30.
I'll bring a couple of
the lads along with me.
They'll leave you looking as though
a blooming train ran right over you.
No real harm done.
You know, their skill ..
Amazes me, sometimes.
Look here.
This is important to me.
So don't play no tricks on Harry.
After you leave the Blackwall tunnel,
take the Maidstone road.
You'll have no trouble finding Evesham.
I hope they can stop this scarlet fever
before it becomes an epidemic.
I'm sorry about this.
I know you've had some long hours
recently, but we'll make it up to you.
Take tomorrow off.
Hello driver. Hurry and
come in out of the rain.
It's a horrid night for a long drive.
I don't mind.
Want a lift? Drop you home?
No. I'm going with you.
But .. I thought you'd be pleased.
They're short of staff in Evesham so ..
I volunteered.
They .. they could have sent someone
else. You've been working all day.
Don't you want me to go with you?
Sure. Sure I do.
Is anything the matter, Bill?
- No .. no.
We'd better get started.
You are becoming quite a popular
character around the institute.
Am I?
- Yes. Everyone likes you.
Not getting tired of your job are you?
No. I like it.
I thought you did. You seemed happy.
Not just the job.
You've never been around
Evesham before have you.
No. What's it like?
- Oh, its beautiful down there.
I guess we won't see much of it.
Here he comes.
That man signalled us.
He seems to be in trouble.
Yeah. He did.
I'll see what he wants.
You wait here.
You had me scared for a minute.
Sailing by like that.
You splashed me, too.
Are these your friends?
Felix, this is Mr Saunders.
Pleased to meet you.
- And this is Charlie.
Didn't I see someone
with you in the lorry?
We're not going through with it tonight.
- What's that?
I didn't know she'd be coming along.
They needed extra help.
"She"? You mean the same young lady?
I'll be carrying another
load one of these days.
One of these days.
The Skipper of the
Pelicano is ready tonight.
The Skipper will have to wait.
We'll have to rough up
the young lady, too.
Unless you leave her behind
and come along with me.
I said it's off tonight.
Oh, there you are! You were
so long and I began to worry.
What happened?
- Nothing. The fellow lost his way.
Had to set him straight.
You know what you've got to
do when you get to Evesham?
There's a Dr Paton waiting for us. We'll
likely cope with the new cases tonight.
And do preventative
inoculations in the morning.
You're not going to get
much rest are you.
Neither are you.
Nobody thought it would spread so quick,
but the penicillin will stop it, surely.
Can't miss.
That's very reassuring. Believe me.
When it's your own child.
You've got nothing to worry about.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I don't know what Dr Paton is going
to do about that Thomas girl.
She was the first to come down with the
fever and the doctor can't get near her.
What's the trouble?
- It's her father, Luther Thomas.
They lost their first to diphtheria. He
says it's the inoculations that did it.
Why, that's crazy.
Thomas is a good man but
he won't listen to anybody.
He won't let the doctor near the girl.
Constable, you're
wanted on the telephone.
I see.
Is that all there is to go, Bill?
- This is the last load.
Dr Paton has given us a long list of
houses. We've a long, busy night ahead.
Mrs Paton is going along
to show us the way.
It sounds to me as if the young fellows
had a drop too much to drink.
Put his head under the
pump and send him home.
This one over here. Number seven.
Mr Thomas was quite violent
the last time the doctor called.
What do you want?
Mr Thomas, this young
lady is from London.
We don't want to see anybody.
- Can't I speak to you for a moment?
I'm not listening to anybody.
My little girl is going to get
better without any of your help.
Get out!
- Now look, Mr Thomas.
You too. Get out!
- Don't you think ..?
[ Baby crying ]
Now listen.
- Leave us alone!
We're going in.
Now you listen to me.
I've seen this stuff work on hundreds
of kids. For all kinds of things.
It will only take a minute.
If anything happens to your
little girl, it will be your fault.
[ Baby crying ]
Go on in, Jane.
Are you rushing back for
any special reason, Bill?
Huh .. no, I ..
I should think you'd be in a hurry
to get home. Get some sleep.
No, I'm not the least bit tired.
In fact, I've never felt so wide awake.
Hard work does that sometimes.
Oh, did you ever see anything so lovely?
We do have the rest
of the day off, Bill.
There is some place you'd like to go?
No, I'd just like to stop
and look for a while.
I love you, Jane.
You don't know how much I love you.
- Oh, I do. I do.
I loved you for a long
time without knowing it.
It's just that something kept
me from thinking the same.
Not falling asleep, are you?
- Hmm.
Just dreaming.
About us?
I wish we could stay here forever.
A sort-of forever, anyway.
I'll settle for that.
It's getting kind of cool.
Don't leave me, Bill.
Because you're afraid.
Afraid? Afraid of what?
That you were thinking of going away.
All through our drive to Evesham, I ..
I was almost sorry I'd come along.
Then this morning I ..
That's why I wanted to stop. To tell
you how much you meant to me and ..
How you've made me begin
to think of other things.
Just the things I had lost.
I was thinking of going away.
Is anything the matter, Bill?
No, it's ..
It's just that I ..
I've got no place in your life.
I don't want to make you unhappy.
You won't.
Would you go anywhere with me?
Yes, but we're doing what we like now.
We'll always be together.
Where would you want to go?
I don't know. I ..
I don't want to go anywhere.
I just want to be with you.
[ Door knocks ]
I hope you'll pardon this intrusion,
but I'm a friend. A friend of Bill's.
Oh .. won't you come in?
Are you sure I'm not intruding?
No, not at all. Please sit down.
Oh pardon me, but I use a
little hair-oil now and then.
You still haven't told me your name.
Harry .. Harry Carter.
Bill hasn't ever mentioned you before.
That's just like his little ways,
isn't it. But he's a good sort, though.
I've no need to tell you that, though.
I've got a soft spot for him, too.
That's why I took the
liberty of coming to you.
I've been troubled about him.
Well, it's his job.
What do you mean, exactly?
Everything is going splendidly.
Well, in a manner of
speaking, I suppose it is.
I got you a little present.
With my best respects.
I do hope you don't think
it's too forward of me.
I'm afraid I don't understand
what you're getting at.
They are the best on the market. Not
easy to lay your hands on, these days.
You still haven't explained, Mr Carter.
That's alright. Just you call me Harry.
Anyway, me and Bill is partners.
And just recently everything has
been going very well indeed.
And then, all of a sudden.
He goes to pieces.
Now why, I wonder?
I don't think for a moment that you are
a friend of Bill's. What is it you want?
You can be honest with me.
Could it be that the little
lady went for a little ride ..
And whispered something in his ear, eh?
What is all this?
All that valuable stuff at the clinic.
We had it all sewed up.
I was going to make the arrangements
and he was going to make the deliveries.
If you don't get out of here,
I shall call the Police.
If I were you young lady,
I'd ask Bill's permission first.
If Bill were here, he'd take you
by the scruff of your neck and ..
And chuck me out?
You put me in a really awkward position.
I don't know quite where to begin.
Supposing we go back about
eight months. A Tuesday night.
At the Anchor & Dolphin.
Ever heard of the place?
Yes, I have.
Well, it was just on closing
time. I was drinking up.
And all of a sudden, there was trouble.
The next thing I know, there was
a man lying dead on the floor.
Bill had killed him.
Bill didn't kill him.
He told me he didn't.
He ran away because he jumped ship.
The Police wouldn't think so.
You are lying.
The Police would believe me.
And the barmaid.
But it's safe with me, Janey.
Because you're going to
work with us, aren't you.
That's all I'm here for.
Just a little coperation.
Everything smooth and friendly.
No more misunderstandings.
No more leaving Harry standing
in the rain next time, eh Janey?
You and I will see to that.
Just good friends.
- Don't touch me.
You ought to know better than that.
But it's alright.
It's only me.
But I'm going to run things from now on.
And when I raise my thumb
you're going to jump to it.
Nice and cosy.
Any trouble, Miss?
What's wrong? What happened?
Tell me Jane. What is it?
Tell me.
He came in and startled me.
He said he was a friend of yours.
He started talking about you.
He said his name was Harry.
He said you killed that man at the
Anchor & Dolphin. And then he ..
He tried to make me think that ..
And then he came close to me and he
put his hands on me. And I stabbed him.
I think I killed him.
Jane, tell me.
You left him in your room?
When he fell down, I just walked out.
What have I done to you?
Look, Jane.
I'm going now.
- Going where?
I'll be back soon.
- Can't I go with you? - No.
It's just for just a little while.
You must wait here.
You've got to do as I tell you.
You just wait here.
Everything will be alright.
I'm hurt, chum.
She hurt me bad.
But I ain't going to die.
I've stopped bleeding.
No, you're not going to die.
Not here anyway.
Get me a doctor, chum.
- I'll get one when we're out of here.
No .. I'm not leaving.
You'll be right if you don't
waste too much time.
Get up, or I'll finish the job.
- No! - Get up.
Here .. where are you taking me?
I'm taking you home.
I don't want to hear a sound
out of you until we get there.
Here. Keep the change.
- Thank you.
He's had a skin-full, ain't he.
- Yeah.
By the time he's slept it off he won't
remember a blooming thing tomorrow.
I guess not.
- Goodbye, chum.
Better lie down.
Now .. I'm alright now.
I could use a drink.
I'm going to get you a doctor.
And you're going to tell ..
You'll get me a doctor.
I'll have a quicker way to get help.
That girl and you double-crossing me.
I'll tell you what
I'll tell the Coppers.
I was paying her a friendly visit.
And she stabbed me.
Yeah .. the law will ..
Deal hard with her.
If I die.
They'll hang the pair of you.
Where can I find the
Skipper of the Pelicano?
Up on the bridge.
What do you want?
A passage for two and
no questions asked.
You have the wrong ship, mister.
We carry cargo.
We still carry cargo.
- It's all I've got.
What about the other party?
It's a woman.
My wife.
It's not worth the risk.
I'm a friend of Harry's.
I know a lot of Harrys.
- You know this one.
He had a deal with you.
What went wrong?
He couldn't swing it.
Could you?
It might make a lot of difference.
It's too tough. I can't do it.
Isn't she worth it?
It is 10:24. I have my sailing orders.
I have to be out of the harbour by 12.
You think you can make it?
[ Harry's voice: ]
"Hello, Janey."
"It was in the Anchor & Dolphin."
"Ever heard of the place?"
"A man is lying dead on the floor."
"Bill had killed him."
"No more leaving Harry standing
in the rain, next time, eh Janey?"
"The Police will believe me."
"And the barmaid."
"It's only me."
"Nice and cosy."
Jane .. Jane.
Oh, I thought I'd never find you.
Why'd you leave the room?
I am so glad to see you.
I was so afraid I ..
I thought I heard
Harry's voice, but I ..
Jane, look.
I went to your room.
Harry wasn't there.
You couldn't have done more than scratch
the guy as he got free, and ran away.
He wasn't there?
No. He wasn't there.
Oh, thank goodness.
But he may have gone
to the Police about you.
Jane, look. We don't have much time.
There is a ship leaving for Lisbon
tonight. We can still make it.
We'll go to Canada, the States.
Any place we can be alone.
Where people will let us alone.
We'll be together. Will you go?
Yes. All I want to do is be with you.
Alright, come on. Let's hurry.
Every headlight is a Police car.
I'm sure it's a Cop.
But they won't stop us.
Nobody will stop us.
It's full of supplies.
No. They are empty cartons.
[ Ship's horn ]
We'll make it.
What's the matter?
What are you thinking about?
- It's cold.
Take my coat.
- I killed him.
Jane, please.
- I did, I did.
He was no good, it wasn't your fault.
- I killed him.
I can't go.
- You've got to.
No, Bill. I've never loved anyone
so much, ever. But I can't go.
What do you want us to do?
I've got to go back.
- What for?
No-one can prove anything.
No-one has to prove anything.
I know what I've done.
What have you done that
I haven't made you do?
You haven't done anything.
- Bill, please.
You can say it was
self-defence and get off.
But if I go back I won't get off.
I'll be sticking my head in a rope.
Is that what you want?
No. That man at the Anchor & Dolphin.
That was an accident, was it?
Maybe it was. Maybe I meant to kill him.
There's a difference.
Who's going to believe that?
- They may understand.
Listen, no-one gives anybody
a break. Not me, anyway.
Run, run, run. All the time.
Run from my old man.
Run from the kid I hurt in school.
That's why I didn't mind the Army.
When you hit, you didn't have to run.
Everybody is against you. Everybody!
I'm not, Bill. I love you.
Then listen to me, Jane.
We'll find a place.
It won't be the sort of life we
planned this afternoon on the hill.
We will, we will. We'll have that, too.
We'll be alone. Well be hunted.
There is nothing else.
Do you think it's just
the man in the pub?
The stuff in the truck is drugs alright.
I stole them to pay for our passage.
Jane, don't leave me!
Don't go.
I need you.
Oh, I need you.
I don't know what's best for you.
All I know is.
What I can't do is I can't run
away from the thing I've done.
And I know I don't
want to live without you.
I didn't want to be alone anymore.
I don't want to be alone now.
If we go back.
If we stick together.
If we face it.
Do you think that ..?
Maybe somewhere.
Somebody will listen.
Somebody will say it
wasn't all our fault?
Not yours anyway.
[ Ship's horn ]
Maybe they'll give us a break.
Maybe they won't.
We'll see.