Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) Movie Script

Hear ye, hear ye!
Department One, Superior Court
is now in session
Judge George Spaulding
Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury
it is my duty to prosecute
and your duty to convict
or acquit,
these seven defendants.
These seven people are on trial
either for murder
or being accomplices
to the act of murder.
What they did, they did gladly
and with full understanding.
They are evil, all of them.
Seven evil people.
Look at them carefully,
because they are your enemies
and the enemies
of every decent citizen.
They're at war with you
and always have been
and always will be.
Should they escape this time,
the next victim may be you
or you, or you.
Study their faces.
All their faces.
First, this one...
Holiday Carlton.
Charles Weber.
John Reece.
They were policemen,
ladies and gentlemen.
Guardians of the law.
Accomplices to the act
of murder.
Keith Mandon,
formerly an attorney.
Now the shame of his profession.
Accomplice to the act of murder.
Peter Cobbett, formerly a guard
at the state penal farm
another supposed guardian
of the law.
Accomplice to the act of murder.
Victor Mason, habitual criminal.
Clothing his crimes
in a coat of respectability.
Accomplice to the act of murder.
Joseph Raynor...
Well, there they are,
ladies and gentlemen.
All seven of them.
And only seven.
There should be eight
and believe me,
I'm sorry that there are not.
But unfortunately the eighth
the man who motivated
this whole vicious
and sinister crew
the most evil man of all
is not present.
And yet he is here in spirit
as you will find
when the state rests its case.
The first witness for the state
will be
Peter Cobbett.
Peter Cobbett,
take the stand.
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Take the stand.
Your name
is Peter Cobbett?
Yes, sir.
You were formerly a guard
at the state penal farm?
Would you be willing to make
a statement before this court?
Yes, sir.
Well, sir, I guess
this all began
one morning
about four months ago.
Real early
in the morning.
At about 5:00.
All right, kiddies, all right,
let's go.
Why, this is going to be
a beautiful morning.
And the little old sun
is going to be shining down
on your heads all day long.
And the birdies are going to be
chirping to you from the trees.
Ain't that cute?
And all you boys are going
out and play in the dirt
just like when you
was kids again.
Come on.
Rise and shine!
Well, you know,
it ain't everybody
can be lucky enough
to be out playing in that sun
on a beautiful day
like this.
Yeah, that's the way.
Everybody's going
to be crazy to get out
in that beautiful sun
and take a handful of them
little old seeds
and plant them
in that little old earth.
Oh, we'll make farmers
out of you if it kills you.
I saw in the paper
the other day
where some fella said
there's too many stick-up men
and not enough farmers.
Don't worry about that.
We'll take care of that
for you.
Now just put on your little
and wash your little...
handsies and facies and...
Get outta here!
Come on, you guys, get up!
Come on.
Start moving.
Come on.
Shake it up, you.
It's getting late.
It's only about
7:00. Relax.
The bus is going to be
by here pretty soon.
All right.
Anything to keep
you quiet.
Hey, what's the matter with you,
you hungry?
You eating dirt?
Why, a man would think you didn't
like the food you get around here.
I've got a fever...
I'm burning up.
I need a drink of water.
Falling out,
second squad!
Come on, come on.
We'll get you
a nice little drink.
Over here.
What's the matter
with him?
He's got a fever.
He's burning up.
Go ahead.
Go on down and get you a drink.
No, you don't get prisoners
like we got ten or 15 years ago.
They were good and tough
in those days.
I might as well be a guard
in a female seminary
for all the work
you get done.
Chewin' tobacco?
Sure, help yourself.
Well, they're
not very tough today.
Come on, come on,
you. Hurry up.
All right, get moving now.
I thought sure that bus was
going to come while you were gone.
Well, it didn't.
When things get done by an
expert, they get done right.
That's the bus, all right.
If we get another horn
in five seconds
we'll be in business.
That's it.
All set?
You think there'll be
any shooting?
It won't matter
if you zigzag.
Hey, hey...
What do you guys think this is,
an Easter egg hunt?
Now stop jawing
and scatter out.
Just as you say, Caesar.
Now move!
Hey... come on!
I can't!
Come on!
I'm sorry
about what happened.
Oh, my brother... only brother
and they killed him!
You mean he's cold?
Right through the head.
That's too bad.
Yeah, one of the guards
got lucky.
If he hadn't stopped,
it wouldn't have happened.
Shut up, shut up!
How many guards
did you get?
I didn't count.
You want to go back?
No, thanks.
Just say the word
and we'll do it all over again.
There's some clothes up
here in the front seat.
You better change.
Not those
Try the other ones.
Oh, fancy.
Better than what
you're wearing.
My name's Raynor,
Joe Raynor.
Just call me Jinx.
I'm Ralph Carter.
Pleased to meet you.
Even the air out here
smells better.
It's great to be alive.
Say, Jinx, you better stop
at some quiet gas station
where we can clean up.
Right on time.
So they got your brother.
Oh, shut up.
It was on the radio.
Who's this?
His name's Mason.
We got the stuff from him.
What else did it say
on the radio?
The usual.
Only you're better-looking
than they said.
You ought to see me
dressed up.
I'll see you, Carter.
I got an interest
in you.
I got to get back
to the shop.
Come on, Holiday.
All right.
I'll be seeing you again,
won't I?
There's no need for you
to see me again.
Say, what's this shop
Jinx was talking about?
Radio shop.
He fixes radios.
Oh. He's in
the wrong business
the way he can
drive a car.
You made a crack
a minute ago I didn't get.
You said you had
an interest in me.
That's right.
I did this job
on credit.
Holiday owes me $1,000.
But Holiday
hasn't got any money.
What makes you think
I have?
Oh, I know you haven't
any either.
Not right now, anyway.
But there's a difference
between you and Holiday.
She's honest. You're not.
And you have certain
shall we say,
ways of getting money.
Am I right?
Yeah, sure.
But do you mind
if I don't think about
money for a half hour?
All I want right now
is milk.
I haven't had any
in two years.
Take your time.
There's no rush
about payment.
That's nice.
There's a supermarket
in the next block.
Hartford's the name.
Hartford, uh-huh.
Oh, uh, that stuff of mine
in the back seat...
you better get rid of it.
How do you want it
I'd like the police to find
it across the state line.
They will.
Uh, Mason...
where does Holiday live?
Marakeesh Apartments,
Marakeesh, 101.
She goes by the name
of Caldwell.
Well, I'm glad
you got here.
So am I.
My truck broke down
and put me behind schedule
a half an hour.
Morning, Joe.
Good morning, Mr. Hartford.
Sorry I'm late.
That's okay,
we're both late today.
What time do you
usually get here, Joe?
Oh, about 9:30
if the truck
don't break down.
What do you want?
Lots of things.
Well, you're not going
to find them here.
You'd be surprised
what a man can find.
Food, for instance.
Will you please leave?
Just got here.
Seen the papers?
Yeah, I've seen the papers.
And I don't want
to talk about it.
No, neither do I.
As far as I'm concerned,
it's all past and done with.
Yourbrother wasn't killed.
No, that's right,
that's right.
Oh, uh, speaking
of brothers
where was he
going to live?
I took a room for him here,
across the hall.
What do you mean, "good"?
Well, since he won't
be using it, I will.
Oh, incidentally, uh...
uh, Mason tells me you're an
honest-to-goodness nice girl.
I never did anything wrong
before today.
Well, it takes
only once, you know.
As it stands,
the police would love
to get their hands on
whoever shot that guard.
And now, would one
fugitive from justice
care to fix another
fugitive from justice...
a sandwich?
Will you go if I do?
Fix it, and we'll see.
Tell me, where can I
get in touch with Jinx?
Shop's in the phone book.
Ace Radio Repair. Why?
We got to do
a little business.
Get you out of hock.
No, thanks.
I wouldn't like the way
you'd get the money.
I'll pay it off
myself when I can.
Oh, it won't work out that way.
You see,
you owe Mason something;
I owe you something.
After all, you did get me
off that prison farm
and I like to pay
my debts, too.
You don't owe me anything.
If I could have one wish
in my life come true
I'd wish today
had never happened.
The fact remains...
You, uh... you assisted
in a prison break
which makes you
just as much of a criminal
as the people you helped.
Now, you can keep
that holier-than-thou attitude
as long as you like
but, uh, right now
I would say
there must be, oh,
13,000 policemen in this state
who would love to put you away
for a long, long time.
Now, I'd bear that in mind
if I were you...
and act accordingly.
Now, what do you make
of this stuff
they're saying
about your brother?
That he was
a mad-dog killer?
It's a lie!
He wasn't!
They never are.
He was railroaded.
They framed him.
I suppose your brother never
did anything wrong in his life.
He was wild, yes
and he did a lot
of silly things
but he never
killed anybody.
Well, maybe you're right.
After all,
he quit cold on me.
He wouldn't have been hit
if he hadn't stopped.
Yeah, maybe hewasinnocent.
He certainly didn't act
like a killer.
Of course,
he was innocent!
Nobody knew him any
better than I did.
Why do you think
I tried to help him break out?
I've never done anything wrong
like that before in my life.
I'll tell you why.
Because he was going
crazy up there.
He knew he'd been framed
and he was just sitting
there, brooding about it
month after month.
If it had gone
on much longer
he'd have ended up
in an insane asylum.
I couldn't stand to
look into his face
when I'd go up there
and visit him.
Don't you see?
I had to try and
help him break out
even if it
meant that I...
Okay, all right,
all right, all right.
He was innocent.
Innocent as a newborn babe.
Go ahead, be jealous.
Be jealous
because you're a...
a criminal,
and he wasn't!
Jealous of that popcorn thief?
That yellow pup?
No! No! No!
Oh, Ralph, please, please!
Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry...
...but he's all I had!
And I haven't got anybody.
I just haven't got anybody.
I'm so alone.
I'm so alone...
so alone...
You're not alone, baby.
You're not alone at all.
Not at all.
Everything's fine outside.
$3,000, $3,500, four
five, six.
Get me another checkbook,
Miss Staines.
Miss Staines is
going to be busy.
Stay away from the switchboard,
and lay on the floor.
Now, clasp your hands
behind the back
of your neck.
we've got a good police force
in this town.
They'll get you before you even
have a chance to spend it.
Relax, Mr. Hartford.
It's only money.
Now, are you going
to clasp your hands
behind the back
of your neck
or do I have to
liquidate you?
You think you're pretty cute,
don't you?
She's all taped up.
What about him?
Won't need it.
$6,142, not counting the checks.
Where'd you get it?
From a recently deceased
maiden aunt.
Right down the street.
Why didn't you tell me
where you were going?
Oh, I'm awfully sorry,
old man.
I would've been delighted
to tell you
except for one little thing:
it was none of your business.
Why'd you have
to stick up a place
in this neighborhood?
Oh, stop bleeding.
The damage has been done.
Now, one quarter of $6,142
is $1,535.
$200 for the automatic, $1,735
plus the thousand
that Holiday owes you...
as round a sum
as you ever saw.
Just a minute.
What about my cut?
I'm coming to that.
Yeah, but you're
coming to it too late.
I got nothing to do with that
thousand dollars Holiday owes.
I'll take
two grand.
All right, Jinx.
You want two grand?
You get two grand.
Do we have to stand here
with all this money
in plain sight
and argue about it?
Somebody might walk in here
any minute.
Let's go back
in the battery room.
I wouldn't want to be the man
that walked in here.
Then hurry up and split
the stuff, and get out!
And don't ever come back.
I don't want
any part of you.
If I'd known
what I was getting into...
Why, you're
stark-staring nuts.
Don't you ever say that
to me again, do you hear?
Don't ever say that again.
You beat it.
Beat it!
Get out of here.
Oh, a trifling detail:
I had to slug Hartford.
Hit him a little hard.
Very regrettable.
he's still alive.
Reckon he is, too.
What a way
to start a morning.
How is she, Doc?
All right. Her pulse is up
a little, that's all.
Excitement, I guess.
Can we talk to her?
Now, Miss Staines,
this is important.
I want you
to think carefully
and give the best
description you can
of the two men.
I... I don't know.
You don't know?
I was looking at the guns,
that's all.
All I saw are the guns.
Miss Staines,
we can't look for guns.
We have to look for faces.
We have to have something
to go on.
I told you.
I only saw the guns.
The guns, that's all I saw!
The guns, the guns,
that's all I saw...
All right, Miss Staines.
She's got a little case
of shock.
She better rest today.
You can talk to her tomorrow.
Tomorrow, the guys who did it
could be in the next state.
I can't help that.
I've got my job;
you've got yours.
Come on, Tom.
Let's go downstairs.
Maybe somebody
saw them leaving.
Yeah. Stay where you are, Bob.
Well, the funniest
part of it
was when that
siren sounded.
Mason went right
straight up in the air
like he'd been shot.
What are you
so gloomy about?
You're off the
hook, aren't you?
You don't owe
anybody anything.
Except maybe society.
Come on, now.
Don't be foolish.
You don't know where
I got that money.
For all you know
I might have found it
in the street.
You're trying to get me in
deeper and deeper, aren't you?
right now you're in
over your head.
You stay here.
Who is it?
It's Vic
Mason, pal.
Let me in.
What is this?
We're police.
Why, you...
Shut up!
Beat it.
He's not one of my
favorite people, either.
But I'll say
one thing for him.
He's got a heart as
big as a Mac truck.
You know what he did just
before we come up here?
He took all that money
you paid him
and put it right in the pot.
I don't think Cotter here
knows about the old lady.
Is that a fact?
You don't know
about the old lady?
Well, she's very, very sick.
They're sending her to Arizona.
But how far
will Mason's money go?
She needs doctors, nurses
a place to live
and plenty to eat.
It takes a lot of dough
for that sort of thing.
A lot of dough.
6,000 bucks!
Guess we better get on downtown.
Think we better put
the cuffs on him, Reece?
Nah, he ain't
got nothing on him.
You can put your
hands down now.
Sister, you better get
your coat and hat on
if we're going
Come on.
Get your coat and hat.
You stay here.
I, uh...
I'm awfully sorry
about the old lady.
She's got TB.
Yeah, I know.
She has to get to Arizona.
Do you...
Do you suppose I could toss
something into the pot?
I suppose it might
be all right.
How much did you
have in mind?
Oh, about...
about 1,400.
You got six grand.
You want to put
in fourteen hundred?
That's all there is left.
Mason got 2,700,
and the other guy got two G's.
There's almost five G's
right there.
And it was the first job
we pulled here
and we were on our way
through to Arizona...
All right, all right,
where's the dough?
In my coat in the bedroom.
I'll get it.
Don't bother.
Get this guy's coat
out of there.
Bring the dame, too.
Come on. Come on.
We need a hundred bucks
to get out of town.
The old lady wouldn't
like that.
She needs every cent.
Now listen,
both of you.
I want you to get out of
town on separate buses.
Separate buses,
I said.
And don't come back.
Separate buses
and don't come back.
You got a good
memory, little girl.
Let's go.
Oh, mister?
could I have my automatic back?
Well, there are at least three
dishonest men in the world.
So you see,
I am not unique.
I wouldn't go through that again
for a million dollars.
Oh, we got off lucky.
Any cop that'll
shake you down
is a cop
that'll kill you.
And just for the
fun of it, too.
Don't ever
forget that.
And will you get rid
of that revolver?
I don't trust them.
They're always empty
when you need
them most.
An automatic is
the only thing.
Ralph, where are you going?
I'll be back
in an hour.
Don't go near Mason.
Please, darling,
stay away from Mason.
I wasn't even
thinking about him.
We're broke.
We've got to get money
to get out of town.
No, Ralph, no!
It's taking too much
of a chance.
You've done too much
Your luck won't hold.
It better hold.
Darling, listen to me.
I've lost my brother,
all I had.
But now I've got you
and I don't want
to lose you, too.
I've got a little money saved
enough to get us
out of the city
out of the state even.
We could start all over.
You could get a job.
How much have you got?
About $20.
Be back in an hour.
It's Jinx.
Anybody with you?
You don't have to say a word.
I know exactly how you feel.
They cleaned us, too.
Well, they
didn't clean me.
I went out the back
door of the shop
when I saw them
coming in.
Oh, you can trust
the Inspector.
I'll bet he took
everything you got.
That shakedown artist
was an inspector?
Yes, Inspector
Well, cut yourself a piece
of cake, Inspector.
Cut yourselftwopieces of cake.
Do you mean to tell me
you've still got the money?
Yeah, sure. I've got two
grand right here in my pocket.
Well, that's wonderful.
Then we can all get started
in some new city.
Wait a minute.
Let's not be hasty.
I have an idea we can do some
business with the Inspector.
We might be able
to fix this.
It might be
we won't have to start running.
That would be all right
with you, wouldn't it?
Yeah, sure.
It'd be fine.
All right,
then we stay.
And I don't want
any arguments!
Now, what do we need...
What do we need to make some
recording in this place?
Well, we'd
have to have...
No, Ralph, we've caused
too much trouble already!
What do we need?!
Well, we'd have to have a
portable recording machine.
We use that phonograph
for the playback.
We'll have to have
some ten-inch acetates
some cutting needles,
and a microphone
with about 20 or
30 feet of cable.
All right, get them.
Get them
and give me your two grand.
Give me your two grand!
I might as well have
given it to Weber.
Oh, no. Weber would have
spent it foolishly.
I'm going
to invest it for you.
You fool!
You fool!
You crazy fool!
You said yourself a cop
that'll shake you down
will kill you.
You try and frame Weber
and you'll frame yourself
right into the morgue.
He's too smart for you.
Oh, no, he stopped
being smart
when he took my money.
He's still a big man
and he knows
how to protect himself.
Especially against small-timers
like you
that try and put something
over on him.
Go get the stuff
and start setting it up.
I'll meet you back here.
And darling,
by this time tomorrow
the word small-timer
will have walked
right out of
your vocabulary.
If we're still alive.
What do you want?
I want a car.
I thought maybe
you could drive me
and Holiday out of town.
Sorry I can't help
you, Ralph old pal.
Very sorry.
Nothing I'd like better
than to drive you
and the dame somewhere.
And have you put a
bullet in my back.
Oh, you've got me
all wrong, Vic.
I'm not sore.
I'm not holding any grudge.
I can pay 2,000...
You didn't think
I'd let the Inspector clean me,
did you?
I don't care if you
can pay $2 million.
Get out of here.
Vic, you mean you won't help me?
I wouldn't cut you down
if you were hanging.
All right, Vic.
Let me speak
to Inspector Weber.
Who's calling?
Vic Mason.
Hello, Inspector?
Ralph Cotter was just in here.
He offered me $2,000
to let him have a car.
Did you let him have it?
Did you let him have it?
No, I didn't let him
have the car.
But I thought you'd like to know
about the $2,000.
Two grand?
Yeah, that's right, Inspector.
All right, thanks.
Okay, good-bye.
Jinx, how much longer
are you going to take?
Hurry up, hurry up,
it's getting close.
What's the matter?
Big Brain starting to worry?
Okay, all set.
But try to keep him
out of this room.
This thing makes a little noise.
Come on, open up.
Oh, Inspector...
You're still here, huh?
Well, uh...
I thought you'd be on
your way by this time.
Well, we're trying
to get away, sir.
Trying to locate
a car.
There's two
or three buses
leave here for
Arizona everyday.
I guess you don't appreciate
when a guy's good to you, huh?
I gave you one break.
Maybe I made
a mistake.
I wanted him to
leave, Inspector
but he said we didn't
have enough money.
Yeah, that was the
trouble, sir, no money.
You know,
you took all we had.
And I had to get in touch
with that friend of mine
who helped me pull
the Hartford job
and he let me have
a few hundred.
Yeah, quite a few.
It added up
to two grand.
Well, I see I can't keep
any secrets from you, sir.
Here it is.
$2,000 cash.
How much of this
will you let us keep?
Only a hundred, sir?
Oh, look, Inspector
uh, we're going
to Arizona, all right
but I was
just wondering...
This friend of mine-
who helped me pull
the market job-
told me about a payroll
that was a pushover.
A very big payroll.
Enough for all of us.
How big a payroll?
Oh, 25 or 30 grand.
I don't trust you.
Well, there's no reason
why you should
but if anything goes wrong
you know you can always
use that old stall
about having been
tipped off
and grabbing us red-handed
and all that.
You're an Inspector,
you can get away with that.
Oh, Inspector.
You'll have to excuse
the appearance
of the bedroom.
The maid hasn't
shown up yet.
Shh, shh.
What do you think,
You're still doing the
thinking, Inspector.
I think we might
give it a whirl.
Anything you say.
If anything goes sour
with the heist
they'll look like sieves
when we get through
with them.
Where is this payroll job?
I don't know.
My friend knows.
Where's your friend now?
Well, uh, that
I don't know either.
But, uh, I think I know
where I can get
in touch with him.
Do you think
you can raise him
by 3:00 tomorrow
Oh, yes,
I'm sure of that.
Well, after you've
located him
call me at headquarters.
If I'm not in,
just say Mr. Baker called.
I'll know what
that means.
Mr. Baker.
All right,
Inspector Weber.
Mr. Baker.
I'll remember.
I'll remember.
Did you get it?
Yeah, I got it.
And a slight case
of heart failure.
Let's hear it.
Oh, Inspector...
Still here, huh?
Well, uh...
I thought you'd be
on your way by this time.
Well, we're trying
to get away, sir.
Trying to locate a car.
There's two or three buses
leave here
for Arizona every day.
I gave you one break.
Maybe I made a mistake.
I wanted...
Well, now are
you satisfied, dear?
I'm satisfied
you're going
to get us
all killed.
There's my girl.
I wouldn't be
too sure.
where's a good lawyer?
Where's my
hundred bucks?
Your what?
The hundred bucks
Weber gave you back.
It's still mine.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
Well, uh, you know
I told you I was going
to invest your money
for you.
Well, this time
the investment
will take the form
of a new suit.
For who?
For me.
And now that that's over
we still need the
name of a good lawyer
to help us in this.
Doc Green.
Doc? He doesn't
sound like a lawyer.
He ain't.
He ain't a doctor, either.
And I'll tell you something
else he ain't.
He ain't
to be trusted.
Why should he be different?
"Dr. Darius Green,
Philosophic Guide
"Novum Organum,Bacon
"Tertium Organum,Ouspensky...
You sure we've come
to the right place?
Oh, sure.
Oh, I forgot to tell you
though... he's nuts, too.
Aristotle, Bacon,
and Ouspensky.
Pretty fair parlay.
All attempts to purify
and elevate the mind
will assist you
in this attainment
and facilitate the approach
on the recurrence
of these happy interludes.
There are then,
different roads
by which the Zen
may be reached.
The love of beauty,
which exalts the poet.
That devotion
to the one...
Why don't we
wait outside?
I like it here.
to the height
above the actual
in particular
where we stand in
the immediate presence
of the infinite
who shines out as from
the depths of the soul.
Such was one of Plotinus'
letters to Phlakos.
And I especially
wanted you to hear it
because it coincides
with my own theory of knowledge.
Shall we concentrate upon that
perhaps, a minute or two?
My friends...
there is some
new literature
which Miss Dobson will
distribute as you leave.
And now, my friends,
I'm tired.
You must excuse me.
Come again.
Thank you.
Oh, he's very good.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Thank you.
Good night.
Thank you.
They're going to have
trouble with that one.
Good night.
May I speak to Dr. Green
for a moment, please?
Oh, Dr. Green
never gives
personal interviews
after a reading.
He's usually
much too tired.
Well, unfortunately,
this matter can't wait.
It's much too vital.
If it weren't
I wouldn't think
of disturbing him.
Yeah, he knows me.
Just tell him...
I'm sure it'll be all right.
May I have your
names, please?
My name is Paul Murphy,
and this is Joseph Raynor.
I'll tell Dr. Green.
Thank you so much.
Uh, Doctor, this
is Paul Murphy
and Joseph Raynor.
How do you
do, sir?
What is it, gentlemen?
Oh, may we talk
to you alone?
Well, I have no secrets
from Miss Dobson.
Well, uh, this matter
is not concerned with
There are no other matters
that I wished
to be consulted about.
May I be excused,
Dr. Green?
If you insist.
Good night, Doctor.
Good night, my dear.
How dare you come here.
How dare you!
Easy, Doctor, easy.
I refuse to have
anything to do
with you.
That life
for me is over.
I shall heal
no more bodies.
I shall heal
only minds.
There's no body to heal.
All we want is a name.
We've been looking
for a lawyer
of the right kind
and we didn't know
where to go.
Got to the
classified section
of the telephone book
and look under "lawyers."
Doc, let's be reasonable
about this.
Now, you've worked
with the mob.
You must know someone.
Oh, that was years ago.
Two years ago.
Just two.
Doc, you don't want
to be bothered
with us anymore,
do you?
Well, then,
give us a name.
Try Keith Mandon.
Cherokee Mandon.
He's an evil man, too.
The only way
you can thank me
is not to come here again.
Well, anyway,
it's nice to see
you've reformed.
Dr. Dobson,
I presume.
Mr. Murphy.
Was your interview satisfactory?
Oh, very.
Now that I
presumed once
may I presume again?
In what way?
Well, uh, we are
badly in need
of a phone booth
and we seem to be
out of the range
of phone booths
and I wonder if
you would drop us
at a drugstore.
I'm afraid I don't know you,
Mr. Murphy.
Don't forget,
Miss Dobson
I don't know you,
Get in.
This is very nice of you.
Oh, not at all.
What did you think
of the doctor's paper?
I came in a little late.
Beside, I'm not up on
cosmic consciousness.
It wasn't on
cosmic consciousness.
It was on the
psychology of knowledge.
Oh, same thing.
What is it,
religion or something?
it's a philosophy.
It goes into
the fourth dimension.
Or I should say
the mathematical conception
of the fourth
Oh, that let's me out.
I'd like to see you
at one of the doctor's
meditations, Mr. Murphy.
Oh, I'd be a very
bad influence.
My vibrations would be
positively poisonous.
You see, I don't hold
with the theory
that the fourth dimension
is either philosophical
or mathematical.
I think it's
purely intuition.
Hmm. I don't mean
to start an argument
or sound pretentious
but that's the way
I feel about it.
I never heard
that before.
Well, it's something
we should go
into sometime.
Among other things.
Hey, there's a drugstore.
Oh, there'll
be others.
Oh, we don't
want to impose.
Thank you, very much.
This will be fine.
Your name is
Keith Mandon?
You formerly practiced
law in this state.
I have not yet
been disbarred.
Quite so.
But I'm sure that such will be the case
in the near future.
The prosecutor
will please remember
that a prisoner is innocent
until proven guilty.
Such insinuations
are singularly out of place.
Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. Mandon, will you
tell us in your own words
your connection
with these people?
It was coercion.
I beg your pardon?
I said coercion.
Will you tell us what
you mean by coercion?
I was sitting at home
one night
after a very hard day.
Even the prosecution
will bear me out
that a lawyer's lot,
like the policemen's
is not a very happy one.
Well, anyway, the doorbell rang,
and as my houseboy
was busy in the kitchen
preparing coffee
I answered it myself.
Mr. Mandon?
What do you want?
I want to talk
to you, sir.
Well, this is where I
live, not where I work.
See me up at my
office tomorrow.
Oh, please, Mr. Mandon.
It may be too late then.
This is very urgent.
Very important.
to you, too, sir.
Well, come in.
Well, I can't see
what could be so important
at this hour of the night.
I need some advice,
Mr. Mandon.
People who come to see me
generally do.
Advice on something
that's already happened
or that's going to happen?
How much money
have you got?
Well, it's not how
much money I have
it's how much
I'm going to have.
I don't deal in futures.
But these futures
are not gambles.
That is, uh, gambles
in the usual sense.
Do these futures include,
by any chance
the breaking
of the law?
Any man who breaks the law
is a sucker.
Does that include
the police?
Any policeman who breaks the law
is twice a sucker.
I know two who have.
I've got them nailed.
One of them's
an inspector.
I suppose
you know his name?
Charlie Weber?
of Detectives.
Toughest man
in the department
and you've
got him nailed.
The rabbit
nailing the wolf.
Wait, stand by,
Go back and tell him
I didn't bite.
The lawyers
who sent you.
Tell them
if they want me disbarred
why don't they file charges
with the bar association.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, these little traps
they set for me
get more and more complicated
all the time.
Charlie Weber, huh?
Charlie Weber.
What do they take me for,
a fool?
throw this fellow out.
Tell him to get out.
Here, here,
put that gun away.
Tell him to get out.
All right, Highness,
leave the room.
Now, put it away.
After you decide
to go with me.
I've got something
to show you
and I'm going to see
to it that it's shown.
Who told you about me?
Doc Green.
What Doc Green?
You know
what Doc Green.
Get my clothes, Highness.
I'm going out.
Oh, yes, I'm sure of that.
Well, after you've located him,
call me at headquarters.
If I'm not in,
just say Mr. Baker called.
I'll know
what that means.
Mr. Baker.
All right, Inspector Weber.
Mr. Baker.
I'll remember.
Are you convinced?
Yeah, I'm convinced, but, uh...
I don't know what to say.
All I want from you
is a yes or no.
Have I got him
and do you or don't you
want in on this?
Oh, you got him,
all right, but, uh...
he's a big man,
a very tough man.
The slightest mistake
you'll never know
what hit you.
Answer the question.
Are you in or out?
Suppose we go in
the living room
sit down, get
There's a lot of things I want
to find out about you people
before Weber drops
around tomorrow.
Mr. Mandon, what
do you think?
Oh, he's got something,
all right.
I guess he has at that.
All set?
They're right on time.
How are you this afternoon?
Fine, just fine.
I hear Vic Mason
met with an accident.
That so?
Kill him?
Not quite.
Mmm, pity.
This your friend?
Oh, yes,
this is Jinx Raynor
Inspector Weber,
Mr. Reece.
Lieutenant Reece.
I beg your pardon;
Lieutenant Reece.
Does he know
what it's all about?
Mmm, ask him.
He understands
What about this payroll job
you got spotted?
Yes, sir, that's right.
How big a payroll
is it?
Pretty big.
How big?
Well, it's... pretty big.
Cut it out!
How big is it?
Where is it?
What place?
You better tell him.
You better
tell him.
Inspector Weber,
there's a friend of yours here.
I think we better
have him tell you.
Hello, Charlie.
What are you doing here,
Having a conference
with my clients.
Why, yes, uh...
I sometimes confer with
my clients outside of jail.
As I remember, you've had
quite a bit of trouble
keeping yourself
out of jail in your time.
What is this,
Sit down
and listen.
I can listen
from here.
Suit yourself.
All right, Jinx,
but, uh, not too loud.
No sense in having the neighbors
call the police.
Oh, Inspector...
Still here, huh?
Well, uh...
I thought you'd be on
your way by this time.
Well, we're trying
to get away, sir.
to locate a car.
There's two
or three buses
leave here for
Arizona every day.
I guess you
don't appreciate
when a guy's good
to you, huh?
I gave you
one break.
Maybe I made
a mistake.
I wanted to leave, Inspector
but he said
we didn't have enough money.
Yeah, that was
the trouble, sir- no money.
You know,
you took all we had
and I had to get in touch
with that friend of mine
who helped me pull
the Hartford job
and he let me have
a few hundred.
Yeah, quite a few.
It added up
to two grand.
Well, I see I can't keep
any secrets from you, sir.
Here it is.
Get your hands up.
Get over there against
that wall, all of you.
No, no, no, no,
don't do that, Inspector
You missed
the best part.
The best part's where you
planned to heist the payroll.
Shut up!
Frisk them, Reece.
We haven't got any guns.
Where are they?
In the bedroom.
Where in the bedroom?
Beats me.
Cut that out, John!
I don't want
the coroner
to find any bruises
on these birds.
I told you
you'd go too far.
I'm going to hate myself
in the morning for this.
Pulling that trigger,
will be just like
putting a bullet
your own head.
Now, you ought
to know
that there's more than
a single copy of that record.
Or do you suppose
we got you here
just to slaughter us?
No, no.
We got you here,
to tell you
you've just been signed
by our ball club.
And just to make sure
you do play ball
we sent copies of that record
to some very reliable friends.
Now, if they don't hear from us
within the hour
we can't tell them
that everything's fine
those records are
going to be played
for the mayor, Charlie,
for the district attorney
and of course,
for the chief of police.
Why don't you stop
being childish
when all we want from you
is a little cooperation?
And my 3,400 bucks.
I guess I'd better
get this attended to.
Yeah, go into the bathroom
and get yourself a towel
before we have to start buying
carpets for this place.
May I look
at that, please?
You almost broke my arm
with that.
You know that, don't you?
Well, look,
Cotter, I didn't...
Now, you feel
any better?
Well, hello.
Where do I drop
I have no place to go,
and I'm all alone.
We could drive and talk.
That's what I
was hoping for.
Where would you like
to go?
We have
four directions here.
A sort of
local phenomenon.
North, East,
South and West.
Which do you prefer?
The one without
the traffic.
That's the one
I know best.
Why don't you take it
out of second?
Why did you stop?
So I could light
a cigarette.
And to let you drive,
if you want to.
I don't want to drive.
What are you
trying to prove?
I'm not trying
to prove anything.
What are you afraid of?
Now, really,
whatamI afraid of?
Well, what scared you?
Don't look at me
like that.
Well, I'm glad
you finally decided
to stop.
You're lucky you're
in one piece.
Let's see your
driver's license.
Is your name
"Margaret Dobson?"
What does it say
on the license?
Now listen,
Miss Dobson
you were traveling
pretty fast back there.
Suppose you'd blown
a front tire?
You'd have been spread all over the road.
And we don't want
Ezra Dobson's daughter
killed on our beat,
do we, David?
No, we certainly don't.
He's too nice a man.
Just take it easy from here
on in, will you, Miss Dobson?
Yes, certainly.
Say, haven't I seen your
face somewhere before?
Hmm, maybe
at the policemen's ball.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe so.
Well, good
night, sir.
Good night.
Hmm, next time I
come out with you
I'm going to bring along
an extra set of nerves.
Whoisyour father?
Police Commissioner
or something?
Please don't worry
about it.
Who are you?
I said, "Don't worry
about it."
All right, I won't.
Now let's see.
Where were we
when we were so
rudely interrupted?
Don't you remember?
Hmm, seems I do.
Mmm, coffee.
Mmm, perfume.
Did you have
a good time last night?
Yeah, I went to a movie.
First movie I'd
seen in three years.
Some movie!
I hear she has
a foreign car.
She? Foreign car?
What are you
talking about?
The woman you and Jinx met
the other night.
Hasn't she got
a foreign car?
I don't know what kind of car she has.
I don't even know her
name or where she lives.
I wouldn't know how to find
her, even if I wanted to.
Finding her
shouldn't be difficult
for a bright boy
like you.
Not for a mastermind
like you.
Well, well, you finally
made that discovery.
Took you a little while,
but you finally made it.
That's fine.
Would you like
some coffee?
Would you like
some coffee?
Mmm, love it.
I like mine in a cup.
No cream?
How 'bout some sugar?
No cigar.
One of these days
you're going to get
yourself killed.
There isn't a
cop in the world
who can shoot
that straight.
I was talking
about a cop.
I was talking
Why, I thought you were
the law-abiding type.
I guess I'm just
whatever you make me.
But I'm very jealous.
I'll put up with
a lot from you
but not another woman.
I still don't know what
you're talking about.
I can barely
Well, what do
you think of it?
Very nice.
Just like
mother used to make.
What have I got
to be nervous about?
All right, let's go in
and try it on for size.
Incidentally, Paul,
what happened to
that other copy
of the record?
I sent it to
my brother.
The only honest
man in the world.
Didn't know you had
a brother.
Lots of things about me
you don't know, Cherokee.
For instance, Ralph Cotter
is not my real name.
What is
your real name?
If you knew,
you would die.
Well, we wouldn't want that
to happen, would we?
Well, what do you know!
Cherokee Mandon.
How are you?
Who's your friend?
Hiya, Trent.
This is Paul Murphy.
He's in my office now.
Sergeant Satterfield.
How are you?
What does he do?
Well, I'll tell you,
he goes around
persuading kids to take up
a life of crime.
Then when you boys put
the pinch on them
I get to be their lawyer.
Sort of a legal shill,
aren't you, Paul?
Kind of
a 20th century Fagin. that office empty?
Uh, I want to speak to Paul.
Oh, it's empty.
Go ahead,
help yourself.
Give it to me.
This, this.
You must be crazy
bringing your heater
into this lion's den.
What if one of these coppers
should spot...?
Well, I'd rather go
around without my ears
than go around
without that.
Take it easy. I'll get you
a permit to carry it.
Oh, just like that?
Just like that.
You ever kill anybody
with this?
Not yet.
Is Weber in?
He's eating his lunch.
Tell him we're here
with his desert.
What is it?
Cherokee Mandon is here
to see you, Inspector.
Tell him to come in.
What do you want?
The card come?
See what happens when
you let me handle things?
Cherokee, you are a wizard.
I take my hat off
to you.
How'd you ever
get it here?
Paul, uh, I took
the liberty
of suggesting
to Inspector Weber here
that we forget
all about
that $3,400
you mentioned
and that he get you
this card instead.
Now, uh, shall we conclude
the ritual?
Inspector, I thank you
very, very much.
I really appreciate this.
Don't mention it.
Oh, how is
your hand?
Not infected,
I hope.
My hand is all right.
Well, you know,
those phonograph needles
can pick up
an awful lot of dirt.
The Chief wants to see you,
Inspector, right away.
Thank you.
I hope you'll be gone
when I get back.
Morning, Sam.
the poker game going?
What poker game?
The one
in the Detective Bureau.
Well, you know there's
no poker game
in the Detective
Bureau, Sam.
What's eating you?
I'mstill asking
the questions, Charlie.
What have you got
on the Hartford robbery?
Well, nothing so far.
Looks to me like the work
of some out-of-town boys.
Not to me,
it doesn't.
Who've you got on the case?
Gray and Fowler.
Two men?
Why should I put the
whole Bureau on a robbery?
I'll tell you why.
Because it isn't
a robbery anymore.
The hospital called up
a little while ago.
Hartford is dead.
So, you'd better heave
a few more of those men
out of their chairs
and put them on the case.
You understand?
I understand.
Well, then understand
this, too.
I'm giving you 48 hours
to clear up this case.
And if it isn't solved
by the end of that time
I'm getting myself
another boy.
And I don't expect you
to spend your time
watching the clock
and counting up to 48.
That's all, then.
Get out.
You still here?
Oh, we didn't
want to leave
without saying
That's not why you stayed.
No, as a matter
of fact, it isn't.
Charlie, we want
a gun permit
made out in the name
of Paul Murphy.
Who's Paul Murphy?
I'm Paul Murphy.
I thought it would help
if we changed his name.
That's very thoughtful of you.
You know I can't issue a gun permit.
Only the Chief
of Police
can issue
a gun permit.
We were hoping
that the Inspector
would speak to the Chief of Police.
I just spoke to the Chief of Police.
The name is
Paul Murphy.
Well, I guess I can speak to him again.
Here, fill this out.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, here, where it says
"reason for
requesting permit"
what do I put?
That's where you put down the reason
for requesting
the permit.
Oh, oh, okay.
Well, supposing
I say, uh
"Often carry large
sums of money?"
Oh, yeah, that ought to do.
When do you
think you'll be
carrying large
sums of money?
I'll give you warning.
Listen here,
I want you to
keep this guy
from fooling with
anything federal.
Banks and things like
that are bringing in
government agents before
you can bat an eye.
Don't worry.
I'm talking
Yes, yes.
The minute you pick
out something
you let me know before you make a move.
And I might as well
All right, Murphy,
the Chief just gave me
48 hours to get you,
dead or alive.
Preferably dead.
Well, thank the Chief for me.
Tell him I'm sorry
to have taken up his time.
Good-bye, Charlie.
Nice to meet you,
Thank you.
Bye, Truck.
Well, now how
do you feel?
Oh, fine; I feel fine.
You ought to.
You're just
been born again.
That makes it official.
You know, every time
somebody gets born
they slap them
on the back.
Cherokee, I salute you
as the one who has proven
himself worthy
to share
my frenetic genius.
From now on, you shall manage
all my affairs
as you deem
fit and proper.
You should have
been a lawyer.
Why? I have a lawyer.
And now, uh...
can that lawyer tell me
what Ezra Dobson's title is?
Well, he has many titles.
Ex-mayor, ex-governor,
ex-U.S. senator.
No, that isn't
what I mean.
I mean what's
his title now?
Right now he's president
of Watco Steel.
Worth thirty million
as the crow flies.
Is that what you want
to know?
That is exactly what
I wanted to know.
Oh, he has a very,
very lovely daughter.
And that
will be all of that.
She's poison.
Come here.
The one man who can ruin every
plan we've made is Dobson.
He's the most powerful
figure in the entire state.
If you get mixed
up with her
you're bound to get
mixed up with him
and that we
can't afford.
Believe me, Paul,
the day Dobson
walks into this
picture, I walk out.
Now, the future
looks awfully good.
We're getting things
pretty well set up now.
Don't tear them down
before they're built.
Anything you say,
Anything you say.
Going down?
Like it?
Its chief charm
is its convenience.
It's close in.
Actually, I live
on Willow Creek Drive.
Yes, I know, I saw it
on your car registration.
Nice, nice,
very nice.
Miss Dobson, your father called.
Thank you, Julia.
Is there ice
in the bar?
Yes, Miss Dobson.
He said
would you please call him
as soon as you came in.
Very well, Julia.
That will be all
for tonight.
Yes, Miss Dobson.
Would you like
a drink?
Yes, uh, your Julia said
there's ice in the bar.
Let's find it.
Yes, let's find it.
After you kiss me.
Julia, did you ask
Miss Margaret to call me?
Yes, Mr. Dobson.
So, this is the reason
you didn't call me.
Take this man out of here.
No, Father, no!
You heard me.
Father, you can't.
Paulie's my husband.
You mean you're married?
We were going to tell you
about it at breakfast.
The certificate's
over there in my bag.
Now, will you please ask your
private police force to leave?
All right, boys.
Really, Father,
you make things
so awkward sometimes.
I'm sure Paul
must be wondering
what kind of family
he's married into.
He's impulsive and insane.
But nothing you can do
will change anything.
Who else
knows about this?
The clerk and the justice
who married us.
Did they know
who you were?
I don't know;
I don't think so.
Do you know who he is?
Well, he's my husband.
That's not what I mean!
Who is he?
Where does he come from?
Well, he'll
tell you himself.
I want to hear it
from you.
I don't know; he hasn't
lived here very long.
But I have an idea
he won't live here much longer.
But I do know
that I love him
and that's all
that matters to me.
What do you know
about love?
Have you ever been
in love before?
Or have you reached
the point
where any Tom, Dick, and Harry
with a glib tongue
can have you fainting
in five minutes?
You even went across
the state line to do it. Why?
Because in this state you
have to wait three days.
No, no.
That's not the reason.
The reason is you were afraid
someone at city hall
would've tipped the papers off
that you'd taken out a license
and you knew
that when I heard about it
I'd have cracked down on you
like a ton of bricks.
Young man, I've brought
my daughter up
as well as any girl
in this country
and I'm not going
to permit her
to be swept off her feet
by any ragged stranger.
Right now I don't know
anything about you
but believe me,
within 24 hours I will.
Father, this is very
embarrassing to Paul.
Couldn't we talk about it
in the morning?
Yes, we most certainly will
talk about it in the morning.
As a matter of fact,
I insist on it.
And we'll talk about
an annulment, too.
In the meantime,
will you do me the small favor
of not saying
anything about this
until after
we have talked?
Yes, Father.
I never thought
I'd have a fool for a daughter.
I guess I didn't handle that
very well.
What do you mean?
He was mad.
Any two-headed child
could see that.
No, you don't understand.
Usually when I talk to
him like that, he gives in.
This time
I'm afraid he won't.
He'll cool off
by morning.
No. No, he won't.
I saw his face.
Margaret, here's something
your father doesn't know.
I want you.
You're all I've
ever wanted
and I'm not going
to give you up.
You won't let him force you?
I don't force easily.
You don't know Father.
Suppose I refuse to have
the marriage annulled?
What will he do then?
He could make you wish
you never saw the city.
He could make you wish
you'd never been born.
I've seen him do it before
to others in politics,
in business, in everything.
Well, we'll face that
when we come to it.
Now, you go on and get
yourself some sleep, hmm?
Goodnight, darling.
Now, this merely states
that from now and hereafter
you renounce all
claims on the estates
of Ezra and
Margaret Dobson.
Would you like
me to read it?
Before you sign it,
you have a legal right
to know exactly
what it contains.
I'll sign it.
Is that all I have to sign?
To compensate you
for your trouble
here's a certified
check for $25,000.
I don't want that
money, Mr. Dobson.
I regret this
whole affair
just as much
as you do
and as much as
Margaret does.
It was thoughtless
and childish of both of us
and for my part, I'm sorry.
And I'm sure Margaret is, too.
Good day, sir.
Good-bye, Margaret.
The marriage
That's the seventh stop.
Yeah, seven little satchels,
all getting filled with money.
What's your guess
on how much money?
Plenty. Rohmer will take a bet
on any track in the country.
We've been tailing them
for two hours already.
Keep this up
much longer
they're a cinch
to get wise to us.
Oh, they've been
doing this so long
they've gotten fat,
cocky, and careless.
We couldn't
tip them off
if we sat on the roof
of their car.
Yeah, Rohmer's got
the bookie business cornered.
There's probably $25,000
or more in those satchels.
Want me to hang on?
No, we've seen enough,
haven't we?
There's our gimmick-
why don't we use it?
You mean you're going
to steal a squad car?
Let's go see Weber.
This is it.
I thought we were going
to Weber's office.
This seems
to be one of them.
How many does he have?
Right now
I couldn't tell you.
I hope this didn't
put you out too much.
No, you didn't
put us out.
Sit down.
Sit down, Jinx.
Now, Cherokee, what is
this big idea of yours
that you can't tell me
about on the telephone?
Uh, before telling you, Charlie,
I want you to know
that we haven't gone off
half cocked on this.
It's dangerous,
but we can handle it.
If the Inspector
will cooperate.
What is it, a heist?
Rohmer's collectors.
Rohmer's collectors?
What made you pick them?
They carry a
lot of money.
Now, look, you try
anything like that
and you're going to get
this whole town shot up.
You might just as well
forget about it right now.
There will not be
any shooting, as such.
I guarantee it.
How are you going to
do it, hypnotize them?
With your help, yes.
What kind of help?
A policeman's
A po... Oh, this is
a very funny boy.
Yeah, he's a comic.
Listen here, Cherokee.
This may come
as a surprise to you
but I've got a deal with Rohmer.
What's going to happen
when his collectors tell him
they've been stuck up by cops?
Who do you think
he's going to come to?
Why, he won't be satisfied
till I put every cop
on the force
in the show-up for him.
There may be some excuse
for this guy not using his head.
There's no excuse
for you not using yours.
Inspector, his collectors
won't be around
to tell him anything.
Three guys
disappearing all of a sudden
must leave some kind of an echo.
An echo is
not evidence.
They will just disappear
and Rohmer will think
they've blown with his dough.
Would you mind
telling me
where you plan to stash
three bodies and a car?
We'll find a place.
Hey, I know
of an abandoned quarry
out on the old
Holt Turnpike.
It's full of water,
and 100 feet deep.
Shut up!
Thanks, Lieutenant.
Look, I know what
Rohmer's daily take is.
He pays me off on
the basis of it.
It's 20 grand, and three men for 20 grand
is a little bit
too much to...
As long as you're going
to prorate this
don't leave out
the car they'll be in.
That has
to disappear, too.
And a shiny new car
is worth more
than all those three mugs
put together.
What kind of a job
do you think we came up here
to tell you about-
a neighborhood drugstore,
a gas station
or snatching
some old woman's purse?
Well, that's more
in your line!
A swell-headed hood
talking about killing
people and everything else!
A swell-headed hood, am I?
That was where you made your
original mistake, thinking that.
That's how you
got caught in the ringer.
What do Rohmer's men
mean to me?
I don't worry about them
any more than you do
shaking down a guy and then
shooting him in the back
to keep him
from singing.
Listen you, all of you!
Stop acting stupid.
Your boss sees you;
you're a hero.
Get this maniac out
of here, Cherokee
or else talk some
sense into him.
All right, all right.
Let's go, Ralph.
All right,
come on, Paul.
Wait a minute.
You may come
out, Joseph.
Gentlemen, why don't you
and I try to get along?
Hating my guts shouldn't
make you act like this.
It'll do for the time being.
Well, be that as it
may, let's talk sense.
I don't want to jeopardize your deal
with Rohmer, Inspector, believe me
but this job is
proposed on the basis
of a complete and
perfect disappearance
and all we want from you
is a policeman's uniform.
And for that, you get
a third of the take.
A third?
That's right, a third.
Somebody will
find them sometime.
They'll find
if there were
the slightest chance
of that happening
we wouldn't pull it.
That's fair enough,
isn't it?
Maybe it is.
That's fair enough.
Good-bye, Charlie.
What's the matter
with you?
Maybe it's that uniform.
What's wrong with it?
It's a good fit.
I just don't feel right
sitting here beside it.
Is that all
that's worrying you?
Watch where you're going!
You going to be
all right?
I don't have to like
what I'm doing.
Oh, so that's it?
No, you don't
have to like it
but you better
do it.
And remember,
stick close behind us.
Parking in a loading zone
is a traffic violation.
So what?
Where's your
driver's license?
I don't have any.
Oh... that's also
a violation.
What's your name?
What do you want?
This man's name, I'm going
to write him a ticket.
On your way, Copper.
the beef?
Parking in
a loading zone
and no driver's
We work
for Rohmer, fella.
Well, I'm new
on the force
and I don't know
who Rohmer is
but it wouldn't make
any difference if I did.
You like your job, fella?
You want to keep it?
Let's go, Rushy.
Hold it.
Why, listen, you-
Sid, don't start
about a
parking ticket.
You know where
headquarters is?
We know, we know.
That's where
we're going.
Go ahead, Rushy.
You take your job
too serious.
Well, we have our orders,
You're going to get
some new orders.
Rohmer even tells Weber
where to get off.
Shut up, Sid.
Yeah, shut up, Sid.
Oh, don't turn that way, Rushy.
Drive straight ahead.
That's the way
to police headquarters?
Hey, what is
this anyway?
It's a picnic-
we're going on a picnic.
It's a heist.
Clasp your hands
behind your neck.
That's a good boy.
Rohmer'll get you
for this, junior.
You still think you know the way
to police headquarters, Rushy?
Oh, no, you don't.
They moved a way
out in the country
out on the old Holt turnpike.
Now you just keep driving
straight ahead
and I'll show you where
it is when we get there.
Cooperative Borrowers.
This is your meal ticket
Weber, remember?
Oh, hello, Rohmer.
How are things?
You still getting rich?
Well, I was until today.
My collectors
haven't showed yet.
They've disappeared.
Well, they were due at 3:00.
Well... h-how many were there?
Yeah, and you better get out
and find them quick, hear?
Aw, take it easy, Rohmer.
Maybe they just went
across the street
for a short beer or something.
I don't care what
they stepped out for.
You find them, understand?
Well... look, Rohmer,
that's notmyjob.
Well, it is now.
And if you know what's good
for you, you'll jump.
Or you won't have any job at all
or anything else.
What are you getting
sore at me for?
I haven't got them
in my hip pocket.
Have you looked lately?
No, Rohmer.
Well, get looking.
All right.
Yeah, all
right, Rohmer.
Why don't you tell him what
happened to his collectors?
Maybe I will.
Now who's the comic?
Here's your cut.
You mean a third
of the take is $17,000?
To be exact, $17,101.
I divided it up
on the drive back.
All together, $51,303.
And that bird's been paying
us off on the basis
of $20,000 a day.
That's what I always say-
you can't trust crooks.
Well, don't think it hasn't
been charming, gentlemen.
Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
All kidding aside, now what am I
going to tell this guy?
Don't worry.
I will take care of Rohmer.
Any business that pays
$50,000 a day
is averygood business
to be in.
So if Rohmer should drop
dead some afternoon...
Come, Joseph.
Take that bag
over to Holiday
and divide it
three ways
and drop me off
at Mandon's with this one.
Inspector, as I said,
I will take care of Rohmer.
He'll take care
of us too.
If we don't do
something to stop him.
If I ever saw a
crazy man, he's it.
I tell you, he'll have us
all on the end of a rope
one of these days!
just five minutes.
Mason?We've got the car.
What car?
The car that was used
on the Hartford job.
We found it
in your garage, Mason.
Looks like
we've got you.
I didn't...
have anything
to do with it.
Hartford's dead, Mason.
You're the only one we've got.
You can burn...
so you better not try
to cover up for anyone.
Sure, Vic, just tell
us who did it.
Ralph Cotter.
Where's he live?
I don't know.
See... Holiday Carlton.
She goes by the name
of "Caldwell."
Marakeesh Apartments.
She knows.
See, Doc, it didn't even
take five minutes.
Just a minute.
What did you do after
you left Weber's office?
Just what
he told me to.
I went back to Holiday's place
and counted the money.
But I was sick.
Yeah, for what
I'd done.
I'd never done anything
like that before.
And I began to think
this Cotter was coo-coo.
I wanted out.
I felt like a man on the top
floor of a house that's on fire.
You run for a window to jump out
and there's no ladder.
If you jump, you get killed.
If you stay where you are,
you get killed.
That's how it was.
And, uh, after you
counted the money
then what happened?
We were scared...
me and Holiday.
Do you know how it feels
to be scared?
It's Paul.
What's that?
Champagne, the traditional victory drink.
I never saw a bottle that big.
Oh, it's a Jerobaum,
they come even bigger.
There's the Methuselah,
the Balthazar
there's the
And this is ice,
and this is goblets.
And that is money.
Does it still add up the same,
Mr. Rockefeller?
Not quite, I took my
$2,000 you gave Weber
off the top.
Oh, uh, what was your rush?
You'd have gotten it.
I wanted
to make sure.
I'm not working
with you anymore.
Oh, no?
No, it ain't safe.
A guy's got to draw
the line someplace.
Oh, well, suit yourself.
How about you?
You didn't need
to get special glasses.
We've got glasses
in the kitchen.
I asked, how do you feel?
You know how
I feel about you.
I'm not going
to leave you, honey.
Well, neither is Jinx,
only he doesn't know it yet.
Just watch.
I was just thinking about those
three dead men in the quarry.
If they had a fourth,
they could play some bridge.
You play bridge, Jinx?
Now let's get down to business.
There's enough
Ralph, Jinx is afraid.
Not for myself,
honey, but for you.
If you don't stop
something'll happen to you.
Of course something
will happen to me.
And to you too.
Tell me, do you, uh...
do you like sables?
I just like you.
Only like?
More than like.
Well, well, if it isn't
the richest lawyer in town
as of 5:00
this afternoon.
Sit down, we're about
to pop a cork.
I want to
talk to you.
Well, go ahead, talk.
Talk to him here.
I haven't got any
secrets from Holiday.
I wouldn't make
book on that.
Hmm, well?
I'll be back in a minute.
Don't let that get warm.
All right, all right.
Nowwhat is it?
Cotter, you're
in a jam.
A 14-carat,
solid gold jam.
And if you'll
keep your vanity
off the sidewalk
for a minute
I'll be glad
to tell you why.
All right,
but make it fast.
I've got a girl
and a jerobaum
of champagne waiting.
Another girl and her father
just paid me a visit.
The name is Dobson.
Oh, is that all?
I thought something went wrong
with the heist this afternoon.
No, this is10,000
times worse!
Look, we can handle Weber.
We can handle Reece.
But Dobson-
nobodyhandles Dobson.
I warned you the minute
he walked into the picture
I was walking out.
Yeah... but now you can't.
That's right,
I can't.
But I can protect myself
even if it means
throwing you
to the wolves.
And believe me,
after the way
you've behaved
in this matter
nothingwould give
me greater pleasure!
Cherokee, they have no claim
on me- none at all.
You married
his daughter.
The marriage was annulled!
And that lets me out.
No it doesn't.
Dobson started digging.
And he found me.
Before he would let me go,
he made me promise
I'd produce you within the hour,
and you're going.
You've got 20 minutes
before he lets his dogs loose.
And if he does...
youwill bealone
when they call.
Now, Mr. Brilliant-
get yourself out
Oh, Paul, I'm so
glad to see you!
Rushing, would you
tell Father
that Mr. Murphy's in
the tap room with me?
Darling, I was nearlyfrantic.
Don't ever vanish
like that again.
I didn't vanish.
I was around.
Yes, but not around me.
I can't tell you how
much I missed you.
You wouldn't believe
me if I told you.
But I'm being a bad hostess,
what would you like?
Are you sure?
I'm very sure.
Paul, is there some reason
for all this mystery?
Dr. Green didn't want
to tell me about Mandon
and then Mandon
didn't want to tell me
about you.
You found me.
But at what a price.
I thought you'd left town.
That's one thing
you can be sure of.
I won't leave town.
Tell me about Mandon.
Have you known him very long?
Just since I've
been here.
He's almost an underworld
character, you know.
From now on if you have
any legal business
why don't you take it
to Fred Golightly?
Miss Margaret.
Mr. Dobson is waiting.
Thank you, Rushing.
Paul... stop resenting us
for just a little while.
Please be nice
to Father
and listen to what
he has to say.
I've told him how
wonderful you are.
So don't fight
with him, hmm?
I don't want
to fight with him.
All I want is
to be let alone.
Well, hear him
out anyway.
He may have a
surprise for you.
Well, we meet again.
To coin a phrase.
And this time,
much more pleasantly.
Margaret dear
I prefer to talk
to Mr. Murphy alone.
Oh, Father...
Do as your father
says, Margaret.
It'll be all right.
All right, Paul- I'll wait
for you in the tap room.
Sit down, Paul.
You have quite a way with Margaret. Sir?
I tell her to go,
and she argues.
You tell her to go,
and she goes.
You know, I'd almost
given up hope
of ever finding a man
that Margaret would listen to.
I assure you, I did
nothing to encourage it.
You couldn't have done better
than to have shown a complete
disregard for money.
Good tactics...verygood.
Obvioustactics to use
on the daughter of a man
as rich as you are.
Unfortunately, I don't seem
to be able to convince you
that you have
nothing I want.
Now look here, Paul.
All the men Margaret's
had anything to do with
wanted only the responsibility
of hermoney.
Not the responsibility
of thewoman.
That made them subservient.
And you can't do that
with Margaret.
The minute she dominates you,
you're through.
She's got to have
a man she respects.
She's young, she'll find one.
She has. You.
But you don't know
anything about me.
I'm atotalstranger to you.
I might be a thief,
I might be a... convict.
I might even be a murderer.
Paul, if you are
any of those things
I'll find it out eventually.
But when a drowning man reaches
for a piece of driftwood
he doesn't mind getting
splinters in his hands.
And may I point out that a
personal relationship with me
might have certain advantages
to an ambitious man.
Oh, of that
I'm sure.
Just how high does your
disregard for money go?
Because the man
who accepts Margaret
will also have to accept
the management of her estate.
Yes... I know this may come
as a surprise to you
but Margaret's fortune
is greater than mine.
It was her
grandmother's money.
It's been in trust
for years
in the hands of some
very talented bankers.
Mr. Dobson...
All I want is to be letalone.
And there's another thing.
When I found out
how Margaret felt about you
I thought I'd better
hold this up.
It's the annulment petition.
You're still married,
you see.
Think it over
and let me know tomorrow.
Good night, Paul.
Good night, sir.
Is this part of the tap room?
Oh! You startled me.
What did Father say?
He, uh...
made me a proposition.
And you
accepted, hmm?
Well, he gave me 'till tomorrow
morning to make up my mind.
And what will you
tell him tomorrow
when you've made
up your mind?
Probably that I accept.
Oh, darling!
That's a
pistol, isn't it?
Yes, that's a pistol.
Why are you
carrying it?
I have a permit.
against what?
It's not the only
reason, is it?
Of course it is.
I always thought when
people carried guns
they were afraid
of something.
Not necessarily.
You shouldn't have done that.
You've nothing to be
afraid of anymore.
Paul, let's get
away from here.
Let's get in the
car and drive
and just keep
on going.
For a week, a
month, a year
as long as we like.
You mean right now?
This minute.
Well, we can't do it
just like that.
I've got a few odds
and ends
to tie together
at my place
and pick up a few things...
We can pick up anything
we want on the way.
Not this we can't.
You really want to go?
More than anything
in the world.
All right.
I'll do what needs doing
and, uh, be back in an hour.
I'll be waiting.
Just a minute.
So you came back?
Yes, I came back
to get my money.
I'm leaving.
Where's the money?
Are you?
Are you leaving?
Yes! Where's the money?
You and your
rich girl?
And which direction
are you going?
I'm going
in all directions
and I'm taking my money
with me.
While you're at it,
take this with you.
What is it?
A bullet.
I know it's a bullet.
It's got my brother's
brains on it.
They dug it out of his
head before they buried him.
What are you talking about?
Tell him.
I brought the bullet down
It came from the gun you had
when you made the break.
It was the only.38
that was fired.
The guards had 30-30's
Get in the bedroom.
This is the gun
he means.
The one you told
me to get rid of.
The one you killed
my brother with!
Now look, Holiday
you've got a wonderful set-up
You and Mandon and Jinx.
I'm leaving it all
to you.
You can have it.
I don't want it.
I just want this
next minute with you.
But you don't know
how this thing is rigged.
I sent a copy
of that record to my brother.
He hasn't played it yet.
But if he doesn't hear from me
once a week, he will.
If he plays it,
he'll know what to do.
First, they'll pick up Weber.
Then they'll pick up the rest
of you.
And then
you'll all fall down.
Do you think
I care now?
If there's anything
wrong with me, you did it.
You made me go
along with you.
You changed me.
You made me just
the same as you are.
And you've got nobody
to blame but yourself.
Look, Holiday,
this other girl...
That's part of it, too.
But you've got it all wrong.
You don't know the whole story.
I was going to surprise you.
I was just over talking
to her father.
Her father wants me to handle
all her money for her.
Do you realize
what that can mean?
You started here
with a lie
and you're going to
end here with a lie.
That's Dobson's chauffeur.
He drove me over here.
They want me to spend the night
at the house
and sign the papers
in the morning.
Let him in.
The room's too
full as it is.
Now, Holiday, don't do anything
you'll be sorry for.
Tomorrow, everything will
be different. We'll be rich.
All I've got to do is say yes
to Dobson tomorrow.
One little word,
and we'll have millions!
You only said one true thing
in your life.
And that's when you said
you were going away tonight.
And you are.
Three miles out of town
and six feet down.
All alone.
With nobody to lie to.
And you can kiss tomorrow
But now, Holiday,
You shouldn't have
killed my brother!
I told you not
to trust a revolver.
But I-I think I know
where I can get in touch
with him.
You think you can raise him
by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon?
Oh, yes, I'm sure of that.
Well, after you've located him,
call me at headquarters.
If I'm not in,
just say Mr. Baker called.
I'll know what that means.
"Mr. Baker."
All right, Inspector Weber.
Mr. Baker- I'll remember.
I'll remember...
I'll remember...
I'll remember...
I'll remem...
Do you recognize that
as your brother's voice?
I do.
There's no doubt
in your mind?
None whatsoever.
The state rests.