Kisses and Caroms (2006) Movie Script

I'll just my
check clearance!
Aloha, Eddie.
Are you of the trio?
Yes. That's me.
Sorry, but you said that they
patient of mine is?
Lisa, do you know Dr. Bob?
Yes, I see him weekly.
Is that real?
Yes, s'woendags to 15 hours.
You would not me
may call.
It is not our responsibility etisch
private sessions, on the radio to discuss.
Hang on immediately.
No, no, no ... Not opghangen!
I want to hear.
Listen, caller, we can not do
we see each other Wednesday.
I do not want you say something that your privacy
endangers, so hang on.
No, it can not wait until Wednesday,
we must now speak.
Yes, listen to her now.
They now need help.
Besides, I'm sure Theresa
not her real name, is not it?
Of course this is not my name,
hello it is Jeniffer ...
Have we weggebiept?
Okay, we weggebiept.
Listen honey,
Do not use your real name.
And tell us,
what is wrong?
I call, because tonight,
I fought a triootje.
Since I can not remember!
This chick sounds familiar!
It's your mother.
No, is it really?
It was I, together with
an ex and a friend.
No, my parents are
still married.
Is that so?
That is so!
So it was you, that guy,
and a girl?
- How far are you gone?
What do you mean?
What my partner wants to say is
you all done?
Yes, you removed the youngster?
Yes ...
- And how was it?
Everything was great!
Okay, this is my problem, after two years
together with my ex, he dumped me.
He says he does not want to bind
He would like to research!
And his seed scatter.
And what is wrong with that?
I asked him why you can
not with me.
And he says, that is you do not.
Whatever, he wants just as its
best friend and fuck out separately.
And how is the situation with his friend?
He is a good score, he is a womanizer,
he sews everything he can,
And my ex idolatress him
what I find stupid.
Okay, but what has that to do with sex?
Let's go back to the sappigste.
Ok, I thought I show him that he
good time with me it can do,
I scheduled this triootje ...
For him to show his seed
could scatter me there ...
... And to have fun together.
And what happened then?
She still said.
No, how ....
Aloha, Mr. David.
Aloha, Zachary.
What happened to Eddy?
His wife zeikt many ex ...
... That I think, some time
themselves on the toilet is.
Can he not at home poop?
I think her and the children
through the door could hear.
Hello, I am outside, you had 20 minutes
Open ago, but the door is locked.
Is anyone there?
Are you there?
I would buy a rod, if you are,
do than open the door!
Are you there?
I am fucking
for more than hour!
The pot, with you motherfuckers!
So hard, I Q bar
is not necessary!
Are you there yet?
Fuck you!
Kiss them ..
I thought you no more
later went to.
This time, I had a good excuse.
Oh yes, yes,
you are in that triootje.
Damn, how do you know?
That is the power of Heff,
he is in me.
I know things.
Anyway ...
After you had left the bar ...
... We went to Terri's
Jacuzzi available.
Terri has a jacuzzi?
Rocco gave her as
promotional stunt.
Apparently they also jacuzzies
Anyway, we go inside,
The girls go to Terri's room.
I pop in the seat,
and turn on the TV.
I'm zapping, and they are
in the bedroom to giggle.
Or whatever.
I looked at, Dave's top ten
And she ...
What was it about?
What was the top ten?
- I do not know, what does that matter?
They come from the room ...
... naked.
They have towels down,
and go to the garden ...
And Jeniffer asked:
You coming?
So I jump out of the seat and
walk to them,
They jump in the jacuzzi ...
And I am there ... Speechless ...
What are you waiting for?
An invitation?
I do not know.
I was just not sure
that it was serious.
Then Tara handle her bag,
And pulls out a bag from xtc.
And Jennifer says, go ahead,
you will feel better.
So I take it.
Wait, wait, wait ...
So small you Jen Jen says you
xtc to take?
Tell me what, she does strange
as Tara in the area.
And they're both naked?
Ecstasy with naked hot chicks.
Life can not be beautiful like that.
What did Tara look like?
Just fantastic!
So I dressed me,
jump to
And I realize ...
... are we having sex.
What do you mean exactly with "fuck"?
What do you mean me, what mean,
We had sex ...
You know ramptetamppen,
pumps and syringes ...
We were played.
I do not know how it went,
but ...
... it was hot.
You're such a klottzak!
What did Tara look like?
She looked fantastic
Great tits.
What happened then?
Do the chicks are either way?
Oh, Yes.
When we were in the jacuzzi ...
In Tara's room ..
... I took Tara to zen dogs
While Jen befte.
Then I picked up Jen and meanwhile
Tara sucked on my balls.
Oh my god.
Jennifer Tara did you fuck?
You Tara genaait?
Okay, and what happened afterwards?
We went to sleep.
This morning,
I did not know what to do.
I woke up,
and was between them.
I did not know what to say
or do.
I dared not move me,
to not wake up ...
And naa an hour, Jen crept from the bed,
and went outside.
I think even that she did not know
I was awake.
When I heard them leave,
I began to crawl out of bed.
When I was just out the door, the alarm went off,
Tara degree right in bed.
You scared me to death.
She said she still came along
to check her to retrieve.
Does it today?
Jen and Tara,
Can you now gelovn?
I could have her,
but I wish not.
- It's true.
Is it real?
Yes it is real.
Good morning.
Ola, senorita. Jeniffer.
I voted for you,
a triple room.
Thank you.
I had no time for him to get.
Triple room, delicious.
Very satisfactory.
What do you mean?
You two and your coffee, what is wrong with
coffee, just simple black coffee?
Everyone drinks now that
starbucks dirty mess.
He sucks, have you continued?
I'm not a ball!
And David ... was you ...
Sorry, "David"
How was your night yesterday?
Not as good as yours.
Tell me about your night, David.
What is "Da Vi?
Yesterday evening, David told a girl in the bar,
that his name is Daviid.
And said Daviid says this,
Daviid that ...
So, we called him
Ah, I understand the man said
with the sword.
You're such a ball.
If you steal someone's text,
do it at least good.
It is, I see said the blind
when he saw the hammer and pick up.
Is that so?
That is so.
You and your silly spells!
Actually it's David's
stupid spell.
Okay, enough with that Daviid stuff.
I did not say was that hetDaviid.
She had misunderstood, was fun,
and was unique.
So I thought to myself,
Heff what would do?
Heff would let her think,
what they want.
And I did so too.
Stupid opening,
and a stupid obsession with Playboy.
I will give you one thing Heff would not do?
He would never let Daviid call.
Absolutely correct.
- Thank you.
I gotta go.
Did you get my schedule?
First Whiteman ...
... After a repair to Small ...
And an alignment with Johnson.
Ah, the good doctor.
He was on the radio this morning.
We do today Whiteman
small Johnson.
You know him?
Whiteman, small Johnson.
Top ten, to know that
a movie is bad.
What was number 1?
If he is with a camera.
I have a camera.
Everything good?
Can I help you with anything?
Ok, If you need to know
call you.
Do you chalk.
Sure, here it is.
A half dozen, $ 3.95,
A dozen, $ 4.95.
Can I have six?
It's just a dollar more for a dozen.
$ 4.28.
You said $ 3.95.
$ 4.28 with taxes.
- Pay your fee for chalk?
Hi, You have told them.
- You said it to David and Eddy.
I said to David.
You are here five minutes,
and you told it to David.
You ran in here and called you, David, David,
my god, You know what I did tonight?
This mean I will.
Therefore, I have you broken.
If this is someone else
There would be no problem that I
to David said,
But since it was you,
am here now crying.
And David is not God,
He is simply, David.
And you should say nothing,
You idolatress still Tara.
Word once awake,
Tara in each area,
Change in a freak,
It is like you,
it wants to be.
No, no, as a poseur.
Fuck you.
The tree.
- No you're the tree.
How are you?
Goed.En with you?
- Good
Can I help you with anything?
Jeniffer Is there?
Of course, I will get.
Steve, I thought I heard you!
It's so good to see you, how are you!
Em with you.
Sorry ... Zach, this is my friend
, Steve.
Steve, this is my ...
boss, Zach.
Only your boss?
Nice to know.
I think I just
more'm that.
Sorry, my friend Steve.
My friend Zach.
What brings you here?
I was in the neighborhood,
and I thought, I walk along
That is sweet.
I have good geammuseerd
this weekend.
Yes, it was fun.
I see that you do not need me here,
so I'm there.
I was wondering whether you had meaning
to have lunch together?
Yes, k that sounds good,
past 12:30?
Well, I have an appointment at 11:30,
Then I walk along.
I see you have a lot of work,
So I see you om12: 30.
Who is he?
Steve is a friend.
Did you let him out this weekend?
Zachary, are you jealous?
No, not at all,
- If it sounds.
And yet I am not.
I'm still mad at you.
You know what?
Excuse me.
I drove there later.
I did not have to be mad at you,
because you told David.
That you had indeed
not do.
Why is your T-shirt so tight?
This morning all I could find.
I think he either yours, or of Tara is.
I took mine all great.
Pull off.
Yes, baby, yeah.
In your dreams.
I had expected that this morning,
otherwise would be.
I thought you would be seen yesterday evening
, with me there ...
... and still wanted.
Jen-Jen ...
Why can not we start again.
We fit well together, why not?
Because it just is not.
Do you like me or not?
That is not the ...
It can not.
Just because you then
other women can fuck?
Did I tell you yesterday, that you can,
and even with me there.
In hell!
Well, it does not matter anyway.
There are enough men in the world.
As Steve?
- Just like Steve.
These are the 4 choices are.
- They are so great ...
They are sure.
And your balls.
Cue and balls ...
What a fun game.
We must make
we have the next table ...
Yes, we should.
Listen, I'm Zach.
Call me if you are
need anything ...
Thank you, Zach.
He has a point of 13 mm,
in French leather ...
... and velvet grip.
How is he?
- Very good, it's very good choices.
It is real.
I use them myself.
Oh my god!
You're that girl!
Thanks ...
Sorry, you are Tara Jackson, right?
- In flesh and blood.
I saw you last night.
- Really?
Yes, I was watching the sports channel.
You played against the spider-girl ..
That was at the last minute.
I thought they had you, with that 9 / 3
combination, but you came in ...
and you were the master table.
What a game!
You look great.
I do my best.
- You have too little money won.
That went to the charity.
That's true, you played
for a church or something.
For a Mormon orphanage.
Have you nothing of the
money held?
Not that game, at least
Other races do.
That is super.
I do it for the children.
What brings you here?
- I work here.
Stvarno? Mislim, pomislio BiH da
you bilijar
I thought that well-paid pool ...
Of course, with that charity.
- Give what you can, my mother always said.
And besides, I really love that game,
And here I have something to hands,
and I can hang around
the billiard tables.
Use your real cue that's?
- Yeah.
Then I take him.
Would you like to keutas eerbij?
- Can they help me to?
Actually it is today
my day ..
And you want a keutas?
- No, only the cue.
Okay, that is fine.
What is that MOOSH?
- What?
That MOOSH Mormon home
for orphans.
What is all this?
The players union would like a
family-friendly image show.
Why Mormon?
Will they be better
over in Utah?
Shut up, I got itself
I am Mormon.
You're Mormon?
What is wrong with that?
Nothing, but you're not
Mormon ...
Not even close, I am mormoonser
than you, and I'm Jewish.
Tell me about it.
But there are points I score
along with Mommy.
She is the Latherdale saint and all.
What's wrong with the
Presentday saints?
Nothing but they have no orphanage.
house for the LDS
Moosh in brief.
It does to its image
to raise in Utah.
Remember, my mama
a pleasure to do.
You're Mormon?
Have we already had?
But more importantly ...
Why demolish you this morning
away from me?
Do not look at me,
she was already gone when I stood up.
I wish you do not disturb,
in your sleep.
Please, you laugh for sure.
When I awoke,
I saw you bent away ...
You covered your sausage
with a t-shirt ...
Oh, we have a customer.
How are you?
- Good.
Can I help you?
Did you cue's?
- Absolutely.
Where are they?
Daarzo ...
Wil je wat billiards?
Save it!
I heard today, Dr Bob on the radio.
- Is that so?
Yes, David is about.
Have you not heard?
No, what happened?
It was a great show!
It is called a girl to ask for advice,
about how her ex as possible.
She looks like him,
doing everything for him, but ..
It is a typical male
asshole ...
... This is not something attracts
and every living creature just wants to fuck.
I know that type.
Excuse me.
Are you in?
- Wat.
Are you in?
I had the first time even hearing.
But I thought you wanted to buy cue.
I want too.
I just that this is a nice
place would have to work.
No, we will not.
Well, would you like to fill?
What is that?
Unemployment body wants me to leave this
complete, then they will see that I work search.
Unemployment institution wants
I let it fill.
Would you like to fill?
No. But you can own,
There is a pen.
What happened to that radio show?
It was funny.
This girl, threw her heart
on national radio ..
Concerned its vrieden it,
these names ...
It was like Springer.
What is that?
What is what?
- That.
That Jesus and his friends
that some food ..
Why are they black?
Tell me not that you want?
- Where?
You're still not one?
You will not tell me now,
that in 33 years a group of hippies
roamed around in the desert.
Fuck no!
Our lord and savior is black.
There is only one problem,
the 13th apostle does not.
Rufus, the 13th Apostle ...
Do you have something against blacks and religions?
- It must, if you buy it?
But Rufus is missing?
Do you know where I cheaper
cue can find?
Yes, if we earn our money,
We refer people to
Shops cheaper ...
Okay, Where is cheaper shop?
There is not.
We are the cheapest.
We are the cheapest in the world!
God says and Rufus!
What was that all about?
- What?
You do not even believe in God.
- And then?
Your client simply drove away.
- The guy was a dick!
They have money!
The guy did not even work.
- He had a benefit.
That is true, but not here volumes.
- Maybe not.
Who has made you head priest?
Please, If there was a God,
was black.
You mean it ..
Do you have any gum?
- No, only this one.
Your turn.
3 ball in the corner.
Was that your first time?
- No, I already did it.
No, no, I mean yesterday.
No, I have already had sex.
No, I meant, a trio?
No, I had already done.
How are you?
- Good.
Day ladies.
- Hi, Brian.
You're a lucky, can work together
with two beautiful ladies.
Like your delivery, not
all kinds of situations come.
We definitely.
At my previous job,
I had sex with a delivery ..
He was something episodes,
I pulled him to the toilet ...
And we did.
How long you knew him?
- Nearly a week.
Was it the uniform, you opwond?
He was so cute.
Note to myself:
buy a uniform.
See if I understand correctly,
The guy came to deliver something ...
and you went to the toilet,
and fucked him?
But that's not all.
- What is it?
I would not even know.
I mean, there was more.
- More?
Was it exciting, craziest,
intressantste thing?
The intresantste?
At a time ...
I went shopping ...
I went a guest in the kleedhokje,
and we did.
You kissed?
Is that pikanste story?
Actually, I kissed his dick.
Scouring my clit
with sandpaper!
Really? A blowjob?
Note to myself: Go shopping with Tara,
in uniform.
What's even happens?
There are also the orgies ...
- This I heard.
Where was it? How was it?
In court? And with whom?
It happened ...
A month after I
I started.
How many people?
- Four.
you, and four?
- I, a girl and two boys.
Was that your boyfriend or just
someone you picked up?
No, just a friend.
- And that torque friends?
Yes, they were swingers.
You toverde a smile on the face
your friends, huh?
Many of my friends,
walk around with a smile on their face.
Fortunately we are friends.
That was not an orgy,
that was more Gangbang.
When I think of an orgy,
I think at least six people.
Group Four is.
- Six, yes six, I have already done.
But not anymore.
Is it real?
All couples?
No, a girl
You five men?
That is no orgy,
this is a gangbang.
You can say.
And the best sex I ever had.
One in each hole.
As chinese finger cups.
And an extra.
I would have to write,
that would be a great film can be.
Yes, enough shower masturbation material
for at least a week.
Right, you would need opnemeni.
I always do.
You pretend that
was the first time
Have you filmed last night!
the camera was just
next to your face.
Break Time Billiards.
This is mrs Whiteman.
Day mrs Whiteman,
What can I do for you?
You've forgotten your
balls to leave.
Really? I can not imagine
that we have forgotten.
Oh, you forgot.
When can you bring them long?
I can now come
- Can you do that?
I look forward
to see you.
Oh Zach.
David forgot a bag of balls to give
I must go to.
- Probably Eddie. Idiot.
Is everything okay with you?
- Yes, why not.
I'm talking about last night
is everything okay?
Yes, I think so.
Are you mad at me?
- Why would I be?
You know, Zach and I ...
No, it was different,
but fun.
So, you're not jealous?
No, not at all.
I'm just not happy.
But it is not so.
If you would be happy every day,
Was not your wife.
Dan was a man.
That's right.
Why are you unhappy?
I thought today
otherwise would be.
I thought back together would be
but it is just the same, even worse.
Why is it worse?
I was mad at him because he is David
talked about yesterday evening.
So he said, that is why I
you can not experiment ...
Because if the other girl was not
problem was that he told David.
Since he has a point.
- I know.
But I am still
not what made
Jen ...
... You are a super girl.
A great girl even.
Who else would arrange a trio
for their boyfriend?
Not much, And not to mention all the other
great things for your helmet does.
If he does not, it is their loss.
Not yours.
I know.
But I still do not know what to do.
No buts,
Zach is a good score
And I'm sure he bijdraait, and if not
that is his problem, not yours.
You just keep yourself,
and if he thinks
Should you decide if you still want him,
and not vice versa.
Steve came along this morning.
- Steve.
Who is Steve?
The guy that I learned
know in the park.
I told you about him.
Hie is that which his friend him
left to his barber.
Ah, that gay.
What did he want?
- He did ask me out for lunch.
Zach thinks that steve and I go out together.
He was jealous, that was so cute.
He does not know that he is gay?
No, huij behaves not
effeminate. but hetero.
So you go out for lunch.
- Yes.
Come inside.
Who are you?
Zach, You asked me
a bag of balls to.
I asked Zach behind the
instalateur, where is it?
You talked to me on the phone.
David is somewhere else a little aan't do.
Where do you want me to put the balls?
I gotta go.
Hey, come back!
Guess where I am.
- By mrs. Whiteman.
How do you know?
- The power of Hef.
No really, how did you know?
- I've already met her.
She was naked.
- I know.
How do you know now?
I say it, the strength of Heff.
Keep it on with me.
I know that because her
have given a bag of balls.
So it was on,
that if they called, they wanted me.
She has confused us.
And then you have scored?
Of course not.
- How come?
Dude, you gotta ask yourself ...
... What would Heff in this situation do?
Heff would fuck her.
That you should do.
- Come on man.
Wait, wait, wait ...
This is by Jeniffer?
- No, we are set.
- And it has nothing to do with her.
I think so ..
- Yet it is not
I think it is,
because you love her.
She was pissed at me this morning, because I you
talked about yesterday evening.
Yes, they went through the tape,
because I told you.
And said told the fucking
but to everyone.
What do you mean?
She called this morning to,
Bob and Bob show.
To speak with Dr. Bob.
Yes, so I knew this morning,
she threw her heart out to him.
What is it about Dr Bob?
It sounded like they looked opinion,
your back.
To the radio call and angry at
me, is not the right way.
That fucking bitch!
- Is that so?
Yes sure!
What did he say?
Nothing really,
he would not talk to her ...
He was afraid that she
would violate privacy.
Why would he do that?
- It sounded as if they saw him regularly.
Damn, she sees him still?
- Apparently
Did he say anything else?
- I put the radio off then.
Silence is better
companion, than Dr. Bob.
that you had forgotten.
I can not believe it!
-Let it go man, let it go ...
World forum lession makes the best billiard tables.
- What makes them better?
Hard wood
thickness 2.5 cm ...
And, Tara ...
What does a DNA mix ...
Works opening that really you?
Surprisingly a lot.
One of the days you fall also.
Look this is what search
Give your all as please,
David, fuck me. Yes! Yes!
Never ... of my life!
- Why do you say that?
The only reason you want me
entertainment. Because you can.
No, no, there is only than that.
I love you!
My hole.
- Yes, I love your hole.
David ...
... I like you.
You are a dear boy.
But you're just a zero!
- What?
You have a diploma unversiteits
for engineers ...
... And you work here,
pool tables installing.
You play a game as income.
Yes, but I do what I like to do.
- Me too.
You're just too scared for the world
to explore, and a little of your life.
Instead, try your panties
girls touching ...
What is the opposite,
above me, Suck me.
Yes, but keep dreaming.
Enter your balls
a holiday?
Yes, I call to ask if you
I have video search.
He mentions, hairy pussy
and the leg of the Magi.
What? The i is a cat and dog
movie for my children.
Yes, okay.
- They are 1 and 2 years.
I come along.
What are you doing here so early?
- Small was not home.
We have waited ...
... I got a ticket between
the door down.
I have yet to Johnson,
So I'm here.
What is it about those people?
They knew you were coming.
Break Time Billiards.
The boys were just there.
I just look at the calendar.
No, no we can
not immediately returned.
We can next
Send week.
The regret with
but we are fully booked.
Then you have a day
leave your work,
I wish I could do something.
You know what, I even talk with my instalateur
and see what I can do, wait a minute.
Why do you think?
- What do I do?
They wait a week.
- The pot with them.
They make it difficult, why would
we are not allowed to do with them?
Aha, I see, said the man who
Mr and saw opraapte.
It is blind.
But you come back in the neighborhood.
I've just spoken
my instalateur,
EXT week is real,
the earliest.
I really am sorry,
I wish I could.
Okay, so I rule that.
, We can go home
even stop at the video store?
No problem.
Where is your car?
- This is home.
A speed penalty?
... His whole pay it.
Not true.
- How many fines have you been?
Okay, six but the police want me
first just balls.
And the other 2?
- That is my fault.
So you got the other four because
Eddy poor hate the cops.
When I rode a 120km / h. ..
... I just followed the rest,
and he let me stop.
I opened the window and asked,
what did I do wrong?
he behaved like a scoundrel,
And I asked why.
Because you drove too fast.
And I say, I rode as fast as the rest,
and he says that is stupid.
That's just nonsense.
And his partner was on the other
side, pulled his gun ...
Like I was doing something.
Want to know how a
can avoid a penalty?
The next time they make you stop
probably tomorrow,
And the agent comes to your window,
you must say.
Ready, Eddie?
You look at the cop and you say ...
Excuse me officer,
I'm a dick.
No way!
- No, I mean it.
Excuse me officer,
I'm a dick.
I do not know what I thought
I was not allowed to drive fast.
I'm a dick.
Excuse me
I see said the blind which
hammer and saw opraapte.
No, it works!
has saved me several times.
This is what the cops
actually say to you.
They have all day to stop cars ...
And they are tired to hear "I have
not done, that I was not "...
But they really want you
Just as an asshole ...
... And you say that it was.
But that should not.
But if you say you are an asshole
and admit you were wrong ...
They are so relieved that someone
responsibility for his actions ...
... they let you go.
Besides its agents
always high on their power,
so if you apologize enough
they feel like
lawyers and judges
They could not be
because they were stupid.
That is super, I have to remember as
I have a friend call.
That you should do.
Who ordered erMooby's?
- I have done.
I love Mooby!
Mooby When started,
pizzas to deliver?
About a month ago.
Do you eat?
No, I have Eddie off the
porno palace ...
And on the way home I still
Dr. Johnson quit.
Did you do not need me?
- Easy job.
And what about the cafe?
- What is it?
We speak then?
I do not know.
I'll call you.
I have a cheqeu needed.
- No problem.
This is Steve,
I go to lunch.
Wait, what with your pizza?
- I have ordered for you.
If you come along later?
- Probably not.
I go in billiards.
- You leave me too?
Wil the poor child,
not just food?
No, but if a customer is
disturbing my lunch.
Okay then, I will be with you meeeten
Only for customers.
Why do they
with snul?
Why do you call him a snul?
- That he is.
Zach is jealous.
- Not True.
He looks just
a snul off.
I find him really sexy.
I find him a snul.
How can you be jealous?
I'm not.
- Oh come on.
Yesterday they had to watch
how you took me,
And now you're here to basically jealous,
because they host a lunch.
I'm not.
You very challenges.
If you would like to hyaar so,
why do you do with it broken?
That is complicated.
That is all.
Well ...?
- Well what?
It's like a tooth
attract to you!
Do you love her?
- Of course, we were also 2 years together.
If you love her,
what is the problem?
Well ...
You have of life enjoyed.
I think so.
So if you want to bind
Do you know if he or she is the true ...
That is where I think,
whether a he or she is.
I know not,
I am like you or David.
I have not had vrijgellenleven.
For Jen, I had not
often dating ...
I had had a baby, and after
a year, they dumped me.
I once had a date,
but that was it.
None wanted sexfeestjes,
No orgies, no!
This has nothing
If the length is true,
I know.
I will know.
Not because I have so many
people have been,
But I will feel,
I know when I
'm in love.
And I am sure that if you to
David asks, he will say the same.
I doubt it.
No. Really.
I do not date in order to better
, in finding the one.
Or in the search for him.
I entertained me.
I know it
not hear.
What can we know?
You love her.
That is all there is to know.
And she is,
prepare to share.
You can not have more, You know how many
men in place you would want to be?
You see a delicious cake
and you can still eat?
This is a part of it.
- Part of what?
I love Jen.
She is great.
It has everything for me.
She does things that
they do not want to do ...
Just because they
I can do.
What happens if I stay with Jen?
What if we other chicks
Discuss in our bed to ...
And I'll know that I'm one of
other rather see Jen ...
I would leave her.
I will not call.
I want her not to
This hurt.
It was so good to let me
fuck with other chicks.
So I will continue, but I'm in love
one of those other girls ...
And I know that Jen is not
person that I want
I will be unhappy,
And I will not.
That happen in life.
If you like to see Jen,
And I am sure ...
Will your hair always like
still see.
And if you still love word
one of those other chicks,
Then Jen was not true.
But if you walk away ...
But if you leave her
Are you perhaps never more love,
and you miss your only chance at true love.
Well, it's Friday, So, you go me
not pay for my advice.
Am I what men
their monthly collections.
Bye, Max.
How are you?
Can I help you?
I am looking for a pool table.
No, I got her phone,
and they mine. Who is this?
The phone of the female.
How groo ...
Steil, the table?
Who called her Alicia?
- Is that strange?
Excuse me.
Alicia, I just got phone
a guest who came to see, Who was that?
What do you
I do not know?
You would need to know
whom you would call.
Carry me back?
Is that so?
It is that guy on TV,
is not it?
How was your lunch?
Did you tell him about us?
- What?
You're mad at me, because
I told David,
But you call it to honor radio,
and you pay your heart against Dr. Bob?
I said sorry.
No, you have only excused,
because you had proven wrong.
It was hypocritical of you
a row to start
Especially 5 minutes after you
called the radio!
You know what? Fuck you!
Stupid bastard!
I said that the
me sorry!
Turn my words!
It was you, who
called the radio!
I said sorry to me.
Only because I was right!
No, because I love you!
I called only to the radio because I have a way
was looking for us to return to his!
You said to David,
to create.
Only to create
That is a nonsense,
I'm so good for you.
So good for you, and you want
2 years disposal
Just for other
chicks to fuck?
I leave it even, I say that you
may do so even with me there,
and that's not good
enough for you!
Who care for this store
When your grandfather died, and you
a whole week was crying?
Who care for you?
That was me.
And the time, you stupid drunk
came home and fart in your pants?
Who cared for and
washed you?
That was me!
That was me.
Yes, can I help you?
Who's there?
- It's David!
Fuck me monkey!
Fuck me monkey!
Fuck me monkey!
Fuck me monkey!
You bastard!
Fucking children.
I go to hiernasst, in order to send
- Good.
You should not play.
- Who does not?
From me.
- And who are you?
The owner of this store.
- And then?
So you can not play!
Kiss my balls?
- What did you say.
He said, kiss my balls!
- Your kissing balls, but that of my kiss.
Lick my hole,
Vagina fart.
You forgot your
notebook ...
Let me laugh.
Stupid kids, no respect.
I'll immediately.
How does ...
I chalk necessary
green please.
What is that?
- What do you mean?
Why are you naked?
- I lost a wedding shelf.
Come ...
I mean, say that again?
We chalk this need.
For the billiard tables.
And with a salary schoonhied that the loser,
chalk had to get naked.
And they made me ...
So here I am.
Was she beautiful, blond about as big?
- Yes, and hot too.
I had her once
want to see naked.
Did they look like?
Wow, you know her.
Is blue right?
No, it must be green
Can you move?
They are right on your dick.
Sorry, part of the
wedding shelf.
$ 5.36.
There is $ 4.95.
$ 5.36 with VAT.
What now?
What kind of sick bastards are you?
Where is he?
The naked guy?
- No, fool!
You instalateur.
Where is he?
At home I suppose.
David, Are you?
- No, of course not.
Dr. Bob!
- Where is he?
I have his cell phone number,
I can call him.
Well, let him
come here.
But let us remain rational ..
I will call him,
but first let the gun bags
Why not just call him, then
Stitch this gun if your nose ...
I can blow your ass!
Can I phone deal.
You give him the phone!
It is well, Jen.
Just the phone.
Now, Bitch!
There is no reason
hostile to doing.
Okay, Now, Bitch.
What is it?
Dude, you have to come directly.
- Why?
Dr. Bob is here for you.
Verd Ommen score who drove me crazy
his house, with a double loop.
Yes, he is now here.
- Is everything okay with you?
Listen, dick, make that
you are here!
You get 10 minutes. Are you
or not you call the cops ...
Shoot me your friends ...
Not us.
Hey Bob, Easy,
We have done nothing.
We are okay,
We are no threat.
Why are we not back,
where we can talk?
Listen Bob, if someone comes
and you can see, we get problems.
And you do not want
problems, do you?
- Okay, easy.
We go quietly back,
where we can all ziten.
Calm down.
That is good,
Calm down.
That is strange.
Why do not you sit?
- Do not play games with me!
I am a psychologist, you know?
- It is well, easy.
So play with
my feet.
I am the best
my box!
That I mean.
Do you want to wager
for David?
He fucked my wife.
- And they him.
You call her a whore?
No, certainly not.
What she is ok ...
... They fuck all.
I caught her
ever with Pedro ..
He was a good
gardener too.
But you love her, right?
- Yes.
And when you want it, right?
- Yes.
So, you will not do
Is not it?
Why do not you go home,
And make good on her back ...
And we forget what happened.
- Because it is a whore!
Maybe she is not.
Did you ever want to love,
with another woman?
My secretary, Janice.
Have you ever
tell your wife?
Maybe they do is sit.
Maybe you should agree
try to swing?
For some people,
That way you can
stay together, like each other ...
You share only your bed.
With love.
And others.
That is an idea.
Sure is.
Hang me for a ride?
Are you crazy?
Take your advice to him,
You've told me to dump him.
You said trios,
the work of the devil are.
... And that he would burn in hell
if he slept with others ...
His divine rights,
here on earth would lose.
Ask who it is.
Who's there?
Come inside.
Close the door!
It is in order,
put the gun away.
Kiss my balls!
You fucked my wife.
My beautiful wife.
Bastard, how could you?
How can walk in the life of
a man, and verkloot?
I would have to kill you,
Call the cops!
- Where is the phone?
Call also suddenly to the press,
Tell them what a hoerekot this is
Tell them that Tara Jackson
Professional billiards player,
Your head is whore.
- What?
I know all about you.
I know you two,
Bisexual are ...
And you guys together sex
with him.
This is professional,
you can not talk about our sessions.
I may not.
But I can talk
someone on the radio calling ....
And the whole world told.
I can tell, here naked
men within and outside run.
And one of your employees,
my wife raped.
That is not true
Well ...
... If my wife should choose
between rodelbladen tell
Willend that she had sex with a worker,
or raped by him.
Will they choose the latter.
I do not think that her deeply religious friends,
the first would understand.
You can not prove it.
Evidence ...
I have no proof needed!
I am a national star,
if I tell my sad story on TV
... Will anyone believe me.
Even though not proven,
they believe the allegations.
Can your business, bad years
advertising survive?
... Will people rapist,
in their house to ...
a billiard
to install ...
That dare you.
- Ask me to the test.
Go ahead, dial the number!
Who do you think they will believe?
Wil you destroy my career?
I destroy yours.
Get my gun back?
Are you crazy?
it's not loaded.
If not
to say ...
I go home, and with women's
talk about the swing.
What was that?
I needed air.
What was that all about?
I do not know.
I was almost dead.
It was not even loaded.
- It could have been.
That is true.
It puts you think
I must stop.
I must stop to observe separately fuck,
and me settle.
I have to find someone as Jeniffer.
You are so lucky.
-Yes, you, girl That idolatress you.
She is beautiful, fun and
still sense also ..
You would now have to go inside,
and ask them to marry.
You're just shocked.
- No, I mean it.
Would you like me?
Should flights,
psychotic men with two walk?
I really mean it.
What about Hef?
- What is it?
With Heff?
Heff would go back inside,
and marry her.
- Yes it is, He has done 2 times.
Yes, and twice,
failed it.
He has at least
If you have found the true,
you have a chance.
And it is true.
Do not be like me, Zach.
My life is really not so glamoreus.
Most nights ...
I only.
And the nights that have continued
am someone ...
Then it's just sex.
No call, no parts ...
Only sex.
Let her
I gotta go.
She is shocked.
I care vvor the customer.
Julie can talk.
Are you okay?
We could die
It was not even loaded.
- What a stupid comment!
I want no quarrel.
Look ...
... I thought.
David said what ..
Tara said what ...
... and you said something.
You never make me sad.
You do some things,
that make me happy.
When I'm with you ...
I feel good.
I feel great.
And never is there a moment, that your presence
not welcome, and if there was anyway ...
... Can I do not remember.
I love you.
And I want to live,
stay with you.
I love you too.
You will still have your girlfriends
them for sex, huh?
Only if I can Steve
what is that smell?
Glad to see
that everything is in order here.
It is super.
I'm here.
Do you sense
to soon to come along?
First, a hot jacuzzi,
And then a movie ...
That is good.
We will be there.