Kissing Candice (2018) Movie Script

[atmospheric music playing]
[atmospheric music continuing]
[cigarette lighter clinks]
[woman singing R&B song
on jukebox fades in]
[song grows loud and distorted]
[breathing rapidly]
[Martha, muffled]
Get the fuck outta the way!
[Martha] What the fuck
are you lookin' at?
I said fuck away off!
[Candice breathing rapidly]
[R&B song continuing
in background]
Candice, you're okay.
You're all right.
I'm here.
I'm here. Shh.
You're okay.
And what?
Show's over.
[upbeat electronic
music playing]
When I was out on the ground,
I met this guy sleepwalkin'.
Seemed like the most lonely guy
in the world.
[Martha] What are you goin' on
about Candice?
Was I in your dream?
I... I don't think so.
Well, then I don't want to hear
about it then.
[engine stops]
[atmospheric music playing]
Here, drink this.
[engine starts]
You're gonna be fine.
[song playing on stereo]
I'll fuck you
if you want, Candice.
[Candice] No, thanks
I'll go down on ya.
Yeah dream
[song continuing]
[shouting and cheering]
[Candice shouting]
One. Two.
[men counting together]
Four. Five.
Are you asleep?
You know I am.
That guy I saw.
What guy?
The one from my dream.
When I was kissin' him,
all I could think about
was how he'd feel inside me.
Why, you always feel that?
I dunno.
Yeah. Most of the time.
Did you not get
that with Davy or Flynn?
No. No, it was just playin',
boredom more than anything.
Nothin' much else
to do around here.
This was different.
It felt like warm water
rushin' over my skin.
That's because
he doesn't exist in real life.
But I want that.
[phone ringing]
Come on, come on.
[Candice] Oh, fuck.
[both giggling]
[muffled laughter]
Stop, shh.
What if it's that prick James?
My da will go mental.
[Conor, on phone]
Sergeant O'Brien?
What do you want?
You'll see.
Who is it?
Don't know.
[seagulls calling]
[thunder rumbling]
I think this is him now.
[Donal] I thought you were
supposed to meet me downstairs.
Put this on.
Put it on now. Come on.
Is this that kid Caleb?
[Donal] There's no way he's gonna
rob a TV in broad daylight.
Send me over his file.
[Candice gasps]
Come on, reel him in.
What are you staring at it for?
You used to love fishin'
when you were a kid.
Give me that.
[Donal] That's it.
[somber music playing]
[Donal] Candice?
Candice, get out of the bath.
I heard ya! I'm not deaf!
[air gun fires]
- Aah! Ow, me fuckin' arse.
- Jesus Christ!
[man] Ya fuckin' cunt.
[woman] Candice,
fuck away off, would you?
Like, I'm 17 years old.
I don't want to be in love.
You know, I want to get
the fuck out of this town.
Not everyone wants
to be in love.
Sometimes it's just about
gettin' laid, plain and simple.
I hear ya.
Did you know that kid Caleb?
I knew him to see.
He seemed all right.
My dad's obsessed with him.
Thinks I'll end up like him.
I won't let that happen.
How old are you, Aaron?
Are ya fuck?
[Aaron] I fuckin' am.
Have you nothin'
to say for yourself?
Hmm? No apology?
[Donal] Candice,
your mother's talkin' to you.
You can shut up.
Why the hell do you have that
air gun in the house anyway,
leavin' it lying 'round
for the kids to find?
Any gun for that matter.
I hate them.
What are you talkin' about?
I didn't leave it lyin' around.
Do you not think before you act?
[sound returns to normal]
I did.
It's not funny!
Things were a lot safer here
during the Troubles.
Now all their mad sons have
the fuckin' run of the place.
Have you forgotten
what happened to Caleb?
As if you'd let us forget.
[wind howling]
[breathing heavily]
[pounding on door]
Jesus Christ, don't come in!
I'm naked.
[footsteps hurrying away]
[atmospheric music playing]
[Joe] Freak!
[muffled laughter]
[Candice] Get the fuck off me!
My da's a fuckin' Guard!
Ah, you chicken?
Get the fuckin' boot open!
[man laughing]
[Jacob] What are you
fuckin' doin' with her?
Shut your fuckin' mouth.
[breathing rapidly,
men's shouting muffled]
[wind rumbling
over Candice's breathing]
[Conor] Come on, girl.
That's it.
[gang members conversing]
Get away from her!
What did you do to her?
[Conor] You fuckin'
watch yourself, ya hear me?
[Jacob] Come on, come on.
Jake! Are ya fuckin' comin'?
No, I'm not comin'!
Shh. Relax. Just breathe.
[men catcalling]
Just fuck off!
[men shouting]
It's their idea of a laugh,
it's not mine.
Your hand's bleedin'.
Is it?
I know you.
[Jacob] I don't think so.
Yeah, I do. I know you.
If you say so.
You sound different
than I imagined, though.
[Conor] Fuck off.
[man] What the fuck.
Fuckin' skinny cunt.
[music playing]
[shower running]
[lighter clicks]
[girl screaming]
[fire alarm ringing]
[voice whispering]
[wind whistling]
[car idling]
Look who it is.
Get in.
I'll give you a lift.
[Candice] What makes you think
I need a lift?
Get in.
[Jacob humming]
You want to fuck me?
No. [laughing]
Bit forward, aren't ya?
Well, why are you here then?
What do you mean?
It's a simple question.
I dunno.
My brother had epilepsy.
What, he died?
No, he's in prison.
[Jacob laughs]
Can you move your hand, please?
What is your deal?
Do you have a girlfriend?
You heard me.
Why not? You're handsome.
So you don't fancy me?
You're still in school.
What's that matter?
Give us a fag then.
Go fuck yourself.
I would if I could.
Oh! [laughs]
By the way Candice,
what the fuck?
Do you always let random weirdos
literally pick you up?
He's not a weirdo.
No, he's worse.
Runs around with Dermot McGrath
and that gang.
Do you know what they are?
They're dark. Bad bastards.
Martha, he's the guy
I saw in my dream.
Oh, not that again.
I mean, I thought
you were only jokin'.
How many of those pills
are you takin'?
He looked out for me.
I don't think he's bad.
Whatever you say.
[man singing in distance,
voice echoing]
[water running]
[ominous music playing]
[Sharkey] Where's Finn?
[man] Dunno man, he said
he'd meet us at the club.
Why, are you worried about him?
He's in love with him.
- Ah!
- Lads, it's a bromance.
Don't get intimidated
with a good bromance
[man] Here, Caleb!
Give him a sup there, will ya?
[Dermot] You want a bit of this?
You sure?
Do you mind sticking
your wee foot up over there?
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Breakin' my back.
Aah, breakin' my back.
And breakin' my heart.
[Candice] So where are
your friends this evening?
I told ya,
they're not my friends.
Look, I'm only givin'
you lessons if you don't talk.
I saw you with them again.
I just don't get
why you hang out
with people
who aren't even your friends.
- Watch, go easy around this.
- Shut up, would ya?
[Jacob] Fuck sake.
My da is gonna kill them when he
finds out about the other day.
- Maybe he should.
- [Candice laughs]
Where do you live?
Primary Villas.
It's not an invitation.
I wasn't gonna go.
Explains a lot actually.
- Does it?
- Yeah.
Like the way
you're a copper's daughter,
and you're askin'
loads of questions.
Smell bacon off me, do ya?
Go on, now,
will you stop that?
- Stop what?
- No, keep goin' around.
[Candice] Oh.
Here. Now easy does it.
Don't conk it out.
[engine stops]
Fuckin' conk it out,
that was perfect
- [engine jumps]
- [gasps]
[Jacob laughs]
You're a terrible driver.
[song playing on car radio]
[engine and radio stop]
How's tricks, Aaron?
So when are you gonna come
pay us a visit then?
I've been busy.
How old are you now, Aaron?
- Thirteen.
- Thirteen?
Twelve and a half,
but people say I look older.
[chuckles] You do.
[Conor] You're a strong boy
for your age, aren't ya? Huh?
You're a real tough lad, huh?
Can you fight though?
- Yeah?
- Aye.
Let me see ya.
Hit my hand there.
- Go on.
- [smack]
And again. And again!
And again. And again.
[Conor] He catches your hand,
what does that mean?
What does it mean?
Do me a wee favor, Aaron,
and go and sit up
on that wall again
like a wee boy, would you?
What are you playin' at?
[Dermot] Relax, Jake,
I'm just lookin' out for him.
You're an angel.
[engine and radio start]
[clock ticking]
- [car leaving]
- [gang shouting]
[breathing rapidly]
[engine running]
[R&B song echoing on jukebox]
[song fades
to sound of footsteps]
[Candice] I think I'm the
best driver you've ever seen.
[Jacob laughs]
[phone ringing]
[Donal] Don't answer it.
[phone continues ringing]
Where were you tonight?
With a friend,
havin' a drivin' lesson.
Drivin'? You know
you're not supposed to drive.
- I'm going to bed.
- Sit down.
I know where you were.
You know him?
You recognize him?
What about him?
Him? Him?
Or him? You know him?
[Monk speaking indistinctly]
He needs a fucking wash.
Who's a good dog?
Leave the dog alone.
- Leave the dog alone.
- Shut your bleedin' mouth.
[dryer stops]
Where'd you get this lighter?
It's Caleb's!
Where'd you get it?!
Sorry. I w-w-want... want you...
want you to take
a wee look at that again.
Th-that's a gold lighter.
Can you have
a wee look at it, please?
So you can
see that it's gold, can't ya?
Okay, because you see...
see that there lighter.
My da hid that lighter
up his hole.
[men laughing]
What are you laughin' for?
What are you
laughin' for?
Just laughin' at the joke.
It wasn't a joke.
Caleb's lighter was silver.
I remember wee Caleb.
Do you remember him?
Give me that fuckin' lighter
back, you...
- [siren passing]
- Give me it back.
[Dermot] Have you been drinking
again, Mrs. O?
[Mrs. O'Neill]
Get out the lot of ye, go on!
[Conor] Well,
I have to get my shit, don't I?
[Jacob] Come on!
[dog barking]
What the fuck do you want?
Come here. Come here.
Shut up.
- Get the fuck off me!
- Shut up!
- Get off me!
- Keep your fuckin' mouth shut!
You hear me?
Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Keep it shut
and listen to me.
You stay away from
Candice O'Brien, you hear me?
- Why?
- Because I'm her father,
and she can do a lot better
than you, you piece of shit!
She can make
her own fuckin' decisions!
I make her decisions,
you hear me?!
I make them!
Now, you listen to me.
I know your brother's in prison.
You know how I know?
'Cause I fuckin' put him there.
[thunder rumbling]
[muffled song playing
on car stereo]
[voice whispering]
[ominous music playing]
Who are you?
You know who I am.
Ask Jacob about me.
[engine running]
[Mr. DeBoer moaning in fear]
[Jacob] What the fuck?!
Are you fuckin' mad?!
Get your fuckin' legs
off me, ya rat!
- [slapping]
- What the fuck?!
I didn't sign up for this shit!
Get the fuck out then!
Drive! Drive the fuckin' car!
[wind blowing]
[instructor lecturing
...and a unique, precise method
of identifying
any instant of time.
Astronomical time systems
[music playing]
[Mr. DeBoer's
frightened breathing]
[Mr. De Boer moaning]
[man] You know that
he's a kiddy fiddler, right?
What if you're wrong?
[Dermot] Do ya hear that?
Do ya hear that?
That's the birds. The birds.
[Mr. DeBoer]
Oh, please!
Keep fuckin' goin'.
Keep fuckin' goin'!
[intense music playing]
[insects buzzing]
[breathing rapidly]
[phone ringing]
Who is this?
[Conor] Doesn't matter.
A house is burnin'.
[Conor] Winter Lane.
[flames crackling]
[somber music playing]
Shh, shh, shh, it's okay.
Shh, it's okay.
The phone must have woken ya.
Your father's been called
out to a fire. Shh.
Somethin' else
went down tonight.
I can feel it.
[horn honking]
[horn honking]
Come on! Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo-hoo!
- [horn honking]
[grunting and panting]
Aaron, don't touch it.
Your fingerprints'll be on it.
[Joe] Yes!
Joe, you can't tell
anybody about this, right?
[imitating gunshot]
[imitating gunshot]
[imitating gunshot]
You're gonna blow
someone's head off!
It's tough for him, isn't it?
[atmospheric music playing]
[children's voices outside]
[lighter clicks]
I hate this neighborhood,
everything about it.
There's worse places
you could live.
Give over, you hate it, too.
What happened to your dream guy?
His house got burnt down.
Then he disappeared.
He never gave
a shit about me anyway.
I'm sorry, Candice.
No, you're not.
I knew how it was
gonna play out anyway.
Being kidnapped would have been
better than this.
My parents have me holed up
like a hostage.
I never know
whether I'm awake or asleep.
[music playing]
["Wait Till You See Him"
by Nancy Sinatra playing]
Wait till you see him
See how he looks
Huh, wait till you
Hear him laugh
Painters of paintings
And writers of books
Well, they never could
Tell the half
Just wait till you feel
The warmth of his glance
Pensive and sweet
[song fading]
And wise
[children playing outside]
[rain falling]
[Joe] Jesus!
[music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
Could you not have worn
something else for a change?
It's Halloween.
The state of ya.
I'm not gonna even ask
what you're doin' down there.
I don't want to know.
Anyway, thought you were supposed
to be killin' yourself tonight.
Got distracted.
Come with me
while I fix me makeup.
I've got whiskey.
[song playing indistinctly
on stereo]
I'm gonna fuck
Darren Kelly tonight.
Give him the fright of his life.
[Candice] Gross.
What's wrong with him?
Where do I start?
He has certain assets,
I'm done with men.
Not rekindled your romance
with your freak then?
Think he only moved
to this street to torment me.
Fuck him. We'll not
talk about him anymore.
[song fades in]
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
- I can't do without you
- No, stop it.
Immune to my charms?
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
- Ew!
- I love this song!
- I can't do without you
- Whoo!
- I can't do without you
- [screaming and laughing]
I can't do without you
I can't do without you
Can't do without
- Can't do without
- Whoo!
Can't do without
- Can't do without
- What have ya done to your hair?
Have you been playin'
with matches again?
Do ya wanna look like me?
[Joe laughs]
Give us a shot then.
Right, do this.
[Joe laughing]
[female TV announcer]
34-year-old Melanie Maguire,
now a convicted killer.
[Joe] Here, Ma,
can we go out some night,
take a few yokes
and say "I love you"
over and over like Martha?
[Joe sits, sighs]
Yeah, we'll do that love, yeah.
[female TV announcer]
Her husband's body dismembered,
the body pieces
put into black trash bags,
which were then put inside
three matching suitcases,
which washed ashore
along the Chesapeake...
We're in a hurry.
[female TV announcer] 2004.
[Martha] Hello?
[female TV announcer]
During the seven-week trial,
prosecutors presenting evidence
that in the weeks before...
Hello, earth to fuckin' Debbie!
We're in a hurry.
Wait, will ya?
[female TV announcer] It's
believed her husband was drugged
before he was shot twice
and then dismembered.
Maguire today convicted
of first-degree murder.
Thank you.
Get out.
State of ya. [laughing]
[door closes]
Give us a drag.
I'm gettin' excited, are you?
I can't fuckin' wait! Yes!
[ominous music playing]
What's wrong with ya?
We need to finish this tonight.
I can't have him
runnin' around town
his fuckin' mouth off.
[electronic dance music playing]
I fuckin' love you, I do.
Two minutes.
Two minutes, I was gonna go over
and talk to him, right.
I'll be with ya in two minutes.
Don't leave without me, right?
[music grows muffled
and distorted]
I'm flyin', you flyin'?
Yeah, fuckin' flyin'.
[phone chimes ringtone]
[Dermot] Pretty teenage daughter
you have there, Donal.
Candice, isn't it?
You know...
I was wonderin'
what it'd be like to kiss her.
What she feels like.
We were all thinkin'
about that actually.
All five of us.
You listen to me,
you little fuckwit.
You touch her and I'll..
[electronic dance music playing]
[fading to ominous music]
You know they're coming for ya?
They're coming for you both.
Any minute now,
and they'll be here.
Can you hear that?
[dance music continuing]
[dialogue inaudible]
What did you take?
- [water splashes]
- Everything.
I'm cold.
You look different.
You look the same.
They're here.
[electronic dance music playing]
[gang members shouting]
What the fuck
are you lookin' at?!
Get the fuck down on the ground!
Get the fuck...
Shut your fuckin' mouth!
You better fuckin' do!
Suck my fuckin' cock!
Come on! You want
to suck my fuckin' cock?!
Do ya?! Do ya want to suck
my fuckin' cock?!
Jacob Doyle!
Come out,
and we'll go easy on ya!
You, you, get down!
Empty your fuckin' pockets now!
Empty them now!
- Shh! Shh!
- [Dermot] Jacob Doyle!
[shouting continues]
You'll be fine
if you stay clear of me.
Do ya wanna die?
Do ya wanna' die? Do ya?
No fuckin' way!
[music playing]
[dialogue inaudible]
So where are the guns?
Hey, man, they were
definitely right here.
Your uncle's a fuckin' clown!
It runs in the family.
[birds singing]
[somber music playing]
Fuck, hold your head back.
Come on.
Hold it back.
We'll be okay here for a while.
Are you afraid?
[Jacob speaking indistinctly]
[Candice] Where are we?
[Jacob] On the border.
Headin' north. That's south.
[engine running]
[Joe sniffling]
[Dermot] Right, get out
and show us where the guns are.
- Huh?
- Where are they?
[Sharkey] Where?
- There!
- Where?!
In the fuckin' postbox!
They're in the fuckin' postbox.
That there fuckin' postbox!
Fuck me!
[Dermot] Which one of you
thought it was a good idea
to put them
in the fuckin' postbox?!
Break it open.
Yeah, well,
there's a hammer in the back.
I know how to get
in the postbox.
- Rah!
- Aah!
[Jacob laughs]
Your mom'll be worryin'
about ya now.
She'll be prayin' anyway.
That's all she ever does.
That and cleanin'.
What about yours?
Do you believe in God?
Not God, but somethin'.
Some dreams I have
feel more real than all this.
[Jacob jumps down]
What's your brother like?
[gang members laughing]
- [reciting rhyme]
- [laughter]
Any birds, lads? Any birds?
Any birds? Fuck 'em?
Here, Caleb,
here, get a sup of that.
Hey ya, boyo.
[gang members chattering
Yeah. [laughs]
Roll on, roll on, roll on.
[music playing]
- What the fuck is that?
- Yeah.
Want a bit of this?
Are ya sure?
Are ya sure you can handle it?
Hey! It's good, isn't it?
Yeah, it's good, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it's good for your chest.
You all right? You all right?
[music playing]
Dunno what happened.
Maybe I'm just blockin' it out,
I dunno.
[electronic dance music playing]
Caleb? Wake up!
Caleb? Wake up!
Lads, he's not wakin' up!
Here, Caleb, wake up the fuck.
You're grand, come on.
Caleb, wake up!
C'mon, Caleb, you're all right,
wake up!
Caleb. Caleb. Wake up.
Conor and Dermot said
we had to bury the body.
So that's what we did.
[ominous music playing]
[door opens]
[ominous music playing]
These people fuckin' disgust me.
[door creaks]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop!
Sorry, man, we need help
gettin' to the hospital.
Get the fuck out of the car now!
I swear I'm gonna stick this
in your neck.
You, get in!
Don't fuckin'
talk to me like that!
[tires spin]
What did you do to them?
You don't wanna know.
Why wouldn't you kiss me
on the mouth?
Really? That's what
you want to talk about?
You don't apologize for bringin'
me into this fuckin' nightmare?!
Are you fuckin' jokin'?
How many times
did I ask you not to come?
You're not
like the guy in my dream!
You're nothin' like him at all!
Piece of shit!
Get out.
Get the fuck out! Now!
I fuckin' mean it!
Fuck off!
Stop the fuckin' car!
Get in.
You don't have
any fuckin' choice! Get in!
[Caleb] He's right.
Better get in.
[Jacob] Fuck sake.
[music playing]
Come on, you piece of shit!
Put the foot down!
Put the fuckin' foot down!
Drive faster for fuck sake!
Drive fuckin' faster!
[music continuing]
You have to drive faster!
Hurry the fuck up!
[music crescendos]
Fuckin' drive! Move! Move!
[music continuing,
dialogue inaudible]
[loud crash]
[wind blowing]
[Jacob's labored breathing]
[atmospheric music playing]
["The Girl on Death Row"
by Lee Hazlewood playing]
Her eyes were once
so full of dreams
Her young heart filled
with lovers' schemes
Now every second
she must borrow
They take her life tomorrow
Is she guilty?
She says no
The girl on death row
Now someone holds
her trembling hand
Another says,
"Please understand"
Why can't they see it
in her face?
Another should be
In her place
Is she guilty?
She says no
The girl on death row
Her young dreams
never will come true
Her innocence
they never knew
Until they found
the guilty one
They're sorry now
for what they done
But it's late, too late
For the girl on death row
The girl on death row
The girl on death row
[instrumental music playing]