Kite Liberator (2007) Movie Script

Spaceship Kudryavka is within
900 meters of the docking area.
Kudryavka is within 300 meters.
Mr. Doi, you always get sick
when you come out to space.
I'm so ashamed.
Well? What do you think
of our special space curry?
Try to come up with
something better next time!
But, Mr. Noguchi, even if this
does help our bones stay strong...
...this stuff's too disgusting!
We've been living
here for four years now.
Plus there's a time limit to the
artificial gravity, and in zero gravity...
...we don't know how much bone
mass is lost and calcium dissolved.
This curry isn't that bad.
Did you forget who got
urolithiasis and spasms last year...
...because of calcium
that wouldn't dissolve?
When you return to Earth,
your bones will be worn out.
That wouldn't be funny at all.
Defy Food Company...
No, Mr. Doi's space food...
We should all understand by
now how important it is to us.
I've been researching a long time...
...on how to strengthen
the bones with space food.
Well, I can't say
I'm a first-class chef...
...but this food is landmark,
historic, and revolutionary, everyone!
Blood composition and
muscle atrophy is normal.
Bone density...
Calcium, phosphorus, and
magnesium levels are unchanged.
But the volume of bone
has gone up twenty percent.
Mr. Doi, this is really something.
Your special space food, that is.
Thank you very much.
Well, it's kind of obvious.
Space radiation?
The amount of radiation exposure
is based on individual data...
...and we've done
a lot of stuff in space... we shouldn't be the only
ones with high levels of radiation.
This year, when the sun's
radiation was being emitted...
...the only crew sent out on
missions were you two, Mr. Noguchi.
Then it must be from solar flares.
Weren't the spacesuits supposed
to block any type of space radiation?
Can you two not go out
on missions for a while?
Oh, just in case.
This isn't because of the space
food I created, right, Doctor?
No one said it was your fault.
My daughter's birthday
is coming up soon.
I'm sure Monaka's room
is filled with your presents.
I can't be there to see her grow up.
This is the toughest thing for a father.
I haven't seen her in four years.
If I'm not mistaken, your younger
brother is looking after Monaka.
After my wife passed away, I went
back to work on the space station.
I had no choice but
to leave her with my brother.
I want you to give
the present to her, Doi.
I understand.
I'll make sure to deliver it to her.
Monaka, happy birthday.
Move it!
Ambulance right now!
We'll pursue the suspect!
Damn it...
Same here!
If you come in, I'll kill her.
Let the hostage go! I'll take her place!
Gaga, call the negotiator.
We can't negotiate with that pervert!
Let's get him!
That's up to the department.
Wait till backup comes.
He has that little girl hostage!
If we don't get him soon, she'll be...
No one can get in here for a while.
Let me go!
You're gonna stay with me
till I reach a safer place.
Let me go!
No! No!
Don't touch me, you pervert!
Who the hell are you?
Who are you?
Close it.
A woman?
Hey, wait!
No way...
Hey, Tsuin!
This is why we should've busted him!
Let's go!
What the hell happened?
You're safe now.
You must've been scared.
But you're safe now.
The Angel of Death.
I'm the stationmaster,
but even I can't do that kind of thing.
Don't talk nonsense.
The suspect who killed Tsuin might
still be somewhere in this station!
Hurry up and close
the station and stop all the trains!
Don't let any passengers out!
I'll come by again for
that nice ass of yours.
"The customer is always right. "
Smile. Smile.
Spicy Habanero
Thanks for waiting!
Make yourself at home.
He had stomach cramps, Mukai.
This is obstruction of business.
I don't ever want to see
that kind of customer again.
Sorry I'm late.
I feel relieved when I see you.
Hey, there's a customer.
Go get their order.
You're so clumsy.
Get up quickly.
I'm sorry.
What would you like?
The demi-glace jumbo hamburger
set and a large caesar salad.
Hey, are you listening?
Let me confirm your order.
The demi-glace...
I'm sorry.
She's still new.
Hey, go tell them
this customer's order.
R- Right.
Mr. Manager,
I'm sorry to have troubled you...
That customer before was...
If they find out I'm working
a minor like you late at night...
...I'm the one who's gonna get busted.
You'd better not get your business
license suspended, Manager.
Ow! That hurt, Mukai!
Ms. Noguchi, if he sexually harasses
you, then you'd better say so.
I don't mind.
You should.
After all, it's not like he's
doing anything outrageous...
Leave now.
I'm still working.
I don't have your stuff ready yet.
My brother's dead...
My only sweet little
brother has been killed.
ID confirmed. Welcome home.
You're really late.
I'm sorry.
What time do you think it is?
I'll let you know in advance
if I'm coming home late.
Why not change jobs?
But I don't want you to keep paying
for my living expenses and tuition.
I don't want to pester you since I'm
also living off your father's expenses.
I appreciate your concern, but doing
babysitting late at night pays a lot.
It's a dangerous world. Be careful
when you're walking alone at night.
I will...
Can I come in?
Can I come in?
Yeah, sure.
You came home really late.
I'm so sleepy now.
You were waiting?
I was holding on to this for you.
Can I get one?
Sure, you can take
anything except matcha vanilla.
Thank you!
I only see matcha vanilla.
I'm taking this cookie milk.
You're really loved, Monaka.
It says this package is
from Mr. Doi. Who is he?
He's my father's friend,
but I don't know much about him.
What is it this time?
So pretty...
What is it?
Rocks from Mars.
You're probably the only
one in the world who has this.
I'm really jealous...
I want something
like that for my birthday too.
It looks good on you.
I guess you get remarkable things
if you have an astronaut as a father.
Thank you, Dad.
This swelling is abnormal.
Their kidneys seem fine... I don't think it's due
to the movement of bodily fluids.
Plus artificial gravity is working now,
and we've been living here for years.
They shouldn't swell up like this.
Then how do you
explain these symptoms?
It went very high with the wind...
Monaka, I'm going back up to space.
Will I see you again?
Of course.
No matter what happens,
I'll come back to see you.
I'll be waiting for you.
I promise...
I promise that I'll come back.
Something... Something is
about to happen inside his body...
You are my shooting star...
We spend the night feeling
our attraction for each other.
You are my shining star...
Run past the light and the body.
Run past the light and the body.
Good morning! Breakfast is ready.
Run past the light and the body.
Good morning. I'll be right down.
Wish upon a star...
Good morning. I'll be right down.
Wish upon a star...
It gets covered
like a powdery snow.
Sending my thoughts to the moon...
I keep waiting and...
Want to hang out
with me this Sunday?
Where'll you go?
I finish work in the evening,
so we'll meet in Ikebukuro.
My friends are coming too,
so you should come, Monaka!
Well, I'm not really good
at singing. I'm terrible.
Don't worry!
It's not like everyone's really
good at it. Let's have some fun!
Go with your boyfriend.
We broke up two weeks ago.
I'm having a hard time recovering.
I need you to comfort me.
They say meetings and
partings happen over and over.
So don't be discouraged, Azuki.
Monaka, ever been in love?
Where'd that come from?
Are there any boys you like right now?
This vegetable soup is really good.
That's pork and vegetables.
One-bedroom apartments
are pretty expensive...
We're going to have a bag check now.
Only 1 pair of sweats!
We're going to have a bag check now.
We're going to have a bag check now.
Take everything out of your
bags and place them on the desk.
Where do you think we are?
I heard you got the second
highest grade for the term exams.
Try to get the best score next time.
It's so far...
Ms. Mukai had a child...
That's right. She's a single mother.
Mr. Manager.
What a surprise.
What book did you buy?
Eat and Lose Weight,
an Ultimate Diet!
I can turn my blood
from muddy to smooth.
Do your best.
Yeah, I will.
What happened to
Ms. Mukai's husband?
Who knows...
Even I don't know what happened.
She won't say anything about it,
and I don't really care to know.
She didn't seem like
a single mother to me...
By the way, Monaka.
Don't be late tonight.
Good girl! So cute!
Good girl! So cute!
I can't breathe!
Did you find anything you like?
Um, can I go and take
a look at this one right now?
There are no lights,
so the room's pitch-black at night.
The moonlight's enough.
This is a wonderful room...
They spent a lot to soundproof this
place, so you'll have plenty of privacy.
That's important.
Can I stay here by myself for a while?
The rent's high, but you won't regret it.
I don't plan to move in here.
Seven people died by
your hands, but this ends now.
What is this?
What happened here?
Anyway, let's find the crew.
L- Let's go back, everyone...
I have a bad feeling about this...
We lost contact after hearing
gunshots and a distress signal.
We can't go back.
Doctor, answer if you're here!
We're from the center...
Head to the crew quarters...
Where were you, Doctor?
Hang in there! Are you okay?
Hurry, to the Kudryavka.
That thing is coming...
Doctor, what is that monster?
What the heck happened here?
Mr. Doi...
That space food you brought here...
Is it true they weren't
tested in the center labs?
W- What now?
That creature transformed
after eating your space food.
It was once human.
You must be kidding...
What are you saying, Doctor?
Your space food provided way too
much stimulation on the bones.
After developing rapidly
with the sun's radiation...
...bones were enlarged,
turning into that creature.
Do you have proof?
It'll bust through!
Hurry up and get to the Kudryavka!
Damn it...
The docking tube
will explode at this rate!
Close the Kudryavka's air lock door!
Lock the door!
It's not working!
We're saved...
The fuel ignited!
Hurry up to the escape pods!
Releasing safety lock!
Take off!
Please, God...
We're heading into the atmosphere!
Activating air brake!
We can't go back to the center!
This ship will explode soon!
How long till we land?
Altitude of 4,000 meters,
1.5 minutes till landing!
We won't make it.
You'll have to force a landing.
That's the only way we'll survive.
Where are we now?
Who cares? Save us!
Just land this thing safely!
Calm down! We can't
land in the middle of the city!
In the ocean!
Altitude of 400 meters!
We're gonna crash!
Altitude of 40 meters!
We're landing on water!
We're gonna plunge in!
We're finally saved...
Outside quickly!
Move it!
Thank you, God... I'm very lucky.
What would you like?
Coffee and a vegetable sandwich.
And can you put
ketchup instead of mayo?
You always order the same thing.
Monaka's so cute...
Monaka, customer!
I'll do it.
Not you.
Y- You okay?
You don't give up, do you?
I wanted to see what
kind of beer I got this time.
Then I'll give you something stronger.
What is it?
Why you...
Good job.
Um, thank you very much.
Ms. Noguchi, you know
self-defense techniques?
You tried to stab that
pervert with a pen, didn't you?
I don't really remember.
Did I do that?
A conditioned reflex.
You're the amazing one, Ms. Mukai.
Did you learn
some kind of martial art?
Playing dumb, huh?
I'm not playing dumb.
Go get those dishes from table one.
The NASA investigation
committee will assure your safety.
You don't need to worry about
being questioned by the police...
...and you will not say a word
about this incident from here on.
Are you insane?
Just leave everything to us.
The truth is that there's
more than one creature.
There he goes again.
Either way, they became space dust.
Don't tell anyone about that monster.
Of the two creatures, one is Noguchi.
Mr. Orudo Noguchi.
Mr. Noguchi?
That's right.
How do you go about telling their
families what happened today?
Ms. Noguchi, do you
have time after you change?
What is it?
Just to relax.
You do this sometimes?
It helps me remember the past...
...when the lights are sparking.
Fireworks in the winter are nice.
Ms. Noguchi,
do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't.
I see...
If you have a lover, family member,
or someone important to you...
...then you have to mend
your ways, Ms. Noguchi.
What do you mean by that?
Oh my! You two are
really good friends now, huh?
It's nice to do fireworks in the winter,
but don't forget to put out the fire...
...Big Boss Mukai.
Good work.
Good work. Good night, Mr. Manager.
Good night, Monaka.
Oh, Mukai.
The customer you
sent to the hospital...
His fees will be taken out
of your paycheck this month.
You want me to burn
down this restaurant?
Ms. Mukai!
Just kidding.
D- Doesn't this bother
people in the neighborhood?
I haven't had any complaints yet.
I'm scared! I'm really scared of this!
Well, see you tomorrow.
Thank you forthe fireworks.
Good night.
Tell Uncle that I'm
heading home right now.
Thanks, Azuki.
Good work.
Thank you.
I didn't know you were a minor.
Please don't tell the school.
What should I do...
Um, I'll add a free drink next time.
So please let me go.
Trying to bribe an officer?
Why are you working there?
Because I get paid a lot.
Plus the manager is really nice.
You know, adults are very
cunning and difficult to deal with.
Don't let their outsides fool you.
Plus I have a bad
feeling about this place.
I'm going to quit.
So please don't tell
the school anything.
I won't tell them about yourjob.
But in return, well...
Would you...
...go out with me?
How old is this guy?
I don't know, but maybe...
...his late twenties?
You don't mind dating older guys?
They're much better
than guys my age.
And you agreed?
why is a cop interested in you?
Where'd you meet a cop?
You're hiding something, Monaka.
This ice cream is so good.
Very fishy.
It's not my fault...
It's not my fault.
Looks like you brought
home a terrible creature.
Then there really is one more?
See you!
Wait for me!
Your nextjob.
But the older twin
brother is still around.
There have been dismembered
bodies these past few days.
Did you know?
I heard rumors about that in class.
The Kudryavka's escape pod
crash-landed in Odaiba...
...and it seems these cases
involve one of the survivors.
Come on!
The target is armed and dangerous.
So equip yourself
with the best weapons...
...and dispose of this target promptly.
Why is the survivor
doing this all of a sudden?
That's none of our business.
It seems the target is on the move,
so I'll let you know the site by mail.
Like there's somewhere specific.
Oh, nice catch!
Sorry! Are you okay?
Sputnik, why did
you call me out today?
I wanted to tell you
"happy birthday" in person.
Oh, please...
That bracelet looks nice.
Is it from your boyfriend?
She ignored me.
Would you go out with me?
It's around here.
You must really love that gun.
That "red club" was made by my
friend long ago. It's a gun of destiny.
It belonged to some assassin,
one in the late teens.
And a chick.
Like you.
But all of a sudden, that chick
disappeared several years ago.
My friend died around
the same time as well.
I see.
What was her name?
What was it now...
How dare you kill my brother!
I can't believe you
showed yourself like this...
By the way, we're not
the ones who killed your brother.
You can talk nonsense
after you've apologized to him.
The Angel of Death
killed your crazy brother.
So it was the infamous assassin?
Even if that's true,
you people still cornered him!
The Angel of Death
is gonna get you too.
South America?
I recently saw this cool anime.
Really? Changing the subject?
Are you listening to what I'm saying?
Who would? Are you listening?
Are you?
I am. I am.
You won't get away.
Of course! You're telling me that a
mere assassin can get the job done?
This is the best choice for us.
We're talking about
the Angel of Death, you know.
I don't care if it's an angel
or a devil. Just get thejob done.
What is that thing anyway?
What is this thing?
It doesn't want to fight?
Not deep enough.
The explosive bullets have no effect.
What are you people
doing this late at night?
I'm sure it has a weak spot.
Too bad I missed.
W- What is it? What happened?
It's that monster!
Come on!
Thank you so much! You saved us!
I'm really thankful!
What was that thing?
J- Just between you and me,
that monster was once human...
...a transformed crew member
from the ISS space station.
There was some sort
of accident on the ISS.
The space station's crew member...
Plus they said it was caused by my
space food and radiation from the sun.
If this was made public, my reputation
would've been ruined for good.
Though I wanted that monster
to be disposed of discreetly...
But it's amazing that a girl took
care of that monster all by herself.
Which crew member?
Want to know?
The doctor said two people
transformed, but the name I heard...
...was Orudo Noguchi.
I forgot to ask about the other one.
I don't know if that monster
was Noguchi or not.
The other monster was blown
to bits on the Kudryavka.
No... No...
It can't be my dad!
W- What?
Are you Monaka?
You're kidding, right? For real?
Who were these people?
A- Agents for some
organization hired by Defy Foods...
They came pretending to be NASA
investigators to control the situation.
To kill me too?
I didn't know about it! It's true!
Who are you?
I- I'm Koichi Doi,
an employee of Defy Foods.
You're the one who
sent my dad's packages.
Then you really are Monaka...
Damn... Where did he go?
Stay still.
Let me go!
If you make a sound, I'll kill you...
Tsuin! Freeze!
You freeze!
I'll kill this chick!
You crazy brothers
do the same thing!
That voice...
Drop your gun!
Hurry up and drop it! I'll shoot her.
Stay right there.
Y- You're...
Tsuin! Answer me!
This is...
Hey, it's regenerating!
I got tired from playing all day.
Silence somewhat
makes me feel comfortable.
I want to keep on
remembering what you look like.
Even when I become an adult,
I still want to keep going on like this.
I'm thinking in the sky high above.
Even though there's no name,
I think about unimportant things.
It's looping while I think.
Things that I might forget tomorrow.
I want you to keep on watching me.
Keep on watching me.
People who come back
and people who greet them.
People who live inside my heart.
We can feel each other
with the same temperature.
You were always
there inside my heart.
My sweet home...