Kitten with a Whip (1964) Movie Script

Well, thanks again. You sure
you won't come in for a drink?
At this hour? Why, senator.
If I ever do become
a senator, Vera,
I promise I won't be
a clock-watcher.
You promised me a preview of your
speech for Friday, remember?
Wait a minute. Now?
Well, sit tight, Grant.
I'll bring you a copy.
That's your usual
limit for exercise.
Good night, Vera.
Good night, David.
Night, Carter.
Good night, Mr. Stratton.
I think it went
well tonight, David.
You made a lot of friends.
It's nice to be popular, but
it's not my political objective.
I know, but you'll need all
the friendship you can get
within the party to
cinch the nomination.
I told you, I make
no commitments.
We're well aware of that but...
Are we alone?
The help's on vacation until Virginia
gets back from San Francisco.
Well, frankly, we hope
she'll get back soon.
We like to see her on platform with
you when you speak next Friday.
Ah, yes. The public image.
Well, I'd like that, too,
but I can't guarantee it.
David, what's wrong?
I know she took Kathy up there
to visit her grandmother,
but was that the only reason?
Just the excuse.
She needed time, Grant,
to think things over.
Oh, the things that build up over
seven years of any marriage.
Can't lose yourself in your work
without losing something else, too.
In my case, communication.
But, we still want
the same things.
Mainly, we want the marriage.
You won't find
that in the speech.
It's not a political posture.
I happen to love my wife.
I know, and I'm not
talking politics.
Not entirely.
But they do get rough
at this level, so...
Keep her by your side, huh?
I'll do what I can.
You're not sore? Can we
still have lunch tomorrow?
I'm not sore enough
to skip a free one.
1:00, huh? Yeah, we'll
tee off at 2:00.
Right, good night. Night.
No! No, don't.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't doing anything.
I mean, nothing wrong.
I didn't take anything.
I'm sure of it. You must have the
clearest conscience in San Diego
to sleep like that.
Or were you sleeping?
Oh, I was bushed.
Please don't get mad.
I already am.
Now, before I pick up that
phone, I wanna know two things.
Who are you and
who put you up to this?
Put me up to it?
You need time on that, huh?
All right. Start with
the easy part, your name.
You do know your name?
Jody. Jody drew.
Well, that's how I call myself.
Very creative. Now the one
you were born with.
I don't use it.
So why should you?
And besides, what's yours?
Oh, you wouldn't know, eh? You wouldn't
know about the Stratton shipping line...
That's right, mister. I don't
know a thing about you,
and I don't know what you're
trying to make of all this, but...
You're lost. Is that it?
You walk in your sleep?
You just happen to wake
up in the wrong bed.
Or maybe you were
expecting someone.
An indignant father, an outraged
husband, a few photographers?
Or did they get lost, too?
I'm alone, is that
what you think?
There's nobody else?
This is David Stratton. Has
lieutenant woodman come in yet?
Thanks, I'll hold on.
Hey, come here.
Come on now.
Now don't do that. Stop it.
It's no good. It doesn't help.
Right the first time,
I bet you're always right.
Go ahead and make your call!
I don't even care anymore.
Oh! Yes, Woody.
Sorry, I fumbled the phone
and somehow cut us off.
Well, I do have a problem.
But I think I may be able to
solve it after all
without bothering you.
I know, Woody.
I appreciate that.
But the fact is, I'm not quite
ready for the answer because
I'm not so sure I
understand the question.
And thanks again.
Where is everybody? You wife?
The little girl?
They're out of town. But
let's stick to your story.
It's all so silly.
And if my parents
ever found out,
why, they'll yank me out
of college on the spot.
They're terribly strict,
terribly proper.
They'd never understand,
I mean, um...
You know, the
sorority initiation.
In the middle of summer?
Let's call these
terribly strict,
terribly proper parents. No, no!
Why? Oh, is that it?
Trouble at home,
you were running away?
Yes, but will you listen!
If you'll tell it!
All right, all right.
Like you said, I was running.
Running away.
I found your front
door opened a crack...
No, that's another lie.
I set the window screen
next to the back door.
Breaking and entering,
90 days, next case.
Running from what? Your parents?
I never knew who my old man was.
And I doubt if dear
old mom does either.
No, it was Barney.
Barney the slob.
One of her gentleman callers.
That's who I was running from.
Boy, I should have
taken off years ago.
What happened last night?
I got to bed but not to
sleep, too much furniture
falling down and too much
of them doing the same.
I guess mother was
taken unconscious.
She isn't too terribly strong.
Then Barney stumbled
into my room.
Looking for a live one.
You follow all this?
You live behind walls here. Man,
where I come from is outer space.
But I got a knee up and it was
almost worth it to hear him howl.
I made a dive for the
door but he grabbed me.
I guess he would've killed me,
only I'm sort of slippery myself.
I made it out of the window.
Man, how I got this far
I'll never know.
He did this.
All I've been thinking about is
the damage you might be doing me.
You mean it? You won't
make me go back?
To that? No.
But you need help by
the juvenile authorities.
Ugh! We've met.
They'll either send me
back or put me away.
Ah, what's the difference?
That's the Jody doll.
You wind her up and any way you
point her, she turns up lousy.
No, no, no.
We'll think of something.
Well, good morning, Martha!
Oh, I hope I didn't get you up.
No, no. I was just...
Have you taken on
the paper route?
Oh, these? That's why I stopped.
They were scattered
all over your front lawn.
Six days.
You know, the police say that that's
like an open invitation to burglars.
I've heard that, yes.
I'll have to be more careful.
Working late and leaving early.
Coming and going through the
garage, I just never noticed them.
Thanks. No harm done.
Well, what did you hear
from my little sister?
Oh, she's fine.
Kathy's fine.
Everything is fine.
I expect them back soon and
I'm not quite sure the date,
but you'll be the first
to know if any...
Oh, David, I hope you don't
think I'm checking up on you.
I was just passing by. No, no.
It was very considerate.
I'm sorry I'm not dressed.
Oh, I couldn't stay in any case,
unless there's something I can...
I'll hold the fort or
send up a flare.
Okay? Well, don't hesitate, dear,
if there's anything at all.
God bless. You too.
Thanks again!
David: Last night,
when you were running...
You must have had some
idea where you were going.
Mmm, I got this sort of
aunt, you know, up in L.A.
She won't even
talk to my mother.
I guess she'd put
me up, all right.
Though I must admit,
I like it better here.
Well, you can't stay here.
On the other hand,
you can't just leave.
Not like that.
Well, if I could
borrow something.
I can mail it back
from my aunt's.
Maybe your wife's got some old
thing she's ready to throw away.
As long as I've known her, she's
never thrown a thing away.
Anyway, she's not your size.
What size is she? Seven.
This way, please.
Now, these are the 7s.
Any particular color?
Oh, just something cool.
This one, maybe.
Mmm. Very nice.
Practical, too.
Drip-dry. Fine.
Needs no ironing.
Fine. I'll take it.
Uh, I'll need some
other things, too.
Do you have the rest of
your wife's measurements?
Just a moment.
Oh, David, I never
thought I'd find you
in ladies underwear.
Hi, Peggy.
Don't worry,
I'll keep your secret.
What is it?
A surprise for Virginia?
David, a size 7? She'll
never squeeze into that.
Well, I'm not sure that we have
that dress in a larger size.
However... it's all right.
If it doesn't fit she
can always exchange it.
Oh, David, believe me.
Oh, Peggy, please.
I admit I'm completely
out of my element here.
All want is to grab
something and run.
Okay? Oh, darling, of course.
No, no. It's lovely.
She'll love it.
I'm sorry, I just
remembered I gotta put
a nickel in the parking meter.
I'll be back for these.
Nice to have seen you, peg.
You too.
Well, am I terrific?
That's the word.
Oh, David. Everything's
so creamy!
Oh, kill me quick,
I never had it so good.
What'll I do?
I mean, just to say thank
you just sounds so nothing.
It sounds fine to me.
When you didn't come back
I was scared you wouldn't.
What? And leave you my house?
But that's why I trusted you,
'cause you trusted me.
And that's something
I never did,
not ever, not anyone.
But I feel so shiny
good about you.
About everything!
Like wonderful!
Oh, David, I'm really flying.
New clothes, new shoes,
new everything.
Riding in a big, new car.
Well, now you can
ride in a bigger one.
Here's the bus stop.
It would be.
Well, I knew it couldn't last.
Nothing does.
You wouldn't want it to.
You've got things to do.
Places to go.
This'll get you started. Today
Los Angeles, tomorrow the world.
All right, but
I'm keeping score.
You just tell me
what you spent on me
and someday you'll get it back.
I promise.
No, I mean it.
Someday I'll be rich and famous.
Then I'll do something for you.
Or do something
for somebody else.
It's all in the family.
So long, Jody.
Thanks, David.
Thanks for everything.
Man: Hello Dave. Al. How're
you hitting the ball?
Hey! Hello, how are you?
Hey! Nice to see you.
Am I late? You were
looking at your watch.
I was checking
the watch, not you.
1:00 is right.
Which means your Martini, very cold,
very dry, no olive, no twist,
will be here in
exactly 30 seconds.
Am I that predictable?
Correction. For predictable,
read precise.
Which reminds me, your speech.
I like it very much. Good.
But if you don't
mind an opinion,
it might be a little too
specific, at this stage, anyway.
You can afford
a few generalities.
Now, that's where
we disagree, Grant.
I believe in...
That's 30 seconds.
End of disagreement,
until after lunch, anyway.
Oh, by the way, Phillip varden's
in town just for the weekend.
Taking him and his wife down to Tijuana
for the highlight games tonight.
We were hoping you
could join us.
You know, his newspapers do have the largest
combined circulation on the west coast.
Might be fun
as well as political...
Might be fun is good enough.
I've never met him.
Besides, I'd...
I'd like to get away.
Good, you've been
sticking too close
to home with Virginia gone.
Grant, I've got to tell you
what happened to me.
Funniest thing.
Well, maybe not so funny.
Sort of sad, maybe, or poignant
or hopeful.
I don't know. Anyway...
Andy, would you ask
the bartender to turn
the volume up
on the television, please.
Right away, Mr. Stratton.
What is it, David?
17-year old Jody dvorak,
who broke out of juvenile hall
last night after setting fire
to the girls' detention quarters and
stabbing the matron who tried to stop her.
The matron, Mrs. Clara Eckhart, 46,
is described in critical condition.
What, did you know that girl?
Newscaster: And now,
on the bright side...
No, I thought I did.
She looked a little like...
Like... what's-her-name.
You know?
Little around the eyes.
Like what's-her-name.
That's the one.
Well anyway, about this terribly
funny thing that happened to you...
Oh, that. On second thought,
it wasn't funny at all.
Well, sad or poignant or...
Grant, let's change
the subject, shall we?
Jody: David, are you alone?
Hi. Surprised?
I was afraid you might
bring someone home with you
and here I am with my...
Jody, what in the
hell are you...
Hands off, buster!
Don't you ever bruise me, David.
God knows what I might do to
you if you ever bruise me.
Hmm. Be nice.
Don't be mad.
What've I done to you?
Jody, there's a woman in the
hospital who may be dead by now.
Oh, that's it!
She tried to stop me,
that was her mistake.
And coming back was yours.
David, listen!
Don't you even want
to know why I came back?
I do know. The police
are looking for you.
David, wait!
I'm only a girl and I panic.
What if I'm calm, what
if they work me over?
Don't you see,
I'm thinking of you.
How you helped me and the
way they could twist that.
David, if they work me over
it might come out
real wild and wrong.
Or even if they don't.
I told you
I'll keep you out of it.
But I had to dye my hair
and I've got to lay low
a couple of days.
Here, of course.
Where else could I go?
Anywhere! Home.
'Cause you weren't running
away from home or Barney.
You do remember Barney.
Barney the slob?
That was the truth.
Only, it didn't
happen last night.
I was 15.
I am as sympathetic, as sorry
for you as I was this morning.
More so. But you need a lot
more help than I can give you.
I hope you understand. I'm
gonna telephone the police.
I'm gonna tell them
the truth and you...
You can tell them
anything you want.
Put it down!
You poke your finger
at that dial, mister,
and that's when I
start screaming rape.
You're insane.
Who'd believe you?
The police, your wife.
Every dirty little mind in town.
You don't think so?
A girl under 18 running
scared, a fugitive.
But you take her in, sure,
you tuck her into bed,
you give her money,
you buy her clothes.
For what? Because he's so shiny
bright, in a big white hat?
Or because you're a dirty creep
whose wife is out of town?
Not just a creep,
but a sick creep.
That's how I'll tell it. That's
what started me screaming.
Because you're sick.
I am now.
Well, go ahead. Be a hero.
It might be fun.
I'll get my claws into you
before anyone gets here.
We'll both be so torn up
by then, I'll be hysterical.
It might even do me some good,
they'll pity me for a change.
I'll be a celebrity.
And so will you!
Man: Hey kids, wasn't that fun?
To tell you all about
a real fun game
that you can play
with grown-ups.
All you have to do...
Well? Go on, killer,
throw a dice.
All right.
Hello, Ginny.
No, no. I'm fine.
I don't know. I might
be a little hoarse.
Who is it? Your wife?
No, no, no. Of course not.
When? Yes. Tomorrow?
Sunday, yes. 10:00 A.M.
What flight?
Yes, I've got it. Yes.
I'll be there.
David. What was that?
It sounds as if the
house is falling down.
Oh, what's wrong
with this connection?
Don't overplay it, Jody,
or so help me, I'll...
You'll what?
Hello? No, no. I'm here.
I've been here right along.
What? The connection?
Sounds fine to me.
What? Of course I'm glad.
I'm very glad, Virginia.
I've done a lot
of thinking, too.
I'm sure of it.
I know it will.
It's what we both want.
There's never been
any doubt of that.
And I love you very much.
And I need you.
Well, I do. I always have.
Say, is Kathy there?
Oh, well...
Kiss her for me, will you?
Yes, I'll see you tomorrow then.
Yes, I'll be waiting.
No, not patiently.
Bye, Ginny.
Yeah, love you, too.
Well? Tell me tight.
Do I fill it out
as good as... Ginny?
Or maybe you notice
something else?
Take that off!
My, oh, my.
When you do react,
you really do.
In there, get your clothes on.
You're getting out of here.
Oh, no, I'm not, dreambug.
You better change that shirt now
and do something about
those scratches.
Iodine or... no,
here's something better.
A real germ killer.
Ha! Now how much do you hate me?
Is that what you
want from me? Hate?
But why?
I'm the same man who tried
to help you this morning.
I know.
Don't ask me why I...
I can't help it.
Oh, I'm sorry, David.
I really am.
I see something all
bright and shiny.
And right away, I got
to pull it apart
to see what makes it run.
And then it never runs again.
I'll go.
I'll get out.
Just give me a few minutes
to comb my hair.
I'm a mess.
Go on, smile.
You think you got it so made.
David: Are you ready?
Just a minute, David.
What's wrong? Why
aren't you dressed?
Like my hair? Yes.
Yes, it's an improvement
but it's a disguise...
Does it make me look older?
What if I wore it up like this?
Fine, fine.
Either way. Now, you got
to get your clothes on
and we've got to get out of...
Yeah, yeah.
Well, you're gonna think I've
an awful dirty mind, David.
I change it so often.
But, uh, I'm not going.
You are going, and now!
How's that again?
Oh, sweetie, lest we
forget, I call the shots.
Unless you really do wanna
see your nasty, old picture
in the paper next
to poor little mine.
So, we're back to that again.
Don't take it so downy.
You know your trouble?
You wasted an awful lot of
time trying to make sense
when nothing does.
Bookies and pushers
make more than preachers.
They drop the bomb tomorrow.
So, why worry? Who cares?
There's something to live by.
So, join the living.
We're alone. We have the
whole house to ourselves.
You be daddy, I'll be mommy.
Expecting someone?
Good lord, I forgot.
Well, should I let them in?
Get out of here.
Woman: David, open up.
We come bearing gifts.
Oh, isn't that nice,
we can have a party.
We can show them
your scratches...
All right, Jody.
All right, you win.
Now get out of sight
until I can get rid of them.
If I do, daddy,
you promise to behave?
I don't know if I can trust
you here alone with me.
You're so... physical.
And better wipe
the lipstick off.
Welcome home!
Oh, not for you,
David. For Virginia.
Oh, then you've heard?
I talked to her right
after you did.
Come straight in, Carter.
That goes in the
bedroom, Carter.
I'll take that.
Oh, don't you dare.
It's very clumsy and
full of water,
and besides, Carter has
it balanced beautifully.
Haven't you, Carter?
Carter: Yes, ma'am.
Don't bother to nod.
Here, let me lead you.
Poor dear, can't see a thing.
Now it's just a
little further on.
Now you have five steps up.
One, two, three, four, five.
There we go. Now, not too
fast or you'll splash.
That's right.
Now we're gonna
make a left turn.
Carter: Yes, ma'am. In we go.
That's right. Now a sharp right.
Oh, we're doing great.
I hope you don't mind the
floral invasion, David.
You're not allergic to it? Oh,
no, not at all. It's just...
Personally, I am. I can't
stand cut flowers.
Always put me in
mind of funerals.
But Vera... no, it was
very thoughtful, really.
Of course, we're both delighted
about you and Virginia.
Yeah, so am I.
What are you drinking?
Oh, just tonic for now.
Varden doesn't drink at all.
And though he has
no objection to it...
Varden? Varden. Yes.
We're gonna pick him up...
Say, we're not too early.
We did say between
6:00 and 7:00.
Did we? I thought we said...
Oh, Vera. Did you find
a place for it?
Yes, but...
David, would you come
here a moment, please?
Would you wait for us,
Carter, please?
Yes, ma'am.
There's something
I don't understand.
Ohl oh, that!
Have you had trouble
with vandals?
It's been simply terrible
in our neighborhood.
Just over the hill...
Vera, you recognize a touch of an up and
coming grandma Moses, kindergarten class.
Of course, Kathy.
But honestly, it
looked so weird.
Well, there have been
so many odd occurrences.
I think I'll take gin without
tonic after all, David.
If the private nose
is satisfied.
Of course, you wouldn't have
the heart to remove it.
Oh, I'm leaving this
for her to do.
The little monster.
Well, aren't they all?
But I must say I'm entitled
to be a little dramatic.
Why, on the way over here,
just a few minutes ago...
Now Vera, that's my story.
On the way over here, what? We
were stopped by the police.
A roadblock. Who do you think
they were looking for?
Vera, please! Will you
let me tell it my way?
Who do you think
they were looking for?
Sh-should I know? That girl!
You remember.
The one on television.
The one who looks like uh...
What's-her-name. Right.
Uh, roadblock?
Uh-huh. Apparently, they set
them up around the whole area.
The post route, the inland route.
They can even cork off
the back roads,
so that all traffic have
to funnel through...
Phoebe? Phoebe groadcop.
That's who she looks like!
She's got someone helping her.
That's for sure. It is.
Oh, yes, someone's behind her.
She had to have help.
She was in this prison
nightgown, you know, and...
Is there someone
else in the house?
Your telephone.
I didn't hear it ring, but
one of the buttons lit up.
I must have left the receiver
up on one of the extensions.
No one on the line.
Isn't that odd? I was
practically positive.
I'll have a look.
It was in the bedroom.
Oh, I bet I know what happened.
Carter knocked it off the hook
when he was fumbling
around with the flowers.
That's possible, yes.
No but, David...
Shouldn't you be putting
on a jacket or something?
After all, we did
promise the vardens.
Oh, well, that's something else.
I'm sorry, but I just
can't get away tonight.
What's that?
David, this isn't
just a social call.
Varden's support could
assure you the nomination.
I know, I know.
He's very influential.
But we'll have to
make it another night.
I've developed
this... this headache.
Oh, I have the remedy for that.
Three aspirin.
Not two but three.
It's really fantastic...
I've tried everything
to get rid of it
but nothing works.
Maybe you should get
out of the house.
It'll do you good.
No, that'll make it worse.
I can't go.
I'm terribly sorry, but
with Virginia coming back
first thing in the morning... of
course, that's more important.
The vardens will be
disappointed but they do
plan on staying over
till tomorrow.
Well then, Virginia and
I can both meet them.
Fine, I'll find out
what their plans are.
Might work out even better.
Poor David. I'm so sorry.
You ought to get right into
bed with that headache.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of it.
Have fun, you two. And
please extend my apologies.
Of course. I'll give you
a call in the morning.
Good night, David. Night. Bye.
Grant: Bye.
What is the matter with you?
Don't you have the slightest...
David! Don't. Please.
I'm so scared.
Two minutes ago you were
prattling on the telephone...
I didn't say anything.
I had to talk to someone.
I'm going out of my skull!
I'm scared of dying.
Dying? What sort of nonsense
is this that you're trying...
This is no act, David.
That matron, Clara...
She's gonna die, I know it.
Then I'll have to die.
It was an accident but...
An accident? You had the knife.
It slipped! You used it!
I was only using
it to Jimmy the lock.
But then Clara grabbed me.
Oh, you don't know.
She was the only one there
that was decent to me.
I wish I could believe you.
But I swear I don't know
your lies from the truth.
I don't know... David!
It'll be dark soon.
Please let me stay till then.
I'll go when it gets darker.
I'll never come back,
I'll never mention your name.
But I won't forget.
You're the only man who ever
did something good for me
without wanting something bad.
Reporter: With a
grim total of 11 dead and
32 wounded at the end of
the second day of rioting
as fear of a general
uprising grips this
strife-torn city.
Here in San Diego,
the search goes on
for Jody dvorak,
alias Jody drew,
the desperate 17-year old felon
who escaped last night
from juvenile hall.
Clara Eckhart, the police matron
who received knife injuries
while attempting to stop
the escaping girl
was recovered sufficiently
this evening to make
these comments at
angels of mercy hospital.
Well, she was a, I mean,
she is a very, uh...
What you might call
an unpredictable girl.
In other words, I'd say this girl
was, uh, very unpredictable.
Reporter: Would you
describe her as a bad girl?
Well, we don't like to call
our girls bad just because...
In other words, we try
to give them the benefit.
But this girl isn't what you
might call, uh, all good.
I'd say she has a problem.
Jody: You tell 'em, Clara.
You oughta know,
you ugly old bitch!
Oh, she's alive,
she's alive and kicking
and so am I!
Oh, now for once in my
life I've gotten a break.
No thanks to Clara!
You told me that
she was good to you.
You told me...
And you believed it?
Did you get a load of that face?
She's the worst of the lot.
She was out to get me.
But I got away.
Oh, now I do feel like a party.
Oh, we'll really celebrate.
You're my good luck.
You've had it, Jody.
It's after dark.
So what, lover?
It's better after dark.
Just some kids.
Must have the wrong address.
Do they have to use
that spotlight?
What the devil...
They're stopping here.
You'll love them, David.
Friends of mine.
You remember, I phoned them up.
They're not coming in here.
Okay, okay.
But don't swallow your teeth
if they break the door down.
They know I'm here
and they're invited.
When I feel like a party-party,
I'm not fooling. Neither am I.
Don't tell me, tell them.
Like I said, I can't
trust you here alone.
You've got a bad habit of
reaching for the phone.
So like you said,
I need a lot more help
than you can give me.
Get rid of them, damn it.
This is my house!
You get rid of them. But that won't
be getting rid of me, will it?
And that's what you really want.
Well, if I go, I go with them.
So they're your best chance, David.
Your only chance.
Oh, Mr. Stratton, sir,
we weren't sure
you were home with all
the lights turned off.
I've been watching television.
You've come for Jody, I believe.
In a way, sir, yes.
That is, we came
at her invitation.
For the coming-out party.
There is no party,
but you can take...
But Mr. Stratton, she must
not have made it clear.
You see, there is a
party because we're it.
So if you don't mind,
sir, we'll just come in.
Hi, dear. Hil
oh! Hi, Jody!
God, you're here. It's just...
It's just the greatest.
Hi, midge. This is David.
David. And this is buck.
David. And this is Ron.
David. This is David.
David, you're in.
So are you what's in.
Oh, but that's actual.
I mean, well, Jody filled us in.
The latest Nielsen,
you're top ten.
That's good?
Well, sir, it means that you're in
no immediate danger of cancellation.
I'm sorry if I haven't
anything to offer you.
Now, you just relax, David, sir.
We'll find everything we want.
Guy, it's just so heat.
It's... it's just so heat!
Jody, is that the dress
that David bought you?
It's just smokin'.
That's not all.
Wait'll you see what's under it.
Oh, not again.
Jody doll, why don't you show
midge the rest of the house?
While we men
establish some rapport.
And that's a French word, midge.
It means rapport.
Would you, Jody? Guy,
it's just so neat.
Well, all right but, uh,
you boys treat my David right.
He's a whole bottle
and then a drop.
Be right back, killer.
Well, first you gotta spread
yourself on David's bed.
It's really so neat.
What'll you have, Mr. Stratton?
Nothing, thanks. But why
don't you help yourselves?
We're doing our best.
Oh, I'm sorry. Does
this bother you?
I only meant to be a buddy
'cause you've been such
a buddy to a buddy.
Yes, sir.
You've gone out of your
way to be nice to Jody
and we appreciate that.
It isn't every man who'd take the chances
you've taken for a girl like her.
I mean, a girl in
trouble and underage.
Particularly a man
in your position.
My position? Yes, sir.
I minored in poly sci.
Political science.
I see.
You really changed her whole life, Mr.
Her whole outlook.
Ron, didn't you notice
a big change in her?
Right away, buck.
I noticed it right away.
Yes, sir. You must have really
given her what she needed, sir.
Hmm. Serenity and security
and all that jazz.
This is not a permanent
Well, nothing is. They
drop the bomb tomorrow,
pop! Why worry? Who cares?
So that's where she got it.
Oh, did she?
Well, I majored in philosophy.
Oh, we all need words
to live by, like, um...
"Give us this day
our daily dread."
So, in place of god, say guy.
In place of lover, say killer.
You mean there's a pattern
to this gibberish?
Gibberish? Oh, no.
Those are the meanings
of the meaningless.
The exactitudes of the inexact.
Man, don't you dig the
desire not to communicate?
Listen to him, man. Ron
is a very high priest.
A very holy man.
Hey, now, don't hide, eh?
Pipe down.
Take a dive into that, sir.
Make yourself at home.
What are you doing here?
What is it that you want?
We're just looking.
And there's no hurry, sir.
Why, this store stays
open all night.
So, we'll just serve
ourselves and see.
So, that's it? You're thieves.
Thieves? Mr. Stratton, please.
You're the one who's
harboring a fugitive.
Maybe it was worth it for one night,
I wouldn't know about that but...
Now it blows up trouble, right?
Well, we could take that trouble
off your hands for you.
And the price is right,
but only for a buddy.
So, be a buddy.
And what is the price?
The fare to t-town.
Ron: Tijuana.
We are connected there. We, um,
do some trading back and forth.
Mostly for kicks and never
anything as hot as Jody, you dig?
I'm afraid I do.
All right, then.
It's like the
travel poster says,
"lose your troubles
below the border."
Now, for a service like that
you'd expect to pay what,
all you've got?
Not at all. Whatever
you can spare.
Midge: God, Jody, your
hair is really so neat.
I wanted to do mine that way.
But my father
figure found the goop
and he poured it down the sink.
Boy, you'd think it was
his hair or something.
Did Jody put you up to this?
Ron: Jody?
All she digs is party-party.
One word to her
and we blow the deal.
We've got no deal.
That's what I said.
We've got no deal.
But we'll have
to report it, sir.
How you got us here.
How you made the offer and
how we turned it down.
A man like you contributing
to our delinquency.
Now, that's something
to think about.
There may be some excuse
for Jody, but you, you...
You've had an education.
So have you
and what's your excuse?
Buck, don't flex. Don't
get all bunched up!
What do you think, you're
playing with kids?
He's still immature. He doesn't
dig how Jody could prefer
an older man to him.
Hey, I cut out on her, man.
She didn't cut out on me.
You know, your mouth is built
bigger than you are, Ron.
Hit me, buck. Go on,
release those tensions.
Don't tempt me, buddy.
Do it, buddy.
Get rid of those hostilities.
Come on, it's mind over muscle.
I feel no pain.
That's it, buddy.
I feel no pain.
Oh, you'll feel the pain.
No pain, buddy.
Takes concentration.
Feeling better?
I give up, Ron. I'm sorry.
Like I said, he's
a very holy man.
Well, do you suppose we can play?
Where's the party?
You stay put, sir. Little
gentleman now, and keep shut.
Midge: It's all so neat!
Making friends, sweetie?
We're beginning to
understand each other.
Guy, David, you got
it all right here.
I mean, I'm the same as
Jody, and well, I mean,
I see what she sees in you.
You wouldn't try cutting
in, would you, two legs?
As if I could.
Guy, Jody, sometimes
you're both so insecure.
I'm with buck-o. I'm with
your wheels, no face.
He's welcome to anything
else you've got.
So, you stick around,
buddy, sir.
All you ever care
about is my car.
You better believe it.
Without that bucket you're
nowhere with nobody.
Therestis strictly stock.
You muscle-head,
lay off of midge!
Go ahead!
How come you think you're
such a smoky something when
you're so nothing painted blue.
Oh, no, Jody. Don't, please.
It's nothing, honest.
I mean, it's...
It's true, I know.
It's not me.
It's the car.
I don't care if
that's what it takes.
All right, come here.
Guy, you're so nice, you know?
Everything is love.
You set off and
I'll break your arm.
Really, sir, I'm surprised.
I mean, Ron didn't
think we could trust
you in there, but I did.
You really let me down,
cutting out on your own guests.
I thought you had more class.
Easy now. You're
in no condition.
But I guess a man in your
age and income bracket
doesn't get much chance to
keep in shape like me...
With nothing else to do.
I'll tell ya. We won't say
anything to Jody about this.
She might get to feel rejected.
And then she gets nasty.
So we'll just get back
inside and enjoy the party.
Right? Like I said,
little gentleman.
Guy, she's so great.
I mean really, David, down deep,
you know?
She's just got so much.
She tries not to show it but...
She's showing most of it.
You dig this, Mr. Stratton?
Yeah, but let's get with it.
Let's hear that beat, eh?
Now, Mr. Stratton, you don't
want the neighbors to complain.
You don't want someone
calling the cops.
You just sit back there
and relax, sir.
I'll handle the technical stuff.
Pick it up where
you left off, doll.
I need another drink.
We're out of ice.
I'll have, uh... I'll have some
sent out from the liquor store.
No ice, buddy. And no dice.
Give me that.
All right, the party's over!
Hey, dig the barracuda. Hold it, Jody, Mr.
Stratton's hurt.
Oh, David. How bad is it?
I feel no pain.
Man, you keep asking
for it, don't you?
Softly, buddy. Softly.
You lose your temper, that
makes him the stronger man.
Ron, don't preach to me!
Ron: Man, you can't stop
hatred with violence,
only with non-hatred.
Now, cool I, you
creep, and co-exist.
Get the man a wet towel.
Go on, rise above it.
I've been meaning
to have a talk with you.
About love and loyalty, and...
And all that jazz.
Just keep away from me,
I can do fine without you.
Well, sure, you
really play it smart.
I told you, David, you've got a bad
habit of reaching for the phone.
Look, maybe you can't
help being a loser,
but this time you asked for it.
Hey man, you still using
thing like this for shaving?
Haven't you caught up
with a safety razor yet?
Why, these things are obsolete.
They are practically illegal.
You know, you could hurt a guy.
You could get hurt yourself.
This is a very dangerous weapon.
I'm sorry, sir. I'm gonna
have to confiscate this.
For your own protection.
Guy, you're so neat, you know?
Hey, buddy. We
go buddies, but...
So you see?
Someday, some cat looks
up through a telescope
or down through a microscope,
and suddenly everything we
ever knew isn't true anymore.
So, what we have to dois...
Take what we got for what it is
before it isn't. You dig?
Explain me some more.
Well, like tomorrow...
Tomorrow, love could be hate.
A kiss could be anti-social.
But tonight, this minute,
a kiss is still a kiss.
You dig? Uh... yeah.
But... guy, you make
it sound so deep.
Hey, Ron buddy, any swapping
goes on, we both decide.
Well, not me, buck buddy.
I leave that to you,
I take what's left.
Look, there's no sense letting
one girl go to waste, huh?
When we've got two?
Hey. Hey now.
Oh, yeah.
Like it used to be.
Oh, you touch me,
buck, and you'll bleed.
Gee whiz, you terrify me.
Hey, baby, where you going?
Let's have some fun.
Come on, this is all in fun, eh?
Now, David, buddy. You
wouldn't really cut out on us?
Buck buddy, you're
breaking up the party.
Back off!
Gee, Ron, I'm sorry.
I was only clowning.
Sure, buddy, sure.
No sweat, I feel no pain.
What a pair of goofballs!
You see what I mean, Mr.
A thing like this in the
house, someone gets hurt.
My fault. It's my fault, buddy.
Now, don't give it a thought.
I rise above the question.
Let me have a look.
It doesn't bother me.
I concentrate.
While you concentrate,
you're bleeding to death.
Now, get in that bathroom.
Get your coat off.
Help him. Yes.
Buck: I'll kiss it
and make it well.
Ron: You can give me
what you've got.
Hold it.
What a brain burger.
So while you take junior to the
ducky, who's watching the door?
Yeah. You help him, buddy.
I'm pretty sure there's
no arteries severed
but this won't
stop the bleeding.
It's gonna take stitches.
That's out.
Medicine men call a fuzz
on a cut like that.
I make a point of avoiding them.
Maybe you'd rather lose the arm.
What about the doc in t-town?
Will I last that long?
If you get started now.
Deal. We'll put him
in midge's bucket.
You feel a pain, buddy?
Not me, buddy.
That's for the lower animals.
I think, therefore I... ohl!
Ron: Damn it!
David: Easy, now. Easy.
Ron: Ow!
Midge cut out. No guts.
Open head, you should
have kept the key.
To midge's bucket? Good luck.
Big sweat. He's got wheels.
He can drive.
Who needs' em?
All right, buddy,
serve the keys.
Oh! Don't be so ready.
Grand Theft Auto.
Just one more kick,
he's got the minute you
walk through that door.
You'll never make it to
t-town if you leave him here.
Like I said, he'll drive.
Wrong. No, David, sir.
After all you and Jody
have been to each other?
You wouldn't draw the line at a
chickee little thing like...
Smuggling a fugitive
out of the states.
Why, buddy, how can we be buddies
if we don't hang together?
You're with us. You see, lover?
That way we all tell
the same story.
Or no story.
You said it before, Jody.
I can't help being a loser.
But here is where I
stop and take the laws.
Oh, I see your problem, sir.
And I hate to mention this but
I'm dying in a rush.
Mr. Stratton,
don't bother to
think about it, buddy.
You're drivin'.
Hey, hey, Ron, buddy, let's
make it with the concentration.
Can't do it, buddy.
I keep thinking about my dad.
You know, if I die like
this, he's gonna kill me.
Ow! Cork it up.
You're beginning to bug me.
Cork it yourself,
who made this mess?
You did, jailbait.
If I was in better shape I'd
dump you in the nearest ditch
and let the cops have you.
You and big daddy, too.
No, buck-o. Don't blow wild.
Stay off his back, he's a buddy.
He's a man. He's
something like us.
She's the one.
She's the female, the foul-up.
She's the...
Something, what is it?
The, uh...
The something... oh, yes.
She's the succubus.
You've heard about
her, Mr. Stratton.
Some kind of a demon.
Comes to a man
when he's sleeping
and drains him and
takes all his strength
and gives it to the devil.
Where the hell is t-town?
Easy, Ron. We're
practically there.
Now here's San ysidro.
Take the next turn-off.
I'll give you back roads
from there to the river bed.
No good, they put up some wire.
So, we'll bust it. This
bucket's got the soup.
I'm dropping you off
this side of the border.
If you go across,
you cross on foot.
Now, I don't want any arguments.
I got a sick buddy back here.
Buck, take that...
Ah, keep shut!
If anything goes wrong with Ron,
I'll be in so much trouble
I couldn't make it worse.
Now, here's the turn-off.
All right, down
the alley to the right.
Throw your lights.
Get to the end of the pavement,
you got nothing but wash boards and pot
holes between you and the river bed.
Now, back up, line up on
the post, not the fence.
Now, go man! Hold it!
Roll up your window.
Maybe buck doesn't
care if that wire
snaps back and
takes your head off,
but I do.
The post is jammed
under the car.
No sweat, I'll pull it out.
Congratulations, sir.
You just smuggled your first
fugitive across the border.
You get my vote.
Hey, Ron buddy, we're in Mexico.
Get your foot off that pedal!
Okay, but step on it.
We lost him. We can't stop now.
You're right about that anyway.
Oh, what an oaf is that buck!
Now there's only Ron.
One down and one to go.
One down and two to go.
Aw, you can't get
me mad now, lover.
I'm free!
Now, we all we gotta do is dump
that drunk out along the road.
Are you crazy?
I've gone this far.
Now, where is that doctor?
Sure, why not?
That's as good a place
as any to dump him.
There's a road up there, when
you get to it take a left.
He's there. The
light's on upstairs.
Ron! Ron, snap out of it.
We're at the doctor's.
I know, I know.
I'm just concentrating.
Hey, where's buck?
He's inside. Go on, hurry up.
The doc's waiting.
Yeah, okay.
Okay... okay. Okay.
David: Ron, can you make it?
You need help?
Mr. Stratton.
Mr. Stratton, I'm...
I'm quite capable of
helping myself, thank you.
I do this sort of thing...
Almost daily.
Almost daily.
Hey, doc!
Open up!
I'm bleeding booze.
I come, sefior, I come.
Well, now what are you waiting for?
A merit badge?
That's one more
I owe you, Jody doll.
Come on in, David.
Uh-uh. We'll say goodbye here.
I guess you're right.
Everything's okay now.
The, uh, old bat that runs this
place is practically blind.
And just in case
anyone ever checks,
I registered as
Mr. and Mrs. buck Vogel.
That's what buck would do.
Well, in that case... yeah.
In that case, goodbye, Charlie.
I'm won't ask you to kiss me
goodbye, but could I kiss you?
Just once for luck?
Nothing smoky. But just a cheeky
little kiss on the cheek.
Going somewhere, David?
Give me those keys!
Come get 'em!
Jody, open the door! Open it.
Oh, you're so eager.
Open up, damn it!
Cool it, lover. I said the
old bat was blind, not deaf.
What's the idea, Jody?
What is that you want now?
The least we can do
is have a drink together.
So you just hustle on
down and get us a bottle.
And then you get your keys.
All right. I'll get the bottle.
But I'll have to take
the car to do it.
Oh! You're getting
as cute as I am.
Uh, walk fast, honey.
I'm dying for that drink.
Grant: David.
Oh, Grant!
My headache is better.
I was just...
But David! You look terrible.
Your clothes! What happened?
I-I had an accident. The car.
What? Oh, nothing serious.
Hello. I'm David Stratton.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm
surprised at seeing you.
Phillip varden and Mrs. varden,
may I present David Stratton?
How do you do? Mrs.
Varden: How do you do?
I was looking forward to
meeting you, young man.
But uh,
not under such
dramatic conditions.
How did it happen?
What? The accident.
Oh. I-I hit a fence post.
Oh, how could you do that?
Well, it wasn't easy.
Where is the car, David?
You see, that's where
I'm headed right now.
The garage.
Oh, but David, we
have Carter with us.
You know Carter.
He can fix anything mechanical.
You just tell him
where the car is...
Oh, no, no. I found a man.
As a matter of fact, that's
why I have this bottle.
That was his price, you see,
for leaving the corner bar.
It's a marvelous story.
You know, I'm really
still a reporter at heart.
Of course my curiosity...
Yes. Of course.
But you have to be more careful.
After all, we can't
have our candidate
banging into fence posts.
But I'm not a candidate yet.
It's awfully crowded here.
Let's go inside.
It's awfully crowded there, too.
We just came out.
Oh, then you've seen the band.
Well, no. We're in luck.
It's just beginning.
Best in town.
I recommend it.
Program's changed
since I was here last.
They used to have
a flamenco group.
Oh, I love flamenco.
All the native dances.
Even the classical
ballet, it, uh...
The mechanic. I really
can't keep him waiting.
Please don't get up,
it's been a pleasure.
David: Stratton!
You all right, kid?
How is it feeling?
It's beautiful. He shot
me so full of stuff,
I'm half way off the
pavement, you know?
If that's what it takes
to feel like this,
I might go into
self-inflicted wounds.
Oh! Which reminds me, I
have a surprise for you.
Your razor?
Oh, then you've seen buck, eh?
I had some trouble getting
him to part with that.
He was in a nasty
mood, you know.
I mean, I don't mind
if he roughs her up.
But you don't either, right?
She's got it coming, right?
But no more cutting, right?
So you just tell
me where she is.
No, look, buddy, sir, you
can still keep out of this.
Stay neutral, man. Don't enlist.
You just tell me where she
is and I'll tell buck.
Officers! Over here!
This man's annoying me. He keeps trying
to sell me something, marijuana.
You'll have to
pay for that, you'll see!
Don't worry, senor,
we will take him.
What he does is very
much against our law.
David? Yes.
Now, the keys.
Maybe you better count them.
What's happened, Jody?
What's wrong?
The party's off, that's all.
Go on, David. Forget it.
I'm fine.
I feel right at home here.
Are you sure you'll be safe?
I ran into Ron. He and buck,
they're out looking for you.
I know, I told you.
No, they don't know this pad.
I'm safe.
Safe as I've ever been.
Thanks for caring.
But I'm going to be all right.
I made up my mind.
I've had it with
places like this.
And guys like buck and Ron.
What you've got,
that's what I want.
Serenity, security
and all that jazz.
And someday I'll have it.
Someday, you'll see me and say,
who is that good-looking woman?
The one with good-looking kids.
You won't even know me.
And I won't say hello.
So long, Jody.
Think we couldn't find that white
bucket of yours in this dirt town?
Hello, Jody.
Just look what you did to me.
Man, you know where the door is.
You don't have to see this.
Unless you get your
kicks that way.
Get him out of here!
Well, well, shall
we choose up sides?
Fine. You can have each
other when I'm done.
But you're gonna throw up
when you see what's left.
Buck, you're killing him!
Now, you're gonna
do what I say, Ron.
Or you're dead.
I'm getting him to a doctor.
And arm or no arm, you're gonna
help me drag him to car.
Sure, Jody. Sure.
But don't make a
big thing of it.
Hang on, David.
We're almost there.
Sit tight, David. I'll
get you to a hospital.
Back across the border
to the big gate.
They won't follow us there.
Mr. Stratton?
The name's enders.
Yes, Mr. enders?
Sargent enders.
Your wife's out in the hall with the
doctor. Been here since this morning.
And this is Sunday night.
I guess you'd rather
talk to her first.
No, no. I'll talk to you first.
Sure you're up to it?
I don't know, how bad am I?
Both legs broken
but you'll walk.
Some ribs broken
but you're breathing.
Then I can talk.
Won't take long. Just wanna
verify what we already know.
Skid marks show it
wasn't your fault.
The kids cut in on you.
Probably hopped up,
they got records.
This is for the Tijuana
police, you understand,
so there won't be
any kickback later.
Like to keep our
citizens in the clear.
You've got some
influential friends.
That's why you're
in San Diego now.
I am?
And where are they? The kids.
Both boys were killed instantly.
But like I said,
their own fault.
The four of you
were thrown clear.
They found you scattered
all over the hill.
Odd thing about the girl,
we've been looking for her.
Escaped from juvenile hall
last Friday night.
Might not have caught
her except for this.
She and the kid who was driving
were registered as man and wife
in a motel in Tijuana.
Then they got jumpity.
Made a deal with the
other boy, stole a car
and tried to make it to mexicali.
That's when they bumped into you.
Yeah, the three of them
in a stolen car.
How do you know all that?
She gave the whole story
to the Tijuana police.
Just before she died.
She's dead, too?
Didn't I say that?
All three kids in the other car.
Oh, god.
I know how you feel.
Maybe it's a mistake to feel
sorry for kids like that.
But then maybe it's
a mistake not to.
Should I send in your wife?
Yes. It can wait.
No, it's time we had a talk.
We haven't talked
together for too long.
Whatever you say, Mr. Stratton.
I'll send her in.