Kiwi Flyer (2012) Movie Script

[Dramatic orchestral music]
My story starts
in my hometown, Nelson.
This is
what it looks like today,
but it was different years ago.
[Old-fashioned car horn]
Everything was black and white.
Just kidding.
My great granddad was going off
to fight in the war.
That's not him.
That's him.
Little did he know what dangers
and perils were waiting for him.
I love you!
All: Cool!
[All laughing]
When the kids saw
how much fun it was,
they started building
their own trolleys.
And, of course,
they started racing them.
And the winners,
they became legends.
Like my granddad.
In 1959, he won.
It was the most famous thing
anyone in my family
had ever done.
Years later,
it was my dad's turn
to carry on the family tradition
and he would've won...
[Cat screeches]
If it wasn't for that cat.
The next year,
he entered again.
And he would've won then...
[Tires screeching]
If it wasn't for that
oil spill at the bottom of the course.
The next year was the year
the wasps came to Nelson.
Year after that,
steering failure.
And the year after that
was the flood.
That's when my dad
retired from racing.
But the Trolley Derby
has continued
to the present day.
[Cheers and applause]
[Car horn honking]
But last year,
dad and I made a deal.
For the next race,
dad would make me a trolley
and I would drive it.
We started right away.
that's the secret.
After extensive testing
in our wind tunnel,
we had our design.
That looks suspiciously like
my hairdry...
[Hairdryer pops and hisses]
Dad even came up with
a name for it:
Kiwi Flyer.
[Blow torch buzzing]
[Metal Clank! Clank! Clank!
[Cell phone rings]
G'day, mate.
Yep, she's all done.
Yeah, I'll see you soon.
Mmkay. See you, dad.
He's finished the frame.
That father of yours
better hurry up,
or he'll get no dessert.
[Car pulls up]
Ah, that sounds like him now.
Uh, no.
It's a policeman.
[Knock at door]
Mrs. Walker?
I have some terrible news
about your husband, Peter.
Would you like to take a seat?
[Both sobbing]
[Car horn beeps a tune]
What a pile of junk.
Slower than my Nana.
Better looking than your Nana,
- What was that?
- Nothing.
You're not thinking about
going in that race,
are you, Walker?
- No.
- Good call.
No point
if you're not gonna win, eh?
He'd be like his dad
if he went in it.
A real legend...
As a loser.
What'd you say?
I said
your dad was a legend...
As a loser.
Look, the whole town knows that.
LA LA LA loser
You got a problem, Walker?
what are you gonna do about it?
You little...
go on! Give him one!
I'll get you!
Oi! Wait up!
[Tires squealing]
Got ya now, mate.
Love, love, love
in the world
[Coins clattering]
Hey, get back here!
I'll wring your neck!
You little...
[Ship horn blasts]
Hey, mum.
Everything okay?
Yeah, just thought
I'd come and see you at work.
Nice of me, eh?
Mum took over dad's business.
She wasn't too bad
at water blasting.
It's definitely better
than her driving.
[Electronic voice]
One new message.
G'day, Karen.
Mike here, from down the road.
I wondered if you'd want to go
to the stock cars Sunday night...
[Machine beeps]
End of messages.
Any messages?
Mum, did people think
dad was a loser?
What are you talking about?
The Trolley Derby.
No. Okay?
can you go do your homework?
That last school report
was spectacular
for all the wrong reasons.
But I was watching the cars...
Ben, I don't want you to have
anything to do with that race.
You know that.
you need to concentrate
on your schoolwork.
- Now go do it!
- Yeah, but...
[Slams fridge door]
[Kids chattering]
[Whisle Blows]
[Car horn honks]
I am crossing here!
Well, I'm driving here!
Um, I've spoken to him
about doing his homework.
- Oh, no, no...
- He's been through a lot.
It's the yellow line.
You're parked
on a yellow line.
- Oh!
- So could you, um, just...
Sorry. Sure.
No worries.
It's a pity we're not going to
see you this afternoon.
Those boats won't
water blast themselves.
Got your key?
I'll see you after school.
- Kiss?
- Yeah, nah.
I have a library book to return.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[Sentimental music]
Both: Mr. Lumsden, the traffic.
Hmm. Hmm! Ha!
- G'day.
- Hey.
Did you see Zombie P.I.
Last night?
Nah. Homework.
Yeah right.
Dude, they had exploding heads.
It was insane!
Fast, Amanda. Faster.
No. Amanda.
Harder. Come on!
- Ah!
- Sorry!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm...
It was that foot, wasn't it?
- What?
- Crushed it.
Snowboarding nationals
last winter.
- Uh, yeah.
- Really?
Yeah, would've made
the New Zealand team
for his age, eh, mate?
Yeah, that's the one.
He doesn't like to
talk about it.
Anyway, see ya.
What a pussy.
And that's why I've got
the biggest quality
used car franchise in this town.
Because I don't settle
for second best.
Just look at these.
M.V.P., queensland, 1979.
"Slippery hips" Wayne,
they used to call me.
Regional car salesman
of the year
and, of course,
the Nelson Trolley Derby
championship cup.
In our family now
for four years.
And this year
with our new driver,
we're gonna make it
five in a row.
That was his, eh?
And how do you get these?
By trying hard?
No. You gotta win.
Because if you don't win,
you're a loser.
And that's some advice
you can take to the bank.
Okay, thank you very much,
Mr. Worthington.
Wayne's Classy Cars.
Thank you very much, Wayne,
for sharing your...
and listen, kids, if you
reckon your mum or dad
are driving around
in a loser car,
tell them to come and see me
at Wayne's Classy Cars
and I will do them right.
- Any questions?
- Yeah.
My dad said you got kicked out
of the club for match fixing.
What does match fixing mean?
Listen, mate,
you tell your dad
to come down to
Wayne's Classy Cars.
- I've got a special...
- Okay, okay.
Thank you very much, um, Wayne.
Let's show our appreciation,
And thank you, too, Shannon.
Can have a seat, there.
Now, Amanda's mum
couldn't make it today,
so Amanda's gonna come up here
and tell us what she does.
Where's your mum?
She could tell us
about water blasting.
My mum's
a biochemical researcher.
She helped to discover
this molecule.
She works at
the Cawthron institute.
It has 63 carbon, 22 hydrogen,
24 oxygen...
Oh. Bad luck.
Lucky it wasn't
[Bell rings]
All right.
Wait, wait, wait.
First of all, thanks to your
parents for coming along today
and also, there is a notice
in the newsletter about
after school
extension studies classes.
If you'd like to do those,
get your parents to sign it.
[Kids groan]
Off you go.
Now's your chance.
Go and help her.
Um, can I, um,
help with the balls?
Ben, you really should look at
doing these
after school classes.
Yeah, I know.
They're just about
doing the best you can.
'Cause right now, you're not.
Um... Oops.
Dad, you were great!
See you.
Hello, love.
What can I do for you?
Hi, I'm after a Trolley Derby
entry form?
Oh, sorry, love.
A nice, polite, Australian boy's
just taken the lot.
Said he had a big family.
Oh. Okay.
Oh, wait!
- Here's one.
- Thanks.
You know, there's just
too much competition.
I don't know why they had to
make a competition out of it.
I mean, what's wrong with
just rolling down the hill
with the wind in your hair,
you know,
just for the joy of it?
Anyway, just get mum or dad
to sign that, okay?
It's the rules.
Yep. Thanks.
Made some anzac cookies.
Put them in your lunch.
Your favorite?
Um, yum.
Okay, I've got to go.
You need a lift?
Uh, no thanks.
Make sure you lock up.
See ya.
Um, can you sign this for me?
Oh, what is it?
Extension classes.
After school.
Math and science.
You want to stay at school
after you're allowed to leave?
I think I can
try a bit harder.
Okay, great.
Quick, I've got to go.
Oh, and here.
See ya.
It's not April fool's day,
is it?
Bye, mom.
I love you.
[Engine revving]
15 mil socket.
This is the 12 mil,
you dipstick.
Don't call him a "dupstuck."
It's dipstick.
Remember your roots.
[Satisfied laugh]
I was gonna give him that.
You're too slow, son.
Tight nuts,
that's what you need.
Good boy.
You need a hand there, love?
No, I'm good, hun.
You know, asking for help
is not a sign of weakness.
[Mouthing words]
Yes, it is.
Make sure you sell the house
before you come home, all right?
I'll see you in an hour, then.
- Bye, Shane. Bye, Shannon.
- Bye, mum.
Ah, she's a winner, your mum.
And you could be too.
Just like your brother
or your old man.
And with that little beauty
over there,
there'll be no excuse
for losing, huh?
Come on, let's go.
Shane's trolley looked
slicker than his dad's hair.
If I was going to beat it,
I had to get to work.
I didn't need any of that
fancy fiberglass stuff,
and I didn't need any help.
I could do it on my own.
I had it all figured out.
I'd use wood and nails
and... stuff.
Turns out I'm no Burt munro.
Maybe I would need some help.
- Hey, mum.
- Hey.
How was your day?
Well, let's just say
I will never have to
buy exfoliant again.
Oh, let me.
You all right?
Look like you pulled a muscle.
Uh, yeah,
my undies are just a bit tight.
Funny place
to have a growth spurt.
Hey, I was thinking.
It's been ages since
we had a game of mini golf.
How about this weekend, eh?
Just you and me.
Yeah, that'd be great.
I'm in the shower.
You know I'll beat you.
[Water running]
[Knocking on door]
G'day, mate.
Mike from down the road.
Is your mum about?
I left a message on her
answer phone a while ago.
Oh, yeah, she heard it.
Yeah, she's got
a short-term memory.
Anyway, she's out.
Is she?
What? You're here by yourself?
Uh, yeah, she leaves me
by myself all the time.
What time she'll be back?
Whenever the pub closes.
That right?
Should I tell her you...
Nah. Nah, that's all right.
Who was that?
Uh, wrong house.
- Oh, no!
- What?
I left my spelling book
at Jeff's.
There's a big test tomorrow.
I better go get it, okay?
- Oh, but...
- Thanks.
- Hi, Mrs. Greenwood.
- Hi, Ben.
Jeff's out the back.
[Insects buzzing]
- Hey.
- Hi.
So how'd it go with Amanda?
[Aggravated sigh]
I can help.
Yeah, right.
Like you helped by busting
her molecule model thing.
Yeah, crazy.
Go figure.
Anyway, I'm going in
the Trolley Derby.
I'm putting together a team.
You want to get whooped
by Shannon, do ya?
Not gonna happen.
Oh, yeah?
I need someone who's really
good at mechanical stuff.
Like you.
Here's the deal:
Let me
do the talking with Amanda.
I get her to go to the dance
with you
and you join the team
and help me finish the trolley.
Everybody wins.
Okay. Deal.
So where is this trolley?
You got to be kidding.
"The Kiwi Flyer"?
We just have to
make a bigger version.
That's all.
Yeah, that's all.
Well, I'll just have to
tell Amanda
that you don't want to go.
Okay. Deal.
You won't regret it.
So there's no one else
on the team, is there?
With you on the team,
we don't need anyone else, mate.
- Ha!
- Hey!
- I am so gonna nail you.
- Come here!
[Both laughing]
With the team sorted out,
we hit the recycling center.
Hey, look!
We need one of these.
Look what I found.
I was in charge of finances.
Okay. Yep.
I also found a way to
get rid of mum's anzac biscuits.
They're so hard.
Hope he hasn't got false teeth.
Soon, we were hard at work.
Don't strain your brain!
One of my many jobs was
head of secret
research and development.
And when Jeff got fired up,
I had to be
chief safety officer.
When the other kids
were playing,
we did our own
extension studies.
I don't like this.
Just keep a lookout.
What do you think
you're doing?
Um, I was just...
never use a drill press
without safety glasses.
And don't let anyone
catch you here.
[Relieved sigh]
[Screwdriver whirring]
Cheers, mate.
Turned out we got help
from a lot of people.
Some of them didn't even know
they were helping us.
So where'd you get these from?
Don't ask.
What do you reckon?
It's awesome.
Here, hold this for a sec.
What's this for?
We'll blow the smoke
over the car using this fan.
That's not a fan.
This is a fan.
- Oh, no!
- Look out!
Run! Run!
[Hens clucking]
[Both coughing]
[Both laughing]
- Whose idea was this?
- It was yours.
- Hey, look!
- What?
Go on, ask her. Quick!
Okay, okay.
Hey! Wait up!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Why are you running around
in your pajamas?
It's a gi.
Traditional karate outfit.
I'm training for nationals.
Cool. Karate.
[Knuckles crunching]
Ah. Ah. Ah.
So are you going
to the school dance?
Ben Walker,
are you asking me out?
Kind of. I mean...
- Okay!
- Sorry?
- That'd be cool.
- Text me.
Do you smell something?
No. What?
Like chickens.
Okay. Bye!
That didn't quite go
according to plan.
So how'd it go?
Um, yeah. No.
She said yes then?
Well... Yeah.
Um, but she says
keep it quiet.
She doesn't want her friends
to get jealous.
Yeah. Cool. Okay.
Let's go.
- Remember to talk into this.
- Yeah, yeah. No worries.
Okay, you see
the power pole down there?
Time me to that.
I'll tell you when I pass it.
And three, two, one.
How's it going?
How does it look like
it's going?
- Is the brake on?
- No, the brake is not on.
[William Tell Overture playing]
That was rubbish.
We'll be lucky
not to finish last.
May as well not bother.
- You really want to win, eh?
- Yeah.
It's 'cause of your dad, too,
He should have won it.
My mum says
she bets you miss him heaps.
What do you think?
Maybe I'm supposed to
be a loser.
If you don't go in the race,
you'll be a loser for sure.
Taking up art, I see.
Hey, Mr. Lumsden.
So you broken any
land speed records yet?
Yeah, right.
Well, you've got
your aerodynamics right.
Low drag coefficient, nice.
Could be your footprint
is the problem.
Deformation of the tires.
That costs you energy,
which isn't returned
back into the system.
And, of course, the roll
resistance increases with speed.
So you see what your problem is,
It's your wheels.
Racing wheels.
That's your answer.
But they don't come cheap.
Anyway, onwards and upwards.
Catch ya later.
- What?
- I need to borrow some money.
What a surprise to see you here.
Have a seat.
So how much
do you want to borrow?
And how will you be repaying it?
My paper round.
I get $30 a week.
- And what's your collateral?
- Collateral?
Something you own that I get
if you can't pay the loan back.
Has to be worth at least $400.
I don't own anything
worth $400.
Even slug here has started
accumulating his own assets.
Haven't you, slug?
Never mind.
You'll just have to pay
a higher interest rate.
Per month.
you know if you miss a payment,
you'll get a visit from
my debt collecting department.
He's very efficient.
Ah, Elliot.
- Lunch.
- In my bag.
All right, slug.
That's enough.
He could be
a valued client one day.
Have a nice day.
So you understand what can
happen if you don't pay on time?
Now you need to sign in blood.
[Both chuckle]
Just kidding.
No blood.
Not today, anyway.
So your auntie
gave you the money?
Yeah. As my birthday present.
Is she a millionaire
or something?
Nah, she's visiting
from California.
It's my birthday present
for the last ten years.
Wish I had
an auntie like that.
I think we're ready
for the practice hill.
Me too.
Okay, in three,
two, one, go.
- Rides good.
- It looks good.
Steering's good.
It's handling really well.
Stand by.
Coming to the marker.
It's looking good.
Stop! Stop! Truck!
Oh, no!
Slow down!
I'm trying! I'm trying!
[Brakes squealing]
[Truck horn blares]
You, like, almost got killed.
What was the time, eh?
What was the time?
- 43.7.
- What?
That was way too high.
Get back in your crease.
Hey, look!
It's Richie McCoy over there!
Yes! Got him! Gone!
That's cheating.
No, it's out.
What do you think, Elliot?
What? Oh, yeah, yeah.
It was definitely out.
Did I tell you about our cart?
Oh, no.
Did a test run yesterday.
You're dreaming.
- Tell him, Jeff.
- Come on, let's go.
Gonna whip your butt.
Who's the LA LA LA loser now?
Not me.
[Horn honks]
Aren't you supposed to be
in extension studies classes?
Uh, yeah,
science teacher's sick.
Some stomach thing.
He threw up at lunchtime,
all over...
Okay. Got it.
Aren't you supposed to be
at work?
Yeah, I thought I'd treat
myself and do the groceries.
- Come on, get in.
- I'm all right.
- No, really, get in.
- You can give me a hand.
Are you all right?
Yeah, hay fever.
Pollen count today was insane.
Well, you're really
in the wars.
Hi, dad.
Hey, mate.
Pass a couple banana skins,
will ya?
What are those for?
Making it run nice and smooth.
Always thinking about
the customer.
Can't have this old thing
hanging around the lot.
It's Japanese.
- Dad?
- Mm?
There's a boy in my class,
Ben Walker.
He's got a cart.
He said he did the practice run
in 43.7.
Well, you'll have to do better
than that, won't ya?
Don't worry, son,
your old man's still got
a couple tricks up his sleeve,
Dish wash.
Okay. Got pasta.
Yep, nearly done.
Oh! Can we get some of these?
Chips. Chips...
Are not on the list.
You know,
I'm really proud of you
for doing these
extra classes after school.
I bet your teacher
was surprised.
Yeah, it was his idea.
Tell you what.
Get us some ice cream.
- Really?
- Yep.
Not the expensive stuff,
Hey, mate.
Ice cream?
Uh, yeah, I read the label.
Too much saturated fat.
Oi, you!
Oh! What?
That'll be $72.80, thanks.
Come here!
Isn't that your teacher?
[Cell phone trills]
Oh. Zach needs some help
with his homework.
Zach who?
He's this new kid.
I better go help him.
- Be back for tea.
- Yep.
What's up?
- Shh! Down!
- What?
What are you doing?
Shannon's cart. Come on!
I think
they're doing a test run.
Time it.
Remember: You let anyone
see these and you're dead meat.
All right, get in.
Don't screw it up.
Three, two, one, go!
[Clank and whoosh]
You must have started it late.
I didn't.
They're gonna whoop us.
That can't be right.
It just seems too fast.
We have to get a look
at their cart.
There it is.
Let's do this.
You can't beat genuine
Australian V8 power, mate.
Look at that. Gorgeous.
Yeah, nah.
Come on,
take it for a test ride.
The chicks will think
it's Christmas.
Look at this
genuine Australian leather.
Gorgeous, huh?
Oh, I don't know.
I have to think about it.
All right, mate. Here.
Tire kicker.
Another one.
Hey, sport. You winning?
Uh, yeah. Sure.
Well, you better be sure
after all the time and money
I spent on this cart,
not to mention
those special modifications.
Yeah. About that.
Are the modifications legal?
- What are ya?
- You believe this?
If you're not winning,
what are ya?
- Losing.
- Losing.
Ever heard of
the Canberra Kookaburras?
Well, they took part
in the 1979 grand final
and they got creamed.
It was your dad here
who kicked the winning goal.
that's what people remember.
But can't we win
by just being the best?
Of course,
and we are the best,
but there's nothing wrong
with having a bit of insurance.
- But...
- No buts.
Jeez, you worry sometimes.
- He's not hungry enough.
- Oh, shut up.
Listen to your brother.
He's proved himself.
Now it's your turn.
The family reputation
is relying on this.
All right. Okay.
[Exasperated sigh]
Hey! Come here!
Come here!
I'll get you!
Come here... ugh!
Ha, ha. Gotcha.
You all right, dad?
- Uh-oh.
- Come here, you.
- What happened?
- Run, Jeff. Run!
- It's hydrogen peroxide.
- What's that?
Rocket fuel.
Compressed gas.
To make their cart go faster.
Told you they were cheaters.
you probably pull that pin.
- Go on, then.
- No. I'm not doing it.
You found it.
Wear these.
For safety.
[Chickens clucking]
Both: Whoa.
All of the trolleys
that are racing tomorrow
need to be scrutineered
and do a safety run today.
Are there any loose joints?
Just the wombat's.
So we're all set then?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
- Name?
- Uh, B. Walker.
And this...
Is the Kiwi Flyer.
Kiwi Flyer?
Looks more like flying poo.
Watch it.
Have you read
and do you understand the rules?
Yeah, that bit about
"no unlawful assistance."
What does that mean?
No cheating.
That's what that means.
Hidden motors, windup Springs,
Anything that makes the trolley
go that isn't gravity.
Anyone pulls any of that
clever dickery,
they'll be out of here,
like a bald man
with a boot up his backside.
Rightly so, too.
- All checks out.
- Thanks.
There. Good.
You're good
for your practice run.
I don't know.
This is gonna hurt me more
than it's gonna hurt you.
You got a death wish?
- Oi!
- What are you, crazy?
Just joking, bro,
just joking.
I'll give you a joke.
What's he doing?
We know you have a rocket
to make it go faster.
That was you yesterday,
wasn't it?
You took them out
just for today, didn't you?
In case they checked.
You can't even cheat honestly.
Listen, you scum,
there are no rockets.
Get that?
I got one. I took one.
You mean you stole one?
Sounds like we should
call the police.
Anyway, they're for
spray painting, you ig.
So you be real careful
about who you say is cheating.
And just so you remember...
Hey! You lot!
Time for your practice runs!
Use 'em or lose 'em.
Ready, 93?
All right.
Three, two, one, go!
Three, two, one, go!
Ready, redrak racer?
[Cheers and applause]
Okay. Nice. Good.
You ready, Kiwi Flyer?
Three, two, one, go!
Go! Go!
Good time.
- 42.5 seconds.
- Yes.
And look, here comes Shannon.
The second fastest today.
Yeah, second after us.
Thank you, everyone.
Now, the first race tomorrow
is at 10:00.
Don't be late.
Oh, you finally finished.
My stopwatch ran out of
batteries waiting for you.
Should've used a calendar.
Man, you're funny.
It's time trials.
It's not the same
as real racing.
You think so?
I know so.
You might as well know
what it feels like to lose.
Like your dad.
Hang on.
No. Let's do this.
what are you guys up to?
- Ah, just one more run.
- Please?
All right, well,
we've only got ten minutes
till we open the road,
so you better get on with it.
You know what to do.
Three, two, one,
Go! Go on. Go!
Show me what you're made of.
Hey! He cut him off!
Oh, he must have lost control.
Okay. Finish him off.
Nice driving, little bro.
Mate? You all right?
- Amanda?
- What happened?
I heard you were practicing.
Hi, Amanda.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
- I'm okay.
- You'd better be.
For the school dance.
Yeah, you should bring one of
your friends along for him, eh?
What are you talking about?
Ben's going to the dance
with me.
- What's she talking about?
- He asked me to the dance.
Is it true? What she said?
- I-I tried to...
- Ah, man. I don't believe this.
Some mate you are.
I can't believe it!
You're on your own.
I quit!
Hi, I'm Tracy.
- Are you able to move at all?
- Yeah.
All right, come on.
We'll go and take you over here
so we can check you out.
Come up this way.
Here, it's the only thing
worth keeping.
It's a bit of bad luck,
isn't it, mate?
LA LA loser!
[Car horn beeps a tune]
would you like to go out
and grab a bite with me?
Would you, one night,
fancy catching a meal with me?
Uh, I don't suppose
that you'd like to
go out to dinner with me?
Is that all you've got to say?
- I can explain.
- Don't lie to me, Ben.
You've been lying for the past
two weeks, haven't you?
You haven't been
to one extension studies class.
Your teacher's just told me.
What was he doing here?
He found this
when he was biking past
the trolley course.
Your name's on it.
I told you I don't want you
to have anything to do
with that race.
I was doing it for dad.
He never got to win.
I wanted to win for him.
Oh, that's a laugh.
If it wasn't
for that stupid race,
he'd still be here with us.
No, he had to go
and get himself killed
getting your stupid trolley.
Ben, I didn't mean...
I know what you mean.
He was
building that trolley for me.
That's why he went out that day.
And now he's dead
because of me.
It's my fault!
It's not your fault.
It's nobody's fault.
But it's true, isn't it?
You can't
look at things like that.
Police said the other driver's
brakes failed.
- It just happened.
- But why did it happen?
It's just not fair!
It's not fair!
I know.
I know it's not.
Oh, my boy.
I wouldn't have
gone in the race.
But Shannon and Shane
said dad was a loser.
They said he was
a legend as a loser.
Like, everyone laughed at him
because he didn't win.
Is that right?
Have a look at this.
Is your dad.
I thought he never won.
He didn't.
But he turned up every year
and he tried his best.
Again and again.
Became a bit of
a crowd favorite.
They gave him
a special award for it.
That shirt is tragic.
How come dad
never told me about this?
You know him.
Didn't like showing off.
He ought to be proud
about something like this.
He was! Really proud.
He'd always say
what was most important
was that you tried your best.
That's what I wanted to do.
I know.
And you were right.
I want you to go in that race.
I can't.
You can.
No, I really can't.
The race is tomorrow
and the trolley
I was working on,
it got wrecked.
It's busted.
I can't.
- Just come here.
- What is it?
What's that?
That is your trolley.
It was on the back
of the ute when...
Your dad...
You kept it.
I don't know why.
It's not gonna work.
If we work together,
we can finish it off
for the race.
We haven't got wheels.
Everything got destroyed.
Sorry, mum, it's great,
but without decent wheels...
I-I've got some wheels.
That was nice of Mr. Lumsden
to loan us those wheels,
wasn't it?
Now, where are...
Got it! Ha!
- Our old tent.
- What?
New body shell.
We can stretch it over that,
Yeah, sure.
Your dad and I used to
go camping in this
before you came along.
Oh, and look.
He burnt that
with the gas stove.
One more thing.
What do you think?
I think your dad would like it.
Me too.
[Bagpipes playing
Scotland the Brave]
Welcome to the annual
Nelson Trolley Derby,
where kids of all ages
get to pit their courage
and skills
against the hills
to see who will be crowned
today's monarch.
And the big question
everybody's asking this year is
can the Wayne's Classy Cars
Aussie Flash
do it again
to make it five in a row?
Look, you'll have to
move that back, sir.
It's too close to the course.
It's where
the people can read it, mate.
Principal sponsor, that's me.
I'm paying for
half this extravaganza,
so if you don't like it,
you can stick it.
Yeah, beautiful.
- You know where to go, right?
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- I'll meet you there.
There's something I have to do.
Don't worry.
[Bagpipe music]
And we have a new driver
to defend the "Monarch
of the Hill" title here today.
Shannon Worthington
takes over the reins
from his older brother, Shane.
And other hopefuls include
young Greg Shaw,
and 12-year-old...
- Hey, Amanda.
- Hi, Ben.
How's it going?
Good. Good.
I'm really
looking forward to the dance.
Yeah, me too.
So you like to watch
Tahuna Falls?
Oh, yeah.
It's my favorite.
You too?
All those people
talking about their feelings
- and then they kiss?
- Oh.
- Jeff does, though.
- Jeff?
Yeah, he loves it.
Watches it all the time.
- Anyway, better go.
- Yeah.
I'll see you at the dance.
Got to win a trolley race first,
Yeah. Good luck!
Don't "stewie" me, Walker.
I've been doing
some investigating.
Turns out you don't have
a paper round at all.
How did you think
you were gonna pay me back?
I will.
By winning the trolley race.
There's a $500 first prize.
Oh. Okay then.
Slug, let him go.
What do you think I am?
An idiot?
Do I look like I'd rest my money
on you winning some race?
Do I have "gullible"
written all over my face?
Do I, slug?
The loan agreement
is cancelled.
I want my money back now.
Hey, what are you doing?
That's my bike!
I don't have your money.
I bought wheels for my cart.
Hurt him, slug.
Hey, look! It's Richie McCoy!
Both: Huh?
- Ugh!
- Ow!
Both: Ah!
Get him, slug! Get him!
Go! Go!
[Girls yelling indistinctly]
Walker! Get down here, now!
Slug, we got him.
See ya!
You little...
- Oi!
- Sorry.
Oi! Get out of here!
We can still get him.
I got a better idea.
All trolleys in the pit area
should have their brakes on.
Brakes on, please, drivers.
And a big thanks today
to Stan's sanitation services
for providing the porta-loos.
Stan's sanitation services:
- They're number one for number twos.
- Hey.
You here to buy veggies?
Then what do you want?
I want you back on the team.
Why do you think
I would want to?
'Cause we're mates.
Is that what you do
to your mates?
Look, I'm sorry about Amanda.
I don't fancy her.
You do.
She got it wrong.
Who cares?
I do.
I just want us
to be mates again.
I can't do it without you.
Don't we need a trolley?
Got one.
Does that mean...
Why are you so wet?
I'll tell you on the way.
Come on!
Five minutes to heat one,
Five minutes.
Where have you been?
I had to get my pit crew.
Oh, you're soaking.
You cannot wear this... oh.
Hang on.
Put these on.
- How's that?
- It's good.
All right.
Let's get
this kiwi ready to fly.
Mum. Come on.
Okay, boys.
You're over here.
- All right. Just better park this.
- Yep.
- Oh!
- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.
- Hi.
Hi, I just came down
to support the team.
Go, Ben!
And everyone.
Hey, you should be
really proud of him, you know?
He's certainly
got his act together.
I know.
And you really saved the day
with those wheels.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
Yeah, okay.
[Melodic car horn]
Wow, Kiwi Flyer!
Don't you know kiwis can't fly?
Take a good look.
You'll only be seeing it
from the back.
Yeah, right.
You sure you're up for it?
It was a nasty accident you had.
That was no accident.
Stuff 'em.
Both: Stuff them!
- Mr. Lumsden.
- Ben, Jeff.
Looking good.
I think you two
can take it from here.
We'll be in the crowd,
yelling when you win.
Love ya, whatever happens.
Heat one is about to start.
Clear the grid, please.
Clear the grid, please.
Let's watch. Come on.
On your marks.
We are racing in three, two,
[Air horn blares]
Give 'em a big round
of applause, folks.
They're on the way!
And so it's Speed Demon
by a whisker
followed by Camo,
and in third place,
Mean Machine.
And if that's anything to go by,
we should see some record times
on the course today.
Competitors for the second heat,
assemble on the grid, please.
[Air horn blares]
Give a round of applause, folks,
they're on the way!
[Cheers and applause]
Oh! And that's why
we've got the hay bales.
That's the entry from
independent tax consultants.
And I don't need an accountant
to tell me that's a write-off.
The lineup for heat three
is N.A.C.,
Ferrari, Mercedes,
and keep an eye on
the mean machine.
And race three is under way.
Ladies and gentlemen,
looks like an early lead
for the red rocket.
Get ready for face four.
Yeah, sure.
I've just been handed a note.
"Mr. Hugh Jass."
Could Hugh Jass please report
to the Saint John's tent?
Competitors for heat four,
onto the start grid now, please.
Oi, come on.
We better watch this.
Keep to the left.
It's the fastest line.
The left.
Yoo-hoo! Shannon!
Show them what a winner
looks like, son!
Racer two, Aussie Flash,
the favorite...
- Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
- Oi, oi, oi!
[Both cheering]
Get out of the way.
Ah, what are ya?
[Air horn blares]
Put your hands together,
ladies and gentlemen.
Give 'em
lots and lots of support.
This is heat number four,
with the Aussie Flash,
Wayne's Classy Cars,
off to an early lead.
The green and gold
rockets down the hill!
And it's Wayne's Classy Cars
by a country mile!
They'll be as happy
as a flea at a dog show
with that performance.
Clearly the team
to beat here today.
Pretty fast.
Heat five, the final heat.
Competitors to the start line,
Come on, then.
Heat five is about to start.
Clear the grid, please,
for heat five.
Steeper than
the practice hill.
Steeper. Faster.
Here we go with heat five.
On your marks.
In three, two, one.
[Air horn blares]
And they're off,
with Kiwi Flyer,
off to a noisy start.
Lots of applause and cheering.
Arms in the air!
Give him some applause!
Kiwi Flyer,
a hit at the spirit
of Burt Munro!
Kiwi Flyer's literally flying!
Looks like the trolley to beat
in this particular heat.
Go, Kiwi Flyer!
[Cheers and applause]
And the results
from that final heat,
Kiwi Flyer in first place.
Build session two in second...
Good work, mate.
You're in the semi-final.
Get your trolley on the shuttle.
[Truck engine humming]
Mate! Nice ride.
Felt good.
Good work, boys.
There you go.
Okay, now, take it easy.
Real easy.
Watch the duco.
The paintwork cost me a fortune.
There's no rockets there!
We'll be sweet!
It's yours to win!
Guess so.
I'm getting food.
You want food?
No thanks.
They're cheating.
I know. I saw.
Is there a problem, Gary?
I'm sorry, Mr. Worthington,
but this boy seems to suggest
that there's something wrong
with your car.
They've got rockets
hidden under their car.
You little...
Easy, Shane.
Now, look, Gary.
We've won this race for
the last four years in a row.
I understand, mister...
And I'm the principal sponsor.
You should be able
to take my word
that the Worthington family
would never cheat.
Of course.
But if you want to
take a look,
take a look.
It's okay, Mr. Worthington.
You're right.
I can take your word for it.
Another stunt like this,
and you're disqualified.
I mean it.
I'm sorry about that,
Mr. Worthington.
Just doing your job, Gary.
Just doing your job.
You almost blew it for us!
Sorry, dad.
Come on.
Off your bum.
They put rockets back in.
We got to tell the officials!
They don't believe me.
we got to show them, then.
I tried.
If we raise any more stink,
we'll be disqualified.
if they use those rockets,
there's no way we can win.
We might as well
Chuck it in now.
Four minutes to
the first semi-final, people.
Four minutes.
Stuff 'em.
My dad said
we have to be in to win.
If we don't even go in,
we'll be losers before we start.
- Yeah!
- Let's go.
Dad, about the rockets...
It's insurance, son,
that's all it is.
Uh, you might not need them.
That's my boy.
Just like I said,
only if you have to.
What do you mean?
Just drive, okay?
All right, folks,
clear the grid, please.
Clear the grid.
We are ready to race!
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Coming through.
- Watch it!
- Hey!
On your marks.
We are racing
in three, two, one.
[Air horn blares]
And we're racing
in semi-final number one.
And it's Kiwi Flyer
with an early lead.
The crowd are loving this,
but Aussie Flash
makes up ground quickly.
Moving on to the fastest
part of the course now
and it's
neck and neck racing...
Go, Ben!
[Cheers and applause]
Any minute now.
[Wheel squeaking]
Aw, and it's all over rover
for team Kiwi Flyer.
That bird is grounded.
What a blow.
And Wayne's Classy Cars
does it again,
racing into the finals.
What happened?
What does it look like?
Could it be five years
in a row for them?
Ben! You okay?
there's always next year.
Yeah, right.
Well, I'm proud of you
'cause you did your best.
Get that thing off the track!
And you two,
if you're not crew, move it!
Um... I'll get the ute.
- See you in the pits.
- Yeah.
Whoa, high stakes drama.
That's my boy,
leave the rest
looking up your tailpipe.
One more race to victory.
Told you you'd win.
You can say thanks now.
What's that?
It's from their cart,
you dummy.
Bunch of losers.
Good on you, boy.
Come on, you.
You've got a final to win, huh?
Does that go?
We've had a disqualification.
- What?
- There's a place in the final.
You're the next highest
qualifying time.
That cart still works,
you're in the final.
Yeah, it works.
It works.
No, it doesn't.
Without the axle pin,
the wheel's just gonna come out.
Might not.
Five minutes to race time.
There's no point.
Here. I found this.
No, don't.
Time to settle this.
Let's race, fair and square.
Lend us one of your rockets,
that'll make it fair.
I'm not gonna use
the rockets.
I can beat you without one.
Hey! Ow!
Oi! Let go! Oi!
- What's going on?
- Just protecting my investment.
Taking care of the competition.
We should stop them.
Why? He deserves it.
Being beaten up by slug?
Bad things happen
to good people all the time.
Shannon's not a good person.
You should see the way
his family treat him.
Doesn't matter.
He's still a dweeb.
You can win this now.
For your dad, remember?
What would he want, eh?
For me to be the best I can.
Okay. Let's do it.
Ah, man.
Stop it!
Ow! Let me up!
We're doing you a favor.
I mean it.
Let him go.
Not him, we need him!
Wah! Jeff! No!
Thump! Thump!
Yeah, slug!
Look behind you.
Ha! Ha!
Thump! Thwack!
How about you, stewie?
Ah! Come on, slug!
Let's get out of here!
Wait up!
You all right?
Yeah, no worries.
All trolleys
to the start line, please.
What did you give him
the axle back for?
'Cause it was
the right thing to do!
And I'm not gonna use
the rockets either.
You're an idiot.
What are you doing?
You don't deserve
to drive this.
You're a gutless,
useless loser.
Just like them.
What'll dad think?
Take me to the start.
30 seconds till race start.
30 seconds.
You guys are good.
Little bit more, a bit more.
Good. Hold it.
And forward.
Yep, whoa.
Excuse me.
Look! He's back in the race!
And now,
ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, this is it,
the grand finale.
The winner of this race
will be crowned
King of the Hill.
Clear the grid, please.
Clear the grid, please.
Ready to race.
The grid is clear.
We're racing
in five, four,
three, two, one.
[Air horn blares]
[Cheers and applause]
Come on.
[Air blasting]
That looked deliberate
but no black flag
from the race marshal.
So we continue
with a two horse race.
It's Wayne's Classy Cars
and Kiwi Flyer.
And... And...
And it's Kiwi Flyer!
Kiwi Flyer wins by a beak.
[Cheers and applause]
Please, stop!
[Cheers and applause]
[Cheers and applause]
[Cheers and applause]
Come on, slug. It's pay day.
Time to collect our investment.
That's him, dad.
He's the boy
who stole my hot dog.
Is that right?
[Cheers and applause]
[Knock at door]
Can I give anyone a lift?
That would be nice.
You look lovely.
Thank you.
Your chariot awaits.
Ben, come on.
[Engine turning over]
Dad would've been proud.
I might stand out
I might be
someone you'd like to meet
And that's my story.
Funny how things have a way
of working themselves out.
Amanda and Jeff now run
the Tahuna Falls fan club.
Mum and Mr. Lumsden now go to
flamenco dance classes.
I'm hoping for a few "A"s
on my end-of-year report.
Slug has renounced violence
and has joined
the school Bible group
and now shares his lunch
with Elliot.
Stewie wants to work
for treasury
when he leaves school.
That sounds about right.
- Hey.
- Hey, mate.
Shannon and I are mates now,
but he still
bowls bouncers at me.
- Would you like to dance?
- Sure.
And Katie wants to be
on the team for next year.
Which is awesome 'cause
her dad owns the bike shop.
She wants to be the driver too.
I'm not so sure.
I can already see
our new trolley:
It'll be better and faster
and Katie says we'll call it
"The Laughing Pukeko."
You guys ready to pump it up?
[All cheer]
Nah. Kiwi Flyer II.
'Cause if you're gonna
judge the cover
You better read the book
'Cause the closer you get
Oh, and Elliot,
he wants to join
the royal New Zealand ballet.
'Cause if you're gonna
judge the cover
You better read the book
'Cause the closer you get
The bigger I look
'Cause the closer you get
The bigger I look
The bigger I look
The bigger I look
The bigger I look
[Marching band music]
[Acoustic guitar music]