Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (2016) Movie Script

Well then, let's begin
Pitiful boy.
Heart-Under-Blade's subordinate.
Wait, before that let's confirm the terms.
If I win...
you'll give me Kiss-Shot's right leg.
Is that fine with you?
If I win...
you'll tell me Heart-Under-Blade's whereabouts.
I'm fine with that.
Then let's begin.
Original Work
Hiroshi Kamiya
Koyomi Araragi
Hiroshi Kamiya
Masashi Ebara
Miyu Irino
Houchu Ohtsuka
Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen
Dramaturgy is a vampire.
A-A vampire?
That guy's a vampire?
You can tell just by looking at him.
Or are you saying that there
are humans with a body like his?
I've lived for five hundred years
but I've never heard of a human like that.
why did a vampire become a
vampire-exorcising specialist?
I don't get it.
A vampire that would kill its brethren...
isn't all that unusual.
An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth
and, of course, a vampire for a vampire.
Is that you, Araragi-kun?
I won't let you see them today.
What What What What
What are What are What are
you talking about?
I don't I don't I don't
stand stand stand stand .
I have no idea what you are saying.
Hmm. What?
Did you forget?
You saw my panties.
Moreover, you've been staring since I got here.
It's all a misunderstanding!
I just noticed the
texture of your skirt...
I was only looking at the texture of your skirt...
That's still pretty perverted.
What are you doing in a place like this?
Taking a stroll, I guess.
At this hour?
What are you reading, Araragi-kun?
A baseball book?
What's wrong?
A book you can't show to others?
Could it be pornographic?
I've never touched such filthy books.
They would defile your soul.
And so, I'm leaving.
That's how it is.
Wait, why are you leaving so soon?
Let's stay and talk some more!
What about?
Huh? What indeed...
So Araragi-kun...
how were your studies today?
Today, I focused on math.
Math, huh?
I worked on my Spanish today.
Sadly, I actually don't know Spanish.
ThThat's too bad.
I only know common words.
Spasibo is Russian, you know.
And spasibo translates to wonderful.
You shouldn't do that!
You have to think before you speak!
You really do know everything.
I don't know everything.
I just know what I know.
At any rate...
Learning is a really great thing!
Humans are learning their whole life.
That one was pretty deep, Araragi-kun!
That's why we have to be more constructive...
Like thinking of ways to better society!
True enough.
How about ways to prevent bullying?
Isn't it time to go home?
This is usually the time I head back.
Well I guess this is about the time most go home...
You really...
shouldn't be out at night.
You might run into a vampire.
No, actually, I'm kind of hoping for it.
Don't get me wrong. I do think it's just a rumor.
But I can't say for sure that I won't meet one.
Why do you want to meet a vampire?
To be honest, I haven't thought that far ahead.
I guess I just want something
different from everyday events.
Encountering a vampire...
and making small talk
Don't be so stupid!
I said something I shouldn't have said, right?
No. You just irritate me.
It just pisses me off...
that arrogance of yours.
I like to be alone.
Don't follow me around.
AAraragi-kun, where is this coming from?
Weren't we having fun chatting just now?
No, we weren't.
I was only pretending it was fun.
I'm only here for your money!
What? My family isn't rich at all!
Who knows if you're here just for self-satisfaction but it's pretty clear
that little Miss Perfect could in no way give a damn about some student like me!
You must feel so superior being the one to give out sympathy
but I never asked for your worthless pity!
Hanekawa Tsubasa
Don't go around touching other people's phones!
Delete all 1 contacts?
So just get lost.
I see...
That will do...
With this...
I've raised my strength as a human being back.
I've gotten stronger.
That's why...
That's why me...
fighting Dramaturgy
and retrieving Kiss-Shot's right leg...
will certainly be no problem.
For now, that is what's most important.
A broken heart is...
no problem.
March 31st
Front Gates
of Naoetsu
High School
What's wrong?
You're only running away,
Heart-Under-Blade's subordinate.
Don't give me such a dull name!
How's that?
What's the meaning of this, Dramaturgy?
It is as it looks. I give up.
You hitting me with that is not something I can afford.
It would take me two whole days to recover.
You seem to have misunderstood.
Vampires cannot recover from damage instantly.
Your lineage is an exception.
After all, you are
Heart-Under-Blade's subordinate.
Even if I lose in terms of potential,
I surmised I could still win due to experience. However...
It is impossible.
I cannot hunt you.
But still...
Perhaps you'd prefer if I speak this way?
I'll never hunt you again.
Please spare my life.
Front Gates
of Naoetsu
High School
In any case...
Right leg: retrieved.
What was all that?
Hey, Araragi-kun.
I'm not too sure because I only saw from a distance
but weren't you doing things like it was out from a romantic fiction?
It has nothing to do with you.
why are you tailing me again?
I don't get it.
I told you not to follow me.
Stop acting like you're my friend.
Araragi-kun, you're not someone who would say such things.
I'm really sorry for making you say all that.
But right now you're in a situation
that forces you to say those things, right?
I guess I noticed too late and forced your hand.
But if that's the case, I want to help you!
Stop being so cocky!
Don't misunderstand.
I simply got bored of you.
I prefer to be alone.
I don't believe you.
Someone who hates humans or the world itself...
that's not who Araragi-kun is.
I know that much!
Because you seemed to enjoy talking with me at least!
Like I said, I was only after your money!
And I told you my family isn't rich at all!
Then I'm after your Dakara!
TL Note: Araragi messed up the word "body" with a water bottle brand which in turn sounds the same as the phrase "I meant."
If you're thirsty, then just say so!
No, I meant your body!
Dakara or my body? Make up your mind!
Your body!
Got that? Show me your panties again
and we'll be at peace.
Can you see them?
If you want, I can take off my blouse too.
I'm sorry for my cruel words.
Please be my friend.
He really gave it back, huh?
That's what middlemen are for.
Here, Heart-Under-Blade.
Actually, what exactly are you going to do?
Your legs now are a lot smaller.
You can't just swap them, right?
I'll do this.
Don't watch me eat, you brutes.
Leave me to my meal.
Have some manners.
By the way, Oshino...
What is it?
My left arm was blown clean off by Dramaturgy.
But it grew back like it was nothing.
Then how come Kiss-Shot's limbs don't regenerate as well?
That's probably because most of
Heart-Under-Blade's vampire immortality
had already been lost by the time you two met.
Don't you think so too?
No, I do think so.
But during my fight,
when my arms were cut off and the wrists regenerated,
the severed ones vanished.
So if that's how it works, Kiss-Shot's limbs should have vanished as well.
But they haven't.
Why is that?
They've neither regenerated nor vanished...
That girl has a precious lineage, Araragi-kun.
Her limbs were methodically stolen by those three
in a way that claimed ownership.
Those guys divided the body from the limbs did they not?
In other words, they stole more than just her limbs
but also her vampire existence itself.
Can I really become human again?
Well if you regain all of Heart-Under-Blade's limbs
then you should.
Isn't that what she said?
It was but...
isn't it possible that she just lied to me?
In order to regain her limbs, she lied...
You shouldn't doubt her so much.
It'd be such a shame.
Not even trusting the one who saved your life?
You're quite the ingrate.
Hey now, what's with the long face?
Did something nice happen?
Don't talk like you can see through me.
April 1st
Well, it must be my fault then.
What is?
That you became a vampire.
"Speak of the devil and he'll appear," right?
Looks like that saying also
applies to the supernatural.
Speak of them, and they'll start appearing.
But that doesn't add up.
Since you were the one who told me about it,
you should've met a vampire too.
It's not like it had to.
The likelihood to meet one only increased.
Besides, in a way, I actually did meet one.
I met you.
Leaving the likelihood itself aside...
you were out searching for one yesterday.
Why is that?
You said you wanted to encounter one and then make small talk...
Well it's not like I was seriously searching for one.
That would be like asking for the moon.
I don't know how to say it but...
I just wanted something new.
Haven't you ever wanted a change in your life?
A change, huh?
But it's just running away from reality, in the end.
Personally, I'd love to return to reality right now.
You will. I'm sure of that.
Though I did say I wanted to help...
if it's a supernatural thing like this,
I don't think there's much I can do.
That's not true at all.
Even if it's just bringing clothes and the like,
I'm still extremely grateful.
It's fine. It's the least I could do.
Actually, shouldn't you change clothes already?
Your clothes are torn up.
That's true.
So uh...
Well, that is...
I'll just change tops for now, I guess.
You're size is M right?
I didn't know if you wanted briefs or trunks so I got both.
What's wrong?
Not going to change?
I will...
Hold on!
Looks like I was right.
I noticed yesterday too.
Araragi-kun, your physique is changing a little.
I was barely able to recognize you from behind the other day.
It seems its because your muscles are changing.
They seem to be getting more slender or should I say firmer.
Becoming a vampire reshapes your body.
Your regenerative power
keeps you at optimal condition.
Excuse me for a bit.
Just from touching though,
you still feel very much like other humans.
However, you do seem a bit more flexible.
"Like other humans?"
Hanekawa, does that mean...
you've touched the bodies of other men?
No! No! No!
There's no way I would do that!
ThThat's right!
It was all baseless conjecture.
Yeah, I shouldn't do that.
Could you put your shirt on already?
It looks great on you.
Thanks for all the help, Hanekawa.
I'll definitely pay you back.
You don't have to. This is all I can do.
Just this is more than enough.
Thank you, I mean it.
ThThat's not necessary!
People just help each other out in times of need!
If there's anything else you need me for
you can feel free to ask.
This was the best I could do for now though.
That's right! We should clean this room!
It's a total mess!
There's no need for that. It's always been like this.
That's all the more reason that we do it ourselves!
Any place that needs cleaning should be cleaned.
What is this?
I forgot to mention it.
The bag you dropped looked important
so when we got here, I went back and retrieved it.
YYou goddamned traitor!
So this means you met a vampire
as you returned from the bookstore
on March 25th?
This was after we talked to each other?
So what is the meaning of this?
April 4th
Episode is a half-vampire vampire hunter...
Well, I can tell what that means but...
but can't I have some more information than that?
I forget.
Just wait. I'll remember at once.
I remember now.
What do you remember?
That Episode fellow...
despises vampires with a passion.
How come?
Isn't he half-vampire?
Well, simply put,
half-vampires are not an entity accepted in the vampire world.
Likewise, they're not accepted in the human world either.
So naturally,
he hates his vampire blood.
Above all, he bears a strong
hatred towards vampires.
Unlike Dramaturgy, he is here
for more personal reasons.
That's hilarious.
It sure makes me laugh!
Chief Dramaturgy lost to a brat like you of all people!
Well, I'll show those guys how to kill prey.
I'll say this now:
Don't think I'll go easy on you.
I hate picking on the weak...
but I love hurting villains!
Am I a villain?
Of course!
You're a monster after all.
You're the one...
What am I?
If you've got something to say, spit it out!
No. It's nothing.
I have nothing to say to you.
Let's begin!
ThThe cross?
You can't give up yet!
Your opponent turns into fog so...
That means you have to
Hanekawa! Hanekawa! Hanekawa!
Araragi-kun, stop yelling...
Get a grip!
Your opponent turns into fog...
Fog is nothing but water.
If I were to spread the sand, what would happen to you?
That's enough!
Anymore and you'll lose your humanity.
O Oshi O
You You were
What about Hanekawa?!
You don't have to yell.
You sure are energetic today.
Did something good happen?
even if you've still got energy,
I think the match is over.
Look, he fainted.
But But
Hanekawa was...
Hanekawa was...
Hanekawa was...!
Yes. I saw.
Why did you just watch then?
Why didn't you stop her?!
Not part of the fee.
I'm here to negotiate with the three vampire specialists.
Anything more is extra.
An ordinary person isn't included.
Then say so from the beginning!
If you only said so...
If you like, you could pay her part of the fee.
How about another two million?
Two million?
I'd pay even three million!
This isn't a game, Oshino!
It's no game. It's about gain.
And with that, negotiations are complete.
So, I'll give you a hint.
Use your head a little, Araragi-kun.
What can you use your immortal body for?
Why are you rubbing your cheek on my stomach like it's a prized possession?
And it looks like my uniform's been ripped off.
Could this mean you're...
Sorry, Hanekawa.
Please let me stay like this a bit longer.
April 5th
My body sure feels a lot better now!
You could say I've almost recovered my immortality.
Then could that mean you can fight the next battle?
Unfortunately, it seems I still cannot use any of my vampiric skills.
It just means I'm harder to kill now.
I'd be able to fight Dramaturgy in this state,
but someone like Episode could be a problem.
And if the opponent were Guillotinecutter...
Guillotinecutter, huh?
He's a human, isn't he?
Indeed. He's not vampire like Dramaturgy
neither is he a half-vampire like Episode.
He is, for all intents and purposes, human.
He doesn't seem human at all though.
Hmph. Indeed.
More specifically, he's a priest.
Don't tell me he's of the
special forces of Christianity.
Close but not quite.
But in the end, he's human, right?
No matter what tricks he uses,
isn't he still no match for a vampire?
While he's not at all a vampire, but instead human,
his specialty is still that of vampire exorcism.
That's what you have to be careful of.
He stole both of my arms, did he not?
Though, it was only because I was careless.
My physical condition at the time was also quite bad.
If it was profession for Dramaturgy
and personal for Episode,
then Guillotinecutter hunts vampires out of faith.
I speak for myself, but faith is very troublesome.
Hanekawa, how's your stomach wound?
You call it a wound but...
there's not so much as a scar.
Is that so?
I wonder... Let me see.
What do you mean "I wonder?"
Hey, Araragi-kun, would you like a sandwich?
This one has tomato.
No, I'm fine.
Here, Araragi-kun.
Coca Cola.
Thank you.
And for me, I have Diet Cola.
Now that your naturally muscular
you wouldn't get fat no matter how many calories you consume.
I'm pretty jealous as a girl.
I wonder about that...
Well, it's more like I don't have an appetite anymore.
It feels like I'll be fine without even eating.
The appetite for vampires would have is for blood-sucking right?
Ah, that's right.
On that note, don't you get the urge to suck blood?
Now that you mention it, I don't.
It's better if you don't come here anymore.
Well, I guess I was expecting that.
Please. I don't want you to get hurt.
This time, it will be a lot different.
Even with the other times...
I didn't want to involve you at all.
I probably went too far when I wanted you to leave.
I'm sorry for shouting at you.
But this time is different.
How is it different?
When you had your side blown open by Episode...
I completely lost myself.
The blood in my head just stopped.
It was death.
Have I told you about the strength of human beings?
When you were wounded, it hurt like it was my own.
It hurt more than if it were done to me.
Hanekawa, I...
I don't want to become human again if it means sacrificing you.
Sacrificing me?
There's no way I'll let that happen!
But are you even thinking about this?
You're on your Spring Break
but your wasting it on someone like me.
And what's worse, you've been on the verge of death.
Are you even thinking about what you're doing?
NNot at all!
I don't understand you.
For example, if we were to switch places,
I wouldn't be able to do the things you do.
Stepping in front of a dangerous man like that,
and exposing a body that wasn't even immortal.
But you do it like it's the natural thing to do...
scare me.
You're too bright...
You shouldn't sacrifice yourself!
Don't get me wrong...
but I don't understand why you do so much for me.
I can't wrap my head around it.
I'm only a classmate you just met
yet for some reason you've given so much to me.
It's like your a saint.
But your self-sacrifice is too much for me.
It's more than I could hope to bear.
It's not self-sacrifice, you know.
It's not self-sacrifice at all!
Then what is it?
It's self-satisfaction.
Araragi-kun, you're misunderstanding me.
I'm not a kind person nor am I strong!
I only do what I want to do!
I don't think there's anyone
more self-centered than I am!
I'm very deceitful and stubborn.
Enough to anger you, at least.
if my presence only makes it harder for you,
then I guess I'm doing the wrong thing.
If you say so, then it must be time I leave.
I guess there's nothing left I can do for you.
No, there's still something you can do.
Wait for me.
In the new semester of our school...
wait for me.
I'll look forward to talking to you
again from the bottom of my heart.
What's that sound?
A girl's heartbeats sound like that?
That was really dangerous.
I was about to fall in love.
So far down that you'd
have struck spring water or oil?
Do you always use that trick to hit on girls?
Of course not. What are you talking about?
To begin with, I almost never talk to girls.
Yet you talk like a womanizer and buy pornography.
I'll lend you this.
Return them to me when
we meet in the new semester.
Araragi-kun, you like panties, don't you?
Uh, I...
Ah, but if you don't want them...
No! No! No!
I never said I didn't.
This isn't a matter of whether I want them or not!
So what'd you say?
I can return them we meet at school, right?!
I'm not giving them back.
In fact, I'll take it to the grave.
Then it will be passed down as an heirloom of the Araragi clan.
Please quit it.
These panties have parted
with your body for all eternity!
What's with you?!
I won't give them back but...
in exchange:
I'll definitely pay back my debt.
Whenever you're in trouble,
even if there's nothing I can do
I'll be by your side without fail
repaying my debt to you
for the rest of my life.
Just give me back my panties already!
I'm currently going commando
with only a skirt for security!
And I still have to walk all the way home!
Araragi-kun, compared to this, fighting Guillotinecutter
should be no problem at all, right?!
That's right!
Then, good luck!
Good luck!
See you at school!
See you at school!
Sorry, I messed up.
Class Rep-chan got kidnapped.
What do I do?
What do I do about him?
you have to give up your humanity.
I'm sorry, Araragi-kun. I...
What do you plan on doing with her?
Nothing at all
as long as you don't do anything.
I don't have superhuman strength like you and the others. However,
I'm still quite well-built.
If it's just some girl,
then I can kill quite easily.
And you call yourself human?
It's all right.
I'll definitely save you.
How unsightly.
I don't have the patience to
humor your juvenile chitchat.
Let's start already.
Start what exactly?
The instant the fight begins,
you shall raise both hands and say "I give up."
In other words, the fight ends the moment it begins.
Forget about me!
There's no way I could ever do that!
I told you,
I refuse to become human if it means losing you!
Give up your humanity
Certainly this...
is not human at all.
I'm no human.
That much is clear.
I am a monster.