KL 10 Patthu (2015) Movie Script

Yusuf, don't panic. Look at the ball.
You can do it!
Don't look at his eyes!
O Allah! He ridiculed Messi for missing a
He must miskick the ball!
O Almighty! Make him kick it outside!
I swear, I'll be damn helpless
if he kicks the ball correctly.
I swear, Lord! I'll pray five times a day!
I'll not watch any new
release movies on Fridays!
O Lord, make him kick outside!
...outside ...outside outside! please!
Satya m Audios
KAROKE MUSICAL CONCER CHAPTER-01-A kind of great disturbance!
Satya m Audios
Assalamu alaikum!
I decided to spend my day here today.
The reason is, through my usual window,
I am not able to observe
people's daily activities.
Can't you see a poster stuck here?
Panchayat Election!Human's
strange activities!!!
Look, Abubacker Maulavi woke up!
Please come...Take your clothes.
Now, he'll carry out his daily routines
and proclaim call to Prayer after ablution!
Here in this village,Sun rises upon
hearing Abubakar Maulavi's proclaim call.
Othewvise, Even the Sun will
remain lethargic on that day!
Who's that visiting so early...
.even before the Summon call?
Who? Ahmed?
Our Ahmed?
That's what I'm also asking.
Was that Ahmed?
Long time since I had this doubt!!
Buddy, how did he...?
O my heavens!
Were you able to recognise those guys?
The man yelling there, is Youssef!
He sets off with a bait and
net on all rainy season.
But till now, not a single fish got hooked!
This is E-World Internet Caf\/ Owner, Nasru!
Then, the restless Aashiq!
He persuades and brings everyone for fishing!
If he doesn't bait a fish in five minutes,
will soon receive an important call,
and leave others stranded!
Next comes, Appu alias Aftab and Faizal
They are parasites!
If others bait fish, they either burn or fry it!
And if not"
Shawarma and broast are available in town!
And the one who drives the car is Ajmal,
...who saved them from their adversity.
Ajmal came down from Canada,
bought 100 fish seeds,
and put them in his own
abandoned quarry mine..
He fed them well!
Later they themselves bait it and live happily!
Oh! Fish caught in the hook!
You must be wondering
who am Ito say all this, ah!
Whom does the Almighty call?
O listen two groups, says the Lord!
One, is human like us,
and who is the second?
It's the Djinn, created from the fire!
The speech being given by Maulavi,
...is all about me!
I'm the Djinn!
Djinn as in Django! D is not considered!
I'm the Super star here.
Me and my friends are the talk of the townl.
You can see the posters around!
"Will the Djinn bite"
"if Djinn touches, will it break
one's ablution?
"Gender neutrality in Djinn"
Where are we moving towards now?
How did you come to know?
Still, that guy...
Look at your brother's stupidity!!
What is the point in telling you?
Only Faizal Ikka knows everything.
He disclosed everything to him!
Is it, Faizal? What really happened?
Yes, this only!
He will go in the morning and
pick her from Kozhikode!
His friends have set up everything there.
For registered marriage!
He disclosed his whereabouts to Faizal ikka.
But Faizal Ikka conceals it from us.
Yes! Even I don't understand it!
How else to find him?
Why do you conceal it,Faizal Ikka?
Ahmed is my close friend! Can I betray him?
Then, why did you disclose all this?
He can't betray Ajikka as
he's his close friend.
I see!
Is Ahmed truly your friend,
or your friend's brothel'?
Both are my friends and also
my friend's brother!
We can't do anything unless you say!
We need to track him!
How do we proceed then?
Who is going for that?
I am not there for such cases!!!
I already refused to come.
Needlessly disturbing others sleep!!
No! Drop me back home!
I already told you it's my personal problem.
Don't involve everybody and mess it up.
See what happened now!
Don't talk like that, Ajmal.
Only two days to go for the election.
He won't be here to cast his
vote for your mom.
But I want my Candidate to get more votes!
At what bad time he felt like eloping!!
Youssef, don't bring in politics here!
It's the family problem of our friends..
And which is also our problem too.
That's the reason we take you along
Yes, let it be! But still leave me.
I've lots of work to attend.
Then get down here.
I have no time to drop you home.
Only an hour later,
Faizal told me about his elopement!
We can't delay any further.
Buddy, better drop me where you picked me.
It's a must.
Unnecessary troubles!
Don't needlessly create
any mess, Youssef!
Who?!! Needlessly disturbed
from my sound sleep..
You guys are creating a mess!
Ashiq, you created this trouble!
So you must solve it!
Oh, is it so?
What wrong did he say?
Hell with his sleeveless shirt...!
- Assalamualaikuml-Walaikum Assalam!
You offered (Islamic) prayers?
I shall drive. You offer prayers.
But...don't we've to go there??
What nonsense are you talking?
Not God fearing!
It's enough if we go after prayers.
Did you see them?
Boys must play like them at this hour!
And not wander aimlessly like us!
I slept wearing the jersey hoping
to come for playing after waking up.
Shall I ask you something?
Won't Ahmed play for the finals?
But our Premiere League's final is
only after the election results!
Oh buddy! Only if he turns up
before the final, right?
Faisal Master, you let him go
without thinking of the consequences?
You guys talk as if I persuaded
and sent him away!
He must heed my words, isn't it?
Cool! If he doesn't show up,
I have a wonderful idea.
Sudani from Nigeria!
Aftab, Jokes apart! Mind you!
I hope you understood the
gravity of the situation at least now.
Please reveal to us for God's sake!
I'm the Captain, right?
You guys don't concern
- No need? -No need!
No need!
Dude! No matter, whatever he does
He must be here for the finals!
That's it!
It may be a football issue for you guys!
But it's not like that for me!
Also pray he saves his skin
from my clutches to play football!
O you don't overreact! Get moving.
Let's sort it out.
Hello! We need to reach at 8
in the morning, not at night!
What a drive is this?
Why get angry for that?
Why don't you drive then!!
Did I?
Ugh!! Mood off rig ht at the startl!
You should have behaved yourself!
Oh!! Sorry! I was already much tensed.
You also know!
Who is not?
I came blindly believing you!
I still have no idea of your plan.
Isee!! Only for you, I do all this
You don't have to do any sacrifice for me!
Do it if you really need!
You say you don't want all this?
You too don't want?
Then, drop me back to my hostel and leave.
Hell with her...Faha...d.
What are we talking??
What's the problem?
I don't know.
It is you who started this
Perhaps having a good romance in the earl!
Moreover, while loving,
one will be blind, isn't it?
My heavens! How does he drive being blind?
Yeah, reallyl!
Throw these guys out.
I'll throw all of you out, mind you.
Okay, I understood!
I need you!
I can't lose you!
And I'm ready to make any sacrifices for it
And this is one of them!
Okay! It's same to me too!
Then...What if I put on this?
Satya m Audios
Tell me, Prasad!
Today's programme is confirm ed, isn't it?
Yes! Ahmed gave me a call before setting off.
We Kannur people are called
as notorious for Violence!
But need our help in performing the wedding!
Do you have any idea of the issue?
Not in detail.
He called last night to make arrangements.
Only then I knew about his love affair.
- Do you at least know the
name of his girl? - No.
Don't needlessly ask for trouble!
Now the main problem is, Media!
And you are also aware who
governs the Central as well!
Stop reading papers and log on to Facebook.
All your doubts will dispel!
Huh! I'll come...But one condition"
Send me back soon.
I need to go out on election work.
Sure! Bring Shaji also with you. Okay.
Fuel to be filled!
Fill it in the next station.
I can only afford 500 Rs!
What? I got only 200 Rs!
Yet to receive my salary!
Ugh!! How could you be
so irresponsible, always?
Irresponsible? ME or YOU?
You earn more than me.
So you've more responsibility.
All my earnings are drained,
giving you credits!
Look out for some other option.
I had taken my dad's ATM card.
Due to the incorrect pin number,
card got blocked.
This is the reason your dad has
no idea to marry you off.
Othenlvise, he needs to bear
my expenses also after marriage.
Will you just shut up?
Who took the car?
Where is my Cal'?
Green car is with us.
- No, red car.
-Ahmed has taken it.
Where did he go?
Not sure! May be to Kozhikode.
I've no idea where he goes from there.
We're on the run to catch him.
Catch him?
Trying to elope with his lover
and register the marriagel.
Faisal Ikka only told us. .
Who all are there with you?
Myself, Ashiq, Faisal ikka, Ajuikka,
Nasru.. and Yusuf!
So many?
In that case, we need to put
two tables together in Bombay hotel!
I'm sorry! I blurted out in anger.
Try calling somebody.
Where's my phone..
What's this?
Ooh! Money! Chaliyar village
Gram panchayat LPF Candidate!
Money and Voters list!
Hey, Roshan Alias Kunjanni!
Get into the car.
Tell me Roshan Ikka!
Are you along with them?
Why does Roshan call him?
Do I need to come there?
I shall come by bus.
No, stay with them.
And somehow track that car.
Then, don't you need me for campaigning?
No. I've kept something in the car.
If anybody sees it other than me,
it'll become a chaos.
Something which I promised to give you.
My heavens!
Hang the phone. Let nobody have any doubt!
Buddy...go fast" We need to catch him...
- Why become a bit over all of a sudden?
- Then, why did he..
What did Roshan Ikka say?
It's about our party matters!
I remembered only when
Roshan Ikka asked for the Car,
None of them are aware of our journey.
What do we say if our uncles call?
Let's think about it when they call!
Unaware of the situation,
Bavukka is happily jogging.
He's also a social worker!
That's why villagers call him Comfy Haji!
Don't you see?
Stop...stop..What happened?
Where are you going?
Looks like his knee is dislocated!
Taking him to the traditional
physician for massage.
Are you taking him on the bike?
No, wait. I'll go home and get the car.
Rest him down.
Where are the cars?
Ashiq must have taken it I suppose!
- Where? - I don't know.
What shall I do now?
Need to take him to the hospital.
Get my phone.
Ajmal Ikka! Dad is calling.
Our dad?
What am Ito say? O Lord!
Give it to me. I'll tell him.
I'm Ajmal, Uncle.
Who all are with you? Where are you going?
Ahmed left! We are on the run to catch him.
Ahmed eloped with that girl
for a register marriage...
I already advised your dad
to approve of his marriage.
I knew he would definitely do this.
What are you going to do now?
I must catch him.
Do you've any idea about his whereabouts?
No, I must go to Kozhikode and enquire.
Don't waste time needlessly. Come back.
We need to inform this to your dad.
No way! I can't leave him astray!
I'm his elder brother! I know what to do.
Don't inform this to my dad.
I must sort this out by then.
If you're his elder brother,
then I'm his dad's elder brother.
I know what to tell my younger brother.
Unnecessarily brewing troubles!
This is the reason; villagers
call your dad Comfy Haji!
Don't mock at our dad now.
What's wrong with him?
Beautiful name, ah!!
He's simply saying.
He doesn't have such a nickname.
I don't think he'll come.
Take him to the hospital in this itself
Didn't I already tell you
that Comfy will botch up!
Where are you going?
I need to go back and sort out a few things.
What! then, what about our issue?
I must meet Roshan Ikka
as it affects the election.
Something which affects my mom.
I also have a dad and a mom.
First, decide about me..
Otherwise I will have to decide.
Still two more days are left
for the election, isn't it?
Okay, we'll sort out our issue first.
You've become very bold and beautiful, ah!
Shadiya could've thought of consequence
when my would-be's relatives learns about this!
Shouldn't she think of her condition then?
Why does she do something
which my dad dislikes?
She must also consider her likes, isn't it?
I don't know. I'm going to
switch off my phone.
I don't know what to answer my parents.
Better stop crying.
Unfit even to buy a beef,
he is getting married?
From papers, I feel beef issue
will be resolved soon.
Only beef matters to you people!
He left me in the lurch now.
What's the point of regretting now?
Tell me, what else we do now?
What else! I'll not let him
step into this house.
There is no point!
He's at my house all the time.
Also, yesterday, he came home
only to watch the match.
Don't disclose Ahmed's matter to anybody.
For getting votes, Hamsakutty will
damage our reputation and make hay!
I'll see to Roshan's matter.
Only ourfamily's reputation matters here,
rather than you winning or losing.
Change your dress and come.
We'll resolve this.
Why do I need a change?
You want to move out in this uniform?
Elder brother gifted it for the festival.
Don't mock!
Is any other dress there?
Not a ironed dress
You should have given a thought
before contesting election
Let's move.
We'll inform it to Kunhanni first.
And later, to elder brother.
I wonder whether we
are going for marriage or for a divorce
Is it so? Then I'll solve your problem
Where are we going?
Answer me
Ahmed stop.
What's your intention
Satya m Audios
"Throwing a ball, In world's playground,
He enjoys the game sitting above"
"In the heart of the players,
there is fire"
"But there is smile on the
face of the Spectator"
Satya m Audios
"With a magnifying glass
invented by themselves"
"Human beings sees
small things as large"
Thinking that, the ball he has got
in his hand is a globe,"
"He has head-weight"
"This life is like a bubble,
that is the truth"
"Not realising it is man's misery"
Satya m Audios
She's my girl!
Yes! This is my girl.
Ayesha, any!
- No, Shadiyal-As it's a common name..
He's Prasad! My neighbour. LC Secretary
Put aside his election work
and came only for you.
LC secretary has too much of hold here.
No, he bluffs!
This is Shaji!
And both of you are Facebook friends, right?
We never encourage such conservative
outfit which creates communal friction
Still, as he's my friend, I excuse you.
Stop it man. Let's have breakfast.
- By the by, what's your plan?
- No idea!
Then, let's split ourselves into two teams.
Things will become easier.
Myself, Faisal lkka and Yusuf
will be one team.
Rest of you, another team . Is it fine?
Shut up!
- I'm quite serious.
-Hell with your seriousness!
Forget it, Ashiq!
I still expect some integrity from you.
We don't have to take so much trouble
if you disclose his whereabouts.
Please don't compel me!
I can understand your problem
as I'm yourfriend.
And as well as Ahmed!
That's my problem now.
Actually, what is your guys problem!
Like nursery kids..
Ajmel! What's your plan?
I must look out for her hostel and office.
And her twin sister lives here.
I need to meet her as well.
Then what will Faisal Ikka do?
As I know his friends,
I shall also look out.
What the hell will you look for?
Faisal Ikka will surely look out.
When he's already aware,
how will he find out?
Being Ahmed's friend, I'm
aware of Ahmed's whereabouts.
But being Ajmel's friend,
I'm not aware of Ahm ed's whereabouts!
Certainly! No..that's..
Right, Mess?!?
Don't worry! I'm beside Faisal Ikka.
In case if there's any change in your mind,
please let me know.
Enough of your show. Get off!
You guys, move.
Search intensely, okay!
Wait. Let me ask him.
Do you know her hostel and office?
Yes, that's what I also wanted to ask.
- I don't know. - Eh!
In the last film festival,
I got to know four of his friends.
One, Gaffoor master, is a
HOD of Literature in some college here.
Then, Poet Nizzam, Web developer
Musheer and Udayuf!
The latter trio must perhaps be
around Press Forum Office or Quarters!
Let's meet them and then go
to Gaffoorka's college.
Sure! Let's go
Satya m Audios
- Dad - Yes!
Moon appears bright and beautiful!
Moon follows us wherever we go!
Dad only four lines are there!
What about the balance 16 lines?
Teacher will expel me from the class.
Ask your brothers for the rest.
They will help you.
But, why do you need to cry for that?
I'll ask them, but I won't
go to school today.
Okay. Good. Thank you, my Onion.
Kunjunni, a small problem.
Who's that?
Yes, Youssef! You got it?
- I'm on the bus! - Bus?
You guys do the needful.
I need to canvass one or two votes!
One Chandakunnu, please.
Two numbers, right? You'll surely get!
Okay, then. We'll take care of the rest.
Don't take undue
political advantage of this issue.
We'll have to see him again.
Did you hear??
- Have you underestimated me so?
- Yes.
Don't worry, I'll see to it.
Okay, we'll meet later.
Are we really looking out for him?
Is this what you understood about me?
Ajmal entrusted a serious task to me..
For what bullshit am I wandering for?
Irresponsible guyl!
Why don't we seriously begin it after a tea?
Huh!! That's a good idealCome.
Still, it has become a kind of great disturbance!
I'll give him a call and be back.
Tell me, Faisal Ikka.
Which is the good juice shop in Kozhikode?
In KalandasmDileepettaNs shop
and then Unniettan's!
Okay! Why are you in Kozhikode?
Me? The whole group is here!!
We're here looking out for you.
Me? Where did I go?
You eloped with a girl, right?
Allah! What nonsense, have I done?
Will you find me then?
Find you? Do we know your whereabouts?
Inform me as soon as you find me, okay.
By God grace! Bye then.
Samosa-relishing manl!
- That's the person I mentioned.
- The guy standing there?
Park it aside.
Oh, you!! You scared the hell of me!
I was wondering who'll come for tea today!
Please come.
Nizam Khan, our Gaffoor master"
Well, what's wrong with AV Kunjmoham med?
What happened?
After reading my poem in Mathrubhoomi,
he commented it as "mind-boggling"!
Is he out of mind!!!?
Mind you! He's an intelligent man!
So, he must be right, right? Of course!
No.368, Page no.76...
Torch that spreads darkness!
This is the Poem you craved for!
I read this! Really awesome!
Yes! Really!
Where is Hudhayfah?
Don't ask me a word of him.
He strongly criticized my poem.
Well, where is our Ah med now?
It's been a long time since I saw him!
What happened to his love affair?
What happened? Broke up?
- Yes Yes! - Eh!
To get acquainted with her only we came here!
Do you know any details
of her office or hostel?
Ask Gaffoorl! They are very intimate friends!
Go and ask him !
- Okay, bye then. - Wait...hear
my poem...there's a relevant stanza
Please, let me go.
Pay for the tea and snacks before moving.
- How much? - Rs. 20
Note it down in my account.
I still don't understand one thing.
What's the real problem
between Ajuikka and Ahmed?
Simple! Ego!
Dude! Look here.
He must be having an ego as I have
I can, but not him.
- Because I am his elder brother
- Fantastic!
- What is biting him? - EGO!
But Roshan Kunjanni found out
the real reason behind their bitterness,
with the help of a scar
on Ahmed's left eyebrows!
In late 90's!
This Incident happened beneath
the mango tree in a remote village.
When Aamer Sohail and Saeed Anwar
were questioning Sachin's fame.
When Ahmed was a kid, he had come
along with his dad to pluck mangoes,
and a stone sank on his forehead!
Good Lord! My son!!
Hey,you! I'm not
Aamer Sohaill but Sachin, my boy!
Even othenlvise, if a "Sachinist" Ajmal
is called as Aamer Sohail...
Can he bear it?
However, Ahmed's forehead is broken!
And with dad's thrashings,
Ajmal's butt is broken!!!
The Duo brothers' story is quite interesting!
Still Ahmed saved his brother's name
as AamerSohail on his phone.
- Now too? - Yes!
Do you know how Ajmal
saved Ahmed's name?
As she is not aware of SACHIN!
That sounded funny!
Try to bring the Registrar a bit earlier.
They've come along way from Malapuram!
And I'm already so bugged
about the election work!
Make it quick, please.
- Ahmed! What's your plan? - Plan?
What's our plan?
Let Prasad be back after the call.
He knows the plan.
What happened?
I don't think it will work out.
Registrar seems to be quite strict.
He will only come on time.
Only one hour left. That's no problem!
As Time is a very crucial thing"
Is he, delivering any speech?
Then, let's move.
Not necessary! it,A6s only a 15 mins
travel from here!
Why go there early and wait needlessly?
I'm keeping on getting calls.
I need to go urgently.
You have a retrograde spirit to give more
importance to power than love.
I love my Party! That's significant to me.
Shut up and get lost.
Wait buddy! We still have some time.
I like to know a few things from you.
Only yesterday you revealed me your love.
Title of the story...
That means reality of love
and risks of love!
Satya m Audios
Our hero com plied his parents' wish and
pursued higher studies,
in this Arabic College.
While he was growing more intellectual,
I happened to see him for the first time.
Oh!! Came hanging a bag, is it? Get in!!
What does this mean?
If there is nobility in knowledge
without good manners,
then Almighty's best creation
will be lbilees(Satan)!
He is really a whiz kid!
He said it correctly!
Though Islamic teachers call him lblilees,
In my opinion, he is a good lbilees!
Only once in a month,
Biriyani is served in this canteen
That too free of cost.
But Ahmed is very much worried
without having that also!
Only then I realized!
It was the 1st time Biryani despair!
I'm used to see him like this!
He goes straight to the library.
The only one Ustaad (teacher) who could find
some good in him is Ali Ustaad!
Walaikum Assalam!
What's bothering you today?
You didn't have Biryani?
Good Lord!! What made you so upset?
That's my problem!! Biryanil!
Only this morning, Ahmed learnt,
his neighbour died of starvation.
I hope now you understand
why he couldn't have Biryani!
That's what I am telling...
Ibileez in him is something strange!
But on the 2nd Briyani day,
this was not the reason.
2nd time Biryani despair!
I myself found it hard to
find out the reason for this,
then, how can Ali Ustaad find it out?
May the Almighty protect you!
Seeing his despair,
Not only me, everybody must be
eager to know the reason.
You didn't have Biryani today also, is it?
Tell me.
Nothing Ustaad! I'm not sure
what it's exactly!
I never felt like this earlier.
Really? When did it start?
We'll oppose...We'll oppose..
Go backmGo back..Haters go back!
Go backmGo back..Haters go back!
Go back..Go back...Fascist...Go back!
Satya m Audios
No idea! I don't remember.
Such Pain must be handled with care.
Perhaps like Rumi's poems!
Some understand it incorrectly
If there are no lapses, you can land in ISHQ
Othenlvise, you'll leap
directly into MOHABBAT!
That's a different item.
But what's the difference
between ISHQ and MOHABBAT?
Ishq is selfless
And Mohabbat is the
anticipation to make it your own.
That's selfish.
Though he couldn't comprehend
its meaning fully,
He was unable to abide by the advice of
Ustaad because of Ustaad himself.
Diwan Majnu Laila
Madness of Laila's love! Anthology!
Qays -ibn al-mulawwah was his real name.
Driven mad by Laila's love,
he came to be called Majnu - The Madman!
You guys are also
well aware of this mad love, right?
We don't know, sir.!
Being in this boy's college,
how do you expect us to know all that?
What do you think of yourself?
I am not teaching you
Laila-Majnu to learn love!
He's really a Scholar!
It's one of the world classic poems!
You just learn the
language and usages from this.
Hell with his complaint!
Only at that spur of the moment it happened"
When a pair of woman's feet
brushed against the Campus,
even the withered dry leaves, sprouted
new leaves and started growing again.
Even the parched hundreds
of male hormones turned vigorous!
Automatically all heads turned
towards the energy coming direction!
But only Ahmed feels
too much burdened, and disturbed!
What happened? What's
disturbing you, dude?
:Sir, Ali Ustaad wants to meet Ahmed.
Ahmed'. She's Shadiya'.!
Shadiya Manzoor!
She is pursuing architecture!
Farooq master suggested her
for designing the stage for our Rumi Fest.
Brief her the concept.
Sure, Ustaad!
Please go with Ahmed.
He'll show you the venue.
Thank you.
Satya m Audios
"Why my heart, Why my heart"
"Why are you throbbing with such a
loud sound audible to the whole place"
"To give such an
astonishing sound to the heart"
"Half a second is enough for love"
"What other proof is needed,
that love has come to the heart"
I accidentally blurted so.
What's that called?
"Allah, please forgive me"
But what he said was totally different!
That's why I started laughing.
What does that mean?
There is a joke in his village!
Watch...there goes a beautiful girl!
No doing sinful things...
When happen to see such things next time,
just say Astaghfirullah!
- What will you say?
- Shall I tell you the truth?
- Certainly!
Though appearing cool,
I'm in a terrible plight
of not getting a fish curry for Pancakes!
Here is your fish curry!
- I didn't mean that!
- Else what?
What does he think of himself?
Just think of my aunty's situation!
We guys won't go for the
campaign because of my elder uncle!
Isn't he the only one left
Isn't he the one to take care of all this?
He's much aware of it and
made some plans well in advance!
Does he have that much sense?
How do I know?
If he had, would he jump
from the frying pan into the fire?
What are you referring to?
I mean the nasty love!
Moreover, I and Ashiq are yet to marry.
What on earth am I supposed to do?
For that. get me two more pancakes also..
Two more pancakes!
I hope Ustaad told you the festival's title!
- No.. - Didn't he?
The title is "Noor Ki Barish"
theme of our Design.
"Velichathinte Mazha
Oh!! Did you laugh at the
way I pronounced Mazha?
I deliberately said it
Satya m Audios
Satya m Audios
Me, Hamsakutty, a humble social worker
is writing an open letter to,
the existing Library Committee President Bava
who is an enemy of me and my family.
Assalamalaikum! Kind attention, please!
Don't strain yourself by reading it.
I shall explain it to you in simple language.
Get me a cup of tea.
- He took the DTP.
-See, what will happen to your Nano car!
For a long time, this Comfy and his friends...
Your dad only..
...are demoralizing my son, Ward Member Zulfi!
Oh! You too here?
Regarding Anganvadi building construction
and in Sand mining of Chaliyar river,
they are making false allegations
on him for Corruption!
Earlier also, they falsely
implicated against me and my family.
For the reason of contesting
in the forthcoming Panchayat election,
Don't forget that.
And also for obtaining permission from the
Panchayat for his mine quarry!
I hope all of you must have understood
the attitude of these fake environmentalists!
Satya m Audios
Man in this Car, is Bheeran,
eldest of all brothers,
whom Bavukka and all bros' are frightened off!
Can you see Hamsakutty's eyes
sparkling with rage on seeing Bheeran?
Can you? I'm able to see
the POCKET...over there..
During childhood days,
on a holy month of Ramadan
Bheeran violated the
sanctity of fast and breached his trust.
That's the reason for
Hamsa's bitterness towards him,
even with Bavukka.
Too silly!
One more thing also.
In the pride of being a Champion last year,
I heard Comfy is going to set up a team
with you and your friends!
Listen all of you, My younger son Sohail
is arriving from Kolkatta.
Will also be playing the match"
I have come here to inform
you that too. See you.
- Assalamalaikum! - Walaikum Assalam!
Sohail is in MohunBagan's camp, right?
I hated him since a long time ago.
His CR7 bike! My foot!
Satya m Audios
You guys never seen all this?
- You know what he did?
-What did he do?
When Messi had been to Calcutta,
Though being there, that bloody
didn't go and see Messi.
How arrogant is he!
Be ready for an El Clasico!
Hamsakutty put forth a letter again!
- Shucks! - Gone!
- Who is that goalie? - Buffon!
Eh!! It's one of his ruses!
Nasroo bought that Nano car
by taking DTP of his letter!
Are you standing then?
No, I won't!
Standing where?
I mean, are you contesting election?
How could you imagine that?
That really hurts me.
However, nobody from our family should
be involved in Politics
It doesn't suit our family as well.
That'll become a loggerhead to Hamsakuttyl!
Then none of us can
guess how he would retaliate.
Certainly, brother!
- Who's that guy? - Ibrahimovic!
- Who? - He's Ibrahimovicl!
His team won the match
Eh!! Was it a replay, then?
Why do we needlessly watch it?
- Aasalamalaikum! - Walaikum assalam!
Long time no see! Can you come down here?
No, I got to go to my hometown,
...for football league bidding!
Can't you go this way?
Just 3 more days for the College to close.
Is it?
If so I have to go to my room,
refresh and then go to class!
I'll let you know in the evening.
Please change your ugly dressing
before coming here.
What's there in looks?
To hell with Imperialism!
Go backmGo backmMultinationals go back.
To hell with Imperialism.
What does this Allah's verse teach us?
Allah doesn't look at your face and body
But your heart and deeds!
- Assalamalaikum! - Walaikum Assalam!
What is wrong with your appearance and body?
Just look into my heart and deeds, sir!
Welcoming all Football fans for the Season 2
premiere league bid for the stars!
I hope all managers received
the rules of the bid.
- Still I repeat. - Where is Ahmed?
He doesn't seem to pick up the phone
The maximum amount a team can spend,
is being raised from Rs 250 to 300 Rs!
Let me remind you once again"
Team managers make sure you have received
the leaflet of the bid.
First bid - attacking player
who strike opponent's goal post,
Star striker Inniman
- basic bidding price - Rs. 22.50 ..
- Rs. 24...-Rs.25
Rs.30 - Once, Twice and thrice.
This time also blasters owned Inniman.
Next comes.. the striker who plays stubbornly
at least to score same side goal.
Appu alias Aftab - Basic
bidding price - Re 1
Dad! Please slightly increase my price.
Then, who will shell out money
for Faisal and Ahmed?
Don't make a scene! Rs. 10
Aftab alias Appu - Rs.10
Once, twice and thrice.
For the 1st time, to play in this league
..a national player"
...the pride of our nation"
...our Cristiano Ronaldo...Sohail!
Basic bidding price is - Rs.60
No...l feel the bidding price
is too low for my son!
Shall we increase the bid?
Not necessary. That won't work.
He is his man.
No one wants him! I bid - Rs. 100!
For the 1st time in TPL history,
Hamsakutty bid a player for the highest price.
Next comes the Star who scored
the maximum number of goals
and yellow card in the last season
Ahmed - Rs.39
We're taking him.
Rs. 45
It's not fair! Ahmed is our man.
Sounds funny! Then, why is the bid for?
This is unfair! He needlessly raises the price!
Bid only if you're really wanting!
You also bid! Rs. 80
Better decide this first.
Don't worry. Player has the
right to choose his team.
But you need to pay the
respective amount to the Committee.
Where is the player'? Call him.
He's on the way. Will definitely come!
Call him.
Where the hell did he disappear to?
Where on earth am I going to?
Why am I here then?
I didn't ask you that, Faisal Ikka.
He went to meet her on the day of TPL bidding!
For the stupid talks?
No... to play football with her
on the beach! Nonsense!
She joined a job in Kozhikode
based on his advice, isn't it?
If I find that fool, I'll crush him like ice
and make him eat spicy chilly.
And also dab it in his eyes!
Satya m Audios
Can you say two lines about the moon?
Say two lines about the moon!
Two lines?! How many lines do you need?
- Dot - Circle..
The Moon appears as a dot and forms a circle
The Moon appears as a dot
and forms a circle! Enough?
I want some more!
Some more lines? Some more lines, Please"
The moon forms a Circle
and changes into a dot.
- Enough? - Both are same, right?
Shut up and keep the phone down.
You know what I'm saying"
You remember Kutapu's cycle kick?
Of course! Against Blasters, right?
Strike a goal in injury time!
On that night, he decided to nominate his mom
as a candidate in Panchayat election.
Was it that night?
When Ahmed discussed
about this to Shadiya...
If your mom is interested,
then why mind others!
For your mom, it's her politics
and for others it's their politics.
Am I correct?
That's what I am also saying!
For mom, it's her politics and
for others, it's their politics!
Indeed, that answer was
a great relief to him
and thus repeated the same to all
Ajmal and Babukka gave word to Elder brother.
Moreover, she has to contest against
Hamsakutty's daughter-in-law
That's her politics and
this is my mom's politics
I will support her.
Would she win?
Won't she get humiliated?
LPF promised that they will not
nominate any candidate.
Then, hopefully she can win.
Do you think Roshan will agree?
He'll come down from Delhi at once,
and nominate another candidate!
Especially against you...
Why necessarily ask for a trouble?
Only when Roshan comes, is it?
Plan misfired! Roshan arrived.
Satya m Audios
This Roshan and Ahmed..
"Are like KRP and KottapallKSandhesham Film
characters) in Bapukka's dinner table.
Don't ever talk a word of Bengal
What will you do if I say?
- I say no.. - I will do.
Better eat quietly and clear the place
I got to do some other work.
Though they are foes over their ideology,
Roshan's mom has many complaints
about Roshan to Ahmed, religious scholar!
Ahmed, Please advise my son.
He neither prays nor observes any fast!
People call him a rationalist!
Don't believe all those, aunty!
No! I'm sure!
When you guys go to heaven,
Only my son will be in the hell!
Allah, I can't even imagine it.
O mother! You are worrying unnecessarily!
You should consider my principles.
I have certain knowledge about Spirituality
I am living according
to some scientific knowledge
You must only feel happy for
it as I'm being true to myself!
See, for whatever I say,
he will start blabbering.
Oh my God! What a misfortunel!
Though he is like this...
He's a wretched Secularist!
Morning - Pancakes and coconut milk
Afternoon - curd curry and beef
At 4 A60 clock - ...Beef chilly.
What's bothering him?
What's your real problem, dude?
Get away! Bullshit!
Roshan is worried about the difference
of opinion exists between the villagers.
Were you guys able to get the inner meaning?
People here celebrate EID and ONAM
But there is nobody for Celebrating Christmas!
Even the library is not interested.
That way, he planned for a Christmas carol
with Madrassa going children!
And he did it. ...Yes, did it!
Come on, children...join me singing.
Here comes the Christmas carol!
Come on, go ahead singing.
Oh! Lovely Santaclaus!
T's me, dad!
Get inside! Your dad's
name is not Vargesel!
Don't dare pull my children
in such activities...
Won't give a damn if you're
Bavukka's son also! Warn you.
Go home all of you!
Despite of having an expensive meal,
see how mean they're!
There is no sugar coated jeera!
Oh yes!
Still the person whom Roshan nominated...
Don't think I'm boasting
as he's my brother.
He's really a whizz-kid!
- I could find only one solution to this
- What's that?
- You mean the eatable? - Yes.
I don't need.
- Don't you like to relish a sweet
after having beef biryani? - No.
As you wish!
Well, I shall also have.
Why a sudden change?
I should not regret later, isn't it?
Right! We'll move to City bakery, then.
Lakshmi sweets will be much better.
But City bakery is the best for Halwa.
Satya m Audios
- You got the news?
- Yes, I'm very glad.
But I'm totally tensed here.
What for?
I'll get you the entire votes of my area.
When I knew that you're contesting,
I feel more empowered!
It's not as easy as you think!
I'm contesting against
Ham sakutty lkka's daughter-in-law
I wonder how they would reciprocate it!
Don't worry, I'm beside you!
- That'll be fine, then!
- Certainly!
Roshan shouldn't have cheated us!
Doesn't matter if she wins!
Don't take it to heart!
When Kunhanni persuaded"
Forget it. I've no problem.
If you feel it's good,
go ahead and do it.
Which area are you canvassing today?
Idakkakundu area!
Really? Even I did plan to go there.
No problem. I'll go to some other area.
Why? You also come with me.
Let's canvass one after another!
No matter you or I win! We're only looking
for the betterment of the society, right?
What you did was a pure political buffoonery!
Don't talk rubbish while having dinner.
Your movement clearly missed a chance
to defeat a common political rival!
Yes! Political rival!!We're the rivals
for your mom's party!
It's a party threat to the public!
Your politics are too too right!
Yes! Of course I'm right and you're wrong.
I didn't mean that right!
Will you be without moving
from my left and right!
Annoying me while having pancakesl!
Eat quietly and get off of here!
I don't want Pancakes.
I kept quiet till now.
Better cancel mom's nomination.
Then, it will be a false promise
towards our elder brother?
That's your politics
And mom is concerned about her politics!
And I'm concerned about mine.
Don't talk like a big brother!!
What the hell you know about Politics?
Will all of you stop this?
Being a Captain,
I would like to advice something.
Your politics should no way
affect the team or the match.
This match is damn significant!
That team is not a bad one too
Will not qualify for quarters unless
win by a margin of 2 goals!
If you get caught before
Hamsakutty or Sohail then,
You know the consequence, right?
Isn't it enough if we make the team win?
Really enough, dude!!
- Salute comrades! -Walaikum Comrade!
Satya m Audios
With 2 Mind blowing goals
from Ahmed and Ajmal
Barcentakkara has qualified for the
knock out rounds after defeating Bayernmoot
There are some creations of God!
They eat pineapples without
removing its spikes
And while plucking rose,
they hold on its thorns itself!
They are called as HUMANS
This Malayalam language
isn't good enough, right?
Why do you feel so?
For instance, how do you say
"Sweet disposition" in Malayalam?
You say! You're the most intelligent, right?
Suppose I want to say
that you're so sweet
Can I say you're sugar?
What's bothering you now?
Can I say, "A cute expression"?
Say anything!
- You haven't been in love, right? - No.
Poor fellow!!
If required, for the sake of the song,
we can say, "cute emotion", can we?
No need!
- We can! -Then you say.
"Daddy is there for you, little boy,"
"Mum my is there for you, stylish one,"
"Tomorrow you must become a genius,"
"In future you must become a legend."
Let me come to the point directly.
- Ahmed..-Ahmed is my younger brother!
On coming 31st is my
daughter Hadia's marriage.
I also have another daughter Shadia,
her twin sister!
She doesn't give her consent for marriage.
But she says only your son Ahmed's namel!
I came here to tell him
to withdraw from this!
I haven't even given a thought
of getting him married!
He's totally unfit even to buy beef.
So relax! I will handle him.
Yes! You're the best to handle the situation
That's why I'm not intruding in this.
And if any such circumstances arise,
then I'll be forced to interfere.
Be confident! I'll take care of him.
See you, then.
- Assalamalaikum! -Walaikum Salam!
- Where's he? - I don't know.
He'll be coming for the
semi finals this evening.
I'll take him to task then!
Ajmalakka, pass the ball
- Can't you pass the ball?
-Get lost
I still can't forget that
Semi finals even now.
Ajmal and Ahmed created a big fuss
playing without passing the balll.
Ahmed pass the ball
Pass the ball while playing
Did you pass the ball to me?
I somehow managed to hit
a goal and win the game!
You're really great, dude!
That's rig ht!
Cross the ball
Satya m Audios
Allah, don't kill me!
If you do like this,
then I won't hit a goall!
...I won't hit a goal
You remember that guy
who plays for Gymkhana
Walking with shoulders back
and chest out...
- Yes Farooql! - Yes him only
He is really a native of Mam bat
It's so hard to walk like this
He may have some disease
Dude! Look at my face!
What's your intention?
You didn't pass the ball too!
I didn't mean about the Pass, you bloody!
Where did this love creep from?
You're not yet matured.
Then, why did you fall in
love and get married?
But I never troubled anyone like you.
Those people don't need you
You haven't reached marriageable age yet!
Please don't intrude in this.
I will...not for your sake!
I'll involve if it causes
trouble to my parents.
Her dad had come home today.
You are giving trouble to
both the fathers!
I'll give you 2 days time.
Better call her and say you're
withdrawing from it.
Othenlvise, you'll see my true colours!!
You can do nothing!
What? You have any doubts?
Take off your hand...I'll get angry"
What are you guys doing?
Have you guys gone crazy?
Get away, Ajmal.
Wait! I'll surely knock down your arrogance.
You don't have to meddle in my arrogance.
Why are you unnecessarily creating trouble?
We've won, right?
Are you that mad on her?
Why does your dad disapprove it?
Seems I'm unfit even buying beef!!
- What's wrong with my beef?
-What could be?
Is it because it contains
more bones and fat!
Obviously! Is that the problem?
And also her family dislikes me.
What's wrong if they marry her off to you?
Look at the one, whom she has chosen to love!
One would definitely say that it's years
since he brushed his teeth or took bath!
Why such an impression?
One of my nasty classmates posted
my genius look picture on the Facebook.
24th - Polling...26th - Results
28th - Our finals.
31st - Hadiya's marriage
After the Campaign, if any, trouble arises,
there won't be a problem.
Get up! Is there any necessity for it?
You can try to talk with them
- You think it's practical?-No
On this 22nd, I'll only be 21.
My dad will even ask if my
Sunnath scars have healed!
By the by, has it healed or not?
Don't irritate me.
Better sort this out before the finals.
I'm about to solve this
Wait! Let me dip and see
if there's any other option!
Shadiya! What's the situation there?
Plan something quickly.
Dad is trying to marry me off.
Don't call back in this number.
I'll call you
Please plan something fast.
Won't he sort it out before
we binge eat everything?
Let him do it slowly.
We're yet to cover some more area.
I hope Almighty will settle
all this by that time.
Who? Almighty? Can HE??
It seems we can never believe HIM!
You're right! Will get it done! Done!
Gruel of misery!
You don't have to keep calling me!
I'll definitely come
What a trap is this!
This is not possible.
I keep on getting many calls.
By this time I can canvas
at least a hundred votes
I already asked you not to
involve in such things.
What can I do if he doesn't reach?
It's an ETHICAL issue.
I'm already seething in anger...
don't make me burst out!
ETHICAL(bring) in the sense,
are there any ways of bringing him here?
You bloody!! Shut up...
Please at least for me...
See next trouble
Can't find any papers in this!
Check properly.
No RC book also!
Ajmalakka, there is nothing in the car
I can excuse you forjum ping the red signal!
You don't have a license
as well as vehicle document
Sir, I left home urgently this morning...
Pay a fine of Rs.2000.
Satya m Audios
Do you guys have any money?
- Nothing.
- Whatever I had , was spent for tea
Do you swipe card here?
- You are too smart!
-Doesn't matter, if not possible
Oh, Vehicle number is KL 10
- Yes! KL 10! I see!, 6661!
- What! -6661!
For what purpose have you been here?
- We're Ahmed... - Be quiet"
I can't leave you guys that easily!
How do I believe you're not
the thugs to sabotage the election?
Also there's no proof that
you belong to this place!
We're from ThottinakaramNilam bu r..
See the Vehicle number..
Is that a proof?
Come to the station with RC book
and document and get the vehicle.
- As I left home in a hurry...
-Nothing doing. Get me the papers.
Cut the phone.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Who's the groom?
- Me only! - Sorry...
Which class are you studying
I'm working...not studying.
I'm an architect.
- How old are you? - 23
Let me check your age proof.
Hey! Strange! As per your
certificate, you're just 20
Age is totally upside down here!
I have my birth certificate.
That proves my exact date of birth.
Is it not a valid certificate, then?
My father gave the wrong date in my SSLC
Everybody does it, right?
It's a problem!
To prove your age, I need
your parent's declaration.
Othenivise, it's difficult.
What is the need for them to come here
if they had such a Certificate?
It not only affects me,
But you will also be dragged to the court
for marrying a minor boy.
On the basis of trust, can you do it?
We will submit the affidavit
No point. Only if I get the affidavit,
I will accept your application.
Anyhow, you are not performing the marriage
You can only give an application now, right?
You soon make all your
certificates in uniformity.
Sorry Prasad! You must've noticed it earlier.
Thoughtlessness happens due to panic!
Keep loving for some more days,
then convince your parents,
and happily get married.
You'll surely succeed! All the best!
"Between the devil and the deep sea,"
"With hands and legs chained,"
"When I am bewildered
not knowing what next,"
"Don't laugh hearing my heart beat."
This ruling class creates a fence against love.
Is there anybody who can influence him?
Who else other than me?
What's happening? I was so embarrassed.
My skin was peeled off.
Get into the car.
I say to get inside
But I like when he gets angry with me
Ugh! Why?
Because I feel loved.
- Come againl-I feel loved!
Don": ever bring minor boys for marriage').!
Doesn't matter, Ahmed.Don't worry
It's a normal issue about the certificate.
Tell me, dear.
Can you say a few lines about moon?
Few lines about Moon
Moon, is it?
Come on, Shaw Say"
No, you don't have to tell
How Good.. how good the moon is!
The dispeller of darkness
Come home.. We'll sort it out.
No...let me go. I've got something to do.
- Red salute-See you, then.
What's your plan?
You know the Pistol is empty
I also know the Pistol is empty
But not the Police.
What are you trying to say?
Only we know that registration
didn't happen.
Anyways our plan will work out.
Asslamualaikum Faisal Ikka!
Everything is over.
We're returning, will meet
in Kozhikode beach!
Inform all. Okay!
Why hasn't elder brother come still?
We need to inform him.
How can you laugh hearing this?
Seeing you brothers in uniform...!
It's brothefs festival dress!
Call Ajmal!
Can't you call Ahmed?
Would he pick up if I call?
What's this?
Bananas must be smashed
and not cut, right?
You still don't know to make it?
Smash it and add some ghee also
Ajmal is calling.
There's a small problem
There were no papers in the Car.
As I rushed out ,
I didn't take my license also!
I'm in the Kasba Police station now.
Oh my heavens! You should've
checked it, right?
One more information also.
Faisal told me that Ahmed is on his way back.
We'll surely come there
as there is no other go.
Gruel of misery!
What is the problem?
Satya m Audios
Got frightened and ran away, is it?
Don't you know who's likely to run away?
So, you saw it, right?
It's Lord's ,A6Will' that
I should travel in this car.
Tell me what you are planning
to do with it!
What was your plan?
If Hamsakuttyikka takes over our votes,
Then, I must also get them back, right?
Othewvise, do you think I will do this?
I'll return you the balance amount.
But only after the election.
I also told everybody
that you'd gone to Umma's house.
What happened regarding
the purpose you left?
"Now in trouble"
"And now out of trouble"
"I have drunk the gruel of misery"
"Neither can I swallow it"
"Nor spit it out"
"Stares while looking"
"Mosque, people,play, laugh...
everything is gone"
Satya m Audios
"No one speaks to me"
"This world stabs my back!
Holy Allah!"
Why haven't they come yet?
If there's time, let's cover
Rehmat hotel also.
No need, right? Okay.
Satya m Audios
Dad! I still need some lines
about the moon.
About Moon?
How brave...How valiant is
the beautiful Moon!
This beautiful Moon appears
all alone up in the sky.
How brave...how valiant is the beautiful moon.
This beautiful Moon appears all
alone up in the sky
How brave...how valiant is the beautiful moon.
This beautiful Moon appears all
alone up in the sky.
Satya m Audios
I watched an old match in YouTube yesterday.
Which one?
South Africa Vs West Indies Series!
Dammit! What a time to talk about cricket!
Final match!
In the last over, West Indies needed
only 3 runs to win!
And 3 wickets were also left in their hand.
If West Indies wins this match,
They will win the series by 3-2.
Chanderpaul, was happily sitting in the pavilion
as if they won the match.
Come to the point.
That time South Africa took a hat-trick!
Buddy, if you had seen
ChanderpauPs face...
Good Lord even we would've cried!
Grief-stricken face!
Why are you saying that now?
If you look at ChanderpauPs face,
We would remember Ahmed's
face on the beach!
Similar look
You please turn away your face!
What are you going to do now?
Did whatever I could do.
I'll wait.
We'd waited for 22 years just for a cup, right?
This is nothing when com pared to it.
Come on,Ahmed! You can really do it!
That which appeared like a mountain,
disappeared like a mist.
He's coming...Keep quiet!
Why late, Ahmed?
The ground is not free and
only players to play for five
Here comes one more guy.
Glad to see all losers here!
- I was afraid I may miss anybody.
- Rascal! Ugh!
My sister-in-law won with a huge margin.
Please take sweets.
Of course! It's over. Election results are out.
Unsurprisingly, when the majority of votes
against Hamsakutty split into three sides,
His daughter-in-law won easily
and retained the sitting seats.
Have Laddoo, guys! Don't walk off!
Please take it.
Take 2 nos.
- Move away! Hell with your Rs. 2 Laddoo!
-Have it and 90..
Give two each! Let them relish it,
as they already experienced
the bitterness of defeat.
I'm really grateful to you.
Though I disliked your dad,
I'd a little fear for him.
But when he nominated the candidate,
that fear also vanished.
Any news, Ahmed?
Faisal, When we win the finals tomorrow,
Not Laddoo, but I'll treat you with Hot Kheer!
What if I lose, I'll drink it!
Did you get the Jaggery and rice
for making that?
See, he is that m uch confident of winning!
That's my son! We'll see on
the ground tomorrow, bye
Greet me back guys!
- Assalamalaikum! - Walaikum Assalam!
Enough...That's enough.
- Hello! -Yes
Give me the Iaddoos and go.
- We'll see on the ground tomorrow.
- Okay..Okay..
- From Mamta, is it?
- No Yellow Iaddoos are from Family Bakery
- Happy?
-That's what I wanted to ask you!
Actually, I must ask you both!
My candidate would have won
if your candidate wasn't there.
What the hell can you make
with a mere 100 votes?
Don't talk a word of votesl!
Your candidate got 87 votes
less than our candidate!
I've a valid reason.
Will you guys Shut "P?
She won by a margin of more than 100 votes
which your three candidates altogether got!
No match today?
Here he comes!
Sohail and Hamsaikka had been here
bragging about themselves!
Yes! See...they offered sweets and belittled us.
However, we must win the finals.
We will, but"
Our spirit should not go down
because some disappointed lover is in the team.
Be quiet!
Even otherwise, I am not playing
My dear Ahmed! Don't take his words seriously.
Not because of that. I've no mood to play.
Are you playing with your mood?
He talks nonsense!
Will you shut up?
What's your problem, dude?
Can't you understand my situation?
I'm not able to play in this mental state!
Is that all you are!
I thought you were mentally strong enough!
You will not be able to
understand my problem.
Won't I?
Come here! Won't I understand?
When Holland lost to Spain in 2010 finals,
Don't you remember me?
I heaved a sigh of relief when I embraced you.
Yes, I waited for four long years.
And in the Semi finals...We lost to yourteam.
That too in the penalty shootout!
Even then, I em braced you.
And felt relieved again.
But on finals, you embraced me,
as you also lost.
Then you felt relieved.
I just want to know one thing.
When were you more upset...
When Gotze hit the goal...
or when her dad took Shadia away?
When Gotze hit the goal!
I'll May-
He agreed to play in the finals!
Let all of us play now.
- I'll quit if he is playing.
- Dammit!
What the hell is your problem?
I can't play with one
who blemished my parent's honour.
Oh my heavens!
- Then, I've an idea. -What's it?
One halfAjmal ikka will play
and the other half Ah med.
- Is that okay, Ajmal?
- Okay,I'll take over the second half.
No, I'll play the second half.
You guys don't play.
Throw them out of the match.
Let's toss up. You've a coin?
- Right! Let's toss up!
- Here's the coin.
I'll flip it. Head or tail?
Stop...As it's a Rs.2 coin...
First, decide which is
the head and tail!
This is the tail!
But the Lion's head is over it.
So that's the head!
Where INDIA is, that's Head
No! One who flips the coin will decide it.
Head for me.
That's HEAD! - No, TAIL!
Satya m Audios
Where's Baba?
He didn't come here.
Where did he go?
He went by car this morning.
Shucks! He's supposed to be here now.
I don't know where he went!
You watch the match!
The moment the match began,
I knew that our boys will drink water!
See, how Sohail plays excellently!
See how thrilling the match is!
Ask him to get away!
Can't he move a bit and stand ?
Watch the 1st goal!
Yussef, sit at home if you can't!
Tell to that useless fellow! Crap!
Is it because of me
- You shouldn't have played this way
- Then, how do I've to?
You just hit one goal, right?
How many goals do I've to hit then?
- Hey, move... -What will you do?
But Sohail's goal was amazing!
- Look up for some otherjob!
- Mind your business.
See how vigorous they're!
See the com mentator's face
when they scored two goals!
Folks! Realindakkara is in the
lead because of Sohail.
From Sohail to Kunjappa...
Kunjappa to Sohail
and then to Jasif, ball passes
from one hand to another.
There Sohail's shot at the Goalpost.
Passage to Goalpost is arduous,
graceful and divine!
- I'm moving. - No, wait.
If this match persists this way,
Will this be the same plight of Brazil,
which lost to Germany?
If you talk ill of Brazil,
I quit the match, mind you!
But Ajmal also tried his utmost efforts.
Ajmal, are you alright?
That's how Ahmed was in
and Ajmal was out.
Though Ajmal is a cause for it,
Only when Ahmed got in,
I noticed they scored a goal!
Sparks flying in the
final premier league match,
Realindakkara is leading by 3-1
in the first half!
When I was seeing the second half,
I started to realize that Ahmed was good!
Does the Lord help out in this way? See...!
Wow! He shot a self goal!
Where the hell do you see and play?
Have you ever seen the Lord helping?
See here. .
- Shoot it, Ahmed! Goal!
-Ahmed, Congrats!
After 60 minutes of thrilling game
as the both teams equalized
in the end of the game,
thus the game goes to the extra time
In the extra time, I was damn sure,
Ahmed is good!
Because, the Lord is with him!
If I've to be a good DJinn,
I must only decide!
Satya m Audios
Come on...Shoot...Shoot...
Shoot the ball...Ahmed..Come on..
- Ahmed...Finish it..
- Come on, shoot it dude!
- Shot a goal? Who?
- Ahmed made it! I saw!
Only they can't watch the replay
but I'll show for you guys!
Catch him...Don't leave him.
Only in the last minute...
When he thought that he won...
Sohail popped in.
...That's it!
Oh my heavens!
My son is really great!
I feel whatever I thought of Ahmed
is likely to go wrong.
Definitely Sohail will hit!
Then, who is really good amongst them?
Now I feel I'm a good Djinn!
Because I made Sohail miss the
penalty which he had never ever missed!
You know what's that?
The one who stands beside a good
is a good person!
Shucks! Take that off!
Shall I get you Laddoo?
Leave me
Where were you?
- I'd been to Chelayur. - Why?
To buy a cow in the market.
You will get the cow here also
A rare one!! You'll get it there only.
This is the Chelari market
But this is not the Chelari market.
If you insist on performing
on the day of Hadia's marriage,
Then, we can only conduct the marriage.
Only three days left for that.
Really awful, Bavukka!
Did he refer her as the rare type of cow?
Are you a gentleman?
Go and tell him
Come here..Come..
Tell me.
Congratulations! Wish you a happy married life.
Though the big problem ended happily"
When the married couple Ahmed and Shadia
were passing the same route,
he realized that big truth.
Do you remember where I saw you first?
In your college.
No...I'd seen you earlier also.
Love at first sight also happened.
Hey...you mischief!
So you deliberately loved me!
Where did you see me?
In last year Kozhikode film festival,
People had come to oppose
documentary film...
You chased them off saying,
Go backmGo back"
Climbing up on the chair"
I noted you then.
Don't you remember'?
- You idiot! That was Hadiya!
- Hadiya! O shit!
It was a 2 day trip.
By then they will sort this out.
Let's not meddle in it.
We'll just...sit and...