KL Gangster (2011) Movie Script

Kuala Lumpur.
A city that has become a
centre of attraction to everyone.
Everything is up for grabs here.
But to survive in this big city,
there are many challenges.
Many sufferings.
Everything appears calm.
But beneath it lies
thousands of stories.
My story starts here.
Jai, my younger brother.
A very extreme man.
Does anything with no regard.
All just for money.
He's beyond control.
My best friend.
King, the biggest gangster in KL.
King and I are the ones that
brought up this group
to the point where this group
is feared by the others.
But everything changed.
Shark, King's step son.
A man who is willing to do anything
to meet his own end.
He's lust for power.
And because of him, I ended up here.
Five years.
For five years I've been
I was convicted for armed robbery.
And I know,
it was planned by Shark
to bring me down.
Without King's knowledge.
A man is willing to do anything
for power and money.
Even though that means betraying
his own brother.
Today, I'm free.
The day I am released.
from everything.
Hey, you.
How's your long leave?
Was it fun?
Holiday's up, man.
How's Dragon?
Ask him yourself.
Let's go.
Malik is back.
Malik is
Hey, fellas.
Come to papa.
Oh my God.
What's up, brother?
Did anyone bother you inside there?
Tell me, let me beat him up.
You look like you just got into
True Fitness, man.
-This is prison, man.
-True Fitness my foot.
-You look bigger though.
-Bigger? I'm still the same.
- You've got to be kidding me.
-Not your body, your nose.
Ajib, he talks about my nose.
He's looking for trouble, man.
Alright, guys. I'm leaving.
Use seat belt, I don't want to
pay for the summon.
Jai. Somebody crossed into our turf.
Let's hit them.
Who? Can't you handle them?
Do I have to take care of
this as well?
The thing is, Jai, Dragon asked
us to sort it out.
They already attacked Robert's turf.
-So, how?
-Dragon asked us?
Please don't ruin my business.
Go find some other place.
Don't screw us around.
If you don't want us to ruin your
business, pay the damn money.
I want this place, got it?
I asked Dragon to take care
of this place.
If you guys want this place,
go talk to Dragon.
I want you to deal with us,
Hey, where's the money?
Hey, dummy. Acting tough?
How dare you cross into my turf.
This is your turf?
How come a loser like you
could handle this turf?
Leave. Before I beat the hell
out of you. Beat it!
I give you two choices.
You want the easy way or the hard way?
If I don't give you any choice,
what are you going to do then?
Who's the loser now?
You or me?
Do you like it?
Was it fun?
Next time don't do it again, got it?
Your grandad is coming!
Barely 5 years, KL has changed a lot.
Come on, man.
Malaysia is an advanced country,
of course there are many changes.
Just like me, back then.
They used to call me Fadil.
Now they call me, Abang Long Dil.
Abang Long Fadil!
Yeah, right!
Do we still have our guys?
Most of our guys have already quit.
Only Ajib still left.
But Ajib no longer works for Shark.
He's working for Dragon.
Can't blame him, right?
He's also worried that he'll be a
victim like you. Shark's victim!
How's Shark nowadays?
Shark? That bastard?
Talking about him pisses me off.
He's extorting money everywhere.
He wants to control all places.
Damn him!
Let him be the boss or whatever,
as long as he's happy.
Look, King, you and I have no problem.
It's been three years since
I do business with you.
No problem.
Why did your boys harass my business?
Tony. Boss.
Now you're in my turf.
King's turf.
It's good enough that you
can do business here.
What else do you want?
Still not enough?
I know. But I've already
paid money to your dad.
Why do you want me to pay to you?
Have you paid?
How much have you paid? One million?
Two million?
You make millions,
and just how much did you pay?
Not enough!
Now, do you want to do
business here or not?
If not, you could do business
in other places.
Don't make a scene here.
Or else you'll never be able
to leave this place!
You're the one that caused trouble,
and you're still asking for it.
-Is this your turf?
-What do you want?
-Let's fight! Come on.
-Come on!
-Come on!
-Do you think I'm scared of you?
Okay, Tony. We'll sort it out.
I promise. My boys
will leave you alone.
We will do business as usual.
Sorry, King, I don't want to do
business with you anymore.
I've already been doing
business with someone else.
He's taking care of my turf now.
What is it now?
Do you want to bring me
more headache?
Shark is still pissed at you.
You took his customer.
Do I care? That's not my problem.
He's the one who's rude to his customer.
He has to face it.
But you have to remember
you already ran over his turf.
If King makes a move,
you have to remember how powerful he is.
How about King's man?
Nowadays his step son
keeps making trouble.
He can't do anything on me.
Besides, Shark is already crossing
into other people's turf.
Now I'm the one crossing into his turf.
Now that's much more fun.
Are you scared?
That small fry isn't my size, Dragon.
Not even 10 of them could scare me.
But if he touches you, I'll beat him up.
Having fun, guys?
-Getting rich?
You must be taking Dragon's money.
I have to survive.
I gotta be good at my job.
-Don't let others cross you over.
-Are you nuts?
If Dragon knows, we'll be dead, Jai.
Why worry so much?
What's with the noise?
If you do something, do it all the way.
You better hold your tongues.
How much Dragon's money we took?
If Dragon knows,
we are dead, Jai.
I want to ask you guys.
Do you guys know how rich is he?
If I only take this much,
he won't be poor.
If we're relying on how much he gave,
you guys would be eating
sands and seaweeds.
I want to eat fish and chips.
Do you know what have you done?
You took my money!
Shark did it for us, for King!
Making sure everyone is afraid of you.
Not for fun, but you've
become too soft.
You give too many chances
to other people.
How can they be afraid of you?
Who are you to tell people
how much they have to pay?
I'm the one who runs the show here!
Thanks to you, I lost all of my turf!
No need to be upset.
Later you'll be even worst.
I promise you dad,
I'll take back those turf.
No need. Let Dragon takes over.
It's no longer ours.
Just because you're my step son,
you can't do as you please!
Whatever it is that you want to do,
discuss with me first
if you wish to stay
in this group longer.
I heard your brother has already
been released. How is he?
How do you know?
They told me just now.
I guess you won't be
around anymore, right?
If your brother knows
what your job is
along with your behavior like
this, you'll be in trouble, right?
Screw him!
I'm not a kid anymore.
I can do whatever I want!
Do you think my brother is that good?
Nevermind, listen.
After this, whatever we want to do,
we have to be careful.
In the name of God.
Come in.
Sorry. My house is quite small.
I would like to buy
the bungalow over there
but I don't have the money.
That's why I bought
this Plasma TV and this belt.
I'm grateful.
I've been troubling you.
No need to use those corny lines now.
I can't take it.
I'm your brother, man.
There's no way I will let you
live stranded on the street.
I will help you.
I'm a responsible brother.
How long you have been
keeping this sword?
Damn it!
If you have no skills
don't you dare hold this sword.
This sword has many stories.
Abang Long Kerinchi,
his belly eviscerated.
Abang Long Bukit Bintang,
ever since I picked his nose,
thank goodness,
his sinus infection got better.
But I don't want to talk
about it too much.
If I talk about my experience,
you probably think it's superstitious.
Have a seat first. Let me
make you a drink.
Don't worry, no alcohol.
Just drinks, no food?
You want to eat? Just drink.
We'll eat outside soon.
Have you met my mother?
Yes, I did. But, just like usual.
Why don't you go home?
When I'm ready, I'll go home.
Come on, just go back already.
Your mom is having a hard time.
Breaks my heart seeing her so.
Where are my siblings?
There's no way they would
leave my mother like that.
Your siblings aren't like you.
As bad as you are
you have responsibility
towards your family.
Especially Jai.
Now, ever since he
joined up Dragon's gang.
He doesn't even come back home.
Especially, Zati, no offense.
She's as good as a loose woman.
Your mom is now alone at the house.
Go home, man.
Visit your mom.
Go home.
She's selling here until at night.
Let's find her.
There she is! Let's go.
What's wrong, man?
Let's meet up with her.
It's not the wealth that I seek, Malik.
I don't want any of that, son.
I just want my kids to be good person.
Why don't you find a better job?
An honest living.
Why does Malik do all of this?
You don't have to worry, mom.
I do all of this for your happiness,
for the rest of the siblings.
Has dad ever done that?
I'd rather live poor, Malik.
Than having illicit money
that you gave me.
I can no longer stand
being insulted by people here, Malik.
You already put me in shame.
I'm ashamed, Malik.
Malik leave this place,
leave this house.
Go, Malik, don't you ever
come home again.
Looking good. Are you happy?
Why do you want to see me?
I still have many jobs to do.
I don't have time for weakling like you.
What do you want?
You're still asking me what I want?
Don't mess with me, Dragon.
You'll be in trouble.
That's a loud bark.
Like a dog, you know?
Why do you say that?
You think if you say that,
I'll be scared?
Now Tony lets me take care of his turf.
You have no use.
I could still take orders from King.
Kids like you better start packing.
Go take care of other turfs.
Don't make a scene here.
You talk too much.
I have never lost.
What, you think you're that powerful?
Hit me now then.
Call your men
hit me now. I want to see that.
Careful, Dragon.
If you go into Tony's turf.
I'll kill you.
It's not easy to go into that place.
Hey, Shark. If you want
to discuss crap like this
talk to me.
Once I got you
that's it!
Shark, have you seen my knees
trembling in fear?
Come on, I'm waiting.
You barely have all of your teeth out.
Are you sure you still want to do this?
I don't get you.
Why don't you want to
see your mom just now?
No need, man.
What's the point if I made her upset?
Besides, she already drove me out.
That's long time ago, man.
I'm pretty sure she
already forgives you.
What kind of mom doesn't love her son?
What kind of son doesn't love his mom?
If you really love your mom,
you just look at her
from afar, isn't it?
Love, then look.
If I love my girlfriend,
do I have to look at her from afar?
When she asks me why? 'I love you
so I just look from afar'.
Like that?
Give me a break.
Hey, idiot! What took you so long?
Can't make a drink?
I'm sorry. I have a
job at the inside.
Yeah, right!
Do you know how long
I have to wait for you?
Next time do it faster!
Hey, sorry, but don't do that.
Speak nicely.
What's your problem?
Why can't you speak nicely to him?
-Why hit him?
-What's wrong, you don't like it?
Do you want to die?
Why did you hit my target?
I was about to warm up,
ready to beat them up.
If Abang Long Dil can't beat
people up, that's no good.
Damn it!
Those guys just now,
why did you let them go?
Why didn't you beat
the crap out of them?
Who do you think they are, clothes?
Why didn't you fight?
Staring but not doing anything.
How could you ask me
why didn't I join in?
You know my hands are deadly.
The hands of someone
who learned aikido.
Mine isn't just two guys,
but two truckloads of them.
Here they are. Hey!
There's your two truckloads.
Can you handle them?
Have you heard somebody calling me?
I'm off first, okay?
"I'm coming."
Hey, old man.
Back off.
This is your turf now?
You better watch your back.
Many of them are still
not happy with you.
Why did you leave mom like that?
Zati could take of her.
I don't have time.
Do you think I didn't hear anything
about you while I was in jail?
What job was it that makes you don't
have time to take care of mom?
Busy trying to be boss?
If I be the boss, what's your problem?
If I just sit at home, could mom
give me money?
Of course mom doesn't have money
that's why she sells snacks
on the street, damn it!
You don't have to teach me.
I think you're far worse than me.
You have no right to say that.
So what we should do now, Shark?
I think Dragon won't
give up Tony's turf.
So, how?
Do you want to attack them?
Easy, there. It's not easy for us
to get rid of Dragon.
He has huge influence.
But nevermind.
I know how to teach him a lesson.
Now, I want you to find Jai.
He's Dragon's strongman.
Only he could take care of it.
You want Jai?
Shark, it's not easy to get him.
He's crazy. Just like his brother.
How many of our men
has he already killed?
That's why I want him.
I want him to kill Dragon, kill Malik.
You guys plan it. I want him.
But what about Malik?
He's already been released.
What if he comes after you?
What can he do?
He has nothing.
What's there to be afraid of?
If you guys are scared of him,
you might as well cut off
your balls and feed it to the dogs.
But you have to remember, Shark.
He has good relationship with King.
If he joins King again,
you'll be in trouble.
This Ferrari engine really is
such a pain in the neck.
I just changed this,
and it breaks again.
What's wrong with your car?
This fuse. I just changed it.
Now it blew up again.
What's your plan after this?
My plan is
to get a job.
-Get money.
-Get a job. Get money.
I have been out of jobs for two months.
Nevermind you.
With your status now?
-Sorry, man.
-It's okay.
If we work hard, we'll find our luck.
No matter what the job is.
As long as it's not
through illicit means.
But once you got a job,
don't forget your mom.
Ease her burden.
Do you know where can I find Zati?
Big brother has been released.
I thought you're already dead.
What's up, boss?
-Are you good?
-Leave this place.
I don't want to see your face here.
Who are you to tell me to leave?
I could go into your place
or anyone else's place!
Malik, now you're beneath my feet.
What's wrong? Scared of me?
Who are you to make me scared?
Before you got those tattoos,
I've already fought my battles.
Five years you're in prison,
you've become cocky.
Do you have any idea
who are you talking to?
I can kill you anytime now, Malik.
I'm looking forward to that.
What are you guys waiting for?
One day, you'll go down, Malik.
You will go down.
I came here to tell you.
Don't join forces with King.
You go into my place,...
...you're dead.
You better quit talking trash to me.
If it wasn't for your dad,
you won't be where you are now.
If it wasn't for your dad,
I'd have smacked your face.
Smacked my face?
Can you walk the talk?
Hey, man.
No worries, Fadil.
How are you?
Are you good?
You came out so why
didn't you tell me anything?
I could pick you up.
I have Fadil.
I don't want to bother you.
Hey, Malik.
We have been friends for so long.
So how? When do you want
to join forces with me?
Sorry, King.
I'm already retired.
Do you want to retired just like that?
Our turf is getting bigger.
Much bigger.
I need you to help me.
I want to rest.
You still have your step son.
You teach him.
But if you have problem, just find me.
Anytime. Okay?
Why are you looking for me?
Why? I think you know.
I trusted you.
Now why did you double cross me?
Where's Robert's money?
Didn't I pay you enough?
Dragon, how much do you earn
and how much did you pay me?
I took care so many of your turfs.
Do you still want to be
stingy with me?
How much I earn, that's my business.
Who are you to be nosy?
I'm your boss.
You screw me once more,
I'll kill you!
How scary. Killing me so easily?
Remember, Dragon. Who helped you.
Who brought you up?
If it wasn't for me,
you won't be the boss.
Your turf won't be as big as it is now.
If you want to make money,
I too, want to make money.
-How dare you!
Do you want to fight me? Do you?
If you want to make money,
find your own turf.
Leave my turf alone.
If you want, I could pay all the same.
If you don't want, I don't care.
Ajib could take care of my turf.
I'm out.
That's all? Come on, give me more.
Is this your work, now?
What are you doing here?
Leave me alone. Mind your own business.
I'm your brother. You better behave!
If you want to ruin your life,
wait until I die first!
Go home now!
Don't force me.
If I don't want to come,
what can you do?
Hey, what happened?
This is between a brother
and his sister.
If you don't like it, wait outside.
Now, I want to talk to my sister.
Who's your sister?
Bob, tell him to leave.
You better not make a scene here.
Leave now.
Or else, I'll smack your face!
Easy, easy.
What's wrong with you?
Messing up on my turf.
I heard you just got out, right?
Don't make a mess here.
You ask your man who's
beating up who.
I'm here for my sister.
Okay, then.
We could work it out.
Don't ruin my business, okay?
If you don't want me to do it,
don't let my sister
come over here again.
How about that?
Listen up, guys.
That's not Abang Long Dil's turn yet.
If it was Abang Long Dil,
he would've been dead.
After this, go figure.
If you see my face, don't charge me.
Two girls, alright?
What's wrong with you?
It's all my fault.
If I teach my sister properly,
show her good examples,
she won't be like this.
You can't blame yourself, man.
Your sister chose her own path.
Do I just see her ruining herself?
Patience. One day she will change.
What the hell?
We were attacked.
Ouch! My kidney hurts.
Please. Lift me up.
Hey! I just fixed my car, Malik.
Malik! Oh God, Malik!
How am I supposed to go back, Malik?
I don't have money anymore, Malik!
That's the only thing
that I have, Malik!
I know.
You only give trials to those
You love, Oh Lord.
Just like me.
I accept it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
If you ask me, King,
I don't want him. What's the point?
We all don't need him anymore.
I'm already here.
We achieve prosperity thanks to him.
You don't know how it was.
Dad, I don't care about his
deed towards you.
Now he just got out of prison.
If the cops are looking after him,
it's all over for you!
Okay. Up to you then.
If you want to take him in, fine.
-What's wrong, Malik?
-You're still not happy? Come here!
You really have no manners,
you know?
Your mom didn't teach you?
Save it.
You have problem with me, right?
Now I'm here.
-What are you waiting for?
-Are you nuts?
You come to my place and show off!
Don't let me torture you alive!
Malik, if you have a problem,
let's talk it out!
Respect me!
Of course I have a problem, King.
Your son just burned up Fadil's car.
You expect me to keep quiet?
What are you talking about?
Watch your mouth!
Who burned your car?
If you have the proof, call the cops,
and catch me!
Who else?
Now, you're the only one who
is not happy with me!
You want to fight over me
over that crappy car?
Stop wasting my time!
I know you're poor.
You're only here for money, right?
What's wrong, Malik?
You came over like this.
Your son has stirred up
so many problems with me.
I won't be here if
he didn't mess with me.
How do you know it was
Shark who did this?
You can't do this if you don't
have any proof, Malik.
You have to teach your son.
If he messes with me again,
I'll pound him down.
No matter what.
Even if I have to face up with you.
Maybe it wasn't Shark. How many
enemies do you have out there?
Maybe they are the ones who did this.
That's why I want you
to join forces with me.
My men could take care of you.
I have been in prison
for five years, King.
So many people wanted to
take a shot at me.
Where am I supposed to run?
I could take care of myself.
Jai, Shark wants to see you.
Why does everybody want to see me?
Send my regards to his grandpa.
Boss, you don't have to
fight with him.
-Small matter.
-Small matter?
He rips me off and you say
that's small matter?
Do you know how much money
he got away from me?
Yet he still has the balls to
warn me. Who the hell is he?
What an ingrate.
Who's the boss now, him or me?
You're the boss!
But that could be taken care of.
Remember that.
If Jai is gone,
you'll be in trouble and so do I.
Now, he's taking care of your turf.
Everybody wins.
What else do you want?
Do you think I can't
survive without him?
Even though he's gone,
my business will go on as usual.
Now, whether he wants it or not,
I don't care!
I have no problem.
Handsome guy is here.
Look at this Dragon's big man.
I heard you're quite strong out there.
Even I got scared.
But how about now? You're stuck here.
Then you're not that gangster enough.
What do you want from me?
I have no problem with you, Shark.
You already beat up my man.
You attacked Tony's turf.
Yet you say you have no problem
with me?
Show me your stuff.
I want to see it. Hurry!
If you don't want to see
your boys get beaten up,
don't go into Dragon's turf.
Don't go into Dragon's turf?
I can't go in?
Whether I want to go in,
or I want to attack,
that's none of your business!
Who are you to stop me?
Thanks to you, I lost a lot of money,
you understand?
-What do you want now?
-I want you to work with me.
If you want to live longer, that is.
I'm not afraid to die,
but I don't want to die.
If you want me to work for you,
forget it.
How much money do you want?
I could give it all.
More than what Dragon could pay you.
But I want you to destroy Dragon.
Yes, my liege.
Where did you go for two days?
-Sleeping at friend's house.
-Even if that's the case,
tell me, Zati.
I'm worried. I feared something
bad happens to you.
You're a lady.
What's to worry, mom?
I could take care of myself.
Besides, I didn't come back
because I'm working.
-What do you know?
What kind of work that you
can't even come back home?
-What kind of work?
-Give me a break, mom. So annoying.
Fine, mom.
Do you know who I met just now?
I met Malik.
Your brother already got out?
Yes. He has been released.
But look at him.
Did he bother to come and visit us?
No, mom. He doesn't care
about us at all.
Hurry up.
Of course I want it.
I don't care.
Okay. I'll wait.
What's wrong?
If you come all the way here
to talk about Jai,
please don't waste my time.
If I didn't think of him as a friend,
I would've killed him long time ago.
You hit him then.
Why? You think he's afraid to die?
He's neither man nor the devil.
He has heart made of stone.
Hey, Dragon.
That's why we have to protect him.
What's the problem?
Now Malik is free, right?
-Ask him to join us then.
-You're crazy!
He's the big boss.
Do you think he wants to work with you?
I know Malik is the big boss.
I want him to join us
because I want to help him.
He's an ex-convict, what can he do?
No. He's already retired, Dragon.
-He has repented.
-You ask him first!
You're his best friend, right?
You tell him that Dragon
wants to see him.
Fine. See you later.
Shark. Our men told us
Malik went into our turf.
-Selangor Wet Market.
Are you blind?
Where are your eyes?
You hit me, then you apologized.
Is that it?
Are you stupid?
Hey, if you can't do your job,
don't come over here, okay?
You can just talk
without kicking it, right?
So, what's your problem?
You're not happy with me?
Just say it! You're not happy with me?
Sorry boss, he's a new guy,
-he doesn't know anything.
-Mind your own business! Back off!
Hey! I'm not done with you yet!
Hey, Malik. Listen to me.
You have to be careful.
They are the gangsters here.
This is their turf.
They always make trouble here?
That's not your problem.
You just do your job.
Hey, convict! Hey!
I'm still not done with you.
Hey! Don't you ignore me!
Listen up! When I come here tomorrow,
I don't want to see you here!
If I see you,
-I'll chop your head off, alright?
Please don't, boss.
It was an accident.
What's wrong? Do you want
to stand up for this idiot?
-I'll kill you!
Leave before I finish you off!
Let's go!
Hey, convict!
I'm still not done with you!
Hey! If I chop you off to 18 parts,
then you'll regret it, alright?
You'll pay for this!
Are you alright?
I'm fine. Thank you.
What are you doing here?
This filthy and smelly place?
No need to worry about me, Ajib.
I'm comfortable working here.
Comfortable? Hey.
You, me, and Dragon.
Five star karaoke. Women.
Now that's comfortable.
You sell this vegetable?
The ones we sell
fetches up to two or
three thousands, man.
You want to sell this
Those days are past.
I want to start a new life, Ajib.
New life, man.
The glorious, old ways.
What do you have
-with your new life?
-Ajib, please.
Please understand.
That is all that I ask from you.
Are you sure you
want to join Shark, Jai?
You better think through.
They're dangerous.
How scary.
There's no such thing
as danger in my book.
Are you scared?
People want to pay us.
Don't you want it?
You talk about danger?
But they are our enemy.
If Shark set us up,
we will end up in prison.
Now, Shark has already attacked us.
-Are you crazy?
I don't care who I have to attack.
As long as I got paid.
You guys get paid.
Shark could pay me more.
Why should I stick with Dragon?
But Ajib is our friend, Jai.
You have to remember.
-He helped us a lot.
-Ajib is still Ajib.
Money is still money.
When are we going to make money?
If you guys don't want to, fine.
I know what I'm doing.
-I want men like him.
Why do you still want him?
I thought back then
you wanted to kill him.
If Malik knew his brother
is working for us,
he'll be more upset at you.
Good. I like that better.
Let him be mad at me.
Now his brother has become my lapdog.
-We can do a lot of things.
-What if he double crosses us?
Can we trust him, Shark?
You don't have to remind me.
That loser won't do anything
because of money.
I know how to handle him.
So, you want him to kill Dragon?
-Do you think he can do that?
-We'll see tonight.
How he gets the job done.
Why didn't you come home?
You don't love me anymore?
No, mom.
I'm worried that you're still mad at me.
That is all.
Come home, Malik.
I'm already old.
Nobody wants to take care of me.
Come home, Malik.
I miss you, son.
Now, Dragon's men
are taking care of Malik.
You're really worthless, you know?
You aren't done with Tony yet,
and now you want to get
into my business. Why?
The loser is here.
He likes to eat while crapping.
That's why you love to backstab people.
-What's between you and Malik?
-I want him to suffer.
Suffer? He's already dead!
Don't you know?
He's not completely dead yet.
I want him die miserably.
As long as he's in KL,
I can't let him be.
Don't worry about your friend.
You better worry about your life.
Hey, Shark! Do you have a gun?
Then shoot here, and here.
I have a huge machete.
Come on!
Kill me for good. How about that?
If this wasn't your turf, I'd have
finish you off long time ago!
Hey! Look who's talking.
Come and get me then.
Make sure I'm dead.
Even I got sick and tired of seeing
your face everyday, you know?
Hey, Shark.
You touch Malik, I will get you.
I'll beat you up so bad.
You want to hit me?
Stop talking nonsense.
We'll see who dies first.
He said I'm crazy?
What the hell? Screw him!
I think you don't have
to sell snacks anymore.
It's okay, Malik.
I'm used to this.
Besides, your pay isn't that much.
I know, but I can't see you like this.
You should stay at home and rest.
Besides, you're not in good health.
If I don't work, who's going to
feed the family, Malik?
We are not rich people, son.
I don't want to bother my child.
I know you are disappointed in me.
I have not been a good son.
I know. Now, because of your children,
you have to do all of this.
I'm so sorry, mom.
I have forgiven you for so long.
No matter how bad you are.
You are still my son.
But there is only one thing,
please change.
Don't repeat the same mistake, okay?
Hold on a second.
Where are you going now?
You're not done yet?
Can't you see what mom is doing?
Hey, are you listening?
If I hear you doing that
kind of work again,
watch yourself then, Zati.
Mind your own business, okay?
I'm not a kid anymore.
I know what I'm doing.
Whatever happens to you,
I will have to take responsibility.
Aren't you ashamed when everyone
says you're a loose woman?
Yes. I am a loose women.
But do you know why I
ended up like this? Do you?
Ever since you've been gone,
do you know hard our life was?
Everyday there's always people
who are angry at you
came over looking at you.
They can't get to you,
so I'm the one who became the victim.
I'm the one who has to bear it.
All because of you!
Is that right, mom?
Someone went after you and Zati?
Please tell me mom, who is it?
That's why I hate having
a brother like you.
Oh, a lady!
Oh God, she was looking at me.
Such vice! Oh, Lord!
Hey, do you have her number?
No, right?
Thank goodness.
But, now I want to talk about my car.
Isn't it good? I have to rent
it at RM 50 per day.
I'm ruined, man.
They are waiting for us
Hurry up.
Why are you so busy thinking of Malik?
He's not joining us.
He wants to live honestly.
Damn him if he wants to.
Hey, don't get it wrong.
I'm helping Malik not
because I want him to join us.
Me and Malik are very close!
Got it?
Do you guys know why
Malik got imprisoned?
Do you guys know?
-Because of Shark.
-He's the worst!
Why he's upset with Malik?
Doesn't he have everything?
Because he's scared.
You guys have no idea how good
King and Malik was.
You guys know nothing at all.
Together they got famous.
Together they became powerful.
But Shark casts Malik off.
Betrayed Malik. Did you guys know?
Ajib. That's Jai.
I know.
But is he with Shark's men?
I have no idea.
How dare you!
Come on, Jai!
What the hell are you doing?
You joined Shark?
Do you want to die?
I don't care.
He could pay me.
I won't want to live poor like you.
Hey, idiot! He only used you, alright?
When he's powerful,
what would he give you?
He will stab you in the back
just like me, do you want that?
Let's go, Jai.
I'm not as stupid as you.
You do your thing and I'll do mine.
Don't leave first.
I want you to follow Malik.
I want him tonight! I'll be there now.
Even if you want to pull Jai
out of that group,
do you think Shark would
just let that happen?
Shark would simply let it happen?
Obviously he will intervene.
Do you want to be trapped like before?
Can't you think?
Are you losing your mind?
The problem now is,
he can't get at me,
so he's aiming my brother.
Do you think I could just sit by
looking at my brother like that?
-I have to find a way.
-Find a way? Forget it!
It's my car that got blown up,
not your car.
Do you want him
to blow up my house next?
Do you want him to blow up
my secret lovers' houses next?
Are you crazy?
If it's just us,
you and this Abang Long Dil,
whom shall be the deceased, forget it.
It's not that I'm scared. It's not
that I don't have the courage.
I just don't know where
to strike.
Now my entire family is involved,
Easy, Malik.
I would rather die than letting him
lay a finger on my family.
Hey, I thought when you are released,
you'll behave better.
But you're getting worst.
God, that hurts!
Shut up! Hit the gas!
I know. Why do you.
Are you blind or what?
Useless Waja!
Gangsters, Malik!
We are in trouble!
Hey! What the hell? So huge!
Give it to me.
Oh Lord! What calamity is this?
Please save Abang Long Dil!
-Come out now!
-What is this?
It hurts!
-Hey! Let him go!
-Please, Malik!
What are you going to do now?
This is the only way
to teach you a lesson.
You can't get into King's turf,
now you want to protect Dragon?
Do you want to play that with me?
Like that? Have you lived long enough?
Life and death are not in your hands!
Your problem with Dragon
is not my problem!
Now you drag my brother,
do you think I will let that happen?
You kill me first then
I will let that happen!
You talk as if you have lived
long enough.
Do you think you're big boss,
so you could fight against me?
Now I don't care whether you're
the Big Brother, Godfather.
Who has the money, has the power.
I rule KL. KL is mine!
Just give him KL.
Just give him KL.
Let him go.
Your brother has stopped us.
If he intervenes,
how are we going to survive?
Maybe we have to eat banana next time.
Now, we have to finish the job.
We hit Dragon's men.
As for my brother,
you guys don't have to worry.
You have to understand.
Ajib is his friend. If anyone
lays a finger on him,
for sure he will come to help.
Now I'm really scared.
I'm having nightmares.
-Who will be responsible for that?
-We'll attack anyone.
If you guys don't want to do it,
I will do it.
You're joking. Just because
Shark pays you,
-you'll kill your own brother.
-Of course.
Shark doesn't just pay me,
he pays us all.
Brother or not, I will fight anyone
who stands in my way.
Why do you guys hold Malik? Why!
What vendetta do you guys
have with him?
What vendetta do we have with him?
He's the one bothers me.
Why do you want to protect him?
Who is he?
If it wasn't for him, you won't be here!
He and I brought up this place!
Don't you lay a finger on him!
You're angry at me because of
other people's son.
Do you know he works with Dragon?
Are you going to let that happen?
If he works with Dragon,
that's his right!
I have no problem with Dragon.
You are the one that caused troubles.
Let him join Dragon, and then
Dragon becomes stronger,
and all of us will be under his rule!
Is that what you want?
Who do you think you are talking to?
Do you want to play hardball with me?
If that's the case, leave!
You no longer belong to this group!
I don't want to see you here again!
I want Malik. I want to kill him.
Don't tell Jai.
But King protects Malik. So how, Shark?
You'll do your worship later.
Why are you crying?
-Are you afraid of me?
Tell me now, where is Malik?
I want to kill your son
on this very day!
-Please don't!
-He wants to see me crazy, right?
Today I will be crazy!
Please don't hurt me, I'm innocent.
I'm innocent. I'm already old.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me. Malik.
-Who can help you now?
-Malik, please help me.
Now, only your son's life can
take care of this, alright?
As long I don't get your son,
I will torture you!
I heard your son is the big boss, right?
Now I want him to know who's the boss!
Please don't do this, Shark.
Have you lost your mind?
-Have you got no heart?
-Where's Malik?
If you have problem with
Malik, don't drag his mom.
You sort it out with him.
I ask you where is Malik!
Oh God! Fadil!
Oh God! Please, Malik! Oh God!
Oh God! Malik!
Say your prayers, Fadil.
Say your prayers.
Oh God! Malik!
-Fadil was stabbed.
Move away!
Move away!
It was fun playing with you.
Sorry boss. It breaks my heart
seeing you like this.
Do you think I didn't know what
have you done to my mother?
I do know.
I have been waiting
for this for so long.
Now I let you rest for
as long as you like.
When I got the time, I'll
send some flowers for you.
Shark is behaving like crazy, Jai.
He stabbed Fadil this evening.
He also killed King.
Whatever he wants to do,
that's his business.
It has nothing to do with you guys.
If nobody bothers him,
there will be no problem.
What's wrong with you, Jai?
If he's willing to kill his own
step father, what about us?
For all we know, we too will be killed.
So what about now?
Why do you want to teach me?
Have you guys forgotten how much
Shark invested on you guys?
Have you guys forgotten?
That's their problem.
Now, we carry on as usual.
What are you guys afraid of?
If you want to follow Shark, fine.
But not us.
I don't care if you guys aren't here.
But I would like to see if you guys
could survive without me.
You guys better not
come crawling back to me.
Good luck next year!
He killed Fadil.
I want to get my revenge.
I have come for your help.
Malik. Whoever dies is not my problem.
You and your brother are all the same.
-Good for nothing.
-Cut it out. It's only small matter.
-We help him.
-Shut up!
This is not our problem.
Malik. Do you know that your brother
has ripped me off so many times.
Do you still want me to help you?
Go away, Malik. Don't disturb
my meal time.
Go away!
Dragon, Shark is already attacking us.
Jai is causing us trouble.
It wasn't us that helped Malik,
it is Malik that helped us.
Attack Jai and Shark.
Destroy them both!
I'll be right behind you.
He's not your match, but me.
You're fighting against me
for money, Jai?
You would put that bastard first
before your own family?
Of course.
His enemy is my enemy.
Enough of this, Jai.
Don't make me do this.
He's dead.
Now finally I can rest, I'm dead tired.
Are you happy now?
Are you?
Do you want more?
What is it? Say it!
Say it now!
If you want to die, it won't be
on my hands, alright?
What are you waiting for?
Kill me already!
I'm your brother!
No matter how messed up you are,
I love you because you are my brother!
My own flesh and blood!
After that incident,
I have been on the run from the police.
My brother, Jai, disappeared.
King Group was destroyed and
Dragon rules KL.
But not for long.
Dragon was arrested by the police.
So do I.
There is nothing more that
I could take care of.
Except for seeking forgiveness
from my mother.
And from God Almighty.