KL Gangster 2 (2013) Movie Script

Everyone wants to live.
But what kind of life?
There are the rich and the poor.
The rich becomes richer,
the poor becomes poorer.
Where is the justice?
But that's the reality of life.
The rich admired. The poor mocked.
Everything is up for show
in this lively town.
I'm not scared of death.
Are you?
I'd fight to the death in this
town, just for a spoonful.
One thing for sure.
Everything starts here.
You want some?
You want some?
Who wants some?
That was noisy but now
it's all peace and quiet.
I can shoot you! You!
I can shoot all of you!
But I'll wait.
Bullet prices have gone up.
It's expensive now.
I think...
...I want to use my fingers instead.
I want to exercise my hands.
Come and get it!
Our handsome guy has arrived.
You're just all talk.
You're like Jet Li's chicken.
Easy to slaughter. Then I'll just
throw your corpse to the lizards.
Hey, Jet Li can become Shaolin.
In Shanghai, I'm a master!
People cry learning my teachings.
Jet Li? You know Bruce Lee?
Do you know how he died?
Bruce Lee died by my master's slap.
That's why I have a sting now.
Do you know that?
You're insane, Tailong!
You mind your turf, I mind mine.
Be a gentleman!
We mind our own business!
I have never disturbed you.
Until when are you
going to disturb mine?
King, it's not stupid to share.
This is not immigration, don't need
passport to enter someone's place.
Did you think your father
gave you Petaling Street?
Do you think I want
to see you happy?
You already have a lot, King!
Give me some.
I need this! That's why
I want this place!
But you're arrogant.
And look what happened.
I have to be arrogant.
You've never played with a gun before.
I've been dreaming about M16
ever since I was in the womb.
Do you get it?
You dare look me in the eye.
Kneel before me now.
I've always wanted to
rip your guts out.
What are you blabbering?
You think he's Anuar Zain?
To sing for you "Sedetik Lebih"?
Are you deaf?
You caused the ruckus.
And in the middle of the night.
Do you want the police to come?
Hey, fight me! Bare hands.
We fight with our fists and see
whose blood will paint the streets!
Hey, you're ugly and stupid.
Shut up.
You're the one who's arrogant.
Who invited you to my place?
I don't want to talk to you!
Even if you can't get this place,
KL is already yours!
What do we do now, Tailong?
Do you prefer blood?
Or water?
For me,...
Why are you not eating? Eat!
I've something to tell you.
Just tell me. I'm eating now.
What's this?
It's not enough for you to scam,
now you're with the sharks?
Aren't you ashamed?
Living off someone's hard work?
I prefer have my face bashed in
than living on the streets.
Rather than being a beggar.
I know how to pay off these debts.
If you want money that much,
why don't you get a job, Jai?
Why do you have to go to the sharks?
If you have a problem,
just tell me, Jai.
If you want to help me,
I'd rather you help mom.
Even if the biggest gangsters come for me,
I know how to handle it.
They can never kill me. Impossible.
Could it be it's because
they are both souls of a gangster
Can you show some respect?
He's your big brother.
You always gave him trouble.
Do you want a kiss from my elbow?
Damn it!
Can you keep out of this?
This is family matters.
I'm supporting you.
You're still friends with
this dumb guy since school?
If you want to know my story,...
...when I was in Kajang prison...
...because of a homicide...
...no one dares to stick
their pole in me.
The conclusion is, I'm still a virgin.
I don't know what else
to tell you, Jai.
Even if you ignore me,
at least talk to mom.
Don't forget that.
Jai, Jai, Jai Ho
You know that song?
Think about your family!
If I was your brother,
I'd color your hair back to black.
What's with the hair?
Are you a Dragon Ball fan?
-Keep your trap shut.
Go back home and don't do that again.
Mom will be mad.
Malik, there...
-It's above.
-I can't do that.
Maybe here.
You see what your brother
did to me, Malik?
This is my dignity, Malik.
My dignity.
You're lucky he only punched you.
If it was me, I'll stomp you.
You're like a noisy exhaust.
You know that?
You said this is an exhaust?
This exhaust made 200
girls fall for me, Malik!
Mind your words, Malik!
Girls or monkeys?
-I think monkeys.
-Your mouth runs like sewage, Malik.
Not to mention, the smell.
You know that Siti Saleha?
She's at my house now
and refuses to go home.
Begging me to live together.
But I refused.
Now, bring me to a hospital.
I'm getting pissed just looking at you.
You're a small fry but that one's big!
I regret.
Why bring Siti Saleha into this?
You said you went to
prison for homicide.
This is just a scratch and
you want a hospital.
I killed an orang-utan, Malik.
What would people say if they saw
I'm menstruating through my nose?
Damn you! Malik!
Where are your balls,
being small fries to a shark?
Discriminating even to your own race?
I want to ask.
Is Alex your sibling?
You seem too close.
You don't pay your debts,...
...but dare to show your face here?
Hey, morons. You tell your brother,
this is between me and him.
And don't involve small fries like you.
Or I'll send one by one to the sky.
You like that?
You don't want us to disturb your house,
you settle that debt tonight.
Or you'll never leave this place!
We'll see then.
Rock a bye baby, on the tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
Don't forget to wash your feet,
hands, and face when you get home.
Or the devil will follow you, okay?
I met Jai, mom.
He said he'll pay off the debt.
Don't worry.
He says hi to you.
He said he's sorry.
Peace be upon him, too.
It's okay, Malik.
Maybe he has reasons to
borrow from the sharks.
We don't know his problems, too, right?
He never stops piling up his debts.
He only gives us trouble.
He never changes.
Can't you just tell him off?
I don't want to fight him.
Do you want us to fistfight?
He's hard headed.
Enough, Malik.
I don't want you siblings
to fight each other.
Zati, you have to respect Jai.
He's your brother.
Do you want to just let it be?
Mom, our neighbors know
that Jai never settles his debt.
His pictures are everywhere.
I'm ashamed, mom.
Let them be, Zati.
Every time we need help,
no one cares about us.
No matter what he did,...
...I don't want you to
hate your own siblings.
Let's just pray for him.
We ambushed another of King's place.
Your turf is growing bigger.
Even your money!
If it weren't for that, Dragon,
we won't have this place.
You won't be here too.
I'm not satisfied.
I want him to sink.
But not like this, Tailong.
You know I am like you.
But what you have now is not enough?
What else do you want?
Don't wait until you sink and his
pirates push us off the plank.
I like King's place.
King's place can
shower us with money.
My chest is not yet full.
I want their boss to kneel before me.
You're crossing the line.
I don't want, because of this,
we'll have a war with other gangs.
Is that so, Dragon?
I want to see...
...who's brave enough
to face against me.
Other gangs, they're
like mangy street dogs.
Hey, pretty boy.
My orders, your command.
Don't make me lick
your blood at the end.
Why do you want to meet me?
Is it that important?
Hey, have you settled
it with Tailong?
No, I'll think of a way
to get our place back.
Don't waste time with Tailong.
If it's a fight, let King do it.
You stay out of it.
How can I?
Tailong made his move.
You want me to just watch
from the sidelines?
I'm not a kid, mom.
I can't just keep
my hands to myself.
You think King is strong
enough against Tailong?
That's absurd.
What can King do?
Today, King and I will
meet the other leaders.
King wants everyone to
go against Tailong.
Don't worry. You can go back home.
If you think you can
go against Tailong,...
...then, try him.
I don't care who dies!
But I don't want you to die.
I care for my child.
Watch out, miss.
Watch out!
-You're just playing around.
Do you want to get fired?
The boss wants to fire
a gangster like me?
Maybe I will fire him instead,...
...even though I know
this is his shop, Malik.
You have to remember, Malik.
I worked here because of you.
I don't want you to get bored.
This is not my life.
With the bumpers and the engines.
What for?
My life is not about being covered in oil.
My life is about being covered in blood.
What do you mean, covered in blood.
A puny punch made you
cry for the hospital.
-What kind of gangster is that?
-You don't make things up, or I'll...
See? Those are my problems.
You stay here.
Let me handle this.
You're just a puny fry. Damn you.
Hey, King!
You're all snobs.
How are you?
The usual, bro.
Working hard to earn some money.
I can't do it like you.
I don't have a business mind.
It's not enough to survive only
with a business mind.
But for a fighter like you,
we can live.
What's the story, King?
Is there a problem?
My turf is the problem.
You know Tailong, right?
Malik, a lot of King's
place has been taken.
We're eating bones now.
We can't manage a five star club,...
...we can't even manage a
convenient store with no stars.
We can't protect our dignity,
not even our faces.
That's why we came here to talk.
What to talk, Jib?
Those are your bones.
When Tailong calls you,
you answer back with some sticks.
You think he's easy, Malik?
Even my guys can't handle him.
And there are those who
are killed by him.
No one can touch him.
He's hard headed like you.
So, you want me to take him down?
I don't want to get involved in
all these big guys' business.
Or I'll face the consequences.
If someone made you face that,
we take him down together.
I'll risk my life for you.
No one can touch you.
But I'll touch you now.
Let's bury Tailong into the ground.
Malik, I really want you to join me.
You're the only one
who can stop Tailong.
No one else can go against him!
I've known you since school, King.
Whatever you want, I can help.
But all these gangster matters,
I'm sorry.
I can't get involved.
Tell me if you want to kill someone.
Stop worrying about Jai.
Malik knows what to do.
Also, if you keep worrying,
your health will only get worse.
The truth is, Zati...
...I didn't expect Jai to
follow his dad's footsteps.
Your dad was like this, too.
Borrows money from everyone,
debts all over the place.
Everyday, there's always someone
knocking on the door, asking to be paid.
He then ran away,
leaving all of us behind.
Maybe this is all my fault.
Because I don't know
how to teach my children.
Mom, don't say that.
This is not your fault.
These are all dad's fault.
How dare he leave us all behind?
Stay strong, Zati.
Maybe these are all God's test for us.
I'm just sad.
I'm sad that my children
never felt the love...
...of a dad.
You know what you did?
The big gangster is angry.
Our face become uglier,
our heart becomes darker.
We'll all feel his wrath soon.
Killing everyone everywhere,
my soul becomes Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Not like me.
My heart has dried out.
But it's a drought now.
Even my pockets are the same.
The world is unfair.
How many times should I tell you?
If I really wanted to be rich,
I would've joined King.
-Without hesitation.
-But you have to help us.
We have King.
For him,
his business is number one.
That will forever be his life's priority.
-But he's not a fighter!
-Three thousand!
My sting and your venom.
Let Tailong remember that feeling.
Blood brothers!
Even if I don't help King,
you're still my blood.
We die together, bro.
I'll wait you forever.
You shut up.
You with him, blood brothers!
You with me, bloody fools!
Come on! Join with me.
Bukit Bintang, Jinjang,
and now, Petaling Street.
All has been conquered by Tailong.
It won't be long until he takes yours.
Where he wants to conquer,
that's his business!
If your connection is not strong,
you don't know how to deal with him.
-He would've eaten off you!
-What are blabbering, Jackie?
It doesn't matter what, just care for
your own, mind your own business!
You don't know who
the big boss is yet.
Bangkok, Philippines,
they even bowed to him!
Isn't it obvious, King?
You're the only one who's
brave enough to face him!
I'm not scared even if it's the
head of a Columbian gangster.
Kalimuthu and Botak Chin even
kiss their mom when meeting.
They're considerate people.
Tailong has taken over your hearts.
That's why you're willing
to kiss his feet.
Leaders, we are all fishes
in a five star pond.
But Tailong is the only
one happily swimming.
He wants to grill all the fishes.
He won't let anyone
get off the hook.
All that's left are our fish bones.
Easier said than done.
I don't want to die.
Oh, my God!
You borrow but don't
know how to pay!
--Take this!
Stop it!
-Do you want to pay or not?
-Stop it! Help!
Do you want to get hit?
If you don't pay, you die!
Get him!
Help me.
Don't be cocky!
I have nightmares every night.
I don't even know where to run.
Who knows, we could
end up in the ICU.
What can he do to us?
Even if he went and
meditate in the Sahara,...
...doesn't mean he
can take me down.
I can't wait to see his
next sets of warriors.
You're too confident.
What if he sends a troop,
you're doomed, Jai.
It's better if you just pay them.
You're the one who wants
to start this, right?
Without money, what can we do?
If we get some, we'll pay them!
We know where you got those money.
You borrowed from Dragon.
The whole town knows he's insane.
Do you have a death wish?
That's only a whole town.
This is Jai.
The whole Malaysia knows me.
Small matters like us,
he doesn't care.
Next time, don't just assume.
The kids we beat up yesterday,
are beating up your house!
You don't know anything about
the gangster world, Malik.
I told you, Malik.
You're not Jackie Chan.
You're not Tony Ja
like I am, Malik.
But you don't need to worry, Malik.
I will take care of your family.
Especially Zati, Malik.
I promise...
...I will be the best husband for Zati.
I promise!
And you must be proud...
...to have a reliable
brother-in-law like me, Malik.
I hope you're peaceful
over there, Malik.
What are you blabbering, idiot?
You're alive, Malik?
Where's my mom?
Where are you going, Malik?
Mom! Sorry.
Malik! Malik!
-Where's my mom's room?
-What's her name, sir?
Are you okay?
I'm not that bad.
It's just my head hurts a little.
Maybe because I fell.
The doctor advised her
to do a CT scan and an MRI.
I'm worried if anything happens to you.
God willing, I am fine.
Just pray for me.
Mom has to go in now.
We'll see you later.
I'll be going first.
We just met all the other leaders.
Only Deva wants to defend for us.
The others want to follow Tailong.
If you can't defend your own turf,
just surrender it to Tailong.
No need for a fight.
Mom, it's not easy to be successful.
And you want us to give
it to him for free?
As long as King and I are alive,
Tailong can't do whatever he wants.
-We must stop him!
-What's there to be stopped?
One by one of King's turf
he has conquered.
Do you want to wait until you're both
dead to stop fighting against him?
Look what we have here.
Big gangster, big appetite.
Use your hands well while
it's still attached.
Don't wait until I rip
those hands of yours...
...and you beg your
dogs here to feed you.
You come to my place being all arrogant,
are you out of your mind?
You already took a lot of King's place,
soon you're going to get it!
You're not handsome that
I want to see you everyday.
Why Tailong? You got what you want.
What else?
Show me some respect
in front of my family!
If I give you respect,
you'll give me despect.
You think I'm stupid?
Do you know who you're talking to?
You know how to back stab now?
You met all the leaders to go against me.
Hey King, your show is a shame.
Hey, Tailongkang.
Your show is a shame too.
It's better if you throw that crap out
of your mouth or it'll smell like you!
You'll look more civilized, not despised.
Like I am to you right now.
The other leaders are afraid of King.
Why are you afraid?
Hey, how long haven't you showered?
Don't be a gangster,
be a gas attendant.
Sir, Ron95 or Ron97?
Hey, King. Who's stupid enough
to risk their lives for you?
You think all these can make
you get your turfs back?
Until my samurai sword pierces you,
don't you dare try anything.
I will make you suffer.
Do it, then! Do it now.
Remember my face in your brain.
This is the face that will end you.
Deva from Brickfields will
shower you with flowers!
Hey. You think the whole Brickfields
is enough to take me down?
Even if you call the
Yakuzas, I won't hide.
Okay. I want to see what
Deva and you can do.
Are you satisfied, intruding me?
You show your arrogance in
front of my family and people.
I don't want to stain my clothes.
If you want to take me on, not now!
Your dogs seem to have grown now.
But looking at your wife...
The CT scan Dan MRI results are out.
Your mother has a tumor
in her left brain.
For now, she can still
be treated with drugs.
But I advise in doing the
surgery as soon as possible.
Her cancer can become dangerous.
Sister, where's mom? Is she okay?
Of course she's not.
Because of you!
Because of your doing, mom has to
shoulder them. Aren't you done yet?
Calm down, Zati.
Jai, I don't want to intervene.
And I promise I'll keep my mouth shut.
I don't want my golden
rod to break again.
Your mom was beaten up badly, Jai.
You can't keep doing this.
What kind of child likes
to their mom beaten up?
Mom's pain are mine too!
If I was there, they do anything to her.
If you are there.
But were you there?
-Enough, brother!
-Malik! Calm down, Malik!
I ignore me when I tell you nicely.
Do you like it I treat you like this?
I don't care if they're looking
for me because of you.
But because of you, mom got it instead.
I don't want to fight you.
I want to see her.
No need to see, Jai.
Have you ever visited her, even once?
Mom doesn't have a barbaric son
like you. You know, mom...
Enough! Don't cause a ruckus here!
We settle this at home.
I am barbaric!
Because I care for you.
I love mom.
If anything happens to mom,
you're not my brother anymore.
Calm down, Malik. You're not a
gangster like me, to go there alone.
I'm different, I'm Tony Ja, Malik.
-Shut up!
-Hey, Malik!
Do you what you said, Malik?
This is exactly the
attitude of small brats!
I'm different, I'm better.
He owes me money and
he still beats me up.
I'm going to beat him up.
Go to hell.
Walk away, what else do you want?
Call out your boss
here to meet me, then!
I've seen many people like you!
You don't know what real fear is.
I don't know where you're from.
I don't know where you're from.
I want to see your boss.
He doesn't know me yet!
Shut up with those nonsense!
You beat up my mom, didn't you?
I want to have revenge!
I don't want to know
where you're from.
But you have the guts to
come here, you're King's!
Mr. Dragon, king of Petaling Street!
If you want to act all high, beware.
Your threat means nothing to me.
Mind your language, Dragon.
Who are you to say King's name?
Or I'll make sure you suffer
like a fish out of water.
Don't make us declare war on you.
Or you'll be the one I'll sting first.
Hey, Shark! This kid is yours?
From which trashcan?
Hey, who I am is none of your concern.
I'm here to settle my brother's problem.
Stop wasting breaths.
Talk here, end here! Come on!
Are you threatening me?
You talk all high. You want
me to find your brother?
No problem.
You just wait until his head
arrives at your doorstep!
You just wait. Let's go!
No need to wait.
His head is here!
Relax, calm down Malik!
Malik! Malik! Hey!
Are you crazy?
They're a big gang!
Their level is almost like...
I don't need to say what
level they are, Malik!
Let me remind you, they are capable
of chopping off your legs...
...whenever, even if you
don't have diabetes!
Use your brain!
You think this is a holiday spot?
You can come and go anytime?
This is hell. If you want to commit
suicide, this is not the place.
Your mom won't even
recognize your corpse here.
What nonsense are you talking about?
If your mom got beaten up,
aren't you fed up?
You need this guy right here
if you want to win this war.
Even his dad invited you to join us.
You talk with his dad and
Shark will call you.
Then what? We can talk this over.
I can do this myself.
-Can I join?
-You want to join us?
We want a fighter.
Not someone with big nose like you.
-Crazy? See, crazy.
That means he agrees, "he says".
Elephant, Dragon, Shark.
Elephant, "gajah".
Elephant, remember that.
Jai, when are you settling your debts?
The interests are piling. Are you waiting
for the year-end dividend to pay them off?
Which debt haven't I paid?
I've paid them all!
Why do I need to pay
the interests too?
If they want interests so much,
go to a flower garden.
Many interesting things
there, you know?
You were the one who
made that deal.
You're lucky they didn't
slaughter off your family.
Before we started this business,
where did you run off to?
You scammed people left and right.
Where did the money go?
Now, even us are affected.
You guys talk too much.
Because all of you are useless!
Still fooling around!
My family, my problem!
Don't be a loud speaker, put
it on silent mode. Understood?
It's fine if they just
attack you alone, Jai.
But what if they went and
bomb your house down?
You, watch your mouth.
Maybe you don't love your mom,
but I do!
We've only just started this business.
I want to have my own
petrol pump, don't you?
If you don't want, then get your own.
Hey, Bombay.
Enjoying yourself?
Like "Si Waji The Boss"?
Hey, Tailong! I heard a
lot of rumors about you.
You want to come here, tell me first.
I can prepare some
beautiful girls for you.
You think I come here to sin?
I've got better things to do.
That's sinful, I'm not going to hell.
I have a question for you.
I heard you're under King now?
Do you know that all the dogs in Kuala
Lumpur, come and lick my boots?
You want to fight me?
You think you have three lives?
Watch your mouth!
I respect you!
You respect me!
Don't be crazy.
This problem is your fault.
Your dealings with King are wrong!
So, you joined King because
you want to fight me?
Hey, moron. Let me remind you.
Stay here and be good.
Take care of your mangy dogs.
Don't let your Deepavali...
...people break coconuts,
you break your head.
You threaten me because
I don't back you up?
Just because your gang is big,
everyone has to follow you?
You're wrong, Tailong!
Do you know where you are now?
This is my place, Brickfields!
Hey, get off!
Hey, you want to die?
Just because this is your place,
you think I can't kill you here?
Listen to my will.
If you don't want to die,
don't meddle into my business with King.
If you can't keep your mouth shut,
your wife will become a widow.
Do you want your wife to wear
a white saree because of me?
I know who that kid is. King
told me about him a few times.
He wants to go to Dragon's place alone?
Is he crazy?
-Is he crazy?
He is crazy.
He's the kind to go up on his own.
He won't be scared even
in the biggest storm.
Won't be scared but
where is his common sense?
If I didn't interrupt just now...
...his tombstone would be erected
in the middle of the town.
You saw how he went up against Dragon?
You think he can't take them down?
As long a gun is not cocked to his head,
he wouldn't back down.
That's why King needs Malik.
Only Malik can bring down Tailongkang!
His mouth smells like crap!
Wants to take our place with a slap!
But, will Malik really join us?
You want to go headfirst there, alone?
You don't bring along someone like me?
I have lots of connections.
Kerinchi, Bukit Bintang, Dang Wangi,
everyone knows me, Malik!
Someone tried to threaten my mom, before.
No one was left alive.
I beat them to a pulp.
After that, everyone
was scared of me.
They tremble before me.
And, now...
...the only one who can
touch my mom, is my dad.
Because halal.
The doctor said my mom has cancer.
It could lead her to death.
Even if I work till I die,
I won't be able to pay for it.
Dear, God. Malik.
The problem is because of money.
Also the only thing
that can save my mom.
With this situation now, the
only one who can help you...
You know what I'm
trying to say, right?
Only King, Malik. King.
I can't. She'll get worse if
she sees me get into trouble.
I don't want to see her suffer.
Sometimes, this is the only
way for us to get money.
And it's not wrong to sacrifice
ourselves for the ones we love.
Think about it, good luck.
You can't do this to me.
You made a deal with me.
Take care of your business.
Now you're running away from Tailong?
I'm not running away. If I don't give
it to him, he'll ruin my business!
Don't you worry.
I know how to handle him.
Don't give him even a cent.
If he so much as touch you,...
...I'll slice his neck off.
Sorry, it's been a while
since I tried my skill.
No wonder I havent been eating
well these past few days.
Someone put sand in my rice.
Hey, "Tailong Tong Kosong".
Are you blind?
You missed your shot!
Hey, I'm in front of you now.
Come and shoot me too.
If you miss me,
I'll kiss you.
Die! Die! You're bye! Bye!
This crazy person.
If it was me, I wouldn't put sand
in your rice. I'll poison it.
So that you'll die.
Then I can live in peace!
You try if you can.
You're lucky your name
is not on my list.
If not, you'll be like one of these dogs.
I've chained these dogs and you
still want to deal with them?
Do you want to steal my customers?
Who's stealing your customers?
You force a deal on them!
Is that how you do it?
You think this is a barn house?
You're at the wrong address.
Right now, you're at the lion's den.
You can still pray for mercy now.
Or tonight I'll make you my dinner!
You still keep this creep?
I gave you a chance but
you can't keep quiet.
Now, your name's on the list.
Now I can do what I came here for.
Hey, old man!
Hey, you wait there.
Let me get some rest first!
That was no thrill.
Music hasn't stop but
you're no longer dancing.
I'll make you dance now, okay?
Where is he?
Where are you running to?
I'm here now!
Let me shoot you too!
Tonight is a bad night.
Make way!
Put your gun on the ground!
Why are you disturbing
the peace at 3am?
In this cold night, it's better
if you embrace your wife at home.
Put your gun on the ground!
Follow us to the station! Hurry!
What are you waiting for?
I give you a permission.
Turn that car over.
Break it apart!
We're having a feast tonight! Come on!
You want to play with me?
I'll play with you!
Even the sentry polices
are not like this.
Put your gun on the ground!
Hands above your head!
On the ground!
Go! Drive King home and call the doctor!
What kind of doctor, I don't care!
Hurry up!
If King dies tonight,...
...I'll blast your head off!
Move! Move! Go! Go!
You don't know who that kid is?
What do you do all day?
Do you want to work or not?
If not for that kid, I would've
killed off your husband already!
What are you talking about?
We don't have a new kid.
You already know who
King's people are.
-How would I know?
-You know or not, you go and check!
Find him and where he's from.
How dare he touched me.
Hey, him and his leader...
...I'll rip his head off his body.
You settle this.
Let's go.
You're one sneaky kid.
You can run away from my kids, Jai.
But with me, even if you run to the
ends of the earth, I'll still found you.
I really want to kill you.
You borrow money but
you beat up my people.
Dragon, who is not a dragon.
I don't care if you kill me.
But stay away from my family.
I won't let you die in vain.
I know I can use you.
Listen. I will stay
away from your family.
But I want you to follow me.
You want me to follow you?
Be your minion, like
these ants here?
I mean, look at them.
Hey Dragon, what year is this car from?
It is not my style.
If you want me to follow you,
how much are you giving?
In euro or pound?
You're not scared, are you?
Car is not important.
This is important.
You owe your life to me but
you dare talk back?
If money, we can discuss later.
Small matter.
I don't smoke!
My mom doesn't let me, understand?
I have asthma.
What's up, bro?
What are you thinking about?
You look like someone
just stole your lollipop.
You don't smile and look.
This place seems like a morgue.
What happened, happened.
If they died, they're dead.
But for us living humans, we
must be happy until we die!
This is not my place.
I'm asking you, what
are you doing here?
Don't you know?
This is your future.
Business and development.
For sure success.
People are dying to
get into this place.
They fight till the death, you know that?
And you? King invited you with
a red carpet and a horse cart.
Not long, you'll be living rich.
Even if you forget me, I don't mind.
Thank you, handsome guy.
For protecting my dad.
If it weren't for you, Kind would've died.
Tailong would boast about it.
No problem. I'll help him if he's in
trouble. We're like brothers.
Now, you and I will rule in King's place.
My dad wants you to succeed in his place.
He gave you a car.
You've worn our gang's jacket, right?
The big guys don't walk.
Car? I've worked here for so long.
Seven times I risked my life
and don't even get a bike.
You're lucky.
Ungrateful brat.
Is this how you do business?
You don't follow your head only, Tailong.
If this how you do it,
you'll only be short-lived.
Who are you to talk to me like that?
You forgot who's your dragon head?
There's a new kid on King's side.
He dared touch me.
I want his hands as a trophy.
But the way you do things is wrong.
Because of you, they don't
respect me anymore.
I'm as crappy as you now.
You want to talk to me about King?
You want him to gather the other
leaders to go against us?
Don't do anything.
I will bring King and his people to hell.
-You want to join them?
-You think you're god?
No matter how big you are,
you must know your place.
Greet them first.
Don't just point fingers at people.
Know your shame.
I've never seen you before but
you dare talk to me like that?
Easy, Tailong.
Teach your kids how to talk to me.
Before I cut his tongue off.
Don't meddle into my
business with Tailong.
He's not of your level.
Is this a Playstation with levels?
Tell your boss to not disturb
a sleeping tiger.
Why is he mad at King?
Who's that new kid working for King?
You know who?
Your own brother!
Thank you for risking
your life for me last night.
No problem, King.
You're more important.
You've worn our logo.
Take care of this place.
Take care of my family.
You're the big boss now.
You succeed this place.
We'll get through together.
Don't worry.
I know what to do.
Your places conquered by
Tailong, I'll get them back.
I promise.
I'll get going first.
They are waiting.
Are you crazy?
You called someone else to take over you?
Shark can do it too.
Why give it to him?
They're doing it together.
If he's incapable, do
you think I'll let him?
It's better if you give
up against Tailong.
I don't want to live with you anymore.
You're powerless now.
I don't want to live in hardship.
What are you saying? When I have
everything, you're with me.
When I have nothing,
you're running from me?
You think you can run that easy?
What can you do?
No girl likes to live in hardship.
If I were to become
Tailong's girl, I am willing.
At least, I'll be happy till I die.
Damn woman! Don't challenge me!
I'll bury you alive! I'll kill you!
Where's the big guy?
Abdul Malik!
Malaysia's dream guy has arrived.
Let's crash into any
gangster's place, Malik.
Since when do you wear jackets?
I joined King, not you.
Are you stupid?
We have a career now and a future, Malik.
We have to take care of our image.
Unlike you.
No matter what you wear, you
think you're Aaron Aziz.
Get a hold of yourself.
You're not him.
You're not me, Malik. Girls scream
for me even when I'm fully clothed.
"Abang Long Fadhil".
Nice ride.
A mechanic work lets
you drive like this.
My friend lend it to me. Not mine.
Lend to you or give it to you?
No need to lie to me, my sweet brother.
I know what you did.
You can lie to mom. But not me.
If you don't know the real story,
don't just blame your brother.
Hey, kid. When adults are
talking, don't interrupt.
Nice nose. Want more?
I hit a wardrobe at home.
I don't care what you say, Jai.
Don't involve mom into this.
You're scared mom found out?
In front of her, you act all
nice until she hates me.
You insulted me, calling me barbaric.
What you're doing now is not barbaric?
Now you know.
Hairstyle like Dragon Ball.
King's people are trying to
gather the other leaders.
I think, only time will tell
when they join their side.
You think they want to
have a toast in his name?
You do know who I am, don't you?
A wolf, if you feed it everyday,...
...they can be tamed too.
I don't want to argue with you.
But if you're in a pinch, I am too.
You want to say you're in a pinch?
Where do you live now?
In a wooden house?
If you're not dealing with me, until
death you'll only walk.
Deal? What kind of deal?
What did you give me?
You thought what I have
is because of our deal?
You think I lie to you?
I do this business.
I succeed this and you're
talking about deal?
Who do you think you are?
You want, you stay.
You don't want, you can
pack up and leave.
King's kid is not a small fry.
He's a big one, you know?
It's best if you
prepare a big army.
What else do you want from us?
If it's about Tailong, don't find us.
No one wants to be your backup!
I think you better wash your
faces with toilet water.
Tailong beat up King into a pulp,
you want to stay here as statues?
Don't be Tailong's cows with nose rings.
You guys are leaders.
Leaders? But you cover your balls.
For what?
It's not that I don't want join
you but you know how Tailong is.
I've only said a little about King
and he beat me up instead.
Don't fight him. Just follow him.
It's better to gain small
than nothing at all!
King has fallen and
you're just a small fry.
And you want to go against Tailong?
Have some common sense!
You and King are just waiting
your time to come, morons!
Before their time comes, yours
probably come first.
You talk about death?
Can you foot reach my head?
You are not leaders.
You're just old geezers.
You heard that?
That's only the introduction.
You haven't eaten, right?
But you've burped loudly.
He only hummed, hasn't sing yet.
If he sings and preparing to sting...
...even King can die!
Even Tailongkang is no match for him!
Who do you think you are?
You dare talk to me like that?
No need to wait for Tailong to
get you, I'll kill you myself.
You wait and I'll kill your whole family.
You want to play with me?
Arrogant kid. Want to mess with me.
Hey, we're leaving!
Oh my, God! It exploded!
Malik, remember God!
Dear, God. Malik!
Where are you going? Malik!
Oh, right now I understand.
That's why we should park our car down
so that it won't jump from above!
Are you a gangster or a mafia?
Who else wants to go against me?
Who else?
I don't care if you don't
want to be our backup.
But when King and his alliances
finally bring down Tailong...
...I don't want to see
your faces interrupting them!
-Old people shouldn't play with guns.
-Go home!
I'll take it over from here.
Guys, that's King's brother.
I am his brother-in-law. More
violent and barbaric than him!
Remember that. Don't make me mad!
Sorry, this is different from a shotgun.
Thank God I'm a calm person or I
would've ripped you without reason.
How about it, Jai?
You think Dragon can keep a secret?
If Tailong knew your
relationship with Malik,...
...he'll hunt you too.
I think your brother
went to the wrong path.
This is a dead end.
I believe Dragon.
You know, Dragon
disagrees with Tailong.
Once Tailong fall, he'll put the
gun to his head. No more talk.
Scary. No need to worry.
You just do your thing.
I'll take care of Tailong. Understood?
He wants to take down Tailong?
Another one of our
customers ran to Tailong.
Another one of our
places is gone.
Tonight, he's taking our customer's money.
I don't think I can take this anymore.
Let's sell vegetables.
We should sell it proud like bean sprouts!
Listen. Someone stomp your head,...
...played you dirty but you still wait?
What for? Just go home.
You think it'll be easy, Malik?
You think you're Robin Hood?
Because you went insane just now,
everyone's guns are aiming at us.
Aren't you done threatening Tailong?
He's a grim reaper. Don't play around.
Grim reaper?
I want to see him take my soul.
I don't have time for child's play.
You go against King, you go against me.
You scared of Tailong?
Malik, he's hard to tumble.
You're alone. It's hard
to make him tremble.
You don't have experiences in
this kind of thing, Malik.
You don't know how it'll go.
Yes. I can't wait to kill Tailong too.
But wait first. Slowly.
We wait for King.
We assemble the pieces neatly.
We strike when we've
become the bigger man.
Don't talk nonsense in
front of these kids.
Your dad entrusted this
to take over for him.
I will succeed in his place.
If you want, you can follow me.
Tonight, we strike Tailong.
Mom, listen to me.
Mom, I know I'm wrong.
I'm sorry.
I did borrow money from the
sharks but I've settled them.
They won't disturb you anymore.
They're just fooling around
Enough, Jai. I don't believe you.
You promised to before
that you'll stop.
But you still do it.
Until when do you want me to suffer?
Until when, Jai?
Don't you feel ashamed for mom?
If you didn't lie to the shark,
they won't come here to beat us.
Don't you think about
mom's well-being at all?
After this, you don't need to worry.
They won't disturb you anymore.
Let's get out of this place.
My boss is rich. If you don't
believe me, look at this.
This is my salary. It's a lot, mom.
Just ask for whatever you want.
This is for you, not for me.
-Where did you get this money?
-Enough, mom.
-Whose money did you take, Jai?
Are you back to your old ways, Jai?
I'm your mom. I gave birth to you.
Don't lie to me.
If you continue being like this,...
...I shouldn't have given birth to you!
You like it if I'm dead.
And your sister ruined!
Will you be satisfied?
I regret giving birth to you!
Aren't you afraid of God?
Why are you not like your brother Malik?
Jai is Jai, mom.
Malik is Malik.
I know.
I'm stubborn.
I have troubled you a lot.
What I did wrong....
...was wrong.
Only God knows my heart and my wishes.
Malik is a good son, mom.
But I didn't expect...
Remember. You're dealing with Tailong now.
He's taking care of your turf.
I don't care who's doing what
as long as everything's good.
Don't worry about the shark loans.
Tailong can settle them.
You've settled your problems
with Tailong but what about me?
With Abang Long Fadhil,
you're far from settled.
You're backstabbing me, you
think I can't feel the blade?
If not, my big nose will got to waste.
Are you lost?
-Sinus medicines are not selling here.
-How dare you.
Right on time!
These are my kids. Are your tails
trembling between your legs now?
They are.
You're very cocky.
You ask Tailong, how
big is his balls?
You can fool around with
King but not with me.
All of King's places are now under me.
Remember my face.
Pretty boy, you go and tell Tailong...
...greet first before
entering someone's house.
If not, the host and his kids will be mad.
The whole family will chase you
around naked, with brooms.
Like Superman. His underwear is outside.
You think I'm scared?
Tailong only needs to click his
fingers to chase you around.
Hey, you talk like a screeching chalk.
If I kick you, your teeth
will be like jock stick.
I don't care if I die tonight.
But Tailong will come down and
slaughter you all. You want that?
Let's take the easy way.
You take my dad's money, I'll
blow you and your dad's head.
Isn't that fair?
That's a lot of work for me.
You won't make a point
just by shooting him.
Save your bullet. This
kid still has snots.
Okay, it's your play-toy now.
Hurry. It's getting late.
My mom will get mad.
That's only Ong Bak One.
Not yet Ong Bak Two, Ong Bak...
You stumble just by that?
You call yourself a fighter?
This is a fighter?
Which Ong Bak is this?
Which Ong Bak is this again?
This is Ombak Rindu!
Malik, see you at home!
This is a goldmine!
Look at your beloved son, mom.
Go and stop him.
Let me be the only bad guy.
But not Malik.
Oh, Almighty God!
Oh, God!
Mom. Mom!
Mom. Wait a moment. Mom.
You don't need to say anything.
I saw everything, Malik.
I've seen everything!
All this time, you were the
child I was counting on.
But how can you do something like that?
Mom, I have to.
If you don't believe me, it's okay.
But I did all this for you.
Not for me.
For what Malik?
For what, son?
If you really want to
see our happy family...
...this is not the way.
I don't want to accept the money
you get from killing, Malik.
Don't you love your mom?
If I don't love you, mom,
I wouldn't do all this.
I don't want to lose
you, you know that?
I'd rather die, Malik.
Rather than watching my sons
committing sins in this life.
I have failed at teaching my children.
Don't call me "mom".
Don't call me "mom" anymore, Malik.
Hey, damn you.
Who asked you to kill that kid?
You want me to fight Tailong.
So, I fight.
Why are you so pressed?
You want to embrace him?
Now I want all of Tailong's
kids be sent to their graves.
-Let Tailong smell the incense.
-I do want to fight but no one has to die.
You want to kill someone,
do it behind my back!
That's a thing of the past, why
do you need to let it last?
We're rich now. We can enjoy forever.
Girls, karaoke, five stars!
We're huge now!
Bukit Bintang, what else do we need?
Am I the coward one or is it him?
Remind him, I don't kill people!
If you're scared, then don't follow me.
Go back home to your teddy bear.
Don't act all high and mighty.
This is my turf.
You think your throne is
big enough to scare me?
This is King's turf. I'm
here because of him too.
If I am taking over, you should
follow me and not me follow you!
Jai, where did you go?
You run away as soon
as you get the money.
You know, your brother
isn't scared of anything?
He doesn't want to live long?
To fight Tailong is
like a suicide mission.
A war like this, even you look
like a puny snake, Dragon.
Just wait and see. My brother
will help King rise up again.
I like your brother. He can
make Tailong feel insecure.
Tailong needs to know
KL is not his father's!
King is lucky to have
someone like your brother.
If not, King's place
would've been swept clean.
When my brother wasn't here
yet, you can say that.
Try being in King's position now.
I don't think he has
time to watch the news.
-Tailong knows about this?
-Of course.
He'll come down tomorrow
to settle all this.
This night is surprisingly quiet, right?
When Tailong arrives
tomorrow, KL is in trouble.
Mom, do you think what
you're doing is right?
Yes, I still can't be close to Malik.
But he's important. This gang
is about to rise up again.
If we don't have Malik...
...I don't know how
to deal with Tailong.
Don't worry.
I don't want move out yet.
If he can go against Tailong...
...let him go first. We can use him.
You want me to burn him to ashes?
How do I answer to King?
It's better if he just use him.
How is it better?
You want him to run around
and rule this place?
While be stand and watch like his slaves?
Think about it!
Now, you just wait until
he go up against Tailong.
When we get that place...
You need to destroy Malik.
If not...
...he'll become rich...
...we'll become poor.
I'm done. Let me think about it.
Yes, Tailong.
No need to worry.
King will die. That's my promise.
Who told you about this, Jib?
Don't play around.
I don't believe it.
I know how Susan is.
I'm not deaf. I'm not blind.
I heard it. I saw it.
I don't believe it too.
Susan is Tailong's mole.
Tailong knows how to do
the settings in this game.
Who knows, he probably buys Shark too.
Crazy woman. She know Malik is
helping her husband, right?
She can back stab as easy that?
I think she likes Tailong.
This is like a Latin drama. Boring.
She knows King is getting weak.
That's why she went to Tailong.
That woman, she doesn't only kill.
Her son, father, mother, she
can kill them just for money.
I don't believe it. I don't
want to hear anymore.
You don't believe?
What else are you waiting for?
You're waiting until you and
King dead, then you'll believe?
We already know there's a mole in
this place. Let's exterminate them.
Let that woman bury her own ground.
Bye bye.
If it's time for me to die, I'll just die.
I promised King I'll look after his
family but you want me to kill his wife?
Relax, Jib. Don't worry.
As long as we're here, no one
can lay a finger on King.
Get that?
Tailong, no one was brave
enough to come to your place.
But now, you're getting
threats here and there.
Shut your mouth, Dragon.
You know KL belongs to whom?
If I don't get my money back...
...I will kill that kid myself!
I'll give King and his people,
their long-deserved honeymoon.
Now, King has a new kid.
That new kid is insane. He fought
with all the other groups.
Who wants to back you again?
I don't need someone
to back me up to live.
Malik chose his grave spot.
He messed with the wrong guy.
Those who go against
me, never lives long.
Life and death are in God's hands.
But I can't wait to see
how you handle that kid.
Because of that kid, it's hard
for you to go against King.
Hard? Hard, you say?
I want to see. Do I have it hard or him?
I can fight him even with my eyes closed!
Hello? It's me.
Tell Tailong, I'll handle King tonight.
Once I'm done, give me the money.
You know what to do.
You better do what you promised me.
Don't mess with me or
you'll pay for it.
Bye. What?
You speak with a forked tongue.
That's why you're dead.
You're like an animal.
That's why I sting.
Malik, thank you for
treating me to dinner.
It feels weird to eat in a hotel.
If mom and Jai joined us,
wouldn't that be better?
That's because of Abang Dil, too.
Leave it to your brother?
He would've just treat you
to Pak Manab's stall.
He would've just treated you
a half-boiled egg with black tea.
Zati, a beautiful girl like you don't
deserve to eat at a place like that.
I want you to continue your study.
I will pay for everything.
I don't want you to stop halfway.
Just finish it.
It's okay. I don't mind.
If we can't afford it, it's best
if I don't continue my studies.
Rather than seeing you
do this kind of work.
You know mom dislike it, right?
Even though everything
you did is for us.
Once the problem has been
resolved, I promise I will stop.
Don't take it seriously what mom said.
She did chase you out
but, in reality,...
This is your allowance.
Give some to mom but
don't tell her I did.
Take care of mom.
If you feel like eating at a
hotel again, just tell me.
I can bring you there. As
long as Malik permits us.
Don't worry. We won't check in
to the hotel. We'll only eat.
Have you ever been stomped by Malik?
What's wrong if I become
your brother-in-law?
Do you know how hard it is to
find a pious guy nowadays?
I'll bury you alive!
I'll kill you! Susan!
Malik. Slowly, Malik!
Get out, Jib. Get out!
Get out!
You dare go against me, Jib?
She wants to stab you in the back
but you still want to protect her?
You marry her then. But, pity...
Out of order!
I already told you! I
will settle this myself!
You shut your ears!
You killed King's wife!
You've let me down, Jib!
Jib, are you high?
What drugs are you on?
Even if it's true that
Susan is a mole,...
...don't just simply kill them!
We can still discuss about it!
It's a big problem now.
I am done talking.
Damn it! I have to talk about it!
So, you want Malik to die?
And then us next?
I let you and King step all over
me so you can rise up high!
Better believe it. I don't care.
Hey, Malik. If you were me,
you'd do the same thing.
I told you, Jib. You can
kill any outsiders you want.
But don't touch our own people.
Now, I have to settle this debt with King.
I have to pay back, Jib.
I have to pay back, Jib.
You're going against someone
who saved your life.
I don't care.
Bury me alive. I'm proud
to be killed by you.
But before you kill me, I
have something to say.
I did all this, because
I love our gang!
Blood brothers!
Malik, don't kill him now.
He's lost now. Kill him when
he's found God back. Enough.
Enough, Malik!
Be patient, Shark.
I don't know who did this.
Not to worry.
I've asked one of our guys
to find out who killed your mom.
You didn't know?
You don't need to bother yourself.
I know who did it.
I pity him.
When he was successful,
everyone kneel before him.
When he fell, he had
the heart to do this.
One day, for sure,...
...with these hands...
...I will kill him.
You'll see.
My guy killed my boss' wife.
What should we do?
Life is cheap now.
Like the glasses on your neck,
you can get three for RM10.
I feel like a Colombian gangster.
I remembered my glory days.
Even the Yakuzas find me
to beat up some people.
But I think Ajib may have
been right about Susan.
I don't care who's right or wrong.
Think about that later.
The thing is, I'm not
defending my promise to King.
How should I answer King?
Stop talking about someone's wife.
Think about yourself. Your family.
That's more important.
I don't mind my mom chased me out.
As long as she's not dead.
But now, an eye for an
eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Then, why haven't you
paid what you owe me?
That karaoke one? Damn it.
Now you want to see me, Tailong?
I don't have time.
I have lots of other things to do.
Why? You know I want to
meet the other leaders?
Before you meet the other leaders,
look at this leader first.
You go against other leaders,
you can still walk away.
But going against me is digging
your own grave, get it?
Scary. Is your nostril that big?
Quiet, Jai.
What are you so pissed
of about, Tailong?
If you can't make your kid shut
his mouth, I'll shut his eyes!
You, Dragon...
You're a useless friend!
You brought this useless
kid into my place.
You know I'm trying to get to
Malik yet you bring this kid?
That's your problem with King.
This kid is none of your concern.
Relax, Dragon. How long can
you keep up with this nutjob?
Hey, kid!
I am Malik's brother. What are
you going to do about that?
I like your style.
You remind me of my childhood days.
Dragon, I want your permission...
...to play with your kid tonight, can I?
How are you feeling, young man?
That's master's move.
I didn't even break a sweat!
Tailong, we can talk this out!
This kid knows nothing!
-Why are you beating him up?
-I'm just teaching him a lesson.
I have a show tonight.
Brother! Help me!
Zati! Let my sister go!
Let her go!
Tailong, you're too much! You're crazy!
You dare oppose me?
You know me, I use everyone.
You want a funeral too?
You're not a human. You're
worse than a beast!
Screw you. Let's go!
Hey, crackhead. You can
kill me if you want.
But keep your hands off my sister.
-Let go!
Let's go. Come on.
What is it, Zati?
Who's Zati?
I'll imprint my fists on your corpse.
Being stubborn? You
want to go against me?
Hey, nutjob!
What business do you
have with my sister?
Tell me where you are
and I'll hunt your down.
Hey, Malik! I admire you.
You're the only one brave
enough to show your neck to me.
You showed your fags, barked at me...
...you think I want to
keep my venom to myself?
I must bite you first.
What do you want from me?
I want my money!
Give me back my money!
If not, I'll bury your siblings!
Go back home and ask
forgiveness from your mom!
Or you won't make it in time!
Help me!
What is it?
Help me!
Help me!
Brother Jai.
This nutjob wants to have
fun with your sister.
Help me!
Help me!
Brother! Help me!
Malik, what's going to happen now?
What are you going to do?
Tailong got my sister.
-He wants money. Give it to me.
-I know.
I gave you a warning. I
even shouted it at you!
Now your head is in the dragon's mouth.
You go see Tailong, you're
digging your own grave.
That's a dead end!
What are you so mad about?
Malik helped us but is it
hard for you to help him?
Live together, die together.
-Live together, die together.
-Are you sure?
I'm a happy-go-lucky guy. I can laugh.
You want to go
"cheers" like that?
Hey Malik, if you want to die
that much, you can leave.
I helped your dad but you have the
nerve to joke about my sister?
I give you a choice, Shark.
I help you bring down Tailong...
...or you want me to join Tailong
and bring everything here down!
If it were not for King, I would've
let you die a long time ago!
Okay, I'll give you the money.
Take whatever you want.
We go together. But this time, I'm
not coming back empty handed.
We end this war. We'll see who dies first.
Your mom is in a critical condition.
Doctor said, she needs
an emergency operation.
You need RM200,000.
If you can.
If not, I don't know what's
going to happen to her.
Hey, look at this!
Thank you, brother.
It's been long since
I've been with a virgin.
You know how to take care of your sister.
Even my first night wasn't this great.
Even the most evil man
still has a conscience.
Even animals have feelings.
But you're worse that a beast.
You only knew?
Hey, I'm worse than the devil.
And I can become even
more if you want.
I swear by my mom's name...
...you will die by my hands.
Hey, I've always been waiting
for someone to kill me.
But until now, I am not yet dead.
I have a long life!
Even Hell is afraid of me!
Even the hottest Hell doesn't want you in.
And you're going to Heaven?
Look at that.
These are not water gun, right?
Underground connection, Jib.
If you want, we can
even conquer the world.
How about it? Got the money?
No money, no talk.
It's nice to see gangsters
doing reunion like this.
Unlike you, my kids and I very close.
You want to to be close?
Let me beat you up first.
Let your kids see how pathetic you are.
You talk crap a lot.
But you have the nerve to act so high.
You suck blood. And said you're
close to your kids. Your father!
In what way are you a big dragon?
Even if you wear red or white,...
...or a samurai comes hunt me down, I
will never respect someone like you.
I got goosebumps!
You talk big for a small guy!
How is King doing? Kissing
that pillow of his?
Hey, Shark. I can guarantee...
...if your mom was still alive, she
would've begged me to be my girl.
What does your dad do? He's a doll now.
No girl wants to be by his side
and make a brother for you.
Hey, Malik. You want
to be King's Superman?
-Want to see me lick your sister?
-Damn you!
Hey, I brought what you asked for!
Let go of my sister!
I'm here in front of you!
You can't shut up. Give me my money!
I've never met a stupid
gangster like you.
I can take you all down in one
shot, straight to your graves.
Hey, Malik. Tell your sister to
take care of our baby safely.
Malik. Jai. I am your family now.
I am your brother-in-law.
Then I am your father!
-Get away from here!
Where are you going?
40 shots and I only got one?
No worries. I will not give up.
Try again!
You can run but you can't hide!
I've stung you!
But now it's time for me to rest.
Because I'm tired!
What do you want now?
I had fun with your sister.
If I die today, I'll die happily.
Your mom is dying, right?
It's like fighting against a mannequin.
You think it's easy to take me on?
This is Tailong!
You graduate first, then you can find me.
You want me to wash your corpse?
Want to see me lick your sister?
Veggies! You're a vegetable now!
The big guy became a small guy. Come on!
Don't worry.
I'll make sure Zati is safe.
You're cold hearted.
Tonight, we celebrate.
Happy ending. Now, give me that money.
You want these?
If you take now, my
job is not yet done.
If you want these
money, go and see King.
Jai, go and see mum at the hospital.
She's critical.
Peace has broken.
A sting for one last time.
This one is just for fun.
Sorry, handsome guy. You
got the bad ending.
Malik, are you okay?
-How's your sibling?
You go home first.
I've troubled you a lot.
I'm okay as long as you're okay.
Okay. I want to see my mom.
Go home. Thanks.
...never wanted to trouble you.
What I did...
...was because I love you.
And I want the best for you.
I swear to God, mom. Please believe me.
We love you.
I did something wrong, mom.
So, I don't know...
...if I can still...
I've paid for the hospital bills.
So, please just get well soon.
I don't want to lose you.
You just need to understand.
As long as Jai and I are still alive...
...we are willing to die for you.
It's okay. I understand.
Don't think that your children
have stopped loving you.
I'm sorry.
Jai and Zati are waiting outside.
If you want to see them.
Mom will never understand that what we
did was for the best of the family.
Mom will always think
we are the bad guys.
Whether she wants to accept the truth...
...or not, that's up to her, Jai.
Who told us to choose this path?
Did mom force us?
That's why she can't accept it.
To accept it or not is a different story.
The thing is, now...
...you think I want to end
up like this? Do you?
How's mom?
I don't know what else to say, Jai.
She's fighting for her life there
and you're still blaming her?
What kind of mom likes it if
her son is always in debt?
You talk about debt.
Do you think mom knows dad
ran away because of debt?
I shoulder that burden, you know that?
I don't want you to be the victim.
I don't mind being the victim.
Your mechanic work can pay off dad's debt?
I don't care what happens to me now.
If you need me, find me.
If you don't, leave me.
Look what happened.
What happened to mom and me?
Our family is ruined because of you.
Now, KL is my haven.
Feel hell on earth, Malik.
Feel it!
Dear God, this is the day
that I am scared of the most.
But why does it have to be today?
At the moment where my
beloved needs me the most.
My story ends here.
A dark story filled with sadness.
And filled with sorrow.
I sacrificed...
...to the death for my own family.
But I know that my sacrifice is wrong.
I accept this.
And I accept Your test, God.
Dear, God.
I am willing that if You take my
life, my mom will live instead.
I'm begging You.
Take care of my mom.
And take care of my family.
So that they don't fall stray like
this worthless slave of Yours.