Klappe Cowboy! (2012) Movie Script

"Ralisateur" is French for director,
for filmmaking.
Creating a new reality.
I always wanted to be a filmmaker,
to create my own reality.
To live in the imagination
and escape my circumstances
has always fascinated me.
3.54 meters below sea level.
Germany's lowest spot.
That's where I come from.
People are far from fancy here.
They're curt and taciturn:
"Hi, yeah, we get by, likewise".
In the marshes behind the dike.
Marshes: land wrung from the sea;
it never meant anything to me.
I just knew:
I have to rise from the lowest point
to the highest one, to the top.
I realized:
You have to fight like a big fish,
pull down the blinders of ignorance.
Film is war!
Good evening and welcome, dear friends.
We're all so excited.
My name is Sigurd Stock,
deputy chairman of the local film club.
I'm also a bit nervous.
It's never been so full here.
This is it,
the prize you all are out after,
but only one can get it.
It's the main prize
of the Debutant Festival,
and it goes to...
Oh, I have to concentrate.
It's the movie
"Super Shack" by Torsten Busch!
What a load of crap!
My movie's much better!
And you, deadbeat,
are a complete movie ignorant!
Shut up, Clapper Board Cowboy!
Hi. Morning.
Well, my movie's showing at a cinema
I rented here in Berlin today.
Go for it, Cowboy!
Well, I need cash.
For a costume film I'm making...
And for a costume film...
I have to pay someone
to take care of the continuity.
Yeah! Go for it, Cowboy!
-You don't sound too keen...
-Go for it!
Okay, I'll hear from you. Bye.
Well, film is about images, not words.
So I'll keep my speech short.
It's all about the visual experience,
not theory.
The actual expression of the images,
their strength,
the emotions they convey.
This has vanished
in German films.
Everything is staged
and exploited artistically,
completely estranging
the results from reality.
I want to revive
the approach of former directors,
who, in their day,
discovered themselves
through simplicity.
To keep it short:
Start the movie!
How could you stand it? Let's split.
I had to be polite.
Come on... Too late!
Hi, Michi!
Wow! Nice to see you.
-You did a great job there!
-Congrats, I really liked it.
Thanks. And I've been
at home writing a lot lately.
My script for "Eight Fists Against
Berlin"; you can have it exclusively.
Harmony Korine meets Michael Mann.
It's a mockumentary
that involves the audience.
It's like "Herr Lehmann" on speed
with a lot of action and costumes,
but acted realistically,
with authentic characters,
unbeatable, just your style.
Basically I'm interested in everything,
you know.
Hey... Just a small thing:
Look here,
it should be "Script", not "Scritp".
A spelling mistake.
Oh, a lapse.
Seriously: Will you do it?
I really like it but currently I'm...
We've got this huge project.
And when I say huge, I mean huge,
and right after
there's another one...
I can talk to the other guys.
I can talk to Eichinger.
If you're interested in Eichinger,
I'll be seeing Bernd in a day or two.
I could also directly...
You know what?
Send it to Bernd directly.
I'll put in a good word
for you.
We've got to go now, Michi!
-Send it to him directly.
-You'd do that for me?
-Yeah, sure.
Why aren't the fridges filled?
I'm wiping the floor...
Do that later!
The fridges need to be filled!
-Just imagine I'd already done it.
-That won't do!
If my customers are dissatisfied
'cause the fridges are empty
I can give up!
Why isn't it arranged systematically?
All quiet here,
then you barge in like a truck...
A truck?
-Who's a truck?
-Keep cool, man...
Who's a truck? Did you call me a truck?
-What should I...
-I'm your boss!
So who are you calling a truck?
I'm dumbstruck.
What am I? I give you work!
-I work...
-You're a nobody!
-I work...
-You're a nobody!
Hi! Shit, I've lost my shades again.
But then I had a top meeting today.
The bad news is
my boss hasn't paid me yet.
Can I come in
for some coffee and chow?
Okay, come in then.
-What's that? This isn't coffee.
-It's all that's left.
How are things?
Any jobs lately?
Nope. Nothing doing.
Market crisis. You should know.
-Not even court shows?
-None of that shit.
Any speaking parts?
What are your words?
What are your words?
Regular stuff.
I had to play a cocaine dealer.
The police questioned me...
-No transformation of character?
Try to relax.
-Meisner will help us relax.
-What's that?
It's a repetition exercise.
I say something to you,
you concentrate only on me.
-So that we connect.
You focus on me,
on what you can see,
but only what you really see,
then you say it.
This goes back and forth
until something new appears.
But it must be a real change.
So at some stage we connect.
You scrutinize.
You scrutinize.
-No, I scrutinize.
-I see.
I scrutinize.
You scrutinize.
I have to say: "I scrutinize."
Yes! Let's go.
You're gawking.
-I'm gawking.
-You're gawking.
-I'm gawking.
-You're gawking.
-I'm gawking.
-You're gawking.
-I'm gawking.
-You find it funny.
I find it funny.
-You find it funny?
-I find it funny.
-It stirs me.
-It stirs me.
-It stirs you.
-It stirs me.
-It stirs you.
-It stirs me.
-You let it out.
-I let it out.
-You let it out.
-I let it out.
-You let it out.
-I let it out.
You let it out...
Can you take care of my dog?
-Are you into fashion?
I'm an artist.
What kind of art?
Expressive or intellectual?
No, no. It's all conceptual.
Intuitive, that is.
I'm also an artist. I'm a filmmaker.
It's my passion.
What kind of films do you make?
All kinds...
But I have a script. I'm trying
to raise the funds to make it.
I start where others reach their limits.
I set off from the point
where others end.
And I end where others start.
But when you have
these moments of art,
these orgasmic moments,
I know them...
I always have to fight for the freedom
to let my freedom run wild.
That's why I make the conditions
so narrow for myself
that I'm a captive
who has no option but to break free.
I need a film.
Sometimes I stage performances.
For my diploma
I could do with some help
from someone like you.
-As a transmitter of your art?
I think I'm your man.
I intuitively connect things
and I can sense the way people think.
I think that's what makes
my work so special.
Say: "I'm so alone."
I'm so alone.
Once more, please.
I'm so alone.
Can't you help me?
Please help me.
Turn around and crawl back again.
I need some hand camera footage
in order to edit smoothly.
-I have to focus.
-I want to quit.
-Just some short takes...
-No, I want to stop.
-...so that I can...
-It's crap, man!
It looks crap
but it takes great pictures.
One of my actors bailed out.
Can you take his part?
Straight away?
Yeah. It's an easy job.
-You did it double, that's the rhythm.
-Yeah, but you changed it again.
I didn't change it,
it was you.
There's a basic concept. You keep
changing it and I can't cut it.
The lines are:
wanna see my Pershing?
Yeah, want my Pershing?
Yeah, I'm the cuddly tomcat.
Yeah, I'm the craggy wolf."
wanna see my Pershing?
That's good,
but put a little more feeling into it...
Good, isn't it?
Why is she wearing a bra
when she's showing her snatch?
It's always the same order!
Smile, bra off, smile, panty off.
What are you saying?
What is this arty shit?
Do you know how difficult it is
to cast these charismatic actors?
Charismatic actors?
I don't need charismatic actors.
I need lewd smiling women
with firm boobs.
What about the idiot?
-An unshaved guy. Are you mad?
-Shut up and give me my money!
-Shut up...
-Get the fuck out of here, weirdo!
Before I go mad!
Get the fuck out! Or I'll call the cops!
-You haven't heard the last of me!
-Fuck off!
Take it easy.
-Start from the beginning.
-Okay, so...
"Nibble fish" is the buzzword.
Nibble fish, doctor fish,
that's what they're called.
So that's the next big thing.
People enter a basin.
Then come the fish.
They eat up the whole shit:
psoriasis, acne, eczema.
I need a presentation movie
for this business.
People have to think: Great!
I also want psoriasis so I can have
the fish nibbling at it! Understand?
It has to be upbeat, euphoric!
Flash submarine shots,
fireworks, everything!
Grandeur! That's what I want.
-Can you do that?
-Know who I've worked with?
-Doing well?
-Long time no see.
Not that long, just last week.
Did you talk to Bernd?
Yes, he knows.
You talked about me?
Not directly.
But he knows everything...
-Much to do?
-I know that kind of stress.
-Show something.
-Moo, moo.
-Really hard.
-Me too.
I'm thinking of new work,
developing new concepts.
You're so involved in projects
and you know so many people.
Got a job for me?
A small part. Or as a sound assistant
or something like that?
-Many want a job like that.
-Yeah, but we are on the same level.
We're not on the same level!
-What the hell's that?
I think I've got something for you.
That'd be great.
What's it about roughly?
-An acting part.
-That's great.
Can you give me a rough outline?
As a cameraman.
-A part as a cameraman?
When will it start?
Do you know already?
-Tomorrow already?
But I'm not sure you're the right guy.
-For the part?
Of course. I'm just right.
Let's see about that.
You look puzzled.
-I look puzzled.
-You look puzzled.
I look puzzled.
-You're skeptical.
-I'm skeptical.
-You're skeptical.
-I'm skeptical.
It's Nightingale.
Nightingale from Weinberg park.
Is it sinking in now?
I'm looking for someone like you.
Go ahead then.
-I was waiting for you...
-No. I'm a filmmaker.
I want you to act in my movie
"Eight Fists Against Berlin".
It's quite a big part...
Not a lead part, but an important one.
Give me a call.
My name is Cowboy,
I'm a director.
-One moment. Sounds like business.
Keeps ringing.
It's 'cause of the rep I've gathered.
-Be there on time.
-I sure will.
Sorry, the part is gone.
Hang on...
There's another thing.
I need...
some shots for my shows.
I'm relying on you.
Look, Ali!
Are you kidding me?
-No way was that a six.
-Two sixes.
-You didn't throw two sixes!
-This time I did!
You're taking me for a ride!
-Only idiots around here or what?
-Keep cool, Ali.
My ass!
Stay cool.
-Hey, Ali.
-All right, Cowboy?
Of course.
I'm done with Ali.
I'm in the music industry now.
I'm making a new name for myself.
What's up?
I need a camera.
-A movie camera?
-That's it.
No problem.
Can I come in?
-You have to climb around to get in.
-I know, Molle.
It's okay, Ocke.
Hi, Ocke.
Ocke doesn't like me anymore...
I have an offer for you.
What kind of offer?
No. I don't do any work anymore.
But you can fish all day there.
With the fishpole,
catching the actors' words.
-I can only catch fish, not words.
-Know what I mean?
Just rely on me.
There'll be beer.
Cold beer all day.
I can fish.
I'll call you back.
My colleague's here. Bye.
Hi there.
-All well?
How are you?
My stomach hurts.
Hi, Ali here.
Can we come over?
Can you tell Jens we're coming?
Yeah... Yes.
Okay... Yeah.
Okay. Yeah.
No problem. I'll tell him.
Come on, we can go...
We're coming. Listen...
Let's go...
No, that way... There...
I had a crazy fuck yesterday...
Don't forget:
Stay cool when I introduce you.
Don't twitch, he doesn't like that.
-Let me do the talking. Stay cool.
-Sure thing.
Just what I was looking for.
Can we make a blow-up with it?
Yeah, blow-up, all there, no problem.
-Hi, can I come in?
Look what I got.
-Good stuff.
-Have you got the clapper?
Yeah. But...
-Are you kidding?
-No, why? It's okay.
You can use that to work with.
We have to talk.
Some things seem to not be clear to you.
-You can use it as a key fob.
-Good. I could do with one.
Make yourself familiar with it.
-I've got it.
-Do you?
-Do you?
-Do you?
-Do you?
Then explain it to me.
-What shall I explain? It's a DV camera.
-But how does it work?
How the pictures come inside
when I press the button?
-Or what?
-For instance.
Well, I don't know how the pictures...
How they...
It's done by reflection.
The ions come in, right?
They are attracted and captured.
-Yeah. Magnetism.
They're attracted by the magnets,
and then they're reflected
and packed into a chamber.
They're stored.
You press the button,
the chamber opens,
then they're projected onto the screen.
-Simple physics.
-Stop yelling.
-I wasn't sure if you were here.
-Where else would I be? Hollywood?
-Not yet!
Come out of your hole.
What's that milk cart?
Have you brought something to drink?
That sounds good!
Put your weight further
to the rear, Molle. It's dragging.
Right. Get out, Molle.
Let me tidy up your hair...
Keep your mouth shut up there.
I don't want anyone
to smell your breath.
Try to think of something,
so you'll have an expression.
-You take the stairs with Molle.
-I want to take the elevator...
Take the stairs.
Hi. Nice to see you.
I'm already practicing.
-I see.
-I've prepared something.
We have to speak English...
Take off your clothes.
I'll secure the camera here.
Today we'll play around with paint.
Next time we'll do something else.
We're being watched!
Who is that guy?
-Yeah, cheers.
We'll call it a day for now.
We continue tomorrow.
That'll be...
Want a rollmops?
Not today.
I don't feel like one today.
You're sulky again.
Sulky? No. I'm just not doing so well...
I don't know...
You're gloomy.
Yes, I have this pressure
in my stomach...
-You're gloomy.
-I'm sure tomorrow... I'm gloomy.
-You're gloomy.
-I am gloomy.
-You're totally out of it.
-I'm totally out of it.
-You're out of it.
-I'm out of it.
You're off-key.
-I'm off-key.
-You're laughing.
I'm laughing.
-I'm laughing.
-Feeling better.
-I'm feeling good...
...feeling better.
Do you think
the shots turned out well?
-Did you get everything?
Circular tracking shots;
they're called Ballhaus. Movie lingo.
Do you have any crisps?
Or pretzels?
Something to drink?
Good photography.
Did you see that?
I'd use a long shot there.
-Right. Good backlight shot.
-Yeah, a jump cut.
That wasn't a jump cut.
Took that from Hitchcock.
That Vertigo tracking shot.
I know it.
-There you zoom out...
-I've seen it.
-I've seen the Hitchcock movie.
-So what is a Vertigo tracking shot?
I'm not so...
I want you to leave. Please go.
So what's the idea?
Give me some...
Then I can build up a syndicate.
It's important to me
to present the whole thing
with glamor.
Marlene Dietrich; 20s, 30s.
I arrive at Friedrichstadt Palace.
Red carpet...
Everything's shining!
Everything has to shine...
...in grand style.
I arrive on a white horse.
-On what?
-On a horse.
Men are coming towards me,
all enthusiastic.
Hunky boys with smooth hair.
The men swarm around me,
as Marlene said,
"like moths around light".
You're not Marlene Dietrich.
...a red carpet at the entrance,
two hot babes and all the people...
...and greet the people
in their luxury limousines.
But we don't need a limo,
it won't be in the picture.
-But the diva will be.
-Yeah, sure.
But you don't want to be a copycat...
-I am a diva.
-You should sell yourself...
If I go into too much detail
you'll miss the surprise
that makes you play so well.
After all, you aren't an actor.
I don't know
whether we really need it, it's so...
The quality of the shoot is important.
That is has a good shooting principle.
And that a...
I'll solve it
with the Gordian Knot.
It's not the effort, it's just that...
frugal works better.
The red carpet won't be visible
as the shot will be on the aquarium.
You pull off your dance show, okay?
...and then I thought
you'd be assaulted.
You're assaulted by a pharmaceutical...
...then you're assaulted
and defend yourself.
Who assaults me?
That way.
-I want a beer first.
-No, this way.
It's red, man.
-It's red, man!
When I say this way, you say that way.
When I say that way, you say this way.
Come in.
Are you ready?
Camera running?
The camera's running.
Go inside.
There's a cage in there.
-Inside the cage?
-Yes, walk in.
Exactly. Stand here in the middle.
Let's start.
-Am I acting again?
-Yes, you're the main actor.
Stay focused on me.
I am the creator,
and you imagine
you're a simple human being.
Stand inside the yellow circle.
Now you have to communicate
with the spiritual world.
To talk to a higher dimension,
you must talk to
the spirits of nature. Tule!
This is a wild jackal... come on.
Don't be scared.
And when the two of you
connect mentally,
he will tell you
what the humans are doing wrong
and how they can stop being ill
and don't have to suffer in rest homes
or resort to yoga and such things.
I feel silly.
I have to somehow...
-Try to relax.
-Like this?
Yeah, you can sing or something.
And I'm here too...
Talk to the jackal!
Another good way to talk
to the jackal is here.
Or you can use dead animals.
Yes, that's good, too.
Tule, jackal!
Jackal! The chicken...
Excuse me, I have to direct my folks...
Molle, it's...
Take care! It's art!
No! This is an art movie!
Yes. But take care not to trip.
Can we do it again?
It won't work like this.
It's unprofessional.
Okay. One more time.
Into the camera.
Come here, Kinski.
We'll take a close-up.
You have to suffer a bit.
Film biz isn't a cakewalk.
We produce antihero movies
for individualists,
not the mainstream.
I've met Michi a few times
and talked to him.
After all, he knows a lot of people.
Eichinger, for instance.
But I hate having
to curry favor with people.
Especially in film biz,
everything's so superficial.
-They look good on me, don't they?
Well, it's a good idea...
More or less.
An idea is a frozen thought.
-Are you in a relationship?
No, I'm free. I'm a free person.
When was your last relationship?
I can't remember.
Two years, five years?
Relationship damage?
You could say
it was an experience for life.
The last guy burned my pictures.
I don't need that anymore.
You know, and...
"You have learned what freedom is.
Never forget it."
Get it?
Yes, but...
a relationship
doesn't mean you can't be free.
It only means that you sexually
stick to one person a bit.
Come on, give me your nose.
There's no beer today.
We can't just let Molle...
When you're in a state to say
excuse me, you can come back, okay.
Why were you so rude, Molle?
I'm not taking any more of your shit!
No beer all day,
and you're eating sausages
while we are eating dry bread, or what?
That won't work.
Why? We're getting free sausages now...
Show them to me on a plate! And a beer!
You'll get it. Just apologize first.
What do you want?
Just kiss her feet for a second.
That's all...
The last thing I'd do
is kiss the feet of that...
primitive, American chick.
Who do you think you are?
-Where did the beer come from?
I bought it myself.
Bernd Eichinger treated us to it!
-Do your shit on your own!
-Stay here, Molle.
I'll kill you, loser!
Pa's in hospital and Ma's crying!
Come here!
I'm not finished with you yet!
-I want to see Kinski.
-Like I give a damn. Who are you anyway?
-I'm a friend. I want to talk to him.
-It's not the right time!
-Who are you?
-I'm Rainer, his brother.
And I'm talking turkey!
And you're an unemployed actor
sponging off your family?
No. I'm a filmmaker.
I gave him work.
Work? Paid work?
-You're from the coast?
I'm from Horst. You?
Are you a waster like my brother?
-No. I'm on the up and up here in Berlin.
-And are you making money? Chicks?
-Do you have chicks?
Come in, then.
A visitor for you.
He's got work for you.
So you can pay off some of your debt.
Just as I said.
It's his fault the farm's gone.
Repossessed to pay
for his acting lessons.
You didn't pay, now Pa's in hospital.
-I'll pay.
-That won't make our old man healthy.
Things will straighten out again.
I should've drowned you long ago.
Give me bass, bass, bass, bass, bass!
Let me look at you. I've got an idea.
You're a great character.
Let me explain.
Will you listen to me?
-Let's go out here, leave the boy alone.
Poor guy.
-Can I tell you something?
-Go ahead.
The Turkish grocer laughed at me.
We'll take the whole shot live,
in one go.
-I don't know where she is.
Now you're the next-door kebab seller,
whose shop went broke.
You attack her with kebabs
and use your moves.
-I'll crucify you, kebab!
-Go! Cut! Action!
Yeah. Hateful looks
that turn into harmony.
Like... Tarantino,
"Kill Bill" with swords.
-Or old material arts. Enjoy it...
-What is this?
But realistic, like Bruce Lee. Action!
Wait, what is material art?
Flat out!
Keep using kebab language and...
Sausage stall! Sausage!
We've got it!
Nice here, by the river, right?
I want to tell you something.
Are you doing well?
-Do you want to talk with me?
-Yes. Also about financial things.
-What financial things?
You said there'd be money.
I asked you several times.
You avoid the subject.
That's not true. You won't earn money
with my movies, I can tell you that.
I can't believe it!
You said there'd be money.
I'm broke. I need it.
-You'll have to find other sources...
-And what about the time I invested?
I can't pay you.
I teach you the know-how.
The know-how? Sure!
I allow you into my private sphere.
I've given you rights
that hardly anyone else has.
-And now you shit on me.
-Pull the other one.
-I let you...
-I bust my balls for you.
And you keep mucking about!
And now this!
-Calm down...
-My pa's losing the farm.
And you keep giving me shit.
-What the hell are you doing?
-What do you mean?
Focus on the main things.
The things you've learnt.
I feel fucking screwed by you!
-Then get another feeling!
- Oh, really.
You don't know what a job it is
to instruct a beginner like you
to get your act together!
-Look at yourself!
-What do you mean?
Don't make promises you can't keep!
Your amateur behavior... Always
having to rebuke you, with your...
Who's the amateur here?
You have two messages...
When the farmer dies, so does the land!
Hello, son,
I have to sell the farm...
When the farmer dies, so does the land!
You aren't home.
You see, farming is going to the dogs.
We had to sell our cows,
because the milk price is so low
that we can't
feed ourselves anymore.
But what can we do, son?
Now you know. The chickens
don't give a return anymore either.
No more messages.
I'll get you!
You promised me a video.
I haven't seen anything. So where is it?
-I was in a creative coma.
-Creative coma? Want a real one?
You can't force creativity.
It's like a straw.
Pull too hard and it breaks.
I'll break something
if you don't deliver in two days.
-I need my video, okay?
-I'll take care of it.
-Or I'll feed you to the fish!
Two days, no more.
I'll do it.
-I'll call you Saturday, okay?
I'm already looking forward to it.
What are you doing here?
We don't have an appointment.
I thought
we could do something.
We could go to the movies.
The Debutant Film Festival, maybe.
No, sorry. No time.
Too much to do. Bye.
I'm in love with you.
God, Cowboy...
You must be crazy...
Get the crew. Then we'll talk. Bye.
...the helpers are well equipped.
They're crazy, but they're...
great craftsmen.
You look thoughtful.
It's a heartache.
The artist I worked for.
I thought her heart might beat for me.
But she used me.
The brothers.
You'll take a trip
with our new friend on the weekend.
So those are the fish.
They're harmless.
Do you have eczema?
Or why are they nibbling at you?
So these are the people
that want to be in the show.
They want you, and you want them.
And then you run along here,
approach him and yell, "turn up
the bass! as if you wanted to...
overrun him, okay?
You get into position
and put water in here,
together with five or six fish.
-Sound on?
Okay, let's jump
straight into the scene.
Just one word...
The assault will happen now.
-The theme, right?
-The theme.
The theme, okay...
-He's threatening my job...
-You attack him furiously.
-Ready to roll?
Sound on.
Take his guitar.
We'll do that in the post.
We make a machine gun out of it.
And then you have to...
-Sound on.
Give me parts, give me bass!
Give me parts, give me bass!
I said, behind the iron pillar!
-I don't know!
-Behind the pillar here!
-What's supposed to happen?
-Here's a musician!
But nobody's there!
-Take a Vertigo tracking shot here!
More lively. Take a Ballhaus.
Take a Ballhaus.
In a circle! Move around him!
Take a gun and shoot him.
In the post I'll add some dildos.
I won't do that.
You, quick.
So you reach out to the vicar
with your hand...
-If I don't get my money...!
-You'll get it.
Think we'll win a prize?
Depends on your acting.
Square dance...
How do you want...?
-No cigarettes here now!
-I won't continue without food.
Do a subjective Vertigo.
I've had enough.
I was also relying on
getting some warm food, but...
-What about sandwiches?
-We have to finish this.
-Get some sandwiches first.
We've been going for 15 hours.
Cold start, then!
How are we breaking down the scene?
-What are we shooting now?
-Come on, start the camera.
-First we have to know what to do.
We move around this whole scene
in a figure of eight,
around the sausages,
and with a close-up of Shiny.
Shiny takes over these meat thingies,
like a wave shot
shifting to a figure of eight,
the infinity of taste.
Representing the rich variety of taste,
then we go into a...
-Where's the kebab man?
-We already shot that.
The light's different. You can't
mix shots from different days!
-Nobody will notice...
-Everyone will!
Just listen to yourself!
-Are you laughing at me?
-I don't recognize his words.
-You want to tell me how to make films?
-How would you know?
Have you ever
really completed a movie?
Go over there. It'll take us
ten minutes. But keep your mouth shut!
He has no idea!
-Go home, Cowboy.
-Fuck off, film nerd!
-No, it's alright...
-It's unprofessional...
Good that you came so fast.
Today is a grand day.
A grand day for Hate Art.
This used to be a center of power.
And it shall be again!
It shall be the birth place
of a new movement
that can change the whole world.
Let's have an interview first.
Can you hold the camera...
Take an American close-up of his face...
And you do the mike.
We start with a dialog...
Try to be naturally human,
just so that I can...
Not so stiff, try to be
cool and light, act relaxed.
And then... with more dynamism.
What does the concept
stand for, then?
It's not about the questions, Cowboy,
it's about the answers.
-That's what I'm looking for...
-At times you must mature for truth.
And not only demand it.
In this city,
and the whole country,
a conspiracy is taking place.
And we brothers are
the victims of this lost generation,
whose ears and mouths
are filled with filth,
rendering their gibberish
of wistful art completely meaningless.
We have a guest with us this evening,
a member of amateurism.
I just informed myself
about your film project.
Was it bad fortune
that made the film subsidy office
decline it more than 50 times?
Or was it intent?
The intent of absolutely everyone
in the industry
capable of reading and writing.
You aren't worthy, Cowboy.
You're just another imposter.
A liar.
Someone pretending to be
what he never can
and never will be all of his life.
Run, loser, run!
-Small-time cowboy!
-Run, you liar!
And wash your dirty mouth!
-Look at him!
-Run, Forrest, run!
Look at him run!
Run, run...!
See the pig run!
-Make it hard.
-Why? Look, it's upright.
I want it all the way up,
all the way up... deeper!
Wait, let me...
Use force,
use more force!
I'm doing my best!
One more time!
-Yes, that's it!
-It looks great!
It's looking good!
But I want it even further down!
Here, let me do it.
Oh boy!
Solid as a rock!
Is that the right side?
It's all shook up.
-Oh God.
-All zoom, no focus!
How shall I tell Yps?
Kinski and I have to talk.
Stop it!
Now it's... Believe me...
Here I made this action painting.
You just have to see the video!
And there is this video...
A type of persiflage of...
real action painting,
an attempt
to transform
the two-dimensional into...
It's crap! It's all crap!
You deadbeat piece of shit!
I'm getting a beer.
You're sad 'cause Ocke's gone.
You drink your beer
and see no way out.
Ocke isn't everything.
Beer isn't either.
You know that yourself.
There are many options.
-Well, which...?
You have to find that out yourself.
Everyone has different...
Find a girlfriend.
Get on with your life.
-They don't get me.
-You just think that.
You have to think positive.
-They don't understand me.
-That's what you think.
It's only in your mind, Molle.
Cowboy? What are you doing here?
-Where do you want to go?
-I went to service.
I prayed for us.
Did you speak decently?
I said a prayer
and mentioned my sorrows
at the end.
Everybody prays...
as best he can.
-That's right.
-What are you doing here?
-Saying farewell.
-Saying farewell?
Say farewell.
Say farewell?
Where are you going?
is the French word for director.
For filmmaking.
I always wanted to be a filmmaker,
create my own reality,
escape my environment.
"Catharsis" is the Greek word
for unmasking, transformation...
You can't escape the environment,
you can't overcome superior powers.
Then I'll be Cowboy the Director.
A hero's death.
I need a drink.
But there's enough to drink down there.
You don't know what will be.
But I'll die anyway someday.
Then I'd also find out what comes after.
If I say this is the end,
then this is the end,
no more questions.
But the questions keep me going.
But when I'm dead,
I can do what I want to do.
And then I can be content,
'cause I'll know how it is.
But what if it's different?
-Take care you don't fall down!
-We've been looking for you!
I've made my decision!
The dream is over.
-All great heroes left young.
-You're no hero.
Exactly. Everybody's laughing at me.
-I've got your mail here.
-Kinski has a letter for you.
-From Bernd Eichinger!
-Yeah, sure!
Take a look at it, at least.
-I've been looking for you!
-Those who commit suicide go to hell!
I love you.
What are you doing?
Love? I heard that at your door.
-At my door?
-I was standing outside.
And what do you do?
You have it off with another guy!
-I'm a loser.
-It's decided.
-Why are you a loser?
The film you made for me
turned out great.
The gallery owners are queuing up.
I graduated with the best grade.
-The film is shaky as hell...
-No, it's perfect. It made my grade.
They love that kind of stuff.
Do you know how it is
to be denied subsidies 50 times?
Tell us how it is
when you've come down!
Come on!
-There we go.
-I've made a decision!
Better to die young!
I can't live without recognition!
Maybe I was too cold-hearted.
-Come down now.
-Please come down.
You're a great guy, Cowboy.
-Hi there.
-Hi, Krbke.
-Can I help you?
-Have you seen Ssch?
Who's that? Give me a hint.
He's the head of the clinic.
But I am the head of the clinic...
I have to talk to you, Molle.
-...with a joker face.
-He's been a patient for years...
He set my pictures on fire!
I keep thinking about you.
I've fallen in love with you.
What do you say, Molle?
Tell me...
You here? Attack, Tule! Go!
Wait, Yps!
-I'm not made for marriage...
-Well, you could...
-Don't touch me!
-We could...
Stay here, Molle!
I'm working my ass off
for this crap movie
and you tell me
you want to fuck my ass!
Stay where you are!
Where are you going?
You pervert!
-Come back!
-Forget it!
Go find a woman!
Do the clapper, Kinski?
So now we really aim for the stars.
You as Brando?
I don't know.
I'm thinking of Rainer all the time.
Don't know if he needs me.
Gibberish! You're an actor.
An actor...
Actor or cameraman?
-You're a great actor in this film.
-Which film?
"Eight Fists Against Berlin!"
This film!
Am I going mad now?
-Which movie?
-The movie we just made.
Wait. My phone.
No. I got the letter.
Yeah, I'm very busy right now.
I have to sleep over it.
I'll give you a call
when I've got time, okay?
See you, Bernd.
Bernd Eichinger? I thought he was dead.
Why did you tell him
you don't have any time?
Isn't he...
-You're unsettled.
-I'm unsettled.
-You're unsettled.
-I'm unsettled.
-You're jazzed.
-I'm jazzed.
For once just forget
that you have to be good...