Kleks Academy (2023) Movie Script

[eerie music plays]
[wolfur 1 growls]
- [wolfur 2 growls]
- [wolfur 3 chitters]
[wolfur 4 chitters]
[wolfur 5 chitters]
[wolfur 6 growls]
[wolfurs screeching]
[wolfur queen] My lord,
I have hunted down the murderer
who has caused so much suffering
to our family.
A bird was the form he took many moons ago
and hid within the fairy tale
of the Academy of Professor Kleks.
We'll soon catch him, my lord,
and he'll get the retribution he deserves.
There won't be a single creature
that will dare
stand in our way ever again.
[wolfurs howling]
[music builds]
[wolfurs howling]
[siren wailing]
[horn honks]
better watch where you're going!
I am Ada Contrary, you fatso.
[man] Come on, man,
get the hell out of the way!
- [mobile phone chimes]
- So, let's go then.
- [horn honks]
- [Ada] Hi, Dad.
Today is my 12th birthday.
And to mark this occasion,
I'm going to share with you
what I like the most.
What I like most...
is having a good plan.
And I'm telling you,
- I have planned this day to perfection.
- [upbeat music plays]
[people laughing]
I let myself eat sweets only once a year...
so I don't end up with diabetes
before I'm 40.
Then it's saying hello to my friends
who are coming later to my surprise party.
None of them have a clue
I already know about it.
I'll see you all later!
And the last part of my plan,
visiting the place of power.
We went together every year
for my birthday.
And this is the place where you taught me
everything you know to help me understand.
[wondrous music plays]
But I could never concentrate.
Like having monkeys jumping in my head.
[electricity crackles]
- [donkey braying]
- [squawking]
[bird screeches]
Just stay.
[bird screeches]
[bird cawing]
He'll come back.
You'll see. We always return.
[flamenco guitar plays]
[guitar playing gently]
[castanets clacking]
- Ol!
- [hat thuds]
Get ready!
One. Two!
[upbeat flute music plays]
- Ow!
- [thud]
- [music continues]
- [girl grumbles]
Oh, ah!
[comedian] So he turned round
and what's that?
Oh my, what's that?
And he grabbed hold
as best he possibly could.
No legs. No, it's a passing horse.
"No legs?" "No, no legs."
And what's the matter with you?
- No legs?
- Get to work now.
- [comedian] Okay, what's that?
- [crowd laughs]
Oh, I see.
[chattering and laughing]
- [squawk]
- [crash]
[upbeat electronic music plays]
[girl] I am speaking to Mrs Magda Dylewska
from the Department of Urban Architecture.
Why you are so determined to install
metal spikes on all of the flats
as a deterrent to birds?
[electronic voice] Because pigeon
droppings can cause extensive damage
to the building's rooftops
and their faades.
Oh, I'm never gonna
act this right, you know.
Really? Have you ever seen a bird,
um, that could potentially destroy
a faade with all of its droppings?
It would have to weigh, um,
like over a hundred pounds.
- [fluttering]
- [trilling]
Ow! [groans]
Oh. Ah.
I need to work on my landing. [grunts]
And then she responds,
"No idea. I've never been to Paris."
Kiko, you have been chosen
from millions of children.
Signor Kleks
saw within you much potential and passion.
You'll be able to develop your potential
amongst the most gifted children
in the world.
Pack your suitcase.
Vamos, amigo!
[siren wailing]
[horn honking]
- [dog barking]
- [squawk]
[upbeat electronic music plays]
Hey, hey, that's cool, man.
- That's cool!
- [squawks] Cool!
- Cool!
- Hey! Go, Birds!
[trills] This is a birds' world!
[Ada] It's all going to plan.
When I go inside the flat,
everyone will shout "surprise!"
- And I'll act really surp...
- [dog barking]
[growls, barks]
- Hello, Ada.
- [Ada] Hello.
[people chattering]
I'm sorry, sir, but that dog
is blocking the entrance again.
Happy birthday to you, Ada.
I do hope you're going to like
the present that I have for you.
[man chuckles]
Wow. It's beautiful.
[man] I'll teach you
how to use it one day.
Thank you so much.
- Goodbye.
- [man] Goodbye.
[Ada] Hello?
Here I am. Time to come out.
Where are you?
[wondrous music plays]
[door opens]
- I have something to tell you.
- I know what you're going to say.
I managed to contact
an Ecuadorian diplomat.
- He's found a trail in Guatemala.
- [Ada breathing heavily]
- Ada?
- You have to stop looking for him, Mum!
[Ada sniffling and crying]
[breathing shakily]
I apologise, I forgot your birthday.
I feel horrible.
You just had to keep to the plan, Mum.
Dad's not here anymore.
But I'm still here.
I'm going to make it up to you, I swear.
I promise you.
I promise.
- [squawks]
- [chewing noisily]
[whimsical music plays]
Such barbarism.
- [grunts] Mm.
- [device whistling and quacking]
Enough now.
I've got work to do.
Prince Matthew.
[ominous music plays]
In the name of the king,
I am taking you to the wolfur's realm
to face the charges
in the court of wolves.
Get away from me.
[indistinct police radio chatter]
It's your fate to die now.
I'm just a [exhales]
normal guy, not a bird. [inhales]
- What's going on here?
- [Matthew gasps]
[wolfur queen snarls]
- Whoa.
- [wolfur queen growls]
We need backup. We need backup.
[man] I don't care!
[Ada] Can you see what's going on, Dad?
[gentle music plays]
'Cause, wherever you are...
I hope that one day
you'll watch this film...
and you will return.
[Dad] Place it by your bed, hm?
I'll have one just like it, by my bed.
And I'll see your dreams in it.
And if you dream of something scary...
I'll rub the mirror like this
and the nightmares will vanish, hm?
[Ada] This will show you the way.
Save the world, Dad,
and I shall look after home.
I have everything planned.
[mournful music plays]
But now who will erase my nightmares?
Dad, this wasn't the plan, you know.
[Matthew] Hi, excuse me!
Excuse me, seora. Hello?
Can you open the window?
[whimsical music plays]
Excuse me,
do you mind if I use your toilet?
'Scuse me, but who are you?
Do you know the worst thing
about being a bird?
Doing your business.
When you're a human, it's simple,
you go to the toilet when you want.
Alas, for us birds,
it's a massive problem.
Because we don't even know when we're...
Well, [chuckles] you get the picture.
So I'm there,
you know, talking to this chick.
We're chirping away, and suddenly...
- Oh my goodness.
- [trills]
I know!
So embarrassing. Isn't it?
- Excuse me! Hm?
- [sighs]
[Ada sighs]
[Matthew] Mm-hm. Mm-mm.
I beg your pardon, I'll introduce myself.
My name is Matthew.
- And, yes, I'm a bird.
- A bird, huh? Uh-huh.
And I've come to invite you
to the Academy run by Mr Kleks.
Now is the time for you to shine, Ada.
Oh my goodness!
[man laughing]
I'll give you three books for free, hm?
If the fairy tale invites me. [laughing]
It would be great,
only the Academy's just for children.
[man] Oh. Huh.
And you know...
[vendor] Peanuts! Popcorn!
Ice-cold drinks!
Do you mind if I call you "boss," yeah?
That's absolutely marvellous.
- [man laughing]
- [Matthew trills]
I must be going mad.
[man laughing]
I must fly, okay?
- [Matthew squawks]
- [bird cawing]
[man laughing]
Well, I understand, mate. [squawks]
[panting] What are you frightened of?
The Academy is at the very top of the list
in the fairy-tale world.
I tell you, it's the best there is.
- There's no fairy-tale world.
- Will you slow down?
We're enrolling fewer kids now
because they're becoming
less and less imaginative,
but the Academy, I promise, is there!
And you have [pants]
an important role to play in it.
[panting, trills]
Number one,
I don't believe in imagination.
And number two,
I have no intention of changing schools.
- [man 1] You're out of order!
- [man 2] Get out of my face!
Right, so the director of the Academy
is Professor Ambrose Kleks,
a wonderful teacher, my friend,
and between the two us,
your dad's brother.
- My dad hasn't got a brother.
- No, not in this world.
- [device screeching]
- [Matthew groans]
- Once I have my fill of flowers...
- For imagination is bad.
If it weren't for his imagination,
my dad wouldn't have gone
across the world.
He'd have stayed...
[wondrous music plays]
[inhales, exhales]
[curious music plays]
What's this Academy run by Mr Kleks?
[Anna sighs]
I'm surprised the time is upon us.
So you've been visited
by Matthew, the bird?
He's not a bird.
Just some lunatic who thinks he is.
Your father and I
were students at the Academy.
It's where we fell in love
with each other.
Mum, it's me, stop telling fairy tales.
I'm nearly an adult. Tell the truth.
You are...
You are the daughter
of a Grand Master, Alex Contrary.
[dramatic music plays]
You have a great power inside you,
and the Academy is calling upon you.
I'm surrounded by lunatics.
[music fades]
You see?
[Ada] How can I be normal
when everyone around me is a lunatic?
[sighs] I don't want to listen
to these fairy tales.
I mean, I'm not 11 years old anymore.
[paper rustling]
You can choose to avoid the truth
about yourself and the Academy,
the same way you avoid that dog.
The one... at the doorway.
[Ada] Huh?
So you know of the Academy?
Hm. I believe you could be ready
to face your destiny. It's time.
There isn't any Academy.
My dad wasn't a master, he was... [inhales]
He was just an ordinary dad.
And who are you, apart from my neighbour?
And why is everyone
talking about this acad...
[low humming]
[disorienting noises]
[wondrous music plays]
Your special power must be revealed...
- [Ada exhales]
...and at the Academy
will find its proper form.
And then you will be properly equipped
to solve the mystery
of your vanished father.
- So, what will you choose, Ada?
- [whimsical music plays]
The world which you know...
or the greatest adventure of your life?
Can Mum come with me?
[music continues]
Why exactly did you decide on this place?
For private and personal reasons.
All right. Mm.
Here's the rules.
As you're still a child,
from the Academy,
you can travel back and forth
into the real world whenever.
- Just simply say the spell.
- The spell?
Oh, I see.
Grown-ups can only travel
to the real world for 24 hours.
If they go over that limit,
they stay in the real world forever.
That's why I'm not able to come with you.
Travel between the two worlds
prohibits carrying any dangerous objects
[clicks tongue],
any items of food.
The transportation of animals [squawks]
is strictly off-limits. [trills]
Ada Contrary...
It's time to fly the nest
fairy tales hold the answers
to everything.
[chuckles, sighs]
[sighs] Fasten your seatbelt
and repeat after me.
Once I have my fill of flowers...
[curious music plays]
Once I have my fill of flowers...
...September turns to May in bowers.
- ...September turns to May in bowers.
- [upbeat electronic music plays]
Nettles stung my skin all over.
Nettles stung my skin all over.
I'm so sad.
- Will I recover?
- Will I recover?
[wolfurs howling]
[ominous music plays]
It's time to assemble.
[wolfur growls]
[creatures chirping]
[wondrous music plays]
[bird honking]
[bird hooting]
[insects buzzing]
[dragonfly chittering]
[bicycle bell rings]
[upbeat electronic music plays]
[wings fluttering]
The wax didn't melt. The wax didn't melt!
- Dad, we've got it!
- [dad laughing]
[son] Yes!
[dad] If it works here,
let's do the same over Ithaca!
[bird whistles]
Konnichiwa. I am Kiko.
Natasha. Dobryi den.
[Matthew trills, squawks]
[Matthew] Hello, hello! Listen to me now!
Here I am!
Students of the school of imagination,
please join me.
A sip from the Babel Fountain
will make you all speak
the same language. [trills]
Go ahead, drink it.
Wet your beaks, come now.
[Kleks] The moon once visited the pond
Because he had a lot on
Then the pikes had a chat
Who is that? Who is that?
Hi. My name's Kiko.
Hey, I know other languages, yeah?
I understand you. And do you me?
Hi, I'm Batar.
[Kleks] The moon then quickly replied
"I'm a goldfish from the s ky"
- What did the bench say to the table?
- Hearing all those screams and shouts
A fisherman's rod caught him out
- Nothing. Benches aren't able to speak.
- All night in a creamy sauce
For breakfast
He cooked him, of course
Who is that? Who is that?
I'm Zita, queen of the dad jokes.
[Matthew] Now, it's time to get to work.
[clears throat]
Welcome to the Academy of Professor Kleks!
That bird's talking.
[music plays over speakers]
- [trills]
- Huh?
[Matthew] Oh!
- I can control that as a human.
- [record rewinds]
But as a bird, let me tell ya,
I'm all over the place.
Welcome to our fable
Where sheep all dance on tables
Pinocchio's happy singing
The trees around us swinging
Here, music plays forever
Forget the rhythmic measure
Forget the sounds, it's art
And write songs with all your heart
[record rewinds]
[Matthew] In the Academy,
the most creative ideas
come to life as butterflies,
and then they fly into the real world
where they become
an inspiration to everyone.
[curious music plays]
Here birds don't sing, they bark
A snake looks like a shark
So tell me, can you feel it?
Stand up and simply say it
- [record rewinds]
- Impossible is nothing
All creatures they are jumping
The children fly their airplanes
Across the lush green terrain
[upbeat electronic music plays]
[record rewinds]
[Matthew] This is the largest collection
of fairy tales in the world.
Some of these books
are the only copies in the entire cosmos.
Not just grown-ups are tough guys
Have weapons in disguise
It's all across the nation
This is imagination!
[bird hoots]
Whenever music's playing
Jump up and just start swaying
No need to ask your daddy
Just go practice karate
[upbeat music plays]
The trees have superpowers
They sing along with flowers
The fish write verse and prose
All birds talk, not just crows?
- [rock] That is impossible.
- [Ada gasps]
No, that's impossible!
[children chattering]
I can see tall ships
The depths below
And pearls are hidden
Under all of the waves
Luminous circles
On which I flow
To find the shadow of all bygone days
[upbeat electronic music plays]
Here will be excellent.
And that is how the storm clouds
begin to take shape.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [man] Oh.
- [thunder crashing]
- [man] Oh!
- [man laughing]
- Did you see that?
- Whoa!
- [man laughing]
[muted music plays]
No plans, no regulations
Just wait for your vocation
Trust Kleks, my dear friend
Be organised, poised and ready.
[crackling over speakers]
[Kleks] Let's begin!
[Kleks] All night in a creamy sauce
For breakfast
He cooked him, of course
Oh. There's the berry.
So Matthew should be here
in three, two, and one!
This bird can dance and sing
He'll teach you everything
Like what to eat and wear
[Kleks] And leaves dung everywhere
It's rude to make fun of something
I have no control over.
Aw, there, there.
- Don't be cross.
- [whimpers]
[feathers popping]
[sighs] Oh my, that was a trip.
- [burps]
- [Kleks chuckles]
[spits, coughs]
Professor, couldn't you
maybe propagate that berry
so I can be a human all the time?
- [Kleks] Yeah, sure.
- I promise I will dose responsibly.
I can quit any time I want.
And how are the new children?
Well, we've got our work cut out.
That means they'll do. [trills]
Do you have any favourites?
Although, it's best, professor,
to check for yourself.
Just go and say hello to them, perhaps.
[clears throat] What's with the tricks?
Please, it's just
I really love making an entrance.
- [girl] Wow! Amazing!
- [boy] Cool.
- [girl] It's just wonderful.
- Wow!
- I mean, two times at once every day.
- [girl] I've never seen anything like it.
Floating islands? You must be joking.
[wondrous music plays]
[birds whistling]
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
[children chattering and laughing]
[boy] Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- [children laughing]
Rock, paper, scissors.
May I?
Your bow tie is cool.
The bow,
which can also be known as a prow,
is found on the hull of the ship,
at the front.
I'm Ada.
And your name is...?
[Ada] Hm.
[Matthew squawks]
These are frecklemetres.
When we are born,
each of us has 50 freckles.
But when we reach zero,
we become grown-ups,
devoid of imagination.
The very worst.
However, if we reach 100 freckles,
then we become
filled with imagination forever.
Now, blow on it.
- [blows]
- Don't be afraid.
And then find out
what number comes up for you.
- [boy 1] Forty-nine and a half!
- [girl 1] Forty!
- [boy 2] Yes!
- [girl 2] Fifty!
- [Matthew trills]
- [girl 3] I've got 50!
- [children laughing]
- And this is Octavia,
a multifunctional robot
specially created by Philip Rakvelle.
Obviously a fantastic graduate
of the Academy.
[Octavia whirring]
Shoo, shoo. Shoo!
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Kleks,
the professor!
I just love this guy. [gasps]
[wondrous music plays]
Am I dreaming?
[Kleks laughing]
[laughs] We must have a serious chat.
- Oh!
- [electricity crackles]
Or maybe a silly chat. [laughs]
I'm not sure yet.
You see? That's how you tell a joke.
- [boy chuckles]
- [Octavia whirring]
"The theory of...
"Now find page 12 in your textbooks."
You don't have any textbooks...
because none have ever been written
on the subject.
Apropos, can you tell me
what the greatest spell in the world is?
- [Kleks] Mm...
- I know!
- I know you know.
- Hocus-pocus?
- [Kleks] Mm...
- I know it!
- [Kleks] Shh.
- Expecto Patronum?
[Matthew] I know the answer!
It's super that you know.
I know you know, but I'm not asking you.
- I know that I know.
- [Kleks exhales sharply]
Now, the spell that is the greatest
spell in the world is...
It's the two little words, "what if?"
I knew that.
So we should be asking ourselves
the question, "What if?"
And that's when we enter
the realm of magic.
We become creators, fairy-tale writers.
You must be Ada Contrary,
- daughter of Anna and Alex.
- [Ada] Um...
- [Kleks] Am I right?
- [Ada] Uh...
[Kleks] Hm. Tell me, Ada,
what if Professor Kleks
were to have three hands?
And, uh, so let me see now...
- What if Matthew were...
- Oh no, not this again.
...a clock?
- [chimes]
- [clock] Cuckoo. Cuckoo.
- [children laughing]
- And what if there were no ceiling?
[children exclaiming]
[thunder crashing]
[thunder crashing]
[clock chimes]
- [trills]
- [clock] Cuckoo. Cuckoo.
- [squawks]
- [musical flourish]
- [Kleks laughs]
- What if you have no imagination?
[girl] What?
- I said that. Ada Contrary.
- [children whispering]
What do you mean "no imagination"?
Everyone has imagination.
Just try it, yes?
Ada, you can imagine anything.
Shut your eyes.
Imagine anything
that comes into your mind.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Kleks gasps]
- Oh, that's more like it.
- [barking]
- [Kleks clears throat]
- [children gasping]
[Kleks laughing]
It's no bad thing
to imagine, uh, something not good.
- [Ada gasps]
- [laughing]
- Ooh. [groans]
- [Kleks] Give yourself a pat on the head.
You can all, um,
give yourself a pat. [chuckles]
[Kleks laughs, inhales]
- [children laughing]
- [Ada sighs]
You're a liar, you know.
You've got a great imagination.
Or that beast wouldn't have shown up here.
[wondrous music plays]
- Time to eat now.
- [door opens]
[gentle music plays]
What's pecking you, kid?
What's eating ya?
[Ada sighs]
Why do I only have a few freckles?
Does that mean I'm already an adult?
Nearly. [inhales]
We lose our childhood through sad events.
That's how we lose our imagination.
My dad is missing,
and my mum forgets about me.
Anyway, hm, who needs imagination?
- [plates clattering]
- [Matthew] Oh.
Everybody has a need for it.
You just have to [squawks] kickstart it.
But I'm not able to,
because I need a plan
for absolutely everything.
- [Matthew squawks]
- [clothes creaking]
Besides that,
I think Mr Kleks doesn't like me.
- [squawking]
- [feathers popping]
[Matthew grunting]
Did my dad do something to him?
Is that why he's annoyed?
[grunts] Every day,
I'm given one transmutation fruit
by Mr Kleks. [panting]
And after I eat it, I am almost human.
A few hours later, I go back...
...to this once more. [squawks]
Mm. Mm.
- [creaking]
- [gulps]
- So it's necessary to self dose.
- Hm.
But I thought it was just
one piece of fruit per day?
- [Ada chuckles]
- [Matthew burps]
You know, even as a bird,
you're still pretty cool.
I'm done.
So, what shall I do with these?
- Put 'em in the dishwasher.
- What, there's a dishwasher?
And a washer-dryer.
[birds whistling and chirping]
- [curious music plays]
- [child snoring]
[Zita moaning]
[spider growling and chittering]
- [maracas rattling]
- [spider chittering]
[Zita snoring]
It's about to start.
- [Kleks] A camouflage lesson.
- [children gasp]
And there ends the lesson on camouflage.
[all laughing]
Harmony lesson next.
Without harmony, you can't create.
Without harmony,
you can't think things up.
- Because harmony makes everything flow.
- [Natasha laughs]
Isn't that correct, Ada Contrary?
- [Ada] Mm.
- [Kleks] Mm.
Stand up.
Sit down comfortably.
Stand up.
[all laughing]
[Kleks] All right then. Close your eyes.
All of us will use our breath now.
And one...
Concentrate on the air
coming in through the nose.
And with two, enjoy.
[all inhaling]
Now, I want each of you
to recall something nice,
something important,
something significant.
[disorienting music plays]
- [wind whistling]
- [boy] What's happening?
[grunts, exhales]
Oh flip.
[boy] Get me down! Get me down!
- Get me down!
- This is not amusing.
Not amusing.
I didn't expect it to go this far.
- [Kiko screams]
- Oh!
Hello, Kiko.
[breathing heavily]
I am the daughter of Alex Contrary.
[boy] All right, Ada. We're ready.
One, two, three.
[Ada exhales]
[children] Whoo!
- [Kiko] Harder!
- [boy] Ada!
- Ada, Ada, Ada...
- We were only having some fun.
I know. But that really
wasn't part of the plan. [trills]
You should... [grunts]
...only use your skills with the permission
and supervision of Professor Kleks.
Any lawlessness will be, uh...
- [squawks]
- [ominous music plays]
[quacking and trilling]
[squawks, gasps]
You landed in the Academy
without the permission of Professor Kleks.
[curious music plays]
[Kleks humming]
[creatures chittering]
[Kleks] Mm. Ah!
Oh dear. [exhales]
- She just fell out of the sky, I reckon.
- Is more wolf or more human?
- [Ada] We named her Snag.
- Maybe she's a vampire?
A vampire will burn in the sun.
- Can she stay in the Academy?
- Not without all its vaccinations.
[Kleks sighs]
Snag, Snag, Snag...
Snag can stay in the Academy.
[Ada] Yes!
And what if it has fleas? Mm?
[wolfurs howling]
Confirmed. We're ready.
Not long now.
[wolfurs howling]
[ominous music plays]
- [girl sighs]
- What shall we do today?
[Kleks humming]
- [grunts] Ah.
- [boy] What?
- [Kleks exhales]
- [children laughing]
[Kleks] Mm. Mm.
- [Kleks gulps]
- [children laughing]
Dessert? Delicious.
Mm. Mm...
Nonsense. Mm, mm, mm.
- Ah. Mm, mm, mm, mm.
- [boy] Huh?
- It's not important.
- [children laughing]
But today's lesson is elimination.
And so elimination
is removing the word "but"
and substituting it with the word "so."
So please, what are your dreams?
- So my dream is to converse with animals.
- [Kleks] Oh.
But they never want to speak to me at all.
[imitates buzzer]
I'd like to talk to lots of animals,
First, I'm going to learn
how to observe them.
I'll learn what to pay attention to.
- Number one, I...
- [parrot] Hello!
- I must learn how to listen to them.
- [parrot] Hello!
What's cooking, good-looking?
Perhaps you could tell me
what's up with you dear, huh?
[parrot] You only ask
in front of the children.
Oh, shush there, you.
I'd like to become a magician,
but I can't make my tricks any good.
I'd like to become a magician,
so then I'm going to practise,
practise, practise with all my might.
[children exclaiming]
I'd like to be the best rugby player
in my town, but...
I'd like to be the best rugby player.
Yes, then I'll start playing catch.
- [Kleks] Oh. A rhymics lesson.
- [children laughing]
So let's start the first sentence.
On the Islands of Bergamut...
Go, Kiko.
- Uh, they're made up, aren't they?
- [Kleks] Okay, who's next?
On the Island of Bergamut
was born a puss in boots.
[Kleks] Bravo!
I've got the next sentence ready.
The people also saw an ox...
Um, carried by an ant to school?
And we have the first verse!
- [children exclaiming]
- On the Islands of Bergamut
- There once lived Puss in Boots
- Follow me!
There also was a mule
Carried by an ant to school
I can't believe it.
[children laughing and chattering]
Don't worry. We don't have to be anywhere.
And hens, I have been told
The eggs she lays are golden?
Oak trees grow big bananas
In colourful pyjamas
Then there's the hen I'm told
Whose eggs are made of gold
Red apples grow on oaks
It really is no joke
- I think that I should leave.
- What?
I'm not going to fit in here.
A whale ancient and wise
Has a pink tail.
And salmon are so clever
Streams of tomato sauce.
There is an ancient whale
Wears glasses to read mail
And salmon are so clever
Seasoned with salt and pepper
Don't say that.
It's obvious you fit in here.
- I know...
- No "but." Remember it's "so."
[muted music plays]
[Kleks] Yee-ha!
Ha! Whoo!
[all laughing]
And on the high mountaintop
Up the mountain made of glass!
And an elephant has two trunks, yeah!
Those islands are total bunk.
- The smart rats scurry fast
- [Kleks] Oh hey!
On mountains made of glass
And rats who dance and twist
And those islands are total bunk, hm?
[laughs] Sit down now, sit down. Go ahead.
- [children laughing]
- [Kleks] Go, go, go
If you were summoned,
it must mean you have great potential.
- [Kleks chuckles]
- Just like all the others that are here.
Our sense of smell and sense of taste
is inside our heads.
Like our imagination.
Whereas, the taste of food
isn't in the meal itself,
but in its colour.
- [children] What?
- [Kleks] Here you go.
Now, go ahead.
Be bold.
Feel the colour and hear that taste.
[Kleks gasps]
[Kleks gasps]
[children] Wow!
Yes, that's right.
Well done.
Well done. That's it.
Now all of you, go ahead.
You know what to do.
You know the rules.
- [children laughing]
- Marvellous. Marvellous.
Yes, yes, yes, please. I love this lesson.
- Ah!
- Your turn.
- [Kleks] Show us what you have.
- [Batar gasps]
What is this? Whoa!
- Mm. Mm.
- [girl] I want a pizza.
- [Batar laughs]
- [Kleks] We have an apple, my dears.
Close your eyes and concentrate.
Mm, delicious.
- [children laughing]
- Here you go.
- [Kleks gasps] Oh!
- [Ada gasps]
- [Albert] I did that?
- Marvellous!
- Oh marvellous!
- La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Attention! Everybody look up there!
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
[curious music plays]
[parrot] What's cooking, good-looking?
[grunts, exhales]
[high-pitched voice] Ah.
Good night, sweet world.
[Ada] You know
you're not allowed to do this.
"I am not a bird."
- "I am a prince."
- [horse neighs]
[dramatic music plays]
"Ever since I can remember,
travelling was my great passion."
"At night, I'd often sneak out
to wander through fairy tale forests,
which my father never accepted."
"He was afraid."
"The reason is very clear now."
"I had no choice."
- [whimpering]
- "I didn't mean to."
"He stabbed me in the stomach
with a dagger-sharp claw."
"My father brought dozens of doctors
to the palace, to try to heal me
but none of them had success"
"And then he sought advice
from Doctor Pai-Hi-Vo."
"I felt an invigorating
surge of strength."
[Pai-Hi-Vo] You shot the wolfur king.
Bear in mind that wolfurs
are terribly vengeful creatures.
This is why I'm giving you
the magical cap of the Bogd Khans.
And should there come a time
when your life is in danger...
"...put it on. Pull on the button."
"You can then become
any creature you desire."
Once the danger is over,
just pull on the button.
"You'll be yourself..."
"The wolfurs broke into the palace."
"I noticed the button from the cap
had fallen off."
"Maybe had I looked more carefully...
But I had no time to lose."
"I put the it on, and I said..."
I want to be a bird.
And so I became...
what I am today.
I'm sorry.
I was just so very curious and... [exhales]
I write that tale
by dipping my beak in the ink.
That's why the letters
are made up of dots.
I've been searching for my button
for a very long time
in the hopes of one day
becoming a man again.
The wolfurs have found out where I am...
and they're coming for me.
They'll be ruthless.
Then we must tell the professor about it.
We must make some kind of plan.
The professor knows everything.
Hang on. So you were aware
the wolfurs could attack the Academy,
and yet you actually still brought me
and the others here?
So then, perhaps
you should give yourself up and...
- But then there won't be a complete story.
- But what story?
There is a great harmony in you
that can save the Academy.
It's you, Ada, it's you...
who is the answer to all of our questions.
No, no, no. I think you've mixed me up
with someone else.
[wolfurs howling]
[wolfur queen snarls]
All is ready and waiting, majesty.
What is your plan?
I will wait for an invitation.
[dramatic music plays]
[wolfurs howling and barking]
Diego, just focus
on your own piece of sky.
Kiko, disperse the clouds.
Concentrate. It's just water vapour.
Professor, it's not working for me.
Now just try again, it's all right.
Clouds are like stress.
Sooner or later they'll be gone.
So I have a new joke for you, professor.
[gasps] Oh no!
Matthew the bird is about to inkblot.
[children exclaiming and laughing]
That was quite excellent.
[mellow electronic music plays]
We've grown very fond of you here.
Professor Uncle.
[Ada sighs]
These belonged to your dad.
[children chattering and laughing]
So, what was it precisely,
or is it,
my dad can do?
[inhales] He is able to...
reconcile people at odds with each other.
A wonderful study.
The art of harmony and empathy.
What is empathy?
It's the ability
to sense the thoughts
and feelings of other beings.
It's a special moment
when the "I" disappears.
In its place is,
"What would I feel if I were you?"
What do the others say about you?
That I've got fleas and I'm pongy.
And generally not to be trusted.
[gentle music plays]
That's a lack of empathy.
And what do you see?
You're here all on your own,
without a mum,
without a dad.
I know how you feel.
Some people think
that you'll grow up to be evil,
but I know that you have a good heart.
You're among friends now.
Your heart isn't going to get lost.
[Kleks] Mm.
So that is empathy.
[bird chirps]
Slip them on.
[exhales] Snaggy,
please stop munching ants
and go and join the others
dispersing the clouds.
[Kleks chuckles]
Clap now.
[Ada yells]
[dramatic music plays]
[mellow electronic music plays]
[high-pitched voice]
Tell me how do I become me again?
How can I be myself?
[echoing] Be myself?
[slow-motion voice] Clap once more, dear.
[wings whirring]
- [clattering]
- [Matthew gasps, exhales]
- [child screams]
- [Matthew squawks]
Oh. Hm!
[Matthew gulps]
Ah, professor.
- You must come and see this.
- [child screams]
[ominous music plays]
[children screaming and chattering]
[all speaking indistinctly]
I don't know. Calm down.
Ladies and gentlemen,
will you please stop talking
all at the same time!
- Calm down, please!
- I warned you, didn't I?
[Matthew yells]
Thank you.
Aladdin, what's happened?
- [fairy] What's going on?
- Wolves everywhere.
- Except they're human.
- [fairy] Oh goodness!
Wolf-people. I don't know.
[sloth] They're literally in every
fairy tale apart from the Academy.
- Maybe they don't know how to get in.
- She stopped writing fairy tales.
When you came to the Academy, I, uh...
I wasn't sure how to react.
[gentle music plays]
Because you're just like your dad.
But then, why is it I'm counted on
as the answer to these different threats
that are happening all over?
All the questions?
[Kleks] Mm...
Mm. [sighs]
Because that's what's written
in the fairy tale.
- But...
- No "but."
Just "so."
[sighs] So then, what's written
in this fairy tale?
- I'm fed up of secrets.
- [Kleks inhales]
All these fairy-tale characters,
they were absolutely petrified.
- You see, sometimes, something must end...
- No. Nothing has to end.
[Ada sighs]
[door opens]
- [door closes]
- [Kleks] Hm.
Here you are. Delicious cocoa from Snaggy.
So are you, say, more of a human
or, say, more of a deer?
Don't know.
Are you slightly more human
or slightly more wolf?
[man] Relax, everything will be okay.
Bring more blankets.
[ominous music plays]
- [wolfur howling]
- [voices whispering]
[wolfur howling]
[footsteps retreating rapidly]
[children chattering]
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
Hi. Just one thing.
Never forget, you and her
will become whoever you want to.
And ears, or antlers, or teeth,
are not able to
nor should write our future for us.
- We have to follow Snag.
- What for?
Because she was behaving strangely.
She went towards
the Valley of Fairy-Tale Doors.
I don't want to go alone. Will you come?
[dramatic music plays]
[boy] No wolf is going to escape this.
What happens if one of us
gets caught inside it?
[boy] Only wolves
can get caught in wolf snares.
[Zita] So how would a snare know
if it's a wolf?
[discordant music plays]
Albert. Come on.
[curious music plays]
[Ada] Uh...
Have you seen a little hairy girl,
by any chance?
Although I did see
several wolfurs hanging around.
Somewhere close.
[ominous music plays]
Would you like to take a bite?
[Ada] I wouldn't eat that.
[curious music plays]
[Ada] Hm?
[Ada gasps]
I don't suppose you've seen
an adorable, little, hairy girl?
Have you seen
a lost white rabbit anywhere?
He went down this way.
He ran off through there.
Let's go.
[Ada grunting]
[thunder rumbling]
[discordant music plays]
[Ada gasps]
[breathing deeply]
[thunder rumbling]
[Kleks sighs]
[curious music plays]
[music fades]
[wondrous music plays]
[creature shrieking]
[birds tweeting]
[Ada inhales, exhales]
[wind whistling]
- [Ada gasps]
- [horse whinnies]
[man] There, madam,
make yourself comfortable.
[woman] Can you pass me the blanket?
[curious music plays]
- [Albert] Aren't you freezing?
- No.
I still have some matches left.
[horse neighs]
[Ada gasps]
Oh my, you traitor.
[Ada gasps]
[wolfur] My lord,
it's time.
[match striking]
[dramatic music plays]
[wind whistling]
[Kleks] Madam, this is my room,
because it is full of all my things,
all my secrets,
and I mean that no one,
absolutely no one, is allowed in here.
So tell me where Prince Matthew is.
Excuse me, it's uh... I...
I don't understand you.
I don't know who you're talking about.
- [wolfur howling]
- [grunts]
But now share,
where is Prince Matthew?
I'm telling you, I don't know who that is.
- [Kleks yells]
- Talk!
[Kleks] No one of that name
has ever lived here!
Let us hunt down Matthew.
- [Kleks sighs]
- We'll cut off his head,
then quickly depart home.
Just get out of the Academy!
I'm talking to you, woman.
An unimaginative,
wicked, brazen she-wolf, you.
Just leave the Academy!
[wolfur growls]
- [Ada sighs]
- [wolfur howls]
- You might've forgotten your grandfather...
- [wolfur prince growls]
...but I can recall all details
of my brother's death forever more.
I must know the smell of revenge.
I long for it. You hear me?
And I must have the entire Academy
gasping in its stench!
[wolfur prince growls]
[wolfur queen snarls]
Uh, it's got nothing to do with me.
[wolfurs chanting]
[chanting continues]
[wolfur prince] Brothers and sisters,
born of our wolf blood,
we are here, thanks to her.
She snuck into the Academy,
and now we will be victorious, together!
[wolfurs cheering]
This is our hero!
[wolfurs cheering]
That's no hero. That's just Snag.
The traitor.
[whispering] Ada Contrary knows
where Matthew is hiding. Find her.
Ada Contrary, I know that you're in here.
Come out and tell us
where Prince Matthew is,
and I promise that no harm
will come to you.
Find the girl.
[wolfurs howling]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[whispering] I think this is yours.
All is lost now, isn't it?
No. All is not lost.
[woman] Please untie us,
or we'll end up sick as a dog.
You planned this
right from the start, didn't you?
- No!
- And I looked after you.
I convinced Kleks
to let you stay at the Academy.
- I should've listened to Matthew.
- Oh, but I like this place, I really do.
That's why you've got
the whole wolfur army with you?
They're my companions. Senior companions.
Because I wanted to show them
how clever I am.
Did you see how now they respect me?
[Ada] How can we chase them away?
You can't have friends in the Academy
and also be friends with wolfurs.
A shame. Because I was hoping
we could all be friends together.
[wolfurs growling]
- Leave no stone unturned.
- [wolfur growls]
[wolfur growling]
Ah yes, it's you.
[breathing shakily]
- [Natasha whimpers]
- It's not so much a question
of if you will give up Matthew...
but more of a question of when you will.
- And how long will you behold...
- [Ada straining]
...your little friends
as they start to suffer.
- [Natasha whimpering]
- Stop it!
- Just stop hurting her!
- [Natasha whimpers]
[Ada panting]
[Matthew squawking]
Just leave her alone!
Let this be the end of the story.
Just don't hurt the children.
[growls, sniffs]
[eerie music plays]
Take him with you.
[wolfur queen] Residents of the Academy
and fairy tales...
leave here now!
[wolfur] Get back to your own world.
And you, Ada...
He ran off in the direction of the lake.
[singer vocalising]
[Ada breathing heavily]
[ice cracking]
[breathing heavily]
[wind whistling]
[Ada whimpers]
[ice cracking]
Don't come over here.
[breathing heavily]
- Stop.
- [grunts]
I got lost.
- And then when I saw that the...
- Just don't move.
I'll get you out now.
I will get you out.
Help me!
[echoing] Help me!
Grab hold of something.
Grab onto the shore. Paddle.
Or give me your hand. Here.
[ice cracking]
[Ada breathing heavily]
Just give me your hand.
[Ada whimpering]
You were my only friend.
No, no, stop talking.
Just start moving. You can't freeze.
Stop talking and start moving.
Thanks to you, I stopped being a freak.
Don't say that.
Do something.
Sing to me.
I don't know how to sing.
Sing that song you hummed in the Academy
when we first met each other.
Albert, please, I beg you.
- [gentle music plays]
- [shivering]
Albert, please.
For me.
On... On a cloudy day
When sh... Shadows grey
Obscures the colours of our home
Call out to me so... So I don't stray
I never want to be alone
Yes, that's great. Hang on.
Someone will see us soon.
[Albert] On... On a starless night
When its black might
- Takes all the joy within our home
- Yes.
Call out to me so I don't stray
I never want to be
I can see tall ships
In depths below
And pearls are hidden
Beneath the waves
Luminous circles
On which I flow
To find the shadow
- Of bygone days
- Albert, no! No, no!
[singer whistling]
Albert, you were my best friend.
[continues sobbing]
- The secret walkways
- [Ada sobbing]
And hidden sights
Magical times with courageous knights
Those tales of old
Your mother told you
Of the peace and calm to behold
No. This fairy tale can't end this way.
When I sleep
I'll hold your hand
"Ada arrived in Matthew's chamber."
"She found the book and began to read."
"She saw that the tale
trails off at the exact point
where Ada is now."
"This surprised Ada."
This fairy tale's not over yet.
"Suddenly, Ada heard a sinister voice."
[footsteps approaching]
[wolfur] Get out of the Academy.
[Ada panting]
[wolfur growls]
[horn honking]
I may be your daughter,
and I may have some power,
yet I wasn't able to save the Academy.
I couldn't carry on
writing the fairy tale.
Kleks was wrong.
Our neighbour, that doctor,
was wrong as well.
They were all wrong.
And I was right all along.
They don't work in the real world.
I know.
That's just poor design.
[Ada] I lost my friend.
I lost my dad.
I lost my uncle.
Well, that must have been what was written
in the fairy tale about the Academy.
But it wasn't that.
The fairy tale hasn't been written.
I tried to write what happens next,
but I couldn't do it.
I couldn't use that...
A fairy tale isn't created
in the moment it is written down.
It's created before that,
in the mind of the author.
Just stop talking in riddles
and philosophy to me.
I need simple words.
I'm a normal girl who had a plan
that didn't work out.
So what do you say...
[tense music plays]
[gentle piano music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[piano music continues]
I'm only a memory
The echo of childhood glee
[butterfly fluttering]
I once was just your dreaming folly
The world
Belonged to me
[singer] I led you through places
Where wonders bloom
Smiled at your dreams
When we made them true
But when you close your eyes then
You'll see that I never left
There's still a world full of magic
So don't let yourself forget
I'm the light inside you
When did Matthew kill the wolfur king?
Several decades ago.
There's still a chance.
I saw good inside him.
Inside who?
I've just found the ending
to our fairy tale.
Oh, then you'll have to go back
to the Academy and write it down.
I need to find the button.
If you are able to overcome your fear,
you will also find your answer.
[dog barking]
I am the daughter of Alex Contrary,
master of harmony.
[growling and barking]
[Kleks] A special moment
when the "I" disappears.
[growling and barking]
[Pai-Hi-Vo] If you are able
to overcome your fear,
you will also find your answer.
[Kleks] ...and instead, you think,
"What would I feel if I were you?"
...something you left behind
I led you through places
Where wonders bloom
[woman 1] Come on,
all it does is yap all day long.
- [man 1] I think he likes it.
- [woman 1] I can't stand it.
- [man 2] I hope the Mets are gonna win.
- [man 3] Whose dog is that?
[woman 2] Why else would he do this?
[woman 3] It's impossible to sit here.
It keeps barking.
[woman 4] Where did I put my phone?
[man 4] Where do you think you're going?
[woman 5] This I need.
[man 5] Go on, eat from my hand.
That mutt's gonna gobble it up.
I'm the light inside you
[woman 6] This place has the best burgers.
I'm the light inside you
[man 6] ...all the bagel places in New York,
I choose the one that doesn't...
[man 7] The dog is crazy.
- I will shine
- [Pai-Hi-Vo sighs]
I'm the light inside you
- I'm the light inside...
- [horn honking]
You're angry with them
because they're all angry with you.
[dog panting]
If you want to, you can be my friend.
If we grow apart and you let me go
- You'll leave a door behind you
- The button.
To see something more
But when you close your eyes then
You'll see that I never left
There's still a world full of magic
So don't let yourself forget
I'm the light inside you
Hi, Diego.
It's Ada.
[Diego on phone] Hola, Ada. How are you?
"Diego got in touch
with the other students."
Let me
"The group of friends
agreed they should return
to save the Academy."
But when you close your eyes then
You'll see that I never left
There's still a world full of magic
So don't let yourself forget
- I'm going to write my own fairy tale.
- I'm the light inside you
I'm the light inside you
If you let me
I will shine
[discordant noises]
[electricity crackling]
- [laughs]
- [device chimes]
I'm never reading again.
[wolfurs chittering]
[wolfur whimpering]
[Ada panting]
[wolfur whimpers]
Don't do it, Ada.
[wolfur whimpering]
- [growling]
- [Ada gasps]
We're not born evil.
- [growls]
- [Ada gasps]
It's our circumstances
and decisions that make us so.
[gentle music plays]
[wolfur whimpers]
[wolfurs howling]
[Ada exhales]
Hm. What would you
grown-ups do without us?
[breathing heavily]
Can you tell me
why you let this happen, Uncle?
You knew full well
that it would only cause heartache.
You've touched
on an interesting point, my dear,
because knowing it,
that's one thing, but...
- Just shush. Let me speak.
- How dare you?
I have a power
I've finally learned how to wield.
I now know what empathy is.
My strength is my great sense of calm.
And guess what else I have.
- What?
- The button.
- [gasps] But...
- No "but," only "so."
So either you're going to come with me
to save the Academy, or...
All right. You've convinced me.
Just get me out of here.
And you know what?
I've decided...
...you can call me Uncle.
I already call you that.
Well, yes.
You never asked if you could though.
Can you help me?
[Kleks sighs]
[Ada straining]
Not strength...
[wondrous music plays]
[Ada gasps]
[Kleks grunts]
[Kleks] Come with me.
Come on, just trust me.
[Ada] No!
[wolfurs snarling and growling]
No. No!
No. No!
- [Ada] Oh.
- [Kleks chuckling]
[Kleks] Your turn now.
- [Ada] What?
- [Kleks] Try it.
- No, no, no, don't make me.
- You're ready for it. Hm? Mm.
- Ah.
- [Ada exhales]
She's not quite ready.
[Ada] Oh. No!
I'm flying!
[Ada laughs]
- Wow. Amazing. I flew. [laughs]
- [Kleks] Mm-hm.
A completely normal thing to do.
Yes. [exhales]
- I might do it again someday.
- Mm-hm.
- It can be my hobby.
- [chuckles]
I'll work on it.
- [boy] Professor!
- Come here, come here.
- Hello. Oh...
- [girl] Professor!
I flew.
- I just flew.
- [Kleks] Hm.
[Kleks chuckles]
- So, what's the plan, Uncle?
- Ah. Uh...
Uh, Professor Uncle.
[snorts] First, a meeting and a vote.
I would just like to remind all of you
that in the event
of an equal number of votes,
or the lack of 50%, or even 25%,
of the members of the general assembly...
But that's not important.
- ...the person with the closest...
- [wolfur queen growls]
[wolfur queen]
Let the moon give you power.
[hissing and growling]
[Kleks]...a formal title, so that's me!
- [Kleks chuckles]
- Hey!
- They're cheating.
- [Kleks] Uh-huh.
Um, so we should also discuss catering.
For example, who wants apple pie?
- [children] Yes!
- [Kleks] Yes?
We can't beat the wolfurs
'cause they're immortal.
Even when one of them becomes normal,
that witch can power them up
with moonlight.
- [Kleks] Mm-hm.
- All right, here's the plan.
- Professor Uncle, let's take her ring.
- [Kleks] Mm-hm.
Diego and Natasha,
cover the moon with clouds, just in case.
The rest of you,
spread out around the Academy.
Keep the wolfurs spread thin so they
don't have contact with each other.
And you?
[upbeat music plays]
- Me?
- [Kleks] Mm-hm.
I'll take the wolfur king.
Something keeps me up
In the middle of the night
I've been hiding from the darkness
Long enough
I keep hearing voices
Know we are the chosen
To echo what is right
Hear them coming on a moonless night
Will you stand with us?
It's time to fight
Welcome to our fairy tale, boneheads!
[wolfur growls]
Fear is creeping up
In the middle of the night
Hear the howling of the wolves
They're coming back
It'll be all right!
- Huh?
- We'll be ready for it
- Matthew.
- The curse, it will be broken
Take care of the rest. I'll deal with her.
[Matthew trills]
I expect you'd like your execution
to be visible...
- [Matthew trills]
- ...from the very last row, hm?
[Matthew] Where did you...?
[Matthew squawking]
I love those berries.
[grunts, sighs]
[frecklemetre whirring]
[Kleks] Uh, excuse me, madam.
You have barged into the Academy
and interrupted the education
of very talented children,
I'll have you know.
Oh. [chuckles] Another birdie.
He flew in after all.
Matthew made a big error,
but it was all in self-defence.
- It's not for us to judge him.
- Who's talking about judgement?
We'll settle for an execution.
[toy squeaking]
- [Kleks] Ha.
- [wolfur queen chuckling]
[Kleks] Oh...
[toy squeaks]
Would you like coffee with your ice-cream?
Are you trying to kill someone?
Who's talking about killing?
I'd settle for a knockout.
[wolfur queen shrieks]
[both grunting]
[wolfur queen growling]
[Kleks] Ah!
Oh, dear me.
My dad thought that girls
couldn't fight like boys.
And guess what.
It turns out we can.
[wolfur growling]
You're lucky I don't know how
to saw people in half.
Know this joke?
What do you call a wolf with a fever?
A hot dog.
Now this is a task for a true warrior.
[wolfur prince] You are Ada.
I sent you home and yet...
you returned to try and thwart me.
I'm going to keep on trying
until you free Matthew.
- He murdered my grandfather.
- He's already paid for that.
The world of wolves...
is ruled by the law of vengeance.
And you decided that?
Or was it the old witch?
[Ada over PA]
Wolfurs occupying the Academy
are returning to their fairy tale.
Their leader admitted,
"It's over, wolfur brethren.
Pull out the troops."
[in high-pitched voice]
I repeat, "It's over."
- "Pull out the troops."
- [whirring]
[wolfur queen's voice]
We're leaving the Academy.
Let's hit the beach
in the Little Mermaid fairy tale.
Idiots, I'm not saying that.
I am right here.
It's the chamber of unwell items.
[piano keys playing]
[whimsical music plays]
[voice echoing]
Don't waste time, come on.
[wolfurs howling]
How about this one?
Which person says, "Oh, oh, oh?"
[wolfur] Who?
Santa walking backwards.
This riddle's all the rage,
a small birdie in a massive cage?
[wolfur queen's voice over PA]
Attention! We're leaving the Academy.
The old lady. [grunts] Take care, kid.
[wolfurs howling and barking]
[footsteps approaching]
[wolfur growling]
I'll deal with him.
I hope you appreciate
that I'm playing from the heart.
[gentle guitar playing]
[wolfurs howling and barking]
[Diego gasps]
We did it. Let's go.
[ominous music plays]
You are very clever.
- And you're horrible.
- [snarls]
[Ada breathing shakily]
You don't know that.
It's your fault that my best friend died.
His name was Albert.
He died trying to escape from your wolves.
[breathing shakily]
I'm very sorry about your friend.
You're sorry?
But you're not sorry enough
to spare Matthew, who is also my friend.
Not sorry enough to do that!
[Ada grunts]
[ominous music plays]
[wolfurs chanting]
[wolfurs cheering]
Don't worry, Ada.
Brothers and sisters, wolfur brethren.
Just stay calm. We'll think of something.
The moment we've been waiting for
for so long has arrived.
If you kill him,
that makes you a murderer.
The suffering of my brother
will now finally be avenged.
[wolfurs cheering]
One day, someone might come
for you to avenge Matthew.
Is that what you want?
Tradition dictates
that we grant the convict's last wish.
But I've got bad news for you.
We're from a different fairy tale.
We can stop this.
I know what you're feeling.
How could you know that?
[ominous music plays]
- [growls]
- Finish what you started!
Come on! It's either him or you!
They forced you to be cruel.
You don't have to do this.
You're not like that.
Vengeance has come now!
Justice is finally served!
His comeuppance!
[wolfurs cheering]
It's nothing to do with comeuppance.
It's just even more senseless madness
that will never end.
You lost your grandfather,
Matthew lost his parents and his life,
l lost my dad,
and Albert is dead because of that witch.
[wolfur queen growls]
Do you really want all this to continue?
At least let Matthew turn back
into his original form.
Allow his final dream
to come true before he dies.
- How?
- Untie me.
No, my lord!
- Get back!
- [wolfur queen whimpers]
Prince, say it.
I want to be me again.
[wind gushing]
[Matthew trilling]
[Matthew screaming]
[dramatic music plays]
[music fades]
[gentle music plays]
[Matthew breathing shakily]
I had assumed...
that my whole life
would still be stretching ahead.
[Ada] He's already paid the price,
spending his life
in another body to hide from you.
You're blinded by vengeance.
It is not your emotion.
It's all hers.
All that hatred
floods your hearts and eyes.
Yet you're nothing like that.
[inhales, exhales]
So why are we fighting each other?
Why can't we just be children
who dream up fairy tales
and play with their imagination
and shift clouds with their thoughts?
Only we can stop this pointless war.
[inspiring music plays]
We can be ourselves.
We can be children.
Hear me, sisters and brothers!
Another death cannot fill the void
created by the death of my grandfather.
We are going to return home!
This is for my brother!
[wolfur prince growling]
[panting rapidly]
[panting slows]
[wolfur queen whimpering]
- Release them.
- [wolfur growls]
[gentle music plays]
Should you ever need my help
one day in the future,
squeeze it tight in your hand
and say my name.
You can stay here.
You're not cut out to be a villain.
I don't know your name.
The king born of wolf blood.
[inspiring music plays]
[Kleks chuckles]
[Kleks inhales] Oh, dear me.
Sighed celery.
[Kleks exhales]
[both laughing]
- Good one.
- [Ada chuckles]
[both chuckle]
[both sigh]
So, what now?
You'll all return to your homes...
I'll rebuild the Academy, and then...
And what then?
You know...
[Kleks sighs]
You did exactly what your father did.
You ended a war full of suffering.
You saved the innocent.
[gentle music plays]
Alex would be proud of you.
A cloudy day
Where all is grey
[Ada] I love you, Professor Uncle.
The world is losing colours now
Please stay with me
Just hold my hand
Today, I'd hate to be alone
A starless night
When darkness comes
And takes away the joy in us
Stay with me
Just hold my hand
Today, I'd hate to be alone
[siren wailing]
[horns honking]
[people chattering and laughing]
Hi, Dad. Today's my 13th birthday.
I don't have any plans for it.
What will be will be.
Fairy tales are more interesting
when we don't know how they end.
[door opens]
[guests] Surprise!
[party horns blowing]
[all] Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
I'm the light inside you
I'm the light inside you
If you let me, I will shine
- I'm the light inside you
- [blows]
I'm the light inside you
If you let me, I will shine
- If we grow apart
- [cheering]
And you let me go
You'll leave a door behind you
To see something more
But when you close your eyes then
You'll see that I never left
There's still a world full of magic
So don't let yourself forget
I'm the light inside you...
[doorbell rings]
I'll get it.
[muted music plays]
I will shine
I, uh...
- But when you close your eyes then
- [whirring]
You'll see that I never left
There's still a world full of magic
So don't let yourself forget
I'm the light inside you
I'm the light inside you
If you let me
I will shine
[upbeat music plays]
[upbeat dance music plays]
[music fades]