Klip (2012) Movie Script

I've no idea.
You're recording?
Oh, okay,
I didn't know if it works.
Uncle brought me. He lives
in Qatar. It's all in Arabic.
He's filthy rich,
but had not sent us anything.
My mother wants me to sell it,
I just need it for texting.
Stop it!
- Say it.
- What?
Whatever you want.
My name is Jasna...
I have a big house with
a pool, a villa.
You can get there by bus.
What do you want from me'?
What do you think?
Why did you come'?
You told me to come in.
Why are you like that?
I don't like it.
What do you like?
I like to take it in.
Why do you ask what I like?
- How do you like to take it in'?
- Like this.
Do you like to ride it'?
Yes, but
my boobs shake sometimes.
Show me.
Dou want to show me
your nice bra'?
Do you like this?
What do you want'?
- Fuck me.
- What did you say'?
Fuck me.
H ow?
Just stick it in.
I wanna feel it.
Ask me nicely.
Please. Fuck me hard.
You're good.
Wait. It's impossible.
He's suffocating and you don't
want to send an ambulance? Please.
Yes. He was there today.
Now he has to die'?
Chamomile tea?
What is your name?
Mrs. Milanovic, he's choking
and you say I shall give him
chamomile tea?
All right.
I'll call you if it gets worse.
Good bye.
- He's choking.
- Get out, fat cow!
Milica, help me!
A dead cell...
which is different from...
- Look at your nails!
Lets have our nails done...
As for example...
in menstrual cycle.
Cell death...
is programmed...
and so it's...
- See you.
- Bye Sonia. Bye Tanya.
Djole, love,
you're eating so beautifully.
Stop it, I'll kill you.
You're stupid. If you bother me with
that idiot, I'll kill you.
- But I love him.
- What do you love'?
- When he says: "Dude, dude, dude?"
- Excellent! Do it!
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Give back the TV!
Mom, Jasna took the TV.
She does it all the time.
- Quiet! What's going on'?
- She took the TV again.
Heels on feet, feet in the car
and a tatoo on naked back.
Lots of craziness...
- Turn it down. He tries to sleep.
- But she's screaming.
- Liar! - Bitch!
- I'll kill you!
Stop it both of you! Hear.
- Tell it to her.
- Why are you acting like this?
We have chemistry test tomorrow so
we're studying together, eh'?
I better study here instead of
wasting my time with you, okay?
Do you want me to fail'?
Yes, we had meatballs. Bye!
Look at my ass.
Cellulite. It just falls out.
Why don't you wear those shorts?
- Yes, you don't even know how to dress.
- Look at you.
- What's wrong with that?
- How do you like these?
Seven bottles. 140 dinars.
A bottle of gin.
- I didn't even notice when
you stole it. - Look.
- Give me the bottle.
- Why'?
- Cause you love me.
- Idiot.
Come and have a drink!
- You can suck my cock.
- I will not go. No way.
Look at my eyes, I can't put make up.
I look like shit.
Who's looking at your eyes? You've
got tits, ass, what are eyes good for'?
Hi, Djole.
Don't hump my leg.
Give me the bottle!
- Yes to fuck him in the mouth.
- Who else?
- Dude, let's go!
- Come on, Sanja.
Come on.
What about the gin'?
I'll throw it.
- Of course not.
How are you, buddy?
Hi, beautiful.
Long time no see.
Look at this whore!
I'll kill you!
What? What do you want from me'?
You bitch!
Help her. It's not your sister.
Kill her. She fucked your boyfriend
and your father and brother.
- You bitch!
- Fuck you!
Enough is enough!
What are looking at'?
- Come on, let's go!
- You paw bitch and I'll go with you'?
- It didn't happen.
- Shut up, I saw you.
Peacefully. Without straining,
without PMS.
- I'm gonna fuck someone!
- Go fuck yourself, fucking faggot!
Come on, guys!
I want to bathe in champagne!
These guys are totally cool,
they invited us to go with them.
- Who'?
- The four of us.
I won't go.
I'll stay here with Djole and Crni.
- Let's go!
- I won't. Sanja's in the shit.
May I have some'?
Take it.
Girls got drunk. They drank
a bottle of gin at lvana's.
I noticed.
Take Sanja away, no need to look at her,
sour and disgusting like that.
What time is it'? Midnight just passed.
Come on!
Come on! O11 is our story!
She's totally wasted.
- You just don't know how to drink.
- Don't talk shit.
- You know but your friend doesn't'?
- I never threw up.
- Do you know how to smoke without
throwing up'? - Yes.
- Dude, what day is it'?
- Friday, or already Saturday.
- Date not day.
- 15. Why'?
Just like that.
What star sign are you'?
And you?
The girl asks
star sign you are.
Sagittarius naturally, how else, bro.
- And you'?
Gemini. As Ceca.
Girls always make fun of me.
She's also a Gemini'?
You look alike. A little bit.
Shall we go, bro'?
- Want a ride home'?
- No, I'm not going home.
I'll meet with the girls.
They went to a party.
That's nice.
- See you.
- See you.
I'm with Sanja at a bus stop.
What time is it'?
Why are you home so early?
They let us go early.
Did something happen?
- No. - Where's dad'?
- In your room. Listening the news.
How often have I told you
not to touch my stuff!
It's mother.
They were scattered.
She tidied up.
- Were you bored'?
- Those there are boring.
I have to study.
Get dreseed.
It's cold, you know.
- Why can't I stay in the kitchen?
- Come sit with us.
I don't understand.
Jaca, come here.
- What's going on in school?
- Nothing.
- Does Mira still teach?
- That was in primary school.
- Mirko wants to buy a house.
- In Gajdobre? Why'?
To enjoy the Serbian countryside?
- It's nice in Gajdobra.
- Don't be mad. He wants to help.
Especially the grandparents.
They don't trust you with
the money from the house,
but you go and wash
their fucking asses.
If your father went for operation,
I'd wash them every day.
You barely change
a word with your father.
- Does the princess have
anything to iron? - Yes.
I won't even talk to you,
you'll become a maid.
Can't your friend to squeeze
him in somehow?
Because of her we can pay.
Grandma and Grandpa stay a few
months, while Mirko renovates.
What's with the shirt?
Mom, do I tell you how to dress?
We tried coke. It's a bomb.
- It's just rrrrr.
- Those guys are totally cool.
You spent the night with Nikola,
that guy bored me to death.
Yeah, he was boring whole night.
He was too close.
I couldn't dance
- How was it'? - She laughed whole
night, but I couldn't move from him.
And he wanted to talk. I wouldn't take
a nut from his hand.
- You know this joke?
- I know.
You know, do you'?
So you know, those guys there
smear coke like this...
- We're not lame...
- No.
I snorted it for two minutes,
it blew me.
- I did right and left.
- I just did left. -I both.
- How does it feel'? - Dunno,
you feel impatient...
You just get a lot of energy.
In the morning nothing.
No hangover, nothing.
Not like with speed.
You're normal afterward.
- And how was it for you'?
- Great. I was with Crni and Djole.
Did something happen?
Come on cunts, throw out something
- Look at this whore.
- God, see the face. Terrible.
- She looks like she shit herself.
- Look at the arm, fat.
- She, like, hold bottle of wine.
- What a whore.
- Take off your shirt.
- Why'?
He plays the pussy on Facebook.
Let's show her how it's done.
Let's show it. Without complexes.
Show your ass a little.
This one's so good. Lick it!
- Come on, lick it.
- Lick the mirror'? -That's it.
- Ass is a bit too big.
- Move the leg a bit.
That's not big. That's fuckable big.
That's hot.
That's it, show the zebra.
Yeah, zebra!
- Do you want something to eat'?
- Not now.
- When'? - In half an hour.
- Fuck.
Film us!
Give me some, bro.
Sorry, bro.
- Sorry.
- Sit down here. Here!
If you add a strong acid
to the solution...
Marija! Come here!
PH value is constant...
- Well, how was it'?
- I sucked it. - Super.
What a dick, man.
The color is...
It's not pale.
It's large and hard,
but then it isn't.
- How big is it'?
- I don't know.
Its head isn't that big, but just
as it should be.
He's really good, straight
and smells good.
- Tanja the whore told me it's good.
- You just sucked it'?
- What is it'?
- I cut myself and I didn't notice.
- Were you good? - Yeah, perhaps
I could loosen my tongue a bit.
- Did he say anything?
- Nothing.
Go to the drugstore and buy medicine.
I need to study. Let Milica go.
- Where is she? It's urgent.
- I'm not here, I'm studying.
- Look at that ass.
- He's so good.
- Are they looking at us?
- No.
Now what?
If I were you, you know when
he'd ignore me like that.
I'd fuck his mother.
like he doesn't know you'?
He'd fuck you right away, but he's
a pussy, believe me.
- This is so cool!
- Lets go there. lvana, Sanja!
Look, who's there'?
Wow lvana, you look good.
- Lick my cunt, eh'?
- Come here, have some fun.
I'm pleased to welcome you here,
I, Mr. Crni. - Stop bullshitting us.
. Hey-
. Hey-
You play well.
How are you, Djole?
- And you, Marija?
You're playing great.
You too.
- Do you have a beer'?
- I do.
- Djole's really super.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- It's nothing.
Fuck it! Damn it!
Give it to me!
Let me down!
- Let go of me, asshole!
- Hey, buddy!
It's all right.
I put the pills on the table.
When you return from school,
give him two capsules and half a pill.
- Capsules in 15:30, pills in 14h.
- Tell it to him.
There's potatoes, if he gets hungry
just warm it up.
I don't know how. Let him do it
if he's hungry.
For swaddling babies we use
two diapers,
and underwear for wide swaddling
of course.
- That asshole called me.
- Which one'? - From the party.
- What did you say'?
- This looks awful, dumb-ass.
- Who is stupid?
- Your Mom's stupid.
Suck it, bitch!
- Hush there!
- She told me I was stupid.
Sit down, not a word more.
Perhaps there are
those pointy bras'?
Look at this. Super.
Louis Vuitton. Like it is.
This shit shouldn't be here but there.
- Look at those shoes!
- They're awesome.
- He buys it...
- Can't you knock!
He just called.
Your mother brought you honey
I can't wait to go to Gajdobra,
pick up the things and get it done.
- Did she send that brandy of hers?
- Don't worry, she wrapped it up.
What, we need to celebrate there'll
be pack of us here'?
Why are you talking like that?
You are interested in new jeans
more than in your own father.
I've never asked for anything.
You should be grateful cause
you always had everything you needed.
- Grateful?
- Yes, yes, yes, grateful
When was the last time you
cleaned your room'?
You never spoke with your father
since we found out he was dying.
Did you ever think about
how he felt'?
No, you think only
about yourself.
I've given you everything.
But it's not enough.
You just kick me!
You already spat on him.
You'll be sorry after, you'll see!
You're just destroying this family,
that's what you're doing.
Marija, the pole fits you perfectly.
Put it in your ass, y'know.
Lets go to your place.
Wanna meet my mom or what?
You're on the shift?
All right. Bye.
You work out'?
- May I show you something?
- What?
Play you something?
I didn't turn out the best...
You can't.
Don't touch yourself.
Yes, I'm going to school.
No chance.
Cause I won't bear
their things! Bye!
Hi, Grandpa.
- Where did you put the blanket?
- I don't know, you were packing.
- What?
- Give...
- Here they are!
- Give it to me.
Mom, did you see what things they
brought? Look at this.
Dad wore this jacket
when he was young.
Dad was cool. Look.
All right Jasna, we'll store some
in the basement.
They're just suffocating us.
Why do they need all this for'?
Loads of cups, trinkets, take a
look at this.
Shut up, leave it.
And what's all that
stuff in my room'?
I'll take it away
once I've cleaned up.
Look here.
Mom, what do all those photos
of elderly people in our living room'?
It's grandfather's brother Branko
and his wife Milica.
Your sister was named after her.
Your dad really loved her, right'?
I've never seen her before.
Sure you have. She took you
for walks in Gajdobra every day.
- She liked to drink.
- But never got drunk.
She took you to the pub and put you
on her lap while she was knitting.
Do you know what sweaters she
made you'? Come here.
See how beautiful they are.
That's your grandfather...
This is mom and dad
in Gajdobra.
- When was that?
- When we did the roof.
This is aunt Dara.
And her children: Desa, Milan...
Here you are in mom's belly.
This is Ljilja, mom's friend.
This is when you were little.
Dad, mom and you.
Grandfather's brother Branko...
You aren't normal!
Pictures of dead people?
Nothing to be afraid of.
- Hey, buddy! - Hello.
- You won't say hello to him'?
Nail the bitch!
Come here.
Give me the phone.
Come on, dude!
Here's the limousine
for gentleman!
On your knees, you moron!
Look up.
Work with tongue. Good boy!
Just don't overdo it!
How's that? Cool, huh'?
- Spread it a little, bro.
- Me too!
Slow it down baby, it's strong.
Suck it, you fag!
Enough, brother. Enough. Enough.
Stick two.
I can put all of my fingers.
Can I stick it your ass'?
Yes, but put a finger first.
Does it hurt'?
No, just do it slowly.
Does it hurt now'?
No, just do it slowly
and it's good.
- Do you enjoy that I fuck you
in the ass'? - Yes.
That is also the only thing
that you're good for.
Come on,
go and buy what he needs.
I need to study.
Jasna, you have to help me,
I can't do it all alone.
If daddy has a seizure before
he leaves for the hospital,
they will probably not
operate him any more.
They say it's too risky.
I've said good bye to him.
Why do you tell me now'?
- Why are you like that?
- Like what?
Dad's leaving for hospital
in 3 days.
I even asked Ljilja for help.
I mean... She understands it.
She understands.
Her husband left her alone
with a young son.
She knows what it means if only
the three of us are left.
You have buried him already.
What are you saying?
Jasna, what are you saying?
Come on, study.
Make sure you get good grades.
Did you know Ljilja's son is
in your school? Djordje Tosic.
- Does he know it'?
- What? - That dad's ill'?
- I don't know. Take it easy.
- I don't want anyone to know. Get it'?
Give me the money.
Where to now'?
Dad goes to hospital tomorrow.
To have a drink and
then to lvana's, study.
I don't forbid you, but
please stay with us tonight.
- You forbid me to study.
- Jasna, please.
I need to get out and to study.
- For dad's sake. - Dad's asleep.
Will you give me money or not'?
- That's all?
- All I have.
Mom do you know how lame it is
when others have to pay for me'?
What's going on'?
To fuck with Facebook,
to fuck with America.
Kosovo is Serbia.
Hey cunts, why are you scared'?
Throw it, bro!
Tear it!
If they mind I pissed on their lives
they can lick my ass
and my hairy balls.
Come on, lets go!
Come on, you pussies!
- What group are you in'?
- Why'?
- For the practice.
- In the first. And you'?
You're at noon,
I'm at 3 o'clock.
Fuck, it's today!
I need to buy a gift for a child.
- What did you get'?
- I've some toy lying around.
- Whoa, give me those glasses!
- What kind of gifts?
We train childcare, we have
to play with them and stuff.
I'm gonna die, I can't sleep.
Come here.
Sit down, while I clean up a bit.
It seems my sister was here,
she made chaos.
I don't know what to give to the child.
I can't give her makeup.
I can't give her comb either.
He got him in.
He's peaceful. We're
waiting for the operation.
Great. I'm here with a friend.
I just get my stuff.
Lets go.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- My name's Djordje.
- Hi, I'm Zora, Jasna's mom.
You study together'?
We're in different classes.
We have to go now.
Djordje you say,
what's your last name?
- Tosic.
- You're Ljilja's son'?
You are so much alike.
Let me kiss you.
If you knew what your mom
did for Jasna's dad.
We just took him for an operation.
You're so grown up.
No! First you have to eat.
I'm so glad you're friends.
I don't believe that's true.
Sit down.
You're so big guy.
I've been babysitting you,
you know'?
Ljilja started working,
Jasna wasn't born yet.
You're 3 years older
than Jasna, no'?
You're so beautiful.
It's better to eat here, huh'?
You know who is it'?
Ljilja's son!
Yes, my friend Ljilja's.
This is Jasna's grandfather.
- Djordje. - Miodrag.
- Jasna's grandma.
So grown up.
I didn't recognize him.
- This is Jasna's sister Milica.
- Hey. - Hey.
Sit down. It is so wonderful
that you are friends.
Me and your mom, we
were best friends.
Life brought us apart,
we go on. Look at him.
You're very sweet.
Jasna didn't tell me you're friends.
She's never home. Since her dad
got ill, she doesn't bring anyone.
- Come on, Mom!
- She's ashamed now.
She has no reason to be
ashamed for her ill father.
- We have to go.
- Let the child eat.
- Really, let the child eat!
- Okay, eat some.
You were so restless as a child,
did your mother tell you'?
No one could put you in bed.
You were moving like whirligig.
Jasna was devilish even more.
- Mom!
- No, seriously.
- Go on, kids. Want some more'?
- No, thank you.
I'm really glad to have seen you.
Say hello to your mother.
- I will. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Crni told me his folks will go
to some spa.
We're going to hang out at his house.
Come if you want.
- Call me.
- Give me the number.
Let me type it for you.
- I'll call you if something happens.
- Good.
Djole, Djole...
This is nurse Dragana, she's in charge
of children we came to see today.
My group is of 15 children
from 7 to 10 years old.
Please watch out, life in an orphanage
is different from life in a family.
You'll see how endearing they are
and get used to them quickly.
And them to you.
But when you leave, then
they can get upset.
So please, it's really important to keep
some distance from them.
Get to know them,
establish contacts,
you'll work with them, in a couple
of years, right'?
These students came to visit us.
Stana is in the 1st grade.
When someone comes to visit
we say hello.
We focus on children who are
educatively neglected,
who didn't go to school,
who came from the streets.
So at the age of 9, 10... Miroslav,
Vesna, no running in the hallway!
We help them with
their homework.
We're in the day room now.
Children, friends have come,
be polite. Come on.
- Easy, easy.
- She is my friend.
Who said that?
- You are my friend?
- Yes. - What is your name?
- Jasna. And you'?
- Jadranka. Do you have a cell phone'?
- Yes. Why'?
- Give it to me.
- Give it to me!
- Get out! - Stupid!
- Idiot!
- Let's not break it!
Make her give it back.
- Give it back!
- She played with it for a whole hour!
Come here.
Then I'll give it to you. Okay?
- Don't pull my hair.
- Sorry.
- What is your name?
- Romeo.
I'm Jasna.
Get out! I want to talk to Jasna.
Lets do it this way.
You have beautiful hair.
Thank you. You too.
I wanted to have it the same.
Where is your mom'?
At home.
Is she beautiful?
I don't know... She is.
She must be.
Come, I'll show you.
- Give me the phone.
- I want to show you something.
- Not now. I'll give it to you later.
- Promise? - I promise.
Come on, film me.
Get out, this is my bed.
Hey, easy there.
Stop it!
Fuck off.
This is my bed. Sit down.
This is my backpack.
This is my pencil case.
There's a pencil, an eraser
and a sharpener.
These are my toys.
I have something for you.
Romeo steals always my toys.
I report him to Dragana,
but he does it again.
I beat him up, but
it doesn't help.
I hate him.
- Who are your best friends?
- I don't know... Maybe...
Jadranka and Romeo.
Film me again!
Film me! Film me!
Can you be my mom'?
Please! Please! Please!
I can't be your mother.
- Big sister?
- I can be that.
- I already have a big sister.
- Really? What's her name'?
- Liar! Her name's Radmila.
- I call her lvona.
Does she come to visit you'?
The court forbid her.
- Why'?
- When I was three,
dad died, my mother
found someone else
and left me alone with lvona.
- Radmila.
- Okay, Radmila.
Ivona was much older than me
and she had a boyfriend.
He beat me.
Put your head down.
I was bleeding.
Here and here.
It hurt me.
You are so beautiful!
You could be a model.
Does your mom ever visit you'?
- Yes...
- When was that?
You met her when she came.
Ah, yes.
So, you should always...
Wait a minute...
This cutie is a bit ill,
but nothing hurts you, right'?
No. I often just get tired.
Stana has a rare kind of
Wilson syndrome.
Problems with the liver and heart.
She mustn't get tired.
To be a pediatric nurse
is difficult.
You bear a huge responsibility.
You must accept the fact
or somehow to get used to it
that some of the children
are very sick.
And some of them die.
Stana, for example.
The doctors said 2 years ago that
she would live a year more.
The operation went well.
They took sample for biopsy
and they'll release him tomorrow.
I'm really hungry.
Hey. I'm dead tired.
I'd forgotten about tomorrow.
Pick me up from school around 11:30.
I'll ask to leave early.
I'll say it's because of dad. Bye.
I'll visit my father in hospital
Mom says he's alright,
they need to do some tests.
Chemotherapy is next step.
People lose hair and vomit
because of that.
I don't know.
It's like that I guess.
I'm thinking about if he dies to
go to his funeral on ecstasy.
You won't make it through
the service, you'll start dancing.
I wouldn't even cry.
I doubt he'd like...
if I jump on the coffin,
and act out some craziness.
He's not like those idiots.
He never was.
You know what was
my first memory of him'?
That he kissed my mom.
Milica was just born and
we had a guests,
and he hugged mom tightly.
You know how they kissed?
It never happened again. I saw
their tongues, they really went for it.
I played on the ground,
grabbed him by the leg, and he
dragged me around.
It's really weird...
when I think about
my childhood.
It scares me.
I feel... nothing at all.
As if it never had happened.
That the things that
I remember...
are just nonsense.
I remember...
his shoes.
Poor girl.
Let me cheer you up.
- Come on!
- I don't want.
Try another.
- Dude!
- Fuck this shit.
- I'm fine.
- Come on. - Come to me.
I brought you some snacks.
I can't now.
Help me to...
Have a seat.
All right.
I love you very much,
I'd do everything for you.
Start by learning how
how to do a proper blow job.
- Chemistry teacher is nuts.
- You want to tell me something?
- Shall we go out for some air?
- I'm fine.
Dominate it.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Did something happen?
- No.
- Come on, Jaco.
- Are you okay?
Go, I'll stay with her.
No, we don't know anything yet.
I guess he's all right.
Let me see you.
Go, put on the jacket.
- I'll call you.
- Jasna, look after the soup.
Where's my bag?
We must hurry. I'll call you.
- Pajamas packed?
- Yes. Together with the juice.
- Where are the towels?
- In the bag.
Give me the crosswords.
Mom, where are you'?
I didn't hear you leave.
It's nothing. I'll go next time.
Say hello to dad.
- You're drinking, eh'?
- Why not'?
This is cool! Look!
- Whose birthday is it'?
- I've no idea. - Jasnica, hello!
Djole, Stop it!
- Asshole!
- Djordje!
Motherfucker! Idiot!