Klondike Annie (1936) Movie Script

[Lively instrumental music]
[Lively instrumental music continues]
[Slow instrumental music]
Tell me, is this white woman
who lives here married to Chan Lo?
- I don't know.
- I hear he is madly jealous of her.
And he makes every white man
keep a respectable distance.
But I am not respectable.
[All laughing]
It's refreshingly scandalous.
Her name is Rose Carlton,
better known as The San Francisco Doll.
That's fine. I like dolls.
But this is a different kind of a doll.
Look at that figurine there.
As rare as the dodo.
MAN 1: I wonder if it's for sale.
MAN 2: Everything has its price.
CHAN LO: All my treasures except one,
may be purchased at a price.
Your Excellency.
CHAN LO: Your Exalted Excellencies,
beautiful ladies.
Now see what I have recently added
to my collection.
MAN 1: By Jove, what a stunner.
Isn't it wicked looking?
Gives one the creeps.
Magnificent. What exquisite craftsmanship.
- It must be very old.
- It is indeed, sir.
There is a legend attached to this Malay kris.
Through centuries, its history tells...
it pierced many times
the hearts of beautiful ladies...
who were unfaithful to the trust
imposed in them by their lords.
Prince, when are we to have
the pleasure of meeting...
My pearl of lotus flower?
If you'll all be so good as to excuse me...
I shall see.
[Doll playing a slow tune]
[Singing] I'm an occidental woman
In an oriental mood for love
And I feel a thrill of China
When I see a yellow Buddha moon above
And when it weaves
its magic spell around me
Saying love is all I'm dreaming of
I'm an occidental woman
In an oriental mood for love
I'm an occidental woman
In an oriental mood for love
And I feel a thrill of China
When I see a yellow Buddha moon above
And when it weaves
its magic spell around me
Saying love is all I'm dreaming of
I'm an occidental woman
In an oriental mood for love
Languor becomes you, my beautiful one.
But I trust you're not too weary...
as many persons
are gnawed by anxiety to see you.
So they want to see me.
I'm tired of being showed off,
like one of your curios.
Am I not proud of you, my pearl of pearls?
This pearl of pearls is getting unstrung.
You grow impatient with me?
DOLL: You stifle me.
CHAN LO: That is unkind.
I have provided for your comfort,
lavished luxury upon you.
I've had enough of your fancy speeches.
I'm saturated with them.
My only wish has been for your happiness,
white doll.
I know you're lying.
You consume me with unjust words.
I want you to be happy.
Why do you keep me
from having men friends of my own race?
Because it is written:
"There are two perfectly good men.
"One dead, the other unborn."
Which one are you?
We will talk about these things later.
It is rude to keep our guests waiting.
Do a dance or show them some card tricks.
I'll be down in a minute.
CHAN LO: Very well.
CHAN LO: Shall I say they may anticipate
your presence almost immediately?
You never can say anything the short way,
can you?
CHAN LO: No, my beautiful.
[Soft Chinese music playing]
FAH WONG: I am afraid for you.
FAH WONG: Chan Lo would kill you
before he lets you go.
I know, but I've got to take that chance.
I'm tired of being a prisoner.
You think I want to stay here...
when they're picking up gold
right off the streets in Alaska?
I'm going to join up with that gold rush
and nobody's gonna stop me.
Maybe you take Fah Wong with you.
Sure, I'll take you along.
I'll drop you off at Seattle.
You can see that sweetheart of yours
you've been talking so much about.
How does that sound?
Oh, lovely flower,
I'd be filled with joy to see him again.
All right, run along and watch for Ah Toy.
[Dramatic sobbing]
What is it, Wing?
WING: The man you wait for
is now downstairs.
Wing, you're a great guy doing this for me.
I know you're risking your life and...
I wish I could reward you somehow.
Have the man meet me
at the back stairway off the east lounge.
Tell him I'll be right down.
Room directly behind you, sir.
[Slow instrumental music playing]
VANCE: Doll, I've been mad to see you.
VANCE: It's only been weeks,
but it seems like years.
I'm glad to see you, too, Vance.
There isn't much time.
You got everything ready?
VANCE: Yes, didn't you get my message?
No. Tell me quick, what are the plans?
Bull Brackett, a friend of mine...
is captain of a ship that's bound for Nome.
He's standing by tonight
until you're safely aboard.
There'll be a tender at the Montgomery
Street pier to take you to the ship.
DOLL: It's good of you to do all this for me.
VANCE: You know how I feel about you.
VANCE: But I know you don't love me
the way I love you.
- Sorry, l...
- I'll never forget you.
You are too deep in my heart.
Do think of me sometimes, won't you?
Lots of times.
[Slow instrumental music continues playing]
[Wing speaking in Chinese]
What do you want?
I possessed unconquerable desire
to see you.
You mean one of your spies told you
I was talking to a man alone.
Beautiful one, I am exceedingly sorry.
You are in unhappy mood, all evening long.
I've been caged up here for over a year.
I'm getting tired of it.
CHAN LO: Chan Lo is lord and master here.
DOLL: What are you looking at?
CHAN LO: His dog's lips have touched you.
CHAN LO: I see the mark of his kiss on you.
DOLL: What about it?
It would bring me profoundest sorrow...
if wings were to carry you to your ancestors.
You better get packed.
We're getting out of here.
No, they've tortured Ah Toy
and made her tell.
Chan Lo will never let you leave.
He won't get a chance
to pull any tricks on me.
Meet me in the tunnel under the garden.
Tell Wing to have a coach waiting.
[Ship horn blowing]
Ship's boat is here, sir.
And there's two women in it.
You men get forward and go below.
Do you hear me?
If you don't want to take orders,
you can jump overboard right now.
I'm the captain here, and if you don't like it,
I'll bust it over your skulls.
- What's that guy roaring about?
- That's Capt. Bull Brackett.
He's the toughest man in these waters,
and he means what he says.
BULL: Take the bags up, Limey.
LIMEY: Right away, sir.
- I am the captain.
- I'm glad you told me.
Stand by to weigh anchor.
What's the matter?
- Palmer never told me what you was like.
- No, what did you think?
All I knew, you was a woman...
who wanted to make a trip to Nome
and couldn't wait for a passenger boat.
I'll say I couldn't.
So what's the matter with this boat?
Don't it ever go?
We're shoving off right now.
- Grigsby, shove off, shove off.
- Aye, aye, sir. Getting under way.
[Ship horn blowing]
- I'm giving you my cabin.
- You're good to me.
Yeah, I am going to bunk in here.
But you can use this, too.
For a sitting room or a parlour,
whatever you'd like to call it.
It will do.
BULL: If there's anything you want,
just yell for it.
You've got to yell for it? Fah Wong?
Turn back the sheets,
I'm heading for the arms of Morpheus.
The arms of who?
I was just saying in my quaint way
that I was going to sleep.
BULL: You had me there for a minute.
- Captain very nice man, huh?
- Yeah, too nice.
- What's the matter?
- Man was looking in window.
Forget it. It ain't the first time
a guy ever looked in my window.
- What are you doing here?
- Just been cleaning up.
All right, get out of here, and stay forward.
- All right, sir.
- No, wait a minute.
I want you to get me a big breakfast.
Everything you can think of.
- Make it extra special.
- You just had your breakfast.
You botheration. Get out of here.
Right. Breakfast it is, sir. Yes.
[Knocking on door]
[Speaking in Chinese]
So you're up?
How did you sleep?
Never better. How do you feel?
I'd like the chance to tell you about that.
Yeah? How long before we get to Nome?
About three weeks.
Then you'll have lots of time.
I want to tell you something.
Don't let the crew see you.
Because we never had
a women passenger on this boat.
That is, none like you.
Might get hard to handle.
[Knocking on door]
- Now, there's your breakfast.
- Awfully thoughtful of you.
You know, I've been doing nothing
but thinking about you...
ever since you came on board.
- You must be a very busy man.
- Sure.
A mockingbird.
To enjoy a good feed like that,
you got to be comfortable.
Doing your best to make me feel at home.
You certainly do know how to respect a lady.
I can always tell a lady when I see one.
What do you tell them?
Most men would try to take advantage
of a situation like this...
being alone like you are.
That rotten crew of mine would,
if they had a chance.
I ain't afraid with you here to protect me.
Two lumps, Bull.
You know, for you, I'd fight a den of lions.
I'll take you up on that sometime.
Here, you do it. Stirring gets on my nerves.
You certainly are different from any woman
I ever bumped into.
Maybe it's because I am not in the habit
of being bumped into.
A dash of cream, Bull.
You mind taking your feet off mine?
Think of it, mates. Barmy over a skirt.
How do you know he is in love?
How do I know?
When a man puts salt in his coffee,
and sugar in his eggs...
- what is he?
- He's crazy, that's what he is.
- He's crazy.
- He's worse than crazy, he's in love.
Sometime I'll tell you another one.
[Speaking in Chinese]
DOLL: [Singing] Oh, it's the deep blue sea
I hear you calling, baby
- lf there's anything I can do for you...
- I guess everything's all right.
Listen, I've got something
I want to show you.
- Let's see it.
- You might like it or you may not.
'Cause you being a woman, you know
more about these things than I do.
That's pretty.
DOLL: Where did it come from?
BULL: I picked that up in Singapore.
Here is something
that ought to fit you perfectly.
- Think so?
- Why, sure. Go on, try them on.
What do you want?
There's a point of navigation
to be settled, sir.
All right.
- Who does this belong to?
- That belongs to Limey.
He plays on it when he feels romantic,
the boggle-eyed shrimp.
- I'll be back.
- I'll be here.
- What are you doing?
- I was just going to...
All right, that's enough.
Go get my white shirt.
Brush up my clothes,
I'll be down for a haircut in a minute.
Aye, aye, sir.
[Strumming a light tune]
I didn't know you played.
I've been playing all my life. This is work.
Come on, don't stop.
[Singing] Woke up this morning
as blue as could be
Looked in the mirror and frowned at me
That means I'd better start travelling
Out on that deep blue sea
Oh, Mister Deep Blue Sea
I hear you calling me
I want to be out on that
Deep blue sea
Oh, Mister Deep Blue Sea
What have you done to me?
I want to be out on that
Deep blue sea
Oh, Mister Ocean
Please take a notion
Take me to a distant shore
You know the way there
I want to stay there
Ain't coming back no more
Oh, Mister Deep Blue Sea
I hear you calling me
I want to be out on that
Deep blue sea
When you sing like that
you make me tremble all over.
DOLL: You said you'd protect me,
not wrestle me.
I guess I lost my head.
Better go out on the deck and try to find it.
[Speaking in Chinese]
- What are you two talking about? Me?
- How did you guess?
I was just saying that I was going to ask you
to do me favour in Chinese.
- I don't speak Chinese.
- Maybe you'll do the favour in English.
BULL: Sure, what do you want?
- I want you to stop at Seattle.
- Seattle?
BULL: That's 400 miles off of my course.
Besides, you wouldn't like Seattle.
I wasn't getting off, she was.
It's you who wants to go to Seattle. I see.
The Captain's in love with you, I'm afraid.
You're afraid, I'm not.
- Hey, you, aboard there.
- Hey, yourself, what do you want?
- I got something for your Captain.
- Why didn't you say so?
OFFICER: Where you from?
SAILOR: San Francisco.
OFFICER: Frisco. See he gets that.
It's important.
I don't want to be bothered by anything.
Nothing. You hear me? Nothing.
SAILOR: Letter for you.
BULL: Where did you get it?
SAILOR: Policeman gave it to me.
BULL: The San Francisco Doll.
I've heard of you.
BULL: Little did I think
you'd be riding with me.
You've been bouncing me around
like a rubber ball.
Making me believe you're a square shooter.
And now I find out you left a guy in Frisco
with a knife in his back.
Playing high and mighty. Treating me
like I got black plague or something.
And all the time, you're nothing but a...
BULL: For all I know,
you might've carved your name in my back.
What're you gonna do about it?
I'd hate to see a rope
around that pretty neck.
No, I don't think it would be very becoming.
Do you?
BULL: Doll...
I couldn't give you up
if you killed a million guys.
I'll take your bag, lady. This way, please.
How do you do, Captain? I'm Annie Alden.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
Yeah. Sure. So am I.
ANNIE: How do you do? I'm Annie Alden.
ANNIE: Sister Annie, they call me mostly.
How are you?
Looks like you're gonna share my cabin.
ANNIE: Are you going
all the way to Nome, too?
If this tub don't sink before we get there.
ANNIE: We must trust in the Lord.
If you don't mind my asking,
where do you fit in this gold rush?
ANNIE: There are souls
to be rescued everywhere...
and we have a settlement house at Nome.
I thought I was heading for a wild country.
It is, they tell me, very wild.
And that is why we must provide
both material and spiritual guidance...
for those poor creatures.
As long as you don't try to gag me,
we'll get along all right.
DOLL: Have a little drink?
ANNIE: Whiskey?
Yeah, what did you think it was,
No, thank you.
It's very good of you.
I'm glad to see
that you have the spirit of charity.
Charity? Now don't get me wrong, Sister.
Come on, bring your grip.
[Ship horn blowing]
It was then I decided
to make a living by my wits.
ANNIE: Too many girls follow
the line of least resistance.
Yes, but a good line is hard to resist.
- This what you wanted?
- No, I wasn't even thinking of it.
I want to speak to you.
I wasn't thinking of that, Doll.
I was thinking of you.
Give us a kiss.
I'll be back later.
The later the better.
Must be hard for a pretty woman like you
to be good.
Yes, Sister, I guess you're right.
Captain, what am I to do with this trunk?
The first thing you do is take it off your back.
I didn't think of that.
Whose trunk is it?
It belongs to the lady that just come aboard.
Where shall I put it?
- Where do you put your own trunk?
- Under my bunk.
BULL: Then you know where to put this one,
don't you?
Under your bunk?
Turn around.
BULL: Now put that under your bunk.
LIMEY: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
All I want out of life is to do good.
Yes, I can see that.
What, more pills?
ANNIE: This is another kind.
You see, sister,
I put my whole heart in my work.
So do I.
You can always lose your heart,
but never lose your head.
If you'd only seek the truth,
you'd find the strength to be good.
Being good's an awful lonesome job.
It takes courage to be good,
but I know you have courage.
If you'd try,
you could resist every temptation.
What's the good of resisting temptation?
There'll always be more.
If you'd study this book...
I know you'd change your opinion.
Won't you let me lend it to you?
- It's awful thick and in small print.
- Please.
All right. I'll start it tomorrow.
Good night, sister, and bless you.
Same to you, Sister.
You don't snore, do you?
Why, I don't know. Do you?
I haven't had any complaints.
[Soft instrumental music]
I guess I...
I don't know what it is you've done for me,
all these days we've been together, but...
I'm beginning to see things different now.
One more week and I'd have finished this.
I actually enjoyed reading it.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
You keep it.
I wouldn't think of that. Why, it says here:
"To Sister Annie Alden.
"From one of the many
you have helped upward."
You must be proud of that.
Please keep it.
I won't need it anymore.
May it keep you
on the path of righteousness...
all the days of your life.
I'll get you some more ice.
How is she?
BULL: She's dead?
DOLL: Yes.
I guess the going was too rough for her.
[Knocking on door]
Who's that?
There's a boat
coming along starboard side, sir.
What does she look like?
Looks like the police cutter from Nome
to me, sir.
If they're police inspectors,
we'll have to let them come aboard.
Get out of here and step forward
till I send for you.
SAILOR: Aye, aye, sir.
Police inspectors don't, as a rule,
come out this far.
Wonder what they want?
Better stay in there until I get them away.
- Capt. Brackett?
- Yeah, that's me.
I'm Ins. Forrest.
FORREST: You know Off. Flynn.
BULL: Sure, how are you?
- Have a nice trip, Captain?
- Most of the way.
BULL: We had one bad blow, though.
Captain, we'd like to take a look
about the ship.
BULL: What's the matter? Anything wrong?
No, just in the line of business.
We inspect all boats that come into port.
Come on. I'll show you about.
You were right, Annie,
about the wages of sin and all that.
I never figured I'd get caught.
You seem needlessly resentful
of our inspection, Captain.
We have reason to believe
that that woman may be on this ship.
She ain't. I'm the Captain here.
I ought to know who's on my own ship.
Maybe so. Just the same,
we've got to continue on our inspection.
Who occupies that cabin?
Nobody, that's my cabin. My private cabin.
May we have a look in there?
What for? Haven't I just told you
there's nobody in there.
You shouldn't mind satisfying our curiosity.
- Well, I can't...
- Why not?
Because there's a woman in there.
So, that's it?
I hate to pry into your personal affairs,
but we'll have to see her.
Yeah? Well, she's dead.
She passed out this morning.
I was just getting ready for the services.
Don't bother me.
if you refuse to allow us
to inspect that cabin...
you'll find yourself open
to arrest and prosecution.
Arrest me, if you think
it will get you anywhere...
but you ain't going in there.
All right, Brackett. If that's your attitude,
we'll have to enforce the law.
FORREST: Capt. Brackett,
you're under arrest!
I guess the gentlemen can go in now.
Quick, Rose Carlton died at sea.
Wonder if she's the one we're after.
What was her name?
[Upbeat instrumental music]
Do you mean to say
you're going to face this mob?
Yeah, I got to do it and like it.
Suppose some of those birds are friends
of Annie's, then where would you be?
I got to take that chance.
[Upbeat instrumental music continues]
This is a great day for us, fellow workers.
Yes, we've been expecting Sister Annie
so long and now we'll see her.
There she comes now.
BOWSER: Welcome, Sister Annie.
BOWSER: I'm Brother Bowser,
superintendent of our settlement house.
DOLL: Pleased to meet you, Brother.
BOWSER: Greetings, Sister.
- I'm Capt. Brackett.
- How do you do, Captain?
I must thank you for seeing
Sister Annie arrive safely.
It was a pleasure.
It's all his.
- But what we do now, Brother Bowser?
- Let's go meet our fellow workers.
I'll take them.
It's all right.
He just likes to show his strength.
Sister Annie, this is Sister Evans.
EVANS: How do you do, Sister Annie?
BOWSER: Sister Nell and Brother Benjamin.
How do you do, Brother?
You have a lot of hard work
ahead of you, Sister.
A lot of poor souls to be rescued.
- You will need all your strength.
- Yes, Brother Bowser.
It isn't what you get in this world
that counts, it's what you give.
BOWSER: A splendid sentiment.
NELL: Splendid.
Onward to the settlement house.
Goodbye, Captain.
You've been so good to me.
Nix, I'm going with you.
Yes, Brother.
Just a minute, Brackett.
- Capt. Brackett to you.
- All right, Captain.
Just a few more questions, if you don't mind.
Did you notice anything suspicious
about The San Francisco Doll...
when she boarded your ship?
You've asked me that before.
I ain't heard nothing or seen nothing.
Where is she?
- What is that? A boarding school?
- No, that's a dance hall.
Patronised by the rotten miners.
I suppose they have to dance here
to keep warm in Alaska.
She may sing hymns but don't tell me
she don't know plenty of other tunes.
This here, Sister,
is our little haven of brotherly love.
Not a bad-looking joint.
- Joint?
- House.
Capt. Brackett.
DOLL: Brother Bowser,
I should be punished.
But you know, six weeks out at sea,
you know how rough sailors will talk.
- It must have rubbed off on me.
- Yes, of course.
BOWSER: May we show you your room?
DOLL: Why, yes.
Do you mind my having a word
with Capt. Brackett?
BOWSER: Why, certainly not.
Capt. Brackett, I want to thank you
for all the kind things you've done for me.
Listen, Doll, one more day like this
and you'll end up in the nuthouse.
Tell you what to do, you go down
and get your clearance papers...
- and then come back for me.
- That's good news to me.
- This is no time to wrestle me.
- I'll be right back.
Did Capt. Brackett make your trip
a pleasant one?
He certainly did, Brother.
I have no complaints.
Sister Annie, we're so glad you've come.
It certainly is a hard road we have to travel.
BENJAMIN: We're struggling to keep
our little settlement house open now.
Yes, we owe $876.
And there are starving people to be fed
and the poor to be taken care of.
What with all the gold
they're digging up around here?
We seldom have more
than a handful of people here.
- Most of those are on the charity list.
- I can see what you are up against, Brother.
Yeah, I know that, Sister.
I know, your letter tells me that.
DOLL: My letter?
Such feelings, such understanding.
Sister Annie Alden.
Yes, my letter.
- May I read it in your presence?
- Go right ahead, Brother.
"Dear Brother Bowser and workers.
"My humble thanks for your invitation.
I shall leave immediately.
"Poor though I may be in worldly goods...
"I shall have found the joy of life
in helping others.
"I desire only to do good,
to succeed where you say you have failed.
"I look upon my hopes as a debt I owe
to those who are unfortunate.
"In its payment,
I shall find supreme happiness. "
Just a minute, Brother.
Now, let me get this straight.
- What you want to do is pack this place?
- Yes.
And that letter would be answered,
wouldn't it?
Answered, Sister?
It would be more than answered.
It would be in your own words,
"A debt repaid."
DOLL: That's what we are gonna do.
BOWSER: Sister Annie.
DOLL: I'll tell you.
You've been on the wrong track
and I'll steer you right.
You won't get anywhere
if you don't know how to wrestle the Devil.
Tying a knot in his tail
won't throw him on his back.
You got to grab him by the horns,
know him and his tricks.
I know him, and how I know him.
Why, I can make him say uncle,
that is, if he's got an uncle.
I might have to use
a little more fireworks than usual.
Really, I have never heard such a spirited...
That ain't the name for it.
We'll call it "paying a debt."
Squaring up a conscience. Maybe that's it.
DOLL: Suppose you leave me. Let me think.
You sure can talk, Doll.
For a minute, you had me believing it.
And did they go for it.
I've got the clearance papers.
We hoist anchor at 9:00.
We'll have time for a few little snorts
and maybe get a peek at the town.
BULL: And then we'll head for the South.
DOLL: Sorry, Bull, but the deal is off.
I ain't going.
You ain't?
I changed my mind.
I just couldn't do it. I couldn't.
They read me a letter that Annie wrote.
- She was going to run this joint.
- What has that to do with you?
- I played her a dirty trick.
- That was just self-defence.
Look here,
I said you're going and you are going.
You made a promise
and you're gonna keep it.
[Singing a hymn]
I know the whole thing now.
These monkeys sell you a bill of goods...
- and now you're starting to wear wings.
- It ain't that at all.
I got a debt to pay. Not to this crowd,
but to Annie. And I'm gonna do it.
It won't take long and then I'll be squared up.
- You said you won't take long?
- No.
I'll bring a mob in here
if I have to drag them in.
I ain't leaving.
I'm hanging around just the same.
[Missionaries continue singing hymn]
Now the day is done.
No, the day has just begun.
And we're all going to get together,
I know just what the place needs.
We are gonna pack them to the doors.
We'll even have them up in the rafters.
Here's how we're gonna do it.
[Lively music playing]
- Get out of here now, you.
- Come and put me out.
Would you put these up?
DOLL: Where's your boss?
BARTENDER: You mean, Fanny?
Yes. Would you tell her
to come over here, please?
Them reformers are over there.
They told me to hang these up.
What? Hang these in my place.
I should say not.
I'll talk to them.
Who do you think you are...
trying to come in here
and put a wet blanket on this place?
We don't want no psalm-singing
or preaching in here.
This is a good-time place.
Would you mind waiting over there?
I'll talk to the lady.
Listen, you, I speak your language, too.
You've been doing pretty good around here.
All you rathole and dive owners
have been cleaning up.
You've been running wild, clipping suckers...
and robbing all these hardworking miners
of their gold.
I'm gonna put you through the cleaners.
From now on, you'll do your part.
- You and your girls be there Sunday night.
- That's our biggest night.
I know, but from now on,
it's gonna be our night.
We'll be expecting you.
Be sure your girls look their best
'cause they're gonna serve the refreshments.
We'll use your entertainers,
only they'll play a different tune.
And bring your sluggers along,
in case of a little disturbance.
- All this reform stuff is funny to me.
- Funny?
Let me tell you something.
Any time you take religion for a joke,
the laugh is on you.
And if you know what's good for you,
you'll be there.
- I tell you, if Fanny'd see us, she'd...
- Come on.
Sure, we got a right to.
- I don't know, but Fanny knew.
- Come on.
I don't want to go in there.
- I don't want to go in there.
- Come on.
Are you going in or have I got to throw you?
Go on inside then.
[Singing] When you hear
the bells go ding-a-ling
All join round and sweetly you must sing
And when the verse is through
in the chorus all join in
There'll be a hot time
in the old town tonight
When you hear the bells go ding-a-ling
All join round and sweetly you must sing
And when the verse is through
in the chorus all join in
There'll be a hot time
in the old town tonight
When you hear the bells go ding-a-ling
All join round and sweetly you must sing
BULL: Hey!
[Missionaries continue singing]
- lf it isn't Bull Brackett?
- How are you, Tess?
- I haven't seen you in over a year.
- I haven't seen you either.
- What's new around here?
- Just the settlement house.
Coming in?
- I'll try anything once.
- That's right.
MISSIONARIES: [Singing] When you hear
the bells go ding-a-ling
All join round and sweetly you must sing
And when the verse is through
in the chorus all join in
There'll be a hot time
in the old town tonight
You're not at ease, Sister?
Just a pain in my conscience, Brother.
That's all.
If there is any one of us, Sister Annie,
without sin, surely you are.
You'll never know, Brother.
My dear friends...
when I look down upon your kindly faces...
[All booing]
You know, folks,
I once made the mistake of thinking...
that religion was
for only certain kinds of people.
But I found out different.
I came to realise that you don't have
to go around looking sad...
and wearing a long face to be good.
And that's what I want you people
to understand here and now.
I want to show you
that you can think right and do right.
Everyday of your lives
and still have a good time in this world.
[Singing] Well, I'm talking about
all of you barflies
That revel and wallow in sin
My message comes to you
straight from my heart
And not from whisky or gin
The mothers that moulded your futures
Wouldn't be proud of their sons
If they saw you as others can see you
Just a barfly and a bum
You're one of life's many problems
You're travelling the road to ruin
You're bound to lose your battle with fools
So stop and see what you're doing
Your philosophy comes out of bottles
Rum has made you its slave
They'll soon kick you out of the gutter
Right into a barfly's grave
Oh, dear, I hope we are not doing
the wrong thing.
Anyway, we got them in here.
I ain't here to blame you
for what you've done.
I ain't even going to tell you
that you've been doing wrong.
You know that better than I do.
So, I'm leaving it up to your conscience...
to be on level with the world and yourself,
and everything you do.
It's human nature
to have a certain amount of weakness.
It's an uphill fight trying to be good.
It takes plenty of courage and spirit
to play it that way.
But what you win at the end is worth it.
Believe me, folks, I know.
Brother, what's on your mind?
[All laughing loudly]
Yes, you. Let's have it.
I'll tell you what's eating me.
And they can laugh all they want to.
I'm used to that now.
Six weeks now, I ain't been home.
I've been out there, laying in the gutter.
All I've been thinking about
is lapping up liquor.
And I've got a swell wife, too.
But I don't think,
she wants to be my wife anymore.
I'm telling you this, Sister Annie,
because you sort of...
brung it out of me to tell it to you.
I wish you would ask my wife
if she'd take me back, would you?
Sure I will.
Just as soon as the meeting's over.
I'll take you back, Jim. I missed you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you very much.
[Playing a lively tune]
[Singing] Cheer up, little sister
A new day has dawned
You'll feel better in the morning
When troubles hit ya
Don't let it get ya
You'll feel better in the morning
And when the sun comes peeping
over the hill
Say you're feeling better
You can bet your boots you will
Cheer up, little sister
A new day has dawned
You'll feel better in the morn
This is marvellous.
We have people here tonight
we never dared to hope for.
But we owe it all to you, Sister Annie.
I had almost forgotten the collection.
BOWSER: I'll get Brother Benjamin
and Brother David to do it.
Brother Benjamin and Brother David.
No, I think...
we'll have Brother Spike
and Brother Red do it.
- That'll be all, boys.
- Brother Spike, Brother Red...
BOWSER: I don't think I know them.
DOLL: Yes, but I do.
This is Spike and this is Red. New brothers.
Take those, boys, and have them filled.
And then make a second trip.
- Yeah.
- Leave it to us.
Tell Brother Gene to play
It Is Better to Give Than to Receive.
[Singing] It's better to give than to receive
Much better
It's better to give than to receive
Much better
If you want to be forgiven
And find the joy of living
Then it's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
If you want to be forgiven
And find the joy of living
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
If you want to be forgiven
And find the joy of living
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
It's better to give than to receive
If you want to be forgiven
And find the joy of giving
It's better to give than to receive
[Singing and lively music continue]
[Spectators applauding]
Brother Bowser, you watch the collection.
Shall we start serving
the refreshments now, Sister Annie?
DOLL: Yes. And Fanny Radler's
dance hall girls will help you.
Very well, Sister.
[Light music playing]
[Singing] Should auld acquaintance
be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne
Hello, Doll. How are you?
- Tess, well, I'll be...
- This is a swell act you got...
but I'd have known you anywhere.
Glad to see you, Tess.
But keep your mouth shut.
- Anymore of the San Francisco crowd here?
- No, they're from other parts of the country.
That's great.
How did you get in this game, anyhow?
I got a good reason for doing all this.
Don't ask me why.
Why not? You can tell me, can't you?
- I've always been like a mother to you.
- Sure have.
But just forget I ever was The Doll.
I'm Annie Alden, now. Sister Annie.
I'm running the settlement house,
and what's more, I like it.
On the level?
Something about lifting people upward
that gets you.
I ain't hypocriting, either.
Cut out drinking and smoking, too.
FORREST: Am I intruding?
DOLL: Not at all.
Mr. Forrest, it's a pleasure
to have you with us.
DOLL: Tess, you joining up with us, see?
TESS: What?
Brother Bowser, meet Sister Tess,
the new member.
See that she is properly enrolled.
BOWSER: This is a pleasure.
And what can I do for you?
I'd like to have a little private talk with you.
I guess that could be arranged.
If you'll excuse me while I greet
a few new members. But I'll be right back.
Sister Nell, would you cut Capt. Brackett
a piece of cake?
He's crazy about cake.
[Upbeat instrumental music playing]
I thought perhaps you could tell me
a few things about The San Francisco Doll.
What things?
Anything important.
FORREST: You must have gotten to know her
pretty well on the trip.
She did admit that she had been very bad.
But she had her good points.
[Forrest chuckles]
It isn't in human nature to be all bad.
FORREST: But there are a few things
I would like to clear up.
Was Brackett aware that she was The Doll
when she came aboard?
If he did, his not turning her over
to the police at Seattle...
makes him liable to arrest
for shielding a criminal.
Yes, but you'd have to prove
that he knew who she was, wouldn't you?
Yes, that's just it.
I thought perhaps you could tell me
whether he did or not.
Not me. You see, I only got on at Vancouver.
That's too bad.
From what I've learned about Brackett,
he's the sort of man...
- that ought to be behind bars permanently.
- You might find him in front of one now.
But I wouldn't judge him too hard,
if I were you.
But I'm on the side of the law.
That's what we need in this town.
Law and order.
You could do a lot of good around here
if you joined up with us.
FORREST: Perhaps we can talk
about that, too...
FORREST: sometime.
DOLL: Tonight?
Sorry, but I won't be off duty.
Perhaps tomorrow night.
DOLL: I guess that could be arranged.
FORREST: That's fine.
FORREST: I'll be here.
DOLL: So will I.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Capt. Brackett. Just the man I want to see.
See me? What for?
You're such a fine example of manliness.
We need you to show them
out of the darkness into the light.
I'm a sailor. You need a lighthouse keeper.
I thought you were gone, Captain.
What's keeping you here?
You ask a lot of questions, don't you?
Sure. I've got to. That's my business.
Is that so? How is business?
Not so good where you're concerned.
You never give me any answers.
No. I'm funny that way, ain't I?
- What makes you so funny?
- That's my business.
What did that guy want?
He doesn't think The San Francisco Doll
kicked in the way you said she did.
I told you, you shouldn't stay here.
- Why don't you come with me?
- I'm all right here.
It's you that's got them suspicious.
- We've gone over that before.
- We'll go over it again.
I'm going down to get the clearance papers
and you're leaving with me tonight, see?
[Dogs barking]
BOWSER: Why, Sister Annie,
where are you going?
BOWSER: It's 9:15.
I didn't know it was that late.
Why, I was going for a ride.
A sleigh ride with Mr. Forrest.
I think I'd better tell you that...
there is talk going around
about you and this man Forrest.
Talk? What kind of talk?
Isn't it a trifle indiscreet
for you to be seen with Mr. Forrest alone?
Especially for you, Sister Annie.
I was just trying to rescue him.
You have rescued others in five minutes.
Yes, but this is a very stubborn case.
Of course, you know best, Sister Annie.
I only wish to protect your good name.
Don't worry, Brother Bowser.
I'll take care of that.
FORREST: Here you are.
DOLL: Hope you haven't waited long.
FORREST: A thousand years wouldn't be
too long to wait.
Your feet would get awful cold.
What's this? I thought we were alone.
I forgot my key.
DOLL: Would you ask Brother Bowser for it?
FORREST: Yes. Certainly.
Come here.
Are you the little boy
that keeps his eyes and ears open?
- That's me.
- You know how to keep your mouth shut?
What's it worth?
You know Capt. Brackett?
BOY: You mean Big Bull?
DOLL: Yeah.
Don't tell him you saw me with another man.
That's why I gave you $1.
That's worth $2.
Now, you know what to do, don't you?
Sure I do.
I have to tell Capt. Brackett
I didn't see you with another guy.
Here it is.
Tell me, what did you hear
and what did you see?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
Didn't I give you $1 to keep your eyes open?
Yeah, but she gave $2
to keep my mouth shut.
She did, did she?
I'll give you $3.
Now, what do you know?
She went out skating with Brother Bowser.
She went out skating with Brother Bowser?
Skating with Brother Bowser.
You're all right, kid.
For $5 more, I'll tell you the truth.
Now, wait a minute.
All right.
That's $5.
She went out sleigh riding
with that good-looking guy.
She did, did she?
Is that all you know?
That's all I know for $5.
[Romantic instrumental music]
- Isn't this a wonderful night?
- Yes, it is.
I've always enjoyed nights like this.
So have I.
I've thought a good deal about you.
You have?
From the first time I saw you...
I wondered how on earth
you came to be doing settlement work.
After all, a girl as attractive as you
doesn't generally go in for it.
- Rather, she never gets a chance to.
- Well...
to be perfectly frank,
I felt the need to show...
the poor unfortunates
what they were missing.
FORREST: I hope you take the time
to show me.
All the time in the world.
FORREST: You're so sweet.
FORREST: Would you mind terribly
if I tried to kiss you?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean...
But you're so lovely.
Somehow, I can't visualise you as anything
but the kind of woman to be loved...
to be adored.
[Romantic instrumental music continues]
What's going on with you
and this guy, Forrest?
There's nothing going on.
You're low in your mind.
Why do you have to go
sleigh riding with him?
I don't have to.
I just do it for the fresh air I get, that's all.
Don't you know you're sticking your head
in a loop, mixing up with that copper?
Maybe you don't think it's smart
to be friendly with the law?
It won't do you no good, noways.
Soon as he finds out
you're The San Francisco Doll...
he'll make you stand the gaff
like any other killer.
Why don't you yell louder
and let the whole town hear you?
BULL: Listen, if I thought you were
falling for that guy...
I'd put him away with Sister Annie's ghost.
Now, the way you talk, you'd think I was
putting myself out to make you jealous.
You're mine, Doll. Mine, see?
To your last hook and button.
And I'm keeping you if I have to croak for it.
Bull, your love is terrific.
I promise to be fair and square with you
no matter what happens.
- That straight, Doll?
- Straight across the board.
There's your coat.
Your hat.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
FORREST: I just overheard something
in this room.
I wish I hadn't.
I guess it's your business to listen.
You got it on me.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
I'm up against something
that's never happened to me before.
I'm stumped.
It's the law that wants to punish you, not me.
Can't you understand how madly I love you?
I don't care what you are
or what you've been.
I love you.
- You really care that much?
- You know I do.
You know how I feel about you, too.
I was hoping you'd say that.
I don't want to feel
that you led me on this way.
I mean that if I ever found out
who you were...
I couldn't carry out my orders.
How can you say that?
I'm trying to make a new life for myself.
I'm sincere in my work.
I thought I was in mine, too. But now...
I didn't ask you not to turn me in.
It'll mean a promotion for you.
You got your future to think about.
That doesn't mean much to me anymore.
Only you mean anything, everything.
Enough for you to give up
all you've been working for...
take a chance of going to prison
for protecting me?
Yes, enough for that.
I'll send in my resignation.
We can forget all about this.
You and I can go away somewhere,
find happiness together.
- I want you to think what you're doing.
- I'm sure of what I'm doing.
Yes, but I'm not.
When are you guys shoving off?
Whenever Big Bull makes up his mind.
SAILOR: He ain't got no mind to make it up.
The House of Chan Lo must be avenged.
Honoured one, what I tell you is the truth.
Speak cautiously for the Devil has many ears.
MAN: The woman who runs settlement house
is the one you seek.
Tess, I'm in an awful fix. I don't know
which guy to go away with...
Forrest or Brackett.
Do you have to go away with one of them?
Either one can put a rope around me.
That's bad.
If I were you, I'd pick the best
and call it luck.
It's a tossup between the two of them.
Brackett, you know.
You know what to expect from him.
The other guy,
you can't tell how he'll turn out.
When I'm caught between two evils,
I generally like to take the one I never tried.
- You think a lot of Forrest, don't you?
- More than any man I ever met.
The thing is, if I go away with him,
I'll be killing his career...
and Brackett will probably kill him.
Maybe you'll be lucky
and they'll both kill each other.
DOLL: Tess, this is serious.
Either way, I'm sacrificing something,
something that's hard to give up.
I can't help you with that.
Anything else I can do for you?
No. I know what I'm gonna do.
Brother Bowser, I have good news.
Sister Annie has accomplished
the impossible.
They're shutting down the town
on Sundays...
and have promised
that law and order will be restored.
Isn't that wonderful?
- I must tell Sister Annie.
- Splendid.
[Provocative instrumental music]
But, Sister Annie,
what is this transformation? Your dress?
Brother Bowser, I'm leaving.
BOWSER: Leaving?
BOWSER: This is all so sudden.
That's the way I do things.
Sudden like or...
I don't do them at all.
BOWSER: I don't understand.
DOLL: Of course, you don't.
Goodbye, Brother Bowser.
But Sister Annie,
the money we've collected...
there are thousands of dollars...
and it's just as much yours as it is ours.
What shall we do with it?
I want you to build a bigger place.
And right out in front, I want it to say:
"Sister Annie Alden Settlement House."
I guess she'd kind of like that.
[Melancholic instrumental music]
But you're coming back?
[Soft instrumental music]
I know just how you feel, Captain.
If you could only snap out of it.
I was in love myself once...
- Get out of here and stay out!
- Yes, sir.
[Slow instrumental music]
You're here. You've come back to me.
BULL: You know, last night
I prayed you'd come back.
BULL: And here you are.
BULL: You got me believing now.
DOLL: That makes you all right with me, Bull.
We're heading for the South Seas
where you'll be safe.
No, Bull. We're going back.
Back to San Francisco.
What's this you're saying?
You can't mean that, Doll.
Yes, we're going back.
I had a dream last night about Sister Annie.
- What's that got to do with it?
- Everything.
She spoke to me and I heard her say,
"Go back. Do the right thing.
"You know it was self defence. You'll win out
if you square yourself with the law."
That's what I am going to do.
Take Annie's advice.
BULL: Yes, but that was only a dream.
Annie wouldn't steer me wrong. Not her.
I'll do anything for you.
thieving, killing, anything.
Just get me back to San Francisco.
I'll change the course right now.
set your course south three points west.
BULL: You sure you wanna go back?
See, Bull, I gotta make up for the past.
You're past is all right with me.
In fact, I'm crazy about it.
I don't want you changed.
BULL: You're everything I've lived for.
BULL: You're the thing that makes me tick.
BULL: I'm no good without you, Doll.
BULL: If I thought I was gonna lose you,
I'd croak you.
Bull, you ain't no oil painting,
but you're a fascinating monster.
[Provocative instrumental music]
[Lively instrumental music]