Klopka (2007) Movie Script

Have him call me when he wakes up.
I love you too.
None of this
should've happened.
Chief' shall I clean it?
It'll shine. It's on me.
I shouldn't be feeling
the way I do.
Nor thinking what I'm thinking.
Everything is...
Everything is a mess.
That's why I'm trying to do
the right thing now.
If anything right can be done.
Now, go, go!
You dried your hair?
- Yeah.
Why are you angry?
Coming in fifth isn't that bad.
It was second! - How many
of you were there, three? - Don't.
I'm only joking.
Well done, you did great!
Can't touch me!
Can't you play without fighting?
I'm not fighting.
She's throwing snowballs at me.
OK. Let me introduce you.
He is Nemanja. What's your name?
Go on, tell them your name.
Her name is Isidora.
Only she isn't in a good mood.
Are you cold? Oh!
Your hands are totally frozen!
Here, my gloves aren't wet.
She can give them back afterwards.
- Thanks.
Isidora's a bit spoiled by her dad.
Fathers and their daughters...
We haven't seen you around.
- No, we moved here recently.
Well, see you around.
Isidora! Let's go.
- Hey, the gloves!
Wow, early class today. I'm running late.
- Hang on!
The clock's wrong.
- No, silly!
Stay a bit longer.
- I'm really late.
You're taking Nemanja today.
Don't forget to give him breakfast.
And... what else...
Nothing. Talk later.
Where do you think you're going? - What?
- Just like that?
Bye. - Bye.
What did we say about this?
No drawing at night, right?
- I couldn't sleep.
Get dressed, you mustn't be late for school.
Dad, can I not go to school today?
- Why not?
I don't feel so.
I'm tired.
- Don't try those tricks on me.
On your feet, let's go!
Everyone in my class has it!
- So what?
What do you all need mobiles for?
- To text each other.
So everybody sends mesagges, excent you?
Me and few others.
Give me two dinars...
Then give me a fag!
Dad, when are we going to the seaside?
- One fine day son.
You'll get the mobile
for your birthday. Alright?
But that's not until the autumn.
- Yeah, so?
Go on, now. Be good.
How's it going, super workers?
Working yourselves to death?
No harder work than no work, boss!
What's the matter, Marko?
Not good, boss.
- What's wrong?
Two tons of iron gone last night.
- How do you mean gone?
Where was the security?
- Says he didn't hear a thing.
Of course, he was wasted.
Or paid not to hear a thing.
Anything new about this privatization,
the tender?
Will somebody buy us?
I don't know, Marko,
I'd like to know myself.
What happened, boss?
That, yes, chill out.
Excuse me. Marija, one moment, please.
- Of course.
Where is he?
- Calm down!
I just want to see him.
- Calm down!
Tell me where he is.
- The doctors are with him.
He got sick in PE.
He's gonna he alright.
Please, tell us what's going on!
- Dr Lukic! Hurry up.
When he was younger,
Nemanja liked to frighten me.
He used to swing on a swing real high,
until I became scared.
Yesterday was very dangerous.
A matter of seconds.
The coronary muscle is the problem.
Which type of car do you have?
- Excuse me?
What car do you drive?
Renault 4. Why?
- 'The little giant'.
That's how they used to advertise it,
thirty years ago.
The danger has passed, for now.
Only until the next seizure.
Which can happen in a month,
or a year, maybe a week...
no rules there.
What should we do?
- Only the surgical
procedure, as soon as possible.
Not here, unfortunately.
The Berlin Institute,
they perform it, Doctor Weininger.
And, it's not covered by our insurance.
You pay the costs yourself.
And how much is it?
26000 euros.
I know. But find it somehow.
You should act fast.
Maybe place an ad in the newsganers.
It turns out well for some people.
May you live long and be happy.
We'll help as much as we can,
but it's not much...
Mladen will come up with something.
- 'Come up'?
Does he look like someone who can do that?
Do I look like person
who can 'come up with something'?
Our parents never taught us
how to come up with things.
I can sell the Golf.
It's old, true, but good.
That's three,
maybe three and a half thousand.
Want some cake?
- No, thanks.
Moma, there's no point.
Everything we have
is worth less than five grand.
Someone is sure to help.
We regret not being able to help,
Mr Pavlovic.
The company you work for cannot guarantee
that you can repay the loan.
You rent your apartment,
you have no real estate.
According to this chart,
you can't even be granted
a customers' loan of 5000 euros.
What's so funny about that?
I'm sorry, but if someone sees
that I don't smile
while talking to a client,
I could he fired.
This is a foreign bank,
that's the rule.
Fuck, mate...
I don't know
where to find 26000 euros.
We'll find them.
Where have you been?
- I placed the ad.
That's not what we agreed on.
No, but we have to give it a shot.
It's our only chance.
Why are you looking at me like that?
- Like what?
What's the problem? Your pride, is that it?
That's below you, is that it?
Look at the papers, just look!
'Help Dejan'. 'Help Sanja'.
Who's going to give you that sort of money?
I am not ashamed.
I'm off to pick Nemanja.
- No. I'll go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm late. And my phone died on me.
Why are you so frightened?
Thanks for waiting with her.
- Oh, it's nothing.
Take my hand. See you. - Bye.
- Say bye. - Bye.
- Why's she an idiot?
She goes to class II-3.
They're all idiots there.
Marko! - Boss...
I wanted to warm up a bit.
I see you have your own trouble.
So, maybe if this privatization thing...
Any news about the tender?
Things are looking up.
A Belgian company responded.
They've started negotiating.
- That's the solution for us.
They just have to buy us.
- Then buy are shares off us.
We'll be doing well by then.
- That's the only reason we are still here.
They just have to buy us!
- Something will come out of it.
They're dry.
Wanna go to the canteen,
to wash down your troubles, as they say?
- No, thanks.
Turn your mobile off, Alisa.
- Yeah, in a bit.
Stand up, Alisa!
A quiz for you.
Nah, not just now.
- And why is that?
I don't know anything.
But, you could help me.
Give me private lessons.
I can't give you private lessons,
I am your teacher.
But I can recommend some of my colleagues.
No, I want you to give me lessons.
My dad will pay you well.
You could use some money now,
far as I know.
Get out!
Excuse me?
- Out!
- Hey.
Any news?
No news. I checked the account too, nothing.
What'd you wash the dishes for?
To help you.
- I don't need that kind of help.
I flipped out at school.
Someone for you, dad.
Hello? - Are you Mladen Pavlovic?
- Yes.
I'm calling about the ad.
Yes? - I think there is something
I could do for you.
Let's not talk on the phone.
Can we meet tomorrow? - Yes.
OK, how about five o'clock, 'Moscow' hotel?
- Fine.
Until then.
- Goodbye.
What was that?
- Some man called ahout the ad.
And? What did he say?
- Says to meet up tomorrow.
Hope something comes out of it.
Good afternoon.
What will you have? How ahout a whiskey?
- Okay.
A whiskey for the gentleman.
I've seen your ad.
I'm prenared to help.
What can I say? I'd he infinitely grateful.
Every donation is significant.
I'd give you the entire amount.
I reckon, it'll he 30 thousand.
26 for the operation,
than for plane tickets and other costs.
Are you serious?
- I am serious.
Your son answered the phone, wasn't it?
- Yes.
Sounds like a well brought-up child.
I don't have any myself, yet.
You would save my son's life with that.
Of course, I'll pay you back in full,
as soon as I raise it.
With interest, if needed.
- No need to pay back.
But there is something you could do for us.
For whom?
The matter is utterly delicate
and it should stay between us.
Whether you accept or not.
- Yes, of course.
Thank you.
There's a man who's in our way
in the way of us
who love this country and build it.
Someone always interferes with...
You're a builder too, you'll understand.
To cut a long story short,
the man should vanish.
What's that got to do with me?
- You could do it for us.
You're a serious man, we've asked around.
An honest, working man.
Which is rare nowadays.
That's why we choose you.
Are you joking?
- No, Mladen.
We need someone no one will suspect,
who's not linked to us.
That's all you need to know.
I don't expect you to answer straight away.
Think about it.
The life of your son for the life of a man,
without whom the word
would be a better place.
A man nobody will miss.
Two flies wth one blow.
Two good deeds at once.
Think about it,
I'll call you back in two days.
Have a nice day.
How was it?
- Nothing. A nutcase.
Nothing at all?
- Nothing at all.
Want to eat something?
- No, I can't.
He drew this today.
I wished that the man from
'Moscow' would never call back.
In the same time,
I felt guilty for wishing it.
Man, where have you been?
- Well, nowhere, really.
Seen anyone from the university?
- Nobody.
Listen, I meant to ask you...
- Go ahead, ask.
Could you lend me some money?
I never normally borrow,
but I don't have any other solution.
My kid is sick.
Now, of all times!
I don't have it.
I honestly don't. You know me,
if I had it, no problem.
You're still working for a state company?
- Yes.
You're such a fool. Just look at me.
I strip these redneck bare.
They build these horrendous villas
love civil engineers,
don't care about the architects.
Do you know anyone
who could lend me the money?
How much?
- 26000 euros.
Are you nuts?
Who will giye you that much?
They can tell by your shoes
that you can't pay it back
Watch that! What do you
think you're doing, you moron!
The boss will break
your head off!
You will pay for that!
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
Did you see this?
Why don't you drop
by the New Voodoo club?
I opened it, I'm there every night.
We'll have a drink.
How's the family?
Fine. Fine...
Thanks. See you.
873 minus 652...
It's Moma.
How are you?
Put me on when you're done.
No, not yet.
Actually, I did.
I can't do it
I think you should accept.
I'll leave everything
you need in a plastc bag
in the electricity locker under the bridge.
Pick it up tomorrow at 7 AM.
He called from his mobile.
Everything alright?
- What?
Everything's okay.
Marija... - What?
There's something I have to tell you.
- What is it?
Something really bothering me.
It might sound insane, or...
maybe even stupid.
But I keep thinking about it
and it really bothers me.
Sorry, but I can't listen
to what's bothering you.
Stop listening to your inner self.
We have to do something for Nemanja.
I knew you'd do as I said.
The gun is loaded
and you'd better unload it
until the time comes.
The instructions and the down payment
you'll find tomorrow in your mail box.
If something isn't clear,
leave a message for me
addressed to Milos Ilic,
PO Box 418, 11070 Belgrade.
Destroy this paper at once.
22-04. Are there any changes at the account?
Nemanja, don't run!
Nothing? - I'm not running.
- Have to go to the toilet.
Let me in,
I've cut myself.
- In a second.
Let me have a look...
- Leave it, I'll do it myself.
Dad, I don't want to go to school anymore.
- Why not?
Because of that ad.
- What ad?
You know what ad.
Everyone at school knows.
This is down payment,
the rest after the job is done.
The client is the owner of
Mapex trade company.
Leaves home around 9 AM,
comes back after 8 PM.
Do the job as soon as possible.
Boss, we're on strike.
- A brandy for me, please.
Marko said strike. - Give the
boss a drink. - Very well.
The Belgians think we're fools.
They offered us peanuts for our shares.
We used to be the strongest
civil engineering company.
They can't sell it without us.
I guess.
I can't help him.
I can't help my own son.
I'm lousy father.
Don't say that!
And what have I done?
As if we have any choice.
Nemanja! Tell me what's wrong.
- To the ER.
Get me the car keys. In my jacket!
Get Doctor Lukic! Call him!
He's alright, for the time being.
The best thing to do is
to have him stay here.
The seizures are more frequent.
Surgery, as soon as possible.
Thank you for coming.
What colour is your Renault 4?
- Mine is white.
Can we see him for a moment?
- Just for a moment.
What are we going to do now?
I'll sort it out.
I brought the medications.
Nemanja! Nemanja!
Nurse! Nurse!
We're losing the pulse!
Two cubic cm of adrenalin, quick! Oxygen!
Who the fuck are you?
Don't fuck with me, you hear?
I'm gonna kick your ass!
What are you doing in there?
I just wanted to take a shower,
and then come over to help you.
Take a shower?
- Yeah, I got dirty.
He could've died.
- Who?
What happened?
- What's the matter with you?
What happened to Nemanja?
He had a seizure,
while you were getting 'dirty'!
No, you don't understand.
Do you have anything to say?
Why are you silent?
You run and hide, so you don't have to look.
Is it easier for you like that?
Say something, man! I can't go on by myself!
Get away from me, please!
I wasn't the same person anymore.
And I couldn't tell anyone.
I had to be me.
As much as I could.
When you draw enough pictures
to fill this wall,
we'll be off. By plane.
- Promise? - Promise.
And I'll keep the promise.
Just like I kept this one.
Here you go.
- A mobile! With camera!
Where did you get the money?
It's hard to say goodbye to a brother.
It's hard...
You all know Petar was a good man
and how much he loved Jelena and Isidora.
Many envied him.
They have brought suffering upon this family.
They struck at the holy thing.
But such people won't go far.
My brother, I swear to you
I will turn this country inside out.
I swear to you on my blood,
before 40 days are over,
we'll avenge you death.
May the eternal glory be with him.
- Glory be with him.
God rest his soul. - Amen.
You must wonder why this frame is empty?
- No.
Well, yes, actually.
- My dad's a collector.
He bought that frame in Paris last summer.
Paid 30000 euros for it.
Now he's looking for a painting
that'll he worthy of the frame.
'The number you have dialed
is not in available. '
'The number you have dialed
is not in available. '
What happened?
I agreed to give lessons hoping
that he might help us,
to lend us the money...
I don't know what we're doing.
We're supposed to die,
that's what's expected of us!
- You have no idea what that flat looks like.
Every single thing is worth
as much as Nemanja's life.
I saw this picture frame...
- Marija, please don't!
If we only had this frame,
everything would be sorted out.
You didn't understand a thing.
They should live, not us.
We should drop dead!
Become extinct!
You don't understand.
- What's the matter with you?
If anyone calls, I'm back soon.
Tell them to call again.
Excuse me. I've sent a letter to PO box 418,
...and I was wondering
if anyone came to pick it up.
Sorry, we don't give that
sort of information. - Please!
That man asked for help for
his child's operation.
I just wanted to know if he took it.
That's why it's urgent.
It's about a child, you see.
There's no 418.
It hasn't heen asigned to a user.
Man used me and disappeared.
I couldn't find him.
The only thing I knew is that he knew Petar.
Mum, are you alright?
What happened?
Stay with your mum, I'll go get the car.
Take a seat.
Where s Isidora?
She's in the hall.
I went a bit overboard with tranquilizers.
I just wanted to make it
a little easier on myself.
These people here think
I wanted to kill myself.
But I didn't. I didn't.
You don't believe me either.
- I do.
My husband was murdered.
You must've heard.
The papers are full of all sorts of articles.
I have to hide it all from the child.
Please don't give me your condolences.
I can't stand it,
I've had it up to here.
All those phony friends...
Placing obituaries.
One of them killed him, I'm convinced of it.
I'm sorry I'm burdening you.
It's important for me to talk
with someone who is not part of that story.
I'm sorry... I know I'm boring you.
No. I'm listening.
They all knew this one man,
just one of his faces.
It may not have been his best,
I don't know, and I don't want to know.
But I knew my Petar,
my love...
He was wonderful to us.
I'm sorry.
If you're feeling better,
I have to be on my way.
Nemanja is in hospital.
- Oh, God! What's wrong with him?
It's his heart.
Has to have a surgery in Germany.
Thank you.
And if there's anything I can do for you...
I have to go. Really, I must.
Oi, fuckwit, what do you think you're doing?
I had to, mate. Come on, it's not a big deal.
Who do you fuck with?
Have it washed,
you've got the money, don't you?
Daddy stole some money, right?
He gave it to his son.
You fucking bum!
Fuck you!
- Get him!
Damage, fight, criminal charges...
What are we going to do with you? Eh, Mladen?
I killed a man.
Excuse me?
- I said, I killed a man.
His name was Petar Ivkovic.
'The number you have dialed
is not in available. '
It's not done yet.
Where's dad?
- At work.
He didn't come yesterday either.
I'm listening.
I killed Petar Ivkovic.
One man wanted me to do it
and promised me the money.
And I needed the money for the operation
since my son is ill.
And I killed.
But, that man disappeared,
and didn't give me the money.
And this Petar Ivkovic...
He has a wife and child.
Mladen Pavlovic, you listen to me now!
The murder of Ivkovic is a very serious case.
We don't have the time
and we don't want some nut
to interfere with our investigation.
Take him out.
So? Anything else?
Leave me alone, Marija, not now!
What have you done, Mladen?
- I don't know.
You don't know. - No.
- Were you drunk? - I guess.
What are you keeping from me?
You tell the doctor
you'll bring the money soon,
then you disappear for a day and night.
You come back beaten, drunk,
acting like a wimp,
Stop that, please!
- I won't! How can you leave us now?
Stop that! I said you don't know!
I don't want to stop! You don't know!
You don't know how to help,
you just know how to lie!
You lie to the doctor, to me,
to your own child!
You're good for nothing!
What are you drawing?
Don't draw me! Please don't.
Let me see something.
I'll make you something.
- Shouldn't have done that, Mladen.
That was stupid.
If you go on blabbering,
both you and your son will die.
What, are you frozen?
Where are you lookin' at?
Why are you running for, you idiot!
You never called back.
You know I need the money urgently.
I could kill you straight away, but I won't.
That would be easy on you.
But if you don't behave,
I'll let your child die,
and you're gonna watch. Understand?
- Yes.
Hi, chief, let me wash it.
- What? - Gimme some money.
Stop acting stupid, calm down.
Hang on a second.
Who told you to wash it? Get lost!
I'll call to tell you
where to collect the money.
Did you understand me, Mladen?
- Yes, I understood.
Oh, you've got fags. Give me some fags.
It hurts? - Fuck you!
- Screw you!
Let me go, you fuck!
- Does it hurt, little prick?
You'll see, you motherfucker...
What are you doing, you animal!
Go fuck yourself!
You gipsy little prick!
What the fuck are you honking for? I'm going.
What are you doing, Marija?
I am leaving.
I'll be at Moma and Danijela's.
I didn't want to go.
But, it seems
I have to.
Please, tell me what's happened to you.
I don't know how to go out of here.
I need you, Mladen.
Nemanja needs you.
Everything will be alright.
Very soon, it will be alright.
Some woman called.
Jelena, says she knows you from the park.
She insisted on talking to you.
What did you tell her?
Nothing. That I don't know
where you are, and what are you doing.
Hang on! Stop!
Let go, please, let go.
- Please, don't go, Marija!
Why shouldn't I?
- Don't go please! - Why not?
Come in, Moma!
Hi, guys.
- You're not going anywhere!
Perhaps you'd like to hit me?
Marija, I am begging you,
don't go.
Moma, let's go!
You alrght?
- Yes.
I'm sorry to intrude. Can I come in?
Don't worry, I'm not going to pass out.
- Please, come in.
They gave me your address at the school.
I asked around.
I know everything.
And I want to help.
I know what it's like
to lose someone you love.
That money is not much to me.
And it would solve everything for you.
Don't, please.
Why not?
I want to help.
Just go, please.
Just go.
Nemanja! Where did you came from, son?
What happened here?
How did you get here?
I walked. Where's mum?
She's gone to Moma and Danijela's.
Let's go to your room.
Watch out.
You've had a row?
- Just a bit.
It's a I my fault.
It's all because of me.
No, it isn't. It's my fault.
But we have to get you back
to the hospital tonight.
I don't want to. - Nemanja!
Let's not argue, please.
Let me stay with you, just for the night.
But mum's not coming back toningt.
- Is she very upset?
I'll make her forget it tomorrow.
But only if you let me stay the night.
So now, this thing I'm dong now.
I'm trying to do at least something right.
At the end.
Is he here?
- He is.
Nemanja, are you alright?
- Yes.
We have to go back to the hospital.
- I know.
Go on, put your sneakers on
and we'll be on our way.
Shall I call a taxi?
- Moma's waiting downstairs.
Please, don't come with us.
If you can do that much for me.
Come later.
Bye. - Let's go.
Get back in!
What do you want?
Didn't I tell you I'd call vou?
Get inside!
You sure are early.
Relax, take a seat.
Is that the gun I gave you, huh?
- Yes.
Sorry, but I'd like a cup of coffee.
Want one too?
I don't have time.
- Alright, alright...
How's your son?
He's waiting for the money for the surgery.
It'll all be as we'd agreed.
There was a delay, I was going to call you.
I know. But I came over,
to spare you the trouble.
What kind of a man you are?
You don't trust me. But I trusted you.
Calm down, man, calm down!
This murder thing really...
got to you, eh?
30000, was it?
- 27. You already gave me three.
You have to wait for the banks to open.
You have a stash for a case like this, right?
Thirty thousand can save your child's life.
And it's nothing to many.
A trashy car costs more than that.
Every life isn't worth the same,
officially confirmed by Americans, you know?
After 9/11, the families got reimbursed
from American government.
But they didn't value
everyone's life the same.
No, it was according to how much they earned.
A Mexican cleaning woman, fuck her.
Worths $1000.
A clerk, $100000.
A businessman, naturally, a million.
- Move!
He was a bastard, that Ivkovic.
He wanted to take my house.
I'm not the only one you helped,
but the only one paying.
You said 'we' when we talked.
- To make an impression.
People figure it's an organization, but no.
I work on my own.
Nohody knows about this, besides us.
The only thing I could never do
was to kill a man.
I can't see how anyone can do that.
- Me neither.
But there are some occasions...
What's this?
Where's the money?
- That's all I've got, two thousand.
Where's the money?!
You want me to kill you?
- You think only you have a problem?
Where would I get 30000 euros from?
I'm broke.
Here! Want a fake Rolex?
I owe half a million.
They're only keepng me alive
so I can pay back.
I'll kill you!
Pull that trigger!
Better than them chopping me to pieces.
Kill me!
- Mladen, where are you?
Someone transferred the money. Anonymously.
He just transferred the money.
You hear me, Mladen!
You're off on Wednesday.
The donor made the arrangements.
What about you?
I need to stay.
I have to settle a debt.
What debt?
You owe that someone
who transferred the money?
And is it some tough guy? A criminal?
Why don't you tell me all about it?
It makes no difference now.
Who was that woman?
She is the wife...
of a man I killed for 30000 euros.
because I'd been hired to do so.
Then the man
who hired me disappeared.
I looked for him, I found him,
but he didn't have the money he promised me.
Then you called and told me that she,
Jelena is her name,
gave the money for Nemanja's surgery.
I know her from the park.
Her daughter goes to school with Nemanja.
There, that's it.
If I don't know you...
So, now you owe that woman?
I owe her.
I do owe her and...
I don't know how to pay that debt.
When I was little, I wished...
I imagined life was like a film,
that you can stop and rewind when you wish.
And start over,
where you want it to start from.
I forgot to buy cigarettes.
Let me be with Nemanja,
you get some rest.
I can't sleep.
I know it's strange for you to see me here.
But, if I could come in... Please.
The surgery took place today.
Marija called and said everything went well.
I came to tell you everything.
This is the gun I killed Petar with.
Just go!
I thought...
If ever I'd met a good man, you're the one.
You of all.