Knackningar (2021) Movie Script

I want to go for a swim.
I'm going for a swim, Molly.
You mean so much to me.
I've learned so much from you.
Hey, Elizabeth!
I want you to forgive me.
I like you so much.
You mean so much to me.
I've learned so much from you...
Were you asleep?
You don't want to forgive.
You won't deign to do it.
You don't think it's needed.
How would you say you're doing today?
I'd say I'm doing fine.
And now it's time for you to leave.
-Yes, I think so.
-I think so, too.
What a journey
you've been on this past year.
Everything you've been through?
Yes, right...
No but I...feel it's time.
-Got it?
-Got it.
-Are you Molly?
-I'm the building super. Peter.
-Oh, right. Hi. Molly.
I haven't gotten your name up
on the door yet.
-That's OK.
-I'll do it as soon as I get a chance.
Any questions, just give me a call.
I'm usually around.
-OK. Great.
See you later, Molly.
Hi. You've reached Judith.
I can't take your call right now
but leave a message
and I'll get back to you as soon
as possible. All right, bye now!
-Molly Aronson. Hi.
-Kaj Larsson.
-I live downstairs from you.
So... Are you the one knocking?
Yes, it sounds...
Downstairs it sounds like
someone is knocking on the floor.
Knocking...on the floor?
I hear knocking in my ceiling.
It sounds like it's coming from here.
From your apartment.
No. I'm not knocking.
But it could be someone doing renovations.
Yeah...could be that.
OK. Bye.
The extreme heat wave
sweeping across Europe
has caused authorities to issue
strong warnings to the public.
Temperatures haven't been this high
in more than a decade...
This is Molly.
Hi Molly, this is Kristoffer Wood
from ward 17 calling you.
I just wanted to check how you're doing.
Yeah. I think I'm doing well.
That's great to hear. Are you
all settled in at the new apartment?
Yeah. Or...I don't know. I'm trying...
It's important you turn it into a place
where you feel at home.
I'm doing that, but...
I don't really know how to.
It would be good if you tried doing
things that you used to do in your life.
Like what?
What did you use to do?
I'll get that.
What will it be?
-I want fruit.
-OK. Fruit.
-A lot of fruit.
-Look at these. They're beautiful.
Concentrated sun.
You get a tan just eating them.
Those look yummy.
-Maybe some apples...
-Sure thing. Apples.
-Green ones.
Excuse me? Got anything with
some vitamin C? Oranges or...
You're having a big party?
-No, they're for me.
-There we go.
Maybe a melon, too...?
I'll take this as well.
And I need some bananas.
You know, in this heat,
fruit goes bad very quickly.
But I'm going to eat it. I need fruit.
Monstera. Nice choice.
Oh? Is that what this is?
What are you looking for?
Something homey.
Monstera is very in right now.
How do you live?
What's your place like?
Will you keep in the light
or in the shade or...?
-Where will you keep it?
-I haven't really... I don't know.
-Bedroom, living room, kitchen...?
-Living room, I think, yeah.
-Does it get a lot of light? Is it dark?
Monstera is a great choice, then.
-Take this. And this one.
-No, I won't be able to...
Sure you will! That's just super.
That's great.
-But maybe one is enough?
-Take two, they need each other.
-Looking for someone?
-No, I...
Is it coming from your apartment...
these knocks?
-Are you the one knocking?
-No, I'm not doing any knocking.
But you hear the knocking?
-Not at all?
There is knocking.
I hear knocking sounds in my ceiling.
Someone needs help.
I think someone needs our help.
That apartment there, who lives there?
-Some couple. I don't know them.
-A couple?
A young couple.
Like I said, I don't know them...
-That time again?
-Yeah, need to get rid of this.
Going to do some interval training.
-I'm sorry. I don't think I can help you.
But I hope the knocking stops.
Must be annoying for you.
-Bye now.
Hello? This is Molly.
Let go of me!
-Leave me alone, I said!
-Come back!
Come on!
-You're the one who called?
-That's right.
-What floor was it?
-Upstairs. Eight.
That one.
Hey. Hello.
Did something happen?
We received a call
about a domestic disturbance.
-What do you mean?
That's him.
He forced her into the building.
Are you serious?
You were forced into the building.
Sure everything's all right?
Yes! God, yes...
I heard you screaming in the courtyard.
She was screaming.
Is that true?
Is that true?
We had an argument.
But it was no big deal.
Totally normal argument.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Sure everything is fine?
-OK. Then we won't keep you any longer.
-OK. Have a good one.
See? No problem.
There is something. Because I hear
knocking in my ceiling all the time.
Maybe it's coming from in here?
That's good.
Drinking plenty of water is good.
Especially now, with this heat.
-Shall we go?
Are you going to be OK?
Right. OK.
Oh, my God!
They're gonna break the glass!
Yes, but these ones are from Russia.
Yeah, I promise.
Sure, anything. Yeah.
How's it going?
All settled in after the move and all?
Oh, right. Yeah...
Just wanted to let you know
I'm putting your name on the door now.
Oh, right.
-All right.
This is 112. What is your emergency?
Someone in my building
is being beaten to death.
-You have to come right away.
-What's your name?
Molly Aronson.
OK, Molly, who is being beaten?
I don't know.
-You don't know?
Or, yeah, I know it's a woman,
on the floor above mine in my building.
She is knocking in the ceiling
all the time.
It's, like, very clear Morse code.
And...and...I can hear her!
I hear her.
She's being beaten to death
and she's going to die. Sheisdying!
OK. Molly. Would you calm down for a bit
so I can understand what you're saying?
You think someone's being beaten to death
because you hear knocking in the ceiling?
Could there be other reasons
for the knocking?
I see the police visited you yesterday.
But...there is a woman in my building
and she is dying!
What are you not understanding?!
Are you alone? Do you have any family
with you, or someone you can call?
Please, can you just
believe me when I say,
there is a woman... my building, upstairs from me,
who will die unless you do something now!
You are causing a disturbance by dialing
112 repeatedly in a non-emergency.
If you do not cease, 112 will ask
to have your phone disconnected.
-I would like to report something.
-OK? What's this regarding?
A woman in my building is dying.
Or she may already be dead.
We handle mostly passport matters.
Call 112 or the police direct line...
No! I have already called 112,
and no one will talk to me.
I need help now.
You need to help me - now!
Why don't you take a number?
Take a seat, wait your turn,
and I promise someone will help you.
-Right behind you.
Take a number, wait your turn,
and I promise we will help you.
-Right behind you. There you go!
Per? Wanna come out here?
If you go around the corner,
a colleague of mine will help you.
Hi. What can I do for you?
-Hi Molly, Kristoffer from ward 17 here.
Just checking to see how you're doing.
How I'm doing?
Yes, how are you doing, Molly?
I'm doing good.
Well, how are you spending your days?
-What did you say?
-How are you spending your days?
How I'm spending my days?
-Different things, I guess.
You know we're here for you
in case you need us, Molly.
-Yes...I do.
-And asking for help is not a failure.
No, I'm not ill anymore.
And you're taking your medication
like you're supposed to?
-Sure? Because...
-I am taking my medication.
Sorry! I didn't think you were home.
I'm just putting your name
on the door.
Your name on the door?
You don't remember?
But you already did.
You put it up yesterday.
-No, I didn't.
What the hell is this?
You need to remove this.
You could get evicted for this.
-Hey? You understand that, right?
Please, let me out!
Let me out! No, no, no!
-It's you. I know it's you.
-What are you talking about?
I know it's you.
-I saw the clothes, in the trash.
-What fucking clothes?
Out in the courtyard.
Her clothes covered in blood.
What blood?
What are you talking about?
It's the middle of the night.
What's going on?
What...are you doing?
I know someone has her.
She's dying! You must do something!
-Seriously, she's insane.
-Should I call the cops?
-Yeah, she seems completely psychotic.
-I am not ill.
-Don't touch me.
-Calm down.
Did you reach the cops?
I can call my direct line.
They put me on hold.
Maybe call the psych ER?
She is having a psychotic break.
But... Can't you...?
Why won't you hear me?!
-Calm down.
-Don't touch me!
But you're not doing so well.
We're trying to help you. OK?
I can wait with you at your place
until you get help.
-Do you want that?
-Don't you touch me!
-You need to calm down.
-I am calm!
I'll call my direct line.
It's you.
-You're the one who has her. I know.
-You're not coming in here!
-Open the fuck up!
-What are you doing?!
Get out!
She's in the kitchen!
Leave my apartment!
-You need to open this door.
-She needs help.
-No, she doesn't!
I'm coming! I hear you!
-Open the fucking door now!
Put the bayonet down now!
-I'm here! I'm coming in!
-Leave her alone!
Put the fucking knife away! Enough!
What the hell is wrong with you?!
What the hell?!
Open...the door...
Take your fucking key...
and open this door.
It's all right, Mother.
-I want my mommy.
-I'll take care of you.
-Where's my mom and dad?
-It's OK.
-I want my mommy.
-I'll take care of you.
I'll take care of you.
You're sweet.
Someone will soon help you.
Sit down! Calm down. Sit down.
Sit down. That's it...
Everything's OK.
Everything's fine.
Seems you've had problems
for a while now.
Yes, I have. But I'm well now.
What are you writing now?
I am well now.
The police drove you here.
-Why was that?
-I think you already know.
-I want to hear it from you.
They thought I was disturbing
my neighbors.
And were you?
Is it OK if I take a look
at your records?
-You already are.
Are you taking this medication?
My medication isn't what
You've had an incident before...
Yes, I have. But I am well now.
-I want to talk to Kristoffer.
Yes, Kristoffer.
I want to talk tomydoctor. Kristoffer.
There's no Kristoffer working here.
Yes...there is a Kristoffer here.
He's my doctor and I want to talk to him.
-I am your doctor here.
-No, Kristoffer is my doctor.
I spoke to him
There's no Kristoffer. If you don't agree
to treatment this becomes a police matter.
You need to face the fact
that you are ill.
Someone escaped from the psych ward!
Eat shit, you fucking psycho!
I can't...I cannot...I cant help you...
I can't! I don't know where you are.
Stop it...
I can't find you.
Stop it...
Stop it....
There is a fire. The entire 8th floor
must be evacuated.
Everybody evacuate! Hello?
There's a fire.
Everyone must to evacuate.
-Yes, now.
I'm the building super
so maybe I can assist in...
No, everyone must be evacuated.
You gotta go too.
-Is there anyone else in the apartment?
-No, I live here alone.
-What's that sound in your apartment?
-It's...I live alone.
But there's someone in there!
Hello, can anyone hear me?
Hello, can anyone hear me?
-She's chained!
-She's supposed to be.
She's ill. I know her.
She's not doing so well.
Leave her alone.
It's for her own good...
Take him out.
We need paramedics up on floor eight.
There's a young woman in shock.
She's chained.
Hello? Can hear me?
Try and breathe calmly.
We're here now.
We're going to help you.