Knight Moves (1992) Movie Script

The pressures and demands
players with your son's ability
place on themselves
to win are incredible.
I can't afford to keep him in here
forever, you know.
I just want to
keep him overnight,
and then start sessions
with a child psychologist.
I knew this would happen.
His mother's not strict enough with him.
She lies in bed drunk all day
and the boy does whatever he wants.
After he's released it's crucial that
he's supervised.
The most important thing
is that during his treatment
he's not allowed anywhere
near a chessboard.
I've got a drunk for a
wife and a lunatic for a son.
I don't need this shit anymore!
You're crazy! Both of you!
Help me.
Today concludes the second
week of competition
in this round-robin
candidates tournament.
Each of the players will play the other
a minimum of three times
and the winner will earn the right to play
for the world title next year.
But the big story is the amazing comeback
of Peter Sanderson
who is currently leading the tournament.
The European Grand Master,
now residing in Westport, Connecticut,
stunned the chess world
three years ago
when he walked out in the middle
of last candidates tournament
while leading by three games and
he forfeited the match to Viktor Yurilivich
who is only two games behind
Sanderson in this match.
- Congratulations, Mr. Sanderson.
- Thank you, Miss Rutlege.
- Your schedule for tomorrow.
- Daddy!
- Congratulations, Dad!
- Thank you, darling... my cheering section.
You're playing the English.
Lutz won't do that.
- He opened his first game with it.
- He knows that you're aware of it.
Then I'll transpose.
On a variation, yes, but it must be
a variation that is unique.
- I'm sure you have something.
- Of course.
Get rid of Knight.
Bishop takes Bishop.
Pawn for Pawn. Now Rook threatens Queen.
That's to your advantage.
With the excellent range of your Bishops,
he's finished.
It's a good play, but risky.
You don't win by playing it safe, Peter.
- Daddy.
- Hey! What are you doing up?
I can't sleep. My bed's lumpy.
Forgot to bring your night light,
didn't you?
That has nothing to do with it.
- You want to sleep in my bed tonight?
- Okay!
I'll tuck you in.
Jeremy, have someone pick up
a night light tomorrow.
- Hello?
- Debi?
- Yes?
- It's me. I forgot something.
Sorry to ruin your trip to the city, Frank,
but we got a real nut on our hands.
Run it.
Debi Rutlege, female,
Caucasian, twenty-four.
Worked over at the Four Oaks Hotel.
A neighbor found her.
No. She just moved here...
four months ago from Portland.
What the hell is going on here?
Gentlemen this is not a party. Anybody who
doesn't have to be in here get the hell out.
- Yes, sir.
- Now!
Oh, I came out here from the city
to get away from this...
What have you got, Nolan?
There's no sign of break-in.
I think she let him in.
- How long has she been dead?
- Six, eight hours tops.
What's the cause of death?
You think whoever did this wanted
it to look like suicide?
He would have taken more care not
to the leave rope burns on her wrists.
No, the way I got it figured is,
he tied her up,
slit her wrists, then sat back and
watched her bleed to death.
But that's not the main thing.
What's wrong with this picture?
There's no blood.
Where the hell's the blood?
- Did Miss Rutlege have a boyfriend?
- I guess so.
- What do you mean, you guess so?
- I know she had company last night.
- A man.
- How do you know that?
Well, her bedroom is
on the other side of mine.
The walls are very thin.
I could hear them.
So what are you trying to tell us Ma'am?
They were, uh, humping?
They were having sex, yes.
It wasn't that I was
intentionally listening,
- but with the walls being so thin...
- That's all right.
Thank you very much,
we appreciate it.
First thing I'd like to say
is that some of us
have not had the opportunity
to get to know each other
since I took over
from Captain Waters last month.
And a lot of you feel that I'm an outsider
who came over and took over a job
that should have gone to a local,
but that's the way it worked out.
You can bitch and complain
all you want
but you will tow the line
in my department.
Which means that the next time
an officer responds to a homicide call
he seals off the scene of the crime
and nobody gets in
but but Detective Wagner and myself.
Is that clear?
I don't want to hear anybody talking about
this message on the wall or the blood.
- Anything?
- Not much. I don't think she was raped.
There's no bruising, or any signs
of trauma to the pelvic region.
- What about sperm?
- No trace.
- Prints?
- No prints.
- No prints but hers.
- No, Frank.
No prints.
- Yes?
- Mr. Sanderson?
Frank Sedman, Roxbridge P.D.
Detective Wagner.
I don't know whether or not
you've heard about...
Oh, Miss Rutlege.
Yes, I did.
- May we come in?
- Oh, sure.
- I hope we are not interfering.
- No.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Can we talk in private?
- I'll get out of your way, gentlemen.
- Nice to have met you.
- Nice to meet you too, sir.
I see you're busy so I'll get right to it.
How well did you know Debi Rutlege?
Only in passing.
To say hello to.
What does that mean?
I don't understand that.
I've talked to a few people who say you
and her were... friendly?
Well, chess tournaments can be boring.
People have a lot of free time.
- They like to gossip.
- What did you do last night?
I played Gregory Lutz.
Ah, yes, you won two games, you left
the auditorium at eight forty five.
What did you do after that?
I came back to my room
and I went for a walk.
- By yourself?
- Of course.
Of course.
Well I have here a printout
from the hotel computer
that logs all the calls
to your room.
I noticed one here at 9:04.
"From Debi. Please call me at home."
She was calling to give me
my schedule for tomorrow.
Ah, I see.
Funny thing here is that
you say you only knew her in passing.
But this message says please call me
at home and there's no number.
Which would indicate that
you already know her number.
- I got it from the tournament directory.
- There's no Debi Rutlege in the directory.
That's because you're looking
in the general directory.
In the player's directory everyone
connected to the tournament is listed.
- We seem to have a little problem here?
- Oh, really?
What kind of problem?
I think you're lying.
That's what kind of problem.
- What are you saying?
- We're not saying anything.
We're just trying to put
a few pieces together, that's all.
Thank you.
Well what do you think?
He's got an answer for everything,
but no alibi.
You think he's dirty?
I don't know,
but you're right about one thing.
He's lying.
I'd like a different chair.
This one killed me yesterday.
Also, the pieces on the board move
too slowly. It's distracting.
Will they be sped up?
Grandmaster Sanderson,
there are five other players.
Now, if we were to accede
to every special request...
I'm not asking anything special.
I just want to be able to concentrate.
No problem. It's a matter
of adjusting the response time.
Can you make it so they
don't slide across the board?
Well if I do that,
the audience is going to have
a difficult time following the move.
- Well can you speed them up then?
- Okay.
Yeah, that looks pretty good.
You're acting like
a superstitious schoolboy, Peter.
What's next?
Incense and rosary beads?
Grandmaster Lutz, you'll be sitting
here for your next match.
Oh no... no, I can't sit there.
I must be facing north.
My power comes from
the north.
- Hello, Peter.
- Hi, Viktor.
You played an interesting
game last night.
Even though sacrificing your Rook at E4 was
the game I played against Valsney in '82.
- I'm glad it helped you.
- You are two points behind.
- Doesn't that make you nervous?
- I never get nervous.
- Besides, you will falter.
- Not this time.
Well, then this time you will have to
stay until the end of the match, won't you?
I'll be here.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
What are you going to do?
- Who told you that?
- Mrs. Lutz.
She also told me that
Mr. Lutz goes to a medium
to try and contact great Grandmasters
in the spirit world.
Has he reached any?
No, but he did contact
a dead Parcheesi champion.
- Mister Sanderson?
- Yes.
- The phone's for you.
- Oh, thank you.
Hello... hello?
- Hello, Peter.
- Who is this?
Someone who's going to become an
important part of your life.
I want to play a game with you.
- Well, listen, I don't have time for this.
- You had time for Debi.
- What?
- Don't worry, I wiped off all your prints.
What is it, dad?
Let's go.
Mister Sanderson,
there's a message for you.
- See you later, Dad.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Get me the police.
Why didn't you tell us
you were there earlier?
I don't know. I was afraid of hours
of questions. I can't afford to miss a game.
We wouldn't want someone's death to
interfere with your games.
- What was your relationship with her?
- Casual.
- Casual? You were boning her weren't you?
- It wasn't serious. What's your problem?
- You are! I don't like you.
- Fine, don't ask me out on a date.
Don't worry I won't.
I've seen how your dates end up.
Knock it off!
Both of you.
- This is just a little too convenient.
- What's that supposed to mean?
It means, if I were the killer and I
thought the police were closing in on me
I might invent someone to try to
throw them off the scent too.
- That's crazy! Why would I do that?
- You like to play games, don't you?
Hey listen, he says on the photo
he'll call tomorrow at eleven.
Why don't you come back
and listen for yourself?
Don't worry, we'll be back.
You can bet on it, pal.
You must understand
this is not my field.
It's not mine either
but I can tell this guy's crazy.
That's your business right, doc?
You deal with crazy people.
I deal with people with problems.
There are all different types of problems.
Look, we don't have the budget
for outside psychological help, Dr. Fulton.
- We'll take what we can get.
- He's acting out some kind of fantasy.
We're talking about
a deeply disturbed person.
No shit!
Can a person this disturbed give the
appearance of being normal, Dr. Fulton?
All right. We've got a suspect
but no hard evidence.
- If you met him could you tell?
- Tell what?
- If he's crazy.
- If he's... disturbed.
Perhaps, but not necessarily.
One opinion I can offer with
any degree of certainty:
He'll kill again.
- Oh. Sorry, I thought it was empty.
- It's okay.
Are you with the tournament?
- Are you one of the players?
- Yes I am.
I always wanted to learn how to play chess.
It seems like such a complicated game.
Well, not really. You see your goal
and you go after it.
Anything that gets in the way
is an obstacle and must be destroyed.
Sounds very violent.
Chess is a reflection of life.
Life is violent.
- The strong win. The weak perish.
- You enjoy being the stronger one?
If you're asking me if I'm passionate
about what I do, the answer is yes.
Without passion, nothing moves us.
What's your passion?
That's a very personal question.
I see. This is going to be a very
polite conversation.
I thought opening too quickly was a
fatal mistake in chess.
- It is.
- Do you always open quickly?
- Are we talking about me, or chess?
- You.
It depends on the opponent.
Well, I hope you remember that
tomorrow when you play Krikorian.
Well, I think I've had enough.
Getting too hot in here for you?
- Who are you? A reporter? A cop?
- I just came in for a steam.
And how far exactly were you willing to go?
- Well?
- Well what?
I told you this was
a stupid idea.
You can't learn anything
from someone in a few minutes.
- You didn't get any vibes from the guy?
- I'm a psychologist, not a psychic.
- What's this all about anyway?
- What did Dr. Fulton tell you?
That you wanted someone
from the institute
to talk to Sanderson about
some case you're working on.
- What'd he do?
- We're not sure.
What do you think he did?
He could be a suspect
in a murder investigation.
The girl that was killed last night?
You send me into a dangerous situation
and didn't even warn me?
They came to me
and asked me for help.
Now, what am I supposed to do?
You could have been
honest with me for starters.
We work together.
I have to be able to trust you.
Hey! Sanderson wasn't going to talk to him.
Besides, you're young, attractive...
The guy could be a psychopath.
It worked out all right, didn't it?
Fuck you!
- I won.
- Congratulations.
It's 11:06.
Hello, Kathy.
Thanks for coming.
Mister Sanderson, this is Doctor Sheppard.
Psychologist helping us out.
We've already met,
haven't we, Doctor?
I see you're still having problems
with your openings.
Keep him on the line as long as you can.
No confrontations.
- Hello.
- Hello, Peter.
Just a second.
Very amateurish, Peter. I'm surprised
you would use such an obvious tactic.
I am not an idiot!
Don't treat me as one!
I'll call you every day.
You get one minute.
Whether you put me on hold or talk
is up to you! Are you ready to play?
Why did you kill Debi Rutlege?
To get your attention.
What about the word
"REMEMBER" on the wall?
That's something you're going to have to
figure out for yourself.
Really, Peter, you can't expect
me to answer such direct questions.
Why not?
You don't want to think.
That's why I'll win!
- I'm already two points ahead.
- What?
I did another one last night.
You might have saved her,
but you didn't want to play.
- Where is she?
- You'll find her.
If you want to tell me something,
just come out and say it!
Where is she you son of a bitch!
Detective Wagner.
I'm sorry but you're going to
have to get off the phone line
and go back to
your tracing equipment.
If I wanted to play this game with
a moron I would have called you.
I suppose you want to know where I'm
going to kill tonight, Peter?
But you're not
going to tell me that.
"Wee Willie Winkie
runs through the town.
Upstairs, downstairs
in his nightgown.
Crawling through a window.
At the end of Miss Emma's street.
Her God has gone and left his home.
So her and I can meet."
What the hell you doing
grabbing the phone?
- Anything?
- Nothing.
We'd have a better chance if
we tapped into the main junction box.
Thanks, Mr. Sanderson, Kathy.
You want me to come with you?
Maybe I can help.
No. We'll take it from here.
You should have been an actor, Frank.
You looked like you were really mad.
The veins popping out of your neck?
Nice touch!
You weren't mad at him
for picking up the phone?
No. I wanted him to. I wanted to find out
if there was someone on the other end.
But we heard him.
It could have been a tape.
A prerecorded conversation with himself.
The F.B.I. has nothing even
remotely similar to this guy.
I think he's a first-timer, Frank.
Call the State.
If he hasn't killed outside of Washington,
the F.B.I. wouldn't have him.
- Nolan?
- He tapes their mouths shut.
We found traces of adhesive
around the victims' mouths.
We're doing a chemical analysis
for components,
but it's probably a standard brand you
can buy in any hardware store.
- OK, we'll check it out.
- Now, the lipstick he uses is interesting.
Why is that?
Because the company that made it
went out of business 16 years ago.
- What about the blood?
- Not a drop.
- Maybe the guy works for the Red Cross.
- Kathy?
The fact that he's viewing this as a
game suggests to me
he's trying to prove
some sense of superiority.
And the way he's killing shows a need
to be in complete control of his victims.
What about how he arranged the body?
That would indicate he's
playing out a fantasy.
Power-control killers usually fantasize
about their actions for a long time
before they live them out.
Once it becomes a reality though,
they reach a sense of euphoria
and usually repeat
the act to sustain that feeling.
But I've got to tell you, in all the
research I've ever read on serial killers,
I've never heard of one moving this fast.
It's as though the game is the catalyst for
the murders, not the other way around.
Anything else?
Yes. Why disguise your voice
if no one knows it?
That's what I was thinking.
I mean he's got to be local.
Why would he call Sanderson?
He's one of the best
chess players in the world.
Who better
to play a game with?
- You still having a problem with that?
- Yeah, I am.
I don't know,
I got a feeling about this guy.
It's like he was laughing at us.
I'm telling you,
he's playing us, Frank.
I think we should bring
Sanderson in on this.
There's a reason
why the killer's calling him.
- No way.
- Captain, we found her.
They're trying to control my thoughts.
Aluminum foil.
It repels the thought rays.
Very nice.
- They couldn't break the riddle.
- Did you think it was going to be easy?
You think he was going to
lay it at your feet?
We need your help.
Well, I offered my help this morning and
Sedman turned me down.
But you're the key. You're the one
he wants to play the game with.
I can't right now.
I've got a game.
There's a young woman who
could be dead by the end of this game.
- She could be dead now.
- What if she isn't?
I don't believe this.
Where are your priorities?
You have to think between
a chess game and someone's life?
The girl that was killed last night
was twenty one years old!
He dumped her body behind a warehouse
like a sack of garbage!
Excuse me.
- Same as the others?
- Yeah.
There you go.
Keep it going up. Keep it going up.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Got a problem?
- Our computer's bust again.
- Is it bad?
- No, it's all fixed.
I also put a few games on for your daughter.
I hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
I'm going to play with them.
Just kidding.
Well listen, I have to get
over to Lutz' room now.
He thinks someone's tampered
with his computer
and it's emitting gamma rays to control
his thoughts. I'll see you guys later.
Don't you have something
you want to say to David?
- David.
- Yeah?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You ready?
- For what?
Well, you told me you'd take me
over to Seattle today.
I'm sorry, baby, I can't.
Not today.
But you promised.
Baby, I'm sorry.
- Not now please.
- Yes, now!
Don't do to Erica
what you did to your wife.
- Don't bring her into this.
- Why not? It's true isn't it?
I watched you push her
away from you.
I sat back. I said nothing.
But not this time.
This time I'm going to say
what I have to say.
You have to coach
my chess game, not my life!
You raise your voice to me?
You think you can speak to me like this
just because you won a few titles?!
I'm sorry.
Peter, you're like a son to me.
It hurts to see you
missing so much of your life.
This is where he forced his way in.
We found some fibers on the windowsill,
probably particles of clothing that
rubbed off when he climbed through.
I'll know more
once I get it under the microscope.
Andy, hit the lights please.
It's a man's shoe.
Pretty old by the
individual characteristics.
About a size 9,
maybe 10.
- What's this?
- Don't know.
Looks like a cut or a gash
in the sole of the shoe.
I think Fulton was right.
This guy's not going to stop.
He's got a taste for it.
Now make sure that Brooks has
everything set up for the next call.
- No excuses this time.
- All right.
Just do what I told you to do.
I'll call you back later.
- Frank, good morning.
- Good morning, Mayor.
I was in the neighborhood
so I though I'd drop by.
How nice.
- I heard there was another one, Frank.
- Yes.
- Any new developments?
- No, nothing yet.
People are scared, Frank.
I know that.
You know that 70% of the economy
of this island is generated through tourism.
This weekend the ferry tolls
were down by 30%.
The hotel vacancy rates were 20%
below normal.
People aren't coming over here
any more, Frank.
We have got a major problem
on our hands.
One that could seriously jeopardize the
financial stability of this community.
Now, I understand you have a
prime suspect in Peter Sanderson.
Who told you that?
Let's just say that I have friends
in this community.
A lot of concerned friends who whisper
a thing or two in my ear from time to time.
What about Sanderson?
He's a suspect that's all.
If he is involved, he's not acting alone.
I don't have enough evidence
to do anything.
Let me make myself clear.
Right now I am not interested in proof.
I'm not interested in evidence,
I'm not even interested in a conviction.
What I am interested in is an arrest.
An arrest that would
get the press off my ass.
And that the tourists with their
wallets start coming back over here.
Are you saying you want me to arrest
Sanderson without sufficient evidence?
What I am saying is that I am
the mayor of this community
because the people
have confidence in me.
If that confidence falls,
I will not be re-elected.
And I need hardly remind you
that your job is an appointed position
by the holder of this office.
I don't know, I've been a cop
over 20 years now,
and I have yet to figure
out who is worse:
the criminals who break the law
or the assholes who make them.
I'm chief of police here,
and as long as I am,
I'll arrest people on the basis of evidence
and not political ramifications.
I could have your badge
for that sentiment.
And I could run over
to the press and tell them,
how you're willing to do away
with due processing
to sell a few more goddamned
shrimp cocktails in your wharf.
Have a nice day.
One more thing, mayor.
I don't like threats.
I have dealt with politicians
and boys in the back room
who are a damned sight
tougher than you.
And when this thing is solved,
you can give your speeches
and have your photograph taken.
But in the meantime
let me do my job.
- Morning.
- They found the third girl.
Her name was Loraine Olsen.
I just came from there.
God, it was horrible.
How can anyone
do something like this?
- Do you have anything to drink?
- Of course. Sit down.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey, relax.
How the hell can I relax after
what I've just seen.
- I know it was bad.
- How could you know unless you were there.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that
the way it sounded.
- I'm sure you didn't.
- You know, Andy thinks you're doing this.
- Doesn't that scare you?
- No.
- Why?
- Because I think he's wrong.
Morning. Ready to go?
I should brought my
fucking fishing pole!
It's from the rain.
The foundation leaks.
- How's it going here?
- We're all set.
From down here, all calls
coming into Mr. Sanderson's room
will be re-routed into extension 611.
Do you know what I'm doing
right now, Peter?
I'm looking at the name of the
girl I'm going to kill tonight.
You know her?
- Not really.
- Why her?
- Because she's the type.
- But you said you didn't know her.
I know what I said!
She looks just like...
Just like who?
I really wish you would stop
trying to maneuver me.
I find it irritating,
not to mention insulting.
- What the hell is that?
- It's the water pumps, sir.
- I'm just trying to play the game.
- You're not playing very well.
There are clues all around you
and you keep missing them.
Listen, if you're just going to call up
to gloat, I don't want to hear it!
People will be very interested
in what I have to say.
- Then call them!
- Are you crazy?
Let's see how much he wants to play.
Just for that no hint today.
Why are you doing this?
You must have an idea of the pain
you're causing people.
Pain is just a state of mind.
It's something you learn to live with.
I have.
And you want these girls
to feel your pain?
I don't want to get into the
psychological aspects of my actions.
- It would detract from the game.
- How?
I couldn't say it any
better than Huxley.
Well, Huxley's quote also says
"his play is always fair and just."
So is mine, within the
framework of my rules.
What in the hell
do you think you're doing,
slamming the phone down
in the middle of the trace?
You think you're going to
catch him on a trace?
What he does is
planned out well in advance.
The only way you're going to get him
is to rattle him, make him slip up.
You never know
how you catch a suspect.
Excuse me Captain,
but I think Peter's right.
This guy's got to be forced
into making a mistake.
- We didn't ask for your opinion, Doctor.
- Well, maybe you should.
You don't tell us how to run
our investigation, pal. You got that?
You don't have an investigation
without me. You got that?
You two through with this?
What do you want to say, Kathy?
I was going to say, I think we
ought to play up to his ego more.
The more secure he feels, the
more chances he'll take.
Okay, what about this Huxley?
What is that?
He was referring to
a quote by Thomas Huxley:
"The chess board is the world, the rules of
the game are what we call Nature.
The player on the other
side is hidden from us.
But we know that his play is always
fair, just, and patient.
We also know, that he
never overlooks a mistake."
You know you're not the easiest
person in the world to get close to.
Me? We always talk about me.
What about you?
What about me?
- I don't know, where is Erica's mother?
- She died in a car accident.
- I'm sorry...
- It was a long time ago.
- It must have been hard on Erica.
- It was.
And you?
Do you want me to lay down, Doctor?
Why don't you just ask me
what you want to know?
Was it serious between
Debi and me? No.
Have I known lots of girls like her?
None of your business.
Have you noticed that every time we
start to talk about something serious
you begin playing games?
- I'm not playing a game now.
- Yes you are. You're playing word games.
- What is this?
- I'm just trying to get to know you better.
- By attacking me?
- Attack you?
Who could attack you? You set your
life up like one of your chessboards.
You're impassable.
You've become trapped
behind your own defenses.
You're cut off
from everyone around you.
What are you talking about?
You don't even know me.
Does anyone?
Are you forfeiting?
No. I just don't want to fight with you.
Then show me who you are, Peter.
I'm starting to feel things
I haven't felt in a long time.
You have to face the things you feel.
What happened to facing
the things we feel?
You can turn everything
around so easily.
- This isn't just another game, is it?
- No.
- I'm hungry.
- Want to call room service?
I hate hotel food.
- What about a pizza place?
- Good.
- Rondi's is right down the street.
- Okay, I'm going to take a shower.
- What do you want on it?
- You!
- Did you call?
- There's no answer. I'm going to try again.
Where are you going?
I'm going to go pick up the pizza.
They're not delivering.
- Didn't you say the line was busy?
- It was, and then I got through.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Why are you backing up then?
The phone book...
I was looking for connections
between names, addresses.
Anything that might
be the same about them.
You're as bad as Andy...
maybe worse.
- Peter, you have to admit...
- Admit what?!
That I was right about
you in the steam room?!
That you're willing to do anything
to find out what you want?
Would you like me to leave so you
can search the rest of the room?
- Peter...
- How could you think that, Kathy?
How could you even consider it?
Ladies and gentlemen,
since Grandmaster Sanderson leads the
tournament with nine wins,
and Grandmaster Yurilivich
is in second place with eight,
we have decided
that the remaining games
between Grandmasters Sanderson
and Yurilivich will be held separately.
Thank you.
- Rook C2.
- Yes.
- What is it?
- Mate in five.
Queen E3.
He didn't see it.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Baby.
He just got lucky tonight, that's all.
You'll cream him next time.
I sure will.
You have something
you want to say?
Just wanted to know
whether you'd like to talk.
- About what?
- Whatever's on your mind.
- Who says something's on my mind.
- What do you see here?
- I know. Mate in five.
- Why move E3?
- Obviously because I didn't see it.
- Is it Kathy?
- No, it's not Kathy.
- Who's Kathy?
When I told you
to live your life,
I didn't mean you to start
in the middle of a match.
I told you it's not Kathy.
- Who's Kathy?
- I know you better than you think, Peter.
Who's Kathy?
Alan... God, you scared the hell out of me.
She'd just arrived from Seattle and
we decided to share an apartment.
She have a boyfriend?
Does the name Peter Sanderson
mean anything to you?
God, how could somebody do
something like this?
- Captain? You got a call.
- Who is it?
Dr. Sheppard.
- Yeah, it's the same shoe all right.
- No doubt about it.
- Was there anyone else on the grounds?
- A few people.
Did anyone stand out?
- What do you mean, stand out?
- Did anyone look suspicious? Think!
Well, now that you mention it there was
somebody who looked kind of suspicious.
What was suspicious about him?
He was holding a sign that
said "Serial Killer", all right?
Excuse me.
You said earlier Mary Albert moved out here
from Seattle. How long ago was that?
- Just a few months ago.
- How did you find your apartment?
- Through a rental agency.
- I see. Well thank you very much.
What's up?
You told me that Debi Rutlege
found her place recently, right?
- Yeah. So?
- Come on.
Yes. You've been very helpful.
Thank you.
Well, that's it!
All the girls rented new homes in
the last year and they rented it from?
Roxbridge Rentals.
This is great
for a headache.
All our listings are in this computer.
We don't keep any other files.
Who else works here
besides you?
There's a girl that helps
the counter part-time, that's it.
- Anyone else have access to the files?
- No one.
Okay, thank you.
- Dead end?
- Detour.
- Hi. You must be Erica.
- Uh-huh.
I'm Kathy.
- Is your dad home?
- He should be right back.
- Would you like to come in?
- Yes, please.
Thank you.
So are you enjoying yourself
while you're on the island?
- Not really. It's pretty boring.
- Boring?
That's just because you don't know
where to go.
Do you like hiking?
- Fishing?
- Yuck! No way!
- What do you like?
- Boys.
- Do you like my dad?
- Of course I like your dad.
Oh, you mean do I "like"-like him?
- I know he really likes you.
- Really?
How do you know?
Did he say something?
No, but I can tell.
A woman knows these things.
- Why don't you go down and see Jeremy.
- Okay.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
- I like her, she's nice.
- Yeah, yeah, get out of here.
- Hello.
- Hello, Peter.
Do you have you any idea
what the message is?
Well, if it's so important,
why don't you tell me?
I couldn't tell you that.
It would ruin the game.
Not that you're
playing very well.
- You like to brag, don't you?
- Credit should be given where it's due.
I'm not worldly like you, Peter. I'm
not an internationally known figure.
I'm just a poor guy who has never been
anywhere, but I am beating you.
Why were you looking
for Doctor Sheppard today?
- What?
- You heard me.
What were you doing
at the institute looking for her?
What makes you think I was there?
I couldn't tell you that.
It would ruin the game.
The game's almost over, Peter
and you're running out of time.
No, it's you who's running out of time.
You're starting to make mistakes now.
You're just wondering how much do I really
know. How close I'm getting.
Well, I'm getting pretty close, pal...
and I'm gonna nail your ass to the wall!
Very nice speech, Peter. Did you
rehearse that, or was that impromptu?
There's an old wooden bench in the
garden. Next to it is a rock.
You'll find a message
for you under it.
Let's see if you're as clever
as you think you are.
"Peter, in a fierce magazine you
will find a hint of my action to come:
as large as you maybe in
the world of pawns and castles
you are still light years from
reaching me. Invisible as the air
one hundred men with their
desperate pleas to stop, can't move me."
- Why does he set this line apart?
- For emphasis?
- Exactly. It's the key.
- What does he mean by "fierce magazine"?
- Violent?
- A "fierce magazine"... brutal...
An angry magazine...
A war magazine...
- A scary...
- Mad!
- What?
- Mad! Mad Magazine!
- Do we have the note?
- We just put it on the board.
No, I need the original note.
- Right here.
- Maybe...
The kids at the clinic
love to read Mad Magazine.
You fold the pages just right,
the text reads differently.
in a fierce action to come,
as large as castles,
you are still light as the air,
one hundred men can't move me.
- It doesn't make any sense.
- That's because we don't understand it yet.
- But a hundred men could move him.
- He's not talking about himself.
Then why don't you tell me
what he is talking about then?
If we knew that we'd know the answer
to the riddle, wouldn't we?
He's telling us where he's going
to kill tonight and we can't see it.
All right, let's back up and
look at what we do know.
These girls all the same type.
They were all murdered at night.
They moved into new quarters
in the last year
and they all rented
from the same place...
- Roxbridge Rentals.
- I thought the rental place was a dead end?
It's got to be more than coincidence.
Someone was accessing the files.
The woman who works that place
has a son.
We're trying to locate him.
We're also checking on the cleaning service.
He moves around a lot.
He finds his victims through Roxbridge
Rentals. He goes where they are.
They rent so many places.
Why should he move all over the island?
It can't be that easy.
You want to tell us
what the hell you're doing?
He told us and we missed it!
He said he's never been anywhere.
Therefore, this island is the world to him.
As far as he's concerned,
this is a map of the world.
That's why he quoted Huxley.
"The chessboard is the world."
He's using the map as a chessboard.
The son of a bitch
is playing chess with me.
Wait a minute.
How can he be playing chess with you?
- You haven't made a move against him.
- Maybe I already have.
It must be an opening.
He starts the game, he is white.
And C1-F4.
It's the number two variation
of the Tarakoss opening.
- David?
- Yeah.
Can you get into
the federation records?
Sure, we got a modem line hooked up
with the database in New York.
Can you bring up the tournament
records of the past ten years?
Mister Sanderson, there could
be hundreds of thousands of games.
We're only interested in the names of people
that have played opposite Mr. Sanderson.
Now what?
Now search for anyone
who used that opening against me.
There should be less than a handful.
The first is 1983.
Lionel Baines. Boston...
No, no, no.
He died two years ago.
Hans Korshaud.
No. He's seventy years old
and lives in Holland.
- What is it?
- New York. 1986. Viktor Yurilivich.
Okay, he's replaying the game
I played against him
move by move, using the
girls as chess pieces.
Okay, you found all the girls
in their homes
except Christie Eastman, who was
found in back of a warehouse.
He had to move to that grid
in order to follow the game
he played against you, right?
Right, D4.
It's a commercial area.
No one lives there.
Well, that's where he had to place
the body to make the move.
Now that we know
what stage of the game he's at,
can you guess what
his next move is going to be?
Well, his last move was C1-F4.
My next move would be F8-G7.
So his move should be F1-C4.
Right here!
You want me to what?
I want you to take all the streets in this
grid and feed them into your computer.
As large as castles,
you are still light as the air
one hundred men can't move me.
It's posed as a question.
What am I?
- A building?
- A building isn't as light as the air.
What's large, light as the air and
can't be moved?
As large as castles.
Yeah. Why say castles if you mean
a general type of structure?
He's not going to give us direct hints.
He's going to skirt around it.
He names castles... plural. Then says
"can't move me." Singular.
Why not say "can't move us"?
A shadow.
What's as big a castle? As light as air,
but one hundred men can't move it?
The shadow of the castle.
Are there any buildings
with the name Castle in it
that cast a shadow
long enough to fall across...
Wait a minute. There's an apartment in
that area called the Castle Arms.
That's got to be it.
Okay. The rental agency gave us
the name Laura Owens.
She moved into an apartment across
from the Castle Arms a week ago.
We're sending her over to stay
with her parents in Seattle.
Where the police over there
are going to watch her tonight.
Officer Gordon, I want you to
spend the night in her apartment.
Andy, I want you
to go over to the hotel
stick with Yurilivich
through the tournament,
and wherever he goes
afterwards, all right?
With any luck tonight,
we're going to wrap this up.
- You all set?
- Want to tuck me in?
Maybe later.
- Everybody in position?
- All set.
What happened?
There seems to be
a problem with the board.
It's going crazy.
Gentlemen, the computer's down. It will
take several hours. Adjourn until tomorrow?
Ladies and gentlemen,
our expert tells us that the computers
will take several hours to repair.
Forgive us, ladies and gentlemen.
Until tomorrow then.
Thank you.
I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
If Yurilivich was making a move,
Andy would have called by now.
- You think we're in the wrong place?
- No, this has got to be it.
It's the only building around here with
the name "Castle" in it.
Around here.
What does that mean
"around here"?
Well, there's the Castle Crown apartments
over on Pine Road.
- But this is all the way across town.
- Why the hell wasn't I told that before?
It's in another grid.
You said you only wanted us to...
I said I wanted options, goddamn it!
This guy's a psychopath for Christ's sake!
How is she?
- She's going to make it.
- You all right?
I've seen a lot of things in my time on
this job, but nothing like this.
I was with him the whole time
until I got the call at the hotel.
Come on, move it.
Get it up there.
What about Sanderson?
Spoke to Jeremy,
he's watching Sanderson's kid.
Sanderson went out after the match,
he hasn't come back since.
Well, find him.
I want to talk to him.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I come in?
- Sure.
Thank you.
The other night I...
...said some things
that maybe I shouldn't have.
I mean, you haven't
known me very long and
I can see how you
thought what you did.
I'm not looking for an apology, Peter.
When this is over
maybe we could...
I want someone I can feel close with.
I don't think that's
possible with you.
You really haven't seen my best side.
- Peter...
- Remember how you said,
I hide myself
behind my chessboard?
Well, ever since
my wife died
I've been afraid of getting too close
to someone again.
Afraid of losing them.
You're wife died. You shouldn't feel
responsible for that.
It wasn't an accident!
She drove her car over that cliff.
Oh, the police said it was
an accident, but I knew.
I've always known.
I closed myself off to her.
And then...
...I found the letter and I closed myself
off to everything else.
Beating Yurilivich
and playing for the title
was all I could think about.
But then I had a breakdown in the middle
of the match. I couldn't go on.
I've never opened it.
Why not?
Because I know what it says.
Maybe you're afraid of what it says.
Can you stay with me please?
Peter. There are many pains
we feel in this world.
But loving someone who has
shut you out of his life
has to be the most unbearable of them all.
I don't know when things started to change
or how we ever drifted so far apart.
But I can no longer stand the
pain and the emptiness.
So I am leaving, going someplace
where the pain will finally stop.
This is my choice, my release.
I only ask that you shield Erica
from the truth.
and forgive me for what I
am about to do.
I love you,
Doctor Sheppard, what goes on in the
mind of someone like this?
That's a very general question
to try to answer.
Is there a usual scenario?
Yes, we usually find that they've
had a traumatic childhood.
He was probably abused by
a dominant female figure.
That, coupled with the fact that none
of these girls were actually raped
leads us to believe that he may be
impotent or latent homosexual.
Regardless, he's acting
out some kind of
revenge fantasy that probably
fulfills some sick sexual needs.
- Peter?
- Hi, Jeremy.
- Where's, Erica?
- She went to town with Mrs. Lutz.
- Did you hear that?
- I did.
Feel like practicing?
I can't, I've got to meet my friends
down in the dungeon.
Jeremy, I know this is your dream
as much as it is mine.
Just want you to know
I'm going to do my best.
I know you will.
You'll win.
Where were you last night?
Oh, come on. We're not going to
go through this again?
- Just answer the question.
- I went out!
Don't fuck with us!
Where did you go?
- He was at my place.
- What time did he get there?
About a quarter to one.
We're interested in where you were
from the time you left the auditorium
until you got there.
- I was at the beach.
- Sure you weren't over on Pine Road?
- I'm positive.
- You're lying.
Fuck you! I'm tired of
your goddam accusations!
You want to arrest me, do it!
Otherwise back off.
It's a big game to you isn't it?
A sick, fuckin' game.
I don't know if there's two of you involved,
or what, but we're going to find out.
You gave us just enough information
to send us to the wrong place, didn't you?
It must've
shocked the hell out of you
when Frank walked in on Pine Road
and you couldn't finish.
I'm not going to listen to this.
- Yes you are.
- Get off me!
- Come on!
- You want to shoot me, so shoot me!
You going to answer that?
Peter, please!
- Hello.
- Last night was very exciting, wasn't it?
- Have you figured out what I'm doing?
- You're playing the Tarakoss opening.
- Very good!
- Your next move should have been F1-C4.
I used a variation.
You should have anticipated that.
- Have you figured out the message?
- What word did you leave last night?
The police haven't told you?
The police.
They think we're doing this together.
Interesting concept.
I hadn't thought of that.
If you think about how Anton
Berger plays chess you might get it.
I'm starting to think it
doesn't mean anything.
"Remember eventually revenge..."
You're hopeless!
You can't even read a sentence!
Didn't they teach you punctuation
in school? The game ends tonight!
"Carefully". Carefully what?
Have we tried
switching the words around?
Oh, come on. We're not going to spend
any more time on this crap, are we?
It doesn't mean anything.
It's Sanderson!
It isn't him.
Frank, you brought me in on this
in the beginning
because you wanted my opinion
as to whether or not
he is even capable
of doing something like this.
Jesus, you're sleeping with the guy.
You've lost your perspective.
- You can't possibly be unbiased.
- He's right, Kathy.
What are you accusing me of?
Seeing what I want to see?
Protecting a murderer?
We can't trust your
judgment anymore.
- What does that mean?
- It means you're off the case, babe.
I don't have a choice here.
I can't run the risk of compromising
what little information I have
and the future actions of the department
by sharing information
with someone who is emotionally
involved with the prime suspect.
Sharing knowledge.
And what if he's wrong?
If you were so sure it was Peter
you would've arrested him.
And if it isn't,
he's going to kill again tonight
and we're not doing anything
with this message.
We'll work on the message.
This stinks.
I think there have been five murders
and you've got shit to go on.
You need to blame someone
and Peter's the easiest choice.
The logical choice.
- You don't have a shred of evidence!
- We'll find the evidence.
You couldn't find your
dick in a wind storm!
Milk and two sugars while you're there.
What a bitch, huh?
He said the game's going
to be over tonight.
- So the next word is the last one.
- Could be anything.
Remember eventually revenge is
carefully... carefully what?
- How did you know it was "carefully"?
- Frank told me.
No he didn't.
- No the killer did.
- When?
When he said, "think about the
way Anton Berger plays chess".
Anton Berger wrote one of the
most famous books on chess
called "Principals and Tactics".
The first chapter
is his three rules to good play:
Carefully. Carefully. Carefully.
This is not going to be
like the phone book, is it?
No. No, of course not.
- Are you going to come tonight?
- Yeah, I'll be there later.
- Roxbridge Books.
- Sara, hi. It's Kathy Sheppard.
Could you look for me and see if
you've got a book in on chess
called "Principals and Tactics"
by Anton Berger.
I'll check.
Can you hold for a moment?
Can you call me back instead?
I'm at I'm at 471-3829.
- Of course Kathy.
- Thanks.
You shouldn't have said
those things about me on TV.
You have no idea what I am.
- Peter!
- Peter isn't here any more.
Help! Help me!
Did you see his face?
I couldn't see his face,
he was wearing a mask.
I saw the cut on his wrist.
It's Peter.
I can't arrest someone for
having a cut on their wrist.
Do you have someone
you can stay with?
I've got a room at the institute,
I can stay there.
Well, go on out there.
We'll check back with you later.
- King Base 1, this is King 15.
- Yeah, this is Wagner. Go.
Andy, it's Harton.
I'm out at the old pier.
I think you and the Captain
should come down.
- This better be important.
- It is, sir. Over.
Hello Captain.
Fishermen found this tacked
on the railing
together with the stick and glasses.
"Peter, I'm sorry but I just can't
do it anymore".
What is it?
A voice modulator.
He was never there
when the calls came in.
He's been covering for Sanderson
the whole time.
Get a hold of Judge Meyerson. I want
a search warrant for Peter Sanderson.
Kathy, what are you doing here?
What is it?
I was... such an idiot!
Hey what are you doing?!
Are you crazy?!
Peter Sanderson, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
- Are you feeling better?
- I just can't believe it.
You don't want to believe it.
It's a normal reaction.
How come the police have no record
of Peter from before?
These things don't come
out of nowhere.
There has to be some
kind of history, right?
- We found our killer.
- Jeremy was my best friend!
He would never have killed himself!
I knew him like he was my father!
Maybe he got tired
of covering up for you.
You might have gotten away with it,
if you hadn't attacked Kathy.
Sara, hi, it's Kathy Sheppard. Remember I
called you earlier about that chess book?
Yes, Kathy. We called you back but
you weren't home. We have the book.
Listen, I need you to do me
a really big favor, okay?
Look in the first chapter, the author
talks about three rules to chess.
Can you tell me
what they are, please?
Of course.
Here it is.
Oh, they're all the same!
- Can you tell me what they are, please?
- "Carefully". "Carefully". "Carefully".
Thank you.
The Chess Federation got you a lawyer.
Here's his number. You've got three minutes.
Looks like he's ready for
round two to me.
I've got a feeling we're going the
distance with this guy. Let him sweat.
Hello? Peter Sanderson calling
for Richard Boyd please.
- Hello, Peter.
- You son of a bitch!
You're a sore loser, Peter.
Cutting my hand like yours
was a brilliant move, don't you think?
Listen, if you kill tonight, I'm in jail,
they're going to know it's not me.
By that time the game will be over.
Anyway, I figured out
the message.
No you haven't. Even if you had,
it doesn't matter. Who would you tell?
The police don't believe you, and
you've just used your only phone call.
Come on, Peter.
Think, think, think!
Kathy, please.
I'm getting dizzy watching you.
I'm sorry.
I'm just nervous.
- You're safe. He won't come here now.
- He already did once.
- Why did he?
- Why did he what?
- Why did he come here?
- He was watching you.
That's what we think.
But what if I had nothing to do
with the reason he came here?
You're losing me.
What if he came here
because he's a patient.
An out-patient?
Remember, period!
That's what he meant by punctuation.
Remember what?
Everything with him was in word games.
Arranged, arranged...
- I figured out the message!
- Sit the fuck down, Sanderson.
I figured out the message!
Hold it!
Wait, wait, wait!
He's going to kill my daughter!
He wants me out of the way!
I understand that this is just
another one of your games.
You're so fucking stupid you can't
even see what's in front of your eyes!
Andy... I'll talk to him.
Listen, I'll do anything you want!
I'll sign anything you want!
Send a car to the hotel, please!
All right. I confess. I killed them.
I killed them all!
Oh my God.
- Lock him up. Where is Detective Wagner?
- He just left.
- Where'd he go?
- I don't know.
- Send a car now!
- No car! It's over Sanderson!
Don't move!
Give me the gun.
Come on! On the floor.
Give it to me.
Don't move.
In the cell.
Come on!
Lock the door.
Keys to the cuffs.
Come on!
Great. This is just great!
Come on.
Boy, you scared me.
- Who else is here with you?
- No one.
- Come with me.
- I can't. I have to wait for my dad.
I don't have time to
argue with you, Erica.
- Hey, whoever's there, get us out of here!
- Frank?
- Kathy.
- Is that you?
Get us the
hell out of here.
Oh, God!
Congratulations on your daring escape.
You just missed me by a few seconds.
- It's check, Peter.
- Let me speak to my daughter.
No, I can't do that. I just wanted
you to know she wasn't dead. Yet.
- Goodbye, Peter.
- Please, wait!
- The game's over and you lost.
- It's me you want. Let her go!
No, as usual, you're wrong.
It's her I want.
Killing you would be easy.
Living with the consequences
of losing will be much more of a defeat.
That wouldn't be very sporting.
Remember Huxley?
"His play is always fair and just."
You're groping. I have been fair.
It's my move now.
I'll give you anything you want.
Anything! Please!
Don't beg, Peter.
I can't win unless she dies.
A few seconds. Where can
you go in a few seconds?
The noise.
I know that noise.
- I know where you are, David.
- Very good. How did you know?
The pump.
It doesn't matter though.
You still lose.
She'll still be dead
before you can get down here.
Drop the razor!
Put the phone down.
Computers. That's the way you got into
Roxbridge Rentals' records.
- You can get into anything.
- Yes I can.
Including your mind!
I'm in there right now aren't I, Peter?
I'll always be with you, no matter
how this turns out.
You think that I put you through
some big ordeal.
It is nothing compared to
what you caused me.
In your eyes, I was just
another small-town boy
to be crushed beneath the shoes
of the great child genius.
Nothing I could have done to you...
Nothing warrants what you did!
Pain is relative, remember?
You cannot judge mine.
Stay where you are!
You still haven't figured it out,
have you?
Tell me Peter, do you have scars?
Scars? From where I stabbed
you with my fountain pen?
We were only children...
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, God.
Son of a bitch!
Don't do it, daddy!
Daddy, don't!
- Kathy! Kathy, Kathy, help!
- Erica!
We're coming.
If you do this, you are not going to win.
You're going to lose!
- Again!
- You don't understand why I have to do it.
Yes, I do!
Yes, I do!
I found your file, David. I understand.
But this is not going to
bring back your mother.
My daddy left.
And my mommy.
There was so much blood.
It covered everything.
You feel bad for not helping
you mommy, right?
I should have stayed with her.
That's why I stayed with the others.
I cleaned them,
I washed them, so they'd look
nice when they go see my mommy.
I'm sure your mommy knows that.
I'm sure she understands.
Children make mistakes, David.
It's okay.
David, put down the knife
now, David, please.
Just put down the knife.
Put down the knife now,
I can't.
Game's over.