Knight Rider (2008) Movie Script

- Evening.
- Evening
responding to a call
by a Mr. Curtis.
I didn't expect you
till tomorrow morning.
Oh. Well, most people
would be thrilled.
Yeah, well, uh,
any identification?
Oh, yeah. Sure.
Look, we're happy
to come back tomorrow.
No, no. It's all right.
Come on. Come on.
Call said your power was out.
Oh, well, I got a generator
for the essentials.
You live here
all by yourself.
So you have any idea
what the problem could be?
[Accent becomes British]
Actually, Mr. Graiman, I do.
We cut your power.
Come here.
What do you want?
Your hard drives.
Or more specifically,
the research
on your hard drives.
Fine. Take 'em and go.
Oh, Il also need you
to guide me
through the, uh, encryptions
and safeties...
you've undoubtedly placed
on your files.
You can kill me.
I won't give you a thing.
Killing you won't help me.
I will, however,
drive to Stanford.
Pick up your lovely daughter,
bring her back here
and hurt her...
while you watch.
I think homeboy's having
a cardiac emergency.
Breathe, Charles.
Well, that didn't go
according to plan.
Shut up.
We'll take the drives
then grab the cardinal.
She can break his codes.
You killed
the vacuum cleaner.
Fan out.
Make sure there's no one
left in this house.
Why don't you shoot it?
Boss, better get in here
and check this out.
Lower level
southeast corner.
Damn walkies.
Go get him, will ya?
I've never seen algorithms
this complex.
Dude, just go get him!
That's my kind of ride.
Go like this.
Certainly didn't come
from the dealership.
Shut down the engine
and get out of the car.
Want to go after it?
Go after what?
Whoever was driving
that car knows we were here.
Might have seen our faces.
If we're lucky,
we have 24 hours
before the police and FBI
are all over us.
Our job is to deliver Prometheus
and now the girl.
And that's exactly what
we're gonna do.
[driver exhales, astonished]
[Knight Rider Theme playing]
This footage was shot
in our labs last year.
As you can see,
the molecular-sized
can break themselves down
and reform into another shape
of similar mass.
And though this is a relatively
simple example,
there's no limit
to the size and intricacy
of the possibilities.
It is the basis
for this technology
we will be studying
during the semester.
Its origins,
its foundations,
and its possible future
I was just wondering
if you're gonna be working
with your father
on all this.
No, we haven't worked
together in some time.
I heard he's working
for the pentagon.
I'm sorry.
What's your name?
Dustin Cary.
Well, Dustin,
if you can find him,
you can ask him.
this is my class,
so try to stay on topic,
Open up, Mikey.
I know you're in there.
Mike, we have a problem.
Oh, hey. Sorry, amber.
You put hand soap
in the dishwasher again?
Your investors are here.
And their knocking
doesn't sound
like the hey,
let's all grab a latte
kind of knocking, Mike.
Hi, Dylan.
Oh, Sadie. Hi.
Mike, what do you want to do?
# yeah yeah #
# yeah yeah #
# just take us back
to our youth #
# a new solution to truth #
# so when we started
as friends #
# don't give it all away #
# yeah #
# yeah yeah #
# yeah # #
how long has this
been ringing?
How long ago?
I'm on my way.
I wasn't expecting breakfast,
but I didn't think
you'd run out.
Sorry. Work emergency.
Stay as long
as you want.
Swim, lay out, whatever.
Just lock up
when you leave, okay?
Aren't you worried
about leaving someone
you just met
alone in your house?
Not really.
See ya.
(male voice)
Hello, Sarah Graiman.
I've been trying
to contact you
for the past several hours.
Great. Who are you?
I know your father...
he has sent me to find you
as it is probable
men who wish you harm
are following you
as we speak.
Look, if my father
sent you,
he would've given you
a code word.
He did.
The code word is "knight."
Where are you?
I-I just entered
the library.
Good. Continue inside.
If someone attempts
to follow you in
without proper identification,
you will see it.
Good idea.
Yes, I know.
That man didn't have
an I.D.
Okay, what the hell
is going on?
Who are you
and how do you know
all this?
There's no time to explain.
Meet me by...
you're breaking up.
Did you say the front entrance?
Mike, what are you
doin', man?
This is not a good idea.
They are not takin'
the car, Dylan.
Mike. What are
you doing, Mike?
Get the garage door.
What, are you crazy?
They're standing
right there, man.
You know we can see you.
Don't do this.
Get in the car.
I know
how your mind works.
Get in the car.
Get in the car!
All right,
I in the car.
Need a lift?
(male voice)
Where are you?
Outside the library.
Campus policeman's here.
Sarah, wait.
Excuse me.
Oh, thank god.
Uh, someone's following me.
He tailed me into the library.
He didn't have his I.D.
All right, miss.
Just calm down.
Sarah, are you there?
Yes, I... I with the campus
policeman right now.
He could be one of them.
The sooner
we I.D. This guy,
the better chance we have
of catching him.
Ask him a question
campus security would know.
Miss, can you hear me?
Um, yeah, I, um,
he started after me
over by Wilson tower.
And then I crossed
through the gunther building.
And, um, then I ended up
in the library.
I'll get my guys
right on that.
Uh, in the meantime,
you better come with me.
[British accent emerges]
But there's no such thing
as the gunther building
or the Wilson towers,
are there, Sarah?
Clever girl.
Just like your father.
How do you know my father?
'Cause I watched him die.
No, you're lying.
There are only two people
in this world
who could decode
your father's work.
Help us,
and Il let you live.
and Il reunite you
with your father directly.
I will never help you.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Sarah, get in.
Stop shooting.
Cardinal's headed
your way.
She's in the car
from last night.
Kitt: Hello, Sarah.
I apologize for being
so brusque on the phone
and for my tardiness.
What is this about?
I am currently working to form
a reasonable hypothesis
to answer that question.
But my father did send you.
Is he dead?
I cannot be certain
of his condition
or location at this time.
The mansion's perimeter
was breached
by men
with hostile intent.
My program for that scenario
was very specific.
Who are these guys?
Kitt: They are the same men
who assaulted the Graiman home
last night.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go!
Your heart rate and breathing
are higher than normal
for a woman of your age, Sarah.
Gee, you think?
Did my dad
give you a name?
I am the knight industries
three thousand.
You may call me Kitt.
All right, Kitt,
so where are you taking me?
I am going
to the mountain roads,
as they will provide
the best environment in which
to elude
the car following us.
The what?
Don't suppose you know how
to fix a thrown rod, do you?
You think that's funny.
No. I'm not that vain.
But Dylan might.
No, I don't.
You should listen
to your mechanic.
Yeah, he's always
saying that.
We've got a problem here,
Doesn't he ever talk?
You have a busted car,
which means no racing
and no income.
And you owe me $90...
Fine. Whatever.
Is this the part
where you break my legs?
What am I, stupid?
You're an army ranger.
Probably kick my ass.
That's why I have him.
Come on...
You have until midnight
to get me my money.
Come on, man.
I'll get you your money.
But you gotta be reasonable.
Oh, oh, I have been.
For a long time.
And you know it.
How am I supposed
to come up with that?
Have a bake sale.
What do I care?
And if I can't?
Then Dylan disappears
into the Nevada Desert.
24 hours after that,
if I still do not have my money,
you'll join him.
There's an urban legend
about a car Graiman built
25 years ago
for Walton knight.
Supposedly possessed
the most advanced
artificial intelligence
ever created.
I don't see how a thinking car
is gonna help us.
It's the next step
in Prometheus.
They're still back there.
That is affirmative.
Are you going to slow down?
Oh, god.
Whoa, what are you doing?
Eluding our tail.
What, are you crazy?
I do not believe so.
Wrong side.
Wrong side.
Oh, all right...
by using GPS radar
and real time
satellite imagery,
I have
all the data necessary
to safely navigate
these roads.
Great. Did my dad
get a chance to, um,
test this?
Not extensively, no.
Oh, god!
Yeah, this isn't fun
at all.
Sarah, your fear is irrational
and misplaced.
Welcome to the world
of being human.
Stop pressing our luck.
Welther will have them
from the air any minute.
Man, quit being
such a bitch.
That's good.
Call me names.
How much more of this
do I have to take?
Kitt: I could wait and time
the next pass,
but it may kill
the men following us.
I a compassionate person.
But so what?
One of my primary directives
is the preservation
of human life.
But your primary directive
is the preservation
of our lives, right?
That is the ideal outcome.
Then make the pass!
Oh, god!
God, I hate you.
Ah! Kitt,
I could kill you!
The satellite imagery
suggests they are unable
to continue the pursuit.
But there will be more
of them.
How soon can you get us
off this road?
We must continue
on this route for 23.8 miles.
Sarah: Kitt, a stop sign!
There is another option,
That's incredible.
And should provide
adequate cover
until we reach
our destination.
You mean
until we reach home.
my father is missing.
We're going home to find out
what happened to him.
And how will you
accomplish that?
I don't know yet.
If those men continue
to attack us,
how will you defend
I have you.
Kitt: Advanced as I am,
there are situations in which human help
will be required.
You're impossible.
Because you're my father.
I am not your father.
Okay. So where have you
been programmed to go?
My mission after ensuring
your safety
is to enlist the help
of Mike Traceur.
My father programmed you
to find Mike Traceur?
Carrie Rivai,
apple of my eye.
Donny Leeds is jonesing
to see you.
On your day off
no less.
What's the crisis?
This morning, our database
intercepted a report
that Charles Graiman
is dead.
Oh. No way.
You don't even know
who that is, do you?
No idea.
He was a civilian inventor
working on Prometheus
for the pentagon.
Oh, the remote control thing.
It's the remote system
by which all our military drones
are controlled
and our smart bombs
are guided.
the remote control thing.
So why'd they call you?
Because I knew him.
No, it's way beyond research.
Uh, look, Il...
Il check in with you
when we get a visual.
Let me know what you find
on Graiman's hard drives.
Where the hell
is this thing?
Take it down.
They gotta be down there
I said take it down.
That car won't go anywhere
without her.
There's gotta be a better way
of tracking them.
Coroner's initial report
cites a heart attack.
We're not getting backup
until there's evidence
of foul play.
So when do we leave?
I'm leaving immediately.
I need something else
from you.
Graiman had a daughter,
She teaches at Stanford.
She hot? Sorry.
She was basically
his only connection
to the outside world.
Find her.
Make sure she's okay.
See if she's heard
from him.
Cool. Find the daughter.
Ensure her safety.
Got it. Consider it done.
You can count on me.
What is wrong with you?
What, like how?
My recall is 100% accurate.
Do you not know
Mike Traceur?
I knew him.
We grew up together.
But you do not
speak anymore.
I left for Stanford
and never heard from him again.
That's strange.
Why would he cut off
all contact?
Because he's immature
and selfish.
And why would your father
send us to him?
Because my father
trusts him.
How far out of our way
do we have to go?
I am not yet sure
of that.
You don't know
where he lives?
Is this
the correct address?
He hasn't lived there
in years.
In anticipation of that,
I have devoted
other resources
to finding him.
There are numerous images
of Mr. Traceur
in Las vegas over the last
ten months
and as recently as two days ago
at an ATM.
How do you know that?
I scanned his face
into my database,
used profiler software
to search through faces
on the internet.
As well as various feeds
from public and private
security cameras.
That's not scary at all.
And Nevada power bills
a Mike Traceur
living just outside
of Las vegas.
But that's 600 miles away.
At maximum speed
baring any unforeseen
traffic anomalies,
we can be there in 3 hours
and 17 minutes.
You're kidding.
I do not kid.
You are sad.
Do you know what that is?
I have a definition
of the term.
But you'll never feel it.
But it is a fact
that all beings must die,
And despite that knowledge,
grief is inevitable?
But sometimes
it's not that a person dies,
it's the circumstances.
I'm not sure
that I understand.
My mother left my father
a few years ago.
She just had it
with his eccentricities,
living in the middle
of nowhere.
He's a great father,
but not much of a husband.
You blamed your father
for your parents'
failed marriage.
I told him
that he'd driven her away.
It was the worst thing
I ever said to him.
And I never had a chance
to take it back.
You are talking
about regret.
I have no recent data
from Mrs. Graiman.
She died.
Last year.
To have so many years
as a family
and it might all end
like this just...
That does "suck."
Why did you bring
this up?
It is widely documented
that verbally expressing
the root of an emotion
can help provide
peace of mind.
Is that research
No. It's not.
# is this why you wanted me #
# to watch
as you walk away #
I got
a few thousand left.
It's enough to try
to make a play.
So you'll, uh,
make your play.
And, uh, what if that
doesn't work?
Well, I feel like Ie spent
my whole life running.
This won't be any different.
I really don't want
to run, Mike.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I really don't want
to die either.
Uh, but I really don't
want to run.
You know?
Then wish me luck.
Or get a gun
and some ski masks.
Oh, you found it.
# you told me just
about the other day #
# what a sigh you give
when you comin' my way, yeah #
# I saw you, babe
and you checkin' me too #
# feel my love with a little bit
of glue, yeah #
# all right, that's what
I talkin' about # #
Kitt: Mike Traceur has just
made a cash advance withdrawal
on his credit card.
Yeah, that's him.
Take the earpiece.
It's a communicator
so we can keep in contact.
It is always activated
so I can always respond.
Agent Rivai.
Sheriff Ramsey.
My men and me
have been all through there.
There's nothing
to indicate foul play.
So you won't mind
if I have a look around.
Not at all.
Though I might ask you
a favor in return.
Graiman lived alone
as far as we could tell.
His wife passed away
a while back.
Couldn't find a number
for his daughter
or anyone
who knew him really.
You need a positive I.D.
For the body.
Well, I figure
seeing as how you knew him.
Fine. You know where
to find me.
All right.
Did you have it?
You plan on playing
like that all day?
Keep playing like that
and you won't make it
through the day.
Hi, Mike.
What are you doin' here?
It's nice to see you too.
No, I just meant
how did you...
look, I know this is
going to sound crazy,
but I need you to leave here
and come with me right now.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'll explain everything
on the way.
What could you possibly say
to explain that?
My father's missing.
Maybe dead.
And this morning,
men tried to abduct me.
That's actually
a pretty good start.
What did the cops say?
Dad wanted me to come
to you for some reason.
You didn't go
to the cops?
No. We're wasting time!
I'll take a vodka rocks.
I got her.
Casino floor.
Talkin' to some guy.
Looks like they know
each other.
Let's try to I.D. The guy.
Sarah, even if you are
in trouble,
I have problems
of my own.
What's that mean?
It means I can't help you.
Kitt: Sarah, the men who were
following us earlier
are now in the casino.
By the bar, black coat.
By the slot machines.
Red sweater.
Sarah, what is it?
The men that tried
to abduct me,
they're here.
By the bar, black coat.
By the slots, red sweater.
They couldn't have followed me.
There's no way.
They didn't have to.
Is your cell phone on?
Uh, yeah.
Turn it off.
Were you wearing
that top this morning?
Uh, what do you think?
Hold this.
I run, I leave someone
out to dry.
How much do you owe?
$90,000 by midnight.
And a poker game
is your master plan?
You got a better idea?
I'm all ears.
I'll pay it.
Help me, and Il clear you.
Where's your contact?
Outside. The car.
Tell me if you recognize
anyone else.
Hey, you there?
Yes, I here.
How can you see them?
I have accessed the casino's
security cameras.
Good. See their earpieces?
Look for any other guys
with the same ones.
Come on.
I believe
there's another one headed
towards you.
He's one of them. Move.
They're heading
to the east entrance.
They've seen us.
They're looking for a way out.
They have all the exits
Great. Which one
is the smallest guy watching?
If you're considering
hand-to-hand combat,
may I make
another suggestion?
Look, man, you're really
startin' to piss me...
off. Damn you.
The best thing we had going
was the crowd.
Go to the security door
on the east wall.
Those doors have
remote locks, genius.
I'm aware of that.
If you can't open
this door,
I swear, when I done
with these guys, you're next.
[Woman over intercom]
Your attention, please...
you're in way over
your head, kid.
Oh, you think so, huh?
You're lucky that worked.
Luck does not factor
into it.
No? Does sitting out
in the car
while Sarah gets ambushed
factor into it?
I'm not sure my entering
the casino
would be the most subtle
Where did you find
this guy?
In approximately ten yards,
make a left turn.
There will be
an emergency exit.
Il meet you there.
I'm lookin' forward
to it.
What happened?
Our job just got harder.
Nice ride.
What the hell
is goin' on?
Just get in.
I thought you said
your contact was in the car.
No, I said my contact
was the car.
Hello, Mike.
You may call me Kitt.
Okay. It's talking
and it knows my name.
Do you mind telling me how this
thing is driving by itself?
It's not a thing.
It's a car.
And you may call it Kitt.
Great. Fine. Whatever.
Kitt, you try somethin'
alike that agn,
Il put sugar
in your gas tank.
even think about it,
Mike, don't antagonize
the car.
Kitt, just ignore him.
You're doing great.
Yes, I know.
Do these guys know
what this looks like?
I wouldn't worry
about that.
Who knew it came
in "cholo"?
This is the body
you have at the morgue?
Yep. That's it.
How many men do you have
I don't know.
Maybe 20. why?
We're gonna need
all of them.
Charles Graiman
is still alive.
It's the power company.
At this hour?
go to the passage door.
Don't be an idiot now.
All the security systems
are down.
Thank you, Ben.
Don't thank me.
It's my job.
Go on. Go on.
So he's been using
a body double.
At first it was just
for public appearances.
But as the years went on
and Charles work
started getting more attention,
he used Ben for everything.
After awhile, people didn't know
the difference.
Seems like a crazy thing
to do, you ask me.
The dead body at the morgue
makes me think the opposite.
My backup's
still hours away.
Could sure use
your help on this.
I'll call in whatever help
I can.
So you have no idea
who's after you...
what they want.
Part of the footage I captured
when I was leaving your home
included this:
I have traced
the vehicle's registration
to the black river corporation.
What? What's black river?
A private security firm.
I spent time
with some of their men
on the ground in Iraq.
They're just about the money.
That sounds familiar.
My analysis of the situation
leads me to believe
that black river
is most likely after Charles'
in order to try to get control
of Prometheus.
Within seconds
of breaking Charles' encryption,
they would be capable
of crashing planes,
attacking foreign nations.
The result of which
would be chaos, certain death,
and possible war.
And he just had
the program specs
laying around
on his hard drives?
They would need Charles Graiman
to decode
the data.
Or someone who knows
what Charles knows.
Yes, we collaborated
on the initial encryption codes.
But then we stopped
I possess all
of Charles Graiman's knowledge
and can access Prometheus.
Which is why after
ensuring Sarah safety
and Mike Traceur's help,
Ie been programmed to go
to the FBI
and turn myself in.
Kitt, stop the car.
That seemed quite irrational.
You clearly don't know
much about women.
Kitt: On the contrary,
my databases...
Kitt, shut up.
Sarah, where are you goin'?
To get a rental car.
Look, maybe the FBI
can help us.
The FBI will stick us
in a room
and ask questions
for 12 hours.
We have to get back
to the house.
Figure out what happened
to dad.
I've already wasted
too much time coming out here.
You would do the same thing
for someone you loved.
I cannot allow you
to go on by yourself.
Either you take me
back home
or I going
by myself.
In that case, I have no choice
but to take you.
You do realize that
by going back to the house,
you'll be doing exactly
what they expect you to.
You'll be taking Kitt
right to the people who want it.
I'm not running
from this.
Sarah, I have done
plenty of fighting.
Trust me.
It doesn't make a difference.
You can leave
if you want.
I will still pay
your debt.
Your choice.
Welther. Secure.
How is that possible?
The FBI agent
that's here confirmed it.
The body
isn't Charles Graiman.
Thank you for your
Let me know
if anything else turns up.
Well, it seems our dead
Mr. Graiman
is not Mr. Graiman
after all.
So what do you want
to do?
We continue back
to the mansion as planned.
Hey, I really am sorry
about all this.
Your dad was always good
to me...
to my mom.
How is your mom?
You still don't talk
to her?
If your only parent
sent you away,
you might not want
to talk to them either.
you weren't
exactly a choir boy.
She might not have had
a choice.
Everyone has a choice.
Well, she's not gonna
be around forever.
might want to ask yourself
what you'll regret
when she's gone.
Tell me you're winning.
Actually, there was
a change of plan.
I had to leave.
But don't worry.
I'll get you the money soon.
Yeah. How soon
were you thinkin'?
She missed
her afternoon class,
which is unlike her.
She's also not answering
her cell.
I had the office
try and triangulate the signal,
but it's either off
or dead.
I left her messages.
Email me the number.
Agent Rivai.
Find anything?
What do you see here?
Same thing in the office.
Somebody removed
all the hard drives.
No kidding.
Move and Il kill you.
Jenny, it's me.
It's Charles.
What the hell are you doin'?
I need your phone
or a computer.
Charles, I haven't had
a phone in ages.
Certainly not a computer.
You know me.
Why would you even think that?
I need to get to one.
Is your car out back?
Kitt, pull over.
Is something wrong?
What is it, Mike?
What's the matter?
I gotta pee.
Hey, Mike.
Um, why'd you blow me off?
I'm sorry, what?
After I left for school.
I called you.
I wrote you.
I practically stalked you.
And, um, you never
Look, do we have
to talk about this right now?
Yeah. I want to know.
I mean,
I thought we had
that great summer together.
All year...
we talked about how we couldn't
wait to see each other.
And then...
you just disappeared.
That's it?
Look, I met someone
at school.
I didn't know
how to tell you.
You met someone?
At military school?
Yeah. I did.
are you guys still together
or did she run away
with G.I. Joe?
You're hilarious.
You could've told me,
you know.
Whatever it was,
I would've understood.
Great. Next time,
you'll be the first to know.
What are you doing?
You want to drive?
Kitt's not another
trans am, is it?
It's a mustang.
And who's driving it?
No. No.
Not him.
You can't...
I needed someone
to watch over Sarah.
He was the logical choice.
Kitt, back.
Kitt, forward.
I must make a stop.
You know we did stop
an hour ago.
If you had to go,
you should've gone then.
I'm glad you're having
fun with this.
I require fuel.
You run on gas.
Not hydrogen or plutonium
or somethin' really cool
Ie never heard of?
Yeah. And what if you're
in Nebraska
and your hydrogen
fuel system breaks down?
isn't always better.
Why you gotta hate
on Nebraska?
My system is largely
solar powered
and recycles 91%
of its expended energy,
allowing a ratio
of 167 miles travelled
for every gallon
of fuel burned.
So the super car
runs on gas.
This is weird.
What is weird?
I don't know.
Kinda like havin' a creepy guy
in the backseat.
You think I am
a creepy guy.
Forget it.
Why did you leave
Sarah Graiman?
Oh, we are not talking
about this.
Sarah said you are immature
and selfish,
and that is why
you left her.
She said that?
Do you have
another girlfriend?
Are you a homosexual?
Oh, come on.
Did you really just ask me that?
Is it not natural that
you should have a
companion of some sort?
Monogamy is not natural.
Why do you say that?
Because relationships
don't last.
It is true
in the last 20 years
53% of marriages
in the united states
ended in divorce.
Right. You happy?
I cannot be happy.
Yeah, me neither.
Client's team was able
to pull the specs
for the car's computer
off of Graiman's hard drives.
What does that mean?
It means that now
it's just another computer.
We'll need to get close.
But if we can do that,
I think we can hack into it.
We need to find it first.
No, we don't.
We follow Charles.
The car will come to us.
Excuse me.
You dropped a chip.
Oh, come on. Really?
You would not be pleased
if I dropped food on you.
Do unto others.
From the book of Matthew 7:12.
This is intolerable.
All right, Il pick up
the chip.
I have received
new coordinates
as well as a phone call
I will patch through.
What? From who?
It's from Charles Graiman.
Are you okay?
Yes, I escaped
through the passage.
I went to Jennifer.
Is she with you?
Yes, she's here.
Hello, Michael.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Where you now?
We're at
the park woods motel.
Kitt is bringing you here.
Are those men
still after you?
I think so.
Well, thank god
you're all right.
Listen, has the FBI tried
to reach you?
I don't know.
My phone's been off all night.
Well, use Kitt
to try and contact
Carrie Rivai.
Okay. Yeah. I remember meeting
her at the house.
Good. Tell her and only her
where you are.
I'll wait here for you.
I love you.
Love you too.
I'll see you soon.
Hey, Sarah Graiman.
It's me, Kevin.
Uh, I with the federal bureau
of investigation's agency.
And we are trying
to get in touch with you
so I need you to call me back,
okay, whenever you can.
Baby, it's me.
I just got a call
from an FBI agent
who says you're missing.
If you could call me,
that'd be great.
I hope you're okay.
I took lucky out to p...
who is that?
That's Brock.
He's kind of my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend?
Named Brock?
So does he
own a long board
or use "dude" as a verb?
Sarah Graiman,
this is special agent Carrie Rivai.
It's extremely important
you call me.
Kitt, dial that number.
Put the motel's address
on the screen.
Sarah, thank god.
Are you all right?
Wait, wait. He's where?
The park woods motel.
Route 33.
We're heading there now.
I'm with the sheriff.
He can send a car immediately
and Il be there
within the hour
see you soon
Park Wood's Motel on route 33.
How far?
That's on this road.
Only 12 miles from here.
...checkin' in?
Looking for a friend.
Charles Graiman.
Uh, yeah, he's here.
Which room, please?
That's kinda tough to say.
Easier now?
He checked into four
different rooms.
So I not exactly sure
which one he's in.
I... Ie got a lock
on the car.
It's... it's close.
Initiate the program.
This ends now.
Dylan got the money
you transferred.
I was able to pay them in time.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Kitt: A thermal imaging scan
of the motel
is picking up
three heat sources
moving amongst the buildings.
What does that mean?
That they're already here.
Stay with Kitt.
And don't worry.
I'll bring him back.
Kitt: Proceed to the office
with caution.
I can guide you
to Charles Graiman's room.
Would you prefer
to avoid confrontation?
Sure. Why not?
What the hell?
Oh, God. Baby, are you okay?
Yeah, I fine.
Except for the fact that my mother
is shooting at me.
- Where's Sarah?
- Around in front
We need to get to Kitt
and get out of here now.
I still can't believe
you built another one.
What do you mean "another one"?
He needs to know.
It's time.
What do I need to know?
Kitt: Mike.
- Wait.
The three heat sources
are now approaching the room.
We gotta move.
How long till you're in?
I'm already through the second firewall.
There was another Kitt?
In another place.
Long time ago.
Well, what happened
with it?
After I finished
the first Kitt,
I was relocated here
so nobody would ever know
who had built it.
Kitt: Pause to avoid
visual contact.
How do you fit in?
We were moved here too, Mike,
when you were a baby
at your father's request.
Kitt: The passage is clear
My father left us.
Yes, he left you.
But it wasn't
for a lack of caring.
He had obligations
that he couldn't abandon.
Even for you.
What does that even mean?
Your father's name
is Michael Knight.
He was the man who drove
the first Kitt.
He'll get over it.
FBI! Stop right there!
Please stop yelling
before you get us all killed.
Agent Rivai,
good of you to come.
Hello, Charles.
Friends of yours?
Is Sarah still with Kitt?
This way.
Hurry. We don't have
much time.
Did Ben make it out?
No. They took
your hard drives.
How long before they
break your encryption?
It's difficult to say.
Without the codes,
it could be hours, days...
We need to get you
someplace safe.
And I want you
to tell me everything.
We need those drives back.
Dad, I so sorry
for everything.
Me too, honey.
Hello, Kitt.
What's the location
of our attackers?
I cannot be certain
as to their location because...
[system shorting]
an outside source
is hacking my system
with surprising efficiency.
[voice distorting]
They will have full control
in 23 seconds.
Kitt's specs
were on the drives.
Well, what do we do?
Kitt: 14 seconds.
Kitt, shut down
the computer now.
Shutting down all systems.
It can still be driven,
but it has to be done manually.
Weapons down.
I won't ask a second time.
No, no!
- Ma!
- Jenny!
Mom. Don't move, ok?
Don't try to talk.
Welther: Guns!
Or the girl dies next.
Well, Charles.
This truly is a beautiful piece
of machinery you've got here.
You're gonna be fine, okay?
Ok, just don't move.
Welther: Probably get reversed
by someone to recreate your
A.I. for their needs.
I'm so sorry.
Mom, it's gonna be okay.
All right?
I'm guessing that even if you
won't give us Prometheus,
the car will.
You have no idea
what you're doing.
You could start a war.
We won't.
My client might.
Besides, a little war's
always good for business,
isn't it?
Look, Il do
whatever you want.
Just don't hurt
anyone else.
Cooperate, and I assure you
that everyone will get out
of this alive.
Transport's on the way.
Charles, you mind
coming with us?
And Sarah can stay here
with the car.
You two on your knees
now, please.
Kill them.
Then take the car
and the girl
and meet us
at the rendez-vous.
You're leaving
a messy trail.
I thought you would've been
smarter than that.
You know,
you really need to shut up.
[Cocks Gun]
Sarah: Mike, no.
Sarah, get the hell
out of here.
That's my father.
I'm going with you.
Thank you for doing this.
I'm not doing it for you.
Smoke, is that you?
Smoke, do you copy?
Is the car's computer
still shut down?
Yeah, it's gotta be
the kid driving.
Charles, we're gonna need
those codes right now.
Sheriff Ramsey,
if you'd be so kind.
Mike, take it easy.
Damn it, Mike!
My father's in there!
Don't you think I know that?
- Graiman, give him the codes.
- No.
I thought this thing
was bullet proof!
Without the computer,
the nanotechnology
can't fix itself.
And if we turn
the computer on?
We might only have
ten seconds
before they can get
control of it.
The codes, now.
Mike, pull around
on the outside.
Sheriff, this side.
No! Don't shoot!
I'll give you the codes.
I'll give you the codes.
There's a backdoor
into Prometheus.
It's a simple password.
That should do it.
Sending it now.
What are you doing?
When I tell you to,
turn on Kitt's computer.
What for? Mike?
What's he doing?
Okay, Sarah. Do it.
You want to see
your father again?
Do it.
Okay, the computer's
back on
and it's blocking
our outgoing transmission.
Kitt, you there?
Yes. Though I am trying
to jam all frequencies
coming from the suv,
I afraid
the outside system
will still have control
in eight seconds.
Sorry, buddy.
I think this is going to hurt.
Mike, what exactly
are you going to do?
Kitt: Mike, Sarah,
are you all right?
This doesn't change
Start tracing all calls
Dad, you're bleeding.
That's all right.
Oh, careful.
You sure let a girl
sneak up on you.
How old were you?
Maybe five.
I don't remember taking it.
What could've made me
smile like that?
You don't have to leave,
you know.
People here
care about you.
I can't stay here.
And what about you?
Back to school?
Brock, the boyfriend?
Actually, I gonna stay here
for a while.
Make sure my dad's okay.
Make sure I am.
We should go.
The car's waiting.
This one doesn't talk too,
does it?
I know what today is,
but there are things
to discuss.
Like what?
By tracing calls made
from the black river cell phone,
last night, FBI agents
recovered Charles'
hard drives
just outside Dubai.
The encryption
had not been broken.
Charles: They arrested a middleman
who was transporting
the materials.
But the man believed to be
behind this, is still at large.
The FBI knew
that Charles was building
another Kitt.
We've known for some time.
I'm resurrecting
the foundation, Michael.
We will be working
in cooperation with the FBI.
Why are you tellin' me?
We want you to drive it.
This is insane.
No. The world is insane.
This is the definition
of sanity.
A chance
to make a difference.
Rivai: We were going to use
an FBI agent.
But the truth is
there are some missions
even we can't be
too closely associated with.
You're ex-military.
Savvy. Smart.
With no family to speak of.
No ties.
Charles: Look, I know the timing
isn't great,
but we need someone
You have to make
a choice, Michael.
Either participate
or withdraw.
I just...
I don't believe
in the same things you do.
I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
As am I.
I'm sorry
about your loss.
I'm Michael.
Michael Knight.
I'm your father.
I know.
You know,
I was standing by,
waiting to say good-bye
by myself.
But I realize I said good-bye
a long time ago.
I was horrible to her.
I blamed her for everything.
She did a good job
raising you.
Couldn't have been easy.
It wasn't easy.
For either one of us.
She loved you.
From the very first day.
So now what?
You move forward.
- Charles tell you?
- Yeah.
Look, I can't tell you
what to do.
That's up to you.
About 25 years ago,
there was a man
named Walton Knight
who on his deathbed
told me, "one man
can make a difference."
I was that man.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, Michael.
Am I gonna see you again?
I hope so.
I came back here
that summer.
You know, after school.
Planned on spending
every minute with you.
I remember showing up
at your house
and your father telling me
you were already gone.
Up at Stanford
for the summer.
Suddenly it all became
so clear.
We may have grown up
a few miles from each other,
but we were both
from different worlds.
And right then I knew
we were bound to end up
in different ones.
See, you say that
and yet...
here we are.
Rivai: Two days ago,
an american diplomat
was found dead
just outside Prague.
The FBI is sending a team
to investigate.
12 hours ago,
they failed to check in
and have failed to
since then.
Their last known contact
was an operative known
as sidewinder.
We now believe sidewinder's
working both sides.
So be careful
when you find her.
Mike, Mike, Mike.
Now this is
a serious machine.
You don't deserve it.
Think you could do us
all a favor
and avoid crashing it?
'cause this time around,
the FBI's picking up
the tab.
I'll do my best.
That hardly sounds
I've recalibrated
all the settings,
so his system
will be impossible to track.
I helped.
Sort of.
Take care of yourself,
Good luck, Mike.
See you soon.
Well, together again.
Kitt: I am incapable
of happiness
but I will say
it seems logical
that you are here.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Mind if I drive?
Is this going to become
a habit?
All right.
Latched in?