Knight Rider 2000 (1991) Movie Script

Knight Rider 2000
You've kept me here for three hours.
I got my rights,you know.
You can't just keep me
down here against my will.
I got to get home
and feed my 12 cats and my dogs.
They're hungry.
Quit jerking me around.
Are you okay?
Nice work.
I'll probably get hit with brutality.
That scum's a cop killer.
I love this system.
Hey, Miller,
we got the cush detail today.
Something even
your rookie can handle.
Thank you.
We're babysitting
the mayor.
Some fund-raiser at the Tower.
All the chicken wings you can eat.
I hope someone warned them
I was coming.
So, McCormick, how do you like
the street life so far?
Haven't seen much action yet.
You probably won't,
unless there was
a sudden rash of Code 17 s...
at all the doughnut shops
in your sector.
You're full of them today, Hedges.
Every day.
Look, you've got a good partner.
Just don't blow it out there
and you'll be fine, honey.
Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.
Thank you.
I'm so glad for your support.
Good to see you.
Thank you very much.
We've got to talk.
What's the matter?
I have some anti-inflammatory
down in the unit.
Let me get it for you.
No. It'll pass.
Maybe a chicken wing might help.
I'll do him too, so help me God!
Come on!
Put 'em down! Please!
I'm gonna buzz 'em both.
You know the code.
He might get a shot off first.
Put down your ultrasound.
Put it down.
Attention, all Sector Five units,
Code 17-X in progress
at the Tower Restaurant.
Proceed with extreme caution.
- Freeze!
- Don't shoot!
I don't know about all of you,
but it impresses the hell out of me,
if I do say so myself.
It's a nice simulation,
but I doubt even that car...
could have saved
Mayor Cottam's life.
I'm afraid that's something we'll never know.
True, but once completed, I guarantee...
you'll be quite astonished
by what the Knight 4000 can do.
Frank Cottam gave me my career.
I want whoever's responsible
for his death stopped.
We all do, Mayor Abbey.
And we're your solution.
Not only do we have
a state-of-the-art operations base,
but now a vehicle, which is
an entire department on wheels.
I'm talking a communications center
with worldwide links.
The latest virtual reality display technology
and artificial intelligence...
superior to the commissioner
and all her cops put together.
With all due respect,
Commissioner Daniels.
Mr. Maddock's enthusiasm
is shared by the entire Foundation.
Of course, we're here
in the spirit of collaboration.
We do not need
another law enforcement
department here, period.
And I suppose L.A., New York
and Chicago don't either.
Funny, they all have
a freelance department now.
- We're not any of those cities.
- Oh, no?
" The city of the future."
That's what they said back in the '90s.
Well, I've got news for you.
The future's here,
and that tower is an antique now.
- So's your old way of fighting crime.
- Don't talk to me about antiques.
The Knight Foundation
was a philanthropic dinosaur
until Devon brought you on board.
Commissioner, that isn't quite accurate.
Mayor Cottam had enormous respect...
for our company's accomplishments,
or else he would never have
established a relationship with us.
Keeping the city safe
is difficult enough...
without a freelance department
to stumble over.
At best you'll impede due process
and create legal havoc.
I don't think I can listen
to much more of this.
Russ, please.
First you ban capital punishment.
Then you ban handguns from everyone,
including your own police.
It may work in other countries,
but it sure as hell doesn't work here.
It hasn't had a chance to work.
We are one of the first cities
to activate this ban.
We are setting a precedent
for the entire country.
I'm sorry, but the wrong people
are getting shot.
And what you do with these
murderers instead of firing back?
You buzz them with ultrasound,
and then you freeze them...
so that they can come back 20 years later
and victimize a whole new generation.
Cryogenic incarceration saves
an estimated $1.5 billion per year,
while solving the problem of prison
overcrowding and cruel conditions.
Whose side are you on anyway?
What's your point, Mr. Maddock?
You may be the next one lying dead
in a restaurant, Mr. Mayor.
Can you really afford not to have us?
I'm giving you 30 days to complete
that car and show me some results,
or I'm dropping your freelance contract.
Mr. Mayor, the Knight 4000
is still in prototype form.
It won't be ready
for at least two more months.
That's not my problem.
Good day, gentlemen.
We'll get through this.
Don't worry about them.
I'm worried about us.
We need help, Russ.
We need help.
Hello, Michael.
Hello, Devon.
How are you?
Good. Real good.
Thank you.
I came here for two reasons:
to see an old friend
and because I need your help.
Devon, I'm not
the same person anymore.
I gave up that life.
I guess I'm on my third one now.
When we saved your life,
it was no random choice, Michael.
Right from the beginning,
we saw something in you.
I still see it.
I'm happy out here.
Are you?
I made a promise
a very long time ago,
a promise to fulfill one man's dream.
Devon, I don't want to--
Let me finish before you say no.
Wilton Knight created
the Foundation...
in hopes of finding intelligent
solutions to violent problems,
problems which have changed little
in tens, if not hundreds, of years.
That's what's kept me going, Michael.
I truly share the same dream.
I wouldn't ask this if there were
any other answer. I need you.
Come back for the next 30 days
until we cement our contract.
Then after that, if you decide to go,
I won't say a word.
Do you remember
what Wilton always said?
" One man can make a difference."
I remember.
But that man is not me anymore.
Me is fishing and taking care
of my Chevy outside.
Me is taking advantage of life
for a change,
instead of life
taking advantage of me.
No one ever suggested
that what we do is easy.
Nothing worthwhile ever is.
Don't make me beg, Michael.
I have nowhere else to turn.
Only under one condition.
He'll be waiting for us on arrival.
I had to liquidate certain things
to make our balance sheet look good.
Otherwise, we would have
never landed the franchise.
Frankly, I never considered KIT an asset to begin with.
Oh. I see.
It's nothing personal, Devon,
but the car didn't exactly have
fresh oil on the dipstick,
if you know what I mean.
With the 4000 on the way,
it hardly seemed worth
the price of storage.
- Yes, hardly.
- You let this guy actually do this?
This guy happens to be
your new boss, Mr. Knight.
And I'd watch that attitude
from now on.
I assume you can repurchase
the missing components.
Most of them, I think.
I was surprised I could sell them at all,
but I guess the research facilities
found them okay.
Shows how up-to-date they are.
Look, if you really insist
on buying them back--
Just don't... bother.
He's not exactly what you
led me to believe he'd be, Devon.
Neither are you, Mr. Maddock.
How dare you dismantle that car
without first discussing it with me.
I did what I had to do
to keep this operation alive.
I make no excuses for it.
No, you wouldn't! Humility and
modesty are hardly in your makeup.
I've had just about
all the arrogance I can take!
Look, you want a nice guy,
that's not me.
But I get results.
As long as I am the controlling partner,
we do things my way.
Is that clear?
Thanks for the ride, Kurt. Night.
Daniels must have chewed you up and
down for buzzing the deputy mayor, huh?
Come on, McCormick, what gives?
You know why Forensics never recovered
that handgun from the Tower?
Because I did.
I don't know.
It was kind of a hunch.
The gun was a nine-millimeter Weber, Kurt.
That doesn't mean it was a cop's gun.
But they were all supposed
to have been melted down.
There are lots of nine mills
out there on the black market.
I know, but I had a feeling about this.
Tell me it's my dumb intuition.
It probably is.
But why is this particular gun
showing up all of a sudden?
This isn't the first one lately.
Will you run a ballistics on this?
Just for my own peace of mind.
I stuck it under my mattress three days ago,
and I haven't been able to sleep since.
I'll do some quiet asking around.
In the meantime,
don't say nothing to nobody.
Who knows where this could go.
Did I screw up?
No, you did good.
Now go get some sleep, all right?
Surprise! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Shawn!
By the look on your face,
I'd say your partner keeps
a damn good secret.
Speech! Speech!
Oh, you're all an obnoxious bunch,
you know that?
I don't really have a family anymore.
At least not until I joined the P.D.
And, uh, the last few months...
have been the greatest in a long time,
and it's thanks to all of you.
I know I have a lot to learn,
and you've all been really patient.
I love all you guys.
Enough with the sentiment.
Cut the damn cake, huh?
It's triglyceride free.
You want to talk about
that ass you hired?
I did what I had to
to survive.
Devon, you're not doing this for money.
You never would.
Oh, no. Money isn't the problem.
We still have enough grant funding.
Then what is the problem?
Research means nothing
unless you can apply it, Michael.
We can help this city,
but the bureaucracy has stalled us for years.
Russ Maddock deserves some credit
for turning that around.
You promised me KITT's body.
Yes, I did.
I'm afraid he's been recycled.
Now that's just wonderful.
You stick me in mothballs
for nearly a decade,
and then you sell off my parts like
I'm inventory for Manny, Moe and Jack.
KITT, it's wonderful
to hear your voice.
I wish I could say the same, Devon,
but one of my auditory monitors must've
landed in some kid's walkie-talkie.
- Is that you, Michael?
- Yeah.
You look like crap.
Well, so do you, pal.
At least I have an excuse.
You've obviously gone down the toilet
since we split up, Michael. Get a life.
I got a life and a body, too,
which is more than I can say for you.
Forget my body. Where is my
random access or my graphics board?
I can't even play
a round of Pacman in here.
You're dating yourself, buddy boy.
Pacman is in the Smithsonian now.
Probably an exhibit or two away from you.
At least some things
haven't changed.
Attention, Adam 2020,
Code 17-X in progress at Arnold Jewelers.
Cover the north exit!
I've located suspect
on north side of complex.
Appears to be heading towards canal.
Where'd you get this?
We meet again.
The Tower.
You shouldn't have picked up
that gun, McCormick.
We can work this out.
Relax, Officer.
You're off duty now.
B.P. 80 over 50 and dropping.
Anything on the bio scan?
Brain waves present, but there's damage.
Clear that doorway.
You'll have to wait out here.
Is she still alive?
As a city employee,
she's turned her rights over to me.
I'm authorizing you
to read her R.N.A.
R.N.A. is a risky procedure.
There's still a chance we can save her.
We need to find out
who did this to her, Doctor.
Believe me,
she would want us to know.
Prepare for R.N.A. transfer.
Insert probe one into optic nerve,
two and three into
hemispherical memory regions.
Position probe.
Stand clear.
Probe insertion completed, Doctor.
Happy birthday, Shawn.
Happy birthday, Shawn.
I love you.
I love all you guys.
The injury appears to have destroyed
a cluster pattern in her cerebrum.
In simple terms,
she's lost her most recent memory.
But there is good news.
The R.N.A. confirmed we can save her life...
by performing
a fragmentary cerebral transplant.
I'll need your authorization.
Doctor, may I speak to you
in private?
There is certifiable doubt as to how she'll
function after this operation, if at all.
Isn't that true?
Yes, there's always a degree of incertitude
with procedures such as this.
But I'm extremely confident.
Have you ever performed
one of these before?
No, but I've logged 90 hours
on the surgical simulator.
She's a textbook case.
Perfect for me.
I'm afraid I have no choice
but to decline.
Commissioner, what you're saying
in effect is to terminate life support.
Don't think I feel the slightest bit good
about this decision, Doctor,
but our budget deficit is
already in the high seven figures.
We literally cannot afford it,
based on the risk.
I am urging you to reconsider.
Your career advancement will have
to wait until the next victim rolls in,
Dr. Glassman.
My decision is final.
We're going ahead with the transplant.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're about to expand.
I, like you, believe in the constitutional right
for all citizens to bear firearms,
not just the criminals.
Self-protection was a principle
this country was founded on,
and I see nothing wrong
with continuing that philosophy...
while getting very, very rich...
selling banned handguns
on the black market.
What about you?
I don't remember murder...
as part of our forefathers' philosophy,
Mr. Watts.
Oh, but an eye for an eye certainly was.
The former mayor was responsible...
for getting our handguns
banned, Miller.
The bad guys, they still have them.
Six of us have bought it already this year.
All we can do is buzz them back.
They told us the ban would help.
They lied.
This is not about
self-protection anymore.
He shot one of our own
at the Tower, Strand.
How do you justify that?
That was unplanned...
and quite unfortunate.
Just like shooting my partner, right?
That was never part of the deal.
- Neither was her interference at the Tower.
- She did it to herself, Miller.
I planned on bringing her in eventually.
It was just too soon.
I'd say it was too late.
She was your responsibility...
and still is.
Her memory's gone.
She's out of the equation.
We'll see.
What about the new freelance department?
That could really screw things up for us.
There's way too much tension
in this room.
They won that franchise
based on a flashy car,
which won't even be finished
by the time their contract expires.
They will be no problem.
Trust me.
You're watching
the Fiber Optic Information Network.
Today in Washington,
President Quayle successfully concluded
peace treaty negotiations with England.
A unilateral cease-fire
in Bermuda--
Good morning, sir.
Morning, Lori.
Good morning. Knight Foundation.
President Quayle attributed the swift
success of Operation Tropical Storm...
to innovative combat technology
and the support of the American people.
I don't want to hear excuses.
The 4000 is already two weeks behind.
You kick that distributor's butt,
or I'll have to kick yours.
I'm glad to see that company morale
is a priority of yours.
Not as much as nailing our contract.
We need results, Devon. Now.
I think we have some.
It's an inventory of evidence
seized over the last two years,
all relating to handgun crimes.
Notice how the percentage
of Weber automatics has gone up...
since the mayor was shot.
You're not thinking
what I think you're thinking.
I'll admit that police involvement
is an unlikely possibility,
but every prospect
should be checked out.
Compared to what I said to Daniels,
this is a real slap in her face.
I'm impressed, Devon.
I'm not suggesting
we shouldn't handle this delicately.
I'd like to put Michael on it.
He's wrapping up tests on KITT.
Michael, this isn't going to work.
Just trust me, buddy.
It's a new body.
Take a little getting used to,
but you'll do just fine.
It's your body
I'm having trouble adjusting to.
You did shower today, didn't you?
Yes, I had a full wash
and a wax, all right?
Time to take Mr. Personality
for a spin.
Amazing power you get
out of those rodents under the hood.
Not to mention the one in the backseat.
A car with an attitude.
You'd have a disposition, too,
if you suddenly went from
state-of-the-art to this.
I may not catch every criminal,
but I'll sure look good at the drive-in.
KITT, there are no more drive-ins.
In that case, I'm useless.
KITT has a terrific sense of humor,
don't you think?
That's a matter of opinion.
Can we table this for a while?
What's that?
We've been scanning bar codes.
You come up with something?
The blue coupe idling
in front of that A.T.M....
is registered to a Todd Mullen,
whom you'll find on my monitor.
I see he's currently wanted
for drug trafficking and murder.
He's withdrawing a large sum of cash,
approximately 10,600.
Would you like me to electronically
disable the man's vehicle?
For starters.
Now stun him.
All right, pal, you're under arrest.
They've set their phasers on stun, Captain.
I don't like the looks of it.
Michael, shall I Mirandize him?
KITT, it's Scotty.
Star Trek, you idiot!
He's James Doohan,
the actor who played Scotty in
the original series and all 10 movies.
Don't tell me you're a closet Trekkie.
The dilithium crystals are fading fast.
I don't think I can hold them, Mr. Spock.
Maddock, I'm very angry about this.
You obviously substituted
a bogus chip in my memory.
I want my old chip back.
Please! Somebody beam me up!
Scotty, Scotty, Scotty.
I'd like a few minutes of your time,
It's all right, Andrew.
We're happy to see you back,
Officer McCormick.
You must have plenty of questions.
If you'd like, I can ask Andrew to--
I understand you ordered
the plug pulled on me.
That isn't perfectly accurate.
There were financial
considerations at work.
My memory might be impaired,
but I assure you nothing else is.
I want to find the creep who shot me.
Reassign me to my old unit.
I can't do that.
Technically, you shouldn't even have
a desk job after what happened.
Neither should you, considering
your profound lack of judgment.
Officer, I really think this discussion is--
Anti-capital punishment for criminals,
but pro-euthanasia for your own cops?
You know something, Commissioner?
You might benefit
from a bullet in the head as well.
McCormick, you have just
guaranteed yourself--
Don't bother. I quit.
We're fully staffed at this time,
but we'll keep your resum
on our database.
Thanks for coming in.
I'm more than
what's on that piece of paper.
Give me a chance.
I promise I won't let you down.
May I be blunt?
Good cops don't get fired.
Now if you'll excuse us--
I quit.
And if you'd done your homework,
you'd know the reason why.
I, on the other hand,
know all about you, Mr. Maddock:
illustrious former D.A.
with a 95.4 percent conviction rate,
never married, with a track record of
dating blondes considerably younger.
You play singles-only tennis
with a winning percentage of 98.2....
because you always select opponents
who'll provide you with adequate competition,
but not enough to beat you.
Your most recent loss
was to a woman, incidentally.
Shall I go on?
I have a feeling that your
knowledge of our operation...
is equally thorough, Ms. McCormick.
So is my familiarity
with the handgun cases,
which I memorized and correlated in
their entirety prior to my resignation.
You've got a chip in your head,
don't you?
Memory chip transplants
are not uncommon today.
Everything may work out fine.
Mr. Maddock has one on his shoulder.
Let's cut through the smoke here.
Why do you really
want to work for us?
That should be obvious.
- Humor me.
- What are my choices?
My field is law enforcement,
so that just leaves you and the P.D.
And while it may be wishful thinking,
I'd like to believe you're the better of the two.
I still say you've got
a hidden agenda, lady.
I was shot point-blank in the head,
and I want to nail the bastard who did it.
That's my agenda. What's yours?
Good news.
I located KITT's missing chip.
Well, that's the bad news.
It was sold
to the R.N.A. trauma center...
and ended up in some
policewoman's head.
Michael, meet the missing chip.
I suppose we should at least be cordial.
My name is KITT, originally designed
with Series 2000 circuitry.
The lights are on, but nobody's home.
They spend $10 million building the car
and forget the voice. Incredible.
So it's going to be
"mine is bigger than yours," is it?
Mine is bigger than yours.
So it talks...
and sounds suspiciously familiar.
I only speak when it's necessary.
Maddock's voice!
I knew the man had an ego, but please.
We have nothing further to discuss.
There's nothing worse than
a smart-ass automobile.
Did you have much experience
driving police units?
Your inference is that
I'm inadequate, which I resent.
No, no. I only thought
your knowledge might help us.
Secondly, if you'd taken the time
to look over my resum,
you'd know the exact nature
of my field training,
and you wouldn't be making
such a feeble query.
All the chips in the world,
and she has to end up with KITT's.
Actually, only a few chips on the market
are compatible with the human brain,
and they're very expensive.
Under the circumstances,
it made perfect sense for me to get
the research chip from your car.
Your lack of deductive reasoning
amazes me.
Lady, I don't know
if this is the personality
you were born with or what,
but you've got an attitude
that will not fly around here.
We all work together or not at all.
Not at all seems to be
your suit, not mine.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you
leave the Foundation in 1990...
to run an unprofitable
bass charter?
It seems you get along better with fish
than you do with people.
Hey, I know some fish
with better personalities than you.
Excuse me. Wrong car.
Hang a pair of fuzzy dice off the mirror
and we'll be ready to go.
Uh, I drive.
Not anymore you don't.
Michael, kindly tell this obnoxious person
to remove her hands from my wheel.
- The car talks.
- Brilliant observation.
I'll bet she even knows
how many tires I have.
Yes, and they're obviously overinflated.
Who is this repugnant female?
Repugnant? Try looking in
the rearview mirror, whoever you are.
KITT, say hello to Shawn McCormick.
She has your missing chip
implanted in her brain.
We'll simply have
to have it removed.
Wrong. The chip is mine now,
and it's staying under my hood, got it?
Although after meeting
the pretentious source of the chip,
I may give it some consideration.
Slow down!
Don't tell me! I'm not driving!
KITT, knock it off.
This arrogant machine
is gonna kill both of us!
Enough, KITT. Pull over.
Oh, no. His hard drive crashed.
No way! A hard drive malfunction
is impossible with my circuitry!
- You mean his circuitry.
- Whatever. He's faking it.
No way. KITT wouldn't go that far.
I apologize.
What happened?
I lost my temper.
You may think I'm just a machine,
but I do have a feelings chip.
Maybe you could use
one of those chips too.
Yeah. Maybe.
Just what we need.
It could be.
That's your ex-partner, isn't it?
How'd you know that?
- Homework chip.
- What should I do?
We need inside information,
I don't know what you were like
before you became sister of KITT,
but see if there's any charm buried in there.
These old classics are great,
but they're a pain to drive sometimes, huh?
I can drive them just fine.
Thank you very much.
But I could drive them a lot better
if I had a lesson or two.
Think you'd be free sometime
to help me out in that department?
I think I have some time for that.
I suppose I should thank you
for not arresting me.
Yes, you should.
I miss my old partner, McCormick.
I don't miss mine.
I'm sorry.
That was an abrasive thing to say.
What I mean is, I have
very little memory of you to miss.
That's okay.
You're just being honest.
But it sure don't sound like
the old McCormick.
Things tend to change after you get
your brains blown out, partner.
Has the department made
any progress with the handgun situation?
Not really.
What about the former mayor?
Any leads?
I'm all shop-talked out.
Do you mind if we change the subject?
Michael, the analyzer indicates
stress in his voice.
Understand that I have one priority:
to confront the creep that shot me.
I need all the help I can get.
What a pleasant surprise.
Mind if I join you?
No, not at all.
I'm John Wilson.
You must be Kurt's former partner.
I've heard all about you.
Sorry. I should've introduced you.
Mr. Wilson's in the import business.
And exports.
I send these little knickknacks
to Hong Kong.
I know it's illegal to smoke in public here.
KITT, capture a voiceprint
of this guy, will ya?
- It's a nasty habit.
- Well--
I really have to go.
Thanks for the coffee.
It's been a pleasure, Ms. McCormick.
She stared you straight in the eye.
Are you satisfied?
She's a very lucky woman.
Blow out the candles.!
Make a wish!
Any luck with the voiceprint?
I have insufficient bytes
to calculate a match.
I haven't lost my memory.
That makes one of us.
KITT, give it a rest. This is serious.
I just saw myself getting shot.
I actually remembered it.
Do you see who did it?
But, God, they said
I had no recent memory.
Something is in there,
and I can't get it out.
Maybe you won't have to.
As I said, you had no recent memory.
You're lying.
And I want to know why.
Contrary to what you are thinking,
I do have ethics.
I risked my career to save your life.
I heard it boosted your career,
Dr. Glassman.
A Lenhart surgical grant
was awarded to you...
after successfully performing
the procedure,
despite odds of failure
topping 44.8 percent.
Not that I'm ungrateful.
I see your short-term
memory retention is exemplary.
And my long-term memory's
not far behind.
I remember getting shot, Doctor,
and I want the rest of it back.
The disk is blank.
Where's the real one?
- You're looking at it.
- You erased it?
I'm sorry.
I don't trust you or anyone anymore.
You're just going to have
to tell us what you saw.
I didn't see anything.
This is her life we're talking about.
It's mine too! I'm not getting involved!
Hey, we've been
sitting here in this park for hours,
and nothing's coming back to you.
You'rejust gonna have to--
What, put it out of my mind?
Too late. Somebody already did.
I'm on your side.
The only side you're on is your own.
What's that supposed to mean?
Devon told me you were leaving
as soon as the Knight 4000 is finished.
Michael, is that true?
You never should've brought me back.
We brought each other back, pal.
So what am I supposed to do,
hope for another memory jolt or two?
There's one possibility
which I've been reluctant to mention.
It could be extremely dangerous.
Just tell me what it is.
The human body is run by electric current,
much like a computer,
but only at a fraction of the voltage.
Because of my chip being in your brain,
I might be able to stimulate
your hemispherical memory center...
and pipe it through my monitor.
What, I'm supposed to stick my finger
in the cigarette lighter or something?
I could generate it
from my overdrive shift lever.
You said it was dangerous.
If I don't calculate the precise
electrical input, the odds are--
Just a moment.
331/2 percent chance
of permanent brain damage.
Thank you.
Forget it.
I truly appreciate your concern, but--
Well, you'd better
appreciate my concern...
'cause it's real.
it's my choice,
and it's the only one I can make.
Don't do it, KITT.
I'm afraid I have to respect
her wishes over yours, Michael.
Maybe for a long time to come.
You've got an attitude
that will not fly around here.
We all work together or not at all.
I love you.
I don't really have a family anymore,
at least not until I joined the P.D.
I'm going to repay you all
by being the very best.
That's all there is to it.
You've got a good partner.
Just don't blow it out there
and you'll be fine, honey.
Relax, Officer.
You're off duty now.
They betrayed me.
I know, I know.
Let's do something about that, huh?
Hi, Shawn.
Hello, Kurt.
This is a pleasant surprise.
Yeah, same here.
I left a few things in my locker.
Guess I'll see you around.
Showtime, buddy.
Who says there's not a cop around
when you need one?
Man, oh, man, I haven't seen
one of these things in a while.
She is a beaut.
Everywhere but under the hood.
Think I got a dead battery.
Appreciate a jump.
Sure, no problem.
Adam 2525, right on schedule.
I'll say one thing for the police:
They're consistent and dependable,
unlike some people I know.
Don't start on me, KITT.
Go ahead. Crank her over.
Start the download.
Sounds like you got problems
beyond your battery.
Boy, you're telling me.
You know, she can be
a real pain in the butt sometimes.
Yep. She's got a mind of her own.
Tell you what.
One more time, I'm sure she'll start.
You enjoyed that, didn't you?
Finish the download.
Hey, listen-- Oh, wow!
No wonder your battery's drained.
Hey, how's the game going?
We're ahead 14-zip,
at the beginning of the third.
It's, uh, a kit from RadioShack.
Seven, eight, nine.
Ten for ten.
They were all assigned.
Assigned to what?
Melting down police issues.
There must have been
over 8,000 handguns.
Maybe they did some kind of swap,
fake ones for the real thing.
We're talking serious money here.
Who was in charge
of destroying the guns?
- Commissioner Daniels.
- Big surprise.
Doesn't mean she
knew anything about it.
They may have acted entirely on their own.
You don't know the system like I do.
They would have needed help higher up.
Thank you, Karen.
KITT has just completed
a workup off Shawn's memory.
Looks like he
matched that face to a file.
- So what's this guy's real name?
- Watts.
Tommy Watts.
Former homicide detective.
Explains why he didn't show up
in current personnel files.
He served in the Philippine War in '93,
before he joined the P.D.
Yeah. A weapon specialist.
Says here
he worked directly under Daniels.
Not bad.
At least KITT goes out with a bang.
The 4000 will be fully operational
tomorrow morning,
just ahead of our deadline.
I'd say the bang is premature.
KITTstill has plenty left to do.
Do we have an address for Mr. Watts?
Hey, Charlie, you should've seen
the car I gave a jump to today.
The whole dash was decked out with
TV screens and a computer console.
Must have been that
new 'Vette I've been reading about.
No. This was an old '57 Chevy,
cherried out all the way.
The damn thing had
artificial intelligence too.
It was transferring
some kind of data...
when it switches over to the ball game
and gives me the score.
You're telling me they tapped
into the police mainframe?
The log showed a global download
of the personnel files.
It's only a matter of time
before they put it together.
A complete loss of memory, huh?
I don't enjoy being tense.
I'm sure there's a solution.
Yes, sir, there is.
Sir, would you like me to engage
my virtual reality mode?
Why not?
It's very impressive, but I really think
we ought to slow down.
There is no need for concern.
I'm programmed to cruise
at the optimum speed...
calibrated to a risk factor of.28,
which on this roadway
calculates at 243 kilometers per hour.
Look out!
I assume you have an explanation.
We would've sustained no damage
whatsoever by striking that animal.
It's a small fix.
Overall, what do you think?
I'm not looking for praise, Devon.
I want your honest opinion.
It means a lot to me.
You've done a remarkable job.
It meets and, in most cases, exceeds
all our technical criteria.
I know we do things
very differently,
but believe it or not,
our goal is the same.
KITT was an exceptional car
for his time, no question about it.
It's just that the time has come
to pass the baton.
I agree that the Knight 4000
is superior in every way.
Except one:
It lacks KITT's humanity.
People make mistakes.
After prosecuting scum
for so many years,
always having to fight
defense lawyers and politicians...
who only care about winning,
well, I've lost faith in human beings.
Maybe it's time you renewed it.
Loyalty and respect cannot be dictated, Russ.
It has to be earned.
That being said, you did a damn good job.
I'm proud to have you as a partner.
Don't tell me. He escaped.
Nobody escapes.
Here we go: Watts, TommyJ.
Convicted in 1998 for fatally shooting
a suspect with a banned handgun.
Early parole on February 19.
Parole for what, good behavior?
Michael, my sensors indicate
we have company.
I don't see anybody.
Look again.
You're gonna have to
pull out all the stops, pal.
They've been pulled.
This is a two-tone lowrider, remember?
Use your E.I.D. on them.
I tried.
Their ignition systems must have
a scrambler I can't penetrate.
Prepare for a collision.
What the hell
are you doing to my car, KITT?
That's original paint.
You'll have to trust me.
We're gonna go off the end of the dock!
I trust you two
are all right.
Oh, yeah.Just fine, KITT,
if you forget the fact that my Chevy
is sinking past a school of bass.
There was no alternative.
They'll assume you drowned
when you don't come up right away.
Yeah, and they'll be correct.
Despite this car's shortcomings,
the passenger compartment
happens to be airtight.
You have approximately
25 minutes of oxygen remaining.
Forget all the nasty things
I ever said about you, KITT.
I'm afraid I already have.
What's going on, pal?
The rest of the car isn't as watertight.
I only have about 30 seconds
of voice transmission left.
Water gets in your C.P.U.,
you're out of here.
I know. I guess this is good-bye.
I'm sure some of my chips
will be salvageable, Shawn.
Of course, you're welcome
to pick and choose.
I'll do that.
Michael, take care of yourself.
KITT? KITT, you there?
What's going on here?
I think you know exactly
what's going on here.
Read the man's R.N.A., Doctor.
One man can... make a difference.
We do not need another
law enforcement agency here, period.
You don't know the system
like I do, Devon.
They would've needed help higher up.
They have no hard proof.
What the Knight Foundation knows
consists of speculation and vague allusions.
You need the doctor
for anything else?
It's sad he's going to become a victim of
another senseless handgun shooting, isn't it?
Pleasant dreams.
Shall we drink to what may be
the start of, um--
Of what?
One man's dream.
And to our future, no matter who
it may take us up against or where.
I can't tell you how sorry I am.
I really liked the man.
I've decided not to renew
your contract, Mr. Maddock.
It's already cost all of us too much.
Look, Mayor Abbey, there's a strong possibility
your own police force is implicated...
with regard to the illegal handguns.
Can you substantiate this claim?
We're very close.
If you can just give us some time--
Insinuation's not enough to justify
your reinstatement, Mr. Maddock.
I'm sorry.
They still think you and Michael
are at the bottom of the ocean.
Now, that and the 4000
will be our major assets.
We still lost the franchise.
More importantly, we've lost Devon.
One of our own has been killed,
and I'm not about to let city sanctions
keep me from doing something about it.
What about you?
Me neither.
I promised Devon I'd help out
until your car was done.
I filled my end of the bargain.
You can't be serious about leaving now.
I knew you could never hack it.
God knows what Devon ever saw in you.
Get out of my way.
You're just as obsolete
as that pile of rust...
you wasted our time and money
rebuilding, my friend.
The only thing worse
is the pathetic effort
Devon put into rebuilding you.
When we first met,
I had you pegged as a loser too,
but I couldn't have been more wrong.
I had some of the techies
look KITT over.
They said he isn't a total write-off.
Maybe you could--
Or maybe you can.
Not alone I can't.
Look, I know Maddock can be a jerk,
but he means well.
Still, he isn't you.
This is a little hard for me to admit,
but in some ways
you're actually superior to me.
You have experience. I don't.
I need you.
How about if we swing together
one last time in your backyard?
You don't need me,
and I don't need you.
Oh, yes, you do.
Only somebody hurting really badly
would turn their back right now.
Don't you think I know
what I'm walking away from?
Nobody cared about that man
more than me.
Do you understand me? Nobody.
Then come back and help us, Michael.
Help Devon.
I tried.
Look what it got him.
He was wrong.
One man can't make a difference.
You know,
I'm so good at research now.
I knew I'd find out the big reason
why you left 10 years ago.
But guess what?
I couldn't.
I think you just burned out.
You lost your purpose.
Devon never lost his.
If you had died, what do you think
he'd do about it?
The advent of algae farms, which now
produce nonpolluting hydrogen fuel,
has unquestionably helped
the environment.
But not everyone is happy about it.
Worldwide oil prices have plunged
to under 10 cents a barrel as a result,
with Persian Gulf countries
the hardest hit.
Political leaders in Iraq and Iran
have declined comment.
Mr. Maddock, here's the list
of police-owned warehouses...
within county limits.
Good work, Sandy.
Thank you, sir.
Shawn, any word from him?
It's been almost a week now.
I don't think he's coming back.
I'll walk you out.
Night, Charlie.
Good night.
- What is it?
- His car.
She's a real beauty, isn't she?
Not a scratch on her.
We're looking at a recording.
What in the hell are you doing?
Oh, my God. You didn't!
I'm afraid he did, Mr. Maddock.
And I must say,
this body fits me like a glove.
I missed my old partner, Mr. Knight.
I'm glad you're back.
Well, you had
something to do with it.
What I mean is,
you helped convince me.
I beg your pardon?
Your brand of perfume.
I'm equipped with an aromanometer now.
The scent is quite alluring.
But let's stick to the work
at hand, all right?
The police vehicle has just arrived.
Come on. Have a doughnut.
What's done is done.
She's dead.Just like she
should've been the first time.
I want out.
There is no out and you know it.
The train's rolling, Miller.
You jump off now,
and you'll get mowed down.
I'm ready with the voice sampler,
Shawn. It's ringing now.
Go ahead. You'll do fine.
Just speak calm and clear.
Yeah. Miller!
Meet me at the Big Bend Caf.
Alone. And bring the crates.
- What about Hedges?
- Tell her to wait at the warehouse.
Somebody will pick her up later.
I'm on my way.
Yeah, the crates are all loaded.
Miller's on his way to meet you.
What are you talking about?
You just called and told him to
meet you at the Big Bend, didn't you?
Oh, my God.
Watts didn't call you. I did.
You're supposed to be dead.
And you were supposed to be my friend.
I made some big mistakes.
You can correct them.
I know shooting me
couldn't have been your idea, Kurt.
In fact,you were the one that saved me.
Let me return the favor.
My infrared scanning has
picked up a laser-scoped rifle...
100 yards from the building.
I thought I got into this
for all the right reasons.
Cops were being killed.
Killers were getting free.
You have evidence in your car, Kurt.
With your help, we can
shut down the whole operation.
Shawn, this goes beyond Watts.
He has help on the inside.
You can't stop this.
But maybe I can stop him.
Officers on the scene found
two crates of illegal weapons...
in the trunk of his unit.
- It all came down to one bad cop.
- Is he alive for questioning?
One of our sniper force unfortunately
shot and killed him as a last resort.
Naturally we'll conduct
a full I.A. investigation,
but I wouldn't worry.
The handgun situation
is finally under control.
Here's a laser copy of Watts's
prison release authorization.
- It was signed by the governor.
- I analyzed the document
as it came in, Shawn.
The signature is mechanical,
commonly used by most politicians.
Then several people
could've had access to forge it.
KITT, print me a few more copies
of that release, will you?
What's he doing?
Something KITT and I
should've thought of.
This just faxed in, Commissioner.
It makes no sense to me.
- Who sent this?
- The Knight Foundation.
They'll be tearing all this down soon.
Out with the old
and in with the new.
It's not such a bad thing
is it, Mr. Mayor?
Don't be so cavalier, Mr. Watts.
They know I released you.
It's a bluff.
They probably followed you,
hoping to get something.
Relax. I had this car
completely debugged.
We're quite alone.
I am far from relaxed.
They've already accessed police
computers and now judicial records.
It's only a matter of time
before I'm fully implicated.
The limousine will reach a clearing
in 31 seconds, Michael.
They'll easily be able to spot us then.
We got to take that chance, KITT.
Keep recording.
Who put you
behind the mayor's desk?
I put myself there,
and I plan on remaining.
Suspend shipment of all handguns
until the dust settles.
We can't do that.
I've got 2,000 of them
going out in the morning.
$10 million worth, my friend.
Our biggest deal yet.
You're going to be
a very wealthy man, Harold.
I'm warning you, Watts.
Screw this up...
and I'll thaw out somebody else
to take care of you.
That's it. We got it.
We're out of here.
I'm warning you, Watts.
Screw this up...
and I'll thaw out somebody else
to take care of you.
As much as we loathe
working with each other,
I think we'll do better
if we combine strengths.
Let's get these guns loaded, people.
The buyer is waiting.
Are these two ready to go now?
You're gonna go through with this.
I'm not about to walk away from 10 million.
What if they've gone to Daniels?
The whole operation will be over.
Please calm down.
You're giving me a tension headache.
I have it covered.
You act only under
my direct command, understood?
Whatever you say.
The guns are on their way! Let's go!
They should be coming
your way in one minute.
We're ready.
Not exactly, Michael.
It seems my ScanCheck software
isn't fully compatible with this car's circuitry.
It was working fine yesterday, KITT.
My guess, it's just a bad sector on my disk.
There's probably nothing wrong.
Probably? The Knight 4000's
heading into first-time combat,
and you can't tell me
if it's functioning properly?
Well, no. Unfortunately, we may have
to rely on some human judgment.
Show me what
that car of yours can do.
Yes, ma'am.
You heard the lady.
Switch to virtual reality.
Thermo time, pal.
All four tires.
My sonic disabler
appears to be on the fritz.
Thank you.
Cover the right.!
I'll get the front of the van.!
Cover those guys.!
Move along to the right side there.!
No sign of Watts?
He was never here...
or the guns.
I've detected a cluster of police units,
which also appear to contain weapons.
Where, KITT?
Three miles due west.
I need auxiliary backup and
chopper units on line immediately.
Let's go. On the double.
They think they've gotten away.
We need to surprise them.
How do you propose we do that?
Damn it.!
Morning rush hour. How are we
going to get through all this?
May I make a suggestion?
It's either sink or swim
with you, huh, pal?
I expect a full simonize
once this is over.
Tell the others to wait in their units
with the merchandise.
Our adversaries can't
walk on water, Officer. Relax.
The police units are
right above us on street level.
Scramble their communication
and lock their doors.
My thoughts exactly.
I'm not comfortable at all
with the high-profile nature
of this transaction, Mr. Watts.
I like to hide where they can see me.
It's always the last place they look.
I have a plane to catch.
Just wire those lovely funds
into my account,
and we can both be on our way.
You take the girl.
I got her.
We'll have to do business
another time, Mr. Watts.
Excuse me, excuse me.
It's not my color, but thanks.
Put it down and she lives!
I swear to God I'll blow her away
and you right along with her!
Help me out here, KITT.
You got three seconds and I waste her.
A little to the left and down.
A hair to the right.
It's a lock.
You all right?
Drop it!
I said drop it.!
Don't do it.
Shawn, don't do it.
He's not worth it.
They'll put you away
just like they did him.
We'll all be old and gray
just about the time he gets out of jail...
not even a day older.
Don't do it!
And the public wonders
why so many criminals walk free.
You'd better handcuff me, darling.
I'm really a very dangerous individual.
Relax, pal. You're off duty now.
- Ironic, huh?
- I don't follow you.
They've stuck him in
the same drawer Watts was in...
and look how effective that was.
Putting him in there solves nothing.
It merely postpones.
Speaking of that, an old man named Manson
is scheduled for release.
We got to go.
The system's always changing,
Mr. Maddock.
Some things get better, some don't.
But I've sworn to play by the rules.
I assume you will too.
You're really not going
to leave me alone with him, are you?
He's pigheaded, arrogant, chauvinistic.
And I thought we were
finally beginning to hit it off.
You two will be fine.
Believe me, you were made for each other.
You mean of each other.
And I still find it reprehensible.
Don't start on me, KITT.
Bye, Shawn.
Bye, Michael.
You know where to find me
if you need me, huh?
See you around, partner.
Are you sure
about this, Michael?
I'm not going back
to wallow in self-pity, okay?
I just want to live out there for the reason
I was going out there for in the first place.
Which is?
To fish!
And to fix up the Chevy.
It's the simple things in life,
you know?
What are we standing around for?
Let's get to work.
I'm driving.
No way. I'm driving.
You're both wrong.
I don't have all day.
Knight Rider 2000