Knives Out (2019) Movie Script

Morning, Mr. Thrombey.
Mr. Thrombey, you up there?
Mr. Thrombey, I'm coming in.
You killed him! You bastard!
You murdered him!
I didn't murder nobody.
You slashed his face open and you left him
bleeding in the street, like a stuffed pig.
Then you crushed his skull with a forklift
and burnt his hands off to erase the fingerprints.
You'll never prove it.
We have the nanny cam footage!
Alice, turn that off now, please.
Why? It's almost over.
Now, please. Just turn that off.
They're finding out who did it,
and the WiFi sucks in my room...
Turn it off now! Alice! Off!
There isn't even anything bad on it,
it's just normal TV...
They're talking murder on it!
Your sister just had a friend
she loves slit his throat open,
and she doesn't need
to be hearing that right now!
Let's be sensitive!
Alice, you can keep watching
your show, it's fine.
No, I guessed who did it anyway.
- I'm sorry Marta.
- It's okay.
It's Harlan's son.
Hi, Walt.
Hi, Martha. It's Walt.
Would you mind
coming to the house early?
The police have
a few more questions for everybody.
Hey! Excuse me ma'am.
You with the help?
Hey! Her name is Marta.
She was granddad's nurse.
She's with us. "The help?"
It's okay. I'm sorry.
No. It's not okay.
What the hell?
How are you doing?
Not very good. Alone.
Lots of days,
and not knowing what to do next.
Martha, anything you need.
You're part of this family.
Thank you.
- How are you doing kiddo?
- Linda.
How are you?
You know, the funeral helped, I guess.
Just seeing him.
I thought you should've been there.
I was out voted.
Get arrested.
Die up your own ass for all I care!
He's not coming.
Ransom. Little shit.
Missed the funeral.
Excuse me.
We're ready for you now.
We'd like to see you one at a time.
All right. I'll go first.
I'm assuming this will all be wrapped up
before the memorial tonight.
We'll do our best, ma'am.
So, how are you doing kiddo?
We're just gonna reintroduce
ourselves as a formality.
I am Detective Lieutenant Elliott,
and this is Trooper Wagner.
Now, I'm going to record,
this just to make things easier.
All right, we're with Linda Drysdale,
nee Thrombey,
Harlan Thrombey's eldest daughter,
in discussing the events
that took place the night of his demise,
one week ago, November 8th.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Thank you. That means a lot.
So, we understand at that night
the family had gathered
to celebrate
your father's 85th birthday.
How was it?
The party? Pre my dad's death?
It was great.
Did anyone besides the family
show face?
Fran, the housekeeper.
He was a nice guy,
but he was so hairy.
And I dated Italian guys,
you know what I mean.
Marta, Harlan's caregiver,
good girl, hard worker.
Family's from Ecuador.
And Wanetta - Greatnana,
Harlan's mom.
Hi Nana.
His mom? How old is she?
We have no idea.
Okay, and your son Ransom,
did he attend as well?
Yes, but he left early.
Ransom, are you leaving?
Right, would you say that all three of you
showed up around the same time?
Richard came early
to help the caterers set up.
Okay, and you and your husband Richard
work at a real estate firm in Boston?
No, it's my company.
Right, right. Sorry.
I built my business
from the ground up.
Just like your father.
You two were very close?
We had our own secret way
of communicating.
You had to find that with dad.
You had to find a game
to play with him.
And if you did that,
and you played by his rules...
Everyone idolizes their dad, right?
I don't know, do they?
Very much not,
don't know why I said that.
But my wife, Linda, does.
Harlan started out
with a rusty Smith-Corona,
and built himself into one of the bestselling
mystery writers of all time.
Wow, seems like all his kids
are self-made overachievers.
For the record, I'm speaking with Walt Thrombey,
Harlan Thrombey's youngest son.
So, you run
your father's publishing company?
It's my - it's our...
It's the family's publishing company,
dad trusts me to run it.
30 languages, over 80 million
copies sold. A real legacy.
You guys fans?
I mean, I don't do
much fiction reading myself.
Big fan. I'm big fan.
I mean...
His plots are just like...
I got one spoiler for you,
But, okay, like "A Thousand Knives",
the cow and the shotgun,
like, where do you
come up with that?
Dad said the plots just popped into
his head fully formed.
It was the easy part for him.
So, you're in the area, right?
You guys probably arrived
around the same time?
We all got here around 8.
My wife Donna, she's my rock.
Jesus! Donna. Are you all right?
My son Jacob, he's 16.
Very politically active.
The boy is literally a Nazi.
He's an alt-right troll dipshit.
Kids today, with the internet.
It's amazing.
So, the night went well?
I mean, we're all gutted, but I was happy
to have that night with him.
To be by his side, to think about our books
and what we've accomplished with them.
It's like I can still feel
his hand on my shoulder.
Passing the torch.
So, we're here with Joni Thrombey,
Harlan Thrombey's daughter in law?
Yeah, I married his son Neil.
We had one daughter, Meg.
And then Neil passed on,
15 years ago.
And you remained close
to the Thrombeys.
Oh, they're my family.
I feel simultaneously freed by
and supported by them.
It's that balance of opposites
that's the nugget of Flam.
Sorry, the Nugget of...?
Yeah, Flam, your skin care
company. Sorry.
I forgive you.
Yeah, it's skin care,
but it promotes a total lifestyle.
Self sufficiency with an acknowledgment
of human need.
That's Flam, but it's also Harlan.
He got me and Meg
through some tough times.
Granddad gives my mom
a yearly allowance,
and he's never missed
wiring a tuition payment to my schools.
He's a genuinely selfless man.
But, you left his party early?
Have fun.
To see some friends at Smith.
You know, Dad pays
for her crypto-Marxist
postdeconstructual feminist
poetry theory whatever major.
She could've stuck around
for the cake.
I think Linda was upset.
But Harlan understood.
You two showed up to the party
around the same time?
If I could pause.
Because I just...
Who is that guy?
And why are we doing all this? Again?
This is just follow up questions,
We're tending to be thorough,
so we can figure out the manner of death.
So by "manner of death"
you mean if someone killed him?
If one of us killed him.
One of his family.
- No, Walt.
- killed him.
Is that what
you're suggesting, Lieutenant?
No one is saying that, okay?
This is all pro forma.
So, who the fuck is that?
This is Benoit Blanc.
Benoit Blanc?
Yes. Mr. Blanc is a private investigator
of great renown.
Wait a minute.
I read a tweet
about a New Yorker article about you.
The last of the gentlemen sleuths?
You solved that case
with the tennis champ.
You're famous!
Mr. Blanc is not with the police department,
and not officially involved in the case,
but he's offered to consult.
I happily obliged
and I can vouch for him.
Mr. Blanc, I know who you are.
I read your profile in the New Yorker.
I found it delightful.
I just buried my 85 year old father,
who committed suicide.
Why are you here?
I'm here at the behest of a client.
I cannot say,
but let me assure you this:
my presence will be ornamental.
You will find me a respectful,
quiet, passive observer
of the truth.
Fine. Are we getting there?
Nearly. Harlan's nurse.
She was at the party
in a professional capacity?
I guess.
Harlan hired her to be around to take care
of whatever medical needs popped up.
But really she's
like part of the family.
Good kid.
Been a good friend to Harlan.
Family's from Paraguay.
Linda really likes her work ethic.
"Immigrants - we get the job done."
- From Hamilton.
- Oh Hamilton!
It's so good.
I saw it at the public.
May I just...
Then, I'll recede, but...
As a self-made man myself,
I have to express my admiration
for how you've followed in your father's footsteps.
Thank you.
Just marvelous, you know.
The whole family too.
Joni with her thing,
Walt with his publishing empire.
Yes, I mean, Walt, he's done well
with what dad gave him.
Not that it matters, but
really, Dad hands him a book
twice a year, and Walt publishes it.
it's just not the same.
But, surely, Walt runs the merchandising,
adaptations, film and television rights...
Are you baiting me, Detective?
You know he doesn't.
And you think I am dumb enough
to be baited into talking
family business,
into shit talking my baby brother in front of a
police detective and a state trooper...
Walt doesn't run shit!
Because there are no
TV and film rights.
Harlan's never allowed
any adaptations of his books.
- Hated the idea.
- No!
Yeah! Drives Walt nuts.
'Cause that's where the real money is.
Walt would get a little Irish courage in him,
he'd get into it with Harlan.
Did he get "into it" at the party?
Oh my God!
Come one, Dad!
He wouldn't leave him alone, the poor guy.
Harlan finally had to give him the hook.
I didn't hear what he said,
but he must've really handed him his lunch.
'Cause Walt was like a wounded puppy
the rest of the night.
What? Richard said what?
No, Jesus, we did not get "into it."
I'm just trying to get
an accurate impression.
Harlan took you aside at the party,
when you returned you were chastened.
What did Harlan say to you?
The Netflix guys, their business affairs guy,
he sent something over,
it's hard numbers this time,
and I just think this is a window,
that's not gonna stay open,
we need to take advantage of it,
but then you just need
to look at the numbers.
- Walt.
- Dad!
You put me in charge of our books,
let me be in charge, let me do this! Please.
They're not our books, son.
They're my books.
And this is not how I wanted
to have this conversation.
But you're right,
you're right, it's...
It's unfair of me to keep you tethered
to something that isn't yours to control.
I've done you a grave disservice.
All these years I have kept you from
building something of your own,
that was yours.
But you're not going to be running
the publishing house anymore.
You're free of it.
Dad, are you firing me?
We'll talk about details tomorrow.
My mind's made up. Good boy.
We talked, we had a business discussion
about e-books.
Jesus, it was nothing.
You wanna talk about an argument,
hell, Ransom had an argument with him.
Ransom, that's Richard and Linda's son?
Look, we all love Ransom,
he's a good kid, we love him.
But he's always been
the black sheep of the family.
I'm not trying to... I like to keep
stuff like this in the family,
but with Ransom,
he's never had a job.
And dad for some unknown reason
always supported him.
They have this love hate bond.
They fight.
But that night, God,
they had a blow out.
About what?
Are you, goddamn, insane?
We couldn't make it out really,
but it was huge.
And it's strange they went
into another room to do it.
Usually, they like to stoke up drama
in front of the whole family.
Speaking of getting into it.
You were at the house early
to help the caterer set up.
Did you converse
with Harlan at that time?
Well, he was there,
we must have spoke.
In his study?
I don't think so.
You see, I spoke with the caterer
this morning.
She didn't see you
helping her staff,
She did hear Harlan in a screaming match
with someone that afternoon in his study.
I don't... A screaming match?
But Joni was here too, she was early.
So, it might have been her,
maybe ask her.
These were two male voices.
Harlan shouted the phrase.
You tell her or I will!
"You tell her or I will."
Bells ringing?
That's none of your business.
You stay out of my marriage!
I know my daughter.
And she would want to know.
I've put it all of it in this letter to her.
Tomorrow she gets it.
Harlan, I'm warning you.
You stay out of my marriage!
She deserves to know
and you gonna tell her.
- The hell I am.
- You tell her or I will!
Yes. I know.
Harlan finally decided to put his mom
in a nursing home.
Linda'd always opposed that.
And I wanted to wait
until we got back from Boston to tell Linda.
To avoid the whole scene.
And Harlan wanted me
to tell her then.
That was it.
Sorry. Forgot.
The house?
Early. Richard said you were there.
I was. At the house early.
To see Harlan?
To see Harlan. Yes.
What were you seeing Harlan about?
It was just a mix up
with the payment for Meg's tuition.
I'm sorry to press,
what kind of mix up?
The school hasn't got the check yet,
I don't know why Alan didn't mail it.
Well, Alan didn't mail it
because he caught a discrepancy.
Alan's office has been wiring tuition
directly to the school, as per your request.
But Phyllis's office,
that handles your yearly allowance,
has been wiring the tuition money
directly to you as well.
You have been double dipping Meg's tuition,
and stealing from me.
100 thousand dollars a year.
For the past four years.
Harlan, I don't know how this mix up
happened, but...
So, now I am writing this tuition check,
but you must know that this is
the last money you or Meg will get from me.
Please, you don't understand.
Joni, I know it'll hurt,
but it's all for the best.
My mind's made up.
It was a money wiring issue
with the office at the school.
So, I had to ask Harlan
to cut a check for this semester.
No big deal.
Why don't we just take
a little break and we'll resume...
She's gone.
Joni. Have you seen Richard?
No, I was just in with the...
Okay, thanks.
Goddammit! Richard!
Son of a bitch!
I might be a victim
of my own expectations here.
But when the great Benoit Blanc
comes knocking at my door
I expect it's going to be about something,
if not extraordinary, then at least interesting.
I'm sorry, this is an
open and shut case of suicide and...
Quite frankly, Benny, we're getting to the point
where I need to know what we're doing here.
The method.
Throat slit.
Typical for a suicide?
I mean, that's dramatic. But look around.
I mean, the guy practically lives
in a clue board.
You told me
to invite all of these people back
for questioning all over again.
I don't get it.
This is a pleasant family with the usual quarrels,
but no possible motives for murder.
Where are you going?
Harlan Thrombey's nurse, Marta...
- Cabrera.
- Marta Cabrera.
Miss Cabrera, you can just wait inside
and we'll be...
Miss Cabrera.
I've been doing a little poking.
You are hired on a part time basis
as a registered nurse, yes?
Yes, I don't work for a VNA.
Harlan hired me directly.
Take a seat, please.
And you're paid a flat rate
for how many hours a week?
Well, I started at 15, and then he...
- He needed more help.
- Medical help?
He needed a friend.
Does having a kind heart
make you a good nurse?
All right, Blanc, I mean.
This is...
Marta, we were just discussing
possible motives in the family.
I suspect that Harlan has told you
much unfiltered truth about each of them.
And a little bird has told me,
how should I put this delicately?
You have a regurgitive reaction
to mistruthin'.
Who told you that?
Is it true?
It's something I had
since I was a kid.
It's a physically thing that I...
Just the thought of lying,
yeah, it makes me puke.
Is Richard having an affair?
Why do men instinctively
pull at loose threads on their parachutes?
An affair?
A yes or no will do.
Oh shit!
Dear girl I'm sorry. I assumed you
were speaking figuratively.
Here, here. Just take a sip of this.
Take that. Quite something.
But I was obviously right.
Richard is having an affair, his father-in-law
found out and confronted him.
"You tell her or I will."
Okay, but even if that was a case...
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Even if that was a case, I mean,
protecting a relationship as a motive,
that's weak sauce, you know that.
Well. And then there is Joni.
Joni? Lifestyle guru Joni?
No. Harlan was supporting her and her daughter,
and that's the opposite of a motive.
And if that support was threatened?
Miss Cabrera one moment please.
Yes, I just wanna
get some Scope.
Miss Cabrera.
Was Harlan planning on
cutting off Joni's allowance?
Oh, Joni.
What's up?
Oh my God.
Don't answer that
if you're gonna puke again.
Meg said he paid the school directly,
Joni said he sends the money to her.
Both were true.
She was pocketing the double payment.
Harlan found out and cut her off without a cent. Yes?
So she bumps him off
for the inheritance?
Come on! No. Have you seen
her insta? She's an influencer.
No. Allowance as a motive?
Again, more weak sauce.
You're just dumping that bag
of weak sauce on it.
Granted. But she lied to me.
All three of them did.
I see where you are going with this.
Harlan had turned Walter down before
regarding film rights.
But that night something Harlan said
shook him.
Now, we look at the pattern.
Harlan was cleaning house.
I wonder...
Did he plan to fire Walter?
Can I wait inside?
I feel like I shouldn't be here.
Yeah, please just wait inside,
stay close, all right?
You have been very patient my friend.
And yes. You are right.
None of these weak alibis
and domestic squibbles answer your question:
Why is Benoit Blanc here?
Well, now I will tell you why.
I'm here because this morning
someone dodged a very important question.
Me. Linda asked who hired me.
Who hired you?
I do not know.
An envelope of cash showed up
at my apartment yesterday,
with the news,
clipping of Thrombey's death.
An envelope? That worked?
An envelope of cash.
So, somebody suspects foul play,
and goes through this ha cha dance
of hiring me, of staying anonymous.
It makes no damn sense.
Compels me though.
Walk me through everyone's
whereabouts at the time of death.
We know that the party
ended around 11:30.
Goodnight, Joni.
Marta took Harlan upstairs
to give him his meds.
The stairs leading up to Harlan's bedroom
and his attic office creak horribly.
And Linda is a light sleeper.
So we know every time someone
took the stairs that night.
The first was when Joni heard a ka-thunk
from somewhere above her in the house.
She's concerned about Harlan,
so she goes up to investigate,
waking Linda.
Harlan was in his attic office with Marta.
- Hi, Joni.
- I just ... Hi.
He explained that they
had just knocked over the GO board.
I just knocked over the GO board.
That game with the grid and stones,
they play it every night, and he was fine.
- Go to bed.
- Go to bed, Joni.
- Love you.
- Love you.
So she did.
Ten minutes later,
Linda is awoken a second time
by Marta leaving.
Walt, I'm leaving!
Walt was smoking a cigar
on the porch with his son.
He saw her leave and drive off.
Noted the time - midnight.
Fifteen minutes later, Linda is awoken
for the third and final time
by someone coming down the stairs.
Harlan, who came down
for a midnight snack.
Dad, go to bed!
Which Walt tried to discourage.
Based on this, the medical examiner determined
the time of death to be between 12:15 and 2 AM.
As Walt was finishing his cigar,
about 12:30, Meg came home.
She went straight to bed.
Walt and Jacob turned in shortly after that.
Sometime later that night,
it's undetermined, but possibly near 3 AM,
Meg woke up because the dogs
were barking outside.
She used the bathroom,
went back to bed.
That's it, all right?
Everyone's stories matched,
every moment accounted for.
And there is no other staircase
up to Harlan's room?
None. Just the creaky one.
So, we know that Ransom didn't do it
because he wasn't there.
Marta couldn't have.
Harlan was still alive when she left.
Meg? Meg came home during the window
of the time of death.
Except it was a suicide, all right?
Harlan slit right through his carotid.
We saw from the blood splat patterns
that they were uninterrupted,
meaning, It's almost impossible for anyone
to have been around him at the time.
He's the one who cut his own throat, all right?
I don't know why we keep going over this.
Physical evidence can tell
a clear story with a forked tongue.
And as we can see from this morning.
Everyone can lie.
Well. Almost everyone.
Miss Cabrera.
We kept you waiting all afternoon
because I wanted to hear from you last.
I needed an entire picture
of the evening in my head.
Your piece of it
is at its very center.
So please, take your time.
You took Mr. Thrombey upstairs
at 11:30, and left at midnight.
Think very carefully
and with as much detail as possible.
Tell us what happened
in that half hour.
- I got it.
- You got it?
I got it.
Okay, that's... Hey.
Harlan. Let's...
There are no second thoughts!
No, no.
- Get up here!
- I had dose of champagne.
You only had one glass.
We are not breaking tradition
on my birthday!
Can you just take your
goddamn medicine and go to bed?
If you're gonna put that vile shit in me
you'll have to earn it. On my birthday.
- 85th birthday.
- Fine, Jesus.
I'm so old.
You really love drama, huh?
Okay, let's do this, 9 by 9.
You ready?
- I'll whip your ass.
- Are you sure?
How dare you?
I know how this is gonna end.
What is that?
Why can't I beat you at this game?
Because I'm not playing to beat you,
I'm playing to built a beautiful pattern.
That's elder abuse. I'm gonna call the AARP.
Don't make me get the belt,
I would, you know.
It's basically over.
My only hope is
that an earthquake will strike.
But what are the chances?
Get under a door frame!
Such a bad loser you are.
Meds, then bed.
I'm done with you.
That's fair.
Walt is smoking that filthy cigar
out there on the porch. Nasty things.
How was tonight?
Tonight was good.
Oh, yeah? I know you weren't
looking forward to it.
No. But I did it.
I cut the line on all four of them.
It wasn't easy. This goddamn fortune.
You know, sometimes I think that
everything I've given my family,
I've done maybe, without knowing,
or maybe, to keep them beneath me.
I certainly should have...
I don't know...
encouraged Walt to write
his own stories,
not just be a caretaker of mine.
Like you said I should.
And then be a father, not just a provider
for Joni, like you've also said.
I could've been kinder
to Linda and Ransom.
Jesus, Ransom.
There's so much of me in that kid.
Confident, stupid, I dunno.
Protected. Playing life like a game
without consequence,
until you can't tell the difference
between a stage prop
and a real knife.
I don't fear death.
But, oh God, I'd like to fix
some of this before I go.
Close the book with a flourish.
I guess we'll see.
I guess we will.
You had a long day.
You wanna do drugs.
- You mean the good stuff?
- Yeah.
Come on, send me to lala land.
Just a tiny bit, okay?
Why did I wait till my mid 80s
to become a morphine user.
What a schmuck.
What a nud-nig.
This stuff is the best.
Oh my god!
Is there a problem?
This is what I just gave you
a 100 milligrams of.
I messed up.
You gave me a 100 milligrams
of the good stuff?
Excuse me, but what is the good stuff's
dosage supposed to be?
Let's not call it that right now, okay?
Three milligrams.
That's much less. So what happens?
I'm gonna give you an emergency shot
of Naloxone, so that you don't die in ten minutes.
Well, no pressure.
You know, this is
an interesting and efficient
method of murder.
I need to write this down.
So, if someone switched the meds
on purpose, I'd be dead in ten minutes.
Like stone cold dead?
Yes, you'll feel symptoms in five.
Sweats, disorientation, and then...
Yes, that big dose injected,
within ten your
Your brain... Yes, ten minutes.
Yeah, from the moment of injection.
It's eightish now.
And even if the victim called
for an ambulance when he first felt symptoms,
and if he lived in a great
big country house like we do.
The ambulance would take at least
15 minutes to arrive, it'd be too late.
If the victim didn't have
the emergency Naxostuff.
Marta. Do you have the Naxostuff?
Yes, I'm gonna find it.
I have it because it comes with the kit,
it should be here, it has to be, it's like a...
It's not here, Harlan.
I don't know, it's not here.
So, I'm gonna use the phone, okay?
To call an ambulance.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Marta, listen to me.
Harlan, I need to...
Stop this! Stop this, Marta!
There is no time, you have to listen!
I'm calling the family!
What are you doing?
Are you nuts?
Harlan, we have to call the ambulance,
we don't have time!
Listen to me!
If what you said is true,
I'm gone, there's no saving me.
We have six minutes.
We have got to get you out of this.
Think of your mom.
My mom?
Get behind, get behind.
Don't make a noise.
Marta? Everything all right?
- Hi, Joni.
- Hi.
I thought I heard something.
Is everything okay?
We're fine.
I just knocked over
the GO board, sorry about that.
Everyone's all right?
Yes, fine. Go to bed Joni.
Okay. Maybe, we can talk tomorrow
about the thing with..
Tomorrow is fine.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Come on.
Pay attention now.
Your mom is still undocumented,
and if this is your fault
she'll be found out and, at best, deported,
and your family will be broken.
But we're not gonna let
that happen, are we?
But you have to do exactly
what I tell you.
Will you do this Marta?
This last thing.
For me. For your family.
What do you want me to do?
Go downstairs as noisily as you can,
and then say goodbye loudly.
Walt! I'm leaving!
Call attention to the time.
God, it's midnight already.
If you can.
Drive out the gate, then to avoid
the security cameras,
pull off the road
before the carved elephant.
Wait, was it before or after?
After the carved elephant.
No, he said before? Was it?
Beafterfore the carved elephant.
Oh, shit!
Park and come back on foot
up to the house.
Take the side yard path,
through that little gate.
The dogs will know you,
they shouldn't bark.
You've got to get up to the third floor
without being seen.
And the only way is to climb the side trellis
and come in through the trick hall window.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- I am not. Do it.
And for God's sake
don't make any noise.
Once you're inside.
Now, this is the tricky part.
This is the tricky part?
Get my robe and cap
from my bedroom, and put them on.
Harlan, this is crazy.
I don't think I can do...
We need to make this so airtight
that the average cop
will entirely dismiss you as a suspect.
It sounds crazy, but it will work.
Walt is smoking outside,
and he'll see you
through the glazed window.
Dad, go back to bed.
You were seen leaving,
the security cameras show you driving off.
And twenty minutes later
I am seen alive and well by my son.
You see, you've gone from suspect
number one to an impossibility.
Leave the way you came,
and don't be seen.
Are you back again already?
Drive home.
And sometime, in the next few days
the police will question you.
No, no, no.
I can't lie, you know
I can't lie, I'll puke.
Then don't lie.
Tell fragments of the truth.
In this exact order:
I took him upstairs,
we played our nightly game of GO.
At some point he knocked the board over
and Joni came up to check on us.
I gave him pain medication,
he pulled his shoulder last week.
And I left him
in his study at midnight.
I said goodbye to Walt.
Went home.
What kind of medication
did you give him?
Since his injury I've been giving him
a 100 milligram IV push of Toradol.
It's a non narcotic analgesic.
And to help him sleep,
3 milligrams of morphine.
- And the family was aware of this?
- Yes, of course.
Did you notice anything strange,
off about his demeanor?
Sounds about right.
Thank you, Miss Cabrera.
Hey, sis, people are gonna start
getting here for the memorial pretty soon.
Are you..?
Are you all right?
I was just thinking
about Dad's games.
This all feels like one,
like something he'd write, not do.
I keep waiting for the big reveal,
where it all makes sense,
wouldn't that be nice?
I don't think he killed himself.
I don't. I really don't.
There's this Hallmark movie called
"Deadly By Surprise" with Danica McKellar.
And she plays the wife,
who's getting poisoned by her husband.
But he's doing it little by little,
so she doesn't know it.
And she goes crazy
and she kills herself.
And my cousin, who's a receptionist
at the medical examiners office.
She says that stuff totally happens.
Say, with 3% as crazy as this stuff
she's seen come through the...
Oh, God. Yeah, I mean...
You don't like him
because you love him.
No, I don't like him,
he's an asshole.
But maybe, an asshole is what we needed.
God, yeah...
An asshole is what Germany
needed in nineteen thirty... whatever.
Those 2 things don't even complete.
Jesus, I'm gonna disappear
until the politics talk is done.
You want some champers?
I can't. I'm technically working.
Take off your red cap, Richard
and look around you.
The streets
are literally flooded with Nazis.
No, no, no.
We're losing our way of life
and our culture.
There are millions of Mexicans coming.
And don't make this a race thing.
You always make this a race thing.
I would say the same thing
if they were European immigrants.
If the Swiss were like
clogging in the streets...
We allow them in and
they think they own...
They're putting children in cages.
I mean, these are camps!
Come on, Joni.
Nobody's saying that isn't bad,
but the parents
have some blame here.
For what? For wanting a better life
for their kids?
Isn't that what America is..?
For breaking the law.
And you gonna hate hearing this,
but it's true.
- America is for Americans.
- Don't point at me!
Where is Marta,
is she still here?
Marta. Come on over.
Marta, please. Come over.
Marta, your family is from Uruguay,
but you did it right.
What I'm saying is, they did it legally.
She did it the right way.
You work hard, and you'll earn
your share from the ground up
just like Dad
and like all the rest of us.
And I bet
you agree with me, right?
Just leave the poor girl
alone, Richard.
It's okay, I just wanna
hear what she has to say.
It's okay, Marta, you can speak.
Oh, sweetheart, don't feel
pressured to answer.
Look, if you wanna become an American,
there are legal ways to do it.
But if you break the law,
it doesn't matter how good you heart is,
you gotta face the consequences.
Are you, goddamn, insane?
- Hey!
- I warn you!
So I ask her, I'm like, Tonya,
what is wrong with people literally?
Oh my God, Marta. What?
Marta! What's the matter?
Whoa, hey. Breathe.
Marta, are you okay?
Hey, Fran, do you still have
your stash?
Take 'em whenever you need 'em.
They're just drying out
since you gave me that Juul.
Thanks Fran.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm very very sorry.
Stop. Stop saying
you're sorry, Jesus.
God, my heart won't stop, I can't...
It's just everything.
No, thank you.
That's where Fran keeps her stash?
Who's gonna open a clock?
Do you want dinner, Nana?
Dinner? To eat? To eat?
Walt, she's fine, she ate
the entire salmon spread already.
Walt, did you tell Marta yet,
what we all talked about?
No, not yet.
Is now a good time?
Yes, yes a very good time.
Right now.
Okay, all right.
Calm down. Calm down.
Marta. We've been talking it over, and...
Have you been smoking grass?
No. Come on.
Marta, we've been talking it over,
the whole family,
we'd like to take care of you.
What does that mean?
We all think
that you deserve something.
Financially, we'd like to help you out.
You were never anything
but good to dad.
Because of that
you can count on us.
I thought you should've been
at the funeral, by the way. I was outvoted.
Detective, you're still here?
Did you know Harlan?
He knew my father,
who was a police detective, years ago.
My father respected Harlan.
That says quite a lot.
Is that why you're here?
Here, now here? No.
I stayed hoping to speak
to you a little more.
Something is afoot
with this whole affair.
I know it, and I believe
you know it too.
So, you're gonna keep digging.
Harlan's detectives, they dig,
they rifle and root, truffle pigs.
I anticipate the terminus
of gravity's rainbow.
Gravity's Rainbow?
- It's a novel.
- Yeah, I know.
- I haven't read it though.
- Neither have I.
Nobody has. But I like the title.
It describes the path of a projectile,
determined by natural law.
I Voil, my method.
I observe the facts,
without biases of the head or heart.
I determine the arc's path,
stroll leisurely to its terminus,
and the truth falls at my feet.
The medical examiner
was ready to rule this a suicide,
but Elliott agreed
to keep it pending for 48 hours.
Tomorrow morning I search the grounds
and the house, begin my investigation.
I want you to be
by my side for it.
My confidant, my eyes and ears.
Wait, detective. Why me?
I trust your kind heart.
Also, you're the only one
who had nothing to gain from Harlan's death.
So, how about it, Watson?
Detective, if you want my insight
into this family.
None of them are murderers.
That's my insight.
And yet. Be it cruel or comforting,
this machine unerringly
arrives at the truth.
That's what it does.
Tomorrow at 8.
I know I missed something,
there's gonna be something I missed.
- But I know you can beat it
- No, I can't...
without losing your soul you have to do
what you have to do to beat this and win.
Harlan, I can't.
You can and you have to.
For me. Right now!
Harlan, I have to get you help.
You do as I say
- and everything will be just fine.
- God, no.
I promise.
Fifty years ago I worked at this estate.
You know, security back then was such
that you had to make the rounds with a 94
and keeping your ears open.
Now, you got all this
modern technology.
That's the video there,
I saved the tape from that night.
Normally, I erase 'em
with the magnetic de-gauser.
But in this case I thought
I just save it, you know?
For security. That's the live feed there.
To avoid the security cameras,
pull off the road after the carved elephant.
All right, well,
can we see the actual tape?
Of course, you can.
I recorded it SSLP.
There's 8 hours on that tape, 9 PM to 5 AM.
Looks like a Japanese horror movie.
You think we can scan forward on that?
How can we scan forward?
Just hold the play button down
and press FF until you hear it grind.
All right, should be coming up now
at the time when the party ended.
What happened?
You gotta keep holding it down
or else it'll eject.
That thing eats tapes like popcorn.
You think your guys can digitize it,
so we can scan it properly?
Yeah, I think we can do that.
I got it.
You know, all these statues
that you see around here,
they are all straight out of his series
"The Menagerie Tragedy" trilogy, pretty cool.
- Awesome.
- Yeah.
Benny. It's beautiful out here.
But do you really think someone
broken into the house and murdered Harlan?
Is that why we're out here?
It is unlikely, but if they did,
there will be traces.
- I can take on that.
- Yeah.
Hey Wagner, you got any luck on...
- What's his name?
- Ransom?
Did get an address though.
10 Kenoak street.
Ten Kenoak. Kenoak.
It's a pleasant thing to say, isn't it?
Kenoak. I awoke
amid Kenoak. That's funny.
Always leaves and mud,
they really gonna do a number on my boots.
Mud, has it rained the past week?
- No. Stay there!
- What?
Okay. We got footprints here.
So, I wanna...
- Marta, stop.
- What?
- Marta, stay there.
- What?
No, Marta, stay there, Marta! No!
Did you call me?
Excuse me.
Wagner, we gonna need to call the boys,
so they come down here
and take a look at
all these tracks, get it taped off.
- Stay on that side.
- I'm sorry.
Best judge of character is a dog.
I found that to be true.
They've got plans
to read the will at around 10.
The whole family will be here soon.
I've never been to a will reading.
You think it'll be like a game show.
Think of a community theater
production of a tax return.
So, what are we looking for?
Oh, you know, anything suspicious
or out of the ordinary.
You'll know it when you see it.
Oh my God!
Sweet beans!
Well, good morning, Mrs. Thrombey.
You think you could
handle the study?
Where's your medical bag?
I don't know. I left it here.
I always leave it here with Harlan at night.
They must've taken it in
as evidence. I'll look into that.
How'd the GO board get knocked over?
We were just goofing around.
What are you thinking?
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey!
Let me guess.
Hey. Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
Hugh Drysdale?
Ransom. Call me Ransom.
It's my middle name.
Only the help call me Hugh.
Okay, this is Trooper Wagner,
I'm Lieutenant Elliott.
We just wanna ask
a few questions.
Excuse me. Sir?
We're officers of the law.
You gonna run me in? I don't feel
like talking. I'm distraught.
Hey Benny, you wanna ask
this guy some questions?
All right, what is this?
What's this arrangement?
Mr. Drysdale.
Hey Frannie, how about a glass
of cold milk?
Hey asshole.
Not her name, Not her job.
Hey Meg. How's your
SJW degree coming?
- Trust fund prick.
- All right. Guys.
Hey, everyone.
I'm just gonna be in the other room,
setting up, be ready in 10 minutes.
Funny, Ransom, you skipped the funeral,
but you're early for the will reading.
Okay, people grieve
in different ways, let's not...
You know what?
It's funny you're here at all.
Why are you even bothering?
That's what I'm asking myself.
What's that supposed to mean?
- He knows what it supposed to mean.
- Wait. Walt. What?
Jacob was in that bathroom
in the night of the party.
Oh, that's where
you were all night?
The hell were you doing in the
bathroom all night?
- Nothing.
- Swatting Syrian refugees?
- No. I was not.
- Alt right troll.
Liberal snowflake.
I don't know
what any of that means.
It means your son's
a little creep.
Oh, my son's a creep?
Guys! Just...
Walt, he was in the bathroom.
Yeah, he was in the bathroom,
joylessly masturbating
to pictures of dead deer.
You know what, Richard?
You wanna go?
You bet, Skippy. Let's go!
You wanna go? C'mon!
You better watch out!
C'mon, you had me
waiting for it my whole life!
Stop it right now!
I can handle myself!
I can handle it.
Oh my God!
We gotta do this more often.
Jacob, we know
where this is going.
You were in the bathroom
next to Harlan's office,
where he had the fight
with Ransom.
Now, you heard something. Spill it.
I just heard two things. will!
My will.
And then there was more yelling,
and then I heard
Ransom say "I'm warning you."
Ransom? What's that mean?
I think that means our father
finally came to his senses
and cut this worthless little brat
out of his will.
So, I guess you gonna have to
sell the Beamer,
and give your notice
at the country club,
and kick whatever fashion drugs
you're on.
Because if you think that after
all the bridges you burned,
After all the shit you said,
after everything that you put
this family through
for the last 10 years,
that any of us
are gonna support you,
that any of us
are gonna give you,
like dad liked to say,
a single red dime, you're nuts!
Did Harlan tell you he was
gonna cut you out of the will?
Well, then he's done what
none of us were strong enough to do.
Maybe this might finally
make you grow up.
This might be the best thing
that could ever happen to you.
Thank you. My mother,
ladies and gentlemen.
Look, this is not gonna be easy
for you, but it'll be good.
Nothing good is ever easy.
Up your ass, Joni.
You've got your teeth in this family's
tit for a long time.
Up your ass? Very nice.
Matter of fact -
eat shit, hows that?
In fact, eat shit,
eat shit, eat shit.
- You entitled prick!
- I would snap that smug smile...
Definitely eat shit. Eat shit.
I own it, shit!
What was that about
will readings being boring?
Exception that proves the rule.
I'm warning you.
Ransom said "I'm warning you."
You heard Ransom in there,
that's the kind of thing he says.
You want this? You want this?
What do we have here?
This looks like
a relatively fresh break.
Yup. Right there.
Wait a minute.
That doesn't make sense.
Where's that window?
How about some more cookies, you?
You want some more cookies?
Hey, maybe Harlem left you
a cold glass of milk in his will, asshole!
Show me, but stay off the carpet.
It's the trick window!
From "A Kill For All Seasons!"
Trooper, here, will you take this?
Traces of dried mud.
I suspect they go
the length of the hallway.
No, just traces.
Depending on when this thing
was last cleaned,
this could've happened
at anytime, right?
No, that would not explain this.
Analyze that mud.
It will match these traces.
And you will find similar samples,
leading up the trellis on the outside of the house.
On the night of the party, somebody
who did not want to be heard climbing those steps
went to a great deal of trouble
to break into Harlan Thrombey's rooms.
The game is afoot, eh Watson?
Well. Thank you all for
getting together like this,
it isn't legally necessary,
but I thought because you're all in town
and some of you are leaving soon...
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to
gently request that you all stay in town
until the investigation is completed.
He's gently requesting,
but we gotta make that an order.
No one move
until we figure this all out.
- What?
- Can we ask why?
- Has something changed?
- No.
No it hasn't changed
or no we can't ask?
Mr. Stevens, you may continue.
Right. Well the other reason I thought
this gathering would be beneficial
is because Harlan altered
his will a week before he died.
He sealed, he asked me not to submit
it to the courts for probate until after his death.
If anyone is confused about anything,
we're all together, we can talk.
Although, I don't imagine any of it
is going to be that complicated.
Harlan's assets included
- The house.
- The house,
which he owned outright.
- Sixty million.
- Yes.
Sixty million in various
cash accounts and investments.
And, of course, the real asset -
sole ownership of Blood Like Wine,
his publishing company.
He also wrote up a statement when he was making
the changes and he wanted that read first.
"Dearest Linda, Walter, and Joni.
Some of you may be surprised
by the choice I've made here.
No pleasure was taken
in the exclusion,
and its purpose was not to sow
greater discord in the family, quite the opposite.
Please accept it with grace
and without bitterness. But do accept it.
It's for the best, Dad."
Wow, well, yeah.
Not too complex at all.
This'll be quick.
I, Harlan Thrombey, being of sound mind
and body, yada yada...
I hereby direct that all my assets,
both liquid and otherwise,
I leave in their entirety
to Marta Cabrera.
My entire ownership
of Blood Like Wine publishing
I leave in its entirety to Marta Cabrera.
The copyright of its catalog likewise
I leave in its entirety to Marta Cabrera."
No. That's not...
That can't be.
Can I see that please, Alan?
- That's right.
- Please.
This can't be legal.
It's right.
- You know, he's been...
- Oh my God!
Alan, it's a mistake.
I don't know what to say,
we're his family, so...
It's not possible!
Are there safeguards against this?
Harlan was...
In his final days
he was under weight of medication.
Obviously, he wasn't...
I mean... I don't know...
Alan, you can take this piece of paper
and shove it right up your ass and get out.
And you cops too.
Out! Out!
- Right now!
- Melinda.
No, Richard, we need to talk,
we need to fight this thing.
We're not going anywhere.
I said get out!
We're the Thrombeys goddammit!
This is still our house!
"Likewise the house at 2 Deerborn Drive
and all belongings therein
I leave to Marta Cabrera."
You little bitch!
You little bitch!
Did you know about this?
Were you in this from the beginning?
No, no, no!
I just wanna know!
What were you doing?
Were you boinking my father?
I think everybody just needs to cool...
You had sex with my grandpa.
You dirty anchor baby.
In the meantime I'd maybe run.
- Ladies and gentlemen.
- Talk to us.
Marta, wait a minute.
I totally understand
how you must be feeling.
You can talk to me.
I don't know how this...
I don't know.
I don't know what's happening.
I don't know why he...
Guys, I'm also confused,
I need to think.
Marta! You listen...
I can't catch up!
I can't open the damn...
Marta, you have to understand.
He is our father.
Marta, don't listen to them. I'm here.
I'm not on Twitter anymore.
So, de-add me on Instagram, okay?
I wanna talk to you.
What's going on?
I think this could be the best thing
to happen to all of you!
What does he mean by that?
Richard, why didn't you stop he?
What was I supposed to do?
Grab the bumper with my teeth?
Okay, seriously though, what the hell?
Hey, can we take an extra bowl?
You look like you're gonna pass out.
Have you eaten anything today?
This is a nightmare.
So why?
- Why?
- Why?
Hey, this is everything.
There gotta be a bigger reason why
and you know it.
Well, how about it had to do more
with you guys than with me.
Yeah, it's the only thing
that makes sense.
Did he tell you anything?
Only that I wasn't getting a cent.
That's because he wanted you to build
something from the ground...
"Build something
from the ground up", yeah.
My mother built her business
from the ground up
with a million dollar loan
from my grandfather.
My father owns none of it,
she made him sign a prenup.
He lives in fear.
And I know that's what grandfather
was trying to protect me from by doing this,
And I know I shouldn't say this
out loud, but when he told me, I...
Jesus, I coulda killed him.
After I left the party, though,
I was driving
nowhere, just in the night,
and I had this...
Like from here on out
I was gonna have to fend for myself.
And that felt...
The old bastard.
Marta I know three things.
One: I know he didn't commit suicide.
What makes you think that?
I don't think it. I know it.
Because I knew my granddad.
Maybe you and I
are the only two who knew him,
so you're not gonna bullshit
me on this, because two:
I know lying makes you puke.
'Cause of that mafia game
last 4th of July.
And three:
I know that you just ate a full plate
of baked beans and sausage.
Look me in the eye
and tell me what
happened to my grandfather.
- You asshole.
- Marta.
Tell me everything.
Alan, there have got
to be options here.
No. I don't know how many times
I can repeat the same
two pieces of information.
If Harlan was of sound mind
when he made the changes,
and we've all confirmed he was.
Would a sound mind
do this! How? Sound how?
The very action
speaks to unsoundness!
Not legally, no.
You, not liking what he did
does not speak to testamentary capacity.
What about undue influence?
Yes! Undue influence!
How about that?
Did you just Google that?
Look, if Marta was manipulating
dad somehow, and if...
If somehow she had gotten
her hooks into him.
You need a strong case for that.
Your honor, "She endeared herself to him
through hard work and good humor."
That won't cut the salami.
What about the slayer rule?
I did just Google that.
The slayer rule obviously
doesn't apply here.
What the hell is the slayer rule?
It's if someone is convicted of killing
the person, they don't get their inheritance.
Not even convicted, even if they're
held responsible for their death in civil court.
Like OJ.
Yes, Like OJ.
But Harlan committed suicide.
Detective Blank.
You said that the investigation is ongoing,
you made a point of that.
Do you suspect foul play?
Mister Blanc. If you please.
There is much that remains unclear.
But yes. I suspect foul play.
I have eliminated no suspects.
You're full of shit, I don't trust
this guy in the tweed suit,
and Alan, God bless you,
you're useless.
Thank you.
There's only one answer to this:
she has to renounce the inheritance.
She knows that's what
she should do...
That's exactly what she'll do.
- Mom.
- She'll do it.
If Granddad wanted to give Marta
everything, then that's what he wanted.
No, this wasn't him.
He loved us.
He wanted us taken care of.
He wanted you to have an education.
Meg, you think I can pay
for your school?
I know, just saying it it
sounds insane, but it's all true.
And I think Blanc's been on to me
from the start.
I don't care if I go to jail,
but my mom...
My sister, we...
Are you gonna say something?
I always thought I was the only one
that could beat him at GO.
I always thought
that meant something.
Yeah, I know you did.
In the night of the party, my last
conversation with him, our last argument.
that's what he told me about you.
That you beat him in GO
more than I do, and I thought...
What a strange thing to tell me.
I think I get it now.
It did mean something.
I'm not gonna tell my family shit.
You're not going to jail.
That detective is not gonna catch you.
And you're not gonna
give up the money.
This is was granddad wanted for you and me,
think about what he did to go through with this.
He wanted this for himself,
he wanted this for the family.
And he wanted it for you.
You've come this far.
Let me help you go all the way.
What's going on? This isn't you.
You could just turn me in right now
and still get your cut of the inheritance. Why?
Because fuck my family.
I can help you get away
with this, and then...
You're gonna give me
my cut of the inheritance.
Happy ending. Everybody wins:
you, me, Harlan.
- Meg.
- Marta.
- That was nuts.
- I know.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Are you?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Look, no one knows
I'm calling you, I just...
I wanted to...
I wanted to say sorry
for how everyone was.
And... I guess I wanted to ask...
What are you gonna do?
What do you mean?
Well, the... with the will.
What are you gonna to do?
What do you think I should do?
You should do
whatever you think is right.
Look, I...
I think you should
give it back to us.
Granddad always took
care of us, we're his family.
I know he was like family to you,
but we're his actual family.
Marta, you know this isn't fair,
we've always been good to you,
and you're like family
and we'll take care of you, but...
You have to make things right.
You know what's right.
Mom's broke, she says
I'm gonna have to drop out of school.
No, no, Meg.
Listen, I won't let that happen.
Whatever money you need,
I'll give it to you. I'm here for you.
And I want you to know
I'm gonna take care of you.
- I promise that, okay?
- Thanks.
And once I...
Okay then.
Did Blanc find anything
suspicious at the house?
Yes, he found mud, upstairs,
where I broke in through the window.
Identifiable prints?
- No.
- Good, okay.
Good. Hey.
You lay low for a coupe of days.
Wait for this investigation to blow over, and it will.
'Cause no matter how good that Blanc guy
thinks he is, he's got nothing.
Hey, Relax.
Marta get your ass up, what the hell is happening?
There's a guy here and a bunch of stuff.
Everything's going crazy.
Are we rich?
Maybe, Alice, I don't know.
I don't even know what that means
but you better get your ass up.
We don't know much about Marta Cabrera
or her exact relationship...
Oh my God Marta.
What is all this. What did you do?
- Is that here?
- Oh, yeah it is.
Wait, so is that true?
Are we rich?
Oh my God.
Good Morning, Mrs. Thrombey.
Why is grief the providence of youth?
I don't know.
But I'd imagine that
age deepens all feelings.
Including grief.
This was a long walk to offering
condolences for the loss of your son.
And asking you if it isn't presumptuous
of me not to think too harshly of your family.
if I am, as I suspect,
the first to console you.
They're young, aren't they?
One thing I assume of age
is weariness.
Damned if I don't get
more tired every day.
Tired of what I do.
Following arcs, like lobbed rocks.
The inevitability of truth.
But the complexity
and the gray lie not in the truth
but what you do
with the truth once you have it.
I think you have something
you wanna tell me.
I think you're very perceptive
and very capable
of telling me what you saw
the night of your son's party.
But I'll happily wait.
I'm in no rush.
In fact, I find it quite pleasant,
sitting here with you.
Lawyers were here,
very big lawyers it looked like.
They left all this stuff
and business cards,
and there was a pile
of other stuff when I got home.
I don't like any of this, Marta.
I don't like it either.
I'm slipping out the back.
I'll be back later.
Please don't talk to anyone.
Yeah, I came from...
Hey, how are you doing?
Walt, I want you to know
that I didn't know about any of this.
We know you didn't.
We know you didn't.
Yeah, we all kinda went
a little crazy yesterday.
- Understandable.
- Yeah.
I haven't even looked
at all this yet.
It must just be local lawyers and accountants
who saw the news and wanna get a jump on it.
I'd be careful of all of it.
Marta, is it your intention
to renounce the inheritance?
This is what Harlan wanted.
Yeah, but, Harlan put you
in a very hard position here.
It was unfair of him.
You see the kind of
press and the scrutiny that this kicks up?
We know... with your mother.
- My mother?
- Yeah.
What did Meg tell you?
This isn't about Meg.
You're missing the point.
We don't wanna attack you with this.
Marta, if your mother came into
the country illegally, criminally,
and you come into this inheritance
with all the scrutiny that entails,
I'd be afraid that could come to light.
That's what we wanna avoid here.
We can protect you from
that happening, or if it happens.
So, you're saying that
even if it came to light.
With your family's resources
you could help me fix it.
Yeah, with the right lawyers,
you know, not these local guys,
but New York lawyers,
DC lawyers.
With enough resources
put toward it, yes.
Not that that ever even needs
to come up. But yes.
Okay. Good.
'Cause Harlan gave
me all your resources.
So, that means with my resources
I'll be able to fix it.
So, I guess I will find
the right lawyers.
Marta, that's...
Better be sure if that's
what you want.
I don't know. What's this?
It's my medical bag tag.
They have my medical bag, for some reason.
Okay, but this is a photocopy of just the header
of a blood toxicology report on Harlan.
Marta, this is gonna show
the morphine overdose.
So I'm screwed!
How do you know all this stuff?
I was Harlan's
research assistant for a summer.
But what kind of blackmail
scheme is this?
I mean the actual evidence
is sitting up the street at the crime lab.
There are no demands,
there's no meeting place.
What's the point
of sending you this?
Could be a half hour.
Could be an hour.
We wanna make sure...
- What's the cheese?
- Hey.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
5 AM, security systems
here were all triggered.
This thing went up really quick.
So that means blood stores, records,
anything of that nature, it's all gone.
There were no employees here,
so thank God for that.
- What about security cameras?
- Oh yeah.
Speaking of security, the surveillance tape
at the Thrombey estate
was all scrambled for some reason.
What's still pending
from the autopsy?
Just the report on the blood work.
Blood work?
Holy shit!
This is insane!
I mean who would blow up
the whole real building just to blackmail me?
Marta this means that the blackmailer
has the only paper copy
of the thing
that can prove your guilt.
You didn't get any other instructions,
no phone call, no email, nothing?
I haven't checked my email.
There is one.
That's it. 1209 Columbus Road, 10 AM.
You know what this means, right?
If you destroy that copy
you are totally in the clear.
Oh no!
Marta, did you hear me?
We gotta go! We gotta go!
Okay, Baby Driver.
Oh God! You regret helping me yet?
I regret not taking the beamer.
Oh shit!
Vehicles in pursuit in
Washington Street.
- Make sure you say "No force."
- No force.
- We got a possible murder suspect.
- I said that, I said that.
Go! Go!
Are you flooring it?
I am literally flooring it.
- This is going well.
- I'm pulling over.
If you miss your chance
to get this tox report it's all over.
Oh my God!
Why are we stopping?
Why are you stopping
in the middle of the road?
Hold on!
Oh my God. I'm just pure adrenaline
right now, I feel like I swallowed bees.
Okay, so, what is it?
What's the address?
- 1209 Columbus road.
- Okay.
I mean, whatever they want,
I'll say yes because...
You know, just to get
that report back.
- Get it back and destroy it.
- Destroy it.
Holy shit! Ransom.
Thank you. I couldn't
do this without you.
Oh my God!
Get out!
That was the dumbest
car chase of all time.
Put your hands down.
I spoke to Wanetta Thrombey,
The night of the party she saw someone
climbing the trellis to the third floor.
Mr. Drysdale, come on.
Pat him down, check him out.
What's going on?
"Ransom came back" she said.
I don't know what he came back to do,
but we'll find out.
You have anything sharp?
- Watch your head. Thank you.
- You don't need to thank him.
Did he ask you to drive
when he saw me coming?
Blanc, you're coming with us?
I'll drive with Marta.
Let's go to the police station.
I wanna full run down
on everything he said to you.
And I'll can catch you up
on where we're at.
Strange case from the start.
A case with a hole in the middle.
A donut?
I'm just talking through my process here,
let me know if this is boring.
I feel the noose tightening,
the family is truly desperate.
Desperate motives.
Then mystery of who hired me,
the impossibility of the crime, and yet...
A donut! One central piece,
and if it reveals itself the fog would lift,
the arc would resolve,
the slinky become unkinked.
Do you mind
if I stop for a second?
I need to pick something up.
It will be very quick.
It'll be just a few minutes.
I'll watch the door.
Listen, I don't know what you want.
Whatever it is we can work it out.
But we have to figure it out
right here, right now.
And I'm leaving with that report.
No, no, no! Fran.
Can you hear me?
Fran, give me a sign if you can hear me.
Yes, it's me, it's Marta.
You called me here, you sent
me an email, that's why I'm here.
Did you take something?
I'm gonna call an ambulance now
and you're going to be okay.
You gonna be fine, okay?
Stay with me.
Help me.
- Stashed.
- What?
What are you saying?
You did this!
You won't get away with this!
Jesus! Stop!
911, what's your emergency?
The thought of you stays bright
Sometimes I stand
in the middle of the floor
Not going left, not going...
Oh lord.
All right my friend,
thank you for the update.
No need for that, I'll bring her in
once we get word that the housekeeper is stable.
It's still touch and go. All right.
This is over.
People are getting hurt.
So, I'm gonna tell you
the truth.
Young Ransom just told
Lieutenant Elliott everything.
Good. Wait, I hope
he didn't cover for me.
Did he tell the real truth
about me switching the...
- And the disguise...
- Yes.
And the whole blackmailing...
But why did Fran take my morphine?
Obviously, she had swiped
a bag from the house,
but she didn't seem like a user to me,
unless that's why she needed the blackmail money...
I don't know,
it doesn't matter anyway.
I have to tell the Thrombeys myself,
I feel like I owe that to them.
I don't think that's a good idea.
No, I have to do it!
I need to do it!
I gave the doctors my number,
so they'll call if anything changes with Fran.
All right.
We'll round up the Thrombeys
at the house, along with a police escort.
For the arrest after.
You can tell me your whole
story on the drive over.
I don't want any more surprises.
Fran said it was stashed, the copy,
and then she said,
"you did this, you won't get away with it."
I called the ambulance. That's it.
All right.
You ready?
Okay, has she come
to her senses?
She's standing right there Richard,
she can speak for herself.
Is the rest of the family here?
- In the living room.
- I think it would be better if we were
to gather together
and get this over with.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I told them
about your mom.
Meg, it's okay.
I'm sorry. No, I was scared, I just,
I didn't wanna tell them...
I get it. Trust me.
I understand. It's all right.
I'm sorry.
God, I'm so raiding Fran's
stash after this.
I still think this is a bad idea,
but the family is assembled.
I know where the tox report is.
She basically told me where it was.
Anyway this will tie everything up.
And I just handed it to you.
God, you're not much
of a detective, are you?
To be fair.
You make a pretty lousy murderer.
Perhaps we deserve each other.
You've always been good to me.
What I'm about to say isn't gonna be easy
and you're gonna be upset.
But I thought after what
you've gone through the last few days,
that you deserved
to hear it from me.
Excuse me!
You have not been
good to her.
You have all treated her like shit
to steal back a fortune
that you lost and she deserves.
You're a pack of vultures
at the feast.
Nose all beak's bloody.
Well, you're not getting
bailed out, not this time.
Ms. Cabrera has decided definitively
not to renounce the inheritance.
Furthermore, it will be my professional
recommendation to the local authorities
that the manner of death
in the case of Harlan Thrombey
is ruled as suicide,
and the case is closed.
- Blanc.
- What?
Thank you all for coming.
What's going on?
Just tell me what's...
That's certainly not
what I was expecting.
Is anybody else confused?
Not what I was
expecting to hear at all.
Are you gonna tell me
what the hell is going on?
I just wanna come clean, okay?
- It's over.
- Almost.
Blanc, what are we doing?
I'm sorry. Officer Wagner.
Keep the family out of this room,
get them out of the house if you can.
But stand by
with your additional officer.
- Get the family out?
- Yes, but not all of them.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on. Come on.
What's with all this drama?
Indulge me.
Blanc. I told Ransom, Ransom told
you, I'm telling you now -
it is an immovable fact
that I killed Harlan.
Yes, you did. Yes, he did.
Yes, you are, but. But.
I spoke in the car about the hole
at the center of this donut.
And what you and Harlan did that fateful
night seems at first glance
to fill that hole perfectly.
A donut hole in a donut's hole.
But we must look a little closer.
And when we do, we see that
the donut hole has a hole in its center.
It is not a donut hole, but a smaller
donut with its own hole,
and our donut is not holed at all!
Blanc, look, I understand that
this is amusing for you.
Why was I hired?
Why would someone hire me?
Someone fishing for a crime
to reverse the will, Blanc.
I was hired before
the sealed will was read.
So yes, the person must have
known the contents of the will.
But one step further - that same person
must have known a crime was committed,
and further,
if the intent was to reverse
Marta's inheritance,
they must've known
that Marta was responsible.
An intriguing combination of factors.
Someone who knew what Marta did,
wanted to expose it,
but could not reveal how they knew.
Fran! She was blackmailing me,
she knew what I did.
But Fran wanted money,
ergo she did not want the crime exposed.
Did someone in the family observe Marta
doing something suspicious?
But they would've had no reason
not to speak up.
The answer is not so simple.
Now with the entire solution
in my field of view.
The arc of this case
is a tragedy of errors.
And Marta, it will not be easy
for you to hear.
But there is at least one
truly guilty party behind it all,
guilty in the true sense
of acting with malice,
committing a heinous crime
with selfish intent.
Trooper Wagner.
Trooper Wagner?
Marta, I'm so sorry. I told them everything,
I figured it was up. I'm sorry.
It's all right, Ransom,
I'm glad you did.
Not exactly everything though.
Is this about what
Greatnana told you?
She saw me that night,
she mistook me for Ransom.
We'll get to that.
In the meanwhile,
Mr. Hugh Ransom Drysdale,
you might tell us all
why you hired me?
Why I hired you?
You're right, let's back up.
To the night of the party.
Your argument with Harlan.
What were the overheard words
by the Nazi child, masturbating in the bathroom?
"my will" and
"I'm warning you."
You and Harlan were "drama mamas," you shared
a love of twisting the knife into one another.
You see, I don't believe he would've
slipped it in halfway - no, no, no.
I submit Harlan told you everything.
You can't be serious!
Not a red dime or word of my work
to a single one of them, you included.
Marta, remind me what Ransom said
his conversation with Harlan ended with.
Harlan told him that I could beat
him at GO.
And I asked myself - Marta?
How would the topic of the will
have steered around to Marta?
There is one obvious explanation.
You can't be that crazy, you're not
just gonna throw away your fortune.
No. I'm giving it to Marta.
All of it.
Your Brazilian nurse?
Are you goddamn insane?
I am sane for the first time
in my life and I've done it.
I've made the change
to my will, it's done.
I'm warning you!
That's some heavy duty conjecture.
But it is the only way of
what comes next makes sense.
So, you storm out,
you drive off into the night.
You tell Marta later of, what was it?
Feeling an overwhelming sense of...
Clarity. That he has to make do
for himself from here on out.
Marta. The will. Harlan.
Do for yourself.
"You won't get away with this."
And a plan forms.
You return, careful to avoid the
gate's security camera range.
Then on foot up towards the house.
You sneak in, up the trellis so as
not to be seen by the rest of the family,
who are still having their
party downstairs.
What you need to do
will take moments.
But it is essential that
you are alone and undetected.
You knew what medications Harlan took.
You knew what Marta would be
injecting him with that night.
And you knew if Marta was responsible
for his death, even unintentionally,
the slayer rule would nullify the changed will,
and you would get your share back.
You use the syringes in the kit to switch
the liquids in the two medication vials.
And, as a final precaution,
you took the Naloxone,
the life saving antidote.
No, no. That's impossible.
It is the truth.
Hand me that vial of morphine,
I'll show you.
If he did that, if the meds were switched,
then when I got them mixed up...
I accidentally switched them back.
I gave Harlan...
The correct doses.
But not accidentally.
I taped over the labels
of these two vials.
The vials themselves are identical.
How'd you know
that this was the morphine?
I just knew.
You knew because there is the slightest,
almost imperceptible difference
of tincture and viscosity
between the two liquids.
You knew because you'd done it
a hundred times.
You gave him the correct medication
because you are a good nurse.
Then Harlan was...
I'm sorry Marta, but yes.
Harlan was perfectly fine.
His blood was normal.
The cause of death was truly,
solely suicide, and you are guilty of nothing
but some damage to the trellis
and a few amateur theatrics.
In fact, if Harlan had listened to you
and called the ambulance,
he would be alive today.
Hot damn.
A twisted web.
And we are not finished
untangling it. Not yet.
Marta, when Greatnana spotted you
climbing down the trellis she said,
Ransom? Are you back again already?
"Are you back again already?"
'Cause earlier that night
Ransom, you're back!
Come on, Marta.
This is stoopid with two o's.
You don't have a shred of evidence,
You're just spinning a fairy tale.
Not a shred, no.
Just as we have no real proof
of Marta's mixing up the vials.
- so it's your word against.
- You have her confession!
All right, yeah.
Yeah, we do have that.
With your permission,
I'd like to spin a little further.
Much later that night you'd have
to come back to the house
to retrieve the incriminating
tampered vials.
However, this time
the dogs were outside.
They barked waking Meg.
No matter.
You'll get the vials tomorrow.
But tomorrow brings news,
not of a medical error and guilty nurse,
but of a slit throat and suicide.
Now the circumstances are perfect
for the anonymous hiring of a me:
you know a crime has been committed
by Ms. Cabrera,
you need her to be caught for it,
you cannot reveal how you know.
Enter Benoit Blanc.
Benny, look I hear
what you are saying, it's just...
The body is discovered
early the next morning.
The police, the medical examiners,
the family, everyone swarms in,
and there is no possible way you can get
to Marta's medical bag to retrieve the vials.
You must wait for your moment
when the investigation is over
and you know
the house will be empty.
That is why you missed the funeral.
There is no one home to wonder
why you're going into Harlan's study.
Or so you think.
Poor Fran. She witnessed you tampering
with Harlan's medication in the medical bag.
She did not know
what you were doing.
But she knew you were up to no good,
so her mind begins to turn.
Oh God, that Hallmark movie
she told me about, with Danica McKellar.
"Deadly By Surprise."
That's what she
was talking about.
She loved Harlan. She hates Ransom.
So the poor girl decides to test her theory
and make this asshole pay.
She gets a copy of the toxicology report,
I will be honest I have no idea how.
'Cause she has a cousin.
She told me, she has a cousin who works
as a receptionist at the examiners office.
Well, Voil!
The numbers, they mean
nothing to her,
but if Ransom is guilty,
its existence is a threat,
so she photocopies the header
and makes her blackmail note.
So, why did she send it to me?
She didn't. She sent it to Ransom.
And when Mr. Drysdale gets it,
what is his reaction?
Elation! He still thinks Marta has
given Harlan the tampered drugs!
A blood tox report
will prove her guilt.
He goes to the will reading in high spirits,
ready to see the family tear itself apart,
secure in the knowledge it will all be undone
when the tox report comes to light.
And then...
Marta's confession.
And everything turns on its head.
Now he realizes that Marta
has committed no crime,
and the tox report
will prove her innocence.
The changed will is gonna stand.
He has lost.
Unless you decide.
You're not gonna
give up the money.
You're not gonna
give up the money.
- You've come this far!
- You've come this far!
Just one step further.
Just one last act,
in for a penny, in for a pound.
You decide. You are in.
Step one: destroy all evidence
of Marta's innocence.
Step two: send her the anonymous email
with a late morning rendezvous time,
and deliver her the blackmail note.
Step three: keep your appointment
with Fran.
I knew it! I knew you were
a no good son of a bitch!
I knew Harlan wouldn't
just kill himself.
Yes, Fran, you are right.
I knew you were guilty as shit.
And now you're gonna pay for it!
Don't you come near me!
Don't come near me,
I'm warning you!
Now the board is set.
Marta will get the blackmail note.
You'll put the pieces together for her.
You'll guide her to the rendezvous.
You'll make an anonymous call
to the police.
They will catch her there
with the body and the burned evidence.
Marta will get arrested
for killing Fran and Harlan.
She said:
You did this!
She didn't say "you did this,"
she wasn't talking about me, she said,
Hugh did this.
Hugh did this, 'cause you made
the help call you Hugh.
'Cause you're an asshole.
It would have worked.
If we hadn't have brought you in for questioning,
so you could not make your anonymous call.
And if Fran had not stashed
a safety copy of the tox report.
And if Marta had not outplayed you
once again,
by having a kind heart.
By saving Fran's life,
though it meant her losing the inheritance
and going to jail.
She didn't play your game,
she saved Fran's life.
Fran's alive?
Oh yes.
Fran, who will confirm this
fairy story or something close to it.
And send you, Hugh, to jail.
Doctor, that's great news.
We'll be there soon. Thank you.
She's okay. She's ready to talk.
Trooper Wagner, if you could
keep Mr. Drysdale in custody
while Lieutenant Elliott,
Ms. Cabrera and myself
we go to the hospital
and take Fran's statement.
All right. Up. Come on.
I'm gonna say this just to you.
No cameras, no courtroom, just to you
because you know it's the truth.
We allowed you into our home.
We let you watch our granddad,
we welcomed you into our family.
And now you think
you can steal it from us?
You think I'm not gonna fight
to protect my home, our birthright,
our ancestral family home?
That is hooey!
Harlan, he bought this place in the 80s
from a Pakistani real estate billionaire.
Oh, shut up Blanc! Shut up!
Shut up with that Kentucky fried
fog horn rag-horn drawl.
Yeah, I killed Fran, but I guess I didn't.
So what do you have on me?
Nothing. What?
Attempted murder?
I get arson for the building, and a few
other charges, with a good lawyer,
which I have,
I'll be out in no time.
And then you'll see just how much hell
I can wreak on your life, you vicious little bitch.
What the shit!?
- That means she's lying!
- Yeah, man, we know.
That's right, Fran's dead.
And you just confessed to her murder.
In for a penny...
... He's cheating on you, I have proof I know
you don't need to see. Untether yourself - Dad.
We gotta get the attorneys
on the phone. Right now!
Can I ask? When did you know I had
something to do with Harlan's death?
From the first moment you
set foot in front of me.
Oh shit!
I want you to remember
something that's very important:
you won not by playing the game
Harlan's way, but yours.
You're a good person.
This family.
I should help them, right?
I have my own opinion.
But I have a feeling
you'll follow your heart.