Knock Off (1998) Movie Script

Command Post, Inspector Chang Choy.
Beach Order is in place.
Son of a bitch!
With June 30th only 72 hours away,
Hong Kong is poised -
- for its return to Chinese rule
after 150 years as a British colony.
With both Prince Charles and
President Jiang Zemin here, -
- security will be unprecedented
for Tuesday's ceremonies.
Security zones on land, sea
and air will be patrolled...
A belly ring!
Does that increase sexual pleasure?
Lance, work with me!
- Lance, burn this.
- We can't wear underwear with this.
- Why nOt?
- This underwear sucks.
They're denim, the underwear is
nylon. They'll react chemically.
Then don't wear it.
I'm against underwear.
Come on, you're models! Look
like you haven't eaten in a week.
- I need your support today.
- Be a gentleman, like your partner.
Where is Ray? I need your support.
I have to get out of this business.
- Nice wheels.
- Take it for a spin. A short spin.
Hey Marcus, nice glasses. Cartier?
I've got boxes of them.
Hard to believe.
Marcus Ray, gone legit.
- Any good? The last ones.
- They work Iong enough to be sold.
I want to go out
with my reputation intact.
You can always come back.
- Your designers must speak English.
- Why? They're excellent copies.
"Puma", one "m".
Only an idiot would buy these.
These are hot. Collectors' items.
It's not your shipment. Get
your hand off, or you'll Iose it.
You're in toys now, Skinny?
Aren't you too big for that?
I can be in any business I want.
No one can touch me.
You know why your legs
didn't just get broken?
I've a big bet on you
in today's race.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Your attention, please.
The Merchants' Association
Charity Race begins in ten minutes.
Hey, give me some energy.
Give me the illusion
that you give a crap!
Pachy! Are you okay?
Do you want some water?
You work for me?
As an elephant?
Then put your head on
and get to work. Get going!
Girls, I'm late.
Where were you? We've had
two meetings and a fashion show.
At noon, the copier blew up, and at
one, everyone said "Where's Ray?"
- Did you get my running shoes?
- I've something even better.
Puma-5000X. Hydroplane soles
and shock absorbers.
It's the bomby-bomb.
It's the shits.
- It is shit.
- You're kidding, right?
It doesn't matter what you wear.
I'm going to win.
Just back from Tokyo, huh?
You son of a bitch.
I'm one step ahead
of an angry husband.
- Hey, Tommy.
- Eddie, nice clothes. Steal them?
He doesn't mean it.
I heard you were running.
I can't let you spoil my record.
- I'll kick your ass like last year.
- You cheated last year.
No, because since you met Tommy,
you've got soft.
Who's next?
We've got Shocks, K-3, Kandu.
We've got 100,000 on Eddie Wong
and on V-Six Jeans. Any takers?
- He's betting on us both, again.
- See you at the finish line.
Here, take it! Because if you hang
out with them, we're worth nothing.
- He's family.
- His brother is a top mobster.
Not his brother, his cousin.
Don't be an old lady.
You worry too much.
I'm in condition.
It's a straight shot to the finish.
We've a Iock to win.
Eddie's got the Fix in.
On your marks.
Get set.
- Don't panic. We've a Iock to win.
- I'm not worried about winning.
- I don't want to die.
- You won't die, okay?
Turn around!
You're in shape!
You're in shape!
He's taking a short cut.
Turn here!
Turn here!
What are you waiting for, you idiot?
- Go, go!
- Sorry.
You got it.
We're winning!
Move that beautiful ass of yours!
- What are you doing?
- I'm just saying, we're winning.
Move it!
You have to want it.
The finish line, super-fast!
- How did he get ahead of us?
- Good question.
Those Pumas must be knock-offs.
What scumbag sold them?
Something's not right.
- It's not him.
- So what?
- Eddie!
- No Ray, not a good idea!
- They've got Eddie.
- You've got me.
Drop it!
He was cheating again.
- You're gonna talk.
- No, he's not.
Move, move!
Don't move.
Stand up slowly.
No sudden moves.
- I got her.
- Tommy.
What did you do?
She's a cop.
She's a cop?
You didn't tell me she was a cop.
You say you were innocent
participants in this rickshaw race?
- A number of questions remain.
- We were just defending ourselves.
- We're not criminals.
- We'll see.
We've identified this man,
lvan Largoff.
Killed at the scene by Detective
Ling. He's a former KGB agent.
If you're innocent,
why did he attack you?
Maybe he wasn't that intelligent.
We're legitimate businessmen,
with an office, -
- that employs a Iot of
Hong Kong citizens.
We pay taxes, to pay for the police.
That's why they're everywhere.
Mr Ray, our records show you entered
Hong Kong as an illegal immigrant.
You were deported,
but came back for the good money.
- You built an illegal business.
- We all make mistakes.
Did you know the racer the Russians
killed worked for Eddie Wang?
- That name doesn't ring a bell.
- What about you, Mr Hendricks?
No bells here... but my ears
are ringing from the accident.
- Stress levels up. They're lying.
- What a surprise.
Your self-defence story checks out.
Don't leave the jurisdiction.
This investigation isn't over.
And we know where you live.
Once they've pulled that Union Jack,
I don't care what they do with you.
Mr Hendricks, Mr Ray:
You may go.
- We've a lock to win.
- Good call, good job.
Wait a minute!
Besides trashing your company's
reputation, why are you here?
Who are you?
Do we get a parking ticket?
Karen Lee. Executive VP,
International Sales, V-Six Jeans.
I realise this is difficult
for you, -
- but try to think.
What are those?
- V-Six 606, size eight.
- Your size.
I'm a six, thank you.
Mr Hendricks,
the masseuse is here.
Cancel her for the rest of the week.
Make it the rest of the month.
You're not used to pulling
your own weight, but try. Pull!
I meant, together.
That's enough.
Now try these.
In light of our mascot,
how do you explain this?
I've been working out, and you...
- Okay, they're knock-offs.
- Exactly.
Cheap 8-ounce denim, instead of
the 14-ounce in our authentic jeans.
There are knock-off artists here?
I'm shocked.
Hong Kong is Knock-off Central, for
everything from Benetton to Puma.
- The Pope's Catholic. So what?
- These are from the last shipment.
- Half the shipment was counterfeit.
- That's impossible.
Inspector's report. Check it
against the shipping manifest.
She's right.
She Iooks good when she's right.
And if half the shipment
was of 8-ounce denim, -
- at wholesale, that means that
V- Six Jeans has lost $4,200,000.
You didn't convert
Hong Kong dollars to US dollars.
The real figure is $5,400,000.
This calculator has a...
Excuse us.
Bangkok won't ship the yardage
because of the hand-over.
Swap the destination with the
origin. When it gets here, -
- tell customs we made a mistake,
and "return" it here.
Don't you have something
for me to sign?
- I sign things too. In private.
- Like that falsified document?
- No, Ray signs the false documents.
- I agree.
I think you've spent your time here
chasing ass and getting massages.
The massage industry has problems.
I'm trying to help out Iocal girls.
I don't know or care whether you two
idiots are the instigators of this -
- Or just dupes.
We'll see tonight, when Customs raid
the factory they came from.
You must identify the merchandise.
Eddie Wang signed the lease.
Eddie Wang?
Doesn't sound familiar. Right?
I'll pick you up at 6:30 tonight.
Ray got his ass kicked last night
and hasn't slept. He can't do this.
Don't worry. If Ray's mixed up in
this, he'll get rest... in prison.
- And so will you.
- Prison?
Yes! Counterfeiting is a crime,
whether it's clothes or money.
If you're not available tonight,
I'll assume you're trying to flee.
And then trust and believe,
I will take appropriate action.
Like I said, 6:30.
Be there.
She Iooks good when she's mean.
Where's Eddie, big guy?
Where's your boss?
Light you a cigar?
Of course not... you're dead.
Idiot Comrade Volkov killed you.
We've had enough of your screw-ups,
Volkov. You're always high.
Cure you: Cold turkey.
Tribiev, your passports are ready.
Didn't your mothers teach you not to
make a mess? This is a shit hole.
- You want to get out of Hong Kong.
- And you want to get paid.
Our V-Six friends are going to the
factory. Go there and clean up.
Das vedanya, cossacks.
You're worried about Miss V-Six. I'm
worried about the men chasing Eddie.
- Why?
- Why?
Because he's a scumbag
who's mixed up in some ting.
- Tong. Ting is a beverage.
- I thought it was tang.
- Eddie's no scumbag. He's family.
- "Eddie's no scumbag."
Easy on my shirt, big fella.
That's a $ 1,000 Hawaiian.
That's not... Jesus!
- You did that on purpose.
- So I'm a scumbag? You think I am.
So now he's a mind-reader?
Asshole! I should kill him.
The Chief's upset with you.
About this.
You made a spectacle.
You should have kept a Iow profile.
- Stay out of it!
- Stay out of what?
- Go back, or you're in trouble.
- I am already.
Hold on.
- We never hear from you.
- I can't risk tipping off Ray.
You can't handle a street punk
like Marcus Ray?
It's a Iocal, Eddie Wang.
He runs a knock-off factory.
He made some enemies, and I got
caught in the middle. I'd better go.
This Eddie Wang,
we may have to send him away...
You think I can't smell cops?
It all fits now.
The partnership, the knock-offs...
You're setting me up!
- It's not what it Iooks like.
- You're using me to get to Eddie.
- Who are you working for?
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Who the hell are you?
If they go over,
I'm the last man you'll ever see.
Game's over, Harry.
We've got to tell him.
- Tell him.
- We work for the government. CIA.
Harry's my boss.
Now pull us up, Ray.
Pull us up, Ray.
You Iook confused. It's simple:
Hendricks needed a cover, -
- so we used you, even though
you were a little dirty. Understand?
You understand what I'm saying?
Don't you understand what you do...
affects me?
You want to destroy our business?
Is that what you want?
You were supposed to make me legit!
- You lied to me.
- You didn't need to know.
Not one legitimate businessman
in Hong Kong would work with you.
But I did.
I've carried you for four years.
- You're the king of knock-offs.
- I was.
But you're still a fake.
Now that is a problem.
There's this woman executive
from V-Six Jeans.
Somebody's counterfeiting our jeans.
She thinks it's us.
- They're raiding the factory.
- What? Shit!
What is the matter with you,
asshole? You're in trouble.
Nice building.
Too nice for your salaries.
Check into sub-let if convicted.
It's just the Iobby that's nice.
- Let me... you.
May I?
Here's the factory lease.
Eddie Wang signed it.
- That doesn't prove it's him.
- He's screwing us.
With Eddie,
it's more like date rape.
Could you tell my partner there
are three people on this bench?
- I hear you like 007?
- Just the ones with Sean Connery.
I hope we find something.
Last week we busted a warehouse
full of knock-off Apple Babies.
- I Iove those.
- You, too?
I buy them for my niece.
It's becoming a full-time job.
- Vanilla Creme! The rarest one!
- She's yours.
- But she's a phoney.
- It seems like they're everywhere.
- Everything is prepared.
- The men are in position.
Once it's secured, get the V-Six
people to identify the merchandise.
Marcus Ray... Parents were doctors,
died in Indo-China.
Adopted age ten, then meaningless
jobs until you met Tommy.
- That's supposed to be me?
- I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm sorry that Eddie
will probably be arrested.
- What are we waiting for?
- A food delivery.
When the door opens, we go in.
- Szechwan or Cantonese?
- It's "Mom's Pizza".
- Who's there?
- Mom's Pizza.
Come on, let's go!
Freaking hell!
Here's your wallet.
- I accept your apoIogy.
- I didn't say sorry.
Okay, the apoIogy's over.
- Happy. I'm sorry.
- Me, too.
Let's go see your boss.
These guys have something
against escalators?
- What's with the sign?
- We're entering the Buddha.
What's the cover charge?
- We have to search him.
- I cleared it with the boss.
- I said, I've cleared it.
- Step back.
You want to tell me
what it is you want?
A trade. I'll bring you Eddie Wang,
if you take him out of Hong Kong.
Are you a comedian? You think Eddie
Wang is worth that? Show me more.
It's the Green Flame project, 1989.
They must have finished it.
That's not a battery
your friend is carrying.
It's an explosive device
equal to half a stick of dynamite.
If he knew it was a nano-bomb,
he wouldn't carry it.
With that level of miniaturisation,
they could target anything.
They have it. They have a remote
detonator, probably microwave.
They'll put these bombs into
clock radios, stereos, -
- cell phones, even children's toys.
Then a Iot of innocent people
will be in great danger.
- What do I do about Eddie?
- Bring Eddie in.
Tell him I'll protect him.
He might know something.
- So you're a spy?
- An intelligence analyst.
- Anything I heard of?
- You've heard of the Gulf War?
- What the hell's that?
- It's a message from Eddie.
- Where the hell are we?
- It's a fruit market.
- Johansson would Iove this.
- I hope he keeps his word.
Shouldn't we be leaving a trail
of breadcrumbs?
So you still care?
My mother always Ioved that record.
- Why are you listening to it?
I found the record in Papa's things.
You can take it.
We raided a factory last night,
- Why?
- You were knocking off our jeans.
Ray, you're more than adopted,
you're family. Be a buddy.
Tommy's my bud.
Buddies like to play.
They're just the tip of the iceberg.
Do you know what you did?
- Who set you up? Tell me!
You won't like it. It was Skinny,
when he brought the Russians.
- Skinny?
- Yes!
I give them knocked-off toys.
They modify them, and I ship them.
It's between you two.
Please aim at him.
- When I found out, I dumped them.
- They were nano-bombs.
- You know?
- Tommy's CIA.
The little dweeb is CIA?
Good cover.
Not for Iong,
if Ray keeps telling everyone.
Eddie, I made a deal for you.
They'll help you go somewhere safe.
I promise you.
Skinny told me that he'd help.
I'll help myself.
I've something for you, in the safe.
It's the biggest thing here
since Typhoon Hattie.
I was going to sell it
to the highest bidder, anywhere.
But family is family.
- Eddie!
- Damn it.
We've got to run.
- Don't you know the way out?
- No idea.
Don't they have bananas here?
God, I hate this fruit!
- It's me. A VCR?
- Everyone who comes here is on it.
Stop playing around.
I'm going to find a place
to collapse.
Wait for me in the office.
We're on the look out
for the white guy who killed Eddie.
Let's get rid of this shit.
Better run, Skinny.
They're coming after you.
Gwei-lo, you're a dead man.
You killed Eddie.
The Russians did it.
The ones you got him involved with.
Liar! I didn't get Eddie
involved with Russians.
- Then who was he hiding from?
- You saw him get executed.
Why did you say "executed"?
- Now you'll tell me everything.
- Cut it out, Ray.
- You won't do it!
- oh yeah?
- You bet on both sides, right?
- You bastard.
"A Hong Kong Love Song".
We hope it put Jiang Zemin and
Prince Charles in a cuddly mood.
News at five, with an update of
the explosion at the fruit market.
- What happened to you?
- An explosion.
At the fruit market?
The one on the news?
You've got to get to hospital.
Look, there's blood... shit!
We need to get cleaned up.
Sometimes you're in such shock,
you don't know you're hurt.
What were you doing
in a place like that anyway?
- Ray has some contacts.
- What kind?
A friend, a buddy.
He blew up. Shit happens.
Eddie knew about the bombs!
That's why you killed him!
I don't know what you mean.
Eddie was like a brother.
If I'm right, this tape will prove
you booby-trapped Eddie's safe.
Piece of shit!
You killed him.
Don't go anywhere. We'll watch a
movie and have some popcorn.
We'll be back.
- Hold on. Let me find it.
- Stop it there.
- Son of a bitch!
- Who is that?
Karen, the V-Six exec.
I don't believe this!
Hendricks is in danger,
go after him. I'll talk to Skinny.
Knock-offs, Jesus!
You and Marcus acted strange.
Did you tell me everything?
We were deciding what to eat.
I said, "How about Szechwan?"
Let the machine get it...
And he said, Cantonese.
I was trying to decide what wine
we should order...
Oh, I like this.
I'm into this!
Back when you got that fake identity
from the CIA...
Let's play a game
called "Twenty Questions".
Question one: Are you alone,
or are there more of you?
Tommy... She saw Eddie before us.
She's a bigger knock-off than us.
Watch your step, Ray!
- Are you sure?
- She was on the tape.
I was never into threesomes!
I've got her!
- What do we do?
- Take her to the chief.
Johansson is dead. The Russians
killed him. And Skinny, too.
You'd better talk, bitch,
or I'll blow your head off!
Look into my pants. Go on, you were
eager five minutes ago, you shit.
Just do it.
In the back.
- CIA? Bullshit.
- It's a fake, Tommy.
- Just like her.
- No, it's real. Check it.
It's good.
I'm sorry for what I said. But
those handcuffs bit into my wrists.
- I should have blown your head off.
- Why the jeans act?
Langley suspected there was a mole
near Hendricks. I have to find it.
- I have an emergency contact...
- No!
There's a special security unit here
with the VIP's. They can help us.
The American delegation
is led by Vice-President Al Gore, -
- who is a champion of trade
with Hong Kong.
Vice-President Gore wil meet
with the commercial attachs...
- You can't go like that.
- Formal or casual?
- Let's go.
- I'll bring the van around.
Holy fucking shit!
The pockets of our jeans.
At Government House,
another historic moment.
The last British governor watches
as the British flag is lowered.
After Eddie dumped the knock-offs,
the Russians used our jeans.
So they're into fashion now.
You know where you're going?
The computer says
they're shipping the jeans tonight.
- You can't get away with this.
- Shut up!
- They are getting away with it.
- I'm trying to mind-fuck them.
- I got top scores in verbal skills.
- Could I die alone, please?
Lucky for some, it's the hand-over.
There's only one sea route out.
If we hurry we can catch them.
Can you swim?
Electronics are amazing.
Three months old, and obsolete.
The best part of microchips
is the mega-bucks.
Small as a cell phone,
but it can do the job.
We've told everybody.
The FBI, the Mossad...
- Shut up!
- Suret, Barnaby Jones...
Eat these. You'll turn green.
They're better than diet pills.
Two of these remove your appetite.
In fact, they remove you.
Or maybe you will drink this?
- You want to drink this, baby?
- Let's talk. I have information...
You like it? You want more?
I'll give you more.
I'll open your mouth wide open,
this time.
Way to go, Harry!
You even left a few alive
to interrogate. Untie me!
- Congratulations.
- You gave it to the wrong guy.
You just eliminated a partner
you didn't need anymore.
Just like you did with Skinny.
Washington never thought
it could be you, Johansson.
- After 20 years, why?
- Entrepreneurship!
Once we have our baby bombs all over
the US, there'll be a monthly bill.
$ 100 million a month.
If they don't pay,
it's "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road".
"Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road?"
You'd better buy some new CD's.
Shoot them.
What the hell was that?
Go find out!
Toss it!
Sir, we've picked up a signal.
An unauthorised intrusion.
- Any change?
- No, ma'am. Still incoming.
It's a cargo vessel. She's already
past the first line of buoys.
- And the second.
- The next line is the deadline.
Attention, all air units.
This is Guardian. Proceed to
intercept approaching vessel.
- Use all necessary force.
- Roger.
Attention, cargo vessel.
Attention, cargo vessel.
- Report in. What's going on?
- We have visual.
The vessel seem to be drifting.
Nearing deadline. E TA, one minute.
The vessel must not, repeat,
must not cross the deadline.
If it does,
execute with extreme prejudice.
We copy. Extreme prejudice.
Activate and arm weapon systems.
Weapon systems are active.
Attention, cargo vessel!
Attention, cargo vessel!
This is a restricted area.
Change course, or we will fire.
Do you read?
Cargo vessel, do you read?
Attention, cargo vessel.
This is a restricted area...
Attention barge 28.
Change course, or we open fire.
- Locked on target.
- Fire on my command.
Five... four... three...
- Two...
- Guardian, she's stopping.
The vessel has stopped
and seems to be turning back.
- Weapons are still hot.
- Deactivate weapons systems.
- Confirm, deactivate weapons.
- Confirmed. Return to base.
- Roger, returning to base.
- Phew! That was a close one.
Come on, come on.
Move your asses up to the tower!
We are under heavy fire.
See if it's clear.
It's gonna blow!
Come on, it's gonna blow!
Let's go, start the engine!
- We're all gonna die.
- I'm doing my best.
Are you okay?
- Are you all right? What happened?
- I smoked his fat ass.
Look. It's his detonator.
What are you Iooking for?
Victoria Harbour lights up with the
first fireworks of the hand-over, -
- kicking off a two-day
fireworks extravaganza -
- where over $ 100 million
will literally go up in smoke.
Fireworks seems particularly
meaningful in these two nights, -
- as the world watches Hong Kong
put on its biggest-ever show...
They found explosives in our jeans?
People don't want that.
Some people do.
- Check this out.
- You're crazy, that's evidence.
I've checked. The average American
home has 3.57 remote controls.
How about one that did everything?
The VCR, TV, jacuzzi, sprinklers...
You turn that thing
and the garage opens up.
- We know nothing about electronics.
- So let's stick to what we know.
A special report. A loud explosion
was witnessed in Kowloon -
- shortly after the fireworks began.
Spectators saw green flames.
The authorities will not say whether
the explosion was part of the show.
What do you know? Massage
parlours? Gambling? Booze?
Not bad. If I had a Iot of money,
I'd start my own football league.
Only women players.
Then I'd be the only guy.
No action movie would be complete
without sweat.