Knock on Wood (1954) Movie Script

This is Paris, on
a peaceful day in June.
Paris, tranquil, serene,
unaware that in a few short hours,
she would be a victim of a plot that will
shake the security of the free world.
This is 26 Ru Di Orlan,
where top military advisers to the North
Atlantic Alliance, are in secret session
discussing two guarded blueprints.
Two blueprints which contain the intricate
design of top secret " Lafayette X.V.27 "
The most deadly weapon
yet devised by man.
Such a prize, would inevitably
attempt the most sinister,
the most ruthless of
international spy ring.
And at 10 o'clock that evening
two of the most desperate of these
rings are simultaneously at work,
each unaware of the others operation.
Employed by the first of this ring
is a man known only as Brodnik.
Brodnik, skillful,
fanatic foreign agent,
whose government will stop at
nothing to achieve its sinister aim.
Theft of the plans of
deadly Lafayette X.V.27.
The second ring is far
more subtle in its operation.
This ring is headed by Godfrey Langston,
ostensibly a wealthy British philanthropist,
actually a man whose loyalty is to
any nation with the highest paycheck.
But when ruthless and
desperate men are at work,
there are always the
innocent who suffer.
The case of the
Lafayette X.V.27 is no exception.
Well at that very moment,
in a nearby nightclub,
a young American ventriloquist
just finishing his act,
quite unaware that before
midnight is to be involved
in one of the most infamous crimes,
in the history of international espionage.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is
our last performance in Paris.
And both Clarence and
I would like to tell you
how much we've grown to love
you and your wonderful Paris.
Speak for yourself, pal,
I can't wait to get out of here!
Don't mind Clarence folks,
he's just jealous, because...
one of the nicest thing that can happen
to anybody in Paris happened to me.
- I fell in love.
- Love, ha, ha, ha.
This dame will take him
for every dime he's got!
This is insulting.
He should drop it from the act.
I wish it was an act!
Just jealous!
Really folks, she's a beautiful,
wonderful girl.
I wish you could see her.
Yeah, you should see her. A blonde,
blue-eyed baby-faced purse snatcher.
- Clarence!
- A peroxide octopus!
- Quiet!
-15 hands and they're all in his pockets.
- Clarence, please!
- A 110 pounds of well stacked rattlesnake!
- Clarence!
- 62 and a half inches of...
That's enough.
Well goodnight folks.
Bless you and goodnight.
Audrey, wait a minute, honey.
I'm terribly sorry.
I promise it won't happen again.
Jerry, I just can't
take it any longer.
It's getting worse all the time,
and tonight the dummy was
completely out of control.
Look honey, you know
I've been terribly upset.
Why don't you try
and be a little patient.
I did try but it just doesn't work.
We met, we fell in love
and it was wonderful.
Sure it was wonderful!
The minute we talk about
marriage, it all changed!
This thing came to life.
It turned into something evil.
It's a monster, it's
some sort of a witch.
- It takes one to know one!
- Clarence!
Jerry, the ballet is leaving for England
tonight and I'm going with them.
Let's just say that this whole
thing was a terrible mistake.
But Audrey, wait a minute,
I can explain all this.
Jerry, look. You need help
and you ought to see a doctor.
- I don't need a doctor!
- You have to straighten yourself out
and then maybe one day we
can get together and try again.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
Oh! Oh.
- Goodbye Jerry!
- Audrey!
Now you, miserable, little monster!
You've done it again!
Good riddance. You weren't
in love with her anyway.
- That's none of your business!
- She was taking you for a ride.
- One more word out of you, Clarence.
- Yes, I'll take the head!
I'm warning you Clarence!
Give a pushover to soft...
That's fine...
twice in one week.
I don't know what's wrong, Marty.
The words keep coming out.
I can't seem to control him anymore.
I'm going to level with you.
You're in trouble, Jerry. Big trouble.
Now, I've done something about it
and I don't want any argument.
You're going to see a doctor,
first thing in the morning.
Well, maybe that the most sensible thing
to do. I just don't know anymore, Marty.
What kind of a doctor?
Best in the business.
His name is Kreuger. He's in Zurich.
I've got hotel reservation,
tickets on a midnight...
Wait a minute.
What is this midnight plane to
Switzerland? What kind of a doctor is he?
- I told you, the best.
- Yeah, I know, the best. But what kind?
Well, sort of a... psychiatrist.
- A head shrinker?
A weight picker?
No, not for me, buddy.
- Jerry, please.
- Why don't you admit it. You think I...
I've goofed my gums, I've blown my fuse.
What you're inferring this much ain't you?
Why do you suddenly want to
take midnight plane to Switzerland?
What's going to be in Switzerland?
Well, I'm very happy here. I've got
a little problem, that I'll work out.
- You think that I've gone crazy...
- Jerry, listen!
Nobody says you're crazy.
But, you're upset, you're disturbed.
I've seen that happen five times.
Now, you meet a girl, you
like her, everything's fine.
And when you get serious, this
thing comes to live and breaks it up.
Only it's getting worse. That's the
second dummy you've broken this week.
You've got to see Dr. Kreuger.
Oh, Marty, that stuff
takes 3 or 4 years.
Kreuger's got a new technique.
He's cured some people in a week.
Now I'm a four year
job, I just know it.
- You open in London in 10 days.
- I'll be alright in London!
You will not be alright in London!
Jerry, listen to me!
I've been with you 10 years now.
Like a brother. This is the end.
If you're not with me on the plane
tonight, and you know about me and planes.
If you don't go and see Kreuger
and straighten yourself out,
so help me, I'm walking out.
- Alright, I'll go.
- Good.
Now Kreuger will probably want
to see you work with Clarence.
What's the name of the guy who patches up the dummy?
The fella who's fixing up Terence.
- Papinek.
- Papinek.
I'll take Clarence, Jerry,
you go to the hotel and pack.
No, I'll take him over.
Poor little guy.
Now look, you've got to stop
thinking about being as a person,
it's just a hunk of wood.
Don't you think I know that?
Just a hunk of wood.
- Let me take him.
- I'll take him over.
He'd liked it better this way.
As Jerry Morgan leaves
for the shop of Papinek,
the wet-book circumstance
tightens around him.
For at that very moment,
at 26 Ru Di Orlan,
Brodnik, having gained
access to the secret files,
secures the 2 precious
blueprints of Lafayette X.V.27.
as Brodnik escapes into the night,
the alarm goes out to the French police.
The news finally
reaching a high official,
who is a guest at
Godfrey Langston's party.
Excuse me, Monsieur.
Cash, I'd call quickly, will you?
Yes. Yes, I see.
The authorities have
sealed off the area.
Get down there, find that man.
Get hold of those plans
before the police do.
The police!
- Shhh... goes the bell.
I just managed to escape.
- The plans. Have you got the plans?
- I have them now.
Their coming in the streets.
Choppa choppa. Horsepower.
- We must get them out of here at once.
- How?
You take them. Plane, train,
they must leave Paris tonight.
Impossible, I'm being watched.
Paris will be sealed like a drum...
Every airports, every
railway station...
Mr Papinek, are you almost
finished? It's passed eleven.
Just be patient, it will
be ready in a minute.
The ventriloquist. He leaves
tonight for Zurich by midnight plane.
Midnight plane...
- Which one is his?
- Both. We put one in each.
- One in each?
- Should anything go wrong,
should one piece fall into the wrong
hands, it's no good without the other.
I sure hate to put you through
all this trouble, Mr Papinek,
but this is kind of an emergency.
We're leaving for Zurich tonight.
No, no, no. You mustn't touch.
Wait until the glue dries.
I'm sure it's a good one.
- Yeah.
Cos I'd hate you to think I keep
breaking these dummies all the time.
But the peculiar thing is, I keep
breaking them only when I'm in love.
At least Marty thinks it peculiar,
that's why we are going to see
this doctor in Switzerland tonight.
- Remember, the glue!
- Yeah.
Mr Papinek, you are a Frenchman,
and the French is supposed
to know about these things...
I'd like to ask you something. How
can you tell when you're really in love?
- Remember, you must not touch.
- Not even if you're in love?
Not until the glue hardens.
Not until the glue harden?
Well, thanks again. I'll send you
some money from Switzerland.
Now, go to your place, call
Zurich, contact Gromek.
Gromek? Why don't
we call him from here?
I'm sure my calls
are being intercepted.
Tell Gromek, when he gets
the plans, I'll meet him in London.
All right.
I wish to contact...
a Mr Laszlo Gromek.
No, no. Gromek,
G - R - O - M - E - K.
Yes, yes, this is Gromek.
Go on.
The merchandise leaves tonight.
Tonight? Go on...
What's wrong with you?
The twelve o'clock plane for Zurich.
It is carried by the
red-headed ventriloquist...
Red-headed ventriloquist?
Red-headed ventriloquist?
Red-headed ventriloquist?
Red-headed ventri...
We have a lead, sir.
An American ventriloquist, named
Jerry Morgan, who does have red hair,
holds an engagement tonight
at "La Poule d'Or"
He's got passage for
Zurich on a midnight plane.
- See that we are on that plane.
- Yes, sir.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Oh, please keep your coat, sir.
Our heating system is
temporarily out of order.
Silliest thing I ever heard of.
Fasten your seat belt, these
midnight trips to Switzerland.
Will you lay off, I'm the one who should
be complaining. You know how I get.
Well, stop complaining.
You're not going to be sick.
It's all mental. Just don't
think about it. You'll be alright.
- Oop, I'm terribly sorry.
- Oh, that's quite alright.
Passengers would you
please take your seats.
- Are you sure you got hotel reservations?
- Only the best, the Zonenhof.
- You get two rooms?
- Two rooms. - Good.
We had to sleep in the same room
with that deviated septum of yours...
Stop worrying, will you?
- Do you feel all right?
- I feel fine, fine...
- How is your stomach?
- Okay, just don't talk about it.
We are taking off. Please make sure
you have fastened your seat belt.
Yeah, you better
fasten your seat belt.
Now forget your stomach.
It's all mental...
What are you doing?
Nothing... I just fastened my belt.
- Then, please, unfasten it.
- Yes, ma'am.
- It seems to be stuck.
- Ring for the stewardess.
- She'll be here in a minute, so...
- Yes, I suppose so.
- Lovely night, isn't it?
- Yes, very nice.
- Are you from Paris?
- No.
- London?
- Yes.
Enjoyed the coronation?
Oh, would you please
try to get us undone.
- I'm terribly sorry.
- It's quite alright.
Marty, you sure you're alright?
Please... I'll be fine.
Perhaps you and your friend
would like to sit together?
Oh, that's very nice of you.
You sure you wouldn't mind?
No, not at all.
Watch your head.
Oh, you dropped...
- Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
- It's quite alright.
The washroom is at the rear.
Wasn't that awful? I spilled
chocolate all over her coat.
Well, I suppose it don't mean a
thing, Marty. It's all in your mind.
Dramamine clears it up right away.
You know, I just read an article.
It said in the article that...
you'd never get airsick if you
had something in your stomach.
- Please, don't say stomach.
- What did you have for dinner?
I don't want to think about it.
But, you should think about it. The
article said you should think about it.
It eases the tension,
relaxes the stomach muscles...
- Please, don't say stomach.
- Marty, don't be a child.
You've got to fight this thing.
Now tell me, what did
you have for dinner?
Well, first I had a
little chicken soup.
Chicken soup. Well, chicken soup is
wonderful. It's light, nourishing, warm,
- going down. Settles the stomach.
- Please, don't say stomach.
- Well, what else did you have for dinner?
- Lobster.
Lobster? Good, good.
Lobster, very good.
High protein content,
iodine. Very good indeed.
- You have it boiled?
No, thermidor..
- Oh, themidor.
- With a thick cheese sauce.
That's nice.
Thick cheese sauce.
Then some chicken tetrazzini,
broccoli with hollandaise sauce
and a chopped anchovy salad
with Roquefort dressing.
- Then for dessert...
- No names, just initials.
"Baked Alaska" with a rich,
creamy, fluffy, sugary...
All right.
You know, you were right.
My stomach feels much better.
- Please, don't say stomach.
- Don't you feel well?
- I think I should like a different seat.
- Front or rear?
Oh, anywhere, just away
from that particular young man.
Thank you.
I beg your pardon.
Aren't you, Jerry Morgan?
- Yes.
- Well, I'm Godfrey Langston's secretary.
Mr Langston is a
great admirer of yours
and consider it an extreme
privilege to meet you.
- Tell him, some other time.
- Tell him Mr Morgan will be right over.
Thank you!
Why did you do that for? I'm
in no mood to meet anybody.
That's Godfrey Langston. One
of biggest wheels in England.
- Very social. If he likes you, you're in.
- Good, maybe some other time.
You can't pass this up. This might
be the opportunity of a lifetime.
Alright, okay. If I don't do it
I'll never hear the end of it.
And when you meet him, don't play it
too big, you know how the British are,
very dignified, reserved.
So throw everything away.
- You know, nice and casual.
- You know, this is pretty silly.
Come on, kid, do it for me.
- Mr Langston?
- Yes. How nice of you Mr Morgan.
- Won't you sit down?
- Alright. Don't mind if I do.
I must apologise for
asking you over like this.
- But, I am quite a fan of yours.
- Oh, really?
- Turkish or Egyptian?
- Err, Egyptian I think.
I have seen your act at
"La Poule d'Or" a dozen times at least.
I want to tell you that in your
special field, I think your planning,
your technique, your execution
are not only daring but brilliant.
Oh, it's routine stuff, really.
In a way, it puts one in mind of
the daring of another performance.
A performance that took
place tonight, at 26 Ru Di Orlan.
Now you certainly do a lot
of night clubbing, don't you?
I'm afraid there's a theft of
some top secret documents
which are at this moment being
transported out of the country
- by some clever courier.
- Oh?
That performance also requires
a certain daring and brilliance.
For all we know, he may be
on a ship from Bordeaux,
a train to Berlin or
even on this very plane.
The chap's have to travel
somewhere, I imagine.
Imagine the anxiety of such a man,
the tension he must be
feeling in the pit of his stomach.
I mean, if anyone knew who
he was or what he was carrying
his life wouldn't be worth
a moments purchase.
In certain circumstances,
you'd imagine he'd be prepared
to change his hazardous position
for one of a luxury, security,
and what's more important, safety.
- Don't you agree with me?
- Um, yes, err.
In other words, you will think that he'd
be prepared to enter into a negotiation
if the price were right?
Oh, he'd be a fool, not to.
I'm so glad you agreed
with me, Mr Morgan.
Tell me, Mr Morgan, how many stars,
would you say, there were out there?
- Stars... in the sky, stars?
- Yes.
Well... I don't know...
Off hand, I would say
way of in the thousands...
- A 100 thousand.
- I think more than that.
-200 thousand?
- No, possibly a little bit more.
300 thousand.
I don't like to seem impertinent,
Mr Langston but that's the Milky Way.
Very well, Mr Morgan, how many
would you say there were?
Stars? Well, I'd say about a million.
- A million?
- Yeah... about...
Very well Mr Morgan,
let us say a million.
Very well, Mr Langston, let's.
- Good.
Shall we say, lunch
tomorrow, at my hotel?
Yes, that would be very nice.
Noon, my suite, the Zonenhof.
- Oh, that's where I'm staying.
- Oh, what a coincidence.
Well, it's been fun Mr Langston,
the stars and everything
and I'll see you tomorrow.
- Oop! Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
- It's quite alright.
- Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
- Gromek.
That's okay.
Are you positive we got two rooms?
- Of course.
- Okay.
- Oh mister, you dropped something.
- Gromek.
You're welcome.
- Cigarette?
- No, no thanks.
- I insist.
- Okay, if you insist, I'll be happy to.
Say, these are pretty mild, you know?
Well, Gromek very much.
You know, this is an
easy language to pick up.
But you can't put us both in the same
room, I won't sleep. This man snores.
I'm sorry Herr Morgan,
but we're overcrowded.
For tonight there are no other room.
- But I distinctly told the man 2 rooms!
- I am very sorry.
Well, I know you're sorry, but listen
to me for one minute, my friend.
When this man snores,
it's like nothing human,
it's like it comes out of a
machine or something.
I'm sorry.
I know you're sorry,
but it isn't his fault.
He's got a deviated septum,
and every time the cold air hits
his nose, it make the most awful...
What seems to be the trouble?
Oh, we've only got one room,
and my associate snores.
This young man is a
particular friend of mine.
I'd appreciate if you would
accommodate them both.
Yes, Mr Langston.
- Goodnight Mr Morgan.
- Goodnight Mr Langston, see you tomorrow.
- Noon, my suite.
- Yes, capital.
Ah, yes!
I find you can have
two adjoining rooms.
However, it's the old wing,
there are no private baths.
Oh, that's quite alright my good man.
Mr Brown will be in 311,
and you will be in 312.
- Gromek!
- No, Gromek is in 418
Easy language to pick up.
My key, please.
You know Jerry, you better take
this pill and get a good night's sleep.
Oh well, you know how I hate
to take these things, Marty.
They always make me so groggy.
You've got to be clear-headed when
you see the doctor in the morning.
Now come on, get under
the covers and get some rest.
Nice and warm.
- Marty?
- Yeah.
You don't think the doctor is going to
find out I'm crazy or anything, do you?
Of course not.
- Now put your cigarette out, Jerry.
- I don't think I'm crazy.
I think I'm a little peculiar
but that's not crazy.
Well that's about all, now. I want
you to get a good night's rest.
A lot of people are peculiar
but they are not crazy.
A lot of people are peculiar.
Of course I won't admit that
I'm high strung and nervous,
and irritable, sometimes I'm a little
over-talking but that certainly isn't crazy.
It's just peculiar.
- I'm high strung.
- I know that you're peculiar too.
But you're not crazy.
Nobody says you're crazy.
You won't be put away simply because
people said that you were peculiar.
I mean, nobody is going to put
anybody away. I want you to go...
In my business people have to be tough
it isn't high school... but it's certainly not...
- Go to sleep!
- Look, I know one thing,
I know crazy is crazy
and peculiar is peculiar.
- Are you through?
- Yeah.
Good night.
Suppose after we've
gone all this trouble,
the doctor finds out there's
absolutely nothing wrong with me.
That would be very peculiar.
- Yeah?
- Did you wish to be called in the morning?
- Yes, at 8 o'clock, please.
- Very well.
- Yes?
- Would you like also your breakfast sent up?
Oh yeah. I'd like some orange juice,
and just toast and coffee, I guess.
- Very well.
- Okay.
What is it?
- When?
When? When do you suppose?
First thing in the morning.
Now if you don't mind,
I'd like to get some sleep.
Very well.
Snoring is better than this.
I'll go and sleep with Marty.
What are you doing here?
Where's Martha?
- Marty?
This is strictly a business trip,
and he knows it. Now where is he?
Young man, I don't know who
you are or how you got here,
but if you're not out of my
room in exactly one minute,
I shall call the authorities.
Your room?
I'm terribly sorry.
This is a dreadful mistake, I...
You see, I took a sleeping pill last night.
I thought I was walking into Marty's room.
I had no idea I was
coming into this room.
I don't usually walk into Marty's
room either because he snores,
he has a deviated septum and
makes the most awful racket,
but the radiator started go...
Anything is better than
sleeping with the radiator
so I thought I'd go
into Marty's deviated...
I had to be up early because I have
got to be at Dr Kreuger's clinic,
I mean Dr. Clinic's Kreuger...
Well, it's been a very pleasant evening.
I do hope I'll see you again.
- If you don't mind. My slippers...
- Slippers?
Well, thanks again.
... Er, pillow.
Thank you.
It's been wonderful.
Come on if you're going
to take a shower,
you got 45 minutes
to get over to Kreuger's.
Marty, the strangest thing happened.
I got up in the wrong room this morning.
You got a good night's sleep?
I don't know how I got
there. I can't figure it out.
You'll feel better after
you take your shower.
Now pick up a hotel robe.
It's in the closet.
The washroom is down the
hall. Now come on, hurry.
I don't want to miss my breakfast.
- What are you doing here?
- Where's Marty?
Who is Marty?
Listen, if this keeps up you'll
get us kicked out of Switzerland.
Young man, you are in the ladies shower room.
I don't... Ladies shower room?
Holy... Ladies...
If you're not out of here
in exactly 3 seconds...
Oh, I'm terribly sorry, this is
a dreadful mistake, really...
I could explain all this but
it would take too much time.
You see, I've got to be at
Dr. Clinic's Kreuger.
I mean, Dr Kreuger's clinic.
Like I told you before,
Marty has this nose trouble...
- You see one of his nostril...
- I know, deviated septum.
- Oh, do you suffer over that too?
- Just get out!
Yes. I hate to bathe
and run like this but...
Like I told you I...
- If you don't mind, my slippers...
Oh, slippers!
I'm sorry.
I could explain this,
but you'd never believe it.
Where is it?
The third door on the right, but lock
the door, they'll walk right in on you.
- Don't you understand? I'm Gromek.
- Hmm?
- Gromek. G -R -O- M -E- K.
- Oh, that spells Gromek, all right.
Maybe this will help.
- I'm a friend of Brodnik.
- Hmm?
Brodnik, B - R - O - D - N - I- K.
No, that doesn't help,
but you sure can spell.
Philips ask to mention the
name, Maurice Papinek?
Oh, Papinek! Oh sure.
Are you a friend of Papinek?
- I am to contact you.
- You are?
Oh, of course, about the glue.
Well tell him it turned out just fine.
Turned out fine?
Yeah, I broke the head
of my dummy last night,
and he fixed it.
He did a beautiful job.
Oh, I see.
- I'm sorry to have troubled you.
- Oh, it's no trouble at all.
Oh, and by the way when you
see Papinek, give him my regards,
and tell him Gromek.
Gromek ever so much.
Gromek ever so much.
Gromek ever so much?
Good morning.
- I have a report from Paris.
- Well?
Morgan seems to be on the
verge of some sort of breakdown,
and he came here
for treatment.
Last night he broke his
dummy, and have it repaired
at the shop of a man
named... Papinek.
Papinek! Papinek... that name.
Well, of course...
Maurice Papinek the Perini ring.
Oh, how foolish of me.
Brodnik must have
brought the plans to Papinek,
and there's where they
stuck them into the dummy.
The red-headed fool is
nothing but a mailbox.
They just took the
dummy from the hotel.
Now let me know the
moment they get back.
We got to get hold of that
dummy at the first opportunity.
Very well.
Well, that's pretty much
the story, Dr Kreuger.
It's happen the same
way now, five times.
- I see.
- I meet a girl, fall in love with her.
When I begin to think of marriage,
Clarence suddenly comes
alive and breaks it up.
You're quite sure you wouldn't
like to see me work with him?
No, that won't be necessary.
And I have a practical suggestion.
A psycho-analyst who
practices in London,
and entirely familiar with my
technique, is here on consultation.
Now since you must
perform in England in 10 days,
I'd like this doctor
to observe this session,
and continue to
treat you in London.
- Oh, that's fine, doc. Sure.
- Please have Dr Nordstrom come in.
I'm sure this will help us
achieve a short treatment,
and a rapid recovery.
Come in!
Well, hello!
Good morning.
Well, this is quite a surprise,
I didn't expect to see you here.
- You two know each other?
- No, not really.
We slept in the
same room last night.
I mean... we took a shower together
Actually, we've
never been introduced.
This may take a little
longer than I thought.
We are...
- I'm sorry.
Our path crossed quite
accidentally, Dr Kreuger.
- It was a normal mistake.
- Oh, quite normal, you see.
This radiator was going...
and my friend who has this
deviated septum.
Oh, she has the same trouble.
Well, he gave me the
sleeping pill because he couldn't...
- Prepare the injection.
- Yes doctor.
- Prepare the injection?
- Yes.
Give me your coat,
please, and lie down.
This was quite a normal mistake, I don't
think we need any injection for this.
- What kind of sort of an injection...?
- Lie down and roll up your shirt.
- What kind of an injection is this?
- A simple painless injection Mr Morgan.
You will have a deep
sleep and talk freely.
I talk pretty freely, anyway.
I guess you've found that out by now.
Your sleeve, please.
Dr Nordstrom, I'd like to
explain about this morning.
I'm really not in the habit of
taking showers with strange women.
- Or even those I know very well.
- Please!
But I want to assure you, doctor, that
if I had to take a shower with someone,
there's no one in the world I would
rather... You'd better give me that shot.
Deep breath.
Gosh, I just can't get
over you being a doctor.
I mean, you're so...
pretty for a doctor.
- No offense, Dr Kreuger.
- Relax Mr Morgan.
Gosh, I don't think of a
doctor as having such
beautiful blue eyes,
such lovely hair,
this pretty lips...
You know, if I wouldn't...
You're beautiful...
You're asleep now. We're going
back, far back into the past.
Years are falling away.
And you're now a little boy.
Yes, I'm a little boy.
I'm a very little boy.
I'm a little boy.
I'm five years old and everybody
says I am cute and smart and bright.
But actually I'm the
most unhappiest, loneliest,
most miserablest little
boy in the whole world.
Tell me, Jerry, why
are you so unhappy?
Because my mummy and
daddy are always fighting
and yelling and
screaming at each other,
- and throwing things and everything.
- And why do they do that?
They have to.
They are married.
- You think that all married people fight?
- Yes, I do and I don't like it.
I don't like it one bit. I hate it,
that's what I do. I just hate it.
Then I'm going to run away from home.
I'm going to go to China and Africa,
and I'm going to hunt tigers and lions
and I'm going to climb mountains.
- Why don't you?
- I'm not allowed to cross the street.
Tell me, Jerry, what do your
mummy and daddy do for a living?
Well the have Vaudeville act,
but they're always yelling and
fighting and screaming at each other.
Why do they fight?
Because mummy says that daddy is always
looking at Zelda, the fire eater and then,
- of course there's his drinking.
- I mean, just how bad is that?
I don't know, but mummy says that if
you can buy it, burn it or bottle it,
if he could sip it, swallow it
or gurgle it or gargle it
if you could squeeze it out of the
bottle or squeeze it out of a damp rag
or just put it in a glass
and swish it around
he'll drink it.
But, Jerry, isn't there anything about
your life, that's pleasant or happy?
Yes there is. When my
mummy and daddy go on the stage,
it's just beautiful.
All the colored lights go on,
and the music is playing.
It's the most wonderful thing.
- Hi Zelda.
- Hi dear.
Hey, how do you like
the new spaghetti joint?
Why don't you stick to your characting,
kid. You're out of your class.
- Come on, move along!
- What's the matter with you, big mouth.
I didn't say anything.
There's a big difference
between staring and watching?
- Hell, how was I in love with her?
- That's what you were thinking...
Mummy, daddy, stop, stop, stop...
Mummy, daddy, stop it.
Stop it, mummy, daddy, stop it...
Relax Jerry, please.
You're alright. You're with friends.
What's your opinion, doctor?
It seems a rather standard case. Lonely
child, product of a unhappy home life,
grows up with a strong
resistance to marriage.
And being a ventriloquist,
he uniquely expresses his
resistance through the dummy.
He needs concentrated therapy.
I suggest we both leave
for London immediately.
Good. But remember, he must have
absolutely no contact with the dummy.
Doctor, there's just one thing.
The young man has already indicated
some sort of an attraction to me.
Do you think this would
endanger the treatment?
Well, I think that's a risk
we'll just have to take.
Jerry... Jerry,
you can wake up now.
- Beautiful blue eyes, lovely hair...
- You can wake up now.
We are going to London.
We are?
That's nice.
This is very nice of you, Mr Langston.
To go out of your way
and give us a lift like this.
That is not out of my way at all.
As I explained to you, I had
an emergency call from London.
So I had to charter
this plane anyway.
- Well, I still think it's pretty nice.
- It's my pleasure.
And I hope when you get to London, you'll
come down to Langsmeyer, and visit me.
Oh, I'd like to.
I have many friends
who'd enjoy your company.
Perhaps you let me give
you cards to all my clubs.
Cards to your clubs?
Oh, that's very generous. How
am I ever gonna repay you for this?
Don't mention it, my dear boy.
This sort of thing
carries its own reward.
Now, if you, two young
people will excuse me,
I think I'll go and
get a bit of a nap.
- Perhaps you'd like a tea or sandwiches?
- No, thanks. Maybe a little later on.
Isn't he a wonderful man?
He's so kind and fatherly.
It's terribly
important to you, isn't it?
I wonder why?
Could it be that Godfrey Langston
seems strong, dependable,
everything that little Jerry Morgan
longed for and never had in the father?
Do you know, doctor,
you're awfully smart?
This dependence of feelings could
be one of your basic problems.
Doctor, what are
doing for dinner tonight?
Mr Morgan, let me caution you,
from the outset that our relationship
must be completely and
strictly impersonal. Is that clear?
Oh, yes, yes.
And, there is another thing
we'd have to guard against.
You see, in almost every
therapy the patient becomes
emotionally involved
with his analyst.
It can take various forms, of course.
But, as I am a woman and you
are a man, it's quite possible,
that during the course of our work
you will even get the notion
that you're in love with me.
You know, it's amazing
how fast this stuff works.
And so the case of
Lafayette X.V.27 moves to England.
where, that night, at
Langsmeyer, his country estate,
Godfrey Langston, confident that
he possesses the complete plans,
starts negotiations for their
sale, to a man in Istanbul.
A man known only as Brutchik.
Tell Brutchik we have plans.
He's flying here at once.
He'll wire the time of arrival.
Meanwhile, at the Royalton, a
nondescript hotel in the Soho district,
Gromek, confident that he
too has the complete plans,
has contacted
Maurice Papinek in Paris.
Papinek, delayed by police
surveillance assures Gromek
that will arrive in
London within 24 hours.
Later that evening, at
the Kensington Park Hotel,
Marty wasted no time, setting up
a conference with the British press.
" American ventriloquist
arrives from Paris. ".
Two dummies.
Lucky we picked the right one.
Thank you.
"Always yours, darling: Richard"
- Good morning, Mr Morgan.
- Good morning.
I brought you a few little posies.
Oh, thank you. But I make it a practice
not to accept gifts from my patients.
If you don't mind, I'll give it to the
children at the clinic in which I work.
No, I don't mind at all.
- If you'll just sit down and relax.
- Over there?
- Yes, please, if you don't mind.
- No, I like sitting here, I think.
Very briefly, our technique is this.
I want you to say anything
that comes into your mind,
and I'll take notes of
the pertinent facts.
- So shall we start?
- Yeah.
- Anything that comes into my mind?
- Yes, please.
- Who is Richard?
- Pardon?
- Who's the fella in the picture?
- Oh, just a friend of mine.
- American, isn't he?
- He was.
What do you mean "was"?
Is he dead?
Mr Morgan, I cautioned
you yesterday, didn't I?
Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm sorry.
I apologise.
Very well.
Let's proceed.
I was born in Philadelphia,
right in the middle of a matinee.
Then my family moved on to...
Were you in love with him?
If that picture distracts
you, I'll remove it.
No, no, no.
It doesn't distract me.
I mean... I don't know even know the man.
Why should it... it doesn't distract me.
Probably somebody was just
in love with it or something...
Were you in love with him?
Quite obviously we can't proceed
until your curiosity is satisfied.
His name was Richard Thompson.
He was a pilot in the American air force.
I was a nurse. We met. We fell in love.
During the invasion, he was killed.
- That's a shame.
- I always wanted to become a doctor.
I became a doctor and then an analyst.
And that's all.
Now, may we proceed,
please, Mr Morgan?
Yeah. After we left Philadelphia
we went... That's all?
That's all you've done?
Just been a doctor and nothing else?
- I beg your pardon?
- I mean, haven't you any social life
of romance, or dates or gone out
with men or people or anything?
- Really, Mr Morgan!
- Oh doctor, you're in a lot of trouble.
We gonna have to do
something about it.
I'm afraid we made
a dreadful mistake.
Now, wait a minute!
I'll see that you get a
competent male analyst.
I don't want a competent male
analyst, I am very happy with you.
But you're stubborn
and refuse to cooperate!
That's not true. You told me to say
anything that came into my mind.
- Yes.
- Alright, I mentioned Richard.
What if I did?
Suppose I had a horse
once named Richard,
and he kicked me in
the head or something.
That's quite possible.
You know what I think?
I think that if can't
mention Richard,
it doesn't necessarily mean that
there's something wrong with me,
it might mean there's
something wrong with you.
And you ought to do
something about it right away.
- I'll call Dr Manfred.
- I don't want Dr Manfred, I want you.
I mean, I need a
young and beautiful doctor
and you're just what
the doctor ordered, doc.
- I've had quite enough of this Mr Morgan.
- Now, let's face the facts.
When is the last time a
man held you in his arms?
When is last time a man told you,
you were young and beautiful?
- And you are young and beautiful.
- Mr Morgan, would you please go?
No, not until I finish
what I've got to say.
What are you fighting?
What are you so dreadfully afraid of?
I find it absolutely impossible
to work with you, Mr Morgan.
- So would you please go.
- Alright, I'll go.
But there's a darn side more wrong
with you than there is with me
and I'll prove it to you.
- If you don't mind, my umbrella, please.
- Oop, sorry.
" Sigmund Freud"
"Introduction to Psychoanalysis. ".
Possessively approaches and
hidden in the unconscious and...
Oh good morning. I'd like
to see Dr Nordstrom please.
I'm sorry. This is the
doctor's day at the clinic.
Oh, well I'm sure it will
only take a few minutes.
Oh good morning, doctor.
I haven't reach
Dr Manfred yet, but I will.
So will you excuse me.
Oh, you don't have
to reach Dr Manfred.
I have been up all night
studying your problem,
and I think I've got the answer.
It's very common, it's in all the books.
All you've got is a little
"guilt complex" that's all.
You see, you are a victim
obsessive reproaches,
and obsessive reproaches are
hidden in the unconscious mind.
Do you understand?
As Heinrich Lastvogel said...
Wait a minute!
Don't you understand?
You are regressive.
And regression is a defense
mechanism used against guilt feelings
rationalized again and again for distorted
use of the gratification of the Oedipus.
Listen to me, for just
one minute, please.
Look, forget all those big words.
I don't know what they mean
anyway. But I do know this.
I know that you loved Richard
and Richard loved you.
And when he died, you felt kind of guilty
because it was him instead of you.
Don't you understand?
You're blaming yourself for
something that isn't your fault.
It's like punishing yourself
because you didn't die too.
Don't you see that?
It's true, isn't it?
I just didn't think it showed.
Maybe you will feel
better if you talk about it.
- No, I'm...
- Oh, please.
- I don't...
- It sometimes helps. Just talk.
This is where it all happened.
The town where Richard was stationed,
and hospital where I was a nurse.
I come here every week,
work at the clinic,
visit his grave...
Why don't you keep talking?
Just received a wire, sir. Mr Brutchik
has left Istanbul. He arrives tonight.
- Are you sure you won't have a drink?
- Oh, no, no.
You know what's the funny
thing about me and drinking.
All I have to do is smell the
cork, I fall flat on my face...
Now do you suppose your father's
drinking has anything to do with the...?
This is your patient
not mine, remember?
- Would you like to dance?
- You may be sorry.
I'll probably be all feet.
And with the rest of you, makes
it so worthwhile. Come on.
I never dreamed, but
I've been dreaming lately,
all about you,
Whatever I do,
My thoughts are,
all about you,
You're so caressable,
sweet and blessable,
so unguessable too
that I'm in a spin
because of inaccessible you,
What will I do?
The friends I call, that
I've been calling lately.
I call about you,
And not just a few,
I want to tell them,
all about you.
Is it unbelievable or conceivable,
you care at all about me.
Do you want my arms
as I do all about you.
Is it unbelievable or conceivable,
you care at all about me.
Do you want my arms
as I do, all about you.
Well Mr Brutchik, what do you think?
Very good, very good.
Now show me the second half.
The second half?
This is only the primary mechanism.
There's a triggering device?
- There's a second blueprint?
- Second blueprint? Two halves?
Why of course, that picture in
the paper. The two dummies.
If this is some sort of a game?
Telephone London. Tell our friends
to go to Morgans Hotel immediately,
and get that blueprint from the
other dummy. And I don't care how.
Yes, sir.
Don't worry, we'll
get the other half.
Contact me when you do.
- Oh, it was a really wonderful day.
- Wasn't it, doc?
- I can't remember having a nicer time.
- No?
Oh, it was very kind of you
making me do all those things,
- I haven't done for years.
- I couldn't be more pleased.
Do you suppose I could come back
tomorrow, as a patient, I mean?
- I don't see why not?
- Good.
- Well...
- Yes?
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
What time is my appointment?
I'll be early.
You go to Morgans Hotel now,
tonight, and get the other plan.
And nothing will stop you.
- When do I get paid?
- You will go now.
- Not till I get my money.
- You will go now,
or you will have very
little use for money.
- Good evening, sir.
- Sure is!
Where have you been all day? Not a call,
not a word. I've been worried sick.
Boy, have I got news for you.
I have got great news for you.
I'm in love, Marty, really in love.
Yeah, with the most
beautiful doctor in the world.
- Now don't start that again. You're...
- No, this time it's different.
- It's always different.
- But this is, Marty, honestly, it is.
I can't stop it, you can't
stop it, she can't stop it.
I'll tell you something.
Not even Clarence can stop it.
Yeah, I'll get him out
and prove it to you.
Jerry, you can't do that. You're
in no shape to go near that dummy.
Now listen, I'm not dressed. Will you
please come down here and talk to me?
Just talk to me before
you do something silly.
Alright, you're still a nervous wreck,
but I'll come around and see you.
It's quite obvious you won't find what
you're looking for, because we have it.
Just as it's quite obvious that
you have what we're looking for.
Get up!
Where is the blueprint?
Where is it?
Where is it?
You will pay?
You'll be well taken care of.
Where is it?
- Papinek.
- Where?
- Royalton Hotel, room 314.
- How do I know?
- Here... key.
- Key proves nothing.
Get him on the phone.
Please get the Royalton hotel.
Yes, thank you.
What do I say?
Tell him you have the blueprint
and we'll be right over.
Royalton Hotel?
Please, get me room 314.
- Hello?
- Hello... Papinek?
- Yes.
- Gromek.
I have it. I come now.
Open it!
U... mm... murder.
Hello? There has been a murder, would
you send the police up here,... body...
Uh... murder! Help police,
somebody... Murder!
don't go away...
Police, murder, help!
Murder, police, police, help!
There has been a murder in my room!
Send for the police! Help!
Murder, here, murder!
Police, help!
...and then I opened the closet and
there was this fella stuck on my door.
- Marty!
- Jerry, what have you done?
What have I done? You don't
think for one minute I had...
Listen to me, I told
you not to go near...
- Marty, don't you believe me?
- All right, man, just give me the knife.
What's the matter, you all gone crazy or something?
I tell you I came in here,
I opened the closet,
and there was this character stuck
up on it like a big piece of shashlik
- a great big piece of shashlik.
- Just give us the knife.
And then I looked down, and
there was Clarence and Terence,
so badly slashed I couldn't
tell Terence from Clarence
- or Clarence from Terence!
- Alright laddie, the knife.
- You don't believe me, do you?
- Of course I believe you!
You do not.
I know what you're thinking.
Go on, say it.
I'm a killer!
I knife people all the time. Sure
I've got buddies all over, haven't I?
Why don't you look around,
What about the body under the bed,
or the one in the bathroom,
or this one in here!
I didn't do it!
"Welcome Sons of Hibernia"
( Hibernia = Latin name for Ireland ).
- Well, what did he do?
- What did he do?
- Oh, you mean Monahan?
- How did he fight his way out?
Fight... well...
- What did he say? -
Right in the face! - Oh!
Oh, figure it out.
You mean when Molly fell
into the whiskey tank?
How did he save her from drowning?
- He figured it out!
- Right!
- That's a charming voice you have.
- Thank you.
That's a jolly note you got to your voice
me boy. What did you say your name was?
Well, I didn't say exactly.
Patrick Michael Carmedi, junior.
Would that be the
Patrick Michael Carmedi Junior
or Patrick Michael Carmedi Senior?
- Oh, why wouldn't they know!
- Gentlemen, this is Carmedi boy!
This calls for a drink in memory
of his dear departed father.
Come on me lad, we must drink
to your dear departed father,
the past President
of this organization.
And one of the plentiest
drinking when we ever had.
Set him up, double.
Well now, when it comes to drinking,
gentlemen, really, I'm not like my father.
Now, now no modesty.
We've heard all about you.
- You heard?
- Like father, like son.
What kind of a drink is that
should be given a Carmedi boy?
- No, no, way I finish this thing!
- Here you are, relax.
- To your dear departed father.
- For my dear departed father.
- Bottoms up.
- Bottom up.
As fine and decent
a man has ever graced
the good green south
of the blessed... hill
- Him self!
- Him self!
Ah, good companion, a fine
father and a loving husband!
- Ah, him self!
- Him self!
A man who is trustworthy alive,
friendly, courteous, kindest,
and cheerful, obedient, clean, reverent.
Bottoms up.
I finished it!
Of course you did,
you're Carmedi's boy!
I know, it's funny, I usually
take one drink, and I go...
Ah, the poor boy!
Strong lungs but a weak stomach.
We can't let the poor lad lay on
the floor, we'll take him to his lodge.
- Alright, look for his key.
- Oh, that I will.
Here it is.
Royalton Hotel, room 314.
That's just down the street.
- Come on now.
Well, come along lad,
we'll take you there.
He was kind, courteous, always obedient,
cheerful, frisky, pleasant and...
It's noon sir. Would you
like your brunch sent up?
Ahh? Oh yeah...
Well, would you get me,
Strand 4110 please?
Oh, Jerry...
Yes... yes I can go.
- Are you alright?
- I don't remember very much.
I need you very bad. I
think I'm in desperate trouble.
There was murder last
night, I didn't do them.
- I know you didn't.
- Where is he?
- You believe me, don't you?
- Yes, of course I believe you.
Tell me, Jerry, where are you?
I'm in Room 314 at
the Royalton Hotel.
Darling, I've got to see you.
Would you please come right over.
You just stay there.
I'll come right over.
Royalton Hotel.
Room 314.
- You'd better come along with us doctor.
- Yes.
- Who is there?
- Your brunch sir.
Just a minute.
Good afternoon sir.
Your brunch.
Er, just nicked myself shaving.
Oh, you ain't the only
one who's cut up sir.
Take a look at this.
I'll get the table out.
The Ripper!
The Red Headed Ripper!
No... no... I'm good.
- Help! Murder!
- I am not a murderer.
Help! Police!
" Langleys "... Langleys, Langston!
Got to get on to Langstons!
Sorry. Mustn't miss my bus.
It's the Ripper!
I'm terribly sorry.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Could I be of assistance?
Possibly, I don't think so at the moment.
I'm just merely looking around.
- But, devilish look familiar...
- Oh, really?
- Hey, have we met?
- I don't think so, old man, I...
I haven't been here, actually. I have
been abroad, you see. At Prevaling,
Foreign Office Indra,
that sort of thing, really.
Ah, India... yes.
Did mountain climbing there, it's
rather good fun this time of the year.
Snow covered slopes, antelope
tracks, sheeing and zorted
good sport, you know.
- What do you think of the Himalayas?
- I beg your pardon?
I said, what do you
think of the Himalayas?
Loved him, hated her.
Was there any particular
model you had in mind?
I don't know, actually...
possibly 4 wheel, perhaps an engine
or some sort things you see...
Maybe you're interested in this
one of our most popular models,
The custom built sports vehicle.
Automatic transmission,
deluxe 5 side walls,
high compression, overhead valves,
extremely low petrol consumption,
4 wheel hydraulic
pepper touch brakes,
single sheet glare-proof windscreen,
- and conservatively priced at 1750 pounds.
- I say that is rather conservative...
Could you tell me, what that red
thing, sitting out there, so attractive?
That's our super
automatic demonstrator.
Demonstrator? Do you suppose
we could go out for a bit of a spin?
Unfortunately, can't leave the floor, huh?
- Oh, pity.
Do you care to take it out yourself?
I'd be delighted to. If you just give
me the keys, I should be most happy.
- I'll be back quickly.
- Let me explain about starting this...
No need at all. It isn't necessary. You
see I'm absolutely wizard with no help.
The governor would know
that I'm mechanical...
- That's you, huh
- Not at all. Goodbye.
- Cheerio.
- Ever so tall.
Aw, there you are! Exactly
how to find a salesman here.
- I say, are you free?
- No, you see, I'm a...
Yes, as a matter of fact.
Anything I can show you, sir?
Well, I am terribly interested in the new
"Superb". Is it as automatic as they say?
Oh, good heavens, yes.
It's one of the most automatic automatics
we have in all the automatics here.
- This is a two-seater?
- Two seater? Yes...
Well I'm rather tall you know and
I try to have the seat set back.
Well our seats set are
back at lovelier at the moment.
And for the moment our seat sets
are back to arrives back yard,
they'll have them set
your seat for you... back.
Well, I'm not awfully
keen on this color,
- but I saw one out there.
- But we do have its own demonstrator.
Yes. Perhaps that color
would suits you better.
You will just come along with me. I
should be most happy to explain it to you.
Oh, yes.
It's very nice.
Very nice lines.
Oh, there is a very interesting
feature here I must show you.
Oh, what is it?
Well, it's our overhead underslung
isolating compression decraminator.
- What does it decraminate?
- The Degasca chamber.
Curious, it looks
just like the hubcap.
What does it matter effect it is except
when you're decraminating of course,
which only during low gears
out in the open road. What?
- It has everything, hasn't it?
- Hasn't it, and...
- I say, shall we get
cracking? - Good idea. - Yes.
Here we are. I could just
find the ignition here... and
Ignition here... well...
yes, here...
- Which is the ignition?
- It was here a moment ago...
Oh you see, this is one of
our very special feature...
Oh you know, super
concealed. Prevent stealing.
Occasionally, prevents driving.
Ha, ha, this is one of the witty one.
Oh yes, here we are. You put it
in here exactly, and here we go.
Oh, I see. It's the wrong button.
Oh, terribly sorry.
- Decraminating quite a bit, isn't it.
- Yes.
I thought perhaps, you'd
like to see it all at once.
Thank you, but...
some another time.
- Thank you.
- Yes...
Get me the police!
- Thank you. Morgan has stolen a car.
- A car?
Do you have any idea
where he might be heading?
No, he doesn't know anybody in
London but myself and Marty and...
You don't suppose he's
gone to see Mr Langston?
- Who?
- Godfrey Langston.
He was friend to
Jerry in Switzerland.
- Jerry was terribly impressed.
- I see.
Get me Godfrey Langston.
Very well, we'll be on the
lookout. Thank you, Inspector.
That idiot, Morgan may
be a little toothache.
If he turns up, hold
him and inform the police.
- Mr Brutchik has arrived, sir.
- Oh, good.
Hello, I'm Jerry Morgan. You wait a
minute, I'm a friend of Mr Langston!
- He's going to give me cards to his clubs.
- Call the police!
Let's get this over with
as quickly as possible.
I trust you're not wasting my time.
I cannot understand
why it's taken so long.
You realize, my dear, Brutchik, this
is no ordinary case of espionage.
You have the plans?
Please, be seated.
- This is not a trick, you are sure?
- Study them yourself.
You will find, you are now in complete
possession of Lafayette X.V.27.
Two simple blueprints which hold
the greatest power of annihilation
the world has ever known.
Ah yes, excellent! No question
about these being the complete plans.
Very good.
Very good, indeed.
Whoever controls this weapon,
may well control the world.
What are you trying to say?
I'm suggesting a
renegotiation of our agreement.
- What do you mean, renegotiation?
- Just that.
- Renegotiation of the money.
- I'm sorry.
- Brutchik, you realize...?
- You realize this,
I'm about at the end of patience.
We have made a commitment.
Arm and generous commitment.
I've lived up to my end of the bargain,
and expect you to do likewise.
You realize that we run
more risks than planned.
That's entirely your
affair my dear Langston.
You made the dealing. What do you
mean more risk than planned?
- Four men have had to be killed.
- Four men!
- Brodnik, Gromek, Papinek.
- And Shaslik! Oh...
- Morgan's here, somewhere in the house
- Yes, I know. Take him.
Take your hands off me!
- How convenient Mr Morgan.
- Don't you sweet talk me.
You are a murderer, that's all!
A spy, a traitor and murderer!
And I'll tell you something else. You
don't have to send me cards to your clubs.
- I don't want them now.
- Have you notified the police?
I'm afraid we'll have to dispose of
this young man before they arrive.
Quickly and not too much of a mess.
Make it look like self-defense.
What's the matter, did
you run out of knives?
I'm sorry about this, old
man. I rather liked you.
Yeah, I'll bet you did.
I shan't haggle.
Take this and go.
The plane for Istanbul
leaves at 11 o'clock.
11 o'clock plane to Istanbul, eh?
It's lucky we got here in time.
Put up your hands!
You are all under arrest!
Fool around with
Scotland Yard, will you?
All right you spies, unhand that man!
Run quickly after him!
Quick! After him!
He mustn't reach London alive!
Thank you.
He's escaped from Langston
after making an attempt on his life.
I just can't believe them.
An all points report:
Morgan's headed towards London.
I want him taken, alive if
possible, but take no chances.
Repeat: Take no chances.
Hello, nice to see you again.
- Nice looking chap. I wonder who he is?
- I'll ask him next time, Sue.
- Where can I find Miss Greene?
- Who?
You'll find her upstairs.
Dressing room number 3.
Okay. Thanks.
- Audrey.
- Oh, no!
Audrey, you've got to help me.
Don't you come near me!
Don't believe the papers. I am innocent,
Audrey. You've got to call the police.
- Sure Jerry. Anything.
- There's a man called Brutchik.
He's going to blow up the whole world.
Don't you understand that?
Now look, they won't believe
me but they will believe you.
You... you've got to go to the police
and tell them to stop the 11 o'clock
plane to Istanbul, do you understand?
- The man's name is Brutchik.
- Oh, Brutchik.
- Now hurry up, Audrey.
- Now, you stay right here and don't you move.
Brutchik is the man's name.
Murray, would you hurry up!
Why you always the last one?
All right, all right.
Get over here as fast as you can.
He's stark raving mad.
Yes, Jeffrey's in my dressing room.
Oh, you take that side,
and I'll cover this.
Come on Boris, hurry up.
Take me, I'm innocent!
I know that you're making a terrible
mistake. You should stop Brutchik.
He's on the 11 o'clock
plane to Istanbul.
Oh darling, you should
have believed me.
But I do, Jerry. I do.
They don't understand?
Don't you understand.
Brutchik is on the plane to Istanbul.
He'll blow up the whole world!
- Go on Medical, get some brandy.
- I am not hysterical.
Morgan, are you ready
to make a confession?
Look, I'll tell you everything,
if you'll just listen to me.
- Stenographer!
- I'll take it down.
It's all so simple,
anybody could understand it.
There was Brodnik and Gromek,
and Shaslik and Brutchik.
Now Gromek got it from Brodnik
who brought it to Shaslik
who in turn gave it to Brutchik.
You see, the stuff was in
Clarence, but it was also in Terence.
Now they didn't know Clarence from
Terence, or Terence from Clarence,
so Gromek killed Shaslik.
Have you got that, Gromek?
G - R - O - M - E - K.
Gromek killed first Shaslik.
The second Shaslik got Papinek.
- Papinek?
- Yeah.
- Maurice Papinek?
- Yes, but he's not important.
He's not the brains.
That's him!
That's the spy!
Wilton, I want it clearly understood that
this boy's interests are to be protected.
- He is a personal friend of mine.
- My friend, he tried to kill me!
- He should have the best medical care.
- Don't believe him.
- My personal attorney.
- He's a traitor.
- I will underwrite the whole of his...
- He can put you to those plans, I was telling you about.
Two pieces of blueprint
with that fancy French name.
You can see the poor
boy's out of his mind.
Really you can't put any credence
in the ravings of this maniac?
I mean, you can't possibly think
that I'll be involved in anything as
infamous as the theft
of the "Lafayette" papers?
How did you know the name
of the secret document?
What? Well, this poor
idiot just mentioned it.
I beg your pardon.
He didn't.
What he said was "He gave Brutchik
those plans I was telling you about,
two pieces of blueprint with
some fancy French name".
But inspector, this is
preposterous, I...
Detain the plane for Istanbul. Mr Langston,
I'm afraid I must hold you for questioning.
Take him out.
I'm sorry about this, old man.
I rather liked you.
Mr Morgan, I'm afraid we
all owe you a great apology.
It's all so simple, a child
could have understood it.
They was Gromek and Brodnik, and
Shaslik and Papinek. Now when Gromek...
You look strained, take this.
- When Gromek met Papinek...
- Just drink it.
He didn't know that Brodnik had
taken the plans from Shaslik, and...
You know, you do have the prettiest eyes
of any doctor I have ever seen. I would...
- I'll take care of him.
- I'll do it.
I haven't seen the end
that he could use to.
- Marty, where's the car?
- Across the street.
- Hey, terribly sorry. We just got married.
- I am awfully sorry.
Healthy looking couple.
Probably'll have a large family.
We better get a bigger car.