Knockouts in Lockdown (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic horn music]
[filmstrip ticking]
[pop rock music]
[pop rock music continues]
[pop rock music continues]
[pop rock music continues]
[sober gentle music]
Do you have to rush off?
Sorry, Cindy.
I've got a lot of important
things to take care of.
Oh, all right.
I know the drill.
Hit it and quit it.
You're a call girl, Cindy.
What else do you expect?
But I'm a call girl
with a beautiful house.
That's right.
You must be raking
in some serious cash.
Eh, I do all right.
But speaking of cash.
I don't think I have what
you're looking for today.
Excuse me?
Will this do?
You're a cop?
I know, it's a drag,
but we did have a
great time together.
You never even
intended to pay me.
I had to gather
some hard evidence.
You bastard. You tricked me.
You're the trick, Cindy.
Not me.
I'll get you for this.
My lawyer will have
me out in an hour.
I don't think so, sweetheart.
It's your 36th offense
and this is a three
dozen strike state.
I'll be out faster
than Lindsay Lohan.
You'll see.
Come on, let's go.
[Cindy scoffs]
[dramatic horn music]
[soft tense music]
What are you in for?
I said, what are you in for?
Oh, me?
But I won't be in for long.
I've got a really good attorney.
Lucky you.
So what are you in for?
Like fighting fighting?
Yeah, I kicked a girl's ass,
but it was rigged.
A sting, a setup.
Really? A setup?
Me too.
I was set up just like you.
Yeah, but you're a
hooker, not a fighter.
I get paid to make
war, not love.
You are nothing like me.
Maybe so, but you look
more like a hooker than I do.
How dare you!
[dramatic music]
You're a bitch.
Back off, skank!
God, get off me!
[both grunting]
You messed with
the wrong girl.
Get off me!
God, you crazy bitch!
Do not mess with me!
[dramatic music continues]
[both grunting]
Hey, hey, hey.
Stop it this instant.
Not here for 30 minutes
and you've already
started a riot.
She asked for it.
Shut up.
And Sasha, that
means three hours
are added onto your sentence.
I'll fix you for this.
You just wait and see.
Bite me, hose bag.
Come with me.
[fist thudding]
[heels clicking]
Stand over there, prisoner.
Can't you just call me Cindy?
Prisoner sounds so final.
Shut up, prisoner.
Shutting up, sir.
You're a pretty one.
They'll like you here.
Well, I've been known to
get on good with others.
I'm sure.
Now strip.
You heard me, cupcake.
[smooth music]
Now what?
Take these and
be quick with it.
Oh, for a second there
I thought we were gonna
have rough jailhouse sex.
That comes later
after you've showered.
Oh, right.
I should have been able to
figure that one out on my own.
Follow me.
[smooth music continues]
[knocking on door]
Here she is.
That'll be all for now, Matron.
You can wait outside.
All right.
Please have a seat.
Cindy, this does not
look good for you.
Not good at all.
Warden, I swear I was set up.
I didn't do anything at all.
I blame society.
Cindy, this is serious.
You could be facing hard time.
Hard time?
Can't I just have
what Paris Hilton got?
I'm afraid not.
That's only reserved
for hardened criminals
and celebrities.
Think of it.
Hard time.
Your youth flittering away,
your pretty face
lined with wrinkles,
your head full of gray hair,
and no Brazilian waxing.
Is that really what you want?
Hell no.
What can I do to
get out of here?
There may be a way for you
to get out of this
jam you're in.
Yes, but there's something
I'll need you to do for me.
Is right here
on the desk okay?
[Warden] [chuckles] No, no.
Nothing like that, really.
Oh, sorry.
The police have
a little project
they've been working on
and they could use someone
like you on the inside.
It's dangerous
and you have to become
a squealer for the feds,
but it would get you outta here.
A squealer for the feds?
I don't think so.
You should hear
me out on this.
No thanks, Warden. No deal.
I've got a really good attorney.
I'll take my chances
with the justice system.
Thank you.
All right, Cindy,
have it your way.
Yes, Warden?
Please escort the
prisoner back to her cell.
With pleasure.
The judge will see you shortly.
Where's Smoking Joe?
We had to move
her to another cell.
She kept saying she
was gonna kill you
the first chance she got.
You don't have
to worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Fair enough.
Cindy Lou,
what have you gotten
yourself into this time?
John, there you are.
Thank God.
What took you so long?
I'm sorry.
I just got the message
from my secretary.
Came as soon as I heard.
Are you her attorney?
I am.
I hear you're very good.
Is that what you've
been telling them?
Well, it's almost true.
Excuse me,
could I have a moment alone
with my client please?
Of course.
I'll give you 20 minutes
and your hearing's in an hour.
Okay, so what's the plan?
Cindy, I'm afraid
your luck has run out.
I don't know what you expect
me to do at this point.
You're supposed to
get me out of here.
Okay, tell 'em the
jail's overcrowded.
That always works.
Okay, I've already
been in one riot,
forced lesbian sex,
offered a deal to become
a narc for the feds,
and that was just
since this morning.
Wow. You should write a book.
Okay, cut the comedy
and get me outta here.
Cindy, I hate to bring this
up at this delicate time,
but in the three years that
I've been defending you,
you haven't paid
me a single dime.
Okay, look, I'm
really sorry about that,
but all my checkbooks
are back at the house.
Well, I guess I'm
gonna have to make
a tough decision then.
I could stay and go
into court with you
or I could hop in my
car and go across town
and defend an ailing
magazine conglomerate
who's been involved in
just a little Ponzi scheme.
And they've got money?
Oh, Jesus. They've
got tons of money.
All right, look, mouthpiece,
you've gotta get me outta here.
There's already a psycho
bitch threatening to kill me.
Can I put a down payment
on your services?
Down payment?
I like the sound of that,
but just what did
you have in mind?
[upbeat pop music]
See any collateral you like?
Actually I do,
but the minute you
pull outta here,
I'm gonna need some hard cash.
Hey, that's my line.
Counsel, I see that
this is not the first time
your client has been
in this courtroom.
We may have had the
pleasure of meeting before.
Young lady,
you have been in this
courtroom 36 times
and always for the same offense.
What do you have to
say for yourself?
I'm innocent by
reason of insanity.
Well, I'm crazy about sex.
[clears throat] Cindy,
let me do the talking.
Your Honor, it's
clear that my client
is not a dangerous criminal,
nor does she pose a threat
to the general public.
Keeping her in jail
would not be for the
good of the community.
The charge is prostitution.
A very serious offense
in this particular state.
We understand the
charge, your Honor,
but my client has
always paid her taxes,
which are considerable.
She volunteers at the
local animal shelter.
And on Thanksgiving,
she serves dinner
down on Skid Row.
Please, I've
heard it all before.
I have no choice
but to give you the
maximum sentence
allowable by law.
The maximum sentence?
What's that?
I sentence you to a lifetime
in prison without parole.
You've gotta be kidding.
A lifetime in prison?
How long is that?
Your Honor, doesn't
that seem a bit harsh?
Well, that's it for me then.
Looks like I'm never
gonna get paid now.
Is that all you
can think about?
Cindy, please.
Of course not.
I'm still thinking about
what a sweet ass you have.
That'll cost you.
You bastard.
Put it on my bill.
Goodbye, Cindy.
It was great while it lasted.
Enjoy your time in prison.
Now what am I gonna do?
Spend the rest of your
life in prison, I suppose.
What a pity.
But you'll always have me.
That's enough, Matron Grundy.
You can leave now.
[Matron scoffs]
This is so unfair.
All I did was turn a few tricks.
Perhaps you should
reconsider my offer.
There's still time.
You think so?
I do.
In fact, I believe
you're already
familiar with this gentleman.
Hey, you're that
cop that got me busted
in the first place.
I had to, Cindy.
It was the only way to
gain your cooperation.
Say that again.
This whole thing,
it was a setup
to place you in a position
where you'd be
forced to help us.
Why would I help you?
You're the reason why I just
got handed a life sentence.
Help me and you walk
out of here a free woman.
Like a Nicole Richie?
Or stay put like Bernie Madoff.
So, what'll it be Cindy?
Nicole or Bernie?
What do I have to do?
Here's the deal, Cindy.
We've been eyeing a certain
little strip bar downtown
that we believe is a front
for an illegal
women's fight club.
We gotta put an end to this,
but we can't seem to get
a girl on the inside.
That's where you come in.
Why me?
That little scuffle you
had with Sasha earlier
confirmed our suspicions.
You can be pretty
feisty when you want.
And we also suspect Sasha
may be part of the gang
as one of their fighters.
Dude, she wants to kill me.
Then you're already
halfway there.
You both are nuts.
It's your only way outta here.
All right, fine.
I'll do it. I'll do it.
Excellent, excellent.
Let's get you outta here,
prep for your new assignment.
You won't regret this.
You mean I won't
live to regret it?
Yeah, that's the spirit, baby.
[suspenseful music]
Well, look what
the cat dragged in.
Thanks for bailing me out.
Well, what would
you have me do?
Let my best fighter rot in jail?
Besides, you and I have,
we have things to do.
But you owe me.
You owe me big.
I know.
So how's business?
Business is good.
It's better on fight night,
but we're keeping
our head above water.
No thanks to you.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means you got caught.
You don't ever
want to get caught.
You could have brought
the police, the feds,
you could have brought the
goddamn IRS down on me,
down on all of us.
And that's not
what I pay you for.
I couldn't help myself.
I got carried away.
So you took the
fights to the streets
out where everyone
could see you?
I said I was sorry.
Look, I'm a little hotheaded
and that chick insulted me.
You see, Sasha?
That's your problem.
You haven't learned to
take a little humiliation
and like it.
And that costs me money.
I'll make it up to you.
You're damn right you will.
And you know, I'm
gonna do you a favor.
I'm gonna reroute
the way you think
so we don't have this
problem in the future.
And how are you gonna do that?
Take off your top.
Take off your top
or pay me my money and get out.
What's it gonna be?
[Sasha sighs]
That make you angry?
What do you think?
Good girl.
Now let's find out
between the two of us,
which is the real
boss around here.
Take off your bottoms.
[Sasha sighs]
Now you see how easy that was?
And look at you.
You're angry.
You're seething.
You'd like nothing more
than to walk over
here and kill me.
But you're not gonna do that.
You're gonna take one
big step toward me
and you're gonna give me
a deep passionate kiss
and you're gonna be a
better woman for it.
You better hope so,
for your own sake.
[upbeat pop music]
[Sasha moaning]
Okay, so here's
what I'm thinking.
Are you with me, Cindy?
I'm here.
You're just boring me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Maybe you'd be more interested
in stamping out license plates.
Maybe I would be.
So what's your brilliant
plan, hot shot?
I think we plant
you into the club
and you work your way
through in confidence.
How am I supposed to do that?
I don't know.
Pick a fight with one
of the waitresses,
throw a few punches.
Maybe they'll recruit you.
Just like that?
Just like that.
What if my cover gets blown?
Cindy, you're a prostitute.
What cover do you have to blow?
But what if they find out
I'm working for the feds,
then my goose will be cooked.
Don't panic, okay?
I'll keep a close eye on you.
Anyone tries to kill
you, I'll jump right in.
That's a very
comforting thought, Roger.
When do you want me to start?
The sooner the better.
We'll meet up tonight.
Time to train.
You're serious?
Put these on.
You gotta get into shape.
I should knock you out.
You're more than
welcome to try.
Good, good.
[smooth rock music]
[Jake] Buy you a drink?
I don't take drinks
from strangers.
What's your name?
I own the bar.
Well, we're not
strangers anymore then.
I'd like a red wine, please.
So, we don't get a lot
of single women in here.
You looking for a job dancing?
No, I'm out celebrating.
Really? Do tell.
I just got out of jail.
Now that is a
reason to celebrate.
Let's raise a glass.
[hard rock music]
[audience applauding]
[Cindy coughing]
Oh, you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
It just went down the wrong way.
You're sitting there
Snorting all your blow
How far are you gonna go
Just one thing I
want you to know
I'm gonna push you
around 'til it don't
You push me
And push comes to town
You push me
You push me
And push comes to town
[hard rock music continues]
[Sasha] Hey, bitch.
When did you get out?
Surprised to see me?
Not really.
I heard only skanks
hang out here.
Why you-
Whoa, easy, easy.
Easy, homie.
Didn't you just get outta jail
for kicking some girl's ass?
Yeah, I did.
Anyways, standing here
with your titties all out-
Look, ladies,
this is neither the time
nor the place for this.
You go backstage and get
ready for your next number.
[Sasha groans]
[Jake] I'm sorry.
I'm so lucky you're here.
I don't know.
You look like if you two
were to get in a fight,
you'd be able to take Sasha.
You guys meet in jail?
Yeah, we had a
little bit of a rumble.
Maybe I could help
solve that little problem.
Nah, I'm a lover,
not a fighter.
Maybe I'll make
it worth your while.
Very worth your while.
You've got my attention.
Good, but not here.
Let's do it back in my office.
Lead the way.
[soft pop rock music]
Have a seat.
Thank you.
You see, Sasha, she's
a hot head, you know.
I could guess.
And her temper can cause me
a bit of trouble
from time to time.
But why don't
you just fire her?
It's just not that
simple, you see.
I have a bit of a side business,
one here I do at the
club after hours.
Hold up.
I've already been busted
36 times for prostitution.
No, no, no, no.
Let me stop you there.
That's not what
I'm talking about.
That's good to know.
What I'm talking about,
it's a fight club.
You understand?
I think so.
Okay, so you're promoting
a slightly illegal fight
here in the club
and you and your bar
buddies bet on the outcome?
You are understanding me.
But why me?
Well, you see,
Sasha is becoming a little
more trouble than she's worth.
And then there's you.
You have the body,
the fighting spirit
the men like,
and I know I can make
you my number one girl.
That's if you wanna play ball.
Where do I sign?
First things first.
I'm gonna have to
look over the details
of our little arrangement.
[insects chirping]
Everything work out okay?
No, the usual.
Guys promise you the
moon and the stars
just 'cause they wanna
get in your pants.
Well, mission accomplished.
You wanted somebody on
the inside and so did he.
Tell me all about it.
Okay, you were right
about the fight club.
It happens right inside the club
after the club closes.
So that's why
we've never been able
to catch 'em red-handed.
Yeah, there's a ring right
in the middle of the spot.
It goes nuts in there.
And the thing is,
they've got girls.
Foxy boxers.
Guys place bets on
who's gonna win.
Great news.
So where does Sasha
fit into all this?
Well, right now she's
the current champion.
But that's all about to change.
You, you?
That's the hype.
They're tired of her.
She's such a loose cannon.
She's on her way out.
Only she doesn't know it yet?
That's right.
This is very interesting.
Maybe if I can get to her,
we can bring her
over to our side.
She'd be the perfect witness
if she thought
they're about to throw
her under the bus.
You could charm her.
Hey, it worked on me.
Thanks. Maybe I will.
Right now I gotta
file my report.
Don't let me stop you.
Keep up the good work.
[suspenseful music]
Anybody here?
A very trusting lot.
[smooth jazzy music]
[Sasha breathing heavily]
[smooth jazzy music continues]
What do you want?
I heard the noise.
Thought I'd check it out.
No one's supposed
to be here right now.
We're closed.
Well, guess you should
lock the front door.
My mistake.
So you can go now.
[Roger] I can't do
that right now, Sasha.
You know my name.
You a parole officer?
Not at all.
But I'm here to help you.
I don't need your help.
Oh, but you do.
You're on your way out, Sasha.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I think you do.
You're being phased out,
pushed aside for the new
girl to take your place.
That's crazy.
[Roger] Is it?
That girl last night.
Now you're getting wise.
She's your next opponent
and she's gonna win
and you're gonna find
yourself on the street.
Or worse.
Or worse?
I wouldn't put it past them
if they make this
your last bout.
You know too much.
You have a reputation
of being a hothead.
Do you think they're
gonna take that chance?
Those bastards.
But what can I do?
I'll help you.
Together we can turn
the tables on them.
But I need to know that
you're really on my side,
that I have your full trust.
Let me see how I
can convince you.
[smooth music]
That'll work.
I'm starting to
get the hang of this.
I always knew you had
the heart of a lion.
Let's just hope
I don't start to
like it too much.
Save it for the ring, Slugger.
Now, are you sure we can
trust Sasha to play along?
I've gotten whatever
assurances I can get.
We'll just have to see.
But what if she screws up?
These guys look
pretty dangerous.
I don't wanna wind up at
the wrong end of a gun.
Me either,
but like I said,
I've got your back.
That's all well
and good for you,
but this chick's got a temper
and she's already
threatened to kill me.
What if this is a setup?
If you're worried,
why don't you meet up with her,
make sure you guys
are on the same page?
I think I'll do that.
Do you have her number?
My, my.
Give her a call.
Maybe you guys can put
your heads together,
come up with a plan that'll
make everybody happy.
I think I'll do just that.
[pop rock music]
[knocking on door]
Please come in.
[lounge music]
Thanks for seeing me.
What choice did I have?
We're supposed to fight tonight.
It's probably a good idea
to find out where we stand.
Why not?
I probably should have known
something like
this would happen.
I mean, you're only as
good as your last fight.
Nice place.
It's not exactly
what I expected.
I keep all my
money in the bank
where it'll be safe.
[Cindy] Smart move.
Especially when you're
dealing with scumbags.
So how do we spin this?
What do we do?
Jake told me to take a
dive in the second round
or he'd kill me.
Do you think he's serious?
Of course he is.
Money is everything to Jake.
People mean nothing to him.
So you lay down?
But what if I don't go down?
They'll try to kill me
and you guys can
catch them red-handed.
Yeah, but what
if Roger screws up?
Why risk your neck?
We can still get him on
the gambling charges.
Maybe you're right.
My neck has been
killing me anyway.
You hurt it?
I think so.
Working out.
[lounge music continues]
[Sasha sighs]
How does that feel?
Oh, you have magic fingers.
That's for sure.
That's what all the boys say.
Oh yeah?
What do the girls say?
Let's find out.
[pop rock music]
[people chattering]
All right, let's
get this straight.
You're just gonna spar with her.
Don't land anything heavy.
And the most important
thing is protect yourself.
Trust me, I'm scared to death.
If she's on our side,
she'll go down that second round
and we'll bust Jake
when she's counted out.
What if she doesn't
take the dive?
You're gonna use this.
A horseshoe?
You've gotta be kidding me.
Nope. It's worked before.
[Cindy] Yeah, for
the three stooges.
Just put it on.
[bell dings]
That's our cue.
Good luck.
Yeah right.
[upbeat spirited music]
[audience applauding]
She certainly knows
how to put on a show.
Yeah, let's just hope
that conversation we had earlier
seals the deal.
It go well?
Let's just say she
went down in a second.
[upbeat spirited
music continues]
[audience cheering]
[bell dings]
[audience cheering]
Come on, protect yourself.
[audience cheering]
Hey, ow!
Gotta make it look good
or we're both dead.
[Cindy] Okay!
Back her out.
Right, right!
[bell dings]
[upbeat spirited
music continues]
[bell dings]
You gotta start throwing
some real punches.
Yeah, you gotta make it look
like you're trying
to knock me out.
Okay, I'll try.
[dramatic pop music]
Hey, look, they got him!
Oh Sasha, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to knock
you out with a horseshoe.
Hey, maybe she needs
some mouth to mouth.
[Sasha coughs]
What happened?
Jake just got
arrested by Roger
and I knocked you
out with a horseshoe.
What are you doing now?
Giving you mouth to mouth.
Don't stop.
[smooth music]
[audience cheering]
That's what it's about!
Okay, I've already
been in one riot,
forced lesbian sex,
offered a deal to become
a narc for the feds,
and that was just
since this morning.
You've gotta be kidding.
A lifetime in prison?
How long is that?
For a second there,
I thought we were gonna
have rough jailhouse sex.
I get paid to
make war, not love.
I probably should have known
something like
this would happen.
I mean, you're only as
good as your last fight.
I'll fix you for this.
[smooth music continues]
You can use this.
Let me see how I
can convince you.
That'll work.
Will this do?
I own the bar.
It's just not that
simple, you see.
I have a bit of a side business,
one here I do at the
club after hours.
You're angry.
You're seething.
You'd like nothing more
than to walk over
here and kill me.
I'm still thinking about
what a sweet ass you have.
Down payment?
I like the sound of that.
You're a pretty one.
They'll like you here.
What a pity.
But you'll always have me.
Think of it. Hard time.
Your youth flittering away,
your pretty face
lined with wrinkles,
your head full of gray hair,
and no Brazilian waxing.
So what'll it be Cindy?
Nicole or Bernie?
[Warden chuckles]
[soft pop music]
[soft pop music continues]
[soft pop music continues]
[soft pop music continues]
[soft pop music continues]
[bluesy rock music]
[bluesy rock music continues]
[bluesy rock music continues]
[bluesy rock music continues]
[bluesy rock music continues]