Knuckleball (2018) Movie Script

You know the
reason I have to go
I can't keep coming to you
You've got another
waiting for you
Don't make this
so hard to do
I'll love you forever,
what good does it do?
Said I would do
it over again
Every time they
just get in the way
It's the worst winter storm
to hit parts of the northwest.
If the model holds true the
Interstate 84 corridor area
will be in the bull's eye.
Spokane, Helena,
Boise and even Seattle
could also get buried
in a 24 hour period
and could top the so
called Knickerbocker Storm,
the region's worst on record.
Was after a theater
where the roof...
killing 100 people.
In more recent memory,
there was Snowpocalypse
and Snowmageddon in 20...
Storms just days apart
crippled the northeast.
These are all...
Tracking what's to come...
Tom, how confident are you
this is going to be one
for the history books?
Steve, Steve,
here's a word of advice.
I know you gotta show
the rest of the week,
and you're showing Saturday.
Well, pack more than a
weekend in a weekend bag.
The Knickerbocker
Storm dropped 28 inches
and this could be more.
We are going to be hammered by...
Gale force winds and
possible white out conditions
as the storm bails through the...
And it could come
more than once.
We could have wave...
Can't even get
a signal out here.
Did you mix the Ambien
and the Xanax bottle?
I'm going to need something
to sleep on the plane.
I think you turn
on the next one.
Guys, it's this one coming up.
He's right.
Turn Paul.
And he's been here twice
and he can remember.
You're the one that
wanted time alone.
I thought we both did.
Not helpful.
Ain't that something?
Her cousin dies and I turn it
into alone time with your mom.
I hope you grow up
to be smoother than me.
That's okay.
If we had more time we
could've planned differently.
Try to enjoy yourself.
It'll be like that
scout camp last summer.
I hated that too.
You aced everything there.
Doesn't mean I liked it.
- Dad.
- Hmm?
What's Mom doing?
Wait here.
I can't wait to hear
what I've done wrong now.
You remember how I
told you my mom died
of cancer when I was little?
Maybe Henry's age
and then I went
to boarding schools after that.
Well, she didn't die of
cancer, she killed herself.
My dad had an affair or
something, he did something
and I don't like
coming back here.
Why would you lie about that?
You're missing the point.
Hey Dad.
You had us worried for a minute.
Thought you might've forgotten.
I don't forget things.
All right.
Well, I'll get Henry.
All right, let's go.
You said you were
dropping off a boy.
I see a full grown
working man here.
So how's the
cellphone reception out here?
I wouldn't know.
But you're neighbors
got a landline in case...
That's how I got your message.
And you've got
your cellphone Henry.
Right here.
Thanks for doing this Dad.
We appreciate it.
Yes, thanks.
Well, we better get going.
Yeah well don't let me keep you.
We're barely
gonna make it as it is.
Listen to your
grandpa, call anytime.
Don't baby the boy.
We'll be fine.
- Get over here.
- Hey.
- You be good.
- Yeah.
We'll be back
before you know it.
Come on, let's
get the work done.
This way.
A fool dropped this stuff
two months late and
in the wrong place.
Now, I need you to take it
from here and put it in here.
It stinks.
It's manure, it's
supposed to stink.
It's work, work ain't fun.
What's this?
That's my dog.
Loved that dog.
A while back I found it
over by that stand of trees
and it had been...
It was dead.
Waiting for the
ground to thaw out
so I can give it
a proper burial.
Now you get to work.
Come on.
Damn it.
I finished all the shoveling.
All right.
These all yours?
Just throw it.
Grab another one.
Now wind up, but don't throw it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I want that kick up here,
as high as you can go.
There you go.
Now, with this hand I want you
to come right over
the top with this.
Look at me, look at me.
Come right over the top and
finish as that leg goes down.
- Okay?
- Okay.
All in one motion.
Do it again.
Finish all the way through now.
All right.
Enough play.
Get back to work.
Come on now.
What are you doing?
Go over to the shed
and get us some wood.
How much?
For you, two arm
loads, all right?
Get up you old softy.
Time to call it a day.
Want wood?
I heard him tell you that.
Who are you?
A friend of the old man's.
I help him out all the time.
I'm the one your mom talked to.
I'm the one she called.
I just live over there
through the trees.
I should give you a
tour of the place.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
I was just gonna show the
kid around a little bit.
Wood pile's over that way.
Smells good.
How much longer?
Why don't you amuse
yourself till then?
What part of a locked
door means welcome to you?
Was this my mom's room?
I've never seen a picture
of her as a kid before.
She likes to pretend like
it didn't exist.
Come on, get your
butt downstairs.
Dinner's about to be served.
Who was that guy today?
He's almost like family.
Not like you though.
He's been around here
since he was a kid.
I helped him out.
Now he helps me out.
Most of the time.
He do something wrong today?
He just needs some reminding.
Come on now, don't wear
the pattern off that.
Show me the split finger.
Now the change up.
Get that thumb over a little
closer to the forefinger.
Now the curve.
Not bad.
Is this right
for a knuckle ball?
An arm like yours you don't need
to worry about junk like that.
Too unpredictable.
Stay with some regular pitches.
Mom says you don't
want to visit us.
She says that?
Everybody's got a story son.
I guess that's hers.
Life's funny that way.
You're born, if you're
lucky you get some stuff.
Most of it's going
to break down.
You do your best to fix
what you can, then you die.
Henry, have you
seen my toothbrush?
You keep working that arm.
You did good today son.
Thanks Grandpa.
Into bed.
Tomorrow's another long day.
- Night night.
- Night.
Tracking what's to come
in the severe weather center.
Tom, how confident
are you this is
going to be one for
the history books?
I'm not in love anymore
Our love's not gone through
Right here's all
the love you left
There into the blue
These feelings you leave
Wake up.
Come on.
Leave a message.
I'll probably call you back.
Dad, Grandpa's dead.
I went and checked
on him this morning.
He wasn't breathing and
I didn't know what to do
so I called you guys first.
Dad, please.
I think I need your help.
Please, please.
You didn't tell me Henry called.
What'd his message say?
I haven't checked it.
It's only a couple of days.
It'll be good for him to
have some time away too.
Check it.
Okay, okay.
First saved voice message.
Dad, Grandpa's...
Please help.
Dad, Grandpa's...
Please help.
- Call him.
- I'm sure it's fine, just...
this is Henry, leave a message.
Let me try his neighbor.
What's his name?
Okay, they're out
working on farm stuff.
What's the closest town
to your dad's place?
Yeah, hi.
My name's Paul Wilkes.
I'm trying to get in
touch with our son.
He's staying with
his grandfather...
They're gonna dispatch someone.
They said the storm came in.
Apparently there's
another one on the way,
but they're gonna call us.
We need to go back.
You shouldn't be seeing this.
Go get your stuff.
We're going back
to my place, okay?
Drink up boys.
No hard feelings,
no assault charges,
just the unknown pleasures of
working through
insurance companies.
All right.
Hold on.
You guys good here?
Okay, yeah say again.
Oh gee, city people.
Yep, they're the worst.
I'll make up some soup
and sandwiches huh?
Want a drink?
Coffee or something.
I need to call my parents.
Sorry dude, storm.
Once it starts the
phones go down.
Can I try it?
I just said it doesn't work.
Your parents will
be back soon right?
Jacob said they were
going to a funeral.
I can't believe he's gone.
We'll just have to have some fun
so we don't get all sad.
Want some?
My parents don't really
like me drinking pop.
Our secret.
Not like the old
man's around right?
Oh it's getting bad out there.
Can I help?
You stay put.
You're my guest.
Here you go.
Looks like you
played some ball too?
Oh that, that's
my security system.
I saw Jacob showing
you a few moves.
Yeah, you know he used to be
a terrific player
back in the day.
Could've gone pro, but he
hurt his arm or something.
That's life though.
Stuff breaks.
If you try to fix
it, doesn't work.
Just gotta put it away.
You know save the stuff
you have or whatever.
Man he was tough, though.
Thought the old prick
might outlive me.
Tomato or cream of mushroom?
Hoping you'd say tomato.
You got any games
on this computer?
That's just for work so
don't mess with it okay?
The old man's friend
got me a part time job.
Yeah, just some book keeping,
stuff around the farm.
It's boring stuff for a
little guy though right?
But a man's gotta do
what a man's gotta do.
Sounds like you have
some important jobs.
That's not all of them.
What're you doing?
Just looking around.
Take a seat.
You're making me nervous
wandering around like that.
Relax dude.
Flight's been delayed.
Hey, he's gonna be okay.
All right.
Old man was a really good cook.
I'm not in his league.
You, me, drink race.
Let's see who wins.
You're bigger than me.
Come on.
You still gotta finish.
Don't be a sore loser.
What kind of games do you like?
Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty.
That's boring.
Oh man, I'd smoke
you in Call of Duty.
I'm awesome at Call of Duty.
Doesn't fucking matter man.
I'm like a god at that game.
I thought your computer
was just for work?
Well, I didn't say I
played it here did I?
You're a little smart guy, huh?
Smart ass.
Old man would've never stood
for that kind of talk from me,
but he's not here
right now is he?
I'm in charge.
He barely knew you.
And you had him wrapped around
your stupid little
fucking finger.
He told me kid's off limits.
That's Trisha's bloodline.
He's always saying one thing
and meaning something else,
but I read between
the lines Hank.
Can I call you Hank,
like Hank Aaron?
Hanky panky.
He always made me prove myself
because he knew I
could handle it.
Just wanted to see if I
really wanted it bad enough.
You're a lot like him you know?
Doing one thing,
meaning another.
He was nice.
And he wasn't.
I see you.
I fucking see...
Oh fuck.
Henry, we're not done!
You doing this?
He'll be waiting
for you at the house.
Nowhere else to go.
Has to be there.
I have to do it don't I?
You have to make
this one special.
He's Mary's boy.
Opportunities like
this, not to be wasted.
Hey kid.
You in there?
That would be tricky.
Jane, you gotta make a pit stop.
Signal's pretty busted,
but if you can
hear me looks like
Wilma went into the ditch again.
Gonna wait and see if Billy
or somebody's coming
to get her out.
I got you something.
The old man loved that dog.
Me I didn't like it much.
The old man loved you too.
You know I wasn't allowed
in here over the years.
Old man liked
everything just so.
He didn't like people
touching his stuff.
I hope you're okay.
You nasty little fuck.
You little fuck!
You stupid prick.
The boy is smart.
Real smart.
Smart like me.
Ah, yes.
Now you're getting it.
No footprints.
The old man never
shut the pantry door.
The door stuck.
Looks like you went
out into the cold.
Smart kid.
You sure showed me.
Hi Henry.
Getting predictable kid.
He must be safe.
He's safe right Paul?
I was the one who found my
mom in the barn.
She was safe.
Paul you can be
totally safe and happy
and then something happens.
Hey, hey.
Hi Dad.
He never let me call him that.
Mary didn't know either,
but I bet she could
sense something.
Now stay right there.
Mom didn't leave
a note, nothing.
I knew that Dad knew
why and he wouldn't say.
And this one time a few
years later he sat me down
in the kitchen he goes,
I'll never forget this,
he goes I let her in and
she couldn't handle it.
What the hell does that mean?
I always win.
You have her eyes.
He said I told her what
she'd been wanting to know,
showed her, and it ate her up.
Now we can play
a different game.
And the next thing I know he's
taking in that neighbor guy
like some kind of stray dog.
But first I owe you some hurts.
One out one in I guess,
you know something breaks
down and you fix what you can.
Henry, don't be
afraid, it's just
a game and you did so good.
So I miss another time.
Up here!
Hey Janie listen,
Drew still on duty?
Yeah, he's dealing
with all the catastrophe
down on Main.
Okay yeah, maybe send him
down to the Yale's place.
What's up?
I don't know yet, but front
door's wide open in the storm.
Could be nothing,
but it feels weird.
I'm gonna go in
and check it out.
I'm up here!
Kid, you okay?
Henry, come out.
Hey boy.
You're not supposed to be here.
You get out of there boy!
Right fucking now!
You in trouble?
Know how to use that thing?
The shells are on the shelf.
Just load them in the barrel.
It's too big.
Bring it to me.
You should not be in there.
Come on boy, hurry now.
All out of tricks?
Oh man.
You are way way off limits here.
I mean you were always
gonna end up down here.
Maybe deep down inside you knew
this is where you
were supposed to be.
Or gun?
Maybe a little bit of both.
You're stupid face.
God you do look a lot like her.
Now if your mom
is my half sister
what does that make you?
Mama you put that down.
Right now.
You were never ever
going to be good enough.
That's why you were the secret.
Are you hurt?
Is there anyone
else in the house?
You're okay.
I'd hate to see what
happened to the other guy.
- Henry?
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You're okay?
Okay, okay.
I'm so sorry.
You're okay.
Come on, let's go home.
What is it Henry?
Come on baby.
You know the
reasons I have to go
I can't keep coming to you
You've got another
waiting for you
Don't make this
so hard to do
I'll love you forever,
what good does it do?
Said I'll do it over again
Every time they
just get in the way
Make me what
what might've been
I'm leaving now so
don't try to hold me
I want to believe the
lies that you told me
You know the reasons
I'm going away
So give me a reason to stay
You said that you
don't love her anymore
But I'm pretty
sure that you do
I see the far away
look in your eyes
When you know that she's
been waiting for you
All I can do is
walk out that door
Try to forget what we had
We had so many
many good times
I tried to remember the best
I'm leaving now so
don't try to hold me
I want to believe the
lies that you told me
You know the reasons
I'm going away
Give me a reason to stay
You know the reasons
I'm going away
Give me a reason to stay
You know the reasons
I'm going away
Give me a reason to stay