Koati (2021) Movie Script

Wind and earth
That's what we are
Flowing like waterfalls
Fire beyond the stars
So unique, yet so alike
Living the same lives
Look at our worlds alike
Then the sky opens up
As in sighing
To remind you
How far you can fly
Hey, you guys, wait up,
my shell's getting heavy.
Come on, Chiquita.
There's water for everyone.
Yeah! We made it! To the water!
I won!
You're all
slower than a turtle!
Wow! So cool.
Ahhh, that really hits
the spot, you know?
More like every spot. Huh?
Ha ha! Check it out!
- Eww!
- Eww, that's kinda gross!
You know what would
make Pako look better?
Not seeing him at all!
Kids! What have we learned
about judging
each other by our
differences, hmm?
- What would your parents say?
- Hmm?
Hah! Live loud and proud, baby!
That's what my mama would say.
Yuck! Gross!
I can see the bug it just ate.
- Eww, his belly looks weird.
- Let's see.
Hmm. Pako... most
definitely here.
Manu, Igu. Ohh.
Itzel, Camilla.
Chima, Mati.
Oh? Nachi?
Ahh. Where is he this time?!
Nachi goes for the fruit.
And the crowd goes wild!
He uses his super tail!
Unexpectedly goes through
and breaks into space.
Now, nose makes a push and run.
Then back to the tail.
It's a perfect combination play!
Huh! What a playmaker!
- Aaahh! Huh?
- Ay, ay!
Oww! Oww! Oww!
Hey! Watch where you're going!
It's not my fault.
That guava flew right into me!
It wasn't flying.
I was holding it!
Apology accepted.
- I didn't apologise!
- Mm-hm!
What kind of animal
are you, anyway?
Only the most feared beast
in the jungle. Hmm.
- Oooh!
- Hmm?
My wings are trembling.
You got a name?
Mine is Xochi.
I'm a monarch butterfly.
Maybe you've heard of us?
We migrate thousands of miles
using our incredible
navigation skills.
- What are you doing here?
- I got lost.
Hardware malfunction.
So... this is where
you live, huh?
- Whoa! Don't go in there.
- Show me, show me, show me!
I get it, I get it.
Embarrassed by your family.
I got about 300 brothers
that drive me crazy.
And one sister who
can't fly over a puddle
without looking at herself.
Well, I live alone.
Where's your family?
Don't have one.
Do what I want, whenever I want.
I'm fine on my own.
whatever you say.
By the way, while you were
doing what you wanted,
whenever you wanted,
did you happen to see
a couple thousand butterflies
going south?
Couldn't miss 'em.
Wings. Orange.
Kinda look exactly like me.
Shoo! I haven't seen
any stupid butterfly!
Whoa! Someone's got issues.
You're not very sociable,
are you?
I'm extremely sociable.
You're just really pushy
and annoying.
And you're just hiding your
true feelings behind bravado.
Just like my 222nd brother,
- I'm not hiding anything.
- Good.
Then you won't mind when
I tell everyone where you live.
- Don't you dare!
- Try and stop me.
You better hope your wings
move as fast as your mouth.
Oh, they move faster
than your stinky butt.
- Wow!
- Wow, it's Nachi!
Look at him go!
You're slower
than a baby turtle!
- Hey! Don't be a hater.
- Hmm.
- Ahh!
- What in the world?!
Come on over here, Narizn!
Nachi! Cuidado!
Uh! Uh!
Ah. Ahhh!
Remember to wash those
armpits! You've got piojos!
They're fleeea...
Hold on! Nachi!
- Wonderful.
- Swim!
Rocks! I'm gonna die.
Ah! Ah! Ahhh!
Morning, Balam. Sir.
Nachi, how many times
have I told you?
Stay away from the waterfall.
Oh, I don't know,
between 10 and 10,952.
I can't be around all the time
to watch after you.
You don't have to.
I can handle myself.
I'd blame his parents
but he's got none.
Hey, Nachi!
Stay away from him!
He is such a bad influence!
When I was a cub,
I learned that if I wanted
respect and acceptance,
it was up to me to make it so.
Yeah, but you were
a powerful jaguar.
Me? No-one cares about me.
I'm just Nachi,
the troublemaker.
The best way to make others care
about you is to care about them.
Nachi, that was
very brave of you
to attempt to save
that butterfly.
Hey, excuse me.
Uh, pardon me.
Whoa! Thickness!
Did you lose weight?
Comin' through.
Whoa-ho-ho! Is this real hair?
Oh, man! I'm so jealous.
Whoa-ha-ha-ha! Nachi!
Whassup, amigo? Ooh!
Wait up.
I deserve that.
Sweet jump. You are the coolest
koati this side of the river.
I'm the only koati
this side of the river.
And the coolest.
That whole water-flip-fall-
I'm-drowning-Balam rescue. Epic!
Had us all sitting
on the edge of our rock.
Really? You almost gave me
a heart attack!
I'm so glad you're OK.
Hey. Look at me in the eyes
when I speak to you.
Where are you going?
Where I can be by myself.
How are you going to fit in
if you always want
to be by yourself?
I don't wanna fit in.
I don't want to fit in either.
Leave us alone.
Whoa, wait for me!
Let's not fit in together! Oh!
Thank you, sir.
Well, you know,
kids will be kids.
Another one! Ohhh.
- Oh.
- Gather the council. Now!
Your highness.
Members of the council,
the ground shakes are getting
stronger and more persistent.
We do not know their cause,
but something...
..is very wrong
in our land of Xo.
Sorry I'm late,
I was sunning on a rock
and lost track of time.
My blood hasn't been
this warm in days.
Don't I look fabulous?
Don't roll your eyes at me,
old man,
I could swallow you whole.
Point is, Zaina's here,
we can start now.
Nice of you to join us, Zaina.
Oh, your greatness. I wouldn't
miss it for the world.
I'm even wearing brand-new skin.
You like?
Amaya, you know what
I mean, right, Mama?
Zaina, know your place!
You're so sweet.
I love you, mis bombones.
But, please, let's not make
this meeting all about me.
There are urgent matters
to attend to
and important decisions to make!
Of course. Only you can make
decisions here, your highness.
But we'll see for how long.
I'm summoning Cocopa
to provide his wisdom
on the threat we face.
Cocopa, we need your guidance.
Oh! The mighty council...
Ah, Cocopa, I sense
there is a grea...
A disturbance. Yes.
Something big is coming.
Bigger than anything
you've ever seen.
The spirits will reveal it
to us.
I wish I could do that.
All lady frogs like magic,
you know?
Only trick I know
is how to make 'em disappear.
- Oh!
- Shhh!
- Ay!
- Destruction.
But there is hope.
Everything must die
to be truly reborn.
The time has come.
Bravo! Fantastic show.
But it doesn't tell us anything.
There is something coming
our way and we must prepare.
As always, Balam, our
benevolent dictator, is right.
Something is coming and we don't
want to be here when it arrives.
There's really only
one solution.
The time has finally
come to move south.
I know just the place.
Sunshine, clear air, dry heat.
Amaya, you'll finally be able
to get that horrible frizz
out of your feathers.
Trust me, my friends.
It will be better for everyone.
Or, Zaina, will it
just be better for you?
Lying out in the hot sun,
while the rest of us
search for shade and water.
We all know beautiful
new habitats are hard to find.
Too big, too small, no sauna,
loud neighbours...
Nobody gets everything
they want.
I have told you many times.
We are not going anywhere!
Xo is our home.
Oh, heavens...
We've got to move!
- Amaya!
- Yes, sir!
Make sure the young
and weak are safe.
Right away, sir.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Pako, hold on!
Everyone, run to a clear zone!
Stick together! Be calm.
Ahhh! Help!
Mom, where are you?
Ugh! Ahh!
Help! Help!
Mommy, I'm falling!
Birds nest! Birds nest!
Birds nest!
Mommy! Mommy!
A la bio, a la bao,
a la bim bom...
- Ugh!
- Hold on tight!
Too tight! Too tight!
Come on,
I'll get you outta here!
You sure your back
can handle this?
'Bye, Pako!
Well done, Nachi.
Yes, sir.
The world
is coming apart!
will be fine. Follow me!
Stay together!
Stay in the open
and don't leave the circle!
Did everyone make it?
There's someone there.
Be still, little one.
Don't be scared. I'm here.
Run now!
Oh! Oh!
- Watch out, Balam!
- Balam! Behind you!
Ohhh. Oh!
Come on, everyone.
Let's go!
We have to raise the tree!
- Come on, everyone. Push!
- Push...
- Come on, everyone. Push...
- Push!
Don't give up now!
Come on! Give it your best!
Come on, everybody.
Oh. Oh!
Oh. Oh, dear.
Huh? Oh.
From above,
House of Heaven...
..where star people
and ancestors gather.
May their blessings
come to us now.
From the centre,
galactic source,
which is everywhere.
At once,
may everything be known
as the light of mutual love.
All hail the harmony
of mind and nature.
And so it is.
Hmm. Hmm.
Oh. Ah.
Ahem! Uh-uh. Um...
My fellow animals, as you know,
we have lost our beloved...
I will take care
of that, you little fool.
- Go take a nap.
- Huh!
My fellow animals,
don't be afraid.
In this time of crisis
and heartbreak,
Zaina is here
to take advantage...
I mean... to help everyone.
Excuse me?
Wait a minute, mamacita,
wait a minute.
I mean, I don't remember
voting for you!
Look, a flying pig!
What? Ayy!
Nope, it was just a cloud.
Anyways, as I was saying,
along with your beloved council,
I have assessed
the damage to our home.
I don't remember
assessing anything.
We have no drinking water.
No place for shelter.
Staying in Xo
is a death sentence.
There is only one solution.
My friends, we must all leave.
What?! Leave Xo?
But this is our home.
I know leaving will be hard.
We'll miss this place
just as much as anyone.
But, mis cachorros,
we must face reality.
Because the jungle
as we knew it is gone.
You're right,
but where should we go? Hmm?
Funny you should ask.
I know of a paradise
to the south
with abundant food,
glorious clear waters...
- ..cool sticky mud holes...
- Ahh!
- And luminous clear blue skies.
- I wanna go! I wanna go!
What's the name
of this paradise?
It's called, um, Zainanquilla...
Oh! It's called... Notxoland!
Uh! No-No-Notxoland!
let's go to Notxoland!
we're going to Notxoland!
Notxoland! Notxoland!
Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Yeah.
With me as your boss,
we can build a brave new home
filled with hope,
based on... ugh...
..based on amor.
Held together by compassion
and, above all, mutual...
A place where we can thrive,
where all animals
will be treated equally.
Where anyone can visit me
in my new huge palace,
as long as they have
an appointment
and I am not too busy.
Where we will be
a vibrant community
even greater than before.
Follow me, friends,
to Notxoland!
Come on, no-one's actually
buying this, right?
I don't want any part of your
Noxn-nala-land, whatever.
- This will always be my home.
- Ay, Nachi.
Oh, yes.
By all means,
we should take advice
from a child who lives alone
and never shows any interest
in the community.
Oh, yeah?
And why should we follow you?
You all heard me warn Balam
at the council
that we should leave.
Ay, Balamcito,
if only he would
have listened...
..he'd still be with us,
bravely guiding our safe
and clear path to Notxoland.
No. If Balam was alive,
he'd tell us to stay here
and rebuild.
Nachi has a point.
This has always been our home.
Chima, she lost
her first tooth right here.
And Igu hatched
right over there!
And grumpy old Bumbaa's been
buried here since he expired.
I haven't died yet!
Sure, of course!
We can stay here, fix up Xo,
and die of starvation
in the process!
Have our bodies eaten by worms
and rot,
forgotten in the darkness.
Or another way to go is
you can follow me to Notxoland,
and under my rule, live safe,
warm and very happy forever.
Notxoland! Notxoland!
let's go to Notxoland!
We can't give up.
We can still make it work here!
So, who's with me?
Save your breath,
The choice has been made.
Well, I'm not going!
If that's what you
want, feel free to stay behind.
And say hello to Balam. I'm sure
you will be seeing him soon.
It's settled. We leave
in the morning for Notxoland.
The nerve of that
annoying little rat.
He almost unravelled
my entire plan.
But, finally,
after years of waiting,
I take my rightful place
as a cruel, vindictive,
all-powerful leader.
OK, that title might need
a little massaging,
but everything else
is falling into place.
- Oh!
- Hmm?
But why did you do that?
Because I can.
Leave me alone.
You shouldn't be here.
It looks unsafe and dirty.
I think the place has a rustic
charm, if you ask me.
Nobody asked you,
You say you wanna be
my friend,
but you didn't even have
my back at the meeting.
Hey, I don't have guts
like you, alright?
My large intestine
is a small intestine.
Nachi, I'm surprised
you even care about the move.
Why are you resisting?
I'm gonna show you something.
But I don't want you
to tell anyone about this.
And I mean anyone. Got it?
Ahhh! Not one word.
Mmm! Mmm.
Not a word.
Oh, wow!
What are these?
Look. I haven't
always been the only koati.
There were others just like me.
Maybe they were my family.
What if I leave...
..and they come back?
Now everything makes sense!
Why you love it here,
why you live here.
It's like a puzzle
that needed to be solved
and now it's solved!
You live here because...
..you enjoy primitive artwork!
Yes, Pako,
that's exactly what I meant.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
Nachi, wait.
Mijo, I love you
as if you were my own blood,
so I have to tell you,
those pictures
are very, very old.
I don't know
if the koatis are returning.
Por favor, Nachi,
before you make
a final decision to stay,
do one thing for this old lady.
Fine, I'll do it.
What do you want?
- Summon Cocopa for advice.
- But how?
Call to him
and he will guide you.
Promise you'll do it?
I promise.
Cocopa, wherever you might be,
I need to ask you for guidance.
Hmm. What should I have
for dinner?
He answered!
That definitely wasn't Cocopa.
Cocopa, will I ever
find the frog of my dreams?
You know, I'd settle for a toad
with frog-like qualities.
Pako, stop talking
so I can concentrate.
Don't you get it?
I'm the one that's supposed
to summon Cocopa
and ask him the questions.
rale! Go, go!
Summon Cocopa.
I'll just sit here and be quiet.
OK, Cocopa,
I need your guidance.
Should I follow Zaina or...
..should I stay?
Nachi, did you ask?
Did you ask?
Ugh! Pako!
Ugh! Ahh! This was stupid.
- So, did you ask?
- Hmph!
No. Because there's
nothing else I need to know.
I'm going to sleep.
Wait, wait, but aren't we gonna
stay up and wait for Cocopa?
Yeah, right.
We'll be waiting forever.
Well, well, I'm waiting.
And I don't care
if it takes the entire...
Cocopa, if you can
really answer anything,
then please tell me...
..how can I find my family?
What? What? What's happening?
Uh? Wait. Uh, uh.
Wait, wait, wait!
No! Ah! Ah! No! Aaah!
Oh! Where am I?
Wh-what is this?
Cocopa? Am I dreaming?
The answer for your question.
Find the mouth
that does not speak.
Huh? That's the answer?!
Any chance you could throw
a few specifics my way?
A map, directions, anything?
Follow the sun
in the day...
..and the moon at night.
But remember,
you don't have much time.
If you haven't found it
by the third moon...
..your family will be gone
Wa-wait! How am I gonna know
when I get there?
When you discover
El rbol de la Vida,
the Tree of Life,
the oldest tree in the land,
it will tell you where to go.
Cocopa, I don't get
what you're saying.
I wanted answers and now
I'm more confused than ever.
In time... you will.
Trust your instinct.
You have no better friend.
But, Nachi,
beware of the lake of fire.
A lake of fire? Really?
Well, that's nice.
I like how you slipped it in
at the end.
Trust your instincts.
Uh? Huh? Huh?
Amaya! Amaya!
It happened! I saw Cocopa.
He came, uh, like,
from out of nowhere!
And there were lots of...
And the wall lit up
and it was like...
Slow down, slow down.
But tell me, what did he say?
Something about a mouth
that does not speak.
Oh! And a Tree of Life.
Oh, and something about a...
- What did you say?
- ..a lake of fire?
- The Tree of Life?
- Hmm.
If I find it, I know I'll find
my family. I've gotta go.
Hmm. That'll be a long
and dangerous journey.
It's not safe.
Someone has to go with you.
Huh? Hey!
Me! Me, me, me, me!
- Me, me!
- I'll go by myself.
- No, I'll come with you.
- Hey!
But, Amaya, if you come with me,
who's gonna take care
of all the younger animals?
Hmm! Mmmm.
Hmmph. Hmm.
You do have a point.
What is it, Pako?
Pick me!
Huh? Ahhh!
Wait, what? No, no, no, no, no!
Nobody is coming with me.
Especially not him.
We're off on a quest
to the Tree of Life.
Ha ha! The two amigos.
Ready for danger at every turn.
- Just say where and I'm there.
- Yeah, come along.
That way if I run into
a big hungry animal,
I'll have something to feed it
while I run away.
Pako, mi amor.
What is it, Mom?
Can't you see I'm busy here?
I'm going on a dangerous quest
with my best bud.
- You found a friend!
- Hmm!
- A real one?!
- I have lots of real friends!
And a few that I've made up.
A friend. You go ahead.
But aren't you
forgetting something?
- Hmm?
- It starts with a 'K'.
And ends with an 'iss'.
A kiss!
As I was saying,
ready to take on any danger
that comes our way.
Yes, mis amores.
You're far too kind.
I don't deserve this.
Did I say stop?
S, s, s
I don't care who you know.
I'm blushed.
You just can't tell
because I'm cold-blooded.
No one ever tells me no
Thank you, my dear followers!
Oh! That impertinent orphan!
What is he up to now?
Heard him babbling to Amaya
about the Bush of Life.
I mean, the Tree of Life.
If he survives out there,
it will give others the idea
they can make it without me.
And that can't happen.
You understand?
Yes, completely.
Actually, on second thought,
I have no idea.
Exterminate him!
S, s, s, I don't care
S, s, seora.
Seorita, por favor.
No one ever tells me no
Ay, que divina.
You finally made it to the top.
You look gorgeous.
Time to start our journey.
Let's go!
There's no need for maps
If you're guided by the sound
of your own voice
There's no need for wings
When your dreams
will let you fly alone
This journey begins
And lasts
A lifetime
This journey won't end
As long as I chase
The signs
By knowing my fate
I'll do my best
To pave my own way...
Heeding the sounds
Of the steps
that I'm destined...
To take
And it was so clear
that somebody peed
on the lily pad.
Oh, those tadpoles
are so immature.
And I don't get what Cocopa
was talking about.
I mean, really?
Who has a mouth
that doesn't speak?
Definitely not you.
Hey, I can keep it shut
when I want. Watch!
See? How long was it?
Like an hour?
About three seconds.
Hmm? Three seconds?!
I just broke my record.
Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
- Huh?
- Oh!
Ow! Ow! Oh, that ground
flew right up and hit me!
Oh, hey, Nachi.
Remember me?
How could I forget?
So, where ya headed?
A-ha-ha-ha! No!
None of your business.
It's a secret.
Oh! Oh. I'm so good
at keeping secrets.
Did you know that Rafa
and Anabella are dating
and that their parents
don't know?
See? I kept that secret.
We're on our way
to the Tree of Life.
Oh, yeah?
Can I come along?
Sorry. Nachi and I are
kinda on a personal quest.
I mean, I'd call it
a vision quest,
but the Cocopa leaves a lot out
so it's more like
a "lack of vision" quest.
Wait a second, uh,
what was your question?
So what does this
Tree of Life look like?
Reaches to the sky.
Has a huge trunk,
large branches...
I found it!
- Hmm? Where?
- Whoa!
It's gotta be it.
Look how big and tall it is.
What are we supposed to do now
that I found it?
Well, if you must know,
we're supposed to ask it
for directions.
OK, please
stand back. I got this.
Ahem. Hello, tree.
Do you happen to know where
to find the monarch sanctuary?
Straight ahead.
Take a turn to your right.
- I knew it!
- Hmm?
- What a nice guy! Right?
- Huh?
Ugh. Whatever.
I gotta get going
to find the other monarchs.
See ya! 'Bye!
Hmm! Oww. Out of my way!
Oww! Ay, Xochi! Oww!
Oy! Oh, that one hurt.
That is one messed-up butterfly.
You like her, don't you?
Me? No! Is it obvious?
It's already getting dark.
So why don't we stop
and catch some slee...
That was fast.
Has anyone ever told you
you hiss in your sleep?
Oh. Oh.
Pako, wake up!
It wasn't me.
I didn't pee on the lily pad.
Huh? Huh?
So you thought
you could defy Zaina.
Fine, it was me, I confess.
I peed on... Jithu!
That's right!
Zaina's butt-kissing, brown-
nosing, fat-headed suck-up.
Jithu, compadre. Great to see
you again, man. Oh, my!
I really wish we could hang out
and catch up on old times,
but we have to run, you know?
We should run.
You're not going anywhere!
Oh, cool!
Time for us to say...
Adis, amigos!
Get them!
Ah, OK.
What do we do now?!
- I have an idea.
- Oh!
Wait, Nachi!
What are you doing, man?
Hurry up. Get in.
See you on the other side.
Oh! Oh! Oh!
I made it!
Give up, Nachi.
There's nowhere to run.
Nachi, I got you!
Huh? Hmm!
Over here, amigo!
Ooh-hoo. Ooh-hoo. Oh, no! No!
You won't get away!
Oh, yeah?
It looks like we already did.
Na-na, na-na-na!
Give Zaina
a big wet kiss from me!
And another one from me,
Eh! Eh!
Eh? Eh?
I wish Balam could've seen that.
Did you see the look on
Jithu's face? It was all like...
It was like my tail
had superpowers.
How about my tongue?
- Super tongue!
- He-he!
Super tail!
In this corner
fighting out
of the great land of Xo,
the mega-colossal, spectacular,
greatest tag team duo
of Super Tongue...
..and Super Tail.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Super brothers in the fight
against evildoers everywhere!
Hey, wouldn't that be cool...
..if we really were brothers?
But... but we're not brothers.
Hmm? Hmm?
I don't have a family.
Oh. Ohhh.
Coming, Super Tongue?
You know it,
Super Tail!
Ay, amorcito, those powerful
legs and that strong jaw.
I can't think of anyone
I'd rather have carry me
hundreds of miles.
And I could really sink my fangs
into your brother Luis,
but that would kill my ride.
Therefore, you're both
perfect, strong, brave,
good-looking soldiers
for my new kingdom of Notxoland.
Full-time bobos, muscular, dumb
and extremely easy to mould.
How much longer
till we get there?
Patience, abuelo.
Many of the animals
cannot keep going without rest.
I'm losing patience
with the stragglers.
You don't see me complaining
about the journey.
Ha! You're being carried.
You have no idea
how tiring it is
telling everyone where to go!
Let's see, who wants
to give up on Notxoland?
Oh, well.
You can't please everyone.
But, please,
look at those faces.
They're saying lead us.
We need your guidance.
You're brilliant,
you're beautiful.
And how did you get
your skin so soft?
My secret? No mice between meals
and one camu camu a day.
If you'll excuse me,
we have a long way to march...
Get out of the way!
..before I comfortably
set up for the night!
So lost.
So hungry.
So... long.
Keep moving.
Or else you're going to wind up
someone else's food.
We're saved!
- Huh? Huh?
- Huh?
Oh! Oh! Whoa!
Shh! Shh!
Whoa! You thinking
what I'm thinking?
That if we climb to the top
of this giant tree
that's bigger than anything
I've ever seen before,
we might possibly be able
to spot the Tree of Life?
Why don't you try again?
The Tree of Life!
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
- Up high! Oooh!
- Ugh!
Race ya to the top, buddy!
Are you sure you wanna race?
Look! So beautiful!
You know what
this means, Nachi?
The macaws have blessed us.
It's a sign of good luck.
Come on, dude, knock it off.
Nachi! I think we found heaven!
Argh! Argh! Whoa!
It's a big one!
Eee! Eee-eee-eee!
Enough messing around.
We need to get to the top.
Egh. Mmm!
Yummy, so good!
One more bite...
Hey, Nachi! I'm coming.
Nachi! Nachi!
Look, Pako,
it's breathing!
Something weird's happening!
I know, I can feel it too.
I think we're close.
Ohh! Oh.
Stay back! I got my eye on you!
Come on, Pako. I see the top!
Ehh. Ehh?
Give a kiss to Mama!
We made it, Pako!
Quick, it's closing!
Pako, get up!
Pako, what are you doing?
Pako! Pako!
What happened?
Tasty mushroom.
Kiss Mama bye-bye.
No! Wake up!
Come on, snap out of it!
Pako, breathe!
Please, please...
Super Tongue lives!
Well, I don't recommend
the mushrooms.
You nearly died back there!
And you stopped to save me?
Thanks, Nachi!
We'll find another way.
Besides, there was something...
..someone more important.
Ah! Hijole, nobody's ever
called me important before.
Slimy, annoying, gross,
sure, but important?
Come on, maybe we can just
push our way through the top.
We're marching forever
Together through whatever
I think...
Let's not mention this
to anyone.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Ahhh. Oh.
Pako, we made it!
Come on, now, give me five.
Wait, actually four.
What is it?
It's a smoky
mountain, dude.
The smoky patterns
help me meditate.
I become one with the universe.
Do you mind?
- Huh?
- Hmm.
I said, do you mind?
No, it's cool!
I get stepped on all the time.
So, what's the deal?
Do you live here or something?
It's kinda cool here.
I like it.
It's a little dusty...
Well, there goes
the neighbourhood.
Yes, I live here.
With my thoughts.
Sometimes without my thoughts.
Like when they go on vacation.
But I give them that.
They come back refreshed.
You should try it sometime.
So what are you doing here?
There comes a time,
little froggy...
..when a bird has to fly away
and lose itself.
Wait! I mean, find itself.
So, have you?
- Found yourself?
- Hmm?
Duh! I'm right here!
OK, not yet.
But I found this cool guayaba
that kinda looks like me.
Oh! Hmm. Look at that. Huh? Huh?
- Yeah. Who's who?
- Who's who?
So what are you guys doing here?
I was sent to the top of this
tree to get some directions.
Nachi, Nachi,
maybe he's got them!
Right, up, down, left!
Am I close?
How can you give me directions
when you can't even
find yourself?
Good question.
And that is your answer. Oh!
So now I've gotta get back
to some serious
finding myself time...
..alone. Mmmmmm.
Why is that mountain
making the ground shake?
Blah, blah, blah.
Why does it matter?
'Cause the last time the ground
shook, it destroyed our home.
Bummer, but that thing
grumbles and spits smoke
out of its mouth all the time!
Wait. Did you say "mouth"?
Maybe that's the mouth
that doesn't speak.
We need to go check it out.
Excellent idea, compadre.
Send my regards.
Argh. I thought you left.
Nope! You're taking us.
Why would I do that?
'Cause we can't fly.
Hello? How else
are we gonna get there?
Oh. Yeah. OK, OK.
If I take you there,
will you leave me alone?
Promise! Huh!
Uh, hmm, hmm.
- I'm Nachi and this is Pako.
- Hi.
I am Calli. Hop on, I guess.
Not sure we thought this
all the way through, Nachi.
Isn't that the fun of it?
Hold on tight.
Look, Pako! Look!
I can't!
Nachi, we are flying!
- Oh!
- Oh-oh! Whoo!
Look at us, Pako.
The sky has no limit!
Oh, no.
- See anything?
- Nope.
It'll probably help
if you open your eyes.
I was afraid you'd say that.
Wait a second.
That's the lake of fire!
Ahh. Argh!
Yeah, fiiiiire!
- It looks like it's rising!
- Whoa!
Oh, no.
I'm feeling mucho dizzy.
Whoa! Too low! Too low!
Right, right!
Go your other right!
- Going other right!
- Whoa!
Hello. What a trip! Really
turned my world upside down, uh?
Well, that's because
you are upside down.
What the...
Oh, hey, guys. Guess who?
You again?
Wow! Good guess.
What are you doing here?
See that river of fire
coming out of that mountain?
Kinda hard to miss.
Well, I've gotta stop it!
Stop it? Huh!
You're a butterfly.
There's no way.
Well, I have to.
It's heading straight
for my home.
Listen, we have to get
these butterflies to safety.
Ugh! I woke up at the wrong side
of the branch today.
Let's go!
- Come on, guys!
- Do not yell in my ear.
OK? Put your feet down.
This isn't your living room.
Here, here, here.
It's here!
Everyone, listen to me!
We need to leave!
A river of fire
is coming this way!
We need to get out now!
Wake up now!
There's a fire coming! Come on!
Kids these days.
They'll say anything
to get attention.
It's no use.
Ugh. Let me handle this.
Calli accessing inner anger.
You're all going to die!
Ooooh! Oh!
Wow. What a release!
Huh! Follow us
to the Tree of Life!
We had a deal. Yow!
Say goodbye to solitude!
Come on, everyone. Follow us!
Come on, guys,
hurry up!
We're almost there.
Xochi, hurry up!
Come on, quickly!
- Quickly!
- Quickly!
- OK, OK.
- No!
There, there,
my darling little orange one.
Is everybody OK?
No. Not everyone made it.
Hey, what's wrong, Nachi?
I've been thinking, Pako.
Coming here was a huge mistake.
I'm never gonna find my family.
There's one moon left
and we haven't found the mouth
that doesn't speak.
Doesn't matter.
First Balam, and now hundreds
of butterflies lost their lives.
But thousands survived because
of us! You have to know that!
We've been lucky enough
just to make it this far.
I think we should
just join Zaina.
What?! This is Zaina
we're talking about.
She nearly killed us.
Well, maybe if we apologise for
leaving, she'll let us back in?
I'm going in the morning.
If you don't want to come,
I'll understand.
- Um-um-um!
- Huh?
Hmm! You can't leave!
You can't quit now.
We've come so far!
Nachi, I need you.
Need me for what?
So you can get lost again?
Let's just find Zaina
and see if she'll take us back.
You know what? No!
I don't trust that selfish,
stuck-up, power-hungry snake.
- She's the worst!
- Wait!
I saw a selfish, stuck-up,
power-hungry-looking snake
- leading a bunch of animals...
- What?
..on my way to the sanctuary.
- Where were they headed?
- Towards the fire mountain!
Huh. We've gotta warn them.
That's my Nachi.
And we're coming with you.
But how will we get there?
- Ah!
- Hey.
Calli, we need you
to fly us somewhere.
- Please, please, please.
- Por fa! Por fa!
Please! Please! Please!
Oh, how am I ever gonna
have time to find myself?
Calli, you must lose yourself
to find yourself.
You just blew my mind.
Let's do this!
Keep moving!
You can do this.
I believe in all of you!
Except for you!
If you can't keep up,
dig yourself a grave.
Useless eaters
not worthy of my rule.
I believe we have to get rid
of everyone but the strong.
Cover me.
The children are weak
and thirsty.
Share that water now!
What water?
We are all thirsty, Mama.
But with strength
and determination,
we should move forward to
a future with water for all.
Shh! You'd be lost without...
The rat and the chubby
frog? I thought you were...
Dead?! Sorry to disappoint.
Yeah! And 'chubby' is a hurtful
term. I prefer 'full-figured'.
- Oh?
- No, no, mister.
- You coil up and sit.
- Hmm.
Oh, Nachi!
Have you come back
to join the group?
No, I've come back
to save the group!
You're all in danger.
And here he goes,
"You're all in danger!"
Not while I am in charge!
She's leading you
to a smoky mountain
that shoots rivers of fire.
Listen to yourself.
A smoky mountain spitting fire?
Your crazy stories stink!
Oh. Actually, I think
you might be smelling me.
Haven't hit a bath
in like four weeks.
Zaina, if we don't find
a safe place
before the mountain spits
fire again, it'll be over.
Everyone will die.
This is total nonsense!
Mis amores, pay attention.
The rat is clearly lying
just to undermine my authority.
Shame on you!
Fear not,
we will soon be in paradise,
in Notxoland.
Notxoland! Notxoland!
let's go to Notxoland!
You clearly are not wanted here.
If you know
what's good for yourself,
you would leave
and never return.
Don't worry. We'll be back.
OK, what's the plan?
Don't know yet.
I like it.
Short, sweet, and to the point.
Except for the part
where you don't know.
Mm-hm. Whoa!
Want me to get rid of them...
No, you slimy idiot!
You had your chance.
It's time to bite back!
Cocopa, I need your help.
I have to save everyone
and I don't know how.
Find the mouth
that does not speak.
Ugh! You already told me that
when I was looking
for my family.
It didn't work.
Please, Cocopa,
just tell me what to do now.
Two questions, one answer.
And remember.
The last moon is here.
What mouth doesn't speak?
Huh? Huh?
You have a mouth. Do you speak?
Hmm. I can take a hint.
It's here!
The mouth that doesn't speak!
This is it!
This is the place
that will keep us safe!
Huh? Ha.
Ha! So your fire mountain
was real after all.
It's so kind of you to find me
a safe place for my new kingdom.
Round up the animals, but leave
the weak and the old behind.
This is a wonderful opportunity
to thin the herd.
I can't believe you.
You led everyone away
from their homes
and now you just want
to abandon them?
You're evil!
Evil, attractive, and in charge!
He can't be too far!
What's happening?
Over there!
We gotta help him.
- Coming in hot!
- Oh, not so fast.
You challenge my leadership?!
What leadership?
- Zaina!
- Hmm?
You stay away from Nachi or...
Or what?!
You'll attack me and die
a slow and horrible death
at the tip of my fangs?!
I was going to say, "Or else
I'm gonna tell my mommy on you."
I've waited my entire life
to assume my rightful position
and I won't let some precocious
loser undermine my power!
Your cave will keep the strong
safe and under my rule.
And my rule alone!
- They will repopulate the land!
- What? What?!
Pako, go!
Gather all the animals
and bring them here. Go now!
- Go!
- Let's go!
I think it's time to kill you.
It's over,
you worthless rat!
- Argh!
- Koati!
I'm a koati!
And the name is Nachi.
Huh? Oh.
Hey, guys, no pushing.
Stop those weak losers
from going in!
rale, lady, move! Come on.
You're so heavy!
Everyone, let's go!
Let's go!
What's it gonna be?
You in or out?
You're hurting him!
Let him go!
You stay out of this,
you old hag!
I'm sick of you telling me
what to do! I will destroy you!
Your time ruling
the animals is over, Zaina.
They'll never care about you
because you don't
really care about them.
You only think about yourself.
You're one to talk.
You're always on your own.
You're right. But not anymore.
Everyone that I care about
is right here.
Ay, Dios mio.
That's so beautiful.
Huh? Huh!
Hurry, Super Tongue!
Ah! Ohhhhh!
Oh! Ohhh.
You better
let go of me, now!
Are you sure
about that?
Oh. Carry on.
- Ha ha!
- Eh?
Huh? Ah!
Come on!
You can do it! Push!
Nachi, the floor is lava!
Let go of me,
you dirty bird!
Your wish
is my command.
Ay! Ay, not my skin!
No! No, not my skin! No!
The sun waits up for us
We're seeing colours
No longer walking
in the dark
It's never too late...
You guys are safe!
Oh, fantastic!
It's so good to see you.
Nobody messes
with the two of us.
You mean
the four of us.
Ohhh. We made it.
Huh? Cocopa!
Where have you been?
Did you find the answer
to your question?
I went on this journey
in search of a family
and I've learned
I've always had one.
On your left, you can see
three of the four heroes of Xo.
Oh! Oh, meditation?
I love meditation!
Anything else on the agenda
for today?
Yay! Go, go, go!
Pako, mi amor!
- Mom! Five more minutes!
- Your flies are getting cold!
What? Flies again?!
Mom, I'm vegan now!
Hay un feeling
Hmm. Mm-hm.
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Yeah, yeah
Can you feel it?
Hay un feeling
Ohh, oh, oh
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Can you feel it?
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
Hay un feeling
I'm anything but your friend
And if you think that's
how it is, then think again
Mmm, mmm, mmm
S, s, s
I don't care who you know
S, s, s
'Cause you are on the throne
S, s, s
No-one ever tells me no
Mm, ha
I'm anything but your friend
And if you think that's
how it is, then think again
Mmm-mmm, mmm, mmm
S, s, s
I don't care who you know
S, s, s
'Cause you are on the throne
S, s, s
No-one ever tells me no
There's no need for maps
if you are guided
By the sound
of your own voice
There's no need for wings
When your dreams
will let you fly alone
This journey begins
And lasts
A lifetime
This journey won't end
As long
As I chase
The signs
By knowing my fate
I'll do my best
To pave my own way
Heeding the sounds
Of the steps
that I'm destined
To take
Oh, oh