Kocan Kadar Konus: Dirilis (2016) Movie Script

-A wedding without a bride?
-Don't worry. Calm down.
We're the bride's family.
Mother, how can I calm down?
Do whatever you want.
I'm staying out of it.
Where could she be?
Grandma's right, auntie.
Calm down. Please.
You're right. We've been disgraced.
It's a scandal. But what can we do?
I'm going to pass out.
Stop it, girl.
You're only making things worse.
Have you found Efsun?
No, she's nowhere.
-What's wrong?
-Where is she?
I have no idea.
Is she inside? Isn't she in there?
She hasn't answered. I hope she's okay.
Goodness gracious!
What are you doing?
Everybody will hear us.
Hello. Oktay.
He's just like his daughter.
Deaf as a post when it suits him.
Not in front of the groom.
Mother, what groom?
Without a bride, what groom?
You promised to make
a big splash with this wedding,
but even I hadn't expected all this.
Why are you all yelling?
You'd think the bride was missing.
You're kidding. I don't believe it.
Okay, don't panic. I'll persuade her.
Make way for the hairdresser.
Out of the way.
Efsun, listen to this.
You know that tramp, Mjgan?
She's not in here, either.
It figures I'd get the groom.
Just my luck.
-She's not here?
-Let me see.
Where's he going?
I hear something. Efsun.
Efsun, are you in there?
-Hang on. Get back.
-Have a look.
Eighteen. Nineteen.
-Efsun, are you in there?
Can you hear me?
Efsun, we're worried.
Sinan, I'm so sorry.
What happened to us?
Let's be honest with ourselves.
Even if we claim to have no regrets,
are there really none
gnawing away at us somewhere deep inside?
Have you ever wondered
if things could have been different?
I have.
What happened to me? Where are we?
-Is Sinan okay?
-Calm down. Sinan's in the next room.
Nothing's broken, thank God.
You're both lucky.
-His family is with him.
-Don't tell me you've met.
We met them.
Just for once,
don't let my worst fears come true!
Don't be ridicul...
Efsun, feeling better, I hope?
Ms. Mine. Ms. Tuncay.
I'm fine. Thank you.
Forgive me for not getting up.
You really scared us.
Well, you're both fine now.
Your family, too, must have been so upset.
We don't wish to intrude.
We'll stop by later.
Ms. Mine.
They seem nice,
but they're a little distant.
He's wearing a wig.
They're taking such an interest.
Why'd they come into your room?
Grandma, let me remind you
-that I nearly died. Could that be why?
-Come on.
Where are they from? What do they do?
What are you going to do? Adopt them?
They produce cheese.
They're rich. Didn't you see her handbag?
So, Sinan is the Cheese Heir.
-Has he got any siblings?
-He's an only child.
Just him. Perfect.
Whatever you're thinking,
stop it right now.
Stop it. Forget it.
Stop the nonsense.
Whom does she take after?
I'll never let him go again.
Sinan, will you marry me?
Efsun, what happened? What's wrong?
Sinan, I...
-What I asked you in the elevator...
-Never mind that now. Later.
Now's not the time.
It happened so suddenly.
The elevator had been serviced.
I don't get why it happened.
It just happened.
This has been difficult for you too.
-I'm in the next room.
Grandma. Mom.
What did you ask Sinan in the elevator?
What do you think?
If the elevator
had been serviced and stuff.
You didn't propose, did you?
Or something like that?
No. What makes you ask that?
What kind of woman would propose to a man?
He'd refuse even if he was interested.
Grandma, we're leaving.
Come on, mom.
Sweetie, see you later.
Mom, come on, would you?
Do you want to tell me about it?
Yes, I guess I do.
I proposed to Sinan in the elevator.
-Do you regret it?
-No, not one bit.
But... I don't know. I feel so weird.
What's come over me?
It doesn't make any sense.
What about me and your mom?
Does that make sense?
Love strikes all at once. Two become one.
That's why they say:
"Love knows neither rhyme nor reason."
And he's even handsomer now.
What I mean is...
-If he were bald and pot-bellied...
-Like me, you mean.
Do you think everything will work out?
Expect the best and you'll get it.
My crazy girl.
It's incredibly reassuring when a father
says everything will work out.
Mothers talk a lot, often to themselves.
But fathers don't, do they?
They keep it short and sweet.
It's particularly true for my dad,
who is always surrounded
by a bunch of crazy women.
What are you doing here?
You're a banker.
Are you getting your doctorate?
No, I'm not playing doctor.
I'm Dr. Love. Does it suit me?
Don't be silly.
But yes, you look great.
You were hopping like a bunny
and the elevator's cables snapped.
Thank God you didn't break your pelvis.
You nut. How'd you get in here?
There was a lady at the entrance
saying only family members were allowed.
I nearly wrung her neck.
How could I go without seeing you?
-Move over.
-Come here.
Sinan's in the next room over.
You're kidding. Why are you here?
Go give him a shot in the butt.
It's so romantic!
Lovers in adjacent hospital rooms.
Just like a French movie.
Where's Sinan?
The receptionist gave me this room number.
Sinan's here. Where is he?
We hid him in the closet.
Excuse me. Who are you?
-Are you Efsun?
Efsun, from the elevator?
Yes. Who are you?
Cavide. Cavide nver.
Sinan's grandmother.
Surely he's mentioned me.
His grandmother?
Sweetie, this lady's a handful.
I'm out of here.
-Doctor, please don't...
-You're in love with Sinan?
Are you talking to me?
No, to the doctor.
To me? Perish the thought.
We're like brothers.
What were you doing in that elevator?
Do you always flit in and out
of your boyfriends' houses?
Ms. Cavide, what are you saying?
Sinan and I are old friends.
Old, you say. Doctor, how old is Efsun?
You could have asked me.
Yes, Ms. Cavide, I'm 30.
Have you got a husband?
-I'm not married.
-What a pity.
-A pity?
-A pity.
You're past your prime.
I'm looking for a girl.
Looking for? What do you mean?
A girl who's young,
beautiful and virtuous.
-That's too much.
-Too much?
I mean, I hope you find
what you're looking for.
Good luck.
Tell me if you know any young ladies.
Welcome. I've been looking
for you everywhere.
My little boy!
-My little lion.
-Turn around.
-I'm fine.
So I see you've met.
The doctor and I were just chatting.
But we haven't met formally.
Sir, I'm Cavide nver.
Excuse me.
Doctor? I was talking about Efsun.
If dinosaurs took over the world,
people sprouted wings
and if I married Sinan,
I wouldn't need
Ms. Mine as a mother-in-law.
Because Ms. Cavide
is like a mother-in-law times ten.
God punished me.
In sickness and in health,
I want to hold his hand.
But we don't always get what we want.
That's lesson number one.
Nothing's worse than belonging
to what you cannot have.
I'm fine. You're fine. We're both fine.
Sinan, I came here
to talk about something.
About what?
You haven't said it all yet?
Things could have been different, but...
I shouldn't have come here.
Things could have been different, but...
But this was meant to be.
I'm not angry or upset.
All I want is to get out of here
and make up for those lost years.
It's not air what I'm breathing.
It's pure bliss.
So this is what it means
for two to become one.
What is it?
Despite all my foolishness?
Even knowing all my tricks,
and how I make a mess of things?
Yes, that too. But...
You're not angry or upset?
And if the elevator hadn't fallen,
perhaps now...
Even the elevator couldn't resist you.
Mom? Grandma?
How good of you to come. Where's dad?
What would I do without you?
-How's your neck?
-Fine. It doesn't hurt at all.
-I hope you're discharged soon.
Efsun, so you're awake?
No, mom. I'm sound asleep.
Let me introduce my nightmares:
my mother and grandmother.
They say drugs can have side effects.
What drugs are you giving her?
Come here. We need to talk.
It's okay.
We'll take care of her. Off we go.
Did Sinan mention marriage?
Have you talked at all?
Has he measured
your finger for a solitaire ring?
A what?
That's the diamond ring
men buy before they get married.
Learn all this.
Sinan should learn it, too.
I don't want a diamond ring.
Really? Start planning your future.
Some are set with five stones.
She means you should aim for the high.
If only we could choose our sisters.
You don't understand.
I don't want any of that stuff.
Stop getting on my nerves.
That's enough out of you.
It's time you talked to Sinan.
Put a ring on it.
Pardon. Put a ring on what?
Pardon. Who are you?
I'm Cavide nver, madam.
She's Sinan's grandmother, grandma.
Hello, Ms. Cavide.
Let me introduce my mom, Gnl,
and grandmother, Peyker.
Your son and our daughter
really hit it off last night.
Hit it off?
Her father had better not hear about this.
She'll think they caught us in bed.
Actually, they did. But...
Come on, we're leaving.
You know I can't stand
hospitals and patients.
Hang on, I'll go with you.
-I forgot something upstairs.
-Sit down this minute.
Are you crazy? Where are you going?
Are you determined to sabotage me?
Why did you kiss him right away?
Is that what we taught you?
Girls should go slow.
Play a little hard to get.
It was only yesterday
you told me not to miss my chance.
Didn't you say it was
my last chance? Now what is it?
Merve, what happened?
It's a joke.
It's a huge hospital.
I looked everywhere for this room.
Thank goodness for nice doctors.
Never mind all that.
Just tell us what they said.
I couldn't catch the elevator,
so I didn't hear much.
They talked about what kind
of psychos you all are.
Any more problems with Sinan
and I'm burning this hospital down.
Ms. Cavide said something about you.
How do you know it was about me?
She said yam.
Do you think of me
every time someone says yam?
Why are you getting mad?
Of course she meant you.
Mothers find nicknames
for their sons' girlfriends.
She found one for you.
-His grandmother, actually.
-If she'd said weird, mental or idiot
I could understand.
But why yam?
Grandma, you know,
that weird orange fruit.
It's a vegetable, Ceren.
It might be weird,
but she could have called me a cow.
Or a dwarf. Or even a lard bottom.
Why get so wound up? It's just a tactic.
Ignore most of what
your mother-in-law says.
No husband yet,
but I already have a mother-in-law.
I swear I've had it.
Don't look at me like that.
A yam?
Some moments are like sunburn, Nezahat.
You don't understand at the time.
Only after the sun goes down
it hurts to the touch.
We had beautiful moments together.
I understand that now.
But I'm in such awful pain.
Really? Does it hurt that bad?
You should have thought of that
before you scorched my heart, Ekrem.
Can't we start over again?
Can't I win your heart again?
That girl's a tramp.
What do you mean, Cavide?
He's the one at fault.
He raises her hopes, only to...
Besides, he's got a rat-face.
I'm wild about him.
Peyker, you say rat-face
and then you say you're wild about him.
In zmir, we say wild things
about people who annoy us.
You zmir people are
always reinventing the wheel.
The girl's a tramp.
She has a mouthful of "pitipit" gum.
Chomping away.
Tipitip. That's the gum brand.
Tipitip. Pitipit.
Did your city invent that too?
Yes. zmir invented everything.
Because zmir is a big city.
It's nothing like your town.
You have your own names
for simit and for tomatoes, right?
Well, Peyker,
in my town we call money, money.
Got it?
Do you know Selin?
Are you talking to me?
-No, I asked Bra.
-Who's Bra?
The tramp in that TV show.
Of course I'm talking to you.
Do you know Selin?
Yes, I know her. She's Sinan's friend.
Sinan's girlfriend.
Sinan's girlfriend?
Grandma, what Ms. Cavide meant
was ex-girlfriend.
She was going to marry Sinan.
But it wasn't meant to be, was it?
She married an engineer. A wonderful guy.
Sinan is better for sure.
I wanted them to marry.
But Sinan's so changeable.
-Excuse me. Sinan's not fickle.
-He's fickle.
-No, he's not.
-He is. Fickle.
elik, tap three times if you're here.
He hangs out with every girl he sees.
Selin wasn't that kind of girl.
Your daughter followed him
into the elevator.
Selin wouldn't do that. Never.
What's that supposed to mean?
Are you suggesting
my granddaughter is easy?
Yes. You people from zmir
are all easy to get.
The show's over. I'm leaving now.
Thank goodness she left.
-What are we waiting for?
-Stay out of it.
We've seen many who promise.
Then they disappear.
Nobody's made any promises.
They'll be coming this way.
They're coming.
Sinan. I'm not responsible
for what's about to happen.
Don't tense up, darling.
That way! Over there!
Honor us with a visit one evening
so our families can get acquainted.
Honor us first.
All right. When?
We'll expect you next week.
Our pleasure.
But where in Istanbul do you live?
Which neighborhood?
We're blessed to have
numerous homes in Istanbul.
But I'd like you to visit
our ancestral home, Peyker.
-And where is that?
We'll receive you in Tarakl.
Everything was simpler when we were young.
Nobody pressured us
to give our feelings a name.
Two people becoming one is wonderful,
but nobody told us
we'd suddenly become thousands.
Sinan wrote non-stop for months.
I didn't write back.
More accurately,
I didn't send what I did write.
I thought he would love me more
if I seemed hard to get.
What a fool I was.
Good morning.
What are those tickets for? A concert?
-Train fare to a concert, yes.
-What train?
Mom can arrange
the wedding date while she's at it.
You have to stop this.
You know that, right?
Do you think that's possible?
I don't even want to think
about what will happen at an away game.
Come quick, Efsun. You're next.
What's all this?
It's a beautifying mud mask
before we go to Tarakl.
Do you think that mud
will shield you from Cavide?
If that were true,
I'd spread it on my behind.
-I'm not going to Tarakl.
Mother, what shall we take them?
One of those silver-framed mirrors?
Nobody's got those but us.
-Are you going to rob a museum?
-We need something striking.
A stun gun.
You're such a wet blanket.
A pink stun gun then.
Gnl, call Aysel, the fortune teller,
and ask her to do
a reading in a coffee cup.
What if she sees an elephant?
We'd never fit it in the train.
Efsun, do you want a smack?
What did I tell you?
They still think I'm going to Tarakl.
Well, I'm not.
Wait for me.
I'm going to slip and fall.
Help me. Take this.
Do you want me to wet my pants?
I have to go.
That's right.
Wait for me.
Right in the center.
Smack dab in the middle.
It couldn't be more central.
Good job. What a great gift.
They'll put it in the town square.
The evil eye will never strike again.
Excuse me. Are you from Tarakl?
I don't want to mislead you.
I always tell the truth.
I'm not from Tarakl originally.
I became a local only later.
Through my wife.
A bucolic borough. We're headed there now.
Abukolik? Where's Abukolik?
I've been a real estate manager
for years and I've never heard of it.
Allow me to Google it.
She said, bucolic. Meaning Tarakl.
We're going to Tarakl.
What did you say you did for a job?
-Real estate.
-What's your name?
-You're named Ksmet?
No, I'm Levent.
Ksmet is my company's name.
We're the biggest real estate
in Tarakl. Ksmet Real Estate.
-The biggest in Tarakl. Wow.
-You must know everyone.
Tarakl is a small place after all.
Tarakl is small.
But Ksmet is a big company,
also active outside the area.
Let me give you
my business card.
Land values are set to skyrocket.
This must be your chance.
Here you are. Kismet Real Estate. Here.
Here's one for you.
Call me whenever you want. Don't hesitate.
Just out of curiosity,
are there any prominent families
in Tarakl?
Are you asking who's rich?
No, what I mean is
we don't care about money.
There are four or five families.
But the leading one is... the Littlelimps.
-The Littlelimps? What an odd name.
-They make cheese.
Cavide is their only child.
Their great grandfather
had a slipped disc in his lower back.
That's how they got their family name.
He limped a little.
They became the Littlelimps.
Knock on wood.
They're wealthy. They own lots of land.
They can't be bothered to meet us.
When Sinan said he would pick us up,
weren't you the one
who told him not to trouble himself?
It's good manners to say that.
It's bad manners not to meet us.
I'm so sorry.
I hope you haven't waited long. Welcome.
You needn't have troubled yourself.
Don't say that. Let me help you.
Mustafa, we're unloading
everything in the back.
Now I see why they dragged us
all the way here.
Social climbers.
They think they'll impress us.
It would take a lot to do that.
You'll eat them alive.
We're here.
How nice to be here.
-Thank you.
-Right over there, dad.
-Get a chair.
They seem to be getting along.
-Can I get you a drink?
-I'm good.
-Are you sure?
-Thank you.
Sinan, let me say it was my family that...
I know. You didn't want to come.
But your family insisted.
Don't worry.
They've met their match in Cavide.
It'll be neck-in-neck.
I should be nice about his family.
Negative energy backfires.
-Sorry. I was zoning out.
I think your family is sweet.
They're old and a little stubborn.
My grandmother?
It's too early to say that.
I really like Cavide.
White lies never killed anyone.
We've been friends for 14 years.
How strange our families haven't met.
Excuse me?
Did you say friends?
I dragged my butt
all the way out here for you.
Hang on just a second.
I admit it, I made mistakes.
I was foolish.
I apologized.
I even went so far
as to propose to you.
Back off!
And what did you do?
How do you explain that?
You kissed me in the hospital.
Hands at your sides.
At your sides. Watch it!
You're pissing me off. He kissed me.
Stop stringing me along
if you don't love me!
You pop up after 14 years
using words like we just met.
Don't act like we just met.
I'll bust your head.
If you love me, say it.
Don't waste my time!
I'll choke you.
Stop showing off. I'm from the hood.
Piss off.
You thug. Piss off.
I didn't say any of that, of course.
We've been friends for 14 years.
How strange our families haven't met.
How nice that they have now.
The evil eye is quite small.
Custom made by a designer
at the Grand Bazaar.
Really? Did it have its own train fare?
You're full of jokes again today, Cavide.
I grew up here.
It's full of childhood memories.
How many siblings have you got?
I wish I'd had brothers
and sisters. It wasn't my fate.
I have two siblings.
They're overseas right now.
There's nothing like family.
I hope our son has a big family.
Do you like my portrait?
It's nice. Who painted it?
The daughter of a prominent family
here in Tarakl.
Her name is Mnevver.
She's so talented.
And a lovely girl. Not that yours isn't.
Really? Does Mnevver work?
-She helps in the house.
-Whose house?
Would you like some tea?
Please. Efsun will pour it.
What girl doesn't dream
about pouring tea in Tarakl?
How many times have I told you?
I'm not interested.
Don't bring Mnevver up again.
-End of subject.
-I say it for your own good.
For your peace of mind.
I found the one I was looking for.
"I found the one."
Like finding a ripe melon?
What do you know about her?
-How can you say that?
-If you had grandchildren,
you'd understand.
You'll understand one day.
But it will be too late.
Just walk away.
Abandon me like the others.
You'll all be happy when I'm dead.
Thank God
your grandfather didn't live to see this.
-Are you okay?
-A mouse.
A mouse?
A mouse did that?
Come and clean up.
Meet me in the garden at midnight.
In the garden?
I'm counting down the seconds.
Five minutes never took so long.
Never underestimate time.
Eight steps from bed to door.
Twenty steps to downstairs.
And 52 steps from hall to door.
The things love makes us do.
I can't believe it sometimes.
Legend has it
that a string is tied to our finger.
The other end is tied
to someone else's finger.
No matter where we go,
no matter how far apart we are...
that string binds...
...and reunites these two people.
Now that the string is joined...
Yes. I agree to marry you.
My heart's pounding.
So this is what it's like
when the man you love proposes.
What is it?
-Sinan, look.
-Let me see.
Doctor! Where's a doctor?
Slow down.
-Nurse, where's the doctor?
-This way.
-All that fuss over this.
-He gave you a string when he proposed?
-Why didn't he give you a turkey?
So that's how they grew rich.
Who'd give a piece of string
in place of a ring?
He would. What matters is
he wants to spend his life with me.
Sometimes a length of string says it all.
It's just a bee sting.
Look, Alper. How could it swell so much?
I'll have a look.
-Sinan proposed to Efsun.
With some red string.
What is it?
Just a little bee. We'll handle it.
When will you come and ask for her hand?
-Ask for what?
-What do you mean?
Grandmother, we talked about this.
Since the kids have already decided,
tell us when to come, Oktay. When is best?
Next Friday is good.
I was just about to say that.
She took the words out of my mouth.
Now the fun begins. Are you ready?
I thought I'd never see you again.
Aren't you happy to see me?
Of course I am.
I have so much to tell you.
I know all of it.
Of course you do.
You're going through a difficult trial.
You'd better be careful.
But everything is going well.
That's the hardest trial of all.
Mademoiselle, would you give me your hand?
Take my hand, sir, it is yours
Would you give me your heart?
Take my heart, sir, it is yours
I found my love
God made our paths cross
Do not be envious of us
Find a mate, marry and be happy
-Uncle akir?
-How are you?
Fine, thank you.
You rascal. Remember me?
How could I forget?
You boxed my ears more than once.
I practically brought him up.
I circumcised him myself.
Uncle akir.
-It turned out beautifully.
-Enough, Uncle akir.
How wonderful to see
that others value the one you love.
The more I learn about his childhood,
the more I appreciate him.
Sinan nver, I'm so glad I love you.
Sinan. Don't forget.
The gas, the pedal and the brake.
I trust you.
Let's go.
-I'm drowning. Help.
I didn't believe it.
You're a rat.
Sinan nver.
You'll pay for that.
What are you looking at?
I've never seen you wet like this.
I've never jumped in a lake before.
Could that be why?
It's stuck on you.
Stop it.
I just don't want you to catch a chill.
Fashion is wearing
what makes you feel good.
Come on. I've got a surprise for you.
Quick. Before you get sick.
A surprise?
I don't think I can take another...
Sinan, the motorbike.
What surprise?
You're kidding.
Sinan, I don't believe it.
When did you do all this?
Sinan, sorry.
-It's okay. Answer it.
-Okay. I'll be right back.
What is it, grandma? What is it now?
Listen to me this time.
Don't come on too strong.
-Don't dive right in.
Okay. We'll talk later. We won't be late.
Can we continue
where we left off yesterday?
Sinan, I don't believe it.
You look hilarious.
To the two of us.
Efsun, did you swallow it?
Are you all right?
Wow, that's quite a ring.
Efsun won't let it get away.
She swallowed it right up.
What did he say?
Like I told you, he asked me to marry him.
And what did you say?
I said yes.
And what did he say?
-Efsun, when's the wedding?
-Have you found a caterer?
Have you looked at gowns?
What's his name?
What happened to your face?
That's what I asked.
Are you gossiping again?
How long will this go on?
"Gossiping again?"
I hope this doesn't affect
your productivity.
I'll be better in a day or two.
-It's a bee sting. Just my luck.
-She's playing dumb.
I'm talking about your marriage.
Ms. Ferda, do you have something
to say about my work? Or shall I go?
-Who is this guy?
-A guy.
A guy, she says.
-Ms. Ferda. She's marrying Sinan nver.
Tuncay nver's son, Sinan nver?
He's our boss' best friend.
Do you know Sinan?
If you need anything for the wedding,
let me know, okay? I'll do whatever I can.
Why are you standing
in the doorway? Have a seat.
I'll get back to work.
Efsun, your happiness is my happiness.
How could I doubt it?
So getting engaged
changes the way others perceive us.
I can practically hear them
saying I'm marrying into money.
Getting engaged to Sinan nver
made me Employee of the Month.
It's like a dream.
If someone proposed to me like that,
I'd claw off
my chastity belt and scream yes.
So when is his family
coming to your house?
Mehmet, I don't want them involved.
Neither does Sinan.
Come on. If you left it to Sinan,
nothing would happen.
-Hand me that egg.
To put on my hair.
Efsun, I held my tongue, but...
because I didn't want you
to call me a wicked woman.
Sinan's moving too quickly.
-Too quickly?
Listen, sweetie.
Some get tired of life in the fast lane.
Some get on in years.
Some decide to show off.
They suddenly decide to get married.
There's always a bad reason.
You can't mean that, Mehmet?
And anyway, Sinan loves me.
He loves me.
You wouldn't know. How would you?
-From my old boyfriend.
-Good God.
Make sure to follow up on this.
Take that thing off your finger,
and wrap it around his junk.
-His junk?
-His neck.
Where's all the furniture?
Were we burgled?
It was your mother.
The in-laws are coming on Friday.
She said everything's too old.
I'm afraid she'll trade me in too.
Where will we sit?
You're welcome in my room.
Our building's beloved Mehmet Ltf.
My sweet curse.
-Mehmet Ltf.
I heard you're getting married.
Where did you hear that?
I was helping with the furniture.
Just a minute.
-What are you doing?
Efsun. Will you marry me?
Mehmet Ltf.
I can't because I am engaged to Sinan.
Okay. Keep it anyway.
-No, thank you.
-Keep it. I can't wear it. Too tight.
Mehmet Ltf.
You gave up too quick.
I wait 30 years.
Then I get two proposals in three days.
Imagine me swallowing this, too.
I'm exhausted.
Why didn't you get them?
Why'd you leave them there?
-Okay. Vegetable dehydrator.
Vegetable dehydrator?
Are you going to have the in-laws
sit on a vegetable dehydrator?
The house is empty.
What are you trying to do?
Mind your business and let us
know if you've passed that ring.
I'm waiting.
Be sure not to flush.
Grandma. Spare me the details, okay?
Efsun, have you decided what to wear?
Of course I have. A see-through suit.
I've got nothing to hide.
Do what you want.
Don't have an engagement party.
Don't wear a wedding gown.
It's all our fault
for reaching out to his family.
We'll take care of the wedding band
ourselves on Friday night.
-Wedding band? I don't want one.
Do what you want.
You're afraid Sinan
won't wear a wedding band.
There are men who try every trick
not to wear a ring.
What tricks?
"I forgot it on the sink
when I washed my hands."
"Is fidelity measured with a ring?"
Don't forget this one.
"I don't even wear a watch."
If you buy that.
They've all got an excuse.
Don't fall for it.
If it all comes down to a ring,
we're doomed from the start.
That string on your finger
is only good for sewing buttons.
Thank God you've got
a mother and grandma like us.
You had better appreciate us.
Thank you.
How long should an engagement last?
It's not like I don't know him.
Like I'll find out he's bald or something.
What's the rush?
-I think...
-Families cause this confusion.
So what about after we're married?
We'll still have our families, won't we?
What are we going to do then?
Sorry. I'm so wound up.
I'm carrying on like this.
Life plays tricks on us sometimes.
Just when we think
we have all the answers,
we find that all the
questions have changed.
You sound like my father.
Some believe that in outer space,
millions of miles away,
there are celestial bodies
that affect our character,
our work and our love lives.
We call it astrology.
Meral always gets her dates right.
Everyone sets a date with city hall.
We're doing it with an astrologer.
Could you pass along two fares?
I'm marrying into money.
It's already raining down.
Two fares.
You never believed in fortune-telling.
Now It's scientific.
Thanks. It's a small step for me,
but a giant leap for mankind.
Let's check the compatibility
of Efsun and Cavide.
We're here to check the wedding date.
Who cares about Cavide?
What wedding?
The family hasn't asked for my hand yet.
-What's your birth date?
-September 1st, 1984. 4:30 pm.
Sinan's is June 17th, 1984. 10:30 am.
How do you know
Sinan's birth date, grandma?
From his album.
It fell into my handbag in Tarakl.
You're kidding. Are you a kleptomaniac?
Efsun, you're a Virgo.
Rising sign Capricorn, moon Scorpio.
Virgos eat goats. Goats sting scorpions.
And I have to clean up the mess.
Hush and listen.
You're detail-oriented, disciplined
and patient. You hide your feelings.
You have trust issues.
I don't believe it. How'd you know that?
Sinan is a Gemini. Rising Leo.
His moon sign is Aquarius.
He's domineering, ambitious and lucky.
Your future husband
expects excellence from everyone.
Is Sinan about to find someone else?
And he's a generous person.
That's true. Who'd splurge on
some red thread in this day and age?
-When is his family coming?
-This Friday.
Mercury is waning that day.
He might quarrel with Efsun that day.
Enough of Mercury and Saturn.
On what day should they marry?
Before December. The perfect date
is August 25th. On the new moon.
If you marry on a different date,
I won't be held accountable.
Can I ask you something? I know you're...
Sorry, dear. Hold that thought.
-What's the yam up to?
Really, grandma!
Efsun is sitting next to me right now.
Listen to your grandmother.
Don't let them set a wedding date
when we visit. All right?
Grandma, Efsun can hear you.
They'll want to have
the wedding as soon as possible.
I'm driving. We'll talk later.
She didn't mean that.
What can I say?
When are we getting married, Sinan?
Some Indians believe
that the reason why we suffer
sleepless nights
is that we are awake in another's dream.
Do you believe that?
Is that a question or a prayer?
Look at how cute he is.
How awful that we can't remember
our babyhood.
Other things are harder
to forget than to remember.
I wish I could remember
how I felt for each of my first times.
The face I made when I tasted
a lemon for the first time.
The surprise of my first raindrop.
How you felt when you fell in love.
I guess I remember that last one.
I was swept away.
Efsun. Are you awake?
Will you leave if I say I'm asleep?
Have you and Sinan
discussed a wedding date?
-No. Why?
-That's good.
The family elders will decide.
Finish your milk. Drink it up.
Drink it all.
Don't butt in, okay?
Why would I get involved?
You're the one marrying Sinan.
I wish you happiness.
Don't make me crazy.
I expect that furniture today.
-What is it now?
-What are you talking about?
You can't get it done in time?
I don't believe it.
Where will they all sit?
What will they think of us?
Not a peep out of you.
I'm furious as it is.
I'll say something I'll regret.
-I didn't say anything.
Oktay, do something.
Aren't you the man of the house?
What can I do, Gnl?
Beat up the upholsterers.
"What can I do?", he says.
-Let's cancel this evening.
-Hush, or I'll give you a smack.
After all these preparations.
Come with me. Come on.
Come on.
That leaves one person standing.
Efsun, that's enough out of you.
It doesn't matter.
What an interesting house it is now!
-Efsun, I'm warning you.
-Don't get cross, mom.
Auntie's furniture looks great here.
We should keep it like this.
Edirne, Fatsa, Samsun?
Why all these city names?
Did they screw up again?
I spelled out E-F-S-U-N.
-Dad? Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
Something's up. Tell me.
What's bothering you?
Tell me all about it.
I was remembering something.
Only yesterday,
I was trying to get you to eat.
"Come here", I'd say.
-Now you're getting married.
You're not going to make
that famous talk, are you?
When I first saw you in the hospital,
you were like a little princess.
Wrapped tight in a pink blanket.
Because of you, that day
I felt like a king.
Is that a tear in the king's eye?
This will always be your home.
You know that, don't you?
What I mean is...
don't let anyone upset you.
Oktay? You took that syrup
I gave you, didn't you?
I don't want you getting over-excited.
You'll embarrass us.
They'll ask you for my hand.
Just say no. There's no need to get upset.
Don't go against tradition.
They'll ask the eldest person.
Let them ask whoever they want.
There's one thing I know.
They'll take you away from me.
Come on, get up.
Sinan's family will be here soon.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with grandma?
She finished the bottle.
She'll be out for a while.
You're acting a little coy
But my heart's set on you...
Mom, now who will give me away to Cavide?
They're here. My God, they're here.
Don't worry. When they see us
like this, they'll run away.
-I'll get the door.
-Hurry. Run.
Wait here.
Pick one. resin or Tresin?
-They'll ask the family elder.
It's tradition. Pick one.
Tell me whom you'd pick.
Welcome. Come right in.
Let me take that.
Take the flowers.
What an exquisite taste.
Oktay, what happened to the furniture?
-A burglar.
-A fire.
Fires and burglars. Unpleasant things.
Never mind.
Isn't Peyker here?
Her blood pressure fell.
She's resting. She'll be with us soon.
She should have paid attention
to her health, it is an important day.
Health, right.
Right. So, whom do we ask?
What's the rush? We'll chat for a while.
Let me welcome you all.
True. What's the rush?
You waited 30 years.
What's a few more hours?
Then I'll be in the kitchen.
-Oktay, how are you?
-Thank you for asking.
-They've come to ask for my hand.
-We know that.
Okay. Great.
-I'm getting engaged to Sinan.
-Yes, we know.
Okay. Wonderful.
Since you're the oldest in the family,
Cavide will ask you, resin.
Who's Cavide?
They just arrived. You know.
Sinan's grandmother.
Who's Sinan?
-Don't worry. I'll handle it.
How are you, Efsun?
Fine, Cavide.
How are you?
Are you resin or Tresin?
I'm Efsun. The bride-to-be.
It's funny, resin.
-That's the door.
-We weren't expecting anyone.
-What is it?
Are you getting married for sure?
Mehmet Ltf.
Give me back my diamond.
-It's made of plastic.
-I feel woozy.
She swallowed this one, too.
It's over, Efsun.
Give me back my ring, Efsun.
Get out of my face.
These kids love each other.
Let's make it official.
In the name of God and the Prophet,
I request our daughter Sinan's hand
in marriage with our son Efsun.
-What is the meaning of this?
-Don't make me crazy.
Are you making fun of us?
-Grandma, calm down.
-What's the meaning of this?
I never saw Sinan again after that night.
The shame stayed with me for a long time.
Then aunt Aysel introduced me to Haldun.
With our families' blessing,
we got married.
I have three kids. Haldun's a good father.
He's kind and hard-working.
But nothing can fill
the emptiness in my heart.
That's what could have happened.
But of course it didn't.
What a night!
We're actually engaged.
Your daughter Sinan
asks for our son Efsun.
-Grandmother was in shock.
-She was right to be.
It all happened so fast.
Actually, not happened.
More like fell apart.
We are lucky to survive a night like this.
-Do you really think so?
-Of course.
That's not what you're asking.
Yes. I am lucky.
If years later, we sit here
on these stairs, side-by-side,
and I'm able to hold your hand
and look into your eyes,
then yes, I'm lucky.
If I knew for sure nobody
would throw a slipper
at me from those windows,
I'd kiss you.
And I'd kiss you.
It's good to hear.
I didn't get to see dear Cavide.
We waited all this time
for them to come and ask for Efsun's hand
and they finally came. But I missed it.
Gnl, I missed it.
What a mean woman.
She didn't even give a gift.
We survived that nightmare.
No one's grateful for that.
Did you talk about the wedding?
You haven't told me a thing.
Grandma's acting so sweet, mom.
Why don't you take a swig, too?
-I'm going to bed.
-Look here.
We're all doing cleaning tomorrow.
Don't make other plans.
Sorry. I've got something important.
I'm meeting Sinan's friends.
His real spouses, you mean.
No, his buddies.
They'd better like you.
You'll be tested, Efsun.
Will you pass? Gnl...
The testing is done.
The results are in.
See this thing on my finger?
The bird's not in the cage yet.
That bird's coming here.
Get up, Efsun.
Help clean or get out of the way.
Did you give birth to us
just so we'd help you clean?
And I'm not in the way.
I'm in bed. What's the matter?
What's going on?
The meeting is convened.
What's on the agenda, dear?
What's the greatest danger
you've faced so far?
-I'm thinking, but I'm not sure.
-I'll tell you. Cavide.
If she's against you, it's all over.
The wedding date isn't even set.
That's because Sinan
and I haven't talked it over yet.
Cavide called this morning.
You're invited over on Monday.
She wants to talk things over with you.
I'm not going to Tarakl again.
Don't be silly. They're all expecting you.
They'll try to impose
their own wedding date.
No way. Why would they do that?
You mean they're like my family?
This is nothing.
My mother-in-law was the worst. What a...
-Let's get some lilac fabric softener.
-I'll get it.
We were just talking about dad's mom.
The cupboard tops are done.
Good morning, Cinderella.
Where's my coffee?
Hello. Sinan.
Efsun. How are you, dear?
Fine. You know.
At home. Quiet.
We have a date tonight.
Dinner with the guys, remember?
Dinner. Let's do it.
Can you pick me up at home?
-I'll pick you up at 8.
See you.
Are you snooping?
He didn't hang up.
You didn't hang...
Don't. It's wrong.
-Like high school sweethearts.
-Always talking about Efsun.
Are you nuts? Getting married?
Efsun is a sweetheart.
You'll see when you meet her.
Get married right away.
Then you'll see what we mean.
Just look around you.
-Look at Tolga.
Look at me and Fsun.
Once you have children,
marriage is a nightmare.
I don't want kids anyway.
Fsun was amazing before we married.
Clothes, hair, everything.
Now look at her.
Your wife's got a moustache.
She doesn't wax anymore.
She's worse than you. Love is nonsense.
You're only 30.
Just think what you'll miss.
Look around.
Think of all that stress.
She'll start nagging about a wedding.
You'll see what a mistake you made.
"I want an orchestra, not a DJ."
"Shall we fold the napkins
like this or like this?"
"What? We won't have fireworks?"
You'll spend a fortune.
And have to deal with the in-laws.
They'll all bitch and moan.
Is he talking about me?
-About you two.
-Stop exaggerating.
Where's she from? Istanbul?
You're totally screwed.
They're the worst.
Those girls from zmir.
My condolences, Sinan nver.
Shame on him!
-zmir girls.
But you're happy to chase after them?
What have I done wrong?
She's the one who doesn't wax, not me.
We told you buddies were dangerous.
You've got to shake them off.
I don't know. I'm still young.
You can't forbid him from seeing them.
Let's say they've made plans.
Tell them to have fun.
But sabotage them on the sly.
I don't know how.
Get sick all of a sudden.
Invent a family problem.
You need an emergency.
Worst case scenario, use your tears.
Sister, get revenge.
This will be his last date
with his buddies.
Are you ready to meet the guys?
You'll like them.
They're great guys.
I'm sure. I'll love them to bits.
There they are.
They're stand-offish at first.
-Tolga, Burak, Emir.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-I've heard so much about you.
Really? Sinan's talked about me?
I heard the good news. Congratulations.
Thank you.
-Excuse me?
-I'll have a Turkish coffee too.
Turkish coffee. You?
-The same. No sugar.
-No sugar.
-All they ever do is hang out and talk.
Get married quick.
I'm going to party hard at your wedding.
You're not wearing a ring.
Are you married, Emir?
-Emir's not the marrying type.
-Can I ask how old you are?
And I still haven't found the right girl.
We fixed you up so many times.
Not even one was right for you?
I'm only 37. Chill out.
We're programmed to get married
in the crib. Look how relaxed he is.
He's nearly 40.
He's choosy.
Guys, statistics show
that a 37-year-old bachelor
is less likely to be promoted.
Look at all the top executives.
The most successful businessmen.
They're all happily married with children.
Not many executives are single. Why?
I'll tell you. Don't think too hard.
Because a man with a wife
can't risk losing his job.
Because fathers are more responsible.
Family is important
even to a guy who is mafia.
Take The Godfather series.
Or TV. Married with Children,
Full House and My Lovely Family.
These shows are all inspirational.
Only one of us is like that.
Which one?
How nice. I'm so happy for you.
-What's her name?
Great. You must be the happiest.
-You could say that.
-Can I show you her picture?
-Please, do.
That's Fsun.
And that's our dog.
We have two kids.
-Thank you.
-So when's the big day?
-August 25th.
-August 25th?
-The astrologist chose it.
I'm kidding. What astrologist?
You're all staring at me.
I thought you were serious.
August 25th, 2023.
That's hilarious.
Efsun, you're a funny girl.
Just get a load of Burak.
Not pretty, not smart.
-Just funny.
-Are you upset?
I don't understand.
We women make mountains out of mole hills.
So why can't we make men
out of these brutes?
That would be the end of love.
I'm so envious of women who can do it.
Look at what I've become.
Haven't you secretly
dreamed of this for years?
They were castles in the air.
-Are you talking to me?
-No, to myself.
How will she manage on her own?
Cooking, doing dishes,
cleaning a big house...
We'll get them a place nearby.
I can't believe you two.
You try to marry me off all these years
and now you want me to live nearby?
I give up. I'm leaving.
It's for your own good.
How will you manage alone?
Mom, there are only two of us.
We won't have dishes or laundry.
You won't have dishes
because you don't know how to cook.
How can I travel
all the way when you have kids?
Grandma, what kids?
We're not even married yet.
You'll have kids before you know it.
If I know Cavide,
she'll bring up where you'll be living.
Don't let her push you around.
Why would I?
I've come here to make peace.
She's actually a good woman.
You're a regular Pollyanna.
I can't deal with you anymore.
Don't let her push you around.
Where shall I put these flowers?
How about the zmir Clock Tower?
I don't understand.
Now I do.
Shall I get out while I can?
Sinan's running late.
They must be stuck in a traffic jam.
Mine is not here?
Are you hungry?
No. Sinan said we'd be eating here.
I haven't eaten. But that's okay.
I'll get you something.
See that, mom.
She's worried I'm hungry.
I told you she's an angel.
Here. Eat it.
The cupboard is bare.
Thank you.
When you're married, where will you live?
Excuse me.
Sinan and I haven't discussed that.
There's a house next to ours.
You'll live there.
They've got a one-year contract.
It doesn't matter.
You won't be able to get married
before at least a year anyway.
Welcome. Our apologies.
You must be starving.
We cooked earlier. I wish you'd started.
She said she's not hungry.
Sorry, Efsun. Grandma.
My little boy!
Are you hungry?
I'm starving.
-I'll set the table.
-Let me help.
So, kids,
have you set a date?
Efsun wants it to be in August.
Which August?
This August.
We decided on the 25th.
That's what the little miss wants?
Little miss?
It seemed like a good date.
It's not carved in stone.
There's no reason to delay it further.
Since when do you decide things?
What's the big rush?
August 25th is a good date.
Why delay it further?
Don't you want grandkids right away?
You're not going anywhere.
And I'm not dying any time soon.
I can wait.
The two of you
are still getting acquainted.
We've known each other for 14 years.
You were kids back then.
You've both changed.
Is she the same girl?
Let me rephrase.
We know each other well enough.
You're marrying this old maid
just because she proposed to you
in the lift.
-Shut up, Tuncay.
Apparently she has a flaw
so she wants it to happen right away.
She's got something to hide.
And what's that, grandma?
You know it better than me.
You needle her constantly
and still she says nothing.
I've noticed, Cavide.
Mom, what did you do?
Calm down, son.
If I walk out now,
you'll never see us again. You know that?
Fine, then.
God forbid.
Nothing changes. You just stop feeling.
Now it doesn't sting as much.
I really wonder
if I could have done what Sinan did.
It makes me think.
Could you have?
Efsun. Can I come in?
Since when do you ask that?
You haven't spoken for a week.
Don't think I haven't noticed.
I'm fine.
Just a little tired. No big deal.
Mothers notice. Mothers sense things.
You'll understand when you're a mother.
-Look at you. Come here.
Come here. Let's talk.
-About what?
-Come here, darling.
You mean so much to us.
Don't think you can't back out.
We'll drop the whole thing if we have to.
We won't let anyone mistreat you.
We've got all we need.
We don't need anyone.
They'd better realize that.
This is ridiculous!
I know. You're right.
But can you keep it down?
JUNE 17th, 2015
Sinan, didn't you bring your flashlight?
You're up to something.
-Are you scared?
-Of course not.
It's just I remember
how we barely escaped last time.
Not a sound.
You're up to something.
-What is it?
Sinan, you really are scared.
So are you going to pump me up?
Pump up the jam
Enver will jump out soon.
You always used to sing in the hallway.
-What do you mean?
-There was that song. Remember?
Love is like a moonlight
I follow you everywhere
Turkish pop from the 90s
will never recover.
He's still dancing.
So what? Wait.
Trying your luck again, are you?
I beat you last time, Sinan nver.
What's going on here?
-I don't know.
Happy birthday, Sinan.
It's time to return this to its owner.
What is it?
You complained I never wrote back.
Actually, I did. But I didn't send them.
Boy asks for girl's hand.
If the family consents, they marry.
If the family refuses, they fall in love.
I thought you'd love me more
if I played hard to get.
Your grandma's here.
Let's go see what she's up to this time.
Sinan. Go alone. You two need to talk.
I won't tell you again, grandma.
We're marrying on August 25th.
I think that's a great date.
I'm sorry about the other night.
It's okay. Things like these
happen within the family.
I have something for you.
-It's Sinan's birthday, but...
-For me?
What's this, grandma?
I had two rings from my mother.
I gave one to Mine.
I'd like you to wear the other one.
If you'll accept it.
My late mother was a slim, elegant woman.
You can have it re-sized.
Thank you.
It's an emerald.
What's truly precious to me
is your apology.
Give it back if you don't like it, Selin.
That's not what I meant. Thank you.
She still calls me Selin.
It's stuck on my knuckle.
Aren't things moving a bit fast, Sinan?
-Why do you keep saying that?
-I don't know.
I guess I wonder if you're scared too.
Can I be frank?
Yes, just don't be harsh.
I haven't told anyone,
but I'm very scared.
I feel better now.
At least I'm not alone.
What if we fight and we hurt each other?
-Let's break up then.
-Sinan, that's not what I mean.
You understand me.
Shall we not go into the sea
because of the seaweed?
Wow, what a metaphor!
-I always got an A in Literature.
I always helped you with your papers.
All right. I got C's.
-Have you ever fallen in love?
-Just once.
Come on, Sinan.
Never again, in the last 14 years?
You raised the bar too high.
Sinan, do you want kids?
I haven't practiced that answer.
I think I asked something
you'd rather not answer.
Efsun. Why are you in the office today?
Ece, I work here. That might be why.
You were going to look
at wedding venues today.
When are you going to look
at those Bosphorus palaces?
Girls, I hate to disappoint you.
We're planning a modest wedding.
Sorry. It won't be what you expect.
Don't be silly, Efsun.
Sinan's family is high society.
It's a question of prestige.
There will be a huge crowd.
The press, news cameras,
paparazzi to one side.
And to the other side...
-Dignitaries will come.
-The army will be there.
Everyone in the army. They're all invited.
You get married only once.
How do you know that?
I might divorce my third
and fourth husbands. How do you know?
What about your henna party?
Let's do that at your house.
Ask your mom if it's okay.
We're not bothering with all that.
You've got no soul, Efsun.
Efsun, you get only one wedding.
JULY 16TH, 2015
Mom, have we got enough people
to buy me underwear?
We're here for more than underwear.
So we're not getting underwear?
I hope you end up naked.
What does Cavide care about my underwear?
-It's Sinan. I'll catch up.
-Make it quick.
-Hi, Efsun.
How are you, Sinan?
They're getting you underwear
today, right? Can we talk?
I'm wandering through the mall.
Good. Now listen.
There's a model I like. I'm texting it.
But get it in red. Okay?
Go ahead. I'm waiting.
Sinan. Of all the things
to worry about right now.
No, this dressing gown is better. Look.
-Who's going to wear that?
Clark Gable? May he rest in peace.
-Sinan, of course.
The dressing gown is as important
as the groom's suit.
Of course. I'd divorce him
if he didn't wear one.
Sorry. My phone.
-Sinan, where are her knickers?
-Isn't it nice?
Whatever she's wearing
has disappeared in her crack.
And why are you
looking at photos like this?
At least consider it. See ya.
See ya?
A little plain, isn't it?
I'd prefer something sexier.
Something more revealing.
Something stretchy to show her curves.
What's going on here? Grandma?
In front of my mother-in-law!
What's that?
What are you doing?
Why don't we head to a sex shop
for some appliances while we're at it?
At your age. So vulgar.
Are these napkins French?
That's the bride's
and the groom's initials.
The dinner service has the same crest.
-That means we get to keep the plates.
Tell us about your dream wedding.
We have the classiest
wedding organizer in Istanbul.
My idea of...
a dream wedding?
Something natural. And organic.
Great idea.
We'll serve natural fertilizer.
Great idea. You have so much of it.
Mine, I know the venue
that you've been dreaming of.
There's a place I've had in mind
for many years.
Let's go look at it. We can have high tea
while we discuss the details. All right?
The ceremony.
Sinan and Efsun at the top of the stairs.
Don't say a word. I know.
This is a Bosphorus palace.
The girls sprinkle
fairy glitter over the guests.
Whose wedding is she talking about?
Try to look excited.
As she says I do,
fireworks go off outside.
What are we celebrating?
Independence Day?
I'll give you a smack
right here in this palace.
Mom, do me a favor and throw me straight
into the dungeon.
It would be great for we both.
Let's go to the grand salon.
Why don't we continue there?
Now, about the invitations.
The color is critical.
I turned down some invitations
because of the color.
The color is decided. White.
First, the number of guests.
How about 700. 200 of them yours.
Mine, why do we have fewer than you?
We move in wider circles.
We're the oldest family in zmir.
Greetings, ladies.
Don't let me disturb you.
I'm going right away.
-I'm glad you came.
-How's it going? Everything okay?
Grand viziers, sultans,
fireworks, seagulls...
-Sinan, we need to talk about the wedding.
I'm so happy, Sinan. We're having
the wedding I've always wanted.
You'd think Mine was getting married.
Ready for the wedding of the year?
Grandma, it's Efsun.
Happy August 25th
to the homeland and its people.
AUGUST 5TH, 2015
Don't pull in your gut
or later they'll say you've put on weight.
How should I know?
Have I been married before?
A full skirt, puffy and multi-layered.
She's short.
And she's got broad Turkish hips.
-A puffy skirt would only...
-Make her look chunky.
Why try to hide it?
If she's chunky, she's chunky.
I fail to meet wedding standards.
I'll be going now.
-Don't get upset.
-What about the veil?
Make it long.
Really? Short is better.
Who heard of a short veil?
A veil should veil.
But there's Efsun's stature problem.
I want a long veil.
We're not claiming Efsun is tall.
I can't breathe. This is uncomfortable.
Brides are pretty, not comfortable.
Don't forget that.
This is nice. Right, mom?
The nver family's bride
is wearing that?
Take it off. It looks cheap.
Turn around. Yes, that's the one.
Were you looking for a chandelier?
Aren't we here to choose a gown, Cavide?
Take it off.
Plain, it doesn't look like much.
We'll have a lot of guests from zmir.
They'll pin gold coins and cash on her.
What do we have here?
Where's that from?
It's fake.
Hold still.
Now that's lovely.
Now it looks like a bridal gown.
Are you comfortable?
It's fine. Not suitable for the office,
but at a special event perhaps...
Let's see how the gown looks dancing.
The gown can dance?
This song is for you
Love of my life, beloved spouse
You are springtime
Your smile is paradise
The angels
Sprinkled light
On the face of love
Why the frown?
You ruined the song.
Barbi, Almina, Rait. Off you go.
-What a snake.
-Horrid thing.
You deserve it.
For you, I set up a gay chorus.
What more do you want?
-Is that why we came here?
-We came for this.
-Here you go.
Mehmet, what's this?
Would I let you
go off without a hen party?
-You're getting married.
-Don't use that word.
"Go here, go there.
I like this, not that."
"I want this one, not that one."
Nobody asks what I want.
Sinan is nowhere to be seen.
He's living it up.
Shut it. No dishing Sinan.
You found a great guy.
I'll rip out your tongue.
If I showed them Sinan's photo,
they'd eat you alive.
Every girl's dream, right?
No, that's a sewing machine.
Excuse me. One of these.
Don't overdo it. I've got more surprises.
Bottoms up.
Excuse me. One more.
Can I have two more? Make that three.
Would you get down?
I'll call the police. Get down, please.
Police? Let him do his job.
He's so hot.
Enough. I feel sick. Sir.
You're on our table.
People eat on this table.
Do you like my surprise?
I don't want this.
Keep it away.
Is his shirt off? Efsun?
-Mehmet. Stop it.
-Is it off, Efsun?
-Don't take it off.
-Is it off?
This has gone on too long.
We haven't got to the long bit yet.
Don't throw that at me. Please, sir.
It's hot in here. Please.
Don't let them make
Houses high up in the hills
Don't let them send brides
To faraway lands
Don't let them send brides
To faraway lands
Don't let them mistreat
A mother's one and only daughter
You think the proposal is the end of it.
It's not.
When you make that decision,
you find yourself in a bottomless pit.
Efsun's not here?
I'll have a look.
I'd dreamed of a white gown,
a small cake, a simple reception.
I ended up saying yes
to white doves, a laser show,
a salsa band, a towering cake
and other nonsense.
The processional music.
The recessional music.
The first dance music.
The last dance music.
Efsun. Why are you hiding
in there like a child?
It's your wedding day.
And look at you!
I'm too tired to go to my own wedding.
Come on, Efsun. Please.
This is no time for games.
Get ready. Quick.
It's okay, mom. She was in the closet.
We're coming.
Hold that pose. Great.
-I'm taking it.
-You're beautiful.
Just a moment.
What is it, grandma?
Smile a little.
They'll think it's a forced marriage.
Her train was crooked.
Now, look toward a bright future.
Where should we look?
Give me a man of my dreams look.
That's me.
Efsun, relax
in the groom's strong arms.
Get closer.
Like a kitten.
We're not actors. Can't we just smile?
I'm taking it. Smile.
Wait a moment.
-Take one with me.
-I'm coming, too.
-Not now.
-Out of the way.
Our family too.
Come on.
They say they know what you want in life.
I approach things backwards.
I knew what I didn't want.
A photo like this.
A wedding like this. I never wanted them.
Could you come here for a second?
-Can we talk?
When are the folk dancers coming?
-I'm coming.
We'll talk later, dear.
Cavide, why do we have folk dancers?
Look at the crowd downstairs.
-This wedding will be legend.
-The bride deserves no less.
Cavide does things right.
They finally agree on something.
Come on. Let's go, everyone.
-We're coming.
It's a dream come true.
So many people down there.
-The press, the cameras.
-I know, Ece. I know.
Fat cats and filthy rich.
But the army hasn't come.
Let me go and take
a selfie with a fat cat.
-All right.
Okay, Ece.
-Can you come here?
-Can you find Sinan?
-I'll look for him.
He's probably with Emir.
I'll find him straight away.
You look lovely.
And you look like a king.
The princess is a little scared.
Why's that?
I'll be at your side. Don't be scared.
I don't want to face that crowd.
Count to 100. You'll feel better
before you reach 50.
Seventeen. Eighteen.
-Efsun, are you in there?
Can you hear me?
Efsun, we're worried.
Sinan, I'm so sorry.
What happened to us?
There's nothing more difficult
than comforting yourself.
But if you want to...
I know, "you can succeed if you want to."
How much longer are you going to hide?
It's your life.
You need to take charge.
Go on.
I'm going to break down the door.
Be careful.
What are you doing? You drove us mad!
Ladies, leave us.
But we're worried.
What's wrong?
Your family, my family...
What about us? It's all such a mess.
Perhaps there will be
an amazing wedding downstairs.
But it doesn't feel like mine.
Even this gown doesn't.
I thought you were thrilled.
I never dreamt of all this, Sinan.
All I wanted was you.
We lost each other a little
in all the confusion.
I washed it. It's clean.
-Shall we start again?
-What do you mean?
What are you doing?
In sickness and in health,
for richer, for poorer, will you
spend the rest of your life with me?
-Will you marry me, Efsun?
Do you realize
you're proposing to a bride?
-Well, then be quick about it.
-They're out there. What are you doing?
Emir. Listen carefully.
We're here.
The registrar.
Sinan, where are we going?
I don't know.
This way.
Just look at us.
-This way.
-This way.
Where are we going?
It's so pretty here.
They must be looking for us.
Never mind them.
You found what you were looking for.
I hope I'm next. Come on, uncle.
This is a first for me.
Get started. It'll be a first for us, too.
It was obvious this would happen.
Our money has disgraced us.
Our honor has suffered, madam.
Half of zmir is here.
Good. zmir has found out
what you're made of.
Come on.
-It's a disgrace what you've done.
-By doing that...
Don't push me.
Where are you, Efsun?
-Efsun zim.
Do you take Sinan nver
to be your legally wedded husband?
I do.
Sinan nver.
Do you take Efsun zim
to be your legally wedded wife?
I definitely do.
And the witnesses?
Yes, uncle.
Are you sure about this?
He's sure.