Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel (2019) Movie Script

That's great, my dear Anu!
Smart girl!
Is this the one?
Isn't it this one?
Place it here.
Like this!
Now do it on your own, Anu dear.
Yeah! Like that!
Are you upset because you
got low marks in Hindi?
Be positive!
What is this?
Before going on action,
us soldiers say this...
'There is always a Plan B'.
Our life is like a jigsaw puzzle.
Joining the necessary
pieces at the right time...
... is called logic.
Whatever may be the price I have
to pay, I must secure your future.
If something happens to me,
you won't have anyone.
Don't worry, Dad.
I have an interview next month.
I'll definitely get that job.
There is always a Plan B.
(in Hindi)
It was brought to me by Lord Anjaneya,
whom I believe in.
Tomorrow I will go to Koonamkunnu.
To pray to the Goddess.
And day after, to Thiruvananthapuram.
To meet someone.
When I come back from there,
your life will be secure.
December 5/2016
Kochi City
Stop! Stop!
Pull over!
Come on!
Get out.
Come on, walk!
- What is it?
Don't touch me!
Do not touch me!
Don't get angry.
We need to search your vehicle.
What's the problem?
- Hey! Open the boot.
Why do you want
to search my car?
We've got information.
- You do not know whom you're playing with.
You will have to face the consequences.
CC 756/2016
Anzar Ali Khan.
CC 88/2017
Anzar Ali Khan.
Counsel for the accused,
Mr. Balakrishnan?
Ye... Ye... Ye....
Yes, Your Honour.
M... M.... My c... c... c.....
C... c... client!
Go... go.... go....
Should I go?
Should I sit?
Got into Police Cu....
Your client is in police custody.
You need bail.
That's all, right?
You're a stammerer?
You scoundrel! You gave me this
stammerer to fight my case?
I'll sort you out later.
Anzar Ali Khan, right?
Don't you have a tongue?
Say your name aloud!
Na... Na... Na....
Na.. Na...
- Nasty?
You or him?
Name... - Insolence!
- Insurance?
What is this, Mr. Balakrishnan?
If you're going to plead like this,
I can't hear the next case today.
Madam Prosecutor...
Your Honour, enquiry against the
accused is still in progress.
What enquiry, Madam?
He took away 10 bunches of bananas left to
ripen in a vegetable shop's store room.
He threw faeces tied up in a cloth,
on to the shopkeeper who tried to stop him.
It was my own!
To stop him from chasing him, he squeezed
out the air from his scooter's wheel.
When will the extensive investigation
about this get done, Madam?
Certain loose ends!
So you admit there are loose ends!
Don't bite your nails.
I don't like it.
You've started pleading cases
on your own now, huh?
T... This is not such a b....
big case, right?
That's true.
Anyway, people like him won't
get any good advocates.
Let this be a good start.
C... C... Corpse.
- Corpse? Who? Me?
You should fight many
cases hereafter.
You should grow, and become big!
There's a lot of time left.
All the best.
You may move back.
Bail granted.
Am I going back in, or outside?
O... Outside!
Do you want anything?
- Yes, I also want.
Nothing for me?
Give him some of your hair.
Celebrate! Celebrate!
Ikka, only tea and snacks?
Nothing strong?
Was that strong enough?
Or tell me.
I'll make it even stronger.
I don't like anyone
demanding anything from me.
Slap instead of snack?
Come! Come!
This is the Advocate who won my case.
- Namaste, sir.
He's a big shot.
A stammering big shot.
Advocate, buy and eat
anything you want.
Undampori, Bonda, Bun, anything!
I... I...
- You don't want anything, right?
I know. You are good at heart.
A... A... A...
- You want to watch an 'Adult' film?
F... F... F...
Oh God! You want to
see Fahadh Faasil?
We would have to
go to Alappuzha.
That's okay. We'll send my boys, to
put him in our car & bring him here.
Money? - No need to give him money.
Just say my name.
My fees!
I won't pay the fees.
Whom are you calling?
ACP Vincent.
Go ahead, call him.
ACP Vincent.
- Why?
H... He asked me to call him
if I don't get the fees.
He's my clo... clo..
- Closet?
He's my close friend!
Don't close me by calling
your close friend.
I don't have money to pay your fees.
I'll arrange a room with a rent of only
Rs. 2000 per month, for you, Advocate.
I don't want a r... room!
Pay my fees in c... cash!
Don't say that, Advocate!
The rent of the room you're staying
in right now, is 6000 Rupees, right?
Moreover, you're yet to pay the
rent for the last 2 months.
I know everything.
If the room rent is 2000 Rupees,
how much money would you save?
Around 4000 Rupees.
- 4000 Rupees.
So how much can you
save in a year?
48,000 Rupees.
If you add 2000 along with it,
how much is it?
Tell me!
Youre so lucky!
You became rich so quickly.
I had to be there to get you
a room like this, right?
Give me your hand.
We're fixing this.
N.... No advance, right?
- Not at all.
It's direct settlement
over there.
So I'll come and pick
you up in the morning,
to that beautiful place!
Hey! Hey!
Unload all the stuff quickly.
Okay bro.
Take it, man!
Come, Advocate.
Give it to me.
Bring them too.
Why did you take the books alone?
I like taking law
into my own hands.
Come, son.
Move away!
Hey you!
Why are you messing with my dad?
Don't make me take my tools in the morning.
Get going!
Take your tools then.
Let me see them!
No, son.
- You shut up, dad!
Him and his tools!
I'll sort you out today...
Stop it, dear.
This is our usual game...
Today's game is over.
Now you go to school.
20 Rupees.
But cotton candy after lunch.
Get going!
- You get lost!
Are you planning to become a dentist?
- Get lost.
Good boy!
You're a machine that
manufactures goons or what?
Advocate, you are lucky!
- W... What?
You've seen blood on the
day of your arrival.
This is a great place.
You'll be climbing up the
ladder of success hereafter.
Why are you all startled?
Is this the first time you're
seeing blood on my face?
Is this the first time you're
seeing me lose my teeth?
Go inside with the stuff.
With all these people plucking my tooth
out, will I become a child again?
Is he crazy or what?
Poor thing.
Got scared.
This is the general
reaction that I create.
W... What about that child?
- He's a child, right? He has no sense.
Get out.
Take this as well.
What is this, Beena?
Throwing away after use?
Whose use?
Whose use?
My dear Beena, don't
create a ruckus!
He thinks he's a Magistrate!
What's the matter, Beena?
- Chechi...
He didn't allow me
to sleep last night.
When I asked him for the money in the morning,
he's saying he'll pay later. Scoundrel!
Don't spare him!
I've taken your watch & chain. Bring money
in the evening. I'll return it then.
You're talking as if we
started this yesterday.
Give me my chain.
- Leave my hand, you old man!
You better bring the money and take
your stuff back in the evening.
Beena, shall I intervene?
You get lost, you moron!
The 4 feet fellow wants to interfere!
What are you doing here, Chetta?
What are you doing here, Advocate?
With this mattress and all?
So you know that there's no mattress here?
Enjoy! Enjoy!
Stammering is not a
hindrance for this.
You little devil!
Come here.
This place is n... n...
- Nice! You need it!
Why are you saying that you need it?
I've given it already.
This place is t... troublesome.
They are all dangerous people.
- Why be scared? Come on, Advocate.
This colony is under my control.
If they know that you're my Advocate,
they would hug you tight.
They will shower you with love, and they
might even get you covered in cotton.
C.. Cotton?
- Cotton mattress.
I was saying that your cotton
mattress is really soft. Come!
How is it?
Awesome, right?
This is t... t...
- You can say thanks later.
Not that. Too... Too..
- Too good, right?
Thank you!
I'll just go out and come.
I have an operation.
In which hospital?
Don't you know goons' lingo?
Operation, quotation, sketch,
distribution.. All this is our lingo!
Do you booze?
- No.
Then you should make a black
tea at 6 in the evening.
Right before you mix the 2nd spoon
of sugar in it, I will reach here.
In case, I don't reach...
You might have to get
me out on bail again.
Okay then!
Advocate, you are my Marar, from now on.
Nandagopal Marar!
[Sings a Mohanlal song]
- Oh no!
Open your eyes, bro!
The operation is confirmed!
Stop! Stop!
Stop it, I say!
It's your end today.
You'll play the goon in our colony, huh?
Someone is waiting to see you.
Come on, walk.
- Babuettan has come out.
Look who's here to meet you.
Babuettan is out of the jail.
Stand straight.
You'll give a witness
statement against Babuettan?
Oh no!
My dear Babuetta...
Please forgive me.
I will never repeat it.
To die with this hand, yo...
- You mean Yo Yo?
I have to be fortunate, right?
I don't want that fortune.
- Babuetta...
He has brought an Advocate
to stay in our colony.
It is to put us in trouble.
Don't make that Advocate talk.
If he talks, you won't
be able to bear it.
P...p... put him into a s... s... sack!
To ripen me?
Put him in!
If that stammering lawyer
talks to this stammerer,
I'll be hammered
by this stammerer.
Not that.
Throw it away!
'He would never rust'
'A rock solid callus in his palm'
'A body as strong as steel'
'Such swagger!
Oh my God!'
'Plantains, cucumbers and
brinjal ready to be cooked'
'Play the drums in the night,
and bring on your song'
'As yellow bulbs flash'
'Why, my dear Babuetta?'
'Why are you looking at me?'
'Why are you looking at me?'
'Plantains, cucumbers and
brinjal ready to be cooked'
'Play the drums in the night,
and bring on your song'
'Rice being boiled in the mud pot'
'And the gravy of the fish
caught from the river'
'This slum goes into a
frenzy when our Don arrives'
'Even better if there's
half a bottle of booze'
'His eyes are as sharp
as the hood of a cobra'
'His body is as strong as iron'
'But you're as sweet as a sugarcane'
'Babuetta! Babuetta!'
'As strong as iron!
As sweet as sugarcane!'
'Babuetta! Babuetta!'
'As strong as iron!
As sweet as sugarcane!'
'Our Don has got swagger from head to toe'
'P... P... Plantains, cucumbers and
brinjal ready to be cooked'
'P... Play the drums in the night,
and bring on your song'
'You're deep within our hearts, Babuetta'
'You're our very own, Babuetta'
'You're so handsome, Babuetta'
'Come on, sing Babuetta!'
T.... T.... T...
'Bring a brass band to your playground'
'Blow a whistle with your finger'
'Stretch out the mantle
of the burning Petromax'
'Light the crackers and run away'
'His heart is as vast
as a playground'
'His daring is as strong as an Iguana'
'If he's angry, you're done for'
'Babuetta! Babuetta!'
'As strong as iron!
As sweet as sugarcane!'
'Babuetta! Babuetta!'
'As strong as iron!
As sweet as sugarcane!'
'Our Don has got swagger from head to toe'
'Plantains, cucumbers and
brinjal ready to be cooked'
'Play the drums in the night,
and bring on your song'
'As yellow bulbs flash'
'Why, my dear Babuetta?'
'Why are you looking at me?'
'Why are you looking at me?'
T... T... T...
I... I... I am Ba.. Ba...
- Babuettan.
'Iron' Babu!
- Yes.
'Iron' Babu.
The original goon of this colony.
I'll get him out of here myself, Babuetta.
Don't speak, Advocate.
Don't speak a word.
If you speak now,
we'll never be able to speak again.
W... W... Wha...?
- I was asking him to get out of here.
You should pack all this
and get going from here.
Tomorrow itself.
P..... p... Police and,
A... A...
Babuettan don't beat up
policemen & advocates!
This slap was for you, Advocate.
T... t... this is my r... r...
- Room! This is his room.
Tomorrow, when this
Babuettan comes...
Y... y... y....
You shouldn't be here.
Why are you shaking your head?
Open your mouth and say yes.
K... K... K...
- Is this K... K... Kathakali or what?
Am I the stammerer or you?
Isn't it for you, B...b... Babuettan?
Are you doubting that, you donkey?
Are you doing K... K.. Kathakali here?
Open your mouth and
say your decision.
L... L... Listen, B... B... Babuetta...
I... I...
I... Immediately...
- Advocate, no!
No. Let me try talking to him.
We can move that in court.
Pramod, if I leave today, I'll
be back only on next 16th.
That means, 10 days.
Hope you can manage in my absence.
- No issues.
When you fix the contract in
Hong Kong, just give me a call.
I will fly down for the
celebration party.
Okay, done!
But I can't wait any longer.
You get that statement's draft.
Let me go through it.
Of course. Why not?
One minute.
- Sir!
Isn't Mr. Ronald's statement ready?
Sir, just 10 minutes.
It will be ready now.
What is this?
I gave the content
yesterday itself, right?
Why have I employed you then?
If I tell you something,
you can't even do it on time.
Sir, I'll give it now.
He asked to submit the final
draft of that statement.
Here it is, Sir.
You may go.
- Sir.
Here you go.
To the point, focused and
brilliant, I would say.
Thank you.
Excuse me...
Yes sir.
- You've been missing for 2 days!
I... I... I was on leave, sir.
And you're late today as well.
Moreover, you haven't done anything
that I asked you to do, properly.
How are you going to
manage this backlog?
I... I... I am d... doing it, sir.
Come on!
You are getting on my nerves!
Go and sit somewhere there.
Just be out of my sight.
A lawyer with a stutter.
What do I say, Mr. Ronald!
My dad's emotional attachments.
He's good for nothing.
A moron!
So, the 3 Crores that the
Police caught from me...
We're going to say that it was the
cash reserve maintained legitimately,
in different offices of
my group of companies.
I need a session with your CFM.
And we might have to
alter the books a bit.
That's not an issue.
I'll ask him to call you.
Rock in the court!
Thank you.
Safe journey.
Yeah. Thank you.
What's that stuttering lawyer's name?
What is it, Mr. Ronald?
He's really funny.
S... Sir!
You became independent, huh?
Well, I heard that you appeared for
a very complicated case yesterday,
and got the accused out on bail?
S... S.... Since I needed
some money urgently...
If you decide to fight cases on your own,
then you are on your own.
S... Sorry sir.
No explanations.
I don't have time for all that.
Get all the other
drafts ready quickly.
Let's go!
I lost the room I had been
staying in, for years.
If I enter the c...colony,
that g...goon will kill me.
I'm going home now, because
I'm scared of him.
When I think about coming back on M...
Don't come.
Well... You can come.
Just hang around there for 3-4 days.
By then, I'll arrange a place.
Until then, please adjust.
What say?
- You're standing here?
Come here.
Hey! Until then, even if I have to move,
I need to stand back on my knees.
Only then I'll have
a mood for that.
As long as my dove is alive,
I'll arrange a room for you.
Isn't it 'If your c...crane is alive?'?
I don't like that bird.
Stupid bird.
A creature that stands on one leg.
Give it to me, man!
- Hey.. You... d... d... dog!
I... I... I was calling him.
It came out late.
It won't get late to
take you in (jail).
I don't want to go in again!
[praying to Lord Ram]
Will Sita elope today?
[continues praying to Lord Ram]
Make it in the next episode,
O Lord Ram!
M... M... Mom!
Can't you say at least the 3 letters
of 'Mom' without stammering?
You scared me!
I am n... n...
- Yeah. Go take bath.
I am n... not
stammering on purpose.
You're always in front of this TV.
Don't you have any other work here?
Don't you have any
other work there?
Why do you keep coming
here every week?
You must be the only mom
like this in the world.
Usually mothers keep asking why
their children aren't coming home.
But you ask why I've come,
as soon as I reach.
Every time you've come like this,
you have taken money from me every month.
Saying that everything you had was over,
by shuttling back and forth.
This month also,
that's a must.
N... Nothing!
Mom, there's no gruel?
Your dad has gone out.
Not that... Gruel for dinner!
Can't you come home after dinner?
If Sita elopes today,
I'll beat this fellow to death.
Does dad have late-night duty today?
He's always in the new resort
that has come up down the valley.
His new job is to supply weed and
opium to the foreigners who come there.
I... I have a n.. new
generation father!
F... full time high on weed!
You also try to freak out with it, mom.
- I'll whack you with this!
Your stupid joke!
M.... Mom!
Even though he's a stoner,
dad is a genius.
Despite passing LLB,
he didn't practice law and became a
village officer; and that benefited...
those who encroach land here.
With the fake documents that dad created,
so many businessmen bought
hundreds of acres of land.
Great Father!
That name would suit Mammootty's movie.
But not your father.
Then there's also that fraud.
Your policeman brother-in-law.
He keeps coming here often now.
And whenever he comes, he brings booze
and weed for his father in law.
I don't know when he's going to write
this house & field in your sister's name,
when he's out of his senses.
If he's giving it, let him go ahead, mom!
Why do I need this house and property?
Then you go and become a monk!
I would have to do something
like that mostly.
My... My sister has to be saluted!
It's been 10 years since she started
living with an unpinned grenade.
Compared to your sister,
he's an angel.
A male angel.
Was the cow milked?
- In the night?
Finish your food
and get up & go!
When did you reach?
S... S... Sometime back.
Did you e... eat something, dad?
What a question!
Didn't you understand by
seeing his condition?
Look at him wearing
ugly sunglasses in the night,
after having all that booze & weed.
He's super high!
High is your...
Shut up!
Intoxication is like...
It's a kind of tripping, man!
A kind of flight!
Did you see the moon there?
I can go flying till
there if I want to, now.
And after getting there,
I can set foot there like Armstrong.
Will your f...feet be
stable to set foot there?
Shall I ask the same question to you?
Have you become stable, till date?
Until this very moment?
W... W... Well...
[Mimics stammering]
A junior for your entire lifetime!
That means a slave... or a servant!
Can you please stop it?
- You stop!
Everyone gets one opportunity
in life, to succeed.
An intelligent person will make
use of it to achieve success.
And we would call him
a fortunate person.
So many such opportunities kept
coming to you, several times.
You ignored all of them.
Inferiority complex!
Low self esteem!
Pity on you, my son!
As if you're a great man who made use of
opportunities. Look at you, high on opium!
What's wrong with opium (black)?
- Nothing.
Is there white without black?
Truth is a mixture of black and white.
That's what has value.
Can you please come to bed, man?
You're in the mood to get on bed, huh?
A cold and cozy full moon
night with mist all around.
And I'm really intoxicated.
This is all an illusion, man!
The reality is frightening, man!
I have to go to bed with her, right?
Pity me, my son!
What all nonsense is this man saying?
Mom, you go inside.
Yeah, go!
Go! Go and sleep!
It's useless even
if she stays awake.
D...Dad, you also go to s...sleep!
What's wrong with him?
What are you going to do here alone?
D...Didn't you s...say earlier?
What if some opportunity like
that knocks my door in the night?
I will wait.
Should I ask you to hold me?
'In this cozy night, with
the aroma of flowers'
'It would have been great to sleep with
someone else' - Why don't you go then?
My boy is outside. Otherwise I'd
have given you a proper reply!
'O moon of the cold night'
'With your cozy little finger'
'Come slowly beside this window,
and give me dreams'
Well, don't you have any
cases now, Advocate?
G... Get going!
Go, return this glass.
'Give me the song of the full moon, in
this nest where the morning bird perches'
'A vessel full of wise and pure words'
'As a sprout of virtue by the field'
'Here is a village that
always spreads smiles'
Hey! Don't take me.
It's not me. It's the old man who's mad.
Don't take me.
Get lost!
Some poor lad!
Some ogler!
'Are sun rays shining on
my lonely shadow path?'
'Are all my sorrows swimming
in the river of joy at times?'
Can you give me 1000 Rupees?
Write it down.
Even if you throw something away to the
sea, you should measure it. - Get lost!
Not that one!
'Rushing through the valleys with the
folk song, can you come again, O breeze?'
'A vessel full of wise and pure words'
'As a sprout of virtue by the field'
'Here is a village that
always spreads smiles'
Give me money!
I don't have cash. That's why.
Please adjust.
Advocate Balan...
I won that lottery.
Your hands are very lucky!
Drive, boy!
Your move, Advocate.
- M... M... I lost the mood.
'A vessel full of wise and pure words'
'As a sprout of virtue by the field'
'Here is a village that
always spreads smiles'
Hi. Good morning, brother in law!
Good morning, sir.
I am Nimisha.
Why are you in a hurry?
There's a bus at 8.10 AM.
Let the bus go. We can go in the car. I've
come with a set up good enough for that.
Bro, please give a
moment to that Nimisha.
My dear.... brother in law!
I've told you several times not to bring
such f... - Hey! Ladies are here!
Fraud cases to me!
This is not a fraud case, bro.
It's a big lottery.
I've fixed the fees as 1 Lakh.
Just give me 75K or something..
You can keep the rest!
I cannot attend that
w...woman's divorce case!
How did you understand
that it's a divorce case?
She has kept her wedding chain's locket
behind her neck, so that no one sees it.
Wedding locket?
She picked up telephone bills of
the past 2 years from the floor.
It's the evidence that she has been
living separately from her husband.
Get going, bro!
The stammerer is so sharp!
Oh no!
Sorry! What's this roadblock?
Hey stammerer!
I mean.. Brother in law!
Who are you, dad?
I mean, where are you coming from, dad?
Are you still in service?
Or suspended?
I am in service.
I just got back on this 10th.
Then I need a favour from you.
I need one from you too.
- I will.
Check and tell me.
Bring her to the next room.
The deceased is your father, right?
Just tell them his name and age.
Note it down.
58 years.
What was Sudarshan's job?
Dad was working in a
wing security agency.
He's also an ex-service man.
Who else is there at home?
Dad's second wife.
Did he have any
children with her?
A younger brother.
Your complaint says that he has
been missing for 3 days, right?
Dad had gone to Trivandrum
to meet someone.
I don't know what
happened after that.
The accident happened on Thursday night.
It must have happened while he
was on his way back home,
after reaching here
from Trivandrum.
We didn't find any personal
belongings from his body.
Purse, mobile...
Your dad never used these or what?
He did.
Didn't you find them?
You informed your family, right?
I'll make arrangements to release
the body after all the formalities.
Okay sir.
Th... Thi... Thi...
- This is your dad.
What is dad doing here?
Dad told me everything after you left
yesterday. He's in a total mess.
The resort he always hangs out in?
There was a police raid there last night.
10-12 kilos of elk meat and 1.5
kilos of marijuana were caught.
Along with those involved,
they said dad's name as well.
They said that for a confidence.
- Yeah, right.
Because of my connection with the MLA,
they thought they could get away
easily if my name was also there.
No MLA would interfere
in such a case, bro.
With my connection with the SI and
CI there, I've settled the problem.
But they are policemen, right?
We would have to pay them.
They asked for 5..
We will have to give at least 3.
That too, today.
Or else....
They will charge a case,
and dad will be an accused.
I've never asked you for
any help till date, right?
Borrow 3 Lakhs from somewhere
and give it to me.
I need it within 1-1.5 hours.
It's because I have no other option.
I'll write that house in your name.
How's that possible?
Would you have so
much money to roll? No, right?
How will I have so much money, dad?
I don't have any such c...connections
with anyone as well.
Didn't I tell you that we needn't
waste time by coming here?
Whatever we ask, he keeps stammering.
I can't get any help from
him in this lifetime.
It's all right.
I'll go to jail for some time.
You needn't go to jail now, dad.
I don't need the house
on mortgage as well.
I'll arrange the money
myself & pay them.
Come here.
I'm saying this in front of your dad...
Instead of making stupid excuses,
you should do something for me.
Do you agree?
Or else, dad will go to jail.
That will be really sad.
Whatever the f...
- Dad is here. Don't swear.
Whatever it is, I'll do it.
If so, you will come to Vrindavan
restaurant today evening at 4 PM.
We'll discuss after having a
coffee & Masala Dosa over there.
Is that the m... matter?
I'll tell you the matter over there.
He's my own brother in law.
He'll come now.
Just a minute.
Shall I order Masala Dosa for you?
Say whatever it is.
One Masala Dosa, please.
- No. Tell me the matter.
Cancel the Masala Dosa.
Bring my soup alone.
Just a minute.
CI Sir.
Must be to swear at me.
Hello sir.
Yes, sir.
- Advocate!
- Money!
I'm enquiring about that, sir.
- Money!
Don't swear at me like this, sir. Please.
- Get lost!
You get lost!
Just a minute, sir.
Whom did you say 'Get lost' to?
- To him.
Sorry sir.
Someone said 'Get lost' to someone here.
So I also said 'Get lost' for a company.
Yes, sir. I'll come in person
and get sworn at personally.
I swear on God.
Trust me, sir.
Okay sir.
Why have you come now?
Why have you come?
- Didn't you ask me to come?
Is it?
- Yes.
Oh yeah! That's true.
Well, did you see the girl sitting there?
She sent an application for a
job, seeing a newspaper ad.
She was called for
an interview too.
The interview was at the company
owner's house on Sunday evening.
When this girl went there,
there was no one else there.
In the name of the interview, he took her
into a room, and laid his hands on her.
After slapping him,
she came directly to me.
The problem is that, the incident
didn't happen in my station limit.
She doesn't know that either.
After listening to
everything, I told her...
Dear, I can write an FIR and
charge a case if you want me to...
But the case and trial would
take a couple of years.
Your life will be ruined.
So you're saying that I
shouldn't do anything?
Not like that.
There's a section in law.
You can send a legal notice
against that company owner.
Asking compensation for
the insult you faced.
Got it?
We can ask up to One Crore.
He's a big shot, right?
I've settled it by quoting
50% of whatever she gets.
You should send an awesome legal
notice to that boss, for this girl.
He should shit his pants in fear.
Bro, this is not ethical.
- Who said it's not ethical?
Only I know how I
got it till here!
N... No.. Not that ethical.
- It's not legal.
You should have written an
FIR & registered a case!
I told you there itself, not to say
unwanted stuff after coming here.
Let your dad go to jail.
Why do I care?
I will send the notice.
Why are you sitting there all alone?
Come & sit here.
Sir, soup.
- Thank you.
This is our Advocate.
I've told him everything.
If you want to ask her any details,
go ahead.
This is the complaint I had written to
give Sir. This has all the details.
This has both his and your
addresses, right? - Yes.
One minute.
What is it, Sir?
- Can you taste this soup, please?
If there's any problem,
I'll get it changed.
No. Please taste it.
No spoon?
- Am I supposed to bring that?
Sorry Sir.
I'll bring it now.
He's taking the soup also.
Do you want to know
anything further, Sir?
This is enough.
It has my mobile number.
Call me if you need anything.
No. That won't be necessary.
I'll do it tomorrow morning itself.
So we'll meet again!
B...Babuettan's people
had come today as well.
They cursed me a lot.
I must shift to some other place.
Other than f...f...
Don't swear when I'm eating.
feasting on my cash,
you're not helping me in any way.
But this is not a feast.
It's just Masala Dosa!
You are the limit!
Hello! B... B... Balakrishnan!
No. I haven't sent it.
They are trying to fool
me in the morning itself.
It was from a TV Channel.
Asking me if I sent a
legal notice to the DGP.
To the DGP?
One plate of 'Puttu' & beef.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to eat it.
I'm packing it for lunch.
I think someone who doesn't have any
idea about your range had called.
Will there be any good advocates
named Balakrishnan?
Y... Yes.
I... I'll slap you!
I'll lose the flow in eating.
That's why.
Yes. B... B... B...
It's me.
To the DGP?
What are you saying?
That one...
I... I... I sent it.
To the DGP?
To the actual DGP?
Just a second...
She has sent a legal notice to the DGP
seeking compensation of 1 Crore Rupees,
for physical and mental harassment.
It was Advocate S. Balakrishnan who
sent the legal notice for the lady.
You're one a different
level now, Advocate!
A notice against the DGP?
That too for sexual harassment?
Now you won't have time
to stay on the floor.
A young lady who applied for the job,
is the complainant.
But no one else was present
there, apart from DGP Eapen.
Over there, Eapen tried to molest her...
Hey! Give me your phone.
It doesn't have balance, Advocate.
The legal notice seeking 1 Crore compensation
was sent to his house in Mundakkayam.
It has to be noted that it
wasn't to his official address.
What's this on TV?
The news...
- N... News!
I also have no idea, bro.
That girl has put us in royal trouble!
Does anyone know the address
of DGP's ancestral house?
She was trapping us, bro.
Everything she said was a lie.
What should I... I do now?
How do I know that?
But one thing.
I have no connection at all
with this legal notice.
How's that possible?
Don't stutter in vain, bro.
Listen to me.
ADGP will arrest you soon.
You were cheating me, huh?
My dear bro, I did this thinking that your
sister would get a huge sum of money.
How would I know that this
would be such a big mess?
Realizing that I'm your brother in law,
ADGP has called me also to the Police Club.
Now everything is in your hands.
Okay bro!
H... Hello!
Ran out of balance.
Start the car.
- Where to?
The police is looking for me.
I need some time to think.
Let's go to the Court.
The police can't catch me from there.
The bill!
Stop! Stop!
Get down.
Thought you could escape?
We've kept surveillance cameras
on the roads, for all this only.
Get into the vehicle.
Advocate, come.
We need to record your statement.
I... I... did... didn't...
Come. Get in.
- Move.
Make way.
No point in saying that he's SI
Mohanan Pillai's brother in law.
Since ADGP Madam is involved
directly, no one else can...
Sir, shall I talk to my brother in law?
I'll ask him to co-operate with us.
Make it fast.
Madam will call him inside now.
Okay sir.
W...Why are t..they...
- Don't ask me anything.
Whatever happens,
don't say my name.
I have no idea about anything.
The girl came to you directly with the
complaint, and you sent the notice.
You didn't know that this
KE Eapen was the DGP,
and that you were sending the
notice to his ancestral house.
No more confusions.
Even if the police shoves their rods up
your bottom, you should stay strong.
Or else, all our lives
would become like this.
You don't say anything.
Our family is most important for us.
Your sister's, your father's
and your brother in law's.
Be careful, okay?
Sir, he said he will co-operate.
God! Save that poor fellow.
A girl called Anuradha came to meet you...
She asks you to send a legal notice against
one Mr. KE Eapen, who tried to molest her.
Is that what happened?
Nodding your head?
Say yes or no.
Y... Y... Yes.
Where did she meet you?
My o...o...
At the place where I stay.
When there are so many other good
advocates, what's the reason she chose you?
That too, to a place where a girl
would feel afraid to come alone,
a colony where only criminals
& anti-socials are staying.
Why are you staying at such a place?
That shows his character, Madam.
Even this stammering is
an act he has put up.
He will get time to think
before saying anything.
Bring her in.
- Yes, Madam.
Is this your client who asked you to
send a legal notice?
Anuradha Sudarshan?
Didn't you hear what Madam
asked, brother in law? Tell her.
Mohanan Pillai, you can keep
your relations back home.
Tell me, Balakrishnan.
Don't trouble us.
This gi....
Yes, Madam.
This is my c...client.
Hey! What are you saying?
This is not true, Madam.
I don't know him.
I swear!
This is my c... client.
No, Madam. He is..
- Wait.
did you send the notice
because she asked you to?
Did she tell you that it was the State
Police Chief who tried to molest her?
During the interview, a Bo..
- Bo?
A boss called her home on a Sunday and..
- Cut the crap!
You trusted her blindly and sent a notice?
You'll do anything for money?
Mohanan Pillai, why is your
brother in law like this?
Madam, since he has a stammer, he hasn't
been able to make a mark in this profession.
He lives off such second rate cases
which he gets once in a while.
He's not very efficient.
Can't we let him go?
- Huh?
Can we let him go for just this one time?
We can't?
Are you even a policeman?
- Yes, Madam.
Do you know this
Balakrishnan for long?
Yes, Madam.
He was my junior in Law College.
Is he clean?
To the best of my knowledge.
He won't play such a big game,
We cannot detain a lawyer like this.
What wrong did he do?
A client went to him.
- Yes.
He sent a notice,
without a detailed enquiry.
But the media is very vigilant.
So let him go saying that he
should come whenever we call him.
But keep an eye on him.
- Yes, Madam.
Balakrishnan, you may go now.
You would have to come anytime we call you.
Thank you sir.
Don't go and stutter
in front of the media.
You get me?
Who is this girl, bro?
So who was that girl
I introduced to you?
Anyway, you dealt it by saying that this
is the same girl, right? That was great.
So you should deal everything
that happens hereafter.
Your sister! Sister!
Let me talk to the DG, CM.
I will do the needful.
Even you know that it wouldn't
have happened, right CM?
I'll call you back.
What is this, Eapen?
What's happening?
Sir, I'm totally at a loss.
The day this incident supposedly happened,
I was in Kottayam.
You know, right?
I had called the range
IG on that day.
Sir, it was a meeting of all the
station officers in the district.
I know that.
But after lunch, you had
gone somewhere, right?
In your own car?
Sir, it was my close friend's
daughter's wedding the next day.
So I went to attend the
wedding eve function.
When I go for such personal needs,
I avoid the escort usually.
You avoided the gun man
also that day, right?
Why are you asking such a
pointed question, Sir?
It is said in that girl's
legal notice that...
as part of an interview
for a job at the company,
which has your wife as the director,
you invited her to your ancestral
house and tried to molest her.
It's only a 45 minute journey
between Kottayam & Mundakkayam.
This is plain accusation, sir.
Now I've understood...
What's happening against me is a
conspiracy with clear goals.
With ample support from the top.
That is also an insinuation.
I'll tell you my decision.
ADGP Indulekha will investigate the
complaint against you by that girl.
You can go on leave for now.
Rest we can decide once the CM is back.
I won't be finished with all this, sir.
I have survived worse.
Anyway, she has a privileged status now.
That of the victim.
And the accused is our Chief.
If we hold her here,
media will interpret it in different ways.
That's true, Madam.
We'll let her go now.
But she should be under
our surveillance.
We'll keep a close watch on her.
We need a clear plan of action hereafter.
Vincent, leave her after
getting a written statement.
We're at the residence of Advocate Balakrishnan,
who sent the legal notice to the DGP..
Here comes the Advocate!
We're leading a decent life here.
This is happening for
the first time here.
What are you doing on TV, man?
I... I... I... I'll do it.
You've reached?
Let him finish his call.
Babuettan will meet you personally.
The colony is full of people
from TV Channels & newspapers.
You won't allow us to make
a living doing our jobs?
Sir, what do you have
to say about this?
[indistinct questions from media]
Advocate Balakrishnan is staying
in a notorious colony in the city.
There's information that Balakrishnan &
goons of the city have secret connections.
Balakrishnan is weak
and disappointed.
We can see now that Advocate Balakrishnan
is under immense mental pressure.
He is drinking water now.
We are bringing those live
visuals to the viewers now.
Move away.
The girl who has complained
against the DGP...
That is, the 'Victim' in this case,
has come to meet her lawyer Balakrishnan.
They are discussing behind closed doors.
Anyway, we can clearly guess what
they are discussing about, Rohini.
Didn't you hear what I asked?
Have you seen me before this?
Anywhere at all?
Even for a minute?
So it's a no, right?
Then why did you lie to the police?
You know what?
You ruined my life with that lie.
I had only my father.
You humiliated me in front of the society,
on the 2nd day after my father's funeral.
I don't understand why
you're playing such a drama,
with the life of a girl like
me, who's worth nothing!
Keep one thing in mind.
I was ready to die.
But not anymore.
I will make you answer for
cheating me like this.
Wherever you go,
I'll be with you.
I won't leave you.
You're my advocate, right?
The saviour of the 'Victim'.
I will make you say...
that you made up a
false case in my name.
and who all are behind this conspiracy
the police is talking about.
I will do at least this for my
father who lived and died for me.
They have opened the door!
Here comes the Advocate & that girl.
Come down, Advocate.
Let's go.
Don't ask me anything.
My Advocate has told me not to
say anything further to you.
Everything that happens hereafter,
I can do it only upon his advice.
D...Didn't I...I... I... Te...
Babuettan asked you to vacate this place.
You didn't listen.
The media and police have never
entered this place till date.
If you leave from here without a
f...fracture, it won't be right.
Catch him!
- C...C...C... Catch him!
Babuetta, your nose!
Catch him!
Don't let him go!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Advocate, get in through the back door.
Catch him.
- Get in, fast.
Block the vehicle.
Stop! Stop there!
Get lost, you scoundrels!
- Stop!
- What is it, Advocate?
W...What is she doing here?
This is our Anuradha Chechi, right?
Chechi said that she's
coming with us.
Have you told everyone at home?
Or else, when we reach there,
they would create a scene.
T...To my house?
Yes. To your house.
If you drop me anywhere else,
I'll create a scene.
Now it's your responsibility
to protect me.
And, whoever gave you money to send
a false legal notice in my name...
Wait and watch,
until you reveal that in press conference,
I won't leave you.
You're too good!
I like you!
So straight to Advocate's house.
'Ghar Wapsi'.
My advocate has told me not
to talk to you people.
My foot!
So both of them fooled
us very cleverly, right?
This is some huge game plan, Madam.
Hey! Do we have our
presence in that colony?
We can't enter that area, sir.
There will be huge riots.
Stop there.
Where are you barging into?
You know right?
I have a daughter as well.
All this while, I have only praised
you and spoken ill of her.
But in this matter,
I'm with her and her husband.
Because of your recklessness,
he's almost about to lose his job.
You're saying this without
understanding the situation.
In fact, it was him who
handed over this case to me.
He said this as well.
That you'll put the blame on him.
My scoundrel brother in law!
What's the relation
between you and her?
Coming here after filing a
false case against the DGP?
That's not her, mom!
Then who is it?
That's a s...story!
Stories have started filing cases now?
You're mocking me?
Aren't you the one mocking us?
If there's something going
on between you both,
end it right here,
right now.
Or else, get out of here, right now.
Mom, this is not a TV serial, right?
Let's go inside and talk.
You go inside.
You go outside.
Get out.
What if I won't?
I will come inside.
If you send me out,
I'll put your son behind bars.
I'll get your son in law
fired from his job.
- You!!!
Don't call me that.
That's my name.
Where are you off to?
You go inside, Vishalam!
You don't know what..
- Shut up!
I asked you to go inside.
This is my house!
By working so hard,
taking so much effort,
and forging fake documents,
I acquired this land &
building in my own name.
I will decide who should go inside,
and who should go out from here.
You go inside, girl.
Only if you can give her clothes to change,
and food to eat, you can also go inside.
Or else?
- Get out!
I was waiting for a
reason to get rid of her.
Hey! Send her a notice immediately,
demanding divorce.
What the hell have you smoked up?
First class Idukki Gold (Marijuana)!
Mom, please go inside.
What's waiting inside now?
- Who's that parasite in our premises?
Come here.
- Yes, you!
Come here.
Who are you?
I am Advocate's buddy.
- Which Advocate's?
- Oh! His?
You're impressive!
Earrings, chain, long hair...
Come here. Let me ask you.
- This is also there.
Do you have stuff?
- What?
To smoke up?
Idukki Gold!
- You don't have that?
Do you booze?
- No. - No drinking too?
Out to tempt people in this attire!
Buddy, it seems.
I had kept a cane here.
Shall I leave then, Advocate?
Don't break it.
Get going!
- Nothing happened.
Who is this guy?
'Youth on fire'
Blanket for you.
That's him.
Can't believe it, right?
He was a firebrand orator
while studying in college.
He was really smart.
A lot happened after that.
Gradually, he started becoming a failure.
A colossal failure.
He couldn't rise up
to my expectations.
She's not the kind who
would leave so easily.
And both of them have good
support from some people here.
So they have your
blessings too, dad?
Yes, they do.
What's wrong with that?
You're the reason behind all the
troubles that have happened here.
There's nothing wrong
in doing fraud jobs.
But that needs to have some
dignity and sincerity.
I always keep that.
Dad, the police & media know that
he has brought that girl here.
ADGP called me directly.
Isn't that a good thing?
You should stay in your
senses if you smoke up.
They see this case as a conspiracy
between him and that girl.
They are really furious at me.
I might end up in
trouble any moment.
Say that you will lose your job.
Let him lose his j.. job!
Into this m...
- Don't say that.
He's the one who got
me into this mess!
To stop me from saying the truth
to the police, he fell at my...
I fell at your feet.
I can fall at your feet again.
Can you please send that
girl away from here?
Or else, I'll lose my job.
Your job....
Forget it.
- Hey you!
Hey you!
Don't call her that.
Anuradha. That's her name.
Bro, you mo...
- No!
Because of you...
- That's okay.
... this girl got
stranded on the streets.
Her stepmom is not letting
her into her house now.
When a random girl came and
said a false story to you,
you became greedy,
and did all this nonsense,
and we're suffering for that.
You also suffer now.
This house belongs to me as well.
It's not a place for you to
bring whomever you want to.
Before something happens to my husband's
job, you better leave with her.
Or else, I'll hang myself
at the attic here.
But there's no attic here.
What is it, dad?
Don't do anything foolish.
There's some awesome
pesticide at our store room.
Have it.
Just 15 minutes!
Even God can't save you after that.
You smoked up Idukki Gold
in the morning itself?
This is Hashish.
Brigit gave it to me.
My new girlfriend.
Is she dead?
What I did was wrong.
To her and my p...profession.
Quoting the amount you spent
to get dad out of the case,
when you blackmailed me,
I had to forget the ethics
that my senior taught me.
When the police asked if it was
her who made me send the notice,
I nodded yes.
That's because I
remembered your face.
This face?
What you said is right.
This house belongs to you as well.
I take up the responsibility
of her situation now.
Whoever made a fool out of me
using you as a pawn,
I won't spare him.
I am taking this case up.
Before the police investigates
and reaches a conclusion,
the conspiracy and mystery behind this,
whatever it maybe,
I will find it out.
It has risen up.
Shall we leave?
You're a real hero!
Now you just have to be yourself.
Your old self.
All the best!
I said all that for a punch,
and I'm leaving now.
I don't know what will happen.
You should do me a f...favour, dad.
- What is it?
When you get high on weed, don't write
our property off to these frauds.
It's because I don't have
anywhere else to go to.
I'm not sure.
Sometimes if I...
if I'm tripping on it,
if someone brings a stamp paper,
I might sign on it.
Still, I'll try my level best.
You go without fear.
Or else, we'll sleep
at the cow shed!
What a great father!
Is that your dad's number?
How do you know that?
The girl who came to me
posing as you, gave it to me.
In case,
if I try to contact her,
she knew that number
would be switched off.
Your dad was m...murdered by someone.
Behind trapping the DGP in a
molestation case using your identity,
there is something beyond
what we can guess.
There is someone.
What do we do now?
The Assistant Commissioner here
is a c...close friend of mine.
Let's go and meet him.
And we'll give our statements too.
We can do that.
I want to know who is
behind my father's death.
But, why did they do this to my dad?
Hey! Someone is following us.
Anzar, go fast!
I'll go!
But I'm sure of one thing.
- What? - They won't let us go!
Go fast!
Is this the time to kiss me, Advocate?
A... A... Advocate!
W... Where are you off to?
I... I have brought s... someone
who wants to m.. meet you.
Don't be scared.
I'm right behind you.
C... Come in front of me.
Aren't you the g... goon?
- I'm on leave today.
Go on!
Leave me.
Leave me!
Come on!
Leave me!
So you were ready for a battle, huh?
Not one...
I am ready for many battles!
Hasn't Babuettan told you not to
be seen in this area anymore?
CM asked me to join today,
canceling my leave.
Anuradha & her Advocate gave
their statements? - Yes, Sir.
They gave their statements to AC Vincent.
This Advocate's brother in
law is a Sub Inspector.
One Mr. Mohanan Pillai.
He is corrupt, Sir.
He's a nuisance
element in our force.
Some girl approached him with the
complaint, using Anuradha's identity.
In fact, even the idea of a legal
notice was given to Mohanan Pillai,
by that girl who did
the impersonation.
To score brownie points,
he claimed that it was his own idea.
Sir, you needn't write
an FIR or investigate...
In such situations,
there is a section in law, right?
Let's send a legal notice to him,
asking a compensation
of 1 Crore Rupees.
One Crore?
We don't have any idea so far about who
that girl was, and why she did this, right?
After such a conspiracy happened
against the Police Chief of the State,
have you found even a name,
or a solid point to put forward?
Without all that, you are all
still groping in the dark, right?
When a girl came with a complaint,
you didn't enquire about her identity,
and jumped right in,
for the money!
If you had filed an FIR & investigated it,
I wouldn't have faced this humiliation.
You are suspended from the
service with immediate effect.
Don't suspend me, Sir.
You could leave me with a warning...
Get the hell out of here.
Take this @$@% away....
What all are you doing?
My stammerer brother in law
is your close friend, right?
He left the house challenging that he
will investigate this case himself.
I will be after him from
today onwards, Sir.
If he finds something,
I'll inform that to
the DG before him.
My journey from suspension to
promotion, begins here, Sir.
Whatever needs to happen,
will happen.
And receive everything
that comes your way!
So you get going, Pillai.
All of you wait outside.
Indulekha, you stay back.
Indu, I am thoroughly disappointed
with the way you handled this case.
That Advocate & the girl
gave their statements...
I have rejoined...
Now the enquiry will cool down.
But what if they change
their statements again?
I would have to go on
leave then also?
Don't think like that, Sir.
Your alibi is solid.
What that Advocate & girl are
saying, is not so credible.
Their bonafides are suspect.
With suspect bonafides,
those two are getting off
this case Scot-free.
Let me ask you something.
Have you acted bonafide in this
investigation, as a police officer?
That's an accusation, Sir.
- Yes.
On rock solid grounds!
The first woman to become
the State's Police Chief.
Sounds tempting, right?
There's no point in us continuing
this conversation, Sir.
I'm handling the investigation
of this case even now.
CM trusts me.
I know how to take this forward.
With your permission!
A... Aren't you sleeping?
Before the accident happened,
didn't your dad go to Trivandrum,
to meet someone?
He told me that he was going for my sake.
But he didn't say what
he was going there for.
Your entire family is
like that of a TV Serial.
A t...torturing stepmother.
A younger brother who
shows no affection.
A f...father who
suffocates you with love.
I... It's a marathon of cliches.
A father who is stoned out
of his head all the time,
a sister who supports her husband's
emotional blackmailing of her own brother,
and a mother who curses her
own son all the time.
These are all very
rare in this world.
Only you have that good fortune.
G... Go to bed.
We need to meet your
stepmom tomorrow morning.
For what?
I'm starting the i..investigation, right?
Anzar and you,
together make up my Dr. Watson.
I...I'm scared thinking about that.
As if this Sherlock is awesome!
You take hours to ask a
question with your stammering.
Most probably, you'll just end up walking
with your hands folded at the back.
Well, it doesn't feel like
your stammering is constant.
Only when I t...talk.
That's a joke that a great
man said long back.
My dad used to say that
people would wait endlessly
to listen to speeches by
the man who said that.
C... Comrade EMS, right?
He was such a great leader, right?
If you take an effort, you can also
become a decent Advocate, right?
Oh! Through that g...gap,
I...Inspiration and motivation, huh?
I...It's pointless.
All the speech therapists
whom I have met till date,
use this as their first punch line.
It has never w..worked in my case.
Like my dad told you...
I'm a failure.
Every time I try to fail better.
Aren't you that lawyer?
Her lawyer?
I saw you on TV.
Who asked you to come
here with these guys?
You are walking around all decked up with
them, after getting your own dad killed?
Don't talk nonsense!
- Oh! You can do all that, huh?
No problem in that, huh?
Claiming that big shots molested you,
you humiliate them,
and make money out of that
with this lawyer, right? - Sheesh!
Advocate, she seems to be really trashy.
Shall we scoot?
[Sings the song 'Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai']
We know that you're trashy.
Don't show off too much.
That's what you meant, right?
- Get lost, you dog!
How dare you talk nonsense
to me, coming to my house?
Don't make so much noise, Chechi.
- That's what you were trying to say?
How did I become your Chechi?
- Aunty? Aunty it is, then.
Get lost from here with these two.
I didn't come here to argue with you,
or to claim my rights.
There are some things in this house,
which my dad bought for me.
I can pack it in a small bag.
I'll leave after taking that.
Who wants your certificate, clothes & chain
of 1.5 sovereigns? Take it & get lost!
Who came to meet you yesterday?
Did they say that they
would give you money?
No one came here.
As if I'll readily accept it,
if some random people offer cash to me!
Oh! So you take money!
Didn't I tell you that
Chechi takes cash?
Give her cash and then ask!
Go and ask that to your mom!
Sorry! My mom left this earth
as soon as she saw my face.
So I have no mom.
Only my own words!
That can be seen from your face.
Took everything, right?
Don't ever come back here.
Let's go, Advocate.
Your Father?
- Excuse me.
Such a great man!
Lucky that he died soon.
Such a horrible lady.
Get lost, you schmuck!
- You get lost! Bye, child.
What are you looking at?
Come here.
Hey! Why did you bring me here?
Investigation, it seems.
Did you even open your mouth
and talk to her properly?
Did you get any useful
information from there?
Went in and came out in a flash!
I shouldn't have come for this.
Didn't work out. It's okay.
- Hey!
I got whatever information I needed.
Ever since we reached here,
that woman was really tensed.
N... N...
- Nachos?
N... Nervous like anything,
she was over acting there.
She had sweat on her
forehead and neck.
Out of tension, she was
clenching her right fist tight.
I was sure that the people behind this
game, would have contacted her yesterday.
They would have offered money to her,
not to allow you into the house.
At the colony, before hitting me,
someone was giving instructions
to 'Iron' Babu through the phone.
Outside the c...colony,
there was a black c...car.
They would have come
to meet this woman.
When I asked her if
someone came to meet her,
she got shocked.
Her reply was a lie.
How do you know that so precisely?
Google it on your phone.
What's that?
N... Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Sounds like fake names of
diseases said in the movies.
When someone is saying the truth,
or when he or she is saying
something from memory,
his or her eyeball would
move to the left.
If someone who's not so intelligent,
or an expert con artist,
is lying,
the eyeball would move
to the top right side.
That woman was lying.
No one came here.
Whatever I guessed is right.
I'm on the right track.
Awesome! Mass!
You shouldn't get back to
the vehicle like this now.
In slow motion!
The Police is saying that there
are no surveillance cameras here.
What a pity!
Anyway, we should search
this s... spot thoroughly.
Search the photo?
- Oh! Okay.
Why don't we try
putting a dummy, Boss?
Cli.. Cli...
- You mean Cla Cla Clu Clu Cli Cli (Rhyme)?
Don't come up with cliches.
Don't use such words in
such situations, please.
T...T... T...
- You want to go to the toilet?
Wow! Honey candy!
It rained heavily that night, Sir.
All the shops closed early.
No one has seen this accident.
Police came here many
times and asked everyone.
Go... Go...
- Where can I go, Sir?
I've been here for the past 20 years.
I arranged the documents
with a lot of difficulty.
My dear Chetta, he's not asking you to go.
Rest will come now. Wait.
Go... Got to tell you, us insurance agents'
enquiry is not like a police enquiry.
Those who give us information,
will have benefits.
Also, we won't let out the name or
any other details of the informant.
So you're from an insurance agency?
This idiot believed that we're
from an insurance agency.
So aren't you from the
insurance agency?
Yes. Can you please
take a new p...policy?
In case you die in an accident
like the one that happened here...
Isn't this your wife?
- Yes.
Do you you know how many Lakhs
you would get? - Is that so?
Get lost!
Don't talk nonsense.
- It's not that, Chetta.
If you take the policy,
can't say when time favours me!
- Yeah, right!
You want time to favour
you with my death?
What the hell have you given
me while you're alive?
Just this stupid tea shop, right?
I've been feeding you with this stupid
tea shop for the past 20 years.
You made it with my dad's money!
Take this & hit him!
What is this? - I'm seeing such
a fight for the first time.
- Usually I get beaten up, right?
- I mean, it was a good fight, right?
Sigh! I couldn't take part.
Hey! Boss!
I saw him being hit by the vehicle.
Heard that I'll get cash if I give
information? What's the deal?
50,000 Rupees.
Then I also saw the incident.
Give the money to me too.
My dear bro, he is bluffing.
I was the only one here then.
Not even a dog was here.
Where were you at the spot?
I was taking a shit over there.
I have the Lorry number.
Give me the cash.
I'll give you an advance
of 2000 Rupees.
If the details you give are solid,
come and collect the rest of
the money from our office.
After one week.
- Here is my card.
Full on fraud, huh?
No, bro!
Our company won't
release the fund
unless they verify the
information that you're giving.
E.. E...
- I know how to catch you, if you escape.
Here is the vehicle's number.
I know the guy.
I will tell you that after getting
the money. Full cash, okay?
Okay then!
As we agreed upon!
He is an idiot.
He believed everything you said.
Anyway the investigation is scuss...
sucus.... Well, it worked out, right?
We got the vehicle
number, anyhow.
What is this, Advocate?
Whatever he said was a lie.
- No way.
I had noticed his eyeballs.
It went left.
So it's true.
It's true that the eyeball went left.
But did you notice?
He is a left hander.
When right handers say the truth,
the eyeball moves to the left.
When left handers say the truth,
the eyeballs go right.
This left hander's eyeball went left now.
So, he is lying.
Then, what do we do?
This guy has some connection
with this incident.
You should f..follow him.
And keep me updated on every movement,
through the phone.
Okay Boss!
Wrong direction!
He is under my observation.
I'm following him now.
Okay, Okay.
O dear God!
He would have seen me now.
Boss, I am in hiding now.
- What?
Sir, they are fools.
Oh no! Dog!
Boss, he is in a liaison with someone.
In between this, on the road?
Advocate, I mean he's
talking on the phone.
He's not alone, Sir.
There's a dwarf also with him.
You snatch that phone from
his hand and run away!
I've retired from snatching.
S... Snatch it and run!
I can't reduce the amount, Sir.
Come on, Sir.
My mobile!
Advocate, I snatched it.
- Good.
D... D... D...
- What? You want a drum?
Don't get caught!
- I won't!
Where are you now?
I'm running on the
parallel route now.
Running where?
Why are they snatching
the phone & running?
- Stay!
He is running on petrol or what?
He's not stopping!
Move, kids!
Sorry kids.
I'm taking this.
Thank you brother. Please help me.
Yes, go fast.
R... Run!
- I am running, Advocate!
They are phone thieves. Follow them.
- Leave me. I can't balance.
If I leave, I won't have any balance.
Here I go!
Which is this route?
I have no clue.
Oh! You guys are here?
Stop me somehow.
Hey car! Move away!
Did I reach outer space?
Where is this?
Don't drive upside down.
Drive properly.
Where was I dropped from?
Where are you looking at?
Don't just stand there.
Where are you running to?
Where are you?
- He is behind me.
Behind me?
- Where should I come?
Where should I run to?
- Over here.
- Where?
Next to the wall.
- Which wall?
- Not that way.
Come back
- I can't come back.
Then run! I'm on this side.
- Throw whom?
Throw the phone this side.
- Where?
This side of the wall.
Did you get it?
Got it.
98... 46...
Isn't it wrong to catch her?
Phone is coming from the top. Catch!
- Oh! That?
Let me take rest.
Hey mobile thief!
Where should I run to now?
- Don't run. Return the phone!
Then why did I run for so long?
- Say sorry and return the phone.
Hey you!
Mobile thief!
How dare you take my mobile?
Give my mobile!
- Who are you?
Razak, come. Rashid, come.
- For what?
Break his head.
He's stealing my mobile from our area.
I got the mobile.
Get up and go, you thief.
Is it okay if I get up
& go in the morning?
Morning or noon, go whenever you want.
- I'm really tired.
What was this for?
Do you want to puke, son?
I don't want to.
You go ahead, mom.
I have no idea how so many people can
beat up one man at the same time.
But I won't back out.
I will be after that stammerer.
Let me get up from this bed.
I don't think that
would happen now.
Whatever happened has happened.
You apply for a disabled's
pension as soon as possible.
What are you saying, dad?
Disabled's pension?
Isn't it better than you applying
for a widow's pension, right?
You are soaked in oil, man.
If you had applied some Masala as well,
we could have fried him.
This man is the limit!
Talking like this about someone
who's about to die? - Mom!
I got this number because Anzar
snatched his phone from him.
Trace this number, bro.
We will get some kind of link.
This is smart work.
But I don't think this number
would be a great break through.
We might be able to track the truck that
finished off Anuradha's dad. Maximum!
In all such contract works,
there would be 3-4 intermediaries.
B... Before he died, Anuradha's
dad went to two places.
Two days before his death...
To Koonamkunnu Devi Temple,
which he believes in the most.
Then, to Trivandrum as well.
It's quite difficult for
people to reach Koonamkunnu...
And he goes there only once a year.
So why did he go there all of a sudden?
his trip to Trivandrum
was that important.
There is some missing
link somewhere.
Show me the message that your
dad sent from Trivandrum.
Got down from the train.
I am going to meet him.
I'm lucky that Lord
Anjaneya is with me.
What's the point in this message?
It's useless.
One minute.
It's my dad.
Ha.. Ha... Hello!
Why are you laughing?
- I wasn't laughing.
He has changed quite a bit.
Reminds me of the old Balakrishnan.
You were his senior in college, right?
I was his senior and political guide.
He was firebrand.
'May the white flag fly high'
'May the blood in our bodies boil'
'Long Live Revolution'
His best friend was also
studying in Law College then.
He was in Balan's opposite party.
The differences in political ideologies
didn't affect their friendship.
SFY would never compromise in protecting the
rights of the student society of Kerala.
Some people are challenging from somewhere.
Politics in campus...
- Baletta!
They've brought goons from
outside to beat us up.
Leave me.
That was the beginning.
Mentally, he was shattered completely.
You killed my son?
He used to like you so much!
Yet why did you do this to him?
Don't cry.
Nothing will happen.
Get out of my sight.
I don't want to see you
ever again in my life.
I... I.. It wasn't on purpo...
M.... Mother!
When Balan returned to his
studies sometime later,
he wasn't the old Balan.
One who lost self-confidence in
between those incomplete words,
the stammerer Balakrishnan.
When there's guilt deep
within your heart,
it's difficult to escape
from that, Anuradha.
I used to feel really sad
whenever I thought about him.
But now, everyone accepted
that he is like this.
Dad is really high.
And I'm fed up of that clown
brother in law of mine.
I forgot to tell you.
He told me that he's going
to follow you 24X7.
By following me,
he is getting thrashed royally as well.
Is it?
Then I'm relieved.
I'm leaving then.
I'll update you about this number.
Okay bro.
Hey Balan!
You should be careful.
You're taking a huge risk.
I know, bro.
He was telling me that...
you haven't really had any
interactions with girls so far.
Is that true?
Not even one?
I.... I am a
V.... Virgin!
W... W... What about you?
You are trying to fool me, right?
25% must be when someone kissed you in
childhood, during your naming ceremony.
K... Kiss was during childhood, right?
No one else should
kiss her from now on.
I won't allow that.
- Advo...
Isn't that Advocate?
It is him.
Has our Advocate gone mad?
Oh! You have fallen in love, huh?
We haven't fallen in anything.
Then why did your eyeball go right?
Hey! I was waiting for you.
Let's go to the colony together.
You take an auto rickshaw.
I have a meeting.
What meeting do you have?
'You are in love'.
- Get lost!
Yes, Advocate!
You should go to Trivandrum tomorrow.
- Okay.
At the auto stand at the r..
railway station,
there will be an auto rickshaw
named 'Anjaneyan'.
How will I find that?
- Go there and ask someone.
Anuradha's dad had gone
somewhere in that auto.
You should find out
where he went to.
Lord Anjaneya!
O Lord! Bless me!
What did you say?
- Anjaneya.
Is it Anjaneyan's auto?
- Yes.
Have you dropped
this guy somewhere?
This guy...
Hi Sir.
- I'm Rathnavel.
Please sit.
Your friend Dinakar has told me
a lot about you.
An encounter specialist,
who is also a professional assassin.
- Actually, what's an encounter?
It's murder, right?
I am murdering for a monthly salary.
So if I get some extra money,
I'm still murdering.
Just keep adding to the
list of my encounters.
Tell me how you are going
to do this in Kerala.
Coimbatore, Chennai, Madras...
I have strong underworld
connections in all these places.
That's where I will recruit
the guys for the job.
I will also be at the
scene along with them.
It's gonna be my operation.
- That's good.
This is the target.
The details are in the file.
50 Lakhs in cash.
After the job, another 50.
How come your father had so much
faith in this particular temple?
It's said that this is the origin
temple of dad's family deity.
The temple of the hill-men.
Where are you from?
K.. K..
- From Kochi.
Did you come here, to this
temple in particular? - Yes.
No one really comes here.
That's why I asked.
We need to make an offering in her name.
What is the main offering here?
- Sacrifice.
Your name and star sign?
Anuradha, 'Uthram'.
What's you father's name?
- Sudarshan.
Oh! That's what!
Otherwise you won't be coming here.
Where is your father?
Dad is no more.
It was an accident.
So he had foreseen it.
Why did you say so?
He had come here 1.5 weeks back.
He stood & prayed
for a long time.
'My daughter would come here looking
for me, if something happens to me'
'If she doesn't come, and if you hear about
my death, you should go to her, Priest'
'Give this to her, saying that I gave it'.
He gave me a cover saying that.
Who are you?
Sir, I've got an envelope.
What should I do?
Open it.
Sir, inside it, there's a receipt...
a letter,
and a key.
Click the picture of the
letter & the receipt.
You keep the receipt and the key.
What about the letter, Sir?
Burn it right in
front of his eyes.
Burned it, Sir.
What's next?
Now shoot them down.
G.... Give me the key!
G.. Give!
Balu, come.
Let's go.
We could get away because that
priest came with a crowd.
Or else the Forest Department & the Police
would have created a lot of trouble.
Who is following us so relentlessly?
Isn't this the second
attack towards us?
Didn't I tell you?
You are trapped in a big game.
I'm feeling really scared.
Whatever dad wanted to tell me, would
have been in that letter, right?
In front of our eyes, it was...
No need to worry.
Your dad's blessings
are still with you.
We should reach there
before that Tamilian.
It's him.
Let's hide.
We got late.
If your dad had kept anything
in that cl... clo... Damn it!
... in that locker room, he would
have taken it by now.
Come, Advocate.
What's the point now?
My dad always says that 'There's
always a Plan B', right?
There would be something
like that here as well. Come!
Sir, can we open & see the locker kept
by the person who just left from here?
Who are you?
What's the problem?
Sir, that was my father's locker.
The guy who left, snatched
that receipt from me.
You complain to the police then.
He took whatever was in there.
What's the point in
seeing an empty locker?
Sir, I just need to see it open.
What for?
Sir, what's the problem in opening
& seeing that empty locker?
S... S.. Sir...
P... Please help.
You're adamant that
you'll spoil me?
Come. I'll show it.
Have a look!
There is nothing inside.
Y... Your father is b... brilliant.
Two things that he always
used to tell you, are right.
T... There is always a plan B.
Life is a puzzle.
It's a puzzle.
We need to solve it.
This is the USB I found from
that cloak room locker.
Was there anything else in that locker?
There was nothing else, Sir.
I haven't copied
anything from this.
This is your property,
And also, I've erased the pictures of
the letter & receipt from my phone.
I know... I know...
Thank you.
You've got all the money I promised, right?
- Yes, Sir. Many thanks.
It was an absolute pleasure
working with you. - Same here.
No loose ends, right?
Advocate Balan will be in trouble when
the news of this guy's death comes out.
He will be in big trouble.
Shouldn't miss a single one.
Copy everything into this.
I'm short on memory.
This, right?
- Yes.
What's this?
Your selfie looks like an Orangutan!
Like whom?
O... Orang
- Orangutan.
I think he said the name of the
Prime Minister of some country.
Do I look like him?
You want to see him?
This thing looks like his dad!
That's true.
I'll copy it myself.
There's a problem, Balan.
What happened, bro?
Didn't you tell me over the phone, about
an attack against you at Koonamkunnu?
That assault was led by
a guy called Rathnavel.
An ACP in Tamil Nadu Police.
But the problem here is that...
his body was found abandoned.
He was shot at point blank.
Police has got clear information
about the incident at Koonamkunnu.
The Commissioner's team is on its way here,
to arrest you.
ADGP's conclusion is that
you have murdered him.
They can't touch you in DG's case,
because you are the victim's lawyer.
And Madam hasn't believed the
statements you & Anuradha gave me.
They are seeing you as the kingpin
of a crime of immense proportion.
King Kong?
Can't say what all they are
going to frame you for.
You are in trouble, Balan.
What will we do now?
L.. Le... Let them arrest me.
That's what I also want.
What are you saying?
This is that girl.
It's her...
The one who fooled me & brother in law,
using Anu's identity.
Y... You should find her for m... me.
Make it real fast.
Move away!
Move! Sir, he is t... trouble
- Mind your own business.
What's the problem, Sir?
Come, Advocate.
Let's go.
This time, it's murder.
You're quite something, huh?
Come, let's move.
'Looking into the eyes,
without speaking anything'
'Time is disappearing,
after a handshake'
'Tears don't cease,
though they are unable to pour'
'Something is burning within'
'In a dark desert,
with incomplete sentences'
'You're a bird without wings to help you'
'All over the mind locked in darkness'
'I'm making a colourful
painting of yours, O' Dawn!'
'All over the mind locked in darkness'
'I'm making a colourful
painting of yours, O' Dawn!'
'Looking into the eyes,
without speaking anything'
'Time is disappearing,
after a handshake'
'As you drift away through the
ghats in the scorching summer'
'My heart is trembling to provide
a shade of feathers for you'
'My mind is burning within as hot ember'
'A sense of bereavement like never before'
'You are the shining star of my life'
What is this, Balakrishnan?
They're saying that you're
not co-operating with them?
If you stay quiet,
you will be in even more trouble.
Okay then.
Let them ask in their own way.
M... Madam.
I... want to talk.
To you, alone.
Close the door.
They will reach here in ten minutes.
They have started from there, with him.
I told him several times that
we'll get a senior lawyer.
He's adamant that he'll plead himself.
He'll plead his own case and
come out easily. He is awesome.
They would have hurt
him physically, right?
They are policemen, right Anuradha?
He's saying that as if
he's not a policeman.
Crime no 256/2017.
S Balakrishnan.
Your Honour...
If you examine exhibits 8 to 16,
presented before the Honourable Court,
the accused has filed a molestation
case for a client,
against the State Police Chief, which
doesn't have any credibility Prima Facie.
And it's clear that he
changed his statement later.
We can guess that it's a hired job
done by Advocate Balakrishnan,
for a crime syndicate,
that is yet to be found.
If one of the best officers
from Tamil Nadu Police
had reached Kerala in search
of the accused, Balakrishnan,
that definitely
points fingers at...
... the secrets behind the crime
targeting the State Police Chief.
The mission of the police
is to prove the connection,
between the conspiracy against the DGP &
the murder committed by the accused now.
Since granting bail to the accused in this
situation would affect the investigation,
I humbly request the Honourable Court
to reject the bail plea of the accused,
and to extend his
remand time period.
You may please present your case.
Yes, Your Honour.
Advocate, will you finish this today?
I have many more
cases to hear today.
What the Honourable Prosecutor
has said here, are not lies.
They are all half-truths.
There are two things in the statement I
gave to Assistant Commissioner Vincent.
It was an unknown girl who approached
me using Anuradha's identity.
I wasn't aware that the legal notice was
being sent to the State Police Chief.
Since I sent a legal notice to the
State Police Chief by mistake...
... the police has shown extreme
enmity towards me ever since that day.
The statement I gave before ACP Vincent,
was recorded by the Police by threatening
me and putting me under pressure.
You mean, you're retracting
that statement now.
That is, the notice you sent
to the State Police Chief,
was sent with full awareness.
My client Anuradha Sudarshan is
also present in this Court now.
Me and my client want to present some
extremely confidential information,
before the Honourable Court.
I pray for a prudent, patient,
closed door hearing, Your Honour.
Objection, Your Honour!
What is objectionable about him soliciting
a closed door hearing, Madam Prosecutor?
Objection over-ruled.
Except Balakrishnan and Anuradha
Sudarshan, everyone else may leave.
The Court has heard the pleas of the
Prosecution & Advocate Balakrishnan.
The Court understands the
seriousness of the revelation...
...made by Advocate
Balakrishnan to the Court.
Bail is granted for Balakrishnan,
upon certain conditions.
Everything will be all right
by sunrise tomorrow, bro.
Until then, I want to stay alive.
That is the challenge before me.
The girl who fooled me posing as her?
Didn't you say that
you tracked her?
Not just her...
I went behind the phone
number you gave me earlier,
and traced the truck that
killed Anuradha's father.
The driver was taken
into custody last night.
And that girl...
She is a big shot.
You have a client
called Ronald, right?
The one who was caught for transporting
3 Crores of banned currency in his car?
She is his partner.
Her name is Tina Shankar.
Until tomorrow morning,
you both should be very careful.
Where are you going now?
D... Don't ask me anything now.
Don't play around, Balan.
I am in charge of your protection.
If something happens to you,
I am answerable to the Court.
If something happens to me,
then what's the point of
questions and answers?
Hi, Advocate Balakrishnan.
I was expecting you.
Come on in.
I know...
you are expecting me.
Is your p.. partner R... Ronald
doing good, M... Madam?
He is fine.
Ronald is also waiting for you.
Two minutes.
Ronald has sent someone
to take you to him.
You both wait here.
You proved that you're
really smart twice,
during each of those two
attacks against you.
But I'm confident.
I can handle you.
And my people are just outside.
You take care of Madam.
I need him!
Look over there.
Welcome to my art studio,
Mr. Balakrishnan.
I trusted Pramod's remark that you
are a most inefficient lawyer.
And that was my mistake.
You know,
people say art is all about life.
I would say art is about death too.
You won't be going out
from this setting.
That's a good thing, Sir.
B... But you should do something now.
Your p.... partner Tina Shankar...
Just try to find out
where she is now.
Where is she?
Or I will shoot your brains out.
D... Don't threaten me, Sir.
What did you think?
That these guys caught
me & brought me here?
I surrendered to them deliberately, Sir.
Isn't he here, Sir?
To destroy the credibility
of a person...
To destroy the bonafides...
The one who designed such a crime
that no has imagined so far...
The master brain!
Have you dropped
this guy anywhere?
- At the Police Headquarters.
If so much is clear....
... the rest can be guessed easily, Sir.
A total of 156 crores...
... and 36 lakhs.
- Yes.
You will drive your car, with Rs. 3 Crores,
through the bypass road, towards Aroor.
300 metres after you leave from here,
there would be a police checking.
They will confiscate all the cash.
I'll ask the entire police force of the
city to concentrate on that incident.
A diversion strategy!
So, with the balance of 153 Crores
and 36 Lakhs, this container...
... will be on transit to the
Vallarpadam Container Terminal.
I have done what's necessary to
ensure its smooth running till there.
Are you blackmailing me?
- No.
I know, I am doing a big mistake.
there is a great virtue in this, Sir.
My daughter's life.
You should give me Rs. 5 Crores.
You can decide how you
want to give it to me.
What if I don't?
... you are an intelligent man, Sir.
You know what all I can do, right?
You will give it.
If something happens to me,
I've made all arrangements...
... for this memory card containing
these visuals to reach my daughter.
She will come after you, Sir.
She is a brave girl.
It was someone who had no
communications with me or Ronald,
who dealt with
that lorry driver.
Nothing will come out of it.
If those visuals which were the
evidence against you reached Anuradha,
she would expose it.
If you had killed Anuradha immediately,
that would get connected
with her father's murder.
You found an alternative that no
one else has thought of, so far.
To destroy Anuradha's credibility.
A fake molestation complaint against you,
in Anuradha's name.
To send the legal notice,
you decided to use me.
You made my brother in
law a pawn in this.
If Anuradha files a complaint
about your actual crime later on,
no court would believe her
statement Prima Facie.
We became the main characters in the
conspiracy against the Police Chief.
It's a clean case.
Isn't it sir?
We needn't worry about where
he has taken Tina to.
Even if she is with his friend Vincent,
we are quite safe.
Because I am still
heading the State Police.
finish him!
Finish them both...
... and call me.
Yes, Sir.
I will.
Tina Shankar is very
important to me.
I don't know what you did to her.
I am a businessman.
My accounts must be in tally, always.
She has 5 minutes.
Just 5 minutes.
Your time starts... now!
A... Anu!
Put your gun down.
Anu & I are victims of a crime that
no one has even imagined until now.
The charge against the accused in this
case, has been proved beyond doubt.
So first three among the accused in this
case are sentenced to life imprisonment.
The next among the accused from 4 to 12,
are sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment.
When the police investigation was stuck,
this case made a breakthrough,
through Advocate
Balakrishnan's investigation.
At one instance during that,
trusting the Court,
the revelations that he made,
proves Advocate Balakrishnan's unflinching
trust in the judicial system.
It's not how a person says something...
It's 'What' a person is
saying, that matters.
Court is adjourned!
Leave me!
V... V... Vidya!
That's all!
Don't carry any wound forever.
You should let go of it.
Let it go!
Because of your action,
I became a limp.
And due to that guilt,
you became a stammerer.
So, we're level!
You're a superstar!
I got an o... opportunity.
I used it.
Who brought this opportunity to you?
Me, right?
I left the police, bro!
People are swearing at my
mom from every corner.
I will be your clerk from now on.
I'll get you good money
from your opponent side.
Not for free.
If you feel bad about it,
let it be 30-70.
Hey! You'll be pleading
for a murder case next.
I will be the culprit.
Whom are you going to kill, dad?
I'll tell you that
after killing you.
Did you really mean that?
- Yes.
I will hit you on
your head with a rod.
I left that job.
Now I am his clerk.
Congratulations, Balakrishnan.
Thank you.
- I am Balan's father.
Bro will take up all
the troublesome cases.
Don't let this brother in law join you!
What did she say?
To make you the DGP.
- This is my right.
To get me arrested, right?
- Move! I have to go!
This v... victory belongs to you!