Kodi (2016) Movie Script

The button has broken. How much volume do you want to increase?
He is such a big problem.
Hey dumb fellow, you may do anything..
..but you will always speak like a donkey.
You are a mad man and cannot take place of a politician.
Will you explain people in signs?
You have to speak with pride on the stage.
The speech should touch the heart directly.
You will never understand and for that it is necessary to speak.
You are dumb by birth. Why are you wasting your time?
You cannot hear your own voice and is asking me to increase the volume.
This is not politics but a war.
Such a war in which everything is fair.
And for this I am ready to sacrifice my life.
Our party's great leader has always paid..
..attention to the public and its demands.
Hail to brother Arvind.
Shankar, you have been blessed with twins. Go and see.
You have had twin boys.
Congratulations. One for the family and one for the country.
This sis democratic party's young generation.
And his name would be Kodi.
Come on sit. Hey, wait..
The sacrifice of the martyred will not go waste.
The brave blood of our ancestors is running in us.
We are children of Mother India.
Whatever may happen, the world cannot suppress our voice.
The sacrifice of the martyred will not go waste.
The brave blood of our ancestors is running in us.
We are children of Mother India.
Leave his foot. This is not a mike. But his foot.
He just starts anywhere.
Yes, yes keep dreaming. Come on sleep now.
Tell me where are we going?
Our leaders are doing great jobs for our benefit.
Whatever they do is for our progress so that we can move ahead.
They saved the fishermen who got arrested in other countries.
They fought for their rights.
That is why vote for republic party.
If republic party moves ahead then we all will also move ahead.
So don't forget our party is Republic party.
Thank you.
Common man is our pride. And we can sacrifice our life for our leader.
Jai Hind.
Mercury is a very dangerous thing..
..which was banned even in America 13 years ago.
But here its factory is still going on.
Due to which innocent workers are being hurt and to the state as well.
No one paid attention to their complaint.
Slowly, slowly they became unwell and then people started dying.
So many women became widows and so many children became orphans.
And so many women became infertile.
And those women who were pregnant gave birth to handicapped children.
Because of greed for money they..
..turned our fertile land into infertile land.
Will they keep doing what they want to?
- And we will keep watching. - Not at all.
Whatever may happen that factory will be closed tomorrow.
We will not let the business of death going on in our state.
We all will finish it.
Shut down, shut down the poisonous factory.
Shut down the factory of death.
- Stop playing with life. - Shut down, shut down.
- Stop playing with death. - Shut down, shut down.
Shut down, shut down..
Shut down, shut down the poisonous factory.
Our movement is still not over. Calm down and get back.
After many sacrifices we made our party.
The movement is not just movement but a war against injustice.
This is a fight of the workers who are suffering because of the factory.
This is our last warning to the deaf and dumb government.
Wake up otherwise the anger of people will overflow..
..that your positions will also go from your hands.
I Shankar Prabhu sacrifice my life for this movement.
Kodi, never leave the party and go.
Turn by turn Democratic party and Republic..
..party have come into power in this state.
At present the Republic party is in power.
Will this time my son become the secretary of the party's youth wing?
When the relative of the leader is in your support..
..then what is the need to worry, brother Veera.
Support is there but the name of that Kodi is also in the list.
I am worried about that.
Not only in the list but he is in everyone's heart as well.
Brother, we had entered politics to earn money.
But for him wealth is politics.
If he decides to do something then no one can stop him.
How are you district secretary?
Why are you joking in the morning, sir?
The leader is going to video conference at exactly 10o'clock.
The people who are in the list have been asked to e present.
Don't take tension. I have talked to sister. Everything is set.
I made him a part of my party because o you.
But now will have to run the party according to him?
Just ask him not to interfere in every matter.
- So brother-in-law did not agree. - Listen to me..
As soon as they heard your name 3 out 4 nominees escaped.
But Kodi is not backing out.
You know that he does not listen to anyone.
That Kodi has still not come and should not reach here.
If he is not present in the conference..
..then brother-in-law will not choose him.
Now it is your responsibility to stop him from coming here.
- A call is coming. - Put it on the speaker.
Where are you Kodi?
I am on my way to drop children to municipality school.
Hey, get down.
Greetings boys.
As soon as I saw you I thought something inauspicious is going to happen.
Are you on your way to kill someone?
What if any child sitting I the jeep got scared?
You are there to take care of children.
Leave party office and help children.
So you want me not to go to party office.
You idiot..just leave.
The children are getting late as they have their exams.
Hey, you can leave from here only after killing us.
I am not scared of cowards like you as.
- I am very brave. - What did you say?
Hey, time please.
Sit down.
Look children I have downloaded the game of talking cat..
..so you play talking, talking with that.
- Understood. - Okay uncle.
Don't spoil my shirt as I have to go to party office.
Shall I teach him a lesson?
I don't like stains.
Wait, wait..I think you want me to remove shirt.
Don't mess with my shirt.
Will you not listen? Come on wipe.
Did you think that once the shirt is spoiled I will not go to party office?
I have many white shirts.
The meeting has started and he is not to be seen anywhere.
When did you come here Kodi? I did not see you.
Hey Bhagat, the life is not just to eat, drink and be merry.
There are many other problems also.
I never understand what you say.
If you understood then wouldn't you be on my position.
Look in front, the leader is on the TV.
- Greetings. - Greetings, sir.
I have thought over the names that you have sent.
Keeping in mind everyone's work it was not..
..easy to find the secretary of district youth wing.
In the last elections the party lost badly.
Inspite of the loss he got 5000 extra votes all alone.
And proved that he is right candidate for this position.
But he is no one else but Kodi.
From today he is the secretary of district youth wing.
I want every member of the party to support him.
And should together make the party strong.
If you would have said earlier I would have backed out.
Why did you send goons?
Kodi is on the ride now.
"Now I have to show you how powerful I am."
"Don't mess with me otherwise your illusion will be shattered."
"Understand; understand that we will not spare you."
"Now I have to show you how powerful I am."
This boy has gone mad.
He thinks he is the CM after getting a small position in the party.
What is this mother? Has the opposition party bribed you?
You shut up.
Because of friends like you his brain has been washed.
What are you talking mother?
Every mother wants to get a capable son like Kodi.
And you keepcrying.
I will be happy when he will leave politics.
After his father's death he stays less at home and ore at party office.
I thought if not today then tomorrow he will change.
But he is mad after the party leaving his studies.
He does not listen to me at all.
I don't know what is there in his future.
I am really worried about him.
Mother, can I ask you a question?
Yes, tell me.
Kodi is so naughty. So has he inherited this from you or his father?
Run away from here.
What is this mother? Every day you serve vegetarian food.
Can't you make chicken or mutton?
Your brother rarely eats food at home..
..and he does not like non vegetarian food.
That is why I have made Dosa so eat quietly.
Tomorrow I will make chicken for you.
This studies boy has spicy tastes. Don't show anger to mother.
Eat quietly and make children study.
I had thought that you would remain a party worker like father.
Good, congrats.
Make mother understand this.
You give speeches here and there but cannot talk to mother.
You very well know that mother is in opposition.
You do not talk to her but she keeps on talking about you.
And makes food of your choice.
As if I am not her son.
Say all this to mother.
Look brother, I am a professor and not a broker.
Don't try to be smart. Hey Bhagat, you go and talk to her.
As if she will listen to me.
What will I talk?
So you are trying to be smarter than him.
Will you talk or shall I give you one?
Mother, Kodi has become secretary of youth wing. Give me dosa.
So what should I do? Shall I distribute sweets in the neighborhood?
Distribute sweets later. First give me dosa.
They have eaten four and I have not even eaten one.
As it is he has got the seat and not me.
- Here, take one more. - Hey, quietly eat food.
You eat food, my stomach is full.
Tell him that people like him and his..
..father cannot sustain for long in the party.
Ask him to stop roaming around and do a job in the nearby factory.
Manager will give 20,000/- as salary.
Tell him that the same manager was..
..begging for his son's job in front of us.
You can achieve nothing by showing off.
If he will do proper work only then he will be able to marry a nice girl.
His father burnt himself and left his family to cry after him.
Tomorrow if he does anything like this then where will I go?
Uncle, now you decide whose eggs are bigger?
Aren't mine bigger and better?
So you must be thinking that how..
- ..a hen gives such big eggs? - Of course.
What is there to think?
After laying eggs the hen must have died.
Keep quiet.
My hens eat chicken roast and then give eggs.
And not by eating grass.
Madam, your eggs are great.
The cost of my eggs is 50p less than the market.
Then give me all.
Hey brother, because of this girl you are not taking my eggs.
Her eggs seem to be white but are black at heart.
Hiow can you talk like this? By eating my eggs Sachin has become Tendulkar.
Six packs of Salman have not been made just like that.
- Wait madam.. - Keep quiet.
Why are you talking to him as he has not even brushed?
Go and get the eggs given by your hen.
Okay I will get them.
Hey brother, seeing a girl you got excited.
Hey, don't talk much. She is as old as my daughter.
So get her married to your son and keep eating eggs in dowry.
You go and eat omelets of your eggs.
Give all the eggs to me, madam. Give.
Sunday or Monday, keep eating madam's eggs.
Whether it is Diwali or Eid..
Let me complete the line.
Everything is over before it even started.
What is this Jaggu? You get upset for petty matters.
I am sorry for what I said.
The eggs of madam are weak but yours are strong.
You broke my eggs and I will not spare you.
Today I have come to know that why women have no brains.
Stop, you deaf fellow.
I have taken the receipt from him.
Stop, stop..
There is no entry that side.
Hey, there is no entry this way. Where are you going?
Sir, that boy also went from here. You did not stop him..
- ..then why are you stopping me. - If he has fooled me..
..then will you fool me as well?
You let him go but I will not spare him.
How dare you..
Don't act as if someone has thrown cow dung. It is just an egg.
Wash your face and leave.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Mother, I am dead.
- Where do you want to go? - I want to meet the principal.
Go and tell him that egg seller has come.
From today I will supply eggs to the canteen.
From today you will eat eggs supplied by me.
- Copy this. - Let me teach you the story of an egg.
This is not a low job.
Excuse me sir.
Tell me who is this?
Hey, you are the one who threw the egg on me.
Sorry sir..your face looks like..
- Like a monkey. - No, no..
- Then does it look a donkey? - No..
You.. hey you listen.
By throwing egg on my face you are thinking..
..that I shall give you order for eggs.
- So is there anyone else also sir? - He is sitting in the next building.
Okay, he is sitting there.
Do you think some sort of game is going on? There is no one there.
Your order is cancelled.
By eating rotten eggs supplied by me a person starts looking young.
- Really? Will I look as old as 25 - Yes.
By throwing egg on your face you are glowing.
Get out you stupid..
- Just one egg.. - Get out.
Hey, you stupid..
Which class do you study in, child?
Whom did you call child?
Give me my 4,500/-
Hey I have asked money that you owe me and not have asked for your property.
Look, you are hale and hearty..
..so it is better if you work rather than begging.
Because of you I suffered a loss and on top of that you are fooling me.
My phone.
Here, take my address.
Give me money and take away your phone.
A girl slapped you. You try to show off as a brave man in the house.
And you behaved like a coward in front of a girl.
Have I brought you up to be beaten by girls?
She was tensed. Because of me she suffered a loss.
That is why she slapped me and now even you are scolding me.
Maybe she has some misunderstanding..
- Is he the one? - Yes.
He must have done this act and you were slapped.
Go to the house of that girl and tell her..
..that not you but your brother has done this.
And then slap that girl twice and then comeback.
- Otherwise I will not give you food at night. - Okay.
- Listen, why are you going inside? - To keep vegetables..
Come here. Come here..
- Mother, that.. - I said come here.
Come here. Go now.
You got slapped by a girl.
Put eggs in tea leaves water. Remove them after dipping.
And a desi egg is ready from the factory.
Someone should learn from you how to fool people, child.
Dip it, wash it and it is done.
A normal egg has become a special egg.
Oh God. You are making an English egg a desi one and selling it.
Hey, when did you enter my factory?
When you were making your eggs drink tea?
How dare you cheat the public?
Yes, so what will you do?
Will you tell everyone? Go and tell.
But before that give me 4,500/- and run away from here.
I have not come here to give money.
I have come to take my away my phone and slap you.
If you have courage then dare to slap Malti.
Hit me, hit me..
What happened? Touch and show me, you coward.
You called me coward.
Yes I said. Do you want to hear something else?
You broke all my eggs and because of you I threw..
..egg on that principal of college and lost work.
You will have to repay this.
If you do not give my money then I will curse you in..
..such a way that even censor will not be able to hear.
So now you are scared. Quietly, give me 4,500/-
Take your phone and get lost.
Come to my house tomorrow morning and take your money.
Are you Rajnikant's son-in-law that I might know your address?
Come on tell me the address.
I will come tomorrow.
Did you slap her?
Yes, I slapped her tight.
- Did you hit her tight? - Yes a tight one.
Did you really hit him?
Shall I give you in writing now, mother?
What is this? Are you lying to your mother?
Mother, mother..how can I slap a girl?
It's not right.
I have given her my residence address..
..and she is going to come here tomorrow.
What is this?
I had asked you to go and slap her but not to give her the address.
Mother, just wait and watch as to what happens.
- Mother, mother wait. - What are you doing?
Someone is ringing the bell.
She must be the same girl. Is Kodi at home?
Yes, he has just come.
The timing is absolutely right.
You wait here and see this.
Don't worry. I will talk to the collector and set everything.
Who is ringing the bell so much?
What do you eat? In just one night your beard has grown so much.
Have you stuck the hair of your neighbor with gum on your face?
Do whatever you want to but you cannot confuse me.
I will not spare even my father for money.
Who are you?
Who are you?
You had called me so now give me money.
Money for what?
I think you are still drunk that is why you have forgotten everything.
Do you remember my slap well?
- Slap? - Yes.
Why did you slap me?
You broke my eggs then you think I shall offer prayers to you.
I had to slap you.
You had said yesterday to come to your house and take the money.
That is why I have come. I have even brought your phone.
The one whom you are finding is inside.
Did you get a tight slap?
Child, you must have seen movie Judwaa.
You need not explain anything. I have understood everything.
You have given birth to twins.
Mother, she is calling you an egg.
I am sorry, I misunderstood you.
- Unnecessarily I slapped you. - No problem.
Brother slapped you so now everything is clear.
He cannot do anything. He gets everything done from his brother.
What are you talking mother?
Why should you suffer loss because of my son's fault?
Come tomorrow and take your money.
Okay aunty.
I..my phone.
Yes. It was ringing a lot at night.
In the morning when I saw it was some Verma.
He is principal of the college. I hope you did not say anything to him.
I did not say much to him.
I just said that are you mad that you are calling so any times.
Take it. I never keep someone else's things with me.
This is your sim card. Buy a new phone and put it in that.
Now we know each other so we will keep meeting.
You are very clever.
Now I will put my sim card in your phone.
Keep recharging it.
Bye aunty. I will leave now.
- Bye. - Bye.
The hen does not know what will happen of the egg.
This girl is so clever.
She is very nice however she is.
Not only with her capability but also with her hard work she..
..has become the leader of the women's wing of the democratic party.
So welcome Rudra.
Firstly I salute this pious earth.
I am thankful to district secretary Mr. Ranga who..
..is powerful like Bheem and intelligent like Arjun.
He is really praiseworthy.
He has respect for sisters and mothers, love for children..
..and kindness for poor suffering people.
As far as I am concerned I am Rudra the form of Durga.
Your Rudra.
No one will be able to stand in front of Rudra.
That is fine but how will we be benefitted from that.
What benefit? I have made this Rudra.
After wining she will do as I ask her to do.
Yesterday from this stage opposition's district youth secretary..
..Kodi forgot his limits and cursed our government.
He raised a finger against me.
He raised a finger against the CM
Who is he?
He is just a party worker.
Be careful Kodi. First understand politics.
Then come on the mike and speak.
If you falsely criticize our party then we will not let your party rule.
What is this?
On the stage you said that I am stupid and manner less.
You also called me just a party worker.
I have to work hard to make my position in the party.
I have to make so many people quiet.
Why do you want to do all this?
Marry me. Cook delicious food for me.
Wash my clothes, clean utensils.
Give birth to children and have fun bringing them up.
And massage the legs of your mother-in-law at night.
I cannot do all this.
I have bigger dreams.
And I will reach the goal that I have chosen for myself.
Is that so? Am I there in your dreams?
Yes, in one corner.
Justin the corner.
You are the only one in my dreams.
Do you know what were we both doing in my dream yesterday night?
What were we doing?
Why to tell you? I will do and show it to you.
Throw it away otherwise it will bite you.
- Will it bite? - Yes.
- Come on bite. - Throw it away.
I had told you that the snake will bite you.
- So it bit you. - Nothing has happened.
Do you know 70% of Indian snakes are not poisonous?
We are unnecessarily scared.
Hey, hey Rudra..
What happened? Open your eyes.
"Why would anyone love someone?"
"And bring her in his life."
"He loves her."
"And be faithful to her."
"This heart, oh, this heart.."
"This heart.."
"This heart, oh, this heart.."
"This heart.."
Tell me.
Sir I agree that by mistake she threw egg on your face..
..but she is ashamed of that.
Please give the contract to her.
What happened? Did all the hens run away with some cocks?
Or have gone out. Take this.
The advance for the canteen contract.
My granddaughter had taken a loan of 1lakh from a goon.
We have given so much interest..
..that the amount has surpassed the principal amount.
But still he is asking one lakh from us.
That is why he took away the paraphernalia of poultry from here.
And insulted Malti as well.
I will set everything right, Malti. Don't worry.
If I will shave off the beard my party will throw me out.
Are my problems less that you are involving me in your problem s as well?
Go away.
Please brother. a goon is troubling that poor girl.
Do this much for me.
You are still not satisfied after being slapped.
Are you in love with her? So you are smiling.
Your setting will be done but I will end up in break up.
The one whom I love loves my beard more than me.
Go and teach in the college.
He is asking me to shave it off.
What is this? You kept the bottle here but have not called for ice.
We will have to drink neat.
Come Rudra, come. They are important people of our party.
I have seen her many times in party meetings.
There was something special in this girl right from childhood.
- She is very beautiful. - Keep quiet.
Rudra wants to become secretary of the union.
All ministers are present here so I called Rudra here to meet everyone.
Rudra, go and get ice for us.
You will not have to go far for this. Go in..
..climb the steps and you will see the fridge right there.
From there go straight into the bedroom.
Hey, what nonsense are you talking? You go, Rudra.
What nonsense are you talking? She is not a whore.
Seeing her even you get excited. Give her money and have fun.
Straight to your bed from party office.
She is in politics. Nothing is going to happen with money.
Her mother used to do anything for money.
How do you know all this?
I have never heard before.
You do not know anything, 10th fail.
I am not fail but have done MA.
What MA? I know you have got fake certificate made by giving bribe.
Speak slowly.
If anyone comes to know then a case will be filed.
The moment you start drinking you just say anything.
All papers are ready, madam. We will file a case tomorrow in the court.
A case has been filed in court against..
- ..Mr. Ranga for fake certificate. - Mother.
I have to reach college at 9. Why don't you iron my shirt and keep?
You only iron for Kodi. I earn money and he spends.
And if I ask for help he shows attitude.
My friend is in trouble. I asked for help and he refused.
The whole day he is roaming like a brave man..
- What? - Nothing, brother.
- Go. - Okay.
The amount is full. Take your things and leave from here.
Sir, we have given your money.
So the way you picked up the things please drop it back.
Go and drop the things.
Noodle bun, one minute.
You broke few things in her house so if you could pay money for that then..
Give 5000/-to girl.
Sir, you insulted the girl in front of everyone..
..so it would be nice if you apologize in front of everyone.
Brother, he..
Hey, do you think you are a hero.
What all are you speaking?
Do you wish to get thrashed?
Let's go from here. Come on.
Did you hear what the girl said?
Get out from here.
But the matter will be settled only then.
Go and settle his matter.
Hey, I have shaved my beard but I am feeling scared to look into the mirror.
You are looking handsome, brother.
Just maintain my dignity and nothing else.
Sit comfortably in the auto and watch the show.
First day, live show, front seat.
Where is your goggle?
Goggle? We will search it on google.
Okay, so you are fooling us.
- Brother, brother.. - What is it?
Give me, give me..
Take these goggles.
Thank you, thank you brother.
Where are you running? You..
You are trying to fool me. Do you think I am a fool?
Three, four, five..
Oh no!
- Okay. - Absolutely superb.
You go home. I will finish and come.
No problem. You take your time.
I think the secret will be revealed.
Save me..
So you have come again?
Are you the one who beats or gets the thrashing?
What do you think?
You are the one who gets thrashed.
Oh God, he is the one who beats.
Keep everything as it was.
The hearing of the case filed against Mr. Ranga..
..for fake certificate is today in the court.
For that he has to be present in the court.
Greetings, judge sir.
Do you want to say anything about this case?
Yes, I have had a bath. Am I stinking?
I am asking you if you want to explain anything to the court.
Wound? I got wounded yesterday. Now I am absolutely fine.
I am an MLA so travel in first class.
I am talking about your case.
Form? I have not changed my form.
There is an allegation on you that your certificate of MA is false.
What do you have to say about this?
Sir, that time I was a child but now I have understood so forgive me.
Are you a senior citizen who has opened a fake account?
For this I announce a three year imprisonment for you.
And you have lost your position as MLA.
What? I have lost my position as well.
- Yes. - Hail to Goddess.
Hey, till evening my bail should be done.
Sir, do you want to say anything from your side?
Sir what do you want to say?
Answer us, sir.
We have heard that you have lost your position. How are you feeling?
Hey, what did you say? What did you say, you fool?
After the indecent behavior of lifting his dress by the education minister..
..we have received information from secret sources..
..That his party membership has been cancelled.
This means soon there will be by elections in Bolaji district.
Hail to leader.
Hail to leader.
Hail to leader.
Hail to leader.
Hail to leader.
The leader has come so go and adorn him with garland.
- Hail to leader. - Hey.
Hey, don't you know that there can be banging in crowd.
Hey, don't mess up here. He is our man. Leave him.
The leader has come, so start doing your job.
- Give it to me. - Hail to leader.
Is he a policeman or watchman?
Come on, take the car ahead. Come on.
- Kodi. - Yes sir.
Come here.
Listen, CM sir is about to reach in some time.
Clear the roads quickly.
Is there any problem?
Nothing CM sir.
A girl from our party has climbed the cell phone tower to show her anger.
We will go from some other route.
What are you saying?
A girl from our party has climbed a cell phone tower to show her anger.
And you are saying that we should leave her and go from some other route.
Muttu, keep moving on this route.
Who is this girl?
Bring the mike here.
- What is the name of the girl? - Rudra.
Rudra, come down. We will look into your demands.
I am party leader and I promise you that justice will be done with you.
Come down immediately.
- Greetings CM sir. - What is this Rudra?
You are our party worker.
Then why are you behaving like a child.
Our minister Ranga Rao has been removed from post.
Actually this is a conspiracy of the opposition.
We will have to solve this case.
And we will have to prove that our minister has been trapped in this case.
Child, that uneducated fellow is not worth becoming a minister.
He has failed 10 times in 10th std.
CM sir I know that Ranga Rao is uneducated.
Till elections media will telecast this news as headlines.
I just want to reverse the case..
..and win a seat in the forthcoming elections.
- Rudra's demand is very legitimate. - Please tell us about it.
The party will fight Ranga Rao's case and will prove that he is innocent.
And then everyone will believe us.
- Sir, one more question. - Sir, please..tell us..
- Thank you sir. - One more question sir?
Can the party think of giving a capable worker..
..like Rudra a ticket in elections?
This will be decided in the party meeting.
And whenever it happens you will be informed.
In last 25 years our party has not won in by elections.
But this year because of ruling party we have got an opportunity.
This time we can win.
By spreading the news of Ranga's false mark sheet..
..media will help us to win and our half work will be done.
We just have to choose a candidate that can help us to win surely.
Who will be that candidate?
Sir, the candidate should be an experienced person.
Like our Veera Reddy.
His character is very clean and he has won the elections twice.
He has a good hold on politics.
And we can benefit from that.
I am sorry sir but I do not think he is the right candidate.
What do you think Kodi you will say anything and we will keep listening?
Kodi, you are very young so don't try to be smart.
You have started talking too much.
Yesterday I had taken 100rounds in Mahakal temple and had prayed for you.
Take the offering, sir.
The leader is sitting inside, Rudra.
But for me you are the leader.
Sometimes you climb the tower and sometimes you go in temple.
And call me the leader.
Brother, Prakash is speaking ill of you on the mike.
Tell him that I will chop him into pieces.
- Yes brother. - Did you see?
If you do not have a post in the party then your life is like hell.
You are right but even I have told the leader..
..that I will choose the candidate.
Will CM sir listen to you?
Of course. He will have to agree.
My father is the owner of all his illegitimate property.
So you choose the candidate you want.
I have already chosen.
Harshad Rane is appropriate candidate.
He will do as I ask him to do.
Harshad Rane is saying on mike that you are a rascal.
Did you see? I pampered him and now he is insulting me.
Hey, is Vikram Shinde still inside?
Yes, he is still inside and is speaking ill of you.
They both were my men and now I think they have gone against me.
You need not take so much tension.
Just close your eyes and Goddess Durga will show you the right path.
What will I do after closing my eyes?
Goddess Durga is standing in front of me.
I will not spare Harsha and Vikram.
Hold them, I am coming.
Sir, it is not a crime to be an education minister after being failed.
But the crime is that Ranga Rao has given bribe to get degree of MA.
The law does not stop any uneducated person to contest an election.
It is not a software company that everyone's degree should be checked.
Kodi is in meeting
- I will ask him to talk to you later. - We had many leaders who were..
..uneducatedbut have served people a lot and have done great works, sir.
Even I am not highly educated.
But still people voted for you, sir.
Some days ago there was an accident that took place at MG road..
..but brother Dhanraaj did not wait for ambulance to come.
He out injured people in his truck and took them to hospital.
He is uneducated but do not hesitate to help people.
I think he should get the ticket.
Hey, stand up.
Greetings, sir.
There are hundreds of people in the party..
..but the dignity of party is because of such people, sir.
If you do not believe me then ask brother Veera.
So brother Veera, isn't it right?
You are right.
- Alright sir, let Dhanraaj stand. - Yes.
Am I right? Isn't it?
Greetings, sister-in-law.
Bhagat had said that I am in meeting..
..then why were you calling again and again.
You should understand that I must be having some important work.
I called you up 13 times.
Even you should understand that I must be having some important work.
My dear, why are you getting angry?
The selection for MLA candidate was going on.
The candidate of my choice has been selected.
When I started speaking then sir also supported me.
Tell me, why did you call me here?
Tell me.
The matter is not as important as yours..
..but in coming elections the party is giving me a ticket.
What are you saying? Really.
Not only this but till the elections are over I will remain on my post.
Is this true?
Was that person blind who gave you the post?
What did you say? You mean to say that I am not capable of it.
Do your party men give ticket to anyone?
This must be happening in your party but in my party talent is appreciated.
How many times have I told you to join my party?
But you are not ready to listen to me.
Look Rudra, my leader knows what should be given to whom and when.
And CM must be annoyed from Ranga's deed..
..that is why MLA's ticket has been given to you.
But this has happened. Aren't you happy for me?
Hey Rudra, I am very happy my dear.
Come, lie down. Come..
You are MLA candidate as well district secretary.
You have got a higher post than me.
Now worry about me as well.
- I worry a lot about you. - Okay.
After elections marry me and then you will have lots of fun.
Don't talk boring things. All that will keep happening.
Let's have fun now.
Hey, look what has come on what's app?
Even I believe that students to take interest in politics.
But not during the lecture.
Sorry, sir.
Show some interest here as well.
I need money now.
Shall I send you the address and will you get money there?
I have asked for money for this child.
Her name is Revathi. She draws very well.
She is a very talented girl..
..but when till when, will she live no one knows.
That day you had asked me as to why I save money.
To help people of my village.
- Malti.. - Yes, sister.
I have made arrangements for money, sister.
Now Revathi will be cured.
She is my sister and he is her father-in-law.
Why is everyone's condition bad in the village?
This is not destined by God.
Mercury's factor in Annamalai is the reason.
But factory was shut down.
What will happen by shutting down the factory?
The poisonous remains of mercury is buried in that land.
Son, the report of WHO clearly says..
..that mercury is the most poisonous element of the world.
After being buried in ground for some years mercury..
..becomes Methyl mercury which is many times more poisonous than mercury.
That is why the plants, fruits and vegetables..
..that grow from that land, water, and fishes present in water..
..and the people who eat that are dying slowly.
The poison of mercury has spread 25kms around the factory.
There are so many problems here then why don't you..
..tell these problems to the government.
So many times have I told them?
Republic party solves only those matters by which rich are affected.
Or their vote bank is affected.
So they solve only those matters by which they are benefitted.
We are 100-200 Adivasis who stay on hills. Who will listen to us?
Who has got so much time, son?
So you can tell this matter to the opposition.
The problem is that no one listens to us.
Minister Veera Reddy took bribe of 20 crores..
..and wrote this lie in the report that the debris of mercury..
..has been completely removed from the area around the factory.
And the file of that case has been closed.
We told about this to so many people and departments.
We got soil testing, water testing done.
We were cursed and humiliated..
..but in spite of that deposited many documents related to this case.
I have proofs of many NGO's.
But to whom should I take.
Years ago a man had burnt himself to get the factory shut.
Even if we all burn ourselves..
..then we are not going to get justice in this birth.
I know the factory has been shut but its debris has not been cleaned.
But ex minister Veera Reddy signed the file..
..and said that the entire area around the factory has been cleaned.
The papers I got after filing RTI I came to know..
..that cleaning of the factory has not yet started.
Look at this.
Kodi, your anger is valid.
But you have to do compromise in politics.
And fund is also required for the party.
He did not take bribe of 20crores just for himself.
This is wrong, sir.
Look, according to the media report we are winning the election.
After winning we will clean the debris.
We will do away with all the problems of the people.
By digging the land we will get the mercury cleaned.
All this work will be done from party fund.
That is why this matter should be suppressed.
Ask him to leave the file here.
Kodi, keep the file here.
Don't you have faith on me?
Sir, don't you have faith on me?
Let me keep this file.
It will be safe.
Brother-in-law, did you see how that boy was talking to you?
What if he leaks the matter?
I have named him and he will bring disgrace to my name.
So many children are in danger.
What is the fault of those innocent people in this?
Those children are being made the target..
..so that we can earn money on their dead bodies.
I talked to leader in loud voice as well.
It would have been better if you would have given me all the proofs.
I would have asked my party to raise this issue..
..and it would have spread like fire.
Why? So that you win in elections.
There is no need. I will handle it.
Keep dreaming.
By misusing his position ex minister Veera Reddy..
..took bribe of 20crores signed the papers of Annamalai mercury factory.
It was written that the area has been cleaned.
But in fact of nothing of this kind happened.
Rascals who play with emotions of people should be ashamed.
Very soon I will get all the proofs in front of media.
I will fight till the innocent people do not get justice.
You had said that the matter will not be revealed.
Not only did he disgraced you but also that of party.
He has shook hands with Rudra.
Oh no, party's car.
Tell me why did you call me here?
Look, our love is our personal matter.
Even you disgrace my party so what if I did it this time.
This entire matter was between sir and me.
I had faith on you that is why I told you all this.
Don't take this matter to heart. Whatever happened was for good.
Because of this your minister will not do any work.
We both think for the benefit of public.
You have not done this for the benefit of people..
..but for your personal benefit.
Yes, so what is wrong in this.
This is politics.
If I will not think about myself then I will not be able to do anything.
I want to go from Vidhansabha to parliament.
Even if you were an MLA I would have fought against you.
- Tell me brother Hari. - Where are you Kodi?
Come quickly to the party office.
Okay, I will come.
What has happened, Kodi? Has there been some problem?
I believed you and shattered my faith.
Sir, I have not done all this.
No one knew about this then how this matter leaked.
Either you work for opposition or you have got money for that.
This is not just a party but was my father's house.
And now it is my house.
Because of this I have not talked with my mother for last 10 years.
She does not even ask me for food.
And for last 10 years I have not called him mother.
I am here just for my party and sir.
- That is why think before you talk. - Stop this drama of yours.
You can fool sir but not us.
Sir will take whatever decision he wants to take.
If you want to listen from me..
..then don't come here from tomorrow.
Sir, you..
And till I don't ask you to come don't come to party office.
I had thought a lot about you..
..but you disappointed me.
Brother, Kodi is not like this.
Don't argue. Get out.
The message has still not spread so much.
We can say to the media that this is conspiracy of ruling party.
But if he takes the proof to the court..
..then we will not only lose the by elections..
..but will also lose assembly elections.
Sorry brother, I unnecessarily trapped you in this matter.
The matter is not useless.
Because of this our father burnt himself.
Now suggest that how to get rid of this problem.
If that boy is killed then the problem is also over.
Yes sir, we have already done this before.
We very well know how to remove the problem from our way.
What do you mean? Will you kill someone?
Of course. If we will not kill him then we all will be in trouble.
Am I right, sir?
No one else knows that Kodi has the proofs and papers of that factory.
We will have to do as Veera is saying.
This politics is like a trap, brother.
Cheating, insulting, killing..all these are normal things, brother.
If you want to stick to it then..
..you will have to become part of this dirty politics.
You will not be able to do this, brother.
Nor you will be able to do all this.
Hey, will you teach me politics?
Go and make notes for your lecture. Go.
I have a correct man for this.
He will do the work and quietly surrender.
Looking at him it seems he is not bothered.
You keep sitting like this. I will have to do something.
But listen to me.
Tell me, mother.
Son Ambo, I have crossed the railway crossing of the city.
Come quickly to pick me up.
Okay, I will come. I am going to pick up mother.
Hey, you wait. I will go and get her.
Just because mother does not talk to me.
No problem, I will talk to her.
Just wait and watch.
Once she is back she will talk to me and eat food with me.
You don't take tension.
Go. Will you give me lecture if you are a professor?
Kodi, leader is calling you immediately.
He is calling me now? What is the matter?
What work he has with in the middle of the night?
Okay, where is he now?
How will I know? He said he will call and tell you.
- You go and get mother. - Okay fine.
He is coming. You all just be ready.
Sir has said specially that no one should know where you are going.
- Yes tell me. - Kodi, where are you?
I am out. Why, what happened?
- Where out? - Tell me why did you call me?
Is there someone with you?
Yes, tell me.
Everyone in the party is angry with you.
Just be a little cautious. And yes, do not go alone anywhere.
Look, someone is trying to call me. I will call you back.
- Where are you? - I am coming, mother.
- Come quickly. - Coming, mother.
Mother keeps calling me unnecessarily.
I think there must be an animal in the hedges.
Okay, brother.
Hey, drop Kodi here and brother has called us immediately.
Okay, brother.
Hey, where are you running?
Hey, stop. where are you running?
Hey, let's go.
Hey, stop.
Hit him.
Forgive me, sir. I never thought of hurting you.
The matter should not have leaked.
I gave you the file because I believed you.
Now see such a big problem has arisen.
Sir, I did not leak the matter.
Greetings, in the by election the candidate of our party is..
Come here.
He is son of a faithful party worker who sacrificed his life for party.
Very good. Greet everyone.
Meet everyone.
Opposition may select anyone in this election I will surely defeat him.
And if this does not happen then I will leave politics.
Now what will you do?
Will you help the party to win..
..or present the proofs in front of everyone?
Or will disgrace the party?
Congratulations Kodi, now you are the candidate.
Hail to Rudra Devi..
Hail to Rudra Devi..
Hail to Rudra Devi..
Hail to Rudra Devi..
Brother, is district secretary such a big post?
Stupid, think intelligently.
There will be 6 MLA's and 1 MP under her.
She will take care of the politics of the district.
She played magic on Ranga that he made her a queen.
Look at me. After 40 years of being a servant..
..I have been able to become just an MLA.
Years ago in a party function I had take Rudra to the stage.
She respects me a lot and..
..will fall at my feet the moment she sees me.
- Madam, bless me madam. - Please get up.
You are an incarnation of Goddess. Pride of women.
Rudra madam has brought in new morning.
- Hail to her, hail to her. - Hail to her
Cutting me off he is trying to make his position.
This duffer is cheating me for his selfish motives.
District secretary listens to me.
Your work will be done.
She will do as I say.
Come on keep the phone.
Come Rudra, come.
Please get up, sir.
There is no need to touch my feet now.
I had told you that Rudra will fall at my feet the moment she comes.
Where has she gone?
Absolutely right. It is the chair of district secretary.
You are looking great sitting on this.
This is Jai Laxmi, my assistant.
I have made he in charge of ward number 17.
Now to start just with, sign this file quietly.
You please leave as we need to talk.
She wants to talk something important so I will talk to you later.
If from today you come to my office then I will behave worst.
You should not be seen in party rally, office and district.
You are a fraud, cheater, characterless.
If people see your inauspicious face then you will become rapist as well.
Till elections do not get over just hide somewhere.
As a district secretary it is my order.
Hey, you have got this post because of me.
And now you are putting allegations on me.
- I am very well aware of this game. - You cannot do anything.
If you do anything wrong then I will shout rape, rape..
You are already a cheater so will become a rapist as well.
Get lost.
- I will.. - Get lost.
Now are you satisfied?
He had to suffer as a result of your hooliganism and politics.
What would happen of me if something had happened to him?
- Hello.. - Kodi, I have come to know about him..
..who planned an attack on Ambu.
Where is he?
Enough..poor fellow made a mistake.
And since yesterday you are there in each news bulletin.
He has come here to apologize to you.
Your brother is not very innocent.
He had beaten him and his men.
I had thrashed him for teasing and cursing a girl.
If I was wrong then he would have filed a complaint against me till now.
Okay fine.
He has come here to solve the matter.
What is your problem? Come on shake hands and finish the matter.
First tell me, how much bribe he has given you.
You are a policeman. File an FIR and put him behind bars.
Don't support him.
I will file an FIR against you to thrash him.
Kodi, you are forgetting that you are an MLA candidate.
So what do you say? Shall I file a FIR against you?
Come on write FIR. Not for thrashing him but you.
I will thrash you in your police station in front of your people.
Come on arrest me.
If something would have happened to Ambu..
..then I would have killed you.
Sorry aunty. Forgive me. This is my mistake.
The problem started when I took money..
..as loan from him for the treatment of my niece.
And unnecessarily he got trapped in this matter.
To pay the money he sold your ornaments and also thrashed the goons.
Mother, do not pay attention to her. She just says anything.
That means not your brother but you took the ornaments.
Will you take these fruits home?
This does not contain fruits but eggs of desi chicks.
Hey, they are not as you are thinking.
They are really eggs of a desi chick.
I just bought them.
I felt bad because sir was angry.
You should not have done this. No problem.
I had not thought that we would be..
..standing against each other so soon in life.
Really, these situations are more complicated than they seem to.
You were given the ticket..
..so that you do not present the proof in front of everyone.
As it is your party will not be able to do much in this election.
Why are you joking, Rudra?
Media reports say that you are not going to win this time.
As it is results of elections depend on public.
There is nothing in our hands.
Who said so? We both have 50:50 chances to win.
Understood and don't forget that we are the ruling party and have money.
Look, I don't want you to lose because of me.
Sir has given the responsibility to me..
..so I will have to win at least for him.
I will leave no stone unturned in fighting against you.
Fight. Who has stopped you?
You fight for your victory and I will fight for mine.
Look, politics and life are two different things.
Don't mix both. Okay.
As it is what do you have that you will against me?
I have truthfulness.
Now who is joking? Politics and truthfulness?
Politics can be truthful also.
Thank you for coming.
Ruling party has put great allegations of cheating on our senior party..
..and ex-minister Veera Reddy for that mercury factory case.
That means you want to say that all this is lies.
I am saying that this is absolutely true.
Sir, you are the first politician..
..who is revealing the wrong doings of your partymember.
I am just not saying.
He had proved that the debris has been cleared.
This is the certificate that he had signed.
This is the copy of FIR that I filed against him..
..so that police can start doing investigation as soon as possible.
No one is honest here.
But will come to know whether we are honest..
..or not from the way we handle this matter.
When I said that I would reveal the proofs..
..then my party made me the MLA candidate.
But it is important for you to know..
..that what the intentions of my party are.
If I become the MLA then I will the area round the factory..
..and people living there will get a new life.
This is my promise. Bye. Jai Hind.
Sir one question please.
After Odaychi candidate Kodi filed an FIR against his party member..
..and ex-minister Veera Reddy the police arrested him.
- You know well what you have to do. - Yes.
- Okay I will go. - Okay, brother.
I want those papers that he had kept in front of the media.
In lieu of that you will get whatever you want.
What do you want blacky?
Should I get the papers for you?
I will give my life but will never cheat Kodi. Understood.
I spit on people like you.
You, orphan.
You do not have the status to drink with me.
I am not an orphan. Kodi is everything to me.
If Kodi comes to know that you have thrashed me..
..then you will not be spared.
Don't be scared. I will not tell him.
He wants to win. He wants to win and become an MLA
Understood. No one can defeat Kodi.
You have been released on bail so don't act wrong.
The problem will arise when he wins the election.
But what if he does not win.
The thing is that if the ruling party loses in by election..
..then people will make fun of us in the entire state.
The high command will insult us.
First you stop spitting.
If I knew..
- ..I would sit here with an umbrella. - Keep quiet.
Some serious matter is being discussed here and you are joking.
Tell me how we will win.
If you want votes from people then give them money.
Our party candidate is weak that is why it is difficult to win elections.
Who are you to call me weak?
Listen, madam is on diet so that is why she looks weak.
- One minute sir. - But..
I exposed the opposition with mercury factory.
And because of me our campaign became strong.
Where did it get strong?
You had said that you will present the proof.
Kodi did this. By sending his party worker to jail he became a hero.
Or you made him a hero.
What do you want to say?
Look madam you both are having an affair.
Hey, if anyone says a word against madam..
..then I will not spare him.
Do you have any proof..
- ..or you are just talking nonsense? - Make him sit.
If anyone says a word against madam..
- ..then I will not spare that person. - Make him sit.
- I will not spare anyone. - Don't be a follower of madam.
- He is just talking unnecessarily. - Leave me.
Madam does not say anything then it means you will go out of control.
Don't talk nonsense here.
- Make him sit. - Is this a joke?
Keep quiet.
Sit down.
Listen, gather proof of madam and Kodi's affair..
..and get its poster printed.
Shall I get it printed behind the poster that it is from MLA Ravi Nayar.
Yes and then I will throw you out from work.
Now don't think too much and start working.
The poster of Kodi and me that have been put up in the city..
..is a conspiracy against me.
'I don't know him and have never met him.'
'I am sure by using photoshop someone has put my photo with him.'
What is this? Why is this girl speaking like this?
You had said that she is going to marry Kodi.
This is politics, mother. Leave it and give me rice.
'But I will not accept defeat.'
Now it is getting to even meet you.
On TV you made me a total stranger.
Thought it is a lie but I got shattered when I heard this.
If I have been hurt then even you must be hurt.
I felt hurt but not more than the deed you have done.
I did not understand.
Don't act smart in front of me.
You had said that our relationship will not come in the way of politics.
But to get some votes you put up posters in the entire city.
I have not done anything.
I very well know what you have done and what you have not done.
Just to win you stooped so low.
You brought our relationship in front of everyone.
Hey, do not speak anything without thinking.
That photo was clicked two years ago in Kerala. Do you remember?
Now someone got the photo and put the poster on wall then I am not at fault.
To become MLA you sent your own man to the jail.
Then for your love you will..
I am not that cheap that for winning I would use you.
In last so many years you did not know me.
Have you gone mad?
To make her win we are working so hard..
..and the queen has just arrived to the office.
This clearly shows with who you were.
Right, we love each other.
What problem do you have with this?
- I cannot understand this. - You cannot understand?
When two lovers will stand against each other in election..
..then for whom will public vote.
If someone sees you with him then everyone will call you MRS. MLA.
After losing the elections the ruling party will be disgraced.
Look brother; do not mix personal and political life.
There must be so many lovers..
..which are there in ruling as well as in opposition party.
Everyone has their own thinking.
What is the fault of madam in this?
Look he is trying to keep away madam.
The idea is not bad.
At least we will not be disgraced because of defeat.
But this is wrong.
Why are you disconnecting Kodi's phone again and again?
Pick it up. What is the problem?
He must be yearning to know what is going on here.
Go and give all the details of the party.
Because of some posters you all have got scared.
Don't think that we have got scared.
You will have to decide between your lover or party.
Otherwise resign from the party and leave.
Go now.
Rudra, you very well know..
..how important it is for us to win the forthcoming elections.
Do you want to lose this election because of this love?
I will surely win sir.
If this continues then how will you win?
Reports are against you.
It does not matter what you have already done..
..but it matters what path you choose ahead.
Your entire future depends on this.
I give you two days time..
..and make an environment for victory in the elctions.
Otherwise I will have to change the candidate.
What are you doing mother? Hurry up as I am feeling hungry.
Don't worry about Kodi. He will come.
- Hello. - Since long I am calling you.
Why aren't you picking up the phone?
I want to talk something important with you.
Hurry up and meet me.
I am in great trouble, Kodi.
You first meet me. Come on.
Listen mother.
You think politics killed father.
But he sacrificed his life so that I can become a leader.
Nothing is more important to me than you.
But please let me do this for father.
After elections Rudra and I are deciding to get married.
If once you will talk to her then..
Hey, you said something which made me angry.
Come closer.
..I have talked to mother..
..and told her that we are getting married after the elections.
Everything will be fine.
Nothing will happen.
You will win and I will lose.
My party people have come to know that I met you today.
I do not know how.
You are playing a very nice game Kodi.
What are you saying?
Don't you have faith on me?
Do you know what happened in party office today?
What all I had to hear?
They said that I am a disgrace to the party and should resign.
I do not know from childhood till today I worked hard for the party.
I just forgot my pain, sufferings and just thought about the party.
But when everything was fine I became like a moving dead body.
Why are you saying like this?
I have not done anything.
Brother, there is a boy with her.
Kill both of them.
She cheated me.
- Don't spare them. - Okay brother.
You cannot escape now.
You go from here. Leave and I will handle them.
Run.. let's go from here.
let's save our life.
I could not find any other way to defeat you.
I had no intention to kill you.
I was just praying that one of those men kills you..
..and I win the elections.
But to fulfill my dreams I had to do this.
My ambition has become very strong.
I do not know whether I will remain happy without you or not.
But I cannot live without party, post and power.
You die. You are not needed.
If you die then I will become the leader.
Your death is my victory.
Rudra will reach to the top of politics.
Kodi, my child.
Yesterday after so many years you talked to me.
Kodi, I was scared that..
..just like your father something inauspicious might happen with you.
And that is what has taken place, my child.
What should I do now?
Why have you come here? You all have killed my Kodi.
- Go away from here. - Get a side.
You made me an orphan.
Sister-in-law, bring Kodi back.
People are in shock because of Kodi's death.
Thousands of people have got together.
Ride quickly.
Get lost.
Someone killed your brother and you are troubling us.
I am an experienced officer.
The investigation is going on so we will find.
Get lost.
Why are you staring at me?
I shall not spare you..
- If I see you gain then I will thrash you. - No sir, stop.
Don't beat him.
Take him away.
- If Kodi was alive.. - Come let's go.
..then he wouldn't dare to do this.
Let's go.
Kodi thrashed that person in police station who beat his brother.
There was an argument between Shinde and him.
The police is investigating.
To maintain dignity of the party..
..we should give the ticket to Kodi's brother Ambu.
In politics pity only makes up for wrong things.
Something might happen if you talk with Kodi's mother.
We want to give ticket to Anbu from party's side.
No child.
Already politics has killed my husband and son.
I do not want Ambu to get involved in that.
I do not want to lose him.
As a member of this family I request you to agree.
Don't we have any responsibility towards our Kodi..
..that we fulfill his dreams?
Without him his dreams and desires don't have any value.
You go away child. Go.
..I will fight.
Ambu, you do not know about the politics so keep quiet.
I know everything mother. I will fight.
No, you will not do anything of this sort.
You do not what happened with your brother and father.
Have pity on your mother and go inside.
I will fight, mother.
Son, your father and brother have died..
..and have left us alone to cry.
At least you listen to me. I don't have anyone except you.
Don't even try to think of going into politics.
I am ready.
What are you saying?
In Kolachi Vidhansabha deceased democratic party's leader..
..Kodi's brother Anbu has been declared their candidate..
..by Republican party in forthcoming elections.
Always remain happy and blessed.
Sir, it would be better if we do not contest these elections.
As it is we are not going to win these elections.
Give your precious vote to this candle.
I swear upon the milk in this can that I will vote for Ambu.
Greetings, mother.
I will leave.
Greetings brother. Where are your feet?
Don't forget to vote for me.
Brother, Kodi had made this auto stand.
So we will surely vote for Ambu.
Hey baldy, come here..
I had asked this baldy to take his name back.
As it is he is going to win.
Then what is the fun to get ourselves insulted.
Sir, total 23 independent candidates stood.
Out of those 22 have taken their name back.
- Only one person remains. - Sir..
I want to take my nomination back.
In the history of politics it is happening for the second time..
..that only one candidate has stood up and has won uncontested.
From today Anbu is Kolachi Vidhansabha's new MLA
On behalf of the party I would like to congratulate Rudra that he made us win.
What will I get for the victory that has taken place because of me?
Tell me, what do you want?
If I was one of the five MP's which the party has to select from..
..Tamil Nadu then I would take party to new heights.
If you think I am not appropriate for that then I take my words back.
Rudra, you have very well understood the complexities of politics.
And you are capable too.
Add Rudra's name to the list.
Okay sir.
We welcome and greet our new Rajya Sabha member, Rudra Thakur.
That by coming to Kolachi district she has given us a chance to meet her.
Stop the car on the side.
What happened, mother? Why did you call me here?
Nothing child.
You have become MP and Anbu has become MLA so I am feeling very scared.
Why so?
After Kodi's death Ambu's behavior has changed a lot.
Sometimes he behaves like Kodi.
That is why I went to meet a doctor.
This condition is called twin less trap.
If one of the twins die then it is possible that the second one..
..starts living like the first one.
Once a twin always a twin.
The brain does not accept that someone with..
..whom he had connection from mother's womb is no more.
That is why he behaves like that.
Some people adopt the lifestyle of his twin and behave like him.
And sometimes he wants to die like his twin.
Your son is like first case.
It is not strange that Anbu is behaving like Kodi and is adopting his habits.
It is very common in twins.
This has been seen earlier also.
Nowadays it has been written on internet, facebook and blogs.
Your son is not just Anbu now but also Kodi.
Kodi was strong and straight forward person.
Anbu is a calm natured boy but knows well how to get his work done.
Now I am not able to understand whether he is Kodi or Ambu.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Hail to MP Rudra Devi.
Welcome madam.
Why all these formalities?
You are MP and I am MLA.
I am just giving respect to your post.
Politics and life are different. Don't mix both.
Thank you.
Greetings sir. I will soon find the person who killed your brother.
He was my brother so I will find it on my own.
Sir, you are looking just like Kodi not Ambu.
I am Anbu as well as Kodi.
Greetings sir. We will together manage whatever you want.
I am official PA..
- ..and they both are personal. - Greetings sir.
So my life will go according to you all.
This is what you want. Right.
No, no sir.
You have come new into politics so that is why..
Politics is in my blood from birth.
I know politics and also that what it does to kind people.
First of all I want money from all the businessmen, contractors, exporters..
In simple language I need bribe.
Normally we give money to secretary so how can we give money to MLA.
He is not interfering in work so give him money.
Sir, this file has names and details of money.
Greetings sir.
- Tell me. - Sorry, I am late by 15 minutes.
These poor people are being delayed for last 15 years.
Those people who are sick because of mercury factory..
..will be given entire expenses from medicine to hospital by us.
But sir, money..
I have received 75lakhs as donation.
Use that money.
This entire is black money. How can we use this?
Is the currency real..
Yes the currency is real but people who have given this..
They do black marketing.
Prepare the receipt of those people in the list which you had given me.
It should reach the district collector tomorrow.
Sir, what if there is income tax problem..
This is the real thing.
They will not give money to poor and needy people..
..but if MLA asks then immediately they give money.
Let the income tax department investigate where the money has come from.
Then they will understand.
Everything is fair in politics. We should not go against him.
He is absolutely right.
Do whatever you think is right..
..otherwise the positions can change anytime.
Why are you staring at the body? Don't you have value for human body?
Sir, we have called the ambulance.
So will you remain standing like a ghost?
Come on put him in my jeep.
- Pick him up.. - Be careful..
Keep him in the ambulance.
- Bhagat, go with them. - Okay fine.
You should have done something when panther attacked the car.
Where were you at that time?
Sorry sir. We had put up cameras to keep a watch on panthers.
But drunkards steal them and sell them in the market.
That means people will keep dying and you will continue to make excuses.
No sir, we have found out 5 out of 6 cameras.
But we have not been able to find the camera installed in eucalyptus jungle.
This is true that the camera was missing.
We are also trying to find that camera.
As soon as we find it we will inform you first, sir.
Okay fine I will do the preparations.
- Was it Ambu's call? - Yes sister.
Malti, do you love Ambu?
No, no that is not the case sister.
But your eyes tell this.
The situation is such that he will not be able to understand..
..my heart's condition at this time.
He is not Anbu like he was earlier..
..but has become MLA Ambu.
I feel happy sister helping him in his work.
Be careful. There are many people behind an MLA.
It is possible that many may move ahead of you.
Madam, new MLA collected money to clean the debris..
..of the factory and became a hero.
You had said that he is not a politician..
..and will not do anything against you.
In desire of central politics do not leave your hold on district.
Remember one thing that even today you are recognized by your district.
Do something quickly otherwise you will lose control.
Greetings, sister-in-law.
Ambu, remove these goggles.
Do not do anything in mercury factory without taking my suggestion.
This was my brother's last wish so you don't want me to fulfill it.
No, but don't do it as of now.
Then tell me when.
When everyone will die and get buried in that land.
Rudra, I have met the victims.
If you would have met them then you wouldn't be talking like this.
If we raise this issue then people will forget about it.
I have talked in party to give you ministry.
You just listen to me so that we win next election.
I have not come into politics because of greed for post or ministry.
I have come here for two reasons.
First, to fulfill the work of the factory.
Secondly to kill the person who killed my brother?
No one can stop me.
Neither you nor party high command.
Find out which government departments are responsible for this.
Because if we have to raise issues in future..
..then we should have all the details.
I will be able to meet them only after that.
Sir, regarding mercury factory matter MLA wants to meet you.
My mother-in-law has died. I will not come to office for 45 days.
I have to get kidney transplant sir so cannot come for 15 days.
I have to go and do work at my maid's house, sir.
Sir, the minister has said that..
Everyone is making excuses Kodi.
We should not do anything different from party high command.
We will achieve nothing.
If we work with sister-in-law then everyone will be benefitted.
What happened, Ambu? No one came.
That is why I had said not to ignore the leaders.
Politics is not like the way you think.
Do you think just by arranging 20 chairs and a tent..
..you think public meeting is done?
This is politics.
Without post and power you are just useless.
The important thing is that without party you are just a single man.
Just a single man.
Everyone is born single, madam.
But I was born double.
I want to solve this matter lawfully.
But you want it to become public movement.
Okay, whatever you wish will happen.
Ambu, try as harder as you want to but no one is going to come.
It is an art to gather people which you do not know.
People are not gathered but they automatically gather.
Just wait and watch.
Son report of WHO clearly says..
..that mercury is the most poisonous element of the world.
After being dug for many years underground..
..mercury changes into methyl mercury.
It is more harmful than mercury.
You all have seen the diseases that can be caused by mercury.
Now just by liking, sharing, commenting won't work.
That is of no use.
You will have to work towards with it whole heartedly.
If we all come together, if we all join our hands..
..we can still make a difference.
If some of you are really worried about the society..
..then just give me a ring.
Till now you have seen exhibitions..
..and political programs on corporate grounds..
..but for the first time in history you will see the power of students.
All those students are going to do a rally..
..to clean the debris of mercury factory.
Under my leadership.
Who published my photograph on this paper?
You seem to be shocked just by seeing the paper..
Just look there madam.
Clean it, clean it..clean the debris of the mercury.
Clean it, clean it..clean the debris of the mercury.
What is this Rudra? Our party MLA is alone is becoming popular.
You are MP and district secretary as well.
You should have done this.
Give the statement in front of media..
..that our party will surely solve mercury factory case.
In the evening news our party should be talked about everywhere.
- Understood. - Understood, sir.
Clean it, clean it..clean the debris of the mercury.
Clean it, clean it..clean the debris of the mercury.
Get a side. Get a side.. Please come, madam.
A matter which began from a small area has now become a public movement.
The credit of this goes to our MP Rudra's support and guidance.
You had said that I might try harder..
..but no one will join me in this movement.
But now even you had to come on stage.
Mike, mike...
Any matter raised by students has never failed.
Similarly even this matter will be successful.
The debris of mercury will be cleaned.
And strict action will be taken against those responsible for this.
Those people who are unwell and suffering will be..
The speech was superb.
This matter is going on for last one year.
Can you tell me till when will this be solved?
- Look Ambu I.. - MP Rudra madam has promised..
..to solve this matter within a week.
But not like this. I want madam to say this.
Tell them, madam.
I am feeling happy in announcing that..
..our government will solve this matter in a week's time.
Madam, Kodi is alive.
So many times I have asked you to stop cribbing.
Remain quiet or back to your parents' house.
Veera, it is not good to be so angry.
What should I do? In a week's time he will close the case.
Then what will the party do? Tell me.
I have already told you that..
..if I go to jail this time then I will not go alone.
I shall drag you as well as leader sir.
Veera, I very well know how to make people quiet.
Just keep watching what happens next.
Did you remember something seeing this place?
Forest department had put this camera..
..to keep a watch on the movement of panther.
But someone stole it. It is good that inspector knows me..
..so he gave the camera and chip to me.
Tell me how much money do you want?
You have just come into power and showing so much attitude.
You have down to money so soon.
Tell me what you want.
We wanted to do away with Kodi.
Good that you did our work.
And now his brother has become troublesome.
That Ambu is raising the matter of mercury factory again.
Now there is a need to keep him quiet too.
Do you understand?
Respected Rudra madam has promised..
He is a great man. In my career of 40 years I have not seen a man like him.
Uncle listen..
I am seeing you here for last 40 days only.
- No sir. - And you are talking of 40 years.
- Are you trying to fool me? - On sir on the third page..
Page 3..whose photo has been published?
That is what I was telling you.
Uncle, are you seeing photo for last 3 hours.
Tell me the truth.
You just come to party office to see photographs on page 3.
- Yes sir.. - Get lost..
You support us but give vote to the opposition.
Tell me madam. Why did you call me?
I thought you would get the camera.
I am MP of the ruling party and will become minister some day.
Just think what all I can do for you.
You missed a golden opportunity.
Very few times life gives an opportunity.
Thank God that because of me you are getting a second chance.
At present you are just an inspector..
..but you can become ADSP, DSP and SP as well.
But you will have to listen to me.
Tell me what I have to do.
Kill Kamal Rao.
You are a coward person. How have you become an inspector?
What should I do madam?
When that Kamal was a gangster he used to salute me.
Because of his brother-in-law he entered politics..
..and now I have to salute him.
I had thought that we would work together but he is making a fool of me.
Now I have got your support so will set him right now.
I will kill him. Tell me madam. Where will he be found?
We need not find him.
He is waiting for us.
Take another gun and not service gun.
Use this.
- Hello.. - Sir, MLA sir had come here.
He shouted at us regarding the stolen camera.
Hey, you people cannot control an MLA.
Ask him to talk directly to me.
It is MLA's call.
Put on the speaker and talk.
- Greetings, sir. - Where are you?
- I am out for some work. - Okay but where are you?
I am coming from Coimbatore to Polyachi.
I will reach by 5o'clock.
- Okay, meet me as soon as you reach. - Okay sir.
He is saying that he is coming from Coimbatore to Kolaychi.
But I heard the sound of the train.
There is no train from Coimbatore to Polaychi.
Correct. He must be on Polaychi route..
..and says that he will reach by 5.
So according to him he must be near Pachchani.
But why did he lie? He is surely hiding something.
You go and check in his house..
- ..and I will go and check there. - Okay, Kodi.
I had asked you to solve the problem..
..but why did you call me here to solve the problem.
Are you playing a game with me?
Look I have great proofs against you.
- You do not know what I can do. - Don't make haste.
I know when something has to start and when it should end.
Don't try to be smart.
I am not going to hide your proofs for long.
I will bring your true picture in front of the world.
Instead of becoming central minister you will go to central jail.
Hey wait. What are you doing?
I will be shot at.
Have you gone mad? We both do the same wrong things.
Rudra, make him understand. I will do as you say.
Ask him to keep the gun down.
So come on burn that memory card.
Okay fine.
Don't waste time.
I have burnt it. Now are you happy?
Kill him.
I did as you said. No, no..
No, no..
What should I do madam?
When that Kamal was a gangster he used to salute me.
Because of his brother-in-law he came into politics..
..so now I have to salute him.
Tell me madam where will he be found?
If I had not removed the bullets from the gun..
..then you would have died by now.
That is why never believe on middlemen.
We are politicians so we have to solve our problems together.
Now only I can save you and your party.
So do not play these camera tricks with me again.
Not standing against me but by standing with me you will become powerful.
Remove your finger prints from the gun.
And leave a suicide note in his pocket.
Just write that due to pressure of work I am killing myself.
Put aside his dead body. Rest I will handle.
Okay fine, I will reach.
Before dying you had a talk with him.
You had threatened sub inspector Krishna..
..and asked him about his whereabouts.
It is written in his suicide note..
..that he could not tolerate pressure of work.
To solve the murder case of your brother..
..you put so much pressure on him that he committed suicide.
But sir..
What is happening here?
Madam, we are suspicious..
..that Ambu sir is responsible for Inspector Shinde's death.
Who said that he is responsible?
According to the evidence he is the culprit.
Inspector sir, you cannot make enquiry against my MLA.
Ask your seniors to talk to me.
- Now you can go. - But madam..
Ambu, why are you making haste?
He was your brother but was everything to me.
I will not spare the ones who killed him.
Tomorrow party will make announcement to make me central minister.
Everything is happening. You are an MLA.
Your every mistake will bring disgrace to the party.
Where were you when Kodi was killed?
That day our posters had been printed in the city..
..and I was..I was very angry.
And I met him and then..
Where were you when Kodi was killed?
Just like this. I continuously asked him questions.
He hit me and I left.
I just asked that where were you.
Hey Kodi, you are doubting sister-in-law.
Hey, is he Kodi? Is he Kodi?
If he was my Kodi then he wouldn't have doubted me.
That day Kodi called me asked me to meet him.
That day there was a lot of tension. I did not go.
I wish I had gone there then he would have been alive today.
And you would not question me like this.
What did you do Ambu?
Why did you hurt sister-in-law by asking such questions?
It was necessary.
When I had gone to meet inspector he was dead.
When I checked his phone I came to know..
..that he had many calls on one number.
Believe me I have nothing to do with Kodi's murder.
After I was thrown out of the party I went to Goa.
Inspector Shinde called me there.
He said that he has proof against me to get Kodi murdered.
He started blackmailing me and took lakhs of rupees.
I am saying the truth that..
..I have nothing to do with your brother's murder.
I had sent goons but Kodi thrashed them and they escaped.
If you do not believe me then ask Rudra..
..she was present there at that time.
What is happening to you, brother?
You doubt sister-in-law on what he is saying.
Tomorrow we will come to know the truth.
Welcome all here.
It is good news that our dear Rudra..
..will take an oath of central minister in two days.
So to celebrate this and making our party's message reach every nook..
..and corner I have selected 7 capable people..
..from every district of the state.
And these 7 capable people will get a party badge from respected Rudra.
So I request madam to please come here.
What happened? It seemed that not 7 people but you have seen 7 devils.
You are perspiring, your eyes are sunken and your hands are shaking.
Aren't you happy on addition of new members to the party?
I do not know who has killed Kodi and what your connection with them is.
But I am sure you are hiding something from me.
The truth is like a child and is scared of darkness.
But it does come into light sometime.
And the day it happens it would be..
..the last day of the murderer of my brother.
I felt as if Kodi is standing in front of me.
I have lost many things in politics..
..but to lose Kodi was the biggest blow to me.
I will help you to find Kodi's killer.
Even if I have to give away my life for that.
He is finding the murderer of his brother like mad.
And you are sitting quietly.
You keep on crying every time.
Tomorrow is the final hearing in the court. Have you forgotten?
All the proofs that court wants of mercury factory..
..case are present in this file.
Whatever may happen but that file should not reach the court.
They will try their best that this file does not reach court.
But we have to present this in court at all costs.
Not only proofs but you have to finish Ambu as well.
Brother, he is not going to court but somewhere else. I am following him.
Keep a watch on her. Follow her like a shadow.
Brother, we are following her.
That means Ambu is going to court so he must be having the file.
Rudra had said that she will manage everything.
So what is she doing now?
Next time if he doubts sister-in-law then I will not talk to him.
I will eat food and leave.
Eat food comfortably.
He is calling.
Tell me Kodi.
I am going to Coimbatore for the hearing of the court.
You just take care of mother.
Whatever may happen do not go out of the house.
Be alert from everyone. Especially Rudra.
- Understood. - Okay.
What has happened to him? He is just after sister-in-law.
Mother, tomorrow I will become minister..
..so have come to take our blessings.
Where is Bhagat, mother?
You were saying that she is going to marry Kodi.
What has happened?
Has he got hurt?
Take him to the side and make him drink water.
Bring the file if you want to see your mother alive.
Kamal, he does not have any file.
Where is the file?
We had asked you to get the file.
Where is my mother?
- Bring her in front of me first. - You did not bring the file..
..and on top of that you are trying to be smart. Hit him.
Don't leave him.
Where are you going?
So you were fed up of thinking who killed your brother.
I killed him. I pierced the knife through him.
He stood against e and died.
Similarly you will die today.
Now I cannot understand that is he Kodi or Ambu?
I thought you knew who killed Kodi.
But did not know that you killed him.
No son Ambu, she must not have killed Kodi.
Kodi must have sacrificed his life to save her life.
Now by killing her do not waste his sacrifice.
Even after getting post when he is not at peace..
..and is lonely then she will value the presence of Kodi.
Let's go Ambu.
Why sister-in-law? Why did you do this?
Kodi was everything to me.
My father, mother, my family.
And above all he was my friend.
I wanted you both to stay together all your life.
But you shattered all my dreams.
But now I will send you to Kodi.
You have no right to live.