Kodiveeran (2017) Movie Script

Hey, Subbu
Past 3 days my son has been sick
When will you bring your husband to the temple?
Hey! Subbu What's up with her?
She's turning a deaf ear walking as if she is possessed!
'I sit at home like a stone and take care of you and our children'
And you're happily having an affair?
You are here only as a stone, huh?
All the Gods we pray to have 2 wives each
Is it wrong if I have?
'Listen to me properly'
'If you want, stay here or else walk out'
'Your mother hung herself on the banyan tree'
Akka, Subbu committed suicide
Oh my God! She was into her final week
'Subbu hung herself it seems Come, everyone'
You are a soothsayer of repute
How dare you sleep with a lady who visited the temple, huh?
He cheated on his wife We shouldn't let him in here
Only a disciplined man is our seer You hand over the temple keys
How can you suddenly chuck him out? Who will fix auspicious dates for us?
If not him, we can select someone from his caste
For what? Why dump his sins on us?
- No one from our clan will take this up - How can he say this?
'What to do then?'
I'll take the vow
Goddess Shakthi Protect this child
Walk on the sacred fire bed
"My precious princess dear To sing a lullaby for you I'm here"
"My jewel in my crown To protect you, I'll be around"
"I take the place of our mother"
"You are my life's treasure forever"
"I'll be your father and guide, I assure"
"My sweat is mother's milk pure"
"My precious princess dear To sing a lullaby for you I'm here"
"My jewel in my crown To protect you, I'll be around"
"Like the air you inhale, I'll cherish you"
"Whisper a mother's song softly too"
"In her womb, 10 months through"
"With love, our mother carried you"
"From the umbilical cord you are mother's love restored"
"Your shadow forever my life's boundary hereafter"
"My life does not exist without you, I'll insist"
Selvam, ask my mother to sign all the checks
Okay, bro I'll do it
- Yes, bro - Hey, Adhigaram
Your partner Azhagar got caught in a raid by the RDO for storing excess gunpowder
He has blabbered about you and pinned you down too
'The inspector told me, there will be an enquiry in your fireworks company'
'In case you get caught in the enquiry due to excess chemicals...'
'...you'll be behind bars for a lifetime'
'Don't know what you intend doing'
'Make sure no item draws attention in the raid illegally'
'Decide fast'
I'll send the RDO into a different route
I'll divert the lorry with gunpowder to Urangapuli's farm, be alert
- Muthu, what has upset our bro? - Don't know
Why do you look out of sorts? What happened?
My insides simmer when I think of that Revenue Division officer
Is it only my stomach that's burning?
'Pandiamma Fireworks'
- What do you want? - 1 quarter booze
Dorai, bangle with gems yesterday Today an ordinary one?
By the way, you bring a new item daily
- Won't they find out at home? - I'll replace a duplicate
Don't rub too much 1st give me money
Take it
Why did you discard the joker?
You shouldn't take it and declare, that's why
'Ins(pector) Karungalaiyan'
'Why is he calling at this hour?'
- Tell me Ins - Urungapuli
That RDO Subash
You are open at night without a license
He is on his way to raid your bar and club
Don't let him go
If you do, you'll face problems
We will all be in a soup
Azhagar bro says he'll handle whatever action you take
Just finish him off
I'll take care of the rest
Let him come
I know how to deal with him
Hey, the police is coming to raid
Turn off all the lights
'There's a raid here You go home'
[overlap of voices]
Come out
You barged in here without knowing the place?
How will you get out now?
Hey, thrash him
What audacity, huh?
Hey, you showed your authority last night
We'll show you our atrocities during the day
Make our boys chase him handcuffed
Finish him off!
Hey you!
Stop honking
Didn't you hear me?
Hey! Finish her off first
Why are you so zapped?
The tyre that flew towards you...
...wasn't a frisbee
It is the proof of my anna's fury
Wherever injustice prevails whether Lord Krsna appears or not...
...my anna will show up!
Your brother? Where...?
Ask him to face us
My anna won't come in front of anyone
He'll come to confront anyone!
This village has seen my anna rejoice and revel
But not resort to blows
Now you will
"Rebel with a cause is he Kindred spirit of a rowdy"
"A face to reckon with, for his enemy"
"Beyond compare mixture of fire and water rare"
"He steps into the arena headlong to reform right from wrong"
"Rebel with a cause is he Kith and kin of a rowdy"
"Known to all as Robin Hood He faces injustice as only he could"
"Dirt on a betel leaf, if any can be wiped on the dhoti'
"If mind is on the wrong track in public give him a whack"
"When paddy is dry for threshing stone is used for thrashing"
"Like a sesame fruit splits into verdict should be impartial too"
"It is really tough, truly to be a good samaritan daily"
"Try to lead such a life practically Even a peak will be a valley"
"He will lend his shoulder to the most needy whenever"
"Kodiveeran will ever excel in sending the villain to hell"
1st go to the hospital
- What's your name? - Parvathy
Come on
Run for your life
Nab every single person
You're creating a ruckus in the market, huh?
Who is creating a ruckus, sir?
Get into the jeep I said 'get in'
He will come now Listen to me
You keep saying 'he'll come now' When will he come?
Keep quiet for a while
You've been spinning this same yarn
Will he come or not?
He has to come or else we'll take him from the station
- From the station? - Of course
We will lift him from the station and finish you off too!
By the way, will your inspector show up or not?
- When will he come? - You hit the nail on the head!
'I can see his jeep'
'Who are they?'
Hey, keep quiet
Don't yell Move aside
Why are you crowding outside the station?
People will crowd any place where there is God
Who is that God?
Look here
- Who is this? - Kodiveeran, sir
Showing scant respect! Rascal!
He isn't plain Kodiveeran He's the brave hero of our clan!
My brother is an ordinary man today
Do you know who he will be tomorrow?
"Earth rotates clamoring Skies start tremoring"
"Earth revolves quivering Skies start quavering"
"Here comes Kodiveeran, our soothsayer Hear the oracle of our Goddess in Vellalur"
"With the wind forcefully blowing Woods and fields favorably bestowing"
"In the chariot of God Karuppan comes to guard us, our Kodiveeran"
"Sing the praise of Vellalur soil proudly"
"To stupefy our villagers totally burst crackers sky high loudly"
"Madurai, renowned for 'silambam' Martial art with sticks fearsome"
"We will swing Sivagangai's spear like a whiplash to instill fear"
"Fierce bulls, to win fame as brave lions we will tame"
"When it pounces wildly we'll grab its hump boldly"
"Our pranks rowdily"
"We will go in a procession together to invite guardian deity Valladikarar"
"Wherever Karuppa stands to protect That is our fort and village extent"
"We surrender to Shakthi Protector of the needy"
"If anyone defies us insolently"
"On the altar his head will be"
"Earth rotates clamoring Skies start tremoring"
"Clap your hands, ladies and lassies Tap your feet to 'kummi' dance please"
"Dance the 'Kummi' to please our Goddess She will favor us with rain in abundance"
'Respected elders and ladies'
Dear brothers, younger and older
Our bro Kallan has donated Rs 100 as a gift in praise of our 'Karagattam'
Hey, stop it, man
Who gave money for your silly dance?
That was meant for Kanaka's dance
Am I right, Kanaka?
Do a peppy folk dance for our friend
"We will sing in unison a song for you just for fun"
"We will sing, our voices as one a song for you just for fun"
"Forgive us, if we sing off key or wrong lyrically"
"If we make any mistake inadvertently kindly forgive us indulgently"
"What we heard we will sing with rhythm accompanying"
"What we heard we will sing with our feet in rhythm tapping"
"For you, sister And you, brother"
"We will sing in unison a song for you just for fun"
Hey, stop it
We stopped at once
Very convenient it is
You stand with your mike here
I'll do a peppy number with Kanaka dear
What about us, sir?
Then do a fast peppy folk number
We'll do you proud
Hey, beat it loud
Beat it!
"Brinjals so vitalizing"
"She is endowed tantalizing"
"Brinjals so vitalizing She's endowed so mesmerizing"
"Lured young men's hearts magnetizing"
"Aandipatti, Arasampatti She hails from Usilampatti"
"In Aandipatti, Arasampatti you know men will whistle oooh, aaah, wowww"
"Hair styled like a palm fruit Blouse & sari to suit"
"Her eyes 'kohl' lined' fine This Madurai beauty divine"
"Aandipatti, Arasampatti She hails from Usilampatti"
"Drooling over her eyes and hands young men will throng to watch her dance"
"Earth rotates clamoring Skies start tremoring"
"Here comes Kodiveeran, our soothsayer Hear the oracle of our Goddess in Vellalur"
"With the wind forcefully blowing Woods and fields favorably bestowing"
"In the chariot of God Karuppan comes to guard us, our Kodiveeran"
"Earth revolves quivering Skies start quavering"
'As your deity, I have accepted your rice offering this year'
'I am fully satisfied now'
'I'll always safeguard my children who pamper me'
'Any wish asked, I will grant favorably'
'Ask whatever you want'
Greeting, soothsayer
I am Pechiyamma from Velleripet
For my daughter's marriage
No town I haven't been No groom I haven't seen!
It seems she has a malefic horoscope and she will end up as a widow
So no groom is agreeing to marry her
Only you should tell me if she will be married happily
'The day you came trusting me...'
'...I decided right then'
'I will show my child a good groom'
'I will always support her'
Okay, swami
'Go with courage in your heart'
My husband loses money in any work he undertakes
When will Saturn's malefic effect wane?
'Hereafter your husband will be blessed with the Midas touch'
'Bad influence will vanish Go back with your mind at rest'
- 'I am there for you' - Thank you, swami
You predicted for the whole village Now foretell your sister's future
Go and stand
'In this world if good should win over evil...'
'...a good man will face scandal and slander'
'Due to that case'
'...no one can predict what he may lose'
'But he'll lose something for sure'
'You will face one such loss'
'That will be because of...'
'...your wedding'
'It isn't your husband'
'But the danger you will face'
'That danger will strike you'
'It is unavoidable'
- Is that what I said? - Word to word
We were all shell-shocked
You spread good vibes for all of them
Why didn't you for your sister?
You could've stopped me
It was the oracle of our deity How could we?
If you feel so bad...
...how will that girl feel?
I'm feeling good
Golden girls! Are you making my brother tense?
Go and eat first
Come along, anna
Are you still thinking about your prediction?
The God we believe in spoke through you
Did you predict as my anna?
When you are with me...
...whichever God speaks through you
I won't be harmed at all
My sister says only I matter to her
But You are my whole world
I don't know what Parvathy will face
But even if the misfortune is as big as a mountain...
...only You should melt it away like snow
Don't worry, bro
Let us ask our deity by drawing the circle
You'll have only good news
'Karuppa, make me draw a perfect circle to ensure my sister gets the best groom'
Bro, you're going off the mark
'Looks like our Lord has found the bride for the brother instead!'
'What timing!'
'You bet it is!'
Your circle was crooked
So I straightened your hand
Whether our wish is fulfilled or not...
...it should be perfect at least when we think?
Please get up We want to try too
Your turn
Let's go
Malar, you draw the circle
Pray your brother gets the perfect match
'Karuppa, help me draw the circle to bless my brother with the best bride'
'She has captivated our bro from head to toe'
- Kodiveera? - Get lost!
You're our soothsayer You shouldn't fall so flat!
Lord Karuppa will poke your eyes
- Karuppa! - Malar...?
'It's a perfect circle'
'Your brother will get the perfect match'
'Let's go'
Isn't she beautiful?
How dare you stalk my sister! And now you hound her in the temple
Will you follow her?
How atrocious!
Why are you beating a devotee here?
'Who are you?'
- Answer me - I ring the temple bell
Have I asked you why you ring the bell?
- No - Then why do you interfere?
Stepping into my space, get lost!
Will you always resort to violence?
'He looks like an accused!'
- Let's go - Let go
Danger and love seem to be hand in glove!
No pain no gain! Can you eat palm fruit easily?
Beauty of love is being dangerous!
I don't want beauty nor the danger that tags along with it
Bad enough, I'm worried about my sister's future
Don't add fuel to the fire Please leave
'In view of the birthday of our former chief minister Arignar Annadurai...'
'...215 prisoners are being released as per the 'Good conduct prisoners' release act'
'From our central prison in Madurai...'
'...5 criminals serving life imprisonment will be released'
'The prisoner serving life sentence for the double murders in Melur in Madurai...'
'...#710, Villangam Vellaikaran is one among the 215'
'Also #510, Vandiyur Selvam who killed Councilor Senthil in Avaniyapuram, Madurai'
What is it?
Stamp of our caste, huh?
No, brother-in-law It identifies your character!
Let's go
'As soon as we see our Villangam...'
'...let's finalize the statue matter'
He is here Come on...assemble
Lord, shower Your Grace
Welcome back How are you?
Uncle, all fine?
- I need a favor from you - Consider it done
In the junction near the bus stand...
...we want to erect a statue of our clan's leader
Keep quiet He has just been released
Planning to send him back?
We'll discuss this later
Velu, your brother is back Come fast
How are you, my dear?
When you're there for me why should I worry?
Uncle, let us pierce my child's ears
Go ahead
Don't cry Look at your uncle
'Velu, your wish has been fulfilled Your child to sit on your brother's lap'
Where is the goat my brother offered to God?
Does it stand like a goat? It stoops like a cow
It's too old to die with 1 blow
You can't kill it in 1 strike?
It is the proof of my anna being in jail for 5 years for my sake
My anna will offer it to God and you can watch how it falls
Chop it, anna
Get the goat
- Pandi, get the leaves - Okay, bro
Kumara, pour turmeric water
Move...move aside
Hey, get the bunch of greens
Lift it
Some more
'Raise it some more'
Lift...here is my vow for my sister fulfilled!
My anna went to jail for me and my husband
My anna should also get married like me and live happily
I tonsured my head, so You will find a good bride for him
Our guardian deity if You fulfill my wish
...I'll slaughter 2 goats and host a feast next year for You
Good omen!
Don't worry, our Karuppa will fulfill your wish for sure
Tell me
'Shankar is creating a ruckus here'
'If you don't show up he will snitch'
'I've got the fellow'
'Come soon'
When did you intend razing this to the ground, huh?
You are so self-centered
Not wanting to get caught
...you burnt alive 15 innocent people
Are you human at all?
Fireworks factory to explode is new, huh?
What can we do if they were working?
Are you out of your mind?
Even I know where and how it will explode
Adhigaram, I've given a petition against you to everyone concerned
I'll ensure you go behind bars!
'Suicide or murder? RDO enquiry'
'Steady on your feet'
Shoulders erect, bro
Smile, bro
I asked you to smile
Lower your shoulder, bro
- Is this fine? - Please smile
'What an awful smile!'
Bro, try to smile
You want to look good in the photo
Please, bro
Don't flash your 32 teeth, bro!
That's right
Gas problem, huh?
What's bothering you?
Wait...you are bugging me and this is poking me!
'It's very sharp, mind you'
Oh God! Knife
- What should I do? - Whatever you do is fine
Villangam, he's a big shot Why mess with him?
So what if he's a high official?
'As soon as he calls should I fold my hands, zip my lips and stand petrified?
Those behind you may be scared
Hello, can you come for the enquiry?
Listen! You can't raise your voice here
I'm not even scared of Govt laws
Will I be scared of you?
My sister's husband is having his breakfast
My sister is very happy
For my sister's happiness, I'll do anything at any cost!
This Vellaikaran...
...will never give up his authority any day
Till the day I am alive...
...you can't even touch my brother-in-law
Only if you are alive!
First I'll finish you off
Then I'll finish off your brother-in-law
- Hey, photographer - Yes, bro?
Take pictures of them and frame them
To garland their funeral photos
- Fine, see you - Take the photo
Even though he looks gentle and dark...
...he has good features
As if we can't get a bride? I'll find a suitable bride
If you find the perfect girl for my anna I'll gift you a 10 sovereign gold chain
Bless you, dear You have a golden heart!
Leave it to me I'll find the perfect match
Fat hopes!
Can't we find a groom for Parvathy?
This damn broker is making me carry all this like an ass
Look how much I spent
Won't a biscuit packet do for him?
'Fruits are so small Must be the local shop'
Please come
Why all this formality?
- Smell this jackfruit - Too good!
I know you'll find the best match for my sister
Who else will I pamper?
That's true Please sit
First give me her photo
I'll find her an educated and humble groom
Here you are
For this girl?
You've brought just fruits asking me to find a groom for her
This morning a man bought me a fridge asking me NOT to find a groom for her
'Look, it's brand new'
Who is the man?
This Good Samaritan!
'Look at your uncle's prank'
- Uncle sent these flowers - Okay
See you, 'ka
- My dear? - I'm coming
What, grandma?
- Grandson sent these flowers - Okay, grandma
I'll take leave
This must be an offering to God
Collect cash from Arumugam and come to the college
I'll take the bike today
Walk, only then you'll lose weight
Are you ready?
- Yes, anna - Flowers for you
Why did you go overboard on jasmine?
Only 2 cubits
This is only 2 cubits
What about all those?
I didn't buy all those flowers
Who else will buy flowers for me?
Hello, excuse me
'Slow motion for this oaf, huh?'
It's me
'His English is the icing on the cake!'
Are you such a moron, uncle?
Moron, huh?
- Why did you buy so much? - Good question!
What did that old lady tell you a while ago?
What did she say?
Why are you muttering and walking away?
What to do, Parvathy?
I dropped my grandson in school
I'm hurrying back to sell all my flowers
In case you don't sell, my anna will buy it from you
How will it not sell?
You are my lucky mascot
Even my basket will get sold!
If she doesn't sell her flowers won't she lose faith in our Parvathy?
You may not defend your sister
But this Mayakannu will always defend his sister's daughter without fail
That's why I bought all the flowers with my hard earned money and sent
With the basket!
- Didn't I stun you? - Such a dumb idea!
- Super, uncle - Thanks, dear
Did you notice, anna?
Love has made even uncle use his brains!
So you think!
He would've been better off if he had set his life right
He may have thought 'love' is his life
That's why he is such an oaf
Don't say that, anna, without knowing the actual fact
If a man is besotted with a girl...
...then he won't listen to anyone's advice
Look at that fellow there
Just like him
"My flower pure as snow-white to my breath your scent adds delight"
He's bitten by the love bug
His girlfriend's brother was mad at him
First he derided him
Then he beat him up
Yesterday he broke his hand
If he is still pursuing her...
...is she Miss World or what?
There she is Judge for yourself
Don't disturb him
Bro is in a 'love mood' now
You love her...?
What do you mean, anna?
Where did you see that girl?
Dai! Tell her
We went to the temple the other day to find out if you'll get a good groom
'That's when they met'
She held bro's hand firmly when he went zig-zag
Pay attention to this
She held his hand and set right the circle he drew
Your brother fell flat!
Why didn't you tell me when so much has happened?
No big deal
She gave a reason for holding my hand
Oh my...my!
'Whether our wish is fulfilled or not...'
'...it should be perfect at least when we think?'
This quote of hers made me fall hook, line and sinker!
My heart has a secret desire to merge with hers
But is my heart's desire enough?
We need to know what her heartbeat says too
That's why I didn't tell you
All this love is good to think and dream
- But will it work practically? - Why not?
When random people fall in love, why shouldn't you?
You will fall in love
- We will make you - Ditto!
All set, ma'am, we can start as soon as the chief guest arrives
'Students can go to the auditorium'
- What is it? - Who is Malar here?
- Why? - Her fiance wants to meet her
He wants to tell her something important
Malar, come back soon We have a lot of work to do
We are busy too Come soon
Anna, she may be slightly mad at us
But once she sees you she'll cool down
Why are you standing like a drooping plant?
With your hand on your hips stand confidently, smile a bit
It should flash in your eyes!
I'll be over there, okay?
My handsome anna
Thank you
Where is this 'fiance?
Over there, ask loudly or kiss him proudly
I'll hide and peep
'Why is she so angry?'
Hello, you claimed to be my fiance?
No...the other day in the temple...circle
So what?
You love me, huh?
Say 'yes' Please, anna
Whom are you looking at?
You don't know about my anna If he gets to know this-
What did she say, for you to have such a long face, huh?
She asked you to tell her anna about your love formally
You thought she was angry?
That wasn't her intention
She feels she shouldn't do anything without her anna's knowledge
Just like me
We'll go directly and talk to her brother
Taste this 'poori'?
You won't eat
If both of you keep hogging then who will be the messenger?
Why worry when I'm there, bro?
There's a love-dove fluttering its wings, to be your messenger
So I should hand over this love greeting card to him
You want to watch me being bashed up black and blue?
'He found out!'
I was daydreaming and he thought I was ogling at his sister and beat me up
Am I to blame?
My squint is the reason
'Already got thrashed, huh?'
I thought as much when you hassled me
You want me to be a hustler
Why don't you do this yourself?
Get lost!
You were sitting and hogging, right?
Now go and get beaten up
'His forehead is his ash tray'
'How will I give it to him?'
'Be brave Hold on, just a bit'
Hello, 1 minute
Why 1 minute? Take 9 minutes
What is it?
Hand over this card to your sister
Whose sister?
Why will I ask you to give it to someone else's sister?
Take it before my courage evaporates!
Hey! What the f-
Don't shoot the messenger That's what I am
The actual 'giver' is there like hero Ajith
Show off your guts to him
'Look at his face'
'You'll get what you truly deserve'
What gall to make me the messenger to profess your love to my sister?
I'll slice you into-
Hello, why are you hitting my brother?
Why, anna?
Don't you know, my dear?
Why will I ask you then?
Bro asked him to give this greeting card to his sister
He got angry and raised his hands
My brother gave a greeting card only to your sister?
Was it meant for you?
Well said, my dear
It's wrong if a man gives another man
This isn't a crime at all
Then if I-
I know what's on your mind
If I give you a love letter won't your brother thrash me?
You can't do that, boss
Because I have my dear uncle Mayakannu as my betrothed
"She professed her love to me"
"My head in a tizzy my heart spun dizzy"
[song from 'Kumki']
Does he even deserve that song?
Maybe foreseeing all this, Imman has lost weight!
My brother didn't approach your sister behind your back
You must appreciate his guts
Because courage is a symbol of manliness
You claimed courage is a symbol of manliness and all that
Will your brother break these bricks like me?
No need 6 Not even 3
Ask him to just break 2
Bro, just listen to me
- Only 1? - If he does?
Then I'll drape a saree
If he doesn't, will he?
Break it, anna
Come here Where are you going?
To break it
Is it a soda to break?
Tell him 'I regard brick as God so I can't break it' and come away
Don't break your hand
Go, anna
Just go
Embarrassing him-
Smart ass!
God help him
Wasn't that electrifying?
You know to break only bricks
My anna knows to break others' cheeks too
So shall we do it?
You said you'll drape a saree if he breaks the bricks
So will you wear?
Won't a nighty suit his body structure better?
That too in pink
For having invited me as the chief guest in the Women's day function today...
...I thank the college management, students and their parents
It is said,'women are the eyes of a nation'
But I feel women are like our soil
Because it is our soil which has bestowed treasures
These great leaders form our treasure trove
Even today if they are glorified in our history...
...credit goes to their women, mother and wife
'Women of those days had courage in their hearts but not today'
'Women face a huge problem in our society today'
If a girl rejects a love the angry lover stabs her
If she accepts her parents stab her!
To tackle this, you need courage and self-confidence
Only due to one such brave woman I'm standing here in front of you now
In our country...
...trees that grow tall and men who lead a life of integrity
...won't be allowed to flourish
They will be chopped
My integrity made some anti-social elements attack me
A very brave girl singlehanded came and saved me then
That girl is a student from your college
Her name is Parvathy
M.Sc. final year Biochemistry
Yes, please stand up
Her brother is the pillar behind her courage and confidence
Sir, stand up please
An elder or younger brother like this
Or a father or husband
Every girl should be born with or blessed with
'Let envious eyes vanish with ease Evil eyes merge with the breeze'
'Let vindictive eyes be punctured Let eyes of rage be ruptured'
And your uncle land up in the cemetery
'Let sinners' eyes go to hell'
'Let everything harmful be caught in this spell'
Spit, brother
Why all this, dear?
All the girls were eyeing you today
What's the point of that?
The one who should didn't
The one who should did I noticed it as well
- She saw me? - Oh! Yes
Then let's leave it at that
We can't do that
We'll go tomorrow and you'll say 'hi'
I'll say 'bye' if you want No need 'hi'
'Hi' it is
- God help me! - What now, anna?
- Who denied you're my 'anna'? - Her anna!
Looks like her useless brother tags along
He has gone Now is your chance
Go, just go
Don't come back Just stand there
Listen to me
This is the ideal chance Go and say 'hi'
- Do I have to? - Go ahead, anna
Say it, da
You called me 'da'?!
I've been saying it like a broken record!
Please, anna
'Be bold'
"My dear love-ly lassie You make my life rosy"
"My mind is no longer with me You've taken it with you, A-Z"
"You stood and watched from faraway You made me yearn for you yesterday"
"You are snatching away in fact My youthfulness and spring intact"
"Like the number 8 literally he went around in circles leisurely"
"He planned his moves smartly He kindled the flame of love in me"
"My heart she broils like chicken in stew boils"
"Her eyes flashing a clash readily mean the world to me headily"
"My dear love-ly lassie You make my life rosy"
"My mind is no longer with me You've taken it with you, A-Z"
Hey! All of you come here
Wonder what's wrong with my nephew
- Soooper, uncle - Thanks, dear
"She's as fair as a china rose really Her smile is sugarcane sweet truly"
"Her words like Tamil, a treat As warm as honey and so sweet"
"His stare is like a glorified rowdy As handsome as Cupid is he"
"His thoughts mesmerize me Occupying my mind daily"
"Sharp as push pin is her gaze Like a bomb are the words she says"
"She poleaxes me 100% My lucky mascot constant"
"My heart she broils like chicken in stew boils"
"Her eyes flashing a clash readily mean the world to me headily"
"My dear love-ly lassie You make my life rosy"
"My mind is no longer with me You've taken it with you, A-Z"
"I will live with him for eternity How will I ever die with him beside me?"
"I'll bend backwards to make him laugh That's my mission for my better half"
"If dust falls in her eyes without warning and she tears up, eyes burning"
"I'll tie and trample the breeze I'll be heartless, truly at ease"
"He was born for me; it's destiny He dwells within me you see"
"He merged into my thoughts readily He's the root for my breath steadily"
"My heart she broils like chicken in stew boils"
"Her eyes flashing a clash readily mean the world to me headily"
"My dear love-ly lassie You make my life rosy"
"My mind is no longer with me You've taken it with you, A-Z"
"You stood and watched from faraway You made me yearn for you yesterday"
"You are snatching away in fact My youthfulness and spring intact"
Please give it to sir
It's really cold, eh?
You have a new one in your house, right?
We have a fridge too I bought it
Hey! Get me a drink
I was just about to say that
Bro, this is Kandasamy Pandian
He's a judge in our session's court
His son is Kadhirvel
He works in the same court as public prosecutor
Very soon he'll also become a judge like sir
He's a gem of a boy
When they came to our village to pray in our temple they saw your sister
He liked your sister immediately
He has come now to fix this alliance
Why are you hesitating?
Auspicious events happen in a jiffy
Just go ahead and agree blindly
Is this a matter to decide with my eyes closed?
I'm the eldest family member Keep quiet, pipsqueak
Broker sir told us you are a judge in some court
Even we know you could have easily chosen a bride...
...from any landlord or affluent family
You've come to my poor grandson's place to seek my granddaughter's hand
That's why I'm doubtful
Your grandfather is right Whoever sought my son's hand...
...had money, position, everything
But lacked truth and discipline
That's why I have come here
I'm honored to hear this
You are qualified and hold a respectable position in our society
I am happy to discuss this alliance
But 1st I need to know about your son before I decide
Please don't be offended I'm being so frank
We can think a 1000 times before finalizing
But we can't think after the wedding
- Don't get me wrong, sir - Please enquire
If temple is your court court is his temple
'CRR MP #320'
'Petitioner Subash Chandra Bose'
'Advocate K.Kadhirvel'
Greetings, sir
Anna, groom is fair and taller than his coat
He is good looking too
'Respondent Villangam Vellaikaran'
'Advocate M.Sangaiya'
'Villangam Vellaikaran'
Let's hear the petitioner's side
The respondent is Mr Vellaikaran
Villangam is a prefix he added meaning 'encumbrance'
His brother-in-law is Adhigaram
'If someone files a case against him...'
'...he will 1st warn him'
'If he doesn't comply he'll kill him He has 7 murder cases against him'
'Of which he has no witness or proof in 5 cases and court has released him'
'But in Melur twin murder cases judgment went against him'
'He got a life sentence of 20 years'
But he stayed in prison only for 5 years
He used his good conduct and political clout to come out easily
The next day he killed a disabled man, Shankar, who was bathing in the pond
He is also being interrogated by RDO Subash
Good conduct prisoners should be complaints-free for 2 years
His release can be cancelled by any reasonable doubt on his conduct
I humbly request the cancellation of my client's release and provide justice
That's all, Your Honor
What is your take as the defense attorney?
I request time, Your Honor
This case is adjourned to the 25th of next month
Thank you, your honor
Bro, our Parvathy is a chatter box Son-in-law is a legal eagle
You are a soothsayer
Our house will echo with voice and noise
- Keep quiet - Why are you taking me up?
Don't we have to enquire in person?
Oh! Direct interrogation
Do you know if he will be here?
We'll put him behind bars next month
He's here
- Which court is the next case? - A2
Dual courthouse, huh?
Don't get it?
I meant the duel
We are known for our fights
Are you trying to compete with us?
You mentioned about my 7 murders
I will tell you about the 8th
8 is lucky for any villain
I am thoroughly bad
You don't become the 8th victim
- Tell me - Have you gone to see a groom?
I'll handle it
We've already seen a groom for her
You don't have to get so flustered
Your sister and I made a small deal
The other day you came to my college
After the function your sister met me
If he can look after me, his sister, so well...
...how well he will look after his life partner?
Somehow please fall in love with my brother
Okay, it's easy to fall in love with him!
What will you do in return?
What will I do, huh?
Anni, I'll do whatever you say
Whatever means?
Will you marry my brother?
That's all? Sure
You don't know anything about my brother
You are accepting blindly
I only want my brother to be happy
I'll do anything you say to achieve that
'I swear on my anna'
Even if your sister hadn't asked me I would've fallen in love with you
I have a hidden agenda in this
If your sister marries my brother...
...I know he will be happy
Your brother will be happy but what about Parvathy?
You are looking for a groom and finding out about him
Come and see my brother too Talk to him
We don't even want to see him How can we talk?
What's wrong with him?
He is a black mark for whole of Madurai!
How is he even worthy of marrying our Parvathy?
We are better off pushing her into a well than get her married to him
What's so funny? You think I'm joking?
Why have you brought us here?
'The renowned 'Catch the fish' contest of Narasingampatti is about to commence'
'I welcome the able contestants, men and women'
'...on behalf of our Narasingampatti committee'
Look there
'Committee members'
'All the participants are kindly requested'
'...to catch only the fishes'
'On behalf of the committee'
On your mark
Get set
He is anyway not in our favor
Now he is merged in layers of muddy water
Next year we can see Parvathy only in this muck!
'What are you saying?'
Where is anna?
Can't you recognize your own anna?
Keep quiet Where is big brother?
- Another brother? - Could it be hero Prabhu?
- What? - Malar is here
What's the verdict?
- Where are they? - Coming behind
Kannan, buy milk
- Make coffee - Okay, anna
'Who is this unexpected visitor?'
How long to wait?
Are you shocked, sir?
Murrel, huh?
Will you always be catching some fish or the other?
Today it's this fish
Tomorrow will be me
The day after my brother-in-law
You will be catching some chap or the other
And I'll always be chopping someone's head
Uncle, chop 1 for him
Sir, shall I chop a tender coconut for you, or-?
Or chop your head?
Don't let your tongue run!
Don't you dare touch him
Acting too big for your boots?
You proved you are educated by filing a case
I'll show you my true colors
In 2 days if you don't withdraw your case against me...
...lawyer and petitioner, both of you, won't be alive
Both your murders
...will be the most brutal atrocity
That's it, let's go
Come along
What is this, bro?
Are we seeing a groom he's threatening?
Or is he threatening the groom we are meeting?
This is so puzzling
What do we do now, bro?
I'm not aware of your decision
Whatever you say I'll accept wholeheartedly
This is your sister's life
You are right to hesitate
But if your sister had married my brother like I wished...
...my brother would also have been as happy as I am
I don't know if my wish will be fulfilled
Like you, my brother is also a good man and straight forward
This wedding should take place
I want you to get what you wished for
That is why I swore on you
Why should I worry when you are there for me?
What are you refusing?
I'm not saying no
Wondering if you can keep away
Both mean the same
If it was a minor misdeed by Adhigaram I would have forgiven him
Just to save himself he burnt 15 employees in his own fireworks factory
Including his mother
He and 'Quarry' Azhagar in the name of business
...are selling gun powder knowing the outcome
Just for money
I caught Azhagar red-handed Adhigaram slipped away like an eel
I went to Urangapuli's bar to raid and nab the lorry with explosives
They thought I was trying to catch them and tried to kill me
That was when you saved me
I'll get my sister married to you
You decide if you want me as your brother-in-law or not
But don't try changing me
This is the way I am
I won't let go of any miscreant Will I let go of this monster?
He won't relent, uncle
He won't leave us for sure
If he had climbed up the ladder he will listen
He is well educated
If you plead with a peacock, it won't give its feather, we have to pluck it!
Adhigaram, true to your name will you be authoritative?
We are in his clutches
Listen, Villangam
If we do anything in a hurry it will end in chaos
Anger will lead to death
We only react with rage including Shankar's murder
'You have come out with good conduct'
'If the court cancels your release you got to be in until your dying day'
'Then even God can't save you'
You want me to spare him?
He isn't saying that
He is only asking you to think and then act
Listen, anna
I know you are there for us always
But there is a whole life ahead for you
Think before you act
My sister has already said it
- What to do now? - How long will you be Hyde?
Be Jekyll for a while
There are many like us who are affected by the RDO's action
Quarry owner Azhagar Bar owner Urangapuli
Inspector Karungali
They are out to get him
We'll moot the idea They will kill the RDO
How long will we be the tool? Let's call the shots
It's 2 in 1 then Our aim and our target
Where is Azhagar now?
'Azhagar Blue Metals'
- Hello, bro - What's the matter?
- Where is Azhagar? - Gone to meet Inspector Karungali
- I'll meet him there - Okay, bro
They will hang out together
Get into the car
Inspector Karungalaiyan
My husband has gone with Azhagar bro to meet Urangapuli bro
Why Urangapuli?
Go to the farm
'Urangapuli Garden'
They have gone to your house to see you
Go home
'My brother will be back soon'
I told you
Greetings, bro
Good afternoon
We went in search of you And you've come here
Whaat? You asked us to come
I asked you to come here?
That's what he said
"Rebel with a cause is he Kindred spirit of a rowdy"
"A face to reckon with, for his enemy"
He is the one who bashed up our boys when they went to stab the RDO
"Rebel with a cause is he Kith and kin of a rowdy"
"Known to all as Robin Hood He faces injustice as only he could"
"Beyond compare mixture of fire and water rare"
"He steps into the arena headlong to reform right from wrong"
"Rebel with a cause, dude A ruffian's relative too shrewd"
"Known to one and all He stands fair and tall"
"Beyond compare mixture of fire and water rare"
"He steps into the arena strong for right to defeat wrong"
Good afternoon, bro My name is Kodiveeran
RDO has spoken a lot about you and your brother-in-law Adhigaram
But you don't know about me
- That's why I'm here - Here, bro
This is for you
Take it
'Subash Weds Parvathy'
Generally 1st invitation is to a known guest
But I'm inviting you first to know about me
You would've seen RDO till now as an officer
Hereafter he is my sister's husband
If anything untoward happens to my sister's husband
...none of you will be alive
You know the pain if a tragedy befalls a brother-in-law
When you support a con man of a brother-in-law...
...then imagine how I'll defend my straight forward brother-in-law
This village has seen me rejoice and resort to blows
But it has not seen me rip my enemy to shreds
Don't let it happen!
Hey, let's go
My dear lads, wait
Forget you ripping apart and us witnessing it
You invited me to get to know about you
Don't you have to know about me?
Like how I'm tearing this invitation in front of your eyes...
...rest assured, I'll do the same to your brother-in-law in front of you
If my brother-in-law is hassled
Make sure he isn't!
When you go out of your way for a brother-in-law to-be
...how much I'll protect the man who has already married my sister
I think the RDO didn't brief you properly
When others studied A,B,C I learnt to sharpen my sickle
My pocket was empty then
When I killed for my sister's sake...
...my pocket had nothing else but money
If I raise my sickle to chop a man...
...1st I will instill panic
Then intensify the fear
Only after that...
...I will show him my true power
When you instill panic I'll make you pee in your pants
When you try to terrify me I will show you hell
Why are you flustered?
It won't take 10 seconds to light it
If you try acting smart again...
...I'll burn both you and your brother-in-law alive
What is this, bro?
We thought you're a big shot and came to see you
One man show it was all the way
You are also gawking at the fun
Don't get me wrong
If 6 of us had stabbed him we could've cleansed your patio
With cow dung?
He bashed up your goons in the bus stop and college
Then what happened to your cow dung ritual?
He isn't 1 in a 1000 to be killed so easily
He is 1000 men rolled into 1
He is like fire
However you hold him he'll flare upward
You have seen his speed
I've seen his specialty
I'll kill Kodiveeran without being dazed or disturbed
Mark my word, I will
In a nutshell
Choose the land, sow the seed
Add manure and water properly
I will show my true colors
Let his sister get married Then I'll kill her husband
Only then they will know the pain
Let it get over
'Why is my father panting like a dog now?'
He may want to share my 'biriyani'
Hey son!
They chose that RDO chap as groom for your niece and my blood is boiling
You are happily stuffing yourself
Whenever I eat 'biriyani' you'll have a fit!
Son of a lunatic!
The love of your life will be someone else's wife
- 'Biriyani' is your priority - So what should I do?
We don't live to eat and we won't be scared of death
Be upfront and confront Kodiveeran
Sharpen the knife well
I agree, we will conclude this one way or the other today
We should not miss the girl, son
We shouldn't lose
Sharpen it
Even I don't know how many heads will roll today
The show has begun!
You see everything as double
Why have you gathered so many people?
What kind of question is that? As if you don't know
Then let me tell you
Not only in India but all over the world
...maternal uncle is placed on a pedestal
Has this small fry ever respected such an important bond?
- What? - He's mad at me
If he had, wouldn't he have chosen me as the groom?
He's standing here only because he respects you
Otherwise this village will be bowing in front of him
Look here, you don't have to preach to us about our customs
Let me come to the point
He never rejected you as the groom
He's asking only 2 questions
You reply and then marry her
My son can answer 2000 questions
He is a tiger's cub Not merely my son
Hey baldie!
We will soon know if he is a cub or holy crap!
You're first on my killing list!
If you question me face to face...
...you got scared thinking I might tear you to pieces
You have assembled everyone
Crying like a toddler
Good that you fear your uncle
What are your questions?
1st question
What is your occupation?
'Work, huh?'
'I might be next on their list'
"Is life a riddle, tell me?"
[song from 'Muthu']
2nd question
How will you support her?
"Who will answer this aptly?"
If you answer these 2 questions
...he is willing to say 'yes'
We are waiting for your reply
Come, pa Let's go
My dear lad
As soon as we uttered the word 'work' he scooted
How could my grandson do this?
He has the gall to make me stand in front of all our people
With such diplomacy and clarity of thought...
...he cornered us with 2 tough questions
Even your mother has never asked us to work
Who is he?
He will come to invite us with silk 'dhoti' as per protocol
Don't get enamored by the trousseau
Son, self-respect and dignity are our shirt and 'dhoti'
Keep that in mind
'Shameless fellow!'
Look at that!
Yov! Don't make us laugh
Look who is claiming to be furious!
- His pose - Keep quiet!
'And look at your grandpa'
Grandpa, what's got into both of you?
'Promise Rs 5 each and note their reaction!'
Listen, uncle You are my mother's brother
You have maximum liberty over Parvathy
Even I don't have
'Have you worked 1 day in your life?'
'If only you had a proper job...'
...why would I hunt for a groom outside?
You know very well how much I love my sister
If she sheds a single teardrop I'll bash up anyone
If she is married to you and suffers...
...I won't hesitate to bash you
- Come, dear - 'Bash up, huh?'
'He barges in here and threatens to hit me'
Bashing you is like beating my own mother
You and grandpa mean the world to us
'How much is that 'dhoti'?'
The wedding can be conducted without me But your presence as her uncle is a must
Get uncle's blessing
Bless me, uncle
He has bought a silk 'dhoti' for Rs 6000 This is proof he respects you sky-high!
- Why are you looking blankly? - Yov! What's wrong with you?
I'm staring at you in anger
Throw all your anger into the trash can
Bless the girl who has fallen at your feet
Do as told!
Bless you, my dear Get up
Soooper, uncle
Thanks, dear
"Auspicious day for our princess Parvathy"
"To receive sacred ash from Goddess Kali"
"Near and dear from far and wide gathered to bless the groom and bride"
"Gifts from Mayakannu uncle Traditional trousseau to the couple"
"Precious link to her new family"
"Kodiveeran's beloved sister one and only"
"She will make her husband proud for sure"
"Our Kodiveeran's sister; his treasure"
'Fooled you, huh?'
You tricked her once If you do it again, then you win
'That's so simple'
'Good lord! Look at his expression'
Malar, why didn't you trick her?
I'm too scared then I'll end up being ditched!
Here, brother-in-law
You are feeding your brother-in-law with so much love and care
Only if you trick him the fun begins in this game
Not just this game, I will never trick my brother-in-law
It seems he won't dupe his new found relative
But he will mislead you, his maternal uncle
What double standard, huh?
Listen, bro
Just like how they insult me in my house
...they are humiliating you too
If both of us form a clique against them-
Form a clique and then what?
Are we famous villains P.S.Veerappa and M.N.Nambiar?!
Neither you nor I can harm my nephew
Will a fly ever be able to bite an iron rod?
Why are you always criticizing him?
Why do you hate him so much?
We have a 'saree' account to settle
Must settle that score
Saree or sorry
Don't hassle my nephew
He isn't an ordinary man
He's a machete Sharp on both sides
'Respected Nephew'
'Where are you, uncle? Missing here'
- I am at the temple - 'Come soon'
'You must prepare everything'
I'll be there in a minute
Just as you said, I've found a good groom for my daughter
Only you should bless her to lead a happy life
- Bless me - No formality, you'll be happy
- Where is the groom from? - Urangampatti
Kadhir, tomorrow at 10'o clock the collector will meet us
I have briefed him He has agreed to sign
If he signs the document...
...their good conduct will be cancelled Adhigaram and Villangam will be arrested
Then it is left to you to stabilize the case
This is the case file
If only the collector signs
...it's my duty to ensure they never come out at all
Your mobile is ringing
'Where are you? We are in the theater'
You go in, I'll join you in 10 minutes
- Going to watch a film? - Yes, bro
You could've told me over the phone
It's safer to talk in person
You'll be late Get going
[loud cheering]
Sit down
[Watching 'Veeram']
'Which caste do you belong to?'
'If you think I'm Thevar, I'm the brave Thevar'
'If Nadar, I rule the land'
'If Dalit, I'm scheduled caste' 'If Vanniyar, I'm known for my valor'
'If Gounder, my heart is in our soil Iyer means I am a Brahmin'
'Whichever caste you think of I belong to that caste'
'Blood cannot differentiate caste or community'
I belong to the workers' class
I can't hear you
Wait, I'll come out
Wait, I'm stepping out
- Why are you standing here? - Simply
Let's go back to watch the film
Songs were superb, anni?
Not only the songs Ajith danced sooper dooper
What, dear?
What is it?
[phone rings]
Hello, Kodiveera?
Seeing my brother-in-law Adhigaram's petrol tanker...
...are you perturbed? Or petrified?
'You must be scared stiff'
Tomorrow at 5:00 a.m your brother-in-law will receive a call
You won't know the reason
But he will know
On pins and needles he will set out
Seeing him, fear will gnaw your insides
You'll be scared Scared to death
I will make you pee in your pants
5'o clock
'Inform the police I'll be there'
'Kannan, get the car'
- Brother-in-law - I'll be back
Kannan, quick
Good morning, sir
- When did they erect? - At night
They are so stubborn
They want the statue unveiled That's why police protection-
[loud voices in protest]
'Stop yelling!'
'We must unveil our leader's statue'
'How much longer do we wait?'
'Why aren't you complying to our wishes?'
'We won't disperse if you don't accede'
Mr Kodiveeran?
Followed your brother-in-law like a shadow, eh?
You should panic
I'll make you panic
Wondering why I called your brother-in-law to my village?
I lured him here with the statue as an excuse
According to the loop holes in our legal system...
...it is murder if only 1 person kills
If a whole town kills?
[loud voices in protest]
'If all of you scream-'
The people there too will insist on unveiling the statue
Your brother-in-law will keep opposing
What will be the outcome?
In the riot in Urangampatti village...
Revenue Division Officer
Brutally murdered
Wondering who will kill your brother-in-law?
You can see a man in a red shirt
I am 1 among you
- Listen to me - We won't
The statue should be unveiled now
Sir, please tell them to be quiet
Nothing doing
You can't do a damn thing
You are in my territory
Just watch the fun
[commotion continues]
- For heaven's sake be quiet - Let's hear him out
You've given me a petition I've sent it to the collector
Isn't it wrong to create this riot without proper sanction?
Should we suspend our worship till you get your approval?
There's no drinking water in your village
No roads to commute No bridge to cross over
I'll participate in your protest too
Instead you do an unnecessary-
You think this is trivial?
Is our leader trivial to you?
Bro, learn to respect an officer
You get paid with our tax Why do you need respect?
You are the one who is being rude
They won't fall in line with niceties Order a 'lathi' charge
'Even a knife won't scare him!'
'In another 3 to 6 months for sure...'
'I'll get the sanction'
Move aside
'Only if you cooperate...'
Will they let us unveil the statue or not?
We've been waiting since morning without even a sip of water
- Without a sip? - Yes, sir
Smell my hand
Hey, what is this?
- Smells of 'biriyani'? - Bingo!
I'll whisper a secret in your ear
- Don't tell anyone - Of course not
For the coming local body elections
...our chairman is giving liquor, 'biriyani' plus Rs 4000
Look at these freshly printed crisp currency notes
Rs 4000 for a vote it seems
Along with mutton 'biriyani'
Sir, we won't listen to any of your requests
What do you say?
'None of my men are around? Left me high and dry!'
'Have your fill, can't do justice if you drink gallons of water'
'Eat to your stomach's content!'
'Why do you take food from his leaf?'
You are our next chief minister
- Our nation won't prosper! - Chief minister is worth only 2000?
Boost yourself with 2 bottles of glucose
4 more, huh? 1-2-3-4 here you go
Why are you staring?
Not enough meat in the 'biriyani'?
You're used to taking bribes Why hesitate?
- Buddy - Huh?
They look like they will 'give' rather than 'take'!
'Give us what?'
[phone rings]
You really rocked it, uncle
In your dreams! Did he really rock?
It was your show all the way
'You dispersed the crowd'
I praised their service to society
And I assembled them
You targeted their poverty and dismissed them
I was worried I may have to foot the bill to send them home
You lined their pockets and fed them 'biriyani' too
We are very happy, sir
Don't brag too much!
My target is aimed at something else
2 dogs tried to bite me
Scenthound and a stray dog
You saved the scent hound
Who will rescue the mongrel?
You catch the spear aimed at you beforehand
But I pluck out the spear after it pierces my flesh
One who catches it in mid air won't feel the pain
But the one who plucks it out has to endure more pain
Wait and watch You'll know
Azhagar's men have surrendered in our lawyer's murder case
Look who is coming
'Hey, photographer'
'Take pictures of them and frame them'
'To garland their funeral photos'
- Brother-in-law - Get in
- Get inside - He's my friend
I'll do whatever you will for your friend, please get in
Take him with you
I was the one who-
Listen to me, get inside
Careful...go home
Kanna, drive carefully
This proves you panicked
But you're a complicated person
As soon as you saw me you packed them off
But the lawyer isn't as smart as you
Your brother-in-law will file a case and he will handle it
Who is there to defend?
Tell me, who?
When I could reduce the pleader to this plight...
...imagine the petitioner at my mercy!
It seems they studied together
Grew up together
So shouldn't they die together?
My wish will come true
I shall make it happen
'A corpse on Saturday it is said won't go alone to hell'
Another death will follow
I shall be the Lord of death for your brother-in-law
Only I can be the Lord of death
The day you become his Lord of death, Yama
I shall be your Shiva the lord of destruction
Only I can be Shiva
Tiger cub...listen to me
Whether you turn into Shiva or I become Yama
...you will know very soon
- Tell me - Tell you what?
About your brother in my custody
'Or tell you about our plans to kill you?'
'Which do you want to know?'
If you want your brother alive come to Urangampatti pond
'With your wife'
Don't hurt him, I'll come
- What happened, dear? - Nothing
Kannan, drive to the pond in Urangampatti
Your phone is very lucky Thanks a ton, partner
Hey! Why are you so formal?
Get down
'Sir, make a diversion'
'Take that route'
'Sir, go'
- Sir, make a dash - Finish them off!
You think you can put me behind bars and lead a happy life, huh?
What will you do now?
Open the petrol tank
[funeral lament]
'If you try acting smart again...'
'...I'll burn both you and your brother-in-law alive'
What is this?
You are used to finishing people off
How will you avenge your brother-in-law's death?
She is refusing to remove her wedding chain
'Only if she gives, we can cremate your brother-in-law'
Give your wedding chain
One of the 8 landlords
Chairman of Urangampatti
Thavasi will give the wedding chain
'Not just our chairman'
'Even if all the elders here give it we will lead a long and happy life'
'...only with my brother's blessings'
'Brother, you give the sacred thread'
I've removed my sacred thread
When will you remove their sacred threads?
Pay the canopy supplier
'- Who else has to be paid? - Cook'
'How much?'
'- Rs 40000 - Settle that also'
'- Okay, bro - All have been paid?'
I'm an officer who opposes giving or taking dowry
You are giving me dowry?
Please tell them to unload
This is a wedding trousseau for my sister
Let her refuse I'll immediately unload
I don't want all this, anna
I don't want this trousseau, anna
Please listen to me
Come and stay with us
If I hadn't got married...
...we would have been together, right?
"Aunt's gifts are forever greater than a river"
"Uncle's gifts for certain taller than a mountain"
"Brother's wedding trousseau exceeds world's wealth you know"
"Even the skies will fear her brother's love sincere"
"Best sister is she in entire Madurai city"
"Perfect brother is he In the world definitely"
"He was indeed more of a mother"
"Tears of joy stream to bless her"
Here, my dear Give this to her
Your turn next
His 'thanks giving' was cash
What is your input as sister-in-law?
Let her be part of our family
Then see for yourself how I thank her!
Sprinkle salt thrice to ward off evil spirits
Distribute the candy
For you
Please take
[muttering under his breath]
Sweet for my sweet sister-in-law
She fulfilled her share Now it is your turn!
Malar, won't this chain be 7-8 sovereigns?
Forget the weight of gold
This chain signifies our affection
The bond we share is embedded here
Stunnd, 'anni'?
Your anna has bought only a chain for you
But I've gifted your 'anna' as a chain!
A sister-in-law usually usurps the mother-in-law's place
I need not worry
You've taken that place!
Boss, don't give me all this sentimental stuff
You've fulfilled your duty as brother
But 1 'return gift' is still pending
1 cauldron, vessels, 2 brass lamps
- I bought the entire list - 1 track mind!
1 kiss for me!
This isn't even in my list! Listen to me
No need
You know I enjoy it But I don't like it!
Hear me out I'm a soothsayer
It's taboo
Listen to me I don't want to indulg-
"Thinking of you, thief of my heart! Even cold water turned scorching hot"
"Your seed of love blossomed into a tree Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God help me!"
"Teenager with palms of 'mehendi' Whirled into my heart wondrously"
"I'm waiting to marry my princess Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God bless us!"
"In a herd of goats, I was 1 among 100"
"Like a slaughtered lamb I flipped instead"
"Is this a spell of magic or a mere trick? Sweetheart, tell me double quick"
"Thinking of you, thief of my heart! Even cold water turned scorching hot"
"Your seed of love blossomed into a tree Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God help me!"
"Teenager with palms of 'mehendi' Whirled into my heart wondrously"
"I'm waiting to marry my princess Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God bless us!"
"I thought by joining the dots duly I'll find the perfect 'rangoli' truly"
"You preempted me with a 'rangoli' racing me into a rainbow ravishingly"
"I know the month of 'Adi' ushers cool weather windy"
"You cast such a spell indeed Even the cool wind fell dizzied"
"If you stand before me you're the light of my life for eternity"
"Pride surges within me I twirl my moustache naturally"
"The moment I set eyes on you smitten, my mind swirls, my beau"
"Thinking of you, thief of my heart! Even cold water turned scorching hot"
"Your seed of love blossomed into a tree Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God help me!"
"My knife usually sharp and slick Now turned into an incense stick"
"As soon as you saw me, dear is my mind playing a trick here?"
"Even the earth like a ball in action spun into a different direction"
"Hearing the words you just said Is this a magic show instead?"
"You come next to me my desire is ignited instantly"
"Send for a mattress my to-be wife princess"
"You make my mind somersault You conquer my body, soul and heart"
"Thinking of you, thief of my heart! Even cold water turned scorching hot"
"Your seed of love blossomed into a tree Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God help me!"
"Teenager with palms of 'mehendi' Whirled into my heart wondrously"
"I'm waiting to marry my princess Aiyo...aiyaiyo! God bless us!"
"In a herd of goats, I was 1 among 100"
"Like a slaughtered lamb I flipped instead"
"Is this a spell of magic or a mere trick? Sweetheart, tell me double quick"
How about 1 more quick kiss?
No, I won't, you said you're a soothsayer!
I'm not on duty You can shower me with kisses
Is that so?
- Shall I? - Can't wait!
- How is it? - Awesome
'Was it awful earlier then?'
You meant it was awful because it was my photo!
Hello, sister-in-law
You shifted your picture on top showing off your authority right away
And brought me down
'I didn't mean to-'
Why are you chiding her for no fault of hers?
- After all, just a photo - Yes indeed
My photo will be 'after all' to you!
Your brother, sister-in-law and you are in it
Your future husband Come in
You are shining like the sun's rays
But I'm completely out of the picture
Why couldn't you have hung the photo you took with me?
Did the photo refuse to hang or did the wall refuse to support?
I am also your anna, right?
Am I here as your brother or not?
I am very much here
I'll make my presence known
I'm the one in a sari, right?
Liver is Rs 250, bro
Why are you spending so much?
This piece of liver will shatter the peace in my family!
Come and just watch the fun
Did I scare you so much you're following me now, huh?
Not getting angry?
Even jobless jerks lose their temper
You don't lose your cool?
You will and then you should break my jawline
'If you get angry, you'll break only bricks'
Your sister said, 'But my anna will break others' jawline too'
Slap my cheek, boss
You should bash me up in anger
My anna should reprimand you for doing so
It will trigger a fight in our family
Your sister should be sent out of our house
You should witness it
Only then I can call it quits
Even if you resent me and hate me please don't take it out on my sister
Tell me what I should do to make you feel good, I'll do it
You'll do whatever, huh?
This is a junction open to all eyes
Fall at my feet
I'll forgive you magnanimously
How dare you even utter these words!
Uncle, keep quiet
It isn't about my self-respect It's our Parvathy's life
What audacity!
- Let go of me - Why are you hitting him?
Who should fall at whose feet!
5 provinces and 52 villages have placed him on a pedestal as a seer
You've forced such a revered soul to fall at your feet out there in the open
- Anna, don't - Let go
You stole the jewelry I had saved for our sister, to drink and gamble
Bloody thief! He should fall at your feet, huh?
Just because you're my brother, hoping you will reform soon...
...I've been patient and turning a blind eye
How can you be so horrid?
You'll shatter the peace of our family with a piece of liver, huh?
When I rushed, flustered to rescue you...
...he was the one who saved me!
You dare insult such a noble man
You should either be a good man or befriend good souls
You are neither
I don't want to see you
Get lost!
'What you said that day holds good even now'
'We must discard whatever or whoever is adverse or of no use to us and move on'
Whether it is Kodiveeran or your own brother
Why do you underestimate him? As if Dorai doesn't know all this
Or is he a thumb sucking toddler?
No one can escape his clutches
He's a dangerous man
You are 100% right
Not a single soul can escape from me
'It's gone to this madcap's mid-brain!'
No one can escape my clutches
Neither can YOU!
In this whole world I look up only to my brother
But he has placed Kodiveeran on a pedestal!
Are you instigating me to kill my brother and that man?
That too, taking my phone
I am a brute
But not a betrayer!
If I see you do this once more-
- Forgive me - Why are you falling at my feet?
Get up Listen to me
- I'm sorry - What is this?
For the 1st time my brother is doing a good deed
This is solid proof
Thanks a ton
Your brother-in-law won't expect any gratitude
First host a feast in return for their trousseau
Serve my brother-in-law first
Serve him He is our guest
Serve the best mutton for him
If you serve each other what about me?
I've come as your guest
Shower your hospitality on me too
Why are you staring?
Serve the gravy
So you don't want to
It's as good as my home
- I'll serve myself - Hey!
We are holding a funeral because of you
Life has come to a standstill for 3 days
My sister has taken a vow
She won't cook until I kill the man who killed her husband
A girl can fast
But we men need to eat
'What to do?'
I was told you're hosting a feast
That's why
I came here to eat to my heart's content
Aren't you eating?
Go on...eat
[gargling loudly]
I was told my rage will be beefed up if I eat in Kodiveeran's house
It's heightened now
You've hosted a non-vegetarian treat
I must return the favor with a funeral feast
Funeral invitation
I'll do it at your funeral
...I'll make sure you die
1st village tradition
Don't worry
We are here for you
Next is offering from husband's family
[sobs uncontrollably]
'Offering from wife's family'
You gave the widow's sari as per our custom
When will you kill Kodiveeran?
'How can you be so vindictive?'
The goat you slaughtered for my vow isn't important
You should chop that man's head
I want to tell you-
Hey! Why should I listen to all your nonsense?
You listen to me
My brother will rip the insides of your brother and husband
You will also stand like me as a widow
A girl shouldn't have such bottled up rage
A misdeed can happen for the sake of a girl
But a girl shouldn't go wrong or let a misdeed happen
If only you had warned your husband not to go the wrong way
...he would have abstained You wouldn't have lost him
A wife should discern and advise her husband right from wrong
Instead of advising don't make the same mistake
Don't lose your brother
I'll lose my brother?
We will know very soon if I will lose my brother or you both will!
A house can't be burnt down with hot water
A villain may have won
But he cannot sustain!
Let's go, anni Why waste our time?
Life is ruined by stupid thoughts!
My anna will think a 1000 times before killing someone
But won't think twice while killing him
In your case, my brother won't have second thoughts, neither will I!
No use talking to you when you have decided this
You haven't reformed even after losing your husband
If your brother has the guts...
...my husband will attend the 'Catch the fish' festival
Let him try to defy my anna
Then he can think of killing him!
You have fixed the date
My anna will tick my wish list!
'We welcome the people who are here in Narasingampatti to watch this festival'
'And the participants on behalf of the organizer'
'...with enthusiasm and exaltation'
'Since 'Catch the fish' contest is about to commence'
'...we request the participants to get ready'
On your mark
Aiyaiyo! Someone has been killed here
Aiyaiyo! A man is lying dead here
Come away with me
Come on
Kill him now, anna
'Just as you said, I've found a good groom for my daughter'
'You should bless my daughter to lead a happy life'
Knowingly or unknowingly you married an innocent girl
You've escaped narrowly
Your brother-in-law died due to his wild fury, not because of me
Even now if your rage hasn't subsided
...kill me
Let go of my sister's husband
To kill a man who gave you a lease of life...
...is not bravery, bro
You won't stab anyone behind his back
I instigated you
I am saying this now
Don't kill him
You should live
'Dedicated to all lovable sisters'