Koe no Katachi (2016) Movie Script

Quit job
Thank you for everything.
Get rid of stuff
That'll get you around 30,000 yen in total.
Shoya Ishida
Empty the account.
Here's your money back
Last day
A Silent Voice
Class 6-2
Take your seats, class.
We have a new friend joining us today.
Lucky you, Ishida.
It's a girl.
You think I care?
Listen up.
Okay, introduce yourself.
For Conversations
Nice to meet you. I'm Shoko Nishimiya.
Through this notebook,
I hope to become good friends with you all.
Please use it when you need to talk to me.
I'm deaf.
Holy crap!
Pleased to meet you, Nishimiya.
I'm Miki Kawai.
There. Nice to meet you.
Hey, can you speak Japanese?
Watch your mouth, Nao.
Come again, please.
Do you have a nickname?
I give up! I'm tapping out!
Sho, huh?
Same as Ishida, then.
Her nickname's Sho.
What? Not nice.
Okay, note down the following sections.
Pages 20 through 25,
and the practice problems on page 32.
These will be on the upcoming quiz.
Gimme your notebook.
First up, the fulcrum.
It's the point that supports the lever.
Then there's the effort,
force that's applied at one point.
Finally, there's the load
that is raised or lowered.
Levers fall under three classes
based on their locations.
You, uh, went too early.
I'll tell you when to start, okay?
Once more, from the top.
Forget about winning the choir competition.
We're screwed.
Here's your punishment for being a lameo.
Ow, that hurts.
I was distracted for half the class again.
I'll copy my notes for you later.
Thanks a bunch.
"I didn't do anything wrong.
So I will never apologize"
You call that a reading, Ueno?
Forget it. Next.
Screw you too, four-eyes.
Start from here.
"Qid beig sdubborn aready,"
sai Mom wid an egasberaded loog.
Bud I don inden do abologize.
All right.
Next, Ishida.
Are you kidding me?
Take this seriously, Ishida.
Could you tell me
what you were talking about?
Let's leave.
Bye bye, Nishimiya.
You know...
You need to be smarter about things,
or people will start to hate you.
You're gross!
I'm Kita from the Class for the Deaf.
Have you all heard of sign language?
It's a language where you use your hands.
You can have entire conversations
with just hand gestures.
Isn't it amazing?
How does this sound?
Sign language...
In order to talk to Shoko lots more,
would you spend three minutes of homeroom
each morning learning sign language?
Excuse me, ma'am.
Isn't writing in her notebook good enough?
Using sign language would
make things much easier for Shoko.
And it's much easier for me to write.
I'll do it.
I'll learn sign language.
Teach me how to say
"Miyoko Sahara" in sign language.
Keep scoring them brownie points.
I love him. He's too cool.
Oh, he'll be on a TV show next week.
Can't miss it for the world.
Aren't her clothes lame as hell?
Don't say that, Nao!
Via this book, the author...
Even after the experiment,
the manganese dioxide...
Hirose, take that side.
What are you doing, Ishida?
Stop that.
And a star.
You're going too far, man.
Really? I think it's just right.
Bad, bad boy.
Who cares?
Congrats, Nishimiya! Sahara went off somewhere.
Teach us Nishimiya-ese sometime!
Hurray, hurray!
Looking good!
Yikes, who did this?
How mean.
I'll wipe it for you, okay?
All gone.
Thank you
You're welcome.
Let's bounce.
Back in the Jomon Period...
Come on, Ishida.
We're in the middle of class.
I'm very sorry!
Where were we, again...
Right, what kind of houses they lived in.
They dug holes in the ground and placed pillars in them.
Made you jump, huh?
Hey, Nishimiya.
If you're wearing these, can you actually hear?
Right. I was wondering that, too.
Show me for a sec.
What is that?
Lemme see.
Ugh, what is this?
Did you say something?
I am ripped -
Nishimiya the Rippest
Nishimiya, are you all right?
What do we do?
You overdid it, man.
That four-eyes really pisses me off.
What? Move.
You're in the way.
What is she doing?
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, right! If you've got a problem, say it!
Lemme go! You're creeping me out!
Wow, Nishimiya's funny.
Shoya's all red!
I'm not!
Let's go.
Is she for real?
She's crazy.
Later, Shoya.
See you tomorrow.
There's something I'd like to discuss with you.
It's about Shoko Nishimiya, who's absent today.
Actually, her mother called yesterday.
In the past five months, eight of Nishimiya's
hearing aids have been lost or broken.
Her mother believes she is being bullied at school.
Have any of you spotted any acts of bullying
or harassment toward Nishimiya?
Hearing aids are apparently very expensive.
Before you end up causing
any more trouble for your parents...
Look, we all know it was you.
Stand up already!
Yes, sir!
What'd you think of it all, sitting next to him?
He might've messed with her from time to time.
And Shimada?
Well, I did tell him to stop.
But Shoya didn't listen.
Shimada, you did just as much as me!
And the girls were badmouthing her all the time!
Especially Ueno and Kawai.
You're awful...
I would never do that!
Why would you say that?
You're so mean, Ishida!
He made her cry...
For Conversations -
Shoko Nishimiya, Class 6-2
Huh? Why is this here?
What were you talking about?
Figure it out yourself.
I'm sorry.
We left cause
you were taking too long!
What do we need
to bring for class tomorrow?
Thank you.
What did the teacher just say?
Dunno. I can't hear. 3
I'm sorry.
Yes, I understand.
We're really sorry for everything.
Yes, of course!
Hold it, Shoya!
Your teacher told me everything, Shoya.
Wait, why are you soaking wet?
Shut up. I jumped off a bridge like always.
Hold on!
Are you causing trouble for others?
Don't ask me.
Was it true, what your teacher said?
Yeah, it's true!
We're going to see the Nishimiyas.
Get ready.
Mizuho Bank
Let's go home, Sho.
Be a good boy from tomorrow.
They were called "aliens,"
and they had a really hard time.
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing to my desk?
What were you doing, you creep?!
That look again?
Drop the goody-two-shoes act!
What? If you got something to say, say it!
I don't understand that stupid look,
and it pisses me off!
Come on, out with it!
What was that for?
What's with you?
I'm dryig...
I'm dryig, ju no!
What are you saying?!
What the heck?
I don't get it!
Get lost, Ishida.
How long are you gonna stick around?
She really pisses me off...
Nishimiya transferred out.
That's that.
Hey, who was on day duty yesterday?
I didn't get the log.
And who was on flower duty?
Sign Language Class
Hello there, Shoko.
Remember me?
From sixth grade.
Shoya Ishida.
I came to give this back.
For Conversations -
Shoko Nishimiya, Class 6-2
You forgot this.
Why I know sign language?
I learned it.
Anyway, here.
Though you might not want to see it.
Me and you...
Could we be friends?
What am I saying?
Wait, she was saying the same thing
back in grade school.
I finally understand what she meant.
Don't cry.
Please don't cry, Nishimiya.
Could you be friends with me?
Wake up!
Breakfast time!
Wake up, Sho!
Morning, Maria.
Sho's up!
I'm off.
Goodbye, Mommy.
Have a nice day.
Here you go, Sho.
Thanks for the food.
Eat up.
What're you grinning for?
I mean...
Here's your money back
You worked hard at your part-time job, huh?
You even sold off your manga, clothes, and bed.
But it really made me happy.
By the way, Sho...
Why'd you want to kill yourself?
W-Well, a lot happened...
But, uh, I won't...
I knew it.
So I was right!
I knew something was off!
Your room was way too clean!
Your phone was off!
And what was with that ominous calendar?!
All the pages were ripped off from April...
If you don't promise not to kill yourself,
I'll burn this up.
I'll burn the 1.7 million yen
you shed blood, sweat, and tears to earn!
Hey! You listening to me?
Don't be stupid.
Right back at you, you stupid son!
Uh... I'm sorry!
I'm truly sorry!
I won't do it!
Sorry, I won't do it! Seriously!
What won't you do? Spell it out!
I won't kill myself!
I won't try to kill myself!
You mean it?
I mean it!
It's a promise, okay?
Hey, Mom!
I was going to jump off a tall bridge
and die yesterday.
Going to see Nishimiya was part of it too.
It was the biggest test of courage in my life.
What have I done?
At our middle school entrance ceremony,
I overheard Shimada say...
Stay away from a guy named Shoya Ishida.
He's a bully.
I realized that your sins
always come back to bite you,
and that I had to bear that cross
and the punishment that came with it.
And then...
I found myself all alone.
All right, then.
Have this translated by next time.
Have you submitted your math notebook yet?
Oh, sorry. I forgot.
I see.
Better get on that, then.
I will, sorry.
Wanna go to the courtyard?
"Ishida's always by himself, huh?
He's famous for it. Everyone knows."
"Oh, he's looking this way again.
Doesn't he get lonely, being all alone all the time?
Will he spend his whole life like that?
Why does he even live, then?"
I bought this on release day.
Crap. Maybe I should stop being a fan.
It's true!
That hair looks familiar.
Who was he, again?
You know...
Can I really go see Nishimiya again?
She said she regularly feeds the carp bread.
But man, who do I think I am?
Maybe I could go apologize
for making her cry?
She said she'd be there every Tuesday.
Would it be creepy?
I'm back.
You gave me a start.
What is it?
Sorry about this morning.
For burning all that money you earned.
But I wouldn't want the money
you earned in order to die, anyway.
I'll earn it again.
My, thank you.
Take your time.
You must be starving.
Come, let's eat.
Hey, could you let me borrow your bike?
Who, me?
Huh? For what?
Oh, it's that guy.
I forgot something.
I want to go get it.
What? What the heck?
Take your own bike.
I'm asking you because I don't have one!
Stop it.
Let go, dude.
Hey, knock it off.
Somebody help!
Help me!
Keep it down!
Let go!
You can take mine.
For real?
You're a god.
I didn't get it back.
And it just had to happen on a Tuesday.
Is it a sign that I shouldn't go see her?
It's not like I can't walk there,
but I feel like the universe
is telling me not to go.
I need an excuse...
Fluffy New Bread
Discount Coupon
Miss Baguette
I need a really neat, natural-sounding excuse.
Discount coupon for some fluffy new bread?
This is it!
I-Is Nishimiya here?
She's not here.
Uh, she's right there.
She's not.
Shoko Nishimiya isn't here.
Excuse me for asking,
but are you really friends with her?
There was just a rat out there.
A super creepy one.
Don't worry. It's never coming back.
There he is.
Look at this!
This is your bike, right?
Good timing!
I'm glad it had your address on it.
Where did you find it?
Dumped in a paddy field.
Man, I had to look everywhere.
I'm glad I got it back for you, though.
What's wrong, Ishida?
Oh, uh...
What's your name?
I'm Nagatsuka.
I sit behind you, you know.
Oh, right. This is good bread.
Want some, Nagatsuka?
Let's go hang out after school today.
To mark the start of our friendship.
Over here, Ishida.
Is something wrong, Yasho?
Wait, Yasho?
Makes us seem like big friends, right?
And? Is something on your mind?
Feel free to tell me.
We're best friends.
Say, Nagatsuka...
What are friends, anyway?
You know, does one need to fulfill
any requirements to be a friend?
Look, Yasho.
Hold out your hand.
And that is what friends are.
You see, Ishida...
I think friendship defies logic or words.
And requirements can kiss my ass.
How stupid.
She's not here.
Uh, she's right there.
She's not.
Uh, who are
I'm Shoko's boyfriend.
Well, that sucks.
For the bread, not me.
So, huh...
Nishimiya likes younger boys?
Wow, that's kinda unexpected.
Here, take the bread, at least.
It's good bread.
If you're here just to make yourself
feel better, please leave.
Are we done here?
Hey, laddy!
My bud says he wants to see Nishimiya!
Quit being an ass and bring her out!
What are you doing here?
I followed you.
That's what best friends do, right?
I guess turds of a feather drop together.
Excuse me? What's your problem?
I dare you to say that again!
Hey, Nagatsuka...
Hey, look.
What's going on?
Isn't that Yuzuru?
Oh, no.
They're fighting.
Stop it.
Take it back!
Come on, Nagatsuka.
Forget it. Let's go.
Why, you...
My, if it isn't the boy from the other day.
No, you're wrong...
Sorry, Nagatsuka!
Damn it, they met.
I'm happy for you, Ishida.
Hey, laddy.
Are you peeping at them?
Let me see!
Ishida's waving his hands around.
Probably using sign language.
I never knew he had that skill.
Wait, you know sign language?
Interpret for me!
"Who was that shithead?"
"Don't know him at all."
"What a creep!"
And do it right!
Let go.
Don't fall, laddy.
"I felt like I shouldn't come see you.
I've spent the past two weeks
thinking about what friendship means.
I was searching for a reason to meet you."
"I'm so glad.
I was thinking the same thing.
Funny, right?"
Here, Nishimiya.
Bread. For the carp.
Is feeding them fun?
Oh, okay.
For Conversations -
Shoko Nishimiya, Class 6-2
Nishimiya, you probably shouldn't look inside.
Wait, Nishimiya!
Jumped in...
What's wrong?
Did something happen to Ishida?!
Hey, laddy!
Ishida jumped into the river?!
What was that for?
Ew, what is this?
Sorry I dropped it.
Shoko's such a fool.
Anyone got the balls to beat me?
#tochihigh #hotguy #cutecats #soothingpics
#beautifulscenery #blossomviewingspots
#foodrecs #idolpics
Serves you right, jerk.
Did you see this?
What the heck? Isn't that Ishida?
"See you again"...
Is she really okay with it?
This is you, right?
This guy.
Wh-What is this?
Ishida, come to the staff room.
Suspension Notice
The following student has failed to follow
the school's code of conduct in public
and has thus been suspended for a week.
Class 3-B - Shoya Ishida
I recently jumped off of Suimon Bridge
and into the river despite it being banned
and then uploaded a photo of it to the internet...
Sorry, but could you go pick up Maria?
Uh, I'm not allowed to go out
while I'm suspended.
Come on, you can go for a bit.
Time to go home, Maria.
Someone's inside!
You okay?
Aren't you Nishimiya's boyfriend?
You'll catch a cold.
Oh, it's the rat.
What are you doing here?
Where are your shoes?
Aren't you mad?
About what?
I was the one who tweeted that pic of you.
Oh, that was you?
Boy, am I ever glad it was you.
What the heck?
I mean, I can kinda guess why you did it.
Yell at me, dude.
Nah, I can't.
I had it coming.
I'm hungry!
I'll be going, then.
You should go home soon too.
You have a daughter?
She's my sister's!
Here, Yuzuru.
Eat up.
Where's Sis?
Said she'd be late tonight.
Is it too hot, Maria?
It's good!
Aren't you eating, Yuzuru?
Oh, Yuzuru.
Say "aah"!
Go ahead.
Damn it...
What are you doing?
That scared me. You suddenly vanished.
Here, umbrella.
Just take it.
Oh, you...
Knew it.
Wanna wear these?
They're mine, but I don't wear them anymore.
You can have them.
Why'd you run away from home?
I had a fight with Shoko.
So, like, relationship problems and all that?
I used her shampoo without asking her.
She told me go away.
Wait, you two live together?
Hold the umbrella over yourself.
We only have the one, right?
Well, I should've brought two.
And I can't let you catch a cold,
for Nishimiya's sake.
What is your deal, Mr. Holier-Than-Thou?
Trying to make yourself feel better
by helping a stray?
I know you made fun...
You made fun of her
because she can't hear, right?
And now you've learned sign language?
What the heck?
Think you're a better person now?
You're disgusting.
Of course Nishimiya's told you.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm a terrible human being.
I have no right to live.
But at the very least, I don't want to make Nishimiya cry any more.
Oh, I won't try to get between the two of you.
That won't happen.
But this also concerns me...
This is far enough.
Oh, right.
I'm terribly sorry to burst your bubble,
but I'm Shoko's...
Now you know.
Little sister?!
Oh, you're Nishimiya's mother...
Let's go.
Hey, you're hurting me.
I'm sorry.
I'm back.
Sowwy! Sowwy!
I'm sorry too.
I want some of Grandma's perilla juice.
Yuzuru, you should stay away from that boy.
Tell Shoko too.
We'll decide that for ourselves,
both Sis and me.
Hey, laddy.
How are you doing?
What brings you here today?
I'm here to return the umbrella I borrowed.
Wow, laddy.
You're pretty responsible.
Nagatsuka, that's not a "laddy."
She's Nishimiya's little sister.
I knew that all along.
Thanks for being friends with my Yasho.
This is my friend Nagatsuka.
You know,
I-I got a cellphone.
You have one too, right?
D-Do you text your friends and stuff?
From your high school?
Wow, nice.
Is there anyone else you'd like to text?
Anyone whose number you'd like to know?
I see. I could tell you...
Sa... ha... ra?
Sahara, from grade school?
Yasho, Yasho.
Will you go see this Sahara?
Oh, come on. It's not like that.
I think you're really responsible, though.
But Mashiba...
What is it?
I'd like to ask you something.
Remember Sahara from grade school?
Do you know how to contact her?
Sorry, I have no idea.
But I do know which school she goes to.
Nao goes there.
"Taiyo Girls' Academy."
Crap. I'm running low on cash.
Ishida, take this.
What the heck? I don't need that much.
Don't worry about it, Yasho.
You'll need to pay for travel,
food, and a love hotel.
You'd feel a lot better if you had this much.
I brought her.
Sis was pissed off you were leaving her out
even though she was the one who asked.
Sorry, but take her with you, Ishida.
Are you tired?
Yuzuru gave me your number.
Thanks for doing this.
I was really happy
when I heard you found Sahara!
Yuzuru has told me lots about you.
Thanks again for today!
Let's see... We walk from here...
It's me, Sahara!
Remember me?
Huh? Ishida?
Long time no see, huh?
I've kept studying sign language.
Wait, is that right?
I left all of a sudden...
I'm really sorry.
I've been worried about you ever since.
I'm really glad to see you again.
What a pleasant surprise.
Yeah, yeah.
Which high school do you go to?
By the way, your chest has gotten bigger.
What's your cup size?
Let me check!
What's wrong?
I just need to visit the restroom.
Okay, got it.
We're giving out discount coupons!
Take one.
We're giving out discount coupons!
We're giving out discount coupons!
Take one.
Please visit!
Meow Meow Club
"Meow Meow Club"?
Sahara here!
Wow, Ishida. You learned sign language?
Also, thanks for helping us get back in touch!
Sahara's amazing.
I couldn't do the things she does.
Save video
Should I keep going and have
Ueno meet Nishimiya too?
What? Not happening.
Yeah, I agree.
Meow Meow Club
All right.
Shall we go in, Nagatsuka?
Onward to Meow Meow Club!
How long would you like to stay?
O-One hour, please.
W-W-We have a discount coupon.
Understood. Thank you very much.
Crap. He really came.
Well, you know...
What exactly were you hoping for?
A-And what about you?
Don't be stupid.
I'm only here to meet your friend.
No dirty thoughts whatsoever.
Right. Your friend...
Is she here?
We're not exactly friends...
A lot happened in sixth grade.
Things are pretty awkward right now.
I don't see her around.
Shall we leave?
Hearing Test Room
Oh, you're here?
I came to play with Maria.
Oh, do you think Nishimiya would like this?
I'm coming in, Sis!
Gift for you. I'll leave it here.
Go, go!
Wait, what?
Long time no see.
Oh, yeah.
Long time no see.
Isn't that Nishimiya?
Still alone, I see.
The poor thing.
Seriously, Ishida. It's been ages.
Let's hang out sometime.
What? I'll pass.
You hate me, don't you?
Not really.
I've always felt I should've reached out to you.
Sorry about grade school.
Oh, Ueno. Get off.
Isn't that a pouch from my workplace?
Why does she have it? Scary.
I gave it to her.
Oh, really?
Long time no see, Nishimiya!
How have you been?
Huh? You're only wearing one?
What are you doing, Ueno?
We're gonna have fun throwing it around.
Just like old times.
Sorry, Nishimiya.
No way.
You're kidding me, Ishida.
Hang on a sec.
Are you two going out?
Of course not.
We're friends.
Friends? That's hilarious!
Friends with the girl you bullied?
How? Why?
I can't. This is too funny.
Is it out of guilt or something?
You've gotten really lame, Ishida.
Well, have fun playing friends.
What we were talking about?
Nothing, really.
I'll get going, then.
See you.
Id monig.
I'm up. Too surprised to sleep.
Ead breag
Wait, wait. Before that...
What's up?
You have your hair in a ponytail today.
What a weird face.
Ishida needs to see this.
Massive outbreak of carp today.
Not certain how many people will come feed them.
Be there.
She's sporting a ponytail?
Ishida, were are you goig?
Where I'm going?
To the baker's.
Yuzuru asked me to buy some bread for the carp.
We have enough. Yuduru jud waned do eat.
Hey, Nishimiya.
You don' have do buy
Wait. Use sign language.
Do I dalk weerd?
It's fine, really.
I-I need to go buy the bread.
See you.
For me?
Thank you.
Can I open it?
What the heck are these?
I lub moo!
Love the moon?
It is very pretty today.
Are you free now?
Let's go watch a movie!
From your big friend Nagatsuka
Say, Nagatsuka.
Do these look like the moon to you?
The moon? Not really, no.
Doesn't seem like they're candy.
Nishimiya gave them to me earlier.
Seriously, what the heck are these?
Something happen?
I told Ishida I love him.
For real?!
But it didn't get through to him.
Wow, you changed your hairstyle.
Why'd you change it?
Did something happen?
You look great!
Cut it out, guys.
I was just running short on time.
Really? But it looks nice.
Hey, Kawai.
Why'd you change your hairstyle?
Why, you ask?
No special reason, really.
That's how it goes with girls.
The other day, Mashiba said
he'd like to be friends with you.
Why are you here?
Nice to meet you. I'm Sahara.
Hello. I'm Mashiba.
Stop that!
Don't go over my head!
Long time no see, Miyo!
Hey, where's Nishimiya today?
She went home, saying her tummy hurt.
Is she avoiding me?
She was trying her best to tell me something
the other day, and I couldn't get it.
What did she say?
That she loves the moon.
They're such simple words,
but I couldn't understand them.
Oh, that would've pissed her off.
Well, if you're worried she's avoiding you,
ask her to hang out.
She'll refuse if she doesn't want to see you.
A bunch of us are going out soon.
Wanna come with?
Let's line up for that one first!
Follow me, and don't fall behind!
Why is she taking charge?
Beats me.
What's with her?
She's acting awfully friendly.
Ueno? Why?
Someone Shoko knows?
From grade school.
Can I sit with you, Sahara?
Sure. Go ahead.
I'm kinda scared.
Are you all ready?
Here we go, then!
Are you okay with having Ueno around?
Oh, yeah.
We're in the same design course in school.
I learn so much from her artistic sense.
When I was in grade school,
I was too scared to ride a rollercoaster.
I was a coward, you see.
But I tried changing my perspective a little.
I figured I could decide whether
it was scary or not after I gave it a shot.
Though I am still terrified.
Here it comes.
Oh, no!
Your legs are all wobbly, Sho.
Are you okay?
You know sign language?
You must've worked hard to pick it up, Ishida.
Hey! What's with your hand?
You're being rude to my Yasho!
What? I'm just trying to be friendly.
No way! Don't think it's that easy!
You're funny, Nagatsuka.
Anyone who wants to approach Yasho
has to go through me!
Is your hair natural?
Stop it!
Don't touch me!
Run away, Mashiba!
Go, Yasho! Overtake them!
Do I have any right to have so much fun?
But this feels kinda like...
What are you doing?
You know, like a group of friends!
I want takoyaki.
Let's go buy some.
H-Hey, wait.
Here's your takoyaki.
Thank you.
Look, Ueno.
You don't need to play peacemaker.
Go away, traitor
Hey, Ishida?
Sorry! I'll text you!
Are you mad?
I'm not.
I'm not mad.
I was just hoping you two
could go back to being friends.
I figured things would work out if you met.
Nobody asked you.
Didn't I do the exact same thing?
You and I are alike.
No, we're not.
Yes, we are.
No, we're not.
Everything would've been fine and dandy
if it wasn't for Nishimiya, right?
We don't know that.
But I do.
If she wasn't around, things wouldn't have
gotten awkward between Sahara and me.
And you and Shimada wouldn't have fallen out.
I want to back to how things were before she came.
The thing with Shimada...
It's all on me.
Do you hate me?
I think I want to ride the Ferris wheel.
I should take Nishimiya.
Nishimiya, ride the Ferris wheel with me.
Wait, Ueno.
Take this with you, Sis.
I'm riding the rollercoaster again.
Oh, hey. Welcome, Yuzuru.
Shoya's upstairs.
I got my hands on some top-secret footage.
Video of the Ferris wheel?
What? How?
Secretly filmed them.
I hate you.
Let's not.
I'll talk slowly so you can understand,
and I'll pay attention to what you're saying.
Back in grade school,
I had no understanding of you or your situation.
But you never tried to understand me, either.
That's why you'd obliviously
hand over your stupid notebook,
and have a stupid smile on your face all the time.
And anytime something happened,
you'd immediately apologize.
So I changed my approach.
I ignored you and badmouthed you.
They were signs to stay away from me.
But instead of picking up on them,
you fired back.
You went crying to the adults.
Because of that, Ishida lost all his friends.
Everything around us fell apart.
I'm sowwy.
It's not like I want you to apologize.
We were doing everything we could back then,
and looking back, I even feel like maybe
it was inevitable how things turned out.
But I'm not about to tell you
we should be friends now.
I still hate you,
and you hate me.
So how about we take it easy from now on?
Let's shake hands as two people
who hate each other.
Y-You're wrog.
I hade mysel.
What the heck?
What the hell is up with that?
So what?
Are you going to apologize again?
In the end, things are the same as five years ago.
You're not even trying to talk to me.
What do you think?
Oh, uh...
I want Nishimiya to come to love herself.
Ueno, was it?
What about her?
Did something happen
between her and Nishimiya?
Huh? Why do you ask?
Kawai said things were complicated
in grade school.
Nishimiya really can't hear, huh?
Wait, is that why she was bullied?
I can't stand stuff like that.
Don't you agree, Ishida?
Huh? What do you mean?
Are you saying I'm going around
telling people about the past?
Ch-Chill. You're being too loud.
You haven't changed one bit.
You were and still are a colossal jerk!
What's wrong, Yasho?
Calm down, Kawai.
What're you talking about?
Mishiba, Ishida once bullied a girl.
What are you saying, Kawai?
That can't be...
It's true!
You badmouthed her yourself.
I never badmouthed Nishimiya.
That's right! Ishida bullied Nishimiya!
You know, I tried to stop him.
But he just wouldn't listen.
It was so scary.
You ok
Sorry, Nagatsuka.
Yeah, I hate myself too.
Oh, Ishida.
Something wrong?
There you are, Ishida!
I brought your bag.
I called her.
Sorry about earlier.
But it was all your fault to begin with.
Still, Mashiba said I should forgive you
if you apologized to Nishimiya.
Wait a second.
That's messed up.
What right do we have to criticize Ishida over it?
You've got it wrong, Nao.
Got what wrong?
Unlike me, you went out of your way
to bully Nishimiya.
Don't lump me in with you.
I'm not like you at all. You just laughed
and fell in line with what I was doing!
What do you think, Sahara?
You're asking me?
Nao badmouthed you a ton too, Sahara!
I was only telling the truth!
Out with it, Sahara.
I was scared of you both back then.
What? Whose side are you on?
Neither of you!
It's all my fault.
I hate that line of thinking.
Stop thinking you can decide everything for others.
You don't have to put it like that.
Shut up, Sahara.
You're just gonna run and regret
your cowardice again, anyway.
What's gotten into you, Ishida?
Not another word, Kawai.
All you've ever cared about is yourself.
I'm on your side, okay.
Oh, buzz off. You don't know
the first thing about me.
I've had it! I'm leaving!
It's okay.
It doesn't bother me.
See you.
Sorry, Ishida.
I shouldn't have come.
Ishida, you're too awful.
Keep your nose out of it, outsider.
And here I thought we were friends.
Summer break starts next week.
Wanna go somewhere...
I don't care.
I'm sorry.
Are you listening to me?!
I'm sorry.
Your eyes will go bad if you read in the dark.
Are you still worried about your sister?
Meanwhile, I'm worried about you.
All you care about is your sister.
You're not at all trying to figure out
who you are as a person.
Like you're any better.
You're skipping out on the senior citizen
meets to learn sign language.
I'm doing it for myself, so it doesn't count.
Then I'm doing it for myself too.
Is that so?
You're a good girl.
You think?
Mom keeps yelling at me every day.
I haven't gone to school in forever, too.
Your heart is pure.
Shoko's hanging in there too.
I've been blessed with
truly amazing granddaughters.
Have some steamed buns.
I will.
Hey, Nishimiya. How are you doing?
I got some really nice bread today.
This bread...
It's good, like you.
What the heck?
Isn't she coming today?
Do you have another stomach ache?
Wait, that's weird.
Hey, Yuzu
Guess I'll go home.
What's with that outfit?
It's a uniform, obviously.
How do I look?
School, duh.
Aren't we on summer break right now?
Seriously, what's up?
If I had to say, I'm in cosplay.
It's from Sis. Gotta go.
I'll walk you. Where to?
You don't have to.
Let me.
Really, you don't have to.
I saw you crying earlier.
It doesn't have anything to do with you.
It does, or so I'd like to think.
And why is that?
Because I'm worried about you.
Don't start talking like my grandma.
Do whatever you want.
Thanks, Ishida.
I'll be fine from here.
Ito Nishimiya Funeral
Hang in there, Yuzuru.
I'm still scared.
Hey, Nishimiya.
Would you like to go somewhere tomorrow?
Let's go check it out.
That scared me.
Why are you apologizing?
Of course not!
Say, let's hang out tomorrow too.
Okay, Nishimiya?
She said I'd end up unhappy if I was with her.
This, to the root cause of her unhappiness.
I wanna see the ocean.
I wanna love people.
Even monsters have hearts...
I don't feel like I can ever fix this.
Hey, Nishimiya!
Oh, Yuzuru's coming today? Great!
Shall we go watch a movie?
This is great!
I'm here.
Man, best summer break ever!
Right, Yuzuru?
Don't ask me.
I'm really enjoying my time, seriously.
Hey, Nishimiya.
Where are we going tomorrow?
We should totally go somewhere.
Not tomorrow. We have plans.
Are you crazy?!
What are you making?
Are you sure about this?
Should I really be here?
Your mission is to help us bake
a birthday cake for our mother.
A-Are you really, really sure?
Won't I get slapped again?
Uh, forget slapped. You might get killed.
That looks great!
What are you doing?
Why is this boy here, Shoko?
What are you trying to pull?
Get out.
There, there, Mom.
What's the big deal? It's a happy occasion.
You look good.
Looks like you avoided getting killed, Ishida.
We did it, Sis.
By the way, Yuzuru.
I picked a photo and submitted it
to the prefectural photography contest.
Wait, what?
Sho said you should take part.
What? They're all weird photos.
That's not what I found.
Who asked you two?
Oh, right.
There's a fireworks show next Tuesday, Ishida.
Nah, I'll pass.
Come on. Let's go.
Will this do?
Oh, I'll go get some yakisoba.
Come with me, Mom.
Oh, and thank you for
inviting me over the other day.
Was your mother...
Yeah. You think she was happy?
I couldn't tell from her poker face.
When is your birthday?
June 7th?
It already passed!
So you're already eighteen, huh?
Let's celebrate your nineteenth together, okay?
I went and said "together"!
Oh, is that so?
I see...
What's up?
But the show isn't over yet.
You need to study?
Oh, okay.
I'll walk you.
All right.
See you.
Where's Sis?
That reminds me, Ishida.
Could you go get my camera for me?
Pardon me...
Whoa, it's dark.
I'm coming in.
There it is.
Is it charged?
You can see the fireworks from here...?
Oh, she is here.
W-W-Wait a second.
What are you doing, Nishimiya?
Why, Nishimiya?
Nishimiya, grab the ledge!
I beg you, God.
Please give me one last ounce of strength.
I won't run away from things anymore.
From tomorrow,
I'll look at people's faces.
From tomorrow, I'll listen to their voices.
From tomorrow, I promise to do things right.
I gave her that scar back then.
Did I ever actually apologize to her?
I'm sorry, Nishimiya.
Are you still mad?
Man, I really messed up.
I should've asked her how she felt about me.
By the way, Nishimiya.
You see, I...
Your sister made pancakes.
I'm gonna see the fireworks!
So cold...
Yet so warm...
Suimon Municipal Hospital
Oh, Yuzuru.
I finally got to see you.
I called the shop, but nobody answered.
And the hospital said no visits.
Oh, you can see him now.
They moved him to a ward room today.
Come with me. Let him see your face.
You see, Shoko...
Uh, I'm very sorry.
We caused you trouble once again.
I'm truly sorry.
Please don't!
I'm sure my son did something to Shoko again.
Auntie, he saved my stupid sister.
I was too negligent.
I'm sorry.
Please raise your head.
I'm just glad Shoko's all right.
You too, Yuzuru.
Please, I beg you.
Why did Ishida have to get hurt?!
Quit trying to be some tragic heroine!
Say something.
"I caused everyone trouble
and was really hurt by it,
so I tried to commit suicide.
I'm sorry," huh?
Who the hell do you think you are?
You're a cancer, Nishimiya.
People like you, who can only see things
from their own point of view,
piss me off the most!
And who the hell are you?!
Are you her mother?!
Don't have kids if you can't take care of them!
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Stop it!
What is wrong with you two?
Are you Shoko?
I'm sowwy...
I'm so sowwy!
I'm so sowwy!
I'm so sowwy!
What are you doing?
I used to think Sis would stop talking about
wanting to die if she saw these.
What was I supposed to do?
It's not opening.
She's holding it shut!
Oh, didn't see you there, Nishimiya.
Shall we head someplace else?
I'll get you a drink.
I heard about what happened with Yasho.
I destroyed everything Ishida had built up
You mean what happened at the bridge?
Yasho accepted a weirdo like me.
He made me realize for the first time
what a best friend was.
Yasho's my big friend,
so I really need him to wake up.
I want to fix what I destroyed
Trying to kill yourself 'cause
you're having a hard time is messed up!
Kawai, you're being too loud.
She won't hear me unless I yell!
We were so worried!
Everyone goes through difficulties in life.
But we're all in the same boat, aren't we?
You have to learn to love even the things
you hate about yourself and move forward.
I'm glad you're all right.
I want to fix what I destroyed
I see.
You went and saw everyone, huh?
You're strong.
I'm not as strong as you.
Even when Ishida does wake up,
I won't know how to face him.
I couldn't change.
I failed to protect you again!
I'm still the same old coward.
You gan jange from now,
Thank you for coming, Sho.
Jeez, cut that out.
Found you.
How are you doing?
You know,
this is kinda weird, huh?
wanted to die...
Tuesday will be over soon.
What's all this?
Get this crap off me!
Are you okay?
I'm glad you're fine.
I'm all good now.
More or less.
Come on. Don't cry.
Oh, right.
I'm sorry.
I hadn't actually apologized to you
for what I did to you in the past.
Or everything after that, either.
I'd probably created a convenient
image of you in my head.
I wanted to talk to you more.
That was probably all.
But I hurt you
and forced you into making
the worst possible choice.
You fell becas I couldn jange!
Id all my fauld!
If only I were gone...
I'm so sowwy!
Please don't cry, Nishimiya.
Listen, Nishimiya.
I was talking to you before coming here.
It was within a dream.
Looks like I was trying to give up on everything.
But that wasn't right.
I'd felt the same way as you forever,
but I realized it didn't mean that I deserved to die.
I want to apologize to the others too.
Hey, Nishimiya. I...
I want you to help me live.
Did I just do something really creepy?
S-Sorry! Forget it!
Forget what I just said!
We've reached your destination, sir.
Oh, Maria. You're watering the flowers?
Atta girl.
Are you gonna die?!
Maria, Sho came back to life.
I'm not dead, Maria.
Isn't that Ueno?
She nursed you the entire time, you know.
Go thank her.
I hear you came to visit.
I'm a really awful person.
Even in this situation,
I just couldn't bring myself to like Nishimiya.
Guess I don't have to.
Oh, Shimada and Hirose were the ones
who pulled you up when you fell.
They asked me not to tell you,
but screw that.
Welcome back.
Well, I'm out.
Thank you.
Gosh. You've cut it too short!
This suits you much better.
Oh, welcome back, Sho.
Thanks for having me.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no...
I'm sorry too.
That's right. My son is invincible.
I'll go pick up Maria.
Who is that?
My daughter's husband. He came back.
Hello, and make yourself at home.
Oh, Sho.
Yuzu's upstairs.
Give her the jelly in the fridge.
Winter uniform?
Looks good.
Get a load of this, Ishida.
Photography Contest
Student Prize Winner
Yuzuru Nishimiya (9th grade)
Are you serious? That's crazy!
Get a load of this too.
Are you serious? That's crazy...
I beg ya, boss!
Please tutor me!
You started going to school, huh?
Shoko broke the ice for me.
Well, I'll give it my best shot.
I wanna live up to her expectations.
I hear your school festival starts tomorrow?
Yeah, you heard right.
From: Shoko Nishimiya
Everyone was talking about going to
your school's festival tomorrow.
I'll be waiting by the front gates at 10.
Yuzuru and Mom will come later.
M-Morning, guys.
How've you been?
I'm sorry I said all those mean things.
Let's do this!
I'm off.
Take care.
Is that how they're used?
Have a nice day!
Shall we?
Isn't that Ishida?
The one who was hospitalized?
The jumper?
I've never told you this before,
but I don't fit in at school.
I can't look at people's faces.
So I feel much better when I look down.
I can keep looking down?
I can walk just fine.
Thanks, Nishimiya.
This is my class.
Is the water ready?
Gimme a bit more.
It's Ishida!
Are you okay now?
I think my tummy hurts.
Yasho, do you have a stomach ache?
Hey, Nagatsuka. Morning.
How're you doing?
The other day
Why are you looking down?
Huh? That's weird.
I actually meant to look you straight in the eye.
D-Did I get cold feet?
Hey, Yasho.
I'm so glad you're all right!
If you...
If you hadn't woken up,
it would've been all over for me!
Don't worry about what happened on the bridge!
Those things happen in life.
So please, Yasho...
Don't go anywhere!
I beg you!
I'm sorry about everything.
Also, thank you.
Oh, and...
What's with the moustache?
A prayer so you'd wake up as soon as possible.
What's up?
I heard Nagatsuka screaming out your name.
Kawai, you should hand them to him.
You got them?
I brought them, but I can't give him those.
They came out really badly.
It's fine. Hand them over.
I actually wanted to make
a thousand of these, but I couldn't.
I asked everyone, but...
N-Nah, it's amazing!
This is plenty!
I've never got anything like this before,
so it makes me really happy.
Thank you, Kawai.
And I'm sorry.
You too, Mashiba.
Nah. You're amazing.
Yikes. So gross.
Playing friends, are we?
You're making my skin crawl.
Why do you have to be like that?
What's your problem, Kawai?
You wanna go?
Come on, you two.
I'm sorry.
You were going through so much,
but I was no help.
I haven't changed at all.
Come on.
I'm the same.
They're not talking about anything serious.
You apologized again.
Well, I guess that's just who you are.
Oh, forget it.
I'll go get some fried chicken.
She ran away.
She was too embarrassed.
Listen, I've got a favor to ask of you all.
May I?
I'd like us to check out the festival together.
God, this is seriously yummy!
Let's check out the gym next.
How can he come to school?
Hey, Class B's stall is seriously great.
Count me in.